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At Hilary's memorial, Shauna blurted out that Lily had caused Hilary's death by running the red light. Devon threatened to turn Lily in to the police. Summer seduced Kyle into telling her that Phyllis had spent the night with another man. Phyllis and Billy reconciled.
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Family and friends grieve for Hilary Family and friends grieve for Hilary

Monday, July 30, 2018

Hilary passed away, and her family and friends grieved. Sharon consoled Mariah at home. Sharon told Mariah that there was nothing that anyone could have done to save Hilary. Mariah said she could've spent less time resenting Hilary. Sharon asked what she could do to help, but Mariah said her pain and grief could never compare to Devon's. Mariah made up her mind not to sit and mope and vowed to instead do something positive to honor Hilary.

After Mariah left, Sharon asked Nick about the bruises on his face. Nick, feigning toughness, said his injuries didn't look so bad. Sharon told Nick that Mariah had learned that Hilary had died. Nick said that after surviving a brutal car crash and enduring hours of surgery, it seemed as if Hilary could fight her way through anything. Nick added that even though Hilary had "pissed" on members of his family, she didn't deserve to die the way she had. Sharon agreed.

Palpating Nick's bruises, Sharon asked what he'd done to Billy to deserve a punch. Nick blamed Billy for having thrown the first punch. Nick said that besides running Jabot, Billy had begun gambling again and would likely drag Phyllis down with him. Sharon realized that Summer might be affected, too. Nick said Billy had needed a reality check.

Sharon noticed Mariah's duffel bag sitting on the floor. Inside it, Sharon found a one-way train ticket from Chicago to Santa Fe. Sharon asked Nick if Mariah had mentioned anything about plans to take a trip. Nick recalled that during a conversation the previous day, Mariah had seemed oddly sentimental. Sharon replied, "We had a very similar conversation." Nick asked if Mariah might have been telling them goodbye. Sharon said she intended to find Mariah.

At Summer and Phyllis' apartment, Summer told Phyllis that she'd admired Hilary. Summer lauded Hilary as having been a strong, dynamic woman. Phyllis recalled how she and Hilary had shared the same personality traits. Phyllis added that both she and Hilary had regarded life as a battle they were always ready to fight. Phyllis cried that Hilary's death was a tragic loss.

At the hospital, Devon lingered in a hallway after Hilary slipped away. Neil embraced Devon to comfort him. After Neil drove Devon home, Nate stopped by. Nate apologized for not being able to save Hilary. Neil offered to do whatever he could for Devon. Shauna entered the room and issued a casual greeting before asking about Hilary. Devon invited Shauna to take a seat next to him on the sofa. Devon explained that Hilary had passed away from postoperative complications. Shauna sobbed.

Devon assured a grieving Shauna that she could stay at his apartment. Shauna replied, "Hilary's dead. I can't think about me right now." Devon embraced Shauna briefly before pulling away and informing Neil and Nate that he had business to take care of. Neil attempted to intercept Devon as he headed toward the front door. Devon mumbled that he had obligations he couldn't ignore and would be at his office.

After Devon left, Lily phoned and spoke to Neil. Neil advised Lily to give Devon time because he might not feel like talking to anyone. After Neil ended his phone call, Nate expressed concern about Devon being alone after losing his unborn baby and his wife. Nate added that after suffering such a tragedy, there was no correct way to mourn. Neil noted that Devon wasn't mourning at all. Nate explained that Devon was exhibiting a form of denial.

Mariah stopped by Devon's penthouse to offer condolences and deliver brownies. Mariah learned that Devon wasn't home. Neil told Mariah he'd intended to have Tessa issue statements to staff, but when he'd arrived at work, he'd discovered Tessa's letter of resignation. Mariah claimed that Tessa had received a last-minute offer to restart her music career and had left town. Mariah offered to appear live on Hilary's show to offer a tribute, which she hoped would be a gift to Hilary's fans.

At Crimson Lights, Phyllis ran into Billy. Both were wearing sunglasses. After Phyllis removed her sunglasses, Billy noticed that Phyllis had been crying and realized she was upset about Hilary. Billy said he was aware that Phyllis' friendship had meant a lot to Hilary. Billy apologized for not attending Devon and Hilary's wedding.

Phyllis asked about Billy's eye. He removed his sunglasses, and Phyllis noted that Nick had a mean right hook. Phyllis warned Billy that he seemed to be heading down a dark path by failing to think things through. Billy, recalling that Nick had said Billy didn't deserve his father's legacy, abruptly ended his conversation when Nick walked in the door.

Nick removed his sunglasses and asked to speak to Phyllis alone. Billy said his girlfriend might not feel like talking. Nick replied, "You know, I'd be careful throwing around that 'girlfriend' word. You may want to check with Phyllis first and just make sure your relationship status hasn't gone down the toilet like the rest of your wasted life." The two men continued exchanging barbs, which unnerved Phyllis.

Phyllis intervened between Nick and Billy just as Jack approached. Jack asked if he'd happened upon a meeting of Phyllis' exes. Billy left after Jack said he was set to meet with Nick. Before Phyllis left, Nick expressed condolences on the loss of Hilary. After Nick stepped out, Jack told Phyllis he couldn't believe that Hilary was gone. Jack invited Phyllis to meet him later to raise a glass in Hilary's honor.

After Phyllis left, Jack joined Nick at a table in the dining area of the coffeehouse. Nick started the conversation by asking Jack if he was ready to dive in. Jack replied, "Let me start. If you are serious about Fenmore's, I am on board." Nick said he needed Jack's business expertise to make Dark Horse a company that he and his family could be proud of.

Nick issued a warning to Jack. Nick told Jack he'd be making a mistake if he intended to join the company to carry out personal vendettas. Jack, noting that Nick's attitude was surprising, said he didn't intend to use his position to settle scores personally or otherwise. Jack added that it seemed to him that Nick had begun Dark Horse as a vendetta against Victor. Nick disagreed with Jack's assessment.

Nick explained that his goal was to create a company for his children and for many generations of Newmans. Jack replied, "You want to turn that name into a positive thing." Nick said, "You're damn right I do, and I'm prepared to fight if that's what it takes. I've spent far too long playing the nice guy and getting walked all over for it. That's over. I'm in this for the long haul. I'm going to make Dark Horse a force to be reckoned with, but I'm going to do it my way." Jack noted that the day had been a painful reminder of just how short life was. Jack added that it was fresh start for him, too. Jack promised to support Nick 100 percent.

Before GC Buzz went live, Mariah encouraged the staff to make the broadcast the best tribute to Hilary. Sharon approached Mariah and showed her the train ticket and asked if she'd been planning to abandon her family. Mariah explained that her plans had changed after Tessa had left alone. Mariah added that she couldn't abandon her family and the life she'd created for herself in Genoa City. Sharon said, "So, where does that leave you and Tessa? She's not coming back, is she?"

Mariah confirmed Sharon's statement and said she couldn't discuss the reasons why Tessa had left for good. Sharon acknowledged that it was awful for Mariah to have lost Tessa and Hilary on the same day. Mariah explained that no matter how difficult, she was grateful that Tessa had shown her that love existed and had taught her to become the type of person she hadn't thought possible. Sharon said she was proud, and she praised Mariah for putting together a memorial. Sharon advised Mariah to never sell herself short. Sharon embraced Mariah and said, "My daughter can accomplish anything."

At the Hamilton-Winter's Group, Devon shuffled papers on his desk and noticed a framed photo of himself and Hilary. Devon turned the photo around and tried to concentrate. Neil and Nate arrived. Devon said he was busy and had to catch up after being away. Nate told Devon that Mariah had stopped by to offer condolences. Neil added that Mariah had offered to host a special show as a tribute in Hilary's honor. Neil added that he'd given Mariah permission and hoped that Devon approved.

Nate invited Devon to join them on the roof deck to watch the show. Devon became frustrated and said he had a company to run. Devon headed toward the door and said he'd be in the recording studio. Neil and Nate called out to Devon, but he disappeared down a hallway. Nate asked Neil how he was handling Hilary's death. Neil said he was worried about Devon. Nate, recalling that Neil had once been married to Hilary, encouraged Neil to deal with his own grief. Neil replied, "I'll deal with it as soon as Devon does."

Neil logged on to watch Mariah's tribute to Hilary. Mariah announced that Hilary Curtis-Hamilton had passed away earlier in the day due to injuries sustained in a car accident. Mariah noted that Hilary had put the show on the map and had taken the program from being a local Wisconsin gossip show to a nationally syndicated positive force for good. Mariah acknowledged Hilary for having taught her countless essential lessons about life. Mariah broke down in tears occasionally as she fondly remembered the woman she and fans had admired.

Devon returned to his office and heard Mariah extol Hilary's devotion to a solid work ethic. Mariah told viewers that even Hilary had been aware that not all stories had the happy endings they deserved. Mariah praised Hilary for paying her successes forward with pure, honest acts of generosity. Mariah recalled how Hilary had helped a homeless woman and had recently devoted her time to becoming a mentor. Mariah cried that Hilary would've done more had she not lost her life so young. Mariah ended the show by encouraging viewers to "keep on buzzing," just as Hilary would've wanted. Devon, having watched the broadcast, began sobbing as the credits rolled. Neil comforted his son.

On the roof deck, Mariah was shocked to see Tessa. Mariah rushed to Tessa. Tessa said, "The tribute show was phenomenal." Mariah reminded Tessa that she was about to miss her train. Tessa said she'd leave in a few hours to meet up with Crystal as planned. Tessa added that she'd also changed her ticket from one-way to round trip. Tessa added, "I thought I had to choose, but I don't, really."

Mariah asked what Tessa was choosing between. Tessa replied, "Between my sister and my Mariah. I'll take both, please." Mariah and Tessa clasped hands, and Tessa said she might be away for a while to ensure Mariah's and Crystal's safety, but she promised to return. Tessa and Mariah embraced.

In Billy's office at Jabot, Summer arrived. Summer noticed Billy's bruised eye. Billy claimed he'd had worse and didn't regret smacking Nick. Billy added, "I just hope you don't believe Nick's crap about me leading you astray." Summer agreed that her dad was wrong and noted that she was the one leading Billy astray. Summer insisted that Billy would be better off without Phyllis because he could do whatever he wanted without worrying about Phyllis' reactions to his impulses.

Billy told Summer that his first impulse was to remind her that they'd had a conversation on the topic before. Billy asked Summer why she continued to push. Summer moved closer to Billy and said, "I'm sorry, but you're sharp, and you're hot as hell. And now that you're single, I don't really see what's stopping us." Claiming she was gleaning lyrics from a country song, Summer said, "The best way to get over someone is to get under someone new."

Summer braced her hand on Billy's shoulder and moved in close to kiss him. Billy gently pushed Summer away and said, "Stop. I'm not doing this." Billy explained that even if he and Phyllis were over, he wouldn't hook up with her daughter. Summer grinned and acknowledged that Billy had effectively said that if she wasn't Phyllis' daughter, she and Billy would've likely shed their clothing all over the office. Billy said that because Summer was Phyllis' daughter, she had to stop pursuing him. Summer tilted her head and replied, "Whatever you say."

Jack and Phyllis met at the Genoa City Athletic Club's bar to toast Hilary. Jack said, "To Hilary. The woman, the friend, the life we were both privileged to be part of." After they each took a drink, Jack asked Phyllis how she was doing. Phyllis wiped away a tear and said she was lousy, angry, scared, and worried.

Phyllis sadly acknowledged the brevity of life. Phyllis said she realized it was important to clean up the messes with people she cared about. Jack recalled that Phyllis had appeared to be dealing with a lot when he'd seen her earlier at the coffeehouse. Jack added that Phyllis had said she'd intended to give Billy another chance. Phyllis said Billy was making things difficult.

Jack told Phyllis he was sorry about Billy. Jack apologized for his remarks about Phyllis meeting with her exes. Jack said it was amazing that Phyllis had remained close to all three of her exes. Phyllis noted that Jack made it easy, but Billy didn't. Phyllis said she and Billy hadn't officially broken up. Phyllis expressed doubt that Billy would ever change.

Phyllis cried that she couldn't determine why she kept losing the people close to her. Jack insisted he wasn't going anywhere. Phyllis said she believed Hilary would approve of promoting Jack to what had been Hilary's role as Phyllis' best friend. Jack smiled warmly and nodded. Jack embraced Phyllis, lovingly patted her head, and said, "Best friend."

Kyle spills Phyllis' secret to Summer Kyle spills Phyllis' secret to Summer

Tuesday, July 31, 2018

At the cottage, Nick set up the dining room table for breakfast. He was surprised when Sharon walked through the front door, since he'd thought she'd been upstairs with Christian. Nick informed her that he was making her favorite blueberry pancakes, and Sharon displayed a bag of the chocolate croissants he loved. He realized that she'd driven all the way into town to surprise him, and she was touched that he'd sneaked downstairs to surprise her. Nick admitted that he'd been thinking about Hilary, whose death had reminded him of how important it was to show the people he loved how much they meant to them. Sharon shared that she'd done it for the same reason, and they kissed.

Sharon inquired whether Nick had seen Mariah, and he believed Mariah had been out before daybreak. Sharon sympathized that Mariah had a lot to work out, and Nick guessed that Mariah was feeling lost with Hilary and Tessa gone. Sharon complimented the amazing job Mariah had done with the tribute show, and she envied the inner strength that Mariah found when times got tough.

Abby stopped by, excited to show Nick what she'd been working on. Sharon stepped out, and Nick raved about what Abby had put together. He told her to email him the files and encouraged her to take the day off. After Abby departed, Sharon returned and noted that he'd just made his sister a very happy woman, and Nick replied that he liked making the women in his life very happy. He referred to one in particular, and they kissed.

Cane found a frustrated Lily at Hamilton-Winters and asked if she was all right. She explained that she'd gotten in early to check on Devon, but he wasn't there. Lily bemoaned that she'd been thinking about what Devon was going through, since the deaths of Hilary and her baby hadn't had to happen. She wanted to go to Devon and tell him how sorry she was, and she thought he shouldn't be alone with Hilary's funeral the next day. Cane decided to take the day off work to be there to support Lily, and they hugged.

At Jabot, Kyle asked Phyllis if Billy would be joining them, but she reported that Billy was at outside meetings all day, so she was borrowing his office. She wanted to discuss the Jabot-Fenmore's synergy project, but Kyle suggested that they hold off, since they might be closing some underperforming stores, based on the feasibility study. Phyllis argued that Jabot only had a minority stake in Fenmore's, but Kyle countered that its 49 percent interest was enough reason to gather data. Phyllis opted to forget about the study, but Kyle pointed out that it was the perfect way for Billy to retaliate for Phyllis kicking him out. Phyllis insisted that she and Billy were fine, but Kyle taunted that it was only for as long as Billy didn't find out about the other guy she'd spent the night with. Summer burst in and wondered what she'd interrupted.

Phyllis instructed Kyle to set up a study that recorded women's interactions with mascara throughout the day, and she assigned Summer to a research project about future fashion trends. Summer was confused because the tension she'd felt in the room couldn't have had anything to do with fashion and makeup, and Phyllis chalked it up to Kyle talking about stores potentially closing because of Billy's feasibility study. Phyllis cautioned against getting people worried about their jobs, and she pointedly stated that there was no place for rumors that could do real damage.

Kyle questioned how Phyllis intended to keep people from hearing about the feasibility study, and he taunted that one little indiscretion could blow things sky high. Phyllis told him to leave it to her, and she announced that she was heading to Chicago for a business trip to meet some vendors. Phyllis prompted Summer to start on her research and asked her to close the door on her way out. Once alone, Phyllis blasted Kyle for his childish need to keep mentioning her indiscretion, and she warned him not to pull "that crap" in front of her daughter, or she'd make sure he regretted it.

Phyllis sauntered out, and Kyle followed her and peered around the corner to watch her board the elevator. A suspicious Summer looked on as he stepped back into Billy's office. Summer confronted Kyle about the tension between him and her mom. Kyle claimed that Summer was imagining things, and she pleaded for him to help with her research project. She reasoned that Billy wasn't there, so there was no one to answer to, and she suggested they go to the Athletic Club pool deck. She added that they hadn't been alone since they'd gone skinny-dipping together, and she appealed to him to join her.

Phyllis slid into a chair at Nick's table at Crimson Lights and groaned that she had a lot on her mind that day. He inquired how she was doing, since he knew she'd been close with Hilary. Phyllis admitted that it was rough, and she asked about his new company. Nick bragged that he'd been closing deals left and right, and Phyllis applauded him for involving Jack. Nick figured that he could never have too much expertise, and he invited her to join them. She didn't think it was a good idea with their recent history, even though it had been a one-time thing.

Phyllis revealed that she'd tracked Nick down to talk about something important -- their little secret wasn't so secret anymore, since Kyle knew about it. Nick demanded to know "what the hell" had happened, and Phyllis explained that Kyle had seen Nick's clothes on her floor and had deduced what had been going on, but Kyle didn't know that the clothes had been Nick's. Phyllis swore that the story would die with her, but Nick worried that Kyle was a loose cannon who would tell Billy. Phyllis was glad Nick was back on track with Sharon, and she promised that what had happened wouldn't threaten that. Phyllis reiterated that they had both been unattached at the time, so what they'd done was technically their business. Nick doubted that Billy would see it that way.

Phyllis prepared to leave for her trip to Chicago, and she wondered if Nick had been serious when he'd told Billy that he wanted to buy Fenmore's out from under Jabot. Nick admitted that he'd just been blowing off steam, and he was determined to focus on real estate because it was what he knew. Phyllis pointed out that Abby and Jack knew about fashion and that Lauren was the best in the business, and she believed Lauren might be open to a deal because she was disenchanted with Jabot. Nick realized that Phyllis had circled back to the possibility of them working together, and he stressed that it wouldn't be an ideal situation. She commented that it was all about keeping proper balance, and she departed.

Sharon was happily surprised when Nick returned home early, and he presented her with a jewelry box. She found a bracelet inside and protested that it was too much, but he insisted that it was his way of telling her he loved her. She thanked him with a kiss, and he pushed to talk about the wedding, since they had to pick up the pace if they were going to have a big fall celebration. Sharon swore that she didn't need a big, splashy event, but Nick wanted something big to tell the world that they were making a lifetime commitment with no more breakups or indecision. He envisioned a glorious celebration that made a statement, and he wanted to make it as grand and memorable as possible.

Sharon and Nick toasted with wine, and she confessed that she wasn't sold on having a big wedding as much as he was. She looked forward to having the people they loved celebrate together, but he didn't think it had to happen in their living room. He considered the wedding to be a reset for them, and he saw no reason to stop there. He questioned how she'd feel about moving off the ranch to build their dream house where they could make new memories.

Shocked, Sharon stammered that Nick had expanded the cottage before their first wedding as his gift to her, and they already had many wonderful memories there. Nick insisted that he was trying to do what was best for them in the long run, and he thought they'd regret it if they let sentimentality dictate their lives. He contended that they couldn't put a price tag on a home of their own, and he held her close. Sharon looked unsure.

Abby sunbathed on the Athletic Club roof deck as she finished her drink, and someone handed her another. She was surprised to see Arturo, and she called him a true gentleman. He teased that he'd been starting to take it personally that he hadn't been able to get ahold of her, and she explained that she'd been busy getting up to speed at a new job. He jokingly observed that she looked busy, and she informed him that Nick had given her the day off. Arturo decided to take the day off, too, since he was the boss.

Abby and Arturo enjoyed a plate of food, and she gushed that it was how a picnic should be -- in the shade by the pool with no bugs allowed. He suggested that the next time he take her to a bodega with incredible Cuban sandwiches. Cane interrupted to say hello, and Abby offered her condolences about Hilary and said she'd call Lily soon. Cane stepped away, and Arturo resumed describing the tour he'd take Abby on.

Arturo mentioned a church where he played soccer, and Abby squealed that she'd gotten hooked on the game while at boarding school in Europe. He learned that she was a fan of his favorite team's rival, and he groaned that they'd never work out. Kyle approached and admired Abby's new office, and she chirped that she had a boss who appreciated what she had to offer, so she had the day off. Kyle crossed the rooftop, and Abby noted that it seemed crowded there. She and Arturo left.

A bikini-clad Summer apologized for being late because she'd stopped off at Fenmore's to buy a swimsuit because of the heat. She asked if it fit okay, and Kyle grappled for a response. She acknowledged that it wasn't work attire, and he reminded her that they were there to brainstorm about the assignment Phyllis had given her. Summer declared her intent to show him her gratitude, and she suggested they get something to eat.

At home, Summer handed Kyle a beer and mused that it was nice to have her apartment to herself. She placed her hand on his knee and thanked him for his ideas, and she offered to make him something to eat to show how grateful she was. He surmised that she was laying it on thick, hoping he would crack about what he and Phyllis had been discussing. Summer admitted that it was exactly what she was doing, since the story about the tension over the feasibility study had been an obvious lie. Kyle refused to spill anything, and he stepped into the kitchen to see what she had to eat.

Kyle was unimpressed by what Summer had stocked in the kitchen, and he planned to order pizza. An odd look crossed Summer's face, and she recalled that she'd gotten the feeling when she'd first returned to town that he hadn't been completely over her. She knew he'd also been nursing a grudge because of how things had ended, but it didn't erase that it had been amazing when things had worked between them. Summer admitted that she'd thought she could toy with him by getting him hot and bothered, but she hadn't thought it could happen to her.

Kyle dryly asked if he'd turned Summer on again, and she purred that he'd never stopped. She thought they'd really clicked at the pool, but she didn't want him to feel like he was doing her a favor, and she suggested that he go elsewhere to eat while she took a cold shower. She headed for the stairs, but he grabbed her and pulled her into a passionate kiss. Summer and Kyle made out on the couch, and she thought she ought to thank her mom for getting them talking. Kyle didn't want to talk about Phyllis, and Summer recounted that he kept saying there was nothing to talk about.

Kyle blurted out that it wasn't like he could tell Summer who had been there the other night, and she incredulously asked if Phyllis had been with another guy. Kyle revealed that he'd seen a man's clothes on the floor when he'd stopped by the morning after the night Phyllis had broken up with Billy. Summer pushed Kyle away and demanded to know who it had been. Kyle insisted that he hadn't seen the guy, and Summer resolved to figure it out herself. Kyle realized that Summer had set up the seduction scene just to get dirt to steal her mother's boyfriend. Summer snapped that her priorities had changed, and she ordered him to deal with it.

In the park, Abby exclaimed that it was the perfect day and that the company wasn't bad, either. Arturo guessed that she was trying to get on his good side, and she figured that people were on their best behavior on dates to get another one. He inquired why she wanted there to be another one, and she teased him for fishing for compliments. He wondered if her taking up with him was her way of saying "screw you" to her family, but she thought he should know that it wasn't how she operated. She recounted that she'd started falling for him when he'd driven her up to the Abbott cabin to look for Jack, and Arturo swore that he'd do it again in a heartbeat.

Abby gushed that Arturo was making her melt again, and she couldn't believe he hadn't already been taken. Arturo remarked that he hadn't met the right woman, and he wasn't willing to settle. She asked if he'd ever been serious about someone, and he mentioned one prior relationship that hadn't worked out, since he liked to be spontaneous and grab joy wherever he could find it. He added that he needed a woman who would dance with him in the park just because he asked her to, and he turned some music on his phone and pulled her to her feet. A passerby stared at them as they danced, but they laughed and kept dancing.

Arturo walked Abby to the Abbott mansion door, and she invited him in. She cooed that her room was very private with a working lock, but he received a text message and had to go back to work. She thanked him for playing hooky with her that day, and he thanked her for dancing in the park. He hoped she'd be able to find the time to do it again, and she asserted that they were two people who could make things happen. He twirled her around one last time.

Cane and Lily arrived at Devon's penthouse, but Shauna informed them that Devon was at the funeral home to prepare for the next day. Cane asked how Shauna was doing, and she snapped that she was dealing with a lot. Lily understood that Shauna was upset because they all were, and she remarked that she knew how Shauna felt. Shauna retorted that Lily didn't have the slightest idea how she felt.

Lily recognized that Hilary and Shauna had been close, and she encouraged the teen to vent. Shauna remained silent, and Lily said it was fine not to say anything, but she wanted Shauna to know that she wasn't alone, since they were all struggling. Shauna grumbled that some of them were struggling more than others, and she accused Lily of never liking Hilary. Cane advised Shauna not to say something she'd regret, but Lily insisted that it was fine.

Lily recognized that she and Hilary had been at odds a lot and that they'd gotten into it before the accident because Hilary had allowed Shauna and Charlie to be together unsupervised. Shauna took offense that Lily was blaming her, but Lily stepped aside to answer a call from Devon. Cane asked why Shauna was being that way with Lily. Shauna divulged that she knew that Lily had caused the accident by blowing through the red light, and she griped that Lily would totally get away with it.

Shauna explained that she'd seen the accident from across the street, but she'd kept her mouth shut for Charlie's sake. Cane was adamant that she couldn't say anything to Lily, who didn't need more guilt. They clammed up when Lily returned, and Lily swore that she hadn't been implying that Shauna was responsible for the accident. Cane cut her off and suggested that they just give Shauna some space, and he thought it would be best if they left. Shauna agreed.

At Hamilton-Winters, Lily regretted that she'd made Shauna's pain worse, and she wailed that she was the biggest phony alive because she'd had no use for Hilary until the very end. Cane urged her to focus on Devon, who would need all the support he could get at the funeral the next day. Cane held her and assured her it would be okay, but he looked worried.

Shauna exposes Lily at Hilary's memorial Shauna exposes Lily at Hilary's memorial

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

At his penthouse, Devon made sure that everything was perfect for Hilary's memorial reception. Neil and Nate arrived, and Nate assured Devon that everything at the church was ready. Devon was concerned that he was missing something and kept checking to make sure that everything was as Hilary had requested. Devon was agitated because he couldn't find a specific tie. Neil told him to get another one, but Devon snapped that he refused to say goodbye to Hilary, wearing the wrong tie, and he went upstairs.

Alone, Neil expressed his concern to Nate that Devon had bottled everything up. Nate told Neil that Devon had to handle things his own way. After the loss of Hilary and the baby, Nate said that Devon had to grieve at his own pace, especially after a tragedy of that magnitude.

Lily arrived. Devon returned after he'd found his tie. Lily asked Nate and Neil for a moment alone with Devon. When they were alone, Lily told Devon that she'd done a lot of soul-searching because she'd been called out on her feelings for Hilary. She felt guilty about the way she'd treated Hilary. Devon said that, in the end, Lily and Hilary had made peace, and that was all that mattered. Devon told Lily that he would lean on her a lot in the days ahead. He assured her that she was his sister by choice. Shauna had been sitting on the stairs, eavesdropping.

Across the hall at Neil's, Charlie was agitated. He told Cane that he needed to do something, and he was upset that he had to hide the truth about the accident. He told Cane that he wasn't happy that Shauna had been asked to hide the truth, as well.

Mattie arrived at Devon's to advise him that the car had arrived to take them to the church. They all left, but Shauna didn't look happy.

At home, Phyllis was dressed for the funeral when Jack arrived, and he offered to escort her to the chapel. Phyllis doubted that Billy would show and accepted Jack's offer.

At Jabot, Billy was on the phone with someone. He told the party that it had to happen by the end of the week, and the party needed to contact the CFO because there was no time to waste.

At Sharon's, Mariah was dressed for Hilary's funeral. She was surprised when Sharon said that she was attending the funeral as moral support for Mariah. Mariah warned Sharon that Hilary probably had arranged for a few surprises of her own.

At the church, Devon ran his hand lovingly over Hilary's casket.

After the service was over, everyone gathered at Devon's. Neil assured Devon that Hilary would have loved what Devon had done for her.

Billy arrived and made his way to stand next to Phyllis and Jack.

Devon thanked everyone for attending. He said that Hilary had been a bright, shining star. She was talented and stubborn. Mariah vocally agreed that Hilary had been stubborn. Devon continued that Hilary had been driven by passion. When they had married, it should have been their happily-ever-after, but her passion had gotten between them. Later, Hilary had persisted and embraced her new passion -- having a child. She'd kept pushing him until he'd had to admit that he'd never stopped loving her. They'd made plans to grow old together and build a family, and it had included Shauna.

Devon was more than grateful for Hilary's stubbornness and passion. It had been the passion that had reunited them. He said he missed her, but she'd make heaven a more interesting place.

Jack spoke next. He said that Hilary had been his executive assistant, and they'd become friends. He'd sponsored her juggernaut of a show. Hilary had gone very far and very fast. She'd been made for television. She'd been bright, beautiful, determined, and successful. She'd been his friend, even if he hadn't always admitted to it and even though they hadn't always seen eye to eye.

Jack chortled and asked for a show of hands for those who'd had themselves a friend, a coworker, or a family member embarrassed or humiliated on Hilary's show. There was a great showing of hands. Jack admitted that it had included him. He said that Hilary had wanted to get to the truth more than anything. She'd been tough, blunt, and loyal to a fault. He said that she'd always been there for him. He admitted that he probably hadn't been there for her as much as he should have been.

Jack recalled the day Hilary had approached him and told him that she'd been ruminating about her options. She'd described, to the smallest detail, the perfect father for her baby. Jack said that, as a friend, he hadn't told her what she'd wanted to hear. He'd told her that the man she'd described had been her once and future husband, Devon.

Jack said that all their lives were smaller because they'd lost a friend. He hoped that in the days ahead, if there was a secret worth revealing, a truth worth telling, that Hilary would inspire them to get the truth and take care of it. Cane, Charlie, and Shauna looked uncomfortable. Shauna asked if she could speak next. Cane looked worried.

Shauna stood silent until Devon prompted her to tell the truth. Shauna said that if Hilary had taught her anything, it was to tell the truth. She said she hadn't known Hilary very long, but Hilary had changed her life. She'd become Shauna's fairy godmother. Hilary had taken Shauna in, and Hilary had trusted her. Shauna began to sob. Charlie put his arm around her and led her away from the spotlight.

Neil spoke next. He claimed that he and Hilary had always had a complex relationship. He admitted that he'd lorded over Hilary. He'd told her that he was more ethical, righteous, and better than her in every way possible. The joke was on him because Hilary's actions had crushed his empty words. Hilary had walked the walk, and she'd loved who she'd wanted. She'd owned her mistakes. She'd lived her life loud and on purpose. He and Hilary had taught each other to forgive because forgiveness had more power than holding a grudge.

Phyllis spoke next. She said that Hilary had been her wing woman, and Phyllis had really needed one. Hilary hadn't trusted Phyllis to do justice to what she'd wanted to relay to everyone, so Hilary had decided to say everything in her own words. Phyllis pulled out several sheets of paper and began to read.

Hilary welcomed everyone to her funeral. She imagined that everyone was there, since it would have been downright embarrassing and very bad for ratings if they hadn't attended. She hoped she'd provided a few smiles, and if a few tears hadn't been shed, she'd have been insulted. She wrote that she'd cared about everyone, even if she hadn't shown it.

Hilary had known that Neil would say some kind words about her, even though he hadn't planned to, but he couldn't help himself. She wrote that in spite of all the ways she'd broken his heart, he'd had the generosity and goodness to offer her his friendship, and since she'd have some clout with the powers that be, she'd work on finding him a good woman who'd love him the way he deserved.

About Shauna, Hilary wrote that for someone her age, Shauna had been through a lot, but Shauna would be okay because she was with the best man Hilary knew, Devon. He'd stand by and support her, as would Devon's impressive family. Hilary advised her to be strong but not silent. Shauna had to tell Devon what she needed. Hilary wished she could watch Shauna grow into her own brilliance and advised her to stay true to herself. Hilary added that as impressive as Charlie was, he wasn't a replacement for a great education.

About Lily and Cane, Hilary prayed that they appreciated how lucky they were to have a great family and asked them not to take it for granted.

About Mariah, Hilary wanted her co-host to start believing in herself -- and no eye-rolling. She begged, in the name of all that was Hilary, for Mariah to upgrade her wardrobe. She wanted Mariah to take everything that Hilary had taught her and take the show to new heights. As for Mariah's love life -- Mariah interrupted and asked if they could skip that part -- but Phyllis smiled and continued that Hilary had written she wouldn't skip that part. Hilary was happy that Mariah had found someone.

About Jack, Hilary wrote that it had almost been too late when she'd realized that life was more than about work. Jack had taught her to put love first.

To all the singles in the room, Hilary wrote that if there was an ex they still had a thing for, they shouldn't give up. If someone as headstrong as she had been could find love again, it should be much easier for them.

To Devon, her husband and her love, Hilary wrote that there wasn't a big enough thank you. He'd given her a wonderful life. She knew that he'd tried hard to make everything perfect. Hilary wrote that once the funeral was over, she ordered him to take time for himself and to take a break for as long as he needed. She knew that Neil wouldn't mind. She didn't want Devon to look backwards. He was to use the memories of what they'd had to launch him into the biggest and best life possible. She'd be furious if he did anything less.

Hilary wrote that she had a very small window to face her many regrets. She'd wanted to make sure that Devon wouldn't regret a single thing, and when he pictured her, she wanted him to see her at peace, holding their baby snug in her arms and happy.

Phyllis and Devon hugged. Devon thanked everyone for attending.

Mariah greeted and acknowledged Mark, the stranger whom Hilary had met at the Athletic Club. Mark admitted that he hadn't known Hilary very long. He appeared uncomfortable and walked away. Sharon approached, and Mariah told her that Hilary had had a cover story about Mark. She'd claimed that he'd been a long-time friend, but Mark had told Mariah that they hadn't known each other very long.

Mariah approached Mark again and asked him how he knew Hilary. Mark said they'd been acquaintances. Mariah said that Hilary had claimed they'd been friends for a long time, but he'd said he'd barely known her. Mariah wanted answers. Devon overheard the exchange and asked if everything was okay.

Mark said he was there to pay his respects. Mariah asked why, since he hadn't known Hilary that long. He'd seen on the news that Hilary had died. He should have heaved a sigh about Hilary being gone and moved on with his life, but he'd chosen to attend and listen to people honor her. Devon agreed with Mariah, and he also wanted to know how Mark had known Hilary.

Mark told Devon and Mariah that he'd been recruiting Hilary for a national morning talk show in New York. Mariah commented that it would have been Hilary's dream job. Devon hadn't known anything about it. Mark said Hilary had been a true star, and he'd been a big fan. Devon commented that if Hilary had planned to move to New York, then they wouldn't have gotten married if it hadn't been for the accident.

Mark assured Devon that Hilary had had no intention of going anywhere. As tempted as she'd been about the job, she'd turned him down. Mark said that he'd pushed her and had proposed that she take the job after her maternity leave, but Hilary's exact words had been that it was a forever "no" because she'd be an idiot to walk away from the best job offer she'd ever had -- raising a child with Devon. Mariah said she was surprised that Hilary had put someone else over her own ambition, and she told Devon that Hilary had done that for him.

A short time later, Devon thanked Phyllis for helping and for reading Hilary's letter. Billy and Jack arrived at the same time, each holding a drink for Phyllis. Billy asked her if it had been difficult for her to read Hilary's letter. Phyllis replied that she hoped she'd done it justice. It had carried a potent message -- how important it was to spend time with the ones a person loved. Billy added that they should be happy with their lives and not sweat the consequences. Jack advised Billy that he shouldn't bend Hilary's words to whatever he had going on at that moment.

Nate suggested that Devon needed to eat, but Devon testily replied that he was fine. Nate said he was trying to help. Devon stated that Nate should have done more at the hospital -- that had been the time when they'd really needed his help. Nate apologized that he couldn't have done more. Devon said he was sorry that he'd relied on family at a time when Hilary had needed the best.

Neil stepped in and said that Nate had done the best he could. Nate told Devon that he couldn't bring Hilary back or make Devon miss her less, but she'd received the best possible care. Devon spat they saw how the best possible care had turned out. Neil told Devon that Nate was a professional, but Devon countered that Nate was only trying to cover his butt. Neil told Devon that Nate had saved Hilary long enough for her to marry Devon and to put her life in order, and he had given her time to make sure that everything would be fine after she was gone. He said that some people never got to do that much. Devon stated that Hilary should've gotten more, and he walked away.

Sharon offered her condolences to Phyllis and stated that some people were never properly laid to rest. Phyllis asked if Sharon was referring to a certain unmarked grave. Sharon asked if Phyllis ever felt guilt over what they'd done to J.T. Phyllis stated that Hilary had gotten the send-off she'd deserved, and so had J.T.

Phyllis stopped Billy as he was about to leave and asked where he was going. He said he was returning to the office because he had business to attend to. After Billy left, Jack asked Phyllis if something was wrong. Phyllis said she thought that Billy was gambling again, unless she was reading the situation incorrectly. Jack said he wouldn't take those odds.

Elsewhere, Jack told Neil that he admired him for admitting his mistakes. Jack said he was in awe of how Neil's family had handled the tragedy. He said that the average family would have fallen apart, but the Winters family kept getting closer.

Elsewhere, Mattie told Shauna that she'd still have great opportunities whether she lived with Devon or her aunt. Devon wouldn't abandon her, and Lily and Cane would step in to help, as well. Mattie assured Shauna that Cane and Lily wouldn't hesitate to support her. After Mattie left, Shauna told Charlie that she was sick of watching Lily pretend to be the most perfect, grieving sister when it had been her fault that Hilary had died. Charlie told Shauna that Lily wasn't pretending or playing a part because she had no idea what had happened, and Lily hadn't intended to hurt anyone.

At that moment, Lily approached Shauna. Lily said that Shauna's speech had been lovely and that it had touched everyone. Hilary would have been proud of her. Shauna asked when Lily had become an expert on Hilary's feelings. Shauna told her to stop pretending she cared. Shauna said that Lily continued to blame Shauna for what had happened to Hilary, but it had actually been Lily's fault because Lily had run a red light. Hilary was dead because of Lily. Lily froze in shock.

Devon blasts Lily for causing Hilary's death Devon blasts Lily for causing Hilary's death

Thursday, August 2, 2018

At Crimson Lights, Nick asked Summer how her mom was doing with Hilary's funeral being that day, and Summer considered it sweet of him to worry. He said he always worried about the people he cared about, including Summer. He cautioned her not to miss out on a good deal with Dark Horse, but Summer believed that Fenmore's was the best fit for her. Nick recognized that Billy was making Jabot a fun place to work, but he was confident that it wasn't going to last. He warned that Billy always failed and that Billy would take everyone down with him, including her.

Summer thought Nick had made it clear to everyone what he thought of Billy as a person and a CEO, but she insisted that her father was wrong. She defended that addicts sometimes slipped, and she compared Billy to Nikki, who had gotten her life back on track. Summer raved about the amazing things Billy had done at Jabot that made her look forward to going to work, and she was proud of what she was doing. Nick admired her loyalty, and he was glad to see that she seemed more grounded than when she'd first returned to town. She guessed it was what happened when a person figured out who they were and what they wanted, and she thought she could say the same thing about Nick with his new company and his upcoming wedding.

Nick acknowledged that Summer wasn't a fan of Sharon's, but he hoped Summer could be happy for him. Summer saw how much Nick loved Sharon, and she thought their relationship was the real deal, unlike her mom's. She confided that Phyllis didn't seem as into Billy as she once had been, and it seemed like something had happened. Nick pressed to know what, but Summer realized that she had to leave for a family thing with Victor. Nick swore that he wouldn't do anything to undermine her relationship with her grandfather, but he urged her to remember that Victor's love and generosity had strings attached.

At Newman Enterprises, Victoria was impressed by Nikki's acquisition of prime commercial properties, and she couldn't wait until Nick found out his mother was beating him at his own game. Nikki stressed that her goal wasn't to hurt Nick but to help Newman. Victor entered and was glad to see them both there, and he announced that they were done for the day. Victoria protested that there was still a lot of work to do, but Victor declared that it could wait, since he had a surprise that was more important than anything going on there.

Victor, Nikki, and Victoria arrived at the Athletic Club, and Nikki observed that the restaurant appeared to be closed. Victor proclaimed that it was to everyone but them, and he led them to a decorated table for four and revealed that he'd bought out the entire place. He mentioned that Summer would be joining them for a celebration to remind them how lucky he was to have the three of them in his life.

Later, Nikki, Victoria, and Summer fawned over the jewelry Victor had bought for them, and Victoria asked what they were celebrating. Victor replied that they were celebrating life and the fact that he was there with them, especially after he'd heard about Hilary's tragic death. He recalled that he'd recently been fighting for his life in the hospital, but he had a chance to spend it with all of them. He added that he was grateful, despite J.T.'s attack and Nick doing everything possible to destroy him and his company. Victoria voted to move past it.

Victor vowed that he and Newman Enterprises would move forward, since the company was beginning to recover from the blow Nick had dealt. Victor credited Victoria with being the driving force behind it, and he said he admired her. He recognized that some of his children and grandchildren had turned their backs on him, but he felt he was a lucky man to have unwavering support and love from the three of them. He toasted to the special place the women held in his heart.

Victor offered his guests dessert, but the women insisted on saying something first. Nikki wanted Victor to know how grateful and proud they were to be part of his family. Victoria recognized that he could be overbearing and opinionated, but his love for them was at the center of it, and that was more valuable than any gift he could give them. Summer agreed that Victor didn't always make things easy, but he made everything matter and was always 100% there. Nikki gushed that they loved him and appreciated him as much as he did them, and he said it meant a lot to him.

Summer left for the office, and Nikki imagined that Katie would soon be sitting behind Victor's desk. Victor remembered Victoria going to the office with him at that age, and Victoria realized that she'd promised the kids she wouldn't be late. Victoria departed, and Victor suggested that he and Nikki take a stroll through Chancellor Park. She balked and noted that he'd gone to the trouble of renting the restaurant, but he figured that they had all afternoon. Nikki claimed to be tired, but he wondered if there was another reason she didn't want to go to the park with him.

Nikki mused that when she thought of how close she'd been to losing Victor, every moment with family seemed like a gift. He felt the same way, and she wished Nick could have been with them. Victor contended that it had been Nick's choice, but Nikki thought Victor couldn't help but admire that Nick had started something on his own. Victor asserted that he admired winners, but Nick hadn't proven to be one. Victor urged her to reconcile the fact that he and Nick no longer had a father-son relationship. Nikki refused to give up on having her family be whole again, and Victor said he loved her for that.

Victoria arrived at Crimson Lights and was surprised to see Nick there in the middle of the afternoon, since she thought he was all about business. He explained that he'd had a meeting with a prospective client, and she assumed that he'd poached another client from Newman. Nick was sure Victor had talked about it at his get-together for loyal family members, but Victoria refused to engage if all Nick wanted to do was tear her and their father down. Nick stopped her from leaving and said there was a lot more he wanted to say to her.

Nick thanked Victoria for hearing him out, and he asked her to help him understand why she'd stuck by Victor when she had other options. He insisted that his offer stood, but she was still miffed that he'd pretended be J.T. Nick defended that he'd had to draw the line somewhere, but Victoria remarked that they were on opposite sides of it. Nick warned that Victor would never appreciate her the way Nick did, but she informed him that Victor had made her COO and promised that Newman would be hers one day. Nick asserted that it should have been the case all along, and Victor made promises only to break them. He added that she would always have a place at Dark Horse.

At Hilary's funeral, there was a stunned silence after Shauna blurted out that Lily had caused the accident by running the red light. Devon asked if it was true, and Lily sputtered that she didn't remember. Shauna maintained that Lily had been responsible, but Cane reasoned that Shauna was just upset. Cane encouraged Shauna to go upstairs and relax, and Charlie tried to lead her away, but Devon demanded that she stay there and tell him exactly what had happened on the night of Hilary's accident.

Jack prompted Phyllis to leave, but she insisted on hearing what Shauna had to say. Cane implored Devon to let it go, but Devon refused to ignore what Shauna had said. Cane chalked it up to Shauna being in shock and looking to blame someone, but Shauna stood by her story. Cane claimed that Shauna was making it up to alleviate her own guilt or to hurt Lily for saying harsh things to her, and Devon questioned why Shauna would lie. Charlie confirmed that Shauna wasn't lying, since Lily hadn't seen the red light, and the accident had been his mother's fault.

Devon asked Lily to tell him she hadn't done it, and she grappled for a response. Neil prompted Charlie to explain what he'd seen, and Charlie recounted that he'd been in the car with Lily and Hilary when the women had gotten into a heated argument. Charlie recalled that his mom had turned her head to look at Hilary, and the truck had hit them after Lily had run the red light. A seething Devon ranted that he'd held Hilary in his arms when she'd died, and it felt like he was going through that again. Lily cried that she hadn't known and that she was "so sorry."

Neil recognized that it was a heavy revelation for their family, but it didn't change the fact that Hilary's death had been an accident. Devon asked why Shauna and Charlie hadn't said anything before, and Charlie divulged that Shauna had wanted to say something, but he'd begged her to keep quiet. Shauna wailed that she hadn't been able to do it anymore, with Hilary gone and Lily acting sad. Devon questioned why Charlie had put Shauna through "that hell," and Cane confessed that he'd asked Charlie not to say anything. Lily stared incredulously at Cane.

Cane admitted that Charlie had told him the truth at the hospital. Lily lectured that they should have told her, and Devon snapped that there was no excuse for making the kids lie. Lily argued that she'd had a right to know, and she was horrified that she'd lied to the police. Cane pointed out that she'd just told them what she'd remembered, and he'd only been trying to protect her. A furious Phyllis questioned who had protected Hilary when Lily had run the light, and she bellowed that Cane and Lily had never given "a damn" about Hilary, who'd had the right to know what Lily had done to her.

Phyllis blasted Cane for keeping the truth from a dying Hilary. Cane swore that he hadn't wanted to hurt anyone or make things worse, and Lily asked how things could get any worse than Hilary dying. Cane explained that he'd been afraid Devon wouldn't forgive Lily, and Devon huffed that Cane was absolutely right. Phyllis and Jack headed out, and she asked Nate to give Devon a message.

Neil pleaded Lily's case to Devon, but Devon growled that it felt like someone had ripped his heart out of his chest. Lily whimpered that she'd never meant for it to happen, and Devon and Cane argued about the events that had led up to the accident. Neil intervened and encouraged them to find a way to band together as a family. Devon only wanted to hear from Lily, and he ordered everyone else to "get the hell out." Cane objected, but Lily insisted that she and Devon needed to talk.

On the Athletic Club roof deck, Phyllis called Lily a "lying, judgmental bitch" and blasted Cane for covering up the truth. She wanted to go back to the funeral, but Jack encouraged her to let the Winters family work it out themselves. He pledged not to let Phyllis grieve alone, and she grumbled that Billy had picked the worst time to go AWOL. Jack pointed out that at least Billy had shown up at the funeral, and Phyllis had considered it a turning point until Billy had smashed her hopes by leaving early to go to the office.

Jack recalled that the Abbotts had a long history of burying themselves in work to avoid their problems, but he realized that Phyllis suspected that Billy hadn't gone to the office. She couldn't shake the feeling that Billy had left to go gambling, and Jack insinuated that there was only one way to find out. Phyllis stood up to leave, and Jack hoped Billy was at Jabot.

Phyllis arrived at Jabot and hovered outside Billy's office. She found the door locked, and she started to type a text message to Jack. Billy suddenly opened the door, and she stammered that she hadn't thought anyone was there. He guessed that she was checking up on him, and she pointed out that he'd been acting like he was hiding something, so she'd been worried. She apologized for doubting him, and she said she just needed to be with him. She started to head into his office, but he informed her that what was going on in there was private.

Billy suggested that he and Phyllis get together later elsewhere, but she pressed to know whose identity he was keeping secret. She surmised that he had a poker game going on, and he pretended to be wounded by her lack of trust. He invited her to see what was going on, and he opened the door and told three business associates that he'd be another minute. Phyllis acknowledged that he wasn't gambling, but there was obviously something going on. Billy reminded her that he had official CEO work to do, and he vaguely stated that what was happening behind closed doors would be great for Jabot. He told her to trust him, and he stepped back inside his office.

At Neil's penthouse, the Winters clan wondered what was going on next door. Cane grumbled that it all could have been avoided, but Neil argued that it couldn't have been avoided forever. Cane countered that the funeral hadn't been the right time to tell Devon, and Shauna contended that she should have said something earlier. Mattie agreed that it hadn't been right to keep quiet. Nate advised that grief clouded people's ability to see things rationally, but time would allow them to deal with things in a reasonable way. Charlie asked if Devon would eventually forgive Lily, and Neil hoped so.

Charlie asked why Shauna hadn't stayed silent, but she wouldn't apologize for telling the truth. Charlie bemoaned that his uncle hated his mom, and Neil ordered Cane to man up and own what he'd done, since Cane always lied by default. Cane repeated that he'd been trying to protect his family, but Mattie imagined that Devon wouldn't be that angry if everyone had been honest from the beginning. Cane voiced concern that there was more at stake than Devon being upset, since Lily could be in serious trouble with the law if she was found at fault.

Meanwhile, Devon stared blankly at Hilary's portrait. Lily recognized that no words could make up for it, and he agreed. She conceded that she shouldn't have gotten in the car or been driving, and he flatly stated that she had. Lily only remembered arguing with Hilary, and Devon scoffed at the idea that it had been Hilary's fault. Lily insisted that it wasn't what she was saying, but it was all a blur. Lily assumed that she hadn't seen the light because she'd taken her eyes off the road, and Devon skeptically inquired whether the memories were conveniently flooding back.

Lily recalled fighting with Hilary and the truck hitting them, but the time between was blank. Devon theorized that she'd blocked it out so she wouldn't have to admit what she'd done, and she was stricken to realize that he thought she'd done it on purpose. Lily picked up a framed photo of Devon and Hilary, but Devon snatched it away. He imagined that she was wishing that she could get Hilary back, even though Lily had hated her. Devon spat that Lily had thought Hilary had been selfish and manipulative, and she'd told Hilary that every chance she could.

Devon didn't buy that Lily wished things were different, but she recounted that Hilary had believed her and forgiven her. Devon guessed that Lily wanted him to say that he was cool with her killing his wife and child. Lily sobbed that she would give anything to undo it, but Devon coldly stated that it couldn't be undone, since the two things he'd wanted more than anything in the world were gone. He contemplated how Lily had fought letting him have a family with Hilary every step of the way. Lily swore that she'd accepted Hilary's pregnancy because it had made Devon happy, and all she'd wanted after the accident had been for Hilary and the baby to be okay.

Lily cried that she'd regret for the rest of her life that she hadn't been more careful, and Devon regretted leaning on Lily and being grateful that she and Hilary had made peace. He reflected back on Lily smiling at his and Hilary's wedding, thinking that she'd been happy for them, but he accused her of just being relieved that Hilary would be gone for good. Lily understood that he was grieving, but she thought it was a horrible thing to say. Devon was convinced that it was the truth, since Lily had gotten her wish for Hilary to be out of his life.

Lily was adamant that she'd never purposely run a red light, especially with her own son in the car. She assumed that Devon was so overloaded with grief that he couldn't see another outcome. She intended to carry the guilt for the rest of her life, but she begged him not to let it tear them apart. Devon coldly stated that she had her own family, and she should go be with them. She insisted that he had a family, too. "No, actually, thanks to you, I don't," he retorted, and he headed upstairs. Lily broke down in tears.

Devon threatens to turn Lily in Devon threatens to turn Lily in

Friday, August 3, 2018

Nikki, Victoria, Sharon, and Phyllis met on the Crimson Lights patio. Victoria groused that Nick had known what J.T. had done to her, yet he'd still posed as J.T. to steal accounts and staff from Newman. Sharon also voiced disapproval of Nick's recent aggressive behavior, but Phyllis advised them to be grateful that he'd fought fire with fire for his family's sake. Nikki suggested that they stop dwelling on the panic over J.T.'s alleged reappearance, and Phyllis declared that he was dead and buried, so they could move on with their lives. Phyllis was startled when she saw Billy standing just a few feet away.

Nikki claimed that she had called a meeting about a charity project, and Billy joked that the women should get matching superhero capes. He departed, and Sharon scolded Phyllis for not being more careful. Nikki considered it a reminder that they always had to keep their guards up, since the secret would be with them forever. Victoria observed Billy's quick exit, and Sharon expressed sympathy that Phyllis and Billy hadn't worked things out. Nikki wondered what unforgivable thing Phyllis had done.

Phyllis doubted that Nikki had sided with Billy the dozen times he and Victoria had broken up, and she confided that Billy had become lying and reckless. Victoria empathized with what Phyllis was going through, but Nikki clucked that Phyllis had been the one feeding Billy's reckless streak, so Phyllis was hardly blameless. Sharon mentioned that Billy hadn't been there for Phyllis at Hilary's wedding, and Victoria referred to Billy's behavior at the Athletic Club. Victoria added that Nick had also been out of control, and there was no end in sight.

Sharon pointed out that it was still possible that J.T. was out there, but Phyllis reiterated that he was under a sculpture and not going anywhere. Nikki admitted that she'd believed he was alive, but maybe it had been wishful thinking that she wasn't guilty of killing him. Phyllis lectured that they were all guilty of something, and they had to accept it and find a way to live with it. Paul burst onto the patio and exclaimed that he'd been thinking about all of them that morning. He asked if they had been discussing something important.

Phyllis claimed that they'd gathered for the sake of charity, but the women blurted out different causes. Victoria covered by saying that her mom always found ways for everyone to contribute, and Paul asked how they'd been handling J.T. being spotted then disappearing. Victoria confirmed that she'd been horrified to think about her vengeful, angry ex going after her or her dad again, and Paul pressed to know if she'd seen J.T. Victoria was adamant that she hadn't heard a word from him, and Sharon figured that they might never know where he'd gone. Paul announced that he had a theory about it.

Paul speculated that J.T. had made it back to Genoa City to see Victor, but someone or something had stopped him. Nikki was appalled by the implication that her husband had done something to their grandson's father, and Paul referred to Victor threatening J.T. on television. Paul reasoned that he was just following his theory to its logical conclusion, and Nikki admonished him for being more concerned about J.T.'s safety than his crimes. Victoria firmly stated that her father wasn't responsible, and she imagined that J.T. had acted like he had been on his way back to town to keep her on edge.

Phyllis scolded Paul for continuing to victimize Victoria's family, but he insisted that his only goal was justice for everyone involved. After Paul departed, Phyllis guessed that he'd just been trying to rattle them, but she'd be happy if he pinned J.T.'s death on Victor. Phyllis stepped away, and Nikki, Victoria, and Sharon wondered if they should be worried. Phyllis made a call and asked someone to meet her at her place to talk about something important.

Victoria thought they needed to know if Phyllis was suddenly the weak link, but Sharon thought Phyllis had just been spouting off after everything that had happened with Billy and Hilary. Nikki wondered about what Phyllis had said earlier, and Sharon confessed that after they'd seemingly seen J.T. on the security video, Phyllis had suggested that she and Sharon claim that they hadn't been in the room when Nikki had killed J.T. Nikki and Victoria were aghast, but Sharon asserted that they'd all willingly agreed to stick together, and they wouldn't get through it if they started suspecting one another. Nikki told Victoria not to worry about it while spending the week visiting Reed, since Phyllis had as much to lose as any of them did.

At home, Phyllis thanked Nick for stopping by, and he asked what Summer had done. Phyllis assured him that their daughter was fine, but there were other things going on, and she couldn't talk to the people she usually talked to. She pleaded that she needed someone, and he was the only person she really trusted. Phyllis realized that she shouldn't have called, but Nick prompted her to open up. She told him that she'd promised herself that she'd ignore what had happened between them, but it kept popping up. He wasn't sure it was a good idea for him to be there, but she stressed that she just needed to talk, and she could control herself if he could.

Phyllis explained that she'd told herself that she wouldn't waste one more second, but she wondered what she could do when Billy was a complete mess. Nick asked if she still wanted Billy, and she recognized that Billy wasn't a saint, but neither was she. She admitted that she still loved Billy, but she'd slept with Nick, anyway, so either she didn't love Billy enough or she was a rotten person. Nick contemplated whether he was rotten, too, but Phyllis reasoned that he'd thought Sharon had dumped him. Phyllis fretted that she and Nick had been those kinds of people at one time, but it wasn't supposed to happen again.

Phyllis worried that they couldn't stuff the genie back in the bottle, and he reiterated that it was why he shouldn't be there. Phyllis bemoaned that she and Billy were a mess, but Nick and Sharon weren't. Nick recounted that he'd gone to back to Sharon, determined to marry her, yet he was there. He pondered whether it was inevitable that he would screw things up with Sharon again, and Phyllis acknowledged that she and Nick had a connection that they hadn't planned or hoped for. Nick mused that it felt easy and natural, but he suddenly insisted that he had to go, and they awkwardly exchanged goodbyes.

Nick returned home after looking for Sharon at Crimson Lights. She was frazzled because she'd found the refrigerator leaking, and he pulled her into a hug. He apologized for the mess with J.T. and for Dark Horse taking up his time, since she was the only thing that mattered. He insisted on getting their wedding plans back on track, and they kissed. She looked wary.

At Jabot, Phyllis entered Billy's office, and Billy coolly informed her that he was working. She replied that it could wait, and she closed his laptop and wedged herself between him and his desk. She admitted that she'd been wrong, and she refused to lose him for good. She promised that she wouldn't constantly hound him about his gambling, but she reserved the right to talk or even argue about it.

Phyllis agreed not to make any more ultimatums or demands, but she wanted Billy home because she loved him. Billy conceded that it hadn't been right that he hadn't been there for her when she'd needed someone. Phyllis asked if it meant he didn't love her anymore, but Billy confided that it had been because of his pride. He called himself an idiot, but he loved her and wanted her, and he didn't want to waste another second. They kissed passionately.

At his penthouse, Devon started to descend the stairs, but he stopped short when he found the living room empty. He sat down on the stairs, distraught.

Later, Shauna appeared with a bag and declared that it wasn't right for her to stay there. She figured that Devon probably couldn't stand to look at her, but he insisted that he didn't feel that way at all. Shauna thought no one expected him to keep her around, since it had never been his idea to have her there. She recalled that Hilary had been the mentor who had taken her in and made her feel smart and special, but he didn't have to pretend that he wanted Shauna around. Devon assured her that although it had been Hilary's idea, he wanted Shauna to stay.

Devon was sure that Shauna didn't know half of everything he and Hilary had gone through over the years, but they'd always been connected, even when they'd been apart. He recounted that Shauna had called them out on it a few times by asking why they hadn't been together, and Shauna confirmed that it had been obvious how they'd both felt. Devon said it had been obvious how Hilary had felt about Shauna, and he relayed that Hilary had told him that she'd be leaving him with a child, after all. Devon believed Shauna had been at the top of Hilary's thoughts in her final moments because Hilary had loved her, and Hilary had been very picky about who she'd loved.

Devon softly stated that Hilary had loved him and Shauna, and they'd loved Hilary, so he and Shauna needed one another more than ever. Devon divulged that he'd already spoken with Shauna's parents, and they were fine with her staying there. He understood that the place seemed empty, and he kept thinking Hilary would walk through the door. Shauna brightened as she envisioned Hilary, bigger than life and telling them how it would be.

Devon commended Shauna's bravery for telling the truth about the accident, and he thought she never should have been put in the position of keeping quiet. He thought he was being selfish for hoping that she'd stay, and he mentioned that Hilary had been worried about the people she was leaving behind. Devon recalled Hilary's words that he couldn't shut down or let go of his dreams, and he knew Hilary had been talking about Shauna, too. He anticipated that they would get through it one day at a time, and they'd help each other through the rough patches.

At Hamilton-Winters, Neil stared at a picture of Hilary. Mariah walked in and asked why he looked busted, and Neil explained that he didn't want the photo to be the first thing Devon saw when he walked through the door. Neil hoped Devon took the time he needed, and he prepared to make the decisions Devon couldn't.

Over the phone, Neil made arrangements to have something picked up. Neil asked if Mariah could run the errand because Tessa had quit, and the twins weren't interning that day. Mariah insisted that Tessa would be back after taking care of some family stuff, but Neil clarified that Tessa had resigned, and they couldn't hold the position open on the chance she might change her mind. Mariah agreed to serve as a messenger, and she departed as Lily showed up. Neil suggested that Lily take the day for herself, since nothing good would happen if she got into it with Devon.

Neil advised Lily to give Devon space, but she swore that she hadn't known that she'd run the red light. She was livid that Cane had asked Charlie to withhold the truth after they'd spent 17 years teaching the kids honesty, and she insisted on talking to Devon. Neil encouraged her to consider what Devon needed, but Lily was determined to make things right by talking to her brother. Mariah returned with a file for Neil and offered to pitch in however she could. The room fell silent when Devon walked in.

Devon insisted on following through with closing a deal, but Neil told him to take the day off. Neil stepped aside to take a call, and Lily asked Devon if they could talk. Devon dismissively claimed that he had a meeting, but Lily whined that he couldn't pretend that she wasn't there. He coldly indicated that they both had jobs to do, and he found the photo of Hilary in a box. He demanded to know who'd been trying to erase his wife from the office, and Neil explained that he'd been trying to make things easier. Devon snarled that he was surprised Lily had shown her face in the office that day. Mariah proclaimed that she and Devon were leaving.

At Crimson Lights, Mariah was stunned when Devon informed her that Lily had been unaware that she'd caused the accident by running the red light. Devon ranted that no one was supposed to know because Lily could do no wrong, and he kept thinking about Hilary believing Lily's words about Hilary not knowing how to be a good mother. Devon appreciated Mariah wanting to help, but he didn't want to talk about it. He turned the topic to Tessa taking off, and Mariah vaguely mentioned that Tessa had needed to deal with some life complications but had promised to be back.

Mariah thought they couldn't avoid talking about Hilary, and she pledged to be there to help and support Devon, knowing Hilary hadn't had to die. Mariah imagined that Lily would never forgive herself, but she pointed out that Devon could. Devon couldn't contemplate forgiving his sister for killing his wife and child and hating the woman he'd loved. Devon angrily recounted the way Lily had judged and insulted Hilary, and he believed Lily would have done anything to stop his life with Hilary from happening. Devon growled that he knew for a fact that Lily had gotten exactly what she'd wanted with Hilary gone. "It's all gone," he brokenly added, and Mariah consoled him.

Charlie stopped by to see Shauna, and she asked how mad he was that she'd told Devon about her mom. Charlie swore that he wasn't angry, but he reminded Shauna that she'd promised not to tell. Charlie complained that she'd made things worse for everyone, especially his mom, but Shauna argued that Lily was all about the truth and had needed to know she had believed a lie. Shauna contended that his parents had assumed they'd had sex, and Charlie had gone along with it instead of telling them that nothing had happened. Charlie wondered why she hadn't told them if it made her that upset, and she retorted that she was through speaking for him. Charlie bellowed that he couldn't do it, and he walked out.

Lily was glad when Devon returned to the office, but he ignored her. Mariah tried to distract Lily with questions about how to fill in for Tessa, and Devon asked Neil for an analysis. Neil announced that they had some things to discuss first, since it was clearly a difficult time for everyone, but they had to make Hamilton-Winters their sole focus while they were there. Devon agreed, and Neil implored everyone to handle things together as a team. He thought they had to decide how to fill the gap Tessa had left while searching for a permanent replacement. He added that it was the right time to sell GC Buzz, since it had been Hilary's passion project, and they didn't have a show without her.

Devon incredulously asked if Neil intended to get rid of all reminders of Hilary. Neil assured Mariah that she'd always have a place with them, but they couldn't continue the show. Devon argued that Hilary had worked hard on it, and he refused to let anyone tear it down and pretend Hilary had never existed. Devon dared Neil to admit that he'd never stopped hating Hilary or resenting the fact that she and Devon had loved one another, and he swore that GC Buzz wasn't going anywhere, because Hilary had wanted Mariah to look after it. Devon asked Mariah to continue to be the host.

Lily insisted that Neil loved Devon and was trying to do what was best. Devon stonily stated that he had nothing to discuss with Lily outside of work, but she swore that no one had hated Hilary. Lily apologized for not knowing the accident had been her fault, and she said it had killed her to find out. Devon clarified that it had killed Hilary, and he surmised that the truth had just made Lily feel sorry for herself. Lily recognized that Devon and Hilary had shared something special by starting a family together, but Devon demanded to know how many times Lily had told Hilary that she'd be an awful mother.

Devon accused Lily of attacking Hilary to the very end, but Lily argued that it had been an accident and that she herself could have been the one killed. Devon spat that there would have been more justice in that, since his wife and child were gone, and the only justice for them would be for Lily to tell the police the reason why. Neil objected because it wouldn't accomplish anything but turn Lily's life upside down, and Devon sarcastically wondered how that would feel.

Neil implored Devon to think about the twins, but Devon focused on his own son or daughter. Devon reiterated that Lily had hated his wife and the fact that they'd been having a child together, so she'd pushed and pushed to keep them apart, and she'd ultimately pushed Hilary right into her grave. Devon declared that Lily needed to give herself up because it would happen anyway if she didn't, since he had Shauna to back him up. Devon ordered Lily to do the right thing, or he'd do it for her.

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