The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of January 8, 2018 on Y&R

Cane decided to go to Paris and get Lily back. Graham revealed that he and Dina were married. Graham swiped toxic chemicals from the Jabot lab. Nikki and Victor took in a belligerent Reed to straighten him out. A heated argument between Victoria and J.T. turned passionate.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of January 8, 2018 on Y&R
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Graham's court order allows him to take Dina Graham's court order allows him to take Dina

Monday, January 8, 2018

At the Chancellor estate, J.T. thanked Cane for allowing J.T. to live at the Chancellor residence and for the job at Chancellor Industries. As J.T. made his way out of the room, the doorbell rang. After J.T. opened the door, a man said, "Jeffrey Todd Hellstrom?" J.T. replied, "Yeah." The man gave J.T. a manila folder before walking away. J.T. partially removed the enclosed document, glanced at it briefly, and slid it back into the envelope. Cane asked about the delivery. J.T. said it was nothing important.

Later, J.T. expressed concern about Reed's upcoming appearance in court on a DUI charge. Cane said that though he understood the difficulties parents faced after splitting up, he and Lily had taken a step forward. Cane expressed hope that his and Lily's separation might soon be over. J.T. said, "Well, maybe there's hope for us all." After J.T. left the room, Cane left a message for Lily, asking her to either return his call or stop by later.

At the Genoa City Athletic Club, Abby and Lily enjoyed lunch while discussing business. After Abby noticed that Lily seemed preoccupied, Lily admitted that she and Cane had shared a kiss. Lily tempered her joy by explaining that one kiss couldn't repair a marriage. Abby mentioned her trip to Paris and said she was happy that she and Lily would be working together in France. Lily's expression changed from glowing joy to disappointment.

In Victoria's new office at Newman Enterprises, Scott met with Victoria. Victoria requested that Scott write a feature about teens, alcohol, and drunk driving. Scott attempted to discuss the reasons for Victoria's interest, but she cut him off and asked to read the essay before publication. Scott agreed to write the piece as Victoria dictated, and he announced plans to work from home. Victoria nixed Scott's plan and noted that he had failed to respond to an email she'd sent to him and Abby about an assignment. Scott attempted to convey his feelings about working in close proximity to Abby, but Victoria again cut him off and said, "It's not punishment. It's business."

Abby and Lily entered Victoria's office. Abby hesitated before reminding Scott about a meeting they'd scheduled for prior to her departure for Paris. Before Scott walked out, he replied, "I'll be there." While Abby and Victoria discussed opportunities for Brash & Sassy to gain publicity from couture and fashion events in Paris, Lily seemed distracted and uninterested. Victoria noted that European male models would be vying to pose with Lily. Abby noticed Lily's disinterest and asked if she'd changed her mind about working in Paris. Lily explained that she'd be away from Cane for only one week. Victoria said that Abby and Lily would likely stay in Paris for an extended time.

Victoria and Abby listened as Lily mentioned the need to look after her kids. Lily quickly dismissed her need to return early and said Cane could look after Mattie and Charlie during her absence. Abby said she intended to set up contacts, which would likely necessitate additional trips to Europe. Victoria asked if Lily was worried about losing her momentum with Cane. Lily recalled that she and Cane had shared one kiss, so if her busy career ended things, perhaps it wasn't meant to be. Lily reluctantly announced that she was ready to travel to Paris.

After Abby and Lily left Victoria's office, Lily said she'd have to break the news to Cane. Lily and Abby ran into J.T. in the hallway. Abby looked surprised and said she'd thought J.T. was leaving town. J.T. said he wasn't ready to leave the beauties in Genoa City. In the breakroom, Abby and Lily continued their conversation with J.T. Lily laughed when J.T. encouraged her to get to know Sam. Lily said she realized J.T. was pressing her to reconcile with Cane.

Lily noticed Abby's icy reaction to J.T. Abby explained that J.T. had flirted with her. J.T. claimed he'd just wanted to hang out with an old friend. Abby said, "Then why didn't you tell me that you'd separated from Mac?" J.T. said he didn't want to get into his personal life, and he apologized to Abby. Abby told J.T. he should've respected her by being honest. J.T. nodded and explained that he'd be staying in town because Cane had hired him to work for Chancellor Industries. Abby looked stunned. Lily said she hoped J.T. and Mac could find their way back to each other. J.T. replied, "Like you and Cane?"

J.T. visited with Victoria in her office. Victoria said she hoped Reed might be too fearful after his court hearing before a judge to ever drink and drive again. J.T. replied, "We don't want the kid to feel like he's a total screwup." J.T. said getting dragged into court and having to beg for rides for a few months would teach Reed a lesson. J.T. added that Reed needed support and shouldn't feel like his family might stop loving him just because he'd messed up.

Victoria asked if J.T.'s conversation about Reed had shifted to J.T.'s troubled relationship with Mac. J.T. replied, "I plead the fifth." Victoria pressed J.T. to agree on a punishment for Reed. J.T. said he was hungry and begged Victoria to talk about it over lunch. Victoria agreed.

Charlie stopped by the Chancellor mansion. Charlie handed Cane a plush duck toy that Charlie had affectionately named "Bear" when he'd been a child. Charlie asked Cane to give the toy to Sam. Charlie, noting that his mom had become noticeably happier, said Lily had admitted that her joy might have something to do with Cane. Charlie asked when his dad might call off the divorce and move back home. Before Cane could respond, Charlie suggested they visit with Sam and present the beloved toy to the baby.

After Charlie and Cane returned downstairs, Charlie said he'd enjoyed feeding Sam. Charlie again mentioned Cane and Sam moving home. Cane explained that he wasn't sure how Lily felt about welcoming the baby into her life. Charlie recalled that Lily had given Sam blood, which showed that she cared about the child. Cane noted that Sam might be a constant reminder that Cane had hurt Lily.

Charlie replied, "You should've seen her this morning. She was so ready to get back with you." Cane asked Charlie not to pressure Lily. Charlie apologized for the way he'd acted in the past. Cane said he was proud of Charlie.

After Charlie left Cane's house, Lily stopped by. Lily and Cane both admitted that they'd never stopped loving each other. Cane said, "What does this mean for us? Are you interested in taking me back?" Lily said she wanted to take things slowly and see how it went.

Cane said he and Lily hadn't yet discussed Sam. Lily agreed they had much to discuss, but she explained that they'd have to put things on hold while she was away working in Paris. Cane admitted he was being selfish, but he begged Lily not to leave. Lily explained that her career was important. Cane and Lily kissed, and he begged her again not to leave.

At the Abbott mansion, Traci and Ashley listened as Jack told Michael about the unfortunate encounter with Graham. Jack admitted that he'd thrown Graham out. Jack pointed to his sisters when Michael asked if anyone had witnessed the altercation. Ashley cried, "Graham was trespassing. He was trying to take our mother." Jack admitted that Dina had willingly agreed to accompany Graham. Michael noted that Jack's decision to throw Graham out had made Jack the "criminal" because Graham still held medical power of attorney over Dina in the state of Wisconsin. Michael added, "According to an attorney in Paris, he is still the primary beneficiary of her will."

Ashley and Jack noted that they'd intended to have Dina change her will, but Dina's stroke and declining health had delayed those plans. Michael said he could alter the power of attorney, but he instructed Jack, Ashley, and Traci to persuade Dina to change her will. Graham rang the doorbell. When Graham, accompanied by a police officer, entered the Abbott home, wielding a court order, he demanded that the Abbott siblings release Dina. After Michael read the court order, he told the Abbotts that a judge had granted Graham permission to remove Dina from her home. Jack charged at Graham. Michael stepped between Graham and Jack.

Traci tried to reason with Graham and pleaded with him to reconsider. Graham replied, "I see no reason to do that." Traci went upstairs and summoned Paul. After Paul arrived, he asked the uniformed officer to wait outside. Ashley praised Traci for phoning Paul. Jack told Graham that Paul was a family friend and the chief of police.

Paul informed Jack, Ashley, and Traci that he would have to enforce the judge's orders and allow Graham to take custody of Dina. Traci asked Paul if the court order could be ignored if Dina refused to leave with Graham. Before Paul could respond, Dina entered the room and said she was ready for Graham to take her away.

Graham kissed the back of Dina's hand and directed her to collect her luggage. Ashley glared at Graham. After Dina retuned with her bags, she noted that she'd packed for a South Seas cruise like the one she and Graham had enjoyed in the past. Ashley gently explained to Dina that she'd taken that particular cruise with John, not Graham.

Traci begged Dina to stay and enjoy more time with her children. Ashley said Abby would be stopping by later. Dina promised to visit often. Ashley and Traci kissed their mother, and Jack told Dina that he wanted to do what was best for her. Dina took Graham's hand and said she would have the best with him. After Graham walked out the door with Dina, Jack shouted, "Don't think for one minute we are giving up. We will fight you with everything we have!"

Abby arrived at the Abbott mansion and learned that Graham had taken Dina away. Ashley pleaded with Michael to nullify the court order before Graham flew off somewhere with Dina. Michael said he'd need a specific legal cause to cite to a judge. Ashley recalled that Graham had taken Dina to a doctor to confirm the Alzheimer's diagnosis a full year before Dr. Burg had tested Dina. Michael asked for proof that Graham might harm Dina.

Michael made notes as Ashley and Traci remembered that at the award dinner, Graham had admitted holding a grudge against Dina. Ashley recalled that Graham had ranted about Dina stealing Graham's stepfather. Michael said, "Brent Davis?" Ashley said Graham blamed Dina for ruining his life. Michael noted that past actions might not have any bearing on Graham's alleged plan to harm Dina presently. Jack expressed frustration and disappointment. Michael and Jack went to another room to phone a judge. Traci went to brew tea.

Ashley sat down with Abby. Abby said she'd engaged in a public brawl with Sharon over Scott. Abby said she wished Scott would leave Newman Enterprises. Abby admitted that she and Scott had slept together while they'd been trapped in the storage locker. Ashley was shocked to learn what had happened between Abby and Scott. Abby explained that after their rescue from the storage locker, she and Scott had kissed twice more. Abby denied wanting to have a relationship with Scott, but Ashley thought otherwise.

At the Genoa City Athletic Club, Graham told Dina that she wouldn't be embarking on a cruise and would soon move into a beautiful facility. Dina said, "And you'll be living there with me?" Graham said he'd visit often. Dina told Graham he'd promised to stay with her and little Jackie. Graham said it wouldn't be possible for him or Jackie to live with Dina.

Dina became frustrated and cried, "You promised that you would take care of me! You are not going to lock me away in some facility!" Dina had raised her voice in frustration and drew J.T. and Victoria's attention. Graham tried to shush Dina, but J.T. and Victoria approached just as Graham angrily grabbed Dina's arm to prevent her from walking away.

J.T. pulled Graham away from Dina. Dina cried, "He broke his promise. I want my little Jackie." Victoria comforted Dina. J.T. read the court order and cautioned Graham about being rough with Dina. Victoria told Graham that Dina had calmed down.

Victoria warned that she would contact the Abbott family and tell them what had happened. Later, J.T. told Victoria that Graham didn't seem to be genuine about having Dina's best interests at heart. Victoria praised J.T. for being one of the good guys for stepping up to help Dina. J.T. laughed nervously and announced that Mac had filed for divorce.

Jack relayed the goings-on between Dina and Graham at the Genoa City Athletic Club to Traci, Ashley, and Abby. Jack said he was glad Victoria and J.T. had been present to witness what had happened. Traci was livid that Graham had told Dina he planned to put her into a nursing home. Jack recalled that Graham had pretended he would be taking Dina on a cruise. Ashley vowed to put a stop to Graham's plans once and for all.

Michael returned and said the judge, citing Dina's age and declining health, had agreed to hear their case the day after next. Traci advised Jack and Ashley to put their CEO arbitration on hold. Jack said he would. Ashley agreed to call a truce. Ashley noted that their mother was their first priority, so their goal was to stop Graham.

At Crimson Lights, Scott visited with Lauren. Scott shocked Lauren when he asked to borrow three million dollars to purchase Hashtag. Lauren asked why Scott wanted to buy the publication. Scott said, "It's off-brand for Newman, and Victoria's tried to fire me despite the success of the sex-trafficking exposť." Scott added that Victoria was dictating what he should write and how he should write it.

Lauren told Scott that he'd lose the prestigious name associated with Hashtag, his staff, and his travel budget if he owned the publication outright. Lauren added, "You want to leave Newman because you want Abby in your life." Scott admitted he'd slept with Abby. Scott said he and Abby had since kissed twice. Lauren said it was obvious Scott desired to have a relationship with Abby. Lauren advised Scott to make the most of Hashtag's association with Newman Enterprises.

Sharon throws a party to celebrate her breakup

Sharon throws a party to celebrate her breakup

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

At the Athletic Club, Victoria and Devon discussed Brash & Sassy's expansion into Europe. He thought it would be good for Abby to get out of the country after what had gone down with Sharon, and Victoria was grateful that the women's catfight over Scott hadn't ended up in the media. Devon mentioned that he had a meeting with Scott later, and he credited Hilary for taking the high road and not running with the story. Victoria recounted J.T. stepping in when they'd seen Graham hassling Dina, and Devon noted that Victoria and J.T. seemed to be making peace. Victoria worried that being served with divorce papers had hit J.T. hard, but he wasn't showing it.

Across the dining room, Phyllis asked if Hilary missed annihilating people on the air. Phyllis imagined that a story about Sharon and Abby throwing down over Scott would be amazing, but Hilary asserted that she didn't do stories like that anymore. Phyllis suspected that Hilary really wanted to run the story, but Hilary preached about how she was doing good to empower people, so her next episode would be about forgiveness. Hilary bragged that she could make even forgiveness sound sexy.

At Hamilton-Winters, Devon congratulated Scott on the sex trafficking story. Scott asserted that Hashtag was poised to take off, and he thought it would be a perfect fit if Hamilton-Winters purchased the media platform. Devon doubted that the Newmans would agree, but Scott recalled that Victoria had been ready to throw Hashtag under the bus. Devon sensed that Scott was there because Abby wanted him out of her face, and Scott confided that he expected Victor to punish the magazine to teach Scott a lesson, but he couldn't afford for it to lose momentum. Devon agreed to give an acquisition some consideration, and Scott stepped out.

At Newman Enterprises, Abby was stunned when Lily revealed that Cane had asked her not to go to Paris. Lily explained that he'd been worried, and she'd been able to tell from the look in his eyes that he felt like everything was riding on the next few days. Abby stressed that a business trip shouldn't matter if the Ashbys were ready to work things out, and she believed that Cane deserved to sweat a little longer after everything he'd put Lily through. Lily groaned that she just wanted to live her life, but it felt like she was throwing away her last chance to save her marriage.

Devon met with Victoria about the possibility of purchasing Hashtag, but she turned him down flat. She saw the benefit of owning a platform to control the narrative, since the Newmans always had crises that they needed to spin to the public. She wondered why Devon had a sudden interest in the magazine, and Devon revealed that Scott had pitched Hashtag as a better fit for Hamilton-Winters than for Newman. Victoria pointed out that Scott couldn't sell an entity he didn't own, and she guessed that he just wanted to distance himself from Abby. Victoria added that she was sorry Devon had wasted his time, but he replied that it was never a waste to see her in action.

Devon stepped out of Victoria's office and ran into Lily in the hallway. He asked if she was excited about going to Paris, and she replied that she was for professional reasons, but the timing wasn't good because of Cane. She divulged that things had changed for the better, but she wasn't sure what was next. Devon advised her to go to Paris and clear her head, but Lily reported that Cane didn't want her to go because he felt like they'd miss their chance. Devon groused that it was an unfair test on Cane's part, and he thought it was even more reason for her to get on the plane.

Scott ran into Abby and informed her that he'd spoken with a prospective buyer for Hashtag. Abby snapped that Scott didn't own it, but she had actual news -- she was leaving for Paris to forget about him. They exchanged barbs, and Scott walked away. Victoria exited her office and asked if everything was okay. Abby encouraged Victoria to imagine what it would be like if she had to watch an endless loop of herself passing out on television every time she was at the office, since that was what it was like for Abby to work with Scott. Abby vowed to go to Paris and forget she'd ever known his name.

Abby told Lily that the press materials had been delivered to their hotel in Paris. Lily wanted to stop by the Chancellor mansion to say goodbye to her kids before leaving, but Abby suspected that Lily really wanted to see Cane. Lily conceded that she wanted to explain that the trip wasn't a comment on their relationship, and it was important that she and Cane be honest with one another. Lily complained that the hurt feelings and anger were exhausting, so forgiving Cane was as much about her as it was about him. Abby realized that there was a stop that she needed to make herself.

At the Chancellor mansion, Cane informed J.T. that he had an update on the housing situation. Mattie and Charlie entered, and she pointed out that at least they wouldn't have to share a bathroom. Cane explained that the twins were staying there while Lily was away for work, and he told the teens that J.T. was staying there, too. Mattie stammered that she hadn't known what else to do when she'd called the cops on Reed, and Cane defended that she hadn't had a choice. J.T. assured them that he didn't have a problem with what she'd done.

J.T. considered Mattie brave, since most kids wouldn't have considered it cool to turn to adults or the cops in her situation, but it was even less cool to get into an accident after drinking. J.T. contemplated what might have happened to Reed, and Mattie bemoaned that Reed hadn't been answering her text messages. Charlie scoffed at the idea that she had been messaging Reed to say she was sorry for saving his life, but Mattie reasoned that Reed had simply made a mistake, and she wanted to talk to him. Cane contended that it was on Reed and not her if Reed couldn't forgive her.

After the twins went upstairs to get settled in, Cane thanked J.T. for what he'd said to Mattie. J.T. acknowledged that Reed had screwed up, but he swore that his son was just a kid who'd found out his family was in trouble, not a raging alcoholic. Cane argued that Charlie hadn't turned to booze when he'd gone through the same thing, but J.T. ordered Cane to stop acting like Reed was a serial killer. Cane contended that Reed had been going off the rails since returning to town, but J.T. chalked it up to kids acting out when their parents weren't around. J.T. admitted that he hadn't been on top of parenting, and he was sure his ex would agree, since Mac had just served him with divorce papers.

J.T. revealed that that he'd hoped to fix things after he and Mac had returned to the States, but he'd postponed his trip after Reed's arrest. Cane murmured that the window of opportunity had closed, and he compared it to Lily going to Paris. Cane imagined her remembering a life she'd had with other people in familiar surroundings, but J.T. called Cane an idiot for wanting Lily to skip a work trip because he was insecure. Cane recounted that she'd never thought he'd been supportive enough of her modeling, and he felt like he'd flunked a test he hadn't known he'd been taking. Cane raced out, and J.T. pulled out his phone and sent a text message.

Reed arrived at the mansion, and J.T. mentioned that he hadn't been sure Reed still had a phone. Reed griped that it was like an ankle monitor, so Victoria could know his whereabouts at all times. J.T. urged Reed to talk to Mattie, and he summoned Mattie downstairs. She stopped short when she saw Reed, and J.T. stepped out to let them talk. Mattie questioned why Reed hadn't been responding to her messages.

Mattie pleaded that she hadn't known what else to do when she hadn't been able to take Reed's keys, but Reed growled that he'd been arrested, put in jail, and had his license taken away. He added that colleges wouldn't touch him after a DUI, and she wailed that she'd tried to call them a cab. He snarled that she'd ruined his life instead, but Charlie intervened and snapped that Reed had ruined his life all by himself. Mattie whined that she hadn't wanted to lose Reed. "How did that work out for you?" Reed barked before he stormed out.

At Crimson Lights, Victoria admonished J.T. for putting Reed and Mattie in the same room when Reed was supposed to be grounded. J.T. relayed that Reed was ticked off at him for arranging it and angry at Mattie for everything else, and he assumed that the teens were no longer a couple. Michael ordered them to focus on the court date, since the state had zero tolerance for anyone underage testing positive for alcohol. Michael added that Reed might be facing a prison sentence if someone had been injured, and Victoria was adamant that Reed know that he could have gone to prison. J.T. barked that she had no idea who Reed was or how to treat him.

After Michael left, J.T. noted that Victoria had almost sounded disappointed that Reed wouldn't do time, and she asserted that they had to be Reed's parents and not his pals. J.T. figured that Reed wasn't accustomed to having a parent around, since they hadn't been there enough for him. Victoria defended that she'd practically had to sit on top of Reed to make sure he didn't get into real trouble. J.T. thought that he and Billy had made sure Reed had felt heard and understood, but he warned that Victoria would drive Reed away. She griped that J.T.'s laid-back attitude was sending the wrong message, like it was okay to get behind the wheel after drinking.

J.T. referred to Victoria hooking up with Billy and jetting off to Jamaica to get married, but Victoria argued that it hadn't had anything to do with their son drinking and driving. J.T. noted that Victoria hadn't wanted to do what had been expected of her, and he thought Reed felt the same way when she set down ground rules and doled out punishment. Victoria indicated that she'd seen something shift with Reed, and it was the kind of anger they couldn't ignore. J.T. cautioned that if she kept treating Reed like a bad kid, Reed would stop trying to prove her wrong.

Lily arrived at the Chancellor mansion, and the twins informed her that Cane had taken off. The teens offered to pass along a message, but she said it was hard to sum up. She insisted that she was just there to say goodbye, and she told them she loved them. Meanwhile, Cane approached Scott at Newman and asked where he could find Lily. Scott revealed that Cane had just missed her, and he asked if he could relay a message. Cane wistfully replied that he was there to ask something, but he'd already gotten his answer.

Mariah arrived at Crimson Lights with Sharon's phone charger, but Sharon figured that it was a lame excuse to make sure she wasn't throwing things at customers or sobbing into the coffee grounds. Chelsea approached and presented Sharon with a notebook that Faith had left at the penthouse. Mariah quipped that her charger excuse was better than the notebook one, and Sharon called them sweet for worrying, but she insisted that she was fine. Sharon recognized that everyone thought she would fall apart after her breakup with Scott, and she suddenly had an idea.

Sharon declared that she was going to have a party to show people that they didn't need to pity her, and she told Mariah and Chelsea to show up at her place that afternoon to have some fun. Once alone, Sharon called Hilary and invited her over for a girls' afternoon, and Hilary asked if Sharon was sure that she'd dialed the right number. Sharon recognized that Hilary's show was gossip central, and she needed to get the word out that all was well in the world after she and Abby had brawled in public. Hilary promised to be there, and she hung up. Hilary asked Phyllis to join her at a party that afternoon.

At the cottage, Mariah and Chelsea helped Sharon prepare for the party. Mariah was shocked when she found Tessa at the door, and she pulled Sharon aside and demanded to know why Tessa was on the guest list. Sharon reasoned that Tessa was living with Noah, so Mariah couldn't keep avoiding Tessa, and she pushed Mariah to at least be pleasant. Tessa handed Mariah a glass of her favorite red wine, but Mariah curtly stated that it was no longer her favorite because it had given her headaches and hangovers.

Sharon was thrilled when Hilary arrived, but she stopped short when she realized that Phyllis had tagged along. Mariah sarcastically cried out that it was awesome that Hilary was there, and Hilary asked how Chelsea was doing after Christian's disappearance. Chelsea refused to provide fodder for Hilary's show, but Hilary insisted that she was being sincere. Mariah reminded everyone that they were there for Sharon, who recognized that those closest to her were afraid of how she'd react to learning that the man she'd fallen in love with had cheated on her. Sharon announced that she intended to celebrate dumping him and move on, since she didn't need a man to complete her existence.

Sharon proclaimed that she had everything she needed with her friends, her family, and her job, and the host of The Hilary Hour was there to spread the good news. Phyllis whispered to Hilary that she'd assumed the party was at the main house, and she questioned what she was doing there. Hilary reminded Phyllis of what she'd said about forgiveness, and she wanted to begin the process of real healing. "With her?" a stunned Phyllis asked, referring to Sharon.

Hilary encouraged the ladies to find peace with one another, but Chelsea observed that they were a bunch of women who couldn't stand being in the same room together. Hilary implored them to show that they'd evolved, since it wasn't enough to empower themselves -- they had to empower one another by finding forgiveness together. Phyllis and Sharon protested, and Hilary chirped that they were agreeing already. Chelsea surmised that Hilary was pulling a stunt for her show, but Hilary promised that everything said in the room would stay there.

Phyllis prepared to leave, but Hilary teased her for running away and pretending that it was perfectly fine that a man she'd loved had cheated on her. Hilary recalled that Phyllis had broken up Sharon's marriage to Nick and that Nick and Phyllis had been together when Faith had been conceived. Chelsea offered to pour more wine, but Hilary insisted that the most important relationship was the one Sharon and Phyllis shared with one another. Phyllis spat that Sharon had always been jealous of her, and Sharon retorted that Phyllis needed drama just to get out of bed.

Sharon and Phyllis continued to clash, and Hilary pointed out that both women were fine with Nick, but they attacked one another. Hilary insisted that, as women, they needed to find a way past it. Chelsea scoffed at the idea of Hilary as a champion for women, and she was sure Lily would agree. Hilary reiterated that she was trying to find way to empower herself as a woman by helping other women do the same. Phyllis bellowed that there wasn't enough wine on the planet to put up with that garbage.

Everyone was shocked when Abby arrived, and Mariah wondered if Hilary had set it up. Abby explained that she was leaving town, and she hoped to talk to Sharon privately. Hilary assured Abby that they were all learning to forgive by being open and honest, and she invited Abby to comment about Sharon moving on from Scott. Chelsea and Mariah objected, but Sharon pushed Abby to go for it.

Abby admitted that what she'd done had been wrong and selfish, and she was really sorry. She explained that she'd told herself that the rules hadn't applied after being kidnapped and left for dead by her ex-boyfriend, but they had applied and still did. Abby continued that she never should have slept with Scott or let anything happen after that, and she apologized for Mariah and Faith getting dragged in. Hilary applauded Abby's sincerity and prompted Sharon to respond, but Sharon remained silent.

Abby added that she hated that Sharon and Scott had broken up over something Abby had done, but Phyllis doubted that Abby had forced Scott into anything. Hilary was thrilled that Phyllis had acknowledged that it hadn't all been Abby's fault, and she compared it to Phyllis' personal history with Sharon. Sharon conceded that Abby hadn't been solely to blame, and Hilary asked iof Sharon could forgive Abby. Sharon hesitantly agreed that she could, and Hilary declared that it was empowerment at work. Hilary encouraged Sharon and Abby to hug it out, but Sharon stated that there wasn't a chance.

Graham reveals he and Dina are married

Graham reveals he and Dina are married

> Graham reveals he and Dina are married

Graham reveals he and Dina are married

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

by Nel

At the Abbotts', Jack was distressed because he couldn't reach Ashley or Traci. Michael arrived. Jack griped that he wanted the whole family in the courtroom. He also wanted things sped up because Dina didn't have time to spare. Michael warned that there were no guarantees.

At the Athletic Club, Ashley and Traci asked Mattie to contact Devon because they needed his help. Mattie called Devon's office and told his assistant to interrupt Devon's meeting for an urgent matter. Mattie told Devon that Ashley wanted all the Mergeron documents.

In Devon's office, Ashley and Traci started looking through the mountain of boxes, hoping to find something they could use against Graham. Ashley called Jack and asked him to stall the hearing until she and Traci arrived because she was hopeful that she and Traci might find something to use against Graham. Ashley became excited when she found something and showed it to Traci. They rushed to the courthouse, hoping they'd found the answer to their prayers.

At the courthouse, Jack was beside himself because he still hadn't been able to reach his sisters. He claimed that nothing was more important than Dina's situation. He was concerned that Dina's condition would become public knowledge and how much Dina would hate anyone outside the family knowing.

Dina and Graham arrived. Graham advised Dina to go into the courtroom. Jack reprimanded Graham for taking Dina to the proceeding. Graham said she had every right to be there and added that he'd always put Dina first, unlike her entitled and pushy children.

Michael warned Jack to keep his cool, or the judge would see him as a maniac. Michael stated that Graham was a calculating opportunist. Jack entered the courtroom, and Dina wanted to know why John was there. She thought the divorce would be too hard on him. Michael was about to correct her, but Jack told him to go along with whatever reality Dina was in.

Dina's lawyer, Brenda Brecheen, arrived, and Michael griped that she was a problem. He'd been at opposing tables with her previously and admitted that sometimes he'd won against her. Jack was still concerned that no one had heard from Ashley or Traci.

The judge arrived, and the lawyers made their opening statements. Michael stated that the Abbotts should be the only ones to take care of Dina and that Graham had admitted that he only wanted Dina's money. Brenda countered that the Abbotts didn't have the grounds to revoke Graham's medical power of attorney, and the Abbotts were far from the loving family because the family was controlling and manipulative. She also added that Ashley and Traci were not in attendance.

Jack took the stand, and Michael asked how Jack perceived Graham. Jack said Graham watched every move Dina made, and he made sure that she didn't get close to her children. Graham had tried to gain employment at Mergeron for several years without success. Graham had met Dina at a party and had made himself indispensable to her. Graham had known that Dina had had an affair with Brent Davis, Graham's stepfather. Brent had hoped for a future with Dina, and he'd left his family heartbroken and destitute when he'd abandoned Graham and his mother. Graham had been determined to make Dina pay for Brent Davis' sins.

Graham had been obsessed with payback and he'd had himself written into Dina's will because Graham felt Dina owed him. He'd announced his revenge in a room full of people at a dinner at the Top of the Tower. He'd claimed that Dina had ruined his life. That same evening, Dina had collapsed from a stroke. Graham had announced that he had Dina's medical power of attorney. While Dina had been in the hospital, Graham hadn't allowed the Abbots to see her, and a short time later, he'd removed Dina from the hospital and had her aboard a jet.

Jack said that he, Ashley, and Traci had been devastated. They had no idea where Graham had taken Dina and whether Dina was receiving any type of care or not. They'd eventually determined that Dina had been in Florida. He and Ashley had asked Dina to return home to the family that loved her.

Michael asked Jack to describe Dina's state of mind when she'd returned to Genoa City. Jack said that Dina had seemed happy, but a little confused. They'd believed the confusion was a result of the stroke. Not long after, Dina had been diagnosed with Alzheimer's. Jack had later discovered that Graham had known about Dina's condition for a year and hadn't told anyone in Dina's family. Graham had used the disease to make a vulnerable woman feel helpless, and he'd made her feel that she couldn't live without him. Graham wanted to wait for Dina to die so he could inherit her millions.

The judge asked how Dina was doing and if she needed a break. Dina claimed she was fine and didn't need a break.

Brenda stated that Jack portrayed himself as a fiercely loyal and protective son. She stated that Jack hadn't been as close with Dina as he had wanted to be. She asked him for the times he'd seen Dina. Jack stated that Dina had been in Genoa City briefly in 2008, 1996, and in 1991 for Traci's wedding. Brenda asked if Dina had traveled from Paris each time and Jack confirmed that she had. Brenda asked if Jack or his sisters had had occasion to travel abroad and on those occasions if they'd spent time with Dina. Jack admitted they hadn't. Brenda asked how much contact Jack and his sisters had had with Dina through phone calls, letters, text messages, and emails. Jack admitted virtually none.

Brenda raised the topic of Jabot. Michael objected and asked for relevance. Brenda stated that she wanted to show the unity of the Abbott family -- or lack thereof. Brenda wanted to know if it was true that Jack and Ashley were engaged in a vicious battle at Jabot over whether or not Jack was fit to continue as CEO. Jack vehemently denied there was a dispute. He and Ashley had decided to have the matter settled in arbitration. Brenda wanted to know if part of the dispute had been about Jack's decision to personally provide care for Dina. Jack said they were all concerned with how he'd balance his responsibilities as CEO of Jabot with his chosen role as Dina's caretaker.

Brenda stated that while Dina had been under Jack and Ashley's supervision, Dina had been involved in a series of bizarre and deeply disturbing incidents. Michael objected, stating that it was prejudicial, but the judge allowed it. Brenda stated that at the end of October, Dina had left the Abbott house, undetected, and had started a fire at the Underground. The club had been completely destroyed. In November, Dina had stabbed Nikki Newman in the arm with a kitchen knife, and a few days earlier, Dina had abducted a small child from the Athletic Club. Jack admitted everything Brenda had recounted was true.

Brenda asked whether, as a caretaker, Jack thought it was okay for his mother to freely roam the city with only his driver. Angrily, Jack stood and said that Dina hadn't been responsible for those acts, and if Brenda wanted to stop people from roaming the city, she needed to look at Graham, the fraud who was her client. The judge warned Jack she wouldn't tolerate such outbursts. Jack was about to say more, but Michael warned him not to.

Jack continued that he might have issues with his mother, but Graham didn't "give a damn" about Dina. Graham was exploiting Dina's disease to get rich. He was robbing Dina, Jack, and Jack's sisters of precious time together that they had waited a lifetime for. Again, the judge warned Jack that she'd hold him in contempt if he said another word.

Upset, Dina stood and begged Jack to stop and to leave John alone. John wasn't at fault; she was. Dina asked the judge to grant the divorce because she wasn't contesting it. She admitted that she'd failed John and the whole family, and she deserved the harshest penalty of the law. She claimed she'd had countless affairs and that she'd abandoned her husband and three babies. They'd never forgive her, and she didn't blame them.

The judge called a recess and asked counsel to approach the bench. She asked if counsel had conferred with their clients about whether to adjourn for the day. The judge was concerned about Dina's condition. Brenda stated that because of Graham's care, Dina was fine and wanted to continue. Michael asked for an extended recess to speak with Jack. An extension was granted.

Jack told Michael that he hated the effect the trial had on Dina. He confessed he was shocked about Dina's admission of countless affairs, and he couldn't believe that she still thought that he, Ashley, and Traci hated her. Michael said it was clear that Dina had been back in time, but she might have forgotten the whole thing already. Michael felt that Dina's outburst might have helped their case because it proved that Dina was in the throes of dementia, and it was on record that Graham had known about the Alzheimer's a year prior. The judge would see that Dina hadn't been capable of handing over her medical power of attorney to him or of making a choice to stay with Graham over her own family.

In the meantime, court was called to order. Ashley and Traci rushed in and handed Michael the manuscript. Michael asked to extend the recess for a couple of minutes to allow him to review some new evidence and to confer with all his clients. Moments later, Michael asked that the manuscript be introduced into evidence. He explained that Ashley and Traci had been detained because they'd gone through the Mergeron archives in search of evidence pertinent to the case, and they'd found a manuscript.

Michael began by saying that a few years back, Dina had started journaling and taking notes with the hope they would take the form of a published memoir. That book would chronicle her life and her climb to the top as a businesswoman. The manuscript vividly described her relationship with Graham Bloodworth, how it had begun, and her feelings about him as it progressed. Michael asked if he could share some of the excerpts from the manuscript with the court.

The judged approved, and Michael began to read:

"This weekend, I attended a party on a yacht -- always a risky proposition because the owners invariably insisted on taking everyone on board out to sea, turning their guests into captives. There is no exit other than stealing a lifeboat, but for once, I didn't mind. Instead of getting seasick, I met a marvelous man, gorgeous, rich, and far too young -- although he didn't seem to realize it, and frankly, I didn't care. That was how captivating I found Mr. Graham Bloodworth.

"He was debonair and respectful, refreshing, and had a refreshingly inappropriate sense of humor. His running commentary about the pretentious and eccentric who made up most of the guest list had me laughing for hours. For once, I didn't feel like an untouchable and too rich to be considered human. He treated me like a friend. It's been so long since I had a connection like that, I'd almost forgotten how pleasurable it could be.

"Has it only been six months since that fateful yacht party? Graham has made himself indispensable to the company. His cleverness and attention to detail has made my life easier in and out of the office -- too easy perhaps. When I see him and watch others looking at the two of us, I no longer feel the same pride in my handsome, efficient major-domo.

"My new constant companion always knows the right things to say and anticipates my every move too perfectly. Now I find myself wondering, far too often, if it's all a performance and if the sincerity I found so charming was ever really there.

"It's unlike me to be so indecisive. Maybe writing the words down would somehow open the door to the reality I loathed to face. I no longer trust Graham. I know he's only after my money, and I need to sever all ties, and the sooner, the better.

"Today was going to be the day to confront Graham and remove him from my life, but I couldn't. There was no opportunity. I was completely booked with important meetings until late in the evening, which I had completely forgotten about. I have become quite absent-minded lately, and it's infuriating, and it's obviously due to stress. What else could it be? Why am I still keeping this journal? What's the point? The likelihood of me completing and publishing a memoir is minuscule, and I would certainly end the story years ago.

"Now my doctor has diagnosed me with Alzheimer's. Who the hell would want to read that? Just thinking about it terrifies me. It would be better to be numb with shock -- living in denial instead of living with fear, guilt, and regrets that have been cutting me so deeply and painfully since I got the news two weeks ago.

"I want to see Jackie, Ashley, and Traci to apologize and fix things with them. How can I reach out to my children after all this time? I burned that bridge years ago. That was the worst mistake I ever made. I was so selfish, and I deserve to be alone. At least I have Graham.

"I feel terrible about not trusting him -- another error to add to the endless list. He could have already abandoned me, but I know I deserve that too. Instead, he is being so kind and supportive from the moment I shared that awful diagnosis. Thank God I didn't banish him from my life. I must listen to Graham. He's right about this -- I mustn't tell anyone about this. I can't -- no one cares except Graham, and he'll stay and take care of me always -- until the end. I have to do this. Must look at my will, can't forget that."

Ashley, Traci and Jack were in tears while Michael read from the manuscript.

Michael told the judge that it was crystal clear, by Mrs. Mergeron's own words, why Graham should be stripped of all legal responsibility where Dina was concerned. Brenda had nothing to add. The judge called a recess to review the evidence and said she'd return shortly with her decision.

Outside the courtroom, Jack hoped that Ashley and Traci had deleted all his angry messages. He said he'd been upset when he couldn't reach them. He should have known that his sisters would come through. It had been a stroke of luck finding Dina's memoirs. They were all elated because they believed the judge would rule in their favor. Traci said Graham would never recover after the judge saw Dina's actual words.

Jack said that everything that Michael had read supported everything he'd said about Graham and Dina. They were positive that they would be taking Dina home with them. Michael rushed out of the courtroom and advised them that Graham was about to take the stand. Michael had no idea what Graham would say, but once Michael began his cross-examination, Graham would realize what a huge mistake it was to take the stand.

Back in the courtroom, Graham stated that the suit brought by the Abbotts was a complete waste of time. It was obvious they had their own warped reasons for wanting Graham out of the picture so they could control Dina. No matter what the outcome of the meeting or the judge's ruling, one fact remained that could not be changed. He said that he and Dina were married, and that made him her legal next of kin. The Abbotts were gobsmacked.

Dina smiled widely and blew Graham a kiss, and Graham blew one back to her.

Reed takes drastic action after his hearing

Reed takes drastic action after his hearing

Thursday, January 11, 2018

At Crimson Lights, Sharon asked Mariah to take a box of day-old baked goods to a shelter. Mariah headed to the door with the box, and Nick jokingly asked if she was going to leave any for the rest of them. Sharon greeted Nick, and he wondered if he should take his coffee there or to go after turning her life upside down. Sharon assured him that telling her the truth had helped fix things, and she offered him a bonus with his coffee. He pointed out that Mariah had taken all the pastries, but Sharon said she had something just as sweet, and she leaned over and kissed his cheek.

Sharon told Nick about Abby showing up unexpectedly at her party to apologize, and she was surprised that Chelsea hadn't already filled him in. Nick hoped Sharon understood why he hadn't told her about Abby's involvement, and Sharon recognized that he'd been caught in the middle. She asked how he was doing after Christian's disappearance, and he groaned that it had been the longest hour of his life. Nick regretted that he'd blamed Chelsea for not keeping a closer eye on the tot, and Sharon sympathized that she'd seen what having his son taken could do to him.

Sharon pointed out a woman with two children sitting across the room. Sharon observed that they'd been there for hours, but the woman had only ordered one cup of coffee. Nick jokingly offered to call the Feds, but Sharon theorized that it was all the woman could afford. The woman approached, and Sharon asked what she could get for her. "A man with washboard abs," the woman deadpanned, and Sharon handed her a menu. The woman claimed that she didn't have her wallet with her, but she had a few bucks if Sharon had any day-old baked goods.

Sharon declared that the timing was perfect, since she'd been about to rotate her stock. Sharon interrupted Nick when he started to mention that Mariah had already taken the older pastries, and she offered the goodies on the counter to the woman for free. Sharon insisted that the woman was doing her a favor, and she volunteered to box them up. The woman stepped away, and Sharon worried that it might be all the kids ate that day. Nick warned that Sharon shouldn't get involved, but Sharon delivered the pastries to the woman's table.

Sharon introduced herself as the owner of the coffeehouse, and the woman, Kathy, presented her children, Ollie and Harper. Sharon commented that the kids were well-behaved, and she spotted Kathy's wallet. Kathy prepared to hand over the little cash she had, but Sharon insisted that it wasn't necessary, since she'd also been in tough spots when money had been tight. Kathy confided that she was between paychecks from her job at a discount store, and Sharon inquired whether Kathy had enough money for groceries. Kathy snapped that just because she was cheap didn't mean she didn't know how to take care of her kids.

Sharon swore that she hadn't meant any offense, and she offered to send Kathy's family home with more than pastries. Sharon asked if they had somewhere to go, and Kathy lamented that she was between places because her landlord had raised the rent. Sharon mentioned that she had contacts in social services, and she knew of a shelter where Kathy and her kids would be safe. Kathy insisted that she didn't need charity, but Sharon questioned where Kathy would go that night.

Sharon informed Nick that Kathy had been evicted because her landlord had jacked up the rent, and she thought Kathy had made up her story about staying with a friend. Sharon worried that she'd made Kathy feel self-conscious when she'd suggested a shelter, and Nick wondered if Sharon was looking for a project. Sharon teased that he should talk with all of his remodeling plans for the condo, and he claimed that he was having plumbing issues. Sharon spotted Kathy and her kids getting ready to leave, and she was determined to find out where they were going.

Later, Mariah was watching television at the cottage when Sharon arrived home with Kathy and the kids. Mariah's mouth dropped open when Kathy greeted her as "roomie." Sharon announced that Kathy and her kids would be staying with them that night.

Ashley pounded on the door of Graham's suite at the Athletic Club, and Michael urged her to calm down. Graham cracked open the door and stated that his wife was resting, and Ashley hissed that the marriage was a ploy because Graham knew that his power of attorney was slipping away. She called Graham a smug, coldhearted con man, and Graham added that he was also resourceful. Michael informed him that there was a legal injunction to bar Graham from leaving the state with Dina until the court reviewed their marriage. Ashley warned that if Graham tried to take Dina anywhere, she'd love to see his "sorry ass" behind bars.

At the Abbott mansion, Jack told Traci that the injunction would buy some time, but they couldn't rest until they proved Graham's claim to be a farce. Traci woefully reported that it wasn't, since she'd found the marriage license online. She explained that it had been issued in October after Graham had whisked Dina away, so Graham hadn't been bluffing about being legally married to their mother.

Later, Michael advised that the way to fight back was to prove that Dina hadn't been competent to make the choice to enter into the union because of her Alzheimer's diagnosis, and the marriage could be annulled. Traci expected Graham to fight it, but Jack figured that Graham was running out of options. Ashley pointed out that they'd underestimated Graham at every turn, but he'd always had another hand to play.

Traci privately told Ashley that she felt stupid for letting Graham lock her out of the house. Ashley recognized that he'd gotten the best of all of them at one time or another, but those days were gone. Traci gushed that she was glad they were on the same team, since Ashley was a fighter who had certain traits that Traci didn't possess. Ashley suspected that there was something else Traci wanted to say, and Traci worried about Ashley being able to keep her feelings of anger and frustration under control. Ashley swore that she wouldn't end up in Fairview, and the sisters hugged.

Jack returned to the room and announced that the delivery company had arrived with the supplies for Ashley's new lab. He mentioned that Gloria was unpacking, but he strongly implied that Ashley should also be there. Ashley stressed that their priority was getting their mother away from Graham, but Jack thought it would be a good distraction. Ashley huffed that he wasn't the CEO, so he couldn't tell her what to do. Traci reminded them of their promise to put their work feud on hold, and Ashley invited Jack to accompany her to the lab so she could keep an eye on him.

At Jabot, Jack thanked the workers for setting up the lab. Ashley reviewed the inventory and complained that it was all wrong, and she started to straighten it out herself. She spotted a toxic substance and griped that it shouldn't be near the oil compounds. As she moved things around, Jack imagined that she missed creating the magic. She dared him to admit that his real reason for harping about the lab was to take her attention off the CEO position, but he countered that the lab had been in the works long before their argument over the company.

Ashley thought Jack was trying to assuage his guilt over amending the bylaws. She recalled that he'd stood by her side after Dina had told the world about Ashley's paternity, but only months later, he'd excluded her from being able to lead the company because she wasn't a blood relative. Ashley compared Jack's actions to Graham's, since both men were master manipulators who would stop at nothing to get what they wanted, no matter who got hurt. She walked out.

Jack returned to the Abbott mansion and told Traci that Ashley comparing him to Graham had been a kick in the gut. Traci reasoned that Ashley had been trying to catch her breath since Dina had delivered the devastating blow on the night of Ashley's award ceremony, and Jack's blood-only amendment had hit Ashley equally as hard. Jack maintained that he'd been trying to do what was best for the company and their family. Ashley returned home and announced that she was moving ahead with the arbitration.

J.T. arrived at Victoria's house before Reed's court hearing, and Victoria called upstairs for Reed. J.T. apologized for butting heads with her earlier, but he wanted to be sure they were on the same page regarding their son. Victoria admitted that she'd rehearsed the same speech, and she yelled for Reed again. A disheveled Reed stomped down the stairs, and J.T. asked why he wasn't dressed for court. "Because I'm not going," Reed replied.

Reed picked up the television remote and declared that it was time to binge, but Victoria ordered him to get dressed. He argued that he'd read on a legal website that he didn't have to go to his court appearance because Michael could enter his guilty plea for him. J.T. asked for a minute alone with his son, and Victoria reluctantly stepped out. J.T. admonished Reed for his childish behavior, and he lectured that part of being an adult was owning up to one's mistakes. J.T. cautioned that things could get a lot worse, and he pleaded for Reed to get dressed, or Reed would become the worst possible version of himself.

At the Chancellor mansion, Charlie asked Cane if he'd talked to Lily, but Cane figured that they hadn't spoken because of the jet lag and their schedules. Cane swore that there were no worries because they weren't rushing it, and he hoped to pick things up where they'd left off once she got back. Cane inquired about Charlie's homework, and Charlie confided that he was struggling with math. Cane took a quick look and suggested that Charlie talk to Mattie, and he asked where she was. Charlie reported that she was upstairs, but he sensed that Cane was up to something.

Cane revealed that Reed's DUI hearing was that morning, and he wanted to keep Mattie in the dark. Cane offered to increase Charlie's allowance if the teen helped him, but Charlie agreed to do it for nothing because Reed was a loser for drinking and getting behind the wheel. Later, Cane asked Charlie how things were going with Mattie, but Charlie reported that his sister and her car were missing. Cane pointed out that they both knew where she'd gone.

Reed entered the courtroom with his parents, and Michael expected the hearing to be short. Michael instructed Reed to confirm his guilty plea, and he anticipated that the judge would impose the minimum punishment. The judge started the hearing, and the prosecutor explained that officers had performed a traffic stop based on a tip and that Reed's blood alcohol content had tested at .05 percent. The judge noted that Reed's BAC had been below the limit, but state law dictated that he shouldn't have been drinking at all, much less driving a car. Reed pleaded guilty.

The judge acknowledged that it had been Reed's first offense, and she recognized that he'd cooperated with the police. She declared that she was ready to render a decision, but Mattie interrupted and insisted on making a statement. The judge explained that it wasn't a trial, so there was no testimony, but Mattie asserted that the judge didn't understand. The judge demanded to know who Mattie was, and Mattie revealed that she'd been the one who'd called 9-1-1 to have Reed arrested.

Mattie was adamant about being heard, and the judge allowed it. Reed protested that it wasn't fair because Mattie was prejudiced, and Michael ordered him to be quiet. Mattie recounted that she hadn't been drinking at the party, but she'd seen Reed have a beer or two. She continued that he'd insisted that he was okay to drive, but she'd told him that she'd call the police if he did, and they'd gotten into a fight. She added that he hadn't listened, and she'd called 9-1-1 so that he wouldn't hurt himself or someone else.

Reed whined that Mattie was making it worse, but she asserted that it wasn't the whole story. Mattie divulged that Reed had been upset because he'd just found out that his dad's marriage was ending, and Reed had been through one divorce already. Mattie contended that Reed had been through a lot, and even though it wasn't a reason to drink and drive, she wanted to establish his state of mind for the judge to consider when determining his punishment. Mattie recognized that Reed had made a mistake, but it hadn't been entirely his fault.

The judge said she'd been about to hand down the minimum sentence until she'd witnessed Reed's reaction to his friend's statement. She observed that Reed had appeared remorseful, but she'd witnessed another side that had shown that he was only concerned with saving his own butt. She felt that he hadn't grasped the magnitude of his offense, so she'd decided to impose a stiffer penalty including a fine, a 90-day suspension of his license, and 25 hours of community service. Reed objected, and the judge extended his license suspension to one year. The judge ordered him to think about how he'd ignored his friend's sound advice when he was riding the bus for the next year.

Reed chased after Mattie to the elevator, and she apologized for messing things up. He conceded that he'd managed to do that on his own, and he thanked her for speaking on his behalf. He asked if they could get together to try to fix things between them, but she was offended that he'd assumed that she was there to hurt him when she'd genuinely been trying to help. Reed admitted that he'd been a jerk, and Mattie told him to take a look at himself and figure some things out on his own. As she stepped onto the elevator, she added that she hadn't given her statement because she'd wanted him to forgive her.

Mattie returned to the mansion and apologized to Cane for leaving without telling him. She relayed that she'd gone to Reed's hearing to address the judge, but she thought she'd only made things worse. Mattie said it was up to Reed to decide what he wanted to do with his life, and Cane inquired whether she was okay. She requested his special Aussie waffles, and he replied that there was nothing he'd like more than to make them for her.

Victoria returned home with Reed and J.T., and Reed spat that it was a sick joke. Victoria scolded him for talking back to the judge, and Reed complained that the judge had been a jerk. Victoria pointed out that the judge had been trying to get him to take responsibility for a serious offense, and she refused to let him dip into his savings to pay the fine. Reed argued that the court didn't care where he got the money, but Victoria demanded that he earn the money by getting a job. Reed wailed that he would have no means of getting to a job and that he'd have no time between school and community service. Victoria figured that punishment meant sacrifice, and she suggested that he sell his guitar.

J.T. objected to Victoria stripping Reed of everything, but Reed glumly stated that it didn't matter, since he'd never be a real musician. Reed revealed that he'd applied for a summer music program, but he hadn't gotten in. Victoria was stunned that he hadn't said anything about it, and Reed imagined that she would have found a reason for him not to apply. Reed bemoaned that he hadn't been accepted, so he had to accept that he was a loser. Reed marched upstairs, ignoring J.T.'s words of encouragement not to give up.

Victoria and J.T. agreed that Reed's attitude and actions made more sense, but J.T. hated seeing their son down on music. J.T. planned to talk to Reed about how common rejection was in the music industry, and Victoria was afraid that Reed would get into even more trouble without music to occupy his time. J.T. cautioned that Reed already thought he was a loser, so the last thing the teen needed was for her to call him one. Victoria expressed concern that Reed was on a downward spiral, and she recommended sending him to boarding school. Reed overheard from the top of the stairs.

J.T. was adamant that sending Reed to boarding school would be a mistake, since J.T. and Victoria needed to be present in Reed's life. Victoria grumbled that she'd lost valuable years when J.T. had taken Reed away, and J.T. admitted that it had been a mistake, but he thought they had a chance to fix their family. J.T. questioned whether it was more important to help Reed or assign blame, and she insisted that all that mattered was Reed. J.T. vowed to fix it together, and they hugged. After J.T. departed, Reed crept down the stairs with his guitar and a duffel bag, and he stealthily slipped out the door.

Someone dressed in black sneaked into the Jabot lab. They stashed some vials into a bag and smashed other things on the floor. The person paid special attention to the bottle that Ashley had indicated was toxic before tucking it carefully inside the bag.

Victor and Nikki enjoy their new alliance

Victor and Nikki enjoy their new alliance

Friday, January 12, 2018

Ashley flipped on the lights in the Jabot lab and stared in disbelief at the mess the intruder had left behind the night before. Later, the police arrived at the scene, and Paul theorized that a competitor had been behind it. Ashley pointed out that they would have been after formulas, not ingredients, and her computer had been untouched. Paul noted that someone had figured out how to break in without triggering the alarm, but anything could happen when chemicals and drugs were involved. He asked Ashley to identify everything that had been damaged or stolen so he could determine a possible motive for someone to break in and steal those particular chemicals.

At home, Victoria yelled repeatedly for Reed to hurry up so he wouldn't be late for school. She went upstairs to get him, but she raced back down and made a call to report that Reed was gone. A short time later, J.T. showed up, and Victoria informed him that Reed had taken off sometime overnight. She mentioned that she'd called the school, but Reed wasn't there, and his guitar, some clothes, and his computer were missing. She wondered where their son had gone and why.

Victoria confirmed over the phone that Reed hadn't been admitted to the hospital, and J.T. quipped that their son also wasn't in jail, so they were two for two. Victoria chided J.T. for making jokes, and she wanted to call the police. She pondered why Reed had taken off when she'd thought they were in a good place, and J.T. clarified that Reed had been -- until he'd learned about being rejected from the music program and J.T.'s separation from Mac. J.T. worried that the teen was falling apart.

Phyllis struggled with cooking something in her kitchen. Billy playfully grabbed her and asked what smelled good, and she informed him that she'd made pancakes. He amorously stated that he hadn't been talking about pancakes, but she insisted that they had to get Johnny and Katie ready for school. Phyllis groaned that she didn't understand why it had been easier with Summer, and Billy assured her that his kids adored her. She remarked that it had been great having them there, but she would be relieved when they headed back to their mother so she and Billy could have the place to themselves. Phyllis answered the door, and Reed burst in and told Billy that he needed a place to crash.

Billy assumed that Reed had fought with his mom, and Reed complained that Victoria wanted to send him to boarding school after the judge had made her think she had to be harder on him. Reed groused about the huge fine and the community service hours, and he ranted that Victoria had said he had to get a job or sell his guitar to pay the fine. Reed explained that he hadn't been able to take any more after his mom had mentioned boarding school, so he'd gone to the house of a friend whose parents were out of town. Phyllis and Billy realized that Reed hadn't let Victoria know that he'd left.

Billy insisted on calling Victoria to tell her that Reed was okay, but Reed grumbled that she'd probably send him to military school. Phyllis acknowledged that Victoria could be rigid, but she reasoned that Victoria was strict because she cared about Reed. Reed groaned that he felt like a warden dictated his every move, and he protested when Billy made the call. Victoria was relieved to hear that Reed was safe with Billy, and she put the call on speaker. She planned to pick Reed up, but Billy advised her against it, since Reed was upset by the idea of boarding school.

Victoria realized that Reed had heard her and J.T. talking, and she wanted to speak to her son. Billy cautioned that she didn't want to make things worse, and J.T. feared that Reed might disappear again. Victoria overheard as Johnny and Katie ran in and asked if Reed was there to drive them to school, but Reed forlornly explained that he wouldn't be driving for a while. Victoria hesitated to leave Reed there when they needed to talk about what he'd done, and Billy suggested that Reed stay with him for just one night to give everyone a chance to simmer down. Victoria agreed.

After they hung up, J.T. grappled with wanting to drag Reed back, but Victoria conceded that Billy had made a valid point about Reed acting out again if they tried to tell him that he couldn't do something. J.T. thought Reed would listen to him, since J.T. had been a rebel back in the day. Victoria wondered when she and J.T. had turned into cranky, inflexible adults with lists of "nos" and "shouldn'ts," and J.T. commented that they'd grown up. J.T. couldn't believe that he was taking advice from Billy, and Victoria admitted that Billy was a very good father to his kids. J.T. noted that she wasn't as inflexible or cranky as Reed thought.

Victoria prepared to go to the office, but J.T. suggested that they both take a personal day to unwind. Victoria objected to ditching work on a whim, especially since there was no way she would be able to unwind with the stress she was going through. J.T. reasoned that people didn't take days off when things were going great, and he offered to join her for an innocent massage if it would make her feel less guilty. She denied feeling guilty, but he recognized the look on her face as her feeling that she had to appear responsible. She said she sometimes hated how well he knew her, and she agreed to take the day off.

Victoria vowed not to let Reed give up on music, and J.T. agreed that the teen couldn't stop writing and playing because of one rejection. Victoria pledged to teach Reed to believe in himself again, but she thought he had to have thicker skin and not give up when things didn't go his way. J.T. hoped Reed hadn't inherited that trait from him, since he sometimes thought about his failures and wondered if he hadn't tried hard enough. Victoria assumed that he meant with Mac, but J.T. mused, "And you." Victoria assured him that she had been just as much to blame for their marriage falling apart, and J.T. declared that he was happy with how they got along then compared to when they'd first broken up.

Nikki stopped by and mentioned that Victoria's assistant had told her that Victoria had taken the day off. Nikki stopped short when she spotted J.T., and she asked if she was interrupting. After Victoria filled her mother in about what had happened with Reed, Nikki was appalled that Victoria and J.T. had indulged Reed by letting him stay with Billy after taking off in the middle of the night. Nikki huffed that she and Victor never would have stood for that kind of behavior. J.T. explained that Victoria had realized that being overly strict wouldn't work, so they intended to have an adult conversation once things calmed down. Nikki growled that J.T. hadn't been in Reed's life for the last year, so he should be the last one weighing in on it.

J.T. argued that he had legal custody of Reed, so he was entitled to an opinion. Nikki spat that Reed had been drinking because he'd been upset over J.T. and Mac's breakup, and she and J.T. traded barbs about one another's parenting skills. Nikki admonished J.T. for ripping Reed away from his mother, but J.T. countered that the judge had sided with him. Nikki snapped that Reed wouldn't be in trouble if he'd had his mother's influence, but Victoria intervened and suggested that Nikki leave. A shocked Nikki announced that she would personally straighten Reed out, since neither of his parents seemed equipped to do it, and she stormed out.

Victoria wished that J.T. hadn't spoken to her mother that way, but J.T. asserted that Nikki should have minded her own business. Victoria admonished J.T. for being rude and disrespectful, but he scoffed at the idea of not defending himself when Nikki hadn't been in the right. Victoria argued that he'd taken her son away and made visitation impossible, yet J.T. had been so busy with his other kids that Reed had been shortchanged. J.T. bellowed that it was typical for the Newmans to side with one another while blaming other people for things they caused. He added that he'd been naÔve to think that things had changed between them.

Victoria told someone over the phone that she'd decided to go into the office, after all, and J.T. grumbled that it was no surprise that she still ran when things got too difficult. She blasted him for not taking responsibility for moving to another state and the damage it had caused, and he snarled that it was always about her. Victoria insisted that Reed had needed his mom to be there for him, but J.T. countered that she'd always been at work and never around. Victoria snapped that she'd known that she'd never had J.T.'s full attention and love, since she hadn't been the love of his life.

J.T. retorted that the ink hadn't been dry on their divorce papers before Victoria had married Billy, and she asked if he'd taken Reed to get back at her. She demanded to know if he'd expected her to stay home and bake cookies, and he replied that he hadn't expected her to have a one-night stand with Deacon. J.T. called Victoria a selfish, spoiled princess who took what she wanted without dealing with the consequences, and he recalled that she hadn't given "a damn" that she'd been married to Brad when they'd gotten together. Victoria dragged J.T. out the door and hollered that she didn't want to hear his voice or see his face.

J.T. shivered outside Victoria's house and called out to ask if he could at least have his coat, since it was really cold out there. Victoria opened the door, and he stepped back inside. Their eyes locked for a moment, and he grabbed her and kissed her passionately. They tore at one another's clothes and began to have sex on the stairs.

Meanwhile, Phyllis was mystified that Reed had ended up running to her and Billy when they were hardly the parental types. Billy thought that was the whole point, since Reed had expected them to tell him he was right about everything and that he never had to see his mother again. Phyllis recalled the look on Reed's face when they'd told him that he couldn't stay, and Billy stated that he'd officially become his dad. Phyllis cooed that Billy was a lot cuter, and they kissed.

After Hannah picked up the kids, Billy and Phyllis exchanged a high-five. She indicated that Reed was upstairs, insisting that he wasn't going to school, but she figured that he would be Victoria's problem again by that time the next day. Cane arrived and couldn't believe that Billy wasn't ready for their meeting. Cane pointed out that Billy had insisted that they drive together, and Billy explained that it had been a chaotic morning. Cane doubted that the chairman they were meeting with would think Billy had put much thought into their pitch when he saw Billy in sweatpants.

Phyllis offered to pour Cane some coffee while Billy got ready. Reed appeared, and Cane sourly asked if he was the chaos Billy had referred to. Cane lectured that Mattie had gone out of her way to help Reed, and Reed had only hurt her. Reed snapped that he didn't want to talk, and Billy suggested that Cane go to the meeting without him. Cane revealed that Jill and the chairman were old friends, and the client had insisted on meeting Jill's son. Billy acknowledged how much it had killed Cane to say that, and he went upstairs to get ready.

After Billy and Cane left, Nikki arrived and demanded to see her grandson. She yelled for Reed and sternly called out that they needed to talk. Reed descended the stairs, and Nikki ordered him to get his things because he was going with her. He guessed that Nikki had talked to his mom, and he imagined that Victoria was thrilled to get rid of him by sending him to boarding school. Nikki asserted that she wasn't interested in his spin, and she threatened to call the judge to personally see that he served time. Taken aback, Reed hurriedly gathered his things, and Nikki told him to march.

After their meeting at the Athletic Club, Billy was impressed that Cane had seemingly pulled the deal off. Cane was grateful that Billy hadn't tried to take over the discussion when he hadn't been prepared, and Billy declared that lunch was on him. Billy was irritated when Cane was preoccupied with something on his phone, and Billy grabbed it away and saw that Cane had been sending a text message to Lily. Billy taunted that people weren't known to sit in a hotel and watch TV in Paris, and he envisioned what two gorgeous women like Lily and Abby would be doing.

Cane confided that he was trying to create the perfect message to let Lily know he was thinking about her. Billy recalled that he'd missed key opportunities when he'd been attempting to get Phyllis back, and he saw Cane doing the same thing. Cane questioned if reaching out was a mistake, and Billy warned that the way Cane was doing it was lame, since Cane should be telling her that he couldn't live without her. Billy encouraged Cane to make a grand gesture, since Cane was competing with Paris for Lily's attention. Cane jumped to his feet and declared that the food could wait. "I'm going to go and get Lily back!" he exclaimed.

Billy greeted Ashley in the foyer and asked how she was doing. She informed him that Jack had presented remodeling the lab as a surprise, but she thought he'd done it for his own self-serving reasons. She continued that someone had broken in before they'd finished setting up, and she didn't know what had been taken, but there had been a huge mess with glass everywhere. Billy hoped she didn't think Victoria was behind it, but Ashley pointed out that a competitor would have been after propriety information. Ashley vowed that she'd make whoever had done it wish they'd never been born.

Over drinks at the bar, Billy implored Ashley to tell him the real reason she was upset, since no one had been hurt during the break-in, and she and Jack were working through their issues. Ashley disclosed that the arbitration was back on, since she'd realized that Jack had been trying to distract her with the lab. She refused to let Jack play games with the future of the company, and she wanted to put the attention back on Dina. Ashley informed Billy that Graham had married Dina in Florida to hold onto her finances, and Michael was trying to fight it through legal channels, but she and Jack had agreed that they had to get rid of Graham for good.

In his hotel suite, Graham pulled out a paper bag and carefully placed multiple vials on a table. He gazed at them with a sinister smirk.

Nikki returned to the ranch with Reed, and Victor said he was happy that Reed would be living with them for a while. Victor confirmed that he knew what Reed had done, but he and Nikki had agreed that it wasn't a good idea for Reed to spend more time with Phyllis and Billy. Reed firmly stated that he didn't ever want to go home, and Victor invited him to get anything he wanted to eat from the kitchen. After Reed ate heartily, Victor asked if his grandson would like something else, and Reed requested cake. Victor said Reed could have any dessert his heart desired after Reed cleaned out the stables. Reed stared at him in shock.

Victor instructed Reed to call his school to find out what he'd missed in class and to finish any assignments to return the next day. Victor continued that Reed was expected to clear his dishes after each meal, make his bed in the morning, and wake up early to exercise every morning before school. Nikki chimed in that one of them would drive Reed into town and pick him up after his last class, and Reed stammered that it hadn't been what he'd expected. Victor cheerfully stated that it would be good for Reed to have a routine and to do chores, and he told Reed to consider it his own personal boot camp.

Victor suggested that Reed start by getting his hair cut like any good soldier. Reed protested, but Nikki asserted that Reed wasn't leaving until he learned discipline and understood the seriousness of his actions. Victor insinuated that he had a vast array of private investigators who would find Reed if he left, and Reed indicated that he understood. Victor pointed out that Reed knew the way to the stables, and he asked his grandson to kindly carry out his dishes on the way. Reed obliged, and Victor and Nikki exchanged knowing smiles.

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