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At Lily's sentencing, Devon requested the maximum penalty but later revoked his statement. The judge sentenced Lily to a year in prison. Jack moved back into the Abbott mansion and renewed his search for his father. Sinead manipulated Billy into entering a poker tournament in Las Vegas.
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Lily awaits her fate Lily awaits her fate

Monday, September 3, 2018

Lying close together, Cane and Lily awoke before their alarm sounded. Lily expressed concern about family and financial arrangements should she face time in prison. Cane assured Lily that he'd handled matters, and he urged her to take a moment to think about them. Cane and Lily tenderly made love. After, Lily said she realized she might not be able to sleep in her own bed again. Cane attempted to calm Lily by reminding her that nothing had yet been decided. Lily replied that she was being realistic. Cane assured Lily that he and their kids would remain by her side. Lily drew close to Cane and said her family gave her strength.

In the Ashby family's kitchen, Charlie rose early and made waffles and fresh orange juice. Charlie told Mattie he wanted their mom to remain positive. Mattie hugged her brother and noted that her stomach was in knots. Mattie expressed fear that the judge could rule in a way that would end their family breakfasts together for decades. Charlie tried to remain upbeat as he waited for his mom. Mattie forced herself to smile.

Lily and Cane joined the twins for breakfast. Charlie said he'd prepared breakfast while Mattie had fed Sam his breakfast and put him down for a nap. Lily said she'd say goodbye to Sam before she left. Lily took a deep breath as she filled a glass with juice. Mattie could barely contain her emotions. Lily encouraged her children to carry on and enjoy hanging out with their friends. Charlie announced that he and Shauna had talked and were dating again. Lily told Charlie that she and Cane supported his decision. Lily said all she wanted was for her kids to be happy. Lily later spoke privately with Mattie, but Mattie assured her mother that she was fine.

Nate arrived at Devon's penthouse. Shauna answered the door and explained that Devon had left behind a note explaining that he'd gone out, though he hadn't mentioned where. Shauna served Nate coffee while they waited for Devon. Nate asked Shauna how she was feeling. Shauna cried that the accident might never have happened had she not invited Charlie over and later run away. Nate comforted Shauna when she wept over the tragic loss of Hilary and her unborn baby. Nate explained that no one could foresee the future or change the past.

Nate encouraged Shauna to accept what couldn't be changed and move forward. Shauna cried that she was scared and uncertain about how her impact statement might affect sentencing. Nate advised Shauna to do what was right for her. Devon returned. Nate told Devon he'd stopped by to check on him. Devon said he'd taken a walk to clear his head. Devon seemed unsettled about Nate having been deeply engaged in conversation with Shauna.

After Shauna went upstairs, Nate told Devon that Neil had received a phone call informing him that Sofia had been admitted to the hospital. Nate added that Sofia was likely experiencing a recurrence of problems associated with injuries sustained in a car accident. Nate explained that Neil had left on a flight soon after receiving the call. Devon was concerned and offered to phone Neil, but Nate said Neil wanted Devon to focus on the hearing. Devon appeared troubled by the sudden development.

Devon changed the subject and recalled the conversation Nate and Shauna had been engaged in when he'd returned from his walk. Devon asked Nate if he'd attempted to dissuade Shauna from giving her impact statement. Nate explained that Shauna felt responsible for Hilary's death, so he'd offered support and had tried to make her feel better. Nate added that he'd been supportive to everyone caught up in the nightmarish situation following the accident. Nate reminded Devon that Neil's two children would soon enter a courtroom, one fighting for her freedom and the other hellbent on making his sister pay. Nate pleaded with Devon to carefully consider how his actions and statements could impact his sister.

Michael arrived early to the hearing room, but Christine was already waiting for Lily's sentencing proceedings to begin. Michael acknowledged that both he and Christine were accustomed to the pressure of holding people's fates in their hands. Michael added that they would be dealing with a very close family whose lives were in pieces. Christine agreed that the circumstances were tragic, but she stopped short of backing down by considering to recommend a lesser sentence. Michael noted that he intended to help the judge see Lily as a person who deserved mercy. Michael acknowledged that life as Lily knew it could soon end in that very room.

Michael greeted Lily and Cane when they and their children arrived. Nate approached Lily and told her why Neil was absent. Nate added that Neil wanted Lily to know that he would have done anything in the world to be present with her. Before the judge entered the chamber, Lily's senses became heightened. Every sound, even her own heartbeat, seemed magnified. Lily closed her eyes and attempted to slow her breathing.

Michael roused Lily and told her to stand when the judge appeared. Judge Mayfield acknowledged receipt of documents related to Lily's case and explained that there had been no prior recommendation for sentencing. Both Michael and Christine told the judge that they had reviewed the documents for accuracy. Christine reported that Lily had pleaded guilty to negligent operation of a vehicle, which had led to two counts of homicide. Christine added that the charges could be punishable by imprisonment for up to 20 years and a combined fine of $50,000.

While Christine explained how the accident had adversely affected the defendant, Lily turned to look at Devon. Even after acknowledging Lily's predicament, Christine stood firm and appealed to the judge to impose the maximum sentence. Michael appealed to the judge and stated that the maximum sentence demanded by Mrs. Williams was glaringly disproportionate to the offense committed. Michael noted that Lily had a clean record, so it wouldn't benefit society or her family to incarcerate a wife and mother, be it for two years or two decades. Michael requested a sentence of probation, community service, and $50,000 in fines.

While Michael continued to defend Lily, Charlie and Shauna glanced at each other. Michael told the judge that a harsher sentence would worsen an already heartbreaking misfortune, making it much more agonizing. Cane delivered his impact statement first and explained that Lily hadn't remembered running a red light. Cane added that after he'd learned from his son what had happened, he'd withheld the truth from Lily and had told Charlie to keep the information secret. Cane said Lily was the most ethical person he knew, and he begged the judge to give Lily the lightest sentence possible.

Shauna spoke next, standing inches from Lily. Shauna noted that Hilary had been her mentor. Shauna praised Hilary and credited Hilary for having changed her life for the better. Shauna expressed grief for the family's profound loss. Through tears, Shauna acknowledged that Lily hadn't purposely caused the pain they were all suffering. Shauna requested that the judge be lenient for the sake of Lily's family.

Devon began his statement by sharing how much Hilary had meant to him. Devon added that he was mourning Hilary and the child they'd been meant to have. Devon explained that he'd been given a second chance to reconnect with the love of his life. Devon acknowledged that others had spoken on Lily's behalf and had requested that she be given a second chance, too. Devon's tone changed when he recalled that Lily had for years exhibited hostility toward Hilary.

Devon continued delivering his statement and recounted that Lily had on numerous occasions said she despised Hilary and wanted her out of their lives. Lily's face fell when Devon angrily stated that his sister had gotten her wish the day of the accident. Mattie left the room abruptly when Devon pleaded for the judge to punish Lily to the fullest extent. Cane exited the room to check on Mattie. Lily seemed unaware of Mattie's distress and remained focused on Devon.

After Devon took his seat, Michael requested that Lily be allowed to speak on her own behalf. Judge Mayfield allowed Lily her right to elocution before sentencing. Lily expressed regret and remorse for her actions and the sorrow and pain she'd caused for her brother and their entire family. Lily apologized for driving while she'd been upset and for fighting with Hilary. Lily turned to face Devon while expressing regret for not accepting Hilary and letting go of her anger and resentment.

Mattie and Cane quietly returned and took their seats as Lily faced the judge and added, "I would do anything to have Hilary back in Devon's arms and to welcome their new baby and start over." Lily turned toward Devon again and begged for his forgiveness. Devon glared angrily at Lily. Judge Mayfield explained that he would retire to his chambers to determine sentencing before returning to announce his decision. Devon's facial muscles remained tense and his eyes vacant as the judge exited, and Cane rushed to comfort Lily.

Mattie apologized to Lily for stepping out briefly when she'd realized she couldn't stop herself from crying. Mattie admitted it had been tough to hear her Uncle Devon's harsh words. Charlie agreed and said he couldn't believe that Devon had pleaded for the judge to give Lily the maximum punishment. Mattie added, "I thought that when it came down to it in court that he would realize he couldn't do this to you or to us." Michael replied, "I think we all thought that."

Cane spoke privately with Devon. Cane said it couldn't have been easy for Devon to hear Lily's statement. Devon said he'd done what he'd thought was right. Cane asked Devon if he believed he'd wake up and feel better the day after having had his say in court. Cane pleaded with Devon to forgive his sister. Devon said he'd tried to forgive Lily. Cane recalled how Neil had purposely hurt him, yet Devon had forgiven Neil.

Cane begged Devon to make things right before the judge returned. Devon seemed to take Cane's words to heart as Judge Mayfield returned. Without speaking a word, Devon took his seat behind Christine. Lily looked frozen in place as Judge Mayfield said, "On the issue of sentencing in this case, I have reached a decision." During a pause, Lily turned and looked at Devon. Devon averted Lily's gaze and lowered his head, waiting for the judge to pronounce Lily's fate.

The judge determines Lily's sentence The judge determines Lily's sentence

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

At the cottage, Mariah asked why Sharon had wanted to talk downstairs, and Sharon said they needed to discuss Tessa. Sharon insisted that Tessa couldn't stay there, but Mariah was appalled at the idea of kicking Tessa out after all she'd gone through to get her sister out of the country. Mariah argued that Tessa needed to start from scratch with no job, money, or apartment after setting Crystal up with a new life. Mariah added that Tessa had returned to be with her, and she questioned where Sharon's understanding and compassion were where Tessa was concerned.

Sharon protested that she didn't want anyone taking advantage of her daughter. Mariah asserted that Tessa made her happy and that Tessa had risked everything because Mariah made Tessa happy, too. Sharon wondered what that meant, and Mariah referred to the people who had helped get Crystal out of the country. Sharon admitted that she didn't believe Tessa's story about what had happened, so she was reluctant to have Tessa stay there. They fell silent when Tessa appeared on the stairs.

Tessa declared that she was leaving that day, and she thanked Sharon for letting her crash there. Mariah asked where Tessa would go, and Tessa claimed that she was considering a few options. Mariah surmised that Tessa had heard them talking, but Tessa swore that she hadn't expected to stay. Mariah worried that Tessa had nowhere else to go, but Tessa understood why Sharon didn't trust her. Sharon pointed out that it wasn't very often that people got a second chance to make things right, and Tessa replied that it was the reason she'd returned.

Sharon left for work, and Tessa said she had to get moving to find a job and a place to live. Mariah questioned whether Tessa was sure about being back there for her, and Tessa reiterated that she'd meant it. Tessa vowed to find a way to get the cash she owed, since she never wanted to have to be on the run or be away from Mariah again. Tessa bemoaned that her life was still complicated, but Mariah questioned whose life wasn't. Tessa inquired whether being with her was too much, and she suggested that they take a step back before things went any further.

Tessa encouraged Mariah to be honest about any doubts she had, but Mariah flatly stated that she had none. Mariah recounted that she'd grown up with a man who'd preached a lot about love and deep connections when all he'd wanted had been for people to open their wallets, and the woman she'd thought had been her mother had often told her that she could take Mariah or leave her. Mariah figured that at least the woman had been honest, even though Mariah had always desperately wanted something real that was all hers. Mariah guessed that she was ill-equipped because of her past, and it was easier to joke and have people laugh at her than have them find out a piece of her was missing or broken.

Mariah confided that she'd always felt that she couldn't really put her heart out there because then people would see who she really was and run in the other direction. Tessa countered that she'd run toward Mariah, but she didn't want Mariah to get tangled in her mess. Mariah wanted to take a few steps back and go slowly, and Tessa agreed. Tessa wondered if she could get her job at Hamilton-Winters back, but Mariah wasn't sure after the way Tessa had left, especially with everything Devon was going through. Mariah thought the bigger hassle was that Tessa had nowhere to live, and Tessa figured that she'd been there before and survived, but she was grateful to have Mariah that time around. They clasped hands, and Mariah suddenly had an idea.

At Lily's sentencing, the judge asked the defendant to rise. The judge announced that he'd weighed the evidence and the circumstances prior to and after the fatal incident that had taken two lives, and he'd reached a decision. He continued that the deceased could no longer speak for themselves, so it was the duty of the court to deliver justice for them. "I can't let this happen," Devon blurted out.

Christine apologized for Devon's outburst, but Devon contended that there was more he needed to say. The judge maintained that he'd reached a ruling, but Michael insisted that the party who had been most deeply affected be heard. The judge ordered Devon to be brief, and Devon explained that it had taken him a long time to write his statement because every time he'd gotten to the word "defendant," he'd thought about the person he knew Lily to be. He recalled that she'd defended him when he'd been a poor kid and that she'd given him a family, but he'd disregarded that to make her a faceless person to blame and hate, which had been why he'd been able to ask for the maximum sentence.

Devon stressed that the deceased couldn't speak for themselves, but he couldn't get his wife's voice out of his head. He became choked up as he acknowledged that it wasn't what Hilary would have wanted. He admitted that he'd been so focused on getting justice for her and his child that he'd completely blinded himself to the person who'd given him a family in the first place and allowed him to dream of having kids of his own. Devon recounted that he'd seen Lily's children born, and he couldn't imagine being responsible for the twins going into adulthood without their mother by their side. Devon was confident that Lily felt the same grief and pain because of how deeply she loved, and he had no doubt that the guilt would stay with her for the rest of her life. He begged the judge to let that be punishment enough.

The judge demanded to know why Devon had changed his mind after his earlier statement, and he theorized that Devon's family had pressured him. Devon firmly stated that his words were all his, and the judge became irritated that Devon had wasted the court's time with his initial statement. Devon defended that the problem with grief was that the truth constantly changed. He conceded that Lily had been wrong to get behind the wheel while angry, but Hilary and Lily had provoked one another for years, and it just as easily could have been Hilary driving and Lily who had died. Devon recognized that his sister had made a fatal mistake, but he thought putting her behind bars would be another wrong done.

Devon proclaimed that he'd like to be free to mourn his wife and child and to honor Hilary by leaving a mark on the world like she would have done, but there would be no freedom for him if he was part of the reason his sister went to jail for 20 years. The judge needed more time to reconsider his ruling, and he announced that court would reconvene within the hour. Christine assumed that Devon had caved in to family pressure, but Nate argued that Devon had made it clear that they were his words and no one else's. Christine wasn't so sure.

Charlie was hopeful about the turn of events, and Mattie excitedly anticipated that Lily would only get community service and a fine. Michael muttered that he wouldn't count on it, and Lily noted that two people had died because of her. Michael wasn't sure whether Devon's revised statement would help or not. Lily recognized that it might not matter to the judge, but it had been everything to her. Cane embraced her.

During the recess, Shauna sat alone in the courtroom, and Charlie asked what she was doing by herself. She didn't want to bother Devon or his family, even though she was feeling more hopeful after what Devon had said. Charlie lamented that it would never be over. Nate told Devon that it had taken courage and lot of heart to do what he'd done, but Devon fretted that the judge hadn't seemed impressed. Nate stressed that it had made a difference to their family, since it had been hard to hear Devon's initial statement.

Lily cautiously approached and thanked Devon for what he'd said. He reminded her that he hadn't forgiven her for what she'd done, and he didn't think there was any way of healing from it. Lily accepted whatever he felt about her, but she swore that she'd never stop loving him and that she'd never stop trying to make amends. Devon headed out. Shauna chased after him, but he told her to get a ride home with Nate. Cane followed Devon.

Shauna contemplated whether it was a good sign that the judge was taking so long, and Nate replied that there was no way to predict the outcome. Charlie stepped into the corridor and asked Michael whether Devon's words would make a difference. Michael explained that there were many other factors the judge had to consider, and Charlie found it weird that one guy got to decide his mom's life. Michael expected that the judge was taking more time to review the evidence and research precedents to help him decide the right thing to do. Charlie worried that he'd messed up by not saying anything about seeing his mom run the red light, and Michael stated that it was impossible to say.

Lily caught herself wanting the judge to hurry up, but she didn't want to wish away her last few minutes with her family. Mattie was sure that the judge had been swayed by Devon's speech, and Lily mused that she'd needed to hear Devon's words, even if they didn't affect her sentence. Mattie thought Devon had reminded their family that nothing could tear them apart, and she was positive that the judge would grant leniency after taking Devon's statement into account.

Cane found Devon on the Crimson Lights patio, and Devon coolly advised Cane to be at the courthouse when the judge got back. Cane sat down at Devon's table and recognized that they had a long way to go to get close to repairing the damage that had been done, but he insisted that they needed to face it together. Devon didn't regret speaking up for Lily, but he didn't want to be there to see everyone happy and celebrating when they got the good news.

Devon opted to be at Crimson Lights, looking at photos of his wife and his baby's sonogram. Devon murmured that he missed Hilary, and he was sure that Cane would explain things to Lily. Cane confided that he was scared that the judge would tear their family apart, and there was nothing Cane could do to stop him. Cane pleaded that he needed Devon in the room to give him strength in case Lily was sent to prison. Devon stuck by his decision to stay away, and Cane left.

Sharon asked if she could get Devon anything else, and he forlornly replied that he just needed a place to be. She realized that Lily's sentencing was that day, and Devon informed her that everyone was waiting for the judge to make a decision. Sharon guessed that he'd testified, and Devon confirmed that he'd requested leniency in his impact statement. He expected his sister would go back home to her husband and kids, whereas Hilary and their child would still be gone. Sharon imagined that he thought his family would move on and forget, and he believed they already had.

Devon griped that he hadn't even been able to mourn because people had kept pushing him to do what was best for them, even though he'd been the one who'd lost his wife and child. Sharon opined that if he stayed resentful and angry, he would be the one dishonoring Hilary and their baby. Sharon recalled how she'd felt after Cassie had died, when smiling or even breathing had felt like she'd been betraying her daughter. Sharon continued that things had changed when she'd gotten pregnant with Faith, since it had given her a reason to act happy, and eventually she had been.

Devon wondered if Sharon was telling him to start a family, but she advised him to cherish the family he already had while they were still there. She envisioned the judge sending Lily to prison and Devon not being there, but Devon reasoned that Lily had Cane and her kids. Sharon anticipated that if Lily was sentenced to 20 years, she'd take a moment with her husband and kids before looking for Devon. Sharon pointed out that Lily might not be there to care for her loved ones, and Lily needed to know that Devon would.

Later, Tessa and Mariah arrived at the coffeehouse, and Mariah mentioned that she was trying to help Tessa. Mariah gushed that Sharon was smart and resourceful. Sharon assumed that they were there because she was engaged to the man who owned Rainbow Gardens, but the complex was full. Mariah begged Sharon to convince Nick to find a place for Tessa, but Tessa took responsibility for breaking her lease. Mariah pulled Sharon aside to speak privately and requested that Sharon talk to Nick, but Sharon scoffed at the idea of throwing someone else out on the street.

Mariah contended that she cared about Tessa more than anyone she'd cared about in her life, and Tessa had less than nothing because she'd saved her sister's life. Mariah conceded that she also had her doubts, and blind trust wasn't her thing. However, what she felt for Tessa was scary and amazing at the same time. Mariah promised that she was riding the brakes, but Sharon had convinced her not to let fear of love stop her. She thought it would be nice if Sharon cheered her on instead of expecting her to crash and burn. Mariah proposed that Sharon keep an eye on things by having Tessa work some shifts as a barista. Sharon reluctantly agreed.

Tessa thanked Sharon after hearing about Mariah's plan. Sharon suggested that they find a time to go over hours and duties, and she stepped away. Mariah requested that Tessa make her favorite brew before they found Tessa a place to live, and Tessa thanked Mariah for looking out for her. Tessa hoped that she never let Mariah down, and they hugged.

Cane rushed back to the courthouse, and Nate reported that there hadn't been any word from the judge. Cane relayed that he'd told Devon that they all wanted him to be there, but Devon needed space. Cane assured Lily that she wouldn't go to prison. Michael declared that it was time, and everyone took their seats. Devon returned to the courtroom and locked eyes with Lily as the judge reappeared.

The judge stated that he'd carefully weighed the tragic repercussions of one moment of the defendant's inattention, which had caused innocent lives to be lost. He explained that his deliberations had been further complicated by the defendant and the victims being in the same family, and he'd changed his decision based on Devon's revised impact statement. The judge declared that what took precedence was the acknowledgement of lives lost to give justice for Hilary and her child. He reiterated that the maximum sentence was ten years per count, but he'd factored in everything he'd heard that day, including Devon's moving words. The judge announced that Lily would be assessed a $50,000 fine, her driving privileges would be suspended for two years -- and he was sentencing her to 12 months in a state penitentiary.

The judge ordered the bailiff to take Lily into custody. Michael asked Christine to allow Lily to say goodbye, and Christine huffed that Lily was lucky to get such a short sentence. Michael imagined that it would seem like a lifetime to Lily. Lily hugged her kids, and Nate pledged to do everything he could to help.

Lily stared at Devon, and he swore that he hadn't wanted it to happen to her. Devon apologized for everything he'd said, but Lily cried that he'd done more than she deserved or could have hoped for. She clung to Cane as she sobbed.

Summer returns and confronts Phyllis Summer returns and confronts Phyllis

Wednesday, September 5, 2018

In jail, Lily sat on her bunk, rocking. She listened to the sounds around her and cried. She looked through family photographs and smiled. Suddenly, the reality of her situation became overwhelming, and her smiles turned into sobbing.

At home, Cane was lost in thought while Mattie and Charlie argued. Cane prepared the traditional first day of school breakfast. He was determined that the tradition would not be broken because of their situation. He told Mattie and Charlie that it would be the last time they would have their traditional breakfast because Mattie and Charlie would be in college the following year. He said that Lily was probably wondering if Mattie and Charlie were enjoying their traditional breakfast. They all agreed that it was what Lily would have wanted.

When breakfast was ready, Mattie told Cane that when Sam had been upset earlier, she had tried to calm him but hadn't been as successful as Lily calming him. Charlie was downcast and said he didn't see any point in sitting in a classroom when his mother was in jail. Cane gently scolded Charlie and told the kids that he would arrange a visit with Lily for the following day. Cane heard Sam crying. He said goodbye to Mattie and Charlie and left to take care of Sam. Mattie and Charlie gathered their backpacks, and Mattie offered to drive Charlie to school. Charlie declined and said the guys were picking him up. Mattie left.

Mariah arrived at Hamilton-Winters and was surprised to see Devon there. She asked him what had happened at Lily's hearing. Devon said that he'd spoken on Lily's behalf, but it didn't mean he'd forgiven her. He remained steadfast that the accident had been Lily's fault. He said that Lily had received a twelve-month jail sentence and a $50,000 fine, and she'd lost her driving privileges for a period of two years. Her sentence had begun right after the hearing.

Mariah said that Devon had saved Lily from years of misery because, in the end, he'd defended her. Mariah said that with good behavior, Lily would be out much sooner. Mariah told Devon that Lily would be grateful that Devon had defended her. Mariah understood that Devon wanted to be alone, and she offered to work from home. She said that she was only a phone call away if he needed her, and she left.

Moments later, Nate arrived to check on Devon. Devon admitted he'd been trying not to blame himself for Lily's fate. Nate told Devon that he shouldn't blame himself because he'd spoken on Lily's behalf, and it had resulted in a shorter jail sentence. Nate told Devon that he should be proud of himself because, in the end, he'd fought for Lily. Nate said he understood what Devon had been going through, and he asked if Devon planned to visit Lily. Devon was adamant when he said that he had no intention of visiting Lily and that there could never be forgiveness because Lily was the reason Hilary and his child were gone.

Summer stormed into her empty apartment, yelling while she searched for Phyllis. She spotted the note from Phyllis explaining that she and Billy had moved out.

At the Abbotts', Phyllis greeted Kyle when he returned shirtless from a run. They discussed the fact that Summer would be returning later that day. Phyllis hoped that Summer had seen the error of her ways. She said that Summer had no idea what her mother was capable of. Phyllis didn't believe that Summer could outdo her in the revenge department. Kyle informed Phyllis that he'd be working from home. Phyllis accused him of being a coward and said that he didn't want to face Summer. Kyle explained that he worked from home one day a week to spend time with Dina and take in a movie matinee with her.

At that moment, Dina entered the living room with a bowl of popcorn and was very excited to watch "dreamy" Marlon Brando in On the Waterfront. Phyllis said that Dina had watched that movie the previous day. Upset, Dina barked that she hadn't. Kyle assured Dina they would watch the Marlon Brando movie. Phyllis went to Kyle and whispered an apology. She said she had only been trying to help. Kyle assured Phyllis that it was Dina's life and that repetition helped. He said the only thing that mattered was that it made Dina happy.

Astounded, Phyllis commented to Kyle that Dina had run a multi-million-dollar business. Kyle said that Dina had earned her peace, but Phyllis claimed it wasn't peace; it was suffering. Kyle asked how Dina's condition had become Phyllis' call. Phyllis said that Dina didn't recognize her, and Dina always wondered why Phyllis was in her house. Kyle said that it was Dina's world. If Dina wanted to watch a Marlon Brando movie, then they'd watch Marlon Brando again. He told Phyllis it was his day with Dina.

Summer picked that moment to storm into the Abbott home. She was in a rage. Summer accused Phyllis of being a kidnapper. Phyllis said that Summer had gotten off easy after what she'd done. Dina had been watching the movie and asked Phyllis and Summer to tone it down so she could hear her movie. Kyle suggested that Summer and Phyllis go outside. Ignoring Kyle, Summer complained that she'd been sent away. Phyllis said that Summer had been on a cruise with staff, food, and air-conditioning.

Summer asked Phyllis if she'd locked Billy up in the basement. Phyllis assured Summer that Billy had been in bed with her that morning and that she'd told Billy about Summer's ticket to Philadelphia, how Summer had planned on seducing Billy, and that she'd sent the text to Summer from Billy's phone to get Summer on the boat. Phyllis couldn't believe that Summer was wasting her time on a man who was already in a relationship. Phyllis pointed out to Summer that Billy hadn't gone after Summer to rescue her and added that Billy wasn't interested in a relationship with Summer. Summer retorted that Phyllis knew nothing about monogamy. Summer proclaimed that she was just like Phyllis and accused Phyllis of being a hypocrite. Phyllis said that Summer wasn't smart enough to play the game, and Phyllis had proven it.

Phyllis warned Summer to stay away from Billy. Phyllis said that if Summer hated her that much, then she should have at it, but that burning inside of Summer had turned Summer into a nasty piece of work. If Summer wasn't careful, she'd lose everything and everyone that cared about her. Summer claimed she could say the same thing about Phyllis.

Kyle suggested that Summer go to the office, but Summer wanted Phyllis to tell her all the nasty things Phyllis had told Billy about her. At that point, Dina became extremely upset and asked Kyle to make Phyllis and Summer stop. Kyle took Summer by the arm and led her to the door while Summer yelled at Phyllis that their discussion wasn't over. Phyllis yelled back that she knew. Kyle escorted Summer out of the Abbott home.

Dina was very involved in the movie, and when it was over, she wanted to watch it again. Phyllis suggested they go for a walk, and Dina agreed. At that moment, Phyllis answered a call from Lauren, who wanted to know why Phyllis wasn't at work. Phyllis explained that she was alone with Dina and would be there as soon as the nurse arrived. Phyllis turned to Dina and suggested that Dina go sit on the bench outside the door and wait there for Phyllis. Phyllis continued her conversation and told Lauren about Summer. After Phyllis ended her call, she went outside to get Dina and go for their walk, but Dina was gone. Phyllis was in a panic and started searching for Dina, all the while calling out Dina's name.

At Crimson Lights, Tessa was in a tizzy and unsuccessfully trying to serve coffee to waiting customers. Mariah arrived in time to help Tessa. She showed Tessa how to do things efficiently and how to avoid a line-up of customers. Mariah asked if Tessa had spoken to Crystal. Tessa said Crystal was fine; she'd spoken to her sister the previous evening. Mariah offered to help Tessa pay off the $20,000 to the people across the border, but Tessa refused and said she'd find a way to pay the money.

Charlie arrived at Crimson Lights. Tessa told Mariah she'd serve him. While pouring Charlie's coffee, she asked why he wasn't in school. Charlie said there was no school because of the teachers' conference. Tessa commented that she didn't recall a teachers' conference taking place that early in the year. When she turned to give Charlie his coffee, he was gone.

Summer and Kyle arrived on the patio of Crimson Lights. Summer was still griping about Phyllis. She said that Phyllis should be afraid of her because she'd take Phyllis down. Kyle said that Phyllis had made a bold move. He smirked and asked how she'd felt slinking onto the boat, thinking she'd be with Billy. He asked Summer how long it had taken her to figure out that she'd been played. Summer said it had been the most boring week of her life. She hadn't had a cell phone or access to social media, and there had only been two magazines. Kyle asked if she'd had time to do some soul-searching.

Summer admitted she'd been surprised that her mother still had it in her to pull something like that off, and she'd never seen it coming. Kyle said it was important for a child to admire her parent. He asked if Summer was ready to claim defeat and added that Summer's charms weren't charming. At that moment, Tessa arrived and asked if they would like some coffee. Summer said she was surprised that Tessa had returned and that she was working for Sharon. Summer chortled and said that Mariah had to have been over the moon because Tessa had returned.

Mariah joined Kyle, Summer, and Tessa and sarcastically mocked that Summer had only been at her job for three months and already needed a vacation. Mariah asked Summer if anyone had gone with her. Through gritted teeth, Summer said she had needed the time to be alone. Kyle commented that Summer had given and given until it had hurt, and she had needed to recharge. Mariah declared that some of them only got a coffee break for that.

Mariah gave Tessa a quick peck and left. Caustically, Summer commented that Mariah and Tessa were cute. Tessa returned to the coffee counter, and Kyle left for home. Alone, Summer sent Billy a text message asking if he wanted to see her tan lines.

Inside Crimson Lights, Tessa spotted and approached Devon. Devon was surprised to see her. She offered her condolences for his loss. She said she was ashamed about the things she'd said to Hilary, and she apologized for the way she'd left Hamilton-Winters. Devon asked Tessa what she wanted. Tessa explained that she needed $20,000 for people across the border to free her sister. Devon said he'd already given Tessa a second chance, and she'd have to find someone who didn't know her as well as he did. He walked away.

Nate arrived at Cane's to see how he was holding up. Cane said he was managing and that Mattie and Charlie had been trying to put on a brave front, but Charlie had been making noises about not attending classes. He said that he'd tried to arrange a visit with Lily for the following day, but he'd been advised that Lily wasn't permitted to have visitors for the first forty-eight hours. Cane wanted to enlist Devon's help, but Nate said that Devon wasn't in a frame of mind to help anyone because he was still in a lot of pain.

After Nate left, Cane stood in the kitchen and sobbed.

Phyllis continued to panic because she couldn't find Dina. At that moment, Kyle returned and told Phyllis he'd found Dina and had taken her upstairs to her bedroom. He told Phyllis that he'd found Dina by using the tracker he'd hidden in Dina's purse. Phyllis told Kyle she'd been terrified and was very relieved that Kyle had found Dina. Kyle said Phyllis would get used to it.

At that moment, Dina entered the living room and announced that it was time for a Marlon Brando movie. She said that he was so dreamy. Phyllis sat with Dina and watched as Dina joyfully watched her Marlon Brando movie.

Devon arrived at Sharon's and asked Mariah if she had a moment to speak with him. Devon asked why Tessa had returned to Genoa City. Proudly, Mariah said that Tessa had returned to be with her. Devon informed Mariah that Tessa had asked him for a great deal of money. Mariah said that she hadn't known that Tessa had planned to do that. She explained that Tessa needed the money for some people across the border for the release of her sister. Devon said that Tessa had told him that, but he was very skeptical about Tessa's reasons.

Billy joins the poker tournament Billy joins the poker tournament

Thursday, September 6, 2018

At the Abbott mansion, Ashley told Phyllis that they'd been lucky that Kyle had had a way to locate Dina, since Dina could have been hurt. Phyllis grumbled at the insinuation that she'd committed elder abuse, and the women argued. Abby intervened by announcing that Arturo was back from his trip, and she'd missed him more than she'd thought she could. Ashley asked where Billy was, and Phyllis replied that he'd left early for the office -- probably to get away from there.

Ashley hoped that Dina didn't remember how frightened she'd been when she'd been wandering around the grounds. Abby defended that Phyllis hadn't understood how complicated the situation was, and she was sure it wouldn't happen again. Abby departed, and Ashley huffed that she'd make sure it never happened again. Phyllis pointed out that she'd apologized, and she'd thought she'd been doing a good thing to make up for the disruption of her and Billy moving in, even though it was his family's estate.

Ashley snapped that there was no blood Abbott clause that prevented her from living in the house she'd grown up in. Phyllis taunted that Billy being CEO got under Ashley's skin, but Ashley countered that Billy was only there because Jack had amended the bylaws to protect the company from people like Phyllis. Ashley added that Billy hadn't earned the title, but Phyllis bragged that Billy had raised the profile of the company and that he was just getting started. "Not if I can help it," Ashley retorted, but Phyllis told her to accept that Billy wasn't going anywhere.

At the cottage, Nick returned home from his business trip and called out to ask if anyone was home, but he received no response. He started to head into the kitchen, but he stopped when Sharon purred, "Did you think I forgot you were coming back today?" He turned around and found her dressed only in a bra and panties, and they scrambled upstairs to have sex.

Nick escorted Sharon to Crimson Lights and inquired about her finals. She chirped that grades had already been posted, so she was ready for graduation. He suggested that they have their own private party once the Dark Horse launch was over, and he wanted to do it in their new home. He asked if she'd checked out the houses he'd picked online, but she rambled about everything she'd been busy with. Nick acknowledged that she was attached to her home, but he needed something new that reflected who he was then. Sharon insisted that his actions made more of a statement than any piece of real estate ever could, but he was determined to break free from his father's orbit.

Nick planned to call a Realtor and check out some places after work, and he headed out. He ran into Abby on his way out and inquired about her plans for the launch event. She offered to fill him in later, and he reported that Arturo had volunteered to stay behind in Madison to wrap things up. Rey walked in, and Abby wondered if he was the reason Arturo hadn't hurried back. Nick and Rey shook hands, and Abby was surprised that they knew one another.

Nick explained how he and Rey had met, and Rey mentioned that he had tickets to a Chicago Fire game. Rey imagined that Nick had to take a break sometime, and Nick hoped to take Rey up on the offer. Sharon overheard and asked where her ticket was for cooking dinner for Rey, and a curious Abby wondered how that had happened. Sharon recounted that Rey had saved her from having to call a plumber, so the least she'd been able to do had been to feed him. She mentioned that Mariah had joined them, and Nick found it a nice thing to do for someone new in town. Abby noted that Rey was hardly a stranger to Genoa City, since he was Arturo's brother.

Nick divulged that Arturo worked for him, and Rey commented that it was a small world. Nick learned that his meeting had been postponed, and he suggested that he and Sharon check out some homes. She halfheartedly agreed, and they departed. Abby stopped Rey from leaving and recounted that he'd wanted them to get to know one another under the pretense of helping him get things right with Arturo, but Rey hadn't told her a "damn thing" about himself. Abby questioned why Arturo wanted to leave a room the second Rey walked into it, and she guessed that Arturo had stayed out of town because of Rey.

Abby didn't buy the sibling rivalry story, and she demanded that Rey tell her what was really going on with him and Arturo. Rey contended that his private family issues weren't Abby's business, but Abby retorted that it was her business when the man she was seeing had extended his trip to avoid Rey. Rey countered that she should be asking her boyfriend those questions, and he found it telling that Arturo wasn't offering an explanation about why he hadn't returned. Rey imagined that Abby was thinking with her heart instead of her head, and he said he would hate to see her get hurt.

Sharon and Nick returned home, and he raved about the house they'd just seen. She conceded that it had been impressive, but it had six more bedrooms than what they needed. He jokingly suggested that they have six more kids, but she had found the place cold and impersonal. She complained that it had echoed, but he reasoned that they'd fill it with furniture, kids, and dogs. He pointed out that she'd been willing to leave her life behind to move to San Diego with him, and he wondered what had changed. "You," she replied.

Sharon explained that San Diego had been different because it had been before Dark Horse and the things Nick had done to get even with Victor, all of which Nick had kept from her. She worried that Dark Horse would end up being just like Victor's empire, and she wondered if Nick's quest for a new house was more about Victor than about Nick. Sharon questioned what they'd be giving up their cozy home on a beautiful ranch for, and Nick pulled her into a kiss and thanked her for her honesty. He acknowledged that he'd done some shady things to get Dark Horse off the ground and that he'd enjoyed showing up his dad, but it was over. Sharon revealed that she'd only invited Rey over for dinner to find out how much he knew, since he was a debt collector who was investigating J.T.'s unpaid expenses. Sharon cautioned that it wasn't over.

At the Athletic Club, Kyle informed Jack that Phyllis felt terrible about losing track of Dina. Jack sympathized that Phyllis hadn't had any idea what she'd taken on, and Kyle thought he should have known that Phyllis might not be prepared. Jack assured him that no one had been more devoted to Dina than Kyle, and Kyle recalled that Dina had been cute when she'd acted like she'd given her nurse the slip. Jack chuckled and pointed out that no harm had been done, but he worried about the next time.

Jack regretted losing Dina at a time when their family was in turmoil, but Kyle was glad for the time he'd had with her, getting to experience her sharp mind and fierce wit. Jack recognized that Kyle had been going through a lot himself, trying to find his place in the messy Abbott bunch. Kyle lamented that he had to choose sides, and Jack advised him to try not to get caught in the crossfire between Ashley and Billy. Jack promised that Kyle would always have him.

Jack stopped by the mansion and urged Ashley to go easy on Phyllis. A panicked Dina raced in, upset that she couldn't find Piper. Ashley offered to help look, but Dina angrily demanded to know what Ashley had done with her doggie. Jack described the dog and claimed that he'd just seen Piper outside, chasing squirrels. Dina gushed that it was her dog's favorite thing, and she excused herself to write some letters. Ashley noted that Dina still responded well to Jack, and he contemplated whether he should move back in.

Ashley recalled that Jack had been adamant about not belonging there, and he admitted that part of him still felt that way, but he had to make Dina a priority. Ashley complained that things had gotten complicated around there, and she wondered how he'd feel about passing his ex-wife in the halls when Phyllis was sharing a room with Billy. Jack figured that he'd handled things until that point, and he anticipated that he'd continue to do so -- even if they were all calling the same place home. Jack intended to move back in as soon as possible.

Dina returned with a scrapbook and asked if they'd like to see her wonderful family. She showed Ashley and Jack a picture of John on their wedding day, and she called her husband a handsome devil. Dina proudly stated that he was very successful and owned his own company, and she turned the pages to show off her children. She pointed out Ashley and Jack, but she couldn't remember her youngest child's name. Ashley tried to maintain her composure as Dina bragged about her kids and how she and John had been married for over 50 years.

Ashley choked out that it was quite an accomplishment, and Dina marveled that she and John were still crazy in love and that she had the perfect life and family. Dina's voice trailed off, and the book fell to the floor as she absently stood up and wandered away. Jack lamented that Dina didn't remember walking out, destroying their family, and breaking their dad's heart. Ashley questioned whether he wanted their mother to relive that pain, and she thought that perhaps it was a blessing that Dina was living a fantasy. "Yeah, maybe for her," Jack muttered.

At Jabot, Billy sent a text message to Sinead, requesting that she get him a seat at the poker tournament in Las Vegas. Summer walked in and handed him Fenmore's holiday event schedule, and Billy coolly stated that he'd get back to Lauren when he could. Summer observed that he seemed disoriented, and she wondered if he'd thought she was there to discuss all the trouble he'd been going through to avoid her. Billy blasted her for crossing the line by booking a ticket to Philadelphia, and he flatly stated that even if she'd made it there, nothing would have happened. She asked who he was trying to convince, and he reiterated that he had no intention of cheating on Phyllis.

Summer contended that Billy had hidden his attraction to Summer from Phyllis, and that told Summer everything she needed to know. Summer referred to the lengths to which Phyllis had gone to keep Summer out of Billy's bed, but Billy ranted that Summer was out of control if she thought he would risk everything to be with her. Summer figured that he liked strong, confident women who knew what they wanted, and Billy pointed out that she was describing Phyllis. He accused Summer of using him to hurt her mother, and he thought her sad, immature move had reeked of desperation. He ordered her to get back to work, or he'd show her that she wasn't as valuable as she thought she was. Summer stepped out, and Billy read a response from Sinead, who informed him that the entry deadline had passed.

Phyllis found Billy rushing out of his office, and he claimed that he was late for a meeting, thanks to Summer. He recounted that he'd told Summer that he was done with her garbage and that he wouldn't allow her to use him to stick it to Phyllis. Billy was confident that Summer had heard him that time, and Billy's phone pinged with a text message. Phyllis wondered if it was Summer, crossing the boundaries again, but Billy hurried off for his meeting.

Billy met Sinead in the park, and she reiterated that it was too late to get into the tournament. He had faith that she could convince the right people to make an exception, but she questioned why he wanted in after he'd said he was out. He begged her for a teensy favor, but she reminded him that they weren't friends. He pondered what would happen if word got out that she was blocking a rival from getting in, but she scoffed at the idea of being scared of him. Billy warned that it would look like a weakness, but Sinead maintained that she couldn't help. Billy handed her a thick envelope of goodwill money to talk to the powers that be to get him into the tournament, and she refused to make any promises but kept the money. She sauntered off.

Kyle met Sinead at the Dive Bar, and she reported that Billy had gone for it. She crowed that she'd played Billy beautifully, since he'd shown up with an envelope of cash to persuade her to vouch for him with the tournament organizers. She added that Billy hadn't bothered to check her story about the entry deadline, and she anticipated that top-drawer talent would be there. Kyle guessed that she was the real draw, and he instructed her to keep Billy shelling out the big bucks until Kyle said otherwise. Kyle confirmed that he would pay off her entire debt, provided no one ever knew about their arrangement. Summer appeared on the rooftop.

Sinead pressed to know why Kyle was going to a lot of trouble to get Billy seriously on the hook, and Kyle replied that it was for a good cause. He said he'd be in touch, and he approached Summer, who was sure that he was dying to claim his prize for winning their bet. He asked if she was conceding, and she noted that she'd failed to get Billy into bed before month-end. She proclaimed that she was ready to pay her debt, and she flatly asked where he wanted to go to hook up.

Kyle wondered if Summer was giving up on Billy, and she figured that maybe Billy had learned from his mistakes, since he was being a very good boy those days. She accepted that Kyle had won, and she wanted to get it out of the way. Kyle remarked that risking his car for a quickie didn't work for him, and he preferred to savor his victory. Summer agreed to make a night of it, and she promised that he would enjoy every moment of it.

Billy returned to Jabot and told Phyllis that his meeting had gone fantastic. She suggested that they go to happy hour, but he received a text message from Sinead, who revealed that she'd pulled some strings to get him into the tournament, and the first deal was in Vegas at noon the next day. Billy fibbed that there was a construction problem in Arizona, and he had to go there to ensure that the boutique opened on schedule. Phyllis proposed that she go with him and make a weekend of it, but he claimed that he'd be working the whole time. He promised that he would do something special for her once he got back, and he went into his office to make travel plans.

Over the phone, Billy left his return date open-ended. Phyllis knocked on the door and asked if everything was booked for his trip, and he mentioned that he'd be flying commercial because the Jabot jet was in New York. She pressed to spend some time together before he left, but he thought he should get home to pack before his flight that night. She wanted to drive him to the airport, but he blurted out that he couldn't do it. He confessed that he'd lied to her about going to Phoenix.

Phyllis was stunned to hear that Billy was really going to Vegas, and he divulged that he'd be playing in a big invitational poker tournament with a lot of ranking professionals and talented amateurs, including him. He considered it his chance to prove that he could compete with the best of the best, and she asked why he was telling her when he could have lied to her again. Billy insisted that he didn't want to do that to her anymore, since it had been eating him alive. He refused to keep his gambling secret just because people would judge him, and he wouldn't live with the guilt and shame because someone else had labeled him an addict.

Billy declared that he wanted it all out in the open, and it had been a rush to even get into the game in the first place. He confided that experiencing the big win was when he felt most alive, and only a few players in the world could play at that level. He needed to know if he was one of those people, since he believed it was in his DNA. He envisioned feeling like the king of the world for a few days, but he promised that he would then continue his life and not get sucked into an abyss. Billy swore that he loved Phyllis and knew that she loved him, and he hoped that she trusted him when he told her that he needed to do it. He recognized that he was taking a risk by telling her the truth, and he asked if she would go on the ride with him.

Phyllis becomes suspicious of Sinead Phyllis becomes suspicious of Sinead

Friday, September 7, 2018

At the Ashby home, Cane informed Charlie and Mattie that he'd left a message for the attendance office about them being late to school because they were going to visit Lily. Mattie lamented that she was worried about her mom, and Cane replied that he was worried about the twins. Mattie mentioned that she'd done some research about what they could and couldn't do when they went to see Lily. Charlie grumbled that thanks to the idiot who'd baked a file in a cake, they couldn't take Lily any decent food.

Mattie said she was marking the days until Lily was home, and she was sure Cane was, too. Mattie stepped out to finish getting ready, and Cane encouraged a forlorn Charlie to talk to him. Charlie bemoaned that he wasn't good with words like Mattie was, and he didn't want to say the wrong thing. Cane assured him that Lily would just be happy to see Charlie, but Charlie fretted that he didn't want to make it harder. Cane insisted that going to see Lily would make them all feel better.

At the state penitentiary, a guard led Lily into the visiting room, where Lily hugged Cane and the twins. Lily swore that she was okay, and she told them to relax because she was fine. They made small talk about Sam, work, and school, but Charlie was obviously uncomfortable. Lily encouraged Charlie to enjoy his senior year, and she asked him to make a documentary of their family's life for her to watch when she got out to see everything she missed. Charlie wished that it wasn't necessary, but Lily begged him to do it for her.

Mattie announced that she and Cane had put money in Lily's commissary account, and she inquired whether Lily had seen the infirmary, since she was entitled to health care. Lily assured them that the place was comfortable and clean, but Charlie doubted that it was a "chill spa." Lily countered that it wasn't a cable show, either, and the facilities included a library, a TV room, an exercise yard, and a chapel, so she'd been keeping busy. Lily added that she'd met some inmates who had recognized her from her modeling days, and they'd even asked for hair and makeup tips. Lily insisted that she was holding her own in there, and Cane sent the twins to get a snack from the vending machine outside.

After the kids stepped out, Cane asked how Lily was really doing. She admitted that she was trying to stay strong, but she didn't know how she would live through it. Cane asked what he could do to make things easier, and Lily said it was nice seeing them, but it wasn't the same. She recounted that she lay in bed at night, listening to the guards walking up and down the corridors and the prisoners yelling, and she had no one to talk to during the day, so she felt very alone. Cane inquired about the people who had recognized her, and she confessed that she'd lied for the kids' sake.

Lily revealed that some inmates had recognized her, but she'd been an easy target as a spoiled rich girl, and it was wearing on her. She wailed that she hadn't been able to sleep or eat, and a year in prison felt like forever. Cane asked what time they turned out the lights, and she thought it was around ten at night. Cane promised that every night at ten, he'd turn out his lights and think about her while she thought about him, and they would go to sleep at the same time until she got out of there and was back home in his arms.

Lily thought falling asleep at the same time was more than she deserved, but Cane reminded her that Devon had retracted his statement. Lily whimpered that she'd thought prison would help her with her guilt, but it had just made things worse. She didn't know if the feelings would ever go away. Charlie peered in through the window as Lily cried.

Abby was thrilled when Jack moved back into the Abbott mansion. She offered to help with his bags, and he asked where everyone was. She explained that her mom had gone to work early and that Phyllis and Billy were out of town, so it was just her and Dina there. Abby declared that she was glad Jack was back, since he never should have left. She affectionately scolded him for being impulsive and selfish for leaving, and she asked how he felt about sharing the house with Phyllis again. He clarified that it would be with Phyllis and Billy, but he insisted he was where he belonged. "This is home," he mused as he looked around.

Jack and Abby toasted to his homecoming, and he asked what had been going on with her. She reported that she loved her new job, and he muttered that anything was better than working with the "Moustache." Jack inquired about how things were going with Arturo, and she shared her belief that Arturo had extended his business trip to avoid his brother, who had shown up in town right before Arturo had left. She confided that Rey had told her that the conflict between the brothers was a result of him having to parent Arturo and their little sister when they'd been growing up, but she sensed that there was more to it. Jack advised that he knew from experience that relationships between brothers could get pretty complex.

Abby apologized for dumping her problems on Jack when he would probably much rather talk about Dina, who had gotten much worse lately. Jack admitted that it was a big part of why he'd moved back home, since he didn't want to miss any of the increasingly rare moments his mother recognized him. Abby couldn't believe how different Dina was from the person she'd been when she'd returned to town, and she imagined it was even harder on Jack, Ashley, and Traci to watch their mother's beautiful mind deteriorate. Jack recognized that Dina had her faults, but she'd always been fiercely independent and smart as a whip. He wanted to be angry with her for many reasons, including his paternity mess, but he could only be sad for her and for himself, since she'd never be able to tell him who his real father was.

Abby apologized for making the film about Dina's life, since it had led to the discovery that John wasn't Jack's father. Jack blamed Victor for the debacle, but Abby believed that her father hadn't been responsible for revealing the secret. Jack wondered if whoever had done it knew who his father really was, and Abby pointed out that Dina had been consistent about meeting Jack's father at the country club. Abby noted that the other key detail was the Stardust Inn, and the man's name could still be in the motel's records. Jack realized that he could cross-check the motel registry against the country club's ledgers and look for a match, and he exclaimed that Abby might have helped him find his father. They hugged.

Later, Jack overheard Ashley on the phone with Neil, saying she'd been thinking a lot about him. After she hung up, Ashley reported that Sofia was in the hospital but stable. Jack imagined that it couldn't be easy for Neil between Sofia's health status and everything going on with Lily, and he thought it was nice that Neil had Ashley. Ashley called Neil a good friend, and Jack pushed her to elaborate, given the smile he'd seen on her face at the end of the conversation. She reluctantly admitted that she and Neil had gotten closer, but they were taking it slowly. Jack hoped it worked out, since he thought they both deserved happiness.

Jack informed Ashley that he'd hit another brick wall with the search for his father. Abby returned, and Jack explained that he'd been telling Ashley about Abby's great idea, even though it hadn't led to anything. He needed a fresh perspective, and he requested that the three of them put their heads together to think of something he'd missed. Ashley balked, and Jack recognized that she wanted him to give up. However, he was determined to follow it to the end, no matter what the truth was. Ashley promised to do whatever she could to help.

Abby was disappointed that the Stardust Inn's records didn't go back far enough, and Jack figured that he was back to the country club's ledger and Dina's journals. Ashley wondered what she could do, and Jack requested that she ask Neil whether any of Dina's personal stuff had been included in Mergeron's files. Abby gazed at the photo of Dina with Phillip and Katherine, and she considered it odd that Dina had felt the need to keep it in a bank vault. Ashley found it especially strange if Dina hadn't had an affair with Phillip, and Jack declared that Ashley might have just helped him solve the mystery.

Jack looked through the country club photos and noticed that the men in them had all seemed drawn to Dina. Ashley remarked that Dina loved attention, and Abby observed that the men seemed like they were under a spell -- even Phillip. Jack theorized that Phillip had rejected Dina and that she'd turned to one of the other men instead. Jack intended to find out which one of them was his father.

In Las Vegas, Billy entered his hotel room and found a card welcoming him to the casino and noting that the times and locations of the poker tournament were on the desk. Phyllis appeared in the doorway and hoped he was looking at a voucher for multiple drinks, considering what he was paying for the room. She griped about how expensive the spa services were, but he assured her that all the costs were on him that weekend. Phyllis warned that he might regret saying that, but Billy thought it was the least he could do to thank her for being there. She recognized that the tournament was important to him, and she wanted to share it with him. They embraced, but she looked wary.

Billy could feel the energy of the tournament from up there, and he looked forward to playing against some of the best players in the world. He crowed that the sky was the limit with how much money he had the potential to win, but Phyllis cautioned that he could also lose just as big. He lectured that it was a rule not to sit at the table unless one had killer confidence and the skills, and walking the tightrope with no net was what was so exciting about it. She told him to remember that when he was all in for the biggest pot of the night.

Billy intended to make sure he was sitting at the table for the first hand, or he would lose his seat. Phyllis emailed him a spreadsheet of the win-loss record of the top players in the tournament, and she explained that she'd put it together to help her better understand the game. She thought the information would give him an idea of what he was up against, and he looked it over and remarked that some of the competitors made more money playing poker than he earned as CEO of Jabot. She heard concern in his voice, but he asserted that he was totally up for the challenge. She pledged to be there for him, no matter what, including supporting him if he decided to drop out.

Later, Phyllis told Billy that she'd put his things away, and she asked if he was mad. He admitted that he was curious about why she'd joined him in Vegas when he'd gotten the impression that she didn't want him to actually play in the tournament. She insisted that she was just as committed to supporting him as he was to playing, and he commented that he was already winning. She regretted that she'd ever suggested that he was interested in Summer, but Billy recognized that he'd given Phyllis reason not to trust him. Phyllis blamed her own insecurities more than anything he'd ever done, and he proclaimed that all their cards were on the table from then on.

Phyllis and Billy played poker on the bed, and she grinned at her hand before she went all in. He did likewise, and she displayed her cards and told him to read them and weep. He replied that he wouldn't be the one crying, and he showed his winning hand. She argued that he could have lost just as easily, and he figured that it was why it was called gambling. Phyllis disliked it because she preferred being in control, but she understood that it gave him a high to push things as far as he could.

Billy recognized that the "old Billy" would have gotten in over his head because he hadn't known when to stop, but the "new Billy" knew where to draw the line. Phyllis cooed that she didn't want to lose all of the old him, since sometimes taking risks was worth it. She seductively suggested that they make use of the elevator and the 23 floors between them and the casino. He vowed not to lose his edge but also not to push too far, since he wouldn't do anything to jeopardize their relationship, and she was there to make sure he didn't. She asked if that made her good cop or bad cop, and he responded that it didn't matter as long as she wore a sexy outfit.

Billy and Phyllis kissed, but she cautioned him to be careful not to miss the start of the tournament. She offered to put on a sexy dealer's outfit so he could take it right back off, but a knock at the door interrupted them. Billy opened it to Sinead, who was surprised that he wasn't checking out the action downstairs. He introduced Sinead to Phyllis as one of the competitors, and Sinead bragged that she'd been good enough to win "Bill's" boat away from him until he had gotten lucky enough to win enough to buy it back. Billy wondered if Sinead had gotten him into the tournament because she thought she could outplay him, and Sinead replied that she'd bet money on it.

Phyllis was intrigued that Sinead had been responsible for Billy playing at the tournament, and Billy explained that Sinead had told him about it and gotten him a seat at the table. Phyllis was curious about what was in it for Sinead. Sinead admired the couple's digs, and Billy taunted that the room would be perfect for celebrating victories. Phyllis pushed to know why Sinead had been so eager to help Billy, and Sinead guessed that Phyllis thought Sinead was after her man. Billy insisted that Sinead was just a poker buddy, but Phyllis pointed out that Sinead still hadn't explained why she'd pulled strings to get him into the tournament.

Sinead claimed that she was angry with herself for selling the boat back, and she hoped that the high-stakes event would lead to Billy putting the boat back on the table. Billy swore that he'd learned his lesson, and Jaboat was past his limits. Sinead teased that he was going soft on her, and she imagined that it was Phyllis' influence. Sinead lectured that she'd dated gamblers, but it had never worked out; she'd rather beat them than bed them. Sinead told Billy not to make her look bad for getting him in, but he'd have to settle for second place. Sinead exited. Billy realized that he had to go big or go home, but he knew that Phyllis would be watching him the whole time. Phyllis also intended to watch Sinead, since there was something about her that Phyllis didn't trust.

Later, Phyllis and Billy returned to their room and silently stared at one another for a moment. He joyously threw a bunch of bills up in the air as she laughed, and he threw her on the bed. She reflected back on the excitement she'd felt just watching him, and he hoped she saw why he didn't want to give it up. He gushed that it was one of the best feelings in the world -- second only to her. He covered her in kisses, and she struggled to hide her concern.

Billy crowed that he'd won enough money for 20 spa treatments and a shopping spree, and he planned to enjoy the ride but keep his seatbelt on. Sinead dropped by again, and Billy smugly asked if she was there to borrow money, but she huffed that she'd catch up the next round. Phyllis pointed out that Sinead was assuming that Billy would keep playing, and Sinead snapped that it was poor form to quit in the middle of a tournament, especially when one was ahead.

Phyllis questioned why Sinead wanted Billy to keep playing, and Sinead contended that he'd look bad if he walked early. Billy acknowledged that tournaments like that didn't happen every day, so he was all in until it was over. Sinead reminded him that the stakes were double in the next round.

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