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Devon and Hilary reunited. Abby gave Arturo another chance. The arbitrator awarded temporary custody of Christian to Victor. Nick declared war and threatened to take away everything that mattered to Victor. Kyle insisted on joining the search for Jack's father.
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Victor was given temporary custody of Christian
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Summer is a force to be reckoned with

Summer is a force to be reckoned with

Monday, June 11, 2018

At Summer's apartment, Phyllis pressured Summer to lay out a game plan for her life. Billy listened from the kitchen as Summer lobbed one sarcastic response after another to Phyllis' inquiries. Summer pointed out that Phyllis was a guest. Phyllis recalled that Summer had invited her mother to live in the apartment while Summer was living in various locales. Phyllis' tone became antagonistic when she asked if Summer's mug shot had gone viral yet.

Billy rushed to intervene between Phyllis and Summer. Billy attempted to calm Phyllis and offered the women coffee. Noticing that Phyllis and Summer didn't intend to back down, Billy insisted they call a truce. Billy privately approached Phyllis and suggested they find a place of their own. When Phyllis signaled reluctance, Billy claimed Phyllis was intent on keeping an eye on Summer. Summer joined the conversation again and shared verbal barbs with her mom. Billy pleaded with Phyllis to ease up on her troubled daughter.

After Billy left, Phyllis noted the changes she'd seen in Summer. Summer recalled her unfortunate past with Luka and Austin. Summer added, "I barely even knew who I was for a little while. And Sharon made sure of that, I mean she took away one dad and gave me a new dad, and I loved Jack." Summer said she'd learned to fend for herself after a guy in Berlin had stolen from her. Phyllis was shocked when Summer mentioned that she'd kicked and hit the man with a lamp. Summer insisted she would never let anyone hurt her again. Phyllis was saddened to see that Summer had hardened her heart.

At home with Sharon, Nick was distracted. Nick was apprehensive about his fight to keep Christian. Sharon said she was certain she'd convinced Nikki to back down. Nick asked why Nikki would agree to back down for Sharon. Sharon acknowledged that Nikki's first instinct was to avoid provoking Victor. Sharon gave Nick credit for persuading Nikki. Sharon added that Nikki was also aware that Victor's pursuit would hurt the entire family. Nick said he doubted Victor had been persuaded.

At Devon's penthouse, Devon asked Hilary how she'd liked bunking with Shauna in the same bedroom. Hilary noted that Shauna talked a lot but seemed to enjoy having a stable friend. Devon noted that Hilary's motherly instincts had kicked in. Hilary admitted she'd been imagining being a mother to the child she and Devon would raise together. Hilary gushed that there was no one she'd rather parent a child with than Devon. Shauna entered the room and suggested Hilary throw out options for summer activities. Hilary encouraged Shauna to meet her friend somewhere for lunch.

Later, Hilary was setting a table for an intimate dinner when Devon returned home. Hilary told Devon she'd ordered all his favorite foods to express appreciation to him for inviting her, their unborn child, and Shauna into his home. Devon smiled. Hilary appeared delighted when Devon said the food smelled delicious. Hilary, believing she and Devon were home alone, envisioned growing closer to Devon.

Shauna interrupted and noted that the macaroni and cheese and the chocolate-covered strawberries were amazing. Hilary said she thought Shauna had plans to go out. Shauna explained that her friend had canceled. Shauna picked up on hints that perhaps Hilary and Devon would rather spend time alone together. Hilary, secretly disappointed, assured Shauna she wasn't imposing. Shauna excitedly suggested they stream a movie.

At the Genoa City Athletic Club, Nikki begged Victor to change his mind about seeking custody of Christian. Victor told Nikki he had every right to keep Christian near and would fight Nick. Nikki replied, "Do you really think that's the way to keep Christian in our lives?" Victor explained that though he'd enlisted investigators to search for Chelsea and Connor, he still had no idea where they were. Victor added that he'd made a mistake to let Chelsea leave town with Connor.

Nikki warned that Victor might drive Nick away. Victor insisted that wasn't his aim, as he recalled the time when all his family had turned against him. Nikki admitted that she and her family had struggled to reconnect. Victor agreed that he'd had to fight, too, and added, "I'm sorry about those damn embezzlement charges. I just didn't want to lose my family. That's all." Nikki seemed sympathetic.

Nikki told Victor he shouldn't worry about her leaving him. Victor seemed encouraged by Nikki's renewed commitment. Nikki told Victor she loved him, and so did Nick. Nikki reminded Victor that Nick had, of his own volition, reconciled with his father, so even if Nick moved to the West Coast, he'd return home eventually. Nikki tenderly placed her hand atop Victor's and pledged her love to him. Tears welled in Victor's eyes.

At Sharon's house, Nick checked his phone and told Sharon that Brittany was on her way to Genoa City. Sharon noted that Brittany would advocate for what was best for Christian. Nick agreed and said being a parent was more than just a connection through DNA. Nick insisted that the arbitrator had no reason to award custody to Victor. Nick claimed that despite being a felon, Victor's injuries had impacted his ability to care for a toddler. Sharon noted that Christian would be cared for by nannies while Victor was running his company. Nick said he was proof that Victor lacked parenting skills.

Sharon expressed concern that Victor would cite her past and her mental illness to fight Nick. Nick insisted that the future, despite her troubled past, coupled with the love Sharon had for Christian made her a mother in every way that counted. Sharon said that in her soul, she felt like she was Christian's mother. Nick assured Sharon they would prove they were the best people to raise their son. Sharon seemed certain, too.

After Nick stepped out, Nikki stopped by to talk to Sharon. Nikki said she'd wanted to address Sharon's "nasty little blackmail threat." Sharon said Nikki shouldn't have needed a nudge to do the right thing for Nick and Christian. Nikki explained that she couldn't control Victor, who wouldn't walk away from his grandson for her or for anyone else. Sharon replied, "Well, that's too bad." Nikki insisted that Sharon convince Nick to stay in Genoa City.

Nikki dug in her heels and insisted she would stand by Victor. Sharon replied that she would stand by Nick. Nikki warned that if Sharon's blackmail attempts led to Victoria having to relive her nightmare with J.T., Nikki would ensure that Sharon would be dragged down, too. Nikki added that Sharon would then lose both Nick and Christian. After Nikki left, Sharon seemed shaken.

In Billy's office, Billy admitted to Kyle that his risky plan to strip naked before an audience had paid off. Kyle boldly requested a bonus. Kyle said initially he hadn't put much stock in Billy's idea for the advertising campaign. After Billy's idea had proven successful, Kyle noted, he'd applauded Billy for knowing what he was doing. Billy praised Kyle for his success. Billy admitted that one person was missing, and he insisted that Jack should be part of Jabot. Kyle said he would do whatever it took to get his dad involved in the company again.

At Jabot, Phyllis approached Kyle and lauded the brisk sales of Birthday Suit sunblock. Phyllis invited Kyle to dinner at her place to celebrate. Kyle noted that Summer would be there, so he declined the invitation. Phyllis didn't back off. Phyllis claimed that Summer had changed. Kyle replied, "I've seen the change firsthand -- not a fan."

Phyllis insisted she wasn't pressuring Kyle and Summer to become involved again. Phyllis said she thought Kyle and Summer should renew their longtime friendship. Kyle wasn't convinced. Phyllis, employing persuasion, said Kyle likely needed a friend as much as Summer did. Kyle again declined and insisted that he and Summer had both moved on. Phyllis seemed frustrated that her efforts had failed.

Summer, still whiling away her day at home, was lounging on a sofa, flipping through a magazine. Billy returned, asked about Phyllis, and noted that Summer should wear more than skimpy lingerie. Summer, citing housemate rules, replied that she wasn't her mother's keeper and could wear whatever she wanted. Billy tossed a robe to Summer and suggested she put it on. Summer refused and asked Billy why he was fixated on her wardrobe.

Billy explained to Summer that conforming to social norms meant not walking around half-naked. Summer claimed that Billy was attracted to her. Billy replied, "Are you kidding?" Summer noted that Billy seemed turned on. Billy argued that he wasn't turned on, but Summer told Billy she thought he was "hot."

After Billy asked about leftover food in the refrigerator, Summer made suggestive comments about shunning cold leftovers in favor of "hot and fresh." Billy protested and insisted that Phyllis was the only woman for him. Summer accused Billy of twisting her words to make her sound provocative. Billy sighed with exasperation as Summer refused to relent. Summer warned that if Billy said anything to Phyllis about their conversation, she'd claim Billy had twisted her words.

As Victor was leaving the Genoa City Athletic Club, he ran into Nick. Victor asked Nick if he should be consulting with his attorney. Nick replied, "Considering it's my name on Christian's birth certificate, my strategy is pretty much covered." Victor gloated that Nick should be aware that it wouldn't be simple. Nick replied, "No one is invincible. Even you should know that by now. I've beaten you in court before." Victor warned that Nick's self-righteousness would be his downfall. Nick defiantly insisted he would do whatever it took to keep his son, even if it meant stooping to Victor's level.

Nick and Victor go to battle in arbitration

Nick and Victor go to battle in arbitration

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Arturo drove in his truck as a police siren sounded behind him. He pulled over.

On the Athletic Club rooftop, Abby pulled out her tablet as she basked in the sun. Kyle hoped that she was wearing Birthday Suit by Jabot and bragged that it was the country's top seller. She chirped that she loved telecommuting because there was no one to micromanage, and he suggested that she quit and go somewhere where she would be more appreciated, like Jabot. Summer spotted them from across the roof.

Kyle claimed that he was having fun at Jabot in spite of his demotion, and he imagined that he'd have even more fun with another non-blood renegade in the house. Abby groaned that the timing was off, since both her parents were at Newman, and she needed to prove her value. She rolled her eyes when she saw Summer stripping down to a bikini, and Kyle grumbled that the exhibitionism was getting on his nerves. Abby teasingly asked which ones, and she anticipated that it would only be a matter of time before Summer shoved unwanted drama into their lives. Kyle vowed that he and Summer would never be involved again, but he couldn't help but stare at her.

Summer sympathized when Arturo informed her that he'd gotten an expensive ticket for going two miles over the speed limit. Arturo called to Abby, and Summer reiterated that she'd had no idea that something had been going on between Abby and Arturo. Summer swore that she wasn't interested in a love triangle repeat, but Abby haughtily stated that it was no longer her concern who Arturo chatted with. Summer and Abby exchanged barbs, and Summer suggested that Arturo deserved a second chance based on the way he looked at Abby.

After Summer walked away, Arturo inquired whether Abby had had any second thoughts, but she maintained that she couldn't see him anymore. He defended that Summer had been the only familiar face when he'd arrived on the rooftop, but he preferred to talk to Abby. She agreed to talk for a little while, and she noted that he seemed really frustrated over one traffic ticket. He mentioned that he'd also been ticketed for a tiny parking violation and that the city had lost his paperwork for a construction permit. Abby thought she knew who to blame.

Abby revealed that Victor had seen her with Arturo earlier. She'd told her father that it had been nothing to worry about, but it would be just like Victor to send a message. Arturo considered it a stretch, since nothing had happened when Victor had found out about Arturo's affair with Nikki. Abby clucked that there was a difference between a wife Arturo had had an arrangement with and Victor being overprotective of his little girl.

In the dining room, Jack shook Neil's hand and apologized for being abrupt the other day. Jack explained that he'd been having a conversation with Dina about who his actual father was, but she hadn't been able to remember the guy's name. Jack continued that she'd assured him that it had been a meaningful relationship, and she'd encouraged him to continue the search, so the hunt was officially on. Jack showed Neil a scan of an old membership ledger from the country club from ten months before Jack's birth. Jack thought his father's name had to be somewhere on the list, since Dina had made it absolutely clear that it had been someone she'd met at the club.

Neil advised Jack to give his quest some careful thought before diving in. Jack confirmed that he hadn't forgotten what he and John had shared, but he was curious about how different his life would have been if he'd known his biological father. Jack wondered if he had blood relatives or if his father was still out there, and he felt he needed answers to process everything. Neil reflected back on how brutally painful it had been when he'd found his mom hours before she'd passed, and Jack asked if he regretted it. Neil replied that he didn't then, but he warned that it was a risky path to go down, since Jack might discover things that he'd later wish had stayed hidden.

Later, Kyle joined Jack and recognized that Jack had felt betrayed when Kyle had stayed at Jabot, but he swore that he'd only been true to himself, like Jack had taught him. Jack conceded that he'd been unfairly harsh to assume that Kyle would go along with his expectations, and Kyle wished that his father would return to Jabot. Jack didn't know how he'd feel, not being able to sit in his old chair, but Kyle questioned whether Jack wanted to spend years building a new business when he could continue his life's work at the company he loved. Jack promised to consider all of Kyle's points.

At the club bar, Jack was thrilled to see Summer, and they hugged. She was surprised that he wasn't at Jabot to count the sunscreen profits, and he realized that she and Phyllis hadn't talked about him. Summer scoffed at the thought of her mother throwing Jack away for Billy, but Jack hoped Summer would accept it the same way he had. She was stunned when he revealed that he'd learned that he wasn't really an Abbott.

Summer lamented that Jack had been left hanging with a giant question mark, and Jack recalled that everyone kept telling him that he was still an Abbott. Summer was adamant that he would always have his family, but he had a gnawing feeling that something essential about him was missing. Summer figured that everyone wanted to know their origins, and he asked when she'd become so wise. She chalked it up to going on a journey with the sole purpose of finding herself, and she recommended that he book his own journey -- pronto.

Later, Summer was surprised when Kyle approached her after he'd ignored her earlier on the roof. He conceded that everyone had seen her as she'd planned, but she couldn't have expected him to take a number. She invited him to sit and mentioned her talk with Jack. She imagined that Kyle was freaking out about not being an Abbott, and Kyle guessed that she had freaked out when her paternity had been in question. She reasoned that she'd known her dad had been either Jack or Nick, whereas Jack's could be anybody. Kyle snapped that his name was still Abbott, and he was still somebody. She said she hadn't meant to offend him, but he stalked off.

Kyle joined Jack on the rooftop and asked if Jack had made a decision about Jabot. Jack realized that starting another company wouldn't make him happy, but returning to Jabot wouldn't, either. Jack opted to take a break from work and focus on finding out who his real father was. Jack insisted that he was doing it for both of them.

At the cottage, Nick practiced what he was going to say at the arbitration hearing. Brittany instructed him to act exactly the same way at the arbitration by speaking from the heart and keeping it sincere and simple. Nick hoped that Michael wouldn't be vicious and sleazy like Victor had been threatening. Brittany noted that when Nick had handed Christian over to the nanny that morning, she hadn't seen an uncle with a nephew but a father with his son. Nick refused to let anyone take his son away from him, and Brittany declared that she wouldn't, either.

Before the arbitration, Victor told Michael that he expected a win. Michael pointed out that there was no precedent to determine whether an uncle or a grandfather was a more suitable guardian, so it would be a subjective decision made by the arbitrator. Victor replied that it was up to Michael to make her see that there was only one correct decision.

Nick, Sharon, and Brittany arrived for the hearing, and Nick asked where Nikki was. Victor reported that Nikki's multiple sclerosis had flared up, and he blamed it on the stress from the news that Nick planned to move to California. Nick questioned how much stress his mother was under because Victor was suing his own son for custody. The arbitrator entered and explained that the hearing would work like a court proceeding, with all testimony given under oath and her ruling being legally binding after hearing from the parties and witnesses.

Sharon blurted out that they should cancel the hearing and reach a compromise, like Nick guaranteeing that he'd stay in town and allow Victor a certain number of visits with Christian. Brittany introduced Sharon as Nick's ex-wife and close friend, and Sharon urged Nick and Victor to work it out on their own before they said things they couldn't take back. Nick huffed that he wasn't interested in giving his father any rights to his son, and Victor countered that he wasn't interested in occasional visitation -- he wanted all or nothing.

During his opening statement, Michael called Victor an unparalleled cornerstone of the community and a celebrated businessman who employed hundreds in Genoa City and worldwide. Michael referenced Victor's legendary charitable endeavors, but he cited Victor's devotion to his family as his greatest source of pride. Michael mentioned that Victor had recently been at death's door but had fought his way back to health with his family foremost in mind. Michael indicated a special concern that Victor had for Nick, who had suffered a series of devastating professional and personal losses and had made an impulsive decision to divest of a nine-figure trust fund.

Michael referred to Nick's acceptance of a senior position at Newman Enterprises, only to turn it down days later and instead accept a surprise job offer at a lower salary in San Diego in order to cut ties, uprooting his two young children. Michael contended that his client was distraught because he adored his grandchildren -- a feeling that was mutual -- but grandparents couldn't overrule the wishes of a child's parent. Michael specified that Nick was really Christian's uncle, which changed everything. Michael asserted that Victor was a loyal and loving grandfather who didn't deserve to have his grandchild torn from him, and he recommended that Christian be placed into Victor's care.

Brittany countered that the facts were very simple, and they weren't there to debate Nick's genetic relationship to Christian. Brittany argued that Christian was legally Nick's son, since Nick had been married to Sage at the time of her death, and Nick's name was on Christian's birth certificate. Brittany continued that Nick had believed that he was the boy's biological father until recently, but the truth hadn't changed Nick's feelings because family was defined by more than DNA results. Brittany stated that Christian was a happy, healthy little boy because of the love and dedication of the only father he'd ever known, and removing him from Nick's custody would cause irreparable harm.

Michael presented the DNA results that proved Christian was Adam's biological son. Victor shared that he'd learned about Christian's paternity shortly after the boy's birth, but he'd concealed it to protect Nick. Victor asserted that he'd had no reason to interfere as long as Christian remained in town, but he'd changed his mind when Nick had declared his intention to cut Victor out of Christian's life. Victor explained that Adam had fathered two boys and that Chelsea had disappeared with one of them, leaving Christian as Victor's only link to Adam.

Michael inquired whether Victor could provide a better home for Christian, and Victor contended that he could, both financially and emotionally. Victor referred to Nick's history of changing his mind and making impetuous decisions, like moving back in with his ex-wife days after Chelsea and Connor had left. Victor continued that Nick had decided to move to California without considering the welfare of his children, but Victor would put the welfare of the boy above all else.

Brittany was skeptical that Victor would be a better role model despite two felony convictions, and she presented an exhibit of his criminal record. Victor testified that he'd paid his dues by serving time, and he'd regained his position in the community and as head of his company. Brittany wondered how it was possible for the head of a billion-dollar global conglomerate to be involved in Christian's daily life, and Victor pledged to make it his priority. Brittany pointed out that Nick and Victoria had been raised by Nikki, nannies, and household staff, and Victor defended that he'd been building his business during a different time, but he didn't have those responsibilities anymore.

Brittany noted that things were also different because Victor was decades older, and the recent attack on his life had weakened his physical condition, forcing him to learn to walk again after suffering a stroke. She doubted that he could meet the physical demands of raising an active toddler, but Victor sternly stated that he'd fought himself out of coma and a "damn wheelchair," so he could take care of himself and others. Brittany congratulated him on spinning the story to his advantage, and Michael objected. Brittany asked what had prompted Victor to break years of secrecy about Christian's paternity and file for custody, and Victor claimed that he'd been afraid he'd lose another grandchild.

Brittany speculated that there was another, more personal reason, since Victor had been furious with Nick for refusing his offer to rejoin the company. She accused Victor of using Christian's paternity as a weapon to hurt Nick. Victor insisted that wasn't true, and Brittany contemplated whether all of Victor's actions had been and continued to be motivated by revenge. The arbitrator sustained Michael's objection, and Brittany had no further questions.

Brittany asked Nick to describe the serious obstacles he'd had to overcome to have a relationship with Christian. Nick recounted that Christian had been several weeks premature, and the love he'd felt for his son had been instant and overwhelming. Nick told the story of the psychotic doctor who had lied that Christian had died, and Sage's death shortly thereafter. Nick bemoaned that it had been the darkest time of his life, but finding out that Christian was alive had given him his life back. He swore that becoming a single father to the boy had allowed him to heal, since they'd had an instant, permanent bond that grew every day.

Nick spoke about his flexible schedule that allowed him to spend most of his time with his kids, and he gushed that Christian was crazy about Sharon, Faith, and Mariah. He called them a happy, strong family unit, and Brittany inquired about how Nick had reacted upon learning that he wasn't Christian's biological father. Nick replied that it had been devastating, but he'd quickly realized that it didn't diminish how he felt about his son. Nick divulged that both Adam and Sage had chosen him to raise Christian as his own, and he reflected back on when Chelsea had originally planned to flee with Christian but had left him behind because the tot shouldn't be separated from his father.

Brittany inquired why Adam had felt so strongly that Nick should care for Connor and Christian, and Nick spat that Adam hadn't wanted their father to have any influence over Adam's kids. Nick testified that he and his siblings had gone through Victor's manipulations and incessant need for control that was disguised as love, and Victor loved pitting them against one another to test them. Nick mentioned that Victor had convinced Nick that he'd changed, but Nick had later learned that the job offer had been Victor's way of punishing Victoria. Nick continued that when he'd declined the offer, Victor had revealed Christian's paternity in a fit of rage, unaware that Nick had already known about it. Nick was sure that the custody suit was intended to punish him for what Victor had perceived as a betrayal, and that was exactly why Christian needed to stay with Nick.

Michael questioned whether Nick could provide a more loving and stable environment for Christian, and Nick replied that there was no doubt that the boy was better off in his home. Michael referred to Nick's own childhood, and Nick admitted that he and Victor had been close. Michael pointed out that Victor had always supported and defended Nick when Nick had gotten into trouble, including being unjustly accused of murder. Nick said their relationship had been different when he'd been a kid, but he felt his own children were better off without Victor's influence.

Michael noted that Nick had let his kids maintain relationships with their grandfather the entire time, and Nick conceded that Victor had been good to them, so he hadn't wanted to sever those ties. Michael accused Nick of trying to do exactly that with Christian, and he thought Nick was also using Christian as a weapon. Michael envisioned that Nick's return to Newman hadn't been what he'd expected, so Nick had retaliated by shutting Victor out of Christian's life even before Victor had mentioned Christian's paternity. Nick bellowed that he was tired of it, since Christian was his boy. Brittany advised Nick to sit down and stop talking, and the arbitrator threatened to hold him in contempt.

During a break, Nick apologized for hurting his chances, but Brittany assured him that he'd made a strong argument about why he should retain custody. Meanwhile, Victor suspected that while Michael had gotten Nick to crack at the end, Nick still held the momentum. Victor ominously stated that Michael knew what needed to be done, and Michael asked if Victor was certain that he wanted to take that approach. Victor barked that his son had left him no option. The arbitrator announced that they were back in session, and Michael called a rebuttal witness -- Sharon.

Victor is awarded temporary custody of Christian

Victor is awarded temporary custody of Christian

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

by Nel

At arbitration, Michael asked if Sharon thought that Christian was better off in Nick's home than in Victor's. He also asked if Victor had been kind and generous to his grandchildren, if Victor doted on Faith and Christian, and if Victor had taught Faith how to play chess and ride a horse. Sharon said yes and that the kids felt close to Victor, but it didn't mean that Victor was capable of caring for a toddler on a full-time basis. Sharon said she wasn't sure that Victor was up for the task.

Michael asked if Faith had asked for permission to move in with Victor, if Sharon and Nick had agreed to let her, and if Victor had provided the guidance and support that Faith had needed. Sharon said Victor had and added that it had been for a limited time because Faith hadn't been a toddler requiring constant attention. He asked if Sharon and Nick were living together. Sharon said they were and that they provided a more stable home than Victor could.

Michael asked if Sharon was comfortable with her answer despite her history with mental illness. He asked how many times Sharon had been admitted to a psychiatric facility. Sharon said three times. Michael stated that the first time she'd been admitted had been after she'd been arrested because of her erratic behavior and symptoms of kleptomania. He said that Sharon had been arrested a second time and had been charged with fraud, conspiracy, and making false statements to the police.

Michael asked Sharon whether she'd been admitted to a psychiatric facility a second time. Sharon admitted she'd been ill. Her treatment and the behavior associated with her illness were part of her past. Michael asked her to describe her illness. Sharon said she had bipolar disorder, but it was under control and had been for a long time.

Michael asked Sharon to explain why she'd decided to commit herself to Fairview hospital two and a half years previously. Sharon said that she'd had a miscarriage and had become distraught and very depressed; she'd felt hopeless and miserable. She hadn't known how she'd overcome the pain and the loss. Michael asked if she'd felt that she posed a threat to herself or others. Sharon denied it. Michael said that she'd gone to extreme measures to have herself institutionalized.

Nick stood up and said that was enough, and Michael had made his point. Victor told Nick not to interfere. The arbitrator issued a warning to counsel to keep their clients in check. Brittany and Michael apologized.

Michael asked if there had been times that Sharon had felt that she wasn't in control of her actions. Sharon said not since her current course of medication. Michael noted that because of her medication, she'd been able to live a normal and happy life. Sharon said it was a huge key factor for her. Michael asked where electroconvulsive therapy fit in. Sharon said that it was referred to as ECT, and it had only been done once. Her doctor felt that she'd be better off with prescribed medication.

Michael asked if Sharon had ever gone off her medication. Sharon said very rarely in the past, and not since Christian had entered her life. Michael asked her to describe her initial association with Christian. Sharon said that she and her husband Dylan McAvoy had been deceived by Dr. Sandra Allen, who had advised them that Christian was their biological child. They hadn't had any reason to not believe her. Michael stated that she'd raised Christian until he'd been about a year old, and during that year, she'd discovered the baby wasn't hers and that Sandra Allan had lied. Sharon admitted it.

Michael asked who Sharon had believed Christian's actual parents were. Sharon replied that she'd believed the parents to be Nick and Sage. She admitted that she hadn't told Nick that she had Christian despite Nick's tragic loss when Sage had died in a car crash while he'd been grieving over the child they'd lost. Sharon said that Sandra Allan had convinced Nick, Sage, and everyone else that Christian had died. Michael said that as misguided as the late Dr. Allan's behavior had been, Sharon had continued to withhold the information from Nick. Sharon said that at that time, she hadn't been aware of Christian's paternity. Michael asked how long Sharon had withheld the information from Nick. Sharon said it had been six months.

Michael accused Sharon of perpetuating a cruel hoax. Sharon stated that she wasn't proud of that time in her life and deeply regretted her actions. Michael asked if she'd been taking her medication, attending therapy, and in full control of her faculties. Sharon admitted she had been. Michael asked what that said about her judgment, as a parent and as a person. Sharon said she'd made a mistake. Michael was certain that people would have described her actions as reckless, sadistic, and criminal. Brittany objected -- Michael knew there had never been any charges filed against Sharon.

Michael commented about Sharon and Nick's reconciliation and that Nick had fully forgiven her. Michael asked if it had been Sharon's suggestion for Nick to move into her home. Sharon said yes. Michael suggested that Sharon had invited Nick to live with her so she could raise a child that she'd considered her own. Brittany objected and took over the questioning.

Brittany asked Sharon about her current psychiatric treatment. Sharon said that she saw a therapist regularly and took her medication daily. Brittany provided the arbitrator with the therapist's medical report. Brittany said that Sharon was the owner and manager of Crimson Lights -- the most successful coffeehouse in Genoa City -- and a part-time student at Genoa City University. Sharon said that she'd taken a degree program for clinical psychology and social work and that she'd taken a job at the crisis center as a lab credit toward her degree. Sharon said that she'd finished the advanced training, and she'd qualified as a shift supervisor. Sharon admitted it was very rewarding.

Brittany provided the arbitrator with glowing reports from Sharon's professors. Michael said he got the gist of the reports, but Brittany said that the gist was that Sharon had been living with a mental illness while leading a productive life. She was stable, and she provided a service to others. Brittany asked Sharon about her relationship with Nick. Sharon said that they'd known each other for twenty years. They'd shared a profound friendship, and they shared a happy home because they trusted each other. They were committed to honesty.

Sharon said she was the maternal figure for Christian, but she was there to help raise him as Nick wished. She said she was very clear about her role in Christian's life. Michael stated that Sharon carried a heavy schedule, and he asked if she felt that she'd overextended herself. Sharon said no because she didn't have a full course load, her hours at the crisis center were flexible, and she delegated much of her work at Crimson Lights to her staff. She said that Christian and Faith were her priority.

Michael commented that Sharon appeared confident. Sharon admitted that she was. Michael asked if she'd been as confident prior to her psychological supervision at Fairview. When Brittany objected, Michael asked if Sharon could guarantee that she'd be able to maintain her status quo. He asked whether she'd ever suffer another bout of mania because of being bipolar. Brittany objected, stating that Sharon wasn't a doctor, but the arbitrator overruled her. Sharon said she couldn't guarantee that she wouldn't. Michael stated that there was no guarantee that Christian would be safe with her.

The arbitrator called for a recess to allow her to weigh all the testimony. She said she would return when she'd made her decision.

After the arbitrator left, Nick accused Michael of being vicious and cruel. Victor told Nick not to blame Michael and that they wouldn't be there if Nick hadn't threatened to deny access to his grandson. Nick said that Victor had reached a new low, and it proved that Victor was the sick one, not Sharon. Nick said that Christian didn't need Victor's kind of love -- he needed to be saved from it.

Off to one side, Brittany admitted that it had been tougher than they'd expected, but under the circumstances, Sharon had done better than Brittany could have hoped for. Nick told Sharon he was proud of her. After Brittany stepped away to check in with her office, Sharon apologized to Nick, but he said that she'd been amazing.

Sharon admitted that even though she'd prepared for the questioning, it had been much worse than she could have anticipated. She said that every time Michael had asked her a question, all she'd been able to think about had been how she'd screwed things up. Nick said that Sharon had handled herself a lot better than he had. She'd been calm, strong, and real. Sharon said it didn't matter because Michael had gotten the last word -- she was too unstable to be around Christian.

Nick said that Brittany and Sharon had done a great job of painting a picture of who Sharon really was, and he thought that Brittany had exposed Victor's motives for what they really were.

The arbitrator returned and said that the arguments to keep Nick as Christian's primary guardian had been compelling, but she was troubled by Sharon's presence in the home. She couldn't allow the child to remain in an environment that could prove to be detrimental. She granted Victor temporary custody and Nick visitation. They would address permanent custody at a later date, pending a report from social services. Brittany assured Nick the decision was only temporary, and she wouldn't give up.

Victor told Michael he'd done an excellent job, and because of him, they'd won. Michael said he couldn't remember when he'd felt more like a loser. Victor told Nick he'd stop by later to pick-up his grandson.

Lily met with Abby in the Athletic Club dining room. Lily asked about Abby and Arturo's trip to Miami. Abby admitted it had been a blast. Lily said Arturo was easy on the eyes, and she asked if Arturo needed a modeling agent. Abby told her to ask Arturo because she and Arturo were over. Abby updated Lily. Lily couldn't believe that Arturo had been involved with Nikki. Abby believed that Arturo should have told her.

Abby said that the reason Arturo hadn't told her about Nikki was because he'd wanted her to get to know him for who he was and not by his actions. Abby admitted there was a lot to like about Arturo. Abby confessed that they'd kissed once. Abby told Lily that Victor didn't like Arturo, but she wanted to give Arturo a second chance. Lily noticed that Abby had hesitated. She said that if Abby and Arturo felt something for each other, then they should take a chance.

Jack arrived at Neil's penthouse and asked Neil what the emergency was. Neil produced a box he'd found at Hamilton-Winters, containing Dina's journals that had been written in her own hand. Neil was excited and told Jack that somewhere within those pages, Jack might find who his father was. Jack was stunned. He told Neil that it meant a great deal to him. Jack rummaged through the box and found two journals that dated to the time that he'd been conceived.

Jack stared at the journals and told Neil he was "scared as hell" because of what he'd find in them. Jack admitted that Neil's warning about finding something he wasn't prepared for had stuck with him, yet he was going to look through Dina's journals in spite of the warning. Jack said that once he'd read Dina's journal, there would be no turning back. Neil told Jack that no matter what he'd read about his father, he didn't define the man Jack had become.

Jack remained reluctant to read the journals. Neil asked what would be the worst that could happen. Neil teased that Victor could be Jack's father. Jack laughed and told Neil he'd already had a nightmare about it, but he'd done the math, and it wasn't possible. Neil told Jack that he had the strength and sense of humor to face whatever was in the journals. Jack took a deep breath and began to read.

Jack read about Dina's charity meetings, seeing Katherine at the Embers, and the argument Dina had with John about how much time John spent at work. Jack was surprised because Dina and John had been newlyweds at the time. Dina had written that everything had changed one night at the country club. She'd been unhappy, and she'd stepped out onto the veranda just off the ballroom.

Dina recalled that the band had been playing romantic songs when she'd felt a hand on her shoulder. She'd turned around, and there'd been a tall, dark, and handsome man standing before her. He'd asked her to dance and made her feel more alive than she'd felt in months or even years. They hadn't spoken, but they'd shared a kiss. She wrote that the universe had shifted, and nothing had been the same after that.

Dina wrote that she'd been away from her journal for too long because she'd been too busy and too happy to steal a few moments to write. She wrote that she and her handsome man had checked into their usual room at the Stardust Motel and that she'd received a smile from the tight-lipped old dear who worked the afternoon shift. Dina had known that her secret was safe with this woman and that no one in town had any idea that she'd been having an illicit and secret affair with -- Jack turned the page and was shocked to see that page had been torn out. The next entry was two days later.

Jack was agitated. He and Neil went through both journals but found nothing. Jack told Neil that he had to know what Dina had written on the missing pages. Neil thought that Dina might have thrown them out, but Jack thought that Dina might have kept them. He knew it was a long shot, maybe impossible, but if the pages existed, he had to find them.

At Crimson Lights, Arturo received a phone call and became agitated when an agreement he'd had in place was abruptly terminated.

At the rooftop bar at the Athletic Club, Abby thanked a good-looking gentleman for lunch, and he left. Arturo arrived and told Abby it was good to see her, even if she was with another man. Abby explained that it had been a casual lunch with a business colleague from Chicago. Arturo told Abby that a big client had dropped him. He said that Abby had been right, and something was going on. They agreed that Victor's name was all over each situation. Abby admitted that Victor had a pattern of interfering with her life. Arturo said he'd deal with Victor.

Arturo told Abby that he wanted to pursue her, but the last thing he wanted was to cause trouble for her and her family. He knew that Victor and Nikki would have a strong reaction and that they'd want to protect Abby. Abby said that Nikki's intentions hadn't been pure because Nikki had thrown jealousy into the mix. Arturo said he'd deal with Victor, and he didn't want Abby to suffer any collateral damage. He said that a clean break was best for both of them, and he'd keep his distance. Arturo left.

Abby caught up to Arturo and told him that she'd thought about him a lot in the past few days. She wondered how a guy she'd been seeing and thought she'd known, hadn't told her that he'd had a fling with Nikki. Abby admitted that she'd never wanted to end things with him, but she'd felt she'd had to. She didn't like the idea of not seeing him anymore. She wanted to give him a second chance. Arturo admitted that not telling Abby about Nikki had been a stupid mistake. Arturo kissed her. He wanted to be clear and stated that he wouldn't walk away. They kissed again.

Nick threatens to take everything from Victor

Nick threatens to take everything from Victor

Thursday, June 14, 2018

At Devon's penthouse, Hilary finished a work call as Devon prepared to rush out for a meeting. He said he'd order dinner for him and Shauna that night, and Hilary claimed that she'd also be around because she'd had to reschedule a dinner meeting. After Devon left, Hilary made another call to cancel her dinner plans. Shauna descended the stairs and mentioned that she'd heard Devon leave, and she suggested that she and Hilary do something together. Hilary suddenly had an idea, and she led Shauna out.

At Jabot, Summer entered Billy's office and cheerfully greeted her "roomie," and he asked why she was there. She reminded him that he'd told her to try to work things out with her mom, but he countered that her mother wasn't there. Phyllis walked in, and Summer claimed that Billy's open-door policy had led to a detour. Phyllis suggested that they go to her office, but Billy requested a moment alone with her first. After Summer exited, Billy insisted that they get off Summer's turf as soon as possible. Summer listened from outside.

Billy showed Phyllis some prospective new homes online, but she found fault with all of them. He reasoned that it wasn't natural for them to live with her adult daughter, and he amorously added that he missed doing natural things whenever the mood struck. She figured that hotel rooms were fun and sexy, but he argued that they could be fun and sexy in their own home. Phyllis reiterated that Summer might not stay in town, but Billy pressed to get their own place anyway. Phyllis preferred to keep an eye on Summer, and Billy realized that he wouldn't be able to talk Phyllis into moving elsewhere. She promised to discuss it once things settled down.

In the corridor, Summer recommended that Hilary and Shauna stop by the sample room. Phyllis joined them and sang Shauna's praises as a go-getter, and she lauded Hilary for being just as driven as Phyllis was. Hilary announced that they were there to see Phyllis in action, and she proposed that Shauna shadow Phyllis for a bit. Phyllis agreed to set up a time the following week, but Hilary suggested that Phyllis and Shauna talk about climbing the corporate ladder over dinner. Phyllis begged off, and Hilary appealed to Summer to chat with Shauna about her intern days. Summer warned Hilary to be careful, or Shauna might think Hilary was trying to ditch her for the night.

After Hilary and Shauna left, Summer griped that Hilary had been pushy, but Phyllis figured that Hilary had needed to ask to get what she'd wanted. Phyllis added that Shauna was too young to be following Summer around, and Summer translated that to mean that she'd be a bad influence. Phyllis swore that she was happy that Summer was there to see her, and she invited Summer to hang out at Fenmore's and observe. Summer sarcastically stated that she could have a tea party with Mr. Ears afterward, and Phyllis proposed that they cut out early and grab a drink. Summer divulged that her cash flow was in a temporary halt, since she'd left her credit card somewhere. Phyllis realized that Summer was only there to push Phyllis' buttons like an ATM.

Summer insisted that she wasn't there to talk about money, but she thought it had been smarter to mention her financial situation before she'd had to ask her mom to buy her vodka. Phyllis questioned Summer's other reasons for stopping by, and Summer cited Billy's advice for them to spend time together. Phyllis sourly remarked that Summer couldn't spend it buying clothes, and she stepped aside to take a call, ignoring Summer's repeated requests for money. Summer knocked on Billy's door and asked if he had a minute.

Phyllis walked in on Billy handing Summer some cash, and she revealed that Summer had already tried to hit her up. Phyllis admitted that she wanted to believe Summer because Phyllis was pathetically desperate to be close to her daughter again, but everyone there earned a paycheck, whereas Summer had people on standby to give her money. Summer inquired whether Phyllis had been close with her mother at Summer's age, and Phyllis conceded that she hadn't been, for many reasons, but she was trying to do a better job. Summer whined that she was just trying to live her life, and she was sorry she was such a disappointment. Summer handed the money back to Billy and stalked off. Outside, Summer called someone and asked if they had a minute to talk.

Later, Billy found Summer waiting for him outside his office, and he assumed that she still wanted money. She conceded that her mom had been right, and she needed to get a job. She suggested that he hire her, but he flatly declined. Summer figured that she'd have to go with her backup plan, since Lauren had already offered her a marketing position at Fenmore's. Summer purred that she'd be right down the hall, so she and Billy would get to have even more fun and games. She exclaimed that she loved the job already.

At Crimson Lights, Shauna lamented that none of her friends were available to hang out. She hesitated to try Charlie, and Hilary encouraged her not to wait for him to do the asking. Shauna promised to figure something out for that night, since she'd sensed that Summer hadn't been wrong about Hilary wanting to get rid of Shauna. Hilary explained that she'd like to have some alone time with Devon, and Shauna realized that she'd always been around, so Hilary's desire to go slowly had turned into never. Hilary didn't want Shauna to feel in the way, but Shauna thought she shouldn't be Hilary's problem; she got up to find someplace else to live. Hilary ordered her to sit back down.

Shauna checked her text messages to see if any of her friends had written back, but Hilary told her to put the phone down. Hilary admitted that she'd messed up by not telling Shauna that she needed room, and part of her was a little embarrassed by how complicated things were with Devon. Hilary realized that she'd tried to justify her selfishness by finding something legitimate for Shauna to do, but she was responsible for Shauna. Hilary contended that she was supposed to make Shauna's life better, not harder, but Shauna countered that it wasn't Hilary's job just because Lily had caught Shauna crashing with Charlie. Hilary confided that Lily was probably part of the reason she'd asked Shauna to move in, since she'd wanted to show Lily that Hilary wasn't all about herself.

Shauna asserted that Hilary deserved all she had, and Hilary agreed, but she also believed Shauna deserved a lot more than what she had. Hilary felt compelled to share her time, home, and honesty, and she couldn't let Shauna leave until they got it right. Shauna recognized that everything Hilary had done had been to spend time with Devon that night, and Hilary explained that their history was complicated, so she needed to be very careful. Shauna quipped that careful had gone out the window the second Hilary had gotten pregnant. Charlie approached and inquired whether Shauna had seen his text message. Shauna informed him that she was looking for something to do that night, but she needed Hilary's permission.

Devon returned home and found a nicely set table with place cards for him and Hilary. He called out for Hilary, but Shauna and Charlie emerged from the kitchen. Devon inquired whether Hilary had put them to work; Shauna swore that she wasn't Cinderella but was the fairy godmother. Shauna added that she'd had to talk Hilary into letting her set something up to thank them for letting her stay. Hilary appeared on the stairs in a sexy dress, and she and Devon smiled at one another.

Shauna and Charlie served Hilary and Devon dinner. Shauna revealed that she loved cooking shows, but she usually didn't bother just for herself. Charlie reported that the dessert plate was ready to go, and the teens headed out, making a point to say they'd be out late. Devon asked how much of the evening had been Hilary's doing, but she insisted that it had all been Shauna. Devon was skeptical, and Hilary admitted that she'd tried to pawn Shauna off on Phyllis to get a little breathing room. Hilary continued that she'd hurt Shauna's feelings, but they'd talked things out, and Shauna had cut her a break. Hilary shared that she knew exactly what she wanted -- to be alone with him.

As Devon and Hilary swayed to some music, he murmured that he'd been taken aback when he'd seen her on the stairs. She told him not to say that she was glowing, but he insisted that she was. She found it cute that Shauna had pretended that she'd made dinner to be helpful, but Hilary had changed her outfit so that Devon would get the right idea. He stressed that they needed to be careful, since they had to be sure if it was going to happen.

Devon and Hilary realized that they no longer had to guess what the other person was thinking, and they kissed passionately. Devon suggested that they stay in his room that night, but he quickly corrected that it was their room. She told him to stop talking, and they kissed again and began to tear off one another's clothes before hurrying upstairs.

At Crimson Lights, Shauna and Charlie reveled in what they'd pulled off. She mused that when two people who wanted the same thing couldn't make it happen, they needed a nudge to keep them from waiting for the other person to make the first move. Charlie pointed out that they'd made it for Devon and Hilary, and Shauna replied that it hadn't just been for them. She planted a kiss on Charlie.

At the Athletic Club, Victor instructed someone over the phone to prepare a room for a new addition to the household.

A somber Nick returned to the cottage and accidentally stumbled over Christian's toy truck. As Nick gazed at the toy, Sharon appeared in the doorway and asked how she could help him. He noted that the arbitrator's judgment was temporary, and she insisted that they could fight it by gathering resources and making a plan. Nick bemoaned that it would take time that his son didn't have, since he had to put Christian in Victor's arms that day.

Nick searched for Christian's backpack, but Sharon worriedly pointed out that Victor wasn't picking the boy up until later. Nick swore that he wasn't running away with his son, even though he wanted to. He explained that he wanted to throw rocks and check out ducks together while they still could, and she asked if she could join them. She clarified that it wasn't because she thought he'd run off but because she loved both of them. They headed out.

Nick and Sharon strolled through the park with Christian. She tried to steer Nick away from the garden as he rambled about how it had been inevitable that Victor would win. Sharon assured him that the fight wasn't over, but he groaned that he was doomed in the future unless something changed. Sharon insisted that Nick had done everything he could that day, but he noted that his dad had gone for the jugular while Nick hadn't. Sharon commended Nick for being a better man than Victor was, but Nick contemplated what would have happened if he'd had Brittany go after Victor the same way Michael had gone after Sharon, by citing Victor's arrests, convictions, and family betrayals. Nick thought he had to change if he was going to get his son back for good.

Nick recalled that he'd left Newman Enterprises many times because he couldn't be as vicious or brutal as Victor was. Nick growled that his dad didn't care who he hurt, and Victor constantly took. Sharon doubted that Nick wanted to be like his father, since it wasn't who Nick was. Nick acknowledged that he wasn't as decent as people thought, since he'd never been 100 percent committed to anything, and that had been why he'd been outmatched at the hearing. Nick believed that there was something inside him that controlled the way he thought and felt, and he vowed to find it and change it to become a person who would never lose again.

At the cottage, Nick began throwing Christian's things into a box, and Sharon asked what he was doing. Nick firmly replied that Christian needed his things, but Sharon protested that Christian would still be there during visitation. Nick spitefully questioned how often that would be, and he insisted that the cottage was his son's home, whereas the ranch was just a place full of matching fabrics and antiques. Sharon suggested that they have a matching set of Christian's things in both places, but Nick pointed out that Christian would be moving that day, and the boy needed familiarity. Sharon chased after Nick when he stalked out the door.

Nick tracked down Victor at the Athletic Club and thrust the box of Christian's things at him. Nick bitterly declared that Victor had just gotten custody, and he apologized if he was interrupting his father's celebratory cocktail. Victor reiterated that it had needed to be done, and Nick assumed that Victor meant win at all costs, including ripping a little boy away from his home and parents. Patrons of the club began to stare as Nick demanded to know why Victor wasn't at home, getting things ready for the little boy who was going to live with him. Victor replied that he had staff, and Nick scoffed at the idea of Victor being a hands-on guardian.

Nick rattled off details about each one of Christian's most cherished belongings, and he advised Victor to instruct his staff about what to do with them, since Victor wouldn't be dealing with it himself. Victor huffed that Nick was making a scene, and Nick bellowed that it was what Victor had fought for and won. "It's time to collect the prizes!" Nick raged. Nick continued to provide instructions about Christian's things, and he testily inquired whether Victor needed to write them down for the person who would actually be watching Nick's son.

Victor asked if Nick was done. Nick growled that Victor was demanding to take over a person's life, so Nick was helping him out. Nick lectured that it was called parenting, which was something Victor hadn't done with him, so Victor had hired a lawyer to get another shot. Nick proclaimed that he loved Christian more than anything, and the boy was a person with cares and hopes; however, Victor only saw him as another power play to keep Nick in check. Nick pledged to make Victor pay for it if he screwed up, since it was war.

Nick recounted that he'd spent a year letting his son know that Nick would always be there to take care of him, and Victor was making Nick out to be a liar by blowing apart the one constant Christian had in his life. Nick remembered praying every day that Victor would survive, and he was appalled by what he'd received as payback for his devotion. "It ends now. This is the one that we do not come back from," Nick warned. He added that once his son returned to his real home, they weren't going to fall back into the same routine, since he would make sure that Victor never took anything from him ever again. Nick declared that he would be the one taking, and he would take away everything that ever mattered to Victor -- especially family. "This is the moment where you begin to lose," Nick hissed.

Later, Nick returned to the cottage and stared at family photos on the mantel. Sharon arrived home and rushed over to hug him. She admitted that she'd been worried about him when he'd gone to the club, but she believed Victor had seen him and heard him, even though Victor usually batted away the people who tried to stand up to him. She thought Victor was scared deep down, and Nick resolved to do what he had to do and be who he had to be. Sharon swore that he wouldn't be alone.

Nick and Sharon played with Christian, and her face fell when the doorbell rang. She opened the door to Victor and a nanny. Victor greeted Christian as his boy, and Nick gently reminded Christian that they'd talked about how the tot was going to stay with his grandparents. Nick promised that all of Christian's special things would be there, so he would never be scared or lonely. Nick tearfully told Christian not to forget how much his daddy loved him. "I love you as big as the world," Nick choked out, and he kissed Christian's head and hugged him.

Nick handed Christian over to Sharon to say goodbye, and before giving him back to Nick, she said they'd see him soon. Nick held Christian close one more time. Victor prompted the nanny to take the boy, and Nick struggled against tears as he handed Christian over. Nick stifled his sobs, and Victor said, "Sorry, it's the only way." Nick told him to remember those words because he'd be hearing them back. A devastated Nick watched them leave and closed the door. He and Sharon comforted one another.

Nick and Victor clash on Father's Day

Nick and Victor clash on Father's Day

Friday, June 15, 2018

In the park, Charlie wondered why Lily wasn't having any ice cream, and she replied that she was still full from the breakfast the twins had made for Father's Day. Cane gushed that it was the perfect day, and he couldn't have asked for more. Cane swore that he loved the gag gifts the kids had given him, and Mattie commented that it was too bad Sam was sleeping through such an important rite of passage. Cane proclaimed that he was the luckiest dad in the world.

Hilary turned over in bed and faced Devon, and he wished her a good morning. She confirmed that it was, and he guessed that she'd had sweet dreams. She clarified that it was a sweet reality, since the night before had been wonderful. She marveled that she was really getting to be with him -- and not just to make a baby. He mused that it had been the first time in a while that they'd admitted to themselves that it had been about more than a baby. She happily realized that it was the first time she and the baby got to wish him a happy Father's Day, and they kissed.

Hilary and Devon found Shauna downstairs, and Hilary asked if everything was okay. Shauna mentioned that she'd called her dad for Father's Day, but he'd been busy, so they'd kept it short. Devon wondered what her father thought about her new living arrangement, but Shauna reported that her dad had been focused on her brother, so they hadn't talked about it. Shauna brightly noted that it looked like she'd lost a roommate, and Hilary confirmed that she'd slept in Devon's room the night before. Shauna inquired whether it was a permanent arrangement, and Devon replied that he'd be fine with that.

Devon went to the kitchen to get Hilary something to eat. Shauna exclaimed that she was happy for Hilary, and they hugged. Hilary believed that she and Devon were ready to make a lasting commitment to one another. Shauna babbled about how most movie stars dropped a baby before having a huge wedding, but Hilary insisted that she wasn't advocating that. Shauna teased Hilary for trying so hard to be a good role model when she already had it nailed. Shauna remarked that anyone could tell from just looking at Hilary and Devon that they belonged together, but Hilary replied, "Maybe not everyone."

Across the hall, Neil opened his Father's Day gifts from the twins. Cane showed off the novelty socks the kids had given him, and Neil joked that they would impress Cane's clients. Cane pledged to wear them with pride, and he followed the twins into the kitchen to get snacks. Lily handed Neil a housewarming gift -- a "do not disturb" sign in case Hilary wanted to borrow some sugar. He warned her that Hilary and Devon would be stopping by, and Lily promised that she wouldn't do anything to ruin the day.

Later, Neil invited Devon and Hilary in, and Devon wished him a happy Father's Day. Lily returned from checking on Sam upstairs and hugged Devon, who enthused about his baby being part of the festivities the following year. Devon put his arm around Hilary and announced that they wouldn't just be co-parenting, since they were back together as a couple. Neil reasoned that it would make things easier moving forward, and Devon said he couldn't be happier.

Hilary offered to leave to give Devon's family time to adjust to the idea, but Devon firmly stated that they were either welcome there together or not. Neil insisted that they stay, and Hilary was shocked when Cane and Lily hoped that Devon and Hilary found as much joy and contentment as they had. Shauna sent a text message to Charlie, asking him to join her next door. Lily took drink orders as Charlie quietly slipped out. Devon privately asked how Neil really felt, and Neil replied that he was blessed. Neil conceded that he'd made his share of mistakes, so he wasn't one to judge, and he couldn't ask for a better Father's Day.

At Devon's penthouse, Charlie and Shauna made out on the couch, and she asked if he was taking it slowly with her. He inquired whether she wanted him to, and she said she liked the way he respected her, since it made her like him even more. They resumed kissing, but Lily interrupted them. Shauna nervously stammered that they hadn't heard Lily, and Lily clucked that keeping an eye out was what good parents did. Shauna replied that it was cool, but Charlie groused that it was annoying. Lily told him to get used to it.

At Neil's place, Lily announced that it was time for speeches, and Devon said he appreciated Neil for always being the voice of reason. Lily was grateful for the way her dad set an example with the way he lived his life, giving back and lifting others up as a mentor and friend. Mattie praised Cane for always taking time to ask about the details of her day, and she kissed his cheek. Charlie thanked his dad for working hard to keep their family together and never giving up on them. Charlie also commended Cane for being willing to step in to help out someone Cane barely knew because it was the right thing to do. The clan toasted together.

Jack hesitantly approached the front door of the Abbott mansion, and he paused before ringing the doorbell. Kyle opened the door and mentioned that he'd been calling all morning, and he wished Jack a happy Father's Day. Jack chuckled, and Kyle didn't know what to take more personally -- Jack not taking his calls or laughing in his face. Jack explained that it had just struck him as funny that he was in the dark about who his biological father was for the first time in his life, yet Kyle was smiling and wishing him a happy Father's Day. Kyle guessed that he'd accomplished his mission, since he'd made Jack laugh, and he invited Jack in.

Jack suggested that they stay outside, but Kyle assured him that Ashley had already left for the office. Kyle added that he had to get back inside to take care of Dina, since the next nurse wouldn't be there for a couple of hours. Jack entered the house, where Dina was sitting on the couch. Dina squealed that she had a surprise, and she asked when her daddy would be back. Kyle replied that he wasn't sure, and he informed Jack that they'd been talking about Father's Day earlier.

Dina showed Jack a baseball-themed card that she'd made for her daddy, and she wondered if Jack thought her father would like it. Jack assured her that her dad would love it, and Dina headed upstairs to get ready for church. Jack opened the card and read a note about how much Dina missed her daddy and wished he still lived with them, even if he'd left because of her. She'd written that she hoped her father wasn't still mad, and she promised to be good and begged him to return. Jack and Kyle were stunned to realize that Dina's father might have left her and her family.

Kyle indicated that it had been the first time he'd seen Dina regress to childhood and that she'd never talked about her father before. Jack only knew that they hadn't been close, and Kyle reported that Dina had been very animated about the importance of the day. Jack recalled that his mother had always made a huge deal out of Father's Day, telling her children that they were lucky to have John as a dad. Jack and Kyle contemplated how Dina's father walking out on her might have shaped her relationships with men. Jack mentioned that he'd stopped by to talk to her about his biological father, but he'd only gotten more proof that she was slipping away and that his past was slipping away with her.

Jack recognized that he'd hit the jackpot to have had John raise him, but Kyle assured him that there was nothing wrong with wanting to know the identity of his biological dad. Kyle added that he was glad he knew who his was, and even though Jack hadn't chosen to be his father, getting to know him had been pretty good. Jack bemoaned that it was a rotten time of his life to get to know him, but Kyle insisted that it didn't change who Jack was at his core. Kyle saw Jack as someone who cared deeply about his family, and Jack was forgiving with everyone except for Victor. Kyle credited Jack for dealing with adversity with a sense of humor and his hair intact, and Jack joked that it boded well for Kyle.

Kyle recalled that he'd assumed his dad was a good guy when he'd been a kid, but he knew it was true as an adult. Kyle acknowledged that Jack wasn't perfect, but Jack was a good man and a good father, and Kyle was proud to be his son. Jack put his arm around Kyle and thanked him. Kyle admitted that he'd struggled with what to get Jack for Father's Day, and he'd finally decided that he wanted to help Jack find his dad.

Jack objected because Kyle should be living his life and losing his swimsuit on national television. Jack confessed that he'd never been okay with the stunt, and Kyle divulged that Billy hadn't been a fan of it, either. Jack conceded that it had worked to move a lot of product, and Kyle argued that he would be a great partner because he made things happen. Kyle regretted that he'd let Jack down by staying at Jabot, but he intended to make up for it by helping Jack find out who his dad was. Kyle hoped that the man would be as good of a father as Jack was.

Kyle read through Dina's journal and agreed that the missing page probably contained information about the identity of Jack's father. Jack lamented that the pages could be anywhere, and Kyle theorized that they were in the box of private stuff that Dina always hid when he walked in. Jack instructed Kyle to keep Dina busy while he searched her room.

Jack retrieved the box and took it downstairs. He rifled through a bundle of letters and searched the contents of the box. Dina spied him and demanded to know what he was doing with her private things. Jack claimed that she'd left the box out, and he hadn't known it was hers. She didn't believe him, and she snatched the box away and walked out. Jack informed Kyle that he hadn't found the pages, but he had found a key. Jack hoped that whatever it opened would lead him closer to finding out who his father was.

At the cottage, Faith presented Nick with a handmade Father's Day card, featuring a drawing of him, her, and Christian. He opened it and read that it was to the best dad in the world from Faith and Christian, and Faith had included Christian's handprint. Faith started to ask where Christian was, but Sharon cut her off by mentioning the other gifts Faith had made for Nick over the years. Sharon turned the topic to Faith's recent trip to the zoo, but Faith said she'd wanted to be home early to give her daddy his card. Faith inquired whether Christian was still sleeping, and Nick softly stated that the boy wasn't there. Faith looked confused.

Sharon explained that a judge had decided that Victor would have temporary custody of Christian, so Christian would be living at the ranch. "For now," Nick added, and Faith inquired why her grandfather had done that and why the judge had let him. Nick reminded Faith of how Cassie hadn't been his daughter the way Faith was. Faith recounted that Cassie hadn't shared Nick's blood, but she'd been his daughter in his heart. Nick revealed that Christian was actually Adam's son, and Faith was horrified that Christian wasn't Nick's child. Nick stressed that Christian was his in every way that mattered. Sharon indicated that Victor thought Christian was better off with him because of a blood test. Faith insisted that her grandpa was wrong, since Christian belonged with them.

Nick offered to make sandwiches for lunch, but Faith protested that she should be taking care of him on his day. Sharon insisted on making the food, and she prompted Faith to give her dad another gift. Faith retrieved a bag from a drawer and revealed that she'd bought it on Christian's behalf. Nick pulled out a "#1 Dad" keychain. Faith acknowledged that Christian wasn't there, but she thought the boy would want Nick to have it because Nick was his dad.

Faith asked again why the judge had thought it was better for Christian to be with her grandpa. Nick recognized that they were all upset about it, but he swore that it wouldn't last for long. He suggested that they focus on the good things, like talking to Noah, and Summer's impending visit that day. Nick received a text message and relayed that Summer wouldn't be able to make it because she'd gotten held up with a friend. Nick announced that Faith was right that it was his day, and he wanted to do something about it.

At the Athletic Club, Nikki greeted Victoria and asked how Reed was doing that day. Victoria reported that her son had called that morning, disappointed that he hadn't heard from his father and not knowing why. Victoria bemoaned that she'd tried to comfort him, but she'd barely been able to keep it together every time he'd mentioned J.T. Nikki shushed her when she spotted Victor, who approached with Christian and the nanny. Victoria surmised that Nick would be joining them, and Nikki remarked that the day was about to become more challenging.

An oblivious Victoria asked if Nick wasn't feeling well, and Nikki muttered that she was sure he'd had better days. Abby arrived with Arturo and wished Victor a happy Father's Day. Abby chirped that she hoped they didn't mind that she'd invited Arturo, and Nikki and Victoria squirmed as Victor glared at Arturo. Victoria said she hadn't known Abby and Arturo were dating, and Abby explained that they had stopped seeing one another after some unwanted meddling, but they were dating again.

Nikki huffed that it was funny how some people ignored good advice, and Victor added that he didn't find it funny but foolish. He haughtily pointed out that he hadn't included a plus-one in the invitation, and he lectured that Arturo should be spending the day with his own father. Arturo defended that his father didn't live in Genoa City, and Abby insisted that Victor get to know Arturo better. Arturo said he had a few things to discuss with Victor, and Abby led Nikki and Victoria away to allow the men to talk privately.

Arturo called Abby a wonderful woman who he really liked and admired; he wanted to get to know her better, but interesting things had started happening when they'd started seeing one another. Arturo confirmed that he'd gotten the message that Victor was a rich man with a lot of connections who could make Arturo's life difficult. Arturo respected that Victor protected his family because they had that in common, but he swore that Abby didn't need protection from him. Victor warned that if Arturo hurt his daughter in any way, Arturo would find out just how powerful and ruthless an enemy Victor could be.

The women rejoined them, and Arturo ducked out to give Abby some time with her dad. Victor declared that he'd always taken great pride and joy in being a father, and it was never more true than that year. The nanny carried Christian over as Nick, Sharon, and Faith walked in. Nick's face lit up when he saw Christian, and he took the boy from the nanny. Victoria wondered what had held Nick up.

Victor barked that Nick wasn't staying, but Faith was welcome to join them. Nick announced that they were all staying, but Victor protested that it would be confusing to Christian. Nick testily asked if Victor was really going to keep him away from his son on that day, and Victoria asked what they were talking about. Nick updated Victoria and Abby about how their father had used the information about Christian's true paternity to get custody, and Victor maintained that he'd done what had needed to be done.

Abby and Victoria were appalled, but Victor asserted that Nick had left him no choice. Sharon contended that Nick had stood up to Victor by not giving Victor control over Christian's life, and Victor blasted Nick for staying with Sharon after everything she'd cost him. Victor refused to let Nick question his devotion to his family that day. Nick proclaimed that they shouldn't forget the boundless unconditional love that fathers felt for their children, but Nick said Victor didn't "give a damn" about any of that, since he'd been a parent in name only. Nick raised a glass and bitterly wished Victor a happy Father's Day.

Sharon asked if they were getting their own table, and Faith begged to leave. Nick agreed to go someplace fun, and he picked Christian up and assured the boy that his daddy loved him and that Nick had loved seeing him that day. Nick swore that they would be together soon and that they'd have a real Father's Day the following year. Victor cautioned against making promises that Nick couldn't guarantee, but Nick told him not to worry, since he could and would guarantee it.

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