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Hilary insinuated to Simone that she'd slept with Devon. DNA test results indicated that Jack was not a blood Abbott. Victoria sought counseling. Nikki and Jill clashed at the dedication in the park in Katherine's honor. J.T. turned off Victor's life support.
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Abby and Ashley keep quiet about Jack

Abby and Ashley keep quiet about Jack

Monday, April 2, 2018

In a suite at the Genoa City Athletic Club, Devon awoke and checked the time on his phone. Hilary, already wide awake, said, "Good morning." Devon said he hadn't intended to stay all night because he didn't want Hilary to get the wrong impression. Hilary replied, "What it means is that we had sex." Devon recalled that they'd had sex because Hilary had missed her IUI appointment. Devon said they probably shouldn't have kissed because they'd complicated the terms of the contract he'd had Michael draw up.

Devon said he'd have to stop by his house to change clothes before heading to work. Room service arrived with a healthy breakfast Hilary had ordered. Hilary offered to share her omelet with Devon. Devon sent a text message to Lily, letting her know he'd be late. Hilary sent a message informing Mariah that she'd be late. Devon stayed with Hilary, and they talked about the future. Hilary said their beloved child would possess great qualities. Hilary thanked Devon for his support. Devon suggested they make love again to increase Hilary's chances of pregnancy.

In their shared office at the Hamilton-Winters Group, Lily confessed to Mariah that she and Cane had locked Hilary in the office in hopes of thwarting Devon's plan to help impregnate Hilary. Mariah noted that the move was more like something Hilary would've done to someone. Lily defended herself and claimed she'd had to get her hands dirty because Hilary had, too. Mariah agreed that Hilary, while vain, selfish, and untrustworthy, had shown her tender side while spending time with Sam. Mariah added that Hilary embodied the qualities of strength, loyalty, and confidence, all of which she could instill in a child.

Lily said Hilary could become a mother as long as Devon didn't tie himself to her for the rest of his life. Mariah noted that Hilary and Devon had a connection, which was why, Mariah added, she'd broken off her relationship with him. Lily wasn't swayed and said she refused to accept the idea that Devon wanted Hilary back. After Mariah received a text message from Hilary, and Lily received the same message from Devon about being detained, Mariah said, "It's not a coincidence or anything, right?" Lily expressed concern that Hilary had rescheduled the insemination. Lily phoned the IUI clinic and was relieved to learn that Hilary hadn't set up another insemination appointment.

At Victoria's, J.T. proposed celebrating their engagement by enjoying dinner at a restaurant with the children. Victoria, having just heard from Nikki that antibiotics had failed to treat Victor's infection, nixed the idea. Victoria cried that her father was fighting for his life. J.T. floated the idea of ordering in and breaking the news to the children at home. Victoria noted that Johnny and Katie were too young and would be confused because J.T. wasn't yet divorced. J.T. seemed disappointed.

J.T. met with Mac at the Genoa City Athletic Club. J.T. said he'd decided to sign over full custody of their children to Mac as long as he retained visitation rights. Mac stipulated that the visitations would require supervision. J.T. said he felt like Mac was trying to punish him. Mac said she'd require supervised visitation before accepting the agreement. J.T. agreed as long as Mac signed the divorce papers as soon as they were drawn up.

Mac, recalling her discussion with Victoria about J.T.'s emotional abuse, asked J.T. why he was in a hurry to marry Victoria. J.T. assured Mac that he and Victoria were in a healthy relationship. J.T. added that he'd accepted Mac's demands only because he didn't want D.J. and Becca to endure commutes back and forth from the District of Columbia. Mac disagreed and said J.T. was doing what was best for himself. Mac demanded to know why J.T. was in a rush to marry Victoria. Mac insisted that J.T. acknowledge the abuse she'd suffered.

Mac recalled that J.T.'s constant need for control had chipped away at her confidence and had made her unsure of who she was or what she deserved. J.T. mocked Mac and denied her claims. Mac pleaded with J.T. to honestly consider his behavior and admit what he'd done to her. J.T. skirted the demand and instead bragged that Victoria, strong and beautiful, would be a more suitable partner for him. Mac replied, "Okay. Well, then, there's nothing left for me to do here." Mac agreed to sign the papers when they were ready.

At the Genoa City jail, Jack visited with Billy and Phyllis. Phyllis quipped that she would've taken Jack a bacon-and-egg sandwich had it not been considered contraband. Jack, his brow furrowed and his voice weak, replied, "I ate." Billy proclaimed Jack's innocence. Jack noted that Victor had many enemies. Phyllis asked Jack why Paul had zeroed in on him. Phyllis added, "Whoever could do this to you better run like hell before I find them myself."

Jack told Billy and Phyllis that Kyle had visited. Billy said he'd told Phyllis that Kyle and Victor had been exchanging emails. Jack noted that Kyle seemed to harbor nothing but hate for him. Phyllis gave Jack hope by assuring him that Paul would eventually catch up, though she promised to keep her eyes open and suss out what she could. Billy said he preferred to hire a professional investigator. Phyllis didn't argue with Billy's plan, but she said she still intended to check out all the angles. Phyllis told Jack she knew he was innocent.

After Billy and Phyllis left the jail, they stopped by the Genoa City Athletic Club. Billy phoned an investigator and instructed him to find evidence to clear Jack. Phyllis reminded Billy that she was on his team. Billy insisted that Phyllis stay out of harm's way. Phyllis reminded Billy that she and only she was in charge of what she did. Phyllis promised not to be as obsessive as she had been with Chelsea. Billy replied, "Last time you were protecting your ex Nick. This time you're trying to protect your ex Jack, so what is different besides their name, because you are still you." Phyllis reminded Billy that he'd been obsessive about Victoria's plans to marry J.T.

At the Abbott mansion, Abby and Ashley made certain Dina was resting and Mrs. Martinez was out before discussing the paternity test they'd ordered using hair from Traci and from Jack. Abby said she'd awakened thinking about Jack locked in a cell. Ashley acknowledged that Dina had been a serial cheater. Ashley added, "I am not John Abbott's biological daughter, and now we know that Jack isn't his biological son. Now we have to figure out what we're going to do with that fact." Ashley suggested repeating the test to ensure accuracy because the news would change Jack's life forever.

Abby, certain of Dina's specific memories related to Jack's conception, noted that Dina had even remembered the name of the motel. Ashley wasn't so certain and reminded Abby that Alzheimer's had compromised Dina's memories. Ashley contrasted the difference between her and Jack. Ashley explained that she'd known for some time that she wasn't John's biological child, though John had still loved her unconditionally. Jack, Ashley noted, had considered John Abbott to be a benchmark. Jack, Ashley explained, had spent his life living up to the Abbott name to earn John's approval.

Abby said Jack's underhanded use of the blood-Abbott clause, which prevented Ashley from becoming CEO, wasn't at all something John Abbott would've done. Ashley said, "So, what do we do? Do we tell Jack about his paternity, or do we keep it a secret forever?" Abby said Jack would have to face the consequences of his blood-only clause, which had hurt Ashley. Ashley agreed that if the DNA tests proved correct, it would mean that Jack couldn't be CEO of Jabot, though she drew the line at avenging Jack so cruelly. Ashley added that the news would affect the whole family, not just Jack.

At the hospital, Victoria was standing outside the ICU when Ashley and Abby arrived. Victoria reported no change in Victor's condition. Abby noticed the engagement ring on Victoria's finger. Victoria said she and J.T. planned to marry again. Abby urged Victoria not to rush into the marriage, for Johnny and Katie's sake. Victoria changed the subject and said Paul seemed certain that Jack was responsible for Victor's fall. Abby defended Jack and said the case would never go to trial without evidence. Victoria noted that Victor had had respect for John Abbott. Victoria added, "But as time goes on, it's becoming obvious that Jack is nothing like his father."

At Crimson Lights, Sharon encouraged a distraught Nick to eat breakfast. Nick recalled that because he and Victor had been waging war against each other, Victor wouldn't likely want him to keep vigil at the hospital. Sharon insisted that Victor, though flawed, loved Nick. Nick assured Sharon that he'd soon find a place for him and Christian. Sharon insisted that Nick and Christian remain with her for the time being, so Nick could rest whenever possible. Mac stopped by, greeted Sharon and Nick, and told Nick she hoped Victor's condition had improved. Nick said there had been no change.

After Nick left, Mac asked Sharon if she and Nick had reconciled. Sharon said Nick was staying with her during a rough patch. Sharon said she'd changed her life by returning to school and volunteering at a crisis hotline to help people in distress. Mac admitted that she and J.T. had split up because he'd become emotionally abusive. Mac said J.T. was refusing to admit what he'd done, so he'd never get help.

Mac expressed concern to Sharon that J.T. might be treating Victoria the same way. Victoria had entered and overheard Mac's comment. Victoria accused Mac of gossiping. Mac swore she wasn't gossiping and expressed concern about Victoria's relationship with J.T. Victoria asked Mac if she planned to return home to her children. Mac said she was on her way home, and she wished Victoria luck.

After Mac left, Sharon insisted to Victoria that Mac's heartfelt concern wasn't gossip. Victoria defiantly noted that she'd never been a victim and had never allowed a man to abuse her emotionally. Sharon said she didn't know the specifics, but she was concerned because J.T. had refused to seek help. Sharon said if J.T. wouldn't, it didn't mean that Victoria couldn't seek help. Sharon gave Victoria a business card and urged her to consult a counselor to discuss healthy modes of communication. Sharon noted that Victoria had advocated for what she deserved in the business world and should do the same for her personal life. After Sharon walked away, Victoria picked up the business card.

Abby and Ashley stopped by to visit Jack. Jack insisted to Abby that he hadn't attacked Victor. Abby said she believed Jack. Jack said he was surprised to see Ashley. Ashley said that no matter what, they were family. Abby said she felt the same and credited Jack with being the rock of the family like her grandfather had been. Jack said he'd known better than to tangle with Victor. Jack added that he'd gotten drunk and had allowed his impulses to dictate. Ashley said she would drop the defamation-of-character lawsuit. Jack said he'd had time to think over his life and knew John would be disappointed in him. Abby made eye contact with Ashley, but Ashley looked down at her fingers as she nervously picked at her nails.

Abby and Ashley returned home, exhausted and emotionally drained. Ashley cried that she couldn't believe that everything they were dealing with was happening at the same time. Abby asked Ashley if she'd meant what she'd said when she'd told Jack they were still family. Ashley said she had. Abby expressed concern about Jack. Abby made Ashley vow not to hurt Jack. Ashley promised that while Jack was in jail, she wouldn't tell him that he wasn't Jack Abbott's biological son.

Nick entered the Athletic Club and ran into J.T. Nick informed J.T. that Victor's condition hadn't changed. Nick, certain his father would rally, said that no one would get the better of Victor. J.T. nodded and replied, "Yeah." Nick congratulated J.T. on his engagement and praised him for supporting Victoria and staying by her side at the hospital. J.T. said he loved Victoria and wouldn't do anything to mess up their relationship. Nick quipped that he'd run J.T. out of town if he messed up.

Victoria had returned home from her visit with Sharon before J.T. arrived. Victoria slipped the business card Sharon had given her back into her purse as J.T. approached. J.T. announced that Mac had agreed to sign the divorce papers as soon as they were ready. Victoria looked stunned. J.T. suggested they get a calendar and pick a wedding date. Victoria hesitated and didn't immediately respond. J.T. was shocked when Victoria said, "I can't marry you, J.T."

Jack vows to keep Kyle from taking over Jabot

Jack vows to keep Kyle from taking over Jabot

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Hilary interrupted GC Buzz's regular programming for a seismic announcement from financial titan Victor Newman, who had called a press conference at the Athletic Club. Victor stepped to the podium and declared that he'd entered into a new collaboration that would shake up the business world. He introduced his new partner, Kyle, and proclaimed that it was the day the Newmans and the Abbotts united. Kyle revealed that Victor was backing his venture to revamp and reignite Jabot Cosmetics.

Jack stepped forward and growled that there was no way he would allow his company to be tied to Newman. Kyle crowed that it was a done deal, but Jack protested that Victor was just using Kyle to get to Jack. Kyle clarified that he was using Victor to push Jack aside, and Victor taunted that Jack had lost again. Jack woke up from a nightmare inside his holding cell, gasping for breath.

At Hamilton-Winters, Lily finished a call while the twins helped her keep organized. Mattie noted that she didn't have the playlist for a social media post, and Lily figured that Devon was busy. Hilary arrived as the teens stepped out to run errands, and she surmised that Lily was prepping for her big trip to New York. Lily curtly replied that she needed Devon to sign off on some things, and Hilary clucked that Devon was a slacker. Hilary pointedly pondered why neither she nor Devon had been in all day, and a look of horror crossed Lily's face. Hilary reasoned that it took extra time to get making a baby just right.

Over the phone, Hilary made a doctor's appointment for a pregnancy test. Hilary taunted that they would never know if Devon would have changed his mind if things had worked out the way the Ashbys had planned. Lily snapped that she was busy, and Hilary bragged about how much she'd enjoyed getting busy the night before. Hilary imagined that she normally would have torn Lily apart for what she'd done, but she wanted to thank Lily for a night Hilary wouldn't soon forget.

Hilary added that it had been exhausting, so she needed an espresso, but she opted to make it decaf, just in case. Devon arrived at the office, and Hilary stepped out to make a coffee run. Devon asked if the twins were there, and Lily reported that they were out of the office. Lily questioned whether what she'd done to Hilary had made Devon angrier than Hilary making sure that everyone knew that she and Devon had done the deed all night.

Later, Devon asked Hilary why she'd told Lily that they'd had sex, and Hilary complained that Lily had been being smug, so Hilary had needed to let her know that she hadn't won. Devon couldn't blame Hilary, but he reminded her that they wouldn't be doing it again. Hilary stepped aside to take a call, and Lily guessed that Devon had let Hilary off the hook. He balked at hearing a lecture, but Lily informed him that she'd given up on showing him that Hilary's motives for having a baby were all wrong. Lily quipped that he'd made his bed, and he was having sex in it. Devon retorted that it had only happened because Lily had interfered, so it was on her.

Hilary asked the twins to retrieve some things from her car, but Lily said she had more for the teens to do. Simone entered and asked if Devon was around, and Hilary curtly recommended that she make an appointment. Lily offered to let the twins help Hilary, and Hilary led them away. Lily sweetly greeted Simone and assured her that Devon wouldn't mind that she'd stopped by, and she asked what Simone and Devon's status was. Simone replied that they weren't exactly a couple, but she liked hanging out and wouldn't mind doing more than that. Lily encouraged Simone to take on a larger role at Hamilton-Winters by becoming a model.

Later, Lily suggested that Devon and Simone discuss Simone's growing role at the company over dinner while Lily was in New York. Devon was eager to hear Simone's thoughts, and he excused himself to take a call. Simone thanked Lily for setting things up, and Lily insinuated that Devon was smitten with Simone. Hilary and the twins returned, and Hilary observed that Lily and Simone seemed friendly. Lily gushed that Simone was really nice and an excellent addition around there, and Hilary glowered.

Nikki sat at an unconscious Victor's bedside and said she missed him. She forlornly wondered where he'd gone, and he thought to himself that he had always been by her side. He was touched that she was reassuring him and keeping vigil, and he didn't know how he would make it through without her. Nick called to Nikki, since it looked like she had gone off somewhere. She gazed at Victor and mused that she was right there.

Nikki bemoaned that the antibiotics hadn't helped with Victor's fever, but no one knew why. Nick assured her that a whole team of doctors was working on it, and he wondered when she'd last slept. Nikki didn't want to make it about her when it was about her husband, and she recognized that it sounded weird after everything that had happened. Nick wished Victor would get through it and tell them who had put him there, and he offered to stay with Victor if she promised to leave the hospital for a little while. Nikki muttered that she had somewhere to be, but she brushed off Nick's question about where she was going.

Ashley stepped off the Jabot elevator and was surprised to find the door to Jack's office locked. Kyle opened it from the inside and cheerfully invited her in. He remarked that it was weird to be having a drink in the office while his dad was in jail, and he suggested that they toast to Jack being cleared of the charges. Ashley dryly noted that it was good to know Kyle cared, and she referred to him voting against Jack as CEO. Kyle asserted that he'd voted with his conscience and sided with her, and she thanked him.

Ashley pointed out that Kyle had been incommunicado for months. Kyle countered that at least he still worked for Jabot, whereas she was at Newman, and he jokingly asked if he should call security. Ashley reminded him that she'd kept a seat on the board, and she intended to sort out how the company would run during Jack's absence. Kyle announced that he was there to help for the duration, since Jack had seen to it that no one but an Abbott could run it, so Kyle was it until Jack got back.

Ashley reviewed some documents that Kyle had put together, and she commented that she would have done the same thing as acting CEO, but she was confused about why he was so eager to jump in. Kyle figured that Jack had painted him into a corner with the new bylaws of the company, but Ashley argued that Traci and Billy were blood Abbotts, too. Kyle doubted that they'd step up, so that left only him to make sure the lights stayed on. Kyle claimed that he'd hoped to use Walnut Grove's centennial as a way to fix things with his father, but he'd had no idea how critical the timing would turn out to be. Ashley insisted that Jabot was more than just a company, and she had to know if Kyle was sincere. "Emphatically yes," he replied.

Kyle stopped by GC Buzz and ran into Mariah, who pleaded with him to tell her that "Snowflake" wasn't heading back to town, too. Kyle confirmed that Summer hadn't shared her plans, and he inquired about Kevin. Mariah reported that they were still pals but that Kevin had moved to Oregon. Kyle mentioned that he'd flown in for his school centennial, but he was sticking around because of his dad, and he was there to check up on Jabot's sponsorship contracts. Mariah dismissively wished him luck, and he asked if he meant nothing to her because she'd become famous.

Kyle admitted that he thought Mariah's broadcasts were good, even though it was the last thing he'd ever imagined her doing. He added that it was good to see her, but she figured that without Kevin, Summer, or Noah in town, he needed some company. She reminded him that he didn't like her, but he countered that he'd thought she didn't like him. She asked how long he'd be in town, and he replied that he'd be there as long as needed to pitch in when his family was in trouble.

Mariah explained that Hilary was a diva but not a slacker, so she was learning a lot. Kyle asked if Mariah was seeing anyone, and she chortled and called herself boring. He recalled that he'd enjoyed his time in New York, since being in a competitive market had taught him about going for what he wanted. She wondered if it was dull to be back there, but he mused that there were things he liked about Genoa City, so he might stick around long-term. Mariah was sure his dad would love it.

At home, J.T. questioned why Victoria wanted to call off the wedding, and she asked why they should rush in. J.T. recalled that she'd just been completely on board, and he wondered what had changed. She explained that she was in a stressful situation with her dad in the hospital, so it wasn't the right time, but J.T. insisted that it was the perfect time to add some stability to her life. He suspected that she was just getting cold feet, and he pressured her to go through with the wedding. Victoria begged him not to discount what she was saying just because it wasn't what he wanted to hear, and she maintained that she didn't want to get married then.

Victoria swore that she wasn't rejecting J.T. and that she wasn't saying it would never happen, but he pushed for more of an explanation in order for him to agree to put off the wedding. She realized that he was making it sound like she needed his permission to postpone it, even though it was what she wanted. Victoria suggested that they table the discussion because she had to get to the hospital, but J.T. pressed to know what had set her off to demand it be her way or nothing at all. She clarified that they were partners, so neither of them could force the other to do something they didn't want to do.

J.T. reminded Victoria that they'd agreed to get married, and she told him to stop dissecting her decision. She said she loved him, and he replied that he loved her, even though she drove him crazy. Victoria intended to focus on what they expected from one another before they plunged in, but J.T. suspected that she hadn't made the decision on her own. He asked if she'd been talking to Mac, but Victoria firmly stated that she didn't need people to tell her how to think because she made up her own mind.

J.T. voiced surprise when Victoria prepared to leave to check on her dad. J.T. protested that they weren't done talking, and she wanted to be sure that he understood her position, since sometimes he didn't listen. He insisted that it wasn't true, but she maintained that it was how it felt, since there were times when it seemed like he thought his opinion was the only one that mattered. She continued that he could sometimes be critical and dismissive of her, and it wasn't what she wanted out of their relationship.

J.T. reiterated that he'd been trying to encourage Victoria to be happy and successful, and he hadn't meant to seem judgmental or pushy. He griped that things had always been equal between them until Mac had returned to town. Victoria insisted that it wasn't about Mac, but it was about them. Victoria kissed him goodbye and departed, and he looked irritated. He grabbed his coat and followed after her.

Jack was surprised when Nikki visited him, and he denied assaulting Victor, even though all he had was his word. Nikki wondered why Jack had returned to the ranch, but Jack hesitated to say anything because doing innocent things like going to the ranch and calling 9-1-1 had put him in there. Nikki demanded the truth. Jack admitted that he didn't know why he'd gone to the ranch, but Victor had already been unconscious at the base of the stairs when he'd arrived. Jack conceded that he'd thought the world would be a better place without Victor, but he hadn't pushed Victor down the stairs.

Later, Jack told Ashley that Nikki's visit had made him realize that even his friends didn't believe his flimsy defense. He figured that Ashley also had doubts, and he contemplated how he could convince a dozen strangers of his innocence. Ashley pointed out that he had the truth on his side, as well as a family that loved him and believed in him. She added that she had good news -- Jack didn't have to worry about the company while he was indisposed, since Kyle had already stepped up to handle things. Jack blurted out that his nightmare was becoming a reality, and there had to be a way to keep his son from taking over at Jabot.

Jack recounted that Kyle hadn't been concerned about his well-being and that Kyle had laid into him for making bad business decisions. Ashley revealed that she hadn't seen that side of Kyle when she'd talked to him, since he'd made it clear that Jack was his priority. Jack barked that it was Victor's doing, since Victor had turned Kyle against him. Jack imagined that whatever Victor and Kyle were up to was big and could damage all of them. Jack was adamant that he and Ashley find a way to stop his son. Meanwhile, a cocky Kyle kicked back in Jack's office chair and smirked.

Mac ran into J.T. in the Athletic Club foyer, and she brusquely informed him that she was heading to the airport. She suggested that they communicate through their attorneys. J.T. argued that she'd talked to Victoria, so Mac could make time to talk to him. J.T. contended that what had happened in his marriage to Mac belonged to them and no one else, and he grumbled that she'd tried to sabotage a marriage that was just starting up. Mac insisted that she hadn't been trying to ruin things, but she didn't want Victoria to stumble in blindly.

Mac swore that she wanted things to work out and that she wasn't being vindictive, but J.T. spat that her one-sided custody agreement said otherwise. She got up to leave, but he grabbed her hand and asked why she was trying to convince Victoria that he was some kind of monster. Mac insisted that he wasn't, but she became tearful when she reflected back on the things he'd done.

J.T. recognized that there were thousands of things that made a relationship work or not, and his marriage to Mac just hadn't worked in the end. J.T. thought he and Victoria had what it took to make things right in the equation, and Mac urged him to put in the work and build on it. He questioned whether she thought he hadn't worked on their marriage, and Mac remarked that he'd changed the diapers and shoveled the snow, but it hadn't made up for the rest of it. He pledged that things would be different that time, and Mac departed for the airport. J.T. crossed over to the bar and spied a newspaper headline about Victor fighting for his life.

At the hospital, Nick asked if Victoria had seen their mom, since he'd just gotten an update from the doctor, and things were worse than they'd thought. Nikki returned and was devastated to learn that Victor was septic. She wailed that people died from it, but Victoria vowed that it wouldn't happen. Nikki went to talk to the doctors.

J.T. entered Victor's hospital room and glared at Victor. Victoria found J.T., who claimed that he'd been about to look for her. She led him into the corridor and revealed that Victor's infection was getting worse. She wondered if J.T. was there to offer support, and he scoffed at the thought of fighting with her at her father's bedside. J.T. added that she'd really gone off the rails if she thought that little of him, and he claimed that he hadn't wanted her to think that he was upset.

J.T. admitted that he'd been judgmental and demanding, and he promised that it would stop. Victoria asked if he was okay with slowing down their wedding plans, and he swore that he was on board with whatever she wanted to do. She requested that he accept one condition -- in order to do things the right way, she thought they needed to see a relationship counselor.

Victoria asked Nikki if Victor was getting worse, and Nikki reported that the doctors were doing everything they could, but there was no guarantee. Nick refused to give up, since they knew Victor was strong and stubborn. Victoria thought they had to keep telling Victor that, but Nikki broke down when she thought about how she would cope if the doctors were wrong. Nick held Nikki as she sobbed. Victoria put her arms around them as J.T. gazed in at Victor.

Kyle becomes Jabot's CEO and fires Gloria

Kyle becomes Jabot's CEO and fires Gloria

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

by Nel

At the Athletic Club, Nikki, Nick, and Arturo discussed the housing project. After Arturo left, Nikki assured Nick that she and Arturo were on hold. Nikki received a call from the hospital about Victor's condition. Nick and Nikki left in a hurry.

At home, Victoria told J.T. that she'd been successful in securing an appointment with a therapist, Dr. Mosley, later in the day. J.T. claimed that he needed to clear his calendar, but Victoria informed him she'd already done that. At that moment, Victoria received a text from Nikki advising Victoria to attend a family meeting at the hospital. Victoria gave J.T. the therapist's address and said she'd meet him there, and she left for the hospital.

At Jabot, Kyle finished giving Gloria instructions and told her that he needed a new nameplate on the door. Gloria said that wouldn't be necessary because Michael would have Jack out on bail in no time. She added that Michael was a brilliant lawyer, and he'd make short work of Jack's case. Gloria suggested that Kyle not settle in because he wouldn't be there very long.

Kyle told Gloria he hoped for a good outcome for Jack, but they needed to work with the new reality -- and he was the CEO for the foreseeable future. Kyle added that when he asked Gloria to do something, he expected her to follow his instructions. He asked Gloria to get him a list of all the projects in development, including those that Jack hadn't shared with him. Smugly, Gloria advised him that they were filed under "need to know," so they were top secret, and she refused to provide Kyle with them. Kyle advised her that they were not top secret from the CEO.

Gloria was curious why Kyle needed that information, since he was only the temporary CEO. Kyle asked Gloria if she had asked him to explain how and why he was doing his job. Gloria stated that as an executive assistant, she knew how things ran. Kyle stated that he also knew how things ran and told her to do her assistant job and leave the CEO job to him.

Insulted, Gloria said that because Kyle was Jack's son, it didn't automatically follow that Kyle would be Jack's successor. She asked what gave Kyle the right to sit in Jack's chair. Kyle said that he'd never understood why Jack had hired a woman who'd caused so much damage to the Abbott family. Gloria snapped that her loyalties didn't lie with him. Kyle said Gloria had left him no choice, and he fired her.

Abby arrived at the Abbotts' and told Ashley that Victoria had canceled all her meetings, leaving Abby's schedule shredded. Ashley inquired about Victor's condition. Abby said there hadn't been a change. Abby wanted to talk about Kyle and reminded Ashley that Jack didn't trust Kyle to run Jabot.

Abby said that she and Ashley knew that neither Kyle nor Jack was a blood Abbott, and any decision Kyle made could be harmful to Jabot. Ashley assured Abby that she'd be monitoring Kyle. Abby felt it was time to tell Jack that he wasn't an Abbott, but Ashley refused to do so while Jack was in jail.

Dina stormed into the room, upset that there was no milk for her morning coffee. Abby assured her that there was plenty, but Dina claimed there wasn't a bottle of milk in the refrigerator and demanded to know when the milkman would arrive.

Ashley explained that the milk was in cartons and offered to get some for Dina. Dina refused Ashley's offer and accused her of changing products without permission. It was beyond Ashley's scope as a member of the household staff. Ashley was taken aback. Dina accused Ashley of not doing a good job while John was away. Dina claimed she didn't trust Ashley and that she'd warn John about what Ashley had done. Ashley was gobsmacked.

A short time later, Billy arrived, and Ashley was relieved to see him. She needed to talk to Billy about Kyle. Billy said that he knew Jack didn't trust Kyle. Billy admitted that he didn't either. Ashley told Billy that Kyle had inserted himself into the CEO chair, and that could be dangerous because of Kyle's ongoing communications with Victor. Ashley added that Kyle was transparent but effective. Ashley wanted Billy to step in as CEO because he was the only blood Abbot who wasn't in jail. He had the necessary skillset, and he wasn't colluding with Victor.

Billy reminded Ashley that he worked at Chancellor. Ashley scoffed that he worked for his mother, and they both knew he wasn't invested in it. They couldn't allow any information to leak that Jack and Kyle were at odds or about Kyle's association with Victor. That would make Jack look guiltier. She was adamant that they had to take a chance and focus on the fact that Billy had more experience in the cosmetics world and that he was older and wiser than Kyle. Billy said he was willing, but it wouldn't be easy.

Hilary arrived at Hamilton-Winters in a very upbeat mood. Devon said he'd done some research, and it would take time for Hilary's body to develop detectable levels of HCG for a pregnancy test to measure. Hilary couldn't understand why it had to be so difficult. Devon asked her not to stress over it, and if she wasn't pregnant, they'd make another attempt the following month. Sarcastically, Hilary made a comment about being on board the insemination train. She was almost in tears. Devon comforted her. Hilary saw an opportunity and leaned in for a kiss, but she was shocked when Devon pulled away from her when he realized what she was about to do.

Hilary asked Devon to promise to accept things for what they were. She said that she'd been flooded with longing that they'd made a baby. Hilary said that whether their time together had impregnated her or not, when she thought how their baby had been conceived, she'd remember their night together.

At the hospital, Nikki advised Nick, Abby, and Victoria that Victor's respiratory system had broken down, and he'd gone into septic shock. Nikki said that they needed to make some decisions, because if Victor's condition didn't improve, his organs would break down and impact the quality of his life. They knew that Victor hadn't made a living will. Abby said that Victor had always seen himself as invincible and that he'd live forever.

Victoria stated that Victor wouldn't want to live as a shell of himself. Abby sarcastically asked if Victoria had hoped that Victor's condition would be a quick path to his office for her. Nikki said that, ultimately, it would be her decision, but she wanted the family's input. Victoria said she had to leave, but she'd support whatever decision Nikki made. Nikki was in tears. Nick and Abby couldn't believe that Victoria left. Nikki said that she'd had many close calls with Victor, but she also knew that Victor would never want to live attached to a machine. Nick said that they couldn't just let Victor go.

After Nick and Abby left, Nikki tearfully railed that Victor had left her with the horrible decision about his life. She softened and told him how much the family loved and needed him. She said she didn't know how to go on without him and added that she'd never been happier with Victor. They'd become something she'd never believed they would be again -- friends. Nikki kissed his forehead, and from the doorway, she thanked him and left.

Sometime later, a brunette entered Victor's room. She sat down, took Victor's hand, and kissed it.

At the therapist's office, Dr. Mosley asked if Victoria's family understood why she'd left the hospital. Victoria said that she hadn't told her family why she'd had to leave. Dr. Mosley asked why they were there. Victoria said that it was her and J.T.'s second time around as a couple, and she wanted to make sure that they did things right. They needed to work on the small things before they became huge problems the way they had the last time.

Victoria mentioned the petty disagreements and things she'd have normally dismissed until she'd run into J.T.'s ex, Mac. J.T. said that he and Mac were divorcing. Victoria said that Mac had warned her about J.T.'s emotional abuse.

J.T. tried to downplay the situation and claimed that when Mac had realized that their marriage had ended, she'd become someone he hadn't recognized. Mac had punished him by filing for full custody of their children. He said he'd fought against it, but Mac had stooped to an all-time low by sabotaging his relationship with Victoria. He said that as soon as he'd given Mac what she'd wanted, she'd backed down.

Dr. Mosley asked if Victoria still had concerns about her relationship with J.T. J.T. chimed in and said he loved Victoria and wanted to make it work this time. When they'd been married, there had been a certain dynamic in the Newman family, but that wasn't relevant at that moment. Victoria said that Victor had had a strong presence in her life, and J.T. thought that she'd chosen Victor over them.

Victoria admitted that that had been part of the reason she and J.T. had broken up. They'd stopped talking, and things had become very ugly. She admitted that she'd cheated on J.T. Dr. Mosley asked why Victoria had been affected by Mac's warning. Victoria said that divorce was ugly, especially when kids were involved, but Mac's words had hit too close to home.

Victoria said that J.T. often hurt her feelings and that he'd be very critical. She said that if she was concerned about something, J.T. said she was too sensitive -- if she was angry, he'd say that she was overreacting. J.T. said that Victoria wasn't used to anyone being honest with her. Most people were intimidated by her. Victoria said that perhaps they'd been more tactful. J.T. claimed that they were two strong, opinionated people.

Dr. Mosely asked if things had ever become physical. J.T. said that they hadn't, but Victoria said that they had. J.T. said that they had wild and physical sex. Victoria claimed that J.T. had grabbed her wrist and that she'd slapped him. J.T. had grabbed her by the throat and pushed her against the wall. It had frightened her. She said that J.T. had punched the wall next to her head.

J.T. tried to downplay that scenario and said that he'd reacted to the slap and had tried to calm Victoria. He said that he'd never hurt Victoria. Dr. Mosley asked how often they'd argue. J.T. claimed it was only once a month, but Victoria stated it was more like twice a week recently. Victoria confessed that she'd slapped J.T. when they'd been married. She wanted to own her part, and she'd been adamant about seeing a therapist for guidance.

Victoria asked if she and J.T. should postpone their wedding, but Dr. Mosley said that was up to them. Dr. Mosley suggested another session, and Victoria agreed, stating that she and J.T. were in it together.

At the Athletic Club, Devon told Simone that Lily had made a big pitch for her. Simone said that she felt Lily had been playing matchmaker. Simone said that she and Devon had had a great start, but Devon had never called her. Devon said that he'd been distracted, but he was still interested. Devon asked how she'd started in the music business. Simone said that it had started when she'd been in college and that it had been something she'd always wanted to do. Devon told Simone that music was his heart and soul. Hilary arrived and was caught off guard when she saw Devon with Simone.

When Simone left for the powder room, Hilary joined Devon and jealously said that she hadn't realized that he'd been seeing Simone. She commented that Simone was such a down-to-earth woman and also cool with their arrangement. Devon admitted he hadn't told Simone. Hilary asked if Simone would disapprove. Devon claimed that there was nothing to tell yet. Hilary pointed out that he'd had sex with his ex-wife. When Simone returned, Hilary promised she wouldn't say a word.

Simone asked Devon what Hilary had meant. Devon said that with Hilary, it was always The Hilary Hour. She had a bad habit of causing problems in places where there were none.

Kyle arrived at the Abbotts' and asked Ashley if there had been any change in Jack's legal situation. Ashley said there hadn't been, and she accused Kyle of unloading on Jack. Kyle admitted that he had, and it had been about Ashley and how Jack had treated her. He said Jack had realized that pushing for the blood clause had been a miscalculation, and Jack had attempted to make things right. As a consequence, Jack had overlooked the fact that Ashley was the Innovator of the Year, and the company had lost her to Newman.

Kyle assured Ashley that Victor hadn't been hanging around Jabot, twirling his mustache, but Victor was fighting for his life. Ashley reminded Kyle that Jack had been accused of trying to kill Victor. Kyle said that, like Ashley, he loved Jack, and he was attempting to keep things on track and trying to protect his family.

Dina entered the room with her tablet. She was upset because she'd read that John had been arrested for trying to kill someone. She insisted that she had to go and see John to tell him the truth before he was taken away to prison. Kyle informed Dina that John loved her very much. Kyle said that John's memories of her had helped him endure his situation, and it would make things more difficult and break his heart if he knew the truth that Dina wanted to tell him. He introduced himself as John's cousin, Kyle. Dina said that she didn't remember him. Kyle explained that he'd been in New York for a number of years. Dina said she liked him.

After settling Dina in her room, Kyle and Ashley returned to the living room, Ashley said that Kyle had been really good with Dina. Kyle said he'd heard about Dina Mergeron his whole life and realized that that accomplished, dynamic woman was his grandmother. He lamented that seeing her in that state for the first time had been heartbreaking. Ashley wished he'd met her before her illness.

Kyle admitted that Ashley had every right to be wary of him, but with so much at stake, he claimed he only had the family's best interest at heart. He hoped she believed him. Before leaving, Kyle told Ashley that in the spirit of full disclosure, he needed to report that he'd fired Gloria. Ashley said that Jack wouldn't like it, but she was fine with it. Kyle said he hadn't been obligated to discuss Gloria's firing with the board members, but he'd wanted Ashley to hear it from him. He didn't want her to think it had been some kind of coup.

Ashley said that Kyle's move seemed like it had been done by someone whose interests were more than being the temporary CEO. Kyle said that they had to be prepared for anything.

At the Athletic Club, Gloria told Abby that Kyle was a brat and that he'd fired her. She told Abby to make it right. She said that when Jack got out of jail, heads would roll when he found out that the Abbotts had fired his loyal assistant. Gloria warned Abby that Jack would decimate her, and Gloria left.

Abby became teary, and Arturo handed her a napkin. After Abby introduced herself, Arturo reacted. He explained that his reaction stemmed from the fact that he'd been working with Nikki and Nick on the housing project. He hoped that Victor would recover soon. Abby told Arturo that whenever Victor fought, he'd win and come back stronger. However, she didn't know if that would be possible this time, and that terrified her. She apologized for sharing her life story with a stranger. Arturo said he understood.

When Victoria and J.T. returned home from the therapist's office, J.T. said that Victoria had always depended on Victor, but with Victor in the hospital, a big part of her life had become uncertain. J.T. claimed she needed something to hold onto, and he wanted it to be him. He enveloped her in his arms and said that they were passionate and complicated people, and they were great together. They didn't need a therapist to tell them that.

Ashley plots to appoint Billy as Jabot's CEO

Ashley plots to appoint Billy as Jabot's CEO

Thursday, April 5, 2018

At Crimson Lights, Nick checked in with Nikki over the phone. After he hung up, Sharon surmised that there had been no change in Victor's condition. Nick bemoaned that it was a waiting game, and Sharon urged him to lean on her, since he'd been a rock for Nikki and Faith, but he didn't have to handle it on his own. He snapped that he could handle it, and he walked away.

Sharon approached Nick and apologized for overstepping, and Nick said he was sorry. He recognized that he'd been stressed out, but she'd been nothing but supportive, and he'd had no business taking it out on her. Sharon stressed that she wanted to help if she could, and she asked if there was anything she could do for him. He said no, but he thanked her before he headed out.

Later, Mariah pressed to know what was going on with Sharon and Nick, since Sharon was obviously upset. Mariah wondered if Sharon regretted that things had gone too far or wished that they'd gone further. Sharon recounted that she'd suggested that she and Nick explore where things might go, and he'd told her that it wasn't the time, but he hadn't closed the door completely. Mariah sensed that Sharon was hoping that the door would swing wide open, and Sharon admitted that she thought there was still something between them.

Jack was surprised when Kyle showed up to visit him in jail. Jack wondered if Kyle had more grudges to share, but Kyle sympathized that Jack was in a "living hell" and hadn't deserved Kyle piling it on. Kyle added that he was there to ease Jack's doubts about him running Jabot, since he and Jack had one thing in common -- they both wanted what was best for Jabot. Jack found his son's deep affection for the company hard to believe.

Kyle asserted that he'd been a soldier for Jabot in New York, and he'd evaluated the organization from top to bottom and was looking for new innovation. Kyle thought Jack would love a new eco-friendly company that he'd found, and Jack huffed that Kyle thought he was entitled to make big changes. Kyle reasoned that he was doing what Jack would have done for John, but Jack warned Kyle not to get too comfortable, since Jack would soon be back at work. Kyle pledged to do whatever he could to ensure the company's success.

At home, Phyllis envisioned Kyle sitting in the big chair, making big decisions while not-so-secretly hoping that Jack never returned. She dreaded having to answer to Kyle, and Billy divulged that Ashley had asked him to take over Jabot, since Kyle couldn't be trusted. Billy worried that working together would be an adjustment, and Phyllis asked if they had to stop having sex on the elevator. He amorously replied that they could have more because they'd be working in the same building. He pointed out that things might get tense with her reporting to him, but she joked that she'd just ignore his attempts to tell her how to handle things. Billy said there was one thing he needed her to do for him, and he pulled her into a kiss.

At the jail, Phyllis informed Jack that there was a plan in motion to boot Kyle out of the office. Jack mentioned that Kyle had been there earlier, and he didn't think his son would push the pause button on his agenda. Phyllis vowed not to let Kyle rip Jabot apart, and Jack realized that he'd been just as entitled and smug at Kyle's age. Jack lamented that the son he barely recognized was just like him, but Phyllis contended that the past was gone, so they had to focus on the present and future. She added that Billy had a private investigator working on the case, and Jack had her and Michael on his side.

Phyllis asked what she could do for Jack, and he requested that she tell Nick that Jack hadn't attacked Victor and that he was looking forward to working with Nick and Nikki on the building project. Jack encouraged Phyllis to remind Nick of the bond he and Jack had shared since Nick had been a little boy, and he swore that he cared about being part of the project to do something decent in the world. Jack asked Phyllis to stand in for him until he got out, and she agreed. He mentioned that the name of the project was New Hope, and they both liked the sound of it.

Phyllis met Nick at the Athletic Club, and he couldn't even think about a working relationship with Jack. Phyllis pleaded that Jack was looking for something to hold onto, and she professed his innocence. Nick conceded that he was sure Jack hadn't meant to hurt Victor on purpose, but Nick had a lot of questions about that night. Phyllis expected Victor to wake up and say Jack had never been there, but all Nick could think about was that he might lose his father.

Nick acknowledged that Victor wouldn't live forever, but he thought he would regret it for the rest of his life if he didn't fix things between them. Phyllis assured him that Victor knew that Nick loved him and that the Newman bond was unbreakable. Nick mused that he'd never been enough like Victor, since his dad didn't have real emotions but just channeled everything into business. Nick didn't know what to do with his feelings, but he had to try to stay strong. Phyllis told him to stop trying for a minute.

At the Abbott mansion, Billy announced to Ashley and Abby that he was ready for his temporary job as CEO, since it was their job to protect Jabot. Ashley reported that she'd summoned the board, and she was sure that they had enough people to appoint Billy as CEO immediately. Billy thought they still had to make sure Kyle didn't do anything to jeopardize Jabot in the meantime, and he said he had one more thing to take care of before he took the plunge.

Billy summoned Cane to his apartment, and Cane voiced surprised that they hadn't met at Chancellor. Billy revealed that it was a secret meeting, since Jack was in prison for something he hadn't done, and Billy had to step up for his family by taking over at Jabot. Cane realized that it meant Billy would no longer be working at Chancellor, but he understood that Jabot needed stability and leadership with Jack in trouble. Billy waited for a lecture, but Cane recounted that Jill had hired Billy, sarcastically adding that they'd struggle without him. Cane shook Billy's hand and wished him luck. After Cane left, Ashley appeared from another room and asked if Billy was ready to do it. "Let's get 'em," Billy replied.

Abby entered Kyle's office, and they hugged. She hoped he didn't mind that she'd let herself in with no assistant outside, and she relayed that Gloria wasn't pleased about being let go. Kyle grumbled about Gloria scoring a job there after what she'd done to the company, and he recalled the family legend of Jack dumping her belongings on the doorstep in garbage bags. Abby declared that it had been way too long since she'd seen Kyle, and he guessed that his dad or her mom had asked her to peek in on him.

Abby swore that she just wanted to catch up with everything that had been going on, and Kyle expressed sympathy about Victor. Abby said she'd missed Kyle, and she pointed out that he'd drifted away from everyone except Victor. Kyle argued that Victor had always been good to him, but she questioned the secrecy of his keeping in touch with Victor. Abby confided that she was sensitive because her dad had a way making her feel on the outside, but Kyle insisted that his relationship with Victor had nothing to do with her and that no one was squeezing her out. Abby thought it sounded like he meant it, but she had a hard time believing him.

Abby stepped out of the office and faced Ashley and Billy. Billy asked how she'd done with the "boy king," and Abby reported that Kyle had no idea what was going on and that he hadn't been able to tank the company in front of her. Ashley said the rest of the board was on the way, and Billy wondered where Phyllis was. Kyle exited his office and quipped that he hadn't known about the family reunion. Ashley informed him that she'd called a board meeting to appoint Billy as acting CEO. Kyle wished his family had talked to him before calling the meeting, since only one of them could sit at the CEO's desk because of the blood Abbott clause.

Billy pointed out that he was just as much a blood Abbott as Kyle was, but Kyle crowed that the clause stated that the Abbott with the highest-ranking job at Jabot would assume the role, and Billy wasn't even a Jabot employee. Ashley intended to have the board hire Billy, with their second vote being to put him in the CEO chair. Kyle threatened to block the vote as the highest-ranking blood Abbott, and Ashley started to blurt out that he wasn't one, but she quickly covered. Kyle lectured that they could all be working together for the sake of their family business, but the rest of them had moved on to work for the competition, and he'd been the only one to stay loyal to Jabot.

J.T. handed Victoria a cup of coffee to let her know that he loved her and approved of everything about her. She appreciated the effort but insisted that she didn't need the praise. He swore that he'd heard everything she'd said in the counselor's office, and his being too blunt had been a mistake. Victoria clarified that she just wanted J.T. to be honest the way she was with him. He asked if they were good, since he was under the impression they were. She half-heartedly replied that they were fine, but she turned away.

J.T. recognized that Victoria had a lot on her shoulders, and he implored her to let him take care of her. He insisted that they needed time together to build on the great start they'd gotten with the counselor, and he suggested that they brainstorm ideas for an amazing wedding celebration. Victoria wanted to visit her dad at the hospital, but J.T. whined that her mom was there. She firmly stated that it was something she needed to do, and she headed to the door. J.T. called out that she'd forgotten something, and he cupped her face in his hands and kissed her. Once outside, she stopped to catch her breath then called someone to ask if they could meet as soon as possible.

Victoria thanked Dr. Mosley for seeing her on short notice, and the counselor asked if something had happened. Victoria indicated that she and J.T. hadn't fought, but her head had been spinning since their session. Victoria referred to things she'd wanted to say and questions she hadn't asked, and the doctor urged her to keep in mind that therapy was a journey. Victoria worried that she didn't have time for that, since she needed to make decisions that would affect her kids and her extended family. Dr. Mosley heard panic in her voice, and Victoria admitted that she was afraid of getting it all wrong, like she had with Billy.

Victoria explained that she and Billy had had a lot of love and fun, but there had also been frustration and pain. She clarified that Billy had hurt her emotionally but not physically, and they hadn't been able to accept each other for who they were. The doctor wondered if it had been similar to the situation with J.T., but Victoria replied that it hadn't. Victoria recalled that she and Billy had argued about her father and other women, but she'd never felt like Billy had been trying to control her. Victoria felt like J.T. was trying to force her to be who and what he wanted her to be, and she honestly didn't understand why she put up with it.

Dr. Mosley noted that Victor had been a source of tension in Victoria's relationships with both Billy and J.T. Victoria revealed that Victor had grown up with nothing after being dropped off at an orphanage, and he'd always reminded his family that he'd created an empire for them, so he expected a lot from them in return. Victoria suspected that the doctor was trying to find a connection between her father and J.T., but she swore that the men were completely different. Dr. Mosley asked if Victor was controlling, and Victoria conceded that he was but that he meant well. Victoria guessed it was why he'd never accepted any man she'd been with, and she revealed that he'd been cutting and condescending with J.T. The doctor wondered if Victor's concerns about J.T. were misplaced, and Victoria replied that she'd thought so at first, but she didn't know anymore.

Dr. Mosley inquired whether Victoria had had concerns about J.T.'s behavior before the fight that had turned physical. Victoria recalled that it had been fun and exciting to restart their relationship, and there had been something reassuring about not starting over again with a stranger. She thought he'd made her feel like she was the only woman in the world, but things had changed, and she didn't understand why. She whimpered that she couldn't understand how he could tell her that he loved her and then act as if he didn't even like her, and how they could be so passionate and connected when everything else was falling apart.

Victoria wailed that she didn't know how to feel or what to expect or think. She continued that she was full of anxiety, since she felt like she was walking around on eggshells until everything calmed down, but then it always blew up again. The doctor noticed Victoria touching her engagement ring, and Victoria confided that she'd had bruises that she'd covered up. Victoria insisted that it wasn't who she was, and J.T. wasn't the kind of man to lose control. She quickly clarified that he hadn't been, and Dr. Mosley thought it sounded like things had escalated since the couple had reunited. Victoria cried that things couldn't get any worse, and they had to get better. The doctor questioned whether Victoria could live with it if things stayed exactly the same, and Victoria apologized and rushed out.

Jack remarked that his latest visitor was the one person he'd never expected to see, and J.T. declared that there were things he needed to say to Jack. J.T. mentioned that Victoria didn't want to think that Jack had caused what had happened to Victor, and Jack reiterated that he hadn't done it, even though the circumstantial evidence indicated otherwise. J.T. recognized that Jack had issues with Victor, but he questioned who didn't. J.T. believed that Victor had pushed someone too far until they'd snapped.

Jack groused that the real culprit was a spineless coward who had no problem with him going down, and he ranted that the person should own it. He thought the worst part was that he'd been the one to save Victor by getting the EMTs there in time. J.T. contemplated what would have happened if Jack had only stayed away from the ranch that night, but he was glad Victoria wasn't planning a funeral. J.T. hoped that Jack would be cleared soon, even if the police never found the person who'd done it.

Victoria sat alone on the Crimson Lights patio, and she imagined telling J.T. that it wasn't working and handing him back his ring. J.T. taunted that she thought it was up to her, but they were getting married whether she wanted to or not. Victoria envisioned another confrontation where she threatened to leave if he didn't go, but he slammed the door shut and bellowed that she thought she had a choice. She defended that it was her life and her choice, and she wouldn't let him or anyone else control her. She opened the door and ordered him to leave.

Victoria returned home, where J.T. turned on some music and told her to prepare for a day of pampering. He asked how her dad was, and she replied that there had been no change. He reiterated that the day was about her, and they could do whatever she wanted. Victoria stated that the situation with her father had made her take a look at her life and her priorities, and she knew she wouldn't let anyone control her ever again. J.T. said he was proud of her, and he recognized that she was talking about him as well as Victor.

J.T. swore that he respected Victoria more than anyone he'd ever met, and he apologized for not always making her feel that way. He applauded the amazing life she'd created for herself and her kids, and he was grateful that she'd made room for him in her life and heart. J.T. continued that he'd felt like a failure for the past year, but it had been beautiful and overwhelming when they'd gotten back together, and he hadn't been sure how to handle it.

J.T. swore that he'd never been mad at Victoria, but he'd just felt like he didn't deserve her. He claimed that their talk with the counselor had made him realize that he had to value every second they had together, and he wanted to be the man she deserved, since she was everything to him. She succumbed to his kiss, and they began to undress and make love.

J.T. shuts off Victor's life support

J.T. shuts off Victor's life support

Friday, April 6, 2018

Victoria and J.T. cuddled naked under a blanket on the couch after having sex. He murmured that she meant everything to him, and she reluctantly told him that she had to be honest with him. Victoria explained that before she'd returned home, she'd decided to end things with J.T. because she thought it would be the smartest move for them and their kids. He accused her of making up phony excuses the same way Mac had, and he surmised that Mac or Billy had influenced her. Victoria revealed that she'd gone back to see the therapist that day, and J.T. ranted that they didn't need any help sabotaging their relationship, since Victoria had done it just fine by herself. He stormed upstairs.

Later, Victoria stopped J.T. from leaving, and he snapped that they'd agreed not to let strangers dictate their lives. She pointed out that he'd decided to stop therapy, but she still had issues. He appealed to her to work on it with him, but she argued that she needed an objective opinion. J.T. wondered if she was just looking for an excuse to bail, since she'd lied about where she'd gone. Victoria thought they both knew how he would have reacted if she'd told him the truth, and he questioned whether she'd expected him to use physical restraint.

J.T. spat that he wasn't like Victor, and Victoria acknowledged that J.T. had a valid point, since the therapist had considered whether she'd been projecting her dynamic with Victor onto her relationship with J.T. J.T. pressed Victoria to realize that Victor had controlled her for years. She recognized that her relationship with Victor was complicated and dysfunctional, and she needed to deal with how it affected her because it might be the thing keeping her from being happy. J.T. asserted that Victor was the emotional abuser who she needed out of her life, and Victoria hugged him.

J.T. made Victoria some tea and asked how she was doing. She regretted dumping her psychological daddy drama on him, but he applauded her for taking the huge step of admitting a problem. He pledged to help her get over her father's influence, just like she'd made him realize how happy he could be. She thanked him for his understanding and love, and she said she didn't know what she would do without him. J.T. swore that he wasn't going anywhere unless it was what she wanted.

Victoria stressed that she didn't want to take her engagement ring off, but she wasn't ready to get married yet. J.T. looked dismayed, and she insisted that she was still crazy about him for all the same reasons she'd fallen in love with him in the first place. She cited his unshakeable core of decency and called him the kindest, warmest, most empathetic man she'd ever known. She added that they had undeniable chemistry, and all the things she loved about him had never changed for her. He wondered what had, and she referred to her commitment to making it work that time.

Victoria insisted on keeping up with counseling. J.T. countered that they knew what their problems were, and it was up to them to fix them. Victoria firmly stated that it wasn't negotiable, and she reminded him that he'd promised to give her what she needed, which was counseling. She begged him to do it for her, and he agreed. He swore that he was putting everything he had into their future.

At the hospital, Nikki complained that the waiting was making her crazy, since the doctor had said there would be an update soon, but it had been too long. Nick went to find out what was going on, and he spied a brunette woman exiting Victor's room. He called out to ask if he could help her, but she scurried away.

Later, Nikki was frustrated when the only news was that Victor was stable. Nikki wailed that he was still critical, and every hour that he didn't improve meant he might never do so. Nick asked when she'd last eaten, but she protested that she had a pit in the bottom of her stomach. He reminded her that they were breaking ground on Katherine's garden that day, and he thought that Victor would want them to be there. Nikki agreed to go as long as they returned to the hospital immediately afterward. Nick mentioned that he'd seen a dark-haired woman exiting Victor's room earlier, but Nikki had no idea who it could have been.

At GC Buzz, Hilary was pleased when Devon stopped by before the dedication ceremony in the park. Hilary mentioned that she'd researched Katherine to dig deeper and capture her spirit. Devon was impressed that she'd spent time doing so, and Hilary figured that Katherine had been their baby's great-grandmother. Simone arrived, and Hilary asked if they were recording later. Devon stated that Hilary would be the one doing the recording, since Simone was performing a song at the ceremony. Hilary plastered on a smile and promised that her camera wouldn't miss a thing.

At the Athletic Club, Esther and Jill anticipated going to the dedication. Jill intended to deliver a speech in Katherine's honor and break the first chunk of ground, but Esther suspected that Nikki wouldn't like it. Jill assumed that Nikki was busy at Victor's bedside, so Jill would be doing Nikki and the whole town a favor by infusing a touch of class into the ceremony. Esther looked doubtful.

In Chancellor Park, Devon introduced Simone to Jill and Esther. After Devon and Simone stepped away, Esther remarked that she was happy that his date wasn't Hilary. Jill crowed that Hilary was only there as a reporter, and she made a point of telling Devon that Katherine would have adored Simone. Devon started the ceremony, and Jill stepped to the microphone and introduced herself as Katherine's closest friend. Nikki appeared and huffed that Jill had meant closest enemy.

Nikki thanked Jill for being her warm-up act, but Jill haughtily declared that she had everything in hand. Nikki insisted on taking it from there, and they bickered over which one of them should take a seat. Jill urged Nikki not to tax herself with Victor in the ICU, but Nikki barked that the only thing she found taxing was Jill's disgusting way of upstaging her. Jill requested applause for Nikki for her assistance in making the beautiful park a memorial for Katherine, but Nikki clarified that she'd purchased the property in honor of Katherine while Jill had been traipsing around the world.

Jill proclaimed that she had a vision for the park as the woman who'd known Katherine best, but Nikki retorted that Jill had always been busy insulting Katherine. Nick intervened and passed the microphone to Devon, who announced that they were there to celebrate in the spirit of Katherine, and he presented Simone to sing a song. As Simone began to perform, Jill hissed that she couldn't believe Nikki had made the day all about herself, and she wondered what Katherine would have said about Nikki's outrageous bid for attention.

Nikki thought Katherine would have said she'd been right about Jill from the first time she'd seen her, and Jill snarled, "Once a stripper, always a stripper." The women's argument continued to escalate, and Hilary gestured for her cameraman to get the confrontation on film. Simone stopped singing as Jill and Nikki's banter grew louder, and Nikki picked up a shovel and bellowed, "Eat dirt, bitch!" Nikki scooped up a shovel full of dirt and dumped it on Jill. Nikki stepped to the microphone and started to say something, but she suddenly passed out.

After the ceremony was over, Jill stood before Katherine's portrait and told the "bossy old bat" that Nikki would be just fine. Jill griped that it wasn't her fault that Katherine had died, leaving her alone without a worthy sparring opponent. Esther remarked that Mrs. C would have loved what a hoot the day had been. Jill smiled and told Katherine's portrait that Esther could be a wise woman every once in a while.

At Jabot, Ashley and Abby hovered in the doorway of Kyle's office and overheard Kyle making arrangements to move his things from New York. After he hung up, he said he was glad the women were there, since he had a minor request. He groused that extended hotel stays were an unnatural way to live, and Ashley jokingly assured him that housekeeping had seen it all. Kyle griped that the Athletic Club didn't feel like home, and he suggested that he move into their family home.

Ashley balked at the idea of Kyle staying at the mansion because of Dina's living situation. Abby explained that interacting with new people was hard on Dina, whose mood could be completely unpredictable. Abby added that the doctor had made it clear that they shouldn't disrupt Dina's routine with new people in the house, and Ashley lamented that it was unfortunate that Kyle hadn't gotten to know his grandmother the way Abby had. Kyle spat that it was ironic that a full-blood Abbott was barred from the mansion by someone with no Abbott DNA who worked at Newman Enterprises.

Ashley argued that the blood Abbott clause only pertained to Jabot and not the family home, and Kyle pointed out that he hadn't known that Ashley wasn't an Abbott when he'd voted for the clause. Kyle insisted that they were on the same side and that he'd only objected to Billy taking over because Billy hadn't been loyal to Jabot. Ashley noted that it was obvious from the bulldozer Kyle had ridden in on that he thought he was the only one to run the company. Kyle reasoned that he'd had to start strong to carve his own way, and he asked for a little patience from both of them. Ashley said it sounded fair, and Kyle asked if Abby could stick around. Kyle promised that he only had the best intentions regarding their family's legacy, and Ashley departed.

Abby was surprised that Kyle didn't have a direct link to Victor's condition if her dad had mentored him, and Kyle hoped that she would keep him in the loop because he genuinely cared. Abby found it odd that he felt it necessary to keep telling people that he cared, and Kyle was offended that everyone considered him to be the bad guy when others in their family had left Jabot for the competition. Kyle invited Abby to stop by to see him anytime, and they hugged. She said she believed that he genuinely cared about her, but it didn't mean she trusted him with Jabot.

At the jail, Billy informed Jack that he'd been prepared to make Kyle the shortest-reigning CEO in history, but Kyle had proceeded to school him on the blood Abbott amendment. Billy regretted that he had such bad news, and Jack figured that Kyle had been schooled by the best. Billy planned to keep an eye on Kyle at the office, and he questioned how much damage a kid could do. Jack worried that Kyle hadn't sounded like a kid, since Jack had heard "the Mustache" behind every word.

Billy reported that Michael had obtained all of the forensic evidence from the police and was sifting through it to try to exonerate Jack. Jack appreciated the support, but it was eating him alive to be locked up and powerless, unable to do anything about Kyle. Jack recalled that he and his son usually worked through their issues, but he didn't have a good feeling because of Victor's campaign to turn Kyle against him. Billy swore that he and Michael were working around the clock to get Jack out, but they had to work even faster if Victor had been coaching Kyle.

Later, Jack was stunned when Ashley told him that Kyle had fired Gloria, and Jack swore to make it up to Gloria with a promotion once he got back. Ashley warned him not to do anything crazy, and Jack thanked her for trying to appoint Billy as CEO. Billy burst in and announced that there was new evidence that could point to Victor's real attacker, but they were still steps away from getting Jack released.

At the Athletic Club, Hilary scowled when she saw Devon and Simone kiss. Kyle approached Hilary and recognized her from their interview during the Walnut Grove party, and he gushed that he watched her show all the time. She congratulated him on his dramatic promotion, and he recalled that she'd seemed shattered when Jack had been hauled off. Kyle noticed that the footage hadn't made it to her show, and Hilary reasoned that it wouldn't have been smart to air the public arrest of the CEO of her sponsor's company. Kyle clarified that Jack was the ex-CEO, but she figured that her audience represented Jabot's ideal consumer demographic, no matter who was running the company.

Hilary offered to buy Kyle a drink, and she led him past Devon and Simone's table. Hilary coyly remarked that she'd just been talking about what she and Devon loved doing together, quickly adding that she meant the show. Devon introduced Simone to Kyle, and he requested that Hilary make sure her piece on Katherine didn't include the nastiness during the dedication. Kyle and Hilary retreated to another table, and he said he was onto her game. She asked if it was working, and he suggested that she amp up her efforts to make Devon jealous. "Amp away," she replied, and Kyle laid a passionate kiss on her.

Simone asked if Hilary was always that obvious, and Devon pledged to not let it distract them. Devon commended Simone's amazing performance that day, and she thought that Katherine had obviously had a big influence on his life. Devon confirmed that he'd learned a lot from his grandmother that he wanted to share, but he first wanted to be honest with Simone about something. He mentioned his marriage to Hilary being so brief that they'd never discussed children, but his phone rang, and he stepped aside to take an important call.

Kyle encouraged Hilary to show all her cards. Hilary walked past Simone, who called her over to advise her that the display between Hilary and Kyle hadn't affected Devon at all. Hilary contended that she didn't need to play games to get Devon to notice her, since she just had to mention their baby. Hilary feigned regretting that she'd said anything, and she disclosed that she and Devon were going to co-parent a child without having a romantic relationship. Simone presumed that the project would kick off in a doctor's office, and Hilary pointedly looked away.

Later, Hilary bragged to Kyle that she'd saved Simone time and dignity. Kyle said he'd had fun, and he asked Hilary to call him if she needed to play another round. Meanwhile, Devon apologized for keeping Simone waiting, and she revealed that Hilary had helped her pass the time with a fun chat about the two of them having a baby. Devon explained that he'd been planning to tell Simone that he and Hilary would be platonically raising a child, but Simone huffed that Hilary had made it seem like they'd be doing it the old-fashioned way. Devon swore that they'd go the clinical route if further attempts were required, but Simone firmly stated that any further attempts meant she and Devon were done. Hilary grinned.

At the hospital, Nikki learned that she'd fainted because of low blood sugar. Victoria lectured that her mother needed to sleep and take care of herself, but Nikki protested that Victor needed her, too. Abby arrived with news about the assault that could be major -- the police had found blood at the ranch from a male other than Victor or Jack. J.T.'s expression darkened.

Later, Nick pointed out that the blood could have been from a staff member or a contractor, and Victoria worried that the attacker could still be out there. Nikki returned from speaking with the doctor and happily declared that Victor was finally responding to the antibiotics. The Newman family exchanged hugs while J.T. tried to hide his panic.

Ashley and Abby met at the Athletic Club, and Abby was optimistic that the blood would identify Victor's attacker and that Jack could go back to Jabot. Ashley didn't want to get her hopes up too high, since she'd just gotten a call from a long-time employee who Kyle had just fired along with some of Jack's strongest supporters. Ashley suspected that it was just the beginning, so they had to get Kyle out right away. Ashley decided that it was time to reveal that Kyle didn't have any more Abbott blood than she did.

Later, Nick reported that Victor was still comatose, but the doctors were encouraged. Nick invited the family to go to the club for dinner, and everyone except J.T. started to head out. J.T. claimed that he had to check on a software update and would meet them there. After the Newmans left, J.T. pulled his hood over his head and entered Victor's room. He stared at the monitors.

J.T. reminded Victor of all the people he'd screwed over, including J.T. and Colleen, since she'd lost her life because of Victor. J.T. recalled that losing her had been the beginning of watching everything he'd cared about ripped away from him. He thought Victor wouldn't stop until he took away J.T.'s kids, freedom, and Victoria, leaving J.T. alone and forgotten, with nothing, locked away for the rest of his life. J.T. growled that Victor had left him no choice, since it was either Victor or J.T., and it "sure as hell" wasn't going to be J.T. that time. J.T. leaned in close and hissed, "You made me do this." J.T. put on a glove and flipped off Victor's life support, and he walked out as Victor gasped for breath.

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