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Kyle told Phyllis about Summer's plan to follow Billy to Philadelphia to seduce him. Phyllis slapped Summer during an argument. Phyllis thwarted Summer's plot by sending her a fake text message from Billy. Arturo was less than pleased to see Rey -- his older brother.
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Billy faces personal and business pressures

Billy faces personal and business pressures

Monday, August 20, 2018

In the dining room at the Genoa City Athletic Club, Jack met with Nick. Jack reported that foreign investors seemed excited about a Newman and an Abbott teaming up. He said that venture capitalists in London, Paris, and Berlin were all interested in investing in Dark Horse. Nick said he'd checked into the leasing company Jack had recommended. Nick said he'd learned that Capital Leasing owned the leasing agreements for the stores Billy was planning to open. Jack replied, "I believe they do." Nick said, "If Dark Horse purchases the company, then you can stop Billy from moving forward with his project."

After Jack received notification on his phone about another confirmed investor, he said, "I love my job." Nick asked if Jack meant that he liked working with him or sticking it to Billy. Jack said it was both, but most important, he explained, was the chance to prove to himself that Jabot no longer defined him. Nick again mentioned Capital Leasing's ties to Billy's project. Jack noted that undermining Billy had originally been Ashley's idea, which he'd initially shot down. Jack said he'd later realized that if something wasn't done, Billy would crash and burn and take Jabot down with him.

Jack, recalling the cheap shot Billy had recently dealt to Nick, said Nick should understand Jack's insistence on keeping Billy in check. Nick explained that he'd begun Dark Horse because he couldn't stand the way his father had done business. Nick added that he was hesitant to buy the leasing company based on personal grudges. Jack urged Nick to take both Jabot and his issues with Billy out of the equation and instead consider what a great opportunity acquiring Capital Leasing would be for Dark Horse.

At Summer's apartment, Billy was about to head out the door. Summer walked downstairs, skimpily dressed. Billy insisted he had a lot to do at his office. Summer asked if Billy was trying to avoid her. Billy replied, "Maybe I am." Recalling that she'd told Billy how she felt about him, Summer asked if he had the same feelings for her that she had for him. Billy avoided answering Summer's question as he rushed out the door.

At Crimson Lights, Billy greeted Cane and said he'd heard that Lily had turned herself in for causing the accident. Cane replied that though it had been tough for their family, Lily had done an amazing job at keeping Mattie and Charlie calm. Cane acknowledged that Lily could be sentenced to 20 years in prison. Cane readily admitted that he'd screwed up by not telling Lily sooner about her having run a red light. Billy insisted he'd had no intentions to berate Cane because he understood why Cane had done what he'd done.

Billy admitted that he and Cane both seemed to make bad choices, though they were convinced they made their choices for the right reasons. Cane agreed and said he'd told himself it had been the right thing to do to avoid telling Lily the truth about the accident. Billy explained that bluffing, lying, and withholding the truth were their stock and trade. Billy added that though he and Cane strived to do their best, they somehow yielded to temptation to follow their worst instincts. Cane smiled, nodded, and replied, "Thank you for making me feel worse. I appreciate it." Before the men parted, Billy wished Cane and Lily well.

At Neil's penthouse, Ashley went downstairs after spending the night and sipped coffee from Neil's cup. Neil said, "Good morning." Ashley smiled and replied, "Pretty good so far." Attempting to gauge the seriousness of their relationship, Neil said, "Now what?" Ashley recalled her new appreciation for jazz and said that getting lost in the music had given her a much needed a break from work and personal stress. Neil asked if that was all Ashley had gotten from her experience. Before Ashley could respond, Nate arrived downstairs and apologized for interrupting.

After Ashley left, Nate asked Neil about the state of his relationship with Ashley. Neil said he wasn't sure, though he and Ashley had been romantically involved in the past. Neil explained that he and Ashley had recently agreed not to ruin their friendship by crossing the line. Neil added that he would remain focused on his family instead of worrying about whether or not Ashley was interested in him. Nate encouraged Neil to enjoy a life of his own without feeling guilty. Nate suggested that Neil let Ashley know whether or not he liked her as more than just a friend.

Lily was already at the Hamilton-Winters Group lobby area when Neil arrived. Neil said he'd seen Devon's car. Lily said she was avoiding distressing Devon and regretted the way she'd treated Hilary because it had caused pain. Lily added that she hated herself and didn't blame Devon for hating her. Neil promised to support Lily while she and Devon worked things out.

Neil and Lily entered Devon's office together. Neil offered to let Devon talk, but Devon said he'd rather work. When Lily approached, hoping to break the ice with Devon, he closed the lid on his laptop and said he'd rather work from home. Neil acknowledged Devon's grief and said he had grieved, too. Lily added that she felt terrible. Neil reminded Devon that Lily had supported him after he'd lost his hearing. Neil also recalled how Devon had supported Lily while she'd battled cancer.

Neil insisted that the strong love the siblings felt for each other couldn't have just disappeared. Devon replied, "It didn't just disappear. Lily killed it when she killed my wife and my kid." Lily was devastated. Neil asked what he could do to save their family. After Devon walked out, Lily told Neil that she should have been the one to leave the office. Lily said she could feel Devon's anger directed at her and feared she might have lost her brother.

After Lily left the office, Neil seemed restless. He sent a text message to Ashley. He asked if she would be free later. Ashley immediately sent back a message. She simply wrote that she had a busy day at work, offering no other explanation or sentiment. After Neil read the message, he slumped back in his seat, looking disappointed.

At the rooftop deck, Nick overheard Summer ask the bartender if he'd seen Billy Abbott. Nick asked Summer if she'd been keeping up her end of their deal. Summer claimed that she needed to discuss business with Billy. Summer offered to buy Nick a drink and noted that she could afford to buy the good stuff. Nick asked Summer if she thought it funny that he'd had to buy her silence. Summer said it was sad that Nick had put a price on honesty.

Summer threatened to tell Billy and Sharon that Phyllis and Nick had cheated on them. Nick explained that he believed his engagement to Sharon had been broken off, and Phyllis had briefly ended her relationship with Billy, so no one had cheated. Nick insisted that Summer drop the subject. Summer asked Nick if he'd seen Billy downstairs. Nick suggested that Summer had a crush on Billy.

Nick pointed out that he and Phyllis had spent only one night together. Summer recalled past indiscretions, when she and Faith had been conceived, and accused her father, Phyllis, and Sharon of being serial cheaters. Nick asked Summer if her aim was to hurt him and Phyllis by going after Billy. Summer insisted that Nick and Phyllis were the ones doing the hurting. Summer defended Billy and added fuel to the fire by asking Nick to tell Billy she'd been looking for him.

Ashley was at Jabot when Billy arrived. Ashley admitted she'd been tough on Billy and was aware that he'd been working hard. Billy replied, "Does that mean you're going to change your mind on the boutiques?" Ashley reiterated her concern about losing money, but she vowed to support him. Ashley encouraged Billy to attend a trade show in Philadelphia to learn about launching and maintaining a profitable retail business. Billy asked if Ashley was really attempting to send him out of town. Ashley said if she wished to pull something behind Billy's back, she would have been much more subtle.

Billy went to the Genoa City Athletic Club for lunch. Billy ran into Nick just after Nick's business meeting had concluded. Billy took a defensive stance as Nick approached and asked if he intended to fight again. Nick admitted he'd been a jerk and said he'd rather forgive and move on. Billy doubted Nick's sincerity. Nick admitted that Summer and Phyllis weren't pleased by his and Billy's strained relationship. Billy said he understood because he lived with both women.

Billy agreed that he and Nick should put the past behind them. Nick said he was relieved because he'd rather be on good terms with his new tenant. Billy was confused until Nick said he'd purchased the leasing company that owned the buildings Billy had leased to open his new stores. Jack arrived in time to hear Nick when he said, "Say hello to your new landlord." Nick took a few steps past Billy and greeted Jack. Nick announced to Jack that purchasing the leasing company had been a sound business decision. Billy looked on as Jack replied, "It was a good move, no matter what your reasons were."

Jack summoned Ashley to the rooftop deck. Jack announced to Ashley that Nick had purchased the leasing company with full knowledge that the company owned all the buildings Billy had chosen for his boutiques. Ashley replied, "So, Nick's on board with keeping Billy in check?" Jack said he believed Nick relished the idea of having some leverage over Billy. Ashley admitted she'd given up trying to dissuade Billy and had decided to play the part of a supportive COO. Ashley added, "Billy thinks he's golden. Till you cancel the leases on those thirty stores, and he's not going to know what hit him." Jack and Ashley toasted their plans to restore Jabot.

At Devon's penthouse, Devon began the process of packing up Hilary's clothes. Mariah stopped by to check on Devon. Devon admitted that he was having a difficult time and wasn't sure how he would survive without Hilary. Mariah offered to help Devon pack up Hilary's clothes, so they could be donated to charity. Mariah and Devon toted boxes filled with Hilary's clothes downstairs.

Mariah picked up a fuchsia-colored blouse and remembered that Hilary had worn it the day Mariah had started her job. Mariah recalled how unprepared she'd been. Devon snickered when Mariah noted that Hilary had never cut her any slack. Mariah became serious when she recalled how much she'd learned from Hilary, including teaching her how to be a friend. Devon asked what bit of advice Hilary would give if she were there. Mariah replied, "Stop blubbering and get on with it." Devon chuckled.

After Devon stepped away to get tape to seal the boxes. Mariah heard a text-message alert on her phone. Mariah had earlier sent a text message to Tessa, pleading for her to report back. Devon seemed concerned about Mariah's demeanor and asked if everything was okay. Mariah replied, "It's just Sharon. She wants some milk." Devon said he took it that Mariah hadn't receive the text message she'd been hoping for. Mariah admitted that Tessa hadn't returned any calls or text messages.

Devon said he'd understood that Tessa had left to pursue her big break. Mariah admitted that the story Tessa had told wasn't true, and Mariah feared that Tessa was in big trouble after leaving town to help Crystal. Mariah said that during the last phone conversation, their call had gotten cut off, though Tessa had warned that communication would be difficult. Devon suggested that Mariah enlist Paul's help. Mariah explained that dangerous people were involved, so Tessa had made her promise not to phone the police.

Mariah reminded Devon that Crystal was still a fugitive and feared facing prison for killing Zack. Devon, sharing wisdom, said, "We think we have a lot of time here, but that's not always the case. We're connected to life by a thin thread, and every day, there's a million things that can break that connection." Devon urged Mariah to do whatever it took to find Tessa. After Mariah left, Devon removed Hilary's blouse from a box and lovingly caressed it.

Lily joined Cane for lunch at the Athletic Club. Cane offered to stay afterward, explaining that Chancellor could run itself. Lily expressed concern about Devon and Neil. Lily said Neil had been working overtime to keep their family together by not taking anyone's side. Nate happened by and asked Lily how she was. Lily said she was spending as much time with her family as she could.

Lily added that she'd just expressed her concern to Cane about Neil. Lily told Nate she feared that her father had no one to help him deal with his troubles. Nate assured Lily that she shouldn't worry about Neil. Lily seemed to sense that Nate knew something he wasn't sharing. Nate told Cane and Lily that the person he was worried about was Devon. Nate said he feared what might happen if Devon didn't find a way to deal with his grief.

Billy returned to Jabot and entered the elevator. When the doors opened on his floor, Summer entered before Billy could exit. Summer stopped the elevator and demanded that Billy talk things over. Summer refused to open the doors until Billy admitted he had feelings for her. Billy replied, "I don't." Billy was visibly uncomfortable as Summer persisted with her questions.

Summer recalled that Billy hadn't pushed her away when they'd kissed. Billy remembered it differently, claiming he had pushed her away. Summer agreed that Billy had ended the kiss, though she was certain he hadn't wanted to. Summer said Billy had yearned to take things even further. Summer insisted that Billy "own [his] feelings." Billy said he was feeling angry, and he implored Summer to stop playing games and to hook up with Kyle instead. Summer said she wanted Billy and knew that he was too scared to admit that he wanted her, too.

Billy admitted he would find Summer attractive if Phyllis wasn't in his life. Summer ordered Billy to tell her why he found her attractive. Billy cited Summer's beauty and her frustrating unpredictability. Billy insisted he was deeply and madly in love with Phyllis and would remain committed to her. Billy explained that he had a business trip to plan, and he thought it would be best if they spent time away from each other.

Summer accused Billy of being afraid of what he might to do if she was around. Billy stiffened his upper body in an effort to keep distance between him and Summer. Summer pressured Billy to stop fighting his feelings and "go for it." Billy leaned close to Summer, and she seemed to anticipate that he was about to kiss her. Billy instead pressed a button to open the elevator doors and said, "Game over." Summer was left alone after Billy quickly walked away.

Phyllis walks in on a compromising situation

Phyllis walks in on a compromising situation

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Nate found Victoria in the Newman Enterprises break room, and she assumed that he was there to oversee Victor's physical therapy. Nate mentioned that he was almost done, and he wondered if he could swing by her office so they could get to know each other better. He reasoned that he was treating both of her parents, so it couldn't hurt, but she didn't see how it would help, either. She curtly stated that she was very busy and couldn't squeeze him in, and she excused herself.

At the Athletic Club, Nikki and Rey literally bumped into one another while both were preoccupied on their cell phones. He apologized and said he thought he knew her, but she didn't think so. He stared at her as she walked away, and he sat at the bar and continued to glance back at her table.

Nate joined Nikki and asked how she was feeling. She gushed that she felt much better with him as her doctor, and she invited him to sit. He reported that her neurologist was pleased with her progress, but he voiced concern about Victoria. Nikki swore that her daughter couldn't be healthier, but Nate clarified that he wasn't talking physically. He sensed that Victoria had been under undue stress for the past several months.

Nikki pointed out that it was stressful to be a high-powered executive with a billion-dollar company. Nate pressed to know if there was something more personal affecting Victoria, but Nikki refused to discuss her daughter's personal life with him. She invited him to do some online research to dig up dirt about how Victoria had survived a difficult relationship with her ex-husband, but she insisted that Victoria had put it in the past. Nikki assured him that Victoria wasn't grappling with anything. Rey sipped his drink at the bar as he looked on.

At Newman, Victor entered Victoria's office, and Victoria observed that he looked invigorated. He chalked it up to Nate knowing what he was doing, and he encouraged her to get to know Nate. Victoria referred to the files in Victor's hand, and he presented her with annual projections for the real estate division. She reviewed the file and was intrigued by the section about their competitors, including Nick's company. Victor claimed that he wanted to monitor Nick's progress, since he was proud of what his son had achieved.

Victoria was pleased to hear Victor praise Nick after their declaration of war, and she hoped things settled down between them. Victor revealed that he wanted Nick to build a successful company that would become a juicy plum for Newman to pick and acquire. Victor bragged that with two phone calls, he could buy out all the venture capitalists that had funded Nick's new venture, and Nick would again be part of the family, answering to Victor.

Victoria translated the plan as Victor's desire to control Nick, and she advised Victor to forget about it and concentrate on their real estate division's success. Victor reminded her that she answered to him as far as Dark Horse was concerned. After Victor stepped out, Victoria answered a call from Nikki, who relayed Nate's concerns about Victoria having trouble getting through some issues. Victoria groused that it was why she'd warned Nikki about giving a virtual stranger access to their lives, but Nikki was sure that she'd talked him down. An irate Victoria insisted on handling Nate herself.

A shirtless Nate practiced martial arts moves at Neil's penthouse. Victoria stopped by and huffed that her mother had passed along Nate's concerns about Victoria. She blasted Nate for being way out of line, since she wasn't his patient or any of his business. Nate contended that they were connected through Victor and Nikki, and he found it difficult to do nothing when he sensed someone in distress. Victoria snapped that he didn't know her at all, and she ordered him to "back the hell off." She stormed out.

Rey watched as Victor arrived at the Athletic Club and kissed Nikki hello. Victor said he'd missed her at work that morning, and she told him that she'd wanted to take care of some calls outside the office. Rey continued to observe as they discussed their satisfaction with hiring Nate as their concierge physician. Rey approached Nikki and Victor's table and apologized for interrupting. Rey claimed that he hadn't been able to place Nikki when he'd seen her earlier, but he'd put it together when Victor had arrived.

Rey introduced himself and said he'd been a big admirer of the Newmans for their business success and the charity work they'd done as a couple. Rey added that meeting them meant a lot, and he requested to take a selfie with them. Nikki and Victor obliged. Rey thanked Victor and Nikki for their time, and Victor wished him a nice day. Rey returned to the bar, where he looked at the selfie. He proceeded to flip through other photos on his phone of Victor, Nikki, Sharon, Victoria, and Phyllis.

Kyle approached the counter at Crimson Lights, but Lauren called out to inform him that she already had his coffee waiting for him. He voiced surprise, and she explained that he arrived at work every day with a Crimson Lights cup, so it hadn't taken a rocket scientist to deduce that he'd be there. She asked if he had time for a chat, and he suggested that they talk on the way to the office. She insisted on doing it there.

Lauren recognized that the success of Kyle's family's company was the key to Fenmore's continuing to thrive. She pointed out that she was part of but also apart from Jabot, and Kyle asked if she was no longer comfortable with that. She confided that it was difficult to blindly accept some decisions, like starting a chain that would compete directly with Fenmore's. Lauren wanted to know if Billy was primed to sell Jabot's stake in Fenmore's, since she didn't want to walk in one day and find out her company had been merged with an anonymous third party. Kyle understood, but he insisted that he wasn't the one to ask.

Lauren questioned whether Kyle truly didn't know or if he just didn't want to put his allegiance to Ashley at risk, and he swore that he was loyal to Jabot and Fenmore's. Lauren queried whether he was also loyal to Billy, and Kyle vaguely replied that he was a team player. Lauren reminded Kyle that she'd had a front-row seat to watch him operate since he'd been back in town, and he'd only been loyal to himself. Kyle scolded her for attacking him when she needed a favor, but she praised his attempt to take over Jabot, even if he hadn't been able to pull it off in the end. She insinuated that she could use someone like him in her corner.

Kyle contended that Lauren didn't need him, since she already had a savvy partner in Phyllis. Lauren hesitated to say anything bad about Phyllis, but it wasn't lost on her that Phyllis lived with the man who pulled the strings. Lauren requested Kyle's take on Summer and whether Lauren could trust her. Kyle admitted that Summer wasn't the girl she'd been when she'd left Genoa City, since she was no longer shy about going after what she wanted. Lauren thanked him for his insight, and she asked if it meant she could count on him. He balked at being bought by a tall double mocha, and she urged him to consider that she kept her word. She offered to make it worth his while if he chose to help her.

At home, Billy poured himself a cup of coffee, and he turned around and collided with Summer. The hot coffee spilled all over her blouse, which she quickly whipped off. He apologized for not seeing her there, and she confirmed that she was okay, although her blouse wasn't. Billy looked for something to wipe up the mess, and Summer handed him her blouse, noting it was already ruined. He ordered her to put it back on, and she waited for an apology.

Billy wondered if Summer had run into him on purpose, but she considered it more logical that he'd heard her approaching and caused the spill intentionally. Summer figured that he'd gotten what he'd wanted -- her practically naked. Billy told her not to talk crazy, but she recalled that he'd said he'd be interested in her if he wasn't with her mom. Billy reiterated that he was in love with Phyllis, so Summer's fantasies wouldn't and couldn't ever happen. Summer teased that he would be more believable if his eyes didn't keep drifting down to her chest. Phyllis burst in to retrieve her forgotten phone, and her jaw dropped.

Billy explained to a skeptical Phyllis that the coffee spill had been an accident, and Phyllis inquired whether Summer intended to spend the rest of the day topless. Summer pointedly stated that her coworkers might find it distracting, and she eyed Billy as she sauntered upstairs. Phyllis asked what had really happened, and she threw Billy a roll of paper towels. He recounted that he'd turned around with his phone in one hand and a full cup of coffee in the other, and he was glad that no one had gotten burned. Phyllis dryly remarked that it had been a lucky break.

Phyllis gave Billy some documents that had been sent by messenger from Dark Horse, and Billy explained that Dark Horse had acquired the leasing company that owned the contracts for the Jaboutique locations. Billy considered it to be more of an annoyance than an issue, and he was focused on getting the satellite shops up and running. He announced that he'd decided to go to a trade show in Philadelphia to generate buzz. Summer returned to head out to work. Billy also prepared to leave, but Phyllis asked him to hang back.

After Summer left, Phyllis revealed that she wanted to talk to Billy about Summer without being overheard. Phyllis hesitantly inquired whether the coffee spill had really been an accident, and she didn't think anyone would blame her for wondering if it had been intentional. Billy was taken aback that she thought he'd purposely spilled his coffee, but Phyllis pointed out that Summer had played the same trick with Kyle. Phyllis acknowledged that Summer acted first and thought later with no apologies, and she theorized that the coffee incident had been an excuse for Summer to strip down in front of Billy. Billy protested that it was crazy.

Phyllis didn't think it was crazy to think that Summer might have developed an attraction to Billy, but Billy was adamant that nothing was going on. Phyllis commented that he was the kind of bad boy that girls found difficult to resist, and she recalled that Summer had just gotten out of an affair with a married man. Phyllis couldn't imagine what Summer would have tried to do if Phyllis hadn't forgotten her phone, but Billy assured her that Summer was just a flirt who liked attention and winding people up -- especially Phyllis. He encouraged Phyllis not to let it get to her, but she remained suspicious.

Lauren ran into Summer in the Athletic Club foyer, and Summer excitedly mentioned that she'd found out that Billy was going to a trade show that weekend. Summer reasoned that Fenmore's should also have a presence there, and she volunteered to go to represent the company. Lauren was surprised because Summer had seemed more "Team Billy" lately, and Summer conceded that she liked the Jaboutique idea, but only because Billy had made it clear that it wouldn't conflict with Fenmore's. Summer insisted that it was important to go to the show, and she intended to make sure everyone knew that Fenmore's was still the premiere store for everything. Summer swore that she wanted to prove her loyalty to Lauren, and Lauren agreed to let Summer attend the trade show.

In the hallway at Jabot, Summer called the company travel agent to book a flight to Philadelphia. Lauren stopped her and requested a moment, and Summer hung up. Lauren gushed that she'd grown to love the idea of Fenmore's having a presence at the trade show, so she'd decided to go herself. Summer envisioned working together, but Lauren opted to handle it on her own. Summer protested that it was her opportunity to prove her worth to the company, but Lauren insisted that Summer already had done it with the great idea. Lauren reasoned that if the CEO of Jabot was going, she should be there to keep an eye on his plans for the boutiques. Lauren stepped aside to take a call as Summer glowered.

Summer called back the travel agent and requested the address where Billy would be staying, supposedly to have something delivered to him. Kyle approached as she ended the call, and Summer griped that Lauren had taken away her excuse to go to Philadelphia, but it didn't mean that Summer had to stay away. Summer planned to book her own trip and show up at Billy's hotel room, unannounced. Kyle expected Billy to slam the door in her face, but she suggested that Kyle throw a coat of wax on his car before she won it. Mariah called Kyle and asked if he had time to talk. He worriedly inquired whether she was all right, and in a trembling voice, she said no. He told her that he was on his way.

At Crimson Lights, Mariah filled Kyle in about her call with Tessa a week earlier and her worries about the radio silence since then. Mariah recalled that she'd unloaded it all on Devon, who had suggested that she hire a private investigator. Mariah asked Kyle how she could find one and where to tell them to start, since she didn't know where Tessa had gone. Kyle explained that professionals had a way of finding cold trails, but he warned that it could get expensive. Mariah groaned at the idea of paying someone hundreds of dollars per hour while they looked for days, and Kyle offered to pay for it.

Kyle promised to have an investigator call Mariah that afternoon, and she thanked him with a hug. He asked why she'd waited that long to tell him, and she cited his closeness with Summer. Mariah noted that Summer was gorgeous but manipulative, and Kyle argued that some people saw him the same way. Mariah acknowledged that he'd done some questionable things, but he was a good person underneath it all, and she trusted him but not his ex. Kyle mused that all the stuff he had done and still did was to get what he felt he deserved -- a seat at the table and respect. Mariah asked if he meant a seat or the seat, and she wondered who would be sitting next to him when he got it.

Kyle divulged that Summer was obsessed with a certain guy for the wrong reasons, and it was as inappropriate as it got. Mariah surmised that the man was married, and Kyle complained that Summer was going after the man to prove she could. Kyle lamented that Summer had convinced herself that she was actually starting to fall for the guy, and Mariah advised him to let Summer make her own mistakes. Kyle confided that he couldn't help but have feelings for Summer, and Mariah wondered what he intended to do. Kyle declared that Summer had raised the stakes by playing as if there were no rules -- and if they didn't apply to her, they didn't apply to him.

Billy and Phyllis arrived at work, and she took a call. Billy spotted Summer watching them. After Phyllis ended the call, Billy made a show of proclaiming that he'd decided to play hooky with his best girl. He suggested that he and Phyllis figure out what to do after an indulgent lunch, and they headed out. Over the phone, Summer booked a hotel room. She turned down a suite with a view because she expected to be too busy to spend much time in her room.

On the Athletic Club roof, Phyllis wondered what had gotten into Billy, since he was up to his neck with preparations for the Jaboutiques and his upcoming trip. He referred to her questions about Summer, and he thought it was clear that Phyllis also had a lot on her mind. He didn't want Phyllis to stress out about Summer's wild child act, since it was a non-issue. Billy asserted that it made no difference, even if Summer was attracted to him, because it took two, and he was only interested in one woman. Phyllis cooed that he always knew what to say, but he thought what he did was even more important. He announced that it was time they moved out of the apartment and got their own place.

Phyllis learns of Summer's plan to seduce Billy

Phyllis learns of Summer's plan to seduce Billy

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

At Jabot, Kyle asked Ashley for an update on her plan to stop Billy's plans to open his cosmetics stores across thirty states. Ashley informed Kyle that Dark Horse had bought the leasing company, and she expected the leases that Billy held would be canceled. Kyle assured Ashley that he was willing to do his part to help her in any way. Ashley thanked him and left.

Summer arrived moments after Ashley left. She told Kyle that her flight plans to Philadelphia had been finalized. As Kyle entered the elevator, he told Summer there was no way she'd be going to Philadelphia, and the elevator doors closed. When Kyle returned a short time later, Summer demanded an explanation about his last comment. Kyle reminded Summer that Phyllis didn't trust her, and Phyllis would track Summer's every move. Summer said she'd find a way to get around Phyllis, just like she always did. Summer accused Kyle of being jealous because she wouldn't have sex with him.

Kyle asked Summer what she thought would happen between her and Phyllis if Summer managed to get Billy into bed with her. Summer said that she and her mother weren't in a good place, so it didn't matter. She said that she was conducting an experiment to prove that Billy wasn't as devoted to Phyllis as Phyllis believed. Kyle asked if Summer would be willing to risk her relationship with Phyllis for a loser like Billy after what Summer had done to Phyllis and Nick. Summer berated Kyle for referring to Billy as a loser. She admitted she'd be willing to make sacrifices for Billy because he was worth it.

Summer asked Kyle why he didn't believe that Billy might have the hots for her. Kyle pointed out that the situation was about her and Phyllis' relationship, not Billy. Summer said Kyle was mistaken. Kyle dared her to test her theory by taking an honest look at the garbage Summer had been hauling around for years about Phyllis. Kyle suggested that Summer should have a meaningful discussion with Phyllis. He said that it took more guts to have a discussion with Phyllis than to jump into bed with Billy. Summer insisted she'd win the bet, and Kyle's car would be hers.

At Sharon's, Jack and Nick reviewed Billy's leases. Jack said they needed to cancel some of the leases, and he'd already prepared letters to that effect. Jack insisted that it was the best move for the company, given the numbers. Angry, Nick accused Jack of putting his agenda first and insisted that Jack was attempting to manipulate him into canceling the leases to stop Billy from opening some of his cosmetics stores. Jack admitted he was, but he argued that he was convinced the boutiques would fail and that Nick would be stuck with the leases.

Jack provided Nick with proof that they were bad deals. Jack explained that Billy had negotiated deals that were below market value. Jack showed Nick that they could lease to tenants who would pay more. He promised that Nick wouldn't lose anything, but he'd gain a hefty profit. Nick refused to cancel the leases and informed Jack that he'd keep them for long-term leverage over Billy. Nick reminded Jack that he needed someone he could trust, someone whose interests aligned with the company's. Nick reminded Jack whose company it was. He showed Jack the door.

At home, Lily woke from a nightmare she'd had. In the nightmare, she was with Hilary in the car and ran the red light, which led to the accident. Cane asked if she wanted to talk about it, but Lily refused and said she never wanted to sleep again. Cane comforted her and suggested that it would be a good idea if she contacted a therapist, but Lily was reluctant to do that.

Sharon was surprised to see Phyllis at Crimson Lights after Phyllis had spewed her venom, stating there was only so much of Sharon she could take. Phyllis claimed she wasn't in the mood to listen to Sharon whine about keeping their secret from Nick. The conversation turned to Summer. Phyllis told Sharon that Summer had made a lot of poor choices and continued to do so. Sharon was surprised because Summer was so sweet with Nick. Phyllis said that was because Nick had paid Summer off.

Sharon asked Phyllis for an explanation. Phyllis said that Nick had given Summer spending money because Summer had blown through her trust fund. Phyllis admitted that Summer was driving her up the wall. Sharon suggested there had to be a middle ground, and perhaps a mother-daughter weekend away would put their issues to rest.

After Phyllis left, Sharon greeted Cane and Lily when they arrived at Crimson Lights. Sharon hoped they were holding things together since the accident. Sharon commented that Lily was strong and assured her that she had a lot of people who supported her. After Cane left, Lily told Sharon that Cane had suggested that she see a therapist, but Lily said she was reluctant to speak with a stranger. Lily said she could use a friend.

Sharon led Lily to a booth. Lily told Sharon that she could get twenty years in jail, and she wondered how her family would survive. She lamented that the twins would be in their thirties by the time she was released. Lily confessed that she couldn't recall much about the accident. She stated that she'd killed Hilary and the baby, and Devon refused to forgive her. She felt she'd killed Devon, as well. Lily asked Sharon how she was supposed to move on with her life, because no amount of good deeds or penance would make up for Devon's loss.

Sharon said that Lily had made a mistake and that it had been an accident. Sharon said that whether Devon forgave Lily or not, Lily had to forgive herself. Sharon said that the best thing Lily could do for her family was to forgive herself, and once she'd done that, Lily would find the strength to move forward. Lily left after thanking Sharon and giving her a hug.

Phyllis was in Billy's office when Summer entered. Summer informed Phyllis that she'd booked a vacation for a weekend yoga retreat in Madison. Phyllis advised Summer that all vacations had to be approved by a supervisor. Phyllis claimed she needed Summer's help because Lauren was at the trade show in Philadelphia. She told Summer to cancel her trip and get a refund. Summer refused, insisting the money was non-refundable.

Phyllis was suspicious and asked what else Summer was planning to do over the weekend. She asked Summer directly if the money Nick had given her had been burning a hole in Summer's pocket. Summer smirked and said she hoped that Phyllis wouldn't cheat on Billy again while he was away.

Phyllis told Summer that she and Billy would be moving out of the apartment when Billy returned from his trip. Summer appeared put out until Phyllis said that it had been Billy's idea. Summer agreed that they needed a break from each other. Phyllis said she hoped that was the case.

Ashley was at the Dive Bar when Neil called and invited her for dinner. Ashley told him that she was extremely busy and was about to attend a meeting. After Ashley ended her call with Neil, Jack arrived and reported that Nick refused to go along with the deal. He told Ashley that Nick had accused him of working toward his own agenda. Jack said he was frustrated because he wasn't in a position to control the situation. Jack promised he'd think up another plan, but Ashley said she had another plan. Jack offered his help whenever she needed it. Before Ashley left, Jack said that in their quest to save Jabot from Billy, he and Ashley were once again on the same side.

In the Athletic Club dining room, Jack asked Neil about Lily's sentencing. Neil said he was praying for the best and trying to stay strong, but he didn't know how to get through to Devon. Jack asked if Neil had been taking care of himself. Neil informed Jack he was and also told Jack that he'd been spending time with Ashley. Jack said that he and Ashley had done their own healing. He asked Neil what the future held for him and Ashley. Neil said he wasn't sure where things were going with them. Jack said he hoped things would work out for them, and he informed Neil that Ashley didn't have a man in her life.

At home, Ashley informed Kyle that Nick hadn't gone for the deal of canceling the leases, but she had other ideas to make sure that Billy didn't grind Jabot into the ground. She said she needed Kyle's help but warned him that he had to be very discreet. Kyle swore he'd keep everything confidential, and he informed Ashley that he'd discovered some drama in Billy's personal life that they could use. Kyle was disappointed when Ashley told him they'd revert to his plan if her plan didn't work. She said she had an idea, but she'd be taking a very big risk.

Ashley told Kyle that she hadn't been able to rein Billy in, but they had to stop him from gambling away Jabot's assets. She said that they had to go back to their original plan. They needed to document every plan and irresponsible decision that Billy made. She hoped they'd be able to get enough information to present to the board and seek a non-confidence motion. Ashley suggested that when an opportunity presented itself, she wanted Kyle to encourage Billy's reckless behavior. She also warned him not to underestimate Billy.

Kyle asked Ashley what his reward would be for his loyalty. Ashley assured him that he'd be well looked after. Ashley advised that they needed to do some behind-the-scenes work in order to have Phyllis as the only one left blindly loyal to Billy. Kyle admitted that he'd love to see that played out, but they had a major obstacle -- the blood Abbott clause. He said that Billy would remain CEO, no matter what they did, with that clause in place. He said that Billy was bulletproof.

Ashley reminded Kyle there was another blood Abbott: Traci. Kyle reminded Ashley that Traci didn't have any business experience and didn't want anything to do with running Jabot. Ashley said that Traci would be more open to the suggestion after she saw how much damage Billy had done to the company. They could convince Traci to take over as CEO long enough to get rid of the blood Abbott clause. Once that was done, Traci would resign. Kyle asked if Ashley would take over, but Ashley said that the board appointed the CEO, and they'd choose someone qualified to take over that position.

Kyle was surprised that Ashley was so Machiavellian. Ashley informed Kyle that she was protecting Jabot as she'd promised her father, John Abbott. Ashley said it was interesting the things a person would do when fighting for what they believed was right.

At Crimson Lights, Summer told Kyle that she would prove him wrong, and she told him that the coffee was her treat. She informed Kyle that Phyllis had bought her story about her weekend yoga retreat in Madison. Summer told Kyle that Phyllis had informed her that she and Billy were moving out of the apartment and that it had been Billy's idea. Kyle asked why Summer was celebrating, because Billy clearly wanted nothing to do with her. Summer smirked and told Kyle that Billy wanted her too much and couldn't stand being constantly tempted.

Kyle told Summer he didn't have time for her fantasies because he had important matters to focus on. Summer mocked Kyle's big plans and said that they never worked out. She said the difference between her and Kyle was that she'd do whatever it took to get what she wanted, "to hell with the consequences"; Kyle was willing to break the rules, but only so far. Kyle told Summer that she'd be surprised how far he was willing to go, and he left.

At Jabot, Neil bumped into Ashley as he exited the elevator. Once again, he suggested they have dinner. Ashley explained that she couldn't because it had been an extremely busy day, and she'd been in one meeting after another. Neil asked if Ashley wasn't interested in picking up where they'd left off the previous evening. Ashley assured Neil that she'd had the best time. Neil agreed they'd had a great time, and they hadn't expected things to happen the way they had. They both admitted they were happy things had happened that way.

Neil said he knew Ashley had big aspirations for Jabot, but he'd learned something -- if someone wanted anything badly enough in life, they had to make time for it. Neil asked Ashley to clear up some confusion. He asked if she wanted them to remain friends or if she wanted something more. Ashley said she wanted to find out where things could lead, but she couldn't commit to anything more because there was so much happening at Jabot. Neil said he understood, and he admitted that he wasn't ready for a commitment either. He said he wanted them to get together, have a good time, and see where things led. Ashley smiled and said that was a perfect plan.

At home, Sharon told Nick that she'd spoken with Lily and that Lily had opened up to her. Sharon said she'd given Lily some advice, but from her own experience, she knew how hard it was to make amends and to move forward. Nick said they all had regrets, but there was no going back. They needed to move forward and try to do better. Nick and Sharon felt lucky to have each other and sealed it with a kiss.

Phyllis had been working at the Dive Bar when Kyle found her. She was surprised that Kyle was there after he'd told Summer about her and Nick's one-night stand. Kyle said he was there to make it up to her, and she needed to hear what he had to say. Kyle asked if Phyllis had given any thought to attending the trade show in Philadelphia. Phyllis said that Lauren was there to represent Fenmore's, and Billy was there to represent Jabot. She wondered why anyone else would attend.

Kyle asked Phyllis why Summer would have purchased her own ticket to Philadelphia after Lauren had advised her to stay in town. Phyllis claimed that Summer wouldn't do that. Kyle asked if Summer had mentioned a weekend trip. Phyllis was shocked that Summer had lied to her. Kyle informed Phyllis that Summer intended to show up at Billy's hotel room to welcome him to Philadelphia. Phyllis froze in shock.

Phyllis confronts Summer about her trip

Phyllis confronts Summer about her trip

Thursday, August 23, 2018

On the Athletic Club rooftop, Phyllis was taken aback by Kyle's announcement that Summer was going to Philadelphia with Billy. Phyllis insisted that Summer was going on a yoga retreat to Madison. Kyle explained that Summer hadn't been interested in the trade show until Billy had decided to attend and that Summer had booked her own ticket without telling anyone, even though Lauren had specifically told her not to go. Kyle insinuated that both he and Phyllis knew why Summer was going.

Phyllis grappled with the possibility that Summer really was going to Philadelphia, and Kyle pointed out that Summer followed Billy around like a groupie. He mimicked Summer gushing about how everything Billy did was brilliant and how he knew what women like her wanted. Phyllis demanded to know what that meant, and Kyle relayed Summer's claim that Billy had a hard time keeping his hands off her. Kyle warned that Summer didn't know how to back off or give up when she wanted something, and she wouldn't stop until she had her way.

Kyle sympathized that it couldn't be easy for Phyllis, but she thought it sounded like wishful thinking on her daughter's part. Kyle conceded that he might be way off base, and he said he was sure that Billy and Summer hadn't arranged it together. Phyllis asked if Kyle thought they were sneaking around behind her back and lying to her face. She speculated that Kyle believed she deserved everything she was getting because of one night that was none of his business, but he swore that he hadn't been commenting on her personal life.

Kyle imagined that he should have kept his mouth shut, and Phyllis wondered why he hadn't. He contended that his future was at Jabot, and he didn't want Summer making trouble for Billy when Billy was turning the company around. Phyllis guessed that it was more about Kyle wanting Summer back, but Kyle protested that he would be insane to want to reunite with a mess like Summer. Phyllis pointed out that he hadn't said no, and she urged him to do something to get Summer back so both Kyle and Summer could get "the hell away" from Phyllis' relationship with Billy.

Billy ordered coffee at Crimson Lights, and he quickly made it to go when Summer approached him. She asked how his meetings had gone, and he coolly replied that the Jaboutiques were on schedule. She reminded him that she'd supported his idea from the beginning, and he curtly told her that he had a tight schedule. Summer inquired whether he was packed and ready to fly east to the trade show, and he said he intended to make it worthwhile. He walked away, and she told herself that it was definitely the way to go.

Summer followed Billy and asked if he was heading back to the office. He coldly stated that he'd be busy in closed-door meetings all day, and he excused himself to talk to Victoria. Billy joined Victoria at the counter and mentioned that he'd been about to call, since he couldn't take the kids on Saturday because he had to go out of town for business. Victoria blasted him for not spending even one day with his own children, and she sauntered off. Billy chased her to the patio and apologized for the short notice. He explained that it had been a last-minute decision to go to a trade show in Philadelphia, and she assumed that it hadn't occurred to him that she might have plans that weekend, since he was too big and important.

Billy recognized that Victoria needed time for herself, and she lectured that she needed to take care of some things that she couldn't do from the office. She figured that his CEO job was more important than everyone else's, including hers, and she ranted that she had the kids all the time because he'd moved in with his girlfriend and her daughter instead of getting his own house. Billy suspected that it wasn't about the kids, and he offered to spend more time with them when he got back to take some of the pressure off Victoria. She insisted that she wasn't cracking, and he hesitantly recommended that the children stay with Nikki and Victor. Victoria reiterated that she would be fine, adding, "What choice do I have?"

Later at Newman Enterprises, Nikki stepped into Victoria's office and found Victoria asleep at her desk. Victoria woke up when Nikki closed the door, and she panicked that someone else could have found her sleeping. Nikki assured her that everything was fine, and Victoria begged her not to tell Victor. Victoria claimed that she'd had a rough night getting Katie back to bed after a bad dream, and Nikki urged her to go home and get some rest. Victoria insisted that she just needed coffee.

Nikki asked when Victoria had last had a physical. Nikki added that Victoria didn't have to go to Nate, but Victoria swore that she just needed a night of sleep, not a doctor with a God complex hovering over and judging her. Victoria muttered that it was the last thing she needed after J.T., and Nikki guessed that J.T. had been on Victoria's mind. Victoria bellowed that J.T. had nothing to do with it, and she stormed out.

Victoria returned with a cup of coffee and became more irritated when Nikki wouldn't leave. Nikki understood why Victoria had anxiety whenever they talked about J.T. Victoria bemoaned that it did no good to talk about him because they couldn't change or undo anything, and it would never go away. Nikki recalled having to say all the right things when she told Victor or Nate about the stress related to her flareups, even though she knew her body was rebelling because of what she'd put them all through. Nikki maintained that they had to keep the secret going by telling endless lies, and Victoria barked to stop talking about it because it didn't help. Victoria vowed not to let J.T. get the best of them after everything they'd been through.

At the cottage, Sharon folded laundry as Nick sat on the couch, hunched over his laptop. He complained that his associates kept asking him to do video conferences, but he couldn't do them from the couch. He anticipated that Dark Horse's offices would be ready soon, and he'd be out of her way. Sharon clucked that he'd be giving up the perks of working from home, like random hugs from a preschooler, one-word answers from a tween -- and seeing Sharon. She kicked the laundry basket aside and declared, "In the bedroom, thirty seconds." She scampered upstairs, and after a moment, he ran after her.

After sex, Nick and Sharon lounged in bed, and he thanked her for the excellent distraction. She reminded him of the perks of working at home, and he reiterated that he'd started Dark Horse to look out for his family. He recognized that it was a crazy time for him and the company, but he needed to be with her as a reminder of what the long hours would be worth to both of them. She encouraged him to do whatever made him happy, but she pointedly suggested that he set aside his search for a new home because it would be one less thing to worry about.

Billy found Summer waiting in his office, and he ordered her out of his chair. She seductively asked where he wanted her, and he asked if it was fun for her to play games even though it "pissed [him] off." She pointed out that he'd closed the door instead of throwing her out, but he chided her for acting like they had an intense relationship when she was just a girl flirting with her mother's boyfriend. Summer insisted that it wasn't all about her mom, since she really liked him.

Summer purred that Billy played just as hard as he worked; he didn't want to change, and she didn't want him to. She swore that she saw him for him and didn't judge him, and she questioned whether he really wanted a girlfriend who threw him out for no reason. Summer doubted that he wanted to walk on eggshells around the person who claimed to love him, and she pushed him to think about what he really wanted while he was in Philadelphia, since it wasn't her mom. Phyllis appeared in the doorway and asked what Summer was doing there.

1. Phyllis imagined that Summer's project with Kyle was done, and Summer chirped that she and Billy had been finalizing some details, like a cherry on a sundae. Billy claimed that Summer was there to talk logistics, but he firmly stated that she knew where he stood. Summer praised Billy for being good at making the call, as if it were a primal instinct, and she hoped the trade show was worth his time. After Summer departed, Phyllis started to address Billy's trip, but he answered a call and told someone to slow down because they weren't making any sense. He hung up, and he grumbled that he had to have a little conversation with Nick.

At Crimson Lights, Sharon poured Nick some coffee as they discussed their plans for the rest of the day. Billy strode in and asked to speak to his new landlord, and Nick informed Sharon that Dark Horse had acquired a leasing company. Billy testily pointed out that the company just happened to do significant business with Jabot, and Nick had jacked up the rent before they'd even started the buildup. Nick reasoned that the rents had been too low, which was why the floundering leasing company had been easy to acquire. Billy threatened a lawsuit, but Nick questioned whether Billy would throw a bunch of money at lawyers when he'd already spent money on leases and renovations.

Nick asserted that he'd been within his rights to increase the rents, and Sharon hoped she could trust the men not to end up with black eyes again. Nick swore that no punches would be thrown, since Billy knew it was just business, and he could go somewhere else if he didn't like it. Billy wondered if Nick was just throwing his weight around or if it was belated payback for Victoria. Nick repeated that it was business, and he refused to take a loss on the properties. Nick invited Billy to make the call about whether he was in or out. "The new Nick Newman -- just like Daddy, after all," Billy snarled before he walked away.

Phyllis stumbled onto the patio, on hold with someone over the phone. Rey followed her inside and asked if she was speaking with roadside service, since he'd noticed her flat tire. He offered to change it for her, and Sharon greeted Rey. Phyllis asked if Sharon knew him, and Rey confirmed that he was pretty good with cars. Sharon vouched for him, and Phyllis learned that it would be an hour wait for assistance. Phyllis inquired whether Rey's offer still stood, since she had some pressing business and was in a hurry. She led the way to her car.

Later, Sharon called Rey superhero material for changing a stranger's tire, and she hoped Phyllis had at least thanked him. Rey indicated that Phyllis had before peeling away. Sharon presented him with coffee on the house, and she asked how he knew about cars. He replied that his dad hadn't been around much, so he'd had to learn to keep his family mobile. He added that he didn't mind getting his hands dirty, especially for a friend of a friend. Sharon explained that she and Phyllis barely tolerated one another, but Rey noted that they'd seemed pleasant earlier. Sharon commented that sometimes one had to put up with people whether one wanted to or not.

Sharon returned home and was pleased to see that Nick didn't have a black eye. He figured that everything Billy touched fell apart, but it wasn't Nick or Sharon's problem, so there wasn't going to be a battle. Nick showed Sharon that he'd bookmarked some home listings online, and he pushed her to check them out with Mariah and Faith while he was out of town. Sharon considered it pointless to tour the places without him, but he anticipated that his schedule would get tight, and he didn't want to hold her back. He looked forward to beginning married life not living on his folks' property, and he thought it couldn't happen soon enough.

Meanwhile, Rey jotted down notes about Sharon and Phyllis, and he drew arrows connecting their names in a notebook.

Summer greeted Kyle in the hallway at Jabot. She told him to let her know if he wanted any souvenirs from Philadelphia, although she didn't expect to have time to shop. She pushed him to have the car gassed up for when she won the bet, and Kyle envisioned her cruising for early-bird specials with Billy. They exchanged barbs, and she headed out. He sent a text message to Phyllis to notify her that Summer was going home.

At the Athletic Club bar, Billy thanked Jack for meeting him. Billy was certain that Jack was aware of Nick's intent to increase the rents on the Jaboutique properties. Billy hoped Jack could talk Nick out of the idea, since it would put the project behind right out of the gate. Jack recognized that it was a risky endeavor, and he encouraged Billy to take it as a sign to walk away. Jack offered to advise Nick to waive any penalties for breaking the leases, but Billy demanded to know if Jack had arranged for Jabot to take a beating just because Jack was no longer sitting at the table. Billy accused Jack of attempting to blow up the company even though it had been Jack's decision to leave.

Jack defended that he was protecting Billy and Jabot from a risk they couldn't afford to take. Jack lectured that someone should have told Billy no along the way, but either Billy had the wrong staff, or his staff had the wrong leader. Billy huffed that he was the leader because of Jack's ego and the stupid blood clause, and he dryly congratulated Jack for putting him at the helm. Billy stalked off, and Ashley joined Jack and asked if they'd argued because of her. Jack reported that he hadn't outed her, but he cautioned that Billy was amped up on the launch because he needed the high. Ashley pledged not to let Billy destroy their dad's legacy.

At Jabot, Kyle informed Ashley that he'd called the repair company that had supposedly performed $30,000 worth of work on Jaboat, but he'd discovered that the repairs had never happened. Ashley realized that Billy had submitted a fake invoice for reimbursement, and Kyle recounted that Billy had been playing high-stakes poker at the time. Kyle envisioned the board giving Billy the boot after they nailed him for embezzlement, but Ashley thought they needed more. Billy popped in and wasn't surprised to see the duo together.

Billy asked if Jack had told Ashley that Billy had called him out on trying to screw Jabot over on the leases. Billy theorized that Ashley had been the one behind it, but she insisted that she was loyal to the company. He pointed out that her loyalty wasn't to him, even though it wasn't his fault that the business had fallen into his lap. Billy contended that it was his job to keep everyone together and make sure Jabot turned a profit, and he was the only Abbott willing and able to do the job. He vowed to do it no matter how much sabotage was thrown his way, and Kyle asserted that they all wanted Jabot to succeed. Billy regretted believing it when Kyle had supported him as CEO, and he spat that he couldn't trust anything out of Kyle's mouth. Billy ordered them to lock the door on their way out.

Phyllis returned home and called out for Summer. Billy descended the stairs with a suitcase in hand, and he was happy to steal one more moment with Phyllis before heading out. She asked if he was sure he had to go, and he replied that he did for all kinds of reasons. After he left, Summer appeared with an overnight bag, and Phyllis suggested that they catch dinner before Summer left for Madison. Phyllis couldn't remember Summer ever taking a yoga class, and Summer figured that she'd try something new. Summer opted to get on the road, but she realized that she'd left her purse upstairs. After Summer left the room to retrieve it, Phyllis quietly unzipped Summer's bag and found a plane ticket to Philadelphia inside.

Phyllis glowered as she waited. Summer returned and rambled about how fun it would be for Phyllis to have the whole place to herself. Summer encouraged Phyllis to treat herself that weekend, and Phyllis mused that it was very sweet. Phyllis warned Summer not to pull any muscles by twisting into crazy positions, and Summer promised to warm up first. Summer headed for the door, but Phyllis held up Summer's ticket and coldly stated that Summer had forgotten something that she would need to get on her flight to Philadelphia. "Looks like the only retreat you're going to is the one with my boyfriend," Phyllis hissed.

Phyllis smacks Summer during an argument

Phyllis smacks Summer during an argument

Friday, August 24, 2018

At Neil's penthouse, Nate performed a handstand against the wall. The doorbell rang, and he called out that it was open. Nikki walked in, and he worriedly asked if everything was okay. She informed him that she was fine, but it was her daughter she was concerned about, and she confessed that she'd lied to him. Nikki inquired whether anything she told Nate as his patient would stay between them, and he assured her that her personal medical information would say private, but he wasn't sure what she was getting at.

Nikki asked if it would be like confessing to a priest who couldn't tell anyone else, and Nate joked that his statutes wouldn't prevent him from squealing if she was a serial killer wanted by Interpol. She nervously laughed, and he guessed that there was something troubling her enough to want to confide in him. Nikki wondered if she could trust that anything she told him would stay in that room, and Nate assured her that Victor wouldn't have hired him otherwise. Nikki informed him that it was about Victoria and her ex-husband.

Nikki recalled that J.T. had fooled everyone in the beginning, but he'd been a different person when he'd returned to Genoa City, and he'd taken his anger out on Victoria. Nikki continued that it had been subtle at first, like saying things to undermine Victoria's confidence, but it had eventually become physical. Nate became infuriated by the thought of a man laying a hand on a woman to do her harm, and Nikki lamented that she didn't know where else to turn. Nate could plainly see that Victoria was covering up her problems and hanging onto her anguish, but he didn't know what Nikki wanted from him, since he wasn't a psychiatrist.

Nikki wailed that she was desperate, since she couldn't bear to see her child suffer, and Victoria just seemed to be getting worse. Nikki referred to Victoria's mood swings, including overreactions to things that normally wouldn't phase her. Nate thought it sounded like signs of posttraumatic stress disorder, and Nikki recalled Dylan's battle with it after being in the military. Nate explained that abuse could trigger similar reactions, since abuse survivors rarely dealt with the underlying trauma after the abuse stopped. He recommended that Victoria see a therapist, and Nikki reported that her daughter already was, but it didn't seem to be doing much.

Nate mentioned a guy in Madison with stellar credentials who had a knack for getting people to open up, but Nikki didn't think it was the answer. Nate wished he could help, but Victoria had made it very clear that she wanted him to keep his distance, and he thought pushing her might stress her out even more. Nikki noted that Victoria had put up walls after J.T. had made her question her own judgment, and she thought Nate could get somewhere if he tore them down and earned Victoria's trust. Nikki regretted that she hadn't realized what was going on sooner, and she implored Nate to find a way to help Victoria however he could.

On the Crimson Lights patio, Abby presented Arturo with a care package of travel items for his upcoming trip, and he marveled that she'd literally thought of everything. He teased that he wasn't going overseas but was just checking out a few buildings with her brother, and she recognized that she'd gone overboard, but it was what she did. Abby cooed that she would miss him, especially since they'd been seeing one another almost every day. Arturo replied that he would miss her, too, and he intended to show her how much when he got back. He spotted Rey inside the coffeehouse and abruptly ushered Abby out. Rey watched them leave.

Victoria entered the coffeehouse, and Rey intentionally dropped his pen as she passed by his table, but she didn't notice. Paul picked up the pen and returned it to Rey, and he followed Victoria to the patio. Paul voiced surprise that she hadn't inquired about any updates with J.T. since Paul had questioned her about her ex's return. She didn't like what he was insinuating, and he swore that he wasn't there to hassle her. Paul imagined that it had been frustrating for Victoria when the police hadn't been able to make an arrest when J.T. had been in town.

Victoria declared her relief that J.T. was gone again, since she preferred to forget that J.T. even existed. Paul thought that would be easier to do if J.T. was locked safely behind bars, and Victoria wished that was possible. Paul questioned why it wasn't, and she covered by saying that she didn't have a lot of faith in the police after they'd failed to bust J.T. even after he'd left a trail of credit card receipts. Paul said he was truly sorry they hadn't found J.T. yet, and he left.

Victoria returned to her office and plopped down at her desk. There was a knock at the door, and Nikki asked if it was a good time, but Victoria bristled when she saw Nate. Victoria told them to leave, since she'd made her position clear. Nikki revealed that she'd told Nate about Victoria's ordeal with J.T., and a livid Victoria leaped to her feet. Nikki recognized that Victoria hadn't been herself, and she pointed out that Nate was an excellent doctor who was very discreet. Victoria yelled that Nikki hadn't had any right to share Victoria's private information with anyone, and she ominously asked if Nikki would like it if Victoria shared her mother's dark secrets with the world.

Victoria reiterated that she was perfectly healthy, but Nikki was adamant that Nate was loyal to their family and would never repeat anything. Nate acknowledged that it wasn't a welcome visit, but he offered his assistance if Victoria needed techniques to help her sleep or someone to vent to. Victoria questioned how many times she had to say she was fine, and she snapped that she wasn't a victim curled up in corner, weeping. She asserted that she would live to fight another day, and she had a lot of work to do. Nate and Nikki left, and Victoria seethed.

At the Athletic Club, Abby pressed to know why Arturo had rushed her out of Crimson Lights. He claimed that he'd wanted to repay her kindness, but he hadn't gotten her a going-away present. He insisted that they say goodbye in style by ordering something fun, and he swore that nothing was bothering him. He suggested that she go on the trip with him to make it more exciting, but she declined because she had work to do there. She thought they could survive a few days apart, but she expected high-quality video chats. Arturo's expression darkened when Rey approached, and he ordered Rey to turn around and go away.

Arturo demanded to know what Rey was doing there, and Rey asked why Arturo thought he was there. Arturo spat that he wasn't in the mood to play guessing games. Abby asked what was going on, but Arturo said she was better off not knowing. Abby wondered if Rey had been why Arturo had hurried out of the coffeehouse, and Arturo complained that he didn't want to hear Rey chew him out again. Rey contended that Arturo had deserved every chewing-out he'd gotten since he'd been a little kid, and he introduced himself to Abby as Arturo's older brother.

Abby observed that the men looked alike, and Arturo muttered that it was the only thing they had in common. Rey asked if Arturo really thought they shared nothing, and Arturo dared him to take it outside. Abby intervened, but Arturo requested that she stay out of it. Rey assumed that Abby was Arturo's new girlfriend, and he apologized if he'd made her feel uncomfortable. Rey claimed that he'd spent most of his life cleaning up Arturo's messes. Arturo headed out, and Abby followed him.

At the Abbott mansion, Abby commented that she and Arturo could finally enjoy a farewell drink in peace. He apologized about the day, but she imagined it would feel less weird if he explained the deal with him and Rey. He vaguely referred to family issues and said he didn't want to talk about it. Abby voiced concern, since there was clearly a major thing between him and his brother. Arturo anticipated that Rey would be gone soon, and he realized that he had to meet Nick. He promised to stay in touch with Abby every day while he was gone, and they kissed. After he headed out, she looked perplexed.

At home, Summer admitted to Phyllis that she wasn't going to a yoga retreat but to the trade show. Summer swore that she wasn't going to use her ticket to board Billy, but Phyllis told her not to try to deny it. Summer called her mother paranoid and claimed that she was flying to Philadelphia on her own dime to impress Lauren. Phyllis ordered Summer not to play innocent, and she dared Summer to own it if she had enough nerve to be a woman who didn't care whose lives she wrecked. Summer lunged for the plane ticket, but Phyllis refused to let Summer leave until Phyllis got honesty. Summer flatly stated that she wanted Billy. "Is that enough honesty for you, Mom?" Summer questioned.

Phyllis realized that it all made sense, from the times she'd caught Summer in Billy's office to Summer prancing around the apartment, half-naked. Phyllis recalled that she'd had a nagging voice deep inside, telling her that it hadn't been innocent, but she'd kept pushing it aside because it was unbelievable that her own daughter would stoop so low. Summer taunted that the nagging voice was because Phyllis had known her relationship was dying a slow death, and it had been obvious to everyone but Phyllis. Summer contended that she'd been giving them a helping hand to get out of their misery, and Phyllis incredulously asked when Summer had become delusional enough to believe it was a two-way street. Summer insisted that Billy wanting her was no fantasy, since he'd already made it a reality.

Summer reported that her flight had been delayed, but she still intended to make it. Phyllis refused to let her go anywhere until she explained how Billy had made her fantasies a reality, and Summer announced that he'd admitted that he would be totally into Summer if Phyllis wasn't in the picture. Phyllis chalked it up to his polite way of dealing with an "incredibly inappropriate come-on," but Summer bragged that Billy's attraction to her was primal and visceral. Phyllis clucked that Summer was reading too many romance novels, but Summer invited her to see who had the last laugh.

Phyllis conceded that the only way Billy would even look at Summer was if Phyllis didn't exist. Summer suggested that Phyllis ask herself why Billy hadn't talked about it before, and Phyllis reasoned that he hadn't wanted to hurt her by showing her the horrible person her daughter had become. Summer maintained that Billy wanted her, and Phyllis warned that her relationship with Summer would never be the same. Summer declared that she wasn't giving up when she was that close to the prize.

Phyllis couldn't believe that Summer intended to destroy their relationship by pushing things past the point of no return. Summer condemned Phyllis for giving her the hurt routine after Phyllis had done rotten things to people, but Phyllis argued that she wasn't the only one who stood to get hurt. Phyllis cautioned that Summer was putting Billy in an impossible situation both personally and legally, since Summer indirectly worked for him. Phyllis added that Summer had hurt Jack deeply by manipulating his feelings, but Summer blasted Phyllis for being hypocritical. Phyllis was sickened that Summer was acting like there wasn't anything wrong with her behavior.

Phyllis questioned where Summer's conscience had gone, since she was throwing herself at a man in a committed relationship. Summer questioned how committed Phyllis and Billy could be when Phyllis and Nick had jumped one another's bones, and she defended that she hadn't cheated or ever purposely run over anyone with her car. Summer prepared to go on and on about her mother's misdeeds, but Phyllis wondered what she'd done to make Summer hate her that much. Summer huffed that not everything was about Phyllis, and she demanded to know if any of it sounded familiar, since she'd learned from the master.

Phyllis bellowed that Summer was in no position to judge her for the things she'd done to survive when everything had been handed to Summer, who'd never had to struggle for a "damn thing." Phyllis hissed that Summer didn't know what it meant to fight, and while Phyllis regretted the things she'd done, Summer was just being vindictive without a hint of remorse. Summer ranted that her husband had died, she'd had her heart broken, and she'd been cheated on, yet Phyllis had little regard for any of it. Summer snarled that it was Phyllis' turn to get cheated on when Billy moved on with a woman who didn't bore him.

Summer added that after a life of making other people miserable, it was what women like Phyllis got when they got old. Summer barked that karma was knocking, and every ugly thing Phyllis hated about Summer was a direct reflection of Phyllis. Phyllis smacked Summer across the face. Summer grabbed her things and prepared to "get the hell out" of there, and Phyllis expected her to tell Billy about Phyllis' mistake with Nick. Summer ordered Phyllis to get away from her, since she wouldn't tolerate being slapped by anyone.

Phyllis suspected that Summer anticipated getting sympathy from Billy, but Summer taunted that she could get Billy on her own, with no extra ammunition needed. Summer barked that she could pick up another ticket at the airport and still make it to Billy's hotel that night, but Phyllis warned that Summer was setting herself up for pain and humiliation when nothing happened. Summer dared Phyllis to do her worst, and she bolted out. Phyllis slammed the door behind Summer and struggled with her emotions before she made a call and told someone that she needed a huge favor. She promised to make it worth their while.

On the Athletic Club rooftop, a shirtless Kyle finished a business call and clicked over to an incoming call from Gloria. He learned that she'd be leaving for the rest of the day and that Billy had already headed to the airport. Kyle reached for his shirt.

At Jabot, Kyle passed by Gloria's empty desk and entered Billy's office. He closed the door and the blinds, and he shuffled through paperwork on the desk. Kyle called Ashley and informed her that he hadn't found any evidence of misappropriated funds yet, and he inquired whether there was anything in particular she was looking for. He hung up and continued searching.

Later, Summer joined Kyle at the Dive Bar and said to make her drink a double. She confirmed that she was still planning on making her flight, since she was more motivated than ever after her mom had found her boarding pass, flipped out, and slapped her. Kyle understood that Summer wanted to get even, but he lectured that she only had one mom. She thanked God for that, and he urged her to rethink her plans while she could still salvage things with Phyllis. Summer grumbled that her mother had crossed the line, and there was no going back.

Summer told Kyle that a delusional, vicious Phyllis had smacked her out of nowhere, and Kyle figured that Phyllis had reacted in the moment. Summer wailed that she'd never been hit like that before, and her mom had become violent because she couldn't accept the truth. Kyle offered to concede the bet if Summer wanted his car that badly, but he urged her to cancel the trip and try to make things right with Phyllis. Summer insisted that it was about more than a stupid bet, and she wondered why it was that hard to believe that she and Billy could be something. Kyle recalled that Billy had wrecked every relationship he'd been in.

Kyle reasoned that if Billy was willing to cheat on the woman he loved with her daughter, Summer couldn't expect a better outcome. Summer defended that Billy took risks while everyone else stood on the sidelines, but Kyle anticipated that Billy would eventually gamble too big and be taken down for good. Summer gushed that Billy was a gladiator at the poker table, and she relayed how he hadn't batted an eye when he'd upped the ante and lost Jaboat. Kyle was stunned that Billy had lost the company yacht in a card game, but Summer crowed that Billy had won enough to buy it back, and it had been "hot as hell." She received a text message and squealed that it was a game-changer.

Summer showed Kyle a message from Billy, saying he hadn't gone to Philadelphia. Billy had instead invited her to meet him on the boat because he needed to see her that night, and Summer exclaimed that he wanted her just as much as she wanted him. She chirped that she'd thought it would take more work, but it just made it that much sweeter. Kyle begged her not to do it, but she crowed that she'd won the bet, and she sauntered off.

Meanwhile, Phyllis stared at her laptop, which displayed the same message Summer had just received. "See ya, sweetie. Enjoy your cruise," Phyllis mused to herself.

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