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Nikki and Victor agreed to stop seeing other people. Hilary planned to use Devon's sperm sample to inseminate herself. Mariah remembered hearing a man's voice during the girls' night. Kyle struck a deal with Victor to provide insider information in exchange for a top position at Newman.
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Kyle struck a deal with Victor to destroy Jack
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Sharon battles a guilty conscience

Sharon battles a guilty conscience

Monday, April 30, 2018

At Sharon's house, Sharon overheard Mariah and Nick discussing Sharon's troubling behavior. Mariah suggested that hearing about J.T.'s abuse of Victoria might have reminded Sharon about a past abusive boyfriend. Nick noted that Sharon had begun spending time with Victoria. Nick added, "At Reed's going-away party, Sharon practically hid out in the dining room the whole night with my mom, Vick, and Phyllis." Nick said he and Mariah should encourage Sharon to talk about what was going on.

Sharon entered the room, interrupting Nick and Mariah. Sharon inquired about the hush-hush conversation. Nick and Mariah seemed at a loss for words. Mariah claimed they'd been planning a surprise birthday party. Sharon noted that her birthday was months away. Mariah, unconvincing in her rambling explanation, quickly excused herself and left. Nick received a phone call from Faith's school. After the call ended, Nick said he didn't yet know the details, but he directed Sharon to accompany him to pick Faith up at school.

Sharon and Nick returned home with Faith after her school suspended the youngster for misbehaving. Faith explained that a boy in her class had been harassing two of her girlfriends for some time about the two friends' participation in a talent show. The two harassed girlfriends, plus another, had decided to confront the harasser and demand that he stop. Faith explained that she'd declined to participate, fearing such a plan would cause additional trouble. Faith told her parents that she'd later relented after being pressured; her friends had told her that failing to confront the boy meant that she condoned the behavior.

Faith cried that no one else was going to stop Thomas from being a bully. Sharon interrupted and said, "So, you had to." Nick reacted to Sharon's passionate interjection by turning his head to look her in the face. Sharon nodded for Faith to finish her statement herself. Faith noted that when the teacher had shown up, Faith's friends had denied harshly scolding Thomas, upsetting the boy in the process. Faith added that because she'd told the truth, her friends would no longer talk to her. Nick praised Faith for telling the teacher the truth, but he warned her not to participate in vigilante justice again in the future.

After Faith went upstairs, Nick told Sharon he was proud of Faith for standing up to a bully. Before Nick left the room, he encouraged Sharon to talk to him about anything that might be troubling her. Mariah arrived a minute later and found Sharon crying. Sharon lied that she'd been concerned about Faith's predicament at school. Mariah noted that Sharon had been upset for days. Mariah said Sharon could tell her anything. Mariah swore that anything shared would be "taken to the grave."

Sharon said she didn't know where to start or how Mariah might feel after hearing what her mother had to say. Mariah seemed ready to hear a confession. Instead, Sharon said that having Nick and Christian in her life again was wonderful, though she feared she might complicate the relationship by sending Nick mixed signals. Sharon added that she'd worked things out, so everything was fine. Sharon thanked Mariah for listening. After Sharon walked away, she paused and appeared shaken. Mariah seemed to sense that Sharon hadn't been forthcoming.

At the Newman ranch, Neil stopped by to visit Victor. Nikki welcomed her friend and was surprised to find that Victor wasn't in the main house, where she'd last seen him. After a brief search, Neil and Nikki found Victor in the stable. Victor, sitting in his wheelchair, held a weight in each hand and grunted as he lifted them. A nurse kept watch nearby. Nikki was astonished as she observed Victor dictating notes related to Newman Enterprises' business operations to his assistant. Victor greeted Neil in one breath and instructed his assistant to get the legal department on the phone in the next.

Nikki sent the assistant and the nurse to the main house to order lunch. Nikki suggested that Victor was pushing himself too hard. Victor scoffed that he knew his limitations. Neil agreed with Nikki and noted that Victor had nothing to prove. Victor explained that he was following his instincts. Victor staunchly defended his goal to accelerate his recovery and added, "The J.T. Hellstroms of this world, they prey on the weak. It's their only source of power."

Neil offered support of Victor's plan to resume his usual activities within a week. Nikki assured Victor that, as acting CEO, she had everything running smoothly, and she encouraged Victor to take as much time as he needed to fully recover. Victor insisted that he would find J.T. Hellstrom and show him that he'd failed. Nikki said she understood why Victor was so driven, but she reminded him that his family had almost lost him. Nikki, sobbing, asked Neil to talk some sense into Victor.

After Nikki left, Neil asked about the hunt for J.T. Victor said J.T. was still missing. Victor told Neil about J.T. physically abusing Victoria. Neil warned that Victor should proceed carefully. Victor asked for a shot of tequila, but Neil poured the contents of the bottle onto the ground. Neil explained that as Victor's public-relations representative, he didn't want to release a statement explaining that Victor had died from complications after surgery. Neil added that if anything happened to Victor, then J.T. would win.

Victor told Neil that Nick had visited him while he'd been hospitalized. Neil assured Victor that Nick loved him, though Nick was navigating his own way in a world dominated by an imposing father. Victor asked about Devon. Neil explained that during his absence, Devon had made some unfortunate decisions related to both his personal life and his business. Victor said he was grateful that Nikki had grown closer to Victoria. Victor added that he and Nikki had also grown closer and were working well together.

Victor admitted that he and Nikki had "expanded their marriage" to include other partners. Neil looked shocked. Victor resumed lifting weights and requested that Neil summon the assistant to help dictate correspondence. Neil hesitated. Victor dropped his weights and began cursing his wheelchair. Victor planted his feet on the floor and stood up. Before Neil could catch him, Victor collapsed and fell to the ground.

At the Genoa City Athletic Club, Billy greeted Phyllis with a kiss on the lips. Billy thanked Phyllis for allowing Johnny and Katie to stay with them for an extended time to give Victoria a break. Phyllis hesitated when Billy said he intended to set aside time for Phyllis and himself by dropping the kids at Victoria's after school. Phyllis explained that Victoria deserved more time to decompress after dealing with J.T. and facing Reed's departure to a boarding school. Billy embraced the opportunity to spend more time with his children.

After Phyllis again insisted she was happy to help Victoria, Billy replied, "I appreciate you saying that even though we both know you're lying your ass off." Phyllis was initially taken aback by Billy's statement. Billy praised Phyllis for putting her differences with Victoria aside to offer support. Phyllis admitted she hadn't been eager to attend the girls' get-together for Victoria. Phyllis added that her perspective had shifted after learning all that Victoria had endured.

Billy mentioned J.T.'s attempt to murder Victor. Billy asked if Phyllis believed Victoria had known about J.T. when she'd agreed to marry him. Phyllis said partners sometimes hid things from each other. Billy suggested he might contact Victoria and offer to be a sounding board. Phyllis explained that Victoria needed time to grieve. Billy replied, "Grieve? Guy's on the run, but he's not dead." Phyllis noted that relationships with ugly endings were like a death.

At Crimson Lights, Nikki met with Nick about the New Hope project. Nikki explained that Victor knew about her affair with Arturo and wanted him off the project. Nikki noted that Victor was claiming that Arturo had overcharged for his services on the construction project. Nick replied, "This isn't about Arturo soaking us. This is about Dad's ego. New Hope is the lifeline for the neediest people in our community." Nick explained that he'd dealt with Arturo, so Victor should do the same.

Phyllis interrupted Nick and Nikki's conversation. Nick mentioned to Nikki and Phyllis that Faith had been disciplined at school for standing up to a boy bullying a group of girls. Phyllis said, "Good for Faith." Nikki expressed disapproval of Phyllis' comment. Phyllis explained that though Faith should have gone to her teacher, she commended Faith for silencing a bully abusing young women.

Nick agreed with Phyllis, but he noted that Faith's reprimand had given Sharon even more to worry about. Phyllis asked Nick to explain. Nick told Phyllis and Nikki that Sharon had been experiencing insomnia, nightmares, and stress. Nick added that he and Mariah had both become concerned, but Sharon was refusing to talk about what was troubling her. Nikki suggested that Sharon had been working too much. Phyllis agreed.

After Nick left, Phyllis expressed concern to Nikki that Sharon was "cracking." Phyllis said they'd all end up in prison if Sharon "ran to the cops." Hilary lingered nearby, watching Nikki and Phyllis carrying on their tense, hushed conversation. Nikki said they should remind Sharon that they'd stopped J.T. from harming Victoria. Nikki added that Sharon should also be reminded about what they'd lose if anyone else found out. Hilary approached and said, "What's the big secret, ladies?" Hilary mentioned J.T., but Nikki sternly warned Hilary not to use her tawdry show to capitalize on Victoria's pain.

After Nikki left, Hilary told Sharon that she'd heard about the recent girls' night from Mariah. Hilary expressed disappointment because she hadn't been invited. Hilary became increasingly upset and cried that she wasn't pregnant. Sobbing, Hilary said she'd learned she wasn't pregnant after announcing on-air that she was carrying Devon's baby. Phyllis asked about Devon's reaction. Hilary admitted that Devon didn't know she wasn't pregnant. Hilary lamented that Devon had become more involved with Simone.

Hilary cried that she and Devon had hurt each other to the point of not being able to interact without boundaries, which Simone had further complicated. Phyllis suggested it might have been better had Hilary used Devon's sperm sample and taken the IUI route instead of having had sex with Devon. Hilary's depressed mood suddenly turned to euphoria. Hilary praised Phyllis for her brilliant idea. Hilary explained that since Devon had given her his sperm, she'd use it and remain mum about how or when she became pregnant.

Victor and Nikki make a new agreement

Victor and Nikki make a new agreement

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Sharon sat in a booth at Crimson Lights, staring despondently at an online headline about the manhunt for J.T. She spilled her coffee, and she spotted J.T. and Colleen's carved initials in the wood as she wiped up the mess. She abruptly headed out.

Lily entered the coffeehouse and greeted Mattie, who hoped it was okay that she was there to study during her free period. Lily offered to tell Charlie to turn down his music if it had been a distraction at the house, but Mattie said it was fine. Lily asked if Mattie was sleeping well, and Mattie replied that she was. Lily continued to hover over her daughter, but Mattie shot down Lily's attempt to talk by saying she needed to study, and she buried herself in a textbook. Lily stepped away and made a call to summon someone there.

Mattie was surprised when Cane showed up, and he brightly stated that he wanted to join his two favorite girls for breakfast. Mattie realized that her mom had called him, and she grumbled that she'd been trying to get some privacy to study, but it had turned into an intervention. Lily worried that Mattie hadn't been herself for days, holing up in her room and barely talking. Cane pointed out that they'd given Mattie space, and he urged her not to push them away because they just wanted to help.

Cane understood that Mattie was down about Reed leaving, and she regretted that she'd screwed things up. Lily asserted that Reed had made the choice to drink and drive, and Mattie groaned that it sounded like her parents were mad at him all over again. Mattie relayed that Reed had told her that he didn't blame her for calling the cops, and Lily conceded that she and Cane could tone it down a little. Lily sympathized that first relationships were fragile, but Mattie would always take the memories with her. Mattie wailed that she should have tried harder to stay friends, since Reed hadn't had anyone to turn to with everything he'd been going through.

Lily pointed out that no one had known what J.T. had really been like, and Cane recognized that it had been hard for Reed to realize that the man he'd looked up to hadn't deserved it. Cane respected that Reed was figuring out what he needed to do and studying music, and Mattie dryly noted that it helped that Reed was 1,000 miles away from her. Cane conceded that 1,000 miles wouldn't have been far enough a few months earlier, but he commended Reed for taking responsibility and making good decisions. Cane figured that it would be good for Reed to go away for a while, considering everything the Newmans were dealing with.

Mattie explained that it wasn't just about missing Reed or feeling like she'd messed up but what kind of person she was deep down. She compared her nerdy personality to Charlie's outgoing one, and she wondered if she would always be the girl who worked really hard but turned out to be nothing more than a loner. She worried about her attempts to follow her dreams backfiring, and Lily assured her that she didn't need to have the answers yet. Lily encouraged her to embrace and accept where she was, and Mattie would eventually know what she wanted. Lily added that she and Cane knew Mattie better than anyone, and Mattie would always be loved.

Mattie broached another subject that they never talked about -- that they almost hadn't become a family again. Mattie recognized that Reed didn't know when he'd see his dad, and his family would never be whole again. She mused that she knew how lucky she was, and she headed out.

Sharon burst into the ranch and called out for Nikki, but she stopped short when Victor barked that she should have called first. Sharon stammered that she hadn't seen him since he'd been released, but he looked well, and she was glad that everyone was all right. Victor groused that he'd be all right when he didn't have to sit in "that damn chair" anymore, and he vowed to get back on his feet and find J.T. if it was the last thing he ever did.

Victor remarked that he and Nick were in agreement for once, since they were both determined to find J.T. Victor asked if Sharon was aware that J.T. had been spying on the Newman family, and Sharon mentioned that Nick had told her how dangerous J.T. had become with Victoria. Victor revealed that he'd seen a video of J.T. pushing Victoria against a wall and choking her, and he growled that J.T. would never do that again. An increasingly uncomfortable Sharon yammered that she was sorry to bother him, and she prepared to leave. Victor inquired whether she was upset about something.

Victor observed that Sharon looked nervous, and she chalked it up to an upsetting conversation. Nikki arrived home and wondered why Sharon was there, and Sharon acknowledged that she should have called before stopping by to see Nikki. Nikki covered by claiming it was about a special day she was planning for Faith, and Victor recalled that Faith had been worried about him when she'd seen his wheelchair. Nikki reasoned that it was why she wanted to spend time with the girl, and she invited Sharon to take a walk to talk over their plans. A relieved Sharon followed Nikki out.

In the stables, Sharon babbled about how Victor had been going on and on about finding and punishing J.T. Nikki hoped Sharon hadn't been acting that frazzled in front of Victor, and she encouraged Sharon to seek her out if Sharon needed to vent or talk. Nikki was adamant that Sharon learn to control herself, but Sharon bemoaned that what they'd done was with her all the time. Nikki commanded her to find a way to push it aside, but Sharon cried that they were all guilty for covering up killing a man and burying him in the center of town. Sharon lamented that every time there was a knock at the door, she expected to see Paul there to arrest her, and she didn't know how much longer she could handle it. Nikki phoned Phyllis and requested her help.

Phyllis arrived at the stables and grumbled that Nikki had called her away from work because Sharon was having a meltdown. Sharon spat that unlike Phyllis, she had a conscience, and it hadn't been their call to decide whether J.T. had lived or died. Nikki defended that she hadn't wanted to kill J.T., but they all knew he'd been hurting Victoria, and she'd refused to let him do it. Sharon reiterated that they should have contacted the police, but Phyllis reminded her that they'd kept Nikki from going to prison. Sharon argued that J.T.'s children would think their father had run off and forgotten about them, and she worried that Victor and Nick were both focused on finding J.T.

Phyllis reasoned that everyone else thought J.T. was in hiding, so no one was looking for a corpse, and nobody would find J.T. as long as the four women stuck together. Nikki said she'd owe Phyllis and Sharon for the rest of her life for protecting her and Victoria, and their futures were tied together from that point on. Phyllis snapped that they could kiss it all goodbye if Sharon went to the police, since they'd all go to prison, and Victoria's kids would lose their mother after Reed had already lost one parent. Phyllis hammered home that everyone whose needs depended on them would lose, and Faith would be writing Sharon letters in prison.

Phyllis questioned whether Sharon was willing to lose everything because they'd done what they'd had to do. Sharon refused to do that to Faith or Victoria's children, and she resolved to find a way to live with the secret, even though she didn't know how. Sharon walked out, and Phyllis sarcastically remarked that she trusted Sharon to take their secret to the grave. Nikki thought Sharon had seemed to mean it, and they just had to pray that they'd gotten through to her.

Phyllis stormed over to see Sharon at the cottage and asked if anyone else was there. Sharon testily replied that it had been lovely being alone, but Phyllis said her "Spidey sense" had told her to go there instead of heading back to work. Sharon insisted that she'd said everything she'd needed to say, but Phyllis retorted that she wasn't done with Sharon. Phyllis conceded that Sharon had been strong and convincing at the stables when she'd told Nikki and Phyllis what they'd needed to hear, and Sharon asked if Phyllis was calling her a liar. Phyllis barked that Sharon was a "walking, talking mood swing."

Phyllis understood that it was a "special slice of hell" that four women who had never been pals were suddenly all on the same team, but she didn't want to go to prison, and she couldn't take wondering whether Sharon would flip out and expose them all. Sharon whimpered that she saw it when she closed her eyes and heard the shovel in the dirt, but she pledged to handle it to avoid adding more pain to the nightmare. Sharon confirmed that they'd made a pact, and she wouldn't go back on it because they were in it together and forever. She clarified that it didn't make them friends, and she ordered Phyllis to leave. Sharon crossed over to the door and opened it, and Phyllis walked out.

Meanwhile, Victor struggled to stand, but he collapsed back into his wheelchair. He tried to stand again, and he steadied himself by leaning on the desk. He slowly took a step and began shuffling his way over to the couch as Nikki returned home. She stopped in her tracks when she saw him walking, and he plopped down on the couch and told himself that he'd done it. Victor expected Nikki to tell him that he'd overexerted himself, but she replied that she'd clearly be wrong.

Nikki thought Victor pretended to be superhuman, but she'd seen the effort on his face, and she worried that he'd fall again. Victor stressed that he was sick and tired of the wheelchair, and he didn't want to be cooped up any longer. He intended to go back to the office the following week, and he asked what she had in mind for her future endeavors. She surmised that he was talking about New Hope, and he insisted that she fire her contractor. Nikki reiterated that it wasn't Victor's call, and she suspected that he was just irked because of her relationship with Arturo.

Victor was surprised that Nikki was copping to it, and she reminded him that they'd had an agreement. Victor huffed that he hadn't liked Arturo being at the ranch for meetings, and Nikki countered that she hadn't liked having dinner with Victor's mistress in her own home. She dared Victor to admit that he was no happier about Arturo than she was about Helen, and she asked where they went from there. Nikki admitted that their arrangement had been entertaining for a time, but things had changed when she'd almost lost Victor twice. She was hurt that he'd asked someone else to take him home, since taking care of him was her job and no one else's, and it was a fact that they were the loves of each other's lives.

Nikki continued that Victor could have a million Helens, but in the end, Nikki was the only one for him. She explained that the past few months had been thrilling not because of outsiders but because she'd truly felt like his equal partner, which meant more to her than anything. She proposed that they make a deal -- if he allowed Arturo to stay on the project and not give him trouble, she would agree not to see Arturo outside of business. Nikki continued that she never wanted to look at Helen over dinner again, and she requested that Victor call things off. Victor revealed that it had already been done, and they confirmed that they'd reached an agreement.

At Jabot, Kyle entered Jack's office, expecting to meet with his father, but he was disappointed when Jack indicated that Billy wanted to meet with the two of them. Billy announced that he planned to make changes to the ideas Kyle had implemented during his short reign, and he intended to reallocate the money Kyle had designated for marketing back into research and development. Kyle griped that Billy was funding his pet project, but Billy argued that there would be nothing to market without product. Kyle opposed the move, but Jack declared that he was good with it. Kyle complained about his diminished role in the company, and Jack questioned whether Kyle had stayed on to prove that he had the company's best interests at heart or if it had all been just for show.

Kyle admitted that his ego took over sometimes, but he swore that he was there to do what needed to be done. He added that it didn't mean he wouldn't give his opinion when he disagreed. After Jack left for a meeting, Billy noted that Kyle was learning how to rein it in, and he advised Kyle to put his energy into winning his family's trust back. Kyle invited Billy to grab coffee and talk outside the office, since he wanted to smooth things over between them. Kyle pointed out that Billy had been in his shoes when everyone had thought they'd had Billy pegged when he'd returned to town, and he asked if Billy was willing to hear his side of the story.

At the Athletic Club, Kyle confided to Billy that he'd never really felt like part of the Abbott family. Billy empathized because he also wasn't the "right kind of Abbott," since Dina wasn't his mother, and Dina's children were a unit. Kyle noted that Billy was in the fold then, but Billy recounted that he'd been kicked in and out of the circle many times, and he'd run the gauntlet to get back in. Kyle questioned what he'd done that had been close to what had happened with Billy and Phyllis, and Billy countered that Kyle had taken over while Jack had been in jail and tried to take the company public against the family's wishes.

Kyle asserted that he'd owned his mistakes, and he thought Jack would have made the same move at Kyle's age. Billy quipped that Jack had been a jerk at Kyle's age, and Kyle whined that he didn't want to be on the sidelines. Billy urged him to give his dad time, and Kyle condemned Billy for chipping away at him in front of Jack. Billy admitted that he'd been condescending, and Kyle griped that his family treated him like either a misguided kid or enemy number one. Billy clarified that Victor was the latter, but Kyle contended that the blood Abbott clause was the reason Ashley was at Newman. Kyle insisted that he was just trying to find his place, but he needed Billy's help.

Billy still wasn't sure he could trust Kyle, and he chided Kyle for maintaining a relationship with a man who'd had Jack kidnapped and almost killed. Kyle begged Billy to see that he wanted to be part of his own family, since the Abbotts were all he had with his mom gone. Kyle thought the Abbotts needed him, too, and he thought their family could fix things if they were all on the same team, making Jabot unstoppable. Billy told him to keep talking, and Kyle cited the blood Abbott clause as the problem with their family. Kyle insisted that they had to kill the clause if they wanted their family to be right again.

Kyle anticipated that if he helped make the amendment disappear, it would make everyone realize that his family was his priority. Billy recounted that Jack had already offered to toss the clause, but Ashley had still refused to return to Jabot. Kyle thought Jack had let it go when Ashley hadn't rolled over, but he considered the clause to be a stain on Jabot's mission, and he believed the whole family deserved to have it gone. "Let's make it happen," Billy proclaimed.

Billy and Kyle returned to Jabot and approached Jack about the amendment. Kyle explained that they'd wanted to submit the idea as a united front, and he believed it was the way to make their family strong again. Billy added that it would be a game-changer for Jack and Ashley, and it might get their family back to a better place. Jack thought it would strengthen their family to have Ashley back at Jabot, and Kyle pushed to get the lawyers on the phone.

Jack recalled that he'd already offered to get rid of the clause, but Ashley hadn't been interested. Kyle suggested that Jack make the gesture when it was clear he wasn't trying to get anything in return, but Jack maintained that he'd written the clause for a reason. Jack was adamant that they couldn't afford to let an outsider take control of the company, so he wanted the clause to stay in place.

Victoria wants to confess that she killed J.T.

Victoria wants to confess that she killed J.T.

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

by Nel

At GC Buzz, Hilary commented that Phyllis had been distracted during lunch. Phyllis blamed it on work. Hilary told Phyllis that Devon wanted her to create a special episode of The Hilary Hour about Katherine Chancellor that they would shoot at Chancellor Gardens. Phyllis asked when it would happen, and Hilary said it would be soon. Hilary wanted to do right by Devon's grandmother, but she griped about how she was supposed to turn planting flowers into scintillating television.

Phyllis told Hilary to focus on who she was honoring and to make the episode about Katherine instead. She suggested that Hilary do the shoot either at Chancellor Industries or at Katherine's home. Phyllis was certain that Esther would be thrilled to dig up photos and memorabilia for the episode. Hilary loved the idea. Phyllis was delighted that Hilary had decided to change the location, but Hilary said that Devon was set on the location, and she'd be stuck getting footage of Chancellor Gardens from every angle.

Phyllis reminded Hilary to make her appointment with the OB/GYN for her insemination. Hilary warned Phyllis that no one knew that Hilary wasn't pregnant. She reminded Phyllis that the smallest tidbit could be blown out of proportion. People around GC Buzz loved to gossip.

Mariah arrived and wanted to be clued in about the gossip Hilary and Phyllis had been referring to. Mariah was shocked to see both Hilary and Phyllis speechless. Phyllis snapped out of it, put her arm around Hilary, and claimed that she and Hilary were more than best friends. Mariah wished it were true because they'd have an epic capper for their episode on secrets and lies.

Devon arrived as Hilary told Mariah to blame Devon because the secrets and lies hadn't been her idea. Devon wanted to know what he was being blamed for. Mariah said it was about Hilary's personality shift and that Hilary wasn't into gossip or secrets and lies. Mariah blamed Devon for getting Hilary pregnant. Phyllis congratulated Devon on becoming a father. Devon walked away. Phyllis assured Hilary that everything would work out.

Alone with Devon, Phyllis told him that she'd heard about the unorthodox contract he'd made with Hilary and the promise of being platonic parents. Angry, Devon said that Hilary had no right to tell people about their private business. Phyllis asked if he wanted to get out of his commitment. Devon said it was none of Phyllis' business, and he denied he'd ever do that. Phyllis said that Hilary was her friend, and that made it her business. He advised Phyllis that she only knew half the story.

Devon told Phyllis that he'd thought the process would take a while but had happened very fast. He admitted that he should have given more thought to the repercussions before he'd made the deal with Hilary. Phyllis agreed that he should have because the whole situation was ridiculous. Devon wanted to know if she was implying they wouldn't be good parents, but Phyllis said the baby couldn't have asked for better parents -- it was the "platonic" part that was troubling. Devon claimed it shouldn't be because he and Hilary were divorced.

Phyllis said that Devon and Hilary had conceived a child the old-fashioned way. Devon claimed it had been under a set of extraordinary circumstances. Phyllis told him she'd keep a clock running. She wondered how long it would take for Devon to admit what everyone else could see -- that he still had feelings for Hilary, but he wouldn't acknowledge it. Devon denied it, and Phyllis walked away.

Phyllis told Hilary that she had to leave, but Hilary wanted to know what she and Devon had talked about. Phyllis said they'd spoken about Hilary, flight, and babies. They would have to wait to see if any of it had registered with Devon. Phyllis reminded Hilary to get her insemination appointment quickly because Hilary needed to become pregnant within the month, or she'd throw her timeline off and people would become suspicious.

After Phyllis left, Hilary saw that Devon was a safe distance away. She placed a call to the doctor's office to ask if there had been any cancellations for insemination. When she saw Devon approach, she quickly disconnected the call after advising the doctor's office that she'd call back. Devon said he had to leave for a meeting, but he'd be back. He told Hilary to take care and left.

Mariah and Hilary had been working at the same table when Hilary's phone indicated an incoming call from Hilary's doctor. Mariah handed Hilary the phone. Hilary wanted to confirm her appointment for Friday and also confirmed that they would be using the same donor, Devon Hamilton.

Hilary joined Mariah on set, and Hilary started the show by welcoming everyone to a unique episode of The Hilary Hour. Mariah said that in February, they had ended the show with an apology from Hilary to the people she'd hurt because she'd lied to them. They had been amazed by the response from viewers and how many had unburdened themselves. People had confessed their own secrets without giving out names and had felt good finally telling the truth. Hilary said they'd be dedicating the entire show to one topic: "Secrets and Lies."

Devon arrived during the show. Hilary said that sometimes it helped telling the truth. She looked up and saw Devon. Hilary and Devon had stared at each other while Mariah read what one person had submitted. Hilary asked Mariah to share her biggest secret. Mariah recounted how she'd gone to a girls' night out, wound up very drunk, and passed out. Hilary said that it wasn't a very juicy secret, and she was certain that Mariah hadn't told them something. Mariah turned the tables and asked what the newly expectant mother-to-be had been hiding.

Hilary said that secrets and lies were destructive, but it was important to tell little white lies such as telling a coworker that their fashion taste was uninspired. The huge disadvantage of keeping secrets was that one had to tell more and more lies, and the situation would wind up out of control. One would have to remember what lie they had told to whom, and that was when the pressure began to build.

At the ranch, Victoria told Nikki that all had gone well at the office until she'd had a video chat with Reed. She assured Nikki that Reed was fine. He loved the music program and had been making friends, but he wanted Victoria to fly him back to Genoa City after J.T. was arrested because he wanted to talk to his dad. She said she hadn't been able to tell him that it would never happen. Victoria wondered what she'd done.

Nikki assured Victoria that she'd done what had been best. Nikki said that J.T. had attacked Victoria, and Nikki had tried to protect her. Nikki said that Victoria had done the right thing by getting Reed out of Genoa City rather than allowing him to be bombarded with memories of his father. She said that Victoria had made all the right decisions. Victoria cried that she felt like she'd sent her son away to make things easier for herself -- not Reed.

At that moment, Victoria received a call from Paul, who advised her he had new evidence that shed new light on the case. He wanted to see her immediately. Victoria asked what new evidence, but Paul said he'd discuss it with her in his office. After Victoria ended the call, she told Nikki about Paul having new evidence. Nikki told Victoria not to worry because if J.T.'s body had been found, it would have been all over the news.

Nikki told Victoria that she was certain that Sharon had talked to Paul. Nikki said that Sharon had wreaked havoc on their family since the day she'd met Nick in high school. Nikki claimed that Sharon was the weak link and had probably told Paul everything. Nikki insisted on accompanying Victoria to Paul's office.

At home, Sharon heard the kettle whistling, and wearing only a bra and bikini briefs, she went to the kitchen. At that moment, Nick arrived, carrying a box, and almost fell over his own feet when he saw Sharon wearing almost nothing. She explained that she'd been changing and had heard the kettle whistling, and knowing no one was at home, it hadn't mattered what she wore. Sharon said she was embarrassed but claimed that she resisted going upstairs because Nick had already seen her undressed. She wanted to know why he was home so early. Nick stuttered that he had new tiles for her backsplash and that he needed a shower -- a cold one. Dazed, Nick headed toward the stairs, carrying the box of tiles while fighting his attraction for her, but Sharon reminded him to drop the box of tiles in the kitchen.

A short time later, Sharon was dressed and in her living room when Nick returned after his shower. Sharon received a call from Paul advising her that he needed to see her. Once she was off the phone, she told Nick that Paul wanted to see her. Nick said he'd go with her because he wanted information about J.T. They left together.

In his office, Paul asked Victoria what J.T.'s motivation would have been for attacking Victor. Victoria said it had been because of the video of J.T. attacking her. Paul wondered why J.T. had run. Victoria guessed that J.T. had wanted to avoid arrest. Paul was surprised because he was certain that J.T. could have claimed self-defense and would have wanted to tell his side of the story. Victoria said that a jury might not have believed him after they'd seen the video of him attacking her, and they would have convicted him. Paul said that J.T.'s departure had made things easier for Victoria.

Victoria wanted to leave, but Paul asked her if anyone had stopped by her place on the night of the party. He said that they had triangulated the signal on J.T.'s phone to the area around her house. Victoria said he might have dropped the phone and someone had picked it up. Paul asked Victoria if J.T. had called her because they had seen a record of J.T.'s phone bill, and there had been a series of text messages and phone calls that J.T. had made on that night. Victoria claimed that she'd turned off her phone because she'd had guests.

Paul asked Victoria for her phone to check the text messages and voicemails, but Victoria advised him that she'd erased everything. She said that the last time she'd spoken to J.T. had been in Hawaii. Paul asked why Victoria had been sitting in her car when he'd arrived the night of the party. Victoria said that she had been on her way for more food and drinks.

Paul told Victoria she could leave as long as she wasn't holding anything back. Paul wondered why Victoria had not spoken of the abuse she'd endured by J.T. Victoria said that she hadn't wanted Reed to be left with that image of his father. Paul found it odd that the whole world knew that J.T. had tried to kill Victor twice, but Victoria didn't want Reed to know about the abuse. Paul asked her how many times J.T. had abused her. He also wanted to know if J.T. had asked her to help him and if she'd given J.T. money to run.

Victoria lashed out at Paul and accused him of luring J.T. back to town. She shouted that J.T. had lied to everyone in order to investigate Victor on bogus charges, and if Paul hadn't gotten J.T. to return, Victor wouldn't have been attacked and he wouldn't have taken out his anger on her for the failed investigation. Paul said he had to share some responsibility for what had happened, but had he known that J.T.'s life had devolved to such a dark place, he wouldn't have hired him.

Victoria asked Paul what she was being accused of, and she wanted to know why Paul didn't believe her. Paul said it was important for him to take J.T. down, and the logs on J.T.'s phone placed him around her house. Paul said that if Victoria had helped J.T. in any way, she needed to tell him. He asked if J.T. had threatened her and added that he could protect Victoria, but she owed it to herself and her family to tell him everything she knew. Victoria stated that she had told him everything, and she left.

A short time later, Sharon and Nick arrived at the police station and encountered Nikki and Phyllis. Nick asked why Victoria wasn't there. He was advised that Paul had already questioned her. Paul appeared and said he was happy that Nick was there because Nick could have been a primary witness.

Paul questioned Sharon first, and he told her about J.T.'s phone logs. He asked her if J.T. had been at Victoria's. Sharon said he hadn't and that Victoria's phone had rung, but she hadn't answered it. Sharon said that Nick and Abby had been there, but no one else.

Paul questioned Phyllis, who said that Nick had been the only one to arrive at Victoria's and that Victoria had turned off her phone. Paul questioned Nikki, and she said that she hadn't heard Victoria's phone ring.

Finally, Paul questioned Nick. Nick said that he'd gone to Victoria's to warn her because Victor had informed him about J.T. abusing her. Nick said he had wanted to stay to protect the ladies until Phyllis had said that she'd spoken with Paul, who had had advised that he would send a squad car. Paul looked shaken, and Nick said that he didn't believe that J.T. had left town. He wondered if J.T. had found a place to hide somewhere in town.

Nikki, Sharon, Phyllis, and Victoria gathered at the ranch. They hoped they had all agreed that Nick had been the only one to stop by. Sharon said that she'd told Paul that Abby had stopped by. Victoria admitted that Abby hadn't been there. They discussed Victoria's phone, and Phyllis said she hoped that they'd all said that Victoria had turned off her phone. Nikki admitted that she'd said that she hadn't heard Victoria's phone ring. Sharon reluctantly admitted that she'd told Paul that Victoria's phone had rung, but Victoria hadn't answered it.

Incensed, Phyllis asked why Sharon had said that. Sharon said that she'd tried to stick as close to the truth as possible. Furious, Phyllis lashed out and accused Sharon of being the only one who couldn't keep a story straight, and she asked if Sharon needed flash cards. Sharon snapped that what she needed was for Phyllis to stop coming at her. Phyllis yelled that if Sharon's inability to lay out a simple narrative put Phyllis into a state prison, Sharon would find herself hanging with J.T. in Chancellor Park.

Sharon suggested they cover the discrepancies by telling Paul they'd been drunk. Phyllis angrily reminded her that Nikki didn't drink and asked if Sharon expected Nikki to claim that she'd fallen off the wagon. Nikki snapped that she wouldn't do that. Nikki said she couldn't believe that her life was in the hands of her two former daughters-in-law. Phyllis said it also depended on the cops not finding J.T.'s body. Worried Sharon asked why the cops would find the body.

Nikki said that they would be planting flowers soon. Phyllis said they had to dig up J.T.'s body and move him before anyone else did. She suggested that Nikki shut the park down for a day, and that would give them the opportunity to move J.T.'s body. Victoria was visibly stressed and asked to speak to Nikki alone.

After Sharon and Phyllis had gone, Victoria told Nikki that she was to blame for getting J.T. back to town, but Nikki claimed it had all been J.T.'s fault, not Victoria's. Victoria said that she'd drag everyone into her mess, and she had to take responsibility for all the secrets and lies. Victoria said that she could see the pressure and the effects it had on everyone, and she'd decided to go to the police and tell them that she'd killed J.T.

Sharon and Phyllis arrived at Crimson Lights and listened to Hilary talk about secrets and lies. At home, Nick watched the same show.

Victor dares Kyle to show what he has on Jack

Victor dares Kyle to show what he has on Jack

Thursday, May 3, 2018

At Crimson Lights, Neil asked for Sharon's take on the situation with J.T. She stammered that it was tragic, but she didn't have any personal involvement. Neil explained that as Newman Enterprises' publicist, he wanted to find out if she'd heard any gossip from her customers. Her phone rang, and she excused herself to take a call from Nikki. Sharon vaguely referred to a problem with an oral exam, and Nikki understood that Sharon couldn't speak freely. Nikki recognized that the lies they'd told Paul were hanging over their heads, but they had a bigger crisis to deal with.

Neil found Charlie working on his computer on the coffeehouse patio. Neil tugged at the teen's headphones and wondered what had him that occupied. Charlie explained that he was working on Dina's video, but he'd hated every choice he'd made when he'd rewatched it, so he'd started over. Neil pressed to watch some highlights, but Charlie objected because he'd already be up all night to finish the video, and he sensed that it still needed something to tie it all together.

Neil and Charlie discussed Dina's Alzheimer's diagnosis and how there was no cure, and Charlie voiced concern about his grandfather not getting any younger. Neil encouraged Charlie to remember something memorable Neil had heard at his age -- what the mind couldn't remember, the heart never forgot. Neil prepared to leave, and he suggested that Charlie plunge into the final stretch. Charlie thanked Neil for giving him an incredible idea about how to make the film more special for Abby and her entire family.

Later, Neil returned to see if Charlie needed a ride home and found him asleep at his computer. Neil leaned over to play the video, but Charlie woke up and told him not to even think about it. Neil pretended to blow away crumbs on the keyboard and remarked that even superstar directors needed naps. Charlie clarified that he was just the editor, and Neil replied, "For now."

Billy and Phyllis kissed in the Athletic Club foyer before her workout, and he invited her to dinner that evening. He asked how things had gone with Paul at the police station, and she revealed that the cops had proof that J.T.'s cell phone had been near Victoria's house on their girls' night. Billy contemplated why J.T. would go there and not bother to show his face, but he figured that J.T. had actually been lucky not to have a confrontation with the women.

Phyllis answered a call from Nikki, who asked her to pick up Sharon and head over to the ranch immediately. Phyllis asked what "she" had done, but Nikki replied that it wasn't Sharon that time. Billy wondered who Phyllis was referring to, and Nikki begged her not to tell him where she was going. Phyllis fibbed that there was a problem in accounting, and she kissed him goodbye. Meanwhile, Victoria asserted that she'd made up her mind, and no one would stop her.

Sharon and Phyllis arrived at the ranch, and Nikki ordered Victoria to fill their "partners" in on her horrendous idea. Victor hobbled in, and Victoria hugged him and asked how he was feeling. He was surprised to see the women there, but Nikki steered the topic to why he was dressed up in a suit. He announced that he was going to the club, and he pressed to know why the four of them were together. Phyllis spun a story about working on a charity project, and Victoria added that she'd made it a priority to support abused women.

Victor headed out to meet his driver, and Nikki helped him to the door. Nikki praised Phyllis' cover story, and she speculated that perhaps the women's shelter would let them hide out in the basement when Victoria went to the police with their secret. Victoria swore that she wouldn't implicate anyone else because she intended to claim that she'd killed J.T. all by herself. Phyllis cautioned that confessing would be a fatal mistake, but Victoria insisted that she already had a story that didn't involve anyone but her and J.T.

Victoria proposed that they stick to a four-way alibi in which Nikki had driven everyone home. Victoria crafted a story about how she'd gone upstairs to get ready for bed after everyone had left, but she hadn't realized that someone else had been in the house. She reasoned that it was true that J.T. had broken in after she'd ignored his calls and text messages, and he'd refused to leave. Victoria continued that things had turned violent when she'd threatened to call the police and J.T. had confessed to trying to kill her father. Victoria planned to say J.T. had lunged at her, but she'd had nowhere to run, so she'd grabbed the closest thing within reach and hit him to fight him off, not to kill him.

Victoria intended to claim that she'd panicked, thinking that the police wouldn't have believed she'd hit J.T. in self-defense, and the adrenalin surge had given her the strength to roll him into a rug, drag him down the stairs to the car, and bury him in Chancellor Park. She planned to admit that she'd lied, but she'd realized what a mistake it had been. Phyllis clapped and dryly remarked that it had been a very good performance, but the script stunk. Phyllis found it unbelievable that a billionaire's wife had provided late-night taxi service when she had a driver on call, and she scoffed at the idea that the cops would buy that Victoria alone had transported a grown man's body in a rug across town. Phyllis thought the police were more likely to think that four women hopped up on girl power and tequila had covered up J.T.'s death as a team -- a team that would end up in prison.

Victoria suggested that the women help make up an airtight story instead of poking holes in hers. Phyllis reminded her that they'd agreed to tell no one that they'd all seen J.T. on the night in question. Nikki protested that Victoria shouldn't be taking the blame, but Victoria worried that Paul already suspected that she'd been lying. Phyllis pointed out that Paul didn't suspect that J.T. was dead, but Victoria wanted to take the chance because of the extenuating circumstances and the fact that she had no record, so she could walk away with probation. Phyllis recalled that J.T. had been working for Paul and Christine, and she expected that Victoria would get a minimum of 15 years in prison.

Phyllis added that Christine was determined to implicate another Newman and that Christine had been waiting to get payback against Phyllis for decades. Nikki contended that there had been only one killer, and she'd killed J.T. because Victoria had been his victim for months. Victoria blamed herself for inviting an unstable, dangerous man into their lives and not listening to everyone who'd tried to warn her. Victoria wailed that she deserved to pay for it, but Sharon firmly stated that no one would pay for it because no one would confess. Sharon sided with Phyllis in that a confession from any of them would destroy all of them, and she demanded that they stick to the pact they'd made.

Sharon made some tea to help calm Victoria, and she noticed Nikki and Phyllis staring incredulously at her. Phyllis conceded that she'd thought Sharon would be the first to crack, and Sharon understood that she hadn't given them reason to believe otherwise. Sharon declared that she didn't want anyone seeing her that way, including herself, and they had control over what happened going forward. She recognized that it was a process to deal with the trauma, and it wouldn't be easy to get over, but she'd talked to dozens of abuse survivors on the crisis hotline. Sharon stressed that it could happen to anyone by anyone, but people overcame it, just like she had.

Sharon indicated that one of the best ways to do it was for women to band together and talk about it, and she imagined that Victoria had felt trapped with J.T. because she hadn't had the confidence to confide in the women around her. Victoria whimpered that she hadn't been able to bear the thought of dumping it all on Nikki, but Sharon insisted that they could all turn to one another if they needed to talk, despite their baggage. Phyllis agreed that they didn't have to pinky-swear to be one another's bridesmaids, but they could step in when things got ugly.

Sharon proclaimed that they were going to do it strong and united, and they weren't going to let J.T. control them from beyond the grave. Victoria thanked Sharon with a hug for supporting her and other women, and she planned to go to the office. Phyllis prompted Victoria to repeat that spilling her guts to the cops was the worst idea she'd ever had, and Victoria promised that she wouldn't be J.T.'s victim for one more minute. Victoria headed out, and Phyllis wondered what Sharon's speech had inspired Victoria to do.

Sharon and Phyllis returned to Crimson Lights. Phyllis admitted that Sharon's words had blown her away, and Sharon reiterated that the four of them had a bond that would never go away, whether they liked it or not, so their only choice was to trust one another. Phyllis grumbled that she didn't trust Victoria very much, and Sharon found it strange that Victoria hadn't decisively confirmed that she wouldn't confess. Phyllis called Victoria's office and learned that Victoria was supposedly working from home. Phyllis' subsequent call to Victoria went to voicemail, and Phyllis was adamant that they needed to find her. Sharon had to stay at the coffeehouse, and Phyllis pledged to handle it.

At the Athletic Club, Victor used his cane to tap the menu Kyle was perusing. Victor noted that Kyle was early, and Kyle crowed that he wouldn't want to miss one minute of it. Kyle complimented Victor's stylish cane, but he imagined that Victor wouldn't need it much longer, since guys half his age would still be getting out of the hospital. Victor inquired whether Kyle had been giving his flattery skills a workout at Jabot, and Kyle admitted that he was still trying to win over everyone at the company.

Kyle griped that Jack and Billy had been going out of their way to keep anything interesting off the radar, but Victor advised him not to be quick to undervalue any information. Kyle imagined that he had to find something as epic as Victor and Jack's feud to win the next round against his dad, and he questioned how it had all started. Victor huffed that Jack had always had an inflated sense of self-worth and an utter lack of respect, as well as the profound inability to acknowledge when he'd lost. Kyle asked whether Victor wanted the battle to be over so he could redirect his energy elsewhere, and Victor declared that it would only end one way.

Kyle complained that he didn't even have a title after he'd run Jabot while his family had been in a meltdown. Victor sympathized that it had been vindictive and weak of Jack to slap Kyle down, and he urged Kyle not to let Jack humiliate him. Kyle groused that Billy had screwed Jabot over for years but had become COO within hours. Victor recognized that Kyle had worked hard to earn the position, and he thought it was only a question of time. Kyle wanted to make whatever Victor had in mind for Jabot happen faster, since Kyle was sick of waiting. Billy spied them together as Victor cautioned that Kyle sounded as bitter as his father.

Billy approached the table and stared at Kyle. Victor asked if Billy's new function was to keep tabs on Jabot's employees, and Billy retorted that his nephew did everything without permission. Kyle grumbled that Billy looked at him as an adolescent, and Billy condescendingly noted that Kyle clearly wanted his father to know that he was grown up and breaking bread with the enemy. Kyle snapped that it was a double standard because Ashley and Abby got a free pass for dealing with Victor. Billy reminded Kyle that Victor got off on terrorizing Jack, and Kyle was playing right into Victor's hands. Billy added that if he were Jack, he wouldn't trust Kyle, either.

After Billy left, Kyle expected to get a lecture from his dad after Billy tattled, since Kyle would be the one treated like a kid. Kyle asserted that he was a professional who had a lot to offer, but he could do just as much damage when he got shafted, and not taking him seriously would be a major mistake. Victor compared Kyle's bluster to Jack's, but Kyle argued that the crucial difference was that he was able to back up what he said. Kyle bragged that he had a weapon powerful enough to take down his dad for good, and all he had to do was hand it over to Victor.

Kyle stood up to leave, but Victor sensed that something was troubling him. Kyle pointed out that he was offering ammunition to use against his father, and Victor invited Kyle to show what he had if he wanted to impress Victor. "Do you have what it takes to play with grownups?" Victor queried.

At home, Victoria wrote a letter to her parents, assuming that they would have heard the news by the time they read it. She swore that she'd had no other choice, since defending herself hadn't been a mistake, but covering it up had been. She hoped they understood why she had to turn herself in and confess, and she could live with the repercussions, since making the decision had already given her peace that she hadn't felt in a long time. Victoria thanked Nikki and Victor for looking after her children, and it made her less afraid to know that they'd give her kids the same protection they'd always given her.

Victoria urged her parents not to ever believe that they'd been responsible for the chain of events that had led to the tragedy, since she'd been completely at fault, and she hoped that they and her kids could forgive her one day. Victoria grabbed her keys and set the letter in a visible spot by the door. She jumped when she opened the door and found Phyllis there. Phyllis guessed that Victoria hadn't listened to Sharon at the ranch, and she equated going to the cops with J.T. winning. Phyllis urged her not to be selfish, since Johnny and Katie would end up in the prison visitors' room, and one person easing her conscience would shatter a dozen lives.

Phyllis summoned Nikki over to Victoria's home and disclosed that Victoria had been headed to the police station when Phyllis had gotten there. Nikki sat down next to Victoria and soothingly stated that she'd thought Victoria had been feeling better after the four of them had talked. Victoria wasn't sure that she could make it through the next couple of days, since people were demanding answers she didn't have, and she was afraid she'd say the wrong thing. Phyllis stressed that Paul thought J.T. was in hiding, and the search would turn up with nothing. Victoria bemoaned that she could do without the pressure from Mac, who wanted to find their mutual ex.

Phyllis considered it reasonable for Victoria to ignore her ex-husband's ex-wife, but Victoria pointed out that she couldn't ignore Reed, who was still trying to convince her that J.T. was a good guy. Nikki suggested that Victoria get away somewhere tranquil and quiet for a few days to start to grieve and bounce back from it. Phyllis remembered that there was a cosmetics conference at a beautiful resort in Canada with spots still open, and she thought a work function would be the perfect cover. Nikki insisted on going with Victoria, but Phyllis worried that it would look odd if Nikki abandoned her post as Newman CEO, and she offered to attend the conference herself.

Phyllis ran into Billy at Jabot, and he flirtatiously suggested that they jump back on the elevator. She realized that he hadn't listened to her voicemail about the conference, since there had been a change of plans, and she had to leave that night. Phyllis claimed that Lauren had insisted, and Billy offered to use his clout to change Lauren's mind, but Phyllis feigned concern that her boss would get annoyed and slash her expense account. Phyllis promised to be back soon, and she mentioned that Victoria was also going to the event to represent Newman. Billy prepared to cancel their dinner reservation.

Later, Nikki packed a bag for Victoria, and Phyllis reported that the driver was there. Victoria appreciated them making it happen, and Phyllis repeated that they were in it together. Sharon encouraged Victoria to take time to relax and start healing. Nikki promised that Victoria was strong enough to get through it and would rebuild a life that was better than ever, and they hugged. Victoria grabbed the letter on her way out the door, and Phyllis handed Nikki a box of tissues and assured her that it was a short trip. Nikki demanded regular updates from both of them, and Phyllis swore that she would take good care of Victoria. Nikki warned that Phyllis would answer to her if Phyllis didn't.


Victor and Kyle strike a deal

Victor and Kyle strike a deal

Friday, May 4, 2018

At the Athletic Club, Neil and Devon discussed tweaks to a contract. Devon recognized that Neil was concerned about him devoting more time to music instead of the rest of the business, but he swore that he was focused on the big picture. Neil noted that Devon had a lot on his plate with a baby on the way, and he asked how Hilary was doing. Devon insisted that they had set boundaries and would abide by their contract, but Neil didn't expect either one of them to comply, since it would be a whole new ballgame once the baby was born.

Neil pointed out that there were ways to set business aside, but a child was every second of every day, and he didn't think Devon could imagine it until he was smack in the middle of it. Neil suspected that Devon's priorities would become clear really fast, and he advised that Devon couldn't love his child while disrespecting its mother. Neil wondered what daily life would look like for the three of them, and he anticipated that it wasn't in the notarized document that an attorney had drawn up. Devon asked if Neil was telling him to get back together with Hilary.

Neil contended that it didn't matter what he thought, but he believed both Devon and Hilary wanted what was best for their kid. Neil stressed that despite the couple's love-hate relationship, all that mattered was that she would be the mother Devon's child, so it was on Devon to step and forget about anything else. Neil referred to when he'd been there for Sofia and Moses after her car accident, and he implored Devon to be there for Hilary and their child without holding a grudge. Neil recounted that he'd voiced his concerns about Devon becoming a father that way, but he anticipated being the proudest grandfather on the planet when the child was born. Neil expected nothing but the best for the baby boy or girl because he knew Devon would make it happen.

At the cottage, Nick descended the stairs and stared at a sweaty Sharon doing yoga exercises. She spotted him and explained that she'd been trying to breathe out all the stress so her nightmare wouldn't recur. Nick inquired whether she'd had any other bad dreams since then, and Sharon figured that J.T. and Victoria's situation had stirred up more painful memories than she'd realized. She resolved to deal with it and move on, and he wished he could do the same thing, but the police had no leads about where J.T. was. Sharon reasoned that J.T. knew how the cops thought, so he was two steps ahead. Nick vowed to find out what the police were missing, and he knew just where to start.

Sharon nervously wondered what Nick could do that the police and Victor couldn't, and Nick intended to talk to Victoria's neighbors to see if they remembered seeing anyone or anything. Sharon was sure that Paul had already had his officers take care of it, but Nick thought people might feel more comfortable talking to their neighbor's brother rather than the cops. Nick mentioned that he'd also downloaded a police scanner app, so he didn't have to wait for a call from the station if new information was available.

Sharon scolded that it sounded more like an obsession than a plan, and she cautioned that Nick might get in the police's way. She urged him to just leave it alone, but he was aghast that she would expect him to walk away after J.T. had abused his sister and tried to murder his father. Sharon claimed that she was scared for Nick, since J.T. was desperate and dangerous. Sharon refused to explain to their kids why someone had hurt Nick or worse, and she begged him not to put himself in any danger. He assured her that she had nothing to worry about.

At the Newman ranch, Victor was surprised to see Kyle, who he expected to be at the office. Kyle asserted that his time was his own, since his family had made it clear that he wasn't a critical asset to the company. Kyle groused that he was an outsider at Jabot and always would be, so there was no future for him there, and he wanted Victor to mentor him at Newman. Kyle thought he'd proven that he could work with the best, and he wondered what it would take to show Victor that he was ready. Victor recognized that Kyle was smart and ambitious, but he questioned whether Kyle was ruthless enough to work with him.

Victor explained that one had to be willing to step on people's feelings when dealing with powerful executives, and Kyle asserted that he would be more valuable to Victor and the company than Victor's own children had been. Nick walked in and greeted Kyle, and he said he needed to speak with Victor privately. Kyle stepped aside to check his email, and Nick griped to Victor that the investigation into J.T.'s whereabouts was taking "too damn long." Nick had an idea about how to find J.T., but he needed Victor's help. Victor asked what Nick needed.

At GC Buzz, Hilary barked orders to Mariah about their show for that day, and Mariah didn't understand why the episode had to be live. Hilary thought improvising would get the best results, and she assigned Mariah to run the production meeting while Hilary was at her doctor's appointment. Mariah remarked that Hilary had to get the job done, and Hilary testily asked what that was supposed to mean. Taken aback, Mariah referred to whatever tests pregnant women had to endure, and she imagined that it would be a "major time suck." Hilary gushed that it would all be worth it once she and Devon held their baby in their arms.

Nick arrived at the studio, and Hilary was surprised to hear that he wanted to go on her show. Mariah protested that they already had a show in place, but Nick complimented Hilary's ability to do things on the fly. He praised that people loved Hilary's unpredictability, and he reminded her that he'd gotten her a lot of eyeballs the last time he'd been on the show. Nick mentioned that he wanted to talk about the attack on his father, since almost losing his dad had made Nick realize how much he needed Victor. Hilary thought she could work with the angle of the bond between a parent and a child.

As The Hilary Hour aired live, Hilary asked how Nick had felt when no one had been sure if Victor would pull through after being attacked. Nick recalled sitting at the hospital, wondering if his father would ever wake up, and he hadn't wanted to lose his dad. Mariah referred to the history between the men, but Nick shared that it hadn't meant as much as he'd thought it had. Nick stood by all the things he'd said about being his own man, but he proclaimed that he and his father were family, and that would never change, nor did he want it to.

Nick named J.T. as Victor's attacker, and he explained that J.T. had left Victor for dead and had even shut down Victor's life support while feigning concern. Nick continued that J.T. was a fugitive who was wanted for attempted murder, and there was no record of him leaving town. Mariah figured that people didn't just disappear with cameras on every corner, and Nick guessed that someone out there had information. Sharon flipped on the show as Nick pleaded for the public to provide information about what they knew or had seen, and he offered a monetary reward for any details that led to finding J.T.

Hilary noted that it wasn't the first time the Newmans had offered a reward. Nick explained that someone had talked him out of knocking on doors himself, so he'd gone on Hilary's show instead. Nick announced that the Newmans would pay $50,000 for information that led to his father's attacker, and Hilary informed her audience that the tip line number and photos of J.T. would be posted on her website. Nick mentioned that J.T. had last been seen two weeks earlier and that cell phone records had indicated he'd been near Orchard Road. He cautioned against approaching J.T. to avoid anyone else getting hurt.

Hilary urged her viewers to provide information for the sake of justice and the safety of the community. She wrapped up the segment and rushed off. Nick noticed that Mariah seemed distracted, and she said her brain itched. Devon interrupted, looking for Hilary, and Mariah informed him that Hilary had run off to the baby doctor. Devon departed, and Mariah inferred from Nick's statement that J.T. might have been near Victoria's house when Mariah had been there. Mariah thought it had loosened something in her brain.

Mariah recounted that she'd been playing bartender at the girls' night, and she'd been taste-testing every drink, even though she hadn't eaten, so she'd gotten plastered. She remembered that the other women had let her sleep off her stupor in the den, but she didn't know how long she'd been out. She had a vague memory of hearing muffled voices, and Nick asked why that bugged her. Mariah thought she'd heard a man's voice at one point.

Nick returned to the cottage, and Sharon questioned how he'd stay safe when he'd just gone on television to offer strangers thousands of dollars to corner J.T. Nick defended that it was just to give someone with information a nudge, but Sharon ranted that people made up lies all the time when they had incentive to cash in. He asked why she was worked up, and she called the effort a waste of time. He countered that it wasn't, since it had already jogged Mariah's memory. Sharon covered her panic.

Nick reported that Mariah had heard a man's voice, but Sharon argued that Mariah had literally passed out. Sharon insisted that there hadn't been a man in the house, and she chalked it up to an alcohol-fueled dream. Nick started to piece together Sharon's nightmares and her sudden sisterhood with Nikki, Phyllis, and Victoria. Nick observed that Sharon was nervous, and they both knew he could read her. He questioned why she was freaking out about him wanting to find J.T., and she was insulted that he was making her sound hysterical. Nick demanded to know if J.T. had been at the house and if Sharon had known all along where J.T. was.

Hilary was pacing in the waiting area of her doctor's office when Devon tracked her down. He said he'd looked for her at the studio, and he wondered if it was normal for her to have another appointment that soon. She insisted that it was routine, and she pointed out that he hadn't exactly been enthusiastic about her positive pregnancy test. Devon admitted that he hadn't been fair to Hilary by deciding to change his mind when she could have already been pregnant, and it had been wrong of him to be upset with her because it had been his choice to have a baby, too. He marveled that they'd been in the right place at the right time, and it had worked because she was pregnant.

Hilary anxiously suggested that they talk another time, but Devon reiterated that she wasn't in it alone and that he would be there with her for the long haul. She curtly thanked him, and he figured that he deserved to not have her believe him. Hilary insisted that things were fine, but she requested that he leave because stress was the last thing she needed. Devon regretted that even his apology was stressing her out, but he was adamant that he was in it with her, since their kid would have the best chance with them on the same page.

Devon wished that it hadn't taken him so long to figure that out, but Hilary conceded that the whole thing had been about her wanting to have a baby with him. She guiltily realized that she'd never thought about what he wanted, so she'd made choices and decisions that weren't right, and a woman shouldn't force a man to have a child he didn't want. She cried that it wasn't fair to him, and he assured her that she hadn't forced him into anything. He reinforced that he was committed and ready to be a father, and she tearfully stated that all she wanted was a happy, healthy baby. Devon insisted that he felt the same way, and they hugged.

Hilary appreciated Devon being there, and she was touched by everything he'd said, but the doctor would be there soon. Devon pledged to be with her through everything, but she protested that he didn't have to be that involved, and she offered to call when she was done. Devon maintained that if she was there, he would be, too, since that was how it was going to be from then on.

At the ranch, Kyle chided Nick for turning to Victor for money after Nick had given away his own fortune to prove that he could stand on his own. Kyle considered it a fascinating character study full of entitlement, greed, and defiance, and he questioned whether Victor would trust Nick with his legacy if Nick wanted back in at Newman. Victor asked if Kyle always talked that much, and he defended that Nick had been looking out for his family. Victor added that he liked Kyle but that Kyle wasn't family, and Kyle clarified that he was only looking to get a foot back in the door at Newman.

Victor recognized that Kyle had talent, as did many young MBAs looking to get ahead. Kyle bragged that he hadn't just learned from a bunch of professors in business school but that he'd learned from the best -- Victor. Kyle appealed to Victor to get a return on his investment by hiring Kyle at Newman, but Victor pointed out that Kyle had spied on him the last time. Kyle admitted that he'd been young and stupid, and it was a mistake that he'd always regret. Kyle explained that it had been about trying to prove his worth to his father, but it hadn't happened and never would.

Kyle mused that it had begun to make more sense why he hadn't been an Abbott in his family's eyes, and that made him able to make his own decisions, like maintaining a relationship with Victor against the Abbotts' wishes. Victor reiterated that Kyle had betrayed his trust before, so Kyle had to prove himself again if he wanted a position at Newman. Kyle pledged to do it, since with one sentence, he could prove that he had what it took to make tough choices.

Victor surmised that Jack had made another bad business decision, but Kyle confirmed that his insider information wasn't about a deal -- it went to the essence of who Jack was, and it would take Jack out of Jabot's CEO chair permanently. Victor huffed that he wasn't interested in a youthful indiscretion, but Kyle swore that it was life-changing. Kyle didn't understand the intense hatred between Victor and Jack, and he thought it looked like a "codependent dance of loathing" from the outside. Kyle bragged that what he knew wouldn't just give Victor a leg up but the power to damage his enemy forever. Victor realized that Kyle was more ruthless than he'd thought if Kyle was willing to give him ammunition against Jack in exchange for a place at Newman.

Victor refused to make a deal unless he knew what he was getting in return, and Kyle said Victor would have to take his word that the information would blow Jack's world apart. Kyle added that the sad thing was that it would blow his own life up, too, so he needed certain guarantees before he shared it. Victor couldn't imagine that Jack had done anything to Kyle that warranted such a betrayal, and he suspected that there was more to it. Victor declared that he respected loyalty, especially to family, and he wondered what Kyle's reasons were. Kyle explained that it wasn't about betraying his father but ensuring his own future, and he couldn't focus on Jack's feelings when his own life was on the line.

Kyle added that the information would hurt people, and he'd given his father chances, but Jack had put him in that position. Kyle proclaimed that he had ambitions and talent, but he wouldn't spend years paying his dues, and he was using the information to his advantage to create a safety net. Kyle figured that both he and Victor would get something they wanted, but Victor was skeptical that Kyle would do all that for a position at Newman. Kyle clarified that it warranted the kind of upper-echelon position that Nick had rejected over and over, and he doubted that Abby was up for the task. Victor recognized that Abby worked very hard and that Victoria let her emotions get in the way, and he confided that Adam would have been his rightful heir to position. Kyle noted that Adam was gone, and he intended to prove that he had what it took to take over one day.

Victor agreed that he and Kyle had a deal if the information was everything Kyle had made it out to be. Kyle presented Victor with a copy of a portion of Jabot's corporate bylaws and a flash drive. Victor remarked that if the information was as explosive as Kyle claimed it was, Victor would control the fate of both Kyle and his father from then on.

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