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Ashley left Genoa City to move to Paris and start her own cosmetics company. Phyllis was named Jabot's new CEO. Lola and Kyle reconciled. Mariah expressed her love to Tessa. Nikki, Victoria, Sharon, and Phyllis dug up J.T.'s grave and found it empty.
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Ashley takes her patents and flies to Paris Ashley takes her patents and flies to Paris

Monday, October 29, 2018

At the Abbott mansion, Ashley explained to her family that the decision to leave Genoa City wasn't because she was angry or greedy. Ashley told Jack, Abby, Kyle, Billy, and Traci that she'd based her decision on lack of respect for her tireless decades of dedication as a leader and innovator. After Ashley insisted she would assume sole ownership of her patents, Traci replied, "We all need to just calm down." Ashley explained that she was calm, though disillusioned, and hadn't made her decision out of spite. Billy pointed out that if Ashley had accepted their offer, she'd be set for life with a generous salary, including bonuses and a powerful position.

Kyle told Ashley that if she declined their offer, she'd be leaving Jabot and Genoa City with nothing. Ashley disagreed with Kyle and noted that she'd be leaving with everything. Ashley surprised her family when she said that Jabot would no longer be licensed to manufacture or sell the products she'd developed. Ashley added that she'd start her own cosmetics company that would offer a full array of customers' favorite products. Jack warned that customers would assume the products were knockoffs. Ashley, undaunted, announced that she might name her company My Beauty, hiring publicists to explain the transition.

Abby, dangling a carrot of hope, told her mom that the entire family hadn't opposed reinstating Ashley as CEO. Ashley recalled that she might have stayed had the entire family not banded together in the end to side with Jack over her. Jack glared at Ashley when she defiantly said, "Jack matters more." Jack became angry and reminded Ashley that their dad had asked him to step in as a leader when he'd been just fifteen. Jack added that even when Ashley had left the company to join competitors, he'd stuck with Jabot to fulfill family obligations.

Ashley raised her voice and reminded Jack that he'd shredded the document their dad had drawn up expressing his wishes for her. Jack made Ashley even angrier when he told her she didn't care about John Abbott's legacy because taking everything would leave Jabot in tatters. Billy interrupted and agreed that Ashley wasn't concerned about John's legacy. Traci pleaded with her siblings not to turn the discussion into an ugly confrontation. Abby defended her mother and told Jack that if he cared about John's legacy, he'd give Ashley what she wanted.

In a flashback, a fifteen-year-old Jack remembered telling Ashley that she was responsible for tidying the pool area. Ashley had insisted that her older brother had no right to order her around. Jack then reminded Ashley that their father wouldn't be pleased to find a mess around the pool. Ashley had said she'd obey their father and tidy up when he instructed her to. Jack had replied, "You know Dad never asks you to do anything. You're his perfect, delicate flower. Now that Mom's gone, it's all on me. I have to do everything."

Jack's brief recollection of the past ended when Abby again defended Ashley and demanded to know why Jack was fighting her mother's decision, especially because he was no longer working at Jabot. Abby added that the board of directors had recently chosen Ashley to lead the company. Ashley replied that she was no longer interested in being reinstated as CEO because she knew her family would shove her out again after they devised a way to regain ownership of the patents. Jack and Kyle looked stunned when Ashley announced that she'd booked a flight to Paris, where she'd follow in their mother's footsteps and build her own cosmetics empire.

Jack asked Ashley if she intended to just walk away from Dina. Kyle added that Dina might not have much time left. Ashley explained that after she'd learned about the patents, she'd made her peace with their mother. Ashley added that though Dina no longer knew her, she was certain their mother would approve. Ashley insisted she deserved a fresh start, and she asked Abby to move to Paris with her. Abby explained that she couldn't leave her family or the new man in her life. Tearfully, Ashley noted that she'd be just a plane ride away. Abby broke down and tightly embraced her mother.

Ashley approached Billy and said she hoped that in the future, they might repair their relationship. Billy replied, "What you're doing to Jabot is going to be damn near impossible to forgive." Kyle agreed with Billy and acknowledged that Ashley's decision was the ultimate power move. Traci held Ashley's hands and sobbed. Through her tears, Traci pledged her unconditional love for her sister. Ashley embraced Traci, and Traci admitted that she thought Ashley was making a mistake. Ashley insisted she would prove herself.

Dina came downstairs. Ashley said she was glad she could say goodbye. Dina replied that she wasn't going anywhere. Abby explained that Ashley was leaving. Dina said, "Oh, I have a daughter named Ashley? Isn't it pretty?" Ashley told Dina that her gift had been very liberating. Ashley added that she felt somewhat like Dina had years before. Dina became agitated and said she didn't want to think about it. Ashley consoled Dina and said her family would likely treat her the same way they had Dina, so they both would share that in common. Ashley tightly embraced and kissed Dina. Dina thanked Ashley before leaving the room.

Ashley told Jack she had nothing more to say to him. The family looked on in silence as Ashley picked up her coat and purse and walked out the front door. After Ashley left, Traci and Abby remained in the living room together. Traci sighed and said, "What was I thinking?" Traci berated herself for mistakenly believing she could reunite her family, using sheer force of will. Abby said she appreciated Traci's efforts as mediator. Abby insisted that Traci had meant well. Traci, translating Abby's coded statement, cried, "Here comes poor, dumb Traci again, in over her head. When will she ever learn?" Abby clarified that what she'd meant was that Traci's efforts had been thwarted because she didn't live at home all the time.

Traci apologized for not considering that Abby had been abandoned by her own mother. Abby, recalling the family's past, acknowledged that some wounds never healed. Traci asked if she'd been wrong to force Jack and Kyle to tell Ashley about the patents. Abby said Traci should never second-guess herself about being honest, especially given the secrets and lies that had hurt the family in the past. Traci explained that she'd honored her mother's wishes because Dina could no longer speak for herself. Abby recalled having overheard an anxious Dina proclaiming repeatedly that she was a good mother and could prove it. Abby added that she hadn't known what Dina had been referring to until Traci had revealed the contract Dina and John had drawn up for Ashley. Traci agreed.

At Jabot, Billy and Kyle discussed how to explain their predicament to their buyers and vendors. Billy noted that they also had contracts with suppliers to purchase a minimum amount of raw materials and could no longer manufacture the products using those materials. Kyle suggested they either lie about a supply chain issue or admit the truth. Billy replied that Kyle would likely choose to lie. Kyle fought back and said Billy couldn't claim to be morally superior after sleeping with Phyllis' daughter.

Kyle told Billy that Summer had been crushed because she'd truly cared for Billy. Billy admitted that his aim had been to hurt Phyllis. Kyle cried that he'd had to pick up the pieces when Summer had reached out for support. Kyle added that he'd had to cut short his date and had yet to make amends to Lola for consoling a distraught Summer. Billy said it served Kyle right for plotting to lure him back into gambling.

Billy turned his attention back to the problems at hand and said John Abbott wouldn't want their bickering to become a distraction. Kyle noted that in John Abbott's day, it was preordained that the oldest son would take over the business. Kyle added that John hadn't loved any of his other children less than Jack. As a result, Kyle explained, Jack had spent his life doing what was expected and living up to a myth. Kyle's words didn't make a dent in Billy's determination to address the vendors' demands. Billy seemed lost as he considered his predicament.

At the Genoa City Athletic Club, Ashley spoke on the phone with Neil, who'd been unable to meet with her. Ashley told Neil that she'd decided against selling her patents to her family and would start her own cosmetics company in Paris. Ashley expressed regret that her relationship with Neil would suffer. Ashley suggested that Neil fly on his jet for visits. After her call ended, Ashley fought back tears. Ashley picked up her purse and headed toward the exit.

Jack approached Ashley as she was leaving. Jack admitted that he'd begun the war with his blood Abbott clause, which he deeply regretted. Jack appealed to Ashley's feelings for her family. Jack explained that if Ashley took her patents and left, she'd cripple Jabot, which would also hurt their immediate family, their heirs, and thousands of Jabot's employees. Jack acknowledged that he should have sought Ashley's forgiveness for the awful thing's he'd done to her. Ashley's anger appeared to give way.

Jack recalled that initially, he'd devised the clause to prevent Phyllis from making a claim on Jabot. Jack also admitted that he'd drawn it up because he'd feared competition with Ashley. Ashley grew teary-eyed when Jack admitted he'd secured his position by ensuring that Ashley, the better CEO, wouldn't be able to compete. Jack and Ashley embraced and recalled a time in the past when they'd made up after the fight over tidying the pool area. After the memory faded, Ashley insisted she had to leave because it was time to put herself first.

After Jack returned home, he walked into the dining room and remembered a long-before conversation with Ashley. Jack had praised Ashley for obeying his directive and insisted he would always try to treat her fairly. Ashley had replied, "Maybe one day when I grow up, I'll get to tell you what to do." Jack remembered having told Ashley that he'd always be her big brother, which meant she could never boss him around. Aboard a jet, Ashley peered out the window as the lights of Genoa City faded into the distance.

At the police station, Rey leaped to assist Sharon when she picked up a heavy box. Sharon insisted she could handle the box on her own and told Rey that they should establish boundaries. Sharon added that Rey shouldn't make assumptions about their relationship. Devon entered and interrupted Sharon. Devon and Sharon stepped aside to talk.

Devon asked Sharon to act on Hilary's behalf as a crime victim. Sharon looked confused, but Devon added that Lily was being transferred to a prison four hours away from Genoa City. Sharon asked why. Devon explained that Lily had defended a fellow inmate and ended up becoming a target for retribution. Devon added that Lily was being transferred for her own safety. Sharon said she knew it would be a hardship for Lily's family. Devon cried that Lily had been hanging on by a thread and would feel more isolated without daily visits from her family. Devon added that he'd learned during his time living in group homes that he couldn't stand up to bullies. Devon added that because Lily had never learned that lesson, she was paying the price.

Devon pleaded with Sharon to help him arrange for Lily to be transferred to a less-secure correctional facility closer to Genoa City. Sharon agreed to make some phone calls, noting that she couldn't make promises. Across the room, Rey recorded another observation about Sharon in his notebook. In addition to his previous notation about Sharon having abruptly ended his discussion with Mariah about Victoria's party and the last sighting of J.T., he added that Sharon had been anxious.

After Sharon phoned someone at the new prison, she told Devon that Lily was doing as well as could be expected. Devon suggested a number of options, including house arrest, but Sharon explained that Lily would have to serve out her sentence at the facility upstate. Devon was understandably disappointed and expressed hopes that his status might have allowed him to do more. Sharon noted that most families lacked the resources to visit their family member in prison, but Devon had the resources to help his family cope.

After Devon left, Rey acknowledged that his and Sharon's relationship had become uneasy. Sharon replied, "With us working together and you living upstairs at Crimson Lights, I just want to make sure that we're on the same page." Rey recalled what Nick had said to him and asked Sharon if they could move past it. Sharon explained that she'd ended her personal relationship with Nick and had told him to stay out of her life. Sharon added that she wouldn't want others to jump to conclusions about her relationship with Rey, especially because Rey was married. Rey replied, "Who cares what other people think? We both know nothing's going on." Sharon said she didn't want rumors to get started.

At Cane's house, Mattie and Cane also explored options for Lily. Searching online, Mattie noted that at least the facility upstate had instituted progressive policies, though with the distance involved, the family would only be able to visit Lily on weekends. Cane took a pad and a pen and told his twins they'd write a letter and mail it to Lily. When the kids and Cane brought up amusing situations they could write about, the family seemed to momentarily forget their angst. Cane jotted down the stories, especially Charlie's recollection of Mattie burning cookies, necessitating the use of a fire extinguisher.

After the kids went to their rooms, Devon arrived and told Cane that Lily's transition to her new prison had gone smoothly. Cane acknowledged that he and the kids hadn't yet dealt with their emotions regarding Lily's absence. Cane became distraught when he acknowledged the added distance they'd have to travel for visits. Devon assured Cane that his marriage was strong enough to withstand the separation. Devon promised he'd try to arrange for Lily to be released early and would support Cane and the kids, as well.

Phyllis suggests that she become CEO of Jabot Phyllis suggests that she become CEO of Jabot

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

At Newman Enterprises, Victoria inquired whether Nikki had checked her email. Nikki reported that she hadn't heard a thing from the blackmailer, but she fretted that someone knew what they'd done. Victoria scolded that Nikki had to start taking better care of herself. Nikki received a call and didn't recognize the number, and she nervously answered it. She told the caller that she needed time to make arrangements for something.

Victoria didn't understand why Nikki was upset over a broken water pipe. Nikki revealed that the pipe was in the park, directly underneath the sculpture. "And J.T.," a horrified Victoria gasped. Nikki explained that the sculpture had to be removed to gain access to the water line, but she'd tried to buy time. Nikki worried that the workmen would remember that she'd tried to stonewall them when they found the body. Victoria refused to let them find J.T.

The Abbotts sat in silence during breakfast at the mansion. Jack observed that everyone had their phones out but that they were easy to turn off, starting with his. Billy objected, but Jack argued that it was a family breakfast, and the only people they needed to be conversing with were sitting at the table. Abby and Kyle reluctantly set down their phones, and Jack inquired about Kyle's day. Kyle anticipated that it would be a lot of work to revamp the synergy project between Jabot and Fenmore's after half their products had been taken to France.

Jack turned the topic to what time Dina had gotten to bed the night before, since she'd had some choice words when he'd tried to wake her. Traci imagined that their mother was worn out from recent events, and Jack suggested that they address the elephant in the room. Abby refused to listen to a gripe session about her mom. Jack and Traci insisted that they all missed Ashley. Jack asserted that the latest setback was no different from other challenges that their family had gotten through before. He expressed confidence that they could do anything together as a family, and it was high time that they were all on the same team.

Abby recognized that what Ashley had done had been unprecedented and unexpected, but everyone had added to the rift. Abby felt that Ashley wouldn't have been pushed to the extreme if she'd known how much her family loved and needed her, and Jack apologized for setting everything in motion by using the blood Abbott clause as a weapon against his sister. Traci insisted that it hadn't been any one person's fault, but the group effort to drive their family apart had to stop. Jack warned that the rumors were already out there, and people were expecting them to fold.

Jack was adamant that the Abbotts had to show who they were -- a family and a team that protected and cherished one another, no matter what. Abby and Traci agreed, and Jack appealed to Kyle to put his differences with Billy aside. Kyle claimed that he had no beef with Billy, but Billy grumbled that he hadn't tried to sabotage Kyle's job for months. Jack asked for Billy's commitment to try to set things right, and Billy half-heartedly relented. Jack toasted to the first day of a new era for "Team Abbott."

At Jabot, Summer's jaw dropped when she saw that Phyllis had dyed her hair back to red, and Phyllis remarked that Ashley wasn't the only one stirring things up around there. Summer couldn't believe that the Abbotts had just let Ashley walk, but Phyllis figured that Ashley would have had an insane amount of leverage if she'd stayed. Summer wondered if she should start sending out résumés, but Phyllis suspected that Fenmore's was in a better position than Jabot was. Summer hoped that meant they were safe, but Phyllis stated that playing it safe had never been good for her, and she saw opportunity in a crisis. She told Summer to stay tuned.

Lauren and Phyllis joined Jack, Traci, and Abby in the CEO's office, and Jack complimented Phyllis' hair. He announced that Kyle wouldn't be there because he was working on the Fenmore's project, and he assured Lauren that they hadn't overlooked the impact recent events had had on Fenmore's. Lauren assumed that Billy would be absent, as well, but Billy entered and quipped that he wouldn't miss out on "the new 'do." Jack declared that it was time for them all to pull together to become a united front, since the rumor mill was abuzz with the news of Ashley's departure.

Traci proposed that they attack the rumors with the truth, and Billy opined that the Jaboutiques gave them the opportunity to shift the focus to what Jabot had to offer. Jack bemoaned that they only had a few products to sell, but Billy insisted that the boutiques would be an experience that would open the door to a new way of life for their customers. Summer interrupted to drop off a report, and Billy snapped that it was an executive meeting. Phyllis reminded him that they all needed to pull together.

Traci contemplated who would be the next CEO, and Jack argued that he had the experience. Billy piped up that his experience was similar to Jack's, but Billy's had been more recent, and vendors were used to working with him. Lauren groused that it had been before Billy had been ousted for embezzling, and Traci hesitated to overburden Billy after rehab. Lauren urged Billy to take time to recover and make amends, but Billy referred to Jack's own brush with a relapse. Phyllis proclaimed that there was a third candidate they could all get behind -- her.

Billy scoffed at the idea that Phyllis wanted to become CEO for any reason other than to get back at him. She insisted that it was business and not personal, and they needed a vast array of new products, primarily for women. Billy huffed that the company had been started by a man who'd become a giant in the industry, but Phyllis countered that a woman had created Jabot's most successful lines. Phyllis doubted that Billy was the level-headed leader Jabot needed, since he was reckless and destructive, and Jabot deserved more than someone who acted like a spoiled child when he didn't get what he wanted.

Jack noted that Phyllis had no experience running a company that size, but she argued that the Abbott siblings' expertise had led the company to the brink of a precipice. She urged them to put aside the past and think about the future, since putting her in charge would send out a clear signal that it wasn't the same old Jabot. She imagined that the new Jabot could be magical if they did things better and smarter, and it was time to put an end to the bad behavior and decisions. Billy griped that she had no idea what the job entailed, and it required a level of commitment that she hadn't shown.

Lauren questioned who was making it personal, but Traci pointed out that Phyllis was fairly new to Jabot. Phyllis contended that anyone who hadn't grown up an Abbott was new, and she demanded that they take the backstabbing out of the equation and run the business the right way. Billy testily asked if anyone was buying her sanctimonious garbage, and Traci suggested that they table the discussion. The meeting broke up, and Jack wished Phyllis luck. Phyllis told Summer that she felt on top of the world, and she was happy that Summer was in her corner. Summer thought they should celebrate, but Phyllis received a text message about a charity meeting and headed out.

At the Abbott mansion, Abby groaned that she'd had her fingers crossed that Team Abbott would last longer than 24 hours, and Traci noted that they hadn't even made it to lunch. Traci thought it was best to appoint a new CEO as soon as possible, and she envisioned having to choose between her brothers again. Abby surmised that Traci had already crossed Phyllis off the list, but she thought that Phyllis had made a good case for herself. Abby thought maybe it was better if their family stopped grappling for control over the throne.

At Jabot, Billy asked if Jack had put Phyllis up to it, but Jack reasoned that she had a right to run, even if she had no chance of winning. Summer overheard and barked that it was premature of them to pat one another on the back. Jack swore that he had respect for Phyllis, but it wasn't time to try an untested CEO while Jabot was in crisis mode. Summer looked forward to watching him eat his words, since she expected them both to be very surprised. She warned that daughters of lions were lions, too, and it would be a mistake to underestimate her and her mother.

At Crimson Lights, Tessa presented Mariah with her latest masterpiece coffee drink. Mariah guessed that Tessa had topped it with a ghost figure made of milk, but Tessa revealed that it was a heart. Tessa lectured that making the perfect latte wasn't easy, since it took timing and chemistry. Mariah cooed that she'd teach Tessa everything she needed to know about timing and chemistry, and they kissed. Tessa guessed that Mariah had Halloween on the brain, and Mariah gushed that it was the best time of year.

Nick arrived with Faith and Christian. Faith seemed disinterested when Mariah inquired about her fall break, and Mariah assumed that Faith was too old for Halloween fun. Faith swore that she loved Halloween because it had always been their thing, but it had been fun because they'd done everything together. Faith felt miserable when she thought about the things they wouldn't be doing as a family, and she thought it might be better if they didn't do anything at all. Mariah held her close.

Nick reasoned that just because things were different didn't mean they wouldn't be fun, and he insisted that Faith had two parents who loved one another and her very much. He added that she had a dad who would move mountains to make things right, but she was sure it was too late for that. Nick contended that he had some tricks up his sleeve, but Faith thought it would take a lot more than that to convince her mom to try again. He asked if Sharon had made things sound hopeless, and Faith reported that her mother had talked about her new job and one detective in particular. Nick guessed it had been Rey, and Faith chirped that the officer was nice and had helped Sharon out.

Nick headed out with the kids, and Mariah noticed that he'd forgotten his coffee. Mariah ran after him as Lola entered the coffeehouse. Kyle arrived and remarked that he'd almost sent out a search party, since Lola hadn't answered his messages. Lola acknowledged that he seemed like a nice enough guy, but she needed a man who was honest and available.

Kyle swore that he was both, but Lola thought he couldn't be honest with himself, since there were strings all over him that tied him to his ex. He countered that Summer was just a friend and not even a good one at that. Lola recalled that he'd dropped everything to let Summer cry on his shoulder, but Kyle asserted that he'd moved on. Lola volunteered to show him what moving on actually looked like, and she walked out.

At the police station, Sharon finished up a call to offer support to a crime victim. After she hung up, Rey commented that he'd known she'd be good at the job. She lamented that she hadn't been able to help Devon when Lily was being transferred to a distant prison, but Rey encouraged her to have faith that she was making a difference and to celebrate even the smallest of victories. She blurted out an invitation to a Halloween party.

Sharon guessed that Rey was probably busy, but he said he was free. He referred to her concern that people would get the wrong idea, and she clarified that Crimson Lights was having its annual Halloween party, which could get loud and crazy. Rey realized that she didn't want the upstairs neighbor calling in noise complaints, and he teased her for extending the worst invitation ever, but he accepted. He suddenly realized that he was late meeting Lola, and he rushed out.

Nick and the kids visited Sharon at the police station, and Sharon excitedly hugged Faith and Christian. Nick explained that they'd been talking about her job, so he thought they'd stop by. Sharon called it the best surprise of the day, but she recommended that he call first the next time. Faith asked if Rey was there, and Sharon informed her that he'd gone to see his sister. Faith suggested that Sharon join them at the pumpkin patch, and Sharon wondered if Mariah was going, too. "The more, the merrier," Nick said.

Meanwhile, Mariah considered costume ideas for her and Tessa as a couple. Mariah received a text message from Sharon, inviting her and Tessa to join the rest of the family at the pumpkin patch. Mariah and Tessa decided to take Mariah's car, and Tessa inquired whether there had been any more information about the guy who'd been following Mariah the other night. Mariah assured Tessa that she'd been cautious, but Tessa worried that she'd never forgive herself if it had had anything to do with the guy who'd attacked her.

At the pumpkin patch, Nick snapped photos of the kids picking out pumpkins. Mariah jumped into one of the photos, and Tessa thanked Sharon for including her. Nick told Sharon to get into the photo, and he took more pictures, but he felt they were missing something. He traded places with Mariah and placed his arm around Sharon, and Mariah took a photo. Rey and Lola appeared, and Rey wondered if Christian remembered him. Sharon enthused that the boy played with Rey's toy car all the time, and Faith gushed that she felt like she already knew Rey because her mom talked about him a lot. Nick glowered.

Rey showed Faith two pumpkins and asked her which one he should get. Faith replied that he should get both, and he went to pay for them. Tessa assumed that she and Mariah wouldn't be double-dating with Lola and Kyle again, and Lola explained that it said a lot about Kyle that he let Summer push his buttons. Tessa swore that he'd rather spend time with Lola.

Nick recalled a fond memory of when he and Sharon had been stuck in a corn maze, and he proposed that they try it again or go on a hayride. Sharon changed the topic to which pumpkins Faith and Christian wanted to take home. Nick told Sharon to consider what fun his ideas could be, and he left to put the pumpkins in the car. Mariah hoped that Sharon wasn't letting Nick pressure her into getting back together.

Kyle was surprised when Lola returned to the coffeehouse. She shared that she'd learned to speak up and fight fast as the little sister of older brothers, and it had made her into the woman she was that day. She wanted to clear up any misunderstandings, and he said he couldn't apologize enough. Lola recalled that she'd once had a friend with a mean dog who would growl and bark when anyone got close, and she compared the dog to Summer. Lola chided Kyle for having no boundaries with Summer, and she suspected that he'd loved the ego trip when Summer had run to him to make things better.

Lola declared that she was out, but Kyle grabbed her hand and asked her not to go. She told him to give her a reason to stay, and he replied that he'd been there every day, hoping to bump into her. He added that he couldn't get her out of his mind, and he missed her. Kyle inquired whether Lola's friend had gotten rid of the dog, but Lola advised him that she'd gotten rid of the friend. Kyle offered to set the record straight, and Lola told him to give her a call when he was done, but she might or might not be available. She stalked off.

At Dark Horse, Christian and Faith decorated pumpkins in Nick's office. Faith suggested that Nick make them part of the decorations for Dark Horse's first annual haunted house, and Nick asked if she could handle two Halloween parties. Faith wondered if her mom had invited Rey to the one at the coffeehouse and what he would dress up as. Nick muttered that Rey seemed like the kind of guy who would go as himself -- whoever that was.

Rey and Sharon returned to work, and he admitted that it had been his first time at a pumpkin patch. She encouraged him to get out more, and she suggested that he take a drive with someone to see the leaves changing. He observed that it had looked like she'd had fun with her kids, and he imagined that times like that didn't happen very often anymore. Nikki burst in and complained that she'd been trying to get in touch with Sharon all day about the charity meeting that was going on at that moment. Sharon asked Rey to cover for her, and the women rushed out.

Rey wrote in his notebook, scrawling the names of Nikki, Victoria, Sharon, and Phyllis, followed by, "Charity meeting?"

Sharon and Nikki joined Phyllis and Victoria at Newman, and Phyllis griped that it was a never-ending nightmare. Phyllis thought they had two options -- go to prison after the workers found the body, or dig up J.T. and move him before it was too late.

Nikki and Jill argue over the fate of the sculpture in the park Nikki and Jill argue over the fate of the sculpture in the park

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

At Dark Horse, Arturo sneaked up behind Abby and presented her with a carved pumpkin. He wanted to make sure she was okay after Ashley's move to Paris. Abby said she understood that Ashley had done the right thing for herself. Abby told Arturo that she had to attend a board meeting at Jabot. Arturo suggested that Abby add herself as a candidate for the CEO position, but Abby said she liked being away from Jabot and Newman. She said she enjoyed working at Dark Horse with Nick and Arturo, and she kissed him.

At Crimson Lights, while decorating for Halloween, Mariah and Tessa stole a kiss. Rey arrived. Mariah left to decorate the patio, and Rey questioned Tessa about Sharon's charity cause. Tessa wasn't able to provide him with any information. She suggested Rey talk to Sharon.

A short time later, Rey joined Mariah on the patio. He asked her about Sharon's charity. Mariah advised him to speak with Sharon. Rey said he was embarrassed because he probably hadn't paid attention when Sharon had mentioned it.

After Rey left, Tessa joined Mariah on the patio. Tessa said that Rey appeared to be extremely interested in Sharon's charity work. She wondered why he needed to know.

Nikki, Victoria, and Sharon met in Victoria's office. Sharon asked where Phyllis was. Nikki said Phyllis was tied up at Jabot. Sharon was miffed that Phyllis wasn't there, since it had been her decision to bury J.T. Nikki said that she'd placed a call and made some arrangements, but they could be canceled if anyone disagreed with them.

Nikki said she'd advised the city that the park was private property, and she'd oversee the repairs. Arturo would take the sculpture apart and remove it, in pieces if necessary, and his crew would make the repairs the next day. Nikki said that it would give them time to get rid of any evidence. Sharon said they had no idea what they'd be dealing with, and they needed a plan to relocate J.T.'s remains. Victoria suggested they could move J.T.'s remains to the lake or someplace quiet, a place where it would allow them to sleep at night.

After Sharon left, Nikki told Victoria she didn't need to participate in moving J.T.'s remains. Victoria said that it wasn't about digging up an abuser but about a man whom she'd loved, who had been broken and hadn't been given a chance to heal. She said that no one deserved to be dumped into an unmarked grave. Victoria said J.T. would always be the man who had given her Reed. She knew there was no other way, and she couldn't believe that a burst pipe could ruin them.

Nikki said it was up to Victoria whether they proceeded with their plan. Victoria said they didn't really have a choice. At that moment, Nikki received a call from Arturo. He said he was ready to take the sculpture apart, but he'd run into a problem.

At Jabot, Billy and Phyllis entered the elevator together. After a few snarky remarks were exchanged, they fell silent.

In the reception area, Ted asked Kyle to confirm the list of board members who would be attending the meeting. Billy and Phyllis arrived, and Jack and Lauren immediately joined them. Phyllis and Lauren left, and Jack and Kyle entered the office. Ted told Billy there was a pool on who would secure the CEO position.

Jack and Kyle were alone in the office. Kyle said that Jack was the top contender. Jack said he was aware that Kyle was positioning himself to become the COO. Kyle admitted he was because he was the logical choice, but he believed Jack was the right man for the job because he instilled confidence, and he made everyone feel safe. Jack was the one who'd take Jabot over the top. Kyle said the company needed Jack.

Jack told Kyle that Billy had a lot to bring to the table. Billy had a lot of energy, vision, and naked ambition. Phyllis was the wild card. Jack said no one should underestimate Phyllis. Jack said he needed to tilt the scales in his own favor. When Kyle asked how Jack planned to do that, Jack said he had to make some magic, and he left.

At the Top of the Tower, Phyllis received a text message from Nikki. She replied that she was tied up at Jabot. Lauren arrived and assured Phyllis that she'd be voting for her. Lauren said she trusted that Phyllis would take care of Fenmore's after she took over as CEO. Lauren warned Phyllis not to let her down. Phyllis assured Lauren that she'd take care of Fenmore's if Lauren supported her. Phyllis was confident that she'd be voted in.

Jack met with Kerry Johnson at the Top of the Tower. Kerry was a candidate to replace Ashley as lead chemist. Jack advised her that they needed to get things up and running as quickly as possible, and Jabot could use someone like her. Jack said he'd put together some terms to show her how much they would value her expertise.

Kerry said that she noticed that Jack wasn't actually the CEO. Jack said he was the de facto leader, and with Kerry on his roster, he couldn't lose. Kerry looked over the document and advised Jack that she couldn't accept his offer. Jack was stunned when she left.

At Jabot, Phyllis saw Billy at the elevator, and she asked if he was withdrawing as a candidate for the CEO position. She asked him where he was going. Billy responded tersely that it was none of her business. He said it was funny how some people had considered her snark attractive, and he left.

On the patio at Crimson Lights, Billy made his pitch to Kerry Johnson. Billy said he'd do whatever he could to support his team. Billy provided Kerry with his terms, which Kerry perused. She said it wasn't the right fit for her and that she had other options to explore. Billy was shocked when she left.

Sharon arrived at Crimson Lights right after Tessa had surprised Mariah with a gift certificate for a tattoo. Alone with Sharon, Mariah said it was strange that Rey was so interested in Sharon's charity work. She said that he had questioned her and Tessa about it. Mariah wondered if it had something to do with J.T. She wanted to know why Rey was so fixated on Sharon, since she'd had nothing to do with J.T.'s disappearance. Mariah asked if Rey thought that Sharon and the other ladies were withholding information about the night J.T. disappeared. Sharon said that Rey couldn't learn about something that didn't exist. Sharon said that she'd told Rey everything she knew.

Nikki arrived at Chancellor Park. She was upset that nothing had been done. She asked Arturo about the problem. Jill appeared and said that the sculpture would remain where it was. She said that her sculpture wasn't going to be thrown aside. Jill accused Nikki of never showing any respect for the bond Jill had had with Katherine, so she was there to make sure her sculpture stayed where it was.

Nikki advised Jill that the plumbing was on her property, and it needed to be repaired. It had nothing to do with Jill and her questionable taste in art. Nikki stated that she was doing her civic duty to Katherine's park, which Nikki owned, and Jill had no say in what happened there. Jill countered that she did, since Nikki had instructed Arturo to take down her sculpture and haul it away because Nikki felt threatened that Katherine had given "a damn" about her.

Nikki told Jill to calm down and that she'd forgotten that Jill had existed until Jill had arrived. Jill advised Nikki that she was having an injunction drawn up by her lawyers; she'd have her own crew deal with her sculpture, and they would fix the problem. Nikki claimed that Jill couldn't do that and that Jill had placed the sculpture on her property without Nikki's permission. Jill said, "Watch me."

Arturo told Jill he'd spoken to his crew, and they thought they could move the sculpture without damaging it. He also offered to sign a document assuming all responsibility for any damages. Jill agreed, but she said that she'd be there to supervise. Nikki objected and said that it was her property, and she didn't want Jill there. Jill said with that being the case, Nikki needed to be prepared to accept service of an injunction because the sculpture wasn't going to be moved unless she was present. Nikki said that they would both be there.

At the Athletic Club, Summer sat at the bar with a drink. Kyle sat down and said he thought she'd be pleased to get some attention, since it was her drug of choice, and it didn't matter if it was adoration or pure loathing. Kyle thanked Summer because Lola saw him as the guy who had too much baggage -- meaning Summer. Summer said if Lola was jealous, that was on her. Kyle said that Lola had too much confidence to put up with Summer's games. He said that Summer's self-esteem couldn't be any lower.

Kyle accused Summer of wanting to tank him and Lola because he didn't care about Summer anymore. The way he'd felt about Summer previously had only fed Summer's sad, deflated ego. She'd loved knowing that he'd put up with her, no matter what, but it was over. He said Summer was a lonely girl who played head games to make herself feel better.

Kyle tried to walk away, but Summer stopped him and asked what that was about. She said they were friends. Kyle said friends didn't act that way -- messing with married men, trying to nail her mother's boyfriend, and messing with his date's head. Summer told him to stop pretending he was Lola's protector. Kyle said Lola could take care of herself. He said he didn't hate Summer, but he didn't like her. He acknowledged that she'd had a rough time and had been thrown into a tailspin, but he warned her not to stir up trouble for him and Lola and believe it would be okay.

Kyle said he was the only friend Summer had. He said he wanted to get to know Lola more than anything he'd wanted in a long time. Lola arrived and stood in the shadows, eavesdropping on Kyle's conversation.

Summer asked if Kyle knew how pitiful he sounded. Kyle said he'd been pitiful when Summer had blown him off, and his solution had been New York and dating apps with a bunch of names he didn't remember -- if he'd ever known them at all. It hadn't mattered because they hadn't been Summer. He realized it sucked to want only Summer and to put so much time and energy into a relationship. Kyle told Summer that he realized how wrong he'd been. He said he was finally free to have something real happen, and Lola was for him. He said Lola was a good person, and he felt he could be one, too. He told Summer that she would never be that for him.

Summer was in tears and said that it had been the meanest thing Kyle had ever said to her. She left crying. Lola stepped out of the shadows. Kyle told Lola that he hadn't said those things to Summer to score points with her.

Lola reminded Kyle that when she'd met him, Kyle had bragged about his family, his company, and his position at Jabot. Kyle admitted he'd been a jerk. Lola said that Kyle had sounded sincere in the things he'd said to Summer. Their conversation was interrupted when Kyle received a text message from Jack about a board meeting. Lola told him to go. Kyle wanted to know when he could see her. Lola kissed Kyle passionately and told him he had a shot, but she'd make him work for it. She left.

Lola greeted Rey when he arrived at home. He claimed he was starving and grabbed the container Lola held. Lola chastised him and said it was bizarre that he kept forgetting to eat. Rey said he wanted Lola to feel sorry for him so that she'd bring home the quality stuff, and he began to eat the food from the container. He noticed that Lola was in a good mood. Lola advised him that things were back on track with Kyle Abbott. Rey wanted to know what had happened.

Lola told Rey that it had been Kyle's ex, Summer, who'd messed with her head. Rey said that Summer sounded like a piece of work. Lola said that if Kyle had been into Summer before, he wasn't anymore. Kyle had made that very clear to Summer and to her. Rey cautioned Lola that sometimes what a guy said and what he felt could be two completely different things. He warned Lola to watch her back.

At Jabot, Ted had been eavesdropping at the CEO's office door when Kyle arrived. Ted advised him that the meeting was in progress. Inside the office, the board members had convened, and Billy began his pitch for the CEO position. Phyllis asked how Billy planned to deal with the patent debacle. Billy advised her that he'd been vetting some top-notch R&D candidates.

Jack was next to make his pitch to the board. He said that Jabot was a great company with or without the patents. Jabot had been created by a great man, John Abbott, and Jabot was his legacy. Jack said he'd protect that legacy, and he'd move Jabot forward. He was aware of the mistakes he'd made in the past, some of which had led them to the situation they were in, as a result of hubris and ego that had been eliminated. Jack vowed to do everything necessary for Jabot.

Phyllis interjected that the patent issue hadn't been addressed, and she wanted to know how Jack would dig them out of the hole they were in. Jack said that it was about the products, the energy, and hiring the right people. Jack said he was ideally suited for that job because he'd grown up in the business, he'd spent his life in the business, and he knew the business inside and out. He said he'd lead Jabot where it needed to go next.

Phyllis was up next. She told everyone that Jabot was screwed. The legacies, the histories, and the egos were all great, but Jabot was screwed. She said that people had forgotten what Jabot was about. It wasn't about history or redemption stories -- it was about cosmetics. They made products for women. Women didn't need a man telling them what they needed. Phyllis said that for the most part, men didn't really know what women wanted. They needed a woman at the top, who'd reach out to them. That was the key. Phyllis said she was ready to make that happen. She said that Jabot needed more women, more instinct, and leadership. Phyllis said they needed to change the culture.

Billy interrupted and pointed out that she hadn't said a word about the patent debacle. Phyllis said she'd been waiting for him to jump in. She said that she had her first potential hire. Phyllis opened the door to the office and introduced Kerry Johnson. Phyllis said that Kerry had decided to join Jabot as its lead chemist, only if Phyllis was elected CEO. She and Kerry would become the two women who would give Jabot a fighting chance. Billy cringed, and Jack was visibly ticked.

Phyllis, Victoria, and Nikki dig for J.T.'s body Phyllis, Victoria, and Nikki dig for J.T.'s body

Thursday, November 1, 2018

At Jabot, the board of directors cast its vote for CEO. Traci tabulated that Jack, Billy, and Phyllis had each received three votes, and Jack noted that the last vote decided it. Traci announced that the job went to Phyllis. "Long live the queen!" Lauren exclaimed. Jack and Billy looked crestfallen. Traci moved to allow Phyllis to sit at the CEO's desk, and Phyllis welcomed everyone to a new era at Jabot. Phyllis vowed to put the tumultuous year behind them and lead the company to a prosperous future.

Phyllis adjourned the meeting, and Lauren offered to take Phyllis out to celebrate while reality sank in for everyone else. Phyllis wished everyone a pleasant evening, and she and Lauren departed. Traci expressed shock, and Kyle muttered that the blood Abbott clause didn't look so bad anymore. Kyle groused that Billy had screwed things up, as usual, since Jack would be CEO if Billy hadn't divided the family vote. Billy thanked Abby for voting for him, and she hoped losing to Phyllis wouldn't affect his recovery. Billy conceded that Phyllis had won that round, but he pledged to continue the fight and win.

In Chancellor Park, Jill marveled that there wasn't a single scratch or dent on the statue after Arturo had extracted it from the ground. She cooed that he was very good with his hands, and she said she would call if she had another job for him. Nikki dryly suggested that Jill just whistle, and she told Arturo that he and his crew could go home before starting on the plumbing repairs in the morning. Arturo preferred to start working on the busted pipe right away, but Nikki blurted out that he couldn't do that. Jill looked surprised.

Jill and Nikki traded barbs, and Nikki suggested that Arturo and his crew leave to enjoy Halloween. Arturo assured them that the water was turned off, and he'd cordon off the area so that no one damaged the ground. Arturo left, and Nikki testily asked why Jill was still hanging around like a bad smell. Jill revealed that she'd hired special movers to transport the artwork to storage, and Nikki offered to wait for them.

Jill remarked that it would be a kind gesture if it were anyone else, but she wondered "what the hell" Nikki was up to. Nikki haughtily reminded her that Nikki owned the property, so she was responsible for overseeing the project. Jill sensed that there was something more, but Nikki imagined that Jill would rather spend her time in town with someone who actually liked her. The women agreed that they definitely didn't want to spend more time together, and Jill stalked off.

At Dark Horse, Nick, Faith, and Christian changed into Peter Pan-themed costumes. Nick prepared to meet Sharon at Crimson Lights, but Faith questioned whether it was a good idea for them to celebrate together. Nick envisioned being the best-dressed family at the party, but Faith glumly stated that they weren't really a family. Nick insisted that they were, even though they weren't together at the moment, but they would be one day. Faith inquired whether her dad was planning to win back her mom that night, and Nick confirmed that he hoped to.

Faith gazed forlornly at a family photo, and Nick asked if she was okay. She claimed that she just wanted it to be a good Halloween for Christian, and Nick wished that for their whole family. Faith whined that he kept calling them that, but they lived apart. Nick understood that she was worried about the future, but he promised to do everything in his power to get them all back together. Nick added that when someone wanted something that badly, they didn't give up, and he would never give up on them. Faith hugged him.

At Newman Enterprises, Sharon dropped by Victoria's office and asked if Victoria had heard from Nikki about moving the sculpture. Victoria reported that Nikki had sent a text message about Jill showing up in the park when Arturo had been about to move the artwork, and Nikki would notify her when the coast was clear. Sharon dreaded what they planned to do, and she couldn't imagine how Victoria felt. Victoria just wanted to get it done, since they had no choice but to dig up J.T.'s body. Sharon groaned that it had to be on Halloween, of all nights.

Victoria complained that she was supposed to be trick-or-treating with Billy and the kids. Sharon mentioned that Nick wanted to spend the holiday together as a family, and she was almost as terrified about that as she was about digging up J.T.'s body. Victoria conceded that she was the last person who should give relationship advice, but she thought what Nick and Sharon had was rare and worth fighting for. Victoria clarified that she wasn't excusing what Nick had done, but he loved Sharon and had had a lot of hopes and dreams for them and their kids. Sharon replied that she had, too, and Victoria hated to see her throw them away over one stupid mistake.

Sharon explained that Nick sleeping with Phyllis had been a horrible reminder of an unbearable loss, and he'd thrown away Sharon's forgiveness for one night of meaningless sex. Sharon thought that Nick was the person he really was when he was with Phyllis, and she'd been wrong to hope that he was the old Nick that she'd fallen in love with years earlier. Victoria suspected that boy was still in there, but Sharon couldn't see it if he was. Victoria insisted that she just wanted Nick and Sharon to be happy, but Sharon didn't think she and Nick could find happiness together.

Later, Nikki called Victoria and informed her that everyone else was gone, so it was time to get to work. Victoria said she was still waiting for Billy to show up, and she couldn't leave the kids until he got there. Victoria shuddered at the thought of what they were about to do, which was especially gruesome on Halloween. Nikki reiterated that they had to do it, and the sooner they got going, the sooner they'd be finished.

Jack and Billy walked into the Athletic Club and spotted Phyllis and Lauren pouring Champagne. Jack suggested they go elsewhere, but Billy approached the ladies' table. Phyllis invited him to pull up a chair to celebrate, and Billy told her to enjoy it because it wouldn't last very long. Phyllis declared that the game of CEO musical chairs was over, and she had grabbed the last seat and didn't intend to get up. Billy envisioned having a front-row seat to watch her implode in a job she wasn't qualified to hold.

Jack attempted to intervene, but Billy bellowed that he was just getting started. Phyllis firmly stated that the conversation was done as much as their relationship was, and Jill overheard and thanked God that Billy and Phyllis had broken up. Jill was glad that Billy had regained his senses, and Billy snapped that Phyllis sleeping with Nick had helped. Jill wasn't surprised because Phyllis always reverted to type, and Phyllis insinuated that Billy had done the same thing. Billy led Jill away to buy her a drink.

Billy told Jill about being blindsided by Phyllis' fling with Nick, and Jill hoped that Billy had learned his lesson to listen to his mother. Billy griped about Phyllis going after the top job at Jabot two seconds after he'd dumped her, and Jill hated to see him hurting. Billy insisted that she didn't have to worry about him, but she said it was part of the job description, and being his mother was the best job she'd ever had. She vowed not to quit, no matter what he'd done, and she wondered what that was. He received a text message and realized that he was late meeting Victoria and the kids, and he rushed out.

Meanwhile, Lauren thought Jack was taking things better than she'd anticipated, and he figured that it was just business. He understood that Lauren had been trying to protect her company the best way she could by electing Phyllis, and Lauren assured him that she still had a lot of respect for him. Lauren left to meet Michael for dinner, and Jack questioned what Phyllis had expected him to say to her. He recognized that she'd been elected fair and square, but she prompted him to tell her how he really felt about her becoming CEO.

Jack admitted that he thought he was the right person to run his family's company, and Phyllis pointed out the irony that he'd created the blood Abbott clause because of her. Jack couldn't help but wonder if it was karmic payback for using the clause against Ashley, but his mountain of regrets wouldn't keep him from looking forward. Phyllis imagined that he wanted to be back in charge one day, but he accepted that it was her time, and he wished her luck. Phyllis received a text message from Nikki and claimed that she had to go home and rest for her first day on the job.

After Phyllis headed out, Jack joined Jill at the bar and offered to buy her a drink, but she wanted to check on Cane and the twins, who were having a rough time with Lily being transferred. Jill encouraged Jack to hang in there, since Phyllis would self-destruct like she always did.

Billy raced into Victoria's office with apologies for being late, and Victoria informed him that the kids were going through the candy they'd already collected. She added that he could take over because she had things to do, and he was dismayed that she was bailing. She huffed that it wouldn't have been an issue if he'd shown up on time, and he informed her that he hadn't been appointed as CEO. Victoria assumed that Jack would take over, but Billy explained that the split Abbott vote had allowed Phyllis to swoop in. Billy begged Victoria to have pity on him, but she maintained that she couldn't join him that night. She headed out.

The Halloween party got underway at Crimson Lights as Mariah and Tessa returned from the tattoo parlor. Tessa couldn't believe that she'd let Mariah talk her into getting a tattoo, too, but Mariah pointed out that Tessa's friend had volunteered to do it for free. Tessa thought getting tattoos together showed how she and Mariah felt about one another, and Mariah joked that she'd been hoping to get a giant tramp stamp. They lifted up their shirts to show off treble and bass clef hip tattoos, and Tessa declared that they represented her two favorite things -- music and Mariah. Tessa gushed that Mariah was the most important thing in the world to her.

Nick, Faith, and Christian arrived, and Mariah fawned over their costumes. Nick looked around for Sharon, but Mariah wasn't sure where her mother was. Faith guessed that her mom had changed her mind, but Nick was confident that Sharon wouldn't cancel. Faith suspected that it was too hard for Sharon to be with him, but Nick was sure that Sharon wouldn't disappoint Faith.

Tessa squealed in delight to see Mariah dressed up as Sonny to Tessa's Cher. Mariah grumbled about having to endure public humiliation, but Tessa swore that Mariah looked amazing. Mariah doubted that anyone would consider her costume cool, and they bantered about whether they should have gone as Bonnie and Clyde instead. Tessa wondered if Mariah really thought Sharon would bail on Nick, and Mariah hoped her mother wouldn't do that to the kids.

Tessa was surprised when Lola arrived, since Lola knew that Kyle would be there. Lola revealed that she and Kyle were back together after he'd told Summer that he was over her and that he wanted to be with Lola. Tessa cheered that their double dates were back on, and Kyle entered in his work attire. Mariah sarcastically complimented his costume, and Lola guessed that he was Superman disguised as Clark Kent.

Kyle bemoaned that he wasn't in the mood for a costume after the day he'd had. He explained that his dad had been a shoo-in as Jabot's CEO, but his family couldn't agree on anything, so the worst possible person on earth had won the vote -- Phyllis. Kyle told Lola that Phyllis was Summer's mom, and Mariah added that Summer had learned everything from her mother. Lola encouraged Kyle not to let the setback slow him down, since she knew he'd be in the CEO's chair soon. He moved in to kiss her, but she refused to let him until he got into the Halloween spirit. Mariah and Tessa dragged him off to find a costume.

Across the coffeehouse, Arturo mentioned that he hadn't worn a costume since he'd been a kid, and Abby praised that he looked very sexy as Price Charming. He swore that he'd only wear something like that for her, and she appreciated him keeping her mind off the board meeting. They kissed, and Lola expressed shock to see her brother dressed up, since he'd always asserted that Halloween was for kids. He acknowledged that he'd had help changing his mind, and Lola dared him to admit that Abby had a major influence over him. He agreed that a guy would do a lot for a girl he was crazy about.

Kyle appeared in a makeshift Superman outfit. Kyle entertained Lola with a funny story about when he'd ended up drunk and unable to find his pants on a Halloween in New York, resulting in him spending the night in prison. She kissed him, and she questioned why he seemed surprised. He replied that he hadn't been prepared, and he suggested they do it again.

Mariah and Tessa looked on, and Mariah mused that it was nice to be able to express feelings like that. Mariah confided that there had been something she'd been trying to say for a while, but she wasn't great with spoken words. Mariah continued that she couldn't say it, so she'd decided to let something else do the talking. She pulled out a pumpkin with "I love you" carved in it, and she and Tessa kissed.

Faith complained that it was getting late, so maybe they should go home. Nick wanted to give Sharon more time, and Faith considered skipping trick-or-treating. Sharon rushed in and apologized for being late, and she presented Faith and Christian with Halloween gifts. Nick handed Sharon a costume, but Sharon asserted that she had one for herself. Nick urged her to wear his costume to be part of the family theme, and she said she'd be right back.

Abby and Arturo fed one another frosting as Faith approached. Nick explained that they were waiting for Sharon to change into her Wendy costume, and Faith shared that her dad was hoping that trick-or-treating as a family would make her mom want to be one again. Sharon reappeared, and Faith observed that she wasn't in costume. Sharon claimed that it didn't fit, and she led Nick to the patio to talk.

Sharon refused to wear the costume, but Nick reminded her that she'd agreed to spend time together as a family. She clarified that they weren't a family, and she wouldn't let him manipulate her into making the kids believe they were. She chided him for not just keeping it simple, and she proclaimed that she wouldn't be joining them for trick-or-treating. Nick lectured that it would disappoint the kids, but Sharon thought they'd be more disappointed if they thought she and Nick were getting back together because it would never happen.

Nick acknowledged that Sharon had a right to be upset, but he thought she hadn't meant it when she'd said they couldn't get past everything. He believed she just needed time, but she stressed that time wouldn't change anything, since they had problems beyond Phyllis. Nick insisted that they could get past them together, but Sharon ordered him to stop. She found it exhausting and pointless to think that they could recapture the magic they'd once had because they were different people who had both changed.

Nick swore that his heart hadn't changed, but Sharon thought it was where he'd changed the most, since the Nick she'd fallen in love with never would have made himself into his father's image or wanted a huge mansion and a business empire. Nick argued that he'd been trying to give a good life to his wife and kids, but Sharon contended that she just wanted an honest, decent man, and he wasn't one. She added that it was time to move on, and he surmised that she meant with Rey. Sharon demanded that Nick accept that it was over.

Faith worried about what was keeping her mom and dad. Meanwhile, Nick recalled that Sharon had told him she loved him the night before their wedding, but Sharon retorted that the man she'd been in love with hadn't existed. Sharon snapped that it was his problem if he couldn't accept it, and she warned him not to drag their kids into the mess he'd made of his life. He pleaded that she was throwing away what could be an amazing life. She looked forward to still having one -- just not with him.

Phyllis and Victoria joined Nikki in the park, all wearing masks and clad in black. Nikki indicated that Sharon wasn't responding to her messages, but Victoria didn't want to wait to get it over with. They began to dig.

Phyllis wastes no time making changes at Jabot Phyllis wastes no time making changes at Jabot

Friday, November 2, 2018

As Nikki, Victoria, and Sharon dug up J.T.'s grave in Chancellor Park. Nikki questioned why it was taking a lot longer to dig that night than it had taken the last time, and Phyllis griped that they were minus one woman. Phyllis bet that Sharon was tipping off Rey to get immunity, but Victoria couldn't see Sharon doing that to her and Nikki. Victoria panicked when she heard someone approaching, but Phyllis scoffed at the thought of adults being afraid of voices in the dark. The women screamed when a masked person appeared.

Sharon revealed herself and explained that she'd been trying to blend in on Halloween. She added that she'd been delayed because she'd had to tell Nick that they weren't getting back together, and she would have been on time if Phyllis wasn't such a complete slut. Phyllis defended that she and Nick had run into one another by chance the day he and Sharon had broken up, but Sharon stressed that they hadn't broken up. Victoria urged them to use their indoor voices, and Phyllis hissed that Sharon had put her engagement ring out in plain sight, which was the universal sign for a wedding being off. Nikki begged them to rehash their issues anywhere but there.

Sharon suggested that the perfect solution was for Phyllis to leave town with J.T.'s body, since no one would ever care if Phyllis took off because no one respected her. Sharon dared Phyllis to name one thing keeping her there, and Phyllis chided Sharon for not reading the headlines. Sharon guessed that Phyllis had gotten her claws into someone else's man, but Phyllis clarified that she'd gotten them into someone else's company. Phyllis announced that she'd been elected CEO of Jabot, and Nikki chortled that it wasn't April Fool's Day. Victoria confirmed that Phyllis wasn't lying, and Nikki considered Phyllis delusional if she thought she could run Jabot.

Billy called Victoria, and she answered over Nikki's objections. Victoria asked about the kids, and Billy wondered if she'd be done soon. Victoria responded that she still had a lot of work in front of her, and she said she had to go. Billy told her not to work too hard, since adults should have fun on Halloween, too. She promised that she'd be by to pick up the kids in the morning, and she hung up.

Victoria reasoned that it would have been odd if she hadn't picked up Billy's call, and she'd also established an alibi about being at work. Phyllis argued that the cops could triangulate the call and find out that Victoria hadn't been at the office. Sharon thought they'd dug down as far as they had the last time, and Phyllis warned the women to brace themselves, since they wouldn't be looking at the top of a coffin. Nikki beamed a flashlight into the hole, and the foursome gasped. "Where's J.T.?" Victoria asked.

Victoria frantically continued to dig and insisted that J.T. had to be there. Nikki agreed that they'd dug deep enough, but Victoria protested that they'd be looking at a corpse if they had. Sharon theorized that the water from the broken pipe had moved the body, but Phyllis was skeptical that water had moved a corpse that big. Victoria speculated that someone had moved it already, but Phyllis suspected that the body had moved itself. Nikki realized that J.T. might still be alive.

Phyllis imagined that J.T. was living much more comfortably because they'd just wired him a quarter million dollars. Victoria refused to believe that he'd dug himself out of the ground, but Sharon argued that he had the most motive to torment the four of them. Nikki insisted that they leave, but Victoria thought they had to put the dirt back. Phyllis remarked that the good news was that they wouldn't have to move a decomposing corpse, and Sharon countered that the bad news was that the corpse had become an even bigger threat to them.

Nick sat in the dark at Dark Horse and flashed back to Sharon telling him that he had to accept that it was over between them.

At the Crimson Lights Halloween party, Summer teased a Superman-clad Kyle about flying solo, but he informed her that he and Lola had shared a fantastic Halloween together. Summer huffed that she'd just been at a party that had been much cooler, and Kyle dryly pointed out that it had been so cool that she'd ditched it to show up there. Summer claimed that she'd wanted an espresso before going home, and she wasn't there to watch him parade around in a skintight embarrassment. She expected to hear from him when he needed her for career counseling, since her mom was his new boss. Summer figured that he had two choices -- start sucking up or spend the rest of his life in the back of a truck, making sandwiches. She anticipated that it would be two weeks until Lola dumped him because nothing killed romance like a guy in a hair net.

The next morning at the Abbott mansion, Billy told Kyle to let him eat his breakfast in peace. Kyle wanted to talk strategy if Billy still planned to work at Jabot, and Billy refused to give Phyllis the pleasure of him leaving. Kyle took responsibility for his part in the bad blood between him and Billy, but he thought the only way for Jabot to survive was if Abbotts held high positions in the company. Billy figured that it would be a smart move for Phyllis to appoint one of them COO, and he assumed that both of them wanted the job.

Billy opined that Kyle was underqualified, but Kyle asserted that he'd worked his "ass off" in New York. Kyle was sure that Billy's chance at the job had sailed when Phyllis had found out he'd had sex with her daughter. Kyle contemplated whether he even wanted to be COO when Jabot was facing its toughest struggle ever. Billy warned him not to underestimate Phyllis, but he believed that her glaring weakness was her hatred for Billy.

Phyllis entered her office at Jabot and settled into the CEO's chair. Lauren appeared in the doorway and hoped it felt as good as it looked. Phyllis worried that it could all go away if she dropped the ball, and she needed Lauren's help. Phyllis swore that Fenmore's would remain a critical jewel in Jabot's crown, and Lauren was delighted to be there as a supportive board member who wasn't an Abbott. Phyllis recognized that they'd be fighting an internal war that pit the outsiders against family, and the only way she could win was to "kick enough ass" to silence the negative voices. Lauren couldn't wait to watch it all play out, but Phyllis asked her to do more than just watch.

Later, Summer entered and wished Phyllis a happy first day as CEO. As an office-warming gift, Summer wanted to hire an interior designer to help eradicate any trace of Phyllis' predecessor, and Phyllis hugged her but couldn't accept it. Phyllis preferred that Summer save her money to pay off her credit card bills, and Phyllis wanted her actions and not her furniture to make a statement. Lauren sided with Summer about the office needing a facelift, and Phyllis compromised by agreeing to a beauty treatment rather than an invasive surgery. Summer and Lauren packed up Ashley's Innovator of the Year award and the Abbott family photos, and Lauren helped Summer to take the horse racing painting off the wall.

Billy and Kyle walked in and politely greeted the women, and Phyllis thanked them both for being there early. Billy suspected that their meeting was about dumping the Jaboutiques, even though it would cost a pretty penny to pull the plug. Phyllis declared that the boutiques were a terrific idea, and she was expanding on it. Kyle crowed that he was intimately familiar with the project, and he would love to offer his services as her COO. Billy nominated himself for the job. Phyllis admired their enthusiasm, but she revealed that she'd chosen a COO already.

Kyle asked whether he or Billy would become COO, but Phyllis announced that Lauren had accepted the position. Lauren gushed that she was thrilled and honored by her friend's faith in her, and she promised that she wouldn't let Phyllis down. Phyllis said it was why she'd asked Lauren to do the job, but she wanted Kyle to continue in his role. Billy warned that he was still on the board if she planned to give him the axe, but Phyllis insisted that they needed his talents, and she invited him to resume his old job in marketing.

Kerry joined the group in the CEO's office, and Phyllis introduced her amazing new lead chemist. Billy muttered that he and Kerry went way back, and Lauren exclaimed that they were in for "one hell of an adventure." Phyllis welcomed everyone to the new Jabot family, and Kyle noted the new girl-power management style. Kerry asked if he had a problem with that, and Kyle replied that he didn't if it was an equal adventure for the guys on staff.

Phyllis proclaimed that it was an inclusive company, but Billy hated to see the Abbotts marginalized in their own family business. Phyllis asserted that possessing certain blood shouldn't give people entitlements that hadn't been earned, and Kyle suggested that they get the adventure started. Billy grabbed the painting on his way out, and Phyllis requested that he also take the box of the Abbotts' personal belongings home with him. Lauren asked Billy to close the door behind him, adding, "Thanks, sweetie." The women smirked at one another.

Phyllis told Lauren and Kerry that they needed replacements right away for every big-selling product that Ashley had developed. She requested a list of every discontinued product that Ashley hadn't created so they could remarket them, and Lauren anticipated releasing them as limited-edition classics. Lauren suggested that they call the line Timeless Beauty, and Phyllis instructed Kerry to whip up antiaging products and sunscreens similar to ones Ashley had made.

Phyllis understood that it would take time, and she intended to stock their stores with what they could from Jabot and fill the empty space with exclusive beauty products from other companies. Phyllis hoped that the variety would create a bigger customer base as an audience for Kerry's products when they were ready. Lauren found the idea brilliant, and Kerry intended to take a minimal amount of time to create her own formulas with improvements on the old ones. "Go Jabot!" Phyllis cheered.

At the Athletic Club, Billy and Kyle commiserated over barely liking or trusting one another but being the only Abbotts left standing at their family business. Kyle thought they had to monitor Phyllis closely before she destroyed Jabot. Billy recognized that playing dirty had tainted the Abbott name and divided the Jabot board enough for Phyllis to stage a coup, so they had to stay completely clean. Kyle was determined to outsmart Phyllis, and Billy agreed that it was the only way to seize what was theirs.

Nikki, Victoria, and Sharon met at Crimson Lights, and Nikki groused that Phyllis was too busy to join them. Victoria bemoaned that she'd convinced herself that there was no way J.T. could be alive, especially after Nick had impersonated him. Nikki insisted that they explore all the scenarios. Sharon figured that even if J.T. wasn't dead, he'd never do anything to reveal that he was still alive. Victoria fretted that perhaps he had enough money to start a new life and dedicate it to seeking revenge on them.

Victoria asserted that one scenario was that J.T. was dead and that the blackmailer had moved the body. Nikki doubted it when a "monstrosity" had been sitting on top of the grave, and Sharon reasoned that it could have happened before the sculpture had been installed. Victoria thought that there were only two conclusions they could draw -- either J.T. wasn't dead or he was buried in one of a million different places. They clammed up when Rey approached, and Sharon forced a cheery greeting. He assumed that he was interrupting a charity meeting, and he inquired whether there was any way he could get involved to help the cause.

Sharon didn't think it was the right project for Rey, but he was determined to find something to sponsor for the police activity league. Nikki insisted that there wasn't much left to do, and Rey noted that he'd never heard what their charity actually was. Nikki blurted out that they'd been collecting clothes, and Victoria and Sharon named off different causes. Sharon covered by saying they'd expanded their original outreach to help multiple organizations.

Nikki informed Rey that their mission statement was women helping women, and although it sounded sexist, he didn't fit that profile. Nikki offered to send him a brochure about New Hope, and Sharon asked Rey to walk her to her car so they weren't late for work. After Sharon and Rey headed out, Victoria was confident that Sharon had saved their blunder, but she worried that Rey would only be one of many problems if they didn't find J.T.'s body.

Nikki and Victoria returned to the park, but Nikki wasn't sure what Victoria expected to find. Victoria searched for a hint about what had happened to J.T. and whether he was dead or alive. Nikki wanted to get out of there, and she warned that imagination and nerves were a bad combination. Victoria wailed that knowing J.T. had been dead and buried had given her a small sense of security, but she couldn't be sure of anything anymore. Nikki hugged her.

Abby cheerfully wished Nick a good morning at Dark Horse, and he mumbled, "If you say so." She wondered if he'd had a "hellacious" Halloween night, and she guessed that he'd slept there. She observed that he looked exhausted, but he told her not to worry about it. She pointed out that he was her boss and her big brother, so she had every right to worry. She sensed that something had happened with Sharon, and Nick replied that he still loved his ex.

Nick lamented that he'd really thought he could get Sharon back. Abby swore that she was on his side, but she argued that he'd cheated with Phyllis. Nick felt that one bad decision shouldn't cancel out the love he and Sharon had for one another, and he had hoped that Halloween would remind her of all she'd be giving up if they stayed apart. Nick relayed that Sharon thought he'd changed since he'd started Dark Horse, but he'd stuck by her when she'd had big, life-changing moments, and he wondered why she wouldn't stand by him. Abby reiterated that he'd spent the night with Sharon's nemesis, and she advised Nick to back off.

Abby envisioned that winning Sharon back would be a massive, long-term endeavor, and Nick had to respect Sharon enough to give her space. Abby cautioned that a reunion would never happen if Nick kept forcing the issue, but Nick groaned that it was killing him because the only reason he'd started the company had been for Sharon and the kids. He reiterated that he'd wanted a life of his own, completely free of his dad. It blew his mind that Sharon might forgive him one day for his stupid night with Phyllis, but the deal-breaker would be what he'd done to protect his family. He hoped that someday it made more sense than it did then, and he stepped out to get some air.

At the police station, Rey suggested that there might be female officers interested in the clothing drive that he could send Sharon's way. He regretted that he'd missed her at the party the night before, and she confided that she hadn't felt like celebrating after she and Nick had gotten into it. Sharon added that Nick hadn't taken it well when she'd told him it was over in pretty harsh terms. She sensed that Nick felt entitled to whatever he wanted, including her forgiving and forgetting, but it wouldn't happen. Sharon insisted that she'd had to break the cycle, since they'd both changed too much to be together, even if Nick wasn't ready to accept it.

Rey commended the positive steps Sharon was taking, but she compared it to choosing between two different forms of pain. Rey offered his support while she was putting the pieces back together, and Sharon abruptly excused herself to go to some meetings. Later, Rey asked Sharon how her victim interviews had gone, and she buried herself in writing them up. He agreed not to disturb her, and she snapped that her opening up about Nick hadn't been code for saying she was single and available.

Rey confirmed that Sharon had been very clear, and he'd just been offering his support as a friend. He assured her that he always wanted them to be open and honest with one another, and she asked if his wife was visiting anytime soon. Rey considered it an interesting change of topic, and he revealed that he and his spouse had been talking and making progress. Sharon told him not to be discouraged by her and Nick, since she still liked to believe that love could last forever.

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