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Lily confessed to the police that she'd caused Hilary's death, and she was charged with vehicular homicide. Devon planned to push for the maximum 20-year sentence. Billy announced his plans to launch Jaboutique. Summer bet Kyle that she could bed Billy.
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Cane begs Devon not to report Lily to the police Cane begs Devon not to report Lily to the police

Monday, August 6, 2018

Sharon was lost in thought while tidying her living room. When Mariah arrived downstairs and spoke, Sharon was startled. Mariah apologized and asked her mom what was bugging her. Sharon expressed concern about Nick's strong desire to leave their home and begin anew away from Victor's ranch. Sharon showed Mariah the luxury homes Nick had in mind.

Sharon noted that Nick was serious about hunting for a new home. Mariah said she understood how living on Victor's compound would eat at Nick. Sharon agreed, but she noted that she loved her home and doubted any other piece of real estate could duplicate the same connection. Mariah agreed that Nick shouldn't hold Sharon to a rushed deadline. Sharon explained that Nick had suddenly become assertive, dynamic, and protective.

Sharon admitted that she preferred the old Nick. Mariah suggested that Sharon should embrace her renewed romance. Sharon nodded. Mariah encouraged Sharon to make her life with Nick different in every way. Sharon said she'd settle for a happy ending for a change. Mariah replied, "How about happy and no ending?"

At Crimson Lights, Sharon thanked Mariah for driving her to work. Sharon said she felt better after talking things over with Mariah. Sharon agreed to accept the changes Nick had proposed because they were great together. Sharon asked Mariah not to mention their talk to Nick. Mariah replied, "No way. I've got your back." Mariah and Sharon lightened the conversation by talking about the wedding. Sharon offered to choose Mariah's dress, but Mariah insisted she would have the final say.

At the Athletic Club, Mariah later phoned Sharon and insisted on picking up dinner. After Mariah hung up, Tessa called. Tessa said that she and Crystal were doing well and had arrived safely in Canada. Tessa happily reported that Crystal would soon be settled into a new, happy, and healthy life. Mariah replied, "And then?" Tessa assured Mariah that she'd return to Genoa City, so they could focus on their relationship. The conversation on Tessa's end took a turn when Mariah heard Tessa tell someone to buzz off and leave her alone. Mariah panicked after the call abruptly ended, and she was unable to call Tessa back.

At the apartment Summer shared with her mother and Billy, Summer, clad only in a towel wrapped and tucked around her midsection, poured herself a glass of juice. Billy, serving himself a cup of coffee, kept his back to Summer. Summer said, "You know you can look at me. The power of your thoughts aren't quite strong enough to make the towel drop." Billy continued to avoid facing Summer as she mentioned Billy and Phyllis' reconciliation. Summer asked Billy if he'd reconnected with Phyllis because she was what he wanted or if he'd simply made an easy decision. Billy insisted that he preferred someone who was exciting and unpredictable.

Phyllis, clad in a silk robe, entered the room and reminded Summer about the house rules concerning parading around half-dressed. Phyllis kissed Billy and noted to Summer that he'd returned. Summer feigned indifference. Later, Phyllis offered to pick up breakfast for Billy because she had an early meeting scheduled. Phyllis said she hoped Billy would soon confide in her and share details of his super-secret project. Billy said he hoped to have his project up and running before Ashley returned from Berlin, so she wouldn't interfere.

On the patio at Crimson Lights, Lily told Cane that if she didn't confess to police about running a red light, Devon would. Cane insisted that Neil wouldn't let Devon tell the police. Lily noted that Devon was suffering and wouldn't likely heed Neil's advice. Cane replied, "It was an accident, okay? And you giving yourself up isn't going to bring Hilary back." Cane reminded Lily that she was important to many, including him. Lily said she wanted to do the right thing, but Cane insisted she not do anything without first discussing it with him.

At the Genoa City Athletic Club, Mattie joined Devon before heading upstairs to work. Devon noted that he'd be working from home. Devon was pleased to learn that Mattie would continue to help out at Hamilton-Winters, even after school resumed. Devon gave Mattie a USB stick and instructed her to slip it into an envelope before a messenger arrived to pick it up. Mattie asked if Devon had initially planned to deliver the USB stick personally to Lily. Devon said he was doing what he believed was best for everyone at the moment.

After Mattie went upstairs, Cane approached Devon. Devon was reluctant to talk. Cane warned Devon that if he continued to blame Lily, he'd hurt his family. Devon noted that Cane had destroyed his credibility by burying the truth. Cane told Devon he would've done the same had he been in Cane's position.

Devon cried that the two lives most important to him, along with his dreams, had been taken away. Cane asked Devon if he intended to sacrifice his sister to make up for his wife and baby. Devon replied, "Yes. Watch me." Nate joined in to break up the argument when Cane and Devon's tempers flared. Cane accused Devon of wanting to wreck the family by making Lily pay. After Cane walked away, Nate warned Devon that Cane would never give up his fight to protect Lily.

When Mattie entered the office upstairs, she discovered Lily already hard at work. Mattie noted that with Tessa gone, she was usually the first to arrive. Lily admitted that she'd had a lot on her mind. Mattie noted that members of their family were dealing with difficult emotions and sadness. Lily embraced Mattie after Mattie insisted that what had happened was an accident. Mattie told Lily she'd always be proud to have her for a mom.

Cane stopped by Devon's penthouse. Shauna answered the door and told Cane that Devon was working. Cane mentioned the accident and explained that it had been completely unintentional. Cane said he understood why Shauna had spoken out at the funeral. Shauna replied, "I know what I saw. Lily ran a red light." Cane apologized for his harsh words, but he explained that he intended to protect Lily.

Cane pleaded with Shauna to stay out of it and let the adults settle the matter. Cane suggested that getting involved with the police might entangle Shauna and prevent her from achieving the dream Hilary had envisioned. Shauna expressed doubt that Cane cared about her. Devon arrived, and Shauna told him that Cane had tried to convince her not to talk to the police. Devon threw Cane out.

Cane entered Lily's office. Lily asked Cane if he'd seen Devon. Cane said he had, though Devon had been too emotional to engage in a sensible conversation. Cane suggested giving Devon time. Lily said she couldn't wait. Lily praised Cane for being her champion because his support made it easier for her to follow her heart. Lily insisted that she had to do the right thing by talking to the police and admitting that she'd caused Hilary's death. Cane tightly embraced Lily.

At Newman Enterprises, Nikki was busy working in Victoria's office. Phyllis entered. Instead of issuing a pleasant greeting, Nikki asked Phyllis what she wanted. Phyllis said she'd stopped by, hoping to find Victoria. Nikki explained that Victoria and her children had traveled to Maine to attend Reed's musical performance.

Phyllis said she assumed Nikki was filling in temporarily. Nikki noted that she was employed at Newman. Phyllis admitted she'd stopped by to apologize for her insensitive behavior when they'd met with Paul. Phyllis said, "I made a joke about Victor, letting him take the fall for J.T. to get the four of us off, and it was insensitive." Phyllis reiterated that they would all stand together. Nikki, seething, claimed that Phyllis had approached Sharon, hoping to persuade Sharon to join with Phyllis to assert their innocence while allowing Nikki and Victoria to assume all the blame for murder.

After Nikki threatened to summon security, Phyllis insisted she'd never attempted to join forces with Sharon against Nikki and Victoria. Nikki said that if J.T.'s body was found and the trail led back to Girls' Night, she would take all the blame to protect Victoria. Nikki added that though things had gotten out of control, Sharon and Phyllis had been present only by chance. Nikki said she didn't enjoy being reminded that the only person Phyllis cared about was herself.

Victor entered and asked Phyllis why she'd stopped by. Phyllis claimed she'd offered Nikki an opportunity to work with a charity, but Nikki had declined. After Phyllis left, Victor praised Nikki's hard work, but cautioned her not to risk a flareup of her MS. Nikki said she wished Victor and Nick hadn't engaged in a war. Victor said a war implied equal adversaries, though Victor insisted that Nick lacked power. Victor seemed certain he'd triumph over Nick.

Nate stopped by the office, and Victor introduced him to Nikki. Victor told Nikki that Nate would serve as their personal physician. Before Nate left, Victor inquired about Devon and instructed Nate to convey their regards. Nate said he would. After Nate left, Victor said he intended to ensure Nikki would remain in good health. Nikki said she assumed Victor expected them to emerge again as "Genoa City's premiere Executive Power Couple." Victor agreed and said he'd dare anyone to try to take away their title.

At Jabot, Kyle overheard Billy tell Summer that he didn't need a distraction when he suggested she work at her own desk. Summer apologized for the "towel thing," and Billy replied, "Just don't let it happen again, please." After Billy closed his office door, Kyle questioned Summer. Summer mentioned that Billy had moved back in with Phyllis, though Summer maintained that her mother and Billy weren't a happy couple. Summer recalled that her mother had wasted no time sleeping with another man soon after Billy had moved out.

Kyle said he wished he'd never mentioned to Summer that he'd caught Phyllis cheating. Summer was adamant about saving Billy from additional heartache by telling him what Phyllis had done. Kyle said he believed Summer's aim was to free Billy, so she could have him. Summer admitted she was attracted to Billy and insisted she preferred an uncomplicated relationship with little romance and no strings. Kyle replied, "So cynical. I don't buy it."

After Billy left his office, Kyle entered and began shuffling through files on Billy's desk. Billy entered and asked if Kyle needed help finding something. Billy accused Kyle of digging for information. Kyle complained that Billy had locked everyone out of whatever major project he was working on. Billy insisted that his project required total secrecy, especially from Ashley. Kyle left after Billy insisted he had a lot of work to do. Kyle secretly sent Ashley a text message warning her that Billy was attempting to shut her out of something big.

Phyllis entered Billy's office. Billy said he'd caught Kyle in the middle of snooping. Billy teased that perhaps Phyllis had sent Kyle to spy. Phyllis joked that they'd only been reunited for a few hours, but Billy was lodging accusations. Phyllis added, "Do we stand a chance?" Billy suggested Phyllis lock the door so they could find out. Phyllis shut the door and locked it.

Lauren expresses her dissatisfaction with Billy as head of Jabot Lauren expresses her dissatisfaction with Billy as head of Jabot

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Neil was surprised when Ashley showed up unexpectedly at his door to give him a hug and express condolences for his loss. She sympathized with what his family was going through after Hilary's death, and he bemoaned that things had gotten worse. Neil filled Ashley in about Lily's role in the accident, and he lamented that both of his kids were crushed. Ashley surmised that Neil was trying to be strong and remain impartial while both of his children were in agony, and she didn't know how he was doing it. Neil replied that he didn't, either.

Ashley wondered if there was any way the news could be contained. Neil indicated that only a handful of people knew, but Devon was ready to tell the police if Lily didn't do it herself. Ashley was shocked that Devon would turn his own sister in, and Neil hated the thought of his daughter opening herself up to criminal prosecution. Ashley cautioned that there could be enormous ramifications for both his family and his business, and Neil recognized that the legacy he'd created might have been all for nothing if the public turned against Hamilton-Winters. He was touched that Ashley had stopped by, and before she headed out, she told him to call her anytime.

Cane stared at a sleeping Lily, but she awakened when the phone rang. He silenced the phone and asked how she'd slept, and she reported that it had been her first decent rest in a while. She figured that it was true that confession was good for the soul, and he looked away. Lily inquired whether he was mad at her, and Cane confided that he was scared about what would happen to their family. She insisted that she had to tell the police that she'd caused the accident, but he argued that she didn't remember running the red light.

Lily reasoned that Charlie wouldn't lie, and she believed Charlie and Shauna's story about what had happened. She added that Devon would go to the police even if she didn't, so it would be better to do it voluntarily. Cane protested that there had to be another way, and he admitted that he was terrified. Lily felt relieved because she could do the right thing, knowing what had actually happened. He questioned whether putting their family at risk was doing the right thing. She pointed out that they'd gone through much worse, so they'd make it through.

Cane wasn't sure that the kids could handle Lily going to jail, but she argued that she'd thought things through. Cane countered that if she had, she'd realize that the best thing for their family would be to say nothing, and he didn't see what good could result from going to the police. Lily contemplated what would happen if Devon or Shauna turned her in, and she thought it was a no-win situation that would only get worse if she waited. Cane urged her to stand up to Devon and not confess to something she might not have done. She flatly told him that he could either stay there or join her, but she was talking to the police either way.

On the Athletic Club rooftop, Summer apologized to Kyle for being late, and he taunted that he'd just been reading an article about men over 40 having prostate issues. Summer fired back that it was better than a 20-something guy who couldn't get dates because he was transparent and lame. He wondered if she could get her mind off Billy long enough to concentrate on business, and he chided her for looking for a fling with her mother's boyfriend. Summer asserted that she liked men with no strings and that Billy was lousy at relationships, so he shouldn't try to make commitments.

Summer intended to swoop in once Billy and Phyllis' romance flopped, and she pressed Kyle for details about the clothes he'd seen on her mother's floor. Kyle replied that he wouldn't tell Summer even if he'd noticed, and Summer surmised that it wasn't true love if Phyllis had hopped into bed with someone else the minute she'd broken up with Billy. She decided to look at her mom's call history to find a solid lead about who the man had been, and she rushed off over Kyle's protests.

At home, Billy and Phyllis marveled that the night before had almost made breaking up worth it. She suggested that they get rid of their coffee and make a pitcher of mimosas, and they kissed. While feeding one another berries and sipping their drinks, he mused that it was the life. She interpreted that as an invitation to play hooky, and he asked what she had in mind. Phyllis reasoned that they had to ensure Jaboat was in tip-top shape before he hosted corporate events. Billy was tempted, but he regretted that it wouldn't work because his secret project was about to reach fruition, and he needed to wrap it up before Ashley got back from her trip.

Later, Summer quietly crept into her apartment and searched through Phyllis' purse. She found her mother's phone and took a photo of the call log. Phyllis called out to Billy upstairs, and Summer sneaked out.

Michael found Lauren at Jabot and invited her to lunch. She suggested that they go to Hawaii or Paris, since she couldn't wait to get away from the place, but she wasn't talking about a vacation. Michael rubbed a knot in her neck as Jack walked in. Lauren griped that Billy had her exasperated, since he'd ordered an expensive feasibility study to look into whether Fenmore's should continue to own and operate brick-and-mortar stores. She was sure that Billy would push to close the underperformers, and she complained that someone with no experience was going to lecture her about running a retail chain. Jack pointed out that Lauren was still the majority stakeholder, and he advised her to tell Billy to pound sand.

Lauren groused that it had become the Wild West since Billy had taken over, since he was reckless, fickle, and all style without substance. She stopped herself before she vented all day long, and she begged Jack to tell her that he was there to save them all. Jack explained that he's stopped by to check on Phyllis, who'd been having a rough time with Hilary's death. Lauren mentioned that Phyllis had taken the morning off, and rumor had it that Phyllis and Billy had gotten back together again.

Lauren contended that what she thought about Billy didn't matter, since Phyllis had been miserable without him, and she was happy they'd worked things out. Jack mumbled that Billy didn't deserve Phyllis. Ashley interrupted, and Jack informed her that Billy and Phyllis had apparently reconciled. Michael was glad that Phyllis wasn't alone, but Jack argued that she didn't need a man who only looked out for himself instead of being there when she needed him. Ashley thought being wildly in love was the only reason Phyllis needed to stay with Billy, but Jack predicted that Billy would only hurt Phyllis again and again.

Ashley requested a word with Jack, and they headed into Billy's office. Lauren suggested Top of the Tower for lunch, but Michael checked his messages and informed her that he had to be with Lily when she talked with the police.

Ashley wasn't surprised when Jack told her that Billy was gambling again, and she asked what had triggered it. Jack guessed that the CEO position had made Billy drunk with power, since their brother had been having a grand time throwing money around, and being reckless with his own funds hadn't been enough. Ashley thought it explained Billy's purchase of a luxury yacht, but Jack noted that it was just as possible that Billy had won it in a poker game. Ashley said she needed to check with accounting to see how Billy had been using company funds.

Later, Summer approached Jack at the Athletic Club bar and asked if they could talk. She broached the subject of Phyllis and Billy's reunion, and Jack confirmed that he'd heard. Summer groaned that Phyllis and Billy were wrong for one another, but Jack figured that her mother had made up her mind. Summer confided that she'd once wanted her parents back together, but she'd eventually realized that Jack was the best man she'd seen her mother with. Summer exclaimed that they'd been amazing together, and Billy wasn't even in the same league. Jack felt the same way, but he pointed out that Phyllis had her own opinion.

Summer imagined that her mother just didn't want to admit that she'd made a huge mistake by leaving Jack for Billy. Jack conceded that he'd never stopped loving Phyllis, despite being angry and hurt over her affair. He shared that he'd thought they'd had another shot when she'd ended things with Billy, since Jack had been there for her when Billy had been nowhere to be found. Jack recalled that he'd thought Phyllis had been giving him signals, and Summer pressed for details, but Jack said it didn't matter because Phyllis had taken Billy back. Summer encouraged Jack not to give up hope quite yet.

On the roof deck, Phyllis recognized that Billy should have gone to Lauren with his concerns instead of conducting a study. Lauren testily expected Billy to present her with the bill for the study, and she intended to tell him where to stick it. Lauren pondered what she'd give to get out of their so-called partnership, and Phyllis pressed to know if Lauren had actually considered ways to do it. Lauren thanked her for the sympathy and the company, since Michael had bailed on their plans so he could represent a client. Lauren blabbed that Lily was talking to the police about the accident, and Phyllis was relieved, since she would have gone to them herself if Lily hadn't told the truth.

Jack joined Phyllis and Lauren on the roof. Jack congratulated Phyllis on her reunion with Billy, and Lauren excused herself to powder her nose. Phyllis swore that she'd planned to let Jack know, but he said it wouldn't have made it any easier. She hoped he could be happy for them, but he recalled that he hadn't been happy the first or second times. He questioned how many times it would take for Billy to prove he was an untrustworthy person who she couldn't count on, and he urged her to learn from her mistakes and move on. She acknowledged that Billy was a risk-taker, but it was why she loved him.

At Jabot, Kyle ran into Ashley and inquired about Berlin, and she commended him for the informative updates he'd been sending her. Kyle thought it was wise that she'd returned home early, and Ashley thanked him for looking out for Jabot's best interests. She added that they'd been on the right path, based on what she'd found out from accounting. Billy arrived and was surprised that Ashley wasn't in Europe. Billy sternly stated that he'd sent her there for a reason, and Ashley huffed that they both knew what that reason had been. Kyle received a text message from Summer, asking him to meet her at Crimson Lights.

After Kyle left, Ashley confronted Billy about reallocating a majority of the development budget, and she demanded to know how she was supposed to create new products without the funding. She considered it unacceptable that he'd done it without consulting his operations chief, but he reminded her that there was a big difference in the one little letter in their titles. She referred to his gambling, and he assumed that she and Jack had been talking behind his back. Ashley accused Billy of sending her out of the country so she couldn't object to his questionable moves, and he taunted that it was too late to stop what he'd put into motion, since he was launching an exciting new project that he wasn't at liberty to discuss. She assumed that it was a risky proposition that was probably shady, but he contended that it would be better for everyone if she demonstrated a bit of trust.

Kyle met Summer, who showed him the call log from Phyllis' phone. Summer referred to the numerous calls to and from Jack, and she recounted Jack's words that he'd never stopped loving Phyllis. Summer was convinced that her mother had gotten busy with Jack seconds after Phyllis had dumped Billy.

At Hamilton-Winters, Lily greeted Neil and the twins, and she asked to speak to Devon. Neil reported that Devon was working remotely, and he reiterated that it was best to give Devon space. Lily said she had something to tell Devon that she thought he'd want to hear, and she hoped all of them supported her decision. Lily announced that she was going to tell the police that she was to blame for Hilary's death.

Neil understood why Lily felt that way, but he didn't like it. Charlie protested that it was a bad idea; however, Mattie thought her mother had no choice because Lily had taught them right from wrong, and she was proud of her mom for stepping up. Lily explained that she didn't want to live a lie, and it was the only way Devon would forgive her. She accepted that her carelessness had cost Hilary her life, but Charlie pleaded with Neil to talk her out of it. Lily recounted that things had only gotten worse whenever she'd tried to run away and hide from her mistakes.

Charlie insisted that it had been an accident. Lily hoped the police would also see it that way, but she expected to face the consequences of taking her eyes off the road. Lily anticipated that she would be arrested and arraigned, but she was sure that she would be out on bail before the kids got home from work. Mattie inquired what the charges would be, but Lily didn't know. Neil asked how Cane felt about it, and Lily revealed that Cane didn't want her to do it. Neil questioned whether Cane was letting her face it alone, but Cane appeared and promised that he would always stand by her side. Cane and Lily embraced.

Later, Michael heard Lily out, and he noted that everything she'd said corroborated the truck driver's statement. Cane stressed that Lily had never actually remembered running the red light, and Michael mentioned that he'd asked Paul to meet them there to avoid the police station. Cane thought it would work in their favor that Michael and Paul were old friends, but Michael made it clear that Paul was no one's friend but was the chief of police with a job to do. Michael stressed the importance of letting Paul do his job and not going out of their way to do it for him, and he instructed Lily to keep her answers simple and not to elaborate.

Paul arrived, and Cane reluctantly complied with Michael's request to step outside. Paul obtained permission to record the interview, and Lily divulged that the original statement she'd given to the police had been incorrect. She clarified that she'd believed what she'd said at the time, but she'd later found out that she'd been mistaken. Lily confessed that she'd run the red light and caused the accident, so she was the reason Hilary was dead. Michael interrupted and asked to speak with his client.

Paul reviewed Lily's original witness statement and referred to the discrepancy from what she'd just reported. Lily explained that she'd wanted to step forward with the truth once she'd found out what had really happened, but Paul was skeptical that she hadn't remembered running the red light until later. Lily swore that she wasn't trying to conceal anything, and she recounted the traumatic events after the accident. Michael flatly stated that the sum total of the information was that his client had failed to stop at a red light, but Lily blathered about how she felt really guilty because it had clearly been her fault.

Paul asked how long Lily had been sitting on the information, and she admitted that it had been a few days. Michael defended that it had taken time to process and seek counsel, but Paul scolded that she should have gone to the police the second she'd realized it. Paul stepped out to call the D.A.'s office, and Cane returned and asked how it had gone. Lily begged Cane just to hold her.

Paul reported that Christine would decide how to proceed after reviewing the statements from all the parties involved, and he advised Lily to let her attorney fill her in on what to expect. After Paul departed, Michael incredulously repeated Lily's words about causing the accident and being the reason Hilary was dead. Cane was stunned that Lily had actually said that, and Michael ranted that Paul had it on tape. Cane ordered Michael not to berate Lily, and Michael guessed that he should have been clearer about the gravity of the situation.

Lily assumed that since it had been an accident, she'd have her license suspended and be assigned to community service, and they could then put the nightmare behind them. Michael reminded her that two people had died in the accident, so she stood to be charged with two counts of vehicular homicide. Michael warned that if the judge wanted to make an example of her, Lily could be looking at up to 20 years in a state penitentiary.

Billy reveals his secret project Billy reveals his secret project

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

At home, Phyllis suggested that she and Billy play hooky, but Billy said that he couldn't because it was a big day at Jabot. He refused to give Phyllis any hints about the project and added that she probably kept a secret or two from him.

On the patio at Crimson Lights, Lily told Cane that she hoped Devon found closure because she'd confessed to running the red light. Lily said that Paul probably thought she'd only stepped forward because of Shauna's outburst. At that moment, Sharon approached them and said that she agreed with Lily that it had been an accident. She said that Lily had been very brave for confessing to Paul. Lily hoped that Devon would forgive her. She wanted to make things right with him.

At another table inside Crimson Lights, Phyllis advised Nick that Lauren was willing to consider partnering with Black Horse. She told Nick that she and Billy had reconciled. Nick was happy for her. Lauren arrived and wanted to throw her pitch, but Nick advised her it wouldn't be necessary. He'd changed his mind about partnering with Fenmore's because he was afraid of overextending himself. He'd decided to focus on real estate for the time being, but he might reconsider once the core business was solid.

Nick told Lauren that they couldn't force Billy to sell Jabot's interest in Fenmore's, especially since Billy and Phyllis had reconciled. Billy wouldn't want to unload Phyllis' employer. Lauren thanked Nick and asked him to let her know if anything changed. Lauren said she wanted to extricate Fenmore's from Jabot, one way or another.

After Lauren and Phyllis left, Nick noticed that Sharon appeared distracted, and he asked if anything was wrong. Sharon claimed she was fine. Nick told her that he'd advised Lauren that he wasn't interested in partnering with Fenmore's and that he wanted to focus on real estate. He took out his tablet and showed Sharon a house listing. Sharon said the house was too big. Nick offered to hire staff. Sharon wasn't happy with that idea. Nick said he'd keep looking until he found a house that Sharon liked.

In the reception area at Jabot, Ashley told Kyle she was certain they'd regret whatever Billy had used the R&D money for. Ashley was surprised when Kyle suggested that Phyllis might side with Lauren, not Billy. At that moment, Billy arrived. Ashley advised that they'd been going over some work. Billy said he hadn't realized that Kyle and Ashley had become so chummy. When Billy entered his office, Kyle and Ashley went to the elevator. As the elevator doors opened, Phyllis and Lauren walked out. Ashley said she needed to speak to them privately, and they all left.

Neil arrived at Hamilton-Winters and saw Devon at his desk with his head in his hands. Neil asked if Devon wanted to talk. Devon told Neil he'd had a dream about Hilary. She'd been on his case about something. Devon admitted that he missed Hilary giving him grief. When he'd awoken, for a split second, Hilary had been there with the baby. Everything in his world had been right, but then reality had set in. He said it felt like the accident had just happened. Neil said that Devon would feel the loss for years, and he advised Devon to keep living for Hilary and their child.

Lily arrived and told Devon that she'd told Paul everything. Neil said he was proud of her, but he was concerned about the legal repercussions. Lily only wanted to know what Devon thought. Devon was unforgiving. He said that Lily should have gone to the police the minute she'd learned that she'd run the red light. He claimed that Shauna had been the one with the moral compass, and she'd done the right thing.

Neil suggested that Devon take a step back because he was in a very emotional place. Neil reminded Devon that he'd been in a similar situation when Devon had had his accident. Devon agreed that he'd almost died, but the situations were not similar. Lily had run a red light, and she'd killed Hilary and their baby. Lily advised Devon that she could be sentenced to twenty years in jail. Devon was unmoved, but Neil was horrified. Devon claimed that Lily had been focused on arguing with Hilary, and she'd caused Hilary and the baby's deaths.

Lily asked what it would take for Devon to forgive her -- and asked if it might take one year, a decade, or even two decades. Devon said Hilary was dead forever. He asked if two decades was fair, and he walked out of the office. Devon returned a short time later. Neil told Devon and Lily that while they were in the office, they had to behave like professionals. Lily and Devon agreed. The conversation turned to business, and Neil suggested that they keep GC Buzz with Mariah at the helm. Lily said that one of the reasons people enjoyed the show was because of the banter between Hilary and Mariah.

Neil suggested they hire a co-host, and Devon agreed. Lily offered to help Neil and Devon find a new co-host for Mariah. Angry, Devon said that Lily was responsible for Hilary's death, and he accused her of angling to take over Hilary's job. Lily said that wasn't what she'd meant, but Devon refused to listen. He asked Lily how low she'd sink.

While Devon was on the phone, Lily told Neil that she hadn't said she wanted to co-host the show with Mariah. Neil suggested she talk to Devon. Lily tried to clarify to Devon that she didn't want the co-host job. She showed Devon a roster of her models and said that some of the models were very funny and entertaining. She explained that that was what she'd meant when she'd offered to help him, and she hadn't been angling for Hilary's job. She felt it was inappropriate, and she didn't want the job. She said she was happy at Hamilton-Winters.

Neil told Devon there had been a misunderstanding, and he suggested they set up some auditions; however, Devon flatly refused to allow Lily to have anything to do with GC Buzz or Hamilton-Winters, and he fired her.

At the Athletic Club, Ashley, Kyle, Lauren, and Phyllis discussed the feasibility study. Lauren said she assumed that Billy would be cutting Fenmore's loose, but she planned to beat Billy to the punch. Ashley warned her not to be too hasty. Ashley said that Jabot had gone through three CEOs in the past year. Phyllis chirped that she didn't have any issues with Billy being CEO. Lauren warned Phyllis not to let romance cloud her loyalties.

Summer arrived at the Athletic Club and saw Ashley, Kyle, Lauren, and Phyllis at a table in a deep discussion. Summer immediately called Billy and advised him that it looked like they had forged an alliance. Billy said he was aware, and he was going to send a group text message for them to meet him in his office.

At home, Sharon told Nikki that her conversation with Lily had shaken her. She said that if they had reported the incident with J.T. immediately, it would have been seen as self-defense. Nikki said that it was because they all felt guilty about the J.T. situation.

Nikki asked Sharon to help her convince Nick to call a truce with Victor. Sharon flatly refused. Nikki was stunned and asked if Sharon didn't see how it would benefit everyone. There would be peace in the family. She asked if Sharon had seen how happy Nick had been when Victor had been in the hospital. Sharon pointed out how things had gone downhill since then. Nikki suggested that they could at least be civil with each other, and Faith would be happy. Sharon warned Nikki not to use Faith to manipulate her.

Sharon said that Nikki had decided to stand by Victor in spite of the fact that Victor had created the rift. She said that Nick had made up his own mind about Victor, and she wouldn't try to change it. Nikki said that Sharon was holding a grudge. Sharon admitted she was because Victor had used her mental health issues against her in the custody hearing. She'd be more than happy to remove Victor from her life.

Sharon told Nikki that it had been Nick's decision, and it wouldn't do any good to try to convince Nick otherwise. She told Nikki that Nick's hatred for Victor grew stronger daily. When Nikki said she didn't believe her, Sharon told Nikki that Nick wanted to move off the ranch. Nikki was shocked.

Nikki suggested that if Sharon helped her to attempt reconciliation between Victor and Nick, Sharon wouldn't have to move off the ranch. Sharon declined and said she had too much respect for Nick. Sharon said that Nikki had forfeited her independence again to play the role of Mrs. Victor Newman, the woman behind the man. Nikki said that Sharon would lose her independence because she was willing to leave the house she loved to please Nick.

Suddenly, Nikki cried out in pain and clutched her right arm. Nikki was in tears and told Sharon she was having an MS episode. She said she needed to rest and that stress was the culprit. Sharon reflected on all of Nikki's stresses and apologized for upsetting her. Nikki said it happened intermittently, and it was her body's way of telling her to take it easy.

Nikki admitted to Sharon that she'd been defensive earlier. She, Sharon, Phyllis, and Victoria had all been under stress, trying to justify their actions regarding J.T. in order to be strong for each other. Nikki admitted that if she had it to do again, she wouldn't hesitate doing the same thing to J.T. because she'd protect her daughter from that monster, but she'd insist they call the police immediately. She said that Sharon had been right about Lily, and Nikki wished that they had contacted the police the night she'd killed J.T. Through tears, Nikki admitted that the guilt of keeping that secret was eating her up.

Ashley, Kyle, Phyllis, and Lauren gathered in Billy's office as he'd requested. Billy wanted to quash all the rumors they might have heard. Lauren told Billy that she wouldn't allow him to use his feasibility study against Fenmore's. It was her family legacy, and it was as important to her as Jabot was to Billy. Billy assured her that the meeting was about the secret project he'd been working on.

Billy made an announcement about Jabot's latest venture and provided a screen shot of a mockup of several boutiques called "Jaboutique." He crowed that he was launching a chain of boutiques that catered exclusively to Jabot products. Ashley asked if it was still in the planning stages, but Billy replied that it had gone beyond that. Everyone was shocked when he announced that he'd signed leases in thirty cities across the country; all were in key sites, all hip, happening, and in high-traffic retail areas. If everything went according to plan, they'd be ready to open the boutiques by the holiday shopping season.

Lauren told Billy that she wasn't happy about the project because it would steal customers from Fenmore's cosmetics counter, and it was in direct competition. Billy advised that Fenmore's was a department store that sold a large variety of items. Jaboutique would exclusively carry Jabot brand cosmetics that would be sold in a rapidly expanding market that Jabot needed to be part of.

Ashley accused Billy of knowing it was risky and deciding to go ahead with the project while she'd been in Berlin. Billy claimed he'd been working on the project for some time and admitted that it had been finalized in the past few weeks. Ashley said how convenient it had been to proceed when she hadn't been there to question him and chastised him for not contacting her. Billy said he understood that Ashley was put out, but he had needed to work alone in order to stay ahead of their competitors and get the market as quickly as possible. Ashley reminded him that she, as COO, and the board members should have been involved in such a major and risky decision.

Ashley said that opening up a chain of stores on a whim would cost a fortune, and she reminded him that he'd taken the money from her R&D fund. When Kyle agreed with Ashley, Billy retorted that Kyle's two-and-a-half minutes of managerial experience wouldn't have benefitted the project. Kyle admitted the idea wasn't half bad, but it shouldn't have been rushed.

Lauren wanted to know if Billy's feasibility study had been to determine that brick and mortar didn't make the money it once had. Billy agreed that stores in some sectors had been struggling, but emotional retail experience was booming and trending. The leased spaces were in upscale specialty malls where people looked at shopping as an event, a lifestyle, and a social experience. People wanted to see their products as a personal experience. They wanted to buy into the idea of a better life. They wanted to touch, smell, and explore on a visceral level before they bought something. They wanted to participate in makeovers, photograph them, film them, and share across their social platforms. That kind of immersion in a product would end with complete and total brand loyalty.

Billy was disappointed when no one commented or appeared excited. Ashley said they'd all been caught off guard, and she applauded him for trying to do something different; however, thirty stores was too big a risk. She said she'd contact legal and try to get out of some of the leases. He reminded everyone that he was CEO, and Jaboutique was going to happen.

Billy told Lauren that the feasibility study had been conducted to make sure it wouldn't have a negative impact on Fenmore's when their products were in the same cities. He said it would be good for everyone, and he was confident that it would be wildly successful -- just like his birthday suit campaign had been.

Kyle caustically stated that it had been because Billy had done that on his own. Billy said that he'd run with a great idea when it had exploded. He said that if anyone didn't want to be part of the company, he understood if they wanted to walk away. He thanked them for their support and said the meeting was over.

Outside Billy's office, Ashley told Kyle it would be much harder to get rid of Billy. Inside his office, Billy put his feet on his desk and smiled weakly.

Nick arrived at the Athletic Club and found himself face to face Victor. Victor asked if Nick had been training for a fistfight. Nick said he hadn't, but if Victor was ready to start one, then Nick was good to go. Victor claimed that had he wanted to issue a blow against Nick, he'd have gone to the authorities and accused Nick of impersonating J.T., computer hacking, credit card fraud, and burglary. Victor asked if Nick wondered why he hadn't informed the authorities. Nick said because Victor's reputation as king of the hill would take a serious hit.

Victor told Nick that in spite of the acrimony between them, Nick was still his son and he loved him. Nick said that if that was some kind of ploy to get him to lower his guard, it hadn't worked. Victor asked if Nick believed that Victor loved him. Nick admitted that it was a fact that Victor loved him, Nikki, Victoria, and the grandkids, but Victor used that love to manipulate everyone to get what he wanted, when he wanted. Nick said he wouldn't tolerate that.

Victor told Nick that he'd advised his investigators to gather as much detrimental information about Nick as they could find, and he'd use it as ammunition to destroy Nick anytime he wanted to. Nick smiled and said, "There's my dad, always full of threats." Victor said he had all the evidence against Nick he needed, but he required insurance to ensure that Nick wouldn't go after him again. If Nick did, Victor said he'd hand Nick over to the authorities. Nick told Victor that he considered himself warned. Victor said he would never forget that Nick had reported him to the Feds, and he walked away.

Billy rejects Summer's advances Billy rejects Summer's advances

Thursday, August 9, 2018

At Hamilton-Winters, Lily protested that Devon couldn't just fire her, since getting rid of her wouldn't fix things. Devon snapped that there was nothing to fix, since his wife and child were dead, and Lily was responsible. He growled that he couldn't look at Lily's face every day and that she'd lost her rights when she'd run the red light. Lily pleaded that it didn't change that they were family, and she begged him to talk to her. Neil reminded Devon that they were partners, and he refused to let Devon cut Lily loose. Neil assured her that she had a place there and always would.

Neil pointed out that Devon shut down every time Lily opened her mouth, but he warned that running wouldn't solve anything. Neil stressed that he was talking about family, and Devon barked that two members of his family had been ripped away from him. Lily insisted that she loved Devon and hated that it hurt him to see her, and she agreed to go if that was what he wanted.

Devon started to pack Lily's things up, but Neil insisted that she wasn't going anywhere. Neil pleaded that she was hurting because she was facing criminal prosecution, but Devon flatly stated that she'd committed a crime. Lily realized that Devon wouldn't listen, and she thought she should go home to spend time with her kids. Devon snarled that where she worked might be a moot point soon, but she'd be out of the office and out of his life no matter what.

Neil chided Devon for emotionally berating his sister, and Lily whined that she replayed the accident over and over in her head at night. Devon retorted that he spent his nights wondering what baby names Hilary had been considering, since they'd never shared their thoughts about it. He recounted dozing off in the wee hours, only to wake up forgetting what had happened, wondering where Hilary had gone, and finding her side of the bed empty, just like his life was. Devon stalked out.

Nate ran into Cane at Crimson Lights and mentioned that he'd heard about Lily's decision. Cane lamented that he hadn't been able to stop her from going to the police, and he expected the outcome wouldn't be good. Nate admonished her for not telling the whole truth right away, and Cane argued that she hadn't known what it was. Nate lectured that Cane hadn't been protecting Lily by lying, and Cane stressed that it had been his lie, not hers. Nate snapped that she was the one paying for it. Cane told Nate to refrain from telling him to "go to hell," since he was already there.

Cane explained that his instincts to keep his family safe had kicked in, but he guessed that Nate didn't understand what it was like. Nate confirmed that he didn't understand what it was like to lie to his family, but he knew what it was like to think he was the only one who could solve a problem. Nate advised Cane not to let the fear take over, since Lily needed him too much, and Cane needed to be her rock. Cane pledged that he always would be.

At home, Neil fretted to Nate that Devon was full of rage, and he feared that his son was spiraling into a dark, vicious world. Neil asked Nate to help him get through to Devon. Devon objected when he found Neil and Nate at his door. Neil appealed to Devon to hear them out, but Devon contended that Lily was a grown woman who had to deal with the consequences of her crime. Neil proclaimed that they were there to save Devon from himself.

Devon scowled at the idea of an intervention to tell him to mourn his wife and child, but Neil swore that he and Nate weren't there to judge or correct him. Nate pointed out that both he and Neil had been in Devon's position, and Nate hadn't been able to hear or feel anything after his girlfriend had died. Nate continued that he'd stopped practicing medicine because he'd seen no point after he hadn't been able to save his girlfriend, so he'd kept piling pain on top of pain instead of getting help.

Neil insisted that Devon wasn't an angry man, but he understood how Devon was completely consumed with anger, because Neil had also tragically lost his own best friend and wife. Neil recounted that he'd pushed everyone away and fallen off the wagon because he hadn't wanted to feel better, and he didn't want to see that happen to Devon. Neil questioned whether Hilary would have wanted that for Devon.

Neil recognized that Devon had lost a lot, but he warned that Devon stood to lose more if he let anger eat him up. Devon refused to crawl into a bottle or give up on his work, and he contended that it wasn't about grief but was about justice for his wife and child. Devon suspected that if anyone else had been responsible, Neil would have his back. Devon assumed that Lily's comfort superseded what had happened to his wife and kid.

Cane joined Lily at the office, and he asked if she'd told Devon about her confession. Lily relayed Devon's words that Hilary would only have justice if Lily was punished, and she sobbed that Devon hated her. Lily wailed that even if she was punished, it wouldn't be enough for Devon. She thought that perhaps she should just let Devon fire her, since he saw what had happened to Hilary every time he looked at Lily. She figured that it wouldn't matter because they wouldn't see one another, anyway, if she ended up in prison.

Cane reiterated that it had been an accident, but Lily wondered if he could have forgiven Hilary if Hilary had been driving and Lily had died. Cane insisted that Lily couldn't make herself suffer for something she regretted with her whole heart, but she couldn't blame Devon when she was the reason his wife was gone. She imagined that she could never do anything to make things right with her brother.

Lily looked solemn as she spoke with Michael on the phone. She informed Cane that she was being arraigned the next day, and he asked if the D.A. had shown leniency. Lily brokenly revealed that she was facing two counts of vehicular homicide, and Cane protested that they couldn't do that to her. Lily whimpered that she could be locked up for 20 years, and she sobbed in Cane's arms.

Billy finished a phone call at Jabot, and he was surprised when he looked up and saw Phyllis. She explained that she'd wanted to congratulate him on his new venture, but he was skeptical because she'd just been conspiring against him a few hours earlier. Billy was irritated that he'd had to learn from Summer that Kyle and Ashley were forming an alliance against him, and Phyllis testily recalled that Summer and Billy had been a team who'd kept one another's secrets. Phyllis defended that she hadn't been able to pull out her phone in front of everyone and that she reported to Lauren, who had concerns about his leadership.

Billy surmised that Phyllis wasn't enthusiastic about his brick-and-mortar plan. She contended that it had merit, but she understood Lauren's concerns about people not spending money at Fenmore's if they were shopping at Jaboutique. Phyllis reasoned that Fenmore's had needed to take on a partner because the market was volatile, yet Billy had thrown all of Jabot's funds at a retail chain, which was scary and huge. Billy added that it was exciting, but Phyllis worried that he'd traded gambling cards for gambling with Jabot. He figured that there was no reward without the risk, but she thought the same high was feeding him, and he stood to give his enemies exactly what they wanted if he tanked Jabot.

Billy recalled that Phyllis had thought it had been the hottest thing ever when he'd taken over as CEO. She insisted that she was still excited, but she had to be pragmatic. He noted that she'd been more stressed than usual, like she was expecting everything to spin out when it had never bothered her before. Phyllis claimed that she'd just been trying to hold onto what she had after what had happened to Hilary. Phyllis said she loved his passion and confidence, but she worried that he and the company would take a hit if his Jaboutique idea fell flat.

Billy acknowledged that it was a risk, but he expected the win to be huge. He added that he didn't need a random rush because he got that with Phyllis, and the biggest gamble he'd ever made -- going after her -- paid off every day. Phyllis proclaimed that she was with him all the way, and they kissed. Billy promised that it was just a preview of what she'd get when they got home that night, even though he expected to have late nights to keep his project on schedule. Phyllis figured that it would give her time to plan surprises to make the most of every second when he got home.

On the Athletic Club roof, Kyle was surprised to hear that Summer was okay with Billy's pitch about Jaboutique. Summer countered that Billy hadn't needed to pitch anything but had just been keeping them informed as a professional courtesy, and it was their job to be supportive. Kyle dared her to admit that she had a borderline obsessive crush, since she couldn't see that opening the stores was a huge risk. Summer figured that any new business venture was, but they had to have a little faith. Kyle groaned that he couldn't say the name of the chain with a straight face, but Summer argued that he wasn't the target demographic -- she was.

Summer marveled about how Billy knew what women like her wanted, but people like Kyle couldn't see it because they were too busy being haters. Summer announced that she'd told Billy about the secret meeting, and Kyle grumbled that she was clearly trying to get fired, since Lauren was her boss. Summer insisted that someone had needed to have Billy's back, but Kyle scoffed at the idea of Billy being so wowed by Summer's loyalty that he'd dump Phyllis. Summer expected that Billy wouldn't be able to run fast enough once he found out Phyllis had slept with Jack, and he'd run straight to Summer. Summer declared that Billy was going to learn the ugly truth that night.

Kyle taunted that Summer had no proof that Phyllis and Jack had slept together and that Billy didn't want any piece of her. Summer thought the proof was that Jack wanted her mom, and she thought Jack and Phyllis should be together because what her mother had with Billy wasn't real. Summer vowed to get proof that Phyllis had been with Jack, and she planned to get Phyllis and Jack in the same place and let the sparks fly while cameras were rolling. She enlisted Kyle's help to make it happen, but he expected it to explode in her face. She bragged that he'd be eating his words and praising her genius by the time it was over, and he agreed to help make it happen.

Kyle tracked down Jack at the Athletic Club and teasingly asked if his father's date was his tablet. Jack asserted that he had business to handle, but Kyle encouraged Jack to find a work-life balance, which included socializing with women. Jack revealed that there had been someone he'd been interested in, but she hadn't felt the same way. Kyle insisted that the right person was out there for Jack, and he stepped away. Kyle sent a text message to Summer to let her know that Jack was alone at the club, and he wished her luck luring Jack over. Summer replied that she didn't need luck, and she told Kyle to get ready to watch.

Summer hid a camera in her living room. Phyllis returned home and anticipated spending the evening alone because Billy was working late. Phyllis instructed Summer not to worry about calling him with secret updates, since Phyllis would keep him in the loop. Summer claimed that she'd known her mother would want her to have Billy's back, but Phyllis stated that looking after him was her job.

Summer asked if Phyllis had spoken with Jack that day, since he'd seemed down when Summer had seen him earlier. Summer speculated that the paternity thing was bothering him, but she hadn't known what to do or say, and she hoped that perhaps he would reach out to Phyllis. Summer requested that Phyllis not mention that she'd said anything, since she didn't want Jack to think they'd been talking behind his back. Phyllis thanked Summer for letting her know, and Summer headed out.

Summer approached Jack at the club and hoped it wasn't how he was spending his evening. He inquired about her plans, and she indicated that she would do anything to be away from home because of the weird tension between Phyllis and Billy. Summer insinuated that their reconciliation hadn't been all that joyous, since Billy was always working late, and her mom was sitting at home, worried. She bemoaned that Phyllis didn't have Hilary to talk to, and she suggested that Jack talk to Phyllis. Summer was adamant that Phyllis wasn't happy because she regretted throwing her life with Jack away for Billy, and she'd thought from the way Phyllis had looked and talked that she'd been ready to try with Jack again. Summer urged Jack to follow his feelings before it was too late.

Phyllis was surprised when Jack stopped by, and he wasn't sure if she'd invite him in after the last time they'd spoken. She recognized that he disagreed with her taking Billy back, but she thanked God that she and Jack would always be friends. Kyle watched the exchange from Crimson Lights, and he sent a text message to Summer, informing her that there were no sparks but "lots of awkward."

Phyllis confided that she'd recently typed out a "bitchy text" before she'd realized that she couldn't send it to Hilary. Jack encouraged her to send her "bitchy texts" to him, and he wanted her to know that he was there for her to lean on. She swore to always be there for him, too, and she gently inquired about his search for his father. He suspected that it had been someone from the country club, but Dina was too fragile to ask, and he didn't want to waste the time they had left dragging his mother through it. Jack pledged to keep going through the old ledger full of names he didn't recognize, but he was thankful to have Dark Horse to focus on.

Jack gushed that working with Nick had been inspirational, and Phyllis was glad that Jack had a new purpose to help build something from the ground up. Jack invited her to join the Dark Horse team, and he obliviously commented that Nick would take her any way he could get her. Phyllis thought it was a bad idea, but Jack insisted that she would be appreciated and valued at Dark Horse. He pointedly added that sometimes what fit for a while wasn't meant to last, and they had to move on to find what they needed. He leaned in to kiss her, but she jerked back and reiterated that she and Billy were fine. Embarrassed, Jack apologized and rushed out.

Summer stepped into Billy's office with a bag of takeout and explained that she was staying late to make up for slacking off earlier that week, so she'd picked up food for him, too. Over dinner, she toasted to Jaboutique and offered to help out any way she could. Billy reminded her that she was a Fenmore's employee, and he grimaced from the tension in his back. Summer remarked that she could see the knots in his shoulders from across the room, and she suggested that he get ergonomic furniture. She stepped behind him to rub his shoulders, and he briefly let her work on him before he groaned in pain.

Summer purred that it was time for Billy to be honest with her, and she planted a kiss on him. After a moment, he pushed her away and asked, "What the hell was that?" She cooed that it had been her kissing him -- and him letting it happen. Billy told Summer to stop it, or he would have no choice but to go to her mom.

Summer dared Billy to call Phyllis, and she theorized that Billy had been hoping it would happen. Summer thought she reminded him of who he'd once been and who he wished to be again. Billy snapped that he hadn't told Phyllis anything because he didn't want to be the reason Summer and Phyllis' relationship blew up. He added that he wasn't doing it to protect Summer but to protect Phyllis, and he ordered Summer out.

Cane takes drastic steps to protect his family Cane takes drastic steps to protect his family

Friday, August 10, 2018

At Hamilton-Winters, Lily lamented that while standing in front of the judge and hearing the charges against her, it had hit her that she could go to prison. Cane expressed confidence that the judge would see it as an accident, but she thought things would get a lot worse if she had to serve time. He wished that Shauna hadn't said anything, but Lily imagined that she wouldn't have been able to live with herself if she hadn't gone to the police. She vowed to spend time with their family and focus on her work until the sentencing, and she thanked him for taking her to the office. He kissed her goodbye and stepped out. In the hallway, he answered a call and made plans to meet someone.

Cane met Mattie at Crimson Lights, and she pleaded to know what was happening with her mom. He swore that there was nothing to tell, but she argued that she and Charlie weren't kids anymore. Mattie shared that she got scared and worried when her parents suddenly stopped talking when she walked into a room, and Cane explained that emotions were running high, so people had been saying things they didn't mean. Mattie confided that Charlie blamed himself because he'd been the reason Lily and Hilary had argued, and she felt guilty because she'd covered for Charlie when he'd gone to meet Shauna.

Mattie pressed to know what had happened when her mom had gone to the police, and she insisted that she dealt better with facts. Cane admired her stubbornness and determination, and he mused that his little girl was all grown up. She assured him that she would always be his little girl. He revealed that Lily had admitted to the police that she'd run the red light, but everyone knew it had been an accident. Mattie became upset at the prospect that Lily could face prison time, and Cane comforted her and promised that the situation would work itself out.

Devon sat at home and despondently looked at photo of him and Hilary. Nate stopped by with a package that the delivery guy had left at Neil's place, and Devon noted that he hadn't been expecting anything. Nate revealed that it was for Hilary. Devon opened the box and found a silver baby rattle inside, and he smiled sadly as he pulled out a cute baby outfit. He murmured that it was all for their baby, and he discovered a wall hanging with the saying, "Love you more than all the stars in the sky."

Nate recalled how he'd pushed his memories to the back of his mind until he'd found a note that Carolyn had left or a photo that had fallen behind a desk, and every time had been like reliving her death all over again. Nate recounted being angry at the universe for continuing to make him feel such pain, but then he'd realized that the reminders weren't meant to hurt him but were there to remind him that she'd been an important part of his life. Nate apologized for assuming that was how it would be for Devon, but Devon never wanted to forget Hilary or what they had shared. He picked up a stuffed elephant and fondly mused that she'd loved to shop, but Nate found a note and realized that Hilary hadn't bought those things.

Devon wasn't surprised that Hilary's fans had loved her, and he read the note aloud. A group of devoted fans had written that they were buzzing with excitement and happiness over the arrival of Hilary's baby. They called Hilary an amazing role model for working women and said she would be an even more amazing mother. Hilary had inspired them every day to reach for their dreams and keep believing anything was possible, no matter where they'd started in life, and it was their way of saying thank you. The fans had gushed that they knew Hilary's baby would be as beautiful as she was, inside and out.

Nate remarked that it was quite a legacy, and Devon marveled that Hilary had known how to connect with people and change their lives. Devon realized that as much as she'd given back, she'd always saved the best for him. The doorbell rang, but Devon said he didn't want to speak to anyone. Nate answered the door, and Cane pushed past him to talk to Devon. Cane explained that Mattie had questions, and he hadn't been able to tell her that her mom could go to jail for 20 years.

Cane mentioned that Lily had pleaded guilty, but she needed and loved Devon; he appealed to Devon to tell the judge what kind of person she was. Devon ordered Cane to "get the hell out," but Cane took the blame for keeping the truth from Lily. Cane argued that justice wouldn't get Hilary back, but Devon refused to stop anything. Cane begged Devon to attend the hearing, and Devon confirmed that he planned to be there to tell the judge to give Lily the maximum sentence, so she could watch her kids grow up from behind bars. Cane started to take a swing at Devon, but Nate pinned Cane down in one swift move.

Nate asked if Cane was okay, and Cane massaged his arm and asked if Nate was a black belt. Nate explained that he taught martial arts to kids at the community center, and Cane apologized for losing his temper. Devon reiterated that he'd meant everything he'd said, and Nate suggested that Cane leave. Cane reminded Devon that Lily was still his sister, and he headed out. Devon thanked Nate for intervening, but he couldn't believe Cane had had the nerve to ask Devon to defend Lily. Nate recognized that Devon had every right to be hurt, but he advised that dumping on people wouldn't make things any better.

Mattie stopped by Hamilton-Winters and asked how Lily was doing. Lily rattled off tasks for Mattie to help her with, but Mattie revealed that she knew what was going on because she'd talked to her dad. Mattie explained that Cane hadn't told her much, but she knew how the legal system worked, and she'd found out online that Lily's sentencing hearing had been scheduled. Lily marveled that Mattie had always been a curious kid who had never been satisfied until she'd had the truth. Mattie asked Lily to be honest.

Lily replied that Michael was one of the best attorneys in the state and that he was building a defense based on her lack of criminal record and the fact that she hadn't been texting or under the influence when she'd been driving. Lily hoped the judge would look at all of it, but she knew that the judge also had to consider that Hilary and her baby had died. Mattie inquired about the chance that Lily could go to prison. Lily stated that she was hopeful that the legal system would treat her fairly, and she was ready to face the consequences of her actions.

Summer greeted Jack at the Dive Bar and observed that he seemed tense. He wondered why she'd made it sound like Phyllis had had it with Billy and had been open to giving things with Jack another shot. He didn't understand how Summer had gotten that impression, since Phyllis definitely wasn't interested in getting together with him. Summer maintained that she'd believed her mother was still into Jack, but Jack advised her to stay out of other people's love lives.

Phyllis met Kyle and Ashley at the Athletic Club, curious about why they'd summoned her. Ashley called Phyllis an intelligent businesswoman who was capable of thinking for herself, and she wondered if Phyllis was capable of doing the right thing if it meant going against the person she was sleeping with. Kyle flatly stated that they were there to talk about the "crap" Billy had been pulling, and Phyllis noted that it was behind Billy's back. Ashley contended that Billy had been put in a position that didn't allow checks and balances against his impulsive behavior, which was fine in his personal life, but there was too much at stake at work.

Ashley and Kyle insisted that Jabot couldn't afford to take the risk of spending millions of dollars to open a retail chain. Phyllis defended that Billy had done his homework, but Ashley questioned why he hadn't requested anyone's input, including Phyllis'. Phyllis reasoned that she'd been dealing with a lot lately, and she and Billy kept their business and personal lives separate. Ashley suspected that Phyllis would have given Billy 1,000 reasons not to move forward with the project, but Billy always did what he wanted to do and "to hell" with everyone else. Ashley refused to let him risk their family company over an impetuous whim, and she pledged to do whatever it took to stop him. Ashley requested Phyllis' help.

Phyllis asserted that as an intelligent businesswoman, the bottom line was the bottom line, and the company had been doing better since Billy had taken over. She conceded that he had a different management style, but she credited him with pushing Jabot into the 21st century in his own way. Ashley argued that Billy was still lacking a cogent strategy for the future, since he'd diverted a huge amount of money to lease retail spaces, and there was no money left to create new products to sell in the stores. Ashley also cited his questionable accounting practices, but Phyllis called the accusation a serious charge with nothing to back it up.

Ashley was disappointed but not shocked when Phyllis maintained her support for Billy. Ashley felt sorry for Lauren, who wouldn't be happy about Phyllis' disloyalty. Phyllis found that rich, considering that Ashley had just tried to convince her to stab Ashley's own brother in the back. Phyllis added that Billy was the only actual Abbott working at Jabot; Ashley reiterated that John had been her father, and she vowed to do everything she could to protect his legacy. Ashley refused to apologize if Phyllis got caught in the crossfire, and Phyllis retorted that she wouldn't shed any tears when Billy tossed Ashley to the curb. After Phyllis sauntered off, Ashley ordered Kyle to keep an eye on her.

Jack found Kyle drinking at the club bar in the middle of the day, and he wondered how much damage Billy had done. Kyle reported that he and Ashley had tried to convince Phyllis that Billy was out of control, but they hadn't succeeded. Jack grumbled that Billy hadn't begun to deserve Phyllis' loyalty, and Kyle was surprised that they hadn't been able to win her over. Kyle groused that because of the blood Abbott clause, there was nothing they could do to stop Billy from blowing up the company.

Kyle thought there had to be some way to change the bylaws, but Jack stressed that the only way was for Billy to call for a board vote to remove it, and he didn't see that happening. Kyle barked that he and Jack should be running Jabot, but Jack wasn't sure he wanted to go back, since he was enjoying his new job. Kyle promised not to remind his father of those words when Kyle placed Jack's nameplate back on the CEO's door, and he imagined that there was a way to get what they wanted if they were willing to go far enough.

Kyle found Summer sunbathing on the roof deck and surmised that she'd sided with Billy because the sun had started to fry her brain. Summer changed the topic to the man her mom was sleeping with, and she asked if Kyle had seen anything on the hidden camera. Kyle reported that Phyllis had ordered a pizza and accepted a dry cleaning delivery but that she hadn't hooked up with either delivery guy. Summer figured that at least they'd eliminated Jack from the suspect list, but she continued to wonder who her mom had slept with.

Kyle inquired how the other part of Summer's plan was going, and she vaguely replied that it was going slowly. He feigned shock that Billy hadn't dumped her mom and blown up his life for the chance to be with his girlfriend's daughter, but Summer imagined that Billy would see how good it could be once she got him into bed. She figured that Phyllis could go back to whoever she'd hooked up with, and everyone would win. Kyle cited the problem with Summer's plan -- she would never get Billy into bed. "You wanna bet?" she asked.

Summer dared Kyle to admit he was jealous, but he questioned why he'd be jealous over something that would never happen. She divulged that she and Billy had kissed, although she conceded that it had mostly been her kissing him. Kyle protested that one kiss didn't mean anything, but Summer was sure that Billy wanted more, so it was just a matter of time. She bet that she could get Billy into bed by the end of the month, and Kyle declared that he was in. She asked what she'd win besides Billy, and Kyle offered her his sports car. He wondered what she had that he wanted, and she declared that he'd get her. He figured that he'd been there and done that, but he'd never turn down a sure thing. They shook hands.

Jack tracked down Phyllis at Jabot to talk before he headed out of town. He apologized for what had happened the day before, but she insisted that it wasn't necessary. He didn't want things to be awkward because he'd gotten things wrong, and she wondered if he'd misunderstood something she'd done or said. He divulged that it had been something she'd said to Summer about really appreciating him being there and them belonging together. Phyllis clarified that she was grateful that he'd helped her through Hilary's wedding and funeral, and she realized that Summer had given her the impression that Jack needed Phyllis. Jack and Phyllis compared notes and deduced that Summer had set them up.

Phyllis said she wanted to strangle Summer for acting innocent while plotting, but Jack thought Summer had meant no harm. Jack figured that Summer had seen them happy once, so it wasn't crazy to think they could be happy together again. Phyllis stressed that Summer knew she was with Billy, and she had no idea why Summer would think Phyllis and Jack would get back together. Jack admitted that he'd given Summer the impression that it wouldn't be such a bad idea, since he'd thought he'd had a chance with Phyllis, too. A tearful Phyllis stammered that she'd thought he hated her after what she'd done to him with Billy, but Jack explained that under the hurt and anger, he couldn't just stop loving someone -- especially when that someone was her.

Jack recalled that he and Phyllis hadn't fallen out of love or sabotaged themselves, but Victor's sick plan had torn them apart. She figured that it no longer mattered how or why it had happened, and he asked if she truly loved Billy. Phyllis swore that she cared for Jack deeply, but she and Billy were solid. Jack struggled to accept that the only person she wanted to be with was Billy, and he apologized for making things awkward. She insisted that they were better friends than that, and he was glad they'd straightened things out before he left town. He promised to call when he got back, and he warned that Billy had better do right by her. Jack stepped out and lingered outside the door, while Phyllis reeled from his admission.

Jack spotted Cane drinking alone at the club and asked how Lily was doing. Cane informed him that Lily had turned herself in to the police after the fiasco at the funeral, and Jack recognized that it had been a terrible accident. Cane indicated that Devon wanted someone to pay, and that someone was Lily. Jack urged Cane to give Devon time, but Cane bemoaned that Devon intended to ask the judge to give Lily the maximum sentence. Jack saw no justice served by Lily going to prison, and Cane pondered how to stop his family from being torn apart. Cane wondered what Jack would do in his shoes, and Jack asserted that he'd do whatever it took to protect his family. After Jack stepped away, Cane made a call and asked for someone's help.

Ashley stopped Jack in the foyer to discuss Billy taking a huge amount of money out of research and development to put into retail boutiques. She fretted that it could be the end of Jabot, but Jack replied that it wasn't his problem. Ashley questioned whether Jack was so bitter that he didn't care about their father's legacy. She contemplated whether Dark Horse might be interested in acquiring a small leasing company to turn a quick profit.

Jack assumed that it was the company that was leasing space to Jabot, and Ashley suggested that he acquire the company and cancel its contract with Jabot. Jack found the idea clever and devious, and he agreed to talk with Nick about it. She gushed that Jack would be her hero, and no one would be prouder of him than their dad. Ashley urged him to act fast, and Jack said he'd be in touch.

In a hotel room, Cane removed some passports from a drawer. He made a call and booked five one-way tickets to Australia, leaving the next day.

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