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Nikki, Victoria, Sharon, and Phyllis buried J.T.'s body in the Chancellor Park garden. Nikki took over Newman Enterprises. Jack was released from jail just in time to stop Kyle from taking Jabot public. Kyle retrieved a memory card with Dina's admission about Jack's paternity out of a fire.
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Phyllis, Sharon, Victoria, and Nikki bury J.T.'s body in Chancellor Park
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Nikki unintentionally kills J.T.

Nikki unintentionally kills J.T.

Monday, April 16, 2018

In Victoria's bedroom, Phyllis, Nikki, Sharon, and Victoria panicked after Nikki used a fireplace poker to thwart J.T.'s attack on Victoria. J.T. fell to the floor, unconscious, after Nikki landed just one blow. Sharon checked the closet for neckties to bind J.T.'s hands and feet. Phyllis searched J.T.'s pockets for weapons. Phyllis realized that J.T. wasn't breathing. Nikki cried, "How can that be? I didn't hit him that hard, did I?" Victoria hovered over J.T. and yelled for him to wake up. Victoria told the others to summon help. Phyllis replied, "It's too late for that."

A knock on the bedroom door startled the women. Nikki attempted to place the poker back onto the tool stand, but she knocked over the other tools, which clanked noisily when they toppled. Mariah knocked again and called out. Sharon responded and asked Mariah to wait a second. Nikki cried that Mariah had likely heard what had taken place.

Phyllis, addressing Sharon, said, "You keep her out of here. She can't see J.T.'s body." Sharon squeezed out the door and escorted Mariah downstairs. Back in the bedroom, Phyllis covered J.T.'s body with a sheet. Nikki encouraged Victoria to move away from J.T.'s body and sit on the bed. Phyllis said, "We've already tried CPR. Nothing's going to change the outcome."

In Victoria's living room, Mariah told Sharon she remembered that something bad had happened. After Mariah drank some coffee, Sharon nervously inquired if Mariah had remembered anything. Mariah, slurring her words, suddenly recalled that she'd whined about not needing a relationship. Mariah added, "Oh, please tell me I dreamed it. Please tell me I didn't blurt out to Nikki and Phyllis that I kissed a girl." Sharon replied, "Yes, you did." Sharon told Mariah that everything would be fine. Mariah cried that everything wasn't fine because she was a private person.

Sharon suggested Mariah go home. Mariah refused to be a party pooper. Mariah was eager to help when Sharon claimed that the others had gone upstairs to help Victoria purge unwanted clothes from her closet. Mariah suggested she might score some designer hand-me-downs before pausing to consider Victoria's feelings. Mariah said, "I don't want to be harsh and, you know, scoop up the remains of her recently deceased relationship." Mariah admitted she'd require nourishment and rest to recover, so Sharon phoned and arranged a ride home for her daughter. Sharon explained that she'd stay behind to wrap everything up.

Sharon returned to the bedroom and told the others that Mariah had slept through everything, unaware of J.T.'s presence. Victoria held out hope that J.T. was still alive. Phyllis noted that J.T. had no pulse, wasn't breathing, and had already turned cold. Nikki, sobbing, apologized and explained that she'd only wanted to stop J.T. from hurting Victoria.

Victoria admitted that J.T. was the one who'd attacked Victor. Victoria added that J.T. had also turned off Victor's ventilator. Victoria said she should phone the police and explain everything. Phyllis warned that the police would arrest Nikki. Phyllis added that she, Sharon, and Victoria would also be arrested for being accessories to murder.

Victoria cried that she'd been protecting herself. Phyllis noted that Victoria had no injuries and that Nikki had hit J.T. from behind with a lethal weapon, a scenario that wouldn't fit self-defense. Phyllis added that Nikki's attack would appear to be revenge. Nikki cried that she'd just learned that J.T. was Victor's attacker. Phyllis said Nikki couldn't prove she'd been concerned about J.T. posing a threat to Victoria, having never told anyone, not even Paul. Victoria said she'd told her therapist that J.T. had grabbed her by the throat. Phyllis asked Victoria if she'd shared the whole story with her therapist. Victoria admitted she'd withheld information and had confessed to lashing out at J.T. in self-defense.

Phyllis badgered Victoria and said she'd held out hope that J.T. would change. Sharon berated Phyllis, but Phyllis insisted that Nikki's past wouldn't factor favorably in the district attorney's opinion. In a calm manner, Sharon told Victoria they'd talk to Christine. Phyllis refused to relent and insisted they devise an alternate plan. Victoria blamed herself for not immediately summoning help instead of engaging with J.T. Victoria cried that J.T. had pressured her to leave her family and run off with him. Nikki said J.T. was the one who'd crossed the line.

J.T.'s phone began ringing. Sharon fished out J.T.'s phone and noted that Nick was calling. Phyllis told Sharon not to answer. Nikki worried that Nick might know something. Nikki noticed that Victoria had slipped out, so she and the others rushed out to search for her.

Nick visited Victor in the hospital. Victor remained nonverbal after having suffered a stroke. Nick told his father that recovery necessitated rest and medication. Victor raised and lowered his eyebrows when Nick offered to stay and share an update on the investigation. Nick sighed and said he knew it had been frustrating for Victor to remain immobile and unable to talk.

Nick expressed disappointment about learning that the dark-haired woman he'd believed to be responsible for the attack had turned out to be his father's lover. Nick added that when he'd spoken to Nikki about Helen Wallace, it had been evident that Nikki was jealous. Nick, referring to Nikki and Victor's open-marriage agreement, said the arrangement might be better in theory than in practice. Victor's pitiful gaze remained fixed, though he couldn't respond. Nick admitted that despite his personal feelings, both Victor and Nikki had never seemed happier.

Victor's facial expression changed when Nick said police believed Jack was responsible for the attack. Nick helped Victor drink a sip of water. Nick said he knew Victor wanted the person who'd shoved him down the stairs and later shut off the ventilator to be found. Nick assured his father he would be safe because a guard had been posted outside the door. When Nick suggested that someone from J.T.'s security team might also be of assistance, Victor's chin quivered, and he moved his index finger. Nick opened a draw app on his phone and offered it to Victor. Using his finger, Victor scrawled a "J" and a "T." After Victor finished, a tear ran down his cheek.

Nick questioned Victor about J.T. Victor struggled and became fretful. Nick said he'd phone J.T. Victor began grunting and breathing heavily. Nick phoned J.T. and left a message for him to phone back about an important matter. Victor looked horrified when Nick mentioned that Victoria had traveled to Hawaii with J.T. Victor became distressed and began groaning and fretting. Nick attempted to guess what Victor wanted to discuss with J.T. Victor struggled to speak and said, "To me. J.T. did this to me."

At the police station, Christine met with Paul in his office to discuss their ongoing investigation of Victor's attack. Paul noted that the evidence collected so far had been circumstantial. Christine cited Jack's mental state at the time of the incident. Paul noted that Jack was always angry at Victor. Christine recalled Ashley's concern about Jack confronting Victor and evidence that a fight had occurred. Christine added that Jack was likely to be convicted. Paul asked about the blood found at the crime scene, which wasn't Jack's or Victor's. Paul added that DNA swabs had proven the blood didn't match any workers with regular access to the ranch house.

Christine, undaunted by Paul's reservations, said she'd explain to jurors that many, including workers and guests, had visited the home. Christine admitted there would be a problem convicting Jack because of the second attempt on Victor's life. Paul received a phone call from the forensics lab and learned that the blood sample from Victor's house belonged to J.T. Christine insisted she would've never given J.T. orders to harm Victor. Paul replied that they'd tempted J.T. by promising him a job in exchange for evidence. Paul added, "We gave him cause. We gave him opportunity."

Christine continued to defend J.T. and discount the evidence, but Paul noted that J.T. had become angry, edgy, and bitter after being told that the job offer had been withdrawn. Paul added that it wouldn't have taken much for Victor to anger J.T. and that J.T. had lied about the timing of his trip to the ranch. Christine shook her head and noted that ranch security had only recorded Jack's visit the night of the attack. Paul noted that J.T., a family member and trusted Newman security employee, would've entered the ranch through a back entrance to avoid detection. Christine agreed that J.T. was the prime suspect.

Victoria was in her car, ready to drive away, when Paul knocked on the car window. Victoria rolled down the window, and Paul said he had questions to ask about J.T. Inside the house, Sharon glanced out the window and saw Paul with Victoria. When Paul and Victoria entered the house, Paul said he needed to speak with J.T. about a departmental matter. Victoria told Paul that she knew J.T. had been working undercover to dig up dirt on Victor. Nikki said, "Oh, my God! Paul, is that true?" Victoria's complexion paled, and she appeared shaky.

Nikki helped Victoria to the sofa. Paul asked Sharon and Phyllis about J.T. Phyllis explained that Victoria and J.T. had broken off their engagement during a trip to Hawaii. Phyllis added that Victoria and her children had traveled back home alone while J.T. had stayed behind in Hawaii. Paul asked why Sharon and Phyllis were with Victoria and Nikki. Phyllis said they'd been enjoying a girls' get-together. Paul asked Victoria where she and J.T. had stayed. Victoria replied, "It was a hotel suite called Paradise Vista on the Big Island."

After Paul left, Sharon told Phyllis that Phyllis had made matters worse by lying to Paul. Phyllis defended herself by noting that she'd merely left out a few details. Victoria admitted that she'd set off the series of lies by not admitting everything to Paul when he'd approached her outside. Phyllis was certain they would've been arrested had Paul discovered J.T.'s body upstairs. Nikki agreed with Phyllis. Sharon reminded Nikki that Paul was her friend. Phyllis said Paul was a cop first and could've assumed that J.T. had become both Nikki and Victoria's enemy. Phyllis added that Paul and Christine would spin the story to get a shot at Victor.

Victoria, sounding defeated, cried that she'd been horrified by J.T.'s changed behavior, though she'd loved him and had even agreed to marry him. Nikki recalled her abusive relationship with her father. Nikki added that her sister had warned her about getting close to their father. Like Victoria, Nikki recalled, she'd also made excuses and blamed herself when the relationship had become increasingly abusive. Nikki, recalling one dreadful encounter with her father, cried, "He tried to rape me. And I had to stop him. I killed him."

Nikki said that after she'd first held Victoria in her arms, she'd vowed to protect her daughter. Nikki added, "That's what I did tonight." Nikki pulled Victoria close and hugged her tightly. Sharon suggested they speak to police and explain what had happened. Phyllis nixed the idea and said they'd be locked up while Christine and Paul decided whether or not their stories were true. Victoria said they couldn't just forget what had happened because J.T. was still upstairs. Phyllis replied, "Which is why we need to get rid of the body." Phyllis' words shocked Sharon.

After Paul returned to the police station, he told Christine that Victoria knew that J.T. had been spying on Victor. Christine, having learned the latest developments regarding J.T. and Victoria, asked if J.T. was still in Hawaii. Paul said he'd sent a couple of detectives to the hotel to search for J.T. Paul described his encounter with Sharon, Phyllis, Nikki, and Victoria when he'd stopped by Victoria's in search of J.T. After a detective phoned to inform Paul that J.T. had traveled back to Genoa City, Nick contacted Paul and told him that Victor had identified J.T. as the attacker. Nick was stunned when Paul informed him that Victoria had ended her relationship with J.T. and that both had flown separately back to Genoa City. Paul told Nick he'd issue a warrant to arrest J.T. for attempted murder.

At Sharon's house, Mariah was napping on the sofa. Mariah's attention was drawn to a televised news report. Mariah sat up to watch and listen. The announcer said, "The Genoa City Police Department has issued a warrant in connection with the attempted murder of renowned businessman Victor Newman. The suspect has been identified as J.T. Hellstrom, ex-husband of Victor Newman's daughter, Victoria Newman." Mariah looked stunned.

After Nick spoke with Paul, Nick attempted to contact Victoria. Nick told Victor that Victoria wasn't answering her phone. Nick said he'd drive to Victoria's house and deliver the news about J.T. in person. Nick acknowledged he hated leaving, but he felt he had to check on Victoria. Nick assured Victor that the guard wouldn't allow J.T. to enter the room. Nick promised Victor that J.T. would never hurt him again. After Nick left, tears streamed down Victor's cheeks.

J.T. is buried in Chancellor Park

J.T. is buried in Chancellor Park

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Devon gave instructions to Tessa at Hamilton-Winters. He was surprised to see that Hilary was still in the office at that hour, and she explained that she was working on ideas for publicity by turning artists into social media influencers. Tessa scoffed at the idea that artists were dying to get into sales after their big breaks, but Hilary defended that it was about more than selling products. Hilary figured that singer-songwriters had causes that were near and dear to their hearts, and their lyrics could coincide with causes that were close to Hamilton-Winters. Devon was impressed that Hilary had given it a lot of thought, and she pushed to go over her list of ideas.

Hilary became lightheaded when she stood up, and she chalked it up to skipping dinner. She insisted on giving Devon an overview, but he flatly declined. She complained that they'd barely talked since the other night, and he referred to when she'd spilled their pregnancy plans to Simone, knowing it would be a turnoff. Hilary told Devon that she wanted to get back on normal footing as friends, and she had really great ideas that she was excited about. He agreed to discuss them the next day, but she protested that she would be busy with her show.

Devon maintained that he had no time that evening, and he suggested that Hilary tell her ideas to Tessa, who would put them in a memo for him. Hilary was offended that he'd ask her to pitch her hard work to an assistant, but he told her that she'd otherwise have to wait, since he was meeting someone for drinks. Hilary pressed to know whether it was business or personal, and she demanded to know who was so important that he couldn't give her ten minutes. Devon said he'd been trying to spare her, but he was meeting Simone.

Hilary griped that after she'd put in a full day at the studio and given up her entire evening to do something good for the company, Devon was running off to have cocktails. Devon reiterated that he was done helping her try to conceive a child, and she spat that she could be carrying his son or daughter already, but he wouldn't give her the time of day. Devon taunted that she'd once been better at not showing her hand, but it was painfully obvious that she was jealous of Simone. Hilary found the insinuation ridiculous and insulting, but he urged her to be honest with herself. He told her again to tell her ideas to Tessa, and he invited them to order food, since Hilary shouldn't be skipping meals. Devon headed out, and Tessa smirked.

Over dinner at the Athletic Club, Tessa prompted Hilary to go over her list of ideas, but Hilary sourly refused to make her pitch to an underling. Tessa pointed out that she could be a sounding board if Hilary wanted to practice while the company was feeding them, and Hilary guessed that it wouldn't be the worst thing. Hilary grew agitated when Devon and Simone walked in, and Tessa reminded Hilary that she and Devon had a no-strings agreement, but Hilary ordered her to mind her own business. At the bar, Simone groaned that Hilary was there. Devon offered to go somewhere else, but Simone insisted that she was fine with staying as long as Hilary didn't drop another bombshell on her. Devon promised that Hilary was out of them.

Devon complimented Simone on her latest hit gig in Minneapolis. She told him that she'd been surprised to get his call, since she'd assumed he'd made his choice when she hadn't heard anything from him while she'd been on the road. He explained that he'd wanted to talk to her about Hilary in person, and he respected that Simone had stood up for herself and made her wishes clear. He recognized that they were in the early stages of a relationship, and he didn't know where things would go, but he wanted to find out. Simone agreed, depending on his response to her ultimatum.

Devon relayed that he'd spoken to Hilary, and they knew where they stood. Hilary overheard her name and became livid that Devon had been talking about her with Simone. Devon countered that Hilary had made it necessary, and Hilary insisted on joining them to defend herself against the tales he was telling about her behind her back. Hilary swore that she wasn't jealous, but she suddenly became faint, and Devon caught her as she crumpled to the floor. She thanked him, and she excitedly questioned whether it meant she could be pregnant. He jerked away and spat that it was low -- even for her.

Hilary was appalled that Devon thought she'd been pretending, but he pointed out that faking a fainting spell in front of an audience was right out of her playbook. She ranted that her first memory of finding out she was having a child might be the father angrily denying it to get back to boozing it up with his girlfriend. Simone accused her of being melodramatic, and Hilary went ballistic.

Devon steered Hilary to the foyer and ordered her to "butt the hell out" of his personal life, since they had nothing more than a legal agreement. Hilary growled that if she was pregnant, she'd be part of his life for the next 18 years, whether he and his flavor of the month liked it or not. Devon regretted getting into the mess with Hilary, but she bellowed that it hadn't been a mess when he'd slept with her twice while Simone had been out of town. They continued to clash, and Neil appeared and snapped that they were both out of line.

At the police station, Christine had an officer escort Jack to Paul's office. Jack wondered why he was suddenly getting the royal treatment, and Christine figured that it was a less cold and sterile environment than the visiting room. She offered him an ice pack for his handcuff-chafed wrists, and he dryly asked if she was worried he'd sue. She revealed that she had news that she'd thought he'd want to hear from her personally -- Victor was awake and had managed to identify his attacker. She continued that the blood found at the scene matched the name Victor had provided, so she knew Jack was innocent. Jack asked who the perpetrator had been, and she replied that it had been J.T.

Christine handed Jack an ice pack, but he declined in order to have better pictures for his lawsuit. She swore that she'd only been doing her job, and she lectured that he'd made himself a suspect when he'd stolen the hard drive from Victor's desk. Christine thought Jack should be grateful to Paul for not giving up, and Jack sarcastically replied that he'd be sure to write a thank-you note. She mentioned that Paul was searching the town to hunt down J.T.

Christine called Paul for an update, and Jack surmised that the police hadn't found J.T. yet. Jack noted that J.T. had been working for Victor and had been about to marry Victor's daughter, and he pondered why J.T. had risked everything to go after the guy. He asked for Christine's theories, but she said she couldn't get into it with him. He groused that he'd been arrested for nothing, and it stung that she'd considered him to be capable of murder. Christine explained that her job had taught her that even the most rational people were capable of anything if pushed too far.

Jack insisted on going home to sleep in his own bed, and he requested that someone retrieve his clothes. Christine informed him that regulations required that he couldn't leave the room unless he was in handcuffs, but he argued that he'd just been cleared. She understood that he was innocent, but she indicated that a judge had to grant the motion to drop the charges, and Jack had to remain in custody until then.

Over the phone, Jack testily wondered why he paid Michael when he was still being held, even though the charges were going to be dropped. After he hung up, Christine assumed that Michael had explained the situation, but Jack barked that it was unacceptable. Jack begged her to call someone after everything he'd been put through, but she regretted that her hands were tied, so he had to be the guest of the city for another night.

Christine called for a guard to take Jack back to his cell, but he pleaded with her to help him get out because Jabot was being threatened. She reiterated that she was bound to follow procedure, but he was sure that a judge owed her a favor. She stated that she'd done all she could do, and she figured that twelve hours wouldn't make a difference. Jack grumbled that an innocent man was spending another night in jail while an attempted murderer ran free.

At the hospital, Nick answered a call from a hungover Mariah, and he observed that she sounded terrible. She told him that she'd seen a report on television about the police looking for J.T., and Nick explained that although Victor hadn't been able to speak since his coma, he'd made great efforts to name J.T. as his attacker. Mariah wondered if she should be worried because Sharon was at Victoria's house but hadn't been answering her phone. Mariah added that Nikki and Phyllis were also there, and she was concerned about what might happen if J.T. got desperate. Nick headed over to Victoria's place.

Victoria crept into the bedroom, where J.T.'s body lay covered with a blanket. Nikki, Phyllis, and Sharon joined her, and Phyllis said they had to figure out something fast, since they couldn't afford another close call like the one they'd had with Paul. Victoria refused to discuss dumping the body, since J.T. had been Reed's father and deserved a decent burial. Sharon incredulously questioned whether Victoria expected them to go outside with shovels, and Phyllis warned that Victoria didn't have time to be sentimental. Nikki contended that they were intelligent women with a problem in front of them, so they had to solve it. Victoria asserted that they'd all been involved, so they would all fix it together.

Sharon advised that trying to bury J.T. would be incredibly difficult, since the ground was still frozen, and someone was bound to see them. Nikki suggested that they leave J.T. outside the emergency room, but Sharon pointed out that there would be cameras. Nikki thought they had to be realistic about their options, and Victoria fretted that they couldn't involve anyone else. Sharon proposed that they dispose of the body in Lake Michigan, but Phyllis questioned where they could steal a boat at that time of night. Nikki realized where they could bury J.T. that wouldn't take hours because a hole had already been dug -- in the garden at Chancellor Park.

Nikki explained that after the groundbreaking ceremony, the landscapers had prepared the dirt for the garden, and Phyllis suspected that the ground would still be soft. Nikki imagined that no one would notice because the area had already been disturbed, and the crew would soon be back to finish planting the flowers and shrubbery. Sharon softly noted that it sounded like a quiet resting place, and Phyllis added that no one would disturb J.T. there. Victoria questioned whether Nikki was okay with using the garden for that purpose, and Nikki stressed that they were all in it together, plus she thought they had no other choice. Victoria stared at J.T. for a moment before she agreed. Phyllis worried that getting him out of there wouldn't be easy.

Nikki and Phyllis retrieved a rug to hide the body while in transit. Nikki asked if anyone would notice that the rug had gone missing, but Victoria responded that it had been in the attic for years. Victoria steeled herself to do it, and she crouched over J.T.'s body. The women struggled to lug the body downstairs, and Victoria realized that they'd left the fireplace poker upstairs. Victoria reminded them not to forget J.T.'s phone, and they worked together to haul the body to the foot of the stairs. Nick knocked loudly at the door and yelled for Victoria to let him in.

Nick refused to leave until Victoria opened up. Victoria obliged, and Nikki cheerfully greeted him. He asked if J.T. was there, and Victoria questioned why he would be. She claimed that they'd been having a get-together, and Nick said he'd been trying to call, but no one had been answering their phones. Victoria called it a phone-free zone for gossip and cocktails, and she noted that he sounded upset. He divulged that Victor had been able to say a few words, and he hesitantly added that J.T. had been the one who'd attacked Victor and left him for dead.

Victoria feigned surprise, and Nikki asked if Nick was sure he'd heard Victor right. Nick reported that Victor had been clear and that Paul had agreed, so there was an APB out on J.T. Nick couldn't imagine why J.T. and Victor had fought, and he vowed that J.T. would pay for it. Nick inquired whether Victoria had heard from J.T., and Phyllis piped up that Victoria had broken off their engagement. Sharon added that she'd wanted to cheer Victoria up with a girls' night.

Nick expressed sympathy that his sister was going through a breakup again. He wondered why the couple had split, and Victoria vaguely responded that she and J.T. had realized that they hadn't resolved the issues that had led to their divorce. Nick figured that she'd dodged a bullet and that Victor was lucky to be alive. He imagined that J.T. might show up to get money to leave town, and he pledged not to leave until the police found "that bastard."

Nick walked the property and reported that everything was good. Sharon insisted that Nick didn't have to stay, and Victoria pointed out that there were four of them there together. Sharon requested that Nick check on Mariah, but Nick countered that Mariah's life wasn't in danger. Phyllis finished a call and remarked that Victoria would be relieved, and she mentioned that Paul was sending two officers over to stake out the house to catch J.T. if he got anywhere close. Nikki refused to monopolize Nick's evening.

Victoria said she appreciated Nick's concern, and he guessed that she was in shock. She figured that she had a lot of support, and he hugged her goodbye. After he left, Victoria thought they had to hurry before the officers got there, but Phyllis revealed that she'd faked the call to make Nick go away. Sharon reasoned that Paul probably would send a squad car, so they needed to stop dawdling and get to the park. Sharon opened the French doors, and the women dragged the body outside.

At the cottage, Mariah turned off the light and curled up on the couch. Nick volunteered to get her some water to help with the headache, but she complained that she would float away. She was glad that Paul had sent a squad car over to Victoria's, but she sensed that something was bugging Nick. He recalled that he'd gotten a strange vibe when he'd been at Victoria's place, like everyone there couldn't wait for him to be gone. Mariah admitted that she'd felt it, too, since Sharon had practically pushed her out of the house.

Mariah recounted that she'd fallen asleep for a bit during the party, and things had felt different when she'd woken up, like it hadn't been a party anymore. Mariah speculated that Victoria had found out about what J.T. had done to her father while Mariah had been passed out, but Nick mentioned that he'd been the one to break the news. Mariah inquired about the reason behind Victoria and J.T.'s breakup, and Nick relayed that Nikki had thought they'd gotten engaged too fast. Nick intended to press Victoria for answers about the split.

Nikki beamed a flashlight in the park to lead the way to the freshly unearthed spot in the garden. Victoria, Sharon, and Phyllis dragged J.T.'s body to it, and Sharon nervously remarked that it was a public park where anyone could walk by. Phyllis suggested that they get the body in the ground so they'd be in the clear. The women counted to three and heaved the body into the hole.

Victoria stared down at J.T., and Phyllis pointed out that the rug would be evidence if the worst happened, since it had fibers and whatever else from Victoria's house. Sharon said they couldn't take it home, either, and Victoria grappled with finding a different way to get rid of the rug. They heard police sirens, and Phyllis implored them to finish it so they could "get the hell out" of there. Victoria insisted that she be the one, and she began shoveling dirt over J.T.'s body.

Paul gets a warrant to search Victoria's house

Paul gets a warrant to search Victoria's house

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

by Nel

At Crimson Lights, Billy commented that Sharon and Phyllis' girls' night had to have been memorable because Phyllis could hardly stay awake. Billy was shocked that J.T. had tried to kill Victor. He asked if Sharon had heard from Victoria. Sharon stated that she hadn't heard from Victoria. Phyllis asked Billy to check on the kids, who were on the patio.

Alone with Sharon, Phyllis advised Sharon to keep her answers short and to the point unless she wanted to go down as an accessory to murder. Sarcastically, Sharon apologized that she wasn't as skillful a liar as Phyllis was. Phyllis warned Sharon not to confess the way she had with Nick. Billy returned and said he was going to drop off the kids. Phyllis said she wanted to go with him to check on Victoria.

Nikki was at the hospital with Victor. Victor asked where she'd been the night before. Nikki told him that she'd been at Victoria's with Phyllis, Sharon, and Mariah trying to cheer Victoria up. She said that Victoria had been devastated to hear what J.T. had done to her father. Victor said he knew that J.T. had physically abused Victoria. He weakly asked her to find J.T. and not to involve the police. He wanted to deal with J.T. himself. Nikki made a solemn vow to Victor that she'd protect Victoria.

At home, Victoria found J.T.'s cell phone in a drawer and put it into her pocket when the doorbell rang. Paul and an officer were on her doorstep. Paul asked if Victoria had heard from J.T. She said she hadn't. Paul said he had a search warrant authorizing him to look for clues as to J.T.'s whereabouts.

Victoria asked if Paul was certain that J.T. was back in the city. Paul assured her that a warrant for J.T.'s arrest had been issued. Paul expressed how sorry he was that things had turned out the way they had. Paul asked where he'd find most of J.T.'s things. Victoria directed him to the bedroom.

Victoria greeted Phyllis and Billy when they arrived with the kids. Billy said that he could have kept the kids for a few more days to give her time alone, but Victoria wanted to make things as normal as possible. They discussed J.T.'s forthcoming arrest. She said that Reed was furious with her, and he'd accused her of driving J.T. away. She said she didn't have the heart to tell Reed what J.T. had done. Katie and Johnny wondered why J.T. wasn't there. She'd decided to tell them as little as possible.

Phyllis said that J.T. has been all over the news, so Reed should have heard about it already. They were startled by a bang from upstairs. Victoria told Phyllis and Billy that Paul was upstairs, looking through J.T.'s things. Phyllis and Victoria were shocked when they turned and saw Billy holding the poker that had been used to kill J.T. Victoria explained that Johnny had played with it. Billy said he hoped that Paul would find something that led him to J.T.

When Paul had finished his search, Billy placed the poker by the fireplace. While Billy spoke with Paul, Phyllis and Victoria quickly hid the poker under a coat. Paul told Victoria that he'd found a tablet hidden at the back of the closet. Victoria said it looked like Victor's. After Paul left, Billy and Phyllis received calls about the Jabot board meeting. Lauren reminded Phyllis to support her in the vote. Phyllis told Billy she had an errand to run. Billy asked what could be more important than saving Jabot.

After Phyllis and Billy left, Nikki arrived. Victoria told Nikki that Paul had found Victor's tablet when he'd arrived with a search warrant. Victoria thought J.T. had to have taken it when he'd fought with Victor. She was grateful to Phyllis because Phyllis had taken the poker and J.T's cell phone out of the house without anyone seeing her. Victoria suggested that they needed to enlist Victor's help to cover up their situation. Nikki nixed the idea and stated that Victor would use it as blackmail down the road when the situation called for it. The incident had to stay strictly among the four of them.

Nikki advised Victoria that Victor knew that J.T. had abused Victoria. Victor wanted J.T. found because he wanted to make J.T. pay. Nikki bemoaned that she hadn't meant to kill J.T. -- she'd only meant to protect Victoria. Victoria fretted about the rug in her garage. Nikki assured her that she'd get rid of it, but she needed help.

At that moment, Victoria received a call from Phyllis. Victoria told Nikki that Phyllis had thrown the poker into the lake, and she'd dropped J.T.'s phone in a Dumpster near the airport. Nikki said that that was perfect because if anyone found the phone, they'd assume that J.T. had dumped it on his way out of town. Victoria said she was grateful to Phyllis.

At that moment, Reed stormed in and demanded to know where J.T. was because he needed to talk to him. Reed claimed that J.T. hadn't answered his text messages, and his calls went to voicemail. Reed accused Victoria of alienating him and J.T. He told Nikki that Victoria had been ready to remarry J.T., and they had taken off on a perfect family vacation. He said that Victoria had broken up with J.T. and, two minutes into the vacation, dragged them home -- and she'd left J.T. out in the cold.

Reed asked if she was the reason that J.T. wasn't talking to him and if it was her way of cutting him out of J.T.'s life for good. Nikki stepped in and sternly told Reed to stop blaming Victoria. She said that if Reed had been aware of J.T.'s issues, Reed wouldn't have accused Victoria. Nikki told him that J.T. had attacked Victor, and later, he'd turned off Victor's breathing machine. J.T. knew the police were looking for him, and that was probably the reason J.T. hadn't contacted Reed.

Reed was adamant that J.T. would never try to kill Victor. Nikki said that Victor was able to speak and had said that J.T. had done it. Reed said it had to have been an accident. He surmised that they'd gotten into a fight, and Victor had fallen. Reed said that J.T. had to return and explain things. Victoria told Reed that J.T. wouldn't be back anytime soon because he was running from the police. She was sorry, but it was possible they'd never hear from J.T. again.

Neil walked into Hamilton-Winters and told Devon that he hadn't expected to see Devon and Hilary fighting like they'd still been married. Devon said it had been Neil's unfortunate timing. Neil said he'd been happy to meet Simone and asked Devon if she was the new woman in his life.

Lily arrived, and she was surprised and excited to see her father. She wanted to update Devon and Neil about her scouting trip. Neil looked confused. Lily informed him about her modeling division at Hamilton-Winters. Neil asked when they had acquired a modeling division. Lily was certain the Devon had told Neil, but Neil said that he had thought Lily was working on their side of things and not starting an expensive new venture. Neil claimed he hadn't been updated completely about things.

In his own defense, Devon said that he'd kept Neil updated about Power Communications and Mergeron, since they were Neil's babies. Devon hadn't wanted to burden Neil with things that had been handled elsewhere. Neil asked if that was an excuse to avoid receiving his input. Neil reminded Devon that they were equal partners, and just because Devon had put up the money for the business, it didn't give him carte blanche to do whatever he wanted. He said that Devon should have consulted with him.

Hilary arrived in a cheerful mood. Neil wanted to know why she was there. Hilary told him that she worked there and at the studio, since her role at Hamilton-Winters extended beyond owning her show. Devon assured Neil that they'd been all good deals. Neil was very angry that he hadn't been kept in the loop. He demanded a full report on all Hamilton-Winters activities, and he left.

Kyle greeted Lauren when she arrived at Jack's office. She was anxious and claimed that Kyle's plan to have Jabot go public was dead because Jack was about to be released from Jail. Kyle was annoyed that the family hadn't informed him, but he advised Lauren not to count him out.

After Lauren left, Kyle called Judge Harper and said that Victor Newman, the judge's biggest supporter, had a message he wanted conveyed to the judge. Kyle said that if the judge would be willing to stall Jack's release for as long as possible, Victor would consider it a great favor.

Abby and Ashley were at the Athletic Club to celebrate Jack's release over breakfast. Both wished that Jack had been able to join them if he'd been released early. Ashley was relieved that that matter had been settled. At that moment, Kyle called Ashley to advise her that he'd be convening a special meeting of the board at 11:00 a.m. sharp to vote for Jabot to go public. He disconnected the call before Ashley could say anything further.

In Victor's hospital room, Neil assured Victor that he'd make certain that J.T.'s actions wouldn't reflect badly on Victor or his family. Victor said he was glad to see Neil.

Ashley and Abby arrived at the Genoa City Police Station and told Paul that they had to get Jack out of jail due to a dire emergency. Paul advised them that Jack would go through the same due process as every other prisoner. Ashley asked if they could see Jack because they needed his signature on a proxy, but Paul said that Judge Harper would sign off on Jack's release soon enough, and then Jack would be all theirs.

Ashley and Abby arrived at Jabot. Abby told Ashley that they still might have enough votes even without Jack's proxy, but Ashley said not to count on it. She added that they might have to resort to Plan B. Abby said that it could be the day that they revealed Jack and Kyle weren't blood Abbotts. Ashley stated that if Kyle got the votes he needed, they wouldn't have a choice.

Kyle arrived and commented that he knew Ashley and Abby weren't happy about the meeting. Abby asked if it would kill Kyle to postpone the meeting until Jack was released from jail. Ashley said that Kyle was fighting a losing battle. She said that the initial public offering was a lengthy process. Even if Kyle got all the votes he needed, it would be months before the shares would be available on the stock exchange.

Smugly, Kyle stated that Ashley continued to underestimate him. He said that he'd chosen an investment bank to partner with and that all the papers had been signed and were ready to be filed. They would hit the ground running as soon as he got the okay from the board. Abbey said that it was obvious that Kyle had been working with Victor long before he'd returned from New York.

Billy arrived and said that the only thing worse than Kyle teaming up with Victor Newman was thinking he could double-cross him. Billy didn't want to be in Kyle's shoes when Victor found out that Kyle had tried to ace him out of a deal. Kyle claimed it had been his brain child, and Victor hadn't been involved. Ashley said that Kyle wasn't as good a poker player as he'd liked to believe he was. Billy said that it was Kyle's project, and Kyle would have to own the humiliating defeat. Still smug, Kyle stated that they would see after the votes.

The meeting commenced, and Abby tried a stall tactic by offering to read the minutes from the last meeting. Kyle claimed it wasn't necessary and wanted to take a vote. The vote was tied, with four for Jabot going public and four against it. Phyllis arrived at that moment, and Lauren advised Phyllis that she had the deciding vote. Billy reminded Phyllis that Jack had given her a seat on the board for a reason. In a menacing tone, Lauren told Phyllis that she wouldn't have had a seat if Lauren hadn't hired Phyllis when Phyllis had been frantic to change jobs. Phyllis voted with Kyle.

Kyle gloated that it was too bad he didn't have a gavel to make things official. Ashley interjected and advised Kyle that she had information that would render the vote invalid. She said she had proof that Kyle didn't have the authority to take Jabot public, let alone run the company. Kyle challenged Ashley to provide one valid reason why his motion couldn't be passed.

Ashley was about to provide Kyle with the information about his and Jack's paternity when Jack walked in. Jack said he'd heard there was a vote being taken. He said that he was legally free, unencumbered, and ready to resume his work as CEO of Jabot. His first order of business was withdrawing Kyle's motion and declaring the vote null and void. He ordered Kyle to get out of his chair. Kyle appeared very unhappy.

Nikki arrived at Crimson Lights and told Sharon that they needed to get rid of the rug, and she needed Sharon's help. Sharon stated that she wanted to forget the previous night but reluctantly agreed to help Nikki.

A short time later, Sharon and Nikki returned to Crimson Lights, and Nikki thanked Sharon for her help. Sharon said she'd been certain the rug wouldn't fit into the incinerator, but Nikki claimed it was a nice big incinerator and was far from prying eyes. Nikki said that she'd watched Victor incinerate an entire shed by feeding it into the incinerator, board by board. Sharon said that sometimes there were unexpected benefits to living on the ranch. Nikki agreed. She told Sharon that the rug was charcoal -- together with any DNA that might have been left on it.

Sharon told Nikki that she hoped that had been the last piece of evidence they had to worry about. Nikki quietly stated that she wished it would be that easy to be rid of the memories and the guilt.

At Hamilton-Winters, Hilary told Devon she'd hoped that when Neil had returned, he'd have mellowed out. She said that Neil needed to show a little more respect. Lily giggled and said that respect was earned. Hilary asked if she wasn't worthy. At that moment, Neil returned. Devon provided Neil with the report and information he'd requested. Neil said he realized that in his absence, Devon had had to make some major decisions, but he was back and would be hands-on. Devon and Lily were delighted.

Neil claimed he didn't want anything to do with The Hilary Hour. Hilary said that that suited her just fine. Neil told Hilary that effective immediately, Hilary was to work exclusively at the studio. He told her to pack up her things and leave. Hilary yelled that he couldn't just kick her out because he hadn't been part of the deal she'd made. Neil reminded her that his name was at the top of the contract. Lily suggested that Hilary leave because she wasn't wanted there.

Neil said he didn't have a problem with Hilary doing her job, but she needed to stay away from his family. Hilary claimed that that would be a little tricky, since the next member of the family could be growing inside her. Devon explained that he and Hilary had decided together to have a child and that he'd had Michael draw up a contract. Neil stated that if it had been planned, then it only made matters worse.

Victoria went to visit Victor. He was happy to see her. She said she was aware that Victor knew that J.T. had abused her. She couldn't imagine what Victor thought of her and admitted that she'd been weak and stupid. She admitted that the fear of being alone had influenced her decision. She said she should have had more courage, and she confessed that she'd rushed into that relationship too soon.

Victoria admitted she'd hurt a lot of people, including her kids. Victoria said that Victor wouldn't be in the hospital if it hadn't been for her. Victor blamed J.T. and reminded Victoria to always listen to Nikki. Victoria kissed his forehead and laid her head on his chest.

Nikki takes over at Newman

Nikki takes over at Newman

Thursday, April 19, 2018

At Hamilton-Winters, Lily packed up Hilary's belongings in anticipation of Hilary's move back to the studio. Devon argued that it wasn't a done deal, and Lily questioned whether he thought Neil would change his mind because Hilary might be pregnant. Neil walked in and refused to discuss the topic, and he mentioned that he'd gone over the expenditure report. Devon asked if it had put Neil's mind at ease to know Devon hadn't run things into the ground during Neil's absence. Neil admired Devon's efforts, but he believed that too much had changed -- and not for the better. Neil declared that things would be different around there, starting immediately.

Lily provided an update about her scouting trip, and Neil looked forward to building her division. Devon asked how things would be different around there, but Hilary walked in and was miffed that she hadn't been included in their meeting. Neil explained that the meeting was for family and board members, and she was neither. Hilary asserted that the bundle of joy she might be carrying would be his grandchild and heir, so she'd stay to look out for her kid's best interests.

Hilary contended that her input was just as important as everyone else's, but Neil stated that Hilary had no say in how the company was run. Hilary thought he'd see that she had a lot to contribute if he set aside his bias, but Neil barked that he didn't need her ideas or input, and he ordered her to get back to GC Buzz. Hilary testily grabbed her things and left, and Lily was amazed by how Neil had handled Hilary. Neil suggested that they set aside their personal feelings when they were in the office, since he planned to set the gold standard of how a family business should be run.

Lily squealed that she couldn't wait to see what they created together, and she headed out. Neil asked if Devon was down with his vision, but Devon reminded him that they were supposed to be equal partners, yet Neil had been patronizing him and treating him like a subordinate. Devon referred to Neil's speech about personal feelings, but he pointed out that Neil had been quick to call him out about having a baby with Hilary. Devon added that Neil didn't dictate how he ran his life or his business.

Neil swore that his intention wasn't to take over, but he believed Devon still had a lot to learn. Devon defended that he'd done a good job while Neil had been gone, but Neil questioned how Devon could even consider tying himself to Hilary for the rest of his life after she'd gone to great lengths to destroy their family. Devon admitted that he regretted it, and he hoped Hilary wasn't pregnant so they could go back to just being colleagues. Neil wondered what would happen if she was pregnant. Devon snapped that he didn't need a lecture from someone who'd made more than his fair share of mistakes in life, and he walked out.

At Crimson Lights, Charlie and Mattie inquired about the big surprise Lily had for them. Neil entered the coffeehouse, and the twins excitedly hugged him. Mattie asked about Sofia, and Neil reported that Sofia had been thankful for the cards and text messages. He applauded the twins for helping out at Hamilton-Winters, and he anticipated that they'd be running the joint one day. Mattie said they needed to get back to school, but Charlie protested that they hadn't seen their grandfather in forever. Neil remarked that no kids skipped school on his watch, and he told them he was proud of them for juggling their education with their responsibilities at the company.

The twins headed out, and Neil gushed that he loved seeing them thrive, just like he loved seeing Lily happy with Cane and her career. Neil pledged to be there every step of the way, but he thought they needed to have trust in order for the company to succeed, including keeping an open mind when they had problems. Lily guessed that Devon hadn't been receptive to Neil's new vision, and Neil anticipated that it would be an uphill battle with Hilary around. Lily admitted that she felt a constant need to protect Devon from Hilary, but Neil encouraged her to step back and focus on her goals while he handled Hilary.

Devon was surprised to see Hilary at the Athletic Club instead of at the studio, and he figured that she'd been trying to catch him alone. She acknowledged that he was upset with her for crossing the line earlier, and he asked if she was ever going to stop screwing things up for him. Hilary swore that she hadn't been trying to cause trouble, but she wanted to be part of the company. Devon spat that it was always about what she wanted, and he didn't want to hear it anymore. He walked away.

Hilary stopped Neil in the foyer and apologized for her emotions being all over the place. She reasoned that whether she was pregnant or not, they'd be working together, and she wanted their professional relationship to be civil and productive. She suggested that they start over, but he warned that her act wouldn't work with him, and he'd be watching her every move. He added that if she stepped out of line or hurt anyone he loved, she could kiss her job goodbye.

Later, Devon returned to the office after taking a walk in the park to feel Katherine's spirit. Devon apologized for walking out when Neil had called him out on his mistakes, since Devon had been beating himself up for them already. Neil offered his support if there was already a baby on the way, and he reiterated that he wanted them to be a true team. Neil promised that he would never forget that Devon had put up the capital to start their venture and had invited Neil to join him, and Devon imagined that he wouldn't have been as successful without Neil's guidance. The men admitted that they'd missed having one another around.

Victoria rode on a crowded elevator at Newman, and she flashed back to confronting J.T. about trying to murder her father and Nikki suggesting that they bury J.T.'s body in the garden. Victoria dazedly headed to her office, and Ashley and Abby wondered what she was doing there, considering everything that had happened with J.T. Victoria said she was sorry to disappoint them, but she reasoned that with J.T. gone, she had plenty of time and energy to devote to taking care of the company in Victor's absence. Ashley maintained that Victoria wouldn't be back as the acting CEO, since Victor had demoted her, and Ashley had seniority.

Victoria argued that her father had drafted the memo but had never sent it to HR, so it wasn't valid. She continued that until he made his wishes clear, she intended to let the whole world know that nothing and no one could keep a Newman down. Ashley wanted to go straight to Victor, but Victoria protested that he was still recovering. Nikki entered and requested that Abby leave, since she had something important to discuss with Victoria and Ashley. After Abby departed, Nikki proclaimed that she had an important announcement regarding the future of Newman Enterprises.

Nikki explained that Victor had given her instructions about how the company should be run in the foreseeable future, but it wasn't what Ashley and Victoria were expecting. Ashley imagined that Victor wasn't happy about Victoria's deception and wanted Ashley to be interim CEO, but Nikki said no. Victoria guessed that her father wanted a Newman in charge, but Nikki replied that Victoria wouldn't be taking over, either. Nikki announced that she would be taking charge.

An astonished Ashley pointed out that Nikki hadn't been involved in the company's operations for a long time. Nikki asserted that, as a board member, she was familiar with the quarterly reports and major projects, and she was more than qualified to run the company after serving as CEO of Jabot. Nikki invited them to head for the door if they couldn't give her their complete support, but neither Ashley nor Victoria moved. Nikki expected that Victor would be pleased, and she requested that they compile a list of the most pressing matters at hand. Ashley left to get started, and Victoria silently turned away. Nikki asked if Victoria was all right with it, and Victoria honestly replied that she wasn't.

Victoria confided that the idea of running the company on Victor's behalf had been a lifeline to her, and she'd wanted to be in charge because she loved Newman. Nikki looked at her tenure as CEO as a stopgap that was the best option to keep Ashley from running their family business. Nikki doubted that Victoria was in the right frame of mind to take on the role after suffering a terrible trauma, but Victoria countered that Nikki had experienced the trauma with her. Victoria wondered whether Nikki could handle the job while living with what they'd done, and Nikki vowed that she could and would, since she would be strong for both of them.

Jack stepped off the Jabot elevator and grinned. Kyle said he'd been waiting, since he'd wanted to be there for Jack's triumphant return as CEO. Jack clarified that it had already taken place the day before, when he'd stopped Kyle from taking Jabot public. Jack added that he was back where he belonged, but he was sure Kyle didn't share the sentiment. Kyle insisted on being there to help Jack catch up, but Jack snapped that he could handle it.

In his office, Jack left a voicemail for Gloria, assuming that she'd gone away on a trip to heal from the way Kyle had treated her. Jack assured her that he was in the driver's seat, and he urged her to call him back because he needed a trusted copilot. Kyle sauntered in, and Jack grumbled that the receptionist had just let him walk past her. Kyle implored Jack to give her a chance, since Kyle had worked with her in New York. Kyle suspected that Jack had preconceived notions about why he was there, but Jack barked that he was busy. Kyle dejectedly headed toward the door, but Jack decided to squeeze him in.

Kyle hoped that he and Jack could move forward if they cleared the air, and Jack said he didn't understand the wedge between them. Kyle recalled that he'd laid out his reasons when he'd visited Jack in jail, but he'd also apologized and tried to reassure Jack that he wanted to do right by Jabot. Jack thought that they'd been in a good place when Kyle had left for New York, but something or someone had changed all of that, since Kyle had been gunning for him like he was an enemy. Jack pressed Kyle to tell him why.

Kyle warned that the truth would hurt, but Jack swore that he wanted it more than anything. Kyle explained that he didn't consider Jack the enemy, but Jack also wasn't the man Kyle had thought he was. Kyle wondered why Jack had never reached out for support or advice if he valued their relationship, and he felt that he'd only heard from Jack when Jack had needed his vote as a board member. Kyle theorized that Jack was more like Dina than Jack wanted to believe.

Jack recognized that he hadn't been the perfect father, but he'd always wanted Kyle in his life. Kyle accused Jack of distancing himself personally and professionally, since it had seemed like Jack had wanted to keep Kyle away from home base instead of taking him into the fold. Jack thought Kyle had been happy working in New York, and Kyle clucked that Jack had assumed a lot of things that weren't true. Kyle added that he'd gotten clarity by being away, and it had made him realize that no one looked out for him, so he had to do it himself and fight for what he believed in, even if it meant fighting with Jack.

Jack asked why Kyle had turned to Victor as his ally, and Kyle claimed that Victor had simply offered free advice. Kyle stood behind his idea to take Jabot public, but Jack cautioned that it would make the company vulnerable to a hostile takeover. Jack recalled that he'd made that mistake before, and he wouldn't lose their family company. Kyle griped that it didn't feel like one with the way Jack ran things, but Jack said he had plans to remedy that. Jack left for a meeting, and Kyle made a call and summoned someone to Jabot right away.

Nick ordered coffee at Crimson Lights, and Billy asked how Victor was doing. Nick reported that his father was getting stronger every day, and he wished he could say the same for Victoria. Billy recounted that he'd told her that it had been a bad idea to get back together with J.T. so quickly, but at least she'd had the smarts to get rid of J.T. when she had. Nick revealed that she'd ended things before she'd found out J.T. had attacked Victor, and he wondered if Billy had any idea why Victoria had broken things off. Nick sensed that he wasn't getting the whole story, and he wanted to know why.

Nick inquired whether Phyllis had said anything after the girls-only party, but all Billy knew was that the ladies had stayed up late, talking and drinking. Billy admitted that he'd thought the event would be a disaster, but Phyllis, Sharon, and Victoria had become closer. He added that it was good timing, since it had been a long time since Victoria had had female friends, and she needed support. Nick thought their whole family needed answers and closure, but no one would get it with J.T. still missing.

Abby and Ashley arrived at Jabot, and Billy joined them and asked what was going on. Kyle appeared and chirped that they were there just in time. Later, Jack entered his office and was surprised to find a celebration in full swing. Abby revealed that it was a get-together in his honor, and Ashley added that his son had organized it. Kyle proclaimed that the man of the hour had arrived, and Kyle was happy to see his dad out of jail and cleared of all charges.

Kyle acknowledged that he and Jack didn't always see eye to eye, but they had a lot in common, like their love for their family and the company. Kyle pledged to help Jack take Jabot to new heights, standing side by side to build upon the legacy that John had founded. Kyle implored everyone to raise their glasses to Jack and the future.

Jack complimented Kyle's words, and Kyle swore that he'd been sincere. Kyle figured that they'd had to get everything out in the open to move forward, and he wanted them to start over in Genoa City. Jack inquired whether Kyle was moving back, and Kyle recalled when Jack had given him John's compass as a birthday gift to help him find his true north. Kyle claimed that being there with his family and working with Jack at Jabot was his true north, and he wanted to stay and prove it to Jack. Jack agreed to give it a shot, and Kyle swore that his father wouldn't regret it.

Abby couldn't believe that Kyle was throwing Jack a party after the stunt Kyle had pulled the day before, and Ashley anticipated that Jack would keep Kyle on a tight leash. Ashley expressed relief that the secret about Jack's paternity could remain buried.

Billy approached Jack and commented that it had been quite the performance. Jack shared that he hadn't believed a word of it, since he still believed that Victor had turned Kyle against him. Jack truly wanted to repair the damage that had been done to his relationship with Kyle, and he planned to give Kyle a chance to prove his loyalty, but he needed help. Jack proposed that Billy do another tour of duty at Jabot, since he'd decided that it was time to put family back into the family company. Billy stared at Kyle and accepted the job. Jack welcomed him back.

Nick met Victoria at Newman, and she noted that his text message had sounded urgent. He insisted on getting answers to his questions about what had gone down between her and J.T. and where J.T. might be. Victoria claimed that she'd told Nick everything he needed to know about her breakup with J.T., but Nick pressed for details that might help track J.T. down. Victoria ranted that she'd left out how humiliated she'd been for not realizing what kind of man J.T. had been, and she just wanted to get on with her life. Nick asked how the kids were dealing with everything, and Victoria replied that Johnny and Katie were too young to understand, but Reed was furious and crushed to know that his dad had attacked his grandfather.

Nick couldn't stand that J.T. had gotten away scot-free, leaving Victoria to pick up the pieces, and he asked if J.T. had given any indication as to where he might have gone. Victoria preferred to let the police handle it, but Nick argued that Paul and J.T. were friends, and J.T. had been able to disappear without a trace. Victoria asserted that all that mattered was that J.T. was gone, but Nick wanted J.T. to suffer for what he'd done. Nick vowed not to rest until J.T. was found and punished, and if the police couldn't do the job, he'd find J.T. himself.

Kyle moves into the Abbott mansion

Kyle moves into the Abbott mansion

Friday, April 20, 2018

At Crimson Lights, Sharon informed Phyllis that Nick wanted to track down J.T. to get justice, and Phyllis groaned that it was bad enough that the cops were already looking for J.T. Phyllis expected Nick to go rogue, and she insisted that Sharon distract him. Sharon thought she'd already done everything she could to get Nick's attention, but Phyllis doubted that Sharon had tried everything. Phyllis argued that Sharon was closest to Nick, so it was up to her to get him in line. Sharon received a text message from Nick, and Phyllis figured that it was the perfect time to start. Sharon panicked because he wanted to meet in the garden at Chancellor Park.

Phyllis reasoned that Nick wouldn't have sent a casual message if he'd found a corpse, and she insisted that there was nothing to connect them to J.T. Sharon fretted that one of them could have dropped something while they'd been burying the body, but Phyllis snapped that Sharon was being irrational. Sharon worried that Nick was persistent when he wanted information, but Phyllis contended that Sharon would be the only one to blab. Phyllis pushed Sharon to meet up with Nick to find out if he knew anything, but she ordered Sharon to leave her name out of it. Sharon questioned what had happened to being in it together, but Phyllis figured that they were only as strong as their weakest link.

Sharon met Nick in the garden in the park, and he said he needed to talk to her about something he'd figured out. Sharon squirmed as he referred to the park having secrets, and she nervously asked what it would say. He revealed his plan to plant a vegetable garden for the town in that spot. Sharon wondered why he'd summoned her there, and Nick admitted that he'd made a mistake when he'd started New Hope without her after she'd given him the idea.

Nick stressed that he wanted Sharon to be involved, and he asked what she thought about the garden. She called it a wonderful idea, but she thought it would make more sense to plant it closer to the New Hope buildings. Nick preferred the visibility of it being in the middle of town, where they'd broken ground in honor of Katherine. Sharon suggested that they talk more about it elsewhere, and she led him away.

Sharon and Nick returned to the coffeehouse, and Nick was surprised to see Phyllis there, seemingly waiting for Sharon. Phyllis explained that she'd been there when Sharon had received his text message, and she was being nosy because it had seemed urgent. Sharon relayed Nick's plan to plant a vegetable garden for the community, and Phyllis rambled incessantly about Nick's good intentions and how nothing else should matter. Nick became suspicious, and Phyllis blurted out that she was sure he wanted to track J.T. down to make sure he went to jail, but she urged Nick to leave it alone. Nick recounted that Sharon and Victoria had told him the same thing, but he firmly believed that J.T. needed to pay for trying to murder Victor.

Phyllis speculated that a security specialist like J.T. had probably left the country, so hunting for him would be a waste of time on a hopeless cause. She contended that Victoria had to live with the fact that she'd fallen in love with a maniac, and she wondered if finding J.T. and putting Victoria through a trial was what Nick really wanted. Phyllis implored Nick to let it go for Victoria's sake, and he headed out. Phyllis asserted that she'd done her part, so it was time for Sharon to pull her weight.

At the cottage, Nick reported that Christian was asleep and Faith was doing her homework. He felt that he owed Sharon for everything she'd done for him over the chaotic past few months. He acknowledged that a quiet night at home meant something, and it made him wonder if maybe Phyllis was right about J.T. Nick realized that perhaps J.T. was far away and couldn't hurt Victoria or his dad, and Sharon lamented that the betrayal was heartbreaking. Nick understood that Victor falling down the stairs could have been an accident, but J.T. leaving Victor there showed what kind of person J.T. was. Nick wondered how J.T. had fooled everyone for so long.

Nick prepared a classic movie to watch, and he and Sharon shared a container of ice cream. She protested that he couldn't take all the chocolate chunks, and he asked if she'd seriously counted them. He offered her his spoonful of ice cream, and she gladly ate it. She figured that he'd thought she'd tell him to keep it for himself, and he jokingly complained that he'd be counting chunks all night. "Whatever it takes to keep you out of trouble," Sharon teased.

At the Athletic Club, Lily reveled in having a nice dinner with Cane, and he said he'd missed her while she'd been in New York. She replied that she'd missed him, too, but she was happy that her trip had been productive. She gushed that she loved her job because even though it was demanding, it was also exciting and satisfying. Cane amorously told her to stop talking that way, or they wouldn't get through dinner. She suggestively asked if he wanted to go to the coatroom, but she thought waiting was half the fun. She offered to prove it to him, and she invited him to dance with her.

Cane and Lily strolled through the park, and she imagined that Victoria and J.T. might have had their wedding there. Lily couldn't believe what had happened with J.T., and she pointed out that Cane had sensed that something had been up. Cane recalled that J.T. had mentioned that Cane might hear things about him, and he'd thought J.T. had cheated on Victoria, since Cane hadn't been able to think of what else a couple couldn't get past. Lily assured him that they'd gotten through it and that they deserved the happiness that they'd fought for. Cane wasn't sure what J.T. deserved, and Lily commented that the universe had a funny way of sorting things out.

Lily asked if J.T. had said anything about Victor, and she had a difficult time imagining that J.T. was capable of real violence. Cane noted that J.T. had seemed more sad than angry the last time they'd talked, and Lily questioned whether J.T.'s words about Cane choosing what to believe had been an admission of what he'd done or if he'd expected Victor to falsely accuse him. Cane wouldn't put it past Victor to lie, and Lily remembered J.T. as always being a great guy. Cane questioned why J.T. had left town if he was innocent.

Nikki entered Victor's hospital room and chided Victor for telling the doctor that he'd be leaving that night against medical advice. Victor shrugged, and she warned that he could relapse. He promised that he'd have the doctor stop by the house, and he asked her to tell him about J.T. She reported that the police were looking for J.T., and she urged Victor let them do their job. She headed out to pull the car around to take Victor home, but she ran into Helen in the doorway.

Nikki was surprised that Victor hadn't chosen someone more discreet to drive him home, and Victor guessed that the women had met at the police station. Helen recounted that she'd been accused of turning off his ventilator, and Nikki contended that Nick had alerted the authorities after seeing a strange woman sneaking in and out of Victor's room. Nikki huffed that both she and Nick knew Helen was Victor's mistress. Helen taunted that Victor had let her know that he'd been able to hear her when she'd stopped by, and it had made a difference when she'd visited. Victor added that he'd also heard Nikki, and he asked where she'd been on the night he'd been attacked.

Nikki regretted that she hadn't been by Victor's side sooner after his accident, but she haughtily recalled that he'd had two other ex-wives and his new friend Helen there. Victor asked who Nikki had been with on the night of the attack, but Nikki scolded that the inquiry wasn't in the spirit of their agreement. He demanded a name, and Nikki assured him that it hadn't been Jack. Nikki surmised that Victor was just annoyed that she hadn't been at home, and she reminded him that they'd made the agreement for a reason. Nikki asserted that Helen was kidding herself if she was surprised by the bond between Nikki and Victor. Helen helped Victor to a sitting position, and he told Nikki that he'd see her at home.

At the Abbott mansion, Jack indicated that Kyle had been on his best behavior, even though Jack didn't believe the act for a second. Jack suspected that the effort to take Jabot public wouldn't be Kyle's last gambit for control, and Abby worried that Kyle wasn't just working against Jabot but for Victor. Abby griped that she'd been at Victor's side while Kyle had been gone, yet her father had chosen to team up with Kyle. Ashley surmised that it was because Kyle was capable of betraying the Abbotts, whereas Abby wasn't.

Ashley stepped away to answer the door. Abby imagined that Kyle thought he and Victor were working as a team. However, things didn't work that way with her dad, and she was concerned that Kyle was in over his head. Ashley greeted Kyle at the front door, and he asked if there was any room for another Abbott, since he was back in Genoa City for good. Jack sourly wondered if there were no vacancies at the Newman ranch, but Kyle claimed that he hadn't considered it, since he was an Abbott and not a Newman.

Kyle mentioned that he'd asked Ashley and Abby if he could move in when Jack had been in jail, and they hadn't thought it would be the best idea. He hoped to convince them otherwise. Jack pointed out that living at home might interfere with Kyle's social life, but Kyle insisted that he wanted to be there with them. Kyle added that he hadn't always been part of a family, and he wanted to make up for lost time. Dina appeared on the stairs and enthusiastically voted yes, and she asked Kyle to tell her more about himself.

Meanwhile, Jack figured that Kyle could be one more person to help with Dina, but Ashley wondered what Kyle stood to gain by living there. Ashley thought it would be risky to have Kyle there, but Jack reflected back on what Victor had done to Adam by setting him apart and making him prove his worth and loyalty. Jack refused to treat his own son that way, and he thought he and Kyle could fix things, just like Jack had with Billy. Jack reasoned that it would be better if they were under the same roof, since it was hard to keep resentment alive while breaking bread at the family table. Jack thought Kyle belonged there, but he also cared about what Ashley thought. Ashley relented, but she reserved the right to change her mind.

Dina didn't understand why she and Kyle hadn't met before, since she knew every handsome face at the club. He replied that his family had been members there forever, but he'd been away in New York. She imagined that he found Genoa City boring, and he charmed her with tales of how he'd taken money from egotistical golfers by tricking them into making bets on their shots. Meanwhile, Abby wondered if Kyle's stories were true, but Jack was focused on the smile on Dina's face. Jack told Kyle to pack his bags, and Kyle reported that they were already in the car.

Jack advised Kyle that confusion and repeated stories were the norm with Dina. Abby received a text message and learned that Victor had been released from the hospital and was on his way home. Jack contemplated when he'd get thanks for calling 9-1-1 and saving Victor's life. Charlie arrived to pick up the last of the memory cards for Dina's video. Abby handed the footage to Charlie, but Ashley insisted on taking one more look to prevent Charlie from having to deal with anything tedious. Charlie accepted it as part of the job, and Abby insisted that Charlie was a professional.

After Charlie left, Kyle imagined that stories from a character like Dina would be ratings gold, and he went to the car to grab his stuff. Ashley demanded to know "what the hell" Abby had been thinking, since Charlie might see the footage discussing Jack's paternity. Abby revealed that all that footage was in her pocket, and only that particular memory card contained the crazy story of Dina and her lover. Ashley apologized, but she insisted that they get rid of the memory card. Ashley eyed the fireplace and remarked that she was feeling chilly.

As a fire roared in the fireplace, Ashley was adamant that no one could ever hear that story again. Kyle returned and found it odd that they'd built a fire on a warm spring night, and Abby said she'd thought one last fire of the season would be nice. Kyle agreed, especially since he'd spent the last few years in apartments and hotels. Ashley implored him not to miss out on Mrs. Martinez's crème brûlée, and Abby led him to the kitchen.

Later, Kyle crept into the empty living room and peered into the fireplace. He grabbed a fireplace poker and sifted through the ashes of the fire. He pulled out the charred memory card.

At the Newman ranch, Nikki told Helen that she could take it from there, but Helen indicated that Victor had asked her to stay for dinner. Victor insisted that he wanted Helen there, and Nikki politely offered her something to drink. Nikki turned away and sent a text message to Arturo to ask if he was free, but he replied that he was working late. Nikki declared that it would be dinner for three.

Later, Helen thanked the Newmans for dinner, and she said Victor needed to rest. Nikki answered the door to Jack, who hoped to speak with Victor. Jack stepped inside and was surprised to find Helen there, and he remembered that she'd also been at the hospital. Jack concluded that Victor had hired Helen to spy on him, and he wondered if Nikki had been in on it, too. Nikki warned that Jack was about to feel silly, and she flatly stated that Helen was Victor's lover. Jack assumed that Helen had taken the job at Jabot to spy, but Helen defended that she hadn't met Victor until after she'd taken the position.

Jack bellowed that he couldn't trust Helen's judgment or loyalty, and his first order of business would be terminating her contract. Victor promised to make things right, and Helen kissed his cheek and left. Jack grumbled that it took real class for Victor to invite his mistress into his home, but Nikki countered that it wasn't like she didn't have her own friends. Jack realized that the Newmans had an open marriage, but he doubted that Victor would give Nikki any leeway. Nikki declared that they were equals, and Victor knew she would never agree to a one-sided arrangement. She added that whatever Jack thought of the arrangement was irrelevant. Victor asked what Jack wanted.

Jack was sure that Victor was aware that Jack had found him lying on the floor and called 9-1-1, but instead of getting a thank-you note, Jack had been arrested. Jack confessed that he'd borrowed Victor's hard drive and found countless emails between Victor and Kyle, but he'd ended up in a cell when the police had found the drive in his home. Jack demanded to know what Victor wanted with Kyle, and he suddenly realized that the correspondence between the men had begun when Jack and Nikki had been seeing one another. Jack surmised that he'd had Victor's wife, so Victor had gone after Jack's son.

Jack guessed that Victor's latest vendetta was about Jack spending time with Victor's most valued possession -- his wife. Nikki snapped that she was no one's possession. Jack imagined that Victor had been poised to make a sizeable purchase when Kyle took Jabot public, but Nikki insisted that they not argue when Victor had just gotten home from the hospital. Jack warned that he'd fight if Victor went after his company, and he'd destroy Victor if Victor went after Jack's son. Jack added that Kyle was and always would be an Abbott, and he tersely wished Nikki goodnight before he walked out.

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