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Hilary moved in with Devon, and they later welcomed Shauna into their home. Summer returned to town and was arrested for felony auto theft. Victor sued for full custody of Christian, and the parties agreed to go to arbitration. Sharon threatened to expose Nikki's role in J.T.'s death.
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Summer makes a surprise return to Genoa City

Summer makes a surprise return to Genoa City

Monday, June 4, 2018

At Jabot, Billy obsessed over the storm of media buzz after Kyle had paraded nude on a live broadcast of The Hilary Hour. Kyle's shocking appearance poolside had been an unscripted surprise during the launch of Birthday Suit sunblock, Jabot's newest product. As Kyle had stood before a stunned gathering, he'd proclaimed, "As you can clearly see, my hashtags haven't smeared a bit -- living proof of the product's effectiveness in water." Kyle was referring to the stenciled hashtag body paint he and other models had displayed on bare areas of their bodies.

Billy directed Gloria to read the comments he'd displayed on his laptop after she downplayed the negative feedback. After Gloria perused the comments, she said, "Yeah, it's bad." Billy noted that few had mentioned the sunscreen, but most had expressed anger over Kyle's three seconds of full-frontal exposure. Devon entered through the open door and added, "Those three seconds could cost us a lot of money." Devon noted that both Jabot, the corporate sponsor, and Hamilton-Winters, the owner of GC Buzz, could be slapped with hefty fines for Kyle's nudity. Kyle arrived and proudly noted that his nude debut was being replayed repeatedly online.

Kyle reminded Billy that it had been his idea to invest in a cutting-edge, non-traditional marketing campaign. Billy's face reddened with anger when Kyle suggested they should share the blame if the campaign failed. Devon noted that viewers had created a number of amusing memes using nude stills of Kyle. Gloria berated Kyle and asked if it had upset him in the least to have his "bits splashed all over the Internet." Kyle said his only two options were to either regret it or own it. Kyle insinuated that he'd done the latter, but Devon again mentioned the costly fines. Billy told Devon he'd keep in touch regarding any fines for breaches of ethics.

After Devon left, Billy assumed all responsibility because he was Jabot's CEO. Kyle noted that Jabot wasn't the first company to navigate the same circumstances, so he'd head a team to put together a plan to mitigate the damage. Before Kyle left, he held fast to his belief that his stunt had worked well because people were talking about Birthday Suit. After Kyle left, Billy suggested Gloria take time off to be with Jack. Gloria admitted she liked Jack and believed he might have fought to remain CEO had his ego not gotten in the way. Gloria added that she liked her job and had been impressed with the energy Billy had infused into the company. Before Gloria exited Billy's office, she said, "You know, Billy, in a perfect world, the Abbott brothers should be working side by side, but this world is far from perfect."

At the Genoa City Athletic Club, Jack and Hilary discussed Kyle and his appearance on her show. Jack said it pained him to see the company he'd dedicated his life to going up in flames. Hilary noted that Jack was missing the silver lining. Hilary insinuated that the debacle with Kyle wouldn't have happened had Jack been in charge. Jack emphatically replied, "Never."

Hilary expressed certainty that the Jabot board would side with Jack and reinstate him. Jack shook his head and said he'd moved on. Jack glanced around the room, which he dubbed a ritzy boarding house. Jack announced that he was ready to vacate the Athletic Club. Hilary said she planned to vacate, too, and had contacted a real-estate agent. Hilary said she was headed out to see a desirable property that had recently become available. After Hilary left, Jack bit his lip as he gazed at a posed photo of Kyle dressed in a suit and tie.

Billy was away at a meeting when Jack arrived at Jabot. Jack entered his former office, which Billy had redecorated. Gloria approached Jack, hugged him, and suggested he'd stopped by to rub Billy's nose in the Kyle fiasco. Jack said he'd stopped by to enlist Gloria's assistance in finding a place to live. Gloria agreed to help Jack and noted that she expected a huge commission. Billy returned and asked Jack if he wanted to return to Jabot. Jack, sounding chipper, said he had lucrative projects in the works that were exceeding his wildest expectations. Jack added that he felt liberated after moving out of the Abbott mansion.

Billy, citing Jack's lofty plans, said that he and Jack were both doing well because the launch of Birthday Suit had lit up the Internet. After Billy entered his office and closed the door, Gloria told Jack he'd made it sound as if life outside Jabot was going wonderfully. Jack said as long as Billy believed it, Gloria shouldn't say otherwise. After Jack left, Billy emerged from his office and told Gloria he'd had enough grief from vendors and retailers for one day and intended to relax at the Athletic Club pool. Gloria said she would also leave early because she had a property to show to a client. Gloria sent a text message to Jack and stated that his day had gotten a whole lot better.

Poolside atop the Genoa City Athletic Club, Phyllis and Kyle told Billy that Birthday Suit sunscreen had been flying off the shelves. Kyle noted that fans liked his tush. Phyllis admitted that Billy's out-of-the-box thinking had worked. Kyle demanded credit for making "magic happen." Billy was taken aback to learn that Kyle had purposely dropped his trunks.

Billy asked about ready stock of the sunscreen. Phyllis said she'd have to ramp up production. Phyllis said, "Birthday Suit has just become the must-have item for 2018." Kyle credited his viral video for sending sales through the roof. Billy noted that Kyle wanted to take all the credit only after the situation had turned around for the better. Phyllis kissed Billy and invited him to continue their lovemaking at home.

At Phyllis' apartment, Billy and Phyllis began disrobing each other as soon as they closed the front door. Billy noted that Phyllis had saved him from drinking himself silly by delivering great news. Phyllis said, "You aced it. You aced it." Phyllis said she was about to see Billy in his birthday suit. After Billy and Phyllis stripped down to their birthday suits, they made passionate love on the sofa.

Unbeknown to Phyllis and Billy, Summer was driving home. Summer glanced at the roadside that welcomed her back to Genoa City. As Summer accelerated, she received a call from "PAX." Summer declined the call and focused her attention on the road ahead. Phyllis was shocked when Summer let herself into the apartment and said, "Hi, Mom. Hi, Billy." Phyllis covered her upper body with a blanket and looked quizzically at Billy.

At the Ashby residence, Charlie and Shauna sat on the bed in his room while watching a program streaming on a laptop. Charlie noticed that Shauna seemed apprehensive. Shauna told Charlie she wished the situation hadn't become strange at her aunt's house. Charlie said he was gladly willing to allow Shauna to sleep in his bed while he slept on the floor. Shauna became nervous when Lily knocked on the door to tell Charlie he'd be on his own for dinner because she had a late meeting. Shauna was relieved that Lily hadn't opened the door. Shauna said any of Charlie's family members could catch her while she remained a secret resident.

Later, Shauna and Charlie had just finished eating burgers on the patio at Crimson Lights when Lily approached. Charlie instructed Shauna to smile, so she'd appear happy when she greeted Lily. Lily said she'd like to meet Shauna's parents. Shauna explained that her parents were out of town, attending to a sick relative. After Lily walked to the main dining room to get coffee, Shauna expressed regret for having lied to Lily. Charlie said they couldn't tell Lily the truth.

Shauna told Charlie she had no one to turn to with Hilary busy. Shauna cried that her parents were always tied up with her brother's addiction. Charlie suggested they confide in Lily, but Shauna insisted that Lily would never approve of her and Charlie living under the same roof. Lily returned and made plans to invite Shauna and her parents over for a barbecue. Shauna became apprehensive, but she didn't say anything about her situation.

Later, Charlie took Shauna back to his bedroom. Shauna thanked Charlie for being so nice and giving up his bed. Shauna said she feared that after school ended, her parents would force her to return to Colorado. Charlie replied, "We'll figure something out." Charlie kissed Shauna on the cheek. Shauna said, "I'm really happy I met you, Charlie. I don't think I'd be able to get through this without you."

In the hallway between Devon's penthouse and Chelsea's former penthouse, Hilary encountered Neil. Neil said he'd stopped by Devon's to pick up something. Neil was taken aback when Hilary rang the doorbell at Chelsea's former home. Farrah Dubose, a real-estate agent, opened the door and greeted Hilary. Hilary entered and gazed about the spacious home.

Neil entered the penthouse and expressed interest in the property, too. Farrah gave Neil a business card. Neil invited himself to tour the home with Hilary. Hilary immediately surmised that Neil had an ulterior motive. While Farrah was on the phone, Hilary told Neil that she knew he wanted to keep her far away from Devon. Neil admitted he didn't approve of Hilary's "almost-marriage-with-a-baby thing." Neil reminded Hilary that there were many reasons for the failure of her marriage to Devon.

Gloria escorted Jack into Chelsea's former penthouse and explained that Anita had decided to sell the property for a quick profit. Jack said he'd visited the home when it had belonged to various owners. Farrah, Hilary, and Neil returned downstairs. Farrah said, "I was expecting to see other Realtors, but not you, Gloria." Gloria noted that she was a woman of many talents, which was why she also worked as an office manager. Gloria approached Neil and Hilary and said she'd been unaware that they'd reunited as a couple. Hilary said she and Neil were viewing the penthouse individually.

Jack piped up and said he was prepared to outbid any offer. Neil insisted he would make the best offer. Hilary nervously added that with her in the loop, the agent would have her work cut out. Neil suggested that a hip penthouse might not suit Jack because he was accustomed to traditional design. Gloria beckoned Jack to tour the warm-style kitchen. Hilary appealed to Farrah and admitted she wouldn't be able to match the bids of those with higher budgets. Farrah promised she'd let the seller know that Hilary's heart was in the right place. Jack and Gloria emerged from the kitchen, and Gloria confidently asked Jack how high he was willing to go with his bid.

While Farrah flipped through a magazine, Neil, Hilary, and Jack wrote down their individual bids. Neil told Hilary he wasn't concerned about a bidding war because he'd do whatever was necessary to protect Devon. Hilary suggested that it would be best for Neil's grandchild if the baby's parents were neighbors. Hilary added that Devon could enjoy the baby's first milestones easily without worrying about traveling across town.

Neil said it all sounded good until the lines became blurred and his son ended up being hurt. Neil refused to let Hilary change his mind. Gloria quietly advised Jack to raise his bid. After Farrah collected the bids, Gloria noted that they would be scanned and emailed to the seller. Farrah said, "May the best person win."

When Devon returned home, he saw a note taped to his door, instructing him to walk next door. Devon rang the doorbell. Hilary answered, explaining that she was living her dream temporarily. Hilary told Devon the penthouse would've been perfect, but she feared that Jack or Neil had outbid her. Devon asked why Neil had placed a bid. Hilary said Neil was looking out for Devon.

Hilary admitted that she wanted to be close to Devon. Hilary told Devon that neither should miss their baby's first steps and first words. Devon offered a solution and invited Hilary to move in with him. Hilary expressed concern about Neil and Lily, but Devon noted that it made sense for him and Hilary to be together with their baby, at least in the beginning. Devon noted that the harder others tried to pull them apart, the more it pushed them together.

Nikki met with Victor in the dining room at the Athletic Club. Nikki was fuming because she'd planned to have dinner at the ranch, so she and Victor could talk. Nikki suggested that Victor had been avoiding her due to a guilty conscience. Nikki explained that Nick was considering taking a job in San Diego and moving there with Sharon, Faith, and Christian. Victor noted that Nick's first instinct was to run. Nikki replied, "Why would you say that? You did do something." Nikki asked what Victor had done to make Nick want to leave town after the two had grown closer. Nikki added that Sharon had told her that Victor knew why Nick had decided to leave town.

Victor explained to Nikki that Nick had threatened to keep Christian away. Victor said he'd had no choice but to admit he was aware that Christian was Adam's biological child. Victor added that Nick had already known the truth. Victor said Nikki could ask Nick how he'd learned the truth. Nikki sobbed and said, "Why couldn't you tell me?"

Victor explained that everything had been fine until Nick had decided to keep Christian away and leave town. Nikki insisted that Nick loved his father. Victor said that Nick didn't love him enough. Victor said he'd made the choice to protect Adam's son because he couldn't bear to lose another heir after Connor had been taken away.

When Jack returned to the Athletic Club, he spotted Victor. Jack snarled and walked in the opposite direction. Jack headed toward the bar when he noticed Farrah seated alone. Farrah told Jack that she wasn't meeting anyone. Jack invited Farrah to join him for dinner. Farrah joked that Jack shouldn't attempt to persuade her to lose any of the bids because she could lose her real-estate license. Jack said he just wanted the company of a beautiful woman. At Farrah's request, she and Jack headed to the Top of the Tower.

Victor sues for full custody of Christian

Victor sues for full custody of Christian

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Phyllis and Billy scrambled to gather their clothes after Summer's unexpected arrival. Summer picked up a pair of panties and assumed they were her mother's, but she teased that kink was good for people their age if Billy was into it. Phyllis asked what her daughter was doing there, and Summer replied that she was blushing on the outside and "laughing [her] ass off" on the inside. Billy lectured that a heads-up would have been a good thing, and Summer reminded them that it was her apartment. Summer questioned what Phyllis and Billy were to one another besides the obvious, and Phyllis wondered why Summer hadn't warned them that she was returning home. "And spoil the surprise?" Summer inquired.

Billy handed Phyllis a drink to help with the shock, and Summer asked if he had another for her. Summer claimed that she was back in Genoa City because she'd missed her family, but Phyllis doubted that a sudden wave of homesickness had suddenly landed Summer on their doorstep after she'd been off the grid for weeks. Summer stressed that it was her doorstep, and she only planned to stay until she got bored. Phyllis peppered her with questions about where she'd been and what she'd been doing.

Summer vaguely replied that she'd been all over, but she'd just driven there from Atlanta. Phyllis imagined that Summer was exhausted, but Summer proclaimed that the night was just getting started. Summer went upstairs to clean up before seeing what else was going on in town. A skeptical Billy suspected there was a story behind her sudden arrival.

Billy hauled in Summer's luggage from the car, and he observed that it was a lot of baggage for a short visit. Summer requested her makeup bag, and Phyllis prompted her to thank Billy for carrying in her stuff. Billy mentioned the sweet ride Summer had parked outside, and he remarked that he hadn't known she was into expensive foreign sports cars. Summer flippantly stated that she'd seen it and had to have it, and there was nothing wrong with having fun. She noted that Billy seemed to be enjoying his free time, but Phyllis informed her that he was the new CEO of Jabot.

At the cottage, Sharon finished a call and informed Nick that Faith's summer camp wanted to know if the girl would be back that year, but Nick was sure that there were many cool camps in San Diego. Nick expected Nikki to try to guilt-trip him into staying, and he was sure that his mother had bought whatever spin Victor had put on the situation. Nick was determined to get away, since he couldn't raise his kids around a man who cared more about controlling his family than having a relationship with them. Nick gently pushed to find out if Sharon had given more thought to making the move, but before she answered, she wanted to know what the move would mean for them.

Nick assured Sharon that he loved her, and she replied that she loved him, too. He admitted that he didn't know what would happen the next day or even years from then, but he knew he was better with her, and he wanted to build a life with her and have the family he'd never had. She wanted that, too, and she declared that she would move to San Diego with him. They kissed, and Sharon anticipated that the hard part would be telling Faith. Nick pledged not to tell their daughter that Victor was the reason they were leaving.

Sharon planned to focus on the positive, but she thought Victor and Nikki wouldn't make it easy on them. Nick asserted that his parents had nothing to do with his and Sharon's decision, but Sharon cautioned that it had never stopped Victor from interfering before. Nick griped that Victor kept trying to change him, but it would never happen. Sharon insisted that Nick hadn't been the one who'd failed, and Nick vowed not to let Victor control him or his kids ever again. He received a text message from Phyllis, who said she had good news and implored him to stop by right away. Nick pointed out that Sharon could say goodbye to her new best friend.

Sharon and Nick arrived at Phyllis and Billy's apartment, only to find out that Summer had taken off. Phyllis reported that Summer had driven in from Atlanta but hadn't said what she was doing home. Sharon suggested that Nick break their news while they waited, and Phyllis incredulously asked if Sharon was pregnant. Nick announced that they were moving to San Diego as soon as Faith was done with school, but Phyllis blurted out that it couldn't happen, since Summer had just gotten home.

Nick pointed out that Summer would still be part of his life, but Phyllis questioned why he was moving when he'd just taken a job at Newman. Nick revealed that the offer was off the table and that Victor had known about Christian's paternity for months. Billy and Phyllis were stunned that Victor had said nothing. Nick grumbled that it was a big game of chess to his father, but he was tired of Victor messing with his head and his life, so he was freeing everyone from Victor's grip.

Phyllis indicated that Summer had been vague about everything, and Sharon figured that Summer had been traveling the world and wasn't accustomed to checking in every day. Sharon acknowledged that it would be a big adjustment for all of them, and she expected to face the same thing once they told Faith about the move. Sharon recognized that there would be changes, but she was looking forward to getting away from everything that had been holding them back. Phyllis dragged Sharon into the kitchen to help her get some drinks.

Billy congratulated Nick on getting his family out of Victor's death grip, but Nick conceded that the parental bond was a strong one. Nick questioned whether Billy thought Phyllis was overreacting about Summer, and Billy reported that Summer seemed more confident. Nick was relieved, since he'd been worried that she might close herself off after Luca and Austin. Billy was sure that there were no worries there.

Meanwhile, Phyllis hissed at Sharon not to get any stupider ideas than usual, but Sharon refused to fight. Phyllis warned that Sharon wouldn't be free and that she couldn't forget about their pact by spilling the beans to Nick. Sharon countered that she had just as much to lose as Phyllis did if the truth got out. Phyllis threatened to drag Sharon back to share the blame with the rest of them if it did.

After Nick and Sharon left, Phyllis bet that Sharon had pushed Nick to move, since she didn't understand why else Nick would leave when his daughter had just returned home. Billy sensed that Phyllis was really freaking out because she was about to lose something more important than she'd thought -- her freedom. He expected that Summer moving back would change their lives, since it was very clear that they had to adjust their lifestyle. Phyllis conceded that Summer's arrival had thrown her, but she wanted to finish what she and Billy had started earlier. He insisted on doing it upstairs in the bedroom, and they scampered off together.

Nick and Sharon returned to the cottage, and he observed that she'd seemed anxious to get away from Phyllis. She explained that she and Phyllis were more like frenemies than friends, similar to the rapport he had with Billy. Nick admitted that Billy had felt more like a friend than Phyllis had when they'd announced their move, and Sharon chalked Phyllis' objections up to Summer's return. Nick reasoned that his daughter was a grown woman, and he wasn't willing to let Victor dictate his life, so he had to walk away for good.

Sharon gazed at Cassie's family drawing, and Nick murmured that there were a lot of memories in the house. Sharon lamented that she'd never thought it would go so fast, and Nick understood that it was hard to walk away from the place they'd called home for that long. Sharon enthused that they would get to build a new home and life for Faith and Christian, and Nick asked if she would be okay with leaving the place behind. She replied that four walls and a roof didn't compete with what they had, and he was confident that they would be happy in California. Sharon proclaimed that she would be happy as long as she was with him, and they kissed.

The doorbell rang, and Nick opened the door to Victor, who mentioned Nick and Sharon's plan to move to California. Nick growled that Victor was wasting his time if he intended to talk them out of it, but Victor announced that he was there to hand-deliver some papers to avoid any misunderstanding. Victor presented Nick with an injunction to prevent him from taking Christian out of the state, since Victor was suing for full custody of his grandson. Nick slammed the door in his father's face.

At Crimson Lights, Mariah found it weird to be hanging out with Kyle again, and he marveled that they were actually becoming friends. He thought she should stop complaining, since he'd bought her coffee, and she got to hang out with an Internet sensation. She quipped that she'd heard his butt was trending, and he bragged that sales were through the roof because of his crazy wardrobe malfunction. Mariah mentioned that some people thought it had been planned, and Kyle mused that it was marketing genius if it had been.

Tessa interrupted to hand out flyers for a party at a pop-up club on the Athletic Club's roof deck, and Kyle inquired whether she would be there. She explained that she would be working the door, but she'd be hitting the dance floor on her breaks. He promised to be there, but Mariah begged off because she had to work early in the morning. A dismayed Tessa headed out, and Kyle wondered why Mariah was blowing Tessa off when the invitation had clearly been for Mariah.

Kyle ordered another round of espresso to prepare for a night of partying, but Mariah maintained that she wasn't going. Kyle insisted that Tessa was into her. Mariah groaned that she and Tessa had finally gotten to a good place in their friendship, and she didn't want things to feel awkward again. Kyle pressed Mariah to go to get around the crippling psychological block she had, and he reasoned that she would never find out where things could go if she avoided Tessa. He proposed that they be one another's wing people, and he swore that they would have a good time.

Arturo found Abby at the Athletic Club bar, and he joked that he had to add magician to her list of talents after the disappearing act she'd pulled after they'd kissed. She said she had a lot on her mind, and he sympathized that she was going through a lot with her family. He asked if she was okay, and she snapped that she would survive, but she wasn't good with him hooking up with her stepmother. Arturo figured that it had only been a matter of time before Abby found out, and Abby was surprised that he wasn't upset that she knew. She revealed that Nikki had told her, and he apologized if it had made things awkward.

Arturo defended that he didn't start new relationships by listing his exes, but Abby argued that it was hardly like Nikki had been a random woman he'd slept with. He contended that he and Nikki hadn't had a real relationship and that whatever they'd had was over. Abby found it unbelievable that he'd gotten a job from Nick, entered into an arrangement with Nikki, and then moved on to yet another Newman. Arturo questioned whether she thought her family name was the only reason he was interested, and he found it funny because her money was the least interesting thing about her. He mentioned that he'd be at the rooftop party that night; she could cut her losses and move on, or she could find him there if she was a woman who made up her own mind, like he thought she was.

Later, the party was in full swing on the Athletic Club rooftop as people danced and mingled. Tessa welcomed the guests, and she recognized Arturo's name when she checked his identification. He mentioned that he was doing some work for a charity Devon was involved in, and he was disappointed when he looked around and didn't see who he was looking for. He stepped away as Mariah and Kyle arrived, and Mariah reconsidered being there. Kyle refused to let her leave after the news she'd just received, since being around friends and seeing all she had in Genoa City was just what she needed.

Mariah privately scolded Kyle for mentioning anything in front of Tessa. Tessa joined them while on a break and inquired about Mariah's news, and Mariah tried to downplay Sharon and Nick's relocation to San Diego. Tessa knew that Mariah was bummed out because of what being part of a family meant to her, but Mariah dismissed it as part of life for people to move on. Tessa recognized that it didn't make it hurt any less, and Kyle remarked that families always seemed to find ways to hurt one another. Mariah brightly pointed out that she'd have a permanent vacation spot by the beach, and Tessa imagined that Sharon would leave Mariah the house.

Kyle urged Mariah to consider taking in a talented, good-looking roommate, and she asked if he was thinking about moving out of the Abbott mansion. Mariah, Kyle, and Tessa were distracted by Summer, who crowed over the sound system that she was back, so they could get the party started. Kyle grimaced, and Mariah groused that Summer needed to be sent back immediately. Tessa crossed the roof and informed Summer that she was running the party, and Summer looked her up and down and disdainfully asked, "In that?" Kyle locked eyes with Summer.

Mariah ducked away as Summer approached. Summer squealed that she'd had no idea Kyle was back in town, and she stiffly hugged him. He abruptly excused himself to get a drink, and he joined Mariah at the bar. Mariah expressed surprise at his reaction to Summer, and he groused that he didn't feel like being part of a floor show.

Later, Summer maneuvered her way toward Kyle again and guessed that he'd checked fun off his bucket list. He dryly replied that he had nothing against having a good time -- just train wrecks. She noted that he was obviously mad at her about something, and he barked that he was over the little number she'd pulled. She protested that it had been ages since then, but he retorted that not much had changed for her. He spat that it might be a shock for her, but he wasn't interested.

Summer flirtatiously asked if not even one part of Kyle was glad to see her, and Mariah joined them and chirped that no one had even noticed that "Snowflake" had been gone. Summer declared that she was no snowflake anymore -- more like a cyclone or tsunami. Mariah quipped that any natural disaster worked, and Kyle put his arm around Mariah and presented her with a drink. Summer scoffed at the idea of them as a couple, and Kyle led Mariah to the dance floor. Tessa watched as Summer stared at them.

Later, Mariah was thankful that no two snowflakes were alike. Tessa reported that Summer had complained about the valet being full and having to park her Italian sports car on the street. Mariah begged Tessa to say she'd keyed it, since Summer had done far worse. Mariah called Summer an affront to people breathing, since Summer was a rich, entitled, spoiled brat who sailed through life, oblivious to the people she hurt. Tessa thought Summer knew exactly what she was doing.

Summer fawned over Arturo at the bar, gushing that it was a waste that a hot guy like him was by himself. They introduced themselves, and he bemoaned that he didn't think the person he was supposed to meet would be there. Summer said it was the other woman's loss, and it would be a shame to let it be his. She refused to let him miss out on the hot summer night, and she grabbed his hand and shimmied up next to him on the dance floor. Kyle gazed at them briefly before turning his full attention to Mariah. Summer danced seductively with Arturo but was distracted by Kyle and Mariah talking.

Tessa watched Mariah and Kyle dancing. Abby arrived and looked steamed when she saw Arturo and Summer together. Summer draped herself all over Arturo and hoped that he'd forgotten the dumb bimbo who'd stood him up. Abby stormed over and congratulated him on hitting the "Newman trifecta." Abby surmised that he'd worked up a sweat after his efforts, and she dumped a glass of ice water over his head.

Summer requested an extra towel at the bar, and Kyle remarked that she and Abby had picked up where they'd left off. Summer swore that she'd had no idea about Abby and Arturo, and Kyle muttered that it was never Summer's fault.

Mariah commented to Tessa that with the drinking, dancing, and backstabbing cheaters, the party had it all. A police officer entered and inquired about the driver of the red sports car parked on the street. Mariah readily pointed Summer out, and Summer confirmed that the car was hers and panicked that someone had scratched it. The officer revealed that the car was fine, but Summer was under arrest for felony auto theft.

Summer finds herself behind bars

Summer finds herself behind bars

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

by Nel

At home, Nick told Sharon that Victor had retained Michael Baldwin for the custody suit. Nick said he needed to find a shark for a lawyer. He refused to let Victor take Christian away from him. Mariah appeared and said that she didn't believe that a judge would give Victor custody over the rights of a father. She wanted to know why Victor hadn't tried to get custody of Faith.

Nick advised Mariah that he was Faith's biological father -- Christian was Adam's son. Mariah said that it had to have been devastating when Nick had found out. Nick stated he was Christian's legal parent, and it didn't matter what the DNA test showed; his name was on the birth certificate.

At home, Billy yelled to Phyllis that they'd be late for Summer's bond hearing. Phyllis appeared and said she wouldn't go because she wanted Summer to stew in jail for a while and think about what she'd done. She told Billy that Summer had been out of touch for weeks. She'd returned to Genoa City and gone to a party where she'd been arrested for grand theft. Phyllis wanted an explanation about how Summer had gone from zero to sixty on the crazy scale. Billy suggested that Phyllis needed to get all the facts rather than sitting at home, stewing. Phyllis agreed.

Summer sat in a jail cell at the Genoa City Police station. She called to a guard and asked for some light reading material. She explained that she was in jail because of a misunderstanding. She said she hadn't stolen her boyfriend's car -- she'd borrowed it. Summer didn't appear bothered by how much trouble she was in.

At Hamilton-Winters, Neil complimented Devon on their sales figures and said that Devon showed good judgment by pulling in younger groups. Devon received an alert on his phone that it was Hilary's moving day. He told Neil that he had to take care of something outside the office, and he left.

After Devon left, Farrah arrived with a bottle of Champagne to celebrate. She informed Neil that his offer had been accepted and that he owned Chelsea's condo. She handed Neil the keys to the penthouse. Neil was elated.

At Devon's, Hilary gave directions to the mover and warned him to handle all boxes marked "fragile" with extra care and warned him not to break anything. Later, Hilary was unpacking a box when Devon arrived. He and Hilary toasted to Hilary moving in, to their child, and to their future.

Summer, Phyllis, and Billy arrived at Crimson Lights after Summer's arraignment. Summer behaved as if spending the night in jail hadn't happened. She grumbled that she had hardly been able to function in the courtroom without her coffee. She wondered what she should order. Billy ordered three large coffees.

On the patio, Summer talked about the party and how the site had improved but still didn't compare to the higher-end clubs in New York. Phyllis asked Summer why she'd stolen the car. Summer claimed that she hadn't stolen it -- it had been a gift from her ex-boyfriend. Phyllis wanted to know why Summer's ex-boyfriend hadn't transferred ownership to her. Summer said she didn't know, and she got up to get another coffee.

Phyllis was aggravated. She asked if Billy believed that the car had been a gift. Billy advised Phyllis to ease up and to give Summer some time.

At the Athletic Cub, Jack received a call from Gloria. She informed him that Neil had gotten the penthouse. Jack was furious and demanded that Gloria contact Farrah. A short time later, Jack located Farrah at the rooftop bar of the Athletic Club. He asked her how he could've been outbidden by Neil. He accused Farrah of revealing Jack's offer, but she denied it. Jack said that after the lovely evening they'd spent together, he'd thought that they'd understood each other. Farrah advised that her evening hadn't ended with Jack.

Farrah told Jack that she and Jack had parted, and she'd met with Neil. Neil had wanted to change his bid. Neil's offer had been accepted because it had been an all cash, no contingencies offer with no financing. It had been a quick and simple transaction. Farrah assured Jack that it hadn't been personal.

Phyllis, Billy, and Summer arrived at their condo, and Summer continued to act nonchalant about her situation. Phyllis called Nick and advised him that Summer had returned, that she'd been arrested for felony auto theft, and that she'd spent the night in jail. Summer advised Phyllis that she wasn't afraid of her dad and that he'd believe her, even if Phyllis didn't.

At Sharon's, Nick was stunned after Phyllis' phone call. He told Sharon about Summer and that he was on his way to Phyllis'. Nick said that there had to be a logical explanation, but Mariah advised him not to whitewash it because she'd been there when Summer had been arrested. Perhaps the most logical explanation was that Summer had stolen the car.

Nick and Sharon arrived at Phyllis'. Summer wasn't happy to see Sharon. Nick reprimanded Summer because she hadn't returned his calls or text messages. Nick hugged Summer. She said she was happy to see him, but Nick said he wasn't happy to see her. He wanted to know what she'd been thinking. He reminded her that she had a record for felony auto theft. Summer didn't appear to care.

Summer explained to everyone that she'd wanted a casual relationship with Pax, but he'd become too clingy, so she'd broken it off with him. Pax had refused to let her go, and she'd threatened to tell his wife. Phyllis and Nick were shocked to learn Summer had slept with a married man. Summer called both of them hypocrites. She said she hadn't done anything that they hadn't done. She said she'd discovered that the whole happily ever after thing wasn't real.

Phyllis wanted to know about the vehicle Summer had stolen. Summer claimed she hadn't stolen it. Pax had given her the car to stop her from telling his wife about their relationship. Sharon said the car had been a bribe, not a gift. Nick said it sounded like Pax had given her the car and then called the cops and claimed that Summer had stolen it. Summer said that wasn't Pax's style. Summer thought that Poppy had discovered their relationship, seen that the car was missing, and called the cops. Summer added that Poppy didn't have a sense of humor.

Phyllis asked if Summer thought the incident had been Poppy's fault and not the fault of the woman who'd been sleeping with the married man. Summer asked how many married men Phyllis had slept with. She also mentioned that Nick had slept with Phyllis while he'd been married to Sharon. She asked when Phyllis had become such a square.

Nick asked to speak to Summer alone. Phyllis and Billy went upstairs, and Nick said he'd see Sharon at home. When they were alone, Summer asked if Nick and Sharon were living together. She said that she'd remained neutral about Sharon for Faith's sake and would continue doing so, but Nick reuniting with Sharon was a very bad idea. Nick advised her that he was committed to Sharon and that they'd almost moved to San Diego. Nick assured her that the move was off the table.

Nick was bothered that Summer had spoken about love in such a cynical way. She said she'd done a lot of living while she'd been away, and she'd learned a lot about herself. Summer said she'd realized that she was her mother's daughter -- before Phyllis had lost her edge and become soft.

After Nick left, Billy asked Summer how her conversation with Nick had gone. She said that Nick meant well, but she felt that he would have been much happier if she'd acted the way she had when she'd been ten years old. She said that Nick had to accept that she was a grown woman. Summer admitted that she shouldn't have taken the car without getting the transfer papers first, but it had been an honest mistake. She asked if Billy got that. Billy said that what Summer called an honest mistake, some would call careless and perhaps reckless. He told her to dial it down a notch and to think before she acted.

Summer asked Billy if that wasn't the opposite of what he'd always done. Billy said there was an old saying: "Do as I say, not as I do." Summer asked if he'd become as boring as Phyllis. Billy called it maturing, but Summer retorted "or dying on the vine." She said that Billy was kidding himself if he thought he'd become a changed man.

Summer said that she'd seen Kyle's live flash on television. She didn't believe it had been a wardrobe malfunction, and she knew a publicity stunt when she saw one. She thought it had been brilliant. She said that Billy was fearless, and she admired that quality in men. Billy said that he'd discovered that fearlessness had its downside. Summer said she would enjoy her life like she was about to enjoy her bath, and she left.

Neil entered his penthouse. Seconds later, the doorbell rang. He opened the door to a mover who asked where Neil wanted his boxes. Neil said they weren't his. The mover realized she had the wrong unit and went across the hall. Hilary opened the door and gave directions to the mover. Hilary greeted Neil with a "Hello, neighbor."

A short time later, Neil entered Devon's suite and reported that he'd bought Chelsea's penthouse. Devon hadn't realized that Neil had been looking for a new place. Neil said that he'd been in his condo since he'd been married to Dru, and it was time to move on. He couldn't think of a better location than right next to his son. Neil said if he'd known that Hilary had been part of the deal, he might have reconsidered his offer. Hilary said it was her cue to leave because she had to meet with Mariah about their next show.

After Hilary left, Neil asked why Devon hadn't said anything to him at the office about Hilary. Devon said that he didn't want a lecture, and he knew that Neil wouldn't be happy. He said that the mother-to-be didn't want to live in a hotel anymore, and the best solution had been for her to move in with him because he wanted them to experience the pregnancy together. They would be able to take care of their child together. Neil said that Hilary was looking for more, and he hoped that Devon knew what he was in for.

Jack arrived at Neil's condo to congratulate him. He had a bottle of cider to celebrate. Jack said he'd been crying on the inside and confessed that he'd wanted the penthouse so much that he'd wined and dined Farrah the previous evening, hoping he'd get the winning bid. Jack said he hoped Adam's ghost would haunt Neil for years. Neil said he didn't need a ghost to make his life miserable. He told Jack that Hilary lived across the hall, and she was scarier than any ghost could ever be. Neil and Jack toasted to Neil's new home.

Neil wanted Jack to satisfy his curiosity, and he asked what Jack had meant about wining and dining Farrah. Jack told Neil to get his mind out of the gutter. Everything had been aboveboard. He'd taken Farrah to the Top of the Tower for dinner. Neil asked if Jack was okay. Neil was concerned because he knew Jack was disappointed he hadn't gotten the winning bid.

Jack said he needed to get his life back in order. He admitted that Hamilton-Winters' rejection had hit him harder than he'd thought, but he understood that he wasn't right for Hamilton-Winters. Jack said that moving away from Jabot had proven to be more difficult than he'd anticipated, and it was harder yet to accept that he wasn't a biological Abbott. He knew he was still the man that John Abbott had raised, but Jack felt that something was missing.

At home, Phyllis told Billy that she wondered how far Nick had gotten with Summer. When she thought of Summer, she recalled a little girl who wouldn't go to bed without Mr. Ears. Phyllis was upset that Summer had graduated to stealing cars, sleeping with married men, and calling Phyllis ancient. Billy corrected her and said Summer had called Phyllis square. Phyllis asked if there was a difference.

Billy said ancient was old; square was conventional. Phyllis said she was mired in tradition, and she was deathly afraid of what people thought. Billy said that Phyllis was the least conventional person he'd ever known. He said she was gorgeous, sexy, whip smart, fiery, and unsinkable, and he'd never describe her as square.

Summer entered the room after her bath and told Billy and Phyllis to take it upstairs when she caught them kissing. She also suggested they put a towel on the doorknob so she'd know they were having sex, and she wouldn't barge in on them.

Hilary met Mariah on the rooftop of the Athletic Club. Hilary told Mariah that Neil had purchased Chelsea's penthouse. Hilary lamented that Neil would practically be living on top of them, and Neil would have influence over Devon at work and at home -- not to mention that there would be a few impromptu visits from Lily. Hilary said that Devon was happy with the direction they were moving in, but his family wouldn't be. They would seriously mess things up for them.

Nick arrived at Sharon's. He' told Sharon that it was clear that Summer would model herself after the old Phyllis, and they'd have their hands full. Nick told Sharon he'd been thinking about how he could beat Victor and Michael. Someone had referred Brittany Hodges to him, and Brittany's specialty was family law. He'd contacted her, and she felt that he had a strong case and a chance to beat Victor.

Sharon was on the computer, attempting to find statutes about child custody in Wisconsin. Sharon told Nick that Victor didn't have much to stand on as far as custody went. She felt the law would be on Nick's side because Nick's name was on the birth certificate, and he was Christian's legal father. Nick reminded her that Victor was the paternal grandfather. Victor was ruthless and wasn't afraid to jump into the mud. He'd dare everyone to jump in with him. Nick said that Victor wouldn't have brought the suit if he hadn't thought he had a good chance of winning.

Sharon asked Nick if Brittany had said something to Nick that had made him doubt his case. Sharon asked who else Victor thought he could drag through the mud. Sharon was horrified when she realized it was her and that Brittany thought that Victor's lawyer would use Sharon's past to harm Nick's case.

Sharon told Nick that Victor knew that when the judge heard that the woman involved in Nick's life had checked herself into a mental hospital -- how Nick had taken her to court and had her declared an unfit mother, that she'd shoplifted and hadn't remembered what she'd done, and then she'd completely lost it by burning Victor's house to the ground -- the judge would not rule in Nick's favor. No one could say that she wouldn't do those things again. She'd be seen as a menace to society.

Sharon and Nick both knew she'd changed her life and was under control, but the judge wouldn't see it that way. Sharon said that when Michael got through with her, she'd be seen as a time bomb and an unfortunate lunatic that Nick had invited back into his life. Sharon stated that as long as they were together, Nick didn't have a prayer of winning his case.

Hilary returned to Devon's penthouse. Devon commented that Hilary had stayed in a one-bedroom suite at the club, and he wanted to know where all the boxes were from. Hilary advised him that she'd emptied her storage locker, and everything she owned was in the boxes. Devon suggested they put the boxes into the guest room. Disappointed, Hilary said she'd be comfortable in the guest room.

Lily flips when she finds Shauna in Charlie's bed

Lily flips when she finds Shauna in Charlie's bed

Thursday, June 7, 2018

At the Ashby home, Lily called out to ask if Charlie was still there, concerned that he would be late for work. She entered his room and whipped back the covers on his bed, and she was shocked to find Shauna there.

At Hamilton-Winters, Mattie finished making copies of a contract for Neil, and she handed them over with notes identifying some typos and grammatical errors. Charlie teased that things like that kept her up at night, but Neil stressed that having a good presentation was very important. Charlie announced that he'd been thinking about adding a virtual reality element to the Hamilton-Winters website, and Neil instructed him to do a mockup with Mattie's help. Lily led Shauna in, and Charlie asked what was going on. Lily barked that she'd had the same question when she'd found Shauna in his bed.

Lily lectured that she'd given Charlie a lot of freedom because she'd thought he'd been mature enough to handle it, but he clearly wasn't. Charlie groaned that he'd known she would freak out and turn it into a major thing. Lily ranted that he and Shauna would still be lying and sneaking around if Lily hadn't returned home. Shauna swore that it wasn't Charlie's fault, and Lily threatened to call Shauna's parents. Mattie tried to get Lily to calm down, and Lily demanded to know if Charlie had asked his twin to keep his secret.

Charlie swore that Mattie hadn't known, and Lily and Charlie argued as Cane walked in. Neil encouraged everyone to take a breath and have a calm conversation. Lily snapped that actions had consequences, and she asked if the teens had used protection. Charlie and Shauna simultaneously swore that nothing had happened, and she explained that he'd just been trying to help her. Neil implored them to try listening to one another, and he stepped out.

Later, Cane and Lily revealed that they'd spoken to Shauna's parents, and Cane reported that it looked like Shauna's family would be in Colorado for a while. Shauna steeled herself to go back to her aunt's house, and Lily indicated that Shauna's parents hadn't had any idea how unhappy Shauna had been there. Mattie piped up that Shauna shouldn't have to stay with her aunt if things were that bad. Cane and Lily pledged to find a solution that worked for everyone.

As Cane and Lily conferred, Shauna bemoaned that two people who hated her got to decide what would happen. Charlie explained that his parents were just a little mad at them, but his folks were cool. Mattie figured that their mom had freaked out to learn that Charlie and Shauna had been sharing a room, and it was never good when Lily got Cane going. Charlie and Mattie exchanged a knowing nod, and the twins approached their parents. Cane pulled Charlie aside and asked him to be honest about whether he was having sex, but Charlie maintained that it had been innocent.

Meanwhile, Mattie insisted to Lily that Charlie hadn't been doing what Lily had thought. Mattie explained that while she and Charlie were very different, they told one another everything. Mattie believed that Charlie liked Shauna and had wanted to help when he'd seen her in a bad situation, which was how Lily had raised them. Mattie added that she and Charlie were lucky to have their parents and one another, whereas Shauna didn't have anyone, and they were in a position to help. Cane overheard and agreed that they should.

Shauna confessed that she felt like she was in the way and not welcome after hearing her aunt say that Shauna wasn't her responsibility. Shauna continued that she had no privacy and that there was hardly ever food in the house. Hilary walked in and asked what was going on, and Lily revealed that Shauna had been staying in Charlie's room. Hilary was shocked that Lily had allowed it, and Lily explained that she hadn't known and noted that Hilary obviously hadn't, either. Shauna informed Hilary that her parents had dumped her at her aunt's, and Hilary questioned why Shauna hadn't turned to her.

Shauna wailed that she'd tried, but Hilary had been busy. Lily admonished Hilary for agreeing to mentor someone but not being there for them, and Hilary swore that she'd never bail on Shauna. After Cane and Lily talked privately, they decided that Shauna should stay at their place. Lily clarified that it would be in Mattie's room, and Mattie chirped that it was cool with her. Shauna thanked them all, and Lily was adamant that there would be no sneaking in and out of bedrooms. Hilary was aghast that Lily was willing to take the chance, and she insisted that Shauna move in with her and Devon.

At the cottage, Sharon apologized for sleeping in after she'd been unable to stop thinking about Victor threatening to take Christian. She fretted that it could happen if he used her past to prove that she was an unfit mother, and she preferred not to let Victor use that strategy. Nick warned that they couldn't stop his dad from playing dirty, but she pointed out that she could by taking herself out of the equation -- she had to leave Nick.

Nick protested that he couldn't ask Sharon to do that, but she pleaded with him to let her do it for him and Christian. He was amazed that she was willing to sacrifice everything by walking away, and she confirmed that she would do it in a heartbeat. Her eyes welled with tears as she asked if he'd let her, but he refused to let his father win. Sharon clarified that they just had to let Victor think he'd won for the time being, but the ultimate goal was to keep them all together.

Sharon was confident that she and Nick could beat Victor at his own game, but Nick hesitated to split up. She stressed that it would only be until Nick got custody, and she suggested that he and Christian get a room at the Athletic Club to show Victor that she was no longer in the boy's life. Nick insisted that she should be because she'd raised Christian for almost a year, but Sharon knew how Michael would make her look, and she wanted to give Nick the best chance of proving Christian belonged with him.

Nick wondered if perhaps Christian would be better off with someone else, but Sharon thought he was letting Victor get into his head. She was adamant that Nick was the boy's father, noting that even Adam had known it, and she believed the judge would also see it that way if they didn't let Victor use her as a distraction. She anticipated that they would only be apart for a little while, but Nick thought his father would go after them again if they got back together. Sharon advised Nick to tell Michael that he'd broken up with her. Nick vowed to end it once and for all, and he walked out.

At the Athletic Club, Nick interrupted Nikki's lunch meeting and dragged his mother away to speak privately. Nikki huffed that he might have just cost them a six-figure donation, but Nick demanded to know if she'd known that Victor was planning to use Sharon's past to get custody of Christian. Nikki replied that they hadn't discussed specifics, but she was on Nick's side. Nick surmised that she had no problem destroying Sharon by making her out to be an unfit mother, but Nikki pointed out that they were the facts.

Nick questioned whether Nikki would do everything possible to protect her children if someone was trying to hurt them. Nikki sympathized with Sharon, but she didn't think it meant Sharon was good for him. Nick mentioned that Sharon had been willing to give their relationship up to make sure he didn't lose his son, but he hadn't let her. Nikki warned that custody battles were dirty and ugly, and she urged Nick to start thinking like a Newman if he wanted any chance of winning.

Nick refused to think like a Newman if it meant not caring who got hurt. Nikki credited him for having a good heart, but she encouraged him to make choices that were good for him. Nick complained that Victor always had to have things on his terms, and it had been why she had left him. Nikki explained that it was also why she'd stayed, since she'd watched Victor live with the history of sadness and profound loss that he'd never gotten over.

Nick recognized that it was why Victor went to insane lengths to protect his family. Nikki contended that Victor was also desperately trying to protect himself, since the thought of losing another child or grandchild was too much to bear. Nick spat that it wasn't the way to treat the people one loved, and he didn't want that kind of love for himself or his kids. Nick warned that if Victor went through with his plan to trash Sharon to get Nick's son, Victor would find out how much of a Newman Nick was.

At the Abbott mansion, Jack told Traci over the phone that he was there for a short visit. After he hung up, Dina exclaimed that he was back. He hesitantly asked how she was doing, and she enthusiastically stated that things were much better when "Jackie" was home. She hugged him, and he said it was good to be back. She swore that the house wasn't the same when he wasn't there, and she'd missed him "so much." Jack choked back tears and replied that he'd missed her, too.

Dina asked if Jack remembered the picnics they'd had by the lake, and he recalled spending afternoons under a big elm tree. He apologized for the terrible things he'd said the other day, but she didn't know what he was talking about. He hoped that she could forgive him, but she didn't want to waste a minute on past mistakes when they had so little time. Dina suggested that they move on and enjoy that day, and she proposed that they do something dangerous and fun, like putting the top down on the car and seeing how the day went.

On the Athletic Club rooftop, Dina reveled in the magnificent day. Jack led her to a table and offered to get her some iced tea, but she insisted that it was a mint julep kind of day. She observed that the venue had a young vibe, but his father had always preferred the country club. Dina recalled going to her first formal with John on New Year's Eve, and she remarked that she'd turned heads back then. Jack pointed out that people were watching her even then, wondering who the glamorous woman behind the dark glasses was.

Dina called her sunglasses her signature trademark, since she'd worn them every time she'd gone to the country club to disguise how much she'd despised it. Jack thought his mother had seemed to thrive on it all, but Dina ridiculed the club's silly rules about how to dress and act. Jack inquired about how John had reacted to her breaking the rules, and she admitted that she'd never really told John about how she'd felt. Jack gently questioned whether Dina remembered confessing that John wasn't his real father, and she replied that she felt terrible guilt about it.

Dina asked how Jack had found out about her secret, and he reminded her that she'd told Abby. Jack was glad that they could finally talk about it, since he didn't know a lot about what Dina's life had been like back then. Dina recognized that she'd treated John and her children badly, but Jack pointed out that they'd been able to heal old wounds. Dina acknowledged that Jack deserved to know what had happened back then, and she assured him that John had been a wonderful husband and father, but John had loved his business more than his own family. Jack queried whether it had been why she'd turned to other men.

Dina explained that hosting dinner parties and charity luncheons had left her bored, so she'd looked elsewhere for excitement. Dina conceded that it sounded awful and tawdry, but she swore that it hadn't been. Jack insisted that he wasn't judging, and Dina asked if he could ever forgive her. He assured her that he already had, but he wanted to know who his real father was. Dina envisioned the country club when she'd met Jack's handsome father after he'd smiled at her. She had asked why he'd smiled, and he'd replied that it had been because she'd looked sad.

Dina admitted that she had been sad and lonely, but things had changed after she'd met Jack's father. She recalled the many afternoons they'd spent laughing and talking, and he'd eventually slipped a piece of paper into her hand with the name of the Stardust Inn written on it. She marveled that their first time together had been magical, and they hadn't been able to stop seeing one another. She seemed about to say the man's name, but Neil interrupted. Dina asked if she knew him, and Neil informed her that he was Jack's friend. Jack curtly said they'd been in the middle of something, and Neil quickly stepped away.

Jack prompted Dina to tell him who his father was, but she seemed confused. Jack pushed her to remember any details about the man, but she cried that she didn't remember. Dina recounted that she'd intended to run away with her beau when she'd found out that she was pregnant with Jack, but the man hadn't wanted her to leave John and break his heart. She couldn't help wondering what their lives might have been like with the three of them together. Dina became upset because she couldn't remember the man's name, but she assured Jack that he had been born out of love.

At the Athletic Club bar, Nick and Jack commiserated about their conversations with their mothers. Nick announced that he'd been ready to go back to the family business until he'd realized that nothing had changed with his dad. Jack chuckled at the irony of it all, since he wanted his mother to be back to what she'd once been, and Nick wanted a new and improved Victor. Nick expressed sympathy about Dina, and Jack shared that it was tough watching parts of her slip away, but he'd had a great day with her. Jack conveyed the urgency of getting answers to fill in the blanks in his life, and Nick wondered what Jack needed her to tell him that he didn't already know.

Jack confided that John wasn't his biological father. A stunned Nick realized that Jack wanted to learn about his real dad, and Jack lamented that it felt like he was chasing a stranger, since the man knew nothing about him. Jack wanted to know because the man was responsible for him being there, but he didn't think he could call the man his real father. Jack mused that a real father was someone who shared his children's life experiences and created a tie beyond blood. Nick thought that made a lot of sense.

Dina was surprised when Jack returned to the mansion for a second time, and he said he'd wanted to make sure he hadn't upset her with his questions. Dina swore that she'd enjoyed every minute of their time together, and she planned to treasure it as long as she could. She asked him to remember it for both of them when she couldn't remember it anymore, and he promised that he would. She said she was sorry that she couldn't remember his father's name, but she pledged to keep trying because he deserved to know.

Nick returned home and called for Sharon, but he got no response. He found Michael at the door and assumed that Victor had sent him, but Michael indicated that Victor didn't know he was there. Nick surmised that Michael wanted to try to convince him not to fight for his son, but Michael suggested that they reach a compromise. Nick refused to let Victor have influence over his son, but Michael pointed out that a DNA test had already proven that Christian was Adam's biological son.

Nick asserted that he'd been married to Sage when Christian had been born, and his name was on the birth certificate, so it legally made Christian his son. Michael cautioned that it might not be enough to get custody, but Nick contended that the love and bond that he and Christian shared made them father and son, so he was the best person to raise the boy. Michael warned that Victor had hired him to win custody by any means necessary, and he was good at his job. Michael advised Nick to spare Sharon the humiliation of testifying by agreeing to binding arbitration, presided over by a judge that both sides agreed upon.

Later, Nick informed Sharon that he'd gone to see his mom to ask her to convince Victor to drop the suit, and Sharon assumed that Nikki wouldn't help as long as Sharon was in the picture. Sharon thought Nick needed Nikki on his side, but Nick swore that he only needed Sharon. Sharon cried that she didn't want to be the reason he lost his son, but Nick reported that Brittany had advised him that arbitration was the best way to go, so the date was set for the following week. Nick firmly stated that he was ready, but Sharon worried that Victor was ready to use her to go after Christian. Nick vowed not to give up on either her or Christian, and they embraced.

Sharon threatens to expose J.T.'s death

Sharon threatens to expose J.T.'s death

Friday, June 8, 2018

Hilary listened at Devon's penthouse door and paced until Devon returned home, exhausted after a business trip. Hilary said she'd missed him and asked if he was hungry. He replied that he'd eaten on the plane, but he was excited about a new artist that he'd discovered. Hilary insisted that they talk, and Shauna descended the stairs and mentioned a problem with the fan in her bathroom. Devon surmised that Shauna was what Hilary needed to talk about, and Hilary explained that she'd wanted to wait to have a conversation in person. Shauna quickly ducked out.

Hilary told Devon that Shauna's parents had seemed relieved when Shauna had stayed behind, and Shauna's aunt's house was a bad situation, so she thought the best place for Shauna was with them. Devon questioned whether it was what Hilary really wanted when they were still finding their way. She admitted that she'd been looking forward to being there alone with him, but Shauna didn't have many options. He acknowledged that Hilary was trying to do the right thing, but he wasn't convinced that it was the right thing for them.

Later, Shauna asked where Devon was, and Hilary reported that he'd gone to the office. Shauna surmised that he didn't want her there. Hilary pointed out that they'd sprung it on him with no warning, and they just needed to give him a chance to think about it. Shauna considered going to a shelter, but Hilary couldn't stomach the thought of Shauna being out there on her own. Shauna recalled that she'd never seen herself having a good or happy life until she'd met Hilary, who had made her feel capable of becoming something. Shauna added that Hilary had given her hope that she could make it, and she needed Hilary in her life. They hugged, and Hilary promised that she would give Shauna a home, no matter what Devon decided.

At Hamilton-Winters, Neil told Devon that he'd been there when Lily had busted Charlie and Shauna. Devon complained that no one in his family had thought to tell him that his house was turning into a youth hostel, and Neil asked if Devon had a problem helping the girl out. Devon recognized that it was more than just offering a bed, since kids had a lot of needs, and it was a big commitment to have Shauna living in his home. Devon wasn't ready for his life to change that drastically overnight.

Devon worried that it would be too much between work and a baby on the way, and Neil waited for Devon to run out of excuses before he set his son straight. Neil recounted that he and Dru had stepped up for Devon when he'd been a teenager in need, which hadn't been easy, but Devon had caught a lucky break by finding a loving family to set him in the right direction. Devon swore that he wasn't ungrateful, but it was a timing issue. Neil ordered him to stop with the excuses of inconvenience, since a whole village had raised Devon to be a good man, and a good man was all Shauna needed him to be.

Hilary headed out to find Devon to talk more, but she found Neil and Devon at the door. Devon handed Shauna a key, and Hilary thanked him with a hug. Neil proposed a toast to Shauna, and the group clinked their glasses of sparkling cider together. Neil prepared to leave, and Devon walked him out and thanked him for putting things in perspective.

After Neil departed, Devon addressed the logistics of their living situation. Shauna offered to take the sofa to let Devon and Hilary keep their rooms, but Hilary was adamant that Shauna needed her own bed in her own room. Hilary beamed when Devon agreed, but her smile became forced when he divulged that he'd ordered two smaller beds so that Hilary and Shauna could share a room.

At the Athletic Club, Victoria told Nikki that Nick had looked out for her by turning down the COO position. Nikki called him a man of integrity, and Victoria wished that she could say the same thing about her dad. Victoria condemned Victor for using Christian to pressure Nick, but Nikki was distracted when she spied Arturo. Victoria headed back to work, and Nikki invited Arturo to join her. He sternly stated that they were overdue to catch up, and Nikki assumed that it was about Abby. Arturo demanded to know what he'd done to deserve Nikki going behind his back to spill everything to Abby.

Nikki swore that she hadn't gone to Abby out of jealousy or spite, but she'd thought Abby had deserved to know the truth before things became more serious between Abby and Arturo. Arturo blasted Nikki for forgetting some details, since their time together had been special, and he thought she should have approached him first. Nikki lectured that he could have avoided being blindsided if he'd been honest with Abby from the beginning, but Arturo countered that Nikki had been the one who'd wanted to keep their affair quiet. Nikki conceded that she and Arturo had different personal points of view, but she didn't want any animosity between them while they were working together. Arturo noted that she'd gotten what she'd wanted, but for him, the damage was done.

At Newman Enterprises, Sharon tracked Victor down in the break room, and he testily asked if she had an appointment. Sharon mentioned that she'd called repeatedly to see him, but she'd realized that she had to ambush him when she hadn't been able to get past his gatekeepers. He haughtily stated that she'd be better off helping Nick prepare for the arbitration hearing, but she appealed to him to make it go away before he did damage that couldn't be undone. She added that she knew Victor, and the custody battle was beneath him. She asserted that Nick and Christian were father and son in every way that mattered, and she questioned why Victor was trying to get between them.

Victor ordered Sharon not to pretend that she was there to support Nick and Christian, and she retorted that she didn't care if he dragged her name through the mud, since she had nothing to hide. She insisted that Nick was a good man who had taken blow after blow, and she excoriated Victor for heaping on more. Victor lamented that his family was slipping through his fingers, since he'd lost Adam and Connor, and he'd essentially lost Nick. He said he'd "be damned" if he allowed the same thing to happen with Christian, but Sharon pointed out that the move to California didn't mean that Victor wouldn't see them again. Victor stressed that all he had left was the next generation, and he refused to stand by and watch them be taken away from him.

On the Athletic Club rooftop, Abby playfully hid her eyes behind the brim of her hat when she spotted Kyle drying off. She asked if it was safe to look, since she didn't want to catch another promotion of his birthday suit. He bragged that the stunt had worked, since sales were great, and she assumed that it had been totally intentional on his part. She mentioned that she did not have work for the day, since she was in the doghouse and had little to do. Kyle guessed that she wasn't spending the day with Arturo after she'd dumped a drink on his head. Abby contended that Arturo had deserved it, but she was sure that he'd already forgotten about her and moved on.

Abby groaned that not only had her stepmother admitted to cheating, but it had been with the man Abby was interested in. Kyle wasn't surprised because he wouldn't put anything past Nikki, and he didn't understand why Victor had kept her around. Abby revealed that Victor and Nikki had been experimenting with an open marriage at the time, and Kyle wondered why she was upset with Arturo if everyone had consented. Abby snapped that it had been convenient for Arturo not to mention it to her, and seeing him flirting with Summer had been the last straw. Kyle grumbled that Summer and Arturo deserved one another, and Abby asked if he was still bitter that Summer had let him go. Kyle huffed that he no longer even thought about Summer.

Billy wrapped up a phone call as Phyllis returned home from a meeting with Lauren. Phyllis proposed that they have some fun, but Billy informed her that they weren't alone, since Summer wasn't out of bed yet. Phyllis loudly wondered if her daughter thought it was spring break, but Billy urged her to cut Summer some slack because she'd just gotten out of a bad relationship. Phyllis groused that Billy was making her look bad by comparison, but he amorously assured her that she could never look bad. He suggested that they move their lunch meetings to a hotel, and she intended to give it serious consideration until Summer remembered how to use an alarm clock. Summer listened from the stairs and watched them kissing.

Phyllis prepared to head back to the office, and Billy contemplated getting their own place. Phyllis figured that Summer would get bored and move on in a matter of weeks, and she preferred to stay there and see what happened. Billy offered to reserve a hotel room, and Phyllis departed. Summer scampered down the stairs in skimpy pajamas, and Billy pointed out that she wasn't alone. He suggested that she put some clothes on, but she once again reminded him that it was her place.

Summer pointedly bent over to get some coffee out of the cupboard, and Billy cautioned that he might be a guest, but he didn't think her mom would appreciate it. Summer complained that her mother had become tame, and she questioned when Phyllis had let people tell her how to dress. Billy contended that Phyllis had changed, and Summer griped that her mom had criticized and judged her since Summer had been back. Billy pressed her to meet Phyllis halfway, and Summer agreed to do it -- for him.

Billy escorted Summer to Jabot, and Kyle dryly hoped that she hadn't driven there, since she shouldn't be allowed behind the wheel. Summer screeched that the judge had made an exception if she saw Kyle in a crosswalk. Billy was startled by their hostility, and Summer muttered that she had no patience for jealous exes. Phyllis was surprised to see Summer, and Billy invited Summer and Phyllis to use his office. After the ladies stepped inside, Billy suggested that Kyle get back together with Summer to make her see the error of her ways, but Kyle replied that life was too short. Meanwhile, Summer declared that Billy thought she and Phyllis needed to get back in sync, and she knew exactly how to make it happen.

Moments later, Phyllis and Summer burst out of the office, bickering. Summer almost stormed off, but she composed herself and apologized for losing her temper. Summer added that the past year had taught her that when she wanted something, she had to go get it for herself, and she stalked off. Phyllis revealed that Summer had asked her to foot the bill for a fancy new sports car to replace the one she'd been busted in, and Kyle mumbled that some things never changed. Billy brightly observed that Summer hadn't been mad when she'd left, and Phyllis hoped it lasted.

Victor met Summer at the Athletic Club, and she felt bad for not being there during his recovery. He assured her that her video chats and emails had made him very happy, and she proclaimed that nothing kept him down. She planned to stick around so long that he might get sick of her, and he wished that his other kids and grandkids shared her enthusiasm for family. Victor inquired whether Phyllis had been supportive after Summer's arrest, and Summer said her mom was getting used to having her around again. Victor assumed that Phyllis was casting stones, and Summer explained that her mom was doing what she thought was right, even if it forced Summer to spend a lot of money and time on rideshares by refusing to help her get another car.

Later, Phyllis arrived home from work, livid that someone had parked in her spot. She prepared to have them towed, but Summer chirped that the car was hers. Summer divulged that Victor had let her take her pick from his fleet of cars when he'd heard she didn't have one, and Phyllis demanded to know how he'd heard. Summer flippantly replied that she had plans and couldn't talk, and she went upstairs. Phyllis realized that she'd just been played.

Later, Phyllis accused Summer of going behind her back to get what Phyllis had refused to give. Summer ignored Phyllis and walked out, and Billy advised Phyllis not to let it get to her, since at least Summer wouldn't be begging to borrow their cars all the time. He pointed out the upside of Summer going out for the rest of the evening, and he suggested that they pick up where they'd left off. Phyllis was too riled up from being played by her own daughter, but Billy kissed her neck and urged her to let him fix it for her. She told him to try a little harder, and they tumbled onto the couch.

Victoria found Victor waiting in her office, and she brusquely asked if they had a meeting. He wondered when he'd needed an appointment to see his daughter, and he gushed about Summer being back. Victoria snapped that she didn't know anyone as good at compartmentalizing as he was, since he treated the rest of the family like chess pieces. She blasted him for trying to punish her by offering the COO job to Nick behind her back, even though she'd been outrunning the pack to do everything he wanted.

Victor conceded that Victoria was very good at her work, but she'd made the egregious mistake of teaming up with Jack. Victoria asked how long Victor would make her pay for it, and Victor wondered if she was thinking of quitting. She pledged to stick it out there, and Victor questioned what she would have done if Nick had accepted the job. Victoria asserted that she'd still be there because she had something to prove to herself and to him. Victor was pleased to hear it, but she warned him to be careful, since he could only push his children away so many times before they stopped going back.

Arturo found Abby sunbathing on the club rooftop and deliberately stepped in to block her light. She protested, and he said he'd been waiting for her drink to be empty to avoid getting doused again. He admitted that he'd deserved the shower, but he swore that he'd never been after her money. Abby argued that she had plenty of reasons to back off from where they might have been headed, and he questioned how he could have known that she was related to his dance partner. Abby wondered why he'd been dancing with anyone after he'd invited her to the party, but she told him to forget it.

Arturo accepted full responsibility for not telling Abby about Nikki, and Abby asked why he hadn't. He explained that he hadn't wanted to jeopardize things when they'd just been starting up, and he admitted that he'd been wrong, but he thought it didn't erase the blast they'd had in Miami. Arturo asked for another shot, but a torn Abby said no.

Abby told Arturo that while she wasn't reconsidering, he'd said all the right things before. He asked why she'd turned him down, and she blamed it on her history of believing in the wrong guys and making bad decisions. Abby didn't have room in her heart to risk lusting and losing again, and Arturo inquired whether trying to change her mind would get him anywhere. She said it was bad timing, and he mused that it had been really nice while it had lasted. Arturo walked away, and Victor appeared behind Abby. She told Victor not to bother warning her about Arturo, since she already knew what had happened with him and Nikki. Victor considered the case closed.

Sharon summoned Nikki to Crimson Lights, and she swore that it had nothing to do with J.T. Sharon revealed that she'd spoken to Victor, who'd refused to set aside the senseless custody battle. Nikki agreed that it was much ado to accomplish nothing, but she wondered if Sharon had honestly thought she'd be able to change Victor's mind. Sharon asserted that she'd had to try, and it was Nikki's turn. Nikki reiterated that she'd already tried to get Victor to see reason, but he never changed his mind once he made it up about something.

Sharon was appalled that Nikki was giving up, since putting up with Victor's behavior would do irreparable damage to Nick. Nikki defended that she was just acknowledging a reality, and she hated it as much as Sharon did. Sharon demanded to know what Nikki intended to do to stop it, but Nikki retorted that it was family business, and she didn't answer to Sharon. Sharon growled that J.T. was her business, and she commanded Nikki to stop making excuses and get Victor to drop the suit, or Sharon would take things as far as she had to. Sharon warned Nikki not to test her, since Nikki wouldn't do well in prison. Sharon walked out.

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