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Crystal killed Zack. Abby and Scott agreed to work together to take Victoria down. Mariah broke up with Devon. Jack and Ashley informed their family about Dina's Alzheimer's diagnosis. Jack decided to take a leave of absence. Phyllis admitted that she was still in love with Billy.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of November 20, 2017 on Y&R
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Jack and Ashley deal with Dina's diagnosis Jack and Ashley deal with Dina's diagnosis

Monday, November 20, 2017

Inside a motel room, Zack confronted Abby about his suspicions that she and Scott had made love while trapped inside the storage unit. Zack aimed a handgun at Abby and Scott. Scott defended Abby and insisted that Abby, not being his type, had never expressed a romantic interest. Abby agreed and cried that Zack was scaring her. Zack, frustrated and agitated, yelled, "Don't lie to me!" Zack told Abby that she wasn't any better than any of the girls on his payroll.

Scott stood close to Abby to protect her when Zack's emotional state deteriorated, and Zack again accused Abby of cheating. With his finger firmly on the firearm's trigger, Zack said, "You both deserve exactly what's coming. Say goodbye, lovers." Scott pushed Abby away and charged toward Zack just as the sound of a single gunshot rang out. Zack winced in pain and slumped to the floor. Scott and Abby saw Crystal standing in the open doorway, still holding her firearm. After Crystal shot Zack, she dropped her firearm and ran away.

At the Abbott mansion, Neil rang the doorbell. After Jack opened the door, Neil said that Jack had missed a meeting and had failed to return phone calls. Jack, coughing, said it was better for all if he remained isolated. Ashley arrived and asked Neil why he was standing outside on the porch. Neil replied, "Jack doesn't want me to catch whatever it is that he has." Neil left, and Jack told Ashley that because he was working from home, work associates had assumed he was ill. When pressed, Jack admitted he'd wanted to protect their mother and not risk having others witness Dina's bizarre behavior.

Ashley realized that a worried Jack had stayed away all night. Jack said he'd been unable to relax after learning that Dina had been diagnosed with Alzheimer's. Ashley said it was hard to believe that their mother's vibrant life had begun to crumble away. Jack replied, "This disease is the ultimate cruelty. There's not a damn thing you can do about it. I'd give anything to shield her from what she's about to deal with." Ashley noted that the irreversible illness had been developing over several years.

After Ashley nervously checked her phone, Jack suddenly realized that Abby was still missing. Jack asked about Abby. Ashley said she hadn't slept much, either, and was still waiting to hear news. Jack embraced Ashley and insisted that Abby would return home soon. Ashley urged Jack to get himself ready, and they would ride to the office together and immerse themselves in work as a distraction. Jack told Ashley he'd rather work from home and not leave Dina alone. Paul phoned and summoned Ashley to the police station.

At the police station, Sharon rushed in after Paul had summoned her. Paul told Sharon to wait in his office. When Sharon opened the door, she was shocked to see Scott there, embracing Lauren. Michael stood nearby, and Abby sat in a chair. Lauren moved away so Sharon could hug Scott. Lauren looked on with disgust. Abby nervously looked away after momentarily locking eyes with Scott. Everyone joined Paul in the booking area and learned that Zack had died from his gunshot wound.

Sharon offered to help when Paul noted that police were searching for Crystal Porter. Paul said he would also question Tessa. Michael asked about charges against Crystal, considering that she'd shot her captor after being subjected to sexual enslavement. Paul said it was up to the district attorney to decide. Paul stepped into his office.

Lauren complained that Scott had once again placed himself in danger and had forced her to wait for word of his safety. Abby said that had Scott not followed her and Zack, she'd still be trapped inside the storage unit. Sharon added, "I agree with Lauren. Being out of touch for all those hours was absolute hell, but I don't want you to change. You are always going to be my hero." Lauren scoffed and complained that Sharon was being overly dramatic and encouraging Scott to risk his life.

Ashley and Victor arrived at the police station. Abby tightly embraced her mother and father. Paul returned and announced that he'd drop the outstanding charges against Scott in connection with Natalia's murder. Michael said it should be fairly easily to connect Zack Stinnentt to Natalia's murder. Lauren and Sharon both agreed that Paul shouldn't have charged Scott with murder in the first place. Scott shook hands with Paul and said he harbored no hard feelings over the matter. Michael suggested that Lauren and Sharon mend their rift. Lauren replied, "When hell freezes over."

Victor, Ashley, and Abby visited privately in Paul's office. Abby insisted she was fine. Victor said he was proud of the way Abby had handled the ordeal. After Victor stepped out, Ashley begged Abby to move to Jack's for a while. Abby declined and said she needed to help Victor determine the potential fallout from Zack's association with Newman Enterprises. Ashley insisted she accompany Abby because Victoria would also be involved. Ashley noted that Victor had given Victoria a position in the company that Abby had believed would become hers. Abby insisted she could handle the matter on her own.

After Ashley stepped out, Scott attempted to have a private talk with Abby. Before Scott and Abby could talk, Victor interrupted. Victor thanked Scott for keeping Abby safe. Abby seemed uncomfortable when Scott noted that Abby had actually looked after him. Abby and Victor stepped out so Scott could make a private phone call.

Victor sent Abby to wait in the car so he could talk to Paul. Victor, speaking quietly as to not draw attention, demanded that Paul end his investigation of Newman Enterprises because the company hadn't been involved with Zack Stinnentt or the sex ring. Paul said he understood, but federal agents would handle the investigation. Victor insisted that Paul inform Christine, a member of the task force, that Newman Enterprises and its employees had had nothing to do with a sex ring. Victor added that the investigation was bad for his business and his reputation.

After Sharon entered Crimson Lights, she overheard the end of a phone call between Mariah and Devon. Mariah told Sharon she'd just declined an invitation to spend Thanksgiving with Devon, so she could be with Sharon. Sharon noted that Mariah was making an excuse not to spend time with Devon. Mariah became defensive. Sharon said she had something far more pressing to discuss with Mariah.

Sharon took Mariah to the patio and told her how Zack had died. Sharon explained that Crystal was missing. Sharon defended Crystal, noting that the young woman had been terrorized and pushed to the edge while fearing for her life. Mariah asked Sharon if she knew where Crystal was. Sharon said she didn't.

Sharon told Mariah she was waiting for Tessa to arrive. Mariah panicked and made her way toward the exit. Sharon insisted Mariah tell her why she was in a hurry to leave before Tessa showed up. Sharon asked if Mariah and Tessa had had a heart-to-heart discussion. Mariah said Tessa had expressed a desire to just remain friends because Tessa wished to continue her romantic relationship with Noah. Mariah admitted it had been difficult to bare her soul to Tessa, only to be rejected. Sharon asked about Devon. Mariah said she didn't know what she wanted and felt stuck in a holding pattern. Sharon urged Mariah to talk to Devon. Mariah admitted that she dreaded having a talk with Devon.

After Mariah left, Tessa arrived. Sharon told Tessa about what had happened in the motel room where Crystal had shot and killed Zack. Tessa said Crystal had evidently felt she might never feel emotionally free of Zack. Scott arrived and told Tessa that he and Abby owed their lives to Crystal. Tessa cried that had Crystal not run away and had she agreed to let police question her, the authorities might have recommended psychiatric treatment instead of prison. Scott told Tessa she might never see Crystal again.

Abby met with Victor in his office at Newman Enterprises. Abby cried that even though she'd taken a slow approach to her relationship with Zack, he'd turned out to be "lower than pond scum." Abby added that she'd believed Zack had actually loved her, but she hated him for everything he'd done. Abby cried that after Zack had been shot, he'd stared into her soul as if he'd believed she'd been responsible for everything that had happened. Victor offered sympathy. Abby angrily reminded Victor how she'd felt during the party at the Top of the Tower when he'd named Victoria as chief operating officer.

Victor told Abby he'd chosen the most advantageous time and place to announce Newman Enterprises' acquisition of Brash & Sassy and Victoria's new position. Abby recalled that she'd stood by Victor and had worked hard to prove her worth. Victor explained that Abby wasn't yet prepared to deal with issues at such a high corporate level like Victoria was. Abby defended herself and said that at least she hadn't bankrupted a company in less than a year like Victoria had. Victor told Abby he had startling news.

Victor explained that while Abby had been gone, the FBI had closed all of Newman Enterprises' bank accounts and confiscated all of the company's computers so agents could investigate the sex ring. Abby defiantly replied, "Our company had no part in the sex ring." Victor replied, "You better tell that to the authorities. By bringing this Zack Stinnentt into the company, you not only brought shame on Newman Enterprises, but you made it impossible for us to conduct business. I can't even do payroll unless I'm cleared of this nonsense."

Abby told Victor she'd merely presented Zack and his idea. Abby reminded Victor that he'd had Zack investigated and cleared. Abby cast blame on Victor's investigators. Victor acknowledged that he'd deal with his investigators. Victor said Abby would have to bear some responsibility because Zack had operated within Newman Enterprises. Before Abby abruptly left, she said, "I'll make sure something like this never happens again."

After Abby left, Neil stepped into Victor's office. Neil said he'd heard that Scott and Abby were all right. Victor acknowledged that Abby and Scott had been through an ordeal. Neil cut to the chase and informed Victor that clients and vendors had become uneasy because they believed that Newman Enterprises had been involved in human trafficking. Neil added that Victor had been losing business partners and prospects. Victor asked Neil what could be done.

Neil suggested that Victor employ his charm, speak to the press, and regain people's confidence. Victor said he was ready. Neil announced that a national news outlet had reported that a girl used in the sex ring had murdered Zack. Neil added that chatter on social media claimed that Victor had somehow used Crystal to kill Zack. Neil said he feared it might take a long time for Victor to be exonerated and clear his name. Victor ordered Neil to deal with the matter immediately.

Neil stopped by Paul's office. Neil, noting that he was handling public relations for Newman Enterprises, requested that Paul hold a press conference and announce that the company had had no ties to the alleged sex ring. Neil added that Abby and Victor had been unwitting victims in Stinnentt's operation. Paul explained that though the investigation had just begun, money had been funneled through Newman Enterprises, so it appeared that the company had been a key player in financing the entire operation. Neil noted that Zack had been the only one aware of the company's involvement. Paul said he would vigorously investigate the matter and uncover the truth.

Abby entered the patio at Crimson Lights and saw Scott sitting alone at a table. Scott invited Abby to talk. Scott said he wanted to be certain that no one would ever know what had happened between them. Abby replied, "And you really think that having this discussion at your girlfriend's place of business is a good idea?" Abby insisted that their "encounter" was the last thing on her mind, so she had no intention of bragging about having sex with her coworker. Scott replied, "So, we agree. It was no big deal." Abby and Scott began a heated exchange after Abby quipped that having sex with Scott had been a "very little deal."

Sharon, having not overheard Scott and Abby's earlier discussion, intervened and ordered them to stop sniping at each other. After Abby left, Sharon noted that Scott likely still felt shaky after fearing he might die. Scott admitted he'd suffered from claustrophobia and had thought about Sharon while he'd been trapped. Sharon said she'd realized how strong their relationship had become. Sharon recalled that she'd perceived tension in Scott's voice when he'd phoned Paul.

Scott admitted he'd felt tense while pursuing Zack. Scott noted that during his brief conversation on the phone with Sharon, she'd tried to tell him something, but he hadn't been able to hear her clearly. Sharon privately recalled that she'd voiced her love for Scott. Sharon instead told Scott that she'd told him to be safe and return home.

After Ashley returned home from the police station, she told Jack about having begged Abby to stay with them. Jack replied that he wasn't surprised Abby had declined, as she had a mind of her own. Ashley said it was a miracle that Abby was all right. Ashley told Jack she hadn't informed Abby that Dina had become violent and stabbed Nikki. Ashley noted that Abby was aware that Dina could no longer function in the corporate world. Jack insisted they find a specialist to help Dina before it was too late. Ashley said she feared it was already too late because Dina had lost the ability to process information.

Jack refused to listen to the facts pertaining to the worsening of Dina's condition. Ashley suggested they determine which facility might offer Dina the best care. Jack cried that they couldn't send Dina away just because she might become an inconvenience to the family. Stressing his position, Jack yelled, "No! No way in hell!" Ashley explained that she didn't intend to move Dina into a care facility right away. Ashley added, "Alzheimer's doesn't just affect the patient. It affects the whole family."

Jack told Ashley that he'd just carried on a normal conversation with their mother. Ashley said they had to look ahead and be ready. Ashley reminded Jack that Dina had already acted out violently. Jack said he would take care of Dina on his own. Ashley cried that Jack, a busy man heading a huge corporation, wouldn't be able to care for their mother's needs. Jack agreed to revisit Dina's care plans later, and he apologized to Ashley. Jack admitted he'd been in denial, and he thanked Ashley for being levelheaded. Jack noted that it seemed unbearable to face losing Dina after they'd just been reunited with her. Jack took Ashley's hand and cried, "How do we tell our mother she has Alzheimer's?"

Mariah breaks things off with Devon Mariah breaks things off with Devon

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

At the Athletic Club, a cameraman filmed Hilary as she welcomed her "bees" to a brand-new streaming experience, since she was going live. Sharon and Mariah watched the feed at Crimson Lights, and Mariah commented that she had no idea what Hilary was up to, but she imagined that it would involve "fresh hell" for some unsuspecting soul. Sharon felt compelled to watch it. Hilary purred that anything could and probably would happen live.

In the dining room, Nikki suggested that she and Victoria order something seasonal like turkey and cranberry sauce, since they wouldn't be together for Thanksgiving that year. Victoria pointed out that Nikki could still join the family for dinner, but Nikki grumbled that Victor would consider it a coup. Victoria questioned whether Nikki preferred being alone to extending an olive branch, and Nikki revealed that Jack had asked her over for dinner. Nikki added that she almost hadn't accepted because Dina would be there, and she hoped Dina wouldn't be carving the turkey -- or the other guests.

Nikki tried to make small talk about Victoria's holiday plans, but she was irritated when Victoria wouldn't stop looking at her phone. Victoria explained that she had important work matters to deal with, but Nikki stressed that Victoria's life and her kids were also important. Nikki begrudgingly told Victoria to take care of the crisis that was keeping her from having lunch with her mother, and Victoria hurried off.

In the foyer, Hilary stopped Victoria and asked for a comment on the latest sex scandal. Hilary smugly mentioned that Newman's assets had been frozen and that one of its employees was dead, with Victoria's sister being present at the scene of the crime. Victoria coldly replied that Newman was saddened and shocked by the turn of events, but she stressed that the deceased hadn't been a Newman employee. Victoria declared that the interview was over, and Hilary implied that Victoria was afraid that she'd relive her last experience in front of a camera, so she wanted to walk away before she collapsed again.

Victoria huffed that she had better things to do than support Hilary's unprofessionalism and attempts to make something out of nothing, and she rushed off. Hilary looked into the camera and insinuated that Victoria had said a lot without saying anything at all, and she instructed her cameraman to take a break. Nikki approached and referred to Hilary's mission to empower women, not ambush them. Hilary asserted that it was in the public's interest to know that Newman Enterprises was linked to an organization that exploited women. Nikki accused Hilary of using Newman to plug herself, and Hilary encouraged Nikki to tell the viewers why she clung to the Newman name like it was a bottle of vodka. Nikki opted to walk away, and Hilary spotted Jordan at the bar.

Meanwhile, Mariah closed her laptop and contemplated a career change. Scott greeted Sharon with a kiss, and he mentioned that he'd gotten some sleep. Mariah recalled that she'd also been locked in a storage locker, and she assured him that the nightmares eventually went away. Mariah stepped away to help a customer, and Sharon wondered if Scott hadn't spent the night at her place because he'd been having nightmares. He locked eyes with Abby when she walked in.

Mariah spotted Abby and remarked that the dynamic duo was back together, but Abby snapped that no one was happier than she was to be far away from Scott. Abby was irked to learn that her coffee wasn't ready yet, and she crossed the room to wait. Mariah asked Scott if there was any news about Crystal, and he relayed that Tessa was willing to never see Crystal again if it meant avoiding an investigation and jail time. Meanwhile, Sharon handed Abby her coffee, and Abby apologized for being rude earlier. Scott suggested that Abby take the day off, but she declared that she had no time to relax because she had a score to settle.

Mariah asked if there was anything else she could do to help, but Sharon sensed that Mariah was stalling to avoid talking to Devon. Mariah groaned that it would be too hard to talk to Devon because he was such a nice guy, but Sharon stressed that it meant he deserved to be treated better. Mariah promised that she'd talk to him that day, and Sharon literally pushed her out the door. Sharon suggested that Scott take his own advice by taking the day off and letting her pamper him.

Scott wanted to get his memories down in words while they were fresh and still real. Sharon bemoaned that he'd suffered because of her, since she'd gotten him involved in the investigation. He urged her not to worry about him, and he was determined to get the story uploaded that night. She granted him an hour until she took him home to massage his shoulders and work her way down, but he received a text message and announced that his new boss had summoned him, so work and the massage would have to wait.

At the Athletic Club, Devon met with Tessa to discuss how what she was going through might affect her album. Tessa wailed that there was no way she could focus on her music when all she could think about was how desperate her sister had been to take another person's life. Devon answered a call, and Tessa was stunned when he informed her that sales of her EP had shot up. She realized that it was because of Crystal, but it wasn't how she wanted to advance her career. Devon suggested that they book some charity events where she could speak out on the horrors of sex trafficking.

Mariah hesitantly approached Tessa and Devon and indicated that she had to talk to him. After Tessa stepped away, Devon asked if everything was okay between Mariah and Tessa. Mariah explained that she'd tracked him down because she wanted to talk about them, not Tessa. Mariah stammered that she didn't know how to begin or even what she was going to say, and Devon assured her that there was nothing she couldn't say. She recognized that it was the reason he was so amazing, and she called him thoughtful and generous. Devon noted that it seemed more like she was a presenter of an award rather than his girlfriend, and Mariah confessed that she wasn't sure she should be his girlfriend.

Devon was confused because Mariah had said she loved him, and she explained that she'd spent years trying to figure out what the word love meant to her. She recalled that the cult members had thrown the word around all the time without any connotation as a tool to control the followers, so it hadn't been the best example. Mariah admitted that she wasn't the warm and fuzzy type, and it looked awkward when she tried to be. She considered it a glitch in her matrix that she didn't know how to fix, but Devon swore that she was capable of loving someone and being loved.

Mariah recognized that Devon's statement would make anyone's heart melt, but all she could do was crack a joke about it. She insisted that she'd wanted them to work because he really made her happy, but she felt that she wasn't being fair to him because he deserved a lot more. She pleaded with him not to fight her on it, since if he really loved her, he would have said it back. She thought they'd needed one another when they'd gotten together, but they both knew that they weren't meant to be. They agreed to remain friends.

At the bar, Hilary bought Jordan a drink as a peace offering, and she hoped they could forge a peaceful coexistence. She admitted that exposing his fake IDs had been a low blow, even though it had made for riveting television. She wondered why he'd held onto the IDs, but he spotted the cameraman and realized that she was taping their conversation. She teased him for being embarrassed to go on-camera, but he replied that he wanted to make sure she got his best side before he revealed her worst.

Hilary offered to go to the studio to get away from the distractions of doing a live show, and Jordan was intrigued to hear that they were live. She encouraged him to give her audience the answers they wanted about his con artist past, including his multiple aliases. Jordan preferred to talk about her and her aliases first, since he and Hilary had something in common. He revealed that Hilary Curtis was actually an alias, and he prompted Anne Turner to explain it to the viewers. Hilary instructed her cameraman to cut the signal and tell the audience that they were having technical difficulties.

Hilary blasted Jordan for flipping the script on her, but he repeated her words that it had made for riveting television. He thought it was too bad that she'd cut the feed before he'd been able to expose how she'd conned the Winters family, and he accused her of dishing it out but not being able to take it. Devon joined them and asked if everything was cool, and Jordan remarked that Hilary had a knack for tossing men out, only to reel them back in. Jordan warned that if she ruined someone's life, she had to believe that they'd wreck hers, and he stalked off.

Hilary put Devon's drink on her tab to thank him for intervening, but she wondered why he looked sad. He revealed that he and Mariah had broken up, and Hilary ordered him another drink. Devon insisted that he was fine, but Hilary could tell that he wasn't. She said she was genuinely sorry, and she hugged him.

Mariah returned to Crimson Lights but tried to turn around when she saw Tessa. Tessa asked if everything was okay, and Mariah rambled that everything couldn't be okay at once because it wasn't how life worked. Tessa offered to buy Mariah a treat and talk, but Mariah told her to ask Devon for the gory details.

Abby arrived at Newman, and she tensed up when Victoria hugged her. Abby questioned where Victoria's love and concern had been when she'd thrown Abby under the bus, and Victoria insisted that the press release had been necessary for the company. Abby swore that she'd had no idea what Zack had been up to, and Victoria hoped that Abby had learned from the disaster. Victoria added that Abby would be out on her butt if it wasn't for her last name, and she imagined that she could find a division where Abby wouldn't cause any trouble. Abby spat that she'd rather be locked in a storage unit again, and she stormed out.

Abby ran into Scott in the corridor and wished him luck, since Victoria might hand Abby's job to him. Scott met with Victoria, who told him that what she'd done had been for Abby's own good. Scott noted that Victoria was getting comfortable in Victor's chair, and she explained that her office was being refurnished. Victoria recognized that Scott had devoted a lot to the online magazine, but it wasn't a good fit for Newman, and it wasn't profitable. Victoria announced that she was shutting Hashtag down.

Scott refused to say a word to his staff until he spoke to Victor, but Victoria proclaimed that she and her father were in complete agreement. Scott wondered if he should expect a severance package, but Victoria thought he had a future at Newman. Scott swore that the series on sex trafficking could turn Hashtag around, but Victoria warned that publishing it could cause even more damage to the company. Scott realized that she didn't want the company to admit its culpability in the crime, and he protested that the exposé would prevent more women from being forced into prostitution. Victoria countered that one story wouldn't change the world or save his digital platform, and she declared their meeting over.

Scott exited the office, and Abby asked if Victoria was replacing Abby's nameplate on the door. He replied that it wouldn't be with his, since Victoria had axed Hashtag. Abby conceded that although she'd given him a hard time, Hashtag had posted some hard-hitting articles that had restored honor and transparency to Newman. Scott grumbled that profits took precedence for Victoria, and Abby groused that Victor had forgotten that Victoria had turned her back on him. Abby proposed that she and Scott work together to stop Victoria, and they shook hands in agreement, but they lingered before letting go. She clarified that taking down their mutual enemy was the only reason she'd ever consider teaming up with him.

Abby sauntered back in to confront Victoria. Abby asserted that Victor had hired her because he valued loyalty, but Victoria had crawled back after she'd let her own company fall to pieces, and it was only a matter of time before Victoria failed again. Abby advised Victoria not to get used to Victor's chair.

At the cottage, Sharon recalled that she'd been on the receiving end of Victoria's attitude, too, and Scott bemoaned that they'd put their lives on the line for the sex ring story for nothing. Sharon pointed out that there were other outlets to tell the story, and she led him to the couch to massage his shoulders. He kissed her but envisioned that he was kissing Abby, and he pulled away. Sharon asked if he was all right, and he insisted that he was as they hugged.

At the Abbott mansion, Ashley found Jack staring at a Thanksgiving-themed art project that they'd made as kids. Jack recalled that they'd all pitched in to finish it, and Ashley remembered that he'd spilled orange juice on their first attempt. Jack recounted that Dina had shown a rare moment of motherliness by giving each of her kids an assignment to get the project done. Ashley empathized that he was dreading their talk with Dina as much as Ashley was. Jack wondered how they could tell their mother that her life as she'd known it was over.

Over the phone, Ashley insisted on picking Traci up at the airport the next day. After Ashley hung up, she lamented that it hadn't been easy to keep Dina's diagnosis from Traci. Jack thought it was best to tell the entire family at the same time so they could support one another, and he contemplated whether the most compassionate thing would be to say nothing to Dina at all. Ashley insisted that their mother had a right to know and that it was their responsibility to tell her.

Nikki stopped by, and Ashley told her that it wasn't a good time. Nikki replied that there never would be for what they had to deal with -- Dina. Nikki lectured that coddling their mother wasn't going to help Dina, and she complained that Dina hadn't even apologized. Nikki surmised that Jack and Ashley had figured out Dina's true character, since Dina had already stabbed them in the back years before she'd drawn real blood from Nikki. Jack asserted that he would handle it, and he promised that Dina wouldn't get off scot-free.

Nikki barked that Dina deserved more than a slap on the wrist for the chaos she'd caused both of their families, including the hideous lie she'd told about Ashley's father. Ashley was appalled that Nikki was throwing that in her face, but Nikki thought Dina's public declaration about Ashley's father had shown that Dina was still the "bitch" she always had been. Jack bellowed that Nikki couldn't show up uninvited and speak that way. Jack requested to speak with Nikki privately, and Ashley went upstairs.

Jack chided Nikki for taunting Ashley about her paternity, but Nikki countered that she'd just been trying to show them that Dina was an evil-spirited, vicious woman. Jack barked that the conversation was over, and Nikki incredulously asked if he was throwing her out. He disinvited her for Thanksgiving, showed her to the door, and told her to stay away for the foreseeable future. Ashley returned downstairs and guessed that things with Nikki hadn't gone well. Jack admitted that he'd been close to telling Nikki the truth, but he hadn't been able to say it.

Jack wondered how he could tell his mother that she had Alzheimer's if he hadn't even been able to say the words to Nikki. Dina appeared and announced that she already knew all about it. Dina crowed that she was pretty sharp if it had taken them that long to figure it out, and Jack asked how long she'd known. Dina divulged that she'd been aware of her diagnosis for about a year, after Graham had taken her to a doctor. Jack wondered why she'd submitted to another round of tests, and Dina asked, "Tests? What tests?"

Jack asked Dina if she remembered Dr. Berg, and she testily replied that she'd never heard of him. Jack said the doctor had stopped by the house to ask her some questions, but Dina snapped that she didn't want to talk about it, and she headed upstairs. Jack reeled from the fact that Dina had already known about her Alzheimer's, and Ashley considered Graham even more despicable for knowing but not telling them. Jack thought it explained why Dina and Graham had been inseparable, and he recalled that Graham had wished them luck with Dina because they'd need it.

Jack vowed to do whatever it took to make their mother's quality of life as good as he could, starting with making it the best Abbott holiday ever. He started to call it a Thanksgiving to remember, but his voice faltered, and Ashley sadly finished his sentence for him.

The Abbott family gathers to honor Dina The Abbott family gathers to honor Dina> The Abbott family gathers to honor Dina The Abbott family gathers to honor Dina

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

At the Newman ranch, Victor proposed a toast to his family by noting that their family had faced challenges. Abby, Victoria, Reed, Noah, Tessa, Chelsea, and Faith each raised a glass while Victor acknowledged noteworthy moments. Victor called attention to Abby's safe return from her ordeal, welcomed both Victoria and Noah back to the family fold, and noted that Victoria was again part of Newman Enterprises. After the toast concluded, Faith glanced at a couple of empty chairs, where Nikki and Nick would've sat had they not remained estranged from the family. Faith contorted her face and seemed to fight back tears.

While the family waited for the serving of their meal, Chelsea left the room to check on Connor. Victor told Chelsea he was certain Connor was enjoying being with the other children. Victor took a seat beside Faith to have a private chat. Victor told Faith he knew she'd been upset ever since he'd made Nick move away from the ranch. Victor said he'd missed being with Faith and hoped they could put everything in the past. Faith replied, "I really missed you, Grandpa."

Abby spoke to Noah and Tessa. Abby expressed gratitude that Crystal had saved her life. Abby said she wished she could thank Crystal in person. Tessa explained that though she missed her sister, she wasn't sure having Crystal return would be worth the risk of her being arrested for Zack's murder. Abby said both she and Scott would do whatever was necessary to defend Crystal.

After a visit with Faith, Victor moved down the table to talk privately with Victoria. Victoria said she was thankful that Abby was home safe, even though Abby didn't believe the feelings were genuine. Victoria said Abby had been hurt by the public stance the company had taken regarding Abby and Zack's collaboration with Design Date. Victor insisted that Abby would understand that Victoria had crafted the announcement to best defend the company. Victoria agreed that to rebuild consumer confidence, experienced leadership was necessary to facilitate and support Victor's agenda. Victoria added, "No more experimenting with unproven concepts and unproven executives who haven't grown into their roles."

Abby overheard Victoria's statement and angrily replied, "Excuse me, did you just call me a failed experiment?" Victor expressed relief when the servants entered carrying covered serving trays. After the family had eaten their meal, Abby confronted Victoria again. Victoria said, "I'm sorry if your feelings were hurt." Abby scoffed, "If? If?" Abby tossed her napkin on the table and left. After Abby stormed out, Noah talked to Chelsea about her relationship with Nick and encouraged her to mend it.

At Nick and Chelsea's penthouse, Nikki arrived with a centerpiece bouquet for the holiday table. Nick, watching football, explained that he and Christian had taken it easy after eating turkey sandwiches. Nikki asked about Chelsea, Connor, and Faith. Nick replied, "They are at Dad's." Nikki's face fell when Nick acted as if he didn't care about not spending Thanksgiving with Chelsea. Nikki demanded to know what was going on with Nick and Chelsea. Nick said he'd rather not discuss it, but Nikki noted that Faith had already dealt with enough turmoil. Nick mentioned an argument he'd had with Chelsea over her past as a con artist. Nikki recalled the "blurb" on Hilary's show and dismissed it as meaningless.

Nikki asked Nick about the devastating fire at the Underground, noting that it had destroyed years of his work. Nick admitted that his insurance hadn't paid his claim because the company suspected he'd set the fire. Nick added, "I thought Chelsea would be a little more sympathetic." Nikki suggested that Nick had misplaced his anger and frustration on Chelsea. Nick said he likely had. Nikki replied, "Fix it!" Nikki admitted that she and Jack had had a falling-out over Dina. Nikki said she loved Thanksgiving and felt she should be with her friends and family. Nikki added that she hadn't given up on making it happen.

When Nick and Nikki stopped by the ranch, Victor didn't welcome them, but Faith rushed toward her grandmother and greeted her with a hug. Privately, Victoria and Chelsea encouraged Victor to take a step forward for their family's sake and welcome Nikki and Nick. Chelsea approached Nick, and he made a peace offering, saying he was lucky to have a strong, outspoken woman in his life that he sometimes didn't deserve. Nikki turned her head toward Victor and fixed her gaze on him. Victoria later told Nikki that had Victor not approved of having her mother and Nick at the ranch, he would've said so. Chelsea privately apologized to Nick for not understanding how devastated he'd been after the loss of his business.

Tessa and Nikki chatted privately about Crystal. Nikki assured Tessa that she'd always be willing to help her. Faith hugged Victor before she left with Noah and Tessa. Reed went to get Johnny and Katie packed up for the trip home. Victoria kissed her father before she headed out.

Victor and Nikki were alone after everyone else had left. Nikki spoke about cherished past family holidays and asked Victor if he believed they'd ever get back to that good place again. Victor said he'd once believed they would've had many holidays like the ones they'd enjoyed in previous years. Victor told Nikki to show herself out because he had matters to attend to. Nikki put on her coat and left. After Nikki closed the door behind her, Victor looked longingly toward the door.

At Phyllis' apartment, Phyllis' chatted with Summer, who was in Belize and about to head out to scuba dive. As Phyllis chatted, she shoved a frozen dinner into the oven and assured Summer that she had her own plans for the holiday. After Phyllis hung up, she grabbed her sound system's remote and cranked up the volume. Hoping that Billy, residing in an adjacent apartment, might be annoyed, Phyllis sarcastically yelled, "Hey, Billy, hope I'm not ruining your holiday with my music! Hope it's not too loud."

At the Abbott mansion, Billy arrived carrying a pumpkin pie. Billy explained that he'd made a special trip to pick up the best pie after spending time with his kids. Jack asked Billy if he'd made progress reconnecting with Phyllis. Billy replied, "Let's not go there." Traci emerged from the kitchen and raced toward Billy to greet him with a hug. Ashley was next in line to hug Billy. Billy expressed thanks that the family could be together. Traci said she was certain that their dad was smiling down on them all.

Jack announced that it would be the best Thanksgiving for them all, especially their mother. Dina had quietly descended the stairs and heard Jack's comment. Dina added, "That's because you all think it will be my last." Billy and Traci insisted that the family would enjoy many more Thanksgiving holidays together. Ashley whispered to Jack that they'd have to deliver the news to Dina without waiting for Abby to arrive. After Dina went in search of her glasses, Jack addressed Billy and Traci and said, "This is a more special, more meaningful Thanksgiving than you know." The doorbell interrupted Jack.

Ravi had stopped by, carrying a pumpkin pie. Ashley asked to speak to Ravi privately and explained that he'd evidently mistaken her discussion about Thanksgiving plans as an invitation. Ravi said he understood the meal was for family only, and he left. Abby arrived after Ravi left and told her family that having dinner with the Newmans had been a monumental mistake. Dina went upstairs to rest before dinner.

Ashley and Jack told Traci, Billy, and Abby that Dina had Alzheimer's. Traci asked how far the disease had progressed. Ashley said she and Jack were still gathering information from Dina's doctors, though Dina had admitted that she'd known about her condition for a year because Graham had taken her to see a doctor. Abby cried that she'd again lose her grandmother so soon after getting her back. Tears rolled down Traci's cheeks. Jack said they would all strive to make the holiday one to cherish. Traci wiped her cheeks and agreed with Jack. Dina returned and said, "I may be losing my marbles, but you know, I'm not stupid. And I'm not dying."

Dina turned a sad moment into a happier one by dramatically announcing that she was ready for dinner because she was starving. A moment later, Dina mistook Abby for Ashley and requested that Abby make "her brother" Jack stop watching her like a hawk. Traci tried to make light of the mix-up and said, "Jack, stop." Traci told her family that they meant everything to her. Jack echoed Traci's sentiment and said he was especially thankful for his mother. Jack told Dina that her family would remain steadfast in their love and devotion to her because that was what family did. Jack announced that he would be taking a leave of absence from Jabot to focus on his mother's care.

At the Genoa City Athletic Club, Hilary and Phyllis took a seat at the bar. Phyllis, sporting a blunt bob haircut, thanked Hilary for helping with the makeover. Hilary noted that Phyllis had dealt with the frustration over Billy occupying the apartment adjacent to hers by taking control of her physical appearance. Phyllis, speaking just as frankly, advised Hilary to tone down her attacks on members of the Newman family. Hilary defended herself and said the public was already aware that Newman Enterprises owned the "date a prostitute" app, so she'd merely presented additional facts on her show to attract viewers away from her rivals.

Hilary changed the subject to her private life and said that Mariah had broken up with Devon. Ravi entered, and Phyllis called out to him. Ravi, forlorn, explained that he'd mistakenly believed he'd been invited to Thanksgiving dinner at the Abbotts'. Ravi admitted he had genuine, deep feelings for Ashley and wasn't sure they would be reciprocated. Ravi added that he couldn't ignore his feelings for Ashley. Phyllis said, "The heart wants what the heart wants, no matter how hard you try to change it."

Chelsea and Nick arrived, and Phyllis delivered a hug from Summer to Nick. Chelsea spoke to Ravi, who was sitting next to Hilary. Chelsea warned that Hilary might pretend to be a friend but would turn on him in a second if it meant getting higher ratings on her show. Nick asked about Billy, and Phyllis said Billy had moved into the apartment next door to hers. After Phyllis recalled Billy's habit of playing loud music and dropping off her favorite restaurant food and flowers, she claimed he was a pain in her backside. Nick and Hilary said they weren't sure if Phyllis hated or loved what Billy was doing. As if on cue, Billy arrived and was mesmerized by Phyllis' new hairdo.

Billy, in a jovial mood, expressed a desire to get along with everyone because he wanted to enjoy every moment while he could. Billy said he had a great idea to do something fun and unexpected. Phyllis stiffened when Billy reached behind her and touched her hair. Billy suggested they all board the Abbott jet and fly to New Orleans. Each person present initially made excuses for not traveling on short notice.

Hilary left, stating that she had a show to produce. Ravi said work would prevent him from taking an unexpected vacation. Billy apologized to Phyllis and begged for a fresh start. Phyllis said, "You expect me to run off with you, spur of the moment, just like that? Billy said he did. Phyllis replied, "Hell, yeah. Now that's my boyfriend." Chelsea grinned when Phyllis kissed Billy on the lips. Phyllis and Billy made up and expressed love for each other. Nick and Chelsea made arrangements with their nanny and said they'd join Billy and Phyllis on a trip to New Orleans. The two couples headed off.

Rebroadcast: Victoria suspects Phyllis is working with Jack Rebroadcast: Victoria suspects Phyllis is working with Jack

Thursday, November 23, 2017

Due to the Thanksgiving holiday, The Young and the Restless did not air. This was a planned preemption and there were no lost episodes as a result. Regular programming resumed on Monday, November 27, and picked up where the Wednesday, November 22 episode concluded.

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Rebroadcast: Friends and family gather for Nick and Sharon's wedding Rebroadcast: Friends and family gather for Nick and Sharon's wedding

Friday, November 24, 2017

Due to the extended Thanksgiving holiday, The Young and the Restless did not air. This was a planned preemption and there were no lost episodes as a result. Regular programming resumed on Monday, November 27, and picked up where the Wednesday, November 22 episode concluded.

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