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Jack shredded a document that gave Ashley the patent rights to the Jabot products she'd created, but Traci pieced it back together. The Abbotts refused to reinstate Ashley as CEO, so she opted to keep the patents and leave town. Lily was moved to a distant prison after being targeted by other inmates.
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Kyle attempts to thwart Dina's plans

Kyle attempts to thwart Dina's plans

Monday, October 22, 2018

In the CEO's office at Jabot, Kyle opened a safe hidden behind a wall panel. Dina had insisted to Kyle that she and John had placed documents into the safe together. After Kyle removed the documents, Dina cheered and exclaimed, "Bingo!" Kyle remained unsure the documents were the same ones Dina had hoped to find. Dina lovingly pressed the documents to her chest and claimed they would prove that she was a good mother to Ashley. Kyle overheard voices outside the office, peeked out the window, and spotted Billy.

Kyle watched and listened as Billy requested a copy of the Jaboutique press release from Ted. Kyle turned his attention back to Dina and suggested they remain in the office to look through the papers. Dina added, "At John's desk?" Kyle played along and replied, "He won't mind." Kyle offered Dina a seat in John's chair and said, "Just like the big boss." Kyle made certain the door was locked before Dina opened the file folder containing the documents. Dina became flustered when she was initially unable to find the particular document she wanted.

After Dina found the document, she handed it to Kyle. Kyle read the document aloud. Kyle said, "The above-named parties hereby agree to assign Ashley Suzanne Abbott all patents, inventions, discoveries, developments, and ideas made of or conceived by her, excluding all others, in perpetuity." Dina shouted, "Oh, eureka!" Dina's voice aroused Billy and Ted's attention just outside the office. Billy asked Ted who was in the office. Ted replied, "I thought it was empty. It should be empty."

Dina was elated. She cried, "We found it. Oh, thank you, God. We found it." Kyle became stone-faced as he realized that the legal document was still binding. Billy knocked on the door and demanded it be opened. Ted phoned security and requested help to unlock Ashley's office door. Kyle opened the door and stepped out. Ted canceled his request for assistance. Kyle claimed that he'd been placating Dina after she'd begged to talk to John at his office.

After Billy left, Kyle returned to the office. Dina held the document and said she couldn't wait to show it to Ashley. Kyle asked to look at the document again, but Dina refused and insisted that Kyle drive her home immediately. Kyle explained that the document could lead to the total and complete annihilation of Jabot if Dina carried out her plan to give Ashley ownership of all products she'd developed. Dina cried that she'd been a bad mother to Ashley and hoped her "present" would prove otherwise. Kyle expressed doubt that John would have signed the document, but Dina proudly pointed to John's signature.

Kyle grew increasingly desperate as Dina proudly recalled that it had been her idea to give Ashley ownership of her patents. Dina added that John had agreed. Kyle became distraught and cried that Dina had signed over the lifeblood of the company because Ashley would own the rights to practically every product. Dina laughed and said, "Good for her." Kyle told Dina that the document had been a serious error in judgment that no one else should know about. Kyle assured Dina that he'd take care of things himself.

Dina distrusted Kyle and demanded to see John. Kyle assured Dina she could trust him, but Dina said she'd never trust Kyle and wanted him gone. Dina became distraught and called out to John. Kyle comforted Dina and claimed that John had gone home to eat dinner. Dina recalled that John loved steak. Kyle rolled up the document and held it behind his back as he talked about dessert options. Dina glared at Kyle and said, "I want you gone." Dina grabbed Kyle's arm, pulled it toward her, and wrested the document away. Dina took possession of the document and said, "And this stays with me. For Ashley."

In Victoria's office at Newman Enterprises, Victoria and Sharon panicked when the blackmailer sent a photo of the sculpture erected above the area where they'd placed J.T.'s body. Sharon cried, "They know. They know that J.T.'s dead. They know he's buried in Chancellor Park." Victoria added that the blackmailer also knew that they'd buried J.T. Sharon said if they didn't do something fast, everyone in town would know, too. Sharon lamented that they should have sent the full amount demanded instead of paying only a dollar. Victoria noted that their blackmailer hadn't contacted the police and could be bluffing about exposing them. Sharon insisted they pay before someone else found out.

At the Genoa City Athletic Club, Jack and Nick had just ended a business lunch when Phyllis approached. Phyllis announced that she'd had an epiphany after her breakup with Billy. Phyllis, with coffee in hand, toasted her plans to embrace new beginnings after having seen a side of Billy that she'd never seen before. Nick said he was happy for Phyllis. Jack seemed concerned about what Billy might have done to change Phyllis' mind about reconciling.

After Nick left, Jack told Phyllis he'd never been more proud of her for taking control of her life and cutting Billy out. Jack praised Phyllis for being a powerful woman and a brave mother. Phyllis wiped a tear and told Jack she didn't deserve for him to be nice to her. Phyllis admitted that at one time, she'd been concerned about Billy after hurting Jack so deeply. Phyllis added that Billy had hurt her by inflicting the maximum amount of indelible pain.

Phyllis recalled how she and Billy had hurt Jack in the past. Jack replied, "Beating yourself up doesn't solve anything." Phyllis asked for forgiveness. Jack, wiping Phyllis' tears, noted that he'd forgiven her long before. Phyllis received a text message, which immediately made her anxious. Phyllis told Jack she'd forgotten some time-sensitive issues that required her immediate attention. Jack was taken aback when Phyllis abruptly rushed out.

At Crimson Lights, Nikki was coloring pictures with Christian when Rey approached. Nikki was visibly uneasy as Rey introduced himself to Christian. Nick arrived and asked his mother if she'd received his message. Nikki retrieved her phone and said she'd turned it off. When Nikki glanced at her phone, her expression immediately conveyed a look of fear. Nick said, "Everything okay?" Nikki said it was, noting that she'd remembered something she was supposed handle for her charity.

After Nikki abruptly left, Nick looked at Rey and said, "What the heck was that?" Rey replied, "Crazy. The same thing happened with Sharon at work today." Rey gave Christian a toy police car. Ray explained that the cars were given to children whenever they were brought to the station to await transfer to emergency foster care. Nick questioned Rey about his estranged wife. Rey brushed off the question, but Nick noted that if Sharon knew all about Rey's new mattress, she surely knew about Rey's mysterious wife.

Rey tried to explain his relationship with Sharon. Nick interrupted and suggested Rey had buddied up with Sharon so she'd think he was good guy. Rey's eyes widened when Nick added, "Well, you have not fooled me. No way. I'm onto you." Rey insisted that Nick had gotten the wrong impression. Nick recalled his history with Sharon. Nick warned Rey that the longer he played games with Sharon, the longer she'd be kept away from Christian and the longer Nick would have to wait before he could return home and resume tucking Faith into bed at night. Nick added, "Just do the right thing and stay out of this."

Nikki and Phyllis joined Sharon and Victoria in Victoria's office. Phyllis, using Victoria's laptop, began tracing what she termed the digital fingerprints contained in the email. Phyllis was certain she could track down their blackmailer. Sharon noted that she could input the name of the person through the database at the police station. Nikki expressed hope that Phyllis' detective work would conclusively rule out the possibility that the police had sent the emails, hoping to scare them.

Victoria, Nikki, Sharon, and Phyllis ruled out the possibility of anyone having seen what they'd done at Victoria's house or at Chancellor Park. Phyllis became frustrated and explained that the emailer had utilized a virtual private network, which was akin to hiding behind a mask. Nikki noted that the blackmailer could be close by or far away. Phyllis explained that because the blackmailer knew where the body was buried, they should move it. Nikki and Sharon protested. Sharon insisted they pay the money and be done with the blackmailer. Sharon picked up her purse and said she should spend time at home with her daughter before being arrested for murder.

At home, Sharon warmly embraced Mariah when she returned with dinner. Mariah noticed that Sharon had been crying. Mariah asked if Sharon was all right. Sharon dismissed Mariah's concerns. Mariah's phone rang, but the caller didn't speak when Mariah answered. Mariah noted that it was the tenth such call from an unknown person she'd received. Mariah noted that she could hear someone breathing on the other end, which to her seemed creepy.

Sharon suggested that Mariah's mystery caller might be a fan of her show. Mariah admitted that she feared someone had been following her during her drive home. Mariah noted that she couldn't identify the car. Sharon went to her kitchen, phoned Victoria, and reported what Mariah had said about being followed. Sharon insisted it was a warning from the blackmailer, letting them know the blackmailer could get to anyone at any time. Sharon cried, "They come for us, that's one thing. They come for my kids, it's game over." Nikki insisted she would pay the money to keep Victoria and the rest of them safe. Sharon overheard Nikki's comment and breathed a sigh of relief.

At the Abbott mansion, Jack was on the phone, leaving a message for Kyle, when Billy entered. Billy told Jack that Kyle and Dina were at Jabot, locked in the office together. Billy added that Dina believed she was reliving a time in the past. Jack seemed confused when Billy recalled that Kyle had evidently failed to keep Dina calm because "she'd kind of freaked out" at one point. Billy didn't explain why he'd left without checking on Kyle and Dina.

Billy poured himself a drink. Jack asked Billy if he'd been warned about substituting one addiction for another. Billy said he'd kicked two bad habits and had reason to celebrate. Jack recalled that he'd run into Phyllis. Billy was prepared to defend himself against Phyllis' accusations. Jack assured Billy that Phyllis hadn't said anything negative about him.

Billy continued sipping his drink and seemed uninterested in discussing his failed relationship with Phyllis. Jack pressed the issue. Jack said that judging by Phyllis' reaction and tone, he'd surmised that Billy had hit a new low. Billy offered no details and claimed he was relieved Phyllis had given up trying to apologize. Jack explained that Phyllis had apologized to him. Before Billy went upstairs, he suggested Jack rescue Dina from Kyle. Jack grabbed his keys and left.

Back at Jabot, Dina held the document and said she couldn't wait to see John's face when she showed him what she'd found. Kyle suggested they leave the document at the office and head home. Dina refused. Kyle told Dina that the document should be kept in the safe. Dina said she wanted to prove to Ashley that her mother had made arrangements for her daughter's future. Kyle insisted the document be returned to the safe. Dina reluctantly gave Kyle the document. Kyle put the document in the safe and closed the door. Kyle flashed a satisfied grin and noted that the document would remain inside forever.

After Kyle escorted Dina outside the office, he claimed he'd left his keys behind on the desk. Dina remained outside the office when Kyle returned inside it. Kyle rushed to the safe, retrieved the document, and was about to shred it when Dina rushed in. Dina cried, "What are you doing?" Kyle claimed he was doing the best thing. Dina grabbed Kyle's hand and angrily ordered him to stop.

Jack shreds Dina's secret document

Jack shreds Dina's secret document

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

At the Athletic Club, Lily sat at a romantic table and sipped wine. Her phone pinged, and she read a message from Cane that said he was on his way and would see her soon. She smiled and checked her reflection in a compact mirror. Lily's fantasy ended when a prison door slammed.

Lily stirred some red powder with water in a paper cup, and she dabbed the liquid on her lips to color them. She shuffled through a pile of homemade cards and scraped off glitter, which she applied to her eyelids.

At the Ashby home, Devon questioned whether he, Neil, and Cane should be on the road, but Cane was on the phone with Charlie, stressing that he needed the twins to be home to relieve the nanny that afternoon. Cane requested five more minutes, and Devon grumbled that Cane had just said that. Devon wondered why Cane seemed on edge, and Neil surmised that Cane was worried about Lily, since someone had messed with her head the week before. Devon asked if Lily had reported it, but Neil replied that it wasn't something she'd report, since her husband had been the one who'd done it.

Devon was appalled when Neil informed him that Cane hadn't shown up for his last visit with Lily. Devon was surprised that Cane had volunteered the information to Nate, and Neil figured that Cane had needed someone to talk to. Neil sympathized that Cane felt like his problems were nothing compared to what Lily was going through, but it wasn't healthy for Cane to be stressed to the brink. Neil grabbed the phone away from Cane and ended the call with Charlie, and he ordered Cane to take a seat. Cane protested that they didn't have time, but Neil firmly stated that there were things they needed to discuss before they saw Lily.

Cane insisted that he didn't want to miss Lily's visitation, and Devon testily bet that it was because Cane had missed the previous one. Cane admitted that it had been selfish of him, but his last visit had been rough because the place was changing Lily. Cane wailed that he felt like everything had been dumped on him, but he was committed to sucking it up because she was suffering even more. Neil recognized that Cane was tough enough to deal with it, but he warned that Cane was setting himself up for more of the same thing.

Neil thought that any guy with any pressing issue would insist that he had it every time. Neil acknowledged that men tended to believe that saying they needed help was weak, but it was really the opposite, since it took confidence to recognize a problem and deal with it. Devon recalled that it had driven Lily insane that he'd always had an issue with asking for directions. Neil admitted that "I got this" had once been his catch phrase, but he knew that it was okay that sometimes he didn't.

Neil told Cane that he had to man up and be brave, but Cane's admission that he had issues dealing with his problems wouldn't diminish his strength. Cane cried that he missed Lily, and Neil insisted that they all had to put one foot in front of another to cross the finish line together. Devon offered his help if Cane needed it. Cane mused that he didn't deserve them, but Lily did, and he loved her too much to mess it up.

Lily joined Cane and Devon in the prison visiting room, and Cane revealed that Neil had had a work emergency. Lily hugged them, and she noted that she hadn't expected to see Devon for a few more days. Devon insisted that he'd made time for her, and Cane apologized for standing her up the last time. Lily confessed that it had been a little unnerving, since she hadn't been able to use a phone to make sure Cane had been alive and kicking. Cane quipped that he'd been kicking himself because he'd let her down, and he promised that it wouldn't happen again.

Cane admired the change in Lily's look, and Devon remarked that makeup was supposed to be contraband. Lily explained that she'd used the library to look up makeup hacks, like soaking candy shells in water to use as lipstick and taking glitter from the kids' cards as eyeshadow. She considered it something small that made her feel human again, and Cane complimented how it looked on her. Lily shared that she'd heard that from a few people, and she'd offered to teach some inmates how to do it. Cane reminded her that they'd talked about her keeping to herself, but Lily said being an outsider could make her a target, and she wanted to make her life as easy as possible.

Cane declared that he was proud of Lily, and he encouraged her to think big. He suggested that she ask the warden to set up a place and time to offer her makeup consulting services to inmates. Lily chirped that it could be a reward for good behavior, and Cane envisioned the program continuing even after Lily got out. Lily liked the idea, and she thanked Cane and Devon for thinking of her and reminding her of what she had waiting for her at home. Cane told her not to forget it for one second. She couldn't believe their time was almost up, and Devon stepped out to give the couple some privacy.

Cane took Lily's hands in his and told her to close her eyes, since he was going to take her on a trip to Paris. He told her to pick the place, and he'd paint the picture. She opted for dinner at the Athletic Club, since she just wanted to be back in Genoa City with him. She envisioned sitting at her favorite table, sipping a fabulous pinot noir while waiting for him and wearing a dress that she'd bought just for that night. He called her a vision, and she said he was more handsome than the day they'd met. He asked if she was expecting someone, and she replied that she was waiting for the man in her life. Cane called the guy the luckiest man in the world.

Cane asked what he could do in the next 90 seconds to make the night magical and unforgettable. Lily was thrilled to be sitting across from her husband, looking into his eyes and knowing they had their whole lives together. Cane told her to hold onto that moment, since no one could ever take it away, and she could think of it whenever she was feeling down. He swore that his heart would be with her wherever he was and whatever he was doing, and she murmured that only a kiss could make things more perfect. She imagined Cane tenderly kissing her.

At Crimson Lights, Ashley prepared to leave when she saw Abby walk in. Ashley explained that she didn't want things to be awkward, but Abby encouraged her to stay and finish her coffee. Ashley gulped down her drink and declared that she had, and she planned to pop in at Jabot and see if the building was still standing before someone kicked her out.

At Jabot, Kyle begged Dina to trust him, but she snapped that she didn't trust him at all. Jack entered and wondered what he'd walked in on. Kyle claimed that Dina thought he was her chauffeur and had asked him to drive her there, but she'd turned on him because she was confused. Dina asserted that she knew exactly what Kyle was trying to do, but she wasn't out of her mind. "You know that, John," she insisted to Jack.

Jack gently urged Dina to talk about whatever was upsetting her so they could solve the problem. Dina replied that she had solved it, but "that atrocious boy" had stopped her. Dina recounted that John had agreed to do something as a favor to her to "protect them both." She referred to a signed contract that they'd put in the safe, and she pointed to where the safe was. She swore that Kyle had been trying to get rid of it by feeding it to the shredder, and she accused Kyle of wanting to make her look like a liar who really didn't love her daughter.

Jack asked Dina to remind him what the contract was about, and Dina told him that it was the one to protect Ashley from Jack. Dina was surprised that he didn't remember, and Kyle handed Jack the contract and suggested that he read it. Jack was astonished by what it said, and Dina reiterated that the document made things right for Ashley. Dina reasoned that Traci had her writing and that Jack had the charm and ambition to become a rising star at Jabot, but Ashley could get left behind. Dina tearfully told "John" that she knew how terribly she'd hurt him and the kids, and she'd never ask him to forgive her, but the contract would make things better and fairer long after they were gone.

Kyle stepped toward Jack, but Dina ordered him to stay away. Kyle explained that he was just making sure his boss was clear on everything, since things had changed since the original contract had been drafted, and it might be hazardous to Jabot's corporate health. Dina huffed that John would never do anything to hurt the company and that he was a "hell of a lot" sharper than Kyle. Dina turned away, and Jack sighed in exasperation and expressed horror that the document gave Ashley the patents for the dozens of products she'd developed. Jack realized that it represented the core of Jabot's financial engine, and the company would be bankrupt in a week if they paid Ashley according to the contract.

Meanwhile, Ashley stepped off the elevator and approached the CEO's office. Abby tracked Ashley down and explained that she hadn't been able to stay at the coffeehouse and act like nothing was wrong. Abby recognized that there was a huge amount of damage, but none of it would get fixed without serious effort, and she invited Ashley to take the first steps with her and see where things went.

Dina demanded that "John" lock the contract in the safe until they could tell Ashley about it. Jack assured her that it meant just as much to him as it did to her, but a lot of things had changed at Jabot, and he thought they could protect Ashley better in another way. He insisted that they had to make sure the contract didn't confuse anyone else for Ashley's sake. In the corridor, Abby started to board the elevator, but Ashley stopped when she heard a whirring sound in the office. Abby said she hadn't heard anything, and Ashley figured that it was no big deal. They stepped onto the elevator as Jack shredded the contract.

At the Abbott mansion, Jack reported that Dina was asleep. Kyle was grateful that Jack had been there to avoid the catastrophe that the contract could have been. Jack recognized that the document had been an act of love, but it might have caused Jabot to fold years earlier. Jack understood Kyle's instinct to get rid of it, and Kyle groaned that it had killed him to freak Dina out, but he'd felt like he'd yanked a ticking time bomb out of the wall. Jack lamented that he'd never thought he'd shred the most important gift his father had ever given his sister, but Kyle argued that it would have otherwise meant the end of Jabot.

Jack imagined that if John had put the document into effect when he'd been alive, then Jack and Ashley never would have gone down the road they had. Traci entered and asked if Dina was having a good day or if she was still feeling the effects of Ashley's rampage. Jack asserted that they would get past it eventually, even if it took time. Kyle pointed out that they couldn't wait indefinitely to find a new CEO, but Jack objected to rushing into a decision. Jack left for a meeting, and Traci agreed that they couldn't be hasty or get carried away with personal ambition, since doing what was right for Jabot would also be doing what was right for their family. Kyle stated that he'd already made it his focus.

Kyle prepared to hit the streets to look for Lola's food truck. Traci bet that Lola would give him another chance because he was a catch, and he had the best heart. Kyle remarked that he sometimes but not always did, and he departed. Dina entered and groused about "that boy" being there again. Dina mentioned that John seemed to trust him, but she didn't because Kyle was a liar who'd said he'd wanted to help her make things right with Ashley. Dina stopped herself from sharing family business with someone she didn't know, and Traci reminded Dina of who she was.

Traci helped Dina get comfortable on the couch, and she prompted Dina to tell her about Ashley. Dina recounted that John had promised her that he would help Ashley, but the plans had changed, and the document was gone for good. Traci pressed to know about the document, and Dina revealed that it had been kept in a safe in John's office, but she wasn't sure that it had been the right place because he'd redecorated. Traci realized that Dina had been at the office that day.

Dina relayed that she'd shown "the boy" the document, but he and John had put it in "that thing." Dina bemoaned that it was in a million pieces, and she didn't know if Ashley would get anything. Dina crossed the room and picked up a photo of herself and Ashley on the mantel, and she asked who the beautiful girl was. Traci responded that it was Ashley, but Dina spat that it wasn't, and she wandered off to find someone who could help her. Traci headed out.

At the Athletic Club, Abby mentioned that she'd tried to see things from her mother's perspective, and she understood that Ashley felt her actions had been valid. Abby continued that she was still in shock that Ashley could do something that horrible to Jack, and Ashley referred to the horrible things Jack had done to her. Abby swore that she didn't want a repeat of their family breakfast, and Ashley contended that she hadn't done what she had to get revenge on Jack or to be CEO. Ashley explained that she'd wanted to make herself an equal in the family again, and DNA had been used against her, so she'd decided to use DNA to reassert herself and Abby back into their places in the family.

Abby wished that Ashley had asked her before acting on her behalf, since Abby would have told her to stop. Abby said she would have helped find a way to accomplish that without a covert attack, and she argued that Ashley was worse off than when she'd started. Ashley recalled being angry and bitter toward Dina for being selfish and unloving, and she'd vowed that things would never be like that between her and Abby. Ashley couldn't bear the thought of Abby feeling the same way about her that Ashley felt about Dina, and Abby replied that she didn't want that, either.

Ashley and Abby saw Jack sit down at the bar, and Abby suspected that Ashley wanted to talk to him. Ashley hesitated to cause a scene, but Abby thought there didn't have to be one, and she believed they'd made a promising start. The women hugged goodbye, and Abby left for a meeting. Ashley headed to the bar and recalled Jack's words at the family breakfast about trying to move past all of it. She inquired whether the seat next to him was taken, and he replied, "It is now."

Ashley reported that she hadn't spoken for long with Abby, but it had been a start. Ashley wondered if she could expect the same from Jack, and she was hopeful because he'd offered her a seat. He was open to hearing what she had to say, and he informed her that he'd taken a hard look at himself and the things he'd done and hadn't done. He conceded that he might have pushed her to that point, and he wished there was some way they could put the resentment and pain behind them and move on, starting that night.

Ashley refused to take all the responsibility for what had happened, but she thought she and Jack had to be honest if they were going to move forward. She confessed that she'd felt like a complete outsider in her own family, and it had been worse than finding out that Brent was her father because she'd made the decision that had caused it. Ashley swore that she would love it if there was any way for them to make their way back, and Jack figured that perhaps it was a good thing that neither of them would be working at Jabot while they focused on getting back what they'd once had. They agreed that it was worth more than almost anything.

At Jabot, Traci flicked on the lights in the CEO's office and looked around. She opened the shredder and dumped its contents onto the desk. Traci pieced together the strips of shredded paper, and her eyes widened when she read the contents of the document. "Oh, no," she gasped.

Traci forces Jack to confess

Traci forces Jack to confess

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

At home, Traci sat on the sofa and looked at the family pictures in the living room. She had a flashback to when they'd been kids -- the day the Abbotts' lives had changed forever.

In Tracy's memory, John arrived at home after work. Jack, Ashley, and Traci greeted him happily. Dina entered the room, and John told her that he had a surprise for her. They walked into the garage, and John told Dina he'd bought a car she'd been eying. Dina said it was spectacular but completely unnecessary, but John said he'd wanted to show her how much he loved her.

Traci's memory continued. John wanted to take everyone to a drive-in movie and later get some ice cream, but Dina said she couldn't go. She told John that she'd thought he'd be working, and she'd made plans. Ashley told Dina that she needed to be with them, and she asked Dina to cancel her plans. Jack said that Dina shouldn't have to, since she hadn't known what John's plans were. Dina thanked Jack for understanding. Ashley whined that it was family night, but Dina said she'd make it up to them sometime.

Traci's reverie was interrupted when Kyle walked into the room and asked Traci if she was okay. Traci told Kyle that she was sick about a lot of things. She was especially concerned about the direction the family was headed. The family couldn't continue the way they'd been going. Kyle agreed that it created too much tension for Dina. Traci said they had to find a way to keep Dina safe. She said that Dina didn't remember them, but she understood that she lived with them and that they were her caretakers.

Traci acknowledged that Dina trusted Kyle and that he brought Dina a lot of joy when her life was so confusing. Traci also acknowledged that it was a sacrifice for him. Kyle said he appreciated the time he spent with Dina, and he was amazed how Alzheimer's affected people. Traci said that Dina couldn't remember what she'd had for lunch, yet at times, she could recall incidents in every detail. Kyle wanted Traci to tell him what Dina had told her about the events of the previous day.

Traci told Kyle that Dina had said she'd had a conversation with John, and it hadn't gone as well as she'd hoped. Kyle admitted that Dina had become frustrated, but there wasn't much more to say. Traci said she knew there was much more to say, and she knew Kyle was holding something back. Kyle said that Traci knew what she needed to know, but he needed to leave for a run. Traci said that he didn't need to send Jack a text message to warn him. Kyle asked why she'd think that. Traci said she had a feeling that Jack had been with Kyle and Dina at Jabot. Jack walked in at that moment and told Traci that he wished she hadn't dragged him from work.

Nate was at Cane's, and he was attempting to keep Cane calm, without success. They were about to leave for a visit with Lily. Nate said that he respected Cane for giving Lily the attention she needed. Cane said it killed him every time he went to see Lily in prison. Nate assured Cane that the family would support each other and help Lily get through it until she came home, where she belonged.

At the Athletic Club, Ashley joined Billy at the bar, but Billy wanted to be left alone. Ashley said they needed to talk. Ashley said she wanted to make things right with him. She said that when Kyle had wanted to lure Billy back into gambling, she'd refused to go that route, and she'd shut Kyle down. She said had she known what Kyle had been doing, she would have stopped him. Ashley apologized for how she'd treated him.

Billy told Ashley that he could see that she was sorry for what she'd done. Ashley asked if Billy forgave her, but Billy said, "Absolutely not." He said that Ashley had only given him half an apology, at best. He said that she'd had two priorities: get revenge on Jack and claim the top spot at Jabot for herself. He said that Ashley had seen him as an obstacle. He reminded her that he hadn't been the one to devise "that stupid Abbott clause." Ashley countered that Billy had known the clause was wrong and had failed to do anything about it. Ashley told Billy that he needed to be honest with himself because he'd become too comfortable in that chair.

Billy said Ashley had never given credit for any of his ideas, and she'd fought him at every turn because she hadn't wanted him to succeed, and when he'd achieved some success, Ashley had pushed back even harder. She'd criticized him, patronized him, and done everything she could to sabotage his efforts. Ashley admitted she'd done that because she believed she was the most qualified person to run Jabot. She admitted she should have treated him better, and she'd never meant for things to turn out the way they had.

Billy asked Ashley how it felt being the black sheep of the family. He asked Ashley if she would have sought him out for a heart-to-heart if her scheme had worked. Ashley remained silent, and Billy got his answer. At that moment, they both received text messages, and they wondered what it was about. They left together.

Nate and Cane were in the visiting room at the prison, waiting for Lily to arrive. Cane was pacing and explained to Nate how much he hated that place. Nate tried to distract Cane by asking what extracurricular activities Charlie and Mattie participated in at school. They both acknowledged how resilient the kids were. Cane became more agitated and banged on the door, yelling that he wanted to see his wife. Once again, Nate stepped in and advised Cane to be cool; he said he'd find out what the holdup was. Cane said he had a bad feeling that something was wrong. Nate knocked on the door and asked the guard to let him out.

A short time later, Nate returned with the warden. The warden told Cane that there had been an incident with a lady Lily had befriended. The warden said that some of the other women had threatened the lady because they'd believed she'd stolen some of their food, and Lily had defended the woman. Lily had gotten caught up in the argument, resulting in the inmates targeting Lily, as well. The warden assured Cane that Lily was a little shaken but otherwise fine.

Cane was very upset because Lily had a bull's-eye on her back for simply trying to help someone. Cane told the warden that Lily was a model person, and she wasn't violent. He said there had to be something the warden could do to get Lily released, but the warden told Cane that things didn't work that way. She assured him that they were equipped to handle the situation. Cane said that the warden might be equipped, but Lily wasn't -- and he was terrified for Lily's safety.

Cane demanded that the warden allow him to see Lily, but the warden said it was impossible. Nate wanted to know what the issue was, since everything ran on the warden's call. The warden said that until the situation had been reviewed and assessed, she wouldn't allow Lily to have visitors. Cane yelled that he was Lily's husband, and he wanted to make sure that Lily was safe while in the warden's custody. Once again, Nate calmed Cane down and warned him not to make things worse. The warden said that the decision had been made, and she wouldn't change her mind until the situation had been fully reviewed. She said Lily would remain in isolation, and she left.

Back at the Abbotts', Traci wished that Jack and Kyle would stop stonewalling her and pretending nothing had happened with Dina at the Jabot office. Kyle asked her to tell them what was on her mind. At that moment, Abby arrived. Ashley and Billy were right behind her. Everyone wanted to know what was going on. Billy said he hoped it wasn't another intervention, and Ashley told him not to worry because it was probably about her. Traci said it was about all of them. She said that Jack had tried to unite them at a breakfast the previous day, and it hadn't gone well. Traci informed everyone that she'd decided to take the lead.

Traci stated that everyone was very emotional and disillusioned, and they all felt betrayed. She said she was shocked that the family she loved had been ripped apart. She wanted them to put aside their egos and their personal agendas and to remember who they were and what it meant to be an Abbott. Traci said she was extremely worried about what would happen to Jabot and to all of them. She didn't understand what Jack and Ashley had done, but they needed to understand that it had started when they'd been kids.

In a flashback, Jack told John that he couldn't believe that Dina hadn't been more excited about the car. John told the kids to get into the car. He told Ashley to get behind the wheel. Jack told John that he had his learner's permit, and he could drive. John said when Jack got his license, he could drive the girls around. Jack looked hurt. John was in the front seat with Ashley, and he promised to teach her how to drive, the way he'd taught Jack.

Traci said that Ashley had been the apple of John's eye, and Jack had always felt second best. Jack asked if Traci knew what day that had been. Traci said she did, but at that moment, they were talking about Jack and Ashley. Traci said that Jack and Ashley had been extremely close. Jack interrupted and said it had been sporadic. Traci said there had been enough competition between the two of them, vying for John's love and approval. Traci said she'd been the fifth wheel, the baby, and the observer, and because of that, she'd been able to see things clearly.

Traci said that Jack and Ashley had never let go of the past, and they had carried it into the present. Had they let it go, the situation they were in wouldn't have happened. Abby asked if Traci had had a happy childhood up until Dina had left. Kyle interjected and said that whenever there were problems within the family, sooner or later, those problems couldn't be hidden anymore, and that didn't make for a happy home life. Traci agreed.

Ashley said that they'd all picked up on the tension between John and Dina, but they'd been helpless to do anything about it. Jack said that in the year before Dina had left, they'd walked on eggshells a great deal of the time, but they'd been happy for the most part. Traci said that she recalled a different dynamic. She said that Dina had always had a smile for Jack, but Dina and Ashley had always locked horns. Ashley had been John's favorite, and Jack had always worked overtime so he'd feel worthy of the name John Abbott Jr.

In a flashback, Dina saw Jack sitting on the sofa, and she asked him what was wrong. Jack complained that Ashley was John's favorite and that John let her do whatever she wanted while he was stuck with more responsibilities. Dina explained that Jack was the firstborn son, and responsibility came with the territory. However, it didn't mean that Jack wasn't loved. Dina said that Jack was very special to her and to John. Dina said she trusted Jack, and he was the only one she could share a secret with. She told Jack that she'd be going away for a while, but she knew that Jack would take care of the family while she was gone.

In the flashback, Jack asked Dina where she was going, but Dina replied that it would all work out. She said she was counting on him to be the strong one and that he was much tougher than he realized. Dina told Jack not to say anything to anyone because it was their secret.

Traci said that when Dina had left, the rest of the family had clung to each other. John had needed them in a way he'd never needed them before. Jack had stepped up and had tried to help in any way he could. Jack spoke up and said he'd done the best he could. Tearfully, Ashley said they'd all depended on him "so much."

Traci said that the only thing John had asked of them was to take care of each other and to stand up for each other. Traci said that with the exception of Abby, what they'd all done to grab John's legacy for themselves would have broken John's heart, and he would have found it disgusting. Traci was in tears and said that John would have demanded that they heal the rift, and he would have made them promise that there wouldn't be any more conflict or dirty tricks.

Traci said that after a very long absence, Dina had returned to Genoa City to atone for her actions and to seek forgiveness from her family, but Dina was slipping away. John would have wanted them to make things right and to help Dina see that her family was at peace. They needed to open their hearts and to trust each other. They needed to be honest and fair. Traci said in that spirit, she wanted Jack to tell everyone what he'd learned at Jabot the previous day.

In a flashback, John sat on the sofa, waiting for Dina to return home. When Dina returned John asked how her evening had been. Dina said it had been quite enjoyable and asked John how his evening had been. John said that he and the kids had had a great time. They'd seen Bedknobs and Broomsticks at the drive-in. They'd all wished that Dina had been with them. Jack was at the top of the stairs, eavesdropping on John and Dina's conversation, and Ashley joined him. He led her away to their rooms.

In the flashback, John asked Dina what was going on with her. He reached out to touch her, but she moved away. John said that Dina pulled away a little more each day, and it was agonizing. He said that she'd barely acknowledged the car he'd bought for her. John was upset that Dina had refused to cancel her plans so they could go out as a family. He asked Dina why.

Still in the flashback, Dina said she didn't want that life anymore. She stated that they hadn't had a real marriage for a very long time. John said it had been a good marriage for him. Dina said that all John did was work; they were practically strangers, and she didn't see that situation changing in the near future. She acknowledged that she knew what it took to run a business. John said he loved her, and he didn't want to lose what they had together. Dina asked what they actually had together other than the material things.

In the flashback, John asked how Dina could walk out on the kids. Dina said she loved them to pieces, but living in a broken relationship wasn't good for the kids or for them. She said they deserved better. John spat that Dina meant that he and the family weren't enough for her. Dina said she needed some ice and walked out of the room.

Looking uncomfortable, Jack told everyone that the previous day, Dina had been talking as if she'd been living in the 1990s, a time when she'd returned home from Europe in an attempt to reconcile with John. She'd spoken about needing to prove to Ashley that she'd been a good mother by protecting Ashley's future. Ashley asked how Dina could do that. Jack said by getting John to create a legal document signing over to Ashley the patents for every product that she'd created at Jabot. Everyone sat in shock.

Ashley makes her demands known

Ashley makes her demands known

Thursday, October 25, 2018

At the Ashby home, Cane was on the phone, begging Michael to do something about Lily's situation. The doorbell rang, and Nate let Neil in. Neil insisted that the prison couldn't do that to Lily, and he vowed that they were going to fix it that day. Cane recalled that Lily had gone on and on about helping her fellow inmate, and he imagined that Lily hadn't backed down. Nate inquired about Michael's plan, but Cane didn't know anything yet. Neil suggested that Cane go up the food chain until he got to see Lily. Cane headed to the door.

In the prison visiting room, Cane anxiously questioned how much longer he'd have to wait. Neil advised him to play it carefully and not make anything harder on Lily. Two guards led Lily in, and she raced into Cane's arms. Neil looked Lily over, and she insisted that she was fine physically. Neil asked if the women who'd gone after her had been identified. Lily contended that the inmates hadn't been targeting her, but she hadn't been able to let them attack someone else.

Lily insisted that people in prison had to look out for one another, and she complained that Neil and Cane didn't understand her life there. Cane asked why they'd taken away her visitation rights, and Lily informed him that she was safe in solitary. Neil groused that it wasn't healthy, but Lily anticipated that things would be better soon, since the warden was on it. Lily divulged that the warden wanted to move her to a new prison, and she thought it was for the best, since she wouldn't make the same mistakes.

Cane worried that there was no guarantee that Lily would be safer, but Lily maintained that it would be better than solitary. Neil wondered what prison Lily would go to, since Mattie's research hadn't shown many options other than facilities that were hundreds of miles away. Lily hoped it was close, since her family was keeping her sane and alive in there. The guard stated that the visit was done, but Lily begged for a little longer. Cane planned to be back the next day with an update from Michael, but Lily said it would be too late, since they were moving her the next day.

At the Abbott mansion, Abby realized that the secret contract proved that Dina had always loved Ashley. Kyle contended that they had no idea how Dina had gotten John to sign the document, and her recollections were too cloudy to trust. Billy wondered if Ashley had planted more false memories in Dina's mind, but Ashley swore that she'd had nothing to do with the contract. Ashley suspected that Traci was just trying to paint a rosier picture of Dina than what had really existed, since Dina had always looked right through Ashley. Ashley asserted that Dina hadn't been there to rescue her as a child, and she doubted that Dina was doing so then. Traci declared that there was proof, and she pulled out the shredded document that she'd pieced back together.

In a flashback, a young Ashley yelled that she hated her mom for leaving, but Jack protested that Traci might hear. He argued that there was no point in Ashley pretending that she hated their mom, and Ashley huffed that they didn't need Dina. In the present, Ashley was stunned that Dina had asked John to draw up the document, and Traci explained that Dina had done it because she'd realized the remarkable woman Ashley had grown into. Traci continued that Dina had needed to make amends and look after Ashley, but she hadn't wanted anyone to think it was about pity or getting forgiveness.

Ashley regretted the horrible things she'd said to Dina the last time she'd seen her mother. Ashley cried that she never would have asked for or expected such a gift, especially from the one person she'd given up on years earlier. Billy asked where Traci had gotten the document, and Abby wondered why it had been shredded. Kyle explained that Dina had been worked up after her conversation with Ashley, saying that she had proof that she was a good mother who loved Ashley. Kyle continued that he'd taken Dina to Jabot to calm her down, but she'd been adamant that there was a wall safe, and he'd found it had been paneled over.

Billy accused Kyle of shredding the document and pretending it hadn't existed, but Jack admitted that he'd done it for the good of the company and their family. Abby blasted them for making the decision for everyone else. Ashley ranted that Jack's first instinct was always to take something from her, and she compared it to the blood Abbott clause. Jack argued that he hadn't done anything to her and that no one had known the document had even existed. Ashley bellowed that their parents had known.

Jack maintained that he'd shredded the contract to keep the company from experiencing more trauma. Abby admonished Jack for how he'd treated Ashley after he'd said he wanted to make things right. Ashley thrust the contract in Jack's face and hissed that it had been created because she'd mattered to her mother and to her father. She imagined that her parents had needed an insurance policy because they'd known "the golden boy" would get his grubby hands on everything he could, and the fact that Jack had treated the document like garbage showed how he felt about her.

Billy chimed in that the document set a precedent that could open the floodgates to employee claims, but Ashley countered that it only named her to protect her. Abby asserted that the protection was clearly needed, and Traci sadly asked why a family should need protection from its own. Ashley recounted that Jack had sworn that he hadn't been trying to take away her father with the blood Abbott clause, yet he'd shredded John's last promise to her. She contended that they all knew what their dad had wanted, so Jack had to suck it up and accept it.

Kyle suggested that they vote to ignore the agreement, but Ashley argued that they couldn't wish it away with a vote. Billy thought they needed their lawyers to look it over, and Abby guessed that he wanted to undo it. Jack insisted that they needed to protect John's legacy, and Ashley replied that the document was their father's legacy. Traci piped up that John had wanted what was best for all of them, and she urged them to focus on being the family they were supposed to be. Ashley spat that she'd just been persona non grata, and she scoffed at the idea of putting faith in them.

Kyle asked what Ashley planned to do, and she found it funny that he thought she owed him an answer. She announced her intent to speak with an attorney to find out her options. She thanked Traci, stressing how much the document meant to her, and stalked out. Traci figured that Ashley needed time to process because she'd been deeply hurt, but she knew Ashley loved her family. Jack saw no point in Traci's optimism, and he condemned Traci for giving the contract to Ashley.

In a flashback, Ashley saw no need to pretend that Dina would have stayed if Ashley had been nicer. Traci presented her siblings with a "miss you" card that she'd made for their mother, and Jack praised her efforts. Traci chirped that she would send it so that their mom would return, and their family wouldn't fight anymore.

Traci spat that what Jack and Kyle had done was disgusting, and it had been an insult to John when they'd destroyed the document. She ordered Jack not to blame her, since there had been nothing but lies and secrets, but she wouldn't tolerate it any longer. Billy wanted to focus on how the document could affect Jabot and its employees, and Kyle was determined to find out if it was legally binding. Abby screeched that their family was falling apart, but all they cared about was screwing her mom out of what her parents had wanted her to have. Abby stormed out. Jack worried that Jabot was in danger if Ashley truly owned the patents, and things were even worse without a CEO. He felt like he was watching Jabot's death spiral in real time.

Kyle found Billy at Jabot and assumed that they'd had the same idea to check for any other surprise documents. Billy dryly replied that he'd unplugged the shredder, but Kyle doubted that Billy was impartial. Billy asserted that he'd earned his cynicism the hard way, whereas Kyle was trying to find an easy way to the top. Billy added that no one would step aside for Kyle to climb the ladder, and he took a box of files with him to make sure Kyle kept his hands off them.

At Crimson Lights, Sharon asked Victoria if Nikki had heard anything about the payment. Victoria remarked that blackmailers didn't send receipts, and Sharon hoped that not hearing anything meant it was over. Victoria thought that it would never be over because someone knew, and that person could expose them whenever they wanted. Victoria anticipated that they'd spend their lives waiting for the worst to happen.

Later, Victoria watched as Rey approached the counter and greeted Sharon, who pointed out that his kitchen had a coffeemaker. He said he liked the one at the coffeehouse better, and she asked if he was available to hang out later. He mentioned that he had paperwork to catch up on, but she suggested that they go to a movie, since she'd read the statistics on cop burnout. She questioned what reason he had not to take a break, and he revealed that he had talked to Nick and didn't want to get between Nick and Sharon. Sharon swore that she and Nick were over, and she clarified that she hadn't been asking Rey on a date. Rey insisted that he hadn't thought it was a date, but an irritated Sharon walked away.

Billy carried his box of files into the coffeehouse and ran into Victoria. He explained that he was doing a little research, and she guessed from his tone that he was in a mood about Phyllis. Billy announced that he and Phyllis were done, and he'd paid her back. Victoria was taken aback that he'd had revenge sex, and she voiced surprise that he hadn't hit her up for the job. He figured that the point had been to make it meaningless, implying that it wouldn't have been with Victoria.

Victoria admitted that she was glad that Billy's combustible relationship with Phyllis was over, since he needed a stable life to focus on his recovery. Billy imagined that a normal life was in the far distance, and he suggested that they set some ground rules for themselves like they did for their kids. He declared his intent to outclass her on costumes when they went out for trick-or-treating. "Bring it!" she dared.

At the Athletic Club, Nick and Arturo discussed lining up a crew for their latest project. Nick commended Arturo for maintaining a strong connection with his family, and he recalled his show-stopping arrest at Rey's hands. Nick wondered if Rey was always that extreme, and Arturo called his brother an acquired taste. Arturo explained that Rey had become the man of the house when their dad had left the picture, so Rey thought he called the shots. Arturo added that Rey meant well, but extreme was an understatement.

Later, Abby joined Arturo at the club and wailed that her family was imploding. She griped that the Abbotts were selfish and vindictive, and one person's act of kindness years earlier had made everyone even more vicious then. Arturo proposed that they head down to the lake to figure out a way to make everything go away. She gushed that he had a way of making her forget the bad things in her life, and she hoped she hadn't interrupted his business meeting.

Arturo reported that Nick had been curious about Rey, and Abby imagined that Nick couldn't forget about Rey arresting him. Abby admitted that it was hard to get a handle on Rey because Arturo wouldn't talk about him. Rey approached their table, and Abby said they'd just been talking about him. Abby mentioned that she'd heard Rey had rented Sharon's apartment, and she was curious if his wife would be moving to town. Rey replied that his marriage wasn't up for discussion.

Sharon stormed into Nick's office at Dark Horse and confronted him about telling Rey to stay away from her. She ordered Nick to stay out of her life, but he noted that she'd refused to talk to him about anything but the kids, so the fact that she was there about Rey set off alarms. Nick insisted that he was worried about her, but she snapped that he wasn't invited to interfere. He defended that his feelings wouldn't just switch off, and his love for her would never change.

Nick conceded that he'd overstepped with Rey, and he recognized that the kids were fine and that Sharon could do whatever she wanted. He promised to do better, and she said that was all she'd wanted to hear. He claimed that Christian was excited to show her his Halloween costume. Nick wondered if there was a chance she'd go trick-or-treating as a family, and Sharon clarified that while she wanted to see Christian, they wouldn't be doing anything as a family. Nick was sure they'd have a great time no matter what.

At the Abbott mansion, Jack wrapped up a call with Jabot's attorneys and apologized to Traci for what he'd said earlier. Traci stressed that Ashley was their sister, but that wouldn't matter if they took things past the point of no return. She refused to believe that it was too late, and he wished he had half her faith. She replied that it wasn't a wish but a choice, and she pressed him to choose to believe that it was what their dad had wanted and to let Ashley have it. Traci pointed out that he'd been the only son who had been groomed to lead, and she speculated that Dina had been trying to level the playing field by giving Ashley something just as valuable to force Ashley and Jack to work together.

Jack wondered if Traci ever thought about the time after their mother had left them, and Traci recalled that she'd had more days without Dina than with her. Traci recounted that having a mother who'd left had been an unspoken, horrible thing, and no one had even considered it unusual that John had called one of his daughters "My Beauty." Jack swore that their father had loved Traci every bit as much as he'd loved Ashley, but Traci confided that it was one of those things she carried with her.

In a flashback, Ashley told Traci that it was a great picture, but their mom wouldn't be back even if Traci sent it. Jack said their mom would like it, but Ashley snapped that Dina should have stayed if she'd wanted to see their drawings. Ashley snatched the picture out of Jack's hands, and he grabbed it back. As they fought over the drawing, they knocked over a vase, which crashed on the floor. John entered and asked who'd done it, and Jack pointed to Ashley.

Still in the flashback, John picked up the broken pieces and assured his children that he wasn't angry. Jack insisted that it had been an accident, and John suggested that they have breakfast the next morning. Traci excitedly requested pancakes, and John took her to the kitchen to ask Mamie. Ashley demanded to know why Jack had blamed her when the broken vase had been his fault. Jack reasoned that she hadn't gotten into trouble, but he bet that he would have. Ashley acknowledged that they had to look out for one another, and Jack vowed to honor his promise to take care of them.

Later, Jack reported that the contract was binding and had been filed with the patent office. Traci cautioned that he'd lose if he tried to go against their parents' wishes, and Billy indicated that he'd found no contradicting documents. Kyle lamented that Jabot wouldn't have much left if they took Ashley's products off the shelves, and Jack steeled himself to negotiate with Ashley. Traci looked forward to reaching a compromise, and Jack intended to make a generous offer for the patents to keep the company protected and profitable. Ashley returned and smugly wished that she could patent the looks on their faces.

In a flashback, Jack approached John, who was sitting on the couch in tears. John handed a document to him, and Jack saw that it was a petition for divorce.

Jack said he was glad Ashley was back, and Kyle offered to get Ashley a drink. Ashley laughed at how quickly things had changed when they'd found out the contract was airtight. Jack proposed that they live up to the spirit of what their parents had wanted by making a fair and equitable agreement -- a generous and appropriate offer for Ashley's patents. Traci suggested a compromise to show Ashley the love and loyalty she deserved, but Ashley asserted that the contract hadn't just been about love but respect for everything she'd given to Jabot and their family. She decided to save them the trouble of sliding a number across the table, since she didn't want their money -- she wanted to be reinstated as CEO.

Ashley turns down her family's offer

Ashley turns down her family's offer

Friday, October 26, 2018

At the prison, Cane hugged Lily and worried because he'd gotten a call about her needing to see him right away. She informed him that her transfer had officially gone through, and she was about to be moved to Lakewood Correctional Center. Cane protested that the criminals were just as hardened there, and Lily groaned that it was four hours away. She wailed that seeing her family was what helped her survive, and he vowed to do everything he could to stop it.

Cane told Lily that Devon was calling in favors to get the transfer stopped, but Lily thought they had to prepare for the worst. She found it ironic that it was happening because she'd befriended someone, and if she'd done that with Hilary, she wouldn't be there. Lily was sorry that her family had to pay for her mistakes, but Cane promised that it wasn't over. She urged him to tell the twins what was going on, and before he headed out, he said he loved her.

At Devon's penthouse, Devon called a senator who he'd supported for years. Devon asked the senator if he'd had a chance to review Lily's case, and he considered it ridiculous that someone with no prior record was being threatened in a dangerous prison. Devon contended that he'd supported the senator because he thought the politician fought for what was right, and that was all he was asking the elected official to do. Devon implied that an early release wasn't unreasonable.

Devon argued that his wife and unborn child had been killed in the accident, but he thought that Lily's punishment was wrong. He suggested that Lily be confined to her home with an ankle bracelet or transferred to a less secure facility, and he asked if the senator could do anything. After he hung up, Neil indicated that Michael had talked to the warden about moving the other inmates, to no avail. Devon reported that the senator had said he'd see what he could do, and Neil hoped it was enough.

Nate stopped by with the news that he'd spoken to the prison doctor, who had assured him that Lily was in good physical and mental condition. Devon worried about how much more she could take, and Nate offered to speak to Victor. Devon revealed that he'd already spoken to Victor and his contacts. Devon answered a call from the senator and asked if he had any good news.

At the Ashby home, Cane explained to Charlie and Mattie that some bullies had put their mom in danger, but they were working on a fix. Mattie pushed Cane to be honest with them, and Cane swore that he didn't know what would happen, but he didn't want to say anything to upset them. Charlie asked why they'd be upset if Lily was moved for her own protection, and Mattie realized that the new prison might not be as close. Cane stressed that the most important thing was that their mom was safe. Mattie wanted to visit Lily right away.

At the prison, Cane told Lily that Michael was appealing to the prison board to get her into a closer facility. Mattie chirped that Devon's connection with the senator might get Lily released with an ankle monitor, but Lily cautioned them not to get their hopes up, since she was scheduled to be moved after their visit. Lily wanted to talk about how they'd keep in touch, and she tried to convince them that it wouldn't be that bad. Mattie considered going to the media to get Lily's story out, but Lily said she had to stay under the radar at that point.

Neil and Devon joined the Ashbys, and Lily guessed that they'd had no luck. Devon blamed himself for Lily being in prison, but she countered that she was the one who'd let him down. Neil implored everyone to pull together, and Devon wished he could go back and change things. Cane pledged to do anything he could to fix it. Lily reminded him that love had gotten them through every obstacle they'd faced, and it would get them through that one, too.

Lily hugged Neil and quietly asked him to take care of her family, and he told her to take care of herself. Devon used sign language to say he loved Lily, and they embraced. She begged the twins to take care of one another, and they promised that they would. Lily pledged her love and swore that she'd think of them every day, and she told them to remember that "the morning always comes after the night." She held her children close and faced Cane. She said she was sorry, but he called himself the luckiest man in the world. He swore that their love would never stop, and he tenderly kissed her. The guards entered and escorted Lily out, and she called back to tell Sam that she loved him.

In a flashback, a young Ashley told John that she'd decided on a chemistry-based project for the science fair. He suggested that she ask Jack for help, but she was adamant that she didn't need it. Ashley announced her intent to make soap from natural ingredients, and John considered it ambitious for a sixth-grader. She was confident she could do it, but she figured that a boy would probably win first prize, since that happened every year. John declared that everyone would see how smart she was when she won the blue ribbon. "Everyone except Mom," Ashley bemoaned. She confided that she'd thought if she worked hard and did her best, her mother could love her just as much as she loved Jack, but her mom wasn't even there anymore.

In the present, Abby led Dina into the Abbotts' living room, and Ashley requested a moment alone with her mother. Abby stepped out, and Dina asked if she knew Ashley. Ashley told Dina her name, and Dina exclaimed that she had a beautiful daughter named Ashley. Ashley said she was there to thank Dina, since sometimes relationships between mothers and daughters could be tricky. Dina swore that she'd tried to be a good mom, and Ashley admitted that she'd always thought that Dina had loved Jack more than her.

Ashley explained that she'd always felt like she didn't measure up, and when she'd found out Brent was her father, it had made perfect sense that Dina had loved Jack and Traci more because they were John's children. Dina insisted that all of them were her children, and Ashley acknowledged that Dina had been looking out for her when Dina had had John draw up the documents giving Ashley the rights to the formulas she'd created. Dina couldn't remember doing it, and Ashley recounted that Dina had made sure that Ashley's paternity couldn't be used against her to cut her out of her father's legacy. Dina observed that Ashley was crying, and Ashley assured her that they were happy tears, since she knew that Dina loved her.

At Jabot, Billy griped that Ashley thought she could snap her fingers and become CEO again. Jack figured that Ashley knew there were enough votes in the family to put her back in charge, but he refused to let her use an old contract to force her way back into the position. Jack was determined to get Ashley to accept something other than the CEO job as compensation for her patents. Traci entered the office and observed that Billy and Jack looked terrible. Jack stated that they'd been there all night, trying to think of a solution they could all live with.

Abby and Kyle joined Jack, Billy, and Traci, and Abby warned that her mom was in no mood to compromise. Jack planned to offer a generous sum for the right to the patents, but Abby argued that Ashley only wanted to be CEO again. Kyle huffed that Ashley wasn't going to get it after what she'd done to his dad, and he and Abby bickered. Traci ordered them to stop it, and Jack reiterated that they had to stick together to get through it. Jack acknowledged that Ashley didn't feel her contributions had been recognized, and Abby contended that her mom just wanted to be Jack's equal.

Kyle spat that Ashley just wanted to be John Abbott's daughter, and Traci insisted that Ashley was. Jack clarified that Ashley had been John's favorite daughter, and Abby wondered if jealousy had caused Jack to use Ashley's paternity against her to take away the one parent who Ashley felt had cared for her. Traci swore that Dina loved Ashley, too, but Abby asserted that Ashley had grown up feeling that her own mom hadn't loved her, and the blood Abbott clause had confirmed Ashley's worst fear -- that she'd never measure up because she wasn't a real Abbott.

Abby noted that everyone had forgiven Jack for what he'd done, and she implored him to forgive Ashley and give her the title. Kyle protested that Ashley was using extortion to force their hands. Traci opined that none of them was living up to John's expectations, so no member of the family should run Jabot. Traci thought the only way to survive was to start acting like Abbotts, and she hoped it wasn't too late.

In a flashback, Ashley stared at a photo of Dina, and Traci appeared on the stairs as John assured Ashley that Dina loved her. Ashley wailed that all she and her mother had done was fight, and she thought maybe that was the reason Dina had left. John insisted that it hadn't had anything do with Ashley, and Ashley bet that Dina didn't even miss her. John guaranteed that Dina did, but Ashley imagined that it was nowhere near as much as Dina missed Jack, who was her favorite. Ashley confided that she still wanted her mother to be at the science fair, and she lamented that it wasn't the only thing Dina would miss. She began to sob, and Jack and Traci both looked on as John consoled Ashley.

In the present, Ashley arrived at Jabot and guessed that her family had been talking about reinstating her, and Jack insisted that every person there wanted to honor John's wishes. Ashley dryly noted that they were legally bound to do so. Jack recognized that John had valued Ashley's contributions, and Jack had decided to make an offer for the complete rights to the patents. Billy added that Ashley would receive royalties on the future sales of products she'd developed, but Ashley huffed that it was what the contract dictated.

Jack invited Ashley to head up research and development with an increased salary and budget, and he calculated that she'd be the most highly compensated person in the company by a considerable margin. She snarled that he was trying to buy her off in true Jack Abbott fashion, but Abby revealed that they'd all agreed to it. Ashley accused them of being willing to cripple Jabot financially just to keep her from running the company. She rattled off a list of Jack, Billy, and Kyle's misdeeds, and she scoffed at the idea that what she'd done had been bad enough to preclude her from becoming CEO. She thought it showed how little they respected her.

In a flashback, John asked if Jack had finished his homework, and he offered to help work on Jack's backhand. Jack pushed to talk about his mom leaving, since he could tell John was taking it hard, and Jack was hurting as much as Ashley. John pointed out that Ashley was a young girl, whereas they were men. Jack inquired whether they could still feel sad and hurt, and John reminded Jack of their man-to-man talk and Jack's promise to be strong for his sisters.

Still in the flashback, John held Jack to that promise, since Ashley was having a hard time, and it was affecting Traci, too. Jack asserted that it was affecting all of them, and John insisted that they had to take charge. John anticipated that one day, Jack would understand how much time and effort it took to run a company, and Jack proclaimed that he wanted to be just like John one day. John expected that he'd be spending a lot of time at the office, so Jack had to take the lead at home and look after his sisters -- not feel sorry for himself.

In the present, Jack recognized that he'd failed in his promise to John to always protect Ashley, and he'd regret hurting her for the rest of his life. Traci stated that it didn't mean Ashley would never be CEO, and she maintained that none of them should be running Jabot. Ashley asserted that the contract was legal and binding. Abby complained that her grandpa would have hated what was going on, since he'd instilled values like honor and decency in Ashley, but Ashley was going against everything he'd stood for. Ashley yelled that Jack had started it.

Abby suspected that it had started when Ashley had been a little girl, growing up feeling like her mother hadn't loved her as much as her other children. Abby imagined that Ashley hadn't felt loved or respected until she'd found out what Dina had done for her, but Traci insisted that they all loved and respected Ashley. Abby pleaded for Ashley not to decide anything out of anger. Traci insisted that their dad would have wanted their family to heal, and a tearful Ashley said they'd given her a lot to think about. She requested a little time, and she stepped out.

Billy was sure that Ashley would realize that her relationship with Jack was more important than any CEO chair, and he recalled that their family had always worked things out during rough times. Billy credited Jack and Ashley with holding the family together since they'd been young, but Traci clarified that it had always been just Jack. Traci remembered when Ashley had won first prize at the science fair, and Ashley had been devastated that her mother hadn't been there, but Jack had been. Traci continued that their dad had gone back to work, but Jack had helped Ashley to celebrate with a cake with a blue ribbon on it.

Traci applauded Jack for always being there for them, and Billy questioned who had been there for Jack. Jack mused that it had been a different time, when boys weren't supposed to show emotions. Traci noted that Jack had never complained, and Jack replied that his dad had needed him to be a man. Abby sympathized that Jack had just been a kid who'd been forced to be a grownup.

In a flashback, Jack offered to help Ashley with whatever she was working on, but she declined. He divulged that he'd seen her crying earlier, and he implied that she could talk to him. Ashley told him that their dad had made her feel better, and Jack observed that John spent a lot of time doing that because she was his favorite. Ashley countered that Jack was Dina's favorite, but he anticipated that things would change with Dina gone. He envisioned their dad being busy working, but she insisted that John would always make time for her. Jack swore that he'd be there for her if their dad wasn't, since he was her big brother, and it was his job to protect her. Traci watched from the doorway.

In the present, Traci gushed that Jack had been like a second parent after Dina had left, and she praised him for being the one who'd made them feel safe. Traci reflected back on when Jack had been a carefree boy, but it had all changed. She wondered if John had said something, and Billy imagined that John had told Jack to suck it up and be a man. Jack commented that he'd done what he'd had to do, and he hadn't been deprived. Traci guessed that he'd had no one to talk to about what had happened, and she remembered quietly observing the rest of the family when she'd been young.

Traci recalled being in her own fantasy world, believing her mom would be back, while John had doted on Ashley. Traci imagined that Jack had been hurting, and she didn't remember one time John had comforted him. Jack conceded that he'd been jealous that Ashley and Traci had been allowed to be angry and sad about their mom leaving them, but men had been considered weak for showing emotion. Jack had needed to be strong as the oldest, and if he'd been the strong one, that had made Ashley the weak one. Ashley returned and announced that she'd made a decision.

Ashley mentioned that she'd spoken to a friend who had advised her that she might not find being CEO satisfying, so she might want to find respect and validation some other way. Jack crowed that he'd known she'd see reason, but Ashley continued that she'd realized that she couldn't take a back seat and answer to someone else. Jack assured her that she'd have a vital role, but Ashley refused to let him walk all over her ever again. She understood that he'd been raised to be the heir apparent, but even though she was smart, driven, and more talented, she wasn't John Abbott Jr. Jack maintained that he wouldn't change his mind about making her CEO, and Ashley replied that it was why she was turning down his offer.

In a flashback, Jack explained to a confused Traci that their mom had walked away. Ashley flatly added that Dina had walked away from the family she'd pretended to love by leaving them and Genoa City.

In the present, Ashley declared that she was walking away from Jabot and the family that was pretending to forgive her just because they wanted something from her. She proclaimed that she was taking her patents and leaving Genoa City.

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