The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of January 15, 2018 on Y&R

Victor walked in on Victoria and J.T. having sex. Cane and Lily decided to get back together. Graham was injected with a toxic substance during a struggle with Dina. On live television, Mariah angrily accused Tessa of stealing the words from Mariah's journal to write a new song.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of January 15, 2018 on Y&R
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Graham lures Ashley into a trap Graham lures Ashley into a trap

Monday, January 15, 2018

At Crimson Lights, Ashley met with Paul and asked about the burglary at Jabot's research lab. Paul asked Ashley if she'd turned over her list of stolen chemicals. Ashley explained that due to the recent remodeling of her lab, chemicals had yet to be logged and properly stored. Ashley told Paul she'd check her recent invoices and let the department know what kind of chemical compounds the thief might have taken. Paul said all information Ashley provided could help investigators narrow their search. Ashley said she wanted the perpetrator to be prosecuted and locked away.

In their suite at the Genoa City Athletic Club, Dina noticed Graham placing vials of chemicals into a paper bag. Dina said, "What are you doing with all those drugs?" Graham quickly closed a drawer into which he'd placed a single vial and a syringe. Graham claimed he'd recently become a pharmaceutical representative. Dina said she didn't remember Graham having ever mentioned his new vocation, but she didn't question him about it. Graham invited Dina to accompany him on a long walk in the park. After Dina walked out the door, Graham donned one glove, picked up the paper bag filled with vials of chemicals, and followed her down the hallway.

At Chancellor Park, Graham and Dina warmed themselves by the fire and drank hot chocolate. Dina suggested they invite her children to join them on the cruise. Graham declined and noted that Dina's children tended to squabble. Graham picked up the paper bag and walked toward a trash receptacle. Before Graham could dispose of the stolen chemicals, he noticed that Nick was standing inches away.

Nick greeted Dina, but she didn't recognize him. Nick explained that he was Jack and Ashley's friend. Dina introduced Graham and noted that he worked in pharmaceuticals. Graham shook hands with Nick. Nick leaned in close and said, "I heard about your court appearance. Make sure you take good care of her." Graham set the paper bag on the table. Dina said she was starving, grabbed the bag, and asked what Graham had put inside for them to eat. Graham snatched the bag away from Dina. Nick was taken aback by Graham's odd behavior. Graham claimed that the bag contained medications.

Nick advised Graham to make sure Dina was given her medications. Nick warned Graham that there would be problems if Dina hurt a member of Nick's family again. Before Nick walked away, he wished Dina well. Dina was cordial and wished Nick well. After Nick was out of sight, Graham told Dina it was time to leave because they'd been out walking for hours. When Graham passed by the trash receptacle, he tossed the bag of chemicals into it.

Graham welcomed Ashley to his and Dina's suite. Ashley had been apprehensive when Graham had phoned claiming he'd wanted Dina to spend time with her children. Ashley waited while Graham fetched Dina from the adjoining room. Dina, still carrying her handbag, warmly greeted Ashley and identified her by name. Dina mentioned the cruise. Ashley turned to seek clarification from Graham. Graham admitted that he and Dina weren't about to embark on a cruise. Dina noted that Graham was working for a pharmaceutical company. Graham quickly changed the subject and showed Dina information online about the cruise line.

While Dina was occupied, Graham took Ashley aside and explained that Dina believed he was involved with pharmaceuticals because he administered her medications. Dina suddenly interrupted and addressed Ashley as a housekeeper. Dina requested additional towels. Ashley remained composed and agreed to provide the towels. Dina reached into her handbag, retrieved some cash, and gave it to Ashley as a tip. After Dina left the room, Graham pulled two tissues from a box, acted as if he was dabbing tears, and handed one tissue to Ashley. Ashley snapped, "I'm fine. You keep it."

Graham ordered room service for himself and Ashley. Graham noted that Dina often became confused and forgetful. Graham pretended to check his blood-sugar level and requested that Ashley reach into the mini-fridge to get his insulin and hypodermic syringe. Ashley was surprised to learn that Graham was diabetic. Graham claimed he'd been diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes when he'd been a child. Ashley opened the fridge and handled both the vial of medication and the syringe before Graham decided he didn't need the medication. Ashley immediately returned the items as Graham instructed.

Graham reminded Ashley that he'd promised to care for Dina until the very end. Ashley said she hadn't forgotten that Graham had once accused Dina of ruining his life. Graham claimed that Dina had lifted him from a dark place. Ashley mentioned Dina's money. Graham said Dina had offered him great generosity and caring friendship. Ashley noted that Graham was still spiteful and close to inheriting hundreds of millions of dollars.

Graham insisted to Ashley that he would live up to the vows he'd made to Dina. Ashley replied, "Oh, are you referring to your marriage vows?" Ashley added that nobody in the world believed Graham's vows were genuine. Ashley insisted that Graham was concerned only with "until death do us part." Ashley warned that she would convince a judge that Graham and Dina's marriage was a sham. After Ashley left, Graham used a tissue to transfer the syringe from the fridge to a plastic bag.

At Sharon's house, Nick stopped by to pick up Faith. Mariah opened the door and escorted Nick inside just as a young boy and girl sauntered down the stairs and disappeared into the kitchen. Nick asked if he was at the wrong house. Sharon and Kathy entered the room. Kathy joined her children in the kitchen. Mariah went upstairs to assist Faith. Nick expressed his displeasure with Sharon's decision to allow strangers to live in the house with Faith present. Sharon told Nick he should take Faith to live with him and Chelsea for a few days. Sharon noted that Kathy and her children needed time to get back on their feet.

Mariah later stopped by Crimson Lights and saw Tessa sitting alone at a table. Tessa seemed frustrated as she scribbled on a pad of paper. Tessa explained that she'd been trying to compose lyrics because Devon expected her to deliver a new song. Tessa lamented that she was in need of real inspiration. Mariah replied, "Hey, don't look at me." Tessa explained that she hadn't meant to be insensitive or flirtatious. Mariah admitted that she'd overreacted. Tessa said she'd missed having Mariah's input. Tessa complimented Mariah's recent television interview. Mariah suddenly remembered she'd forgotten to pick up her clothing from the dry cleaner and left abruptly. Tessa seemed discouraged.

Mariah returned home and had a heart-to-heart talk with Sharon. Mariah cried that she'd made many missteps and had found adulthood to be difficult. Sharon praised Mariah for keeping a journal. Mariah said she'd filled a good chunk of her journal with personal observations, burning questions, and a number of rants. Sharon advised Mariah not to hold back because she could revisit the entries and edit parts of the journal she considered important. Sharon noted that keeping a journal might help Mariah find clarity and comfort as she charted her future. Mariah replied, "Like a map for my journey of self-exploration. If only I was going someplace." Sharon replied, "You are! Even if you don't believe it, I do."

Nikki and Victoria talked over lunch in the dining room at the Genoa City Athletic Club. Nikki mentioned that she'd ensured that Reed had completed his homework after Victor had made his grandson muck the stables. Nikki berated J.T.'s decision to breeze into town and suddenly take on the role of "superdad." Nikki insisted that Reed needed stability and discipline. Nikki noticed that Victoria was distracted. Nikki said, "What or who is putting that smile on your face?" Victoria insisted that she and J.T. intended to work together to set Reed on the right path. Victoria added that she and J.T. were more in sync than she ever thought they could be.

Nikki stopped by Sharon's house after Nick alerted Nikki that Sharon had taken in strangers. Kathy answered the door. Nikki was shocked to see Kathy again. Nikki explained that Sharon was her former daughter-in-law. Kathy said she didn't know what might have happened to her and her two children had Sharon not taken them in. Nikki noted that Kathy had ended up in a special place. Kathy insisted she hadn't been raised to rely on charity. Nikki recalled that she'd believed Kathy to be an angel when their paths had crossed on Christmas Day. Kathy replied, "I'm no angel."

Sharon and Mariah emerged from the kitchen. Kathy noted that Nikki had needed no introduction because they'd already crossed paths. Mariah invited Kathy to join her in the kitchen. Sharon knew at once that Nick had told Nikki about Kathy. Sharon was surprised when Nikki warmly embraced her. Nikki thanked Sharon for being Kathy's guardian angel. Nikki said that Sharon had inspired her. Sharon smiled and nodded in agreement.

At the Chancellor estate, J.T. attempted to enter the house quietly. Cane and Billy were having coffee and orange juice in the living room and noted that J.T. had been out all night. J.T. joined Cane and Billy. Cane announced that he would be traveling to Paris to join Lily, and he placed Billy in charge of Chancellor Industries during his absence. After Billy left the room, Cane told J.T. he would've placed him in charge had Jill not dictated otherwise. Cane asked J.T. to keep an eye on Billy and not let him wreck the company.

Billy returned after Cane went upstairs to check on Sam. Billy insisted that J.T. share details about his overnight escapade, though J.T. had remained mum about his private life. J.T. had left by the time Cane returned to the room. Billy noted that J.T. had tired of being hounded about his all-night "sexcapade." Cane laughed. Mattie and Charlie arrived. Billy left.

Cane explained to his twins that he'd be out of town for a while. Cane told Mattie and Charlie to stay with Devon. Charlie asked Cane where he was going. Mattie replied, "Read between the lines. He's going after Mom to Paris." Mattie leaned close to her brother and whispered, "He just doesn't realize it's another disaster in the making." Mattie admitted she feared Cane's plan might backfire and make things worse than before. Cane left Sam in Esther's care before heading to Europe.

J.T. stopped by Victoria's office. J.T. asked Victoria to explain what was going on with them. Victoria replied, "I'm not sure we're any closer to figuring out what came over us last night." Victoria recalled that they'd been arguing like dysfunctional parents before suddenly giving over to passion. J.T. replied, "Did you tell anybody about last night?" Victoria said she hadn't. J.T. said he hadn't told anyone and noted that they were both single.

Victoria mentioned the possibility of rebound sex. J.T. assured Victoria he hadn't had sex with her to forget his divorce. Victoria said their night of passion had differed greatly from their sexual encounters during marriage. As J.T. was about to leave, passions reignited. J.T. and Victoria ripped off their clothes. J.T. cleared Victoria's desk. The couple reclined on top of the desk, kissing and groping.

Victor walks in on a compromising situation

Victor walks in on a compromising situation

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

In Paris, Cane popped into a cab and told the driver that he needed to find his wife to save his marriage. Later, he turned his key in his hotel room lock and entered his suite. After he closed the door, Lily stepped out of the suite across the hall and headed out. Cane looked wistfully out the window.

During a photo shoot, Abby rambled that she'd forgotten how great the espresso was in Paris, and Lily mused that she truly loved the city. Abby gushed that Lily was nailing the shoot, and Lily spoke with the photographer in French. Abby admired Lily for perfecting her French while Abby had been trying to meet a prince in London, and Lily recalled her fond memories of Paris. Abby suspected that they included wedding ones, and Lily admitted that while she'd been trying to concentrate on work, all she could think about was Cane.

Lily wondered if she and Cane would reunite and how the kids would react. Abby assured Lily that she and Cane would have as much time as they needed when Lily got home, and Lily pledged to throw herself into an amazing shoot in an incredible city. Lily was dismayed to realize that she'd left her phone at the hotel, and she fretted that the twins might try to reach her. Abby pointed out that Cane had things under control -- unless Lily was hoping that he'd be standing by the phone when she called.

Cane attempted to call Lily, but the call went straight to voicemail. Meanwhile, Abby promised that Lily and her phone would soon be reunited, just like Lily and Cane. Lily vowed to be present for her dream job in her dream city, and Abby envisioned the fun they'd have with the food and shopping. Lily pledged not to worry about the future and just to enjoy every moment there.

As Lily and Abby wrapped up the photo shoot, Abby teased that it was annoying how gorgeous and amazing Lily was in front of the camera. Abby thought the light in the exterior photos had been magical, and she imagined seeing it every day. Abby intended to pitch the idea of her staying to oversee the Brash & Sassy expansion, but she was afraid that it might look like she was running away from everything she'd screwed up. Lily reasoned that anyone would want to run to Paris, and Abby suggested that Lily join her. Lily realized that everything she needed for her new beginning was back at home.

At the Chancellor mansion, Billy asked J.T. to fill him in about what was on the agenda that day, and J.T. huffed that Billy clearly hadn't read his email. Billy checked his messages as J.T. looked down at his own phone.

At Newman Enterprises, Victoria thanked Devon for stopping by. She received a text message from J.T., saying he needed to see her. She smiled as she wrote back that it could be arranged. Devon pitched an idea for Victoria to give a speech to make a human connection by sharing how she intended to make Newman integral in people's everyday lives. Devon considered her to be special, since she was a brilliant, beautiful woman who was the perfect combination of inspirational and accessible. He pointed out that the focus would be on her and not on other aspects of Newman or her family members, and she thought it was the perfect way to bury the company's recent scandals.

Devon observed that Victor and Nikki had been doing a good job playing the power couple role, and he questioned whether it was the real deal or just for show. Victoria carefully stated that her parents' teamwork was real, and Devon inquired about Reed. Victoria groaned that teenagers were brutal, and she was happy that Johnny and Katie were still young. Devon assured her that she was a fantastic mom, and he thought it was best to keep a lid on Reed's DUI. Victoria worried that Reed hadn't taken the charges seriously, and she revealed that he'd moved in with her parents.

Victoria confided that she'd hated giving up control of her son, but she hadn't been able to get through to him. Victoria was taken aback when Devon assumed that she and J.T. were together, but Devon clarified that he'd meant that she and J.T. were on the same page about Reed. Victoria conceded that it had been very reassuring to have J.T. there, and she promised to try to avoid the next crisis so that Devon would have more time to concentrate on his music label. He commented that the landscape was always changing, but the good things in life were never easy.

After Devon left, Victoria responded to J.T.'s message by summoning him to her place right away. J.T. wrote back and repeated the words that it could be arranged. Billy wanted to discuss a tech company that looked promising, but J.T. said he had to go. Billy guessed that J.T. was fired up for work, and J.T. crowed that he couldn't get enough.

Cane started a video chat with Billy, who wondered if Cane had nothing better to do. Cane groaned that he hadn't been able to connect with Lily, and Billy assured him that everything was fine at home. Cane warned Billy not to drop the ball on the tech firm, and before signing off, Billy jokingly pitched the idea of opening a chain of amusement parks.

At the Athletic Club, Nikki used her phone to show Victor where Kathy had lived before Sharon had taken her in. Nikki bemoaned that it was a run-down building with broken windows, vermin, and no reliable heat. Nikki asserted that no human being should be allowed to live in such filth, but the landlord had kept raising the rent until the low-income residents had ended up out on the streets because they had no longer been able to afford it. She called the guy a despicable monster, but Victor pointed out that the landlord was a businessman and that many people only saw dollar signs.

Victor recalled when he and Nikki had had nothing. Nikki acknowledged that he'd worked hard to pull himself out of it, but she believed there was no point if one couldn't turn around and help the person behind them on the ladder. Victor remarked that she couldn't save the world single-handedly, but Nikki thought she could do something for Kathy and anyone else in their town who was struggling.

Victor loved seeing Nikki ready to fight for what she believed in, but she told him that he didn't have to humor or flatter her. He insisted that he was stating the obvious, and he offered to help if she needed him to. Nikki declined, and she intended to do some research to understand the issue more deeply first. He stressed that it was her baby, not theirs, but he wanted her to keep him informed. After Victor stepped away, Nikki made a call and requested some help.

Mariah greeted Nick at Crimson Lights, and he mentioned that he'd been thinking about Sharon and the family she'd invited to stay with her. Mariah admitted that she'd considered it to be a weird mother's instinct thing for Sharon to take an entire random family into her home, but she figured that it was Sharon's call to make. Mariah begged Nick not to be judgy, and she was stunned when he agreed with her. He explained that it wasn't a mother thing but a parent thing, since he'd been wishing there was something else he could do to help.

Nick was amazed that Sharon had done more than just give a family a place to stay -- she'd made sure that they knew someone cared. Mariah recalled that it had meant the world to her when Sharon had taken her in, despite everything Mariah had done. Nick commended Sharon for getting her life back together and making positive changes in the world, and Mariah pointed out that he was also a do-gooder. Nick protested that he'd never gone out of his way like Sharon had, but Mariah noted that he'd donated his trust fund to charity and helped save Chancellor Park. Nick recounted that Sharon had supported his efforts to save the park, so the least he could do was return the favor.

Later, Devon ordered some coffee and asked Mariah if he could join her. She surmised that Hamilton-Winters had been keeping him very busy, especially since Neil was in New York to care for Moses while Sofia was recovering. Mariah encouraged Devon to take a break once in a while, and he informed her that he'd just been out of town to see some acts that he might sign to his label. She mentioned that Tessa was working hard on writing new songs, but she sensed that something was off with Devon, and she jokingly threatened to drag it out of him. Devon admitted that the label might be in trouble.

Devon lamented that the label was bleeding money, but Mariah figured that it wasn't unusual because it was still in the early stages. He explained that it wasn't just about the money, since he wanted his employees to be proud of the work they were doing, and he was determined to make the company successful and strong as a whole. He added that he wanted to rival Jabot and Newman with more than a compassionate mission statement, but one of his departments was failing. Devon recognized that he'd set it up because he'd wanted to be in the music industry, but it couldn't just be an expensive hobby. Mariah asked if he intended to cut the division loose, but he vowed to figure something out and make a move.

Cane called J.T., who was at Victoria's home. Cane reminded J.T. to keep an eye on Billy, but J.T. lectured that Cane had better things to do than check up on them. Cane worried that even if he found Lily, she'd think that he didn't respect her career, and he reconsidered tracking her down. J.T. advised him to stop thinking, since Cane had gone all that way to make sure Lily knew he wanted her back. J.T. urged Cane to forget about work, find her, and tell her that he hadn't been able to wait one more minute to be with her again. Cane thanked him and hung up.

Victoria joined J.T. and purred that she hadn't been able to wait one more second, and he remarked that he might have spontaneously combusted. She pointed out that it could still happen, and they began to undress one another. She said it was crazy sneaking around like teenagers, and he asked if they should stop. She replied that they should, but he suspected that she wouldn't because she wanted it. She admitted that she did, and they started having sex up against the wall. The front door slammed, and they turned and faced Victor.

A flustered Victoria quickly got dressed and wondered why Victor hadn't knocked. Victor imagined that she hadn't heard him, and he'd let himself in because the door had been unlocked. He pointed out that she'd done the same thing at the ranch, and she struggled to explain. J.T. lamely acknowledged that they should have put safety first by locking the door, and Victor announced that he was there to pick up a textbook for Reed to complete his homework. Victoria mentioned that Reed needed to chill after school before starting his homework, but Victor asserted that the teen needed discipline and structure.

Victor went upstairs to Reed's room to retrieve the book, and Victoria grimaced at the bad timing. J.T. figured that they were adults, and she willed herself to act normal until Victor left. She asked why J.T. was grinning at her, and he informed her that her shirt was on inside out. Victor returned with the book, and Victoria offered to drop anything else Reed needed off at the ranch. Victor requested that she escort him to the door, and he privately reminded her that her priorities were her family and business. He warned that getting involved with her ex was a waste of time, and he departed.

J.T. was amused that Victor had been rendered speechless, and he grabbed Victoria and proposed that they make it their thing. She argued that they didn't have a thing, but he amorously suggested that they start one. Victoria answered a call from Cane, who claimed that he needed to reach Lily, but she wasn't answering her phone. As Victoria looked up Lily's schedule, an irritated Billy called J.T. and groused that there had been no meeting with the tech firm because J.T. had canceled it. J.T. curtly stated that he'd had other stuff to deal with that pertained to the meeting, but Billy barked that he didn't like being played or lied to. Billy demanded to know where J.T. really was, and J.T. taunted that Billy sounded like a paranoid husband.

J.T. and Victoria hesitantly acknowledged that they should get back to work, but they couldn't resist sharing another passionate kiss. Victoria pulled away and protested that they shouldn't be irresponsible, since they were adults and parents who had jobs to do. J.T. figured that his meeting wasn't for a little while, but she insisted that they couldn't be together right then. He noted that she was implying that they could be another time, and he pushed to know when. She promised it would be soon, and they kissed again. J.T. huskily stated that it wouldn't be soon enough, and he reluctantly left as she gazed fondly after him.

Nick joined Nikki at the Athletic Club bar, and she informed him that she was very frustrated about Kathy. Nick assured her that Kathy wasn't a threat, and Nikki declared that she was on Kathy's side. Nick recalled that Nikki had been ready to give Sharon a hard time the day before, but Nikki admitted that Sharon had done the right thing for once. Nikki insisted that it wasn't enough to only help one family, and she wanted to hold a charity dinner to benefit the homeless and to kick off a continuing campaign to get low-income families into affordable housing and back on their feet.

Nikki revealed that she'd been calling the usual suspects to open their checkbooks, but everyone's charitable dollars seemed to be committed elsewhere. Nikki planned to get back on the phone, and Nick told her to make him first on her list. He explained that he hadn't stopped thinking about Kathy and her kids, and he thought he and Nikki could work together to do amazing things for Kathy and other families. Nikki questioned how they'd do it.

Nick revealed that he'd offered to give Noah the insurance money from the Underground fire to rebuild the club, but Noah hadn't wanted it, so the funds were ready to use. He added that he only had about half of what it would take, but that was where Nikki stepped in. Nikki proclaimed that they were partners, and they hugged as Victor approached. Nikki announced that she and Nick would be working together to make an offer to buy the building Kathy had been evicted from, and they intended to fix it up and give low-income renters a nice place to stay.

Victor cautioned that Nick and Nikki would be landlords, meaning they'd get late-night calls about things going wrong. Nick snapped that they could handle it, and Victor said he was happy for them. Nick left to start getting things in motion, and Nikki hoped that Victor wasn't irked that she'd decided to work with Nick. Victor reiterated that he supported her, but he thought there was something else she needed to know.

After Victor told Nikki about the compromising encounter he'd witnessed at Victoria's, Nikki wondered how long it had been going on. Victor theorized that it had been the reason J.T. had returned to town and why he'd decided not to pursue Nikki's case. Nikki was appalled that J.T. wasn't even divorced, and she thought what he was doing to Mac, Victoria, and Reed was wrong. Nikki worried about what the precarious situation would do to Reed, and Victor anticipated that it would turn out to be a colossal mistake.

Cane arrived at the photo studio with flowers and asked the photographer where Lily was. The photographer reported that she'd left, but he didn't know where she'd gone. An exasperated Cane tossed the flowers aside.

Graham's plans for Dina take a deadly turn

Graham's plans for Dina take a deadly turn

> Graham's plans for Dina take a deadly turn

Graham's plans for Dina take a deadly turn

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

by Nel

In Paris, Abby looked through the pictures from Lily's photo shoot and said that Lily looked fabulous. Abby told Lily that the shoot had finished ahead of schedule, and they were free to do some sightseeing. Abby made some suggestions and mentioned that Lily and Cane had been married in Provence. Abby mentioned Pont Neuf, and that brought back some very fond memories for Lily. Lily explained that she and Cane had walked the bridge right at sunset. She recalled that they'd had their arms around each other, and she remembered how romantic it had been.

At the hotel in Paris, Cane called Devon and told him that he hadn't been able to hook up with Lily yet. He'd refused to call or text her because he didn't want to ruin the surprise. Devon suggested that Cane touch base with Abby. Cane told Devon that he had a room on the same floor as Lily. He was going to wait for her to return and surprise her. He wanted to see the look on Lily's face when she saw him. He claimed he would tell her he loved her and wanted her back for good. It would be magic.

Cane had called room service and had ordered Champagne and caviar and stated he didn't care about the cost. Cane heard a noise in the hall and rushed out, only to find Abby there. Abby gushed how romantic it was that Cane had gone after Lily, and she told him that Lily was gone because she'd wanted to catch the last flight out. Cane phoned Lily, but before they were able to talk, the call was dropped. Cane tried to call her again, but it went to voicemail. Cane decided to stop Lily from leaving and rushed out.

Later, Abby walked out of Cane's room with a glass of Champagne and bumped into Scott. Abby was vexed and told Scott that she'd flown across the ocean to get away from him. Scott claimed that he'd flown across the ocean because he'd wanted to apologize to Abby. Abby stated that she'd be an idiot to believe him. Scott assured her it was true, and he wanted to talk to her. Abby stated that if they were going to talk, she needed more Champagne.

Michael rushed into Jack's office at Jabot and told Jack he had set a date for the hearing. Jack was surprised. Michael said he had enough evidence against Graham to prove Graham's marriage to Dina was as sham. He was certain the judge would grant an annulment. Jack asked about Michael's strategy. Michael said that he would argue that the quickie wedding had been nothing more than a stall tactic to keep Dina away from her family and to ensure Graham's status as beneficiary in her will.

Michael joyfully claimed that Dina would be home with Jack and Ashley in two days, and they wouldn't have anything to fear from Graham. Jack was concerned that in forty-eight hours, Graham could devise another drastic move to protect his own interests. After Michael left, Jack received a frantic call from Dina about "John," but the call ended abruptly. Jack grabbed his coat and rushed out.

In the Jabot reception area, Paul told Ashley that a paper bag of chemicals with Jabot labels had been found in a trash can at Chancellor Park. He asked Ashley to figure out which chemicals were missing. Ashley told Paul that only one was missing, and she named it. Paul admitted he was aware of many chemicals, but he wasn't familiar with that particular one. Ashley explained that it was used to make perfume. Ashley and Paul were puzzled why the thief had kept that particular chemical. Paul realized it wasn't corporate espionage or some dealer who'd tried to make a score. He wondered what the thief wanted to do with it.

In Dina's suite, Graham told Dina that since they were married, she needed a ring. When he tried to place the ring on Dina's finger, Dina said he was absurd, and she became upset. She refused to wear it and gave it back to Graham. She claimed she was married to John Abbott. Graham corrected Dina and said that she was married to him.

Dina told Graham that she shouldn't have gone through with the hearing to divorce "John." She said that "John" had been wonderful to her. She wanted to talk to "John" and asked Graham to call him to straighten things out. When Graham refused, Dina said she'd call him herself. Graham said that "John" was dead, and she'd better get used to it because Graham was all Dina had.

When Dina was alone, she made a frantic call to Jack and asked him to confirm that "John" wasn't dead. Jack assured her that she had nothing to worry about. Graham caught Dina, grabbed the phone, and hung it up. Graham told Dina that she'd asked him to keep her away from her children because they upset her, and he didn't want to see Dina upset. He said he was only doing what she'd asked him to do. He'd promised to take care of her for the rest of her life and added that he never broke his promises.

At Crimson Lights, Tessa and Noah were discussing music. When Sharon approached, Noah stepped away to take a call. Sharon admitted that she'd invited Tessa to her party, hoping that Tessa and Mariah would have been able to put their friendship back on track.

Devon arrived and said he needed to light a fire in Tessa. She needed to start honoring the career break he'd given her. He was worried about the money because her song hadn't done as well as he'd expected. He needed her to step up her game and said that, together, they had to work harder.

Devon said that Tessa's track hadn't garnered the success that his company needed to justify putting more money behind her career. Tessa remarked that she'd thought the track had taken off after she'd been arrested for stealing Nikki's gun. Devon stated that it had turned out to be a temporary spike. Devon said Tessa was an amazing talent, but they hadn't broken even on the money they'd spent producing her first few songs.

Tessa asked if Devon was dropping her. Devon said he was confident that Tessa would come up with a bona fide commercial hit, and when she did, he'd hire the best producer and "market the hell out of it" because he believed in her. Tessa apologized for letting him down, but Devon said that they were in it together, and she hadn't let him down. He pointed out that she was a new artist, and he had a new record label. They were learning together, but they had to be successful. He wanted her to think of it as a creative challenge.

Noah told Sharon and Mariah that he was frustrated because Tessa was scrambling to write a hit, and the tension between Tessa and Mariah was palatable. He asked Mariah to tell Tessa she was doing a great job. Mariah approached Tessa and repeated what Noah had asked her to say.

Tessa said that she wanted to bridge the gap in her and Mariah's friendship, but Mariah had some terse words for Tessa and said she had some writing of her own to do. Tessa was surprised that Mariah wrote. Mariah went to the patio and began to write in her journal. A short time later, Mariah put her journal into her bag and went to get a coffee refill. At the counter, Sharon wanted to show Mariah and Noah something in the office. After they left, Tessa kept eyeing Mariah's journal. She quickly packed up her things, grabbed Mariah's journal, and left.

Lily was in a taxi and headed to the airport. She asked the driver to hurry because she had a flight to catch. While in the taxi, Lily received a call from Cane, but before they could have a conversation, the call was dropped. At the airport, Lily checked the flight schedules.

In another taxi, Cane frantically asked the driver to hurry because he wanted to catch up with his wife before her flight. Cane ran into the airport and called out to Lily. Lily was shocked to see him and asked how he'd known she was there. Cane said Abby had told him where to find her and that it was supposed to be a surprise. He told Lily that he'd been looking everywhere for her.

Cane said that Paris was his and Lily's place. Lily claimed that that had been the reason she'd wanted to leave. Cane wanted them to create new memories in Paris, but Lily protested. Cane warned that she'd regret getting on the plane and begged her to stay.

Jack arrived at Dina's suite and told Graham he'd barge in if he had to. Graham barred Jack from entering and threatened to call the police. Dina wanted to know who was at the door. From the doorway, Jack asked if Dina was okay. She was delighted to see "John." Graham barked that that was Jack, her son, not "John." Dina told Graham to stop being silly and said that Jack was just a little boy. Dina asked Graham to call room service and order coffee, but Jack asked her to pour him a glass of water instead. While Dina was at a distance, Jack reprimanded Graham for trying to confuse Dina. Graham stated he was Dina's husband, and he'd deal with her as he saw fit.

Dina gave Jack his glass of water, and Jack asked if Dina felt better. She confirmed she felt better because "John" was there. Dina said she'd known "John" wasn't dead. Jack addressed her as Dina and said he was happy they'd cleared things up for her. Dina didn't understand why Graham had had everything wrong. Jack said it didn't matter. Dina said all that mattered was that "John" was all right. Dina claimed she was exhausted from the events and hoped to see "John" soon. Jack promised Dina he'd return soon while he glared at Graham.

As Jack prepared to leave, Graham said he wouldn't give up, but Jack said to give it up because Graham had already lost. Graham stated that his marriage to Dina was legal. Jack countered that it was only legal until a judge annulled his marriage and his medical power of attorney. Jack added that he'd make sure that Graham would be written out of Dina's will. Graham wanted to know what Jack had done. Jack said that Graham would find out in two days. Jack was surprised that Graham's lawyer hadn't called him. He advised Graham to save his pennies because he was going to need them. Jack left.

At a Parisian restaurant, Abby and Scott discussed what had happened between them in the storage unit. Abby wanted him to call it sex, but Scott claimed that it had been much more than that. Scott admitted that he'd tried to avoid working at Neman for Abby's sake, but Victoria wouldn't allow it. He'd tried to buy Hashtag and had asked his mother to buy it, but Victoria refused to let him do that, either, so he'd quit. He claimed that the cable news channel was still interested in him, but Abby claimed she had a better idea.

After Abby ended her call with Victor, she told Scott that Victor had agreed to sell Hashtag directly to Scott, so everything Scott had built from the ground up was completely Scott's and independent of Newman. Victor had also agreed to let Scott pay for it over time. Scott asked why Abby had done that for him. Abby said that she owed Scott because he'd saved her reputation after Victoria had tried to throw her under the bus over the sex ring incident.

Abby asked Scott to write stories that would take down people like Zack. She also wanted him to relocate Hashtag to another city. Scott said Hashtag was digital, so he could work from anywhere, and he particularly loved London.

Abby asked Scott what he wanted to work on. He said that he'd heard about some jewel thieves that had struck London and Paris, but he was more interested in the buyers -- the rich and famous who'd pay for his stories. Scott said he'd like to go undercover to investigate the jewel thieves and joked that Abby would look perfect on his arm. Abby got up to leave. Scott said that she'd miss him. Abby retorted that she wouldn't miss him as much as he'd miss her. They said an awkward goodbye, and Scott left.

Cane and Lily returned to Cane's hotel suite. Cane admitted he'd been wrong to ask Lily not to go to Paris, but he'd been desperate to keep her. Lily said their situation was stressful and complicated because of Juliet and the baby. Cane admitted he'd messed up, and lying to cover up the mess he'd made of things had compounded the situation. Lily reminded him that he'd said that before and that the facts couldn't undo the hurt.

Cane claimed that he'd flown six thousand miles to catch up to Lily, and he'd raced to the airport to try to fix things between them. Lily claimed she'd had a feeling she shouldn't get on the plane. Cane felt that that had happened for a reason. Cane wanted to fix what was broken, and Lily wanted to know how he intended to do that. Cane said he still wanted her and asked if she wanted him.

Out on the balcony of Cane's suite, Lily told Cane that if they reconciled, it had to be more than a rekindling what they'd had. It had to be a restructuring of the family. Cane agreed and said that Charlie was rooting for them. Lily stated that Mattie wasn't on board. Cane felt that she'd warm to the idea -- Mattie had had him on a pedestal and given him credit that he'd never deserved. He was confident that Mattie would come around.

Cane said that like a house needed a strong foundation, Lily was their foundation. Lily was annoyed and felt that Cane had put everything on her. She went inside. Cane apologized and said he didn't mean to pressure her. Lily told him to stop apologizing. She said there had been a time for talking and a time when words weren't enough. She pulled Cane in for a kiss, and they ended up in bed.

In Jack's office, Ashley told Jack that the thief had kept only the ingredient that made perfume. Ashley said that that ingredient, if used outside the lab, could be toxic, and in the right amount, it could kill. Jack stated that it obviously didn't matter if the chemical had been taken orally or injected. Ashley was about to leave when she stopped in her tracks and pointed out that Jack had mentioned injection.

Ashley told Jack that when she'd been in Dina's suite, Graham had claimed he was diabetic. Ashley said that Graham had all the equipment that a diabetic would require. Jack asked how Ashley knew that. Ashley said that Graham had brought it to her attention. Jack said that Graham had realized that he was about to lose everything. Jack and Ashley rushed out of the office.

In Dina's suite, Graham filled a syringe with the chemical. Dina told him that she was more tired than she'd realized and wanted to take a nap. Graham suggested that she have a nice long nap.

After Dina had fallen asleep, Graham told Dina that things would only get worse for her. She'd become more confused, and she'd revert to her childhood. He knew she'd hate that, and it would be a sad a death for such a dynamic woman. With the syringe ready, Graham told Dina that she wouldn't feel a thing.

Graham kissed Dina's forehead, took her arm, and raised her sleeve. As he was about to inject her, Dina woke up and asked him what he was doing. She began to struggle. Graham ordered her to be still, but Dina continued to struggle and yelled for him to stop. Suddenly, Dina and Graham looked horrified when they saw the empty syringe stuck in Graham's arm.

Cane and Lily decide their future

Cane and Lily decide their future

Thursday, January 18, 2018

In a hotel room in Paris, Lily and Cane basked in the afterglow of their lovemaking. Lily mused that being together there felt familiar, and Cane added that it felt like they were starting over again. They flashed back to sharing a romantic kiss when they'd been in France years earlier. She referred to his idea of taking her to her favorite places, and she mentioned that she was starving. He suggested that they order room service, since they always managed to turn wherever they were into a little slice of Paris, even when they couldn't be there.

Lily reflected back on a time when she'd told Cane in French that he touched her heart deeply. She asked if he remembered that, and he caressed her face and replied that he remembered everything. Cane handed Lily a room service menu and suggested that they get some wine to celebrate. She opted for Champagne and strawberries with whipped cream, and he said he loved the way "Mrs. Ashby" thought.

Cane and Lily reminisced about him proposing to her at Dru's old dance studio. Cane credited Lily with keeping them together, since she was the love of his life. They recalled when he'd carried her across the threshold even before they'd been married, and he'd twirled her around the room as she'd laughed. Lily reflected back on the many beautiful memories they'd shared and how much love they'd had, and she contemplated how things had gone so wrong.

Lily bemoaned that she'd ruined everything by opening her big mouth when she and Cane had been having such a good time. He said she didn't have to apologize because as beautiful and perfect as the night had been, they had a difficult reality waiting for them in Genoa City. Lily didn't want to simply hope that things would be different, since they'd done that before. She flashed back to waking up from surgery and telling Cane that she was sorry that she couldn't have children. He'd assured her that the fact that she'd had two viable eggs to freeze had been a sign that she'd not only beat cancer but that she would have the children she wanted when the time was right.

Lily realized that she hadn't been sure if things would work out after her surgery, but she needed to be sure that time, since she doubted their marriage could survive something like that again. Cane wrapped his arms around Lily and asked what she'd do differently if she had to do their marriage over again. She flashed back to teaching him how to ice-skate, and she wished that they'd spent more days like that, with no phones or computers. They recounted getting into a playful snowball fight and Cane thanking God that she'd found it in her heart to trust him again. He'd vowed never to take any time with her for granted, and he'd asked her to marry him again.

Cane admitted that he had taken Lily for granted, and he'd almost lost her for good because of it. He remembered finding her in another man's bed, and she regretted how much it had hurt him. She flashed back to him not being ready to move back home because he hadn't been able to completely trust her, but he'd still given her a belated anniversary present. Lily pointed out that Cane had been able to forgive her, and he said he knew what it was like to let things get away from him. She questioned why they'd both cheated if they loved one another, and he lamented that he'd let other things become more important, like getting ahead and settling scores.

In retrospect, Cane found it ridiculous that he'd put a priority on trying to prove something, especially considering the wonderful life that he'd had. He thought back to when he and Lily had been ecstatically preparing to take the twins home for the first time, but he recognized that it was no longer just the twins. Cane praised Lily for being wonderful with Sam, but he thought they had to talk about what it meant, and he wanted her to be sure that she was ready to accept Sam as part of her family. "He's innocent in all of this, and he deserves all of our love," Lily replied with a smile, and Cane held her close.

Cane didn't want to lose sight of what was important. Lily imagined that they would make mistakes and hurt one another, but being together for better or for worse meant having to be honest with one another. She continued that the only way to make it through when things got messy was to embrace the fact that they weren't perfect. They vowed to stick together, "whatever comes," and they kissed.

At the Chancellor mansion, Esther was openly displeased when Hilary stopped by to see Cane. Esther sourly indicated that Cane was in Paris, and Hilary guessed that he'd gone there on business. Esther huffed that it was no concern of Hilary's, but Hilary insisted that Cane was her friend. Esther snapped that Hilary didn't have friends, but Hilary noted that she and Cane had become close after Sam had been born. Esther reasoned that Hilary would have known that Cane was out of the country if that were true, and Sam cried over the baby monitor. Esther headed upstairs and told Hilary to show herself out, but Hilary plopped down her purse and took off her coat.

Esther carried Sam downstairs and glowered when she saw that Hilary was still there. Hilary insisted on saying hello to Sam, but Esther grumbled that Cane didn't want him to have a lot of visitors. Esther inquired whether there were any hidden cameras, since she didn't want Sam to end up on Hilary's awful show. Hilary asserted that she'd been Cane's biggest supporter through everything, but Esther countered that Lily had been just as supportive by giving blood. Esther hoped that Cane and Lily were getting back together in Paris, and she envisioned that Lily would soon be taking care of the baby with her husband. Hilary swore that nothing would make her happier.

Esther sneezed, and Hilary ordered her to put the baby down. Esther conceded that she couldn't afford to get sick while she was taking care of a newborn, and she mentioned that she had a doctor's appointment within the hour. Esther planned to take Sam with her, but Hilary offered to watch him. Esther questioned what Hilary knew about caring for a newborn, and Hilary reasoned that she'd spent time helping Cane, so she was practically a pro. Hilary assured Esther that she had no designs on Cane, and Esther reluctantly agreed to leave Sam in Hilary's care.

At Devon's music studio, Tessa perused Mariah's journal to get ideas for lyrics. Devon walked in, and Tessa quickly hid the journal and reported that she was making progress on her song. He pushed to hear what she had so far, but she wanted to hold off until she was finished to give him the full effect. He sympathized that it wasn't easy to be creative on demand, and she claimed that she didn't mind having him light a fire under her. Devon pointed out that some people struggled for decades to find the right words, but Tessa claimed that the lyrics "[had come] to her from the heart."

Tessa revealed that she was happy with the melody, but the chorus was the hardest part, since she needed a killer hook that made people sing along. Devon acknowledged that every artist had their own process, and he hadn't meant to make her feel defensive. He figured that the pressure of writing a hit song in a short time was the nature of an industry in which there was limited funding to spend. He continued that in an ideal world, she'd be working on a new hit song while another was just making it big and yet another was fading out.

Tessa compared it to an assembly line, and she recognized that music had to make a profit, or it was just a hobby. Devon swore that he wanted it to be her livelihood and that he'd given her a shot because he thought she was very talented, but he'd also been hearing pitches from other songwriters. He assured her that he wanted to give her the best chance to succeed, and he suggested that she play what she had so he could provide constructive advice. Tessa maintained that she wanted to finish the song first, and she promised to have something for him later that day.

At Crimson Lights, Mariah asked if Sharon had seen her journal, since Mariah thought she'd left it in her bag, but it was gone. Sharon promised to set it aside if she found it. Mariah freaked out because she'd written a lot of personal things that she wouldn't want anyone to read.

Later, Devon stopped by the coffeehouse and answered a call from Tessa. He surmised that she hadn't been able to finish her song, but she announced that she was ready for him to hear it. He instructed her to email him the demo, but she preferred to play it for him in person. He agreed to push back a meeting and return to the studio right away. After he hung up, he noticed Mariah searching for something, and he offered to help her find what she was looking for.

Mariah claimed that it was nothing, and she asked how the music was going after their last conversation. Devon revealed that he was about to listen to a new demo, and he invited her to join him and provide her opinion. She readily accepted, and he explained that Tessa had just finished a new song. Mariah fibbed that she'd just remembered that she'd promised to help Sharon with inventory, but she hoped the song was a huge hit for both Devon and Tessa.

After Devon departed, Sharon watched a morose Mariah stirring her coffee, and she remarked that there were other things Mariah could be doing on a rare day off from work. Mariah replied that she really didn't have anything to do, and she declined Sharon's offer to talk. Sharon said to let her know if Mariah changed her mind, and they hugged.

Devon burst into the studio, excited to hear what Tessa had written. He asked if there was anything she wanted to tell him about the song first, but she opted to let it speak for itself. Devon looked pleased as Tessa sang an emotional song about no longer being friends with someone she cared deeply about, but it was clearly based on the words from Mariah's journal. Meanwhile, Sharon worriedly stared at Mariah glumly sipping her coffee.

Hilary took Sam to meet Phyllis on the Crimson Lights patio. Hilary cooed that Sam was the most perfect man, since he wouldn't lie, cheat, or talk smack about her as long as she gave him his bottle on time. Phyllis asked how Hilary had gotten roped into babysitting, since she hadn't expected Hilary to know one end of a baby from the other. Phyllis added that she wasn't criticizing, but having kids wasn't for everyone, and she couldn't imagine going through it again. Hilary asked what it was like.

Phyllis explained that having a baby had changed everything, since it had meant accepting responsibility for a helpless, trusting little human that she'd put into the world. She continued that nothing could prepare a person for it, but it was an incredible bond, and she hadn't known what love meant until she'd held her child in her arms. Phyllis joked that a shower had become a reward, and she'd become demented as she'd lost sleep, but she was grateful that she'd had the experience. Hilary gazed down at Sam and looked thoughtful.

Phyllis recounted that having Summer had been a miracle, since she'd been told that she'd never have children again after experiencing an ectopic pregnancy. She'd refused to accept it, and the fertility drugs had made her sick, but she was grateful every day that she'd been able to carry a happy, healthy baby to term. Hilary noted that it sounded like Phyllis had gone through a lot to get to the outcome, and Phyllis firmly stated that it had been worth the struggle. Hilary answered a call from Esther, who scolded her for taking Sam out of the house, and Hilary agreed to return him to the mansion right away.

Hilary and Phyllis said their goodbyes, and Phyllis stepped inside the coffeehouse. As Hilary got Sam ready to leave, a woman walked by and fawned over what a lovely baby Hilary had. Hilary stopped by Phyllis' table on her way out and announced that she knew what she had to do -- have a baby of her own.

Jack and Ashley raced to Dina's hotel suite, where they found the door ajar and a motionless Graham on the floor. Jack checked the bathroom as Ashley felt for a pulse. Jack reported that there was no sign of Dina, and Ashley started CPR as Jack called 9-1-1. The EMTs arrived and asked what was in the syringe. Ashley believed that it was formaldehyde that had been stolen from her lab, and one of the technicians wondered if Graham had attempted suicide. Jack suspected that Graham had intended to use it to harm someone else.

Ashley inquired whether Graham would be okay, and an EMT replied that he couldn't say, but they had to get Graham to the emergency room. Ashley worried about where Dina was, and Jack figured that it wasn't likely that their mother had managed to turn the tables on "the rat." Ashley pondered whether it had been part of Graham's master plan and if they'd played right into his hands. Jack and Ashley exited the club, determined to find Dina before the police did.

Dina entered the police station and hovered near the elevator for a moment before walking into Paul's office. Without turning around, Paul assumed one of his officers had stopped in, but he was startled when he heard Dina's voice. He asked if there was someone with her, and she replied that there wasn't. She declared that she was there to turn herself in for the murder of Brent Davis.

Paul summoned Jack and Ashley to the station and informed them that Dina had shown up to confess to murder. He said he hadn't taken it seriously because Brent had been dead for years, but then he'd learned that Graham had been found in his hotel room with a syringe sticking out of him. Ashley argued that they couldn't hold Dina responsible, and Paul revealed that the police weren't interested in Dina -- they wanted Ashley. Ashley was stunned to learn that she was considered a suspect because her fingerprints had been on the syringe.

Jack contended that Graham had been planning on cashing in on Dina because Michael had been in the process of having Dina and Graham's marriage annulled, and the only way for Graham to get her money would be if Dina died before the court date. Ashley added that Graham had suddenly made a big deal out of being a diabetic the last time she'd seen him, and he'd asked her to hand him a syringe for his insulin injection, so that was how he'd gotten her fingerprints. Paul maintained that Ashley's prints matched the ones on the syringe and that she'd admitted that she'd had motive to get Graham out of the picture. Jack answered a call and announced that all of them had to get to the hospital, including Dina.

At the hospital, Paul, Jack, Ashley, and Dina approached a doctor about Graham. The doctor introduced herself as the chief of medicine, and she indicated that despite her staff's best efforts, they'd been unable to revive Graham. The doctor requested authorization to remove Graham from life support, and she inquired about his next of kin. Dina identified herself as Graham's wife, and she granted her permission to remove him from life support.

Mariah confronts Tessa on live television

Mariah confronts Tessa on live television

Friday, January 19, 2018

Lily and Cane arrived home and found sports equipment and textbooks scattered around the living room. Cane remarked that he was glad to see that nothing had changed, since the mess seemed beautiful to him. Lily thought their place would feel tiny to him compared to the Chancellor mansion, but he declared that home was where she and the kids were. He couldn't wait to tell the twins that he and Lily were back together.

After Cane unpacked, he looked forward to seeing Sam. Lily found it endearing how the twins fussed over the baby, and Cane asked where she thought Sam should sleep. Lily contemplated turning their spare room into a nursery, and she volunteered to get a painter there the following week. Cane wondered if she would mind if Sam slept with them until then, and she figured that it would only be for a little while. Cane called her the best, and they kissed. He prepared to make a stop at the office, and she told him not to stay away too long. After he departed, a torn Lily made a call and requested someone's help.

Over video chat, Abby updated Victoria about her progress with setting up Brash & Sassy's European expansion. As Abby rambled on, J.T. sent a text message to Victoria, saying he couldn't stop thinking about her. Abby surmised that Victoria hadn't heard a single word she'd said, since Victoria had been on her phone the whole time. Victoria claimed that she'd been tending to urgent work-related messages, but Abby thought Victoria seemed distracted. Abby teased that Victoria was entitled to her secrets, and she anticipated that she would find out what Victoria was hiding soon enough.

Later, J.T. and Victoria made out in her living room. He suggested that they take it upstairs, but she said no. He amorously eyed the dining room table, but she thought they should slow down and talk. She instructed him to sit down across the room, since things wouldn't get said if she was near him. He obliged, and she explained that Abby had been able to tell that Victoria was keeping something from her. Victoria confessed that she wasn't comfortable sneaking around, especially after Victor had walked in on them.

J.T. proclaimed that he had nothing to hide, and Victoria asked if he was ready to go public. He had no problem with it, and she pressed him to define what was going on between them. He reasoned that she was unattached and that he was about to be, and they had a shot at a do-over that not many people had. He proposed that they enjoy it and see where it went, but she wasn't sure that would work for her.

J.T. didn't see a problem with telling the world that he and Victoria were seeing one another, but she griped that she despised that expression because it meant different things to different people. She insisted on figuring out what was going on between them before announcing it to the world, since she needed to know if it was a real relationship. J.T. pointed out that he'd always been a laid-back guy who took life as it happened, so he didn't feel a need to define it. His phone rang, and Victoria urged him to take the call.

J.T. greeted Cane, who reported that the good news was that he was moving back home, but the bad news was that J.T. might be homeless soon. Cane said he hadn't talked to Jill yet about J.T. continuing to crash at the mansion, but she might say no. J.T. told him not to worry, since he appreciated Cane giving him a place to stay, but it was time that he moved back to the Athletic Club. J.T. congratulated Cane and Lily, and Cane declared his intent not to screw things up.

J.T. called to book a room at the Athletic Club, and he prepared to head back to the Chancellor estate to pack. Victoria accused him of trying to avoid giving her an answer about where they were going, but he thought he'd already provided an answer. She griped that it wasn't acceptable to just go with the flow, and he asked where she saw things going. Victoria argued that she'd posed the question first, but she liked what was happening between them, and she wanted it to go someplace good and for them to maybe have something real. She wondered if he felt the same way.

Victoria figured that she was scaring J.T. off, and she suggested that they go back to just being Reed's parents. J.T. admitted that she had caught him off guard, and he wanted to give her an honest answer. She surmised that he was finding a way to let her down easy, but he insisted that she was reading him wrong. He conceded that part of him had been hoping that it would turn into something serious, but he hadn't wanted to scare her off, since he was fresh off a divorce. He thought some women might hold that against him, but she argued that she wasn't just some woman because they had history. J.T. explained that it was why he didn't want it to be only about sex.

J.T. added that Victoria had carried too much for too long, and it was time that she was with someone who wanted to give her a break. Victoria recalled that things had gotten ugly when she and J.T. had broken up before, and it had taken her a long time to get over it. She pointed out that they hadn't had much contact since then, and they hadn't even been on one another's radar a month earlier. She explained that she wanted him, but she didn't need him, and if things ended, she'd be disappointed but not devastated. She worried that the things that had broken them up still existed, but he argued that they'd matured and that they knew what they wanted.

J.T. didn't think they were doomed to repeat their mistakes, but Victoria voiced concern that they both had young kids with other people and that Reed was in a precarious emotional place. J.T. conceded that they couldn't predict the future, but if things went south, they wouldn't have another custody battle because their son was almost an adult. J.T. understood that she didn't want to get hurt, but he noted that she was fearless in business, and he questioned why she was letting fear get between them. He pulled her close, and they kissed.

Victoria mused that she and J.T. had a real chance at happiness. He proclaimed that he wasn't up to being a guy who lived in a hotel out of a suitcase, so he intended to look for an apartment. He requested her help to find someplace to call home, and she opened a drawer and pulled out a set of keys. She stated that his home was there, and she handed him the keys and said she wanted him to move in with her.

Tessa recorded her song, "How Could a Lie Feel So True?" Devon exclaimed that she was on fire, and he praised her last take. She wanted to do one more, but he insisted that it was perfect. He intended to get the track mixed and streaming right away, and he planned to devote enough marketing dollars to it to ensure a hit. Devon commended her for writing a quality song in such a short amount of time, and he expected the amazing lyrics to be on everyone's lips. He told her to take a break, and she accidentally knocked over her purse. Mariah's journal fell out, and Tessa stashed it back inside.

Later, Devon asked Tessa what she'd been thinking when she'd written such poignant lyrics. She claimed that she'd woken up with the words in her head, and he encouraged her to get plenty of sleep so that she'd keep writing great songs. He proudly stated that she'd shown him that he'd been right to take a chance on her.

Mariah arrived at GC Buzz and began looking around for something. Hilary announced that she had a great idea for a show -- motherhood and all its facets. Mariah asked if Hilary had seen her journal, and Hilary replied that she hadn't even known that Mariah had one. Hilary suspected that it wasn't anything worth reading, since Mariah's life had been dull since she'd broken things off with Devon. Hilary asked if Mariah had any new prospects, but Mariah asserted that she was happily single.

Mariah questioned Hilary's sudden urge to do a show on motherhood, and her eyes grew wide at the thought that Hilary might be pregnant. Hilary confirmed that she wasn't, and Mariah thanked God. Hilary wondered if it was that outlandish to imagine her having a child, but Mariah couldn't picture Hilary changing diapers in her designer clothes. Hilary argued that there was more to having a child than midnight feelings and dirty diapers, and she suspected that Mariah was projecting her own feelings about having children onto Hilary. Mariah couldn't see herself being responsible for another human when she couldn't make sense of her own life.

Lily met Devon at the Athletic Club, and he indicated that he'd ordered her a drink because she'd sounded like she'd needed one when she'd called. She reported that she and Cane were back together and that Cane was moving back in, but Devon observed that she didn't look happy. Lily pointed out that Cane wasn't moving by himself, and she confided that she wasn't sure that she was up to raising another woman's child, especially since the baby had been conceived when Cane had cheated on Lily.

Devon suspected that someone as fair-minded and compassionate as Lily would eventually get over the way Sam had entered her life, and he assured her that she would be fine as long as she was open and honest with Cane. Lily felt that she had been in Paris, but everything had become real since they'd returned home, and all of her fears had resurfaced. She didn't know if she could go through with it.

Hilary greeted Devon in the foyer, and she asked if he'd heard how Cane's surprise trip to Paris had gone. Devon informed her that Cane was moving back into the house, and Hilary marveled that Sam would have the best possible start as part of the Ashby family. Devon prepared to get to the office to get Tessa's hot new song into the pipeline, and Hilary inquired about the release date. Devon wanted to put a rush on it, since he anticipated that the song would take Tessa's career to the next level. Hilary offered to let Tessa debut it on her show, and she reminded Devon that he owed her one after Tessa had been a no-show because of her arrest. Devon granted Hilary the exclusive on the condition that there would be no interview, and they shook on the deal.

Devon summoned Tessa to his office and informed her that she'd debut her new song live on The Hilary Hour that day. Tessa recounted that he hadn't wanted her to be on the show anymore, and Devon explained that he owed Hilary after the time Tessa had missed an appearance. Tessa protested that it was a bad idea, and Devon assumed that she was hesitant because of Hilary's reputation for putting guests in uncomfortable positions, but he swore that Hilary no longer did that because Jabot was her sponsor.

Devon added that he and Hilary had agreed to just a performance with no interview, and he thought it would be great practice for other live shows. Tessa whined that she wasn't ready to perform the song yet, and she suggested that they wait until the recording was mixed and ready to be streamed. Devon expected the performance to be a teaser that would build anticipation, but she begged him not to make her do it. He stated that it wasn't a request, and he reminded her that she was a professional with a contract. He assured her that she would be phenomenal.

Mattie and Charlie returned home and peppered Lily with questions about Paris. Cane called out that he'd rearranged the dresser to have his old drawers back, and he returned from upstairs. Charlie excitedly asked if it meant what he thought, and Lily announced that their father was home for good. Mattie stammered that she was glad for both of them if it was what Lily wanted, and she hugged Cane as Lily squirmed.

Cane and Lily told the twins about how they'd talked things through in France, and Charlie asked when Sam would get there. Cane prepared to go pick up Sam and his crib for that night, and he planned to have the rest of Sam's things sent the next day. After Cane left, Charlie eagerly went to get his homework done so he could hang out with his little brother when Cane got back. Mattie started to head out to do some reading, but Lily stopped her and sensed that she still had concerns. Mattie explained that she didn't want Lily to get hurt again, since Mattie still didn't trust her dad. She asked if Lily did.

Lily swore that she wasn't walking into it blindly, since she had forgiven but hadn't forgotten. Lily added that she couldn't let it keep her from living a full life, and she didn't want to close herself off from love. Lily hoped that hadn't happened to Mattie, and Mattie wailed that it had with Reed. Lily advised that they couldn't avoid life's disappointments, but she knew that one day, her beautiful, brilliant daughter would find a man who treated her with love and respect and gave her all the happiness she deserved. They hugged.

Lily recognized that the twins were excited for Sam to be there, but she warned that a baby slept most of the day, and she expected that they'd be going about their business like they always had soon enough. Cane returned with Sam, and Charlie and Mattie fawned over him. The twins offered to grab Sam's gear from the car, and Lily forced a smile. Lily watched from across the room as Cane, Charlie, and Mattie effortlessly interacted with Sam. Lily made a point of joining them, and Cane slid the baby into her arms. Lily smiled down at Sam.

At GC Buzz, Hilary hugged Tessa and enthused about Tessa being there on such short notice. Devon crowed that Tessa's song had Grammy written all over it, and Hilary said it would be her pleasure to introduce it. Mariah overheard and asked what Hilary meant, and Devon informed her that it was Tessa's latest song. Hilary instructed Mariah to sit down with Tessa to get some notes for the introduction, and Mariah and Tessa stepped aside.

Mariah pressed Tessa to tell her about the song, and Tessa explained that she'd finished writing it the day before and had just recorded it. Mariah voiced surprise that it had happened that fast, and she asked what it was about. Tessa claimed that it was about survival in an unforgiving business where she was only as big as her last hit, but she didn't want Hilary saying that on the air. Mariah pushed Tessa for more details, but Tessa wanted the song to speak for itself. Mariah stepped away, and Tessa pulled Mariah's journal from her bag and tossed it on the floor.

Meanwhile, Hilary gushed to Devon that Sam would be surrounded by love, and she found the Ashbys' seemingly impossible reunion inspiring. Devon was pleased to see a supportive side of her. Hilary admitted that she felt partially responsible for what Lily and Cane had gone through, but she wasn't that person anymore. She mused that being around Sam had made her realize that the most important thing in the world was that baby's happiness.

Hilary told Tessa that the camera would cut to her after the introduction, and she encouraged Tessa to take as much time as she needed for her performance. Meanwhile, Mariah spotted her journal on the floor and looked perplexed. Devon asked if Mariah was all right, and she mumbled that it was possible that she was losing her mind. Mariah approached Tessa, but Hilary announced that it was showtime, and everyone took their places onstage. Hilary welcomed her audience and proclaimed that they were about to find out why there was about to be a major turning point in Tessa's career.

Hilary called Tessa a shining example of where raw talent and sheer determination could take a person, and Mariah considered Hilary to be another one. Hilary mentioned that Tessa had gone from singing in the park for spare change to becoming one of LP Streaming's most promising new artists. Hilary explained that Tessa was about to release a single that she'd just recorded that day, and Tessa had agreed to perform it there live first. Hilary presented the world premiere of "How Could a Lie Feel So True?"

Tessa froze on the stage for a moment before she began to sing. A look of recognition crossed Mariah's face as she listened to the lyrics, and she glared at Tessa. Mariah stormed over to Tessa as the cameras rolled. "You thieving bitch, those are my words!" Mariah yelled, and she berated Tessa for stealing her journal. "I hope you rot in hell for this!" Mariah bellowed.

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