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Scott and Abby had sex after Zack locked them in a storage locker. Ashley and Jack realized that Dina suffered from Alzheimer's. The FBI froze Newman's assets. Nick learned that he was suspected of arson. Hilary exposed Jordan and Chelsea's past as con artists.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of November 13, 2017 on Y&R
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Scott rescues Abby from Zack Scott rescues Abby from Zack

Monday, November 13, 2017

At the Top of the Tower, Scott pounded the door of the elevator with his fist and called out Abby's name after Zack led her inside as the doors were closing. As the elevator descended, Abby cried that Crystal had just accused Zack of using Design Date as a front for a prostitution ring. Zack mumbled, "I can't believe Scott actually took things this far." Abby suggested they return to the banquet room to deal with the situation and learn the truth. Zack tenderly placed his hand on the side of Abby's face, told her he loved her, and begged her to leave with him.

In the banquet room atop Newman Enterprises, Crystal, fearing revenge after she'd announced that Zack was involved in sex trafficking, begged Tessa to help her escape. Tessa assured Crystal she would be safe. Crystal replied, "Zack doesn't lose. He holds grudges, and the longer he does, the angrier he gets." Tessa explained that Zack knew better than to double back because the police were searching for him. Again, Tessa told Crystal she was safer staying with the people who could protect her. A panicked Crystal expressed concern about what might happen when she was alone.

Victor and Victoria checked on Nikki's arm wound. Nikki exclaimed that Dina had stabbed her because she disapproved of Nikki and Jack's relationship. Victoria whipped out her phone to summon an ambulance, but Nikki refused to call for medical assistance. Ashley looked around and realized Dina was missing. Sharon and Noah said Dina had evidently slipped out without anyone noticing. Victor, still holding Nikki's bleeding arm, asked Victoria to phone police. Ashley replied, "Don't you dare!" Nikki scowled at Ashley.

In a corner of the banquet room, Scott told Sharon that Zack had gotten away with Abby in tow. Scott noted that a desperate Zack was becoming increasingly dangerous. Sharon called out to Tessa and asked where Crystal had gone. Tessa claimed she didn't know. Scott, doubting that Tessa was being truthful, insisted he needed to know where Crystal was. Sharon told Tessa that Crystal shouldn't be wandering around alone.

After Scott and Sharon persisted in their questioning, Tessa admitted that she'd helped Crystal slip away. Scott warned that Tessa had placed Crystal in danger. Before Scott left to follow Zack and Abby, he asked Sharon to continue questioning Tessa. Sharon suggested they let the police handle the matter. Scott said that after Zack had framed him for murder, there wasn't time to wait for police to mobilize.

After Noah asked guests to exit the venue, Ashley questioned Nikki about the altercation with Dina. Growing angry after Ashley suggested the incident had been an accident, Nikki said, "Your mother attacked me with a knife." Victor instructed Ashley to locate Dina and wait for the authorities to arrive. Ashley approached Victoria and asked why she couldn't have waited before phoning the police to arrest Dina. Victoria said that police should question both Dina and Abby. Ashley demanded to know why Victoria believed police should question Abby.

Before Victoria could respond to Ashley's question, Neil interrupted. Victoria asked Neil about Abby, Zack, and the young woman who'd made accusations against Zack. Neil said he didn't know anything. Ashley recalled that Crystal had claimed that Zack was running a prostitution ring funded by Newman Enterprises. Neil said he intended to look into the unfounded allegations. Ashley disputed Victoria's claim that Abby had been aware of Zack's involvement in a sex ring. Victoria noted that she'd just returned to Newman Enterprises, so all she knew was that Abby had discovered Zack during the launch of her incubator project. Victoria suggested they all wait to learn more details before jumping to conclusions.

In Zack's car, Abby asked Zack why the young girl had accused him of horrible things. Zack replied, "Her name is Crystal. She's Tessa's sister." Zack explained that he'd met Tessa and Crystal in Chicago, where they'd both lived in a sketchy neighborhood from which he'd longed to escape. Zack noted that after he'd opened a restaurant, he'd hired Tessa and Crystal because he'd wanted to help them. Zack said that soon after, he'd discovered that Tessa and Crystal had been scamming customers and stealing from the registers. Zack told Abby he'd fired the sisters and left town before Tessa and Crystal could drag him down.

Abby patiently listened as Zack claimed that he'd never confronted Tessa after he'd run into her in Genoa City because he'd hoped she'd turned her life around. Zack said he couldn't believe Crystal's wild claims, which Tessa had supported because they were sisters, and both resented his success. Zack equated Tessa and Crystal's verbal attack on him to that of Victoria having humiliated Abby in front of her friends, family, and colleagues. Abby said, "I don't believe a word of this." Zack fixed his eyes on the road and continued driving.

Abby told Zack that he should've confronted Tessa and Crystal. Abby asked Zack why he'd whisked her away to explain his side of the story. Abby added that Scott, a professional journalist, wouldn't have accused Zack without good reason. Zack said Scott and Abby had no clue about the world Zack had struggled to escape to have a better life. Zack changed his story and said his business venture in Chicago had been a massage parlor instead of a restaurant.

Zack told Abby he felt good about creating a way to help impoverished young women while keeping them safe. Abby cringed, but Zack noted that selling sex was a lucrative and legal industry in a number of countries. Abby stiffened uncomfortably when Zack calmly said he was providing a service he didn't consider to be a sex ring. Abby said she couldn't believe she'd been fooled and was hurt because Zack had used her. Abby cried, "My father liked you. I don't even know you." Zack proclaimed his love for Abby and said he'd worked hard to succeed and be worthy of her. Abby replied, "Your idea of success makes me sick. Pimping out women? Sex trafficking? And don't even try to tell me it's a harmless service."

Abby refuted Zack's explanation of protecting girls who were kidnapped, drugged, and threatened with violence if they refused to have sex with paying customers. Zack said he'd done what he'd had to do and wouldn't apologize because his business had led him to Abby. Zack's words seemed to deepen Abby's disgust. Zack and Abby were unaware that Scott was following them from a distance. Zack claimed that what he'd done was no worse than the shady things Victor had done. Abby said, "I am through with you, and I am through with Design Date."

Zack said Abby had to have known what he'd been doing, and even if she hadn't, she was deeply involved. Zack added that Newman Enterprises had earned profits from Design Date, so both Abby and Victor were culpable. Abby demanded that Zack stop and let her out, but he continued to defend himself. Abby grabbed Zack's arm and said, "Dammit, Zack! I am not messing around. Pull over!" Zack continued driving far out of town.

Paul arrived at the Top of the Tower. He questioned Nikki first. Nikki insisted that Dina had intended harm. Nikki cried that Dina, deranged, had stabbed her with a knife. Ashley glared at Nikki, but Victoria requested that Paul handle the matter sensitively. Victor said he'd press charges. After Victoria and Victor escorted Nikki to the elevator, Ashley told Paul that Nikki had likely provoked the attack. Paul noted that it wasn't good that Dina had left the scene. Ashley expressed concern for Abby, and Paul asked what had happened to Abby. Paul learned that Zack had been accused of running a sex ring.

Paul questioned Noah and Neil about Zack and Abby's disappearance. Both Noah and Neil said they should wait for more information before muddying the story with rumors. Paul swore that his officers could be trusted, but he couldn't control what guests might share with others. Paul confronted Sharon about having approached Zack with her suspicions. Paul noted that Crystal was in danger. Sharon said Crystal had left before anyone could stop her. Frustrated, Paul replied, "Sure she did."

Scott phoned Paul and told him he was following Zack and Abby on Route 27, north of Genoa City. Paul was unable to understand Scott clearly due to a loss of signal strength. Sharon grabbed the phone and told Scott she loved him, but the weak signal dropped the call. Paul and Sharon tried but failed to reach Scott again by phone. Paul said they'd have to wait for authorities to trace the last call from Scott's phone. Sharon said she feared what Zack might be willing to do.

In Jack's office at Jabot, Jack was shocked when Ashley told him that Dina had stabbed Nikki. Jack asked Ashley if she'd witnessed the attack. Ashley said she hadn't because she'd been listening to a young woman accuse Abby's boyfriend of running a prostitution ring. Ashley added that Zack had disappeared with Abby, and Dina had also slipped away. Ashley cried that Victor intended to press charges against Dina. Jack noted that Victor had bigger problems because Newman Enterprises had been accused of financing a sex ring. Ashley added, "If that's true, Abby could be in really big trouble." Ashley repeatedly tried to phone Abby.

At the hospital, Victoria and Victor talked about Dina's bizarre attack while Nikki was being treated. Victor said he was concerned for Abby and the implications for the company if it was true that Zack had been using Design Date as a front for a sex ring operation. Victoria said she was concerned about Abby because Zack knew Abby had learned the truth about him. Victor said he couldn't believe he'd welcomed Zack. Noah showed up and asked about Nikki. Victoria said Nikki was fine. Victor said he'd heard that Victoria had convinced Noah to manage the Top of the Tower. Victor assured Noah he'd do a fine job as a manager.

Before Nikki rejoined her family, Jack phoned her. Nikki told Jack her doctor had just patched her wound and said she might not have permanent scars. Nikki said she was in shock and couldn't believe Dina had been walking around with a knife, intending to do her harm. Jack apologized. Jack offered to stop by the hospital, but Nikki said he shouldn't because Victor was there. Jack said he hadn't talked to Dina because no one knew where she was.

Before Nikki joined her family in the waiting room, Neil spoke privately with Victor. Neil warned that he'd face difficulty managing Newman Enterprises' public perception if the allegations against Zack were true. Victor expressed concern about Abby and suggested Neil control the flow of information. Neil explained that he'd obtained a nondisclosure agreement from the photographer. Neil added that he couldn't control leaks from guests who all possessed cellphones and would likely talk about what had happened. Neil and Victor paused and watched Victoria and Noah greet Nikki. Neil turned back to Victor and said, "You better be ready for what's coming next."

After Zack pulled over, he yanked away Abby's phone because it rang incessantly. Abby told Zack to leave her alone. Zack insisted that nothing could change how they felt about each other. Zack promised not to intentionally harm Abby as he parked near a storage unit. Zack said he had to grab a few things before disappearing. Zack begged Abby to disappear with him. Abby declined, saying there was no reason for her to be with Zack.

Zack insisted that Abby's family had consistently treated her badly, even embarrassing her publicly because they didn't care about her. Zack added, "Nobody will ever care about you the way that I do." Zack forced Abby to step out of the car and follow him inside his storage unit. After Abby and Zack walked away from the car, Dina rose up from the back seat, where she'd been hiding the entire time. Dina made certain no one could see her before she got out of the car and quietly walked some distance away.

Zack raised the door leading into his storage unit and turned on the light. The storage unit was filled from floor to ceiling with boxes packed with files and papers. Zack said, "My goal, my dream, has always been to go legit when I first came up with Design Date." Abby interrupted and berated herself for being stupid enough to fall for Zack's lies. Zack, insisting his feelings for Abby were real, said Abby had finally found someone who really loved her.

Abby continued sobbing softly, and she seemed frozen in fear. Zack insisted that he and Abby could have everything they'd ever wanted if she'd leave with him. Scott appeared and said, "She's not going anywhere with you!" Zack suddenly pushed Scott farther into the unit before grabbing Abby and heading toward the exit. Scott regained his balance just as Zack paused in the doorway, still tightly clutching Abby by her arm.

Inside Crimson Lights, Sharon was alone. She paced nervously. The coffeehouse was closed and only illuminated by the glow of the jukebox and a few strings of decorative lights. Sharon kept watch through the windows onto the darkened streets. Sharon phoned Scott. When he didn't answer, Sharon left a message. Almost in tears, Sharon pleaded with Scott to return her call.

Paul stopped by Jack's office at Jabot and asked Ashley and Jack if they'd seen Dina. Jack said they were as mystified and as everyone else about Dina's attack and disappearance. Ashley said she'd left unanswered messages for her mother. Jack said he'd spoken to Nikki and learned that she'd be fine. Paul noted that Nikki's quick recovery had no bearing on the seriousness of Dina's attack. Paul explained that police had issued a search for Dina because she'd committed a felony and would be arrested and charged. Jack agreed to cooperate with Paul.

Abby was shaking with fear after Zack grabbed her by the arm and repeatedly pulled her close whenever she attempted to put distance between them. Scott tried to convince Zack to leave the country without Abby because she'd slow him down. Zack accused Scott of being jealous because Abby had chosen him over Scott. Scott replied, "I just want us all to walk out of here. Just let her go. We'll give you our phones, and you'll have a nice, long head start." After Abby refused to leave with Zack, he pushed her into Scott, closed the door, and locked Abby and Scott inside the storage unit. Abby sought comfort from Scott, and he held her tightly.

The FBI freezes Newman's assets The FBI freezes Newman's assets

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

At the hospital, Nikki insisted to Nick that she could take a taxi home, but he preferred to spend time with his mother. She explained that the doctor wanted to be sure her cut was healing properly, and Nick tried to wrap his head around the fact that Dina had stabbed her. Nikki clucked that she'd known the woman was "a bitch," but she'd had no idea how dangerous Dina was. Nick wished that he'd been there, but Nikki figured that it could have happened anywhere, since Dina had been determined to attack her. Nikki hoped the police found Dina soon and put her away for a long time.

Michael arrived at Crimson Lights and made plans over the phone to meet someone there. Sharon dropped a glass, which shattered on the floor. Michael sympathized that she was worried about Scott, and she bemoaned that she'd lost count of the messages she'd left for her beau. Sharon lamented that the situation felt hopeless, and she cut herself when she picked up the broken glass. Michael wrapped her bleeding hand in a napkin and instructed her to keep pressure on it before she applied medication. She wondered if he'd heard from Scott, and Lauren entered and testily stated that they hadn't.

Michael and Lauren retreated to the patio, and he stressed that there was nothing more they could do about Scott. Lauren disagreed because she thought they should be proactive, and she stood up to get a refill. Michael insisted on taking care of it to avoid any altercation with management, and Lauren promised that she wouldn't get into it with Sharon, since they both wanted Scott to get home safely. Michael wondered if Lauren had wanted to have coffee there to commiserate with Sharon. Lauren snapped that she and Sharon no longer needed to comfort one another because Michael had apparently gotten there first.

Lauren questioned why she was the only one blaming Sharon for Scott's disappearance, but Michael reasoned that Sharon hadn't shoved Scott into a car and ordered him to take off with Zack and Abby. Lauren didn't understand why Michael was defending Sharon, and Michael replied that Lauren wouldn't be rolling her eyes if she'd seen how upset Sharon was about Scott. Michael contended that Scott was a grown man who'd traveled the world and worked in dangerous situations, so he knew how to take care of himself.

Lauren fretted that Scott hadn't texted or called, and Michael joked that it was a scientific fact that young men got busy living their own lives and didn't think about their mothers, but it didn't mean Scott loved her any less. Michael received a text message and said he had to go, and he told Lauren to behave. She tenderly kissed him, and he amorously contemplated going home and forgetting about the rest of the world. Lauren conceded that he was probably right about Scott, and Michael departed.

Sharon anxiously tapped her fingers on the counter as Paul entered the coffeehouse, and she asked if he had news. He informed her that he had officers deployed to find Scott, but it wasn't his only case. Paul warned that taking time to listen to her voicemails and read her text messages had been taking him away from what he needed to be doing, and Sharon apologized. Paul assured her that his department was doing everything they could to track Scott and Abby down, but Sharon had to give them space to do it. Paul promised that he'd let her know the minute he found out anything, and he left.

Sharon cleared a table as Lauren entered, and she expected Lauren to say that Scott's disappearance was all Sharon's fault. Lauren claimed that she'd just been getting more milk, but she insisted that none of it would have happened if Sharon hadn't seduced Lauren's son. Lauren refused to leave until Sharon admitted what she'd done, but Sharon asserted that Scott made his own choices. Lauren accused Sharon of encouraging Scott to stay hooked on her by throwing an exciting story at him, and she hissed that Sharon hadn't had any problem putting him in danger so he could be her own personal hero. Sharon scoffed at the idea that she'd manipulated the whole thing because she didn't feel good about herself unless there was a man risking his life for her.

Lauren warned Sharon to stay away from Scott, and Sharon questioned when he got to decide what he wanted. Nick intervened, and before she stormed off, Lauren growled that Sharon had better hope that nothing had happened to Scott. Nick fetched Sharon some coffee, and she thanked him for taking care of her after the things Lauren had said. Nick agreed that Lauren had been out of line, and Sharon waited for him to dump on Scott like he always did. Nick admitted that he thought Scott was immature and over-opinionated and that he had too much hair, but he opted to show restraint.

Nick mentioned that he'd checked on his mom and that Nikki's wound was healing nicely, and Sharon asked if he knew why Dina had attacked Nikki. Nick relayed that Nikki thought it had been because Dina couldn't stand Nikki and Jack being together again, and he recounted that Nikki hadn't been a big fan of Nick and Sharon's relationship, either. Nick was dismayed that no one besides Nikki had called him to notify him about the stabbing, since he hadn't expected to lose touch with the rest of his family when he'd pushed his dad out of his life. Nick wouldn't budge regarding Victor, but he refused to let their estrangement cut him off further from the people he loved.

Sharon was tight-lipped when Nick inquired about how things had been between her and Scott, and Nick guessed that she wouldn't open up because she knew Nick didn't like her boyfriend. Nick reminded her that they were friends, and Sharon began to cry. She whimpered that she was afraid that something bad had happened, since Scott hadn't called her all day, and he was usually very attentive and considerate. Sharon confided that her feelings for Scott were stronger than she'd realized, and she'd thought no one else could make her feel that way again after Dylan. She wasn't sure how she'd handle it if something had happened to Scott.

Sharon thanked Nick for not being negative about Scott, and Nick jokingly replied that it hadn't been easy because he was perfect and Scott wasn't. Nick understood what it was like for Sharon to give her heart to someone, and he called Scott a lucky guy. Sharon recalled when she and Nick had first met, and things had never been easy, but they'd had one another. Nick pointed out that they still did, and he vowed to always be friends and to always be there for her. Sharon promised the same thing, and they hugged.

Victoria arrived at Newman as a man stepped out of Victor's office, and she wondered why Victor had been meeting with the head of security. Victor reported that he'd instructed his security team to step up the search for Abby, but Victoria contended that her sister had left with Zack of her own volition. Victoria rambled about how she and Neil had spun a story in Newman's favor to present the prior night's party as a huge success, but Victor had no interest in talking about it.

Victor asked Victoria for some updated figures by the end of the week, and he apologized for being brusque with her earlier. He said he appreciated how she'd handled the situation, and he was very happy that he'd appointed her as COO. She suggested that he go home and get some rest while she handled everything, but he refused to leave until Abby was found. Victor snarled that Zack would regret the day he'd messed with Victor and his family, and he glanced at Nikki's framed photo on his desk. Victoria softly assured him that her mother was doing fine, and she mused that it was nice to see that he still cared about Nikki.

Victor made some calls and reported that there was no news from his investigators or from Paul. Victoria figured that Abby was a smart woman who'd run off with her boyfriend, and Abby wouldn't be found if she didn't want to be. Victoria suggested that they discuss how Crystal's public accusations against Zack would affect Newman, but Victor inquired whether Victoria really thought Abby had left willingly with Zack. Victoria recalled that Abby had been upset when the spotlight had shifted away from her, and she believed Abby was flighty enough to take off to get attention.

Victor instructed Victoria to close the door, and he confessed that he'd kept something from her. He revealed that Scott had been found in a motel with a dead prostitute who had been part of Zack's sex ring. Victor continued that he thought Zack had killed the woman to frame Scott for murder. Victoria realized that Abby might really be in trouble.

At Jabot, Ashley complained that she couldn't concentrate because she was worried about Dina and Abby. There was a knock at the door, and a police officer led Dina in after finding her by an exit off the highway. Dina recounted that she had run out of the party to get away from Nikki and had hidden in the back seat of an unlocked car. Dina recalled that people had gotten into the vehicle and had driven away, but she hadn't wanted them to know she'd been there because they might have turned her in, and she'd been afraid that Nikki would harm her. Dina added that she'd waited until the people had gotten out, and she'd opened the door and walked away.

Dina credited the lovely police officer with finding her, and Ashley remarked that Dina had gone through quite an ordeal to avoid punishment for stabbing Nikki. Jack explained that the only reason Dina wasn't in jail was because she'd been picked up outside Genoa City, where the local authorities hadn't known that the police had been looking for her. Dina admitted that she'd been foolish to think that she could escape on her own, but she imagined that her wonderful children would help her get away. Jack asked where she'd be going, and Dina envisioned returning to Paris.

Jack pulled Ashley aside and worried about what would happen to Dina in jail. Ashley reasoned that if they sent Dina to Paris, Graham could track her down and gain control of her life. Ashley and Jack realized that they had no choice but to tell Paul and hope he took Dina's health and age into consideration. Jack asked Dina why she'd stabbed Nikki, and Dina claimed that Nikki had started the fight by provoking her, so it had been self-defense. Jack protested that Dina couldn't place all the blame on Nikki, but Dina referred to Nikki's shady past and maintained that she'd feared for her safety.

Paul and Michael arrived, and Michael advised Dina not to answer any more questions until they talked privately. Jack told Paul that he wanted to get Dina to a hospital, since she was still recovering from a stroke. Paul insisted on following procedure by placing her under arrest, but he agreed that handcuffs weren't necessary if she was cooperative. Dina hoped Paul wouldn't give her any special consideration because she'd once been an Abbott. Paul indicated to Jack that Dina could go to a hospital after she appeared before a judge. Ashley questioned whether they were doing the right thing, and Jack replied, "You tell me."

At the hospital, Dina ran into Nikki and spat that Nikki had gotten what she'd deserved, adding that she was only sorry that the wound hadn't been worse. Nikki ordered Dina to keep walking, and she demanded to know why Dina was out of jail. Michael revealed that Dina was out on bail, and Dina huffed that she should never have been arrested for doing the world a favor. Nikki called her a crazy old bat, and the women argued. Jack apologized to Nikki for what had happened, but he requested that she not bait Dina. Nikki told him to keep Dina away from her, or she wouldn't be responsible for what she might say.

Nikki arrived at Newman and was shocked to hear that a murderer had kidnapped Abby. Nikki was appalled that Victor hadn't spoken to Ashley about it, but Victoria didn't think it was a good idea, since Ashley hadn't been rational about Newman's role in Zack's company. Victoria suggested that they let the police and security handle the situation, since the Abbotts would just slow things down. Nikki reiterated that Ashley had a right to know that her daughter might be in serious trouble, and she imagined that Victor would be upset if the tables were turned and Ashley kept the news from him. Victor agreed to make the call.

Meanwhile, Jack chalked Dina's uncharacteristic behavior up to her stroke, but Ashley thought it was possible that Nikki had provoked their mother. Michael noted that Dina had a defense either way, but he had to go with Dina's insistence that it had been self-defense. Ashley answered a call from Victor, and a stricken expression crossed her face as she dropped the phone.

Later, Michael left a message for Jack, saying that they wouldn't have Dina's test results for a couple of days, but they were on their way to the Abbott mansion. Michael asked if Dina needed anything before he took her home, and she requested hot chocolate because it reminded her of Paris. He led her to the elevator, and he mentioned that he'd heard that she'd ended up far away from Genoa City. He inquired where she'd been, and she replied, "Roadside."

Ashley and Jack arrived at Newman, and she demanded to know where Zack had taken her daughter. Ashley spotted the knowing look on Victoria's face and spat that Victoria was wrong to think that Abby had known that a sex ring had been part of Design Date. Victoria lectured that they had to consider all the possible scenarios, and she imagined that Abby had had some idea of what was going on because she'd worked closely with Zack. Victoria speculated that there was no telling what Abby had let Zack get away with, and Ashley ordered her to "get the hell out."

Victoria declared that she was COO of the company and that she wasn't saying anything that they all hadn't thought. Victoria called Abby impetuous and immature, and she figured that perhaps Abby had bought Zack's lies. Ashley insisted that Abby never would have fallen for it, but Victoria asserted that she knew her sister. Jack accused Victoria of taking advantage of the situation to divert attention away from her own recent scandals.

Victor defended that Victoria wasn't in the wrong, and the group argued about whose fault it was. Jack blasted Victor and Victoria for yanking the rug out from under Abby on her big night, and Ashley questioned how Victoria could humiliate her sister that way. Jack and Victor threw their past transgressions in one another's faces, but Nikki yelled for them to stop rehashing old problems. Nikki asserted that Abby belonged to all of them, and it was their duty to find her and get her home safely.

Nikki incredulously asked whether Victoria truly believed that her sister had willingly gotten involved with an organization that prostituted women. Victoria haughtily questioned when the Naked Heiress had become a saint, and she contended that Nikki didn't know how driven and ambitious Abby had become. Victoria reasoned that sometimes love made people irrational, but Nikki wondered if they were talking about Victoria or Abby. Nikki asked if Victoria didn't have enough love in her heart to give Abby the benefit of the doubt, and she encouraged Victoria not to let what had happened with Billy affect how she felt about her sister. Nikki cautioned Victoria not to let going back to Newman destroy her soul.

Nikki suggested that they put their heads together to devise a plan to get Abby back. Victor wanted to offer a reward, but Jack objected because they'd waste time chasing down false leads. Victor asserted that he had people to answer the phones who could differentiate between real and fake calls, and Ashley fretted that every moment that went by put Abby in more danger. Victor proposed putting up five million dollars, and Jack agreed to match it.

Jack made arrangements to liquidate funds immediately, and Victor reported that his share of the money was in place. Several FBI agents suddenly walked in, and a woman identified herself as Special Agent Ryerson. She announced that they had reason to believe that Newman Enterprises was associated with a sex trafficking ring, and she presented Victor with a warrant to seize their computers and freeze the company's assets.

Scott and Abby share a surprising, intimate moment Scott and Abby share a surprising, intimate moment> Scott and Abby share a surprising, intimate moment Scott and Abby share a surprising, intimate moment

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Inside a locked storage unit in a remote area outside Genoa City, Abby used one of her shoes to pound on the door. Scott awoke and asked Abby why she was making so much noise. Abby said she was trying to draw attention so someone would let them out. Scott cried that no one would go there, as they were stranded in the middle of nowhere. Abby insisted that their families and others would be searching because their disappearance was likely the biggest story in Genoa City.

Scott realized that his cell phone's battery was dying, though he wasn't able to get a signal. Abby searched through a few storage boxes and found an envelope full of immigration visas. Abby examined the visas and said, "They all came here, looking for a better life, and look at what they got instead." Abby cried that her stupidity had gotten them into a mess, and she droned on about her failure to discern that something was amiss about Zack. Abby suddenly noticed that Scott was distressed, and she asked what was wrong.

Scott slumped to the floor and begged Abby to stop talking. Scott began mumbling about becoming excessively thirsty and hungry. Abby acknowledged that being trapped had triggered Scott's memories of being kidnapped. Scott, trembling, cried, "Locked up and no way out." Abby talked calmly to Scott and assured him that they'd soon escape, find Zack, and make him pay for what he'd done. Abby reached over and held Scott's hand.

At Crimson Lights, Sharon read news headlines online. Newman Enterprises' involvement in a sex ring scandal was the top story. Paul stopped by and told Sharon he had no new leads on Scott or Abby. Sharon noted that she'd kept her word and hadn't harassed Paul about the search. Frustrated, Sharon showed Paul the top headlines and asked why Scott and Abby's disappearance had received barely a mention.

Paul told Sharon that, according to witnesses, Abby had left the party with Zack of her own volition. Sharon noted that Scott had chased Zack and Abby and was also missing. Paul assured Sharon that Scott could fend for himself. Sharon expressed concern for Crystal and said one of Zack's crew could've hunted her down. Paul urged Sharon not to give up, and he promised to rescue Abby, Scott, and Crystal.

In Jack's office at Jabot, Phyllis arrived and excitedly showed Jack the news headlines about Newman Enterprises' involvement with sex trafficking. Jack explained that Design Date, which Zack had utilized as a front for the enterprise, was a subsidiary of Newman Enterprises. Jack added that he was more concerned about the ramifications for Abby. Jack said his family wasn't holding Abby responsible and fully backed her. Phyllis nodded sympathetically. Jack told Phyllis he'd been searching for Abby and was concerned about Dina, too.

Jack told Phyllis that though Dina was home safe, Abby hadn't made contact since she'd disappeared, and he feared what Zack might do. Phyllis was surprised when Jack said he and Victor had joined forces and were offering a ten million dollar reward for Abby's return. Jack complained that the media, alleging that Abby had colluded with Zack, had solely focused on Newman Enterprises' scandal. Phyllis suggested that Jack appeal to Hilary to publicize Abby's disappearance. With Jack concerned about Dina's well-being, Phyllis volunteered to approach Hilary on Jack's behalf.

In Victor's office at Newman Enterprises, Victoria and Neil read the news headlines. Victoria cried that Newman Enterprises was facing a disaster. Complaining that investigators had confiscated all computers, laptops, and records belonging to Newman Enterprises, Victoria expressed relief that Neil still had use of his own laptop. Victoria noted that the testimonies of a few prostitutes, one of which had disappeared, were the only evidence against Zack she was aware of. Neil said the public would likely believe the story whether it was true or not.

Lily stopped by Victoria's office and mentioned the startling news headlines. Lily requested that she and Victoria discuss Newman Enterprises' acquisition of Brash & Sassy. Lily reviewed her contract and expressed shock that her marketing position had been diminished and her salary cut. Victoria coldly noted that Lily would receive the standard compensation package of a new employee. Neil suggested Lily be given credit for her work at Brash & Sassy, but Victoria noted that she intended to run the company the Newman way. Lily accepted the terms and signed her contract.

After Victoria mentioned Juliet, Lily explained that Juliet had passed away, leaving behind a prematurely born baby boy. Victoria expressed her condolences. After Victoria stepped aside, Lily confided in Neil and said Victoria had seemed cold and impersonal. Neil explained that Victoria, struggling to save two companies, had been facing one crisis after another and had taken on a tough stance, like her father's. Lily nodded that she understood why Victoria's demeanor was different.

After Victoria rejoined Lily and Neil, Lily asked Victoria why she hadn't mentioned that Abby and Scott were missing. Neil said he'd hoped there might be news about them soon. Victoria said she also hoped that Zack would be brought to justice, but she was more concerned about focusing on the business aspect of the situation. Victoria requested that Neil issue a press release explaining that Abby was the only person at Newman Enterprises involved in Design Date. Lily said, "Wait, your sister is missing, and you're going to throw her under the bus? Abby wasn't an active participant in this. She was obviously deceived by that jerk." Victoria replied, "I respect you for sticking up for your friend, but you don't know that. No one does."

Victoria stressed to Lily and Neil that Abby had employed a man who'd shown up from nowhere. Together, Victoria added, Abby and Zack had launched an app connected with sex trafficking and prostitution. Neil suggested issuing a press release stating that Abby had also been a victim of a sexual predator and had gotten in over her head. Victoria said until the facts were known, all of Brash & Sassy's ads on Design Date had to be pulled immediately. Lily accepted her assignment to shut down Design Date altogether.

After Lily and Neil left, Victoria gazed worriedly at a photo of Abby and sent her a text message expressing concern. Later, Victoria told Neil to inform the media that she'd been named COO. Additionally, Victoria asked Neil to claim that Newman Enterprises had had no knowledge of what Abby had been doing with Design Date, for which Abby had taken full responsibility. Neil replied, "Is Victor on board with this strategy?" Victoria insisted that Victor had given her full authority to handle the matter.

At the Genoa City Athletic Club, Cane and Hilary talked about Juliet's death after the two had attended the funeral. Hilary said she couldn't believe that Juliet's father had refused to attend his daughter's service. Hilary asked Cane about the newborn baby. Cane said he'd stay by his baby's side like he had for Mattie and Charlie. Hilary asked how Mattie and Charlie had reacted to the birth of Sam and to Juliet's death. Cane said they'd been sympathetic but distant, and although Lily had been at the hospital, she was unlikely to change her mind about ending their marriage. Before Hilary left, she privately phoned Mattie and suggested that she and Charlie check on their dad.

Cane was pleasantly surprised when Charlie and Mattie later joined him and asked him to share a meal. After Mattie learned that their father had attended Juliet's funeral, she asked why Cane hadn't told them. Charlie partly blamed himself and said if he'd done something differently, perhaps Juliet could've been saved. Cane credited Charlie with saving the baby's life. Cane explained that infant Sam was all right but still had a long way to go. Lily stopped by and saw the children embracing their father. Lily walked away before Cane, Mattie, and Charlie saw her.

Hilary met with Phyllis at the Top of the Tower. Phyllis instructed Hilary to publicize that Abby and Scott were missing. Phyllis urged Hilary to stress that Abby wasn't involved in the sex ring. Hilary agreed to do whatever Jack wanted, including publicizing the reward for information leading to Abby's whereabouts. Phyllis offered to set up a link to the hotline that would track callers' information.

Hilary told Phyllis that she'd attended Juliet's funeral. Phyllis was surprised to hear that Juliet had died. Hilary said she'd been the closest thing to a friend that Juliet had had. Hilary admitted she'd treated Juliet like a pawn and had encouraged Juliet to sue Brash & Sassy only to further Hilary's agenda. Hilary explained that she'd later ignored Juliet when the relationship had become problematic. Phyllis noted that Juliet had been a calculating schemer, basing all decisions on getting what she'd wanted. Phyllis and Hilary acknowledged that they'd done the same, and they proposed a toast to Juliet's memory.

Changing the subject, Hilary thanked Phyllis for distracting Jordan while Hilary had searched his room. Hilary said that though she hadn't found her nude photos, she hadn't left Jordan's room empty-handed. Phyllis recalled seeing Jordan's fake driver's licenses on Hilary's show. Phyllis explained that she'd flirted with Jordan in her apartment until a drunken Billy, hobbling on crutches, had barged in. Phyllis added that Billy, jealous of Jordan, had thrown a fit.

Phyllis proclaimed the ruse a success because Billy had gotten the message that their relationship was over, and Hilary had found evidence condemning Jordan. Hilary noted that Billy was no longer with Brash & Sassy, so Phyllis might consider forgiving him. Phyllis acknowledged that she'd based her relationship with Billy on danger and drama. Hilary said she'd done the same with Devon but had lost him in the end. Hilary advised Phyllis not to make the same mistake with Billy.

Jack escorted Dina into Crimson Lights. Dina complained that she'd been forced to dress casually due to her ankle bracelet. Dina also complained about having to submit to medical tests at the hospital. Jack explained that he and Ashley feared Dina might be suffering lingering effects from a stroke. Dina claimed that her attack on Nikki had been self-defense. Sharon approached and asked Jack if he knew what had happened to Abby. Jack attempted to protect Dina from hearing about Abby. Dina interrupted and asked if Abby was missing and at the mercy of a madman. Before stepping away to allow Jack to console his mother, Sharon apologized for frightening Dina.

Sharon joined Paul on the patio at the coffeehouse. Paul reported that the GPS coordinates of Scott's last phone call had pinpointed a lead. Paul made Sharon promise not to involve herself in the investigation. Sharon, using Paul's phone, studied the mapped location of Scott's phone signal. Paul said the area was near a section of the highway along which Scott had been traveling while following Zack and Abby. Paul noticed Dina sitting in the dining area and recalled that police had picked Dina up in the area near the GPS coordinates. Paul said Dina hadn't mentioned being with Abby when he'd interviewed her.

Dina cried to Jack that Abby had been excited about starting a relationship with Zack, who'd seemed like a nice kid. Jack agreed that Zack had fooled them all. Jack said they were doing all they could to locate Abby. Dina, frustrated, cried that it wasn't enough. Jack called out to Paul and talked to him privately, expressing concern for Abby and Scott. Paul agreed with Jack's plan to issue a public missing persons plea. Paul said he'd help get the ball rolling.

Sharon visited with Dina. Sharon said it sounded as if Dina had had quite an adventure. Dina replied, "Nothing to compare to yours, so I've heard." Dina asked to be forgiven for her conduct. Sharon commiserated that Dina had left a party and ended up in a strange place. Sharon asked Dina where she'd been when the police had picked her up. Dina shrugged and said, "Walking away from roadside." Sharon replied, "The side of the highway?" Dina answered, "No. Roadside." Dina became frustrated when Sharon asked about Scott. Dina noted that she'd never "gone inside." Sharon, clarifying, said, "So you never went inside the roadside?"

Inside unit number 130 at Roadside Storage, an exhausted Scott and Abby sat together on the floor. Scott remained in distress. Abby clasped Scott's hand. Scott was breathing rapidly. Abby placed her hand on Scott's face and drew him close. After she stroked his cheek, Scott placed his head close to Abby's. Abby kissed Scott on the lips, and he reciprocated, placing his hand on Abby's arm.

Chelsea is collateral damage when Hilary exposes Jordan's past Chelsea is collateral damage when Hilary exposes Jordan's past

Thursday, November 16, 2017

At Crimson Lights, Sharon overfilled a cup of coffee for Mariah. Mariah admitted that she'd used getting coffee as an excuse to see how Sharon was doing, and she offered to blow off work if Sharon needed some company. Sharon thought it was best for both of them to stay busy, and Mariah mentioned that Hilary was planning to announce the reward for Abby's safe return on her show. Sharon stated that she was waiting for Paul to update her on a potential new lead, and she stared at Dina on the patio.

Billy joined Dina, who acknowledged that it had been nice of him to invite her for breakfast, but she suspected that he thought she needed a babysitter. Billy swore that it was just coffee, but Dina groaned that it was humiliating that Jack had put him up to it. Billy pointed out that he and Dina had a lot in common, since they both were unemployed and had been arrested recently. She wondered why Sharon kept looking at her.

Paul informed Sharon that Scott and Abby had been declared missing persons, and Sharon reported that she had a possible lead on Scott. Sharon explained that she'd had a talk with Dina about where Dina had been found and that Dina had said she hadn't gone into the roadside. The word choice struck Sharon as odd, and Paul chalked it up to Dina's recent stroke. Sharon suspected that Dina had known exactly what she'd meant but that she hadn't been able to communicate it more. Sharon begged Paul to talk to Dina to try to get more information.

Dina regretted that Billy hadn't accepted Jack's offer to stay at the Abbott mansion, but Billy thought it would have been asking for trouble. Sharon interrupted and hoped she could continue her conversation with Dina about Scott, but Dina maintained that she'd never seen him. Paul thought talking about the evening might help to jog Dina's memory and locate Abby, but Dina reiterated that she would have already told them if she had any other information. Sharon gently pressed Dina to start with how she'd gotten out on the road, and Dina recounted that she'd been in a car. Paul asked if she'd recognized any voices. Dina's face suddenly it up, and she remembered that she'd heard Abby's voice.

Paul showed Dina a photo of Zack's car, but she said it had been very dark. Dina cried that she'd had to get away from the horrible party, so she'd hidden in the back seat of an unlocked car. Dina recounted that Zack had been driving, and she confirmed that he and Abby had gotten out of the car together. Paul recalled Dina's earlier statement that she'd gotten out on the side of the road, but Sharon clarified that it had been "the roadside." Sharon stressed that it had been a place where people could go inside, and Dina became irritated because she'd told them that already.

Sharon and Paul searched online for businesses with "roadside" in their names, and he found a Roadside Storage off the main road. He realized that it was the closest possibility to where Dina had been picked up, and he planned to investigate it himself. Sharon insisted on joining him, but he protested that it was a police matter. Sharon argued that he only knew about it because of her, and she refused to sit by the phone and wait. She added that she had the address and could drive there herself, and he agreed to let her go. She prayed they weren't too late.

At her apartment, Phyllis winced at the sound of loud music next door and yelled through the wall to complain. There was a knock at the door, and she expected to have a confrontation with her neighbor, but she found Jordan there instead. Jordan accused Phyllis of flirting with him to keep him occupied while Hilary had tossed his room, but Phyllis claimed that she'd thought they'd been having fun until Billy had walked in and ruined everything. She contemplated what might have happened if they'd had more time together, and Jordan pulled her close and suggested that they find out then.

Phyllis pushed Jordan out the door and requested identification, since she couldn't be sure who he really was. She griped that he was trying to compete with Billy for being most untrustworthy, but Jordan remained convinced that she'd been working with Hilary. Phyllis replied that she didn't care, and Jordan requested a straight answer. She told him to prove to her that he deserved one, and she slammed the door in his face. Phyllis yelled to turn the music down, and she pounded on the wall. She put pillows over her ears and collapsed on the couch as she muffled a scream of exasperation.

At GC Buzz, Hilary tried on a dress and complained that it was a little tight. Chelsea mumbled that it hadn't stopped Hilary before, and she inquired whether Hilary wanted it or not. Hilary wondered if she'd missed something, since they had an arrangement to exchange wardrobe for free press, but catty comments weren't part of the deal. Chelsea snapped that what Hilary had done to Jordan had been sleazy, but Hilary contended that innocent people didn't have fake IDs lying around. Hilary added that she'd kept Chelsea's name out of it, so she expected thanks rather than an attitude.

Hilary instructed her staff to have the number of the tip line ready to go. Hilary prepared to go live with the story about Abby's disappearance and the reward money, but Mariah asserted that people cared about Scott, too. Hilary agreed to let Mariah mention him, and Mariah wondered what else they had to fill up the remaining minutes of the show. Hilary replied that she was working on another story, and Jordan entered.

Hilary chirped that they'd just been talking about Jordan, and he testily questioned whether she had any idea what had happened since their last run-in. Hilary referred to her uptick in ratings, but Jordan snarled that he'd been fired because of her show, and his reputation wasn't "worth a damn." Hilary feigned surprise, and she figured that he could just change his name. He demanded that she issue a retraction, and he hissed that she wouldn't want to know what would happen if she didn't. Chelsea nervously witnessed the encounter from across the room.

Mariah recognized that Hilary was a self-serving pain, but she warned Jordan that she'd be a witness if he so much as prank called Hilary. Hilary offered to issue an on-air retraction if Jordan could explain why he had multiple fake identification cards, and she proposed that he go live on her show to explain himself. He flatly stated that she'd hear from his lawyer if she ever went after him again. Hilary taunted that it wasn't slander if it was true, and she proclaimed that they had a show to do. Chelsea chided Jordan for starting a fight with Hilary, and she advised him to get out while he still could. Jordan insisted on sticking around to make sure the mess didn't get any worse.

On The Hilary Hour, Hilary told her audience to write down the number they saw on the screen, since Abby Newman's family was offering a ten million dollar reward for any information leading to her safe recovery. Mariah added that Scott was also missing and that he and Abby might be together. Hilary stressed that she was counting on her fans to keep an eye out, and she segued into a commercial break. A staff member passed a slip of paper to Hilary, who read it and glanced over at Jordan and Chelsea. Mariah asked what it was, and Hilary slyly replied, "Breaking news."

Noah stopped by Nick and Chelsea's penthouse and inquired whether there had been any word on Abby, and Nick indicated that the reward money hadn't generated any new leads. Noah remarked that everything had exploded in one night, including something that he wanted to talk to Nick about. Noah revealed that Victor had offered him the job of running Top of the Tower, and he was going to take it. Noah admitted that his first instinct had been to turn it down, but he'd changed his mind after speaking with Victoria.

Noah worried that Nick would think of it as some kind of betrayal. Nick swore that he didn't, and he recognized that it wouldn't have happened if he hadn't walked away from their partnership in the Underground. Noah pointed out that they both needed to move forward, but Nick questioned whether Noah was really doing that. Nick recalled that Noah had worked with Victor before, and he wondered what made Noah think that time would be any different.

Noah swore that he truly wanted the job and that he'd also taken it to be closer to family. Noah assured Nick that he wasn't delusional about Victor's motives, and he was confident that Victoria had his back. Nick understood Noah's desire to be closer to family, and he lamented that it had been difficult to be out of the loop with what was going on with Abby. Noah promised to keep him updated with any news, and he wondered what Nick's next move would be. Nick thought he had plenty of time to figure it out.

Nick received a text message from Chelsea about Hilary mentioning Abby on television. Nick flipped on the TV, and Noah hoped Hilary didn't focus on the sex ring. Meanwhile, Phyllis figured that she could play the same game as her neighbor, and she turned on The Hilary Hour and cranked up the volume.

Hilary resumed her show and revisited a story that had broken earlier that week. Jordan saw the look in Hilary's eyes and told Chelsea that things would get ugly fast. Hilary referred to Jordan and his secret identities, and she recalled that she'd requested help from her fans to determine who he really was and why he'd needed fake IDs. Hilary bragged that she'd been flooded with tips, and one of her producers had been able to verify a lead, so they were going live with a viewer named Connie Wood on the phone.

Hilary welcomed Connie to the show and imagined that Connie had reached out because she'd recognized one of Jordan's aliases. Connie recounted that she'd met Justin Timmins while on vacation and that he'd been very romantic and exotic. Hilary guessed that Connie was a wealthy, mature woman, and Connie confirmed that she was a widow. Hilary speculated that a lonely, vulnerable Connie had found Justin to be attentive and charming, and Connie recalled that he'd treated her with affection and respect.

Connie continued that the age difference hadn't bothered Justin, and he'd proposed after a whirlwind romance, but a woman claiming to be his wife had shown up on the day they were supposed to get married. Connie revealed that the woman had been Justin's accomplice in a scheme to blackmail Connie, and the woman had started screaming at her. Hilary told her audience that Connie had emailed a picture of the woman and Justin on what was supposed to have been Connie's wedding day, and she pulled the photo up on a screen. A large image of Chelsea and Jordan in an altercation with a woman appeared. Nick, Noah, and Phyllis were stunned.

As Jordan and Chelsea argued backstage, Mariah reasoned that photos could be altered. Connie explained that she wasn't a technical person, and she promised that the photograph was real. Connie recalled that Justin's so-called wife had sworn to ruin her by going to the tabloids with the story that Connie was trying to steal her husband, so she'd paid them off to keep from being humiliated. Connie continued that she hadn't been the only victim, since she'd met a woman at a society event after Hilary had posted Jordan's IDs, and they'd discovered that they'd had the same experience with the same couple.

Hilary sympathized that the ladies hadn't been the only victims of con artists who had preyed on women who'd just been looking for love in the world. Hilary thanked Connie for stepping forward, and she vowed to make sure that Jordan never broke another heart or bank account ever again. The show went to a break, and Chelsea screeched, "You bitch!"

Chelsea blasted Jordan for not throwing away his old fake IDs, and Hilary lectured that Chelsea had gone into business with the wrong guy, since Jordan's ego was bigger than his brain. Chelsea ranted that Hilary had put her face on television, but Hilary defended that she hadn't seen the picture before it had been put on the screen. Hilary didn't see the big deal because it was no secret that Chelsea had been a con artist, but Chelsea contended that she had a different life, with a son and a business. Hilary huffed that Chelsea should have thought about that before she'd stolen from little old ladies. Chelsea lunged at Hilary, but Mariah warned that they didn't want to be caught trying to kill one another on live television.

Jordan and Chelsea bickered about the ID cards, and she wailed that he'd ruined her business and her life. She refused to listen to his apology and told him to get out of her face for good. Hilary questioned whether Jordan still thought he could sue her, and she wondered why Chelsea was taking all the clothes. Chelsea incredulously asked if Hilary expected a free wardrobe after what Hilary had done to her, and she yanked the necklace off Hilary's neck and stormed out.

Noah unconvincingly said the picture might not be of Chelsea. Nick recognized that she had a past and that she'd known Jordan in New York, but he'd known nothing about their scam. Nick's phone rang, and he bet it was the press, looking for a comment. After he hung up, Nick informed Noah that the insurance company for the Underground was withholding settlement, pending an investigation. Nick added that the fire marshal had said it had looked like arson, and he was the number one suspect.

Phyllis shut off her TV, and the music next door continued to blare. She emptied her aspirin bottle and decided that she was out of there. She opened the door to leave and found a whistling Billy in the hallway. She refused to let him in, and he replied that he wasn't trying to get in. She noticed a key in his hand, and she realized that he'd rented the apartment next to hers. Billy announced that he'd signed the lease the day before, and he feigned ignorance that he'd left his music on.

In the storage locker, Abby and Scott lay naked under a blanket, facing away from one another. He couldn't believe what had just happened, and she insisted that it had been a massive mistake that they should never speak of again. Abby told Scott not to act like it had been torture that he'd had to endure, and she wondered if Zack had been right about Scott being jealous because he'd wanted her. Scott dryly replied that it was a bummer that he'd lost out to a sex-trafficking murderer, and he didn't know how his ego would ever recover. She ordered him to turn around while she got dressed.

Abby sorted through some files, and Scott discovered that his phone battery was completely dead. Scott wondered what she expected to find, and Abby hoped for some bottled water or a jackhammer to tunnel their way out. He urged her to focus on reality, and she wished that they'd been more focused earlier. She grimaced when he referred to their tryst, and she assured him that she was on birth control. Scott began to hyperventilate, and he admitted that keeping a grasp on reality was tricky when they were walled in with no way out. She found something in a file and told him to get over there.

Scott realized that Abby had stumbled upon a list of properties that Zack controlled and the dummy corporations that had bought them. Scott thought from Abby's expression that she'd been hoping for something else, and she expressed horror that Zack was truly evil to have that many safe houses to hold women. Abby was mortified that she'd let Zack in, but Scott noted that Zack had fooled many other people besides her. Abby cried that other people hadn't funded Zack's business or gone to bed with him, and she bemoaned that there was supposed to be respect and honesty if she slept with someone.

Scott shuffled through a stack of bills from motels that Zack had used a lot, including a place that was near the storage facility. Scott theorized that Zack had headed over to that motel after he'd stuffed them in there, and he and Abby bickered about their lack of escape alternatives. She commented that the only way left was up, but that wouldn't work, either.

Later, Paul and Sharon arrived at the storage facility. Paul informed Sharon that the place was deserted, but he was looking for a security guard or manager to get their security footage. Paul added that he'd found a record of Zack having a unit in the complex, and he opened the door to the unit and flipped on a light. There was no one inside, but they found evidence that someone had used a cell phone battery to start a fire to trigger the sprinkler system. Sharon recognized Scott's tie, and she bet that Abby was with him. Sharon wondered where they'd gone.

Jack and Ashley face that Dina has Alzheimer's Jack and Ashley face that Dina has Alzheimer's

Friday, November 17, 2017

At Nick and Chelsea's penthouse, Nick informed Chelsea that the kids' lunches were packed, and he made small talk about household tasks. She wondered if he was ever going to ask about what had happened on The Hilary Hour, since she needed to hear what he was thinking. Nick coldly replied that he'd just found out on live television that the woman he was living with had been a con artist, but he wasn't buying what Chelsea was selling. He stormed out.

At Crimson Lights, Ashley mentioned to Ravi that she'd had a neighbor check the family cabin for Abby, but it had turned up nothing. Ravi assured her that Abby was resilient like her mother, and he imagined that Abby was playing things right to get home safely. Ashley thanked him, but her expression darkened when she saw Victoria walk in. Ashley demanded to know "what the hell" was wrong with Victoria, who asked what she was missing. Ashley admonished Victoria for issuing a press release to "cover [her] ass" by spreading vicious lies about Abby.

Victoria asserted that everything in the press release was true, since Abby had recruited Zack and Design Date to the company, and Newman's assets were frozen because of it. Ravi intervened and noted that emotions were running high, and Ashley barked that she was putting Abby first, unlike Victoria, who was prioritizing her political agenda. Victoria swore that she was worried about Abby, too, but she reminded Ashley that Abby had let the entire world think that she'd been kidnapped once before. Victoria added that Abby might be hiding away at a cushy spa, waiting for the scandal to blow over.

Later, Nick arrived at the coffeehouse, and Ashley told him that there had been no word about Abby. Nick hugged Ashley and said he was sorry, and she pointedly remarked that it was nice to hear compassion from one of Abby's siblings. Nick confirmed that he'd seen the press release, and Ashley griped that it had made Abby sound like Zack's accomplice. Nick agreed that it had been out of line, and although he loved Victoria, he knew how she could be.

Nick asked Ashley to let him know if she heard anything. He turned to leave and ran into Chelsea, who scolded him for leaving before they'd finished their discussion. He retorted that it had felt finished to him, since he'd said everything he'd needed to say, and he hadn't left anything crucial out like she tended to do. Ravi recognized Chelsea from The Hilary Hour, and Nick loudly declared that she'd been the one who'd conned the bride. Other patrons stared at Chelsea, who bellowed that she was the new scandal queen and offered to take selfies with people. As she caused a scene, Nick walked out, and she followed him.

Nick and Chelsea returned to the penthouse, and she ranted that everyone had recognized her from Hilary's show. She fretted that it would ruin her whole business, but he thought she should be more worried about Faith's reaction. Nick was even more concerned about Faith's perception of the Underground fiasco, and he revealed that the insurance company wasn't paying a dime because they thought he'd set the fire. Nick groused that it didn't help that the woman he was living with had been outed on national television as a con artist, but Chelsea doubted the two were related. Nick envisioned them both being locked up and sharing a prison yard.

Chelsea asserted that no court would convict Nick for arson because he lived with a former con artist, and he questioned whether it was really behind her. She defended that it had happened years earlier, but he wondered if she and Jordan were married, separated, or divorced. Chelsea insisted that the whole thing had been an immature scam, but Nick wondered why she'd never told him about it and what else she was hiding. She pointed out that his biography wasn't pristine, and she swore that she'd never conned him. He flatly stated that it was exactly what a con would say, and she stormed upstairs.

Later, Chelsea returned downstairs, and Nick assured her that he didn't need an apology if she'd regained her senses. She threw sheets and a pillow at him and barked that she was sorry that he wouldn't be sleeping in their bed that night.

Paul stopped by Newman Enterprises and told Victor that he was trying to figure out what had happened to Abby and Scott after they'd left the storage facility. He added that it was a problem that a sex ring had hidden behind Newman's finances and name, but Victor huffed that Paul knew "damn well" that he hadn't had any idea that Zack had been running a sex ring. Paul swore that the authorities were trying to clear everyone, but Victor complained that he couldn't pay his vendors or employees because Newman's assets were frozen. Paul stressed that he and Christine were just doing their jobs, and Victor vowed to take them and their department down if they continued to pursue that nonsense.

Later, Neil perused an online headline about Abby being to blame for Newman's link to the sex ring scandal. He complained to Victor that Victoria hadn't listened to Neil's advice to put a human spin on the story by portraying Abby as one of Zack's victims. Victoria overheard as she arrived, and she contended that she'd had to move fast to protect Newman's image. Neil suggested that they put out a follow-up statement to soften the original release and minimize the damage to Abby, but Victor stood by Victoria's decision.

Victor was adamant that he trusted Victoria and had given her the authority to deal with sensitive issues. Victoria swore that she respected Neil's point of view, but she hoped he respected the tough decision that she'd had to make. Neil recognized that it wasn't his company, but he cautioned that deflecting the blame on a missing Abby would backfire. Victor anticipated that people would attribute Abby's actions to youth and inexperience, but she was a survivor. Victor answered a call and asked if they'd found his daughter.

Victor reported that his security team had nothing, and he opted to work alone. Neil stepped out, and Victoria followed him and asked him not to question her decisions, especially in front of her dad. Neil argued that he'd been hired to help the company over some major PR hurdles, and he refused to keep his opinions to himself just because she didn't like them. Neil reminded Victoria that he was on her team, and she confided that she'd had a wake-up call when her son had been pulled out of a burning building. Victoria thought no one would bat an eye if a man had made the same tough choices she had, and she proclaimed that she was done being stepped on.

Neil said he'd always considered Victoria to be a close personal friend, and he knew that what she'd gone through hadn't been easy. She told him that she didn't need sympathy, since there was no one to blame but herself. She recounted that she'd taken a long look at herself and hadn't recognized the woman who'd chased after Billy, not seeing that he'd literally poisoned her and her company. Victoria refused to give up her power for anyone again, and Neil found her strength inspiring, but he advised her to think about what blind, unchecked power had cost Victor. Victoria insisted that she wasn't her father, and Neil replied, "Not yet." He warned her to be careful what she wished for.

At the Abbott mansion, Dina tried to remove her ankle bracelet, and Jack warned that there would be a SWAT team on the roof if she kept playing with it. He introduced her to Dr. Berg, who Jack hoped could help her out of her legal problems. Dina scoffed at the idea that her stroke had turned her into a knife-wielding maniac, and she wanted to drop it, but Jack insisted that they couldn't. Dr. Berg explained that he was there to perform a basic cognitive exam, and Dina reluctantly agreed to do it for Jack.

Dina requested that Dr. Berg remove her ankle monitor because it was chafing, but Jack informed her that the doctor wouldn't be committing a felony that morning. Jack started to leave the room, but Dina invited him to stay in case Dr. Berg got fresh with her. The doctor confirmed that it was fine for Jack to stick around, and he wanted to start with a series of simple questions. Dina bragged that she and Jack were the best at trivia, and she successfully answered the doctor's inquiries about the year and the season.

The doctor recited a list of three objects and requested that Dina repeat it back. She recalled the first two items and hesitated before naming the third. He asked her to count backward from 100 by sevens, and she struggled to do the math in her head. She rambled about numbers reminding her of her stock portfolio, and Dr. Berg urged her to focus on the test. He inquired about the three objects he'd mentioned earlier, but she cursed when she couldn't recall what they'd been. Jack announced that it was time for a break.

Dina groaned that she'd do anything to end the session, but Dr. Berg prompted her to repeat the three objects again. Dina wailed that she was too distressed about Abby to remember them, and the doctor promised to consider all factors when he scored her test. He asked her to draw a clock, showing the time as nine o'clock. Dina begrudgingly accepted the paper and pencil and testily inquired whether he wanted her to draw an antique Swiss cuckoo clock. Dr. Berg clarified that he just wanted a simple clock face with all the numbers. Jack peered over Dina's shoulder and looked alarmed.

Jack grabbed the paper and said he'd been mistaken about the test being a good idea, and he showed Dr. Berg to the door. Dina thanked Jack for getting rid of the bossy old man, and Jack told her to forget the test and calm her nerves, since everything would be fantastic from then on. Ashley returned home and inquired about the doctor's visit, and Dina griped that the problem with a house call had been that there had been nowhere to flee when she'd realized it had been a terrible mistake. Dina sauntered off, and Jack explained that Dina had found the doctor tiresome and pushy.

Jack reported that Dina hadn't finished the cognitive exam because it had made her worried and confused, and he didn't think the results would be valid. Jack downplayed the fact that Dina had lost a little memory, but Ashley spied the crumpled drawing. Jack mentioned that the doctor had asked Dina to draw a clock, and Ashley was aghast when she saw that Dina hadn't known where to draw the numbers. She sadly realized that they had to face that there was something very wrong.

Jack tore up the drawing, but Ashley said it wouldn't make the truth go away. Jack insisted that Dina had simply been worried about Abby, and he was sure that their mother would ace the test at a less stressful time. Ashley accepted that Dina wasn't going to past the test, and she recognized that it was too sad and painful to contemplate, but she thought both she and Jack knew what was going on with Dina. Jack choked back tears and told Ashley not to say it, but Ashley thought they had to confront it so that they could deal with it. Jack admitted that their mother was sick -- she had Alzheimer's. Jack and Ashley embraced.

Scott fidgeted in a car in the parking lot of a seedy motel, and he flashed back to being trapped in the storage locker. He jumped when Abby hopped into the passenger seat, and he claimed that he'd zoned out. She reported that she'd obtained Zack's motel room key by flirting with the clerk and pretending to be Zack's girlfriend. Abby worried about whether Scott was okay, and he swore that he was good to go. He stated that Zack's car was parked out back, but she thought they should wait for the police. Scott was adamant that they didn't have the time.

Abby started to get out of the car, but Scott refused to let her put herself at risk. Abby pointed out that it was even more personal for her than it was for Scott, and she considered it to be more risky for someone who was still damaged from his last kidnapping to bust through the door with no backup. Scott instructed her to use the motel phone to call the cops if something went wrong, and he headed for Zack's room. Scott burst into the room, wielding a tire iron. Abby appeared behind him, but they found the room empty.

Scott was dismayed to discover that Zack hadn't left a single clue behind, and Abby figured that Zack had made a fast escape but had left his car behind because they'd be able to trace it. Scott pressed Abby to think of a place where Zack might have gone, and Abby sourly replied that Scott was forgetting that she didn't have the best judgment in men. He chided her for taking a dig at him at a time like that, and she huffed that what had happened in the storage locker was the last thing on her mind. Scott suggested that they call the police and their families, and he began to dial the phone. The door swung open, and Abby gasped as Zack entered and pulled out a gun.

Zack crowed that it was almost as if his app had designed the date just for them, and he slammed the door shut. Zack kicked away Scott's tire iron and questioned why Scott had dragged his wannabe girlfriend along. Abby protested that no one had dragged her anywhere and that she wasn't Scott's girlfriend. Zack warned Scott not to plan any heroics, since Abby might get caught in the crossfire. Abby spat that Zack had left her to rot, and she ordered him to stop acting like he was trying to protect her.

Zack swore that he would have eventually called 9-1-1, since he had a conscience. Zack contended that he and Abby were obviously fated to be together, or they wouldn't have gotten a second chance. Scott growled that Abby wanted nothing to do with Zack, but Abby insisted that she could speak for herself. Scott stared incredulously at her as she admitted that she felt like she might need to reconsider things. She stared at Zack's gun, and Zack was skeptical of the sudden change.

Abby claimed that being trapped in a dark cubicle with no food or water had made her reevaluate her whole life. She recounted all the things Zack had said about how her family didn't care about her, but Scott called it total garbage. Abby insisted that there had been sincerity in Zack's words, since despite her family's money and power, no one had shown up to rescue her. Abby speculated that her family probably didn't even know she was missing, and as awful as the truth had been to face, it had all become clear in the cell. Abby continued that it had also become clear that she really did love Zack and that he loved her, too.

Zack proposed that he and Abby run away together and never look back. Zack blasted her family for being too blind and stupid not to see the incredible woman she was, and Abby forced a smile and asked what they were waiting for. Zack pointed the gun at Scott, but Abby protested that Zack couldn't kill Scott because she could never forgive Zack for that. Abby suggested that she and Zack leave everything behind, since Scott was nothing to them. Zack expected that Scott would make it his life's mission to track them down, but Abby reasoned that she had a ton of money, so Scott could look forever and never find them.

Zack guessed that it was killing Scott to think about the time he'd wasted, lusting after Abby when he was never going to have her. Zack noticed Abby and Scott exchange a glance, and he turned the gun on her and demanded to know what he was missing. Abby claimed that the thought of being with Scott was repulsive, but Zack thought her protests were basically a confession to having sex with Scott. Zack yelled that he was an expert in nonverbal communication because of his business, so he picked up on cues that told the naked truth. Zack accused Abby and Scott of having sex.

Scott fibbed that he and Abby had never hooked up, since even if she was his type, she would never think about him that way. Abby whimpered that Zack was scaring her, and Zack snarled that she should be scared, since he'd asked her to do one simple thing -- not to lie to him. Zack ranted that she thought she was so high and mighty, but she'd cheated on him, and Scott had cheated on Sharon. Zack bellowed that they were the real trash, and they deserved what they were about to get. "Say goodbye, lovers," Zack taunted as a gunshot rang out.

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