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Rey arrested Nick at the Dark Horse launch. Nick confessed to impersonating J.T. Devon forgave Lily. Jack reeled when Abby blabbed that Victor might be his half-brother. Billy's gambling escalated. Tessa said she loved Mariah. Kyle pretended to be asleep to avoid having meaningless sex with Summer.
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Rey is set to make his move

Rey is set to make his move

Monday, September 10, 2018

At the Genoa City Athletic Club, Nikki read her invitation to Dark Horse's launch celebration. Jack approached and told Nikki he hoped she'd be present for the most exclusive event in town. Nikki asked if she'd have the option of inviting someone to accompany her. Jack replied, "As long as it doesn't violate our very strict 'no-mustache' policy." Jack added that security measures were in place to ensure that the CEO's father didn't spoil Nick's big night. Jack insisted that Nick's new company shouldn't be considered a threat to Victor. Nikki reminded Jack that the father-and-son dynamic between Nick and Victor was still present whether or not they both were aware of it.

Victor arrived. Jack told Nikki he'd see her the following evening. After Jack left, Victor asked Nikki why she'd be seeing Jack the following evening. Nikki claimed that Jack had arranged for her to meet a wealthy donor interested in New Hope. Victor asked Nikki if Nick had abandoned her to manage the charity alone while he concentrated his efforts on his "doomed" business called Dark Horse.

In their Las Vegas hotel room, Billy and Phyllis enjoyed breakfast in bed. Phyllis lauded Billy's success at the poker table and noted that he'd bested his pal, Sinead. Phyllis mentioned that Lauren had sent a few messages. Phyllis told Billy she should return to Genoa City to appease Lauren. Billy insisted on staying in Las Vegas, and he assured Phyllis that Fenmore's would survive a day without her. Billy added that he and Phyllis were back on track to play fast, fun, and loose. Phyllis added that they were also passionate, and she kissed Billy.

Billy told Phyllis he'd enjoyed his foray back into the exciting world of gambling. Billy seemed confident that he was also able to control himself by cashing out and stepping away. Phyllis said she enjoyed the thrill of being by Billy's side. Billy said, "It's never going to be 'all or nothing' for me ever again, not as long as I have you." Billy kissed Phyllis and said they were on a red-hot winning streak.

At Crimson Lights, Tessa thanked Sharon for hiring her. Sharon was taken aback when Tessa asked for an advance on her pay. Sharon thought Tessa had requested her first week's pay. Tessa replied, "Actually, for the next few months' worth." Tessa claimed that she was strapped for cash and needed money to pay a deposit and rent on her apartment. Sharon declined the request and explained that had Tessa encountered an emergency, she might've considered helping.

When Rey entered the coffeehouse, Sharon was relieved when Tessa offered to serve him. After Tessa served Rey, she greeted Charlie. Tessa asked Charlie about school, surmising that he'd been skipping. Charlie was relieved when Tessa agreed to keep Charlie's secret and told him she was aware of his personal circumstances. Tessa hugged Charlie before he left. Charlie didn't appear to be in a hurry as he exited through the patio.

Tessa served Rey another cup of coffee and noted how fortunate he was to have earned free coffee for a month. Rey said he was one of Sharon's favorites, much like Phyllis and Victoria. Tessa said she doubted the two women were Sharon's favorites. Rey recalled having seen them all together. Tessa said Sharon, Phyllis, and Victoria might have been working on their charity project.

Sharon approached and greeted Rey. Rey asked about Nick. Tessa blurted out that Nick was likely in his office, finalizing plans for Dark Horse's official launch. Rey agreed it would be a major event. After Rey left, Sharon turned to Tessa and said, "What have you been telling him?" Tessa assured Sharon she hadn't shared private information, unless Sharon had wished to keep her charity work with Phyllis and Victoria a secret. Sharon urged Tessa to use extra caution whenever she spoke to Rey.

Sharon explained that Rey was a debt collector in search of J.T. Hellstrom. Tessa replied, "Well, I mean, I don't have J.T. stashed away anywhere. Do you?" Sharon noted that Rey's investigation had dredged up unpleasantness for a number of people. Tessa recalled that J.T. was a murder who should be located. Noting that Sharon seemed anxious, Tessa apologized for telling Rey more than she should have. Sharon struck a deal and promised to pay Tessa in advance if she would pledge loyalty and discretion. Tessa replied, "You got it."

After Sharon walked away, Mariah entered. Tessa greeted Mariah and announced that she would be paid an advance on her salary. Mariah was pleased, but she noted that it still wouldn't be enough to pay off the people demanding money. Mariah added that she couldn't believe Tessa didn't appear concerned. Tessa assured Mariah she would manage to scrape up the $20,000 she owed and would find her way out of a tough situation.

Mariah mentioned that Tessa had approached Devon for a loan. Tessa said Devon had likely brought it up because he didn't trust her and had told Mariah she shouldn't either. Tessa expressed regret for having asked Devon for the money. Mariah promised to help Tessa figure things out. After Tessa left, Sharon asked Mariah if something was wrong. Mariah said that Tessa needed money. Sharon announced that she'd advanced Tessa a month's salary.

Mariah admitted to Sharon that Tessa needed a lot more money because extortionists had issued threats. Sharon expressed doubts that the story was true. Sharon suggested that Tessa should seek protection from the police. Mariah explained that Tessa could be in trouble for arranging to have Crystal smuggled over the border. Sharon urged Mariah to be objective when considering Tessa's situation. Mariah said Sharon thought Tessa had returned only because she needed money.

At Devon's penthouse, Devon greeted Shauna and acknowledged that they'd all been through a rough time. Shauna agreed that mourning Hilary had been harder than she'd imagined. Devon encouraged Shauna to talk about her feelings. Shauna said she'd also been thinking about Lily and wondering how she was. Devon said he didn't know because he'd hadn't spoken to her and wasn't sure when he could make time to visit her in prison. Devon changed the subject and said he was late for a meeting, so he couldn't drive Shauna to school. Shauna replied, "No need."

After Devon left, Charlie arrived. When Shauna answered the door and saw Charlie, she said, "You can't be here." Shauna told Charlie she couldn't break Devon's rules and should be heading to school. Charlie admitted he couldn't handle school because he'd had to lie to friends about Lily being fine. Charlie asked if Devon had visited Lily. Shauna said she doubted Devon had planned a visit. Charlie was disappointed, so Shauna comforted him with an embrace.

Devon returned unexpectedly and was surprised to find Charlie with Shauna. Devon said, "You guys have obviously forgotten what I thought you learned." Charlie explained that he'd barged in uninvited, and Shauna had asked him to leave. Shauna added that Charlie had just wanted to talk because he wasn't doing well.

After Shauna left, Charlie told Devon that he couldn't eat, sleep, or think, and he couldn't attend school. Charlie added that he felt he should suffer every minute while his mom was in prison because her being there was his fault. Devon embraced Charlie. Charlie was disappointed to learn that Devon couldn't forgive Lily, though Devon believed Charlie's situation to be quite different. Charlie said neither of them could change what had happened. Devon said what could be changed was getting Charlie's senior year off to a good start. Charlie made a deal to attend school if Devon agreed to visit Lily.

At the Abbott mansion, Lauren stopped by, and Jack greeted her at the door. Lauren said Phyllis had told her that Jack had moved back home. Lauren added that Phyllis had been away during the weekend and had failed to return when expected. When Jack explained that Phyllis and Billy had reconciled, Lauren noted that Billy was likely responsible for Phyllis' irresponsible behavior. Lauren complained that Billy had run amok, and she expressed concerned about Billy's power struggle with Ashley because it could hurt Fenmore's.

Lauren phoned Phyllis. Phyllis claimed that thunderstorms had delayed her flights home. Phyllis promised she'd return in the evening and be available the next day. Lauren reminded Phyllis that they had a lot to discuss.

After the call ended, Lauren confirmed Jack's suspicion that Phyllis was with Billy. Lauren expressed disappointment in Phyllis and asked what she was supposed to do. Jack said he wished he could help, but he pointed to Dina's memorabilia spread out on a table and explained that his hands were full. Jack picked up one photo, showed it to Lauren, and said he believed that one of the men in the old picture might be his father. Lauren examined the photo and said, "My father is in this picture." Jack replied, "Could it be?" Lauren said, "Sure as hell better not be."

After Lauren mentioned that Jill was her half-sister, it was crucial to prove that both she and Jill hadn't slept with their half-brother, Jack. After a quick search online, Lauren discovered that she and Jack could determine whether or not they were related through blood types. Lauren said her father had had type A blood. Jack said Dina also had type A blood, though his was type B. Lauren was elated to announce that two parents with type A blood couldn't produce children with type B blood.

Jack was disappointed and said he'd have to determine the identity of the other men in the old photo. Lauren looked again and recognized Stuart Brooks, the former editor and publisher of the Genoa City Chronicle. Lauren asked Jack if he'd ever slept with one of Stuart's daughters. Jack would only admit that he'd dated Peggy. Lauren pointed to another man in the photo and said she didn't know him. Jack used a magnifying glass to discern the stranger's features and said he'd have to determine the man's name and connection to his mother.

Back at the hotel, Phyllis began packing her bags. Phyllis told Billy they should drive to the airport to confirm their flight because missing it would make Lauren furious. Billy lounged in bed and insisted that he and Phyllis were still on vacation and should join another game of poker. Phyllis said she couldn't participate in another game because she had a job she enjoyed, and she needed to get back to it. Billy had other plans, removed Phyllis' robe, and said they made a "hell of a team." Billy received a message inviting him to another tournament. He was excited, but Phyllis seemed apprehensive.

Victor and Nikki had just finished breakfast at the Athletic Club when Victor spotted Rey. Before Victor invited Rey to join them, he told Nikki they should find out what Rey was up to. Rey took a seat when Victor invited him to join them. Victor asked Rey how the stock market had affected his job in finance. Rey changed his story and claimed he was a debt collector, which, Rey noted, wasn't a profession that elicited a positive reaction. Nikki bristled when Victor said that Rey likely found his job to be satisfying after catching a culprit and ensuring he didn't become a repeat offender.

Victor changed the subject and noted that Rey seemed different than his brother, Arturo. Rey said he'd had to act as a father figure, which had made Arturo resentful. Victor said he understood because he'd bumped heads with his son. Rey said he'd been impressed with Nick and asked if Victor and Nikki would be attending the launch of Dark Horse. Victor glanced at Nikki, and she claimed she was surprised that the official launch had been set so quickly.

Rey admitted that he'd said too much. Nikki laughed and said the parents were often the last to know. Victor acknowledged that family relations were often more complex than an outsider could discern. After Rey excused himself, he stepped away to make a call. Rey phoned someone and said, "Yeah. That's right. I'm making my move tomorrow."

Rey makes an arrest at the Dark Horse launch

Rey makes an arrest at the Dark Horse launch

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

At Crimson Lights, Rey asked Tessa if Sharon was working that day, but Tessa claimed that she wasn't sure. He figured that the launch party for Nick's company was that night, so that was probably why Sharon wasn't there. Arturo walked in and stopped when he saw his brother, and he mumbled that he'd thought Rey would have taken off by then. Rey questioned whether Arturo had thought he'd leave town without seeing Lola, but Arturo snapped that he had nothing to say to Rey. Rey warned that Arturo couldn't avoid him forever.

Rey protested that things shouldn't be like that between brothers, but Arturo recalled that Rey had wanted Arturo out of his life. Arturo added that it had worked out for him, since he was working steadily and dating a great girl. Rey suspected that Abby would have second thoughts if she knew what Arturo had done, and Arturo asked if that was a threat. Rey implied that he wouldn't say anything if Arturo told him where Lola was. Arturo agreed to let Lola know that Rey was in town and let her decide whether she wanted to see him.

Mariah arrived at the coffeehouse, and Tessa gushed that Mariah was dolled up like a TV star. Mariah hoped to go over interview questions with Sharon before Nick's event that night, and Tessa suggested that Mariah send Sharon a text message. Mariah curtly stated that she couldn't talk because she had to work, and she headed to a table. Tessa dropped off a cup of coffee and urged Mariah to open up about what was bothering her. Tessa begged Mariah to talk to her, and Mariah asked if Tessa was using her.

Mariah referred to Tessa's claims of extortion, but she observed that Tessa hadn't gone to the police. Tessa questioned what Mariah would do in her situation, and Mariah imagined that there had to be text messages or voicemails as proof. Tessa mentioned that she'd received calls from a blocked number, but Mariah was skeptical that there was no record of anything. Tessa reasoned that it was why the people who had smuggled Crystal out of the country had done it that way, and she wondered why Mariah wouldn't believe her. Mariah replied that she couldn't when there was no evidence.

Over the phone at the Abbott mansion, Kyle told Summer that he didn't expect her to host him at her place, so he'd booked a hotel room that night. She protested that her dad wanted her at the launch party, and she owed it to Nick because she hadn't been the greatest daughter. Kyle mentioned that he was also attending the party to cheer Jack on, and he suggested that he and Summer meet at Dark Horse before leaving for their own private party. Summer figured that they might as well get it done.

Later, Jack informed Kyle that blood types had ruled out Neil Fenmore as being Jack's father. Dina appeared and wanted to watch television. Jack recalled that he'd enjoyed hearing about her family and children when she'd shown him and Ashley her scrapbook, but Dina fretted about the remote control not working. She accused Jack of breaking it, and Kyle offered to put in new batteries. Kyle asked about what she'd been watching, and she raved about a great show set in Britain. She added that she loved the star, who reminded her of a dashing man from her past.

Jack hoped that Dina could help him with something, and he pulled out the photo taken at the country club and wondered if she could identify who a certain man was. A trembling Dina didn't understand why Jack was pressuring her. Kyle suggested that they watch her show, but she demanded to know why "the man" kept asking her questions about a photo she knew nothing about. Kyle led Dina to the kitchen to keep him company while he ate something.

Abby joined Jack, who reported that he'd had no luck getting Dina to identify the mystery man in the photo. Jack lamented that it had only upset Dina, and Abby offered to post the photo to her social media accounts to see if one of her many followers recognized the guy. Jack cautioned that no one could know why he wanted to know who it was. He said he'd see her at the launch party, and she expected the evening to go exactly as planned.

Later, Kyle reported that he'd left Dina with her nurse, and Jack thanked him for stepping in. Kyle noted that Dina had already moved on to the next thing, and he contemplated being able to forget about the bad times and start with a clean slate by being friends or falling in love all over again. Jack inquired whether Kyle was speaking about someone in particular, but Kyle claimed that he was just imagining "what if."

At Newman Enterprises, Nikki insisted that she and Victoria should be at Nick's party, but Victoria worried that her dad would see it as a slap in the face. Victoria explained that she was still mad at Nick for pretending to be J.T. However, Nick had stood up for her to Victor, and she wouldn't be COO if Nick hadn't offered her a position at Dark Horse. Nikki grumbled that the party hadn't even been on Victor's radar until Rey had said something about it, and she sensed from Victoria's reaction that Victoria didn't like Rey, either. Victoria considered it more reason to go to the party to warn Nick about Rey.

Victor entered and invited the ladies to dinner, but Victoria hesitated to accept. He surmised that Victoria was going to the launch party, and he guessed that it was where Nikki was meeting Jack to discuss the housing project. Nikki confessed that she'd told a half-truth because she hadn't wanted to upset Victor, and he questioned whether they expected him to throw a wrench into Nick's party. Victor swore that they could go to the party with his blessing.

A suit-clad Nick stared at the city lights outside the window of Dark Horse's posh new offices. He gazed around the sleekly designed building in awe as he meandered down the hallway. Sharon appeared in the doorway and remarked that it was impressive, and he observed her casual clothing and asked if she had a previous engagement. She reasoned that it was his party and not hers, but he insisted that she wasn't just invited but expected and wanted. He asked if she doubted him, and she replied that she wasn't sure she recognized him.

Nick insisted that he hadn't changed. Sharon admitted that she'd been watching him before he'd known that she was there, standing strong and indomitable in the world he'd created, and she'd witnessed an intensity that she'd never seen in him before. She continued that it had been a little disconcerting, and she'd been afraid of it because she'd thought she'd been losing him. She confirmed that Nick was still himself. They kissed, and he urged her to take in the view.

Sharon lovingly stared at Nick and said she liked what she was looking at right then, since he'd overcome a lifetime of baggage, and she was proud of that. He implored her to attend the party, because that night was for their family and for her. He intended to give her the kind of life she deserved, and they embraced.

Later, Arturo admired the office, and Nick shook his hand. Arturo marveled that the design had turned out better than he'd imagined, and Nick applauded him for completing the project on time and under budget. Nick praised Arturo for not just being an excellent contractor but also having a good eye. Nick offered him a full-time job as Dark Horse's head of construction, and Arturo was shocked. Nick asked when Arturo could start, but Arturo needed time to think about it.

Nick wondered if Arturo's hesitation was a negotiating tactic, but Arturo pointed out that he'd always been straight with Nick. Abby raced into Arturo's arms and asked when he'd gotten back, and she playfully scolded him for going to see Nick first. Nick explained that he'd called Arturo in to discuss business, since he was hoping to announce at the event that Arturo would be the new head of construction. Abby was thrilled, but Arturo informed her that he hadn't accepted the job yet. Abby requested to talk to her boyfriend alone, and Nick stepped out.

Abby was surprised that Arturo hadn't jumped at the opportunity because he loved working with Nick. Arturo revealed that he'd just had a run-in with Rey, and he was reluctant to take on a new job with Rey lurking around. Abby relayed that she'd asked Rey to tell her the truth about why Arturo couldn't stand being in the same room with him, and it had been obvious that Rey had been messing with her to get to Arturo. Arturo warned her to stay away from Rey. She questioned whether Arturo was really willing to pass up a great opportunity because of an old grudge with his brother. Abby urged Arturo not to let Rey ruin it for him on top of whatever else Rey had done, and they kissed.

Nick thanked Kyle for helping him and Jack celebrate, and he credited Jack with being a central part of the company. Summer hugged Nick hello and told him that she was proud of him. Jack noted that there was more than one beautiful woman cheering Nick on, and Nick crossed over to tell Sharon that she looked stunning. He thanked her for the reality check, and he promised that he wouldn't take himself too seriously. He added that he couldn't wait to marry her, but she told him to save the sweet talk for later, since he had a company to launch.

Abby scolded Mariah for being late, and she wanted to see the questions Mariah planned to ask Nick. Mariah scoffed at the thought that she'd sabotage her future stepfather, but Abby argued that anyone in her family might do that. Mariah pointedly asked how Abby let herself love people who'd betrayed her, but Abby pushed to know Mariah's questions. Kyle intervened and steered Mariah away, and she pledged not to fall apart, because she had to cover the party.

Mariah confided that she'd confronted Tessa about her suspicions, but Tessa had denied everything. Kyle hoped that Tessa wasn't capable of exploiting Mariah like that. He stared at Summer and muttered that there was nothing worse than finding out someone he cared about was just using him. Mariah advised him to listen to himself before a certain someone did a number on him again.

Nick asked Jack and Abby to stand with him in front of the cameras, and Mariah asked if they were ready. Arturo shook Nick's hand and accepted the job offer, and Nick introduced everyone to his new head of construction. Mariah asked how Nick felt about his dreams becoming a reality, and he declared that it hadn't been easy to get there, but the realization of his vision was a proud moment for him. He added that none of it would be possible without the woman by his side, and Sharon joined him.

Kyle told Summer not to get any ideas, but she gleefully envisioned everyone's reaction if she grabbed the microphone and publicly announced that her dad had cheated on his fiancée with his ex, who happened to be Summer's mom. Summer swore that she wouldn't spoil her dad's big day, and she asked what kind of woman Kyle thought she was. He amorously proposed that they explore that and other questions in private.

Nick greeted Victoria, who informed him that Nikki had suffered a minor multiple sclerosis flare-up, so she'd stayed home to rest. Victoria added that their mother wanted him to focus on the night, since they all knew how important it was. Victoria commented that Newman's real estate division had serious competition.

Jack enthused to Kyle that Nick really meant it when he talked about employees being part of the Dark Horse family. Mariah overheard and prompted Jack to elaborate on-camera about what made Dark Horse so great. Jack cited the company's low-profile approach, "coming out of nowhere to kick some serious butt." Mariah turned to get a statement from Arturo about his new position, and she remarked that the world was watching. Arturo squirmed, and Abby stepped in to talk him up. Abby told the viewers to remember the name Arturo Rosales, but Arturo quickly silenced her by kissing her passionately.

Summer and Kyle escaped to a hotel room, and she teased him for registering them as Mr. and Mrs. Smith. He joked that he'd been protecting her wholesome reputation, and she wondered how long it would take their dads to realize they'd bailed. Kyle figured that their fathers had a lot of hands to shake, and he handed her a glass of scotch. Summer chugged it and requested that he make her another, and she started to turn on some adult entertainment to set the mood. He stopped her and kissed her, but she pulled back and declared that it was enough foreplay. She announced that it was time to settle the bet.

Summer laughed as she and Kyle shared memories of her daring him to sing on the subway for money. She halted the chatter and exclaimed, "Off with the clothes and on with the sex!" Kyle protested that it was too clinical, and he required that she at least make some effort. She whined that just because he'd won didn't mean he got everything his way, and he conceded that maybe they needed some entertainment to set the mood. He turned on some music and began a striptease. He whipped off his shirt and wrapped it around her to pull her into a kiss.

Summer pulled away and stated that losing a bet was better than a one-night stand because it meant nothing. Kyle tried to hide his disappointment, and Summer offered to pretend that there was an emotional connection if he wanted her to. He requested something in the small, black, and sexy department, and she went to change in the bathroom. He teased her for being shy, but she intended to make a dramatic entrance. After she was out of sight, Kyle sighed deeply and chugged his drink.

Summer emerged in a black teddy and found Kyle to seemingly be asleep in bed. She lectured that she would call the bet a forfeit if he didn't wake up, and there would be no second chance. He didn't react, and she reentered the bathroom to change. He opened his eyes.

Meanwhile, at the launch, Victoria assured Nick that even though they were corporate rivals, she still had his back. Mariah asked Victoria for a comment about her brother's new venture, and Victoria said she sensed an energy in Nick that she'd never seen before, so it was clearly what he was meant to do. Victor appeared and proclaimed that he didn't consider a company built on theft to be his son's destiny.

Victor explained that he was there to congratulate the host, since Nick had invited him that afternoon. Nick shook hands with Victor and thanked him for being there, and he pointed out that there were cameras rolling. Victor disagreed with how Nick had started the project, but he thought it didn't diminish what Nick had accomplished. Victor lauded Nick for using everything Victor had taught him over the years, and he noted that his son had become a formidable man. Mariah stated that she couldn't get a better sound bite than that.

Mariah freaked out when Tessa showed up at the party, but Tessa vowed to stay in Mariah's face until they talked. Tessa wished she had evidence to convince Mariah to believe her, but she swore that Mariah was the one person on the planet who she couldn't lie to. Mariah argued that Tessa had done it before, but Tessa stressed that she hadn't returned for the money or because she wanted someone to understand and help her -- she'd returned because she loved Mariah.

Nick thanked everyone for being there to support Dark Horse, and he declared his intent to transform the business landscape in Genoa City and beyond. He professed that no matter what the Newman name meant to people, it would change starting then, since he had some surprises for them. Nick played a video promoting Dark Horse, and he contended that his plan for growth was ambitious but achievable. He announced his intention to become a global competitor that would be different from everyone else by always being ethical in their business practices.

Nick divulged that he would give away five percent of the company's profits to New Hope to continue to build low-income housing. Rey suddenly interrupted and introduced himself as a detective. Rey instructed everyone to stay where they were and not to leave, and he pointedly eyed Sharon and Victoria as he walked by them. Rey placed a seething Nick under arrest.

Nick admits that he impersonated J.T.

Nick admits that he impersonated J.T.

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Mariah arrived at the police station with a bag of food and suggested that Sharon eat something, but Sharon claimed that her stomach was in a knot. She couldn't believe that Rey had arrested Nick and that he'd pretended to be a friend. He'd identified himself as a debt collector investigating the charges on J.T.'s credit card. Mariah reminded Sharon that Nick had used J.T.'s credit card, and perhaps Rey knew that Nick had posed as J.T. Mariah said that someone had to have tipped Rey off. Sharon asked who would have done that.

At that moment, Abby arrived and said that she had tipped Rey off when she'd met him. She admitted that she'd had no idea that he was a detective when they had spoken. Sharon admitted that they'd all fallen for Rey's "nice guy" act. Abby said she'd had no idea that Rey had been digging for information when he'd told her that he was worried that J.T. would go after her. Sharon suggested that they go over the list of people who had known about Nick's masquerade and try to figure out who would have ratted Nick out.

Victor, Nikki, and Victoria arrived at the police station, and Sharon called Victor a bastard for telling the police what Nick had done. She said that Victor couldn't stand the fact that Nick had outsmarted and humiliated Victor personally and professionally. She said that Victor had just had to get back at Nick. Victor said she was being ridiculous, as usual, and he reminded her that Nick had sabotaged Victor's company. Sharon said that had been enough for Victor to retaliate by having Nick arrested. Victor knew that Nick had nothing to do with J.T.

Nikki defended Victor. She reminded Sharon that Nick and Victor had a mutual hate for J.T. Victoria chimed in that Nick and Victor had a mutual distrust of the police department. Sharon accused Victor of going to great lengths to get back at Nick. She also accused Victor of not forgiving Nick because Nick had taken Christian away from Victor.

Nikki said that Victor had been devastated when he'd lost Christian, but he'd never strike out at his son in that manner. Abby said that Victor had a long memory, especially when it was about his kids. She'd seen him go to great lengths to show them who the boss was. Victor said it was a bunch of drivel.

Mariah received a text message advising that her guest had canceled at the last minute. She apologized for running out on Sharon, but she had to take care of the situation. Abby told Mariah that she might have a solution to Mariah's problem. Abby and Mariah left.

As Sharon was about to start another verbal battle with Victor, Victoria pulled her aside and advised Sharon to relax, or Sharon could blow everything. In the meantime, Nikki appeared to experience an MS episode. Victor wanted her to go home, but she stated she wouldn't leave until she knew what would happen to Nick.

Rey walked out of Paul's office, and Victor asked what was happening with Nick. Rey said he didn't have answers. He needed to speak with the D.A. Nikki demanded to know whether Rey was charging Nick with anything. Rey said he'd update them as soon as he could. Victor wanted to know how Rey had dared to befriend him and his family under false pretenses. Nikki spat that everything Rey had done was despicable. She accused him of lying and manipulating everyone, and she was disgusted that he'd pretended to be a fan and had taken a selfie with her and Victor.

Rey tried to defend himself, but Victor interrupted and said he was aware of the department's admiration for the Newmans. It was always presumed that one of them was guilty. Rey said he knew nothing about their past under Chief Williams' watch, but Nick would be treated the same way Rey would treat anyone. Nick had nothing to worry about if he had nothing to hide. After Rey left, Victor accused him of being an "arrogant son of a bitch."

Nikki was in distress. Victor and Victoria had her sit down. Nikki claimed she hadn't eaten much that day, but she was fine.

In Paul's office, Nick wondered what was taking Rey so long. Brittany assured Nick that he had nothing to worry about. Nick said because Brittany had been out of town for a while, she wasn't aware that the Newmans and the cops weren't on good terms. Brittany said the law was on Nick's side. Nick could not be held if the cops didn't have any evidence that Nick had committed a crime. Nick said he might not be completely innocent, and he told Brittany what he'd done.

Nick said that Rey had a lot of the puzzle pieces, but he hadn't put them together yet. Brittany asked what Rey would see if he had all the pieces. Nick said Rey would see Nick sabotaging Newman. Brittany demanded the whole truth from Nick.

At the Athletic Club, Summer woke up alone in bed. Kyle had left.

At Jabot, Billy surprised Phyllis with a beautiful necklace to show his appreciation for the weekend. Phyllis said she wanted Billy to gamble responsibly and to manage his winnings. Billy said that his limits were high, since he'd played with some of the best professionals in the world and had won. Billy said that he was lucky to have Phyllis in his life. Billy closed the blinds and locked the door so they could have a little afternoon delight.

Summer arrived at Jabot and sent Kyle a text message asking if they could talk. She watched as Phyllis and Billy emerged from Billy's office, discussing the new fragrance, "Forbidden." Summer approached them and asked if they were discussing another synergy product. Billy asked curtly how they could help her. Summer asked if they'd seen Kyle. Billy said that they'd been in a private conference and hadn't seen him. Sarcastically, Summer said she didn't want to disturb their work, and she walked away.

Phyllis tried to stop Summer, but Billy suggested that Phyllis let her go. He said that Summer was selfish, hurtful, and reprehensible. Phyllis and Billy returned to his office. Phyllis said that Summer acted tough, but she was hurting. Billy said that Summer had crossed several lines, and she had to pay. He said that Phyllis needed to make it clear to Summer that her behavior was unacceptable. If Phyllis didn't, they'd continue to be at odds. He didn't think either one of them wanted that.

Phyllis agreed with Billy's assessment that Summer had gone after Billy just to hurt her. Phyllis told Billy that Summer's attitude had started before Summer had returned to Genoa City. Summer had blown into town in a stolen car, fresh from an affair with a married man. She'd then proceeded to blow through her trust fund. Phyllis wanted to know when her little girl had grown into a cynical woman with a "screw you" attitude.

Phyllis told Billy that Summer had gone through a rebellious stage when she'd been in high school. Summer had gone to her prom and wound up with her friends at Phyllis', where they had all been drinking. Phyllis, Nick, and Sharon had sat Summer down and told her about the dangers of underaged drinking and how it had resulted in Cassie's death. In the end, Summer had wondered why she'd done something so stupid. Phyllis said that Summer had wanted to be cool and to fit in with her friends. She'd wanted Kyle to be interested in her, and she'd believed that drinking would make her look mature.

Phyllis told Billy that Summer had felt she'd been heard, supported, and loved unconditionally. Phyllis wanted Summer to know that she still had that love and support, no matter what. Billy said he knew Phyllis wanted to help, but he was worried that Phyllis might get hurt. He didn't want Summer to be the cause of problems between them.

Billy received a text message from Monte, advising him about a horse race. Billy bet $5,000 on a horse named Philly and told Phyllis it was a sure thing. Billy was on a high, and Phyllis looked worried.

Summer arrived at Crimson Lights and sent Kyle another text message asking him to talk to her. He replied that he was busy. Summer ordered a specialty coffee, but when the coffee didn't comply with what she'd ordered, an argument ensued between her and Tessa. Tessa offered Summer her apron and suggested that Summer make her own coffee. Summer asked what the owner would say if she'd heard the way Tessa had spoken to a customer, especially since Tessa was dating the owner's daughter.

Tessa asked if Summer had a problem with that. Summer admitted that she and Mariah had always had issues, but she didn't have a problem with Tessa and Mariah being together. She thought it was amazing that Mariah wanted to be with Tessa and vice versa. Summer said that things didn't always happen that way. She admitted that she had a knack for picking the wrong guy. Tessa said that perhaps Summer was afraid of choosing the right one because she didn't want a real relationship -- if Summer did, she might want to ditch the whole "bitch on wheels" routine.

Victoria encountered Phyllis on the patio at Crimson Lights. Phyllis was shocked when Victoria told her that Rey had arrested Nick. Phyllis thought Rey was a debt collector, but Victoria said that Rey was a detective and had been playing them. She said that Rey wasn't interested in J.T.'s credit card debt. He was investigating what had happened to J.T. Phyllis said that she'd been gone for three days, and the world had imploded. Victoria couldn't understand how Phyllis could go off and enjoy herself when they had a crisis hanging over their heads.

Phyllis told Victoria that it had been good for her and Billy to get away to Vegas. Victoria asked if Vegas had been a smart choice for a vacation with Billy. Phyllis said it had been Billy's idea. He'd played in a big poker tournament, and it had all been aboveboard. Victoria couldn't believe that Phyllis had known that and had gone with Billy anyway. Phyllis said that she'd wanted to be there to cheer Billy on, and he'd appreciated her support. Victoria said she was sure Billy did, since no one else supported or understood Billy's gambling. Phyllis said Billy had done well.

Victoria asked if Phyllis thought she could control Billy's addiction. Victoria said that Billy had a disease, and it had almost cost both of them their lives. Phyllis said that was ancient history, and it didn't concern Victoria. Victoria said that what happened to Billy was more her concern than Phyllis'. Phyllis stated that Victoria had never understood Billy, but Phyllis understood him the way Victoria never had.

Phyllis told Victoria that she and Billy were working together to contain his gambling. Victoria asked if Phyllis really thought she could manage Billy's gambling. Phyllis said she and Billy had a different relationship, and Billy felt that he was seen, heard, and validated. This time, the gambling would be different for him. Victoria said Phyllis was kidding herself if she believed that. Phyllis ignored her and went to order coffee.

Phyllis and Billy returned to Jabot to watch the horse race. Philly lost the race, and Billy lost $5,000. Billy said he'd win back the money and much, much more because Philly was a winner. Billy said he had to win more than he lost, and he asked if Phyllis understood. Phyllis was distressed that Billy wanted to keep betting on Philly.

Mariah and Abby arrived at the Dive Bar. Abby asked what Mariah thought about her idea. Mariah said she didn't think it was terrible and admitted that people were into finding their roots. Abby reminded Mariah that they'd both had to learn the truth about who they were. Abby admitted that it would be hard for her to talk about stolen sperm. Mariah claimed she had Abby beat because she'd been separated at birth from her twin, and she'd been raised by a cult leader.

Abby told Mariah that people enjoyed finding out that they might be related to royalty, and Mariah chirped, "Or an axe murderer." Mariah agreed to go with Abby's suggestion, and Abby said she'd help. Abby told Mariah that families always had a lot of secrets, and they might unveil one on Mariah's show.

Kyle arrived at the Dive Bar and sought out Mariah. Mariah was surprised to hear that GC Buzz was referred to as "her" show. Kyle said that Hilary would be happy for Mariah professionally and personally, but Mariah said that Hilary would be pissed. She admitted that Hilary had supported her relationship with Tessa.

Kyle received a text message and ignored it. Mariah saw it had been from Summer, and she asked why Kyle had ignored the text. Kyle explained about the bet and that he'd won. He admitted that he hadn't slept with Summer. He said that he'd pretended he'd had too much to drink and had passed out.

Mariah realized that Summer was someone Kyle wanted, and that was the reason he'd turned Summer down. Mariah said it was a game to Summer. Kyle shouted that he knew that. He said that when Summer had shown her vulnerable side, there had been something between them, but then she'd shut down. Mariah reminded Kyle that Summer had lived in the fast lane before she'd returned to town. Mariah asked why Kyle thought Summer would be any different with him. She said that her heart had been broken too many times to count, and she didn't want to see that happen to Kyle.

Victor and Nikki arrived at the Dive Bar. Nikki was in a feeble state. Victor wanted to call a doctor, but Nikki said that it was all stress related. They needed to be focused on Nick, not her. Nikki said she didn't trust Rey after the way he'd deceived everyone. Victor wondered what Rey was up to.

While Victor and Nikki ate their lunch, Mariah aired her show about finding family roots. She said that knowing where she'd come from and who she was connected to had been a life changer for her. She said that although her connection had been more accidental than intentional, it had led her to an amazing family. She hoped to help another family find someone who was missing from their lives. She asked everyone to help by looking at the photo that Abby displayed on the screen. Mariah said that if anyone could identify the man, they should go to the GC Buzz website and let them know.

Victor looked up and almost choked when he saw the photo on the screen. He approached Abby and asked what the photo was about. Abby explained that Mariah had done her a favor in attempting to identify the man in the photo. She said that Jack thought the man in the photo might be his father. Victor was not amused.

Victoria returned to the police station and asked Sharon for an update. Sharon said that Rey had returned to Paul's office, and he hadn't said whether Nick had been charged. Victoria pointed out that if it was about Nick pretending to be J.T. and stealing Newman data, she wanted to know how Rey had found out. Sharon said her money was still on Victor. Victoria said that if it had been her father, he would have wanted Nick to know. Sharon suggested that the police might have hired Rey to find out what had happened to J.T. Sharon wished Paul had just let things go.

Victoria told Sharon that it wasn't just Paul they needed to worry about -- they had Rey breathing down their necks. Sharon said that Rey was very good because he'd found the trail between J.T. and Nick in record time. Victoria agreed and said she hated to think where that trail would lead.

In Paul's office, Rey told Nick and Brittany that he was good at getting to the root of things. The Police Commission had recognized his talent, and they'd brought Rey in to see what he could do about J.T.'s disappearance. He said that was his only goal, and everything else was a means to an end.

Rey told Nick and Brittany that he'd spoken to the D.A., and she'd offered Nick full immunity for the truth about what had happened between Nick and J.T. While Brittany reviewed the document, Rey watched the interchange between Sharon and Victoria. Brittany advised Nick to take the deal to avoid prosecution. Nick signed the agreement and told Rey that he hadn't seen or spoken to J.T. since J.T. had left town in April. He said he'd never helped or worked with J.T. Nick admitted he'd been J.T.

Devon forgives Lily

Devon forgives Lily

Thursday, September 13, 2018

Lily gazed at a collage of family photos posted on her prison cell wall as she listened to doors clanging shut. She looked at her reflection in a warped mirror and fixed her hair before forlornly plopping on the bed.

Charlie approached Devon at the Athletic Club and invited him to join the Ashbys for their visit to Lily. Devon curtly stated that he had meetings throughout the day, but Charlie reminded him of their deal that Devon would visit Lily if Charlie went to school. Devon pointed out that he hadn't agreed to anything, but Charlie countered that Devon hadn't said no. Devon lectured that Charlie had to go to school regardless of what Devon did, and he refused to keep the teen's skipping class to himself. Charlie grumbled that he'd been taught his whole life that family was the most important thing, but he guessed that it was only when it was convenient.

At the Ashby home, Cane called out to the twins that they had to hit the road. Mattie announced that she was ready, and she modeled a homemade T-shirt branded with the message: "Free Lily Ashby." Mattie explained that she wanted to be a walking reminder of the injustice of her mom being been locked up over an accident. Cane warned that it might make things worse for Lily, who had pleaded guilty and gotten less than the maximum sentence. He imagined that a few inmates hadn't had the same advantages as Lily, and Mattie realized that the shirt might antagonize other prisoners. Cane requested that she change and fetch her brother, but she reported that Charlie wasn't there.

Cane prepared to leave without Charlie, but Charlie suddenly returned home and fibbed that his phone had died. Cane asked where he'd been, and Charlie lied that he'd forgotten to turn something in at school. Cane headed out to the car, and Mattie skeptically inquired how Charlie could have had homework when he hadn't been to classes. She mentioned that teachers and friends had been asking her what his problem was, and he figured that they'd believe anything she told them. She questioned whether their parents really needed to hear that he'd dropped out, and he flatly told her not to tell them.

At the prison, Cane relayed that Neil would be back the following week, and Lily pressed the twins to tell her about their senior year. Cane reported that Mattie had been making friends at the university's law library. Mattie proclaimed that she wanted Lily out in less than 12 months, and there was a precedent in their county because of the reduction in Victor's sentence for a far greater crime. Lily thought she couldn't expect an early release, and she steeled herself to be there for the duration. Charlie protested that Lily wasn't safe there, and he insisted that she be placed in protective custody.

Cane explained that he and Lily had already considered the option, but they'd learned that it put a spotlight on the prisoner, making them an easy target. Cane realized that there wasn't much time left, and Lily asked if they'd heard from Devon. She became dismayed when Cane reported that he hadn't, but Mattie was certain that Devon would visit Lily soon. Cane imagined that Devon was dealing with it in his own way, and Charlie grumbled that he was glad someone seemed to think so. Devon appeared in the doorway and confirmed that Cane was right, but family always helped. Lily and Devon stared at one another.

Cane prompted the twins to step out with him to give Devon and Lily some privacy, and Charlie whispered to Devon that he had school the next day. Once alone, Lily assured Devon that the place wasn't so horrible, but he said she didn't have to pretend. She admitted that the transition had been rough, and he saw in her eyes what the place had done to her. He clarified that it was what he'd done to her.

Lily shared that she'd used her endless free time in a constructive way, since she wanted to start a charity in Hilary's name to benefit kids who had alcoholism in their families. Lily wanted Devon to see that prison was making her a better person, but he assured her that she was already an incredible person, despite all the accusations he'd made. She understood that he'd just been looking for an answer to explain a devastating loss, but he accepted that there wasn't one and that the collision had just been a tragic accident that no one was to blame for. She asked if he forgave her, and he took her hands in his and softly stated that there was nothing to forgive because he loved her. They hugged.

Devon recalled that his instinct in his grief had been to reach out to Lily, but he'd forced himself to fight it. He thought it was nice to have people around who cared, but what they had was different and unique, and he thought they could use that to get through it. Lily remarked that they'd weathered a lot of storms together, but they'd need a new weather app for that one. Cane, Mattie, and Charlie returned, and Devon professed his faith that Lily would get through it. Lily replied that she had faith, too.

At the police station, Rey asked where Nick's attorney was. Nick indicated that Brittany had needed to return to New York, but since she'd already secured his immunity, he could talk to Rey directly. Nick scolded Rey for choosing a "hell of a time" to slap the cuffs on him at the launch, but Rey asserted that it had been a necessary move to find out who he could trust. Rey confirmed that everything Nick had told him had checked out, down to the guy who had created the latex mask. Nick explained that what J.T. had done had been despicable, and Nick had wanted to get back at his dad, so he'd used what J.T. had done to create something positive.

Nick reiterated that he'd never colluded with J.T. and that J.T. had last been in Genoa City when he'd shown up at Victoria's house before she'd sent him on his way. Nick inquired whether there was anything else Rey needed from him, and Rey replied that he needed to buy Nick a beer. Nick chuckled but thought it was too soon. Rey respected the way Nick had faced off against his old man, and he wished he'd done the same thing years earlier. Rey lamented that Nick's masquerade had sent the real hunt for J.T. off the rails, and Nick hoped Rey got it straight, since J.T. needed to pay for what he'd done to the Newman family. The men shook hands, Rey said he couldn't agree more.

Over dinner on the Athletic Club rooftop, Nikki asked Victor if everything was all right, since he looked like he'd seen a ghost. Victor recognized that he couldn't keep a "damn thing" from her, and he wondered what she knew about Jack's search for his real father. Nikki recalled that every road Jack had been down had turned into a dead end, and Dina was of no help because her memories were failing. Nikki noted that Kyle, Neil, and Abby supported Jack, but she wasn't sure why Victor cared. Victor contended that if he and Jack could have a civil conversation, he'd tell Jack to stop looking into old history and let bygones be bygones.

Nikki questioned whether Victor knew something about Jack's father, but Victor got up to fetch her a dessert. A short time later, a waiter dropped off a dessert as Victor finished a call. Victor informed Nikki that Nick had been released from police custody and wasn't being charged. Nikki gently accused Victor of avoiding the topic, and she reminded him of their new marital mandate to deal with things as a team of equals. She observed that he seemed disturbed by something connected to Jack's real father, and Victor confided that it had upset him because it had reminded him of his own father -- the "cruel and spineless and cold bastard."

Nikki applauded Victor for surviving the abandonment and neglect in his childhood, and she still saw the drive it had forged in him. Victor recalled that he'd tried hard as a boy not to think about his father, who had left their family destitute. Nikki wondered what it was about Jack's search that had affected Victor, and Victor revealed that Abby hadn't known that photo she'd asked GC Buzz's viewers to identify was a picture of her grandfather. Victor couldn't rule out that Albert Miller might have been one of Dina's gentlemen friends, and Nikki was aghast when she realized that it could make Jack and Victor half-brothers.

Victor hissed that Albert wouldn't have hesitated to impregnate a married woman then disappear. Nikki recognized that nothing would heal the decades of mutual hatred between Victor and Jack, but she wondered if there might be a truce if they shared that connection. Victor scoffed at the idea of him and Jack exchanging gifts at Christmas in matching sweaters, but Nikki jokingly envisioned playing the piano while the men sang carols. She questioned how Victor intended to handle the potential bombshell.

At the Athletic Club bar, Nikki was shocked to hear that Victor didn't plan to say anything to Jack. Victor reasoned that it wouldn't end the feud between them, and he anticipated that Jack would use the information against him. Nikki expected the truth would get out, but Victor doubted that anyone else would recognize his father. He also felt that Jack's life wouldn't change one iota if he found out who his father was. Nikki lectured that it wasn't for Victor to decide, but Victor was adamant that Jack couldn't know. He ordered Nikki to keep it a secret, and he refused to discuss it anymore.

At Crimson Lights, Summer grabbed her drink and stopped Kyle before he could duck out the back exit. She reprimanded him for being so determined to avoid her that he was willing to skip coffee, and he claimed that he'd forgotten to pay the parking meter. She declared that he was busted, and Kyle swore that he wasn't trying to run away. Summer referred to how he'd taken off that morning, and he said he hadn't wanted to disturb her sleep. She complained that she didn't like being in debt, and he advised her not to make any more wagers with him. She pushed to settle the score and move on while they were still in their 20s.

Summer imagined that Kyle was mortified that he'd fallen asleep before they'd sealed the deal. She theorized that he'd been faking it to skip out on collecting, and she asked what she'd done to make him bolt. He admitted that it had felt heartless and mechanical, like signing over the pink slip of a car. Summer wondered what he'd expected, and he replied that he hadn't thought it would be totally emotionless.

Summer jokingly referred to something like The Notebook or Fifty Shades of Grey, but Kyle ordered her to drop it. She sarcastically surmised that he was still carrying a torch for her, and he confessed that it was true. Stunned, Summer stammered that she'd thought it would be a fun, naughty game, but Kyle confided that it meant more to him than a one-night fling to pay off an insipid bet.

Across the coffeehouse, Mariah asked Sharon if there had been any word on Nick. Sharon revealed that Brittany had called with the good news that the police weren't pressing charges. Mariah commented that it could have been worse, but all Rey had managed to do was ruin the launch party. Sharon thought she'd feel more like celebrating if Rey hadn't been the one leading the charge. Sharon changed the topic to Mariah rocking her live show, and Mariah credited Hilary with teaching her well.

Mariah wanted to see Tessa before heading on the road to Madison to film a segment, and she confided that Tessa had said the "L" word to her. Sharon unconvincingly tried to express enthusiasm, and Mariah understood that her mother was still worried. Sharon agreed not to be negative as long as Mariah was careful. Nick appeared, and Sharon ran into his arms. She regretted that his big launch had been interrupted, and she seductively suggested that they redo the celebration on a much smaller scale with just the two of them. They embraced.

Later, Sharon spotted Rey, who held up a white napkin as a sign of surrender. She imagined that his sincere apology face worked on most women, but his free coffee special had ended earlier than expected. He declared that the coffee was worth paying for, and he handed over equal amounts for the brew and the tip jar. Sharon remarked that perhaps the baristas would be his friends, since he didn't have any. He said he worked too hard to have a social life, but he was a nice guy with a sometimes not-so-nice job. He hoped that since he and Nick had settled everything, the three of them could start over because they were on the same side. Sharon stated that she had respect for cops -- unless they'd proven that they couldn't be trusted.

Meanwhile, Kyle wondered if a quiet Summer couldn't even talk to him anymore, and she said she was blown away that he still felt that way. Tessa entered and cheerfully offered them refills, but when neither of them responded, she asked if they'd taken a vow of silence together. She found it kind of weird but adorable, adding that she'd missed their "flirt-fighting" while she'd been away. After Tessa walked off, Kyle admitted that he'd been in denial about how he felt, and he'd intended to keep it up because he knew where Summer stood about them. She confirmed that she still felt that way, and he stood up to get back to Jabot.

Summer stopped Kyle and conceded that she wasn't proud of how she'd ended things with him to be with Luca. She added that she loved Kyle -- like a brother. Kyle surmised that Summer had intentionally slipped in a potent reminder of the time they'd thought he might be her brother, and he called the sibling sex scare a perfect romantic buzzkill. He considered it senseless to think they could try again when they barely got along, but she insisted that they were still friends. Kyle recalled that they'd been thrown together at work, but he thought they were better off apart. He told her to forget the conversation had ever happened, and he walked out.

Mariah was excited to see Tessa, but the luggage, crew, and equipment were ready to go outside. Mariah was terrified that she'd bomb her first solo on-location show, but Tessa swore it wouldn't happen. Tessa said she'd miss Mariah, and Mariah figured that she'd be back the next day, but she'd miss Tessa, too. They kissed, and Sharon hugged Mariah goodbye. Nick arrived as Mariah headed out, and he told her to break a leg, but she quipped that it wasn't in the budget. Nick convinced Sharon to take a short day with him, and she asked Tessa to handle things at the coffeehouse. Tessa received a text message and smiled when she saw a message saying that Mariah missed her already.

At the police station, Paul ordered Rey into his office and closed the door. Paul attempted to figure out why the police commission had sent Rey there to botch the J.T. investigation. Rey asserted that he'd committed to being dedicated and thorough, not producing immediate results. Paul didn't consider prosecuting Nick to be a consolation prize, but Rey argued that Nick had no connection to J.T. Paul preferred that a jury decide, but Rey revealed that Nick had already been granted full immunity. Paul demanded to know "who the hell" had authorized that, and Rey handed him the paperwork.

Paul was livid that Rey had gone to Christine behind his back, but Rey defended that Paul was embroiled in multiple cases, and there hadn't been enough time to consult him. Paul figured that Rey had known that he would say no, and that was why Rey had cut him out. Rey said he'd taken the job because of Paul's stellar reputation, but he'd agreed to get J.T., not Nick, and they couldn't lose sight of the real target. Paul sternly wished that he'd been apprised, and Rey noted that Nick had given them something vital -- J.T. had last been spotted on the night of the party at Victoria's house, so that was where the truth was.

At the cottage, Nick and Sharon looked forward to spending a couple of hours alone. Sharon mused that they deserved it after the last few days, and the final straw had been Rey showing up at Crimson Lights to make nice when she had seen the cockiness underneath. Nick was okay with it because Rey had just been doing his job, and the police were more determined than ever to take J.T. down.

Nick went upstairs to take a shower, and Sharon's phone rang. Tessa inquired about how to clean the espresso machine while there were no customers there, and Sharon began to give her instructions. Tessa suddenly yelled at someone, and there was a scream and scuffling sounds. A horrified Sharon cried Tessa's name.

Abby blabs about Jack's possible paternity

Abby blabs about Jack's possible paternity

Friday, September 14, 2018

Sharon rushed to Crimson Lights and was relieved to find Tessa seemingly unharmed. Sharon recalled that it had sounded like Tessa had been attacked, and a shaken Tessa confirmed that she had been. Tessa recounted that a guy had approached her from behind out of nowhere, and she guessed that he'd waited until it had cleared out to jump her. Sharon asked if there had been a robbery, and Tessa reported that the man hadn't said anything and that she hadn't seen his face.

Tessa continued that her attacker had lifted her off the ground and thrown her before crushing her as if he wanted to squeeze the life out of her. Sharon reached for her phone, but Tessa protested that they couldn't call the police, since it had been a warning to keep her mouth shut and repay her debt. Sharon was determined to call the authorities, but Tessa whimpered that she would have to disappear for good because the people wouldn't wait forever for the cash. Tessa begged Sharon to put the phone down for Crystal and Mariah's sakes. Sharon questioned how Tessa knew the incident had been about Crystal if the attacker hadn't spoken.

Sharon lectured that she owned the place and was responsible for security, but Tessa imagined that the guy wouldn't be back, so there was no need for extra precautions. Sharon gasped in surprise when she spotted visible bruises on Tessa's arms, and she insisted on taking Tessa to the hospital. Tessa worried that the doctor would contact the police. Tessa reasoned that the man would have done real damage if he'd wanted to, and she refused to go to the emergency room. Sharon warned that anything could still happen if the attacker returned. Tessa pleaded with Sharon to leave it alone, and she stepped out to wash her face.

Nate entered the trashed coffeehouse and asked what had happened there. After Sharon told him about the attack, Nate advised her to get Tessa to the hospital, but Sharon explained that there was a privacy issue and that she couldn't force Tessa to go. Sharon informed him that Tessa had suffered bruises. Sharon worried that there might also be internal injuries, and Tessa wouldn't seek help if he didn't help her. Tessa returned, and Sharon suggested that Nate look at Tessa's injuries. Tessa stressed that she was fine, but Sharon firmly stated that it was either Nate or the hospital.

Nate examined Tessa and suspected that the contusions were the extent of her injuries, but he encouraged her to go to a hospital to be sure. He questioned why she would protect the person who'd done it to her, and Tessa replied that it wasn't her attacker she was protecting. After Nate left, Tessa reasoned that she'd seen a real doctor, but Sharon contended that Mariah would want Tessa to go to the hospital. Tessa insisted that Mariah couldn't know about it because Mariah would try to fight for her, but Mariah couldn't be anywhere near it. Tessa begged Sharon not to tell Mariah or Nick, and Sharon was aghast that Tessa expected her to lie. Tessa countered that it was sometimes the only way to protect the people they loved.

Sharon prepared to close the coffeehouse early. Sharon admitted that she hadn't known what to think until she'd seen Tessa's bruises, and she acknowledged that Tessa hadn't deserved to be treated like the attack hadn't happened. Sharon apologized if she'd added more pain to the day, and Tessa recognized that it was her own fault that people expected her to lie. Tessa pointed out that she had a life there with Mariah and a job, but her sister had nothing and no one but her.

Sharon swore that it didn't have to be Tessa's weight to carry, since Sharon had wanted to help Crystal from the time she'd heard Crystal's voice on the crisis line. Sharon intended to check the security camera tapes to see if they could identify the attacker, but Tessa claimed that she'd already reviewed and erased the tapes because the man's face hadn't been visible. Sharon protested that they hadn't been Tessa's to erase, but Tessa vowed not to ever let anything happen to Crystal. Sharon looked peeved.

At Jabot, Gloria suspiciously peered into Billy's office. She knocked on his door and offered to order him dinner if he expected it to be another late night, and Billy curtly responded that he would ask if he needed it. He imagined that she wanted to leave before sunset, but she joked that she could enjoy his fabulous cable package if she waited him out. He informed her that he'd be spending more time there as they got closer to launching the Jaboutiques, and she anticipated that his open-door policy wouldn't be so open.

Billy divulged that he was looking to cut costs to fund the boutiques, and he inquired about a repeated payment that had been made to Type A Consulting. Gloria hadn't heard of it, and Billy checked his ringing phone and claimed that the controller was getting back to him. Gloria stepped out, and Billy eagerly put down some money on baseball games with his bookie.

Billy watched a game on his phone and yelled at the umpire for costing him money. There was knock at the door, and he called out that he didn't need dinner. Gloria entered and informed him that she hadn't been able to find out anything about the consulting firm, and Billy suggested that she leave for the day. She flatly asked how much he'd bet on the game, and he accused her of listening behind the door. Gloria pointed out that he'd been shouting about the umpire's bad call, and she'd just run into the controller in the kitchen, so the call Billy had taken clearly hadn't been from him.

Billy snapped that he'd taken a personal call about a personal matter, but Gloria reminded him that she had experience with the bookmaking business. She warned that someone could have overheard who didn't have his back. She admitted that she hadn't thought he belonged in the chair when he'd gotten there, but she'd gotten used to him. She advised him to watch his back, and she exited.

Outside Jabot, Kyle ordered a sandwich from a food truck, making various changes to how the item was usually made. The young woman preparing the food asked if he was sure about changing his entire order, and she promised that he wouldn't be disappointed if he left it the right way. He questioned what would happen if he was, and she volunteered to make it his way with a smile if he didn't like her version. He agreed.

Kyle checked his watch and inquired whether making the sandwich the wrong way was faster. He noted that he'd never seen the truck there before, and he revealed that he worked on the top floor for his family's company. The woman told him not to feel bad that the only job he could get was from someone with his own last name, and she boasted that she'd gotten her job by "busting [her] ass" her whole life. She implied that if Kyle started to do so, he might have his own business before his hair turned gray.

"Finally," Kyle groaned as the woman handed him his sandwich, and he sampled it. He exclaimed that it was amazing, and he conceded that her way was better. She asked if she could keep parking in front of the building, and he volunteered to have anyone else towed away. She declared that he was her last customer of the day, and she put out her "closed" sign.

Billy emerged from his office and told Gloria that he might be back later. He invited her to enjoy the free cable, and he thanked her for her words earlier. She offered to ride down with him, and they ran into Kyle, who gushed about the best sandwiches ever from the food truck downstairs. Kyle chided Gloria for leaving early, but Billy barked that Kyle could worry about his own assistant if he ever got a promotion. Billy and Gloria headed out, and Kyle crept into Billy's office and rifled through the files. He found a slip of paper with gambling bets scrawled on it, and he smirked.

Later, Kyle approached Gloria and fibbed that he'd found the slip of paper in the elevator. She glanced at it and dismissed it as scribbles, but he wanted to find out who it belonged to. Kyle wondered what the notes might mean, and he thought she would know because she and her husband had run a book out of her restaurant. Gloria pretended to have no idea what he was talking about, and Kyle claimed that he might want to get in on the action. She huffed that gambling took a level of mathematics that he hadn't mastered yet, and he had no reason to assume the paper pertained to a bet. She snatched the paper from him and promised to handle it.

At the Abbott mansion, Jack told Ashley that he'd be gone for a while. Ashley observed the look on his face and empathized that it wasn't their mother's best day. Jack was glad that he'd moved back home, but he worried that days like that were as good as they'd ever get. Ashley encouraged him to talk about it, but he stepped out to get some air.

Abby entered and informed Ashley that she'd gotten a response from the GC Buzz episode. Abby realized that her mother hadn't seen the segment, and she explained that Mariah had posted the picture from the country club on her show. Ashley panicked that Jack's search for his biological father had been made public, but Abby assured her that the episode had been vague. Abby revealed that they'd heard from Matt Miller, and Ashley was stunned to hear the name of Victor's brother. Abby reported that Matt had identified the man in the photo as Albert Miller, so her dad's father could be her uncle's father, too.

Ashley was relieved to learn that the correspondence had been private, and Abby realized that Ashley thought it could be true. Ashley hoped Abby wasn't thinking about telling Jack, but Abby thought she had to tell him because he'd been looking for his father nonstop. Ashley thought it would be too much, given what a horrible man Abby's grandfather had been. Ashley was concerned that finding out that Victor could be his brother would send Jack over the edge, and she implored Abby to wait until they found out the truth, just like when they'd run the DNA tests before. Abby remembered how furious Jack had been that they'd kept it from him, but Ashley was adamant that they figure out why Matt had sent the email before putting Jack on another rollercoaster ride. Abby hated keeping secrets, but she reluctantly agreed to wait to tell Jack until they had more information.

Abby and Arturo arrived at the Dive Bar, and she thanked him for making time to say hello to her. They kissed, and he mentioned that she'd sounded distracted on the phone. She chalked it up to family stuff and the Dark Horse disaster, and he hoped she could stick around to meet Lola. Abby thought that his sister had been avoiding her, but Arturo swore that Lola was just busy with work. Abby looked forward to getting along with at least one of his siblings, and she doubted that it would ever happen with Rey after what he'd done to Nick.

Abby blamed Rey for being a jerk, but she wished that Arturo had told her that his brother was a cop. Arturo defended that he hadn't known the J.T. credit card investigation had been a cover-up, and he'd never thought Nick would end up in the crosshairs. Arturo stressed that he didn't like to talk about Rey, and Abby said she understood. He sensed that something else was bothering her, and she referred to family stuff that she couldn't talk about until her mom got more intel.

Later, Arturo hugged Lola, who was the woman who had been working on the food truck. He informed her that she'd just missed Abby, and Lola crowed that she'd been busy building her empire, since that day had been her best take yet. She commented that cooking was easy, but educating the public on Cuban food was the tough part. She mentioned that one guy at Jabot had been open to being educated, and she planned on hanging out there on a regular basis.

Arturo teased Lola for taking weeks to heed his recommendation to try selling her food at Jabot, and she called him a genius. He got up to get beers, but he stopped and reluctantly told her that Rey was in town and wanted to see her. Lola wondered how much longer Rey would be there, and Arturo reported that it looked like Rey would be sticking around. Lola looked upset.

Inside the Athletic Club, Billy spotted Jack and offered to buy the competition a drink. Jack recounted that Billy had squeezed him out at Jabot, so Billy didn't get to play the victim just because Jack had gone to Dark Horse. Billy groused about Jack hiking up the rents on the Jaboutiques, but Jack clarified that it had been Nick's doing. Billy argued that it meant lower profit margins for their family company, taking money out the pockets of Jack's own relatives.

Jack admitted that he'd made some bad moves, like trying to prove that Billy was the wrong man for the job as CEO. Jack credited Billy with rolling with the punches, and he conceded that he might have been wrong. Jack believed that it was a waste of energy to fret about Billy being CEO when his attention was better used elsewhere. Billy suggested that Jack get Ashley to follow suit, since she'd made it her full-time career to try to tank him and the company.

Billy mentioned that he was trying to free up cash because of the expensive leases, and he inquired about the recurring payment to Type A Consulting. Billy wondered if Jack had hired the firm, but Jack didn't recognize the name, and he guessed that it might have happened during Ashley's turn as CEO. Billy started to leave, but Jack stopped him and truly wished him the best as CEO. Jack added that he was proud of Billy's hard work, and Billy thanked him.

Billy returned to the mansion to pick up some files. He suggested to Ashley that Jabot get some products in swag bags during awards season, and she thought they could have Kyle spearhead the project. Billy inquired whether she'd ever heard of Type A Consulting, since he'd been going over budgets and hadn't recognized the name. Ashley reminded him that he'd slashed her budget, so she'd needed to farm out some research work. Billy figured that it was fine if she trusted them, and he headed out.

Ashley called someone named Andrew to warn him that Billy had noticed the payments to Type A, so they had to be more careful. She instructed him to say nothing more than that they were an outside research and development firm that was consulting for her.

Billy returned to Jabot and cursed when he learned that he'd lost all three of his bets that day. He sent a text message saying that he'd win it all back the next day. He made a call and ordered his broker to cash in his position on some stocks.

Jack ran into Abby in the Athletic Club foyer and asked her for an update. She squirmed, but he mentioned Nick's arrest at the launch party. Abby disguised her relief and reported that no charges had been filed. She thought it gave Nick "street cred" as Dark Horse's founder, since walking the walk was edgy, and the media requests had been endless because everyone loved a bad boy. Jack applauded her for being on top of it, and he turned the topic to Mariah's segment.

Abby fibbed that no one had stepped up to identify the man yet, and Jack voiced surprise that there hadn't even been crank calls. She said she was sorry, and he hoped that someone would see the clip online. He appreciated everything she'd done and praised her for never giving up when a lot of people thought he should walk away. A guilty Abby wished things were different, and he planned to take a walk before he headed home.

Abby stopped Jack from leaving, and he apologized if he'd gotten emotional earlier. She stated that it was his life, so he deserved to know something. She confided that she wasn't supposed to say anything, but GC Buzz had received an email from Matt Miller, her dad's brother, after the segment. Jack figured that it was a common name, but Abby blurted out that Matt had identified the man in the photo as his and Victor's father. Abby explained that she hadn't wanted to say anything until she could verify it was true, but Jack ordered her not to even say the words.

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The Young and the Restless star Marla Adams dies at 85


The Young and the Restless star Marla Adams dies at 85
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