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Nick and Sharon had sex. Devon agreed to let Hilary be inseminated with his sperm. During an extravagant theater premiere, footage of Dina's admission that Jack wasn't John's son appeared in Dina's film. Ashley learned that Kyle had retrieved the memory card. Jack ordered another DNA test.
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Dina's biopic premiered with a bombshell: John Abbott was not Jack's father
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Victor tests Kyle's loyalty

Victor tests Kyle's loyalty

Monday, May 7, 2018

At Sharon and Nick's house, Nick questioned Sharon about the night she, Phyllis, Victoria, Nikki, and Mariah had gathered at Victoria's. Mariah, who'd gotten drunk, had later shared with Nick a vague memory of having heard a man's voice. Nick doggedly asked Sharon if J.T. had stopped by Victoria's house that night. Sharon stood by her story that no men, including J.T., had been at Victoria's the night of the party. Sharon insisted that Nick let the matter go. After Nick attempted to phone Victoria, who was out of town, Sharon took possession of Nick's phone and said, "I can't let you do that."

Nick, taken aback, asked Sharon what she was afraid he might find out if he contacted Victoria. Sharon reminded Nick that Victoria had left town to get away from the trauma J.T. had put her through. Nick agreed not to phone Victoria. Nick insisted that something had taken place at the party that Sharon was afraid to admit. Sharon asked Nick why he didn't believe her, while he did believe something Mariah might have vaguely remembered. Sharon was taken aback when Nick recalled that she'd kept a number of secrets and had told him many lies during the course of their relationship.

Nick reminded Sharon that she had not been forthcoming about Cassie when they'd first met and had purposely gotten pregnant with Noah when she knew he'd wanted to put off starting a family. Nick expressed fear that each time he'd placed trust in Sharon, she'd disappointed him by being dishonest. Sharon cried that she'd worked hard over the years to change herself for the better. Sharon acknowledged that she'd hurt Nick by raising Christian as her own. Sharon added that after learning the truth about Christian, she'd wanted to do the right thing and let Nick know the boy wasn't his biological child, though Phyllis had tried to stop her.

Nick, still troubled by what seemed unsaid, mentioned that Sharon and Phyllis' sudden friendship didn't seem to sit right with him. Sharon cried that Nick still held her accountable, but Phyllis appeared to be off the hook. Sharon reminded Nick that he'd cheated on her with Phyllis after Cassie had died. Sharon also mentioned Nick's hurtful affair with Grace. Sharon added, "I don't judge you for who you were or keep a running list of all your mistakes. I accept you for who you are now, in the moment, with all your good and bad points. Why can't you do that for me?"

Sharon told Nick he'd been accusing people based on hunches and opinions. Sharon insisted that Victoria no longer loved and would never protect J.T. after everything he'd done. Nick said J.T. might have threatened Victoria to keep her quiet. Nick assured Sharon he'd protect her from J.T. Sharon implored Nick to stop trying to rescue people. Sharon added, "Stop harassing your sister, and stop making me the bad guy." Sharon rushed upstairs, and Nick left to take a walk.

Later, Sharon apologized to Nick for having acted immaturely. Sharon asked Nick if he'd cleared his head and decided to let things go. Nick replied, "I'm not letting this go. The more you deny and deflect, the more convinced I am that you're holding something back." Nick insisted he wouldn't leave until Sharon told him what was going on. Sharon admitted that keeping her secret had been eating her alive inside. Sharon drew closer and said she wanted Nick so badly that every nerve in her body was on fire. Nick pulled Sharon even closer and kissed her passionately.

At the fertility clinic, Hilary nervously tried to persuade Devon that he need not be present during what she claimed would be nothing more than a routine follow-up. Devon agreed not to accompany Hilary in the exam room, but he insisted he be included during future appointments. Devon, believing that Hilary was already pregnant, said he was excited about viewing ultrasound images of the growing baby and looked forward to learning the gender of their child in the near future. Hilary seemed touched when Devon assured her he would do right by her and their baby. Hilary replied, "We have to do right by each other."

Hilary was about to reveal the real reason for her visit to Devon when Dr. Chasen stepped out into the waiting room. After Dr. Chasen met Devon, she noted the advantages of having the partner present during insemination. Devon turned to Hilary and asked why she was being inseminated if she was already pregnant. Hilary was too flustered to speak. Devon berated Hilary for having a procedure done without first consulting him. Dr. Chasen stepped away so Hilary and Devon could talk.

Hilary explained to Devon that she'd truly believed at one time that she'd been pregnant. Hilary added that she'd been disappointed to later learn that the home test had registered a false result. Hilary cried that when she'd approached Devon to share her sad news, he'd been with Simone. Hilary added that she'd also hesitated to retract the news she'd shared with her fans after viewers had showered her with baby gifts. Devon commiserated with Hilary when she cried about having to give up her hopes of having a baby with him.

Hilary admitted it had been wrong for her to schedule the insemination after Devon had voiced his objections. Hilary sobbed as she recalled the days she'd mistakenly believed she was pregnant as the happiest in her life. Hilary said she understood if Devon couldn't forgive her, but she defended herself by adding that she'd been about to share the whole story before Dr. Chasen had interrupted. Devon admitted that until that moment, he hadn't realized how much he, too, had wanted a baby. Hilary noted that Devon would've been a terrific father.

Hilary assured Devon that she would destroy the sperm sample. Devon told Hilary not to destroy the sperm, and he gave Hilary permission to move forward with the insemination. Hilary was overjoyed. Devon said, "I'm in this all the way." Hilary expressed concern that his family wouldn't approve. Devon assured Hilary that his family would love his child. After Dr. Chasen met with Hilary and Devon and received permission to perform the procedure, Devon waited nervously. A smiling Hilary stepped out of the treatment room and announced that they'd have to wait two weeks to know if she was pregnant. Devon insisted on driving Hilary home. Devon reminded Hilary that they were "in this together."

At the Newman ranch, Kyle presented what he termed was explosive information about Jack. After showing Victor a video snippet of Dina, Kyle said, "So there you have it. Jack's own mother stating on camera that her husband John wasn't his father. I'm sure you'll agree that the video confession, along with the "blood Abbott" clause, is everything I promised." Kyle said he expected to earn his place at Newman as soon as Jack was out as CEO of Jabot.

Victor recalled having recently escorted Dina to what she'd thought was her high-school's winter ball. Kyle said his Aunt Traci had told him that Dina had believed Victor to be her date for the dance. Victor added, "My point is, I have no reason to believe Dina's story. It's all speculation. The fact that some guy at a country club fathered Jack?" Victor insisted that he and Kyle had no deal unless Kyle could show incontrovertible proof that Jack wasn't John's son. Kyle maintained that Ashley and Abby's attempt to burn the memory card in the fireplace was all the proof Victor needed because Abby and Ashley never wanted anyone else to view the video footage. Victor replied, "Likely they didn't want her delusion to become public."

Kyle called attention to a file folder containing a copy of Jack's drafted amendment. The amendment, Kyle noted, excluded anyone not related to the Abbott family by blood from holding the office of CEO. Victor glanced at the document and acknowledged that it was the reason Ashley had left Jabot. Victor added, "Jack Abbott is just a heartless bastard to cut out his sister like that. Jabot would not be what it is now without Ashley's genius in the lab." Kyle praised Ashley's integrity and loyalty for keeping Jack's paternity a secret even after the way her brother had treated her.

Kyle recalled the day the board of directors had been voting on whether or not to make Jabot a public company. Kyle noted that Ashley had looked directly at him and proclaimed that he didn't have any authority. Kyle explained that before Ashley had been able to continue, Jack had interrupted and reclaimed his place as head of the company. Kyle insisted that Ashley and Abby had definitive proof, otherwise they wouldn't have spoken up had Dina's claims about Jack's parentage not been true. Victor insisted that he would need proof beyond a doubt before he could make a deal with Kyle.

Victor admitted that he viewed Kyle in a new light due to his persistence. Kyle asked Victor to return the USB drive. Victor refused to relinquish the USB drive containing the video. Kyle warned that the video should remain confidential. After Kyle left, an exhausted Victor slumped into a chair, sighed heavily, and seemed lost in thought.

At the Abbott mansion, Abby overwhelmingly approved Jack's plan to rent a theater, serve popcorn, and even roll out the red carpet to premiere the video Abby had recorded of Dina sharing memories of her life. Abby said her plans for a fancy dinner beforehand and a champagne reception afterward were all set. Jack said he wanted Dina to feel special and know that everyone present celebrated her life. After Jack arranged for a stretch limousine, Abby announced that Charlie was on his way over to show them the finished video. Jack thanked Abby, and he apologized for attempting to shorten the interviews for Dina's sake.

Abby told Jack that she'd carefully selected the footage because she didn't want Dina to feel uncomfortable. Jack said he hoped Kyle would attend the showing at the theater. Jack explained that he wanted Kyle to learn more about his family. Abby noted that Kyle had taken Dina out recently to spend time with her. Jack seemed pleased. Jack expressed hope that in time, Kyle would become "a real Abbott."

Charlie arrived to show the video he'd edited. Abby and Jack greeted Charlie and thanked him for his work. Kyle returned home and asked to view the film with Jack and Abby and again later at the theater. After Jack, Abby, and Kyle viewed the film, Jack told Charlie it was perfect. Abby said the finished video was even better than she'd ever expected. Kyle said he was certain Dina would love it. Abby thanked Charlie for turning her snippets of interviews into a masterpiece.

Charlie and Abby were touched when Jack, fighting back tears, said, "The two of you captured the essence of Dina. I mean not just her life as a powerhouse in business, but her life as a woman, as a mother, as a grandmother..." Jack again praised Charlie's film and said it was how he wanted to remember his mother. After Charlie left and Abby stepped out of the room, Jack praised Kyle for taking an interest in Dina. Jack noted that Kyle had never known Diane's parents.

Kyle said he'd enjoyed growing closer to his grandmother. Kyle added, "Getting to know Dina has proven more meaningful than I ever expected." Kyle agreed when Jack said, "It's important to know where you came from." Jack recalled that he, like Kyle, had had conflicts with his father, but Jack added that he could always rest assured that John had his back. Jack expressed hope that he and Kyle might forge a similar bond. Kyle replied, "I'm hoping for better things in the future, too, Dad."


Dina's secret is exposed at the film premiere

Dina's secret is exposed at the film premiere

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

At the cottage, Sharon and Nick kissed passionately as they sank onto the bed. After having sex, he asked, "Chinese or pizza?" She was surprised that it was what he was thinking about, and he reasoned that he'd worked up an appetite. He asked if she was okay, and she nodded and asked him the same thing. He confirmed that he had no regrets, and she recognized that it had seemed like the universe had been telling them that they weren't meant to be together. He scoffed at what the universe knew, and she thought that sometimes people just had to follow their instincts. She stressed that things didn't have to be weird, and they could just be normal with things out in the open.

Downstairs, Nick and Sharon made small talk, and she mentioned that it would only be them for dinner. Nick declared that he was up for anything, and she suggested pizza. They both reached for the phone, knowing exactly what to order, and they exchanged smiles. Later, they watched a classic movie over pizza, and she observed the sexual chemistry between the leads without the actors even touching. Nick asked if she didn't think that was possible, and Sharon found it hard to ignore what was right in front of her. He reached over to wipe off some pizza sauce on her face, and they kissed. Moments later, they scampered upstairs to the bedroom.

Sharon and Nick cuddled in bed after having sex again, and she suggested that they take some time to find the balance they were looking for. She thought they should talk about what was going on and where things were headed, and they laughed nervously when they realized that it wasn't as easy as they'd thought. Nick swore that he didn't want to hurt her, and Sharon said the only way he would was if he wasn't honest. He confided that everything that had happened with Chelsea was still fresh, and he wasn't ready to jump into another relationship. A relieved Sharon confirmed that she wasn't, either.

Sharon fetched two glasses of wine and returned to bed, and Nick remarked that he could get used to that being normal. She toasted to where they were headed, and he admitted that he still didn't know where that was. She inquired whether he'd liked the past few hours, and he referred to the movie and pizza, but he acknowledged that the sex had blown his mind. She suggested that they not stop doing it, but she wanted to agree on what it was and what it wasn't. She reiterated that it wasn't a serious commitment, and he inquired whether they were friends with benefits.

Sharon thought they were, with one caveat -- they had to keep it to themselves, since she didn't want Faith to get her hopes up. Nick asked if Sharon was sure it was what she wanted, and she weighed the option of sneaking around to have hot sex with him against going back to the way things had been, holding back and worrying that the smallest gesture would give the wrong signal. She jokingly offered to make the sacrifice by muscling through the new arrangement, and he chuckled and sarcastically agreed that it would be tough. They began kissing again.

At the Newman ranch, Neil found Victor lifting weights and observed that Victor hadn't slowed down since they'd last seen one another. Victor suggested that Neil tell that to the naysayers who'd thought Victor had been down for the count, but Neil thought Victor should tell them himself. Neil announced that he was organizing a multi-platform public relations blitz, and he wanted a photographer to document Victor's progress to show the public his determination and will.

Neil expected people would see Newman Enterprises the same way they saw Victor -- stronger and better than ever. Neil intended to get started the next morning, since he had a special event to attend that night. Neil mentioned that Charlie had put together a documentary about Dina's life, and the Abbotts were having a screening at the Heritage that was sure to be a "hell of a night."

Victor congratulated Neil on having another grandchild on the way, although he hadn't known Hilary and Devon had reconciled. Neil clarified that they hadn't but that they'd made the mutual decision to be parents. Victor hoped Devon's children didn't judge Devon as harshly as the Newman kids had judged Victor, but Neil asserted that Victor's children respected their father. Victor recognized that as much as he despised Jack, Jack had respected his dad and had wanted to be like him. Victor added that the tragedy of Jack's life was that he could never be his father. Victor implored Neil not to miss the important film.

At the Athletic Club, Cane admired Lily in a beautiful gown, and he amorously asked if they had time to go upstairs. She clucked that the kids would be there any minute, and she led him to a table. Cane speculated that the twins were late because Mattie was figuring out what to wear, but Lily revealed that Charlie was holding things up because he'd gone to exchange his clip-on bow tie for the real deal. Cane envisioned their son making it in Hollywood, and Lily imagined Charlie going onstage to accept a directing award. Cane saw no need to wait, and he showed her a trophy that he'd bought to show how proud he was.

Cane quickly stashed the trophy away as the twins arrived, and Mattie teased that Charlie had spent the last hour checking himself out in the mirror. The Ashbys happily contemplated what would happen if Charlie became a famous director. Later, Charlie fretted about why the food was taking so long, but Mattie pointed out that being late made a statement. He insisted on making it to the theater on time, since he wanted everything to go right for Dina, whose whole life would be up on the screen. He hoped that he'd done a good job.

Lily and Mattie went to the ladies' room, and Cane assured Charlie that his son looked great. Charlie mentioned that he'd learned how to tie his tie online, and he contemplated making a series on how to take care of his kid brother. Cane suggested that Charlie pitch the idea to him, and Cane would back it if it was sound because he believed in Charlie. Charlie noted that Cane was a "pretty okay dad," and Cane acknowledged that he hadn't always been. Charlie said he was glad Cane was there, and Cane echoed the sentiment.

Later, Neil joined his family and explained that he'd had a late meeting, but he wouldn't miss the movie for the world. Charlie insisted that he couldn't have done it without Neil, since what Neil had said at Crimson Lights had helped him pull it all together. Neil commented that he'd know what Charlie was talking about if Charlie had shown him a sneak preview, and he asked where Devon was. Lily indicated that Devon was in Detroit for an urgent meeting, and Neil mentioned a deal that had jobs depending on it. Lily figured that at least Hilary wouldn't be there to ruin Charlie's big night.

Across the dining room, Billy stepped away from a business meeting to make a quick call. Over the phone, he demanded to know why Kyle wasn't there. Later, Kyle joined Billy, who grumbled that their business partner had already caught the last train out. Billy admonished Kyle for being over an hour late, and Kyle claimed that there had been a huge accident and that he'd been out of cell phone range. Billy snapped that he'd saved Kyle's butt by reaching a tentative agreement, and he prepared to leave to get ready for Dina's screening.

Kyle didn't want to be late because he knew how much the night meant to his dad, and Billy said it meant a lot to all the Abbotts. Kyle explained that he'd gotten close with Dina, so he wanted it to be a special night for her, even though he'd always been on the outside, looking in. Billy argued that it had been Kyle's choice, but Kyle countered that his mom had taken him away and had later moved in with Victor. Kyle insisted that it was all in the past, and he just wanted to be part of the Abbott family. Billy warned that Kyle hadn't gotten off to a great start, but Kyle hoped things would change that night, since he'd be there to give Dina a standing ovation with the rest of them.

At the Abbott mansion, Jack asked how Dina's dinner had been, and Dina marveled that Mamie had outdone herself. Dina wondered where the handsome young man had gone, and she struggled to remember his name. Abby reminded her that it was Kyle, and Ashley added that he was Jack's son. Jack explained that Kyle was at a business meeting but would be there for the main event, and Dina became confused. Jack mentioned that they'd talked about the premiere of her big film over dinner, and Abby recalled that Dina had gone on-camera to talk about her amazing life.

Dina squealed that it sounded exciting, and she asked who was in it. Jack replied that it featured the biggest star ever, and he suggested that they get going. Traci helped Dina upstairs to change into a gown, and Jack followed them to get ready. Ashley marveled that the movie was finally finished and ready to be seen, but Abby noted that it was missing a crucial scene. Ashley insisted that they were showing the right version, and Abby recognized that Jack would be crushed if he knew that John wasn't his biological father. Ashley remarked that what Jack never knew wouldn't hurt him.

Jack exclaimed that a formally dressed Ashley and Abby looked like movie stars, and Abby pretended to mistake him for Brad Pitt. Ashley worried about Dina seeming out of sorts earlier, but Jack anticipated that seeing herself on the big screen would do Dina a world of good, since memories were bound to flood back. He poured glasses of Champagne, and Ashley realized that the event was important to him. He acknowledged that Dina hadn't always been there for them, but she was still their mother. The threesome clinked their glasses together, and Jack mentioned that he had one more surprise for Dina that would make the evening more of a night to remember. Traci entered and announced that it wouldn't be if their mother wasn't there, since she'd never seen Dina's demeanor change so quickly.

Dina appeared downstairs in her nightgown, and Jack covered her with a blanket. She sobbed that she needed help, and he swore that they were all there. Dina insisted that her mommy tuck her in and that her daddy sing her to sleep, and she cried for her mommy. Jack soothingly said he'd try to find her, and he turned away, completely at a loss about what to do. Ashley thought they had no choice but to cancel the screening. After Dina left the room, Jack called the theater and asked to speak to the manager. Traci blamed herself for tiring Dina out at the park that day.

Jack told the manager that they might have to cancel the screening due to a family emergency, but a fully dressed Dina returned and demanded to know what he was talking about. Jack hung up and invited Dina to sit, but she refused to sit down until he told her why he was canceling the premiere of her film. Dina declared that it would be her time in the spotlight, and there was no way any of them would ruin it. Jack explained that they'd just been worried, but Dina's only concern was about how to accessorize her fancy dress. Jack called the theater, and Ashley led Dina away to pick out jewelry. Dina was determined to look her very best, and Jack swore that she would be the night's shining star.

Kyle arrived home and worried that he was late. Jack informed him that they were running behind schedule because the whole thing had almost been called off, but it was back on again. Kyle started to head upstairs to change, but Jack stopped him and handed him a box. Kyle found gold cufflinks inside, and Jack explained that John had given them to him years earlier, but it was about time Jack passed them on to Kyle. Jack told him to wear them with pride in honor of John, who had been the best of all the Abbotts. Jack mused that they all tried to live up to John's legacy, and sometimes they messed it up, but they never stopped trying. Jack added that he couldn't wait to see Kyle wearing them, and he prepared to get one more surprise ready.

After a red carpet had been set out in the living room, Jack led Dina in on his arm as the Abbott family snapped photos as if they were the paparazzi. Jack told everyone that Mrs. Mergeron had to get to the premiere, and Dina gushed that she was thrilled beyond words. Abby thanked Dina for opening up and sharing her stories about the amazing, empowering life she had led and was still leading. Dina remarked that her life had been very interesting and colorful, but she joked that she didn't want to talk about the latter that night. Dina eagerly anticipated watching the film. "Watch out, world, the Abbotts are coming!" Jack proclaimed. Kyle hovered behind and adjusted his cufflinks before following everyone else out.

At the theater, Dina enthused about watching a movie about her, and Ashley assured her that it would start soon. Dina huffed that they should have shown the film in Cannes, which was much more glamorous than that dingy place. Traci suggested it for the next time, and Dina imagined a sequel. Abby thought it would be hard to top what they were about to see that night.

Meanwhile, Charlie admitted that he was a little nervous, and Lily voiced confidence that the film would be great. Jack thanked everyone for being there on a big night for the Abbott family and especially for his mother, since they were there to celebrate and honor her life. He added that none of it would have been possible without Abby and Charlie's creative efforts, and the attendees applauded. Jack revealed that he'd been lucky enough to a see a preview, and his mother had lived a pretty amazing life that had taken her around the world and, fortunately, back home.

Jack declared that the film had given him a deeper appreciation for his mother and the gift of life, since his life wouldn't be the same without his family. He believed that Dina would agree that family should always be first because it was more important than anything else, and she nodded. Jack prepared for the film to start, but a tuxedo-clad Victor appeared and announced that it looked like he'd arrived just in time. Billy asked "what the hell" Victor was doing there, and Dina wondered what was going on, since she'd thought they were going to watch her movie. Ashley dryly replied that it was technical interference, and Traci was sure that Jack would handle it.

Jack barked that Victor was in the wrong theater, but Victor countered that he was there for the tribute to Dina. Jack asserted that it was an invitation-only event, and Neil admitted that he'd mentioned the screening to Victor earlier, but he'd had no idea Victor would be there. Victor noted that there were a lot of empty seats, but Jack reiterated that it was a private affair, and Victor wasn't welcome there. Jack recommended that Victor watch Citizen Kane down the hall, since he thought Victor would like a story about a wealthy man who believed he could buy love and discovered he couldn't. Victor stated that he was there to show respect to Dina, and Dina asked who'd said her name.

Victor kindly greeted Dina, and she remembered his name and was happy to see him there. He recalled their wonderful dance at the winter formal, but he conceded that he didn't have an invitation. Dina insisted that he didn't need one, and she requested that he stay as her guest. Jack objected, but Dina snapped that if Victor went, she would go, too. Jack relented, and Victor sat down next to Kyle. Jack called for the film to roll, and it opened with the words: "What the mind can't remember, the heart never forgets." Dina asked Jack if it was true, and they both hoped it was.

The audience smiled at Dina's recollections of going skinny-dipping with John and Katherine and watching Ashley and Jack having a tea party in the park. The footage aired of Dina recounting the first time she'd met John and asking him to the Sadie Hawkins dance. "That changed everything," Dina said on the tape, but the video suddenly cut to Dina talking about the time she'd spent with other men. Ashley and Abby panicked when they recognized the footage they'd thought they'd destroyed, and Victor knowingly smirked. A stunned Jack watched Dina admit that he wasn't John's son.

Jack implodes after his paternity is exposed

Jack implodes after his paternity is exposed

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

by Nel

In the theater, Jack demanded to see the last scene again. He watched as Dina admitted that Jack wasn't John's son. Jack was devastated. Dina wanted to know why the film had stopped and said that it had been getting good. Ashley advised her that there had been a problem.

Ashley, Abby, Dina, and Traci returned home. Dina didn't understand why the movie hadn't finished. Ashley advised her that something had broken. Traci took Dina upstairs. Abby and Ashley were puzzled about how that footage had made it to the film. Kyle arrived and told Ashley and Abby that Jack had refused to go with him. Abby couldn't believe that Jack had wanted to watch that ten seconds of the film again.

Kyle told Ashley and Abby that they couldn't be certain that what Dina had said had been the truth. Abby said that at the time of the interview, Dina had been lucid, and it had been real. Kyle asked why no one was concerned that it had happened to him, as well. Abby said that Kyle had been able to hold it together, but they were worried about Jack doing the same. Ashley said that she knew what Jack was going through.

Ashley told Kyle that John had been a wonderful father -- loving and supportive -- and he'd never missed a beat. He'd always been there for his children, and he'd done what any good father would've done. Abby reminded Kyle that it wasn't a competition about who was hurting more. Kyle stated bitterly that he hadn't grown up with them, and he'd never had the warm moments they'd had. Abby asked if Kyle thought that Jack had deserved what had happened to him. Abby asked why Kyle had moved into the Abbott home.

Kyle told Ashley and Abby that he'd moved into the house but that he'd remained outside the family. He said that he'd never been in the arms of a loving family. He admitted it had been his choice to move to New York, but he'd wanted Jack to notice him. Jack hadn't, but Victor had. Kyle said that Victor had taken him under his wing, and he'd lived with Victor off and on. Kyle said that Victor might have actually loved and respected him. Ashley told Kyle she didn't want to be insensitive, but she felt that Kyle might have confused Victor being fond of him and having use of him. She said that they had all made that mistake and had learned that lesson.

Abby told Kyle that Victor could be very convincing; when he shone a light on someone, Victor could be dazzling, but as Victor's daughter, she knew that Victor expected a big return on his investment. Ashley added that Victor expected even more from people outside the family. Ashley asked Kyle what deal he'd struck with Victor. Kyle whined that the insults continued. He asked if they'd noticed that the feud between Victor and Jack was between them only and that people were certain that Victor was the villain and Jack was the saint. He suggested that perhaps that would all change once people discovered that the sacred Abbott blood wasn't running through Jack's veins.

Disgusted, Abby asked how Kyle could say that about his father. Angrily, Kyle asked how Abby could defend Jack after what he'd done to Ashley. Jack had used who Ashley was and who her real father had been to make certain that Ashley didn't take his place. It hadn't been just business -- it had been personal, and it had been Jack's way of reminding Ashley that she'd never belong.

At that moment, Traci arrived and chastised them for bickering. She said that it wasn't the time to fight. She reminded them that they were all Abbotts and that they stuck together -- unless they had abandoned that concept.

At the Athletic Club, Jack and Billy were at the bar, and Jack asked if Billy believed what Dina had said was true. Billy told him not to believe it because Dina bounced between reality and fantasy. Jack reminded Billy that it hadn't been on the tape he'd seen earlier. Jack said that he believed it had been a message from someone who'd gone to a lot of trouble to hurt him. Billy assured Jack they'd find out who it had been. Jack asked Billy what would happen it if it was true. Billy said that Jack was the son John had been very proud of. He said that Jack had been a tough act to follow, and as a result, Billy had become the black sheep of the family.

Billy said he'd always known that Jack would be there for him. He admitted that he'd crossed the line with Phyllis and ruined everything between them, but he knew they'd always be the Abbott brothers -- and the DNA didn't matter. Jack pointed out that if what Dina had said was true, then one of them wasn't an Abbott.

Billy reminded Jack of the time that John had dragged Billy to some event where Jack had been honored. John had been very proud of Jack. Jack told Billy that it didn't matter, because if there had been any truth in what Dina had said, it changed everything. Billy reminded Jack that there were other factors like the love John had given them and how it had been what had made the family. Billy suggested they go home.

As Jack and Billy were about to leave, Victor arrived and saw Billy, and with false sincerity, Victor said how sorry he'd been that such a sweet tribute to Dina had turned into such an unexpected ending. Jack said he was certain that Victor had enjoyed it. Victor claimed that no one should discover their parentage in such a brutal and public manner. Jack lunged at Victor, but Billy intervened and took Jack home. Victor appeared pleased with himself.

The Ashby family had remained in the theatre to congratulate Charlie, but Charlie wasn't happy. Everyone thought he'd done a terrific job, but Charlie said he'd never seen that footage of Dina.

The Ashbys arrived at Crimson Lights a short time later. Charlie berated himself for making such an error, but Cane assured him that he hadn't been responsible for what had happened. Lily told Charlie that it had been out of his control, but Charlie wanted to know who had ruined everything.

Charlie claimed that the night had exploded because of him. Lily disagreed and pointed out that they didn't know how or why it had happened, but it had had nothing to do with Charlie. Cane presented Charlie with the mini Oscar statuette for turning an interview into a lovely story. Charlie thanked his family.

Lily said that Charlie had found something he was really good at and something he'd wanted to put hours of effort into, and that was a gift. Lily advised that it would probably happen again, and when it did, he had to keep trying over and over again because it was in his blood. She said that successful people weren't better or smoother than anyone else -- they just refused to give up.

Jack and Billy arrived at the Abbott home. Jack told his family that he needed them more than they'd ever know. Jack said that they had all seen the movie prior to the screening, and that clip and those words had not been in it. He wanted to know how it had wound up there.

Traci asked Abby if Dina had spoken to her during the interviews. Abby admitted that Dina had. Abby told Jack that she wouldn't have used the information against him and that it had never been intended to be included in the documentary. She had no idea how it had gotten there.

Jack was gobsmacked that Abby had known what Dina had said and that Abby hadn't gone to him with that information. Ashley told Jack that it had been her decision. Jack was astonished that Ashley had known, as well. Ashley said that Abby had been confused and shocked and had asked her for guidance. Jack accused Ashley of advising Abby to keep it from him. Ashley told Jack that they'd had a DNA test done. Jack was shocked that a DNA test had been done without his knowledge.

Ashley said that they had wanted to protect Jack and to spare him any hurt. Jack asked for the results of the DNA test. Abby hung her head and said she was sorry. Everyone realized that the tests proved Jack wasn't an Abbott. Jack was upset that the information had been kept from him. He accused them of not being forthcoming after they had the results. Abby said they didn't see what good would have resulted from telling him.

Ashley said that she'd wanted to spare Jack the pain because it was agony. No one knew that better than she did. Ashley said that there was that feeling that one couldn't get enough air and that one never would. She hadn't wanted him to go through that. Abby assured Jack that only she and Ashley had known. Jack said that no one knew if the information was true. Abby pointed out that they had the DNA results. She didn't know if they would be able to get around that fact.

Jack said that Billy had reminded him that there had been other factors, like the bond and love he'd shared with John while growing up as John Abbott's son. John had taught him how to earn trust, how to keep it, and how to lead by example. He recalled that John had taken him to Jabot when Jack had been in his teens. John had had an emergency to deal with, and he'd asked one of the VP's to take Jack on a tour. The VP had told Jack how great and honest John had been and how John had always given credit where credit was due. The VP had said that most men were not like that, and he'd advised Jack never to take that for granted.

Choked up, Jack said that John had been the heart and soul of Jabot, and he still was. Jack said that every day, he tried to become more like John, a better man, father, and leader, and he knew he didn't always measure up. Jack was in tears when he said that he'd spent his life trying to live up to John's example and to be the son John deserved. Kyle hid his bitterness.

Billy said Dina's good moments had become fewer and farther apart, and they didn't know if the information was true or not. Abby mentioned the DNA test again. Billy claimed that it could be wrong. Jack hadn't physically been at the lab. Billy said it was premature and that he wasn't putting his faith into one test. Kyle said that no one wanted it to be true. Abby said that no one wanted the emotional chaos. Ashley told Jack that they'd destroyed the only copy of the interview they'd had, and they'd thought that would have been the end of it.

Jack demanded to know how that clip had become part of the film. Abby claimed it had been her fault. She said that the interviews had been her idea and that she'd asked Dina every question. When Dina had said that John wasn't Jack's father, she shouldn't have pursued it. She should have deleted it immediately, and they could have gone on as if nothing had been said. Kyle interjected that it would have been a lie. After a prompt from Billy about things being premature, Kyle said that it wouldn't have been a lie, but they'd have been in the dark. Kyle hoped "like hell" that it wasn't true.

Traci agreed with Kyle. She said that they'd all known what Dina had been capable of back then. Ashley said that Dina had admitted that she hadn't been the most devoted wife and mother. They all knew what Dina had put John through when she'd left.

Jack said he remembered the night Dina had left them. He said that Ashley and Traci had been very young, and Traci hadn't been able to stop crying. John had tried to get her to sleep. Jack said he'd been a kid himself, and he hadn't known what to think or feel. John had found him in the kitchen, and he'd made two root beer floats. John's whole world had fallen apart, but he'd wanted to make sure that Jack was okay.

Jack said that he and John had talked. He couldn't recall what had been said, but he remembered John had said that he'd needed help with Jack's sisters. John had asked Jack to promise that he'd look after them. Jack was in tears when he told everyone that he'd made the biggest promise of his life. He and John had shaken hands like men. At that moment, he'd known what it had been like to be John Abbott.

Dina startled everyone when she demanded to know why everyone was still up and why they were having family time without her. She accused everyone of talking about her behind her back. Dina looked directly at Kyle. She said that Kyle wasn't one of them who'd kept secrets and had left her out. Dina told Kyle that the family thrived on keeping secrets, and there was dishonesty at every turn. She claimed that John wouldn't put up with any of it. She said that her relationship with John had been an honest one and that John would be furious with all of them. She added that she and John had been devoted to each other, and they'd built their family on love, honor, and respect.

Enraged, Jack turned and yelled at Dina to "shut the hell up." He spat that Dina had had nothing to do with building the family -- she'd taken a sledgehammer to it. When Dina addressed Jack as John, Jack shouted that he wasn't John but her son Jack. He reminded her that John had been her husband and asked if she'd remembered the man she'd left behind with three kids she hadn't given a damn about -- the one who'd treated her kindly and had shown her love -- and how Dina had treated John in return.

Traci yelled at Jack to stop. She took a very upset Dina to the kitchen. Kyle said that Jack didn't want to do that, but Jack bitterly stated what he didn't want was any part of the revisionist history -- the deep abiding love, their bond. He said that Dina had announced to everyone that she'd been unfaithful to John from the first day of the marriage, and everyone who'd been in the theater knew about it because it was on film. Jack wanted to know how many men Dina had slept with while John had been building a legacy and paying the country club dues so she could troll for the next pool boy or businessman right under John's nose. That was their classy, fabulous mother.

Ashley shouted that Dina was old and confused and that Dina had no idea why Jack had been yelling at her. Ashley claimed that Dina couldn't hurt their family anymore, but the enraged Jack asked if Ashley had been in the theater when their dear, sweet mother had bragged on-screen about her conquests. Abby told Jack that it hadn't been like that. She said that Dina had been ashamed of what she'd done, and she'd been confessing. Jack spat that Dina should have felt awful, and he hoped it followed Dina to the grave. Ashley was shocked and stated that Jack hadn't meant it.

Jack told everyone that John Abbott had been the only real parent they'd ever had and that John had been the only parent he personally had ever needed. Jack said that he wouldn't allow the "demented blatherings" of "that woman" to ruin his life -- and "to hell with" Ashley's DNA test. Jack wouldn't allow his father to be taken away from him.

At that moment, Cane arrived and told everyone that Charlie felt horrible about the movie he'd made at the Abbotts' request. Cane said he knew they had their problems, but his son was hurting, and Cane wanted to understand why. Abby said she didn't know how that footage had become part of the movie. She was certain it hadn't been done on purpose.

Cane advised everyone that Charlie had never seen that footage and that it had not been part of the movie. Charlie said that the Abbotts had all seen the movie, and everyone confirmed that they had. Cane warned them that he wouldn't allow them to use Charlie as their scapegoat. The film was theirs, and they controlled the footage. It had been their screwup, and if they needed someone to blame, they needed to look among themselves. Cane left.

Ashley learns Kyle retrieved the memory card

Ashley learns Kyle retrieved the memory card

Thursday, May 10, 2018

Abby stopped by the Abbott mansion, and Ashley assumed that she wasn't the only one who hadn't slept. Abby understood why Jack was upset, but she couldn't believe that he'd blamed Dina for the whole mess. Ashley was glad that Traci had been able to get Dina back to bed before Jack had completely unloaded, and she mentioned that she hadn't seen him that morning. Jack appeared and cheerfully greeted them on his way to work. Abby voiced surprise that he wasn't taking time to process, but he refused to let his sick mother's demented ramblings or a flawed DNA test ruin his day -- or his life.

Ashley gently explained that she trusted the lab tech friend who had run the test, and she offered to let Jack read the report. He grumbled that no one had asked him for a DNA sample, and he demanded to know what had been used to conduct the test. Abby revealed that she'd taken hair from Jack and Traci's hairbrushes, but Jack argued that there were many ways the samples could have gone awry. Jack determined that the test had only proven that he and Traci didn't have the same father, and he speculated that John hadn't fathered any of Dina's children, given the swinging lifestyle she'd lived. Ashley recalled that she'd also been in denial and that it had taken her years to accept the truth, and she was sure it would be the same way for Jack.

Ashley empathized with Jack, but she warned that pretending it wasn't real wouldn't solve anything. Jack wondered if Ashley and Abby had manufactured the whole thing as payback for the blood Abbott clause, and he figured that it wouldn't have been that hard to put ideas in Dina's head to confuse her. Abby insisted that they hadn't been out to hurt him, and she reminded him that the scene hadn't been in the final version of the movie that they'd screened together. Jack maintained that either Ashley or Abby could have edited it to embarrass him in front of their family and guests.

Ashley implored Jack not to take his pain out on them. Abby swore that they'd wanted to spare him the anguish by keeping the information a secret, and it was her biggest regret that they'd failed to destroy the footage when they'd thought they had. Jack didn't believe a word of it, and he accused Ashley of having another copy that Abby hadn't known about. Ashley huffed that she shouldn't be shocked by how little he thought of her, and Abby stressed that they'd never talked about getting even because they'd never inflict pain on him. Jack angrily asked if they thought he'd been "born yesterday," and he stormed out over Abby's protests.

Abby was appalled by what Jack had said, but Ashley thought he was just lashing out and would regret his words once he was thinking rationally. Ashley knew that he loved them both and was justifiably in shock. Abby was determined to find out what had happened, since she'd checked to make sure the memory card had been gone after the fire, and there had only been ashes left. Ashley warned that they might have to accept that they might never get answers, but Abby contemplated who would benefit most from Jack's downfall.

Devon met Neil at the Athletic Club and remarked that it had been a "hell of a time" to be away on business. Neil explained that the scandalous clip in Dina's film hadn't been in the final version Charlie had shown to Abby and Jack and that Charlie had done a beautiful job with the film. Devon questioned who had made the edit and why, and Neil noted that Victor had been the only non-family member in attendance at the premiere after inviting himself to watch the screening. Neil reasoned that no one hated Jack more than Victor, and he thought it was just a matter of time before the news got out. Devon asked if Neil thought Dina's claim was legitimate, and Neil hoped, for Jack's sake, that it wasn't.

Devon inquired whether Neil intended to ask Victor if he'd ambushed Jack, but Neil hesitated to get caught between two of his best friends. Devon prepared to meet Simone for lunch, and Neil was surprised to learn that she knew about Hilary's pregnancy. Neil thought he'd have a tough time being with someone who was having a child with an ex, and Devon divulged that he'd taken his father's advice and made a commitment to Hilary. Devon acknowledged that their lives would change when the baby got there, so he'd told Hilary that he was on board for wherever the road took them. Neil was proud that Devon had listened to him.

Later, Devon greeted Simone in the dining room, and they hugged. She noted that they hadn't seen one another in a while, and he apologized for being busy. She said her own phone hadn't stopped ringing, and she admitted that a big label had approached her to ask if she was interested in jumping ship. She added that she had no intention of doing so, but she couldn't believe how brazen they'd been about trying to steal her away. Devon reminded her that she had a binding contract, and she confirmed that she wasn't going anywhere. She purred that the perks she already had were way too much, and he said they needed to talk.

Simone asked if she should have ordered something stronger. Devon explained that he liked her and that it had been amazing getting to know her, but he'd realized that he had to devote more time and energy to the baby. Simone recalled that he'd been having second thoughts about having a child with Hilary. Devon asserted that he wasn't the kind of guy to go back on his word, and he really wanted to honor his agreement with Hilary. Simone shared that she'd been doing some hard thinking of her own, and she wanted to pursue a relationship with him, even if Hilary was pregnant.

At Hamilton-Winters, Tessa assisted Lily with preparing to meet with models who would be trying out for a commercial. Lily explained that it was more of a pre-screening to see if they had the chops before sending them to the ad agency, since she didn't want to send anyone out unless they had what it took. Lily revealed that she needed a man and a woman to play a believable romantic couple with chemistry, and it was harder than it sounded. Hilary burst in with a box full of baby gifts, and one of Lily's employees, Justin, swooped in to help her, flirtatiously noting that his muscles weren't just for show. Lily ordered Justin to keep things professional, since Hilary was taken.

Justin hoped that he hadn't offended Hilary, and she assured him that he hadn't. He explained that she wasn't wearing a ring, so he'd thought she was single. She told him not to give it another thought, and Lily asked if Justin was bothering Hilary. Hilary insisted that he wasn't but that he'd raised an interesting point about her naked finger. Hilary wondered why Lily had said Hilary was taken, and Lily reasoned that she had just been being considerate because Hilary was having a baby with Lily's brother.

Hilary was shocked that Lily actually sounded protective, considering how Lily had been treating her. Lily wrote it off as a natural impulse and her reluctant acceptance of the inevitable, but Hilary imagined that Lily was a bit excited to be an aunt for the first time. Lily figured that it would be nice for Sam to have someone in the family around the same age, and Hilary envisioned Lily throwing her a baby shower soon. Lily told her not to hold her breath.

Hilary admired the gifts from her fans as Neil appeared in the doorway. He observed that it looked like she was well-equipped, and she explained that her viewers kept sending beautiful things. She intended to donate what she didn't use, and Neil acknowledged that his initial reaction to the idea of her and Devon having a baby together hadn't been positive. He added that regardless of how he felt about them being involved, he'd been encouraging Devon to commit to being a good parent, even if Devon was determined to have things both ways. Hilary asked what he meant, and Neil mentioned that Devon was having lunch with Simone downstairs. Neil wasn't sure how Devon planned to juggle being a boyfriend and a new parent, and he hoped his son got his priorities straight before the baby arrived. Hilary was clearly irritated.

Later, a frustrated Lily hoped that the next models had more chemistry, and Abby entered and asked if it was a bad time. Lily revealed that she was in the middle of screening models for a commercial audition, attempting to find a couple who could act epically in love, but she hadn't found anyone. Abby said she was there to assure Lily that the Abbotts didn't hold Charlie responsible for what had happened at the screening, and she thought Charlie should be proud of his work. Lily asked if Dina's confession was true, and Abby looked away. Lily expressed sympathy for Jack and all of the Abbotts, especially after Ashley and Abby had just gone through the same thing.

Abby lamented that she'd felt torn between two families her whole life, but it had turned out that the Abbotts didn't apply. Lily contended that family was more than strands of DNA, so Abby would always be an Abbott, as would Jack and Ashley. Abby wished she had left well enough alone with the project, and Hilary overheard and asked what they were talking about. Lily snapped that it was a private conversation, and Hilary stepped away. Lily recalled how excited Abby had been about the interviews, and Abby murmured that it had been a nice break from the corporate nastiness. Tessa announced that the next pair of models was ready, and Lily invited Abby to stay to give her opinion.

Lily complained about how hard it was to find people who looked like they were in love, and Tessa led in the next models. Lily explained that she was looking for a young couple who looked crazy in love, and Abby added that it should translate as wanting to rip one another's clothes off and aching to be together when they were apart. Lily instructed the couple to gaze into one another's eyes and show some intensity, and the models preened and posed. Lily and Abby directed them to flirt and have fun, but they were clearly unimpressed.

Abby grabbed Devon when he walked in, and she told the models to watch. Abby nestled up to Devon and cooed that he looked good enough to eat, and she asked if he'd gotten all dressed up for her, since it would be a shame that his nice clothes would be thrown all over the floor. Hilary walked in and glared jealously at them, and Abby told the models to convey the same feelings with their eyes and bodies but no words. Hilary snapped that Abby had made her point, and she told the models to practice in the hall. Lily called Abby a natural, and Abby thanked Lily for brightening her day.

After Abby headed out, Hilary groused that it was her lucky day, between Devon's lunch with Simone and seeing him cozy up with Abby. Devon told Tessa to cancel Simone's upcoming press tour and not reschedule, since Simone was no longer with their label. Hilary wondered if Devon intended to sue Simone for breach of contract for quitting, but he relayed that he'd agreed to release her from her contract at her request. Hilary guessed that Simone had broken up with him after he'd told her that he was committed to having a baby with Hilary.

Devon revealed that Simone had still wanted to be a couple even after he'd told her that, but he'd decided it wouldn't be a good idea. Devon expected that things would have gotten too complicated, and he needed to focus on being a father and didn't have time to nurture a new relationship. Hilary marveled that he'd done it for them, but he clarified that he'd done it for them and the baby. Devon didn't want Hilary to read anything more into it, since he hadn't done it to get back together with her. She smiled broadly.

Ravi summoned Ashley to Crimson Lights, and she informed him that her family was in a complete uproar. He mentioned that word about Dina's admission was all over Jabot, since a projectionist at the theater was related to someone in shipping. Ashley figured that it wouldn't stay under wraps for long, and she thanked him for reaching out. He said he'd asked to see her to confess his part in what had happened. She wondered if he'd edited in the clip.

Ravi swore that he would never do such a thing, but he might have helped the person who had. Ravi confided that someone at Jabot had asked him to retrieve files from a damaged memory card that had been burned in a fire, and he'd been so slammed with work that he hadn't reviewed the files before passing them along. He insisted that he would have gone straight to Ashley if he'd seen them, and she believed him. She begged him to tell her who had given him the memory card, and he named Kyle.

Abby returned to the mansion, and Ashley excitedly announced that there had been a development -- she'd learned that Kyle had found the deleted video file. Ashley remembered Kyle being at the mansion when they'd tossed the memory card into the fire, and she surmised that he had seen them and had later grabbed it. Abby realized that Kyle had known that they hadn't wanted him to see it, and she surmised that Kyle had inserted the scenes into the film. Abby thought that it didn't make sense because Kyle had just learned that he wasn't a blood Abbott, either, and while he might be vindictive enough to ruin Jack's life, there had been no reason to blow up his own.

Jack sipped a drink at the Athletic Club bar, and Neil approached and asked if he wanted to talk about it. Jack reported that he'd pulled into his parking space at Jabot but walked over to the bar instead of going to work. Jack sourly figured that he'd sort through his problems with a few stiff drinks, and Neil recognized that it had to be overwhelming to be hit with something like that. Jack declared that he didn't believe what his mother had said, since he knew in his gut that he was John's son. Neil agreed that biology meant little.

Jack recalled the special connection he'd had with his father, growing up as John's only son. Jack continued that his father had taught him about life and business, and John had made it clear that Jack would run Jabot as the head of the Abbott family one day. Jack mused that it had meant the world to him that his dad had thought of him as a leader, and Neil asked what happened next. Jack ordered another drink, but Neil clarified that he'd meant how Jack intended to handle word getting out.

Jack spat that Abby had known for weeks and had gone straight to Ashley, and Neil surmised that neither of them had gone to Jack. Jack mentioned that they'd run a DNA test to see if Dina's admission was true, and it had shown conclusively that he wasn't John's biological son. Jack condemned the sloppy methodology of the test, since it had been done using hair from him and Traci, and all it had proven was that they didn't have the same father. Jack speculated that perhaps Traci wasn't the real Abbott, since their mother had slept with half the men at the country club.

Neil recognized that Jack had a right to be upset, but he lectured that drinking wouldn't help anything. Jack asked what would, and Neil suggested that Jack get the test done right. Jack insisted that he didn't need one, but Neil contended that it was the only way for Jack to prove his case. Neil encouraged Jack to put the ugliness behind him and get on with his life.

Jack indicated that as his mother's disease progressed, everything became utter fantasy. Jack shared that the night before, she'd been claiming that she had been the ideal wife and mother and had shared the perfect loving relationship with John, and it had made Jack want to throw things. Jack was ashamed that he'd let her have it, but Neil was positive that his family had forgiven him. Jack conceded that it wasn't Dina's fault that her brain wouldn't function; however, it hadn't excused her for being unfaithful to John or an absentee mother to her children, and it was impossible to forgive her.

Neil questioned what harm there would be in getting another paternity test done, but Jack remained fixated on why Abby hadn't gone to him with the information. Neil ordered Jack to stop looking for answers in the bottom of a glass and do something real to end the speculation. Neil urged Jack to do it for himself and for everyone counting on him to keep the whole thing together. Jack realized that Neil was right, and he knew exactly what he was going to do -- prove that he was John Abbott, Jr., once and for all.

Genoa City celebrates Mother's Day

Genoa City celebrates Mother's Day

Friday, May 11, 2018

At the Newman ranch, the doorbell rang as Nikki left a voicemail for Victoria. Nikki found Kyle at the door, and he curtly requested to speak with Victor. Nikki said Victor wasn't home, and Kyle asked if Victor had said anything about Dina's movie premiere, since there had been some family drama. Nikki mentioned that she and Dina didn't get along, and Kyle asked what Nikki had against her. Nikki defended that Dina had something against her.

Nikki swore that she was sympathetic, but she recounted that Dina had stabbed her. Kyle huffed that Nikki had barely been scratched, and his mom should have been so lucky when Nikki had attacked her. Kyle told Nikki to tell Victor that he'd dropped by, but she stopped him from leaving and insisted on saying a few things to him, particularly on that day. Nikki recognized that she and Kyle hadn't spoken at length since he'd returned to town, but she wanted him to know how sorry she was that Diane was gone. Kyle flatly stated that his mother was dead because of Nikki.

Nikki said she'd always feel terrible about it, but Diane had gone after her. Kyle scoffed at the idea that the only way to stop his mother had been to bash her skull in with a rock. He recalled that Nikki had stopped his mom from having a child with Victor, resulting in Jack being his dad. Nikki contended that Jack was a wonderful father, and Kyle blasted her for always having an excuse handy when she didn't want to admit who she really was. He spat that she had a wealth of choices, yet she chose to hurt people, like forcing him into a conversation on a day when he should be remembering happy times with his mom.

Kyle accused Nikki of making it about herself and filling his day with memories of how his mother had died. Nikki said she was sorry, but Kyle condemned her for playing God with other people's lives. He bitterly suggested that she try dropping the victim act and taking responsibility for what she'd done, but he guessed that she wouldn't because she'd literally gotten away with murder. He sarcastically wished her a happy Mother's Day, and he walked out as Nikki reeled.

At the cottage, Nick handed Sharon a mom-themed mug of coffee, and he asked what else he could do for her on her special day. She purred that there was one thing she could think of, and she sidled up next to him. Mariah called out to ask if anyone had seen her phone, and Nick and Sharon jumped apart as Mariah appeared on the stairs. Mariah wondered what she'd interrupted, and she was skeptical when Nick and Sharon claimed that they'd been talking about work. Sharon figured that Mariah was just accustomed to looking for juicy stories everywhere.

Nick mentioned that he was preparing a meal to celebrate later, and he asked if Mariah would run to the store for him. Mariah recalled that he'd just gone the day before, and he blurted out that he'd forgotten to get sassafras to make a gumbo filet. Mariah protested that there wasn't such a thing, and Nick rambled about seeing it on a cooking show. Mariah agreed to pick it up while she was out running errands, and she left. Sharon giggled at Nick's awkward story, but she found it sweet that he'd gone to such lengths to steal a few moments alone. He mentioned that he had to go see his mom, but he planned to take advantage of the small window of time they had, and he pulled her into a kiss.

Sharon and Nick made out on the couch, but there was incessant knocking on the door. They ignored it and resumed kissing, but Sharon's phone began ringing. Sharon answered a call from Nikki and claimed that she'd been in the kitchen. Nick and Sharon adjusted their clothes, and Sharon invited Nikki in. Nick wished Nikki a happy Mother's Day, and she thanked him and the kids for the lovely gifts. He noted that they had a while before they had to head to the park for the planting of the garden, but Nikki revealed that she'd canceled the ceremony.

Nick was surprised because Nikki had planned the event specifically for that holiday, but she complained that the VIPs who were supposed to promote it had dropped out. She hoped that she and Sharon could discuss their new charity project, and Sharon suggested that they go to the main house to do so. Nick objected to it happening at that very moment, but the women hurried out.

At the ranch, Nikki worried about how she'd handled things with Nick, but Sharon assured her that he wasn't suspicious. Nikki couldn't stand that Nick was still determined to find J.T., and Sharon wondered why she was so rattled. Nikki mentioned that Kyle had stirred up her feelings of guilt, since she'd left him without a mother, just like she'd left Reed without a father. Nikki added that she'd killed her own father, and maybe she deserved to be locked up. Sharon argued that Nikki had been acting in self-defense in every instance.

Sharon asserted that Nikki had been a rock for Victoria. Sharon understood that coping was difficult, but she insisted that Nikki not fall apart because she needed to be there for her family. Sharon spied a flower arrangement and assumed it was from Victoria. Sharon read the card in which Victoria thanked Nikki for always standing by her side and helping her through the toughest time of her life. Sharon contended that Victoria had survived because of Nikki, and she swore that Nikki was a good person and a good mother. They hugged as Nick walked in and wondered what was going on.

Sharon told Nick that she'd been reading the card Victoria had sent to Nikki, who'd become emotional. Nikki admitted that she missed Victoria, and Nick empathized because he and Sharon missed Noah. Nick presented Nikki with a sign for Chancellor Garden, indicating that Nikki had presented it in honor of Katherine. Nick said he'd intended to present it at the ceremony so that everyone would know that Nikki had been responsible for the garden. Nikki told him that it meant a lot to her.

Nick and Sharon returned to the cottage, and he thanked her for being cool with his mom. Sharon thought things might have been different if Nikki had walked in and found them all over one another, and Nick pledged to be more careful. Mariah returned with Nick's sassafras and a gift for Sharon -- a superhero mom t-shirt. Sharon squealed that she loved it, and Mariah explained that she'd gotten it because Sharon was the "ultimate kick-ass do-it-all superhero mom." Mariah recognized that she didn't say it enough, but she loved Sharon. They hugged.

At the Athletic Club, Lily thanked the twins for taking her out for brunch. Charlie and Mattie explained that they could have made something at home, but they'd wanted the food to be edible. Devon popped over and declared that the meal was on the house for his sister's big day, and Cane mentioned that Lily had been sentimental from the moment she'd woken up. Lily fawned over her babies, who were all grown up, and Charlie toasted to the greatest mom anyone could ever hope to have.

Devon spotted an irate Hilary in the foyer with her cameraman. Devon joined them, and she ranted that she'd gone to Chancellor Park to cover the planting, but Nikki hadn't bothered to inform her that the event had been canceled. Devon instructed the cameraman to take the day off, and he suggested that Hilary say hello to his family. She balked until she spotted Sam, and she warmly greeted the Ashbys and cooed over the baby. Hilary added that it was nice to see them looking happy, and she hoped that Lily was having a wonderful Mother's Day.

After Devon and Hilary left, Cane announced that it was time to list all the sweet and silly reasons why Lily was a great mom. Charlie mentioned the way she randomly played with his hair, and Lily recalled that her mom had done it, too. Lily marveled that there was a lot of Dru in both of the twins, and she thought they would have adored their grandmother. Mattie sadly noted that Sam wouldn't have memories of his mom, but Cane anticipated showing Sam pictures and telling the boy how much Juliet had wanted and loved him. Charlie lamented that it wouldn't be the same as Sam having his mom tell him herself, and Lily agreed.

Lily held Sam in her arms and told the tot that it had taken a while for them to get to know one another, but she was happy that he was part of their family. She recognized that being a parent was more than biology, and she loved him like her own. She promised to be the best mother she could be to him, and she tenderly kissed his forehead.

At Hamilton-Winters, Hilary asked why Devon was working, and he explained that he was trying to find a new singer to record the songs he'd lined up for Simone. Hilary refused to pretend that she was sorry they'd broken up, and she advised him to keep things strictly professional the next time. He announced that he didn't intend to date anyone, since things would be too complicated between work and the baby. He asked about Hilary's dating plans, and she agreed that it was too complicated.

Devon noted that Hilary was quiet, and she shared that the day had never been easy for her, especially when she was hoping to have a child. She wished she could talk to her mom and go through it together, and he crossed the room and sat next to her. He guaranteed that Hilary's mother had never left her side, and he believed that Rose was with her in spirit and would be watching over her every step of the way.

Hilary pointed out that if the procedure had worked and she was pregnant, their baby would be born a few weeks later than people expected. She hesitated to announce that she hadn't been pregnant when she'd thought she had been, and she wondered if Devon had a problem if she kept mum. He insisted that he was fine with it, since he wanted to believe that by that time the following year, they'd be celebrating her first Mother's Day with a beautiful new baby. Hilary said she wanted nothing more.

At the Abbott mansion, Ashley presented Dina with a unique fragrance that she'd blended just for her mother. Dina was confused because it wasn't Christmas or her birthday, and Ashley explained that it was Mother's Day. Traci added that they wanted it to be an extra special day for Dina, and Dina told Traci that she should be spending the day with her own mother. Traci assured Dina that she would be. Jack entered and gruffly announced that he'd picked up something special on his way home that perfectly summed up Dina's relationship with her children -- a receipt from the DNA lab.

Jack poured a drink, and Traci sternly implied that coffee was more appropriate. Dina didn't understand what test "John" was talking about. Ashley insisted that it wasn't the time or place to discuss it, but Jack felt otherwise. Kyle entered, and Jack proclaimed that he intended to remove any shadow of a doubt about who his father was. Jack announced that he was testing his DNA against Billy's, since Jill had been desperate to have an Abbott child, so Billy was definitely John's son.

Ashley barked that they'd had enough, and she asked Traci to take Jack to the kitchen for some coffee. Jack insisted on staying put, but Traci sternly ordered him out of the room, and he obliged. Traci suggested that she and Dina do something fun, like try out Dina's new perfume. Meanwhile, Abby cornered Kyle and observed that he'd made himself scarce since the premiere. Kyle commented that things had been intense with his dad flipping out, but Abby confronted him about having Ravi recover the video footage of Dina admitting that Jack wasn't John's son. Abby snarled that their family was "going through hell" because of Kyle.

Kyle swore that he hadn't messed with the movie, although he admitted that he'd found the memory card in the fireplace and wondered what had been on it. He added that the video had shocked him, and he'd known it had to be kept a secret because it would kill his dad. Kyle insisted that he hadn't leaked it because of the blood Abbott clause, since the footage would have ruined his chance at becoming CEO one day. Kyle pointed out that his dad hadn't been the only one with something to lose if the story got out.

Abby informed Ashley that Kyle had confessed to stealing the memory card but had denied splicing it into the video. Abby thought they had to tell Jack, but Ashley disagreed because it wouldn't accomplish anything. Traci called out that Dina was ready to open more gifts, and Dina exclaimed that she loved getting chocolates on holidays. Dina remembered having wonderful Mother's Days in that home, sitting around the dining room table at lovely brunches and having John give her stunning pieces of jewelry. "And even that wasn't enough," Jack muttered.

Dina apologized if she'd upset "John" because she loved him and had never meant to hurt him. Jack chortled mirthlessly, and he found it amazing that she always thought he was John. Jack recalled that people had remarked on his resemblance to John his whole life, which was another reason not to believe Dina's story, even though she'd slept with half the country. Kyle demanded that Jack stop talking about his mother that way and show some respect.

Dina whimpered that she hadn't meant to cause any trouble. Traci led her into the den, and Dina remarked that Traci's mother was very lucky. Meanwhile, Kyle chided Jack for going after Dina, but Jack growled that people would believe the lie because of the kind of person his mother was. Ashley stressed that Dina had changed, and she urged Jack to let go of his anger. Jack snapped that Ashley was just as bad as Dina, and he referred to Ashley withholding the truth about Victor being Abby's father.

Abby protested that it was ancient history, but Jack pointed out a pattern of women selfishly playing with their children's lives. He cited Diane keeping his son from him for years, but Kyle refused to let Jack trash his mom that day. Jack quickly apologized; Kyle barked that he wasn't the only one Jack should be saying it to, and he stormed out. Traci returned and asked where Kyle was, and Ashley replied that he'd left because Jack had gone off again. Abby decided to try to track Kyle down.

After Abby left, Traci demanded that Jack get himself together and try to be a decent son. She warned that he would regret it if he didn't look inside himself for forgiveness, but he doubted it. Traci pointed out that it might be Dina's last Mother's Day, and while Dina might not remember it, the rest of them would. Dina entered with a scarf that she'd just opened, and she called it exquisite and thanked Traci by name. Traci's eyes filled with tears of joy that her mother recognized who she was, and she proclaimed that she was happy to share the special day with Dina. Jack guiltily looked on as the women hugged.

Traci admired Dina wearing the scarf, and she said it reminded her of one Dina had worn years earlier. Dina asked if Traci had worked there back then, and Traci mentioned that they'd been in one another's lives a very long time. Traci excused herself to make more tea as she struggled against tears. Ashley comforted Traci, who wished it had lasted longer, but she was grateful that Dina had recognized her for a brief, beautiful moment. Traci wasn't sure there was any chance of making a real connection ever again.

Abby found Kyle at Crimson Lights and informed him that Jack had become more subdued after Kyle had taken off. Abby recognized that Jack had been out of line, and Kyle groused that Jack was always talking about being closer, but his father didn't make it easy. Kyle surmised that Abby still thought that Kyle had messed with Dina's movie. He reiterated that he would never hurt Dina that way or ruin something Abby had put time into, and public humiliation wasn't his style. Abby conceded that perhaps Kyle hadn't done it to get back at his dad, but she pointed out that Kyle had a close relationship with someone who would -- her father.

Dina thanked Jack for making her tea, and she asked where the others were. He replied that he'd asked for time alone with her, and he apologized for his bad behavior earlier. She didn't remember what he'd done, and he said he'd been upset about things. She recognized that she'd left him and his sisters, and he pointed out that she'd had other men in her life besides John. Dina apologized for disappointing him.

Jack regretted that he'd taken it out on Dina because she'd been a different person then, and he didn't want to make things more painful or confusing for her. Dina conceded that she'd made things painful for him, but he thought she was wrong about his paternity. He vowed not to take the only parent he had left for granted, and he wished her a happy Mother's Day. Dina tearfully thanked him with a hug.

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