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Cane and Lily succumbed to a passionate kiss. Sharon threw Scott out after learning that he'd slept with Abby. Christian disappeared during Sharon and Abby's catfight but was later found with Dina. Graham returned to town and threatened to take Dina away.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of January 1, 2018 on Y&R
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Monday, January 1, 2018

Due to the New Year's Day holiday, did not air. This was a planned preemption and no episodes were "lost" as a result of this preemption.

Regular programming resumed on Tuesday, January 2, and picked up where the Thursday, December 28, episode concluded.

Will Nick tell Sharon about Scott's betrayal?

Will Nick tell Sharon about Scott's betrayal?

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

At the Chancellor mansion, Cane emailed some files to Jill, who thanked him for providing reading material for her flight back to Australia. He wished that he could show her in person how he planned to run Chancellor Industries, but he figured that it would be better if she wasn't around to pull any more stunts. Cane scolded that it would take more than a New Year's Eve bash for two to push him and Lily back together, but Jill argued that she'd provided the perfect setting for him to seize the moment. Cane reiterated that it wouldn't be that simple, but Jill chided him for chickening out of a golden opportunity.

Cane retrieved Jill's suitcases, and she asked if he was trying to get rid of her before she mentioned her party again. Cane maintained that a reunion hadn't been meant to be, and Jill confessed that she'd been watching him and Lily at midnight. Jill contended that she'd seen how much he wanted Lily back, since he'd been close to kissing her. Cane grumbled not to remind him, but Jill wondered why he was so convinced that Lily didn't want the same thing. Cane replied that he knew Lily better than anyone else.

Jill thought Lily was waiting for Cane to make the first move. He believed that he couldn't have been more obvious, but Lily was ready to move on. Jill's driver arrived out front, and Cane said goodbye. Jill noted that he and Lily didn't have to say goodbye, and she urged them to see what was right in front of them. Jill encouraged Cane to find a way to express it to Lily clearly and quickly, or he'd regret it. They hugged.

Billy sipped a bloody Mary at the Athletic Club bar, and J.T. approached and swiped the drink away. Billy complained that he wasn't done with it, but J.T. frowned upon "the famous Billy Abbott liquid breakfast." Billy said he'd thought J.T. had left town, and J.T. explained that he'd decided to extend his visit, since Reed had gotten busted for a DUI after becoming buddies with Billy. "Thanks for being such a positive influence on my son," J.T. spat.

Billy left a message for Victoria about what had happened with Reed, but he wanted to hear her version because he'd learned about it from an unreliable source. Billy blasted J.T. for blaming him for Reed's arrest, and J.T. huffed that he'd heard how much of a role model Billy had been for Reed. Billy scoffed at the idea that J.T. would be a better influence. Billy admitted that he'd made mistakes, but he pointedly stated that he'd never left a passed-out person in the snow to die. J.T. considered the things he could tell Reed about his Uncle Billy, and the men bantered about which one of them had committed the worst misdeeds. They agreed that it was a tie.

Billy invited J.T. to lighten up and join him for the next round of drinks, since they hadn't yet discussed J.T. breaking Victoria's heart by taking Reed out of town. J.T. suspected that it would take a lot of time and liquor to figure out whether he or Billy had hurt Victoria more, and he revealed that he and Mac had split. J.T. wished they could go back to their Glo by Jabot days, and Billy envisioned warning Colleen to stay away from J.T. Billy spotted Jill walk in, and he expected that she was there to give him one more lecture before leaving town. Billy ducked away, but J.T. pointed Jill in Billy's direction.

J.T. ran into Paul in the foyer, and Paul hoped that J.T. didn't intend to ask for any special favors with Reed's legal troubles. J.T. swore that he wouldn't put Paul in that kind of position, since Reed needed to know that he'd messed up big, and J.T. planned to be there for his son. J.T. mused that his conversation with Billy had reminded him that both he and Billy had been guilty of worse at Reed's age, and they could have wrecked their lives. Paul said they'd gotten lucky.

Meanwhile, Jill considered changing her plans and sticking around, but her cardiologist had told her that watching a train wreck from close up was the shortest route to another heart attack. Jill pleaded with Billy to give her one thing to hold onto while she was away, like him finding a job or reconciling with Victoria. Billy argued that Jill would have nothing to complain about if he wasn't a screwup, but she worried that he was only living half a life. Billy asserted that work didn't define living to him, and he was happy the way he was, so he didn't have a need for approval.

Billy added that it was good being in a relationship with a woman he loved, and he was glad to be alive. Jill hoped that despite his new perspective, he would keep a bit of hunger to provide him with the drive to have more good things in his life. She noted that she'd always had that hunger, and she believed that he'd inherited the gene from her. Billy conceded that she was the opposite of complacent, and he didn't want to be that. Jill remarked that it was never too early to seize the moment and make something good happen, and she implied that her legacy could become his. He realized that she was talking about Chancellor.

Jill acknowledged that Cane's private life was a mess, and she voiced concern about how he'd handle his personal issues while tending to Chancellor. She believed that Billy could be helpful, but Billy soured at the thought of working with Cane. Jill implored Billy to think of her, since she was dying to get back to her life with Colin, but she couldn't do it unless she knew Chancellor was covered. Jill pushed Billy to take the job temporarily until things settled down, but Billy expected her to hound him until they made it permanent. Jill implored him to think about how much it would bug Cane to have to share his job with Billy.

At the penthouse, Chelsea rambled about the extravagant features she and Nick could get with their new hot tub, but she noticed that he was distracted. Nick wished that he'd confronted Scott at the ranch, but she pointed out that it would have completely humiliated Abby and Sharon. Chelsea theorized that Scott and Abby's kiss had been a momentary impulse, and she suspected that Nick was focusing on the worst possible case because he hated Scott. Nick grappled with what to do, and Chelsea warned that he didn't have enough information to make a wise decision. Nick wondered whether Chelsea would want to know the truth if she were in Sharon's position, and Chelsea silently nodded. He headed out.

At Crimson Lights, Abby tried to hide her discomfort when Sharon wished her a happy New Year. Lily arrived, and she and Abby stepped to the patio. Lily apologized for suggesting that they meet there, since she'd spaced out about it being awkward because of Sharon. Abby said to forget about it, since she had zero feelings for Scott. Lily assumed that Abby hadn't had any more contact with Scott, but Abby reported that something even better had happened -- they'd had an honest, adult conversation to wish one another well.

Lily declared that she and Abby wouldn't let heartbreak dictate their future, and she and Abby clinked their mugs together. Abby added that she'd had a "fresh-start feeling" after her conversation with Scott, and they'd kissed goodbye before they'd gone their separate ways. Lily was aghast that they'd kissed again, but Abby clarified that it had been a nice, proper goodbye kiss. Abby inquired about Jill's soirée, and Lily revealed that it had been a setup for her and Cane. Lily groaned that she'd been drowning in the awkward factor.

Lily recalled that laughing about Jill's setup had helped break the ice with Cane, and it had been easy and comfortable to be with him. She recounted the moment they'd had at midnight when they'd hugged, but she was certain that it had been as far as Cane had wanted to take it. Lily sadly stated that what stung the most was that Cane had moved on faster than she had.

Nick stopped by the coffeehouse, and Sharon gushed about what a good year she thought it would be. He admired her attitude, and she recognized that it hadn't been easy for him to celebrate New Year's Eve at the ranch. He admitted that it had been a little weird, and he didn't think he should have been there. She chirped that she and Scott had had fun, and Nick spotted Abby on the patio. Sharon offered to grab his favorite muffin while he talked to his sister. Lily and Nick exchanged pleasantries before she left.

Nick requested Abby's opinion about his and Chelsea's bathroom remodel. Abby pointed out that Chelsea was the artsy one, and Nick claimed that he and Chelsea weren't totally in sync on the project. Abby advised him to proceed with caution and not to mess things up over something menial, and Nick anticipated that they'd get past it because they had honesty and trust. Nick eyed Abby closely as he mentioned that he'd been talking to Sharon about her relationship with Scott, and he remarked that if partners achieved total trust, they had it made. Abby nervously slurped her coffee.

Sharon dropped off Nick's muffin, and she mentioned that she was about to head over to register at the university. Nick said they hadn't had a chance to talk in a while, and he asked how things were going with her and Scott. Sharon replied that they were fantastic, and she appreciated Nick pretending to care. She asked Abby if Nick had made a New Year's resolution about Scott, and Abby indicated that Nick had been acting weird since he'd sat down. Nick commented that it sounded like a love fest in a love nest, and Sharon babbled about how she was surprising Scott with a weekend at a bed and breakfast.

Sharon heard some dishes crash and rushed off. Nick remarked that it was nice to hear that real romance was out there, and he inquired whether Abby thought he and Chelsea were making it work. Abby replied that she was happy that they were in love, and he asked if she was also happy for Sharon and Scott. She wondered why he was being so intense, and he pushed for an answer. Abby half-heartedly claimed that she thought things were great with Sharon and Scott. Nick demanded to know why Abby was trying to ruin it for them.

Abby excused herself to go to work, but Nick refused to let her walk away. He asked how she could do it to Sharon, and Abby pointed out that he'd been Sharon's cheating ex-husband. Nick pressed to know how far things had gone between Abby and Scott, and Abby wouldn't deny what Nick had witnessed, but she swore that there was nothing between them. She explained that adrenalin and confused emotions had made them believe that there had been something there, but there wasn't, and what they'd shared had been brief and was over.

Nick conceded that Abby had been single, but he admonished Scott for not stopping himself. Nick growled that his daughter was spending half her time living with Scott, and Abby insisted that Scott felt as lousy as she did. Nick thought that Sharon needed to know everything, but Abby questioned what telling Sharon would do. Nick inquired whether Abby would want to know, but Abby contended that saying something after the fling was over would only dish out pain for no real purpose.

Nick snapped that Scott had proven who he was, and there was nothing to stop Scott from doing it with another woman. Nick expected that Sharon would get hurt sooner or later, but Abby argued that Sharon could be really happy with Scott and that Nick would just ruin a good thing. Nick declared his intent to do the right thing, but he promised to keep Abby's name out of it. After he exited, Abby left a message for Scott to call her as soon as possible.

Lily was happy to see J.T. when he stopped by to see her at home, and he promised that her daughter calling the cops on Reed hadn't had anything to do with him not visiting sooner. J.T. insisted that Mattie had done the right thing and that it was Reed's mess to clean up. Lily wondered where the turn of events had left the teens' romance, since Mattie was crazy about Reed. "Unlike her father," J.T. stated, and Lily confirmed that she and Cane had different opinions on many issues.

Lily was sorry to hear about J.T. and Mac's separation, and she lamented that she'd also had a rough year. J.T. thought that Genoa City seemed like a good place to get his head on straight, and he hoped to find a job. He guessed that Lily knew something about getting a fresh start, and she admitted that it had been a long, strange few months of ragged emotions. J.T. couldn't imagine how it had felt to find out that Cane had fathered a child with someone else, but she recognized that the baby was beautiful and stronger than any of them. Lily brightly offered to talk to Cane about finding J.T. a job at Chancellor.

Cane discovered that Lily had left her scarf behind, and he held it up to his face. Meanwhile, Lily's doorbell and phone rang at the same time. She opened the door and asked Jill to hold on, but Jill insisted on saying what she had to say fast because she was late. "What the hell is wrong with you?" Jill asked a shocked Lily, adding that both Lily and Cane were blind. Jill continued that it was obvious that they wanted to be back together, but neither of them had the guts to be honest about it.

Jill ranted that she'd gone to an insane amount of trouble on New Year's Eve to get Cane and Lily together, with no results, since neither one of them had found the courage to speak from the heart. Jill swore that it wasn't too late and that Cane needed Lily, and she knew they still loved one another. Jill quickly hugged Lily and walked out. Lily turned to her phone and saw that Cane had tried to reach her. She headed out.

Cane smiled at Lily when he found her at his door, and she said she'd seen that he'd called. He was surprised that she'd driven all the way over, and he invited her in. J.T. appeared behind her and assumed that she'd rushed over to talk to Cane on his behalf. Lily explained that J.T. was looking for a job, and Cane surmised that was why she'd stopped by. Lily figured that J.T. could make his own pitch, and she wondered why Cane had called her. Cane handed over the scarf that she'd left behind on New Year's Eve, and she politely thanked him and left.

Later, Cane and J.T. shook hands, and Cane anticipated that J.T. would be a perfect fit for Chancellor. J.T. remarked that it was the most positive thing to happen in a long time, and Cane empathized with what it was like to get back on his feet. Cane invited J.T. to stay at the mansion, but J.T. sensed a vibe between Cane and Lily and didn't want to get in the way. Billy entered, and Cane informed him that Jill had already left for the airport. Billy revealed that he was there to see Cane -- his new partner. Billy announced that he was Chancellor's new co-CEO.

As Abby reeled from her conversation with Nick, Lily returned to the coffeehouse and told Abby about how Jill had made her rethink where things stood with Cane. Abby countered that she had her own crisis, since Nick had seen her kiss with Scott on New Year's Eve and wanted to tell Sharon. Abby fretted that Nick would blow up the couple for good if he said anything.

Nick hovered outside Sharon's home and recalled Abby's words about her fling with Scott being brief and over. His phone rang, and Sharon heard it from inside. He ignored a call from Abby, and Sharon opened the door and asked what was up. Nick said he had to tell her something -- about Scott.

A betrayed Sharon lashes out

A betrayed Sharon lashes out

> A betrayed Sharon lashes out

A betrayed Sharon lashes out

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

by Nel

At Sharon's, Nick appeared anxious as he sat on a bench, waiting for Sharon. When she joined him, she asked what was wrong. Nick stated that he didn't like what he was about to tell her and that he hated being the messenger because he knew the information would hurt her. He told Sharon that he'd seen Scott kissing another woman on New Year's Eve. Sharon wanted to know who the woman was, but Nick said that it didn't matter because Scott had been deceiving Sharon.

Sharon knew how Nick felt about Scott, and she thought Nick had fabricated the accusations because of his dislike for Scott. Nick said he was concerned about Sharon and Faith, and he admitted that the decision about whether or not to provide Sharon with the information had been a struggle. Ultimately, he had decided that she needed to know the truth. Sharon wanted to know who the other woman was and asked why Nick wouldn't reveal her identity. Sharon wanted to know if he was protecting the woman. Nick avoided answering and advised Sharon to talk to Scott because Scott had a lot to answer for.

Mariah arrived at home the following morning and advised Sharon that she'd had breakfast with Faith and had dropped Faith off at school. When she noticed that Sharon didn't look so great, Mariah wanted to know if Sharon needed anything else done. Sharon told Mariah that she'd heard something the previous day and didn't know whether to believe it, but she couldn't ignore it either. Sharon didn't want to drag Mariah into it, but Mariah insisted. Sharon told Mariah that Nick had seen Scott kiss another woman on New Year's Eve. Without hesitation, Mariah said "Abby."

At the Athletic Club, Lily and Abby talked about Scott. Abby told Lily that Nick might have changed his mind about telling Sharon about her kiss with Scott. Lily thought it had been a goodbye kiss. Abby told her that Nick had seen them kissing. Lily knew that the kiss would return to haunt Abby. Abby claimed that if she could go back, she would change what had happened. Abby told Lily that the waiting was killing her, but she needed to wait and see what happened. She hoped that Nick hadn't said anything, otherwise everything would hit the fan.

At the penthouse, Chelsea asked Nick if he'd heard from Sharon. Nick said he hadn't and began second-guessing himself. He then changed his mind and told Chelsea that he'd done the right thing. Nick felt that perhaps he should have warned Abby, but Chelsea claimed he shouldn't have. Nick received a text message from Monique advising him she was sick and couldn't look after the boys.

Nick told Chelsea he had a meeting with the city about building a baseball diamond at Chancellor Park. He asked Chelsea to take care of the boys. Chelsea said she had a meeting with Lauren. Nick was certain he would be through with his meeting in time to pick up the boys before her meeting. Awhile later, Nick called Chelsea and advised her that the meeting had started late, and he wouldn't be able to get the boys before her meeting. Chelsea said she'd figure it out.

At the Abbotts', an angry nurse stormed out as Dina chirped "good riddance." Jack chided Dina, stating that that had been the third candidate that Dina had angered and made leave. Dina said that that woman had been a fake and that she'd kept eying Dina's jewelry. Dina claimed she'd run others out as well. Jack begged Dina to meet him halfway. He said he wanted to stay with her, but he had to hire someone to care for her because he had to get back to the office, or he'd risk his position as CEO. He asked if that was what Dina wanted. Dina said that Jack knew what her choices were. Dina advised that Jack and Graham were the only people she trusted. Jack stated that the Graham card was off the table.

Jack had Dina accompany him to Jabot. She was thrilled to be back there. Jack advised that her old office was still available, and he wanted her to go over some reports he had from the European subsidiaries. Dina walked off. Jack asked a security guard to keep his eye on Dina.

In his office, Jack advised Lauren that he hadn't appreciated Lauren voting against him. Lauren said that she'd listened to what Ashley had had to say, and she'd agreed with Ashley that the CEO needed to be in the office daily. She assured Jack it was a business decision, not a personal one. Lauren reminded him that she'd encouraged Jill to sell Chancellor Industries to him. Jack said he couldn't get excited about that because the deal was off the table.

At that moment Dina barged in and said she didn't want to be there while Jack was with the likes of Lauren. Jack tried to placate Dina and advised her that he was in the middle of a meeting. Dina ignored him and accused Lauren of being exactly like her mother, using her body to get to Jack, the same way Lauren's mother had pursued John. Jack told Dina that that was enough and apologized to Lauren. Jack suggested that Dina go home, and Mrs. Martinez would look after her until he got home. He walked Dina out while she grumbled that Jack felt she was unbearable.

When Jack returned to the office he told Lauren that by the time he'd gotten Dina to the car, she'd been all smiles. Lauren asked Jack why he'd taken Dina to the office. Jack claimed that he hadn't had a choice. In the car, Dina told Charles she wanted to make a stop before going home.

In the meantime, Jack called Mrs. Martinez and asked if Dina had arrived home safely. Mrs. Martinez said she hadn't seen her. Jack assumed that Dina had arrived home and had gone straight to her room. He told Mrs. Martinez not to disturb Dina and that the important thing was that Dina got home safely.

Back at Sharon's, Mariah told Sharon that she and Faith had known for weeks about Scott and Abby kissing. Mariah said that when she'd confronted Scott, he'd admitted that he'd kissed Abby. Sharon was incredulous. She stated that Scott had been kissing Abby all over town. Mariah added that Scott had admitted that it had been a one-time mistake and wouldn't happen again. Mariah admitted that she'd done some fishing with Abby, but Abby hadn't admitted to anything. Sharon was upset that no one had bothered to tell her.

Sharon asked if Mariah thought that Sharon would have an emotional breakdown, and Mariah quickly responded, "No." Sharon stated that she was stable. Sharon caustically added that in the past, when confronted with an upsetting situation and not taking her medication, she might have burned someone's house down. Sharon told Mariah that she had received the help she'd needed and that she wasn't the same person she'd been. She didn't deserve to be treated that way. Mariah apologized and said that she had wanted to protect Sharon. Sharon hugged Mariah and cried on her shoulder. Sharon admitted that she didn't need protection because she was strong.

When Scott didn't find Sharon at Crimson Lights, he arrived at home and asked if there was anything to eat. Sharon said that she had something cooking on the stove, and it would be ready shortly. Mariah left on the pretext of having an appointment. Sharon told Scott there was something she'd been dying to tell him. Sharon admitted she knew about him and Abby. Scott said he was sorry, but Sharon claimed that he could say that until doomsday, and it wouldn't change what had happened.

Sharon admitted she'd chosen to ignore Abby's attraction to Scott and that she'd seen the tension between them. Scott said he couldn't tolerate Abby and told Sharon that it had only happened once. Sharon accused him of being a liar because others had seen him and Abby kissing on other occasions. Scott then admitted that he'd had sex with Abby. Sharon called him a bastard. Scott explained that it had happened the night they'd been locked in the storage locker. He'd been freaking out and experiencing a PTSD episode. Abby had thought sex would calm him.

Sharon shouted that she'd been worried about him, wondering if she'd ever see him again, and all the while, he'd been with Abby. She accused Scott of cheating, lying, and then covering it up while he'd kept taking from Sharon. Scott claimed he was very ashamed. Sharon admitted she'd seen him as a good man and explained that it had been hard for her to open up after Dylan had left. Sharon had allowed Scott into her home, and she recalled him stating that he'd been afraid of getting into a relationship and settling down. Sharon had wanted to believe in Scott, and she'd turned a blind eye to all the warning signs.

Scott claimed he'd wanted to be a man worthy of a woman like Sharon, but in a moment of weakness and a fit of terror, he'd gone back to his old ways. Sharon asked if he'd meant it when he'd told her that he loved her or if he'd simply been debating. Scott said that Sharon was the only one he loved and that he should have told her about Abby, but he'd been a coward and afraid of losing the best thing in his life. He claimed that that night with Abby hadn't meant anything. Sharon yelled that if that had been true, he wouldn't have continued kissing Abby.

Sharon carried out a bowl of food for Scott. Scott asked Sharon not to let the situation get between them. He stated that he and Abby had no feelings for each other. Sharon told him that Nick and Faith had seen him kissing Abby. Faith should never have been put into that position. Scott claimed he couldn't feel worse. Sharon was angry and dumped the bowl of food over Scott's head, and she left. Scott called Abby and left her a message stating that Sharon knew about them and to call him as soon as she got his message.

Mariah found Sharon crying at Crimson Lights and took her onto the patio. Sharon told Mariah that Scott had admitted that he'd had sex with Abby in the locked storage unit and that it had happened only once. Mariah couldn't believe that Scott had moved in with Sharon after that. Mariah called Scott a creep. Sharon admitted that her emotions were all over the place, and she realized that Scott was a total stranger to her. Sharon said that Scott had apologized to her and that he didn't want their relationship to end. As far as Sharon was concerned it had ended the day he'd kissed Abby. Mariah told Sharon to lean on her, but Sharon said she was fine. She'd grown too much to allow anyone to tear her down.

At the Athletic Club, Chelsea was sitting at a table with Christian and Connor when Lauren arrived for their meeting. Chelsea apologized for having the boys, but Lauren understood. Chelsea showed Lauren her new collection and explained that the selections would appeal to a broader range of women. Chelsea became distracted when she saw Lily leave Abby. At that moment, Sharon arrived, saw Abby sitting at a table, and glared at Abby's back. Chelsea commented to Lauren that Sharon didn't look happy. Lauren hoped that Scott had broken up with Sharon and claimed it would be a relief.

Sharon carried her drink to Abby's table and sat down. Sharon noticed that Abby had been checking her phone. Sharon commented that perhaps Scott had tried to contact Abby to tell her that Sharon knew about them. Abby claimed she wished it had never happened. Sharon accused Abby of choosing her words carefully and asked to which "it" Abby had been referring. She told Abby that Nick hadn't provided her with Abby's name, but Scott had told her everything. Abby claimed that things were over. Sharon commented on the comfort sex Abby had provided in the storage locker.

Abby claimed it hadn't been her place to tell Sharon about her and Scott, but Sharon accused Abby of wanting Sharon's man. Sharon called Abby a "narcissistic bitch" who took whatever she wanted and "to hell with" what anyone else felt. Abby chose to leave rather than listen to Sharon's rant. Abby stated that someone could write a case study about Sharon on how to destroy peoples' lives. Chelsea and Lauren sat at their table, aghast, as they watched the scene between Abby and Sharon.

Sharon stated that if Summer had been there, she would have called things even. Sharon wouldn't let Abby leave and advised her that, for once in her pampered and entitled life, Abby needed to face what she'd done. Sharon advised Abby to make a token attempt to clean up her mess and to pretend to be an adult. Abby told Sharon to let her go -- Sharon refused. Abby claimed that everyone knew how crazy Sharon was, and Sharon was proving it to everyone with her actions.

Sharon claimed they weren't discussing her; they were talking about Abby and the sleazy fling she'd had with Sharon's boyfriend. She asked how long Abby would have been able to keep that a secret. Sharon accused Abby of doing the same thing with Summer's husband. Sharon asked if there weren't enough men in the world for Abby. She wanted to know if Abby got some sick satisfaction from preying on the men that were already taken. In turn, Abby accused Sharon of being a predator, but Sharon didn't steal husbands -- she stole babies.

Chelsea and Lauren continued watching the jaw-dropping scene. Sharon slapped Abby across the face, and Abby retaliated. A vicious catfight ensued. Lauren got up, but Scott intervened before Lauren could get to Sharon and Abby. Graham sat at a nearby table, sipping a drink, and watched in amusement as the scene between Abby and Sharon played out.

Chelsea grabbed Sharon and asked Sharon to leave with her. Scott held onto Abby. Lauren approached Scott and Abby and asked how long Scott and Abby had been carrying on behind Sharon's back. Scott said, "Not now," and walked off with Abby.

At the bar, Sharon asked why Chelsea had stopped her. Chelsea said that Sharon didn't need an assault charge laid against her. Sharon said it would have been worth it and left to get her coat. Chelsea went back to her table and noticed Christian was missing. Chelsea frantically began searching for him, with no results.

In the meantime, Abby couldn't believe that Scott had told Sharon that they'd had sex. She asked why he'd told Sharon. Scott claimed that it had just come out. He told Abby he wanted to stop Sharon and attempt to fix things between them, and he left. Lauren stopped Scott and demanded an explanation. She wanted to know if Scott was with Abby and finally done with Sharon. Scott asked if it was the appropriate time to have that conversation, and he walked away. Chelsea rounded the corner, visibly upset, and asked Lauren if she'd seen Christian, because he was missing.

Scott caught up to Sharon at the entrance of the Athletic Club and asked her not to walk out on him. He begged her to hear him out. Sharon said she would never believe another word out of his lying, cheating mouth. She wanted nothing more to do with him and had nothing more to say to him. At that moment Chelsea approached Scott and Sharon and asked if they'd seen Christian, because he was missing.

Christian is found in an unlikely location

Christian is found in an unlikely location

Thursday, January 4, 2018

At the Athletic Club, a panicked Chelsea provided a description of Christian to the club's staff. Sharon, Scott, Lauren, and Abby searched for the tot, and Abby wailed that it was all her fault for getting into a stupid fight with Sharon. Chelsea brightened when Scott called out that he'd found something, but her face fell when it was only a toy. Nick arrived, and Chelsea raced into his arms. Connor asked where Christian was, and Nick asked if Connor had seen where Christian had gone. Connor shook his head.

Nick became incensed when he learned that Christian had disappeared during a fight over Scott, and Sharon and Abby apologized profusely. Chelsea swore that the boy had only been out of her sight for a second, and Lauren confirmed that Chelsea had never been more than a few steps away. Nick asserted that the only thing that mattered was finding his son, and everyone offered to help search. Nick ordered Chelsea not to let Connor out of her sight.

As the search continued, Chelsea cried that she was really scared. Chelsea told Connor that they had to wait there until they found Christian, and Lauren recounted that Fen had been four when she'd lost him at the mall. Lauren lamented that it had been the longest ten minutes of her life, but she'd found him playing hide-and-seek. Chelsea tried to convince herself that perhaps Christian was doing the same thing.

Abby yelled out for Christian and jumped when she found Lauren behind her. Lauren surmised that Abby had thought Sharon had returned for another round, and she snapped that the fight was on Abby for sleeping with the guy Sharon was living with. Abby couldn't decide whether it was more ridiculous that Lauren was putting it all on her or that Lauren was defending Sharon's honor, all while giving Scott a free pass. Lauren questioned why Abby had pursued Scott when she could have gotten sex anywhere, but Abby retorted that Scott had been the one who'd cheated. Scott intervened and defended Abby, who rushed off to look for Christian.

Lauren chased after Scott and swore that she was just trying to understand him, since he was the most ethical person she knew. He confessed that he'd had sex with Abby when they'd been kidnapped, but Lauren chided him for blaming his behavior on being stuck in a tense situation. Lauren wondered whether he had thought about Sharon, and Scott explained that he hadn't known if he'd live long enough to see Sharon again. He insisted that he felt terrible about cheating and that he loved Sharon, although he admitted that he had been attracted to Abby.

Scott pointed out that Lauren had also had a wandering eye, and she regretted that her affair had almost ended her marriage. Scott swore that it had just been an attraction with Abby, but he had more with Sharon. Lauren lectured that he should have protected the woman he claimed to love instead of risking hurting her when he'd known his heart had been torn. Lauren assured him that she wasn't judging, and Sharon overheard and snapped, "Not judging him, you mean."

A staff member informed Chelsea and Nick that the staff had completed its search, but no one had seen Christian. Nick called the police, who prepared to patrol the area. Nick prayed that no one had taken his son, and Paul arrived and promised to do whatever he could to cut through the red tape. Nick mentioned that security was going over the video footage to find where Christian had last been seen. A shaken Sharon rushed over to the bar and struggled to open a bottle of water, and Chelsea stepped over to help her. Sharon confided that she wasn't ready to hear about the possibility that someone had taken Christian after she'd kept Nick from his son, and she feared what Nick would do if anything happened to Christian.

Paul reported that the security cameras hadn't picked up anyone going into or out of a room with a child, nor had the footage shown Christian on his own. Paul added that his officers were canvassing nearby businesses for any footage of the general area, and they were moving as fast as they could. He welcomed Nick and Chelsea to stay at the club as long as they wanted, but he suggested that everyone else go home. Nick told Chelsea to go home with Connor, but she opted to be there when Christian got back. Abby offered to recheck places on the property, since it would do no good for her to go home and worry.

Scott approached Sharon at the bar and gently suggested that she let him take her home. She admonished him for using the situation to his advantage, and she snapped that when she left, it wouldn't be with him. She walked away.

Nick jumped to his feet when Paul returned, but Paul indicated that his officers had found nothing. Nick spotted Chelsea covering a sleeping Connor with her coat across the room. Paul swore that Christian's disappearance would be top priority until the boy was found, and Nick brokenly pledged to go out and find his son. Nick pictured Christian scared and crying somewhere, wondering where his dad was. Paul warned that Nick would get in the way and slow things down, and he urged Nick to stay put so they knew where to reach him. Paul suggested that Nick contact the rest of his family before they found out another way.

After Paul departed, Chelsea realized that Victor would find out before long, and she volunteered to call him. Nick expected that his dad would barrel in and cause problems, and he insisted on being the one to decide how to handle things because he was Christian's father. Chelsea pressed him to call Nikki and Noah so they could be there for him, but Nick hoped that it would be over any minute when the police found Christian. Nick realized that Christian had spent his entire life around people who knew him, and the boy had never been alone. Nick coldly added that despite the thousands of times he'd hovered, Christian had disappeared when Nick had given the tot to Chelsea.

Chelsea tearfully defended that she'd only looked away for a second, but Nick blasted her for turning her back to get involved in a fight that hadn't concerned her. He scolded that she knew better than to leave a toddler alone, and she asked if he was done making her feel worse than she already did. She cried that she'd been "in hell" from the moment she'd lost Christian, but Nick hissed that he'd trusted her with his son. Chelsea countered that she'd told Nick that she had a busy day, and he questioned whether she was saying it was his fault. She stormed off.

A short time later, Nick approached Chelsea and Connor, and he marveled at all the kids' belongings that she'd thought to take with her on short notice. She called it a force of habit, and he remarked that she'd thought of everything. Chelsea coolly assumed that he meant everything but keeping her eye on Christian, and she argued that she had been working, whereas Nick had insisted on going to the meeting about the baseball thing. Nick countered that it meant something to him, but he figured that it wasn't worth anything to her because he hadn't been paid to do it. He barked that she'd made her priorities clear when she'd walked away from his son.

Sharon tossed Scott's clothes outside the tack house, and Scott found her and hoped they could talk. She growled that nothing had changed, but he stressed that he and Abby had been saying goodbye when Nick had seen them kissing. Sharon pointed out that he'd done it with his tongue down Abby's throat, and she spotted a jewelry box on the ground. Scott informed her that it was an engagement ring, since he'd planned to ask her to marry him, and he still wanted to do so.

Sharon calmly picked up the ring, dropped it on the ground, and crushed it into the dirt with her foot. She declared that it was what she thought about him and his ring as Abby opened the door. Scott insisted that he and Sharon finish their conversation, but she retorted that they wouldn't be conversing or anything else ever again. Sharon proclaimed that they were done and that Abby could have him, and she sauntered off. Scott asked if he could talk to Abby, but she slammed the door in his face.

Jack arrived home and wondered why Ashley was there instead of at the office. She countered with the same question, and he vaguely replied that he had a meeting. She reminded him about the new directive that stipulated that he work from the office, and he barked that he didn't answer to her. The doorbell rang, and Ashley let in Tony Kingsman, the attorney she'd hired. Michael arrived and figured that resolving things in a respectful manner was no longer a possibility. Ashley recalled that her father had said respect was earned and not given, and she vowed to be prepared to "fight like hell for it."

Michael revealed that he and Tony had squared off before, both in the courtroom and on the racquetball court. Michael recalled that he'd once made a shot of a lifetime to win a golf tournament, but his scorecard had been mysteriously switched, and Tony had won after Michael had been disqualified. Ashley referred to Tony's record in court, but Michael warned her that Tony would only make the situation more contentious than it needed to be. Ashley and Jack exchanged barbs, and he wondered where she'd found her attorney. Ashley divulged that Tony owned half of Billy's racehorse, and Michael dryly assumed it was the back half.

Alone in the dining room, Ashley asked if Tony thought she would lose, but Tony confidently replied that she wouldn't with him in her corner. He examined some trinkets on the shelf and inquired whether they'd been passed down for generations. Ashley suspected that he was more interested in her money than her case, but Tony explained that he was analyzing the family dynamic, since it meant the difference between winning and losing a legal battle over a family business. They discussed the amendment Jack had added to require Jabot's CEO to be a blood Abbott, and Ashley noted that Jack had known about her paternity for a long time and had never told anyone. Tony questioned why Jack would suddenly use it against her.

Tony pointed out that Ashley had challenged Jack's work at Jabot when he'd been doing everything in his power to take care of their mother. Ashley defended that she'd done it out of love because Jack had been spreading himself too thin, but she didn't think Jack had been trying to protect her in any way. Tony commented that protection was a common dynamic when family was involved, and he knew from experience because he'd grown up with three sisters who had emotional payback down to a science. Ashley sent Tony a text message with the dates of Jack's actions, and Tony implored her to tell him about John.

Ashley recalled having John to lean on and emulate, and she still found it hard to believe that they hadn't been related by blood, since they'd been very similar in the way they'd approached business and life. Ashley recognized that Tony had a reputation for pushing limits, and he admitted that he'd taken time to cultivate it to keep people off balance. He advised that the core of her case tapped into what legally made a family a family, and he considered it to be the perfect case study for challenging the precedent that blood always won out. After hearing Tony out, Ashley realized that everyone would lose if the case went on.

Meanwhile, Michael guessed that Tony was trying to charm Ashley by convincing her that he was a nice guy who wanted to heal the Abbott family by helping Jack's stress, but he cautioned that Tony worked angles and played dirty. Michael couldn't wait to wipe the floor with the piranha, but Jack reminded him that the case was about stopping Ashley from seizing control of Jabot, not scoring points against a rival. Dina entered and recognized Jack as John and Michael as Phillip. Dina hoped "Phillip" and Katherine had had a lovely holiday, and she asked "John" to have a pot of hot cocoa sent to her room with two cups.

Dina headed back upstairs, and Jack bemoaned that things had been going downhill for a while. Michael sympathized, and Jack groaned that the worst part was that he never knew what time period Dina would think she was in. Jack figured if there was any good way to look at it, at least Dina wouldn't realize what was happening to their family. Michael warned that the case could go on for months or years, and Jack worried about the wear and tear on his family. Michael was sure that Tony was all about billable hours, and he advised that a quick resolution would work in Jack's favor.

Ashley and Tony returned to the living room, and she asserted that arbitration was the only way to avoid dragging things out. Michael claimed that he hadn't considered it, and he insisted on discussing it with his client. Dina called out for her hot cocoa, and Jack excused himself.

Jack carried a serving tray with hot cocoa upstairs, and he heard Dina chortling inside her room. She opened the door and claimed that she'd been playing with "Jackie." She invited "John" to join them, but Jack said he had to finish something. He dropped off the cocoa, and Dina closed the door behind him and looked around. Christian crawled out from under the bed.

Michael pulled Jack aside and instructed him to look serious and to shake his head like he didn't get the idea of arbitration. After a moment, Michael announced that his client had reluctantly agreed to arbitration for the sake of the company, and he suggested that he and Tony exchange lists of arbitrators. Dina entered in tears, and she sobbed that Jackie had broken his cocoa cup. Ashley showed Michael and Tony to the door, and Dina cried that the cup was beyond repair. Jack promised to replace it, and he implored her to go upstairs and get some rest. Dina demanded that "John" have a talk with their boy.

Dina insisted that children needed to be reprimanded in the moment, and Ashley returned and offered to make another pot of cocoa. Dina snapped that she didn't want one, but she wanted to know why her husband wasn't listening. Dina complained that everyone said John was a great father, but he wouldn't even speak to his own son. Dina glanced at the top of the stairs, and her face lit up as she greeted "Jackie." Ashley and Jack stared at Christian.

Chelsea and Nick returned to the penthouse, and she acknowledged that they were both upset. He swore that he hadn't meant to lash out, and she understood that the situation had stirred up old feelings because he'd lost a child before. He pulled away, but she pleaded that she was just as frightened as he was, and she needed him to say that everything would be okay. Nick half-heartedly repeated that Christian was going to be okay, but Chelsea begged him to stop acting like he was alone when they could lean on each other. Nick answered a call from Jack and said it wasn't a good time, but Jack insisted that Nick wanted to hear what he had to say.

Nick and Chelsea raced over to the Abbott mansion, and Jack was powerless to stop them from rushing in. Chelsea thanked God when she spotted Christian in Dina's arms, but Dina brushed Nick away when he tried to take the boy from her. Ashley gently explained to Dina that the boy was Nick's son, and a confused Dina called for John and whimpered that she didn't understand. Jack assured Dina that it was okay, but she pleaded not to let them take "my Jackie." Jack reminded her that she'd wanted him to talk to the tot, and she hesitantly allowed him to take Christian from her.

Dina told "Jackie" to listen to his daddy, and Jack handed Christian to Nick. As Jack reeled, Dina cheerfully stated that she'd taken "Jackie" home from the club and that they'd had a wonderful time. Later, Ashley stressed that she and Jack didn't know how to take care of Dina. Jack accepted that Dina needed more help than they could give.

After putting Connor and Christian to sleep at the penthouse, Nick hoped that the boys were young enough not to remember any of it. Chelsea began to sob, and Nick pulled her into his arms as she cried that she was sorry. She blamed herself for what had happened that day, but he assured her that it hadn't been her fault. Nick wished that he'd never said such awful things to Chelsea, and he confirmed that she had been right when she'd suspected that he'd been thinking about Cassie. Nick admitted that he hadn't been able to stop thinking about losing Christian, too. Chelsea looked stricken.

Graham returns and threatens to take Dina away

Graham returns and threatens to take Dina away

Friday, January 5, 2018

Abby applied lipstick while she sat in her car, and someone jumped into the passenger seat. She grabbed a can of mace, but Scott assured her that it was just him. He thanked her for not spraying him in the eyes, and she snapped that it would be the only favor he'd get that day. He pleaded with her to hear him out, but she asked what was left to discuss after Sharon had publicly branded her a slut. Abby pointed out that she hadn't been the one lying to Sharon while moving into her house and sharing her bed. Scott regretted it, and Abby questioned whether he regretted lying to Sharon or giving Abby up, since it seemed like he'd been playing them both.

Abby pulled out the engagement ring that she'd found in the pile of Scott's belongings that had been left on her doorstep, and she assumed that it had been for Sharon, not her. Scott insisted that he hadn't been playing games with either of the women, since he had feelings for them both. Abby sourly asked what she was supposed to do with that, and she asserted that all she had left was her job. She was sure that her dad and Victoria wouldn't be thrilled if her dalliance with Scott went public, and Scott offered to shoulder the blame. Abby simply wanted to get on with her job and her life, preferably without him in it. She ordered him out of her car.

At Newman, Abby informed Scott that Victoria had put them on an assignment together. Abby recognized that it made sense from a business standpoint, but she didn't want to work with him. Scott prepared to talk to Victoria, but Abby warned that they would both be out on their butts if they argued with her sister. Scott refused to give up his dream position, and Abby accepted that they needed to put aside their baggage and chemistry and find a way to work together -- if they didn't kill one another first.

At home, Phyllis fixed her hair and called upstairs to Billy to get ready for his first day with Cane. She continued to nag until Billy appeared at the top of the stairs, dressed in a suit. "Ready or not, Chancellor, here I come!" he proclaimed.

At the Chancellor mansion, Cane began to type a text message to Lily. "Hey beautiful," he wrote, but he replaced "beautiful" with her name before erasing it completely. Meanwhile, at the Athletic Club, Lily composed a text message to Cane to ask how his 2018 was going, but she hesitated to send it. Both of them wrote messages mentioning New Year's Eve before deleting them. Cane typed a message asking if he'd screwed everything up as Lily wrote an identical message. They both quickly backtracked and wrote admissions that they still loved one another, but neither one of them sent the message.

Billy arrived at the mansion and asked Cane what they'd be working on, but Cane curtly replied that Billy didn't have to pretend to be an executive to get a paycheck. Billy perused some documents and provided input on some deals, but Cane snapped that he didn't have the time. The front door opened, and Billy greeted Esther without looking up, but he was surprised to see an attractive woman in revealing workout gear. Billy remarked that she definitely wasn't Esther, and he figured that she was the reason Cane had been trying to get rid of him.

Billy introduced himself as Cane's partner, and the woman said she was Bridget. Cane explained that Billy's mom had given Billy the job because she'd felt bad for him and hadn't wanted him to get into trouble. Bridget left to get back to Sam, and Billy implied that Cane's relationship with her wasn't purely professional. Cane said he had to get to a meeting, and Billy offered to drive. Cane argued that Billy was co-CEO in name only, and the men bantered. Cane asserted that he was the man of 2018, but Billy firmly stated that as of then, they were both the ones to watch.

At the Athletic Club, Devon told Lily that he was closing in on signing a new artist, and she remarked that there was no better feeling than doing what one loved. He compared it to modeling for her, and he asked if there was anything new with Cane. Lily tried to brush off the question, but Devon inquired whether the divorce was on or off. She reported that they were in a holding pattern, and he considered that to be telling. She abruptly changed the topic, and he recognized that she didn't want to talk about it.

Cane entered the club, and Billy followed soon after. Cane lectured that tailgating only caused accidents, and Billy complained that Cane drove like a grandma on Sunday morning. Cane spotted Lily, and he ordered Billy to behave during the meeting. They sat down at a table, and Cane explained that they were meeting with potential suppliers for the medical division. Billy voiced surprise that Cane hadn't asked J.T. along to screw things up, but Cane replied that J.T. was at the office, which was where Billy should be.

Phyllis approached and commented that it was nice to see Cane and Billy breaking bread, but Billy supposed that Cane would rather break Billy's kneecaps. Phyllis asked how things were going between the two of them, and Cane griped that they couldn't turn it into a cocktail party. Billy declared that he knew what was missing, and he summoned a waiter to order drinks.

Devon and Lily discussed the party the twins had attended where alcohol had been present, and he mentioned that he'd warned the staff to watch for underage drinking. Lily was glad that J.T. was back in town to help straighten Reed out, and Devon assumed that Mattie and Reed were no longer together. Lily wasn't sure, but she thought that would be for the best. Devon left for the office, and Lily answered a call from Abby, who asked how she would like a free trip to leave all of their crap behind in the dust. Lily glanced at Cane.

Billy asked what was going on with the suppliers, since he didn't have all day to sit around and drink cocktails. He proposed that he and Cane blow off the meeting to teach them a lesson, and Cane invited Billy to leave, but Billy insisted on remaining attached at the hip. Cane mumbled that he didn't need it that day, and he gazed over at Lily. Phyllis asked Billy to get her another drink from the bar, and he stepped away. Phyllis cautioned that nothing would get done until Cane and Lily got their cards on the table, and she inquired whether Cane was ever going to stupidly drink enough to sleep with another woman again. He shook his head, and she advised him to stop dancing around and make his case to his wife.

Billy approached Lily as she ended her call, and he asked what was going on with her and "kangaroo boy." She replied that it was none of Billy's business, but he contended that Jill had put him in charge of Chancellor along with Cane, so it was Billy's business if Cane showed up to work in a bad mood. Billy admitted that he didn't want to encourage her because she was better off without Cane, and Lily theorized that Cane and Billy didn't get along because they were a lot alike.

Lily called Billy and Cane loving, intelligent fathers with flaws, but she thought Cane had Billy beat because Cane had his priorities straight. She believed Billy was jealous of Cane for being the stable, mature person that Billy wasn't, and Billy pointed out that she didn't sound like a woman who wanted to give up on her marriage. Billy suggested that Lily do them all a favor and tell Cane that she loved him and wanted him back.

Billy and Phyllis met at the bar, and he reported that Cane had decided to move the meeting. Phyllis thought Lily and Cane needed more than a slap in the face to get it together, but Cane suddenly returned and approached Lily. Phyllis figured that her and Billy's work was done, and they headed out.

Lily told Cane that she'd planned to call him about a track meet Charlie had that weekend. Cane said he'd meant to contact her just to talk, since they never talked like they once had. He recalled that it had been easy before, and he asked if he'd ruined that. Lily replied that she didn't know, but she saw him moving on and drifting away. Cane confided that he hadn't moved on from her, and his stomach clenched every time the phone rang because it might be his attorney calling to say the divorce was back on. He noted that it hadn't happened, and she admitted that it was too hard to proceed with it. He questioned why getting back together wasn't any easier.

Lily thanked Cane for being brave by taking the first step; he figured that he'd had to say something, or he would have exploded. She suggested that they set the divorce aside for then, and he was happy to hear her say it. She thought she should go, and they hovered close to one another as they said goodbye. They agreed to talk again soon, and she headed to the foyer. Cane retrieved his briefcase and also began to head out, and Lily stopped at the door and turned to face him. Their eyes locked, and he dropped his briefcase and rushed toward her. They melted into a passionate kiss.

Abby grimaced when she found Scott on the elevator, and he insisted that he get things out in the open if they had to work together. He pointed out that he'd admitted that he had feelings for her, and he wanted to know how deep her feelings were for him. Abby conceded that she had feelings for him, but she chalked it up to being on the rebound. She pledged to be much more careful about future relationships, and she announced that she'd found a way to postpone their project. Abby revealed that she'd sold Victoria on a campaign to expand Brash & Sassy to Europe, so she and Lily were going to Paris.

Traci searched for her keys outside the Abbott mansion as Ashley opened the front door. Traci asked how their mother was doing, and Ashley wordlessly pulled her into a hug as someone watched from the bushes. Once inside, Traci was aghast to hear that Dina had taken Christian, and she lamented that Dina had deteriorated that quickly. Ashley expressed relief that Dina hadn't been charged with anything, but Jack anticipated that there would be a next time. Jack worried that Dina was acting irrationally more often than not, and the next time might turn out a lot worse.

Ashley recognized that they'd all expected Dina to be functioning at a higher level for longer, but they had some difficult decisions to make. Jack wanted to keep Dina at home, but Ashley argued that Dina was pushy and clever despite her disease. Ashley suggested that they find a memory care facility, but Jack complained that the thought of sending their mother off made him sick to his stomach, and he insisted that Dina needed her family. Ashley countered that Dina needed professional care more than anything, and she pointed out that they could visit every day.

Jack groused that Dina would be surrounded by strangers, but Traci urged him to keep an open mind. Ashley revealed that she'd researched a highly regarded facility in the Midwest with activities, beautiful grounds, and top-notch medical care. Traci examined the brochure and conceded that it looked nicer than she'd expected, but Jack grumbled that looks could be deceiving. He wondered how Dina would react to their plans, and Ashley suggested that they present it as a holiday at a luxurious resort hotel with every amenity imaginable. Ashley stressed that the important thing was that Dina was safe.

Traci promised that she wouldn't let Dina out of her sight while Jack and Ashley toured the care facility. After Jack and Ashley left, Dina appeared and was glad that there was still a friendly face around. Traci hugged her and assured her that everyone there loved her and cared about her. Dina acknowledged that she could be a bit judgmental at times, and she mentioned that her dear friend Kay had warned that John would never pop the question if Dina didn't lighten up. Traci remarked that Katherine had never changed, and she suggested that she and Dina have a bite and catch up. Dina called her a charming lady, and she asked what Traci's name was.

Traci covered her dismay as she stated her name, and Dina gushed that it was a lovely name. They headed to the dining room, and Dina recalled a time when Ashley had been afraid that Jack would knock down her snowman, but he'd found an old scarf and a bigger carrot for the snowman's nose instead. Dina mused that she thought about that day whenever there was snow on the ground, and she recounted the times John had taken the kids to go ice-skating on Sunday afternoons. Traci marveled that she loved to hear Dina talk about those days and think of the joys of motherhood, and Dina asked if Traci had children.

An emotional Traci recounted that her precious Colleen had died a few years earlier, and Dina remarked that it had to have been the biggest loss of all. Traci noted that it sounded like Dina loved her children, and Dina enthusiastically confirmed that she did. Traci recognized that being a parent was a lifetime commitment, and she mentioned that she'd heard that some women fantasized about taking off because they felt like their children held them back. Dina mused that leaving didn't have to mean that the love was gone. The doorbell rang, and Traci wiped tears from her eyes and excused herself to answer it. She opened the door and gasped when she faced Graham.

Traci barked that Graham wasn't welcome there, but he insisted on seeing how Dina was doing. Dina warmly invited him in, but Traci ordered him to leave. Dina bellowed that it was her house, and she demanded that Traci let him in. Dina hugged Graham as Traci grabbed her phone and quickly sent a text message. Dina gushed that she was delighted Graham was there, and he requested some time alone with her. Traci refused, but Dina snapped that she wouldn't tolerate rudeness. Graham asked to speak privately with Traci for a moment to convince her, and he led her back to the foyer.

After touring the care facility, Ashley and Jack went to Crimson Lights. Ashley remarked that the rooms had looked very comfortable, and she raved about various aspects of the place. Jack wondered whether she was trying to convince him or herself, and she groaned that the thought of dropping Dina off and driving away was more than she could bear. Jack said they finally agreed on something.

Jack argued that Dina still had good days, so he wanted her to stay at home. Ashley pointed out that Dina needed around-the-clock care, and Jack commented that nothing meaningful was easy. He added that it would help if Ashley lightened up on the Jabot amendment, but she scolded him for using their mother's disease as a bargaining chip. Traci called Jack and begged him to get home, since Graham had shown up and forced her out of the house, and she couldn't get back in. Traci panicked that Graham was alone in the house with Dina.

Dina clucked that she hadn't forgiven Graham for running off and leaving her with such dreadful people. Graham defended that he'd had no other option, but he'd been happy to see her with little Jackie. He flashed back to discovering Dina leading Christian by the hand at the Athletic Club. She'd exclaimed that she'd found little Jackie after being afraid she'd lost him, and Graham had warned her that the people there would accuse her of being a bad mother. Dina had refused to let anyone take her son away, and Graham had helped her and Christian duck out the back way. Dina wailed that they had taken Jackie away from her in the end, and Graham offered to help her get away to go on their own little adventure.

Jack, Ashley, and Traci burst into the mansion and worriedly asked if their mother was all right. Graham reported that Dina was upstairs in her room, and Dina called out that she'd be right down. Graham taunted that he'd known that the Abbotts wouldn't be able to cope, since they'd stood by and let Dina kidnap a child, stab Nikki, and burn a nightclub to the ground. Jack spat that Graham would have warned them if he cared, but Graham contended that they had no idea what he'd done for Dina. Ashley threatened to call the police to escort Graham out. Dina descended the stairs and yelled to hold the door for her, since she was no longer staying in "this horrid prison."

Graham insisted on taking Dina with him, but Traci blocked the door. Graham argued that it was Dina's decision, but Jack firmly stated that his mother stayed. Jack punched Graham in the gut and roughly threw him out, and Ashley slammed the door behind Graham. From outside, Graham yelled that they were in Wisconsin, so his medical power of attorney stood. Graham added that the full force of the law was on his side, and he threatened to take Dina away for good.

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