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Sharon accepted Nick's proposal. Summer set up a poker game to tempt Billy. Jack suspected that Phillip Chancellor was his father. A hacker taunted that he or she had access to confidential Newman information. Mac reported that there had been activity on J.T.'s credit card.
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A hacker claimed to have access to confidential Newman information
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The flash drive is hidden in plain sight

The flash drive is hidden in plain sight

Monday, June 18, 2018

Liesl bumped into Julian and Kim at the campsite and informed them that she was out in nature, mourning in her own way after her son's death. Julian warned her of the rattlesnakes in the area, although Liesl insisted there were none in that location. The group suddenly heard a man screaming as Peter tried to move away from a rattlesnake on his bed in his nearby cabin. "Someone's in terrible trouble," Kim declared.

At first, Liesl pretended that she hadn't heard anything but then confessed that it was a member of her therapy group. The grief-stricken man had merely been "letting go of his earthly woes," Liesl explained. As Peter continued to scream, Liesl began to scream along with him. Kim insisted that she knew pain when she heard it, but Liesl screamed again and left. Julian suggested that it was one of the sanest things that Liesl had done.

Kim poked around in the tent for snakes and, finding none, suggested they check on the screaming man. Julian hadn't been surprised to hear Liesl doing some "primal screaming," and the other screamers might have wanted to get away from her. The couple talked about their enjoyment of their camping experience, snuggled in the tent, and made love. Julian insisted that he pick their next adventure.

Liesl arrived back at the cabin and saw the snake on Peter's bed. She grabbed a poker and managed to lift the snake and toss it outside. She noted that due to global warming, the snakes had made it farther north. "No harm done," she said as Peter looked at her as though she were crazy. She gave Peter a dose of antibiotics and some water then proceeded to redo the bandage on his hand. She told him to toughen up.

Liesl wondered if Peter had grown weak after losing Faison's last name but Peter insisted that he had never wanted to be like his father. He couldn't believe that Liesl still idolized the man even after he'd killed Nathan. Liesl advised him that her relationship with Faison had been complex. He had been a brilliant man who had wasted his gifts. She told Peter to "rest and heal" in order to work toward his confession.

As Peter relaxed on the bed, Liesl handed him some ginger tea to promote healing. Peter advised Liesl that his confession wouldn't be admissible if given under duress, and she would be locked away from her grandson. Liesl suggested that Peter worry about his part in helping Faison, and she would worry about her own part in things.

It dawned on Peter that Liesl planned to kill him, and his confession was just "window-dressing" for Nina. Liesl agreed that Nina needed to think that Peter had been taken care of. Peter advised Liesl that everyone had been looking for him, and Anna would go after her. Liesl laughed and remembered her surprise. She presented Peter with a cupcake with a lighted candle on top. She wished him a happy birthday and urged him to make a wish. She wanted him to celebrate like it was his last birthday.

At Pozzulo's, Mike admitted that he'd been at Croton and had taken the body that Sonny had hidden. Sonny wanted to know where Mike had taken the body, but Mike proceeded to explain his actions. He'd hidden because he had known that Sonny had wanted to prove himself to Scully. Mike stated that he'd never been there for Sonny and his mother, and he'd thought he could clean up Sonny's mess and protect him. Mike figured that if anyone had gotten caught, it would have been him. Sonny asked again about the location of the body in order to get on with his life.

Mike began to laugh but Dante walked in. Mike wanted to tell a funny story so that Dante could protect Sonny when Mike was gone. He invited Dante to sit with them, but Sonny attempted to change the subject. He noted that Dante was a cop with little time, who didn't want to hear Mike's story. Dante said he had time, and Mike began the story about "your dad and me and a rusted Ford Falcon." Sonny smiled and shook his head, but Dante folded his arms over his chest.

Sonny asked to speak to Dante alone. Sonny noted that his father liked to tell great stories. Dante wanted to warn Sonny not to do something foolish with Carly in Ferncliff. It had been a win situation that she hadn't been sent to prison, and Dante didn't want Sonny to make any phone calls or try to exert influence because it would jeopardize things. He wanted Sonny to listen to him, not get locked up, and leave Mike alone.

Dante asked Mike about the old car, and Sonny again diverted the conversation. He had to talk to Mike about something. Dante said he could take the hint, and he hugged the old man goodbye. After Dante had gone, Sonny asked where Mike had gone after Croton. Mike couldn't recall the conversation and had no idea what Sonny was talking about.

As Maxie held James in her arms and spoke gently to him, Lulu and Amy looked through the window of the NICU unit at the hospital. Amy offered to talk to Lulu about her #GHTOO series. The women sat in a lounge, and Amy expressed her views of her workplace. She explained that the women suffered the most from harassment and sexual bias. She had been dismissed for being a nurse and a woman and had been called names and judged for her appearance. Lulu was impressed with what Amy had to say. Amy added that many women would not talk because they were afraid. "Even great places need to evolve," Amy concluded.

Later, Maxie ran into Lulu as Amy checked on the baby. She commended Lulu on her latest article and asked if she had any news on Peter. "I mean Henrik," Maxie clarified. Lulu admitted that she hadn't heard anything, but she was certain that Maxie would hear something. Maxie suggested that Lulu was too busy with her new story to keep abreast of her former story, but Lulu told her there was nothing to report.

Lulu added that she was there for Maxie and even had a bunch of gifts to give her for the baby. She wanted to help Maxie out. Maxie retorted that they weren't "besties," although Lulu thought she'd been forgiven for past mistakes. Maxie explained that things wouldn't get better overnight. Amy emerged from the NICU and suggested that Lulu take Maxie home. Maxie cheerfully agreed, but after Amy had gone, Lulu asked, "Was any of that real?"

Maxie told Lulu not to "read into it," but she agreed to allow Lulu to take her home. Lulu informed her that she'd gotten enough on her story for the day. She also reminded Maxie that she had promised to "take down Peter." She wanted Maxie to conserve her energy for the baby and not let anger eat away at her.

Jordan, Curtis, and Stella sat at a table at Metro Court after viewing the terrace for the wedding. Stella asked about the date, and Jordan admitted they didn't have one yet, but Curtis added that they wanted to include Stella in their plans. Jordan noted that she liked the small and intimate space for their small family. Curtis wanted to continue the family's "legacy of love." Stella thought there was no rush; everything should be perfect, and it would be beautiful in the fall.

Curtis was called away to look at some office space with Sam, and he thanked Stella for her blessing. Jordan announced that she only wanted to make Curtis happy, and Stella agreed she wanted the same. She had to get to the hospital, but Jordan asked her to stay for some tea and more talk.

Jordan declared that she hadn't expected Stella to welcome her with "open arms," and she wished she could make amends. Stella claimed that she didn't like to "huff and puff" over Jordan's relationship, but Jordan had been most of the cause of their broken family. Jordan stated that they had Thomas between them, but their love for Curtis and T.J. bound them. Jordan added that she had owned her sins of the past, but she wouldn't let them own her. She would make Curtis happy.

Nina was thrilled to bump into Drew at the Floating Rib and told him it was fate. She wanted to talk about Peter. Drew grabbed her a glass of water, and they sat down at a table. Nina felt responsible for Peter and said that she should have trusted her instincts, but Drew assured her she had not been responsible, especially for Valentin's involvement. Drew thought it fell more on himself. Drew was surprised when Nina asked about the flash drive.

Nina stated that Anna had told Valentin about it, and he'd told her. Drew admitted he'd given up on the implement that contained a baseline of his memory and the procedure to get it back. The flash drive appeared to be gone, just like Peter, Drew commented. Nina seemed impressed that Drew wouldn't be pursuing that aspect of his life. Drew explained that both Faison and Peter had dangled the flash drive in front of him in order to get him to do something for them. He had refused; he didn't want them to have a hold over him. He suggested Nina do the same.

Nina wanted to try to figure out why she'd fallen for Peter's lies and was concerned that if she saw him again, she wouldn't know if he were telling the truth. Curtis walked in and over to the table. He added that no one would know, and there was no trace of Peter. Nina couldn't believe it. She thanked Drew for giving her clarity and announced that she had to take care of something. She left the men alone.

Curtis took Nina's seat and informed Drew that he and Sam had looked at office space. He added that Jordan had been receiving heat about not locating Peter, and they were on the case. Drew congratulated him, and Curtis admitted it had been linked to Drew. The waitress put down a couple of beers, and Drew exclaimed that he had told Nina he was moving on, but Curtis wanted to talk about the man involved with his stolen past. He ordered Curtis to keep Sam safe. Curtis asked Drew to be his best man and mentioned that Stella had been civil and gracious.

Stella left Jordan and kicked something on the floor as she walked. She bent over, picked up a set of keys, and turned them over to the bartender. She made a phone call as she walked toward the elevator. Nina got off, and Stella got on. Stella told Chandra that Curtis was in town, and they had been living close to her.

Nina ordered a black coffee at the bar and saw Jordan still seated at her table. She walked over as she recalled Peter having mentioned that he'd had the flash drive in his hand until Liesl had dragged him along the ground. Nina wondered if it had been another lie from Peter, but she asked Jordan if a flash drive had been found among Peter's things. It had contained important Crimson information, Nina lied. Jordan told her there was no flash drive, and she wished Nina luck.

There was a lost and found box over by the bar. Among the many items inside were the set of newly found keys and the flash drive.

Nelle and Chase recall things differently

Nelle and Chase recall things differently

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Anna and Finn lay in bed and talked to each other on the phone. Anna joked about missing her room in Berkeley, and she named some random items she also missed, like the towels and the view. Suddenly, each rolled over, and they were in bed together in Finn's room at Metro Court. They were exhausted and exhilarated from making love, and Anna pointed out how crazy it was that they were there and happy. Finn received a text message from Emma, and Anna grabbed his phone. She couldn't believe that Finn had been texting her granddaughter.

Emma mentioned how she had known her grandmother had been lonely, and she thanked Finn for being with her. Anna admitted that she had a lot to work through with Robin. The couple held hands, and Anna confessed that she felt "lighter." There were no secrets, and she was scared to not be holding anything back for the first time. Finn revealed that he was scared, too, but thought they could figure things out. He noticed Anna's stomach rumbling, and they agreed to shower, dress, and head to breakfast.

Alexis and Sam sat at a table in Metro Court. Alexis advised her daughter that the paperwork had been filed to change Sam's name and for her dissolution of the Aurora partnership. Sam added that she had her new partnership with Curtis, but she thought that a "clean break" from Aurora had been best. Alexis admitted that she needed a similar break from all of her bad relationship choices, and her session with Kevin had been "eye-opening."

Alexis noted that she had barely known her mother but her mother had still influenced her -- and in a not very good way. Alexis had been repeating her mother's pattern, and she needed to break the cycle. Alexis declared that she had been dating men who couldn't give her what she needed. Sam thought it was positive that Alexis had recognized the problem.

Sam wished that Alexis could have known her mother as an adult and asked her questions. Alexis also wished she could have raised Sam, though she doubted she would have done as good a job. Sam spotted Alexis' watch, and Alexis disclosed that it had been her mother's, and her mother had received it as a gift from Mikkos. Valentin had given it to Alexis as a reminder of her parents' love. Sam thought Valentin might also have wanted to play mind games. Alexis revealed that she also had a photo of her mother wearing the watch, and she hadn't "looked like a victim."

Anna stepped off the elevator and saw Alexis and Sam at their table. She walked over to say hello in a cheery, bubbly manner. She added that she wished she and Robin lived close together the way that Alexis and Sam did. She left, and Sam voiced her admiration for Alexis not tossing her orange juice into Anna's face. Alexis admitted that she was happy for Anna and Finn. "I also have a bigger fish to fry than Finn," Alexis declared. The pair clinked their glasses in a toast.

Anna tried to head off Finn as he stepped off the elevator, but once he saw Alexis, he agreed that it was a good idea to enjoy breakfast elsewhere. He received a text message from Felicia as he and Anna got back onto the elevator. Anna was surprised.

Scott ran into Elizabeth at the hospital as she sat and read a wedding magazine. She announced that she wanted to keep her wedding simple with the people she and Franco loved. They made some small talk as Franco paid a visit to Kevin in his office. Franco admitted that he wanted to give Elizabeth the "wedding of her dreams." He noticed that Kevin wasn't paying attention to him, and he began to list some odd additions for his wedding.

Kevin jumped and apologized. He had been thinking of another patient. Franco teased him, and Kevin declared that the newlyweds would deserve to live happily ever after. He had a gift for Franco that was worth more than money. He wanted to offer free sessions in case of setbacks or any unforeseen problem in the future. Franco thought he was cured and was disappointed to hear that Kevin's gift wouldn't be the Crock-Pot he wanted, but he accepted the gift readily.

Shortly after, Franco and Elizabeth shared a kiss, and he told her about Kevin's gift. Elizabeth was most appreciative. Kevin had to see another patient but admitted he was looking forward to the "wedding of the century." Scott was seated nearby, and he picked up the wedding magazine. "So much for simple," he said. Elizabeth stated that she just wanted family to be present. She and Franco kissed again, and Scott suggested they head to the broom closet. He thought that Elizabeth was "pretty damn close" to perfect.

Scott looked at his phone and announced that he had to leave. He also declared that he had to take Franco shopping. Franco confirmed that Elizabeth was okay with her family not attending their wedding.

A mystery woman read Sarah Webber's "Myface" page and clicked like on Sarah's post: "Congratulations to my little sister Elizabeth on her engagement and upcoming wedding! Yay!"

An orderly escorted Carly to the game room and tossed a puzzle on the table after she asked for a newspaper. Mary Pat asked the orderly if he had given Carly her medication, as she appeared to be different. The orderly revealed that Dr. Collins had changed the medications, and Mary Pat declared that she would check on it. Jason walked through, pushing a janitor's cleaning cart, and he stopped to mop the floor.

As Jason mopped, Carly told Mary Pat that she was feeling much better, and Ferncliff wasn't so bad. Mary Pat called her Caroline, and Carly whispered, "It's Carly." Mary Pat stopped to talk to Jason, and Carly heard his voice and turned. Their eyes met in a silent greeting.

Jason managed to get over near Carly to ask if she was okay. Carly admitted it was bad, and Jason urged her not to panic but to play the part. He wanted her to say and do what was expected of her. Carly called out that she was finished with her puzzle, and she wanted to make a bracelet.

As Carly made a bracelet, Kevin arrived and stopped to chat with Mary Pat. The nurse asked about Carly's medication, and Kevin harshly stated that it was his right to change the medication without running it past Mary Pat. He added that how he dealt with his patients was between them and himself. Mary Pat spat that she was the one who got stuck "cleaning up your mess." He asked if Carly had been a problem. "Nothing I can't handle," the nurse snapped. Kevin suggested she notify him if something changed.

Kevin made his way over to Carly and sat down. Carly admitted that she felt better, and Kevin advised her that she was on the right path. He would approve her release soon. Carly wondered if she could get moved to the "mellow wing," but Kevin told her that no beds were available. He would find one as soon as possible. Kevin bent down to pick something up, and he saw Jason. He called out his name, and Jason looked at him wordlessly. Mary Pat and the orderly watched.

Harrison Chase was on the phone with Abby, who he thanked for sending files, and he mentioned that the trail had just gotten warmer. He opened up a file on Nelle. Chase flashed back to his first meeting with Nelle, which had happened in an interrogation room in Maine. He had been a uniformed officer, and he had questioned her about the death of her fiancé. Nelle had cried that she'd lost the man she loved, and people had thought she had been responsible. "Do I look like a killer to you?" she had asked.

Chase looked at the file and recalled Nelle's statement that Zach had wanted to leave Florida, but it had been her idea to kayak in Maine. He had given her a box of tissues. The female cop, Abby, had asked why Nelle hadn't jumped into the water after her fiancé, and Nelle had responded that they both would have drowned.

Chase had continued to look through the file. Abby had stuck a note on the front that read, "Some cases are better left cold." Chase remembered how he'd decided that Nelle hadn't been guilty, and he'd released her even though his fellow officer had had her doubts. Abby had thought that Nelle had been playing the "helpless victim." Nelle had thanked him and mentioned that she would probably return to Florida.

Chase spotted a postcard from Florida and remembered Nelle knocking on his motel room door. He hadn't expected to see her, and she'd walked right in. He had only been wearing a towel and had expected to meet her at a diner. He had rushed to get dressed, but she had made her interest in him known. They had ended up in bed together, and he had offered to take care of her. Chase ripped the postcard into tiny pieces.

Nelle sat with Michael at the Floating Rib and told him she wasn't hungry. She had run into someone she had known in the past, and she was certain it hadn't been a coincidence. It was the officer who had investigated her in Maine about Zach's death. Michael realized that it was Dante's new partner. Nelle called him "as ambitious as they come," and she flashed back to their first meeting. She had told him that someone had tampered with Zach's kayak, and he had responded that he'd wanted to get a conviction no matter what.

Nelle wanted Michael to hear the truth, and she recalled that Chase had asked her about Zach's will being changed. Nelle had stated it had been Zach's idea because his family had been against Nelle. Michael wondered if Chase had been hard on her. "You have no idea," Nelle replied.

Nelle explained that Zach's sister had shown up in Port Charles to question her, but if Nelle had wanted to kill Zach, she would have done it after the wedding. Michael tried to calm Nelle down. He asked if she had seen Chase again after Maine, because they had no more secrets. Nelle stated that Chase had followed her to Florida. She remembered how she had knocked on Chase's motel room door and stated how surprised she had been to hear from him.

Chase declared that he had hated to see her suffer when she'd been innocent, and Nelle had thanked him for his support. He had answered the door in a towel, and he had told her he was there for her as long as she needed him. They had kissed. Chase had been her "lifeline," but it had been a mistake. Chase had offered to take care of her, but he had been obsessed with her. Nelle was worried that Chase was in Port Charles to "finish what he started."

Nelle flashed back to the Florida motel room. She and Chase had been in bed, and he'd gotten up to get them drinks at the local diner. After he'd left, she had called his precinct and reported the inappropriate behavior of one of their homicide officers.

Michael found Chase at the police station and confronted him. He wanted to know if Chase was stalking Nelle.

Anna and Finn ended up at the Floating Rib. Finn stated that he hadn't meant to hurt Alexis, but it had been awkward seeing her at Metro Court. Anna suggested they take a vacation somewhere that would be their spot, one that neither had been to in the past. They began to name locations all over the world but were unsuccessful on many until they hit Detroit. They agreed to visit there.

Finn and Anna enjoyed the nice, quiet, normal meal until a busboy dropped a tray of dishes. Finn laughed at a text message he received from Mac, and Anna was clearly annoyed.

Michael warns Chase to stay away from Nelle

Michael warns Chase to stay away from Nelle

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Julian and Kim arrived in front of Charlie's and shared a kiss. He assured her that he'd enjoyed camping, but "it could have just been the company." His phone went off, and Kim excused herself inside when she saw that it was Alexis. Alexis told Julian that she needed to talk to him. He informed her that he was at Charlie's, and she promised to be right there.

When Alexis was off the phone, she bumped into Dr. Bensch. He was "embarrassed to admit" that he was in a "legal jam," and he wanted to hire her to be his lawyer. She wondered what kind of jam, and he told her about the "rumors" going around that he was the man talked about in the article about Kiki's harassment. He wanted to build up a defamation case, but Alexis responded that "by then, your career will be dead and buried, and I will be holding the shovel."

Bensch was shocked to learn that Alexis was already representing Kiki in the case, and he reasoned that he and Alexis were friends. She replied that the fact that they'd dated should have been her first clue, as it had been "pointed out" that she had bad judgment in men. He'd thought that she knew him, but she revealed that she'd been wrong about a lot of people. "In this case, I'm right. I just wish I weren't," she replied, and she got on the elevator.

Josslyn was distracted as Oscar was trying to talk to her at Charlie's. He wondered if she was thinking about Carly, and she requested to talk about something else. Just then, Kim entered and tried to catch up with Oscar. When he gave her some snarky replies, Kim said jokingly, "See what I'm dealing with?" "You're lucky," Josslyn said tearfully, and she excused herself. As she left the restaurant, she dropped something out of her backpack. She picked it up and sat down crying on a bench.

Kim sat down with Josslyn and wondered if she was all right. Josslyn sobbed that her mother had given her the pepper spray that had fallen out of her backpack in order to protect herself. "Who's going to protect her?" she wondered, falling on Kim's shoulder. Kim assured Josslyn that Carly would get the help she needed and then be home. Josslyn cried that she hadn't even said goodbye, and she left.

Julian entered Charlie's and sat down with Oscar. He showed Oscar an arrowhead he'd found, but Oscar dismissed it as a stone. "Is that a hickey?" Oscar exclaimed, but Julian replied that it was a mosquito bite, as he'd gotten many. Oscar observed that some people weren't "born campers" and should just quit. Julian replied that, while he was a city boy, he wasn't a quitter. As Julian informed Oscar that he didn't scare easily, Alexis and Kim entered and hoped that Oscar and Julian's encounter was peaceful.

Julian and Alexis went to another table to talk. Kim hoped that Oscar hadn't given Julian a hard time. Oscar reminded her that Julian was a grown man, so Oscar couldn't have possibly given Julian that hard of a time.

Alexis told Julian that she needed him to go to therapy with her as a "guest star." She knew that she was asking a lot and that it would probably turn out disastrously, and she said that he could refuse if he wanted to. She explained that she had a lot of questions and very few answers, and he said he would think about it. She assured him that they would only be talking about their past as it related to her. "What could go wrong?" he cracked.

Kevin explained to Carly that she would be moved to the main wing of Ferncliff as soon as there was a bed available. He promised to be back soon and turned to leave, but he spotted Jason. He whispered that it wasn't a good idea for Jason to be there. Seeing the two men interacting, Mary Pat approached and introduced Kevin to "the new custodian," and she wondered if they knew each other. Jason explained that his last job had been at General Hospital, where Kevin worked, and Mary Pat expressed her surprise at how Kevin had time when he was at Ferncliff so often.

Mary Pat warned Kevin not to spread himself too thin so that others would have to pick up his slack, as she had to deal with everything once he left. Rupert entered and grabbed Carly, telling her that it was time for some rest. Kevin ordered that Rupert let her go, as he still needed a few minutes alone with her. Mary Pat objected, but Kevin pulled rank as the doctor, so Mary Pat and Rupert cleared the room. When the room was empty, Carly expressed how happy she was that Jason was there. "Too bad you can't stay," Kevin told Jason.

Jason and Carly protested, as they both thought that Jason was in the perfect position to keep an eye on Carly. However, Kevin reminded Jason that he'd gained access to a government facility under an assumed name. If Mary Pat found out, there would likely be consequences for both Jason and Carly, and Kevin would probably be forced out, as well, leaving Carly vulnerable to Mary Pat's whims. "It's your call," Jason told Carly. "I'll risk it," Carly replied. She wanted Jason there with her, so he insisted to Kevin that he was staying.

Kiki was at the Floating Rib when she got a text message from Ava saying, "Please talk to me. Griffin and I are worried about you." Just then, Griffin greeted her and sat down. He was glad to see her out and about, and she related that her only messages of opposition were on comments sections and Twitter. She was worried that no one else would emerge as a victim of Bensch, and she hated hoping that the harassment had happened to anyone else. He wanted to stand by her, but she needed to go on without his support.

Michael informed Chase that Nelle had accused Chase of stalking her, and Chase said that she was "some storyteller." Michael was warning Chase to leave her alone when Dante appeared. Michael briefly explained Chase's history with Nelle to a confused Dante, but Chase's version differed from Nelle's "sob story." Michael wondered how close Chase was to solving Zach's murder. He admitted that it was a "long-developing" case, and Michael advised him to develop it far away from Nelle and the baby. Chase recommended that Michael never go kayaking with Nelle, and Michael left in a huff.

Dante and Chase went into the interrogation room, and Dante wondered if Chase had ever planned on telling Dante the truth. He thought that Jordan needed to know, but Chase replied that Jordan knew the details, just not who the murder suspect was that he'd slept with. Chase reasoned that he'd been new, Dante had been openly hostile to him, and Dante's father ran the town, so he hadn't been sure that he could trust Dante. Dante wasn't sure that he could ever trust Chase.

Dante trusted Michael to deal with Nelle, but Chase shot back that he bet Carly had thought the same thing. He explained to a curious Dante that maybe Ferncliff hadn't been in Nelle's plan, but undermining Carly's credibility had definitely been Nelle's goal, as Carly was Nelle's primary obstacle between her and Michael. He warned Dante that Nelle was "an expert at the long game" and that nothing about Carly's case added up until a "third party" was added to the mix. He thought that the longer Nelle was "on the loose," the greater the danger she posed to Dante's family.

Ava arrived at the Quartermaine mansion and found Nelle on her computer. Ava hoped that Nelle was catching up on work, but Nelle claimed to have been working on something "personal." She closed her computer on an article about Officer Chase and Zach's death from the Palm Beach Press. Nelle thought that Ava should be thanking her for getting rid of Carly, but Ava warned Nelle not to get too cocky, as Nelle's plans could unravel at any time "like a homemade baby blanket."

Nelle and Ava threatened one another with the leverage each had on the other, and they decided to hold onto the photo of the test results and the blanket, respectively. Ava left, and Nelle went through her bag. She pulled out Morgan's cologne and remembered spraying it around the cemetery. When she put it back in the bag, Josslyn entered, wanting to talk to Nelle about her time in a mental institution. Nelle assured Josslyn that Carly would be all right after she got the help she needed.

Michael entered with a package that had arrived for Nelle, who wasn't expecting anything. She opened the package and found a T-shirt from the Salty Grog Bar in Florida, where she'd gone with Chase. There was a note that said "Hey Janelle, remember when? C." As Josslyn asked what was going on, she accidentally knocked over Nelle's bag and pushed some stuff back into it. Michael advised her not to worry, and Josslyn left.

Nelle was horrified at the thought of Chase "lurking," but Michael assured her that he'd told Chase to leave her alone. He advised Nelle to relax and take it easy. Nelle looked through her bag and became more frantic as she couldn't find what she was looking for. She revealed that she seemed to have lost a bottle of perfume, but Michael told her that it wasn't important. She confirmed that he was right, and she walked slowly out of the room with her bag.

When Nelle was gone, Michael got his computer and Spinelli's device out of a desk drawer. He called Spinelli a few minutes later and advised him that Michael and Nelle's computers were "mirrored." He observed that she deleted her browser history every day, except for the last thing she looked up, which was the article about Chase. Just then, he spotted an order form for a T-shirt from the Salty Grog Bar in Palm Beach, Florida. He realized that she'd had the shirt sent to herself.

Josslyn took a break from her homework and rooted around in her backpack. She pulled out the bottle of cologne, uncapped it, and smelled it.

Ava arrived at the hospital and asked Bensch if he wanted to make an appointment to look at some artwork. He replied that he was busy. When she didn't get his "polite" hint, he informed her that he couldn't patronize her business, and he added that Ava should ask Kiki why. "It's you. You're the one who's been harassing my daughter," Ava realized. He rationalized how Kiki was just making things up after being stressed, and he mentioned that he planned to sue for slander. "Your name is not the only thing that will be in tatters when I'm done with you," Ava spat.

"So much for the refined art dealer," an amused Bensch observed. "I'm a mom first," Ava replied. "What kind of mom teaches her daughter to use her body to get what she wants?" Bensch yelled back as Kiki and Griffin got off the elevator. He continued that Kiki had been the one to make advances toward him. "Lying bastard," Ava shot back as she slapped him. "Like mother, like daughter," Bensch observed, rubbing his face. Griffin yelled at Bensch to leave as he held Ava back. "They're all yours," Bensch said as he walked away rubbing his face.

"You should have let me rip his head off," Ava growled. Kiki told Ava that was why she hadn't talked to Ava about the harassment. Kiki quickly updated Ava on her court case backed by Alexis. Ava wanted to think of an "alternate solution" in case the case didn't go their way. "What would Victor Jerome do if he found out a sleaze was coercing his granddaughter into sex?" Ava suggested. "Victor Jerome is dead," Kiki replied. She didn't want anyone fighting battles on her behalf, "got it?"

Another victim of Bensch speaks up

Another victim of Bensch speaks up

Thursday, June 21, 2018

Nina walked into the cabin and tried to wake Peter up. She thought he was dead until he finally struggled to open his eyes. He exclaimed that he had been in pain, hadn't eaten, and had passed out. Nina accused him of lying about the flash drive because she'd checked, and it hadn't been found. Peter insisted he'd had it when Liesl had rendered him unconscious and dragged him to the cabin.

Nina thought Peter should just confess, and no one would try to kill him. Peter argued that his confession wouldn't be admissible because it would have been made under duress. He stated that only Liesl and Nina would face charges. He believed that Liesl would kill him after his confession. Peter thought that Nina knew he was right, but she accused him of trying to get into her head. She didn't believe him.

Peter was certain that Liesl wanted revenge, and she wanted to blame him for his father's crimes. He was aware of Liesl's suffering as well as Nina's, but at least Nina still had a career, family, and life. She would lose everything if she continued to help Liesl and not him. Nina looked thoughtful as she considered Peter's words.

Anna and Finn sat at a table in the Floating Rib. Finn pointed out that they'd successfully hidden all day long while Anna retorted that they'd been "hanging out." They made out until Liesl walked in and over to their table. "Look at the lovebirds," Liesl said. She suggested that they show proper behavior in public because it wasn't Inspiration Point. She walked off, and Anna and Finn both declared they had something to do.

Anna walked over to Liesl at the bar and asked if she had something to say to her. Liesl noted resentfully that Anna seemed happy and had been able to go on with her life. She criticized Anna's public behavior, and Anna replied that she was sorry for Liesl's loss. Liesl accused Anna of patronizing her, but Anna declared that she had been trying to reach out to Liesl.

Liesl reminded Anna that they were not on the same side, and Anna's lies had led to Nathan's death. Liesl said that Anna was her enemy, although she agreed that Nathan would want her to forgive Anna. Liesl added that they had something in common. Neither of them would see their sons again.

Anna was confused, but Liesl clarified that Henrik had fled Port Charles. Anna refuted that and stated that no one knew his whereabouts. Liesl doubted he'd return. Anna thought that Peter could have a decent future, but Liesl thought that Anna was delusional because Peter had to face his punishment. "We still have our own score to settle," Liesl said.

Valentin barged into Nina's office at Crimson as Nina's secretary tried to stop him. He declared that he wanted to surprise Nina, and the woman thought that Nina was a lucky woman. Shortly after, Finn walked in and announced that he'd been looking for Valentin.

Finn revealed that he and Anna were together, and Valentin was happy but was not sure why Finn wanted to tell him. Finn accused Valentin of playing God with Anna's son's life and other lives. "Get involved with Anna's life again, and it'll be the last mistake you ever make," Finn threatened. Valentin couldn't believe that Finn had threatened to kill him. Finn argued that that had been Valentin's own interpretation.

Valentin warned Finn to "tread lightly" because he wasn't an amateur like Finn. The doctor added that he had access to things that could make it look like Valentin had passed away, but Valentin replied that he and Anna were familiar with taking lives. Finn suggested that Valentin focus on his own marriage "or whatever's left of it." He walked out.

Liesl returned to the cabin and was surprised to see Nina, who wondered if she and her aunt were on the "same page." Nina wanted to make certain that Liesl wouldn't hurt Peter. Liesl responded that she would do what she had to do, and she said that Peter was whiny and would say anything to turn the women against each other.

Nina declared that she wouldn't help Liesl if she were violent, but Liesl wanted Nina's trust. "Unlike Henrik, I'll only stab you in the front, not in the back," Liesl stated as she walked toward Peter.

"Alone at last, " Liesl declared after Nina had gone. She wore a Floating Rib plastic bib and pulled a BBQ sandwich out of a bag. She described it to Peter, who was desperate for something to eat. Liesl took a big bite of the sandwich as Peter salivated. She noted that she would enjoy watching Peter crawl to "death's door."

Nina returned to her office and heard Middle Eastern music playing from the other side of the door. She opened it and found the office decorated in Middle Eastern décor. "Welcome back to Morocco, darling," Valentin said enthusiastically. Nina was speechless.

Finn returned to the Floating Rib. Anna explained to him that she understood that Liesl had been grieving, but the woman had said something peculiar. She thought that Liesl might know something about Peter. Finn related his experience, and Anna couldn't believe that he'd confronted Valentin. "He's lethal," Anna proclaimed. She had just let Finn into her life, and she didn't want to lose him. "Certainly not to Valentin," Anna added. Finn assured Anna that he wasn't going anywhere, and the two began to kiss again.

At Charlie's Pub, Julian made sure he understood Alexis' request. She wanted to go over the details of their life together in front of her therapist. Alexis confirmed it, and Julian thought it could be too intimate. He wanted to ask Kim first. Alexis was surprised to learn that Julian and Kim were in the "asking" stage. Julian admitted that things were going well, and he didn't want to make the same mistakes he'd made in the past. Alexis thought that she needed to grow as Julian had.

After Alexis had gone, Kim and Julian discussed Alexis' request. Kim thought it sounded like couples' therapy, and Julian agreed. He said it was all about Alexis "making sense of past relationships." He had wanted Kim to know, and she appreciated it, although she didn't think he needed her permission. Julian could think of other things he'd rather do -- like darning his socks -- and he was afraid they'd go around and around.

At the hospital, Mike and Sonny got the word from Francesca that Mike's medications had seemed to be having a positive effect. Mike wanted to set the nurse up with Michael, and Sonny awkwardly interceded. He suggested that Mike talk to Michael at dinner. Francesca had to get back to work. Sonny suggested a trip to the old neighborhood before dinner.

Kim had to shower and get ready for work. She urged Julian to make his own decision, and she would support him no matter what. As she left, she ran into Mike and Sonny, and they exchanged greetings. Mike was eager to see the new establishment, and Sonny stopped at the bar to order his coffee. He expected it on the house along with Julian's July payment for his coffee supply.

Julian delivered the coffee to Sonny's table, where Sonny was short with the bar owner. Mike assumed it was a good story, but Sonny wanted to talk about other things -- like Croton. Mike couldn't remember ever being in Croton, and Sonny tried to jar his memory. He mentioned that Mike had gotten him out of trouble in a field, but Mike drew a blank. He looked around and decided to get up and look at the old photos on the walls.

Brad arrived to thank Julian for the information he'd provided to him and Lucas on family histories. Brad knew that Julian wasn't happy with the agreement to have no communication while Brad and Lucas pursued the adoption. He added that he knew nothing about the woman who would be giving birth, while she even knew his school GPA. Brad stressed that he and Lucas were taking a "leap of faith" that the woman would not change her mind before the 30-day grace period was up.

Brad mentioned that Alexis was his attorney, and she knew all about the pertinent facts of the adoption including information on the pregnant woman. He was confident that she would look after them. Brad said that Julian's research had meant a lot to Lucas, and he left. Julian gave Sonny his payment envelope. Mike stared at a photo of a man and identified him as Charlie Delaney. Sonny stated that he didn't know him, but Mike recalled having known the man when Sonny had been about 18 years old.

Back at the hospital, a doctor stopped at the nurses' station to ask Elizabeth about some labs. Kiki was standing there and offered her help, but the doctor refused. Kiki noted that Bensch had advised her that the male doctors would be uncomfortable around her, and it hadn't been the first time. Elizabeth was sure there had to be other victims.

Lulu walked in and told Elizabeth and Kiki that while her article had received great attention, she hadn't been able to locate any other claims or victims against Bensch. Lulu confirmed that Amy had volunteered to talk about sexism at the hospital. Kiki was afraid that she would not have a chance to win her suit. Francesca stood nearby at the nurses' station while the others chatted, and she listened intently.

Lulu promised that Bensch's days would be over. She received a phone call from her editor, who needed her attention, and Elizabeth had to run a file to Kim's office. Once they were gone, Francesca walked over to Kiki. She expressed her admiration for Kiki after having read the article, and Kiki was appreciative. Francesca returned to her desk, Lulu finished her phone call, and Alexis found the young women. She asked if they had heard from any other victims. Kiki was sure that someone else would step forward. Alexis stressed that they needed to have "corroborating witnesses" because she was afraid "there may be no way to win."

Kiki grew upset, and Alexis tried to reassure her. Lulu thought they could let a jury decide but Alexis stated that it boiled down to a "he said, she said." Bensch could turn around and sue Kiki for defamation. She was behind Kiki and wanted to let her know where they stood. Alexis wanted Lulu and Kiki to think about their next move. She left, and Lulu stated that a lot of women would thank Kiki for what she had done.

"Someone could come forward about Bensch before you have to make a decision about the suit," Lulu said. "Someone is," Francesca declared as she walked back to the women. Francesca admitted that Dr. Bensch had harassed her. Kiki grabbed her hands.

Elizabeth sat in Kim's office. Kim was embarrassed but she asked how Elizabeth and Franco dealt with each other's exes. Elizabeth joked that it was "mutual coexistence." Kim admitted that she had been having issues with Julian's ex. She explained the situation, and Elizabeth declared that Kim should have been honest with her feelings about the couples' therapy. Kim thought it sounded strange and intrusive.

Elizabeth agreed that Kim didn't want to sound jealous, but it was a normal feeling. Kim stated that she was out of practice, but she'd learned her lesson. She didn't want to mention it at that point because Julian had decided against it anyway.

Julian got off the elevator and ran right into Alexis. He was there to give Kevin his decision about the therapy. He'd decided to do it, after all.

Julian goes to therapy with Alexis

Julian goes to therapy with Alexis

Friday, June 22, 2018

Mike insisted that he knew the Charlie who had once owned Charlie's Pub, and Sonny reminded Mike that he'd lived across the street from the bar. Mike denied the statement and said that he hadn't seen Charlie since Sonny had been around eighteen years old. Sonny tried to calm Mike down as he got more worked up, until D.A. Dawson entered and asked if everything was all right. Sonny insisted that everything was fine, and he introduced Mike to the D.A. Mike explained their argument away as a "squabble about how Sonny got started in the business." "The coffee business, right?" Dawson wondered.

Sonny asked Mike to get them some coffee, and Mike complied. Sonny reminded Dawson that his father had Alzheimer's, which he'd said on the stand. He called her cruel for going after him through his wife, but she replied that she would have done the same to anyone who'd pushed a pregnant woman down the stairs. She continued that she'd become a district attorney to make sure that people like Sonny didn't "jeopardize democracy." She warned him that he didn't want her as an enemy, but he figured there was no way for them to avoid it. "Let the games begin," she smirked, and she left.

Mike returned and asked Sonny who he'd been talking to. "Nobody important, Dad," he replied. Sonny apologized for their argument and added that they needed to go so that they wouldn't be late for dinner with Michael. Mike wanted to wash his hands, so he promised to meet Sonny outside. Sonny looked at the picture of Charlie on the wall and left. He called Max and asked him to look into Charlie Delany.

Sam and Curtis updated each other on their progress looking for Peter, but neither had had any success. They figured that someone had to be helping him, and the only name that made sense to them was Valentin. Sam suggested they search Peter's hotel room to see if anything had been missed in the previous searches.

Sam and Curtis arrived in front of Peter's hotel room, and Sam picked the lock. They entered the room and saw that it had already been rented out, so they figured that they needed to hurry. Sam suggested that they search the vent, so she shined her flashlight on it. As they went to the pull the vent cover off, Dawson entered and asked what they were doing in her room.

Nina was shocked to enter her office and find that it was exotically decorated. Valentin emerged and welcomed her back to Morocco. He wanted her to remember how it had felt to fall back in love, but she only remembered how a necklace had been stolen from the Crimson shoot. She directly connected Valentin's lies with Nathan's death, which would never change. She thought that the décor only reminded her that she never should have given him a second chance.

Valentin reminded Nina that she'd given him thirty days to prove himself, but she answered that she'd only signed the contract to humor him. She wanted a divorce and insisted that she felt nothing for him after he'd made her doubt her instincts and made her "take just in my own hands." He wondered what that meant, but she claimed that it was metaphorical.

Valentin sensed that Nina was hiding something, and he offered to help her if she was in trouble. She knew that he would love to "swoop in and rescue me," but she insisted that she was capable of saving herself. He reminded her that he'd helped her erase every trace of her connection to Cassandra after Cassandra had attacked Nina. She demanded to know if he was trying to blackmail her.

Julian arrived at the hospital and bumped into Alexis. As Lucas listened in, Julian informed her that he'd decided to go to therapy with her because he thought that he owed her the closure she wanted. She walked away to ask Kevin when Julian should attend therapy with her. Lucas took the opportunity to praise the "civil" conversation between Julian and Alexis. Julian explained that he was doing a favor for her, and he hoped she would reciprocate. Lucas left to go back to work, and Alexis returned. "Ready?" she asked. "As I'll ever be," he replied.

Alexis and Julian sat in Kevin's office while Kevin asked Alexis to explain what she was trying to accomplish in therapy. She told Julian that she was trying to figure out her issues stemming from her father in relation to her romantic relationships. She mentioned that "stable and attentive" men felt "foreign" to her, but her choices in men could get her killed. Julian wondered how he fit into it, and she couldn't believe he couldn't see the connection after he'd almost killed her.

Julian defended himself against the allegations and wondered if the therapy session was just going to be about tearing into him. He and Alexis bickered about why he was there until Kevin interrupted them and offered more structure in the session. Julian reluctantly agreed to stay, and Kevin asked what had drawn Julian to Alexis. Julian admitted that he'd seen a lot of good in Alexis, and he'd thought that she could offer him a chance at redemption. He'd thought that she was "strong enough to handle my darkness" and that she could make him a better man. "Lucky me," she muttered. Julian continued that he could never ask for Alexis' forgiveness, but he was truly sorry for his actions.

When the session was over, Alexis and Julian agreed that it had been good for both of them. She appreciated him cooperating and understood if he didn't want to return. He thought they owed it to each other to move on with their lives, and she promised to do anything she could to help him do that. "I'll think of something," he said, and she left.

Brad caught Lucas gazing into the nursery and assured his husband that they would have their own baby "any day now." Lucas was still worried about the birth mother changing her mind, and Brad reminded him that they'd agreed to have faith. Brad continued that they had everything a birth mother could want in a couple, and he urged Lucas to "trust the process."

Brad believed that Alexis would do everything she could to protect them. However, Lucas said that Alexis couldn't keep the birth mother from changing her mind. Brad promised that they would have a baby, and they would be amazing parents. "You can't know that," Lucas worried. "I promise nothing can keep us from being parents," Brad vowed, and he kissed Lucas.

Carly was doing push-ups on the floor of her room when Jason peeked in. She saw him and peered out, placing her hand against the window, and he placed his hand on the other side of the glass. Rupert rounded the corner with his arms full of stacked dinner trays and ordered Jason to open Carly's door. Jason complied, and Rupert entered the room. He told Carly to pick one of the trays. She chose the bottom tray, and all three trays clattered to the floor, spilling food all over.

"Idiot," Rupert spat at Carly, and he demanded that Jason clean up the food. Rupert left and locked Jason in the room with Carly, which she couldn't believe. "Nice trick," he said, but he warned her that she needed to be a "model patient" and cooperate with Rupert and Mary Pat if she wanted to go home. She figured that telling Jason to quit would go along the same lines as that strategy, but she didn't think she could make it there without him.

Carly talked about how trapped she felt, and Jason understood after having been held at the clinic in Russia. He reminded her that every day, she got closer to going home, and he urged her to do it for her family. She grabbed his hand but pulled it away just in time for Rupert to miss it. She wondered where her dinner was, and Rupert advised her that, since she'd spilled hers, she didn't get any food until the next meal.

A short while later, Carly heard a man screaming all the way from her room. Out in the hall, Jason looked around to see where the scream had originated. Kevin walked down the hall and asked if Jason needed something. Jason located the room and asked who the screaming patient in that room was.

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