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Ashley agreed to return to Newman if Victor fired Victoria. Ashley decided to sue Victor and Jack. Victor offered Victoria the choice of being demoted or leaving Newman. Devon decided to co-parent a child with Hilary. Nick spotted Nikki and Arturo in a passionate embrace.
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Nick sees Arturo and Nikki getting frisky in a hotel doorway
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Abby and Victoria's feud escalates

Abby and Victoria's feud escalates

Monday, March 12, 2018

In Victoria's office at Newman Enterprises, Victoria and J.T. discussed Ashley's firing. Victoria, confident that her plan had succeeded, gloated that when Victor made a decision, it stuck. Victoria said she was grateful Ashley hadn't shown up for work because Victor would've certainly escorted her out of the building. Victoria claimed she wouldn't have wanted to witness Ashley being treated in such a way. J.T. replied, "I guess you can afford to be magnanimous, since you got what you wanted." Victoria seemed relieved that her ploy had played out to her advantage.

Victoria assured J.T. that Victor would always choose her over Ashley. Victor overheard Victoria's comment and replied, "You sound very confident about that. In fact, overconfident." Victor insisted that J.T. step out. After J.T. left, Victor showed Victoria Jack's cell phone bill, which Abby had obtained. Victor called attention to highlighted sections showing numerous interactions between Victoria and Jack.

Victor accused Victoria of repeatedly lying. Victoria admitted she'd wanted Ashley fired for good reasons. Victor replied, "Insecurity about your position in a family business is not a good reason, nor is your reluctance to cooperate and share responsibility with others." Victoria claimed that Ashley, a liability rather than an asset, couldn't be trusted to promote Newman Enterprises over Jabot. Continuing her fiery retort, Victoria berated her father for pitting her against Ashley, stating that the maneuver hadn't been in the company's best interest. Victor wasn't pleased with Victoria's assessment that he was incapable of making a sound decision where Ashley was concerned. Victor angrily expressed disappointment in Victoria, but he didn't respond when she asked about his next step.

At the Abbott mansion, Abby told Ashley that she'd delivered proof to Victor, showing that Victoria, working with Jack, had lied about Ashley divulging confidential information about Newman Enterprises. Ashley asked about Victor's reaction. Abby, frustrated, expressed doubt that her efforts had convinced her stubborn father. Abby added that Victor had simply said he needed time to consider it all. Abby was disappointed in herself for not demanding an answer from Victor, and she attempted to phone him. Ashley took possession of Abby's phone and noted that doing so would push Victor to double down to maintain his control of the situation.

Traci arrived with a shopping bag filled with new memory games for Dina. Ashley explained that after a rough night, Dina was still asleep. Changing the subject, Traci asked if Ashley had heard from Victor. Ashley said she would contact attorney Tony Kingsman if Victor failed to contact her before the end of the day. Traci said she frowned on lawsuits because they created lasting animosity. The conversation was interrupted when Dina entered the room.

Abby, Ashley, and Traci managed to maintain their composure when they turned and saw that Dina had smeared her face with garish lipstick. Dina excitedly announced that she'd been getting ready for a winter formal dance. Dina proudly added that John was to be her date. Ashley asked where the dance would be held. Dina giddily noted that it would be held at Walnut Grove High School's gymnasium, just as past formal dances had been. Dina encouraged her daughters and granddaughter, believing them to be fellow students and friends, to get themselves ready. Dina insisted, however, that only she would dance with John. Traci replied, "Oh, we wouldn't dream of it."

Dina cheered John's role as the best player on the high-school football team. Abby played along and said she'd seen John's star performance on the field from the bleachers. Traci offered to help Dina dress, and they left the room together. Victor phoned Ashley and apologized, explaining that Victoria had admitted to her role in the events leading to Ashley's dismissal. Victor added, "I let her know how displeased I was with her actions." Ashley replied, "So that's it? One mea culpa, and all is forgiven? I don't think so, Victor." Ashley hung up on Victor. Abby cheered Ashley's decision to hold out for more than a mere apology. Abby left for a meeting.

Dina later returned to the living room, making a grand entrance. Dina proudly modeled for Ashley and Traci a sequined formal gown. Ashley and Traci gushed that Dina looked stunning. Ashley volunteered to help Dina with her makeup. Ashley gently wiped away the red lipstick from Dina's face. Traci looked on, seemingly bittersweet, as Ashley recalled a time when Dina had guided her on the nuances of makeup application. Traci provided a mirror. Dina gazed at her reflection, seeing herself as she'd looked when she'd been a teenager.

Dina proclaimed that she and John would be crowned king and queen of the formal. Dina attempted to call John and was confused when she found buttons instead of a rotary dial on the phone. When the doorbell sounded, Dina raced toward the door. Apprehensive, Traci took a deep breath, worried about Dina's reaction. Victor was at the door.

Ashley stood behind Dina and motioned with her hands that Dina was in a confused state. Dina noted that John was supposed to take her to the school dance. Victor convincingly explained that John, unable to make it, had sent him instead. Victor took Dina's hand and said, "I think this is going to be my lucky night."

Victor sat with Dina on the sofa and explained that John had to complete a school assignment to keep up his grades. Victor assured Dina that he would treat her like royalty, just as John had requested. Dina was flattered when Victor proclaimed her to be a classic beauty. When Dina forgot Victor's name, he calmly introduced himself again. Dina said, "Oh, you are so nice. Isn't he the loveliest man?" Dina turned toward Ashley and Traci to elicit a response. Traci nodded in agreement. Ashley locked eyes with Victor, withholding a comment.

At the Top of the Tower, Ashley and Traci were seated at a table when Victor exited the elevator with Dina clutching his arm. Ashley, watching, told Traci that Dina appeared to be happy. Traci acknowledged that Dina was reliving a time in the past. Ashley expressed relief that Dina was enjoying a wonderful evening. Traci said she was grateful that Dina hadn't confused her with the hired help. Traci noted that Dina had even seemed to recognize her, not as a daughter, but as someone familiar.

A member of the Top of the Tower staff, a man named Randall, greeted Victor and Dina. Randall informed Victor that the item he'd requested was waiting at the table. Dina noted that the decorating committee had outdone themselves. Victor agreed as he presented Dina with a beautiful wrist corsage comprised of orchids and freesia. Dina excitedly proclaimed that they were her favorite flowers, noting that John had likely thoughtfully shared the information with Victor. Again, Victor had to remind Dina of his name when she forgot.

Dina seemed to be in heaven as Victor took her in his arms and danced with her. As Traci and Ashley watched, Ashley acknowledged that Victor was creating a memorable evening for Dina as a way to make amends. Dina and Victor swayed to a familiar and beloved song that only Dina heard in her head. Dina imagined herself as a young woman, just as she'd looked when she'd been a high-school student. Traci interrupted and asked to see Dina's corsage.

After Traci and Dina stepped away, Victor joined Ashley. Victor explained that Ashley had hung up the phone before he'd had a chance to ask her to return to Newman. Victor assured Ashley that Victoria would not be a problem. Ashley said that she'd retuned only if Victor fired Victoria. Victor replied, "I will take that under advisement."

Later at home, Traci and Ashley talked about Dina's lovely evening, noting that their mother had gone back in time. Traci said, "It was as if all the years that have gone since never really happened." Ashley recalled Dina's attention to details, such as her excitement about John and the school football games. Traci suggested making a video with Dina before her memories faded completely. Recalling Victor's role, Ashley acknowledged that he, though usually ruthless and manipulative, could be kind and charming. Traci asked about Ashley's private talk with Victor. Ashley explained that she'd told Victor she wouldn't return to Newman unless he fired Victoria.

On the patio at Crimson Lights, Abby met with Victoria. Abby demanded to know how Victoria had responded when Victor had delivered the condemning evidence. Abby asked Victoria if she'd made up excuses for vilifying Ashley. Abby correctly guessed that Victoria had claimed she'd done what was best for the company. Victoria replied, "I did what I had to do." Abby labeled Victoria's tactics as unoriginal.

Addressing Abby's supposed outrage on Ashley's behalf, Victoria replied, "Do whatever makes you feel good, but I think you and I both know it's a tad disingenuous." Abby asked what Victoria meant. Victoria said, "Meaning this was never about your mother. It's about me." Victoria added that, as Victor's firstborn daughter, she'd earned her standing in the company business. Abby insisted she'd earned plenty, too, and hadn't deserved such treatment from Victoria. Victoria noted that Abby had likely enjoyed "putting the screws to her." Abby replied, "Damn right I did!"

Abby, put off by her sister's obstinate rejections, urged Victoria to examine her own behavior. Victoria expressed disappointment that her long-wished-for sister had turned out to be Abby. Abby noted that Victoria was determined to remain Victor's favorite and refused to share her father. Abby cried that she was considered to be more of an Abbott than a Newman. Victoria defiantly refused to relent. Abby angrily noted that she would no longer endure mistreatment and intended to stake her claim. Abby defiantly announced that, along with Ashley, they would become the new family dynasty at Newman Enterprises.

As J.T. paced in Victoria's empty office, he received a text message from Paul. Paul ordered J.T. to submit a progress report. J.T. walked toward Victor's office. J.T. stood back when he spotted Victor's secretary, Kristen. J.T. pretended to make a phone call inquiring about additional security cameras. After Kristen left via the elevator, J.T. secretly entered Victor's office and closed the door.

J.T. began opening file folders and examining documents. J.T. suddenly overheard Victor talking to Kristen. Victor entered his office and asked J.T. why he was there. J.T. lied that he had information to share and had been about to leave a note. Victor said, "Don't you ever walk in here unless you see me." J.T. asked about Victoria's meeting with Victor. Victor explained that evidence had contradicted Victoria's account of what had transpired. Victor added that Victoria had lied to him and to J.T.

In Devon's office at the Hamilton-Winters Group, Devon and Hilary brainstormed about segments highlighting the need for halfway houses for women recently released from prison. Devon accessed the photo album on his phone to show Hilary a relevant example. Hilary happened to spot a photo of Devon playing with Sam. Devon downplayed his interest in Sam when Hilary remarked at how happy Devon appeared in the photo. Hilary told Devon that he shouldn't pretend not to enjoy children just because he'd turned down her request to father her future child.

Devon explained that he was being sensitive to Hilary's feelings, knowing how much she'd enjoyed being with Sam. Hilary teasingly noted that being a doting uncle wasn't far removed from being a father. Devon recalled that Hilary had excluded him from parental involvement when she'd asked him to help her conceive a child. The conversation was interrupted when Devon received a phone call from Lily asking him to care for Sam. After the call ended, Devon acknowledged that Hilary would enjoy helping care for Sam. Hilary replied, "I only have myself to blame. Not coming clean with Cane and Lily, being barred from spending time with Sam is my just deserts."

After Devon picked up Sam at Cane and Lily's house, he took the baby to the Genoa City Athletic Club. Devon phoned Hilary and invited her to join him and Sam downstairs. Hilary rushed downstairs and joined Devon and Sam. Hilary quickly picked up on Sam's cues that he was hungry. Devon fed Sam a bottle, and Hilary agreed with Devon's assessment that he was a natural with babies.

Devon, noting that he and Hilary were both creative in nature, mused about instilling their respective talents in a child rather than chasing the fleeting, unfulfilling achievements of high ratings and hit records. Hilary replied, "Devon, what are you saying?" Devon admitted he couldn't stop thinking about Hilary's request for him "to make a donation" in hopes that she might conceive a child. Hilary asked if Devon had changed his mind. Devon said he had, but he insisted that they would co-parent the child. Devon made it clear that he and Hilary wouldn't reunite as a couple. Hilary and Devon sealed the deal with a handshake.

Victoria pleads for forgiveness

Victoria pleads for forgiveness

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

At the Ashby home, Cane and Lily kissed and contemplated what to do for dinner. She received a text message and excitedly announced that Devon had said she could start work the next day. She gushed that she loved her brother, and Cane surmised that she wanted to thank Devon personally. Cane swore that he didn't mind, and she rushed out. Cane made a call and told someone that there had been a change of plans.

At Hamilton-Winters, Hilary found a bottle of Champagne in the fridge and couldn't think of a better reason to celebrate than her and Devon agreeing to create a baby. Devon reiterated that it wasn't a romantic arrangement, and she acknowledged that they'd only be co-parents. She envisioned that their baby would inherit their best qualities, and she marveled that she'd have everything she'd ever wanted. He urged her to enjoy the Champagne while she could, since she'd soon have to forego it, and she swore that she didn't mind the sacrifice. He hesitated to open the bottle, and she asked what was wrong. He realized that if they were going to create a baby, they needed to do it the right way.

Devon thanked someone over the phone for agreeing to meet at his office. Lily entered and asked which desk would be hers, and Devon informed a confused Hilary that Lily would be launching a new modeling agency as part of the family business. He revealed his plans to have a wall pushed back so Lily could work in a designated area, but Hilary protested that it would be near her workspace. Lily pointed out that Hilary worked at GC Buzz, but Hilary bragged that she had an important role at the company. Hilary commented that it was nice of Devon to give his sister a job after Lily had been phased out at Newman, but Lily asserted that it had been her choice to leave Newman and start her own agency.

Hilary condescendingly imagined Lily playing agent, but Devon declared that Lily would also be joining the board of directors. Hilary testily asked what qualified Lily to be on the board and not her, and Lily pointed out that she was a family member, whereas Hilary wasn't and never would be again. Hilary purred that she and Devon would always be part of one another's lives, and a delivery person walked in with a flower arrangement. Hilary fawned over the bouquet and tipped the delivery person, and she read the card about celebrating a momentous occasion. Hilary thanked Devon, who replied that he hadn't sent them.

Hilary checked the card for a signature and discovered the flowers were from Cane. Lily snatched the arrangement away and called Cane to thank him. He explained that he'd scheduled them to arrive on her first day, but he'd had them sent right away instead. Meanwhile, Michael arrived at the office and assumed that Devon and Hilary were having a contractual dispute, and he recounted that he'd cautioned them against going back into business together after they hadn't been able to make their marriage work. Devon announced that he and Hilary were about to expand on their partnership, and Hilary revealed that she was going to make a baby with Devon.

Michael surmised that the couple had reunited, but Devon clarified that they weren't back together -- they just both wanted a child. A stunned Michael asked questions about what the deal would include, starting with how the baby would be conceived -- via artificial insemination or the old-fashioned way. Lily overheard and asked if Devon was out of his mind, but he stressed that he and Hilary weren't getting back together. Devon explained that spending time with the twins and Sam had made him realize that he wanted to be a father, but he'd seen marriages end in disaster, including his own, and he didn't want to wait.

Lily argued that there were thousands of women who would jump at the chance to have a family with Devon, and she suggested that he foster or adopt a child instead -- anything but have a baby with Hilary. Lily reminded him that Hilary had withheld proof that Cane had been innocent of sexual harassment, but Hilary defended that she hadn't made Cane cheat on or lie to Lily. Devon understood that Lily was looking out for him, but he just wanted her to be happy for him. Lily declared that she was happy that Hilary wasn't pregnant yet, and she hoped Neil could talk sense into Devon. Devon said he didn't need their father's advice, but Lily warned that Hilary was trying to position herself in his life forever.

After Lily left, Michael pointed out that Lily had made valid points, and he asked if Devon had changed his mind. Hilary recognized that she wasn't getting any of Devon's money, and she was willing to pay for everything. Devon maintained that he was taking full responsibility for his child, and he and Hilary agreed to split the costs evenly. Devon insisted on being able to pass the family business down to his offspring, and Hilary had no objection. Michael noted that they still hadn't answered his question about how they would create the child, and Devon and Hilary remained silent. Michael encouraged them to have a private conversation, and he left.

Hilary repeated that the idea was for her and Devon to co-parent and not to rekindle their relationship, and she proposed that the baby be conceived in the doctor's office. Devon figured that all she needed was his sperm, and they laughed nervously. Hilary said he didn't have to be there for her part of the procedure, but he insisted that he wanted to be, and she agreed that he should be there. "Platonic co-parenting, here we come!" he declared.

At home, Cane implored Charlie and Mattie to help him make Lily's favorite meal from scratch, but Charlie voted to order in pizza. Mattie supported Cane's idea, since she was proud of her mom for starting a new business. Charlie grumbled that his very cool internship had been downgraded to very uncool, but Mattie scolded him for missing the big picture -- he'd be surrounded by gorgeous models. Mattie hoped that her brother could be pleased for their mom after seeing how miserable Lily had been at Newman. Charlie agreed to help with dinner.

Lily returned home and asked what was going on in the kitchen. Cane reported that they were making her favorite dinner, and the twins hugged her and said they were proud. Lily suspected that Charlie hadn't wanted to share a workspace, and Mattie tattled that he hadn't until he'd realized that he'd be surrounded by models. Cane observed Lily's solemn expression and asked the teens to check on Sam.

Lily bemoaned that Devon was about to make the biggest mistake of his life. Cane was outraged to hear that Devon was having a baby with Hilary, but he figured that there wasn't much they could say or do to stop Devon. Lily recognized that Hilary wouldn't stop until she got what she wanted, but neither would Lily.

At Newman Enterprises, Victor informed J.T. about the evidence Abby had found that had proven that Victoria had made many calls to Jack. J.T. questioned how Victoria could have pulled off making it look like Ashley had been spying, and he recalled that he'd found evidence in Jack's office. Victor imagined that it had been easy to find because it had been planted, and he contended that Victoria had used J.T. J.T. insisted that he and Victoria didn't keep secrets from one another, and Victor responded that J.T. wasn't the professional Victor had thought he was if J.T. believed that.

Later, J.T. presented Victor with some data that Victor had requested, and Victor inquired whether there had been any news from Victoria. J.T. insisted that Abby had been wrong about whatever information she'd dredged up, and he suspected that even if Victoria had framed Ashley, it had only been because Victoria had been following Victor's example. Victor allowed J.T. to review the evidence, but J.T. argued that the calls didn't mean anything. Victor admitted that he'd been caught off guard because he loved and trusted his daughter, but Victoria had played him just like she'd played J.T.

Victoria stopped by the Newman ranch and confessed to Nikki that she'd been the one who'd given confidential information to Jack. A shocked Nikki asked why Victoria would hurt her family and the company, and Victoria explained that Ashley had been gunning to be next in line for Victor's job, but Victor had only seen it as healthy competition. Nikki didn't understand why Victoria had let Ashley get to her, and Victoria figured that the disaster at Brash & Sassy had had something to do with it. Victoria anticipated that her father would fire her, but Nikki swore that he never would. Victoria pointed out that he'd fired people for much less.

Victor arrived at the ranch and guessed that Victoria was there to launch a preemptive strike to get her mother on her side. Victoria apologized for lying to him and putting him in a horrible position with Ashley. Victor lectured that Victoria could have ruined Ashley's career, but Victoria suspected that Ashley would simply return to Jabot with no damage done. Victor doubted that Ashley would return to Jabot after what Jack had done to her, but Victoria thought that love for family could make people forgive things that appeared unforgiveable. She added that she was willing to do whatever Victor needed her to do to make things right, and he said he needed her to prove it.

At the Abbott mansion, Abby wished that Ashley had seen her showdown with Victoria. Ashley reported that she'd told Victor that she'd go back to Newman if he fired Victoria, and Abby imagined getting it on camera so it could go viral. Ashley worried that the more time that passed, the less likely Victor would be to take that step. Abby insisted that Victor couldn't afford to lose Ashley, but Ashley was aware that he had a soft spot with Victoria. Abby theorized that her father was just figuring out how to deal with the PR fallout from ditching Victoria, since he hadn't refused Ashley's demand to fire her. Ashley had a bad sense of déjà vu that she was fighting a battle that she had no chance of winning.

Abby found Victoria at the door, and she growled that Victoria was out of luck if she expected to get a job from her co-conspirator, since Jack was on a business trip. Victor appeared and announced that they were there to see Ashley. Victor requested privacy, and Abby huffed that she was accustomed to being excluded. After Abby left, Victoria told Ashley that she wanted to apologize, and Ashley snapped that it was a switch. Victoria explained that it had been a tumultuous year after almost losing Brash & Sassy and rejoining Newman, but Ashley flatly stated that she wasn't interested in excuses.

Victoria recognized that there was no excuse for doing something so appalling and spiteful, and Ashley surmised that Victoria had felt threatened. Victoria imagined that Ashley felt the same way about her, since Ashley had undermined her, challenged her decisions, and criticized her in front of her staff. Victoria contended that Ashley had tried to ruin her, just in a different way than Victoria had gone after Ashley. Ashley countered that Victoria was just sorry that her plan had backfired. Victoria wished that she could go back to Ashley's first day and view Ashley as a brilliant chemist with skills that could strengthen the company, and she admitted that she'd acted like a vindictive brat.

Victoria insisted that she was embarrassed that she'd sunk that low and forgotten who she was, and she suggested that they both go back to Newman with their best game. Ashley continued to wait for Victoria to own what she'd done instead of hiding behind a patronizing speech. Ashley accused Victoria of wanting her out at any cost, so Victoria had colluded with Victor's worst enemy to humiliate Ashley and destroy her reputation. Ashley blasted Victoria for her poor judgment, since Victoria had been willing to risk everything for a silly act of revenge. Victoria conceded that Ashley was right, and she swore that she was truly sorry.

Ashley still didn't buy it, and Victoria questioned whether Ashley wanted her to beg. Ashley barked that it would be pointless, since Victoria's begging was sure to be just as disingenuous as her apology, and Victoria thought her actions never had consequences. Victor assured Ashley that he'd never let Victoria step over the line again, and he offered to reconsider Ashley's compensation package if she returned to Newman. Ashley asserted that it wasn't what she wanted or would accept, since she'd already told him that she'd be happy to return if he fired Victoria. "Her or me," Ashley demanded.

Abby ordered a drink at the Athletic Club bar and became irritated when she realized that J.T. was also at the bar. He wondered why it was an issue, and she asked if he'd heard about Victoria's plan to frame Ashley. J.T. voiced surprise that Abby had thrown her sister under the bus, but Abby countered that there wouldn't have been a bus if Victoria hadn't concocted the scheme. J.T. added that he also wouldn't have been collateral damage, since Victor had thrown him off the investigation. Abby assumed that J.T. had covered for Victoria or had even been in on it, but he revealed that Victoria had kept it from him. He snarled that Victoria had created the mess, but he was the one who'd taken the hit. He stormed off.

Abby returned to the mansion and wasn't surprised to hear that Victoria had expected all to be forgiven. Abby griped that Victor was being unfair, since he'd made her out to be the scapegoat when she'd been Zack's victim, but he'd let his golden child off the hook. Ashley recalled that she'd forgiven Jack too many times for his transgressions, and she wouldn't let it happen that time. Ashley decided to take Victor to court for wrongful termination and to sue Jack for defamation of character.

At the ranch, Victor informed Nikki that Ashley wouldn't return to Newman unless he fired Victoria. He thought the choice would be easy if he were making the decision regarding any other employees, since he'd fire the guilty one. Nikki warned that Victoria would resent it if he fired her, but Victor worried about the statement it would send to other employees if he let his daughter off the hook. Victor was aware that his company was at risk because Ashley had a lot of inside information, and Nikki thought it was all about who the better employee was. Victor noted that Victoria was the better employee but that Ashley had proven to be more loyal, and he didn't consider either option a good one. Nikki suggested a third option that would give everyone what they wanted.

Victoria returned home, and J.T. informed her that he'd talked with her father, so he knew what she'd done to Ashley. Victoria groaned that she'd just gotten both barrels from her dad, Ashley, and Abby, so she couldn't handle hearing it from him, too. J.T. recalled that Victoria had asked him to break into Jack's office to get evidence that Ashley had been spying on Newman, but she had set him up by planting the proof. Victoria swore that none of it had been aimed at J.T., but he ranted that he'd looked like an idiot for telling Victor that there was no way she'd ever lie to or use J.T. like that. Victoria insisted that she'd just been trying to protect J.T. to keep his job safe, even if hers wasn't.

J.T. scoffed at Victoria's attempt to play the sympathy card, and he wondered what other secrets she'd been keeping. She explained that her plan had been about work and not their relationship, but he countered that they worked together. He questioned if she'd hired him because she'd thought she could manipulate him into covering things up, and he demanded to know why she hadn't trusted him enough to tell him the truth, even after she'd gotten caught. J.T hissed that it had been humiliating to find out from Victor and Abby after Victoria had ignored his calls and text messages, and Victoria stammered that she hadn't known what to say. He considered it a reflection of how important he was to her, and he demanded to know "what the hell" they were doing together if they didn't have trust.

Victoria knelt down next to a sullen J.T. and softly said she was sorry for dragging him into it and keeping things from him, but she didn't want it to get between them. She asked him to tell her what he needed her to do, and she'd do it. She recounted that she'd refused to beg Ashley for forgiveness, but she was willing to beg him. She pleaded with him to forgive her, since it was enough that she'd lost her father's respect and possibly her job, and she didn't want to lose J.T., too. He remained quiet, and she wondered if he would leave her over it. "What do you think?" J.T. spat, and he walked away.

Victoria's choice: Demoted or fired

Victoria's choice: Demoted or fired

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

by Nel

At Sharon's, Nick complained that the house was freezing. Sharon, dressed in a sweater, scarf, and hat, advised Nick that the furnace company would arrive later in the day. Nick offered to check the furnace. Sharon questioned whether he knew how to fix anything. Nick advised her that he'd picked up a few tips while doing renovations.

A short time later, Sharon was impressed when she felt the heat from the vent. Nick told her he'd lit the pilot light and pushed the reset button. Nick admitted he hadn't required the skills when he'd been growing up because they'd had people who'd make any repairs.

Nick told Sharon he appreciated the skill of the crew at Newman Gardens and had learned a lot. He admitted that it had been a rocky start for him and Arturo, but they'd won each other over and had become friends. In the beginning, Arturo had seen Nick as an entitled, annoying dude with an enormous bank account and a brand-new tool belt with a price tag on it. Sharon was happy that Nick had reinvented his life.

After Nick left, Sharon grabbed her keys to go out, but there was a police officer standing at her door when she opened it. He had a few questions for Sharon because they'd found a body with Sharon's business card from the Crisis Center in the victim's pocket.

Nikki arrived at the Athletic Club. The hostess advised Nikki that the room she'd booked for the day was ready. Nikki was about to go upstairs when Victor arrived and invited Nikki for breakfast. She declined and claimed she had too much to do. At that moment, Arturo arrived. Nikki tensed, but she introduced Arturo to Victor as the contractor at Newman Gardens. Victor commented that Arturo and crew had done a good job and to keep it up. Arturo excused himself and walked away.

Nikki asked Victor if he'd given any thought to her idea about the situation between Ashley and Victoria. Victor said he'd thought about it and felt it was the perfect solution.

Nikki went to her suite, and Arturo greeted her, wearing only a towel around his waist. Nikki explained to Arturo about her arrangement with Victor. She assured him there wouldn't be any issues. Arturo enveloped Nikki in his arms, and they made love.

Downstairs in the dining room, Lily told Abby that Devon and Hilary had decided to have a baby. Abby was surprised that Devon would accept such an arrangement. Lily stated that she was determined to talk Devon out of it. At that moment, Victor joined them. He told Lily that he was disappointed that she was no longer at Newman. Abby chimed in that Lily had left because of Victoria. Lily advised him that she had a new position at Hamilton-Winters, and she had to leave.

Victor reprimanded Abby for bad-mouthing her family. Abby reminded him that Ashley was her family too. What Victoria had done to Ashley had gone beyond bad-mouthing. Abby added that Victor needed to hold Victoria accountable as he would have anyone else. Abby claimed that Victoria had made Abby feel like an outsider at Newman. Even when Victoria hadn't been working at Newman, the message had been loud and clear -- Abby didn't belong and never would. Victor stated that that wasn't true.

For years, Abby stated that she'd tried to figure out how much of what Victoria had said had been real. Victor told Abby that she should've approached him. Abby claimed she'd been too busy putting everything she'd had into working for Victor. Every time Victor had given her his approval and had rewarded her, Abby felt that Victor hadn't spoken for anyone else. Abby said she'd been wrong -- not Victoria. Abby claimed she didn't belong at Newman because Victor had never believed that she had what it took to run Newman. Victor denied that he'd ever said that.

Abby felt Victor had made her feel like he'd given her a real shot, but Victoria had always been his first choice. The evidence proved Victoria wasn't the golden child, and Victor couldn't ignore it. Victor claimed that Abby didn't have all the facts. Abby countered that Victoria had set Ashley, up and that was enough evidence for her.

Victor posed a question for Abby -- he asked if Abby would leave the company if Ashley didn't like his decision and chose to leave. When Abby didn't respond, Victor stated that Abby was shrewd and loyal to a company that had given her very much. Abby said it looked like Victor had also made his choice -- Victoria over Ashley.

Nikki met with Nick in the dining room of the club. Nick wanted to know how things were between her and Victor. Nikki said she hadn't been that happy in years. At that moment, the hostess approached and advised Nikki that housekeeping would make up her suite. Nick snidely commented that Nikki was so happy that she'd taken a suite at the club.

Nikki claimed that the ranch wasn't getting any closer if she had a late meeting or a charity event, and she didn't like driving at night. Nick reminded her that that was why Nikki and Victor had drivers. Nick felt that Nikki had been hiding something from him. Arturo arrived and commented that it was a nice coincidence. Nikki squirmed a little, claimed she had pressing things to attend to, and left.

Nick told Arturo that he suspected Nikki had something going on with some guy. Arturo was distracted by a text message from Nikki advising him to go to her suite when he could. At the same time, Nick received a frantic call from Sharon asking him to return home because something terrible had happened.

At Newman, Victoria told Kristen that her father had summoned her. Ashley arrived and said that Victor had summoned her as well. Kristen told them that Victor had been delayed, and he'd meet with them later.

Victoria told Kristen that she'd be in her office. Ashley asked if Victoria was going to clear out her office. Victoria countered that Ashley was free to take her own suggestion. She stated that if Ashley had been serious about the ultimatum she'd given Victor, Ashley would be out of a job because Victor hated ultimatums and would always side with family.

Ashley reminded Victoria that Victor hadn't sided with Victoria when she'd tried to convince Victor not to hire Ashley. Victor had known that Ashley was that good, and it had been the perfect way to test Victoria. Ashley stated that Victoria had failed, not only because of her poor judgment but also because she'd colluded with an industry rival, Jack -- the man Victor hated more than anyone in the universe.

Victoria claimed she'd tried to keep their situation quiet, unlike Ashley, who'd openly accepted a job with Jack's arch rival. Ashley said that her relationship with Jack had nothing to do with Victor. Sarcastically, Victoria stated that Ashley would never use Newman to get back at Jack, even if she'd done something so dysfunctional that Jack had thrown Ashley out of Jabot. Ashley said she hadn't done that and never would. Victoria stated that she'd never allow Ashley to do that. Ashley smiled sweetly, said it was out of Victoria's hands, and went to wait for Victor in his office.

Sometime later, Victoria returned and asked Kristen if Victor had arrived. He hadn't. Victoria called J.T. and left him a message. She knew he wasn't happy with her, but she really needed his support. Reed arrived and told Victoria that he'd left his guitar in J.T.'s car and had hoped to retrieve it. Victoria advised him that J.T. had been working offsite and wasn't reachable. He was at a security location. Reed asked if Victoria was okay. She assured him it was work related and nothing to worry about.

Ashley was waiting in Victor's office when she received a video call from Jack, who wanted an update on Dina. Ashley said that Jack could take the opportunity to apologize to her for his attempt to ruin her career and reputation. Jack claimed he'd been trying to protect her from Victor. Ashley told him that Victor had treated her much better than Jack had. Jack demanded that Ashley stop acting out of spite. He wanted her to stop pretending that Victor "[gave] a damn" about her because they both knew that that wasn't the case.

Jack claimed that he'd apologized to Ashley in every way he'd known how for the clause in the Jabot bylaws and for making Ashley doubt her place in the family. Everyone had known that Ashley was the heart and soul of the company, and he said that he'd never forgotten that. He claimed that Ashley wasn't only his sister but also his friend. Ashley stated that helping Victoria set her up, humiliating her, and betraying her wasn't the way to show that. Jack asked her to listen, but Ashley said that that was her attorney's job. If Jack had anything further to say, he needed to talk to her attorney because she was done. She disconnected the call.

Victor arrived at the Newman office. When Victor saw Reed, he told Reed to be at the ranch the following day. When Reed said he had plans, Victor advised him that it wasn't a request. Reed confirmed he'd be there, and he left.

Victoria asked if Victor had anything to tell her before he met with Ashley. Victor said that when it was appropriate, he'd tell her. He went into his office. Victor asked Ashley to forgive him for making her wait so long. Ashley said it depended on what she'd been waiting for.

Victoria was pacing outside Victor's office when Abby arrived. She asked why Abby was there. Abby stated that she wouldn't miss the outcome for anything. Ashley exited Victor's office and advised Victoria that it was her turn.

Victor told Victoria that her actions had been reprehensible and had consequences. He said that because of her vindictive jealousy and reckless behavior, Victoria had a choice to make -- she would either accept a demotion to a lesser position, or she'd leave the company. Victoria was stunned.

At GC Buzz, Mariah and Hilary were checking a story when Devon arrived. Hilary purred a greeting and asked if Devon had made his donation. He claimed it was the first thing on his mind. Mariah asked if Devon was going to bankroll Hilary's latest mentoring program. With a Cheshire cat's smile, Hilary asked if Mariah recalled how frustrated she'd been with the whole sperm bank, DNA video, and catalogue thing. Mariah said she did, and then she was shocked when she realized what Devon's donation would be.

Mariah felt awkward with Hilary and Devon during her conversation about them getting back together just to have a child. Devon explained that they weren't getting back together. It was a mutually beneficial arrangement between two friends. Hilary said they'd given it a lot of thought, and it was what they both wanted. Mariah said that she was confused. Devon left and asked Hilary to explain. Hilary said she wasn't looking for approval or asking for input. Mariah asked how, if Hilary couldn't explain it to Mariah, she would explain it to her child.

Hilary confirmed that the situation was a little unconventional, but there was a lot of family. Mariah said that families didn't start with an ex-husband that a woman wasn't over. Hilary stated that she and Devon were in a good place as colleagues and friends. She wouldn't mess it up by asking for more. Mariah reminded her that a child was more.

Hilary claimed she didn't expect Mr. Right to magically appear and have matching reproductive goals. She and Devon both wanted a child, and they'd work together as parents who had separate and happy lives. She refused to screw things up. She said that was a promise, and she left. Under her breath, Mariah said that that was a lie.

Devon arrived at Hamilton-Winters and saw that Lily was hard at work. She told Devon she loved her space. Lily apologized for her earlier bluntness and admitted she had been blindsided. Devon claimed he wanted to be a father. Lily advised him there would be a massive change between him and Hilary once a child arrived. She named all the benefits for him without Hilary and a child and said he wouldn't lose control.

Devon asked Lily to drop it. He and Hilary had worked things out. Lily stated that Devon hadn't been able to stop Hilary from making a stake in his office, and she wondered how Hilary would act when she had a baby to bargain with. Devon said Hilary was different. Lily told him that Hilary hadn't changed, and having a child with Hilary would attach him and the family to Hilary permanently. Hilary's priority would always be Hilary, and having his child was her way of staking a claim on Devon's life permanently.

Devon claimed that that was what people did when they became parents. Lily countered that becoming a parent didn't change lifelong behavior patterns. She asked if Devon had forgotten all the pain Hilary had caused and the lies she'd told. Devon said he hadn't because he had Lily to remind him daily. Lily claimed that Devon didn't have enough strength to make Hilary go away because he was indulging in a farfetched daddy fantasy.

Devon told Lily that he'd spent many years, hoping to have a child so that he could provide guidance, stability, and unconditional love, the same as Neil had provided for him. Lily suggested that Devon adopt. Devon said he might do that, but at the moment, he wanted a biological child. Lily suggested he have a child with someone other than Hilary. Lily didn't want Hilary to manipulate Devon and bleed him dry emotionally and financially.

Devon reassured Lily he'd protected himself and had Michael draw up legal documentation to make sure that all angles of the arrangement were covered. Devon suggested that if Lily found the situation too difficult, she could leave. Lily wanted to make her agency a success and would stay. Hilary waltzed in to talk to Devon as he was about to leave for a meeting.

After Devon left, Lily eavesdropped while Hilary called the clinic and advised them that she'd found a donor and wanted an appointment for insemination.

At home, Sharon was upset when she told Nick about the homeless person who'd died alone on a dirty street. Nick reminded Sharon how much she'd done for so many people, but Sharon wanted to do more. Nick said there were a lot of people who needed affordable housing and that he already had a waiting list. Sharon was shocked and said that he and Nikki needed to acquire more properties.

Nick told Sharon that he and Nikki had been trying to find a new complex to refurbish. He said that Nikki would never recoup her investment, but while he believed Nikki didn't care -- there was a limit to her budget.

Sharon suggested that he needed to form a nonprofit organization and get investors. She said that with the Newman name associated with it, they'd get a lot of attention. Nick loved the idea, said he would present it to Nikki, and left.

Nick arrived at the Athletic Club and asked the hostess for Nikki's suite number. When he arrived on Nikki's floor, Nick was stunned when he saw Arturo, wrapped only in a towel, embrace Nikki and draw her into the suite.

Preempted for March Madness

Preempted for March Madness

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Due to CBS Sports coverage of the NCAA Men's Basketball "March Madness" Tournament, The Young and the Restless did not air. This was a planned preemption and no episodes were "lost" as a result of this preemption

Regular programming resumed Monday, March 19, and picked up where the Wednesday, March 14, episode concluded.

Preempted for March Madness

Preempted for March Madness

Friday, March 16, 2018

Due to CBS Sports coverage of the NCAA Men's Basketball "March Madness" Tournament, The Young and the Restless did not air. This was a planned preemption and no episodes were "lost" as a result of this preemption

Regular programming resumed Monday, March 19, and picked up where the Wednesday, March 14, episode concluded.

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