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Nick and Billy exchanged punches. Nate informed Devon that Hilary wouldn't make it. Hilary shared touching goodbyes with friends and enemies alike. Devon and Hilary wed. Hilary implored Devon to move on then she died in his arms.
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Nate delivers grave news about Hilary

Nate delivers grave news about Hilary

Monday, July 23, 2018

At Sharon's, Mariah noticed a place setting missing at the breakfast table. After Mariah determined that Nick's plate was missing, she noted that Nick wouldn't be getting pancakes. Sharon replied, "He never came home last night, so I don't know what Nick is getting this morning." Mariah said she was aware that Nick had searched for Sharon. Sharon said Nick should've called to talk.

Mariah found Sharon's engagement ring lying on a table. Sharon explained that she'd taken it off the day before. Mariah said Nick might've seen the ring and thought Sharon was ending their relationship. Sharon explained that she wasn't sure about marriage because Nick had been lying to her and keeping secrets. Mariah reminded Sharon that she'd been keeping what had happened to J.T. a big secret. Sharon bristled. Mariah added, "Did you ever tell Nick that you all helped J.T. escape that night?" Sharon brushed off her involvement with J.T. as an issue and insisted that Nick wasn't the man he'd once been.

Mariah encouraged Sharon to find Nick because he was likely just as confused and upset as Sharon. Sharon later told Mariah she'd been unable to locate Nick at the Athletic Club or at his office. Mariah glanced at her phone when she received a text message from Tessa. Sharon asked Mariah about her date with Tessa. Mariah claimed it had been a perfect date until Tessa had sneaked off to be with a girl Tessa had seemed to be hugging in a romantic way. Mariah sighed heavily, changed the subject, and encouraged Sharon to focus on her engagement to Nick.

At Phyllis' apartment, Nick awoke lying in bed beside Phyllis. In a flashback, Nick and Phyllis recalled the previous night, when they had ripped off each other's clothes and made love atop a counter in the kitchen. They both sat up in bed, still nude beneath the sheets. Phyllis said, "That happened." Nick, seemingly at a loss for words, said, "I mean, no complaints or anything, but..." Phyllis agreed and replied, "Now what?"

Phyllis claimed that neither Nick nor she had crossed any boundaries because she'd sent Billy packing, and Sharon had broken off her engagement to Nick. Phyllis added that they were two single, consenting adults. Nick said he'd try to convince Sharon that they couldn't give up. Phyllis replied, "And I am going to give Billy another chance." Nick and Phyllis made a pact to keep their tryst a secret and vowed never to speak about it again.

At Jabot, Billy gave Gloria a stack of invoices and instructed her to reimburse him for personal expenses he'd incurred for meals and trips. Kyle entered Billy's office and inquired about Phyllis. Kyle said he'd scheduled a meeting with Phyllis to discuss the Jabot-Fenmore tie-in. Billy said he didn't know where Phyllis was. Gloria noted Billy had somehow misplaced his lady love somewhere between her boudoir and the office. Billy provided no details, but he insisted that his relationship with Phyllis would be back on track in no time. After Gloria returned to her desk and perused the stack of Billy's invoices, she said to herself, "Quite the social life you have out there, chief."

After Nick went upstairs to shower at Phyllis' apartment, Kyle knocked on the door. Phyllis bundled up in a thick blanket and opened the door. Kyle said he'd stopped by to check on Phyllis after she'd missed their meeting. Making herself sound hoarse, Phyllis feigned an illness and said she'd been treating herself with chicken soup. Phyllis tried to close the door, but Kyle entered the apartment and proposed they convene their meeting there. Phyllis told Kyle she wasn't up to it and promised to talk later on the phone.

Kyle noticed a pile of men's clothing lying in a heap on the floor. Phyllis quickly collected the clothing and said, "Billy came by. I decided to give him another chance. Not the tidiest guy I ever met, but he's upstairs in the shower right now." Kyle congratulated Phyllis and told her it was great news. Kyle added that he'd seen Billy at the office and knew Billy hadn't seen Phyllis the previous night.

Phyllis' facial expression suddenly changed when Kyle asked who was upstairs. Phyllis explained that she'd "had a moment" after kicking Billy out. Phyllis said after her moment, she was ready to give Billy another chance. Kyle asked Phyllis if she planned to come clean about her moment. Phyllis said she had no intention of hurting Billy, and she implored Kyle to keep it a secret. Kyle replied, "You can count on me as much as I can count on you."

After Kyle left, Nick, with just a towel tied around his waist, rejoined Phyllis downstairs. Phyllis handed Nick his clothes. Nick wished Phyllis good luck with Billy. Phyllis wished Nick good luck with Sharon. Nick and Phyllis promised not to speak a word about their night of sex, and they bumped fists to seal the deal.

After Kyle returned to Jabot, Gloria asked him if he'd located Phyllis. Kyle replied, "Oh, I certainly did." Gloria asked Kyle if he'd had lunch with Billy the previous Wednesday. Kyle said he hadn't. Gloria asked Kyle why'd he'd answered before pondering. Kyle explained that he'd had a very special date with a woman whose name wasn't Billy. Gloria then asked Kyle if he recalled having made a visit to the racetrack, so perhaps potential retailers could watch Billy in action. Kyle said he didn't recall such a field trip and asked Gloria why she was asking questions. Gloria threw up her arms and said, "Don't know yet, but I will."

Gloria entered Billy's office. Billy seemed annoyed when Gloria told him she'd discovered some discrepancies in his expense report. Billy glanced at Gloria's report, referred to his desk calendar and said he'd gotten one day mixed up with another. Gloria persisted, explaining that she'd found a number of discrepancies. Billy interrupted and told Gloria not to question him again.

After Gloria stepped out of Billy's office, Kyle asked her if everything was all right. Gloria was perturbed and snappily replied, "Of course." Kyle replied, "Except that sounds like a 'not really.'" Gloria said she didn't have time for Kyle's comments and needed to get back to work. Gloria opened her folder stuffed with invoices and dropped them heavily onto her desk. Kyle appeared concerned and gazed through the window into Billy's office.

Phyllis arrived at Jabot. Gloria rushed to stop Phyllis from entering Billy's office and asked if she had an appointment. Kyle approached and said, "Look who made it to work. Talk about a quick recovery." Gloria warned Phyllis that she'd punished Billy enough. Kyle folded his arms at his waist and added, "Go easy on him." Gloria and Kyle stood in front of the window after Phyllis entered Billy's office, but Phyllis closed the vertical blinds.

Phyllis marched toward Billy and said, "You piss me off more than anyone on this entire planet. You shut me out. You hurt me. You teamed up with my kid and left me out in the dark." Phyllis admitted that she was as much of a "screwup" as Billy. Phyllis invited Billy to return home. Billy took Phyllis in his arms and kissed her.

Billy put the brakes on a lovemaking session on his office sofa and blamed work as being a distraction. Phyllis raised an eyebrow when Billy said he hadn't even looked at a deck of cards since she'd booted him out. Phyllis replied, "I saw you playing last night at the club again." After Phyllis encouraged Billy to attend Gamblers Anonymous, he complained that Phyllis evidently believed her flaws were more acceptable than his. Phyllis recalled Billy having gambled away the yacht and noted that it wasn't normal.

Billy became irate. Billy told Phyllis that her insistence on calling all the shots wouldn't work for him. Billy said Phyllis had taken her time to decide when he could return home. Billy added that he needed time to decide if he wanted to return home. After Billy walked out and headed toward the elevator, Kyle noticed Billy's abrupt exit.

Nick returned home seconds before Sharon walked through the front door. Sharon said she'd been out searching for Nick after waiting up all night for him. Sharon said she'd feared Nick might've noticed she'd taken off her engagement ring and set it on a table. Nick said the ring had given him a loud and clear message. Sharon insisted she would never end their relationship with a wordless gesture, and she explained that she'd taken off the ring because things weren't right between them.

Nick insisted he'd convince Sharon that they were too good together to throw it all away. Nick admitted that his lies had hurt Sharon. Nick apologized for the things he'd done and admitted he'd changed, but he told Sharon he'd become truer to himself than he'd ever been because he no longer strived to be like Victor. Nick cried that his desire to change was motivated by his desire to support his family. Nick told Sharon he hoped Dark Horse would become a legacy to hand down to his children.

Sharon seemed unable to shake her misgivings. Nick promised not to lie to Sharon and to do whatever was necessary to spend the rest of his life with her. Sharon told Nick she loved him. Sharon picked up her ring and told Nick to put it back on her finger where it belonged. Nick took Sharon in his arms and kissed her.

At the hospital, Devon, seated beside Hilary's bed, awoke to find Hilary sobbing. Hilary cried that she'd lost their baby. Devon comforted Hilary, but she again told him she was sorry she'd lost their baby. Devon said he'd talked to Lily and had concluded that no one but the truck driver was at fault. Hilary cried that she shouldn't have gotten into the car, but she added that she'd felt responsible for Shauna.

Devon consoled Hilary and said that what mattered was her fight to get well. Devon took Hilary's hand in his and promised to help her get through her recovery. Hilary talked about the plans she'd had for their baby. Devon said he'd been picking out names. Hilary replied, "Me, too." Hilary couldn't bear to discuss the possibility when Devon broached the subject of trying for another baby. Devon apologized and said he was grateful Hilary had survived.

Nate stopped by. Hilary asked Nate if he'd stopped by to heckle her recovery. Devon informed Hilary that Nate had saved her life. Nate said, "So sorry about the baby." Nate told Hilary that she'd need a transfusion of platelets, which he promised would help her become stronger than she already was. During the infusion, Devon told Hilary he'd step out and phone Mariah to let her know the show should be canceled. Hilary suggested that Mariah host the show. Devon wasn't convinced Mariah could step in with little preparation, but Hilary insisted that Mariah could do a great show without her.

At the rooftop pool, Tessa caught up with Mariah. Tessa asked why no one had shown up at the Hamilton-Winters Group. Mariah, miffed, replied, "Sucks to be out of the loop." Mariah mentioned Tessa's work emergency that had cut their date short. Tessa admitted it had been bad timing and said they could look forward to their third date. Mariah received a phone call from Devon. Mariah was shocked to learn about Hilary's accident. Mariah cried when Devon told her that Hilary had lost the baby.

Mariah pleaded with Devon to tell her what she could do. Devon asked Mariah to step in for Hilary and tell her show's viewers what had happened. Mariah cried that she couldn't, but Devon said Hilary had faith that Mariah would do a great job. Mariah asked if Hilary would be okay. Devon assured Mariah that Hilary would recover faster than anyone expected. Mariah took her place on the temporary set and informed viewers that she had difficult news to share.

Hilary and Devon watched the broadcast, which Mariah hosted solo, from the hospital room. Devon looked on with pride as Mariah applauded Hilary's drive and confidence to make things happen and not let anything stand in her way. Tears welled in Mariah's eyes as she described Hilary to be incredibly warm, generous, and loyal. Mariah promised Hilary's fans that their favorite host would return to her role soon. Devon told Hilary he'd agreed with everything Mariah had said.

After Devon put away his laptop, Nate summoned Devon to step out. Nate told Devon that the transfusion had failed to successfully treat a condition called disseminated vascular coagulation, which had resulted from blood loss. Nate told Devon to prepare himself. A look of concern washed over Devon's face. Nate informed Devon that Hilary likely wouldn't make it. Devon, devastated, stifled tears as he watched Hilary sleeping.

Devon asks a dying Hilary to marry him

Devon asks a dying Hilary to marry him

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

On a live broadcast of GC Buzz, Mariah told the audience that she'd been overwhelmed by the thousands of messages the fans had left on the show's website to wish Hilary a speedy recovery. Mariah tearfully stated that she was truly moved, and she knew Hilary would be, too. Mariah marveled that the love shining from every word was exactly what Hilary needed, and she knew it would make all the difference. "It has to," Mariah firmly stated.

Mariah offered to ensure that Hilary got all the cards and emails that the fans sent, and she implored the audience to keep sending their prayers and good thoughts. Mariah signed off, and Tessa gushed about how heart-wrenching Mariah's performance had been. Mariah snapped that she'd done it for Hilary and not for praise, and she curtly added that she had to go to the ICU. Tessa observed that Mariah was in no shape to drive, and she said she was worried about Mariah. Mariah growled that she couldn't believe a word out of Tessa's mouth, and she stormed off.

At Crimson Lights, Lily and the twins finished watching GC Buzz, and Charlie sent a text message to ask Shauna how she was doing. Mattie decided to give blood, even if it wasn't a match for Hilary's. Lily told the kids to finish up, since they needed to get to the hospital to show support for Hilary. Charlie stared at his phone, but he received no response from Shauna.

At the Athletic Club, Jack cheerfully greeted Cane and asked how things were in the land of mediocrity without the benefit of Jack's expertise. Jack imagined that he could have taken Chancellor to new heights, but Cane groused that the company didn't need executives whose best days were behind them. Jack bragged about signing on with Dark Horse as Nick's executive consultant, and Cane half-heartedly said to pass on his congratulations to Nick on his new venture. Jack noticed that Cane seemed off, and Cane realized that Jack hadn't heard about Hilary's car wreck. Cane sadly informed Jack that things didn't look good, and Jack rushed out.

At the hospital, Nate asked if Devon understood what Nate had just told him, and Devon numbly repeated that Nate didn't think Hilary would make it. Devon reasoned that it wasn't the same as being sure, so there was a chance she could recover. Nate reiterated that he was out of options, and he'd been aggressive with her treatment. Devon figured that clotting was a common issue, so there had to be something the doctors could do. Nate apologetically insisted that there wasn't, and barring a miracle that went beyond medicine, nothing and no one could save her.

Devon asked what he could do for Hilary, and Nate urged him to enjoy the time they had left and make every moment count. Devon crumpled onto a seat in the waiting area and fought against tears. Nate recounted that he'd been in Devon's shoes not long before, and he hadn't wanted to hear the exact same words about the love of his life, but he'd eventually had to stop denying it and accept what it was. He considered it to be the most profound experience two human beings could ever share, and he was glad he'd made the final hours with Carolyn that much more meaningful.

Nate recalled that he and his girlfriend had laughed and cried, and they'd been at peace together, with nothing left unsaid. Nate thought that might later give comfort to Devon, and he encouraged Devon to let his family support him. Nate pledged to do everything humanly possible to make sure that Hilary felt no pain. Devon wondered how much time she had left, and Nate replied that it wasn't up to him, but he implored Devon to make every moment count.

Devon decided that he didn't want Hilary to know about the severity of her condition. Nate argued that every patient deserved to know the truth, so they'd have time to put their affairs in order, make amends, and say goodbyes. Devon countered that if there was even a tiny chance Hilary could make it through, he didn't want to take her hope away, since she had to stay strong and fight to get a miracle. Nate swore that he'd be there for whatever Devon needed.

Lily and the twins arrived at the hospital. Lily hugged Devon, and Mattie asked how Hilary was doing. Charlie wanted to tell Hilary how sorry he was, since none of it would have happened if he'd just followed the rules. Devon reported that Hilary was sleeping, but he was sure she'd love to see them when she woke up. Lily handed the teens some money to get Hilary a present from the gift shop, and the twins left. Lily saw how upset Devon was, and she urged him to talk to her.

Devon became overwhelmed with emotion and couldn't respond, and Lily realized it was bad. She insisted that Hilary had to be all right, and they embraced. Devon explained that Hilary didn't know about her condition, and he wanted to keep it that way for her to have hope. Lily promised that she wouldn't say anything to Hilary or the kids, and Devon agreed to let her tell Cane. Devon prepared to check on Hilary, and he asked how he looked. Lily assured him that he looked perfect, and he took a deep breath before stepping into the ICU.

Devon informed Hilary that Lily and the kids were there to see her, and Hilary expressed relief that Lily and Charlie hadn't been hurt. Hilary inquired about Shauna, and Devon indicated that Shauna felt guilty for running off. Hilary insisted that it had been her own fault, since she shouldn't have been arguing with Lily while Lily had been driving. Hilary lamented that she'd been wrapped up in her own life instead of supervising Shauna like she should have been, and she wondered if the accident had been the universe's way of saying she didn't deserve to be a mother. Devon refused to let her talk about herself like that, since she had been an amazing influence on Shauna and would be an incredible mom one day.

Hilary asserted that Devon didn't have to defend her anymore, since she knew they'd only reconciled because of the baby. She recognized that he was too good of a guy to walk away while she was in the hospital, and she wouldn't blame him if he left once she recovered, since there was nothing holding them together. Devon insisted that she couldn't be more wrong. Nate interrupted to check on Hilary.

Nate examined Hilary's chart, and Hilary assured Devon that Nate would take good care of her. Devon mentioned that there was somewhere he needed to go, but he would be back soon. After Devon left, Hilary asked how her numbers looked, and Nate reported that they were about what he'd expected. She pushed to know whether that was good or bad, and he inquired about her comfort level. She confirmed that she was in no pain. Meanwhile, Devon told Lily that he had to take off, and he asked her to stay with Hilary.

Hilary wiped away tears as Lily entered. Lily whimpered that she was really sorry, since she should have been focused on driving and not fighting. Hilary conceded that it took two, and she chalked it up to a simple accident with no fault. Lily thought Hilary was letting her off too easy, and she thought Hilary should let her have it. Hilary took a rain check, since she didn't have it in her with all the pain meds.

Lily reflected back on all the grief she'd given Hilary over the years, but Hilary acknowledged that it had been with good reason. Lily noted that Hilary had changed, and she wished she'd realized sooner that Hilary had turned her life around and become a person Lily could admire. Lily regretted that they'd been enemies for a long time, and Hilary swore that it hadn't been what she'd wanted. Lily wondered if two intelligent, talented women like them could hold one another up without tearing one another down. Hilary jokingly questioned in what universe Lily Ashby admitted she was wrong.

Lily stressed that she had been really wrong to sabotage Hilary's attempts to get pregnant and to criticize Hilary instead of helping her learn how to be a good role model to Shauna. Lily asked if Hilary could find a way in her heart to forgive Lily, and Hilary assured her that there was nothing to forgive. Hilary reached for Lily's hand and conveyed her excitement that they'd be friends once she got out of there, and Lily forced a smile and nodded.

Charlie checked his phone as Mariah, Cane, and Jack arrived. Charlie asked if he could go see Shauna, since she felt terrible about the accident and hadn't been answering his text messages. Cane warned that Shauna wasn't a good influence, and he ordered Charlie to be there for his family. Lily exited the ICU and vaguely stated that Hilary was doing as well as could be expected. Lily took it as a good sign that Hilary had been cracking jokes, and Jack asked if Hilary could have visitors besides family.

Lily wondered where Charlie had gone, and an irritated Cane realized that his son had left to see Shauna. Lily sent Jack and Mariah to see Hilary. Cane started to go after Charlie, but Lily wailed that she needed Cane. She started to tell him about Hilary's condition, but she dissolved into tears before she could finish. Cane pulled her into his arms.

Mariah informed Hilary that she'd gotten good feedback about that day's show, and Hilary recalled that she'd told Devon not to let Mariah wiggle out of it. Hilary bet that Mariah was angling for the top spot, and Jack encouraged Hilary to get well soon to show Mariah who the boss was. Jack offered to give the women some time alone, and he called Hilary an amazing woman with an extraordinary spirit and soul. He was glad they'd remained friends, and he expected them to be listening to one another's woes for another 40 years. "Only 40?" Hilary asked, and he advised her to listen to the doctors so that she would be back on her feet as quickly as possible. Jack kissed her forehead and stepped out.

Hilary asked a teary Mariah what was with the boohooing, and Mariah replied that she'd always hated hospitals. Hilary thanked her for making the show go on, since it was one less thing for Hilary to worry about. Mariah softly mentioned that Devon had told her about losing the baby, and she cried that she was heartbroken for them. Mariah recognized how much Hilary had wanted to have a child with Devon, and she swore that she would do anything to take away the pain. Hilary was touched by Mariah's kindness, and she confessed that her biggest fear was that it was the beginning of the end for her and Devon without the baby. "I beg to differ. You couldn't be more wrong about our future," Devon proclaimed upon his return. Mariah hugged Devon on her way out.

Tessa arrived at the hospital as Mariah stepped out of the ICU. Mariah angrily confronted Tessa about following her there, and Tessa contended that she'd follow Mariah all over town to get Mariah to listen to her. Mariah ranted that she had a friend in serious condition, and she blasted Tessa for not thinking about that. Mariah stormed off, yelling at Tessa not to follow her. Tessa chased after her anyway.

Mariah burst into Crimson Lights with Tessa close behind. Mariah protested that she didn't want to talk to Tessa, since it had just broken Mariah's heart to watch Hilary try to be brave and strong after losing her baby. Tessa reached out to comfort Mariah, but Mariah spat to save it for Tessa's girlfriend. Mariah barked that she was wrecked about Hilary, and she didn't need to feel stupid as well. Tessa insisted that there was no one else, but Mariah refused to hear any more lies when she'd seen Tessa in the arms of another woman.

Tessa swore that Mariah had it all wrong, and she explained that she'd been protecting Mariah by not disclosing where she'd gone the other night. Mariah compared it to when Tessa hadn't wanted to tell Noah about her kiss with Mariah, and she assumed that Tessa was lying about being with more than one person. Tessa blurted out that Kimberly had helped her track down her sister. Tessa showed Mariah all of the text messages that she and Kimberly had exchanged, noting that all of them were about Crystal.

Tessa revealed that Kimberly had been able to track down someone who was still in touch with Crystal, which was why Tessa had hugged Kimberly. Mariah didn't understand why Tessa hadn't shared such amazing news, and Tessa replied that Crystal was a fugitive, so it was best for Mariah to know as little as possible. Mariah realized that she'd gone off the deep end, but she was grateful to know that Tessa wasn't two-timing her. Mariah wondered what would happen next for them. Tessa sadly realized that Crystal couldn't return to Genoa City without being arrested, so leaving town was the only way she could be with her sister.

Meanwhile, Cane informed Mattie that Lily had gone to give blood, and he said he was proud of Mattie for taking the initiative to do it. Mattie was surprised to hear that Charlie had left the hospital, and Cane made a call. Outside Devon and Hilary's penthouse, Charlie answered his phone and recognized that Cane had told him to stay away, but he was worried about Shauna because she was close with Hilary. Charlie was determined to be there for Shauna, and he swore it was nothing more.

Charlie prepared to deal with it if Cane grounded him, but he refused to leave until he made sure Shauna was okay. Cane said they'd talk about it later. Charlie rapped on the door and begged Shauna to open up. She opened the door and warned that he shouldn't be there after what had happened the last time. He empathized that she was upset about the accident, but he wondered why she wasn't at the hospital. Shauna confided that she couldn't face Hilary.

Shauna wailed that all she could think about was Hilary, and she couldn't go to the hospital, knowing that Hilary had suffered a miscarriage because of what Shauna had done. Shauna figured that Hilary wouldn't have been in the car if Shauna hadn't run off, but Charlie pointed out that Shauna couldn't avoid Hilary forever. Charlie lectured that Shauna needed to learn how to face her problems instead of running away from them.

Cane found a despondent Lily in the waiting area, and he said she had to stop feeling so guilty. He understood that she'd been driving the car, but he was adamant that it had been an accident. Lily lamented that Devon had told her Hilary was dying, and there was nothing they could do. She answered a call from an unknown party, and she agreed to be somewhere. She revealed that a police officer wanted to talk to her about the accident.

Nate examined Hilary, and she pressed to know how she was doing. He said nothing had changed, but she could tell that he kept sidestepping the question. Nate indicated that she was holding her own after what she'd been through, and she assumed that it was a scenario where no news was good news. Nate departed, and Devon helped Hilary drink through a straw. She marveled that she'd had a lot of visitors that day, including a lovely conversation with Lily, who had admitted that she'd been wrong for not supporting them as a couple. Hilary mused that if Devon had meant what he'd said about not leaving her, then she really did have a blessed life.

Devon confessed that he and Hilary had gotten back together because of the baby, but it had turned into much more than that. He believed that they'd always been destined to be together, and he felt the love between them even when they were apart. Hilary knew exactly what he meant, and he clarified that he wasn't just talking about lust, even thought she was the most beautiful woman he'd ever seen. He gushed that he loved her mind, her confidence, and her heart, and she'd never quit on him, even when he'd tried to push her away.

Devon recognized that having a child with Hilary would be incredible, but it wasn't everything -- she was everything, and that was why he wanted her to be his wife again as soon as possible. Hilary joyfully agreed to marry him as soon as she got out of there, but he preferred to marry her right away at the hospital. He declared that she'd changed his life, and he just wanted to be by her side to let her and the rest of the world know it was where he belonged.

Devon vowed to help Hilary recover as her husband, and they could have a party to celebrate once she was feeling better. Hilary weakly stated that it would be great, and Devon presented her with a ring that he'd bought at Fenmore's when he'd stepped out earlier. She called it the most beautiful ring she'd ever seen, and she asked what he was waiting for. She told him to put it on her finger, and he obliged. He gently cupped her face in his hands, and they kissed.

Hilary demands the truth about her condition

Hilary demands the truth about her condition

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

At the hospital, Hilary woke up and asked Devon if he'd stayed with her all night. He said he didn't want to give up the best seat in the house. He said that Neil had delivered a change of clothes for him. Devon surprised Hilary. He showed her the wedding invitations he'd had made. She asked him to read it to her. Devon read that the wedding would be held at the hospital, and the reception would be at the penthouse after Hilary had been release from the hospital.

Sharon, Mariah, Phyllis, Lily, and Cane read Hilary and Devon's wedding invitations, which had been hand-delivered.

Phyllis arrived at the hospital for a visit with Hilary. Hilary immediately wanted to know about the private investigator she'd recommended. Phyllis was happy to report that Billy hadn't cheated on her. Phyllis wanted to hear about Hilary's wedding rather than discussing anything about her and Billy. Hilary began by telling Phyllis that the baby hadn't made it, and they both cried.

Hilary told Phyllis that Devon had been doing things to keep her mind off the loss of their baby. Hilary wanted to know what the purpose of it had been when it had ended in such a cruel way. Hilary said that perhaps she and Devon had needed to go through the tragedy in order to find their way back to each other.

Hilary changed the subject and asked Phyllis to be her maid of honor. Through tears of happiness, Phyllis accepted. She told Hilary she needed to leave so she could exercise her duties as maid of honor and find a wedding dress for Hilary. Phyllis headed out.

At Hamilton-Winters, Nick told Neil that he wanted to hire Neil's company to do the PR work for Dark Horse. Neil refused. He told Nick that Hilary's accident had given him a new perspective on life and that life was too short to engage in petty things. He added that he didn't want to be caught in the middle of Nick and Victor. Nick said he understood. They shook hands, and Neil left for the hospital.

At home, Mariah read Hilary and Devon's wedding invitation again. She told Sharon that she didn't think it was a good sign that the wedding would be held at the hospital. Sharon suggested that perhaps Hilary wanted something quiet, but Mariah responded that Hilary would want something big and splashy. Mariah felt there was more to the wedding than met the eye. Sharon advised Mariah to just be happy for Hilary and Devon.

Sharon asked Mariah how things had gone with Tessa. Mariah replied that things were complicated. Sharon said she wasn't surprised, given Tessa's track record. Sharon didn't want Mariah to get hurt and wanted things to work out for her. Mariah asked Sharon to be supportive, and Sharon said she would be.

Lily and Cane were at Crimson Lights when Lily received a text message advising her that the police were on their way to Hamilton-Winters to interview her. Cane asked Lily what she'd tell them. Lily said that she'd tell them the truth -- that a truck had appeared out of nowhere and hit them.

Neil met Devon in the waiting room of the hospital. Devon informed Neil that the baby hadn't made it. Neil hugged Devon when Devon admitted that his heart was broken. Neil expressed his concern that Devon was rushing his marriage to Hilary. Neil wanted to make sure that Devon was thinking clearly.

Devon told Neil that he loved Hilary with all his heart and that he wanted to marry her. Neil suggested that Devon wait until Hilary was out of the hospital -- they had plenty of time. Devon advised him that Hilary was out of time and that she didn't know the gravity of her condition. Neil was speechless. Devon said that he wanted to make the best of the time he had left with Hilary. He asked Neil not to say anything.

Devon asked Neil to be his best man. Neil accepted and said he would support Devon in any way he could.

Cane paid Hilary a visit. Hilary showed him her engagement ring. She told Cane that she wanted him and Lily at the wedding. Cane promised they'd be there. He acknowledged that Hilary had been there for him and Sam when Juliet had died. Hilary admitted it had been out of guilt and love. Cane apologized for cutting her out of his and Sam's lives. Hilary accepted his apology and admitted that from the moment she'd held Sam, she'd known she wanted to be a mother.

Hilary told Cane that she knew that Charlie and Shauna had been blaming themselves for the accident. She wanted Cane to assure them that they weren't to blame and that neither one of them had been at fault.

At the penthouse, Charlie tried to convince Shauna to go see Hilary. He said that Hilary would be upset if Shauna didn't visit her. Shauna said she was certain that Hilary would prefer not to see her. Charlie assured Shauna that Hilary had wanted him to personally deliver the wedding invitation to her. Shauna lamented that Hilary had taken her in and had trusted her, but she'd let Hilary down. She wanted to know how she was going to face Hilary. Charlie assured her that Hilary would have great respect for her.

Charlie told Shauna that Lily would be talking with the police later, and he hoped that would be the end of it. Shauna told Charlie that she'd seen the accident, and Lily had run the red light. Charlie said that Lily didn't remember that she'd gone through a red light and that Cane had wanted Charlie to let it go.

At Hamilton-Winters, Lily met with a female officer who had arrived to take her statement. She told Lily that their conversation would be recorded. Lily told the officer that she wished she'd handled things differently and explained that she and Hilary had been arguing over parenting because Charlie and Shauna had been left alone in Hilary's penthouse. During their argument, a truck had appeared out of nowhere and struck them. The officer thanked Lily and left.

Later, at Crimson Lights, Lily, Cane, Mattie, and Charlie discussed Devon and Hilary's wedding. They agreed that it would be a very special day. Lily told them about her interview with the police. Mattie said she hoped that it was the end of the investigation.

Mariah arrived at Hamilton-Winters, where she found Tessa packing up her things. She told Tessa that Hilary and Devon were getting married. Tessa was happy that Devon and Hilary were getting their happily ever after. Mariah asked Tessa if they could find their happily ever after. Mariah suggested that they find Crystal and return her to town; then, she and Tessa could be together. Tessa pointed out that there were no guarantees that Crystal would be cleared, even with Scott's testimony. Mariah said that Victor could probably help her, but Tessa reminded her that the Newmans weren't very happy with her. Tessa stated that Crystal had to stay in hiding and that things would be better if she left to be with Crystal.

Mariah asked why Tessa was pushing her away. Tessa claimed that she wasn't a good person and that she was a thief. Mariah said she didn't see things that way. She told Tessa to go ahead and label herself any way that she wanted, but Tessa had the biggest heart Mariah had ever seen. Mariah said that Hilary's accident served as a reminder that life was short. Mariah said that it had put her world into focus, and she wanted to go after what she wanted -- and what she wanted was Tessa. She added that if Tessa was intent on leaving, then Mariah was going with her.

Phyllis and Devon were in the waiting room. Phyllis told Devon that she envisioned Hilary in a very elaborate wedding dress. Phyllis suggested that Devon wait until Hilary was out of the hospital when Hilary could walk down the aisle. Devon told Phyllis that Hilary wouldn't be the same person after she left the hospital. Phyllis realized that something was wrong and asked Devon to tell her how bad things really were. Devon said it was really bad and that Hilary didn't know. Phyllis insisted that Hilary needed to be aware, and if Devon wouldn't tell Hilary, Phyllis would. Devon warned Phyllis not to destroy Hilary's happiness. Hilary only had a few days to live, and he'd chosen not to tell Hilary so she could enjoy the time she had remaining.

A short time later, Nick bumped into Phyllis on the patio at Crimson Lights. Nick noticed that something about Phyllis was off. Phyllis advised Nick that Hilary was dying. Sharon arrived as Nick was hugging Phyllis, and she asked what was going on. Phyllis told Sharon that Hilary was dying and that Hilary had no idea how dire her situation was. Sharon couldn't understand why Devon would keep that information from Hilary. Phyllis explained Devon's decision. Sharon said that she and Nick were there for Phyllis even if she and Phyllis weren't exactly friends. Phyllis thanked them, said she had to find a wedding dress for Hilary, and left.

When they were alone, Sharon told Nick that she felt sorry for Phyllis, and she couldn't believe that she'd ever hear herself say that. Sharon apologized to Nick for almost walking away from him. She was happy that she hadn't done anything to ruin what they had. Nick said that they'd both made mistakes. Sharon told him that nothing would stop them from getting married and living a long and happy life together. Sharon kissed him and walked away.

Hilary was delighted to see Shauna. Hilary assured her that the accident hadn't been Shauna's fault or the reason that Hilary was in the hospital. Shauna asked Hilary's forgiveness. Hilary said she'd forgive Shauna on one condition: if Shauna would be her bridesmaid and stand with her when she married Devon. Hilary said that Shauna was the closest thing she had to a daughter. Shauna accepted.

Shauna asked when Hilary would be released from the hospital and added that she was surprised that Devon wasn't waiting until Hilary was released to get married. Hilary said she didn't know because she hadn't been told. Before leaving, Shauna smiled and assured Hilary that she'd be out of the hospital before she knew it.

Devon returned to Hilary's room and described all the plans he'd made for their wedding, which also included music and flowers. He said he wanted it to be the best wedding that anyone had ever had. She asked Devon where they were going for their honeymoon. Devon suggested Italy, France, Africa, Japan -- or they could take a trip around the world. Hilary commented that the sky was the limit. Devon said that as long as he was with her, he was happy. Hilary didn't look too happy.

At that moment, Phyllis arrived with a selection of wedding dresses for Hilary to pick from. Devon wanted to have a say, but he was politely asked to leave, since the groom wasn't allowed to see the dress before the wedding. After Devon left, Phyllis told Hilary that the selection of dresses consisted of sexy, comfortable, or romantic dresses -- whatever Hilary was in the mood for.

Hilary told Phyllis that she was in the mood for the truth. Hilary wanted Phyllis to be straight with her. She wanted to know the reason Devon was rushing the wedding. Phyllis said it was because Devon loved her. Hilary claimed it was more than that. Phyllis wanted to know why it had to be more than that. Hilary asked Phyllis to stop the pretense. She needed someone to be straight with her. She wanted to know what was going on.

Phyllis attempted to change the subject and said that if Hilary didn't like any of the dresses, Phyllis would talk to her other contacts. Through clenched teeth, Hilary said she didn't want to talk about the dresses. Phyllis claimed they didn't have much time. Hilary said she'd noticed how everyone chose their words carefully, put on their fake smiles, and pretended that everything was okay. She said that every time she asked when she'd be leaving the hospital or when she spoke about the future, Devon, Nate, and Phyllis got nervous, and they'd change the subject.

Hilary said she needed Phyllis to tell her the truth. Hilary realized the gravity of her condition and knew she wasn't going to make it. Phyllis admitted that the doctors didn't think so, and that was why Devon wanted to rush the wedding. Hilary sobbed and said it wasn't fair because there were so many things she wanted to do. She wanted to marry Devon and have children with him.

Phyllis said that doctors weren't always right. Phyllis reminded Hilary that the doctors hadn't believed that she'd ever wake from her coma, but she'd fought back. Phyllis begged Hilary to do the same. Hilary agreed to fight and said that she'd cram as much as possible into the time she had left.

Devon and Hilary exchange wedding vows

Devon and Hilary exchange wedding vows

Thursday, July 26, 2018

Hilary descended the penthouse stairs in a magnificent wedding gown as Devon beamed up at her. He began to say his vows, but the words morphed into the minister placing Hilary in God's hands after she'd lost her battle. Hilary begged the minister to stop because it was too soon. She awakened from her nightmare at the hospital.

Phyllis steeled herself before visiting Hilary. Phyllis cheerfully wished Hilary a happy wedding day, and Hilary marveled that Phyllis was the first person to tell her that. Phyllis observed that Hilary looked good, and Hilary hoped that Devon liked the dress she'd chosen. Phyllis was certain that he'd melt when he saw Hilary in it, and Hilary crowed that Phyllis was proving her brilliant for picking a fabulous maid of honor. Phyllis credited Devon with putting everything together, including a stylist and a manicurist.

Hilary recognized that Devon was trying to make it as much of a dream wedding day as they could have in the hospital, and there was nothing he wouldn't do for her. Phyllis inquired whether Hilary had told Devon that she'd figured things out, and Hilary admitted that she'd considered it, but she was holding out for a miracle. Hilary reasoned that if she didn't have much time left, she didn't want the day to be filled with tears and regrets, and she wanted to enjoy every minute. Hilary declared that her wedding day would be the best day of her life.

At the Athletic Club bar, Phyllis asked Jack if he was going to the ceremony, and he informed her that he would go after he finished his drink. He was surprised that she wasn't with Hilary, and Phyllis muttered that it had been a good idea to grab a drink while she'd been running an errand. Jack jokingly surmised that Hilary had become "Bridezilla," and Phyllis snapped at him for saying that. Phyllis quickly covered by adding that she'd just wanted a break before diving back into wedding arrangements, and Jack assumed that she was on edge about Billy.

Phyllis willed herself to be strong and positive for Hilary, even though Phyllis felt like she could break inside. Jack felt like he was missing something, and Phyllis inquired whether Devon had explained the situation. Jack considered it strange that the couple was getting married at the hospital, but he'd chalked it up to Devon being a hopeless romantic who hadn't wanted to let another minute pass without proving his love for Hilary. Jack expected that they'd have another ceremony once Hilary had recovered, but he observed Phyllis' distraught reaction and realized that Devon was doing it because time was running out.

Jack was sure Devon thought he was doing the right thing by keeping Hilary's prognosis from her, but Phyllis confided that Hilary knew about it. Phyllis recounted that Hilary had been able to tell that people were holding back, but Hilary was protecting Devon by carrying on as if she believed she would fully recover. Jack wasn't surprised that Hilary would handle things that way, and Phyllis pleaded with him not to say anything. Jack agreed to do it for Hilary.

Jack lamented that Hilary had had her whole life ahead of her after building an amazing career and finding her way back to the man she was supposed to be with, only to have it all snatched from her. Phyllis noted that it made her take stock in her own life, and Jack said learning about his paternity had taught him never to take the people he loved for granted. Phyllis sent a text message to Billy, asking him to be at the wedding because she needed to see him. Jack hoped Billy showed up, but he promised to be there for her if Billy wasn't. Phyllis clarified that they would be there for one another.

At home, Devon changed into a tuxedo, and Neil commented that Devon looked sharp. Neil asked if Devon had finished his vows, and Devon replied that it had been easy once he'd stopped thinking about everyone who would be in the room and focused on the only person who mattered. Devon anxiously wondered where Nate was, and Neil reported that he'd just checked with the hospital, and Hilary was holding steady. Neil was happy that he had a moment alone with Devon, and Devon expected to hear some advice. Neil contended that Devon didn't need any after the way he'd pulled everything together for Hilary, and Devon imagined that she would have done the same thing for him.

Neil praised Devon for looking past their disagreements and allowing them to have the relationship they had that day, and Devon acknowledged that he'd hurt Neil, too. Neil recalled that he'd been vocal in his disapproval about Hilary moving in, but he was glad Devon hadn't listened. Neil gushed about how much it meant to him that their whole family was close again after everything they'd been through, and he anticipated that the room would be filled with love at Devon and Hilary's wedding. They hugged.

At Hamilton-Winters, Lily and Cane prepared for the wedding, and he noticed that she was quiet. He asked what she was thinking about, and she forlornly stared at the wedding invitation and cried that she was devastated for Devon and Hilary. Lily didn't know how Devon would get through the day, making promises when he knew it wouldn't be long before he lost Hilary. Cane consoled Lily, and she told him to go ahead without her because she needed a moment alone. He reluctantly headed to the door, but he looked back worriedly at her.

At Crimson Lights, Mariah met Tessa before heading to the hospital for the wedding. Tessa revealed that she'd just heard from Kimberly, and it looked like Crystal was on the verge of moving out of where she'd been staying. Tessa stressed that she had to leave town that day to get to her sister. Mariah was taken aback, since she'd thought she'd have a couple more weeks, and Hilary's recovery would take time. Tessa pointed out that it might be her last chance to get to Crystal before she disappeared, so Tessa had to leave that day.

Tessa still wanted Mariah to go with her, but she understood if Mariah couldn't. Mariah reiterated that she wanted to be with Tessa, and she stood by her decision to leave together. Tessa recognized that Mariah's entire life was there, but Mariah insisted that it would be okay, since she couldn't throw away the one shot she had to be with Tessa. Tessa begged her not to tell anyone why they were leaving, but Mariah argued that Sharon already knew about Crystal and would never tell.

Tessa countered that Crystal was still a fugitive, and it would put people in a terrible position to ask them not to tell the police if they knew. Mariah prepared to just leave without saying anything, even though it would be hard lying to everyone on top of walking out the door. Mariah planned to go home after the wedding, pack up her stuff, and see Sharon one last time. "Then, goodbye, Genoa City," Mariah proclaimed.

On the patio, Shauna fretted to Charlie about keeping the huge secret that Lily had run the red light. Charlie wished that his mom knew that Shauna was looking out for her, and he loved Shauna for it. He reached for her hand and promised that things would get better once Hilary got home. Shauna hoped so.

Nate checked on Hilary and apologized for waking her. He started to leave to let her get some rest, but she stopped him and thanked him. He regretted that he hadn't been able to save her baby's life, but she pointed out that she was smiling because it was her wedding day, and he was the reason she was around for it. Hilary figured that if Nate hadn't stepped in to perform her surgery, she wouldn't be marrying the man of her dreams that day. Neil appeared, and Nate told Hilary that they were good.

After Nate exited, Neil reported that he'd safely delivered the groom to the premises, but Devon was staying out of Hilary's sight to stick to the rule of not seeing the bride before the ceremony. Hilary mused that Devon was trying to make it seem like a normal wedding day when nothing was normal about getting married in the ICU, and Neil remarked that Devon wanted to make her happy more than anything. Hilary asked Neil to tell the groom that the bride couldn't wait to say "I do," and Neil agreed to pass it along. Neil hesitated to leave, and Hilary asked if there was something else he wanted to say.

Neil sat at Hilary's bedside and noted that their relationship had run the gamut over the years. She couldn't think of a word for what they were, and he suggested friends. She chuckled because they'd tried that and failed, and he took the blame for it. He jokingly prompted her to disagree with him and take half of it herself, and she agreed to accept a quarter of the blame. He announced that from that point forward, they were on the same squad because they were family. He clarified that it wasn't just for Devon's sake, and Hilary was happy to have closure at last. He kissed her forehead and headed out, but she called to him and said it was the best present he could have given her. He echoed the sentiment before he departed.

Phyllis, Mariah, Shauna, and Mattie gathered around Hilary, and Phyllis insisted on following traditions. Shauna presented Hilary with something new -- toasting flutes with Hilary and Devon's names engraved on them. Shauna figured that the couple could use them that day and later at the reception and their anniversaries. Hilary called it a thoughtful gift, and Shauna gently hugged her. Mattie mentioned that she'd expected Lily to be there, since she and her mom had been in charge of something borrowed.

Mattie provided Hilary with a pair of earrings, and she recounted that her mom always made a point of stressing that they were on loan. Hilary promised to give them back in 20 or 30 years, and she asked Mattie to thank Lily for her. Phyllis pressed something into Hilary's hand, and Hilary was surprised to see that it was a heart-shaped rock. Phyllis explained that it was something old and that she'd found it the day Hilary had lost the baby. Phyllis continued that it represented to her that even when they thought they'd lost love, they walked on it and over it and beside it, and it was always there.

Mariah protested that she had her turn after Phyllis had made everyone weepy, and she handed Hilary a gift bag with something blue. Hilary remarked that Mariah wasn't the sentimental type, but Mariah figured that she never would have heard the end of it if she hadn't gotten Hilary something. Mariah warned Hilary not to pull it out of the bag, and Hilary peeked inside and saw a joke book. Mariah cautioned that the cover was highly inappropriate for the underage teens, but she'd wanted to make Hilary laugh. Phyllis suggested that they give the bride time to relax, and she told Hilary she'd be back after changing into her dress. Hilary asked Mariah to stay because she needed something.

In the waiting area, Cane told Devon that Lily had gone through every piece of jewelry she had to find the right thing for Hilary's something borrowed. Mattie asked to speak to Cane alone, and she asked if he knew where her mother was, since Lily had missed the gift-giving. Cane offered to find Lily. Shauna asked if Phyllis needed help, but Phyllis thought it would make Hilary happiest if Shauna had fun by hanging out with the twins. Phyllis sent a text message to Billy, wishing he was there.

Cane returned to Hamilton-Winters and found Lily staring at the wedding invitation. She recognized that she hadn't been there to give Hilary her gift, and she questioned how she could look Hilary and Devon in the eye when they got married, knowing that she was the reason their happiness would be short-lived. Lily wailed that she didn't think she could do it. Cane lectured that Devon knew that he wouldn't have a long and happy marriage, but Devon wanted Lily to be part of the memory he was making. Lily wiped away tears and resolved to put her own feelings aside. She whimpered that she was glad Cane would be with her, and he promised that he always would be. They hugged.

Meanwhile, Mariah scoffed at the thought of talking about the show when Hilary had a wedding to get ready for, but Hilary swore that it was important. Hilary admitted that she'd always been tough on Mariah and had never given her credit for how good she was. Mariah asked how many drugs Hilary was on, but Hilary insisted that she was being honest, since she'd always been jealous of how great Mariah was on the show. Hilary declared that she was proud of Mariah, and she knew Mariah could carry the show on her own.

Mariah thanked Hilary, but she was certain that no one was interested in watching The Mariah Hour; she insisted the fans wanted Hilary back. Mariah suggested that they air reruns until Hilary felt better, but Hilary contended that it wouldn't work long-term. Mariah envisioned Hilary having a crew set up in her bedroom in no time, but Hilary firmly stated that it wouldn't happen. Mariah wondered what Hilary was saying, but Hilary's breathing became shallow, and her eyes closed as Mariah frantically called her name. Mariah raced out of room and reported that Hilary had passed out. Nate rushed in while Devon yelled Hilary's name.

Phyllis bemoaned that it couldn't be happening when all Hilary wanted was the wedding after losing her baby. Jack figured that it could be something very simple, so they had to stay positive. Cane and Lily arrived, and Mariah informed them that Hilary had blacked out.

Nate informed Devon that Hilary's condition was continuing to get worse, and he'd make sure her pain medication kept her comfortable. Devon sat with her as she opened her eyes, and she asked what she'd missed. He told her that she'd been getting some sleep before their wedding, and she replied that she was trying to look her best for him. He assured her that she always did, and he inquired whether she was sure she was up to it. "Being your wife? You bet I am," she responded.

Later, Devon and Hilary's friends and family gathered together in Hilary's festively decorated hospital room as the wedding began. Neil proclaimed that the bride -- his friend -- had asked him to read a passage, which he proceeded to recite. The minister invited Devon and Hilary to say some personal words, and Devon recounted that he'd wanted Hilary from the first moment he'd seen her. He continued that he'd tried to dismiss the feeling by criticizing her and telling himself he disapproved of her, but he'd created more opportunities to be near her without actually realizing it.

Devon shared that the wanting had continued to grow, and he'd tried to convince himself that he hated Hilary. He'd eventually understood that he'd really hated that the wanting had turned to needing, and he'd found out that she wanted and needed him, too. Devon admitted that as much as he'd wanted to deny that the love was there, it always had been, since it had been inevitable from that very first moment.

"Ditto," Hilary weakly said, but she managed to add that Devon had returned after he'd run, despite all the things she'd done to push him away. She tearfully recalled that he hadn't just let her back in but had welcomed her, and he'd given her the gift of a child. She was grateful that they'd been a family, even if it had just been for a little while. She tearfully proclaimed that he was the one she wanted and needed, and he had been her love and would be for every single moment yet to happen. Devon recited his vows, but Hilary started to fade as she said hers.

Devon assured Hilary that it was okay, and he knelt by her side so he could look right into her eyes. With great effort, she finished her vows. Neil pulled out the rings, and Hilary recognized the eternity band Devon had given her. Devon asked if she remembered the first time they'd exchanged rings. "Every word," she confirmed, and he slid the band onto her finger and pledged his eternal love for her. "Like this circle, it has no beginning and no end," Hilary whispered. The minister pronounced them husband and wife, and Devon kissed Hilary as the guests clapped.

Hilary dies in Devon's arms

Hilary dies in Devon's arms

Friday, July 27, 2018

Tessa ordered two brownies at Crimson Lights. Sharon noted that the treat was Mariah's favorite, and she mentioned that Mariah had told her that Mariah and Tessa were moving forward with their relationship. Sharon added that Mariah was really happy but also afraid, since Mariah had an underlying fear that something she badly wanted would be taken away in an instant. Sharon recalled that Mariah's world had been turned upside down the last time she'd fallen for Tessa, since Tessa had told Mariah that her feelings had been one-sided.

Tessa admitted that she'd lied when she'd said she didn't care about Mariah, and she'd only kept Mariah out of her complicated life because she had cared. Tessa swore that there were no more lies left, and Mariah still wanted to be with her. Tessa recognized how lucky she was, and she promised that she would always protect Mariah and treat her with kindness. Sharon lectured that she just wanted what every mother wanted for her child -- for Mariah to be happy, healthy, and safe.

At the cottage, Mariah descended the stairs with her packed bags and looked around the room. She heard Nick on a call, and she set the bags out of sight. Nick entered and asked about the wedding, and Mariah replied that there had been a quiet joy that she hadn't expected. She realized that it had been the last time she'd see Hilary, and Nick expressed his condolences and assured Mariah that he'd be there for her. Mariah understood that he had a full plate, but he contended that Dark Horse was a means to an end to look out for his family, which included her.

Mariah noted that it was because Nick was marrying Sharon, but he swore that he loved Mariah not because of a wedding or Cassie but because of who she was. He hugged her, and he told her to just let him know whatever she needed. Mariah looked torn. After Nick left, Mariah stared at family photos on the mantel as Sharon returned home. An oblivious Sharon cheerfully mentioned her talk with Tessa, and Mariah looked alarmed.

Sharon recognized that Tessa really cared about Mariah, and she believed that whatever walls Tessa had put up were gone and that Tessa was really committed to Mariah. Mariah confirmed that it felt exactly like she'd hoped, and Sharon decided that she wanted to show that she considered Tessa to be part of their extended family by asking her to be a bridesmaid. Mariah stammered that it would be great, and they hugged. Sharon went upstairs to relieve the babysitter, and Mariah grabbed her bags and headed to the door. Mariah stopped to forlornly survey the cottage before walking out.

Later, Mariah jumped into Tessa's car, and Tessa admitted that she'd been nervous that Mariah wouldn't show. Mariah questioned whether Tessa thought she'd stay away without saying anything, but Tessa realized that Mariah wasn't going with her because she didn't have a bag. Mariah swore that she'd been ready and that everything she'd said to Tessa had been true, since Tessa had made her into a new person. Mariah confided that it had been easier to be a "smartass" than to connect with people. However, she hadn't had a choice with Tessa, and she couldn't stop feeling and caring about the things that mattered to her.

Mariah thought that at one time, she wouldn't have understood Tessa's need to find her sister because Mariah hadn't had a family, but Mariah had since discovered that she had the greatest mom in the world. Mariah continued that Sharon was about to marry an amazing guy who loved Mariah even though he didn't have to, and she had a little sister who was about to be a teenager and a little brother who would forget her if she left. Mariah cried that she had real friends, and Hilary had asked her to look after Devon and the show. Mariah added that she wasn't giving up on Tessa, since maybe there would be a time when Tessa and Crystal could return to Genoa City, and they could keep in touch in the meantime.

Tessa protested that they couldn't, since there were people who wanted to hurt Crystal, and she refused to put Mariah in their path. Mariah brokenly said she hadn't felt like that about anyone in her life before, and she blurted out that she loved Tessa. Tessa said she knew, which made her heart want to burst, but she encouraged Mariah to give her heart to someone amazing who would give her all the love she deserved. Tessa advised Mariah to make sure they were worth it and to open her heart because it was beautiful. Mariah handed over her journal and insisted that Tessa read it and remember how much she meant to Mariah. They kissed goodbye, and Mariah exited the car.

At home, Phyllis sat on the couch with a glass of wine. She checked her phone and contemplated contacting Billy. Lauren stopped by, hoping to find Billy there, since he hadn't been at the office for their meeting about Fenmore's feasibility study. Lauren asked if Phyllis had read it, but Phyllis indicated that she had just gotten back from the hospital and hadn't yet read her emails. Lauren apologized for not asking about the wedding, and Phyllis reported that it had been beautiful but heartbreaking. Lauren became incensed when she learned that Billy hadn't been there to hold Phyllis' hand, and she declared that they were going to the Athletic Club rooftop for drinks.

At the Abbott mansion, Kyle was surprised that Billy had already gotten home from the wedding, and he assumed that it had been why Billy had left the office early. Billy claimed that he hadn't wanted to infringe on an event meant only for family and close friends, so he'd taken work home. Billy added that it was time to blow off some steam, and he asked if Kyle was in.

At the Athletic Club, Victoria informed Victor about the heightened safety measures at Newman. He praised her work, but he thought they needed to deal with their real estate division because Nick had done enormous damage. Victoria said she had a list of potential hires to replace everyone who had left, but Victor didn't want to look at the usual suspects. He thought he had the right candidate.

Nick met Jack and Abby on the club rooftop. Nick lamented that he hadn't known how bad things were for Hilary, and Jack explained that Devon had just wanted to give Hilary as much happiness as he could. Jack urged Nick to give him some business to focus on, and Nick revealed that Neil had turned down his request for Power Communications to do PR for Dark Horse. Abby chirped that she'd been wondering how she could be of the most use to Dark Horse, and she had a ton of marketing and PR experience. She offered to draw up a proposal by the following week, but Nick instructed her to hit the ground running right away.

Victor and Victoria arrived on the rooftop, and he sarcastically observed that Nick had assembled a crack team for his startup. Nick crowed that it was amazing what one could accomplish without a giant ego holding them back, and that was why he'd attracted Newman's former customers and employees. Victor countered that it had been in the most underhanded way possible. Nikki appeared and muttered that she hadn't known she'd need a flak jacket for the meeting.

Billy arrived with Kyle and Summer. Billy loudly proclaimed that it looked like family fun for the Newmans, with some Abbott spice sprinkled in for flavor. Billy announced that drinks would be on Jabot for the next half hour as a gesture of goodwill. Jack hissed to Billy that they were at Devon's hotel while Devon's wife was in the ICU, and he blasted Billy for walking around like a frat boy when Phyllis had needed him at Hilary's wedding. Billy spat for Jack to save the lecture and stay out of his personal life.

Victor called Nikki bright and creative, and he thought there was no one better qualified to run the real estate division but her. Nikki was shocked, since stepping in when needed was one thing, but a permanent position was another. She asked what Victoria thought, and Victoria found the idea inspirational. Victoria reasoned that Nikki had a lot of connections and a sense of value, and she thought presenting Newman family solidarity would be a gold mine. Nikki argued that the whole family wasn't at Newman, and she pointed out that Victor suddenly wanted to pit her directly against her son. She demanded to know how much of the offer was about her skill set and how much was spite.

Nick excused himself from the table, and he overheard Nikki talking about how Victor was asking her to get directly involved because Nick had gutted Newman's real estate division. Victor contended that Nikki was a fighter who knew what it took to best her son and the rest of the competition, but Victoria understood if the arrangement didn't work for her mother. Nikki insisted that she was in, and Nick stepped away. Nikki clarified that she wasn't joining Newman to beat Nick but to strengthen Newman and rebuild the division without taking their family to war.

Billy chugged a beer and ordered another. Lauren demanded to know what he was doing, and he nonchalantly replied that he was enjoying a drink like everyone else. Lauren was appalled, and Billy asked if it was about the feasibility study. Lauren admonished him for being a "soulless jackass" in front of Phyllis, and she accused him of planning to shut down Fenmore's locations and sell the properties. Billy claimed that he was just collecting data, and Phyllis guessed that he had gotten the idea for the study when she'd invited him to get out of her place. Phyllis surmised that he was using Fenmore's to push her out.

Phyllis barked that it was fine if Billy wanted to shove her out of his life, but she told him not to use Fenmore's to do it. She ranted that he was the type of guy who couldn't bother to give one hour of time to show up to Hilary and Devon's wedding, and he feigned confusion at the thought that they were friends, since she'd kicked him out. Phyllis argued that she'd invited him back in, and he snapped that she didn't get to call all the shots. Nick intervened and scoffed at Billy's idea of leadership, and Billy retorted that all Nick had was an empty building with a bunch of staff he'd snaked from his daddy. Nick asserted that he had the capital to seize every opportunity he wanted, and he speculated that maybe Fenmore's was a better fit at Dark Horse. Summer incredulously asked if her father had just threatened to steal business from Jabot.

Nick sarcastically imagined that Jabot was pleased by the way Billy was behaving in public, but Summer defended that Billy was a great CEO. Nick scoffed at how Billy was as a human, and he objected to Billy being an influence on Summer. Billy objected that Summer was a grown woman who Nick treated like a twelve-year-old, but Nick spat that both Summer and Phyllis were better off without Billy around. Billy taunted that Nick would next be shaving his beard and twirling his moustache up.

Nick excoriated Billy for being handed jobs and relationships he didn't deserve, only to have them crash and burn when he spun out. Nick bellowed that Billy couldn't fill Jack's shoes, so Billy would take his family name down with him and the company. Nick added that John had had one biological son, but Billy wasn't worth the Abbott name. The men exchanged punches as Phyllis, Lauren, and Summer yelled at them to stop. Nick warned Billy that he didn't want Nick as an enemy.

In the ICU, Hilary thanked Devon for giving her a wedding day that was more beautiful than she'd dreamed of. He kissed her hand and called it the perfect wedding day, and she mused that she was just happy that she got to spend the rest of her life with him. Devon remarked that it hadn't been a traditional wedding, but Hilary questioned when they'd ever done anything the traditional way. He thought there was too much love between them to always follow the rules, even when he hadn't been able to admit how he'd felt. She teased him for thinking that he'd hidden it so well, since she'd always felt it. Devon figured that was a good thing, since they otherwise would have wasted time. Hilary asserted that they were husband and wife, and they'd wasted nothing.

Devon poured Champagne into the flutes Shauna had gifted them with, and he disclosed that he'd gotten special medical clearance for the bubbly. Hilary recounted that Shauna had gotten them the glasses for that day and all of their anniversaries, and she struggled to take a sip and prompted him to indulge as well. Devon envisioned all the exotic locations where they'd take the flutes to celebrate their anniversaries, but he insisted that Hilary wear a scarf and sunglasses to hide from her fans, since she'd be all his on their special day. Hilary gushed that she was his every day.

Hilary imagined all the people passing Devon CDs that they wanted him to produce, and she joked that they would never eat in peace. He didn't mind the paparazzi, but he was adamant that their children would be off-limits. Hilary lovingly referred to their "Hevon babies," and Devon fantasized that they would make some and adopt others. She vowed that they would love them all, but she asked him to be realistic about how much fighting they'd do. Devon looked forward to doing a lot of making up, and he knew they would get through it because they were forever. "We don't have much time," she sadly stated.

Devon cuddled in bed with Hilary and offered to get the nurse if she was in pain, but Hilary acknowledged that they both knew how bad it was. She understood that he'd just been trying to protect her, and he admitted that he should have told her when Nate had told him about her condition. Hilary marveled that the day had been wonderful because there had been so much love, and Devon said he couldn't remember not loving her. Hilary said she'd been a goner when he'd told her that his grandmother had taught him how to make seven-layer bars. He caressed her face and murmured that when he looked at her, he thought about the night she'd told him that she was afraid of cows.

Hilary remembered that she and Devon had danced under the stars, and she asked Devon to promise her something. Hilary quietly informed him that she didn't want a big service, but she wanted it to be a celebration, not sad and depressing. She insisted that everybody wear hats like it was a royal wedding, and afterward, she needed him to move on. Devon protested, but Hilary swore that there was someone amazing out there who would make him smile again. She insisted that he follow through with his vision of raising kids and a family, since the world needed more fathers like him.

Devon sobbed that he didn't think he could do it, but Hilary reiterated that she'd had a blessed life. She pointed out that she'd had her show, she'd been able to call him her husband, and she'd heard her child's heartbeat, so all of her dreams had been fulfilled. She refused to let his dreams end with her, and he held her close.

Hilary asked if Devon couldn't sleep, and he replied that he was too busy watching her. She whispered that there was much more she needed to say, but he assured her that she didn't have to say anything. She didn't want Lily or Charlie to blame themselves, and she worried that Shauna needed someone. Devon pledged to be there for Shauna, and Hilary remarked that he would have a child, after all. Hilary was adamant that Devon know that despite whatever she'd thought she'd wanted, there was only one thing she needed, and it was him. He cried that she'd always had him and always would.

Devon took Hilary's hand and stressed that he'd meant it when he'd first given her the eternity band, even though she'd still been with Neil. He reiterated that she'd had his love and that she would have it forever. Hilary sobbed that she felt it, and she thought that maybe she had done something right. They flashed back to the happy times they'd spent together.

Devon remembered when Hilary had told him the story about the Pleiades while they'd been gazing up at the sky. Devon tearfully recalled that Atlas hadn't been able to protect the seven sisters because he'd been too busy holding up the world, so the king of the gods had saved the sisters by turning them into doves to all the stars in the sky. Devon broke down in tears when he realized that Hilary had died in his arms.

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