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The Abbott clan ousted Ashley as CEO. Billy revealed that he'd only slept with Summer to get revenge. Dina led Kyle to a secret safe hidden behind a wall at Jabot. The blackmailer sent a photo of J.T.'s burial site and demanded more money.
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Jack and Ashley exchange harsh words Jack and Ashley exchange harsh words

Monday, October 15, 2018

In Ashley's office at Jabot, Abby couldn't believe her mother had pulled such a cruel hoax on Jack after Ashley admitted she'd paid Andrew to lie about Jack's true paternity. Jack was just as shocked as Abby. Kyle said, "Even if you've managed to fix two paternity tests, Dina said over and over again John Abbott wasn't Dad's father." Ashley recalled that Dina had been confused about a lot of things. Ashley claimed she'd done what she'd done for Abby and everyone else that Jack had made feel like a second-class citizen. After the realization set in, Jack cried, "I'm John Abbott's son. I have my father back."

Traci, sobbing, demanded to know how Ashley could have hurt Jack as she had. Jack asked Abby, Traci, Lauren, Kyle, Phyllis, and Andrew to step out. After Jack and Ashley were alone, Jack told Ashley she should beg for forgiveness. Ashley refused to apologize and insisted that everything she'd done had been completely justified. Jack asked Ashley if Victor had been behind her plan. Ashley said she alone had thought up the plan and had executed it as retaliation for Jack's blood Abbott clause.

Ashley cried that Jack's actions had made her feel like a fraud and an interloper. Jack replied, "I only wanted to hold onto what was rightfully mine." Ashley said she was aware of what Jack had wanted, which was to be the anointed one eligible to sit in their father's chair. Ashley added that after she'd joined Newman Enterprises, Jack had conspired with Victoria. Jack and Victoria, Ashley recalled, had joined forces and framed her for corporate espionage. Jack defended himself and explained that he'd done so to force Ashley to return to Jabot, so they could work together. Ashley became incensed and shouted that she was tired of Jack running roughshod over her life.

Ashley told Jack that to exact her revenge, she'd been as cold and as calculating as he'd been when he'd hurt her. Ashley admitted that she'd manipulated Dina into believing she'd had an affair that had resulted in a pregnancy with Jack. Ashley added that for once, Dina's infidelity had worked in Ashley's favor. Jack recalled how Dina had been humiliated in front of friends and family at the movie screening. Ashley admitted that she didn't feel at all bad about what she'd done.

Jack learned that Ashley had even tricked Abby into believing Jack's DNA would be compared to hair samples from Traci. Ashley explained that she'd actually switched Traci's hair with her own to throw off the tests. Jack said, "And you knew that if they compared my DNA to yours, it would show that we had different fathers." Ashley confessed that she'd edited Charlie's movie and had relished seeing the look on Jack's face when the shocking revelation had taken place. Jack berated Ashley for using others, especially Kyle. Ashley replied, "Don't worry about Kyle. He never worried about you."

Ashley added that Kyle had known about Dina's confession long before Jack had found out. The color drained from Jack's face. Ashley noted that Kyle was definitely Jack's son. Jack violently rolled the CEO's chair toward Ashley and asked when she'd decided to swap decency for it. Ashley listed Jack's transgressions. Ashley recalled that Jack had slept with his father's wife; had cheated on Patty, causing her to go insane and murder Colleen; and had taken Jabot public, which had caused John to suffer a heart attack. Jack recalled the final step in Ashley deception and cried that she'd paid a man to help destroy her brother's life. Ashley coldly noted that money could buy just about anything.

Jack told Ashley she'd likely enjoyed watching him drink himself into oblivion, though he'd stopped short of taking a bottle of pills he'd acquired. Ashley insisted she'd never thought her deception would push Jack so far. Jack said he realized installing Billy was also part of Ashley's plan. Ashley said Billy was supposed to had gotten rid of the clause, though he'd failed to cooperate and had gotten carried away, making personal and business mistakes. Jack replied, "Wow. Another piece of collateral damage in your ongoing war with me."

Ashley told Jack she'd wanted him to know how she'd felt to learn she wasn't part of her own family. Jack said he no longer saw Ashley as his sister and instead viewed her as a cold, cruel, heartless monster. Ashley explained that she'd intended to tell Jack the truth at Christmas, recalling that he'd crushed her dreams of ever becoming CEO of Jabot the previous Christmas. Ashley insisted that John Abbott would have taken her side and would have forgiven her for what she'd done, just as Jack should.

Jack became enraged at Ashley. Jack said he couldn't believe Ashley thought John Abbott would forgive her. Jack cried, "If he saw you now, he would be disgusted." Jack used a letter opener to pry Ashley's name off the office door. Jack told Ashley that she'd disgraced herself and their father's love, his kindness, his legacy, and even his chair. Jack picked up John's chair and threw it against the glass wall. Ashley screamed in horror as the glass shattered, and the chair landed with a thud.

In the lobby at Jabot, Traci recalled how tormented Jack had been during the months he'd believed he wasn't John's son. Kyle said Ashley loved seeing Jack destroyed. Lauren said she should have known Ashley had had ulterior motives by promising to make Fenmore's Jabot's priority. Lauren added that Ashley had known she'd need someone on her side after the truth was revealed. Phyllis said, "Seems hypocritical to me. Self-righteous, like she's better than everyone else." Abby cried that she felt as if she didn't know her mother.

Kyle, Phyllis, and Traci questioned Andrew. Andrew insisted he'd had no reason to hurt Jack and had only assisted in the scheme to make money. Traci said, "So, to hell with my brother and my family?" Andrew explained that something had driven Ashley to carry out her plan of revenge on Jack. Andrew stepped on the elevator to leave, but Phyllis warned that he wouldn't get away with what he'd done. Lauren said she'd rather the family deal with their pain privately, so she left. Phyllis left after she received a text message from Nikki.

Traci, Abby, and Kyle returned to the Abbott mansion. Abby, still reeling, recalled her interviews with Dina. Abby cried that during one interview, Dina had confessed that Jack wasn't John Abbott's son. Abby remembered that poor Dina had felt guilty all because of Ashley's horrible lies. Kyle said, "What about me? I was lied to. Hurt, even. But, hey, once again, who cares about Kyle?" Traci replied, "We do, honey." Kyle cried that nothing he'd ever done could come close to what Ashley had done.

Kyle told Traci and Abby that he'd never really felt like a loved and respected member of the Abbott family until he'd witnessed his father lose his connection to John Abbott. Traci reminded Kyle that it had all been a lie. Kyle said he'd never forget what Ashley had done. Abby sobbed pitifully and apologized. Traci comforted Kyle. Traci recalled the pain she'd suffered when Colleen had died. Traci said that if Colleen were to walk in the door, all the pain would be gone. Traci encouraged Kyle to embrace his second chance with Jack instead of being angry at Ashley.

In her office at Newman Enterprises, Victoria read a typed note demanding she pay if she didn't want anyone to find out what she'd done. Her note specified that the third digit in the amount was a zero. Nikki arrived with her note. Victoria explained that Phyllis' note had stated that the first digit in the amount they owed was a two. Nikki, reading aloud her note, said, "The final three digits of your payment are zero, zero, zero." Nikki added that they had only 24 hours to wire the money.

Sharon was home, sorting clean laundry, when she found one of Nick's shirts. Sharon held the shirt against her face and caressed it. Sharon was interrupted when Nikki phoned. Nikki explained that she, Victoria, and Phyllis had each received a second letter demanding money. Nikki asked Sharon what her note had stated. Sharon said she'd been too busy and wasn't sure she'd received a second letter. After Sharon hung up, she found her note in a stack of mail.

Nikki, Victoria, and Phyllis gathered at Sharon's. After Victoria read Phyllis' note, she said, "The blackmailer wants $250,000." Phyllis added that her note contained details about sending an untraceable payment electronically. Nikki said, "Whoever this is isn't messing around." Phyllis asked why the person would send individual letters to each of them. Victoria said he or she wanted to force them to work together. Nikki said they could either pay or risk being exposed.

Phyllis said they should never give in to blackmail. Victoria agreed and said if they gave in to crazy demands, it would never end. Phyllis warned that someone she knew had recently gotten burned by someone demanding blackmail. Nikki suggested they attempt to get their blackmailer arrested. Victoria cried that he or she might tell the police that they had killed and buried J.T. Phyllis said they should send a message through the bank, letting the blackmailer know that he or she wouldn't get the money unless they met in person. Phyllis added, "The blackmailers know we're dangerous, but let's show them just how dangerous."

Nikki insisted she'd pay the money. Phyllis noted that Rey could trace the payment back to them. Nikki took a vote. Nikki and Sharon voted to pay the blackmailer. Victoria and Phyllis voted against paying. Phyllis recalled that none of the notes actually mentioned J.T.'s death or their roles leading to his death. Phyllis added that the blackmailers had no evidence that would stand up in court.

Victoria insisted that the blackmailer was bluffing because it was common knowledge that she, Phyllis, Sharon, and Nikki had been the last four to see J.T. alive. Phyllis said, "Paying them is admitting something they might not even know we're guilty of." Victoria decided they should hold off paying and see what the blackmailers did next. Sharon expressed misgivings about ignoring the demands. Nikki sided with Sharon. Phyllis was certain they'd made the right decision, and Victoria agreed.

The Abbott clan ousts Ashley as CEO The Abbott clan ousts Ashley as CEO

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

At the Athletic Club, Sharon confronted Nikki and Victoria about walking out on her without listening to her opinion. Victoria maintained that they couldn't cave in to blackmail and that their three-to-one vote had been fair and decisive. Sharon begged them to reconsider or at least take time to think about it, and Victoria grumbled that she couldn't do anything but think about it. Sharon argued that not paying the person could backfire on them, but Nikki and Victoria reiterated that it would be foolish to just hand over money when there was no proof the person had any evidence against them.

Sharon cited Phyllis' horrendous judgment, and she pointed out that Phyllis had nothing to lose, so she might leave them to take the fall. Victoria didn't think Phyllis would do that, but Sharon questioned whether they were confident enough to bet their futures on it. Nikki advised Sharon to keep emotions out of it. Sharon agreed that they needed to be rational, but the blackmailer enjoyed messing with their heads. Sharon contemplated what would happen if they took away his fun by refusing to play along, and she worried that he might decide to punish them for the sheer thrill of it.

Sharon insisted that she'd pay the money herself if she had it, but Nikki pointed out that Sharon and Phyllis were in no position to do it, so that left the decision to Nikki and Victoria. Victoria admitted that she was rethinking it, and she thought Phyllis should have a say if they changed their minds about what to do. Sharon reasoned that Phyllis didn't have veto power if the three of them agreed. Nikki piped up that she hadn't agreed to vote for either strategy. Victoria sided with Sharon in that the blackmailer craved attention, so ignoring him would be the worst thing they could do.

Nikki figured that maybe someone just wanted to bleed them dry, and she voiced concern that they'd play into a sting operation or end up paying a person who had no knowledge of what they'd done. Nikki thought they needed more time and information, but Victoria warned that the 24 hours were almost up. Victoria anticipated that the blackmailer wouldn't go away, even if they paid. Sharon objected to them taking advice from a reckless woman like Phyllis, but Nikki announced that she'd made a decision. Nikki asked to borrow Victoria's laptop and declared, "I'm going to pay the bastard."

Victoria prepared to set up an account to transfer the funds, but Nikki stepped in to take over. Victoria pointed out that there was still time before the deadline to give it more thought, but Nikki thought there was no reason to wait. Victoria prepared to let Phyllis know that they'd changed their minds, but Nikki suddenly announced that it was done. She invited Victoria and Sharon to see for themselves, and Sharon gasped when she looked at the computer screen.

Nikki invited Sharon to join her and Victoria to get something to eat, but Victoria was more interested in answers. Sharon was flabbergasted that Nikki had sent the blackmailer one dollar. Nikki reasoned that either Sharon was right, and the blackmailer cared more about tormenting them than about money, or Phyllis was right about it just being pure blackmail that they shouldn't give in to. Nikki asserted that either way, she'd sent a clear message that they weren't afraid and that they wouldn't be messed with. She hoped that would be enough to put an end to the whole thing.

At Jabot, Ted stepped off the elevator and stopped in his tracks when he saw that a chair had been thrown through the CEO's office window. Jack admitted that he'd caused the damage, and Ted asked if Ashley knew that Jack had chucked a chair through her window. Jack mumbled that she'd been lucky that he hadn't chucked it at her head. Ted asked if there was anything he could do, and Jack instructed him to set himself up in an empty office, call maintenance to clean up the mess, and set up a meeting room to reconvene the board, since they had unfinished business to attend to.

At Crimson Lights, Tessa dramatically presented her latest coffee creation to Arturo, who tasted it. Lola joined him, and Tessa revealed that she'd just learned how to make a café Cubano. Arturo reported that it was very good, but Lola urged him to speak up about the drink not being authentic. Tessa explained that she'd looked up the recipe online, and it was espresso with cream on top. Lola corrected that the drink was made with crema, and she offered to show Tessa how to make it.

Arturo tasted the concoction Lola helped Tessa make, and he gushed that it was perfect. Tessa commented that it was a good thing Sharon wasn't there, or Sharon would hand Tessa's job to Lola. Lola stated that she was happy running her own business, and Tessa mentioned that Kyle had raved about Lola's food. Arturo said he wanted to get to know Kyle more, and he asked if Kyle did anything illegal for fun.

Lola pulled Arturo away and scolded that he wasn't funny, and she lectured that Kyle deserved a chance to explain his arrest in his own way. She added that Arturo shouldn't be saying things that could cause rumors, but he questioned what kind of guy got arrested for robbing a grave. Lola reminded him that he had his own past to explain one day, and she urged him to think about that before he judged other people.

Tessa presented Lola with a muffin to thank her for teaching her to make proper Cuban coffee, and she offered to cover a shift at the food truck in exchange for more pointers. Arturo cautioned that Lola was a perfectionist, and he volunteered to taste-test more of Tessa's drinks. Lola teased that he just liked the free stuff. He received a text message and said he had to tend to an issue with the remodeling at Jabot. Lola told him to run in the opposite direction if he saw Kyle, but Arturo jokingly threatened to swing by Kyle's office to see what he could dig up. Lola warned him not to dare.

At Jabot, Kyle offered to take Jack out for a drink, but Jack replied that chances were that he'd need it a lot more later. Kyle asked how it felt for Jack to be in the office again, knowing he was a bona fide Abbott. Jack noted that he could ask Kyle the same thing, and Kyle remarked that it felt like they ought to be happier about it. Jack lamented that he might have gotten his father back, but he'd lost his sister. Kyle considered it an even trade, but Jack thought he bore some responsibility for what had happened. Kyle thought they'd learned two things that day -- that they were both Abbotts and that Ashley was a snake.

"What the hell!" Billy exclaimed as he walked in. Jack protested that Billy was supposed to be in rehab, but Billy indicated that he'd graduated to outpatient therapy. Jack and Kyle filled Billy in, and a stunned Billy wondered when Ashley had become so obsessed with running the company that she was willing to ruin people's lives. Kyle pointed out that the good part was that Jack and Billy were brothers again, biologically and in every other way. Billy asked if they knew for a fact that the DNA test had been faked, and Jack replied that Ashley had admitted it as a point of pride.

Jack admitted that he'd completely lost it, and he hadn't thought anyone could have that effect on him except Victor. Billy snarled that Ashley had gone after him, too, since he'd realized in private therapy that his downward spiral hadn't happened by chance. Billy suspected that Ashley had caused the invitation to the betting syndicate to fall into his lap, and he vowed to get to the bottom of it. Billy mentioned that he'd gotten in touch with the woman who'd dangled Vegas in front of him, and he was sure she was on Ashley's payroll. Kyle blurted out that Ashley hadn't been the one who'd set Billy up. Jack stared incredulously at Kyle.

Jack asked Kyle to call Dark Horse and tell them that he couldn't be there, since he needed a moment with Billy. Billy assumed that Kyle was covering for Ashley, and he spat that it was sick that she'd used his addiction to force him out. Kyle insisted that Billy was wrong, since Ashley had wanted Billy out of Jabot, but there were lines she wouldn't cross. Kyle swore that Ashley had refused to do anything involving tempting Billy into gambling again, and Billy realized that Kyle had been behind it.

Jack intervened to keep Billy from lunging at Kyle, and Billy hissed that his career was in shambles because of Kyle. Kyle countered that no one had forced Billy into anything, so Billy could blame himself. Billy demanded to know what Kyle had gotten out of it, and Kyle divulged that he'd discussed it with Ashley, but she'd threatened to fire him if he didn't fall in line. Kyle haughtily stated that he'd just sped up the timeline of Billy making the same mistakes over and over again, since Billy hadn't changed and never would.

As the men argued, Arturo arrived outside the office and asked Ted what was going on. Ted revealed that there had been a big altercation, and he asked how soon Arturo could fix the window. Meanwhile, Billy barked that no one screwed him over without consequences. Ted interrupted and informed Jack that he'd reserved a room at the Athletic Club, and Jack told him to round up all the board members except Ashley, since it was time to end the chaos. Billy and Kyle headed to the elevator, but Billy snapped that he'd take the next one.

Ashley returned home to the Abbott mansion. "Finally," Abby muttered, and Traci added that they wanted to talk to Ashley. Ashley requested some breathing room, since she'd just gotten into it with an out-of-control Jack. Traci asked if Ashley could blame him, considering what he'd learned. Abby blasted Ashley for turning Jack's life upside down just to get back at him, and Ashley countered that she'd also had a lot to deal with. Ashley was sure that Jack was following her there for another round, and she needed a minute to process. Traci asserted that she and Abby deserved answers, and they were going to get them.

Ashley silently poured a glass of wine, and Abby ranted that she never would have believed it if someone had accused Ashley of conspiring against Jack and making him believe he wasn't John's son. Abby recalled that Ashley had watched him search for his real father for months without saying a word, and she still found it hard to believe it was possible. Ashley stood by why she'd done it, but Abby ordered Ashley to stop trying to claim that she'd done it for Abby's sake, since Abby would never want to hurt Jack that way. Traci said it blew her mind that Ashley had devastated Jack, especially since Ashley had been through something similar.

Abby recounted how Jack had quit Jabot and moved out because he'd felt like he hadn't belonged anymore, and Traci barked that it would have been on Ashley if Jack had taken the pills he'd bought. Ashley swore that she'd been more relieved than anyone when Jack had stopped his downward spiral, but she hadn't been responsible for his choices. Ashley didn't remember them confronting Jack when he'd used the company bylaws against her, and she growled that he'd taken her deepest wound, stuck a knife in it, and twisted it because it had been important to him that her place in the family be lower than his. Ashley recalled that Traci's reasoning had been to let it go to keep the peace in their family, and she bet that Traci had expected Ashley to do the same thing. "You assumed wrong," Ashley asserted.

Abby responded to a text message from Arturo, saying she couldn't talk because she was dealing with a family thing. Traci accused Ashley of blaming her and Abby for not defending Ashley to her liking, but Ashley took full responsibility for her actions. Ashley defended that she'd tried the direct approach with Jack many times in many ways, but he'd always won, and she'd always lost. Traci insisted that Jack valued Ashley's contributions, but Ashley griped that he only did so if she stayed in the lab and didn't question his decisions. Ashley added that Jack didn't see her as equal or think she was worthy of his respect, but it was partly her fault for never demanding his respect -- "until now."

Abby found it amazing that Ashley could just sit there and act like it was any other day, and Ashley guessed that Abby couldn't understand because she was just starting her career and hadn't invested her entire life with one company like Ashley had with Jabot. Traci recalled that Ashley had taken breaks from the company when things had gotten to be too much, and Ashley referred to moving in with Traci in New York after another time Jack had squeezed her out of Jabot. Abby wished that Ashley had taken a break instead of going after Jack, but Ashley scoffed at the idea of letting him undermine her again.

Ashley refused to give up her career and home to make life easier for Jack, and she contended that she was the most qualified person to run the company. Ashley complained that no one ever told Jack that he'd gone too far, and she was sick of pulling her punches. She recognized that Abby and Traci wanted her to take the high road again, no matter what it cost her. Traci argued that taking an ugly road had already cost Ashley, since she'd given up her principles, her integrity, and possibly her relationship with her brother. Traci doubted that Jack would ever forgive Ashley, but Ashley figured that at least he'd learned never to underestimate her again -- and it felt good.

Ashley was afraid that Traci and Abby wouldn't forgive her, either, but Traci started to think that she owed Ashley an apology. Traci regretted that she'd had no idea how much pain Ashley had been in, and she should have been more sensitive. Traci thought perhaps none of it would have happened if she'd supported Ashley and admonished Jack, and Ashley thanked her with a hug. Ashley imagined that it wouldn't have changed Jack's attitude, and he still would have left her no choice. Abby refused to accept that Ashley had needed to be that cruel, but Ashley thought Abby didn't understand the pattern between Ashley and Jack.

Traci confirmed that Jack had always been competitive and entitled, but he'd always adored Ashley. Ashley argued that he'd also adored their dad, but he'd slept with John's wife. Ashley thought that was Jack at his core, loving people with one part of himself while another part plotted against them, and it had become business as usual. Ashley suggested that the next time they lectured her about rising above it and being the bigger person to tell Jack that it was time to turn the other cheek. Abby didn't see that happening, and Ashley steeled herself to take whatever Jack threw at her.

Ashley requested a minute alone, but Traci realized that Ashley hadn't shown one glimmer of remorse in the entire time they'd been talking. Ashley said they'd asked her to be honest, and she was done slinking away in defeat. Ashley added that she had zero regrets and would do it all over again, and she headed upstairs. Traci hugged Abby.

Arturo called Abby and asked if everything was okay, and she bemoaned that there was mind-blowing stuff going on. He promised to check in with her later. Abby hung up, and Traci informed her that Ted had called about reconvening the board right away. Traci headed to the door, and Abby paused in the doorway and glanced upstairs before following her. Later, Ashley returned downstairs and called out for Abby and Traci, but she found herself alone.

Meanwhile, Jack clutched Ashley's Innovator of the Year award, and Arturo entered and explained that he was there to fix the window. Arturo recognized that family was important to Jack and that whatever was going on was clearly upsetting Jack. Arturo offered to do whatever he could to help. Jack pledged to make sure that his family was okay, since it was what his father would have wanted him to do.

Jack, Billy, Abby, Traci, and Kyle filed into the Abbott mansion. Ashley was appalled that they'd pulled Billy out of rehab, and Billy informed her that he knew about her henchman undermining his sobriety. Ashley swore that she hadn't known until it had been too late, and she asked what the family meeting was about. Jack clarified that it had been a board meeting, and Ashley bristled because they'd conducted it without the CEO.

Jack started to explain why it had been for the best, but Abby interrupted. Abby acknowledged that Ashley had felt justified turning the tables on Jack and that Ashley felt like the family had a double standard, but what Ashley had done was wrong, and they couldn't condone it. Ashley guessed that they'd held a vote to censure her, but Traci announced that they'd voted unanimously to remove Ashley as CEO of Jabot. Ashley reeled.

Billy tells Summer it was revenge sex Billy tells Summer it was revenge sex

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Phyllis arrived at Jabot. She was disappointed that Billy wasn't there. She left him a voicemail message stating she was happy he was back but that they needed to talk.

At the Abbotts' home, Jack told Dina that he was John's son. Dina asked him if she knew John. Jack explained that she'd been married to John. Jack apologized for everything he'd put Dina through over the past months. He promised he'd do whatever was necessary to make things right with the family. Dina asked Jack who he was.

At that moment, Billy arrived. He greeted Dina after declining a call from Phyllis. Jack and Billy escorted Dina into the dining room, where Abby, Kyle, and Traci waited. Jack was met with opposition after he announced that it was time to gather the family together. Ashley arrived at that moment and sat down with the family. She looked directly at Billy and growled that they had been voted out as CEO, but they couldn't be voted out of the family.

After a long, awkward silence, Dina asked Traci why everyone was so quiet. Jack admitted it was difficult sitting at the table after Ashley's betrayal; however, she was still his sister, and he couldn't cut her out of his life. They eventually needed to talk. Ashley wanted to talk about plans for Jabot. Billy said she didn't get to do that after she'd sabotaged his job as CEO. Billy admitted that he'd been responsible for his destructive choices. He said that no one had held a gun to his head, but he wanted Kyle to own up to his part in Billy being removed as CEO. He said that he wanted to be reinstated as CEO.

Kyle reminded Billy that he'd made some reckless decisions, and he'd embezzled company money. Jack interjected that he was delighted that they were talking, but in order to heal the family, business had to be set aside, and they needed to love each other.

Jack told everyone that if John had been at the table, he would have said the same thing because repairing and nurturing a family had meant everything to John. Jack said he was willing to try to repair the family, and he asked who was with him. After an awkward silence, Jack asked if he was alone in trying to heal the family. Traci said they would all be willing to make the effort.

Abby addressed everyone at the table. She admitted that she was still in shock over what Billy had done and the things he'd resorted to in order to cover what he'd done. She was stunned at the lengths Kyle had had gone to in order to exploit Billy. Abby choked up when she spoke about what Ashley had done -- not just at the company but with her family, which had been so much worse. Abby said she felt used. She accused Ashley of using Abby's special bond with Dina to punish Jack. Abby knew that Ashley had been hurt, but she had never thought that Ashley could do something that horrible.

Ashley apologized to Abby. She admitted that she shouldn't have pulled Abby into her scheme, and she'd never meant to make Abby feel that she'd been used. Ashley apologized to Billy. She said that she'd never intended to make him feel like he didn't matter or that she didn't respect him because it wasn't how she felt. Ashley claimed her apologies were sincere but added that she wouldn't apologize to Jack nor would she beg anyone for forgiveness.

Bitter, Ashley said that they were all aware of Jack's sadistic decision to use her paternity against her. She said that everyone should be sickened by that, but apparently, they weren't. She continued that everyone who'd committed a crime against the family had received a free pass. Ashley accused Kyle of colluding with Victor to take the company public, and Kyle had used Billy's gambling against him until Billy had hit rock bottom. She said that Billy had hidden his addiction and had stolen money from the family company just like he'd stolen Jack's wife. Ashley said that in spite of what they'd all done, everyone saw her as the monster.

Ashley yelled for everyone at the table to stop acting like they were better than her. Jack said no one felt that way. He wanted Ashley to get over her persecution complex. Shaking with rage, Ashley pounded her fists on the table and yelled that Jack, of all people, had called her a narcissist. She accused him of sitting in John's chair and acting like he belonged there. She said that John had been an exceptional man, and she didn't care if John's DNA ran through Jack's veins because Jack was nothing like John, nor would he ever be.

Upset, Traci asked what Ashley was doing. Billy told Traci not to worry about it because Ashley had accused them all of being horrible. Billy said that Ashley had only been half right. They'd all screwed up, and some of them were pretty good at it. However, for decades, Ashley had made them all believe that she'd been above it all. Billy said he was going to Jabot, and he didn't need a title. He'd do everything in his power to make things right, and he left.

Dina had become upset during the confrontation, and Traci tried to comfort her. Dina asked why everyone was so angry. Jack apologized to Dina for upsetting her. Traci added that it would never happen again. When Dina had been placated, Traci stated that the conflict and tension had frightened and depressed Dina. Standing behind Ashley, Kyle said that they shouldn't be so selfish.

Traci told Ashley she was disappointed in her. Ashley countered that she was disappointed in Traci because it was unfortunate that Traci hadn't backed her when she'd been the only one to stand up to Jack's hypocritical and self-righteous behavior. Ashley left.

Kyle caught up to Billy in the living room, but Billy said he didn't want to talk to Kyle. Kyle said they needed to discuss Billy's night with Summer. He said he knew that Billy had slept with her after Phyllis had cheated with Nick. Billy said that it was none of Kyle's business, but Kyle said that Summer had confided in him and had told him that the night she'd spent with Billy had meant a lot to her. He said that Summer wondered why she hadn't heard from Billy since then. Kyle wanted Billy to let her know where they stood. Billy left to go to Jabot.

Jack approached Kyle and asked how Kyle justified manipulating Billy into gambling again as a way to get Billy out as CEO. Jack said that it should have occurred to Kyle that Ashley was the one with a vendetta against him. Kyle said he'd thought it had been Ashley's last gasp to gain control of Jabot. Jack admitted that the things Ashley had said at the table had cut him to the core.

Kyle told Jack that Ashley's accusations had affected him the same way. He regretted siding with Ashley against Billy. He knew that Billy hated him and that Jack probably did as well. Jack said he didn't hate Kyle -- he hated what Kyle had done, but he had a better understanding of Kyle's situation. He said that Billy needed time, but Billy was to blame for most of what had happened at Jabot. Kyle said that Billy could stay pissed at him for the next sixty years as long as Billy never gambled again. Jack told Kyle that if an addict truly wanted to recover, he had to learn to forgive. Jack and Kyle hoped that it would happen for Billy.

At Crimson Lights, Mariah and Tessa expressed how much they'd missed each other. Mariah gave Tessa a necklace and suggested that the next time she had to take a trip, she wanted Tessa to go with her. Tessa said she couldn't miss a minute of work because she had to pay the sharks what she owed them. She said she'd be sending her second instalment shortly and that she'd be through paying them in a year. Mariah hated that it had taken over Tessa's life. Tessa suggested that Mariah talk to Sharon. Mariah saw Sharon with Rey and asked Tessa if Sharon had been seeing a lot of Rey. Tessa told her that Sharon had had dinner with Rey.

Rey and Sharon sat at a table, and Rey taught Sharon how to interrogate a witness. Mariah joined them, and Sharon was delighted to see her. Sharon and Mariah left Rey and found an empty table so they could catch up privately. Mariah asked how Sharon had been holding up. Sharon said that she'd been trying to stay strong, and she hadn't had any second thoughts about breaking it off with Nick. Mariah wanted to know about Sharon's connection with Rey. Sharon informed her that they were only friends and that Rey wasn't a rebound.

At that moment, Phyllis arrived. Mariah told Sharon it was time they threw Phyllis' man-poaching carcass out of Crimson Lights for good. Sharon said she couldn't because she had to do some charitable work with Phyllis and that she could "handle the bitch." Phyllis approached and said that was good, and they needed to talk. Sharon went to the patio with Phyllis for some privacy.

Phyllis said that she hadn't received another letter, and she asked if Sharon had. Sharon said she hadn't. Phyllis said they'd made the right choice not to pay the ransom. Sharon told her that Nikki had paid it, but she'd only paid one dollar. Phyllis said that was a good call. Sharon countered that she was concerned that Nikki might have enraged the twisted blackmailer. Phyllis asked why Sharon had to be so negative.

Phyllis told Sharon she wished one thing would go right in their miserable lives. Sharon happily stated that she felt very liberated -- much like Billy. Phyllis said she'd tried to contact Billy, but Billy had not responded. Using a snarky tone, Sharon suggested that Phyllis needed to see herself as another toxic and destructive habit Billy needed to quit. Phyllis had no comeback. Instead, she gave Sharon a dirty look and left.

In the main room of the coffeehouse, Rey asked Mariah what the deal was between Sharon and Phyllis. Mariah said they were working together on a charity project. Mariah commented that she was surprised how close Rey and Sharon had become and how Rey had gone out of his way to befriend Sharon. Rey said Sharon had been the first person to show him kindness when he'd arrived in town.

Mariah warned Rey that he'd be sorry if she found out that the friendship included more benefits than free coffee. Rey advised her that he was married and that he was only offering Sharon friendly and platonic support with no drama. Mariah was relieved, and she thanked him.

Mariah was about to leave when Rey stopped her and asked about J.T. He said that the police report indicated that Mariah had been at Victoria's the night J.T. had crashed the party and that Mariah had slept through the incident. Sharon stopped in the doorway then backed out to eavesdrop as Rey questioned Mariah. She heard Mariah admit that the report was correct. She said that she'd been in charge of the margaritas, which had meant taste-testing. She admitted she hadn't eaten, and it had resulted in her passing out. Rey asked if she could provide any additional information that hadn't been included in the police report. Sharon chose that moment to join them and to ask if Rey had been trying to sharpen his investigative skills.

Rey said that technically, Mariah was still a witness. Sharon said that the only thing Mariah had witnessed that night had been the effects of a tequila hangover at home the next morning. Sharon suggested that Mariah make her power smoothie at the counter. Rey asked why Sharon had been irritated with him all morning.

Sharon told Rey that she'd insisted that Mariah go with her to Victoria's that night. She was happy that Mariah had passed out and hadn't seen J.T. crash the party. She said she wanted Mariah left out of his investigation. Rey confessed that Mariah had interrogated him about his relationship with Sharon. He said he'd assured Mariah that they were only friends. Sharon sputtered that that was correct.

On the patio, Mariah told Tessa that it had been strange that Sharon had agreed to meet with Phyllis. It was also odd how Sharon had pulled her away from Rey. Mariah said something was going on, and they needed to find out what it was.

Kyle found Ashley sitting at the bar at the Athletic Club. Ashley told him she wasn't in the mood to hear him gloat and suggested that one of them needed to leave. Kyle said that gloating indicated malicious glee or some kind of satisfaction. He said Ashley had been meticulous. She hadn't made a move without calculating the outcome to the closest probable degree. He said this time, the chemist in her had lost control of her experiment, which had resulted in a mess beyond anything she'd imagined. Her anger had had her focusing on exacting vengeance as quickly as possible. She'd been extremely arrogant. Ashley warned him not to talk to her about arrogance.

Kyle reminded Ashley that it had been a lesson she'd taught him, and she'd also taught him how to ruin a dream opportunity. She would have gotten away with it had she paid Andrew with her own money. Had Ashley succeeded, Kyle would have been the one to help her exact her vengeance on Jack, Billy, and the whole family. Ashley said he'd forgotten his enormous enthusiasm about using Billy's gambling addiction against him.

Kyle told Ashley that he wouldn't forget that, nor would he stop regretting what a heartless, ignorant mistake he'd made. He admitted that he'd had the audacity to believe he was better than Billy because he was more cutting-edge and smarter about the future of Jabot. Kyle said he'd proven how wrong he'd been when he'd chosen to team up with her. He'd thought Ashley was invincible, but she'd become sloppy, just like Billy -- but at least Billy could blame his gambling. Kyle left before Ashley could respond.

Ashley returned to the Abbott home and asked about Dina. Abby reported that Dina was well and that she was resting. Jack told Ashley that he, Traci, and Abby had been discussing how to keep Dina's happiness as their top priority. Traci stated there was too much tension in the home with all of them living there. She warned that they couldn't have another incident like they'd had earlier.

Ashley said that since she was obviously the source of the tension, she'd move out because she didn't want to make things worse for Dina, and she didn't want to stay where she wasn't wanted. She left the room.

Billy invited Summer into his office at Jabot when she arrived. Summer said she'd been worried about him, but she was ready to be part of his new and improved life. Billy told her that recovery took approximately one year, and it was best taken solo because the recovery was too stressful and scary to inflict on anyone they cared about. Summer said she was an adult, and she'd decide what was best for her. She said that Billy was best for her.

Billy told Summer that they were looking through different lenses at what had transpired between them. Summer claimed that it had been clear they'd wanted each other. She said that she cared deeply for him. She reminded Billy that there had been a reason he'd reached out to her when he'd hit rock bottom. Billy agreed he'd had a really good reason, but she wouldn't like it.

Billy told Summer he'd tried to be reasonable and kind, but Summer hadn't grasped his meaning. He told her bluntly that he had absolutely no romantic interest in her. At that moment, Phyllis arrived and asked what was going on. Billy said that he was about to tell Summer that the reason he'd slept with her was knowing what it would do to Phyllis when she found out, and they knew. Phyllis and Summer froze in shock.

Kyle ends a date with Lola to comfort Summer Kyle ends a date with Lola to comfort Summer

Thursday, October 18, 2018

At the state penitentiary, Nate told Lily that he'd never seen Neil send so many text messages before he'd started sneaking out to meet Ashley. Lily wondered why her father hadn't told her that he'd been seeing someone, and Nate guessed that it had been subconscious. Lily was dismayed that Neil hadn't wanted to share his happiness with her. She fretted that visiting hours were almost over, but Cane hadn't shown up. She asked Nate if he knew why.

Lily worried that there was a problem with the kids. Nate indicated that he hadn't spoken to Cane, so he had no idea why Cane wasn't there. Lily bemoaned that her phone time was over, so she couldn't get in touch with her husband, and she begged Nate to find out what was going on. Nate told her to give him a call if she hadn't heard from Cane by the next day, but he was sure it was nothing to be concerned about. Lily thanked him, and Nate headed out.

Devon, Charlie, and Shauna returned to Devon's penthouse after Shauna had won her swim race. Charlie asked if she'd heard him cheering, but she replied that she'd been focusing on the race. Shauna was happy with her time, and Devon commended her for putting in the hard work. Shauna noted that the competition had been stronger than she'd expected and she'd had her doubts, but then she'd remembered something Hilary had told her. Shauna clammed up, but Devon swore that he'd love to hear what Hilary had said.

Shauna recalled that Hilary had loved it when people had underestimated Hilary, since Hilary had used it to fuel herself. Devon thought it sounded just like Hilary, and Shauna murmured that it had felt like Hilary had been there with her that day. Devon stated that she had no idea how happy it made him, and they shared a group hug.

Nate stopped by, and Charlie invited him to join the celebration. Shauna proudly displayed her medal, and Nate congratulated her. Nate hoped that one of them had heard from Cane, since his calls had gone directly to voicemail. Charlie questioned why Nate was looking for Cane, and Nate hesitantly shared that Cane hadn't shown up to visit Lily that day. Nate was determined to find out why.

After Nate left, Charlie felt guilty for having fun while his mom was stuck in a horrible place, but Shauna insisted that Lily wouldn't want him to be miserable. Devon agreed that they couldn't let the bad outweigh the good in life. He confided that there had been times when he hadn't been able to feel anything but anger and sadness, but he'd realized that it had disrespected Hilary's memory, since she would have wanted him to focus on happy times and what he'd loved about her. Devon was sure that Lily wouldn't want Charlie to be moping around and cutting class but to be happily enjoying life.

At Jabot, Phyllis blasted Billy for sinking so low as to sleep with her daughter to get back at her. Summer couldn't believe that he'd thrown it in Phyllis' face that way, but he crowed that it had been efficient to take care of two birds with one stone. Summer asked when he'd become such a pig, and Phyllis demanded to know what childish fantasies had been running through Summer's mind when she'd told Mariah about Phyllis' fling with Nick. Summer defended that Mariah had simply overheard her and Kyle talking, and she'd thought Mariah would keep her mouth shut.

Summer recounted that Billy had said he'd wanted her, and Phyllis snapped that it had taken Summer 30 seconds to take off her clothes and jump into bed with him. Summer whined that she'd thought that she and Billy had shared a real connection, and she'd been hoping things could go somewhere between them -- until then. Summer barked that every horrible thing people had said about him was true, and it had turned out that he and her mom were perfect for one another. Summer stormed out, and Billy remarked that she was turning into a little drama queen. Phyllis realized that Summer had been telling the truth, and Billy bragged about how sweet it had been to get it on with the daughter of the two people who'd screwed him over. Phyllis smacked him across the face.

Phyllis admonished Billy for taking his frustrations out on her daughter, but he taunted that he and Summer had been two consenting adults with nothing to apologize for. He added that they hadn't hidden what they'd done, but Phyllis defended that her tryst with Nick had been nothing compared to what Billy had done to her daughter. Billy asserted that it had been clear that he and Phyllis were done at the wedding, and she called him despicable. He intended to send Sharon a thank-you note for spilling the truth before he'd bought a ring, and he regretted that he'd been arrogant enough to think he'd been different than the other guys Phyllis had been with.

Phyllis swore that Billy had meant everything to her, but Billy spat that she liked playing the cool ex to string men along to keep them on the side. Phyllis hissed that she'd thought Billy had hit rock bottom, but he'd reached a new low. Billy sarcastically replied that the people who'd said he had no ambition should see him then, and she scoffed at the idea of a womanizer like him playing a victim. She imagined that if Summer hadn't been around, he would have ended up with Victoria. Billy dryly remarked that it wouldn't have been as effective for revenge sex.

Phyllis excoriated Billy for taking advantage of Summer's feelings for him to achieve a fleeting moment of satisfaction. Phyllis was thrilled that he'd lost his job, and she hoped he lost everything else. Billy conceded that taking Summer to bed hadn't been one of his finest moments, but he'd done it so that Phyllis would have to live with the vivid image of them together -- just like he had to live with one of her and Nick and the lies that had followed. She picked up a mug and threw it across the room as he exited.

At Crimson Lights, Tessa informed Mariah that her shift was almost over, and Mariah wrapped up sending an email. Mariah asked if Tessa had to go to Dark Horse later, but Tessa announced that she'd taken the night off to celebrate Mariah being home from her trip. Tessa suggested that they head back to her place to watch a movie, and Mariah mused that quiet time alone sounded like a celebration to her.

Kyle arrived at the coffeehouse and expressed disappointment that Lola had beaten him to buying her a coffee. He referred to his week being "one hell of a mess," even by Abbott standards, but he imagined that it sounded like a lame excuse for not being in touch. She insisted that she wasn't the high-maintenance type, and he wanted to make it up to her by taking her out that night. He offered to requisition the jet to take her to dinner in Chicago, but she frowned upon wasting a bunch of jet fuel just to eat. Kyle asked what he could do, and Lola suggested that he start by telling her why he'd been arrested for graverobbing.

Lola was stunned to learn how much trouble Kyle had gone through just to find out that his grandfather really had been his grandfather. Kyle recognized that he'd made a stupid, impulsive decision to desecrate a grave because he'd wanted to provide his father with answers. Lola admitted that part of her admired the lengths Kyle had gone to for his dad, but it also creeped her out. She confided that her brothers wanted her to think the worst of him, and they'd made him out to be a moral degenerate based on the police report.

Lola added that Rey had always tried to control her life, and both he and Arturo had had a huge fit about her dating Kyle. Kyle hoped that he could still take her out that night, and Mariah and Tessa approached. Kyle introduced Mariah as an old friend and Lola as the new lady in his life. Mariah exclaimed that she'd heard wonderful things about Lola, and Lola invited Mariah and Tessa to hang out with them. The group tossed around ideas of what they could do, and Lola suggested a game night.

Kyle gave Lola, Mariah, and Tessa a tour of the Abbott mansion. Tessa asked how many bedrooms there were, and Kyle reported that there were eight in the main house, plus some for the live-in help. He added that the pool house where he crashed was more modern, and Tessa squealed that it was like a mini-mansion. Kyle mentioned that he'd just had the bathroom updated, and the kitchen was next. Mariah chuckled at the idea of him being a gourmet chef, and Kyle joked that people would kill for his microwave popcorn. Lola raved about how much space the main kitchen had, and Mariah pointed out that Kyle's whole family lived in the mansion. Kyle revealed that no one was home but his grandmother and her nurse, so they had the place to themselves.

Kyle failed miserably at charades, and he suggested that they switch to truth or dare instead. He started with Lola, who chose truth. He asked her to tell about a time when she'd done something wrong and regretted it. Lola reflected back on all the jobs she'd taken to save up to start her business, and she recalled washing the cars and keeping the books at a used car shop. She hadn't been paid after working there for a month, and her boss had fired her when she'd confronted him about it. Lola had considered asking Arturo to hash it out with him, but she liked fighting her own battles.

Lola explained that there had been an old truck parked in the back that had no longer run, and it had looked like a piece of junk, but she'd seen potential in it. Kyle guessed that it had become her food truck. Lola recounted that she'd offered to accept the truck as payment for all the hours she'd worked, and her boss had told her that she could have it if she could drive it out of the lot by sundown. She recalled that he'd laughed as he'd walked away, as if she'd been the dumbest female ever to live. She'd retrieved her tools and cannibalized all the other vehicles he'd owned for parts to start the truck, and he'd signed over the title, not knowing what she'd done.

Mariah exclaimed that Lola rocked, and they high-fived. Kyle wondered why Lola regretted it, but she replied that she didn't. Kyle said it was Mariah's turn, and Lola asked Mariah the same question. Mariah cited when she'd impersonated her dead twin sister to make someone think they were crazy, adding that she'd regret it until her dying day. Mariah imposed the same question on Tessa, who referred to stealing Mariah's journal and plagiarizing her personal thoughts to write a hit song.

Lola felt like "less of a badass," but Mariah thought it would be nice to not have any regrets. Lola implied that she'd done something much worse, but she didn't plan to confess because she intended to get away with it. She chortled when she looked at their faces and couldn't believe they'd fallen for it. Summer sent Kyle a text message, saying she needed to talk, but he ignored it.

Later, Mariah offered to grab another round of drinks, and the doorbell rang. Kyle found Summer outside and coolly asked what was up. She pleaded that she really needed to talk to him, but he told her that it wasn't a good time. Summer whimpered that she had no one else to go to, and she couldn't get through it alone. Mariah asked what "Snowflake" was doing there, and Kyle allowed Summer to step inside. Summer realized that they were having a party, and Kyle explained to his guests that Summer was going through something and needed to talk.

Mariah accused Summer of following them there to spoil their night, but Kyle defended that Summer was obviously upset. Lola doubted that he was the only person Summer could talk to, and Kyle responded that he wouldn't feel right about turning his back on a friend who was obviously hurting. Lola testily stated that he should do what he felt was right for his "friend," but Mariah ranted that Summer had never been a friend to him. Lola suggested that they leave to let Kyle handle whatever it was, and she headed out with Mariah and Tessa. Summer thanked Kyle for not slamming the door in her face, and he guessed that it was about Billy.

Summer bawled that she didn't know which was worse -- Billy using her to get back at her parents, or her mom blaming her for everything. She didn't know how she'd face them again, and she contemplated leaving town. Kyle demanded to know when she'd become a coward or a quitter, and he encouraged her to handle it head-on because the only way out was through. He recalled that she'd wanted to make some changes in her life, and he figured that there was no better time than after she'd made a gigantic mess of things. Summer couldn't resist a smile, and he swore that she could do whatever she put her mind to. She hugged him, and he reluctantly put his arms around her.

Summer found Phyllis sobbing at Jabot. Summer called to her, but Phyllis told her to go away. Summer stepped inside the office and closed the door behind her, and she softly stated that she was sorry. Phyllis blurted out that she was also sorry for blaming Summer when Billy had done a "damn good job" of hurting them both. Phyllis asserted that they were better off "without that loser," and Summer reached out her hand. Phyllis took it, and they hugged.

At the Athletic Club, Nate approached Cane and mentioned that Cane's office had said Nate could find him there. Nate revealed that he'd visited Lily at the prison, and she'd been surprised that Cane hadn't shown up as planned. Cane claimed that an important business meeting had caused him to miss visiting hours, but Nate pointed out that Cane was CEO of the company. Nate lectured that Lily was worried that something had happened to Cane or the kids, and he didn't think Cane understood how upset she was.

Cane insisted that he would deal with it, but Nate pointed out that not showing up hadn't been like Cane. Cane admitted that he sometimes felt that he was making things harder on Lily, and their last visit had been strained. Nate imagined that it had been hard seeing how prison had changed her, so Cane had taken the easy out when his meeting had run late, not thinking about how it would affect her. Nate contended that as difficult as it was for Cane, Lily was the one who had to go back to a cell. Nate continued that Lily needed Cane as much as she ever had, if not more, so Cane needed to get over it and show up because it was only going to get harder.

Billy stepped up to the bar and ordered his usual, and he made it a double when Cane joined him. Cane instructed the bartender to make it two. Cane warned Billy against asking for a job, and Billy groaned that he'd never think of working for Cane again. Cane scolded Billy for botching the opportunity of a lifetime, and Billy conceded that he was his own worst enemy -- just like Cane. Cane confessed that he'd done something unforgivable that day.

Billy sympathized about Lily being in prison, but he was grateful that Phyllis was out of his life. Cane said he was sorry about what had happened, and Billy admitted that he'd gone full scorched earth. Billy realized that he'd gone too far by causing damage that couldn't be undone.

Across the dining room, Tessa chirped that it wasn't so bad that game night had turned into a girls' night, and Lola muttered that she'd let them know after a beer or two. Mariah couldn't believe that Kyle had let Summer hijack their night, and Lola mimicked his words about not turning his back on a person in pain. Tessa didn't trust Summer, but she thought there was a chance that Summer really was having a crisis. Lola wondered why Summer had run to Kyle, and Mariah swore that Kyle had a tattoo on his butt that said "property of Summer Newman." Lola recalled that Summer had made it seem like she had a claim on Kyle, and she wondered if Kyle had left the door open.

After Lola left, Tessa spotted Billy and Cane commiserating at the bar, and Mariah wondered if Summer had wrecked their night, too. Tessa asked if Mariah thought that Kyle was still hung up on Summer, and Mariah replied that she wouldn't be surprised. Mariah couldn't believe that he'd let Summer ruin his date with Lola when Lola was smarter, funnier, and nicer than Summer.

Mariah speculated that it was possible that Summer could be in a crisis, but she suspected that Summer was just playing games. Tessa figured that Summer didn't want Kyle but that she didn't want anyone else to have him, either. Kyle arrived and asked where Lola was, since he hoped to salvage the rest of the evening. Mariah informed him that he'd blown it.

Victoria and Sharon receive an email they don't trust Victoria and Sharon receive an email they don't trust

Friday, October 19, 2018

At the Abbott mansion, Dina asked what day it was, and Abby replied that it was Thursday. Dina became excited because her bridge club met that day, and she anticipated that Katherine, Jennifer, and "that awful Joanna" would be there soon. Abby claimed that the women couldn't make it that day, and she mentioned that she had to go out for a while to meet her boyfriend and his sister for breakfast. Dina remembered when John had introduced her to his family, and that had been when she'd known things had been getting serious. Abby didn't think she and Arturo were there yet, but she promised to keep Dina posted.

Abby added that Mrs. Martinez and Kelly would be there, and Dina looked bewildered. Abby explained that they were the housekeeper and the nurse, and Dina wanted to tell them to be sure to clean the children's rooms. Abby stepped out to inform the staff she was leaving, and Ashley entered through the front door. Dina called out to ask who there, and Ashley greeted, "Hello, Mother." Ashley asked if everyone had gone out, and Dina expected John to appear for breakfast. Ashley recalled that it had been his favorite time of day, sitting around the dining room table with his family in the morning.

Dina gushed that she was glad to be there with John and her children again, and Ashley clucked that it was a shame Dina had been gone for so long, since Dina's children had missed her. Dina muttered that she didn't want to talk about it, and Abby returned and asked what Ashley was doing. Ashley observed that Abby looked tired, and Abby indicated that she hadn't been sleeping well. Ashley countered that she hadn't, either, but she was sure Jack had been. Abby curtly stated that she had to leave to meet Arturo, and she assured Dina that she'd be back soon.

After Abby left, Dina testily asked why Ashley had upset the young girl. Ashley swore that she hadn't meant to upset anyone, and she started to head upstairs to get her things. Dina bellowed that only family was allowed up there, and Ashley didn't belong there because she wasn't an Abbott. Ashley reminded Dina who she was, but Dina repeated that Ashley wasn't an Abbott and threatened to call the police. "Do whatever you have to do," Ashley snapped as she ascended the stairs.

Dina became frustrated when a recorded voice told her that the number she'd dialed wasn't working. Ashley returned with a storage box, and Dina informed her that she was calling the police. Dina demanded to know what Ashley was doing with the box, and Ashley explained that she was taking her belongings. Dina screeched that nothing in the house belonged to Ashley, and she recognized a gift that John had given Ashley on her seventh birthday. Ashley pulled out her tennis trophy, her yearbooks, her photo albums, and other gifts her dad had given her. Dina insisted that the things belonged to her daughter, and they were a reminder of the happy life they'd had in the house.

Dina accused Ashley of stealing the items because she was jealous of the life Dina had in the house with John and their children, and she demanded that Ashley leave the box and get out. Ashley bellowed that Dina could just keep it, since Dina had taken everything else from her. Ashley crossed the room and sank despondently into a chair, and Dina admired a photo of Jack among Ashley's things. Dina perused the photo albums and thought of the wonderful Christmases they'd had in that house and all the love they'd shared. Ashley spat that all she remembered were raised voices, doors slamming, and Dina's car pulling out of the garage.

Dina envisioned sitting at family breakfasts, making plans for the day. Ashley clarified that John had started that tradition after Dina had left as a way to make his children feel loved, and he'd made Ashley feel like the most important person in the world. Ashley snarled that she'd tried to prove for so long that she deserved to have a piece of the family legacy, but Dina had taken that from her, too. Dina declared that she adored Ashley with all heart, but Ashley flatly stated that it wasn't true. Dina swore that she could prove it, but Ashley maintained that Dina couldn't because that love had never existed. Dina whimpered that it did, but Ashley walked out as Dina crumpled into tears.

Dina frantically searched the house for something and fretted when she couldn't find it. Kyle returned home and volunteered to help her find what she was looking for. She insisted that she was a good mother, and she kept repeating that she had to find it. Kyle suggested that they look together, and he asked what she was searching for. Dina babbled about having proof that she was a very good mother, and she'd told John to put it in the papers in the safe with his signature for Ashley. Dina pointed to the wall and reiterated that she and John had put the papers in the safe together. Kyle wondered if she meant at Jabot, and she firmly stated that of course it was there. Kyle proposed that they take a drive.

Kyle led Dina into the CEO's office at Jabot and closed the shades. She asked where John was, and Kyle replied that John wasn't there, but he was sure they could find the papers she'd been looking for. She looked confused, and he reminded her about the signed document. Dina said she was there to have lunch with her husband, and Kyle suggested that they look for the safe while she waited. Dina pointed to a painting on the wall, and she wailed that it had all changed, but she maintained that she and John had put the papers in the safe together to protect Ashley.

Kyle removed the painting and began tapping on the wall. Dina became increasingly excited, and she helped to move things out of the way. She clapped her hands as Kyle pried a panel from the wall, revealing a safe behind it. She grinned broadly and squealed that she hadn't been lying, since it was right there in the wall. Kyle pointed out that they didn't know the combination, but she proclaimed that it was her birthday. Kyle spun the dial, and Dina commanded that he open it. The safe swiveled open, and he peered inside.

At the Athletic Club, Arturo called to Lola, who was preoccupied with checking her phone. She apologized and grumbled that she hated the fancy stuff. Arturo said Abby had picked the meeting place, and Lola teased that Abby was the one calling the shots. Arturo bet that Lola wouldn't be complaining if her boyfriend had taken her there, but Lola protested that Kyle wasn't her boyfriend. She insisted that she was focusing on her business, so she didn't have time for a serious relationship with anyone. Arturo wondered what Kyle had done.

Lola denied that Kyle had done anything, but Arturo said her eyes didn't lie. Lola reluctantly admitted that Kyle's annoying ex had barged in on their last date, and Kyle had gone running to Summer. Arturo recounted that Abby had poured a drink on his head when she'd found him dancing with Summer, and Summer had seemed to enjoy the whole thing. Lola was sure that Summer had loved that Kyle had cut his date with Lola short to kiss away Summer's fake tears, but she reasoned that it was better than if he'd been a jerk to Summer.

Lola asserted that Kyle was free to hook up with Summer if he wanted, but Arturo warned that Lola's eyes were giving her away again. Abby interrupted with apologies for being late, and she groaned that there had been more family drama. Lola suggested that they have breakfast another time, since she had to start getting her truck ready. Lola headed out, and Arturo commented that all families had their moments. Abby hated that all her family did was hurt one another, and she couldn't stand it anymore. Arturo reminded her that no matter what they'd done, they were still family at the end of the day.

Abby filled Arturo in, and she bemoaned that she hadn't thought her mom was capable of being so cruel. Abby expected it from the Newmans but not the Abbotts, who had always been loving and supportive, but everything had changed. Arturo suggested that her family wasn't broken, but they just had to work harder to get back to where they had been. Abby lamented that they were doing the opposite by doing terrible things to one another, and she didn't think there was anything anyone could do.

At Crimson Lights, Victoria arrived in response to Sharon's message. Sharon led her to the patio to talk without Phyllis or Nikki there. Sharon requested Victoria's honest opinion about how they were handling the situation, and Victoria figured that they'd made the right choice because they hadn't heard anything. Victoria asked if Sharon had found out anything at the police station, but Sharon reported that Rey was playing it close to the vest. Sharon added that she was working at getting him to open up, but she couldn't be too obvious. Victoria questioned whether something was going on with Sharon and Rey, just as Nick appeared in the doorway.

Victoria covered by saying that they'd talk about their project later, and she greeted Nick on her way out. Sharon inquired about how Christian was getting used to the new house, and Nick claimed that the boy still sometimes woke up in the middle of the night, calling for her. Nick thought that Christian missed Faith and Mariah, too, and Sharon invited Nick to drop Christian off at the ranch anytime. Nick welcomed her to visit his place, but Sharon didn't think it was a good idea. She swore that she still wanted to be part of Christian's life, but she told Nick not to read anything more into it.

Rey entered, and Sharon was surprised that he hadn't already left for the police station. He indicated that he'd been waiting for a bed to be delivered. Nick huffed that he and Sharon had been in the middle of something, but Sharon made a point of expressing interest in Rey's new bed. Sharon rambled about how she'd been thinking about getting a new bed because the old one didn't feel right anymore. She inquired about Rey's mattress, and he bragged that it was a smart one with a bunch of features. She jokingly warned Rey not to cut the tag off.

Nick testily told Sharon to call him later to talk about their kids, and he stepped away. Rey thought he should let them talk, but Sharon figured that she and Nick could work out their schedules via text message. She turned the topic back to Rey's mattress, and he loathed the idea of having to shop for sheets. She offered to help, since she loved shopping, and she inquired about the size of his mattress. He replied that it was big, and she proposed that they check it out. Nick scowled as they headed upstairs.

Later, Victoria stopped by the coffeehouse after a run and spotted Ashley sipping coffee on the patio. Victoria remarked that running was a great stress reliever, and Ashley contemplated trying it -- or inflicting bodily harm. Victoria offered to provide the number of her karate instructor, and she voiced surprise that Ashley wasn't riding high after the Jabot board had fired Billy and hired her as CEO. Ashley revealed that she'd since been voted out, and Victoria was stunned that Ashley hadn't done everything possible to hold onto the position. Ashley admitted that she had -- and her whole life had gotten blown up in the process.

Ashley figured that she shouldn't have been surprised by how things had turned out, given what had happened to Victoria when she'd colluded with Jack to get Ashley out of Newman. Ashley conceded that she'd resorted to extreme measures to get what was rightfully hers, just like Victoria had, but she hadn't done anything worse than what had been done to her. Victoria understood what it was like to have to prove that she was as smart and deserving as her brother, and Ashley bitterly recognized that no matter what they did, they never seemed to measure up in some people's eyes. Victoria jokingly asked when Ashley's family had decided to dress up as the Newmans for Halloween that year.

Victoria had always considered the Newmans to be the dysfunctional royalty of the town, but the Abbotts had been the generous, all-American family. Ashley confirmed that not everything going on with the Abbotts had been good, and they could be just as ruthless as the Newmans. Ashley griped that she'd been tired of being bullied, and she didn't have any regrets. Victoria thought that it had taken its toll in more ways than she could imagine, and Ashley suspected that Victoria had gone through something similar. Ashley asked if it had been worth it, and Victoria hoped it had.

At Dark Horse, Abby thanked Arturo for his support, and he stressed that he was there for her. Arturo mused that he had quite a bit of experience with family hurting one another, and he knew how deep the wounds could go. She guessed that he was talking about him and Rey, but Nick popped out of his office and asked to speak to Abby. Abby stepped inside, expecting to talk about work, but Nick inquired whether Arturo had talked much about his brother. Abby replied that Rey was a topic Arturo liked to avoid, and she didn't know why there was bad blood between them. Nick was surprised that she wasn't more curious, and she was surprised that Nick was.

Abby refused Nick's request to push Arturo for information about Rey. She complained that Nick sounded like a jealous ex, but he argued that Sharon was the mother of his kids, and he sensed that Rey had been lying from the start. Nick listed the ways Rey had insinuated himself into Sharon's life when he had a wife who wasn't in the picture. Abby admitted that she was curious about why Arturo didn't want to talk about his brother, but she didn't feel right lying to Arturo about it. Nick insisted that she had to get to the truth if she ever wanted to get serious with Arturo, and she agreed to see what she could do.

At the police station, Rey praised Sharon for convincing a witness to testify against some thugs who would have otherwise walked. Sharon said she'd encouraged the woman to do her part to keep their community safe, and she hoped to teach people to stand up and fight back against bullies. Rey congratulated her on doing a good job, and he spied a Fenmore's bag on his desk. He found new sheets inside it, and he insisted that she shouldn't have gone to that much trouble. Sharon reiterated that she loved shopping, and he wondered if his new bed could put on its own sheets.

Rey sympathized that Sharon's earlier encounter with Nick couldn't have been easy, and she griped that Nick was acting like nothing had changed between them. Sharon felt like she'd turned a corner, and Rey hoped it led to someplace good. Rey appealed to Sharon to help him fill out a report, and she agreed to complete part of it for him because she knew it was his least favorite part of his job. Her phone rang, and she happily made dinner plans with someone. Rey assumed that the call had been from her daughter, and he noted that she and Mariah seemed close. Sharon recalled that things hadn't been that good a few years earlier.

Rey remarked that teenagers could be tough, but Sharon explained that she hadn't raised Mariah or her twin from birth, since they'd both been taken from her and adopted. Sharon continued that she'd found Cassie first, but Cassie had died by the time Mariah had entered Sharon's life. Rey couldn't imagine losing a child, and Sharon said she wouldn't wish the pain on her worst enemy. He mentioned that he and his wife had never had kids because she hadn't wanted them, but he'd wanted to be the kind of dad he'd never had, with a house full of laugher, noise, and lots of love. Sharon figured that sometimes people changed their minds about wanting kids. She received a text message, and her expression darkened. She suddenly claimed that she had an appointment she'd forgotten about, and she rushed out.

Sharon burst into Victoria's office as Victoria ended a call, and Victoria protested that Sharon couldn't just barge in. Sharon asked if Victoria had checked her email, but Victoria had been preoccupied with a conference call. Victoria looked at her email, and Sharon pointed to a message with a subject line that said, "We're not through." Sharon noted that she, Nikki, and Phyllis had also been copied on the email, which stated that they owed $249,999, and if it wasn't wired by midnight that night, the police would know what was buried "under here." The message included a photo of the modern artwork that stood above J.T.'s grave.

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