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Phyllis and Nick had sex again. Rey and Sharon almost kissed but agreed not to act on their feelings. Arturo discovered J.T.'s watch in the park. Rey declared J.T.'s case a murder investigation. Mariah and Tessa decided to move in together. Tessa secretly stashed a bag of cash in her closet.
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Arturo finds J.T.'s watch Arturo finds J.T.'s watch

Monday, November 5, 2018

At Jabot, Billy and Kyle waited for Phyllis to show up. Kyle complained that he might miss his date with Lola. When Phyllis arrived, Kyle said, "Nice of you to join us." Phyllis replied, "Oh, I don't think you're grasping how this works, Kyle. We will meet when it's convenient for me. That has been the same for every CEO in the history of Jabot." Billy glared at Phyllis when she added that they were in for a long night. Phyllis presented printed copies of her plans, noting that current product supplies would stock the shelves at the Jaboutique stores until Kerry could develop an array of new offerings. Phyllis added that a new marketing campaign would invite women clientele to enjoy the boutiques as if they were a private haven.

Kyle, antsy, explained that he had a date with Lola. Phyllis replied, "How does that help me, or the company?" Kyle refused to let his plans override Phyllis' demands, so he slipped his file folder into his briefcase and said, "I have someplace to be." After Kyle left, Phyllis told Billy she should fire Kyle. Billy sarcastically said that firing one of the last remaining Abbotts would be great for PR. Billy added that Kyle was in the rosy part of a new love, but Phyllis didn't know what love meant. After Billy abruptly left, Phyllis seemed frustrated. Unable to reach Summer, Phyllis phoned someone else and offered to buy dinner.

At the Genoa City Athletic Club, Nikki dined with Nick. Nick expressed frustration with Sharon because she'd told him they had no chance of reuniting. Nikki said she knew how upset Sharon had been after she'd told Nick their romance was over. After Nick realized that Nikki and Sharon had spoken to each other on Halloween, he asked his mother why she and Sharon had been together. Nikki was interrupted briefly when Arturo phoned to let her know that the water leak in the park had been repaired. Nikki promised to drive over and give Arturo a check.

Before Nikki left, Nick asked where she'd run into Sharon and why they'd interacted. Nikki dismissed Nick's concerns about the details of her meeting with Sharon and instead consoled him on his loss. Nikki acknowledged that Nick still cared for Sharon, but she encouraged him to move on. Nick admitted that Nikki hadn't been the first person to tell him that. Nick added that though he and Sharon had worked through similar situations in the past, this time seemed different, though he didn't understand why. Nikki replied, "Sometimes there's just one lie too many, and then you know that it's over." Nikki embraced Nick and assured him he'd get through the pain.

At the police station, Sharon teased Rey about eating junk food as he snacked on Halloween candy. Sharon suggested that Lola serve lunch from her food truck twice weekly to provide healthy food options. Rey noted that Lola would be trying out new recipes at his apartment, so he invited Sharon to tag along with him to try them out. Sharon clarified that Lola would be present. Rey assured Sharon that Lola would be there and would enjoy having a cheering section. Sharon agreed. Rey said, "The more people Lola has at her table, the happier she is."

At Crimson Lights, Tessa and Mariah proudly displayed their new tattoos to Lola. Lola said she loved the musical-themed tattoos. Tessa said the tattoos had been her idea. Mariah, slightly annoyed, replied, "I thought of it." Lola said she and Kyle had planned an evening together to try out new recipes for her food truck and would be using Rey's kitchen upstairs. Mariah replied, "So, Kyle is meeting the big brother." Lola explained that Rey wouldn't know about the date because he was on duty.

No sooner had Lola ended her statement about Rey working late than he approached her from behind and announced that she'd have two extra mouths to feed. Lola discouraged her brother from inviting a guest, stating that her new creations might not be fit to eat. Rey insisted that Sharon was a nice person and wouldn't do anything to make another person feel bad. Flustered, Lola sent a text message to Kyle, requesting that he phone her. Sharon arrived and greeted Rey. Mariah summoned Sharon over to the counter for a private conversation.

After Sharon joined Mariah, she asked her mom what kind of message she was sending Rey by agreeing to join him. Sharon insisted that Rey was aware of their association as colleagues and friends -- and nothing more. Mariah recalled that Rey was still married. Sharon said Rey's marriage was the reason she'd set firm boundaries. Mariah reminded Sharon that Rey had been digging into Sharon's business. Mariah's statement gave Sharon second thoughts, and she insisted she would cancel her plans.

When Sharon told Rey she'd changed her mind about joining him, Rey acknowledged that he'd invited her at the last minute. Sharon seemed disappointed when Rey didn't make a fuss. On his way out the door, Rey bumped into Lola and explained that Sharon wouldn't be joining him, after all. After Rey left, Sharon noticed the pumpkin Mariah had carved for Tessa. The carved areas of the pumpkin spelled out "I love you," with a heart denoting the word "love." Tessa fawned over her gift. Mariah made jokes to hide her discomfort about outwardly showing her feelings.

After Tessa stepped away to refill coffee cups, Sharon told Mariah she was certain that Tessa was genuinely committed to her. Billy wandered in, interrupted Sharon and Mariah, and requested a high-octane beverage delivered intravenously. Mariah abruptly left as Sharon offered Billy coffee and asked if he'd encountered issues with work or Phyllis. Billy said it was both because Phyllis was in charge of his family's company. Billy accepted the coffee and acknowledged that he should shun bourbon.

Sharon praised Billy's progress in overcoming his gambling addiction. Billy cried that he'd lost everything that had given his life meaning. Sharon, sounding chipper, replied, "Things that fell away from you were creating problems, so now you're in a better place." Billy said, "That's what they say about dead people, Sharon." Sharon told Billy that he'd weathered his downfall with his sense of decency intact. Billy seemed flattered that Sharon had declared him to be decent. Billy expressed frustration with his position as Phyllis' underling. Sharon acknowledged that it had to be exhausting.

Billy, explaining that he was no hypocrite, said Phyllis' cheating with Nick was still driving him crazy. Sharon admitted that Billy's confession made her feel better because misery loved company. Sharon complained that Phyllis' ego made her feel superior, so she often took charge, dismissing others' suggestions in any given situation. Billy seemed confused by Sharon's comments and asked why she put up with Phyllis and remained engaged with her in the charity project. Sharon worked off nervous energy by wiping tables as she continued her conversation with Billy. Sharon explained that she refused to let Phyllis drive her away from important charity work. Billy pointed out that Sharon paid workers to clean tables.

Sharon sheepishly took her seat across from Billy and insisted she hadn't known about Phyllis and Nick's one-night stand when she'd agreed to help women in need. Billy said he understood Sharon's involvement with philanthropy, but he doubted Phyllis' because she didn't care about others. Billy added that Sharon didn't seem to fit in with Nikki and Victoria, either. Sharon said she didn't know or care what Phyllis thought and suggested Billy ask his ex-girlfriend why she was involved. Billy replied, "I will shut up. I won't even mention her. I'd rather talk to someone who actually knows the difference between right and wrong."

Sharon acknowledged that she'd made her share of mistakes, one of which was getting romantically involved with Billy in the past. Billy agreed that it had been a mistake. Billy recalled that his and Sharon's encounter had taken place the night before he was supposed to marry someone he hadn't wanted to spend his life with. Sharon explained that she'd worked through her past mistakes and was a different person. Billy said he was grateful to Sharon for having confronted Nick at the wedding regarding Nick's affair with Phyllis.

Nikki met Arturo at the worksite. Nikki asked Arturo if he'd encountered any surprises as the work had progressed. Arturo replied, "I feel like you're asking me a question you already know the answer to." Nikki gave Arturo a check to pay him in full. Arturo asked if Nikki would rather wait until the work was completed. Nikki insisted she trusted Arturo.

Nikki accepted Arturo's offer to walk her to her car. Nikki noted that the park wasn't her favorite place at night. As Nikki and Arturo walked away, Nikki's foot nearly walked over a watch lying in the loose soil. After Arturo returned to the worksite alone, he spotted the watch, picked it up, and brushed away the dirt. Arturo turned over the watch and noticed an inscription, which read "Love, Mac."

In Nick's office, Nick sighed as he gazed at a framed photo of himself posed with a smiling Sharon. After Nick placed the photo into a drawer, Phyllis appeared with a sack containing burgers and fries. Nick said, "Now, that is a vision of beauty." Phyllis suggestively replied, "I expect a really big tip." Nick admitted he was impressed that Phyllis had managed to snag the CEO position at Jabot. Phyllis replied, "Sheer force of will." Phyllis added that she felt she could handle anything tossed her way.

Phyllis acknowledged Nick's newfound freedom to follow his ambitions after being compelled to bend to Sharon's whims for years. Phyllis encouraged Nick to grab whatever he desired. Nick walked around his desk, grabbed Phyllis, and began kissing her. Phyllis untucked Nick's shirt. Nick clasped Phyllis' hands and said, "This is a bad idea. We cannot do this." Nick added that the last time they'd succumbed to passion, they'd blown up their lives. Phyllis said they had nothing to lose unless Nick was expecting Sharon to pop in.

Nick explained that he respected Phyllis too much to engage with her on the rebound. Phyllis said it was nice to be respected. She added, "It's nice to roll around with you naked, too." Phyllis agreed to cool things down and head back to her office. After Phyllis entered the elevator, Nick hopped in, picked her up, and carried her back to his office. Nick sat Phyllis on his desk and began kissing her. As they disrobed, Phyllis cleared space on Nick's desk.

Lola, in Rey's apartment above Crimson Lights, was busy cooking when Kyle arrived. Kyle mentioned his text message, and Lola explained that a feared glitch had worked out in their favor. Kyle wiped away a bit of sauce from Lola's upper lip and gazed at her dreamily. Lola reminded Kyle that she was working, and she needed his objective opinions. Kyle gave Lola a black apron embellished with glittery letters spelling out "Kiss the Cook." Lola pointed to the message on her apron and asked if it was a standing invitation.

Kyle and Lola were passionately kissing when Rey interrupted. Kyle introduced himself. Rey acknowledged that he was aware of who Kyle was by stating that the kid kissing his sister was also the kid who liked to dig up graves. Kyle noted that when he'd disturbed the grave, he'd felt like his reasons for doing so had been legitimate, though he'd later experienced regret. Lola told Rey she hadn't intended for him to meet Kyle until the time was right. Kyle suggested that he and Rey hang out while Lola cooked.

Rey asked Kyle about his work history, but Lola interrupted when she presented a new dish hot off the stove. Rey tasted the food and quickly returned his attention to Kyle. Kyle explained that he'd worked for Newman and Jabot. After Kyle recalled a time when he'd enjoyed different types of foods while residing in New York, Rey instructed Lola to give him a pepper. Lola picked up a pepper and warned that it might melt Kyle's face. Kyle accepted the challenge and bit off the end of the raw pepper. Afterward, Kyle coughed, tugged at this collar, and cried, "Wow! Is it hot in here?"

Lola rushed to Kyle's rescue and instructed him to drink milk. After Kyle stepped away, Rey received a call from the police chief. After Rey left, Kyle, washing dishes, asked Lola what could have fired up Rey. Lola said it was something at work. Lola celebrated the timing of the call, so Rey wasn't around to grill Kyle. She added that Kyle didn't have to prove himself to Rey by eating peppers.

Kyle bit into another pepper. Lola waited for a reaction, but Kyle admitted that he'd pretended to be in pain. Lola told Kyle he hadn't been as clever as he'd thought because she was afraid to kiss him until after dessert. Kyle said he had to leave because he was expected at the office early the next day. Despite the peppers, Lola kissed Kyle before he left.

Rey stopped by Crimson Lights on his way out. Rey approached Sharon and Billy. Sharon was surprised to see Rey and asked what was going on. Rey said, "J.T. Hellstrom." Sharon couldn't hide her startled reaction. Rey explained that the commission had decided to shut down the investigation into J.T.'s disappearance.

Billy replied, "So that's it? I mean, this guy terrorizes Victoria, and who cares?" Billy insisted that J.T. deserved to be locked in jail so he could never hurt Victoria again. Rey said that unless he found J.T. by the end of the following week, the investigation would end. Sharon, hiding her relief, replied, "That's terrible news."

Rey links the watch from the park to J.T. Rey links the watch from the park to J.T.

Tuesday, November 6, 2018

At Crimson Lights, Arturo gazed at the inscription on the back of the watch he'd found in Chancellor Park, which read, "Love, Mac." Abby joined him and asked what he had, and he explained that he'd found a watch that he intended to take to the police station. Abby admired the quality of the watch, and Arturo thought someone would be very grateful to him. Abby worried that they would be late for work, and Arturo figured that he could turn in the watch later.

At the police station, Rey tapped his pen on his desk while deep in thought. Christine scolded that he should be working on J.T.'s case, since the clock was ticking on his investigation. Rey hoped to pick her brain about it, but she thought there was nothing she could do to help until he had a solid case. Rey argued that it would be a big mistake to shut down the investigation when he was close to busting it wide open, but he needed more time. Christine muttered that she'd heard that before, and he speculated that solving the case would provide a big boost to her career. She curtly suggested that he focus on the case at hand.

At Dark Horse, a cleaning crew member knocked over a garbage can in the corridor. The noise awakened Nick and Phyllis, who were naked on the couch in his office. Nick worried that people were arriving for work, and Phyllis jokingly asked if she wouldn't blend in with the rest of the crowd. He pointed out that it wasn't "come to work naked" day, and she contemplated trying that at Jabot. She reasoned that as CEO, she sold sex, so she shouldn't be afraid for the world to see her openly embracing her sexuality.

Nick lectured that it wasn't the best time for his employees to find out about him and Phyllis, and she promised to protect his reputation. "After I do this," she added, and she pulled him into a kiss. Nick suggested that he step out to grab some coffee, but Phyllis insisted that he didn't have to clear the way for her. He cared what people thought, but she asserted that she could take care of herself. He told her to go easy on the rest of the world, which might not be ready for her. She crowed that people needed to buckle up and get ready.

Elsewhere in the building, Abby yelled for Jack to hold the elevator, and she and Arturo hurried on board. Abby rambled about how she'd planned to take Arturo to a Caribbean pop-up restaurant the night before, but it had been closed down by the health inspector, so they'd ended up eating hoagies in the back of Arturo's truck again. Arturo teased her for making it sound like it had been a bad thing, and they kissed. Jack remarked that it was too bad the lovebirds couldn't take the day off, and he prepared for a meeting with Nick as the first thing on his agenda.

Jack, Arturo, and Abby stepped off the elevator, and Jack asked Arturo to tell Nick that Jack had a couple of things to do before their meeting. Jack stepped away, and Arturo told Abby that he intended to stop by the police station on his break. Abby speculated that Arturo would get to keep the watch if no one claimed it, but he protested that it was too rich for his blood. They kissed goodbye. Phyllis popped out of Nick's office as Arturo approached, and he dropped the watch, which she handed back to him. Arturo grappled for words as she sauntered away.

Moments later, Jack passed by Arturo, who asked if Jack had seen Nick. Jack indicated that Nick had just been outside Jack's office, and Arturo guessed that Nick had had an early meeting. Jack mentioned that he was Nick's first meeting of the day, and Arturo nervously looked away. Jack observed that something was obviously on Arturo's mind, and Arturo commented that everyone was entitled to privacy and that he was the last person to judge. Arturo headed out, and Jack entered Nick's office. Jack lifted a blanket on the couch and discovered Phyllis' identification badge from Jabot.

Later, Jack informed Nick that the numbers he'd crunched on a warehouse project indicated that they'd turn a profit, and Nick agreed to consider it. Nick offered his condolences about how the Jabot vote had gone, but he was glad Jack was still at Dark Horse. Nick figured that at least Jack knew Jabot was in good hands, and Jack replied, "Maybe." Jack handed over Phyllis' identification badge and requested that Nick give it to her the next time he saw her. Jack revealed that he'd found it under a blanket on Nick's sofa after Arturo had been acting weird, so Jack had put two and two together.

Nick said he'd make sure Phyllis got it back, and he pointed out that he and Phyllis were two single adults. Jack voiced surprise that Nick had moved on so quickly with the person who'd ruined his wedding, but Nick preferred not to discuss it. Jack recalled that Nick had been determined to win Sharon back, but Nick shared that she'd made it very clear they were done, and he refused to spend the rest of his life chasing after her. Nick asserted that what he and Phyllis might or might not be doing was none of Jack's business. Jack said to let him know about the warehouse, and he stepped out. Nick stared at Phyllis' badge.

At Crimson Lights, Abby found Arturo staring at the watch, and she quipped that the owner of the watch would be dead before Arturo returned it. Arturo regretted that he couldn't stay for lunch because he had to drop by the police station. Abby spotted Rey across the coffeehouse and wanted to ask him to join them. She recounted how Arturo kept telling her how important family was, but Arturo reiterated that he and Rey couldn't fix things between them. Abby begged Arturo to let Rey join them, and Arturo caved.

Abby, Arturo, and Rey sat in uncomfortable silence. Rey commented that Arturo's watch was nice, and he asked if Abby had given it to him. Arturo mentioned that he had found it and planned to drop it off at the police station later, and Rey said he could save Arturo a trip. Arturo accused Rey of thinking he'd stolen it, and Rey retorted that it wouldn't be the first time Arturo had stolen something. Arturo groused that it had only been a matter of time before Rey dredged that up, and Rey taunted that Arturo was afraid for Abby to hear the story.

Rey claimed that in their childhood, a neighbor's bike had disappeared from the front yard. Arturo defended that he'd borrowed it to pick up a prescription for their mom. Rey clarified that Arturo had taken something that had belonged to someone else without asking, but it was what Arturo did. Abby stepped aside to take a call, and Arturo demanded that Rey give the watch back. Rey's interest was piqued when he saw the inscription.

Rey wrapped the watch in a paper napkin to take to the station. Arturo scoffed at the idea that he couldn't handle turning it in himself, and Rey explained that it could be an important piece of evidence. Arturo pressed for details, but Rey walked away. Abby returned, and Arturo spat that he couldn't get along with his brother because Rey hadn't changed one bit since they'd been kids.

Abby brightly pointed out that at least Arturo had time for lunch, but Arturo grumbled that he'd lost his appetite. She thought it made no difference who turned the watch in, but Arturo complained that Rey always had to be in charge, and it "bugged the crap" out of him. Abby purred that Arturo got to spend an extra hour with her because he didn't have to go to the station, and she thought she had just what he needed to make him feel better. They kissed.

At the police station, Rey unwrapped the watch, turned it over with a pen, and looked at the inscription again. He leafed through a file folder and pulled out a photo of Mac and J.T. together. Rey smirked when he spied that J.T. was wearing the watch in the photo.

At the Ashby home, a sullen Charlie sat at the kitchen table, staring at a cell phone. Cane greeted him, and Charlie reported that Cane had missed a call from Farrah about the prices of rental homes. Mattie asked if they were moving, and Cane explained that he wanted them to be closer to Lily. Cane assured the twins that he wasn't looking for anything permanent, and he planned to move them back to Genoa City after Lily's sentence was over. Cane hoped to make the move as soon as possible.

Cane disclosed that he'd already made sure that there were good schools the kids could transfer to, so they'd still be on track to start college in the fall. Charlie complained that they'd be leaving their friends and family behind, and Mattie inquired about Cane's job. Cane said he'd talk to Jill about running Chancellor remotely, and if that didn't work out, he'd take a leave of absence. Cane recognized that it wouldn't be easy, but they needed to do it for Lily. The twins reluctantly agreed, and Cane stepped away to make the arrangements.

Devon found Jack at the Athletic Club bar. Devon ordered a drink and mentioned that Neil had told him about the board vote and Ashley moving to Paris. Jack considered it to be karmic payback for creating the blood Abbott clause, and Devon sympathized with what had happened to Jack's family, since he knew the feeling very well. Devon lamented that it was a four-hour drive to visit Lily, and it was difficult for Cane and the kids not to be able to see her very often. Devon received a text message from Charlie, and Jack hoped everything was all right. Devon inquired about how Phyllis was doing in her new CEO position, and Jack reported that she was approaching the job with determination and passion, just like she did with everything else in life.

Devon met the twins at his penthouse. Charlie and Mattie informed him that they wouldn't be able to intern at Hamilton-Winters anymore, and Devon surmised that they had a lot going on between school and visiting their mom. The teens announced that they were moving as soon as their dad made the arrangements, and Devon was shocked that Cane would do that in the middle of their senior year. Devon rattled off all the extracurricular activities that the kids would be walking away from, but Mattie insisted that they were willing to make sacrifices to do what was best for their mom. Devon questioned whether they would feel like they were letting their parents down if they didn't go along with it.

Charlie thought moving was nothing compared to what Lily was going through, and Mattie bemoaned that they couldn't keep living their lives, knowing their mom was in prison. Devon argued that they only got to do their senior year once, and he urged them to be honest with their dad about how they felt. The doorbell rang, and Charlie panicked when he learned that Devon had summoned Cane there. Devon let in Cane, who wondered what was going on.

Devon informed Cane that the twins had told him about the move, and he understood why Cane would do it for Lily, but he worried that there were a few things Cane hadn't considered. Devon sent the twins upstairs, and Cane asked if the kids had complained about the move. Devon revealed that it had been the opposite, since the teens would do anything for the sake of their family. Devon pressed Cane to see that there were five people in his family to consider, not just one.

Cane swore that his family was all he'd thought about since the day the nightmare had started, and he loved and missed his wife so much that he could barely breathe. Devon acknowledged that Cane felt powerless and was trying to control a bad situation by making a grand, unselfish gesture, but he sensed that Cane hadn't thought it through. Cane wailed that he was lost without Lily, and he was trying to do what was best for everyone, but he didn't know what that was. Devon contemplated what Lily would do if the situation were reversed, and Cane sighed deeply and nodded. Cane called for the twins, and Charlie asked if he was mad at them. Cane hugged them and said he loved them too much to be mad, and he promised that they wouldn't go anywhere.

Phyllis arrived at Jabot, and Kyle suggested that she swing by his office to go over his marketing plan. She firmly stated that she had other business to take care of, but he pointed out that she'd wanted to see the plans right away. She lectured that they would meet in her office when she was ready, and she expected him to treat her like any other CEO he'd worked for. He started to say that she was the first, but he faltered, and she prompted him to finish his sentence. He stated that she was the first non-Abbott CEO at Jabot, and she told him to get used to it because she was there to stay.

Phyllis entered her office and closed the door behind her. Over the phone, she instructed Ted to set up a time for her to meet with Billy and Kyle to discuss their marketing ideas. She became irritated when she learned Billy wasn't there, and she ordered Ted to call him to tell him to get his butt into work. She stared at her cell phone and contemplated calling Nick, but she buried herself in work instead. Later, Phyllis left a voicemail to ask if Victoria had spoken to the others about what had happened on Halloween and if she had any thoughts about what to do next.

There was a knock at Phyllis' office door, and Phyllis yelled that she was busy. "Even for me?" Nick inquired. He explained that he'd wanted to see her in action, and he thought the board had made the right choice. She thought a few people would disagree, and he insisted that they didn't know her like he did.

Nick returned Phyllis' badge, and she thanked him. He divulged that Jack had found it on the couch, and she turned away. He asked if she was okay, and she recognized that it was unfortunate how Jack had found out, but she wasn't embarrassed by it. Phyllis added that she had no regrets, and Nick thought it was time they all moved on. He said he would see her soon, and he left.

Kyle entered Phyllis' office with some coffee that Ted had asked him to give to her. Phyllis clucked that delivering coffee wasn't a very good use of Kyle's time, and he apologized for his earlier comment about working for a CEO who wasn't family. She hoped he would get used to it sooner rather than later, and he wanted an equal chance to prove himself. Kyle suspected that Phyllis had been trying to send him and Billy a message, and she countered that she expected loyalty and respect from all her employees.

Phyllis explained that she'd been voted in by a slim margin, and she needed people around her she could trust. Kyle wondered if the way Phyllis had been treating him and Billy had anything to do with Summer. Phyllis insisted that Billy had put himself where he was, and she wasn't treating him differently because of what he'd done with her daughter. She gave Kyle two pieces of advice to succeed -- separate himself from Billy and never cross her. "We're done," Phyllis barked, and Kyle stepped out.

In the hallway, Jack proposed that he and Kyle grab lunch together. Jack stopped short when he saw Phyllis' nameplate on the door, and Kyle grumbled that Phyllis was an "equal opportunity hard-ass." Phyllis exited the office, and Jack remarked that he'd missed the chance to say hello to her at Dark Horse earlier. Phyllis prompted Kyle to get back to work, and she invited Jack into her office to talk. Jack mused that he'd spent the better part of his life working in that office, and she was sitting at the desk both he and his father had sat behind. Phyllis warned that they had a problem if he resented her being there.

Jack didn't understand where Phyllis' accusations of him resenting her stemmed from, since he'd wished her well. She thought he was human enough to want her to fail, but he argued that his father had founded the company and that he'd spent most of life his building and protecting John's legacy. Jack insisted that he still wanted Jabot to succeed. Phyllis commended his talent of saying the right thing, but she called him out on the real reason he was there.

Phyllis informed Jack that Nick had dropped off her badge earlier, and she'd taken note of Jack's comment about missing her at Dark Horse. Phyllis refused to let Jack rattle her, since she was not only CEO of Jabot, but she was a grown woman who could have a relationship with whoever she wanted. Jack swore that he stood in no judgment, but she sensed his disapproval. He questioned why a woman with her own life would care what he thought, and she asked where he got off thinking her personal life was any of his business.

Mac vows to help Rey with his investigation Mac vows to help Rey with his investigation

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

At Jabot, Kyle waited for the elevator, and when it arrived, Summer blocked him from getting on it. She told Kyle she wanted to work on the synergy project with him, but he said he had to leave and pushed past her. Summer walked to Phyllis' office, and through the window, she saw that Jack and Phyllis were arguing.

In her office, Phyllis accused Jack and his family of undermining her credibility. Jack said that if she didn't want people harping on her private affairs, she should conduct them in her hotel room. Phyllis said it was none of his business when, where, and with whom she spent her time. She said there was no time for games because there was too much at stake for her and the company. Jack accused her of sleeping with Nick. Phyllis told Jack to stop living in the past. She yelled at him to get out.

Jack told Phyllis that thousands of people depended on them to save their jobs. Phyllis corrected him by saying those people depended on her -- she was in charge. She said that Jack held a seat on the board, but she'd make sure that Jabot turned a profit, and Jack needed to get out of her way. Jack said he didn't want to upset her any further, and as he was about to leave, Billy arrived and commented that he thought Jack had preferred Phyllis as a redhead. Jack said that had been a long time before, and he'd moved on.

Phyllis suggested that Jack move on and take Billy with him because she was busy. Billy asked what the problem was. Phyllis blurted out that she'd slept with Nick the previous evening, and Jack had disapproved. Billy wasn't shocked. He asked if they and Phyllis could get some work done. After Jack left, Billy told Phyllis she shouldn't have involved Jack in their situation. Phyllis said that Jack had inserted himself into it.

Billy accused Phyllis of payback because he'd slept with Summer, and Phyllis had retaliated by sleeping with Nick again. Phyllis denied that she'd had revenge sex with Nick and added that Billy hadn't even been in her thoughts at the time. Billy asked if there had been a reason that it had been the first thing out of her mouth when he'd arrived in her office. Phyllis said that the world didn't revolve around him.

Phyllis said that Billy's opinion of her was of no consequence. He'd proven he was a narcissist when he'd used Summer for revenge sex. Refusing to continue the conversation, Phyllis said she'd review Billy's marketing plan and would send him and Kyle instructions. Phyllis dismissed Billy. He packed up his papers and left.

Later, Phyllis told Summer she wanted Summer to come up with an update on the virtual dressing room app and how it would work best to draw customers into the boutiques. Summer suggested involving Kyle on the project, but Phyllis said she didn't trust him. Summer said that if Kyle was on the project and "rocked the hell" out of it, it would prove he could have a bright future at Jabot. Summer said that Phyllis either needed to fire Kyle or give him something important to do, or things wouldn't bode well for Jabot or Phyllis.

At the Athletic Club, Sharon and Victoria were frustrated because they hadn't heard from the blackmailer. Sharon said that Phyllis had a point because the location of J.T.'s body was the only leverage the blackmailer had, and if they'd learned about the broken waterline, they would have wanted to protect their cash source. Victoria wondered if J.T. was still alive. Sharon said that if J.T. was alive, he would have been tormenting them. Sharon wondered if someone was working with J.T.

Sharon told Victoria that if Rey didn't find some clues about J.T.'s disappearance, Rey's investigation would be terminated. Victoria asked Sharon to look through his files to see if there was anything they should be worried about. Sharon was reluctant because the last time she'd tried that, Rey had almost caught her. She didn't want things to backfire if Rey became suspicious. Victoria said she had nightmares that J.T. would return. She said they needed to protect themselves and their families.

At Crimson Lights, Arturo told Abby he hoped the police had figured out who'd lost the watch.

Kyle arrived at the Athletic Club and joined Kerry at her table. Kyle said he wanted to get to know Kerry better. He said that Kerry had quite a challenge at Jabot, and if she ever needed help, he was available. Kerry asked where he'd received his chemistry degree from.

Kyle told Kerry that Harvard hadn't prepared him for the chemical side of the company, but whenever he'd visited Jabot, Ashley had let him spend time in the lab while she'd explained things to him. After he'd joined the company, Ashley had continued to spend time with him in the lab and had said that from a business standpoint, his knowledge would only help the company. He wanted to have the same relationship with Kerry.

Kerry asked Kyle if he was proposing that together they would conspire to get Phyllis out, the same way Ashley had done to Billy. Kyle denied he'd implied anything of the sort. He said he admired and respected Phyllis. Kerry said she felt the same way. She told Kyle that she'd relay their conversation to Phyllis so that nothing would be misconstrued later.

After Kerry left, Kyle received a telephone call from Phyllis, who told him that Kerry had given her a full report on her conversation with Kyle. Phyllis said that Kerry had called her a few hours previously, stating she'd come up with formulas for their first cornerstone product to replace what Ashley had taken. Phyllis said she had a lunch appointment across town, but she, Billy, and Kerry had made notes on the marketing plan. She'd emailed them to Kyle.

Phyllis told Kyle that Billy didn't get much feedback because she'd deleted any of Billy's suggestions that she didn't agree with. She said the boutiques had been Billy's concept, but she wanted to make sure all the stores would be profitable from the first day. Phyllis told Kyle to meet her in her office when she returned. She said she had a new project for him, and it was major. It was his chance to show her what he had. She advised him not to blow it because he wouldn't get a second chance.

Billy saw Summer at Crimson Lights. He approached her and said he knew every child wanted their mother and father together. Summer asked Billy since when Phyllis and Nick wanted to be together. Billy suggested that Summer ask Phyllis because she appeared to be very open about it. Summer doubted they were serious about one another and thought it was an odd time to rekindle ancient history.

Billy said that Summer had been instrumental in ruining both Nick and Sharon's relationships, but Summer denied it. Billy said that she wouldn't have an angle to take advantage if Phyllis and Nick got back together, which was Summer's usual M.O. Summer asked Billy who was next on his horizontal revenge list. She suggested that Billy could sleep with Nikki as retaliation on Nick.

Jack walked in at the tail end of Billy and Summer's conversation. After Summer left, Jack asked Billy what that had been about. Billy said that Summer was bitter, and he didn't know what Phyllis and Summer discussed over pedicures. Jack said that it sounded like Billy would sleep with Nikki in retaliation for Nick's betrayal. Billy said he'd been married to Victoria, and Victor wasn't his type. Jack said he was concerned that Billy would retaliate in another way -- like a high-stakes poker game.

Billy assured Jack that Phyllis' sex life was not his concern, but unemployment was, and that might trigger his addiction. Billy confessed that his future at Jabot looked very grim. He didn't think he and Phyllis could work together because she was still very angry. Jack said he wanted an explanation because he felt that Billy was withholding information. Billy said he'd displayed a lot of attitude when he'd broken up with Phyllis. Jack said that had been because Phyllis had cheated on him with Nick.

Jack said that Phyllis acted as if Billy had done something equally as bad or worse. Billy asked what could be worse than Phyllis and Nick spending a night on his favorite Egyptian cotton sheets. At that moment Billy spotted Kerry and called her over.

Jack told Kerry that he'd tried to pay her a visit, but her lab had been locked. Kerry said that Kyle had already chatted with her at the Athletic Club, and he'd been trying to score information about her lab and the projects she'd been developing. She asked Jack if he and Kyle were a father/son tag team. Jack was shocked, and he denied it.

Kerry said that, like Kyle, Jack had tried to get into her lab, but Jack said he'd just wanted to see how she'd been adapting and if there was something he could do to make her job easier. Kerry said that those were the exact words Kyle had used, and she resented Jack and Kyle's phony show of support. Jack said they all supported her, and they were very confident in what she would bring to the table.

Kerry told Jack that she saw the Abbotts as confident people who thought squeezing information out of her was their way of making sure Phyllis failed. Jack advised Kerry that he wasn't hoping for Phyllis to fail, secretly or otherwise. He said in spite of everything he and Phyllis had gone through, he still considered her his friend. Jack said Jabot needed successes, since Ashley had taken all their products. Jack assured Kerry that their commitment and appreciation for her was as real as it got.

Kerry thanked Jack and said that Phyllis needed that commitment, as well. She said that Phyllis was Jabot, and Jack couldn't claim to support one and not the other. Kerry said that Jack, as head of the family, needed to make the family listen to him. She said that if Jack had doubts about Phyllis' qualifications, he should keep them to himself and not undermine Phyllis' leadership. She said the family and other board members would follow Jack's lead then they'd all see what Phyllis and the other talented employees could really do.

Jack admitted that Kerry had made a good argument, and he hoped Phyllis valued Kerry's loyalty. At that moment, Kerry received a text message that she was needed at the lab. Jack offered to drop her off at Jabot, since it was on his way to Dark Horse. Kerry accepted.

Sharon joined Billy at his table after Jack left. Billy said he'd discovered that Phyllis had a new sex buddy: Nick. Sharon was stunned, but she said Billy's situation was worse than hers because Phyllis had broken his heart, and she'd taken his job at Jabot. Sharon asked if Billy wanted to work in that atmosphere. Billy said that the situation was temporary because Phyllis would flame out as CEO, and the situation with Nick would probably have the same life span. Sharon stated that she didn't care what happened to Nick and Phyllis.

Sharon told Billy she'd advised Nick that things were over, and it did sting to learn that Nick had been so eager to move on. Billy said that Nick would always claim that "Phyllis meant nothing to him, he'd never ruin his family, and he'd never do it again," but it was all crap. Billy said Sharon deserved much better, and he was surprised how well she'd handled the news. Sharon said Nick had made her question her judgment. She'd wondered if she'd done the right thing, putting Christian and Faith through another breakup. Finding out that Nick and Phyllis were together again had erased any lingering doubts. Billy said that Sharon knew she could call him if she needed to do some hell-raising.

Summer returned to Phyllis' office. Kyle was there, waiting for Phyllis. Kyle told Summer that Phyllis had liked his plan, and she'd given him a new assignment. He said he was waiting to find out what it was. Kyle received a text message from Phyllis stating her meeting had run over and that Summer had the details about adapting the virtual dressing room app for the new boutiques. Summer told Kyle that Phyllis wanted to have it in place when the boutiques opened.

Kyle was excited and told Summer that the sooner he could show Phyllis and Lauren how much he was capable of doing, the better. He thanked Summer for recommending him for the job and admitted he'd been a jerk to her earlier. Summer said she wanted to help Phyllis with her "Big Boss" gig. Kyle said he wanted the same thing. Kyle suggested they work on the project together, and they could meet later that evening to work on it. Summer agreed, and Kyle left.

When Phyllis returned to Jabot, Summer asked what was up between her and Nick. Phyllis was taken aback. She said she wasn't sure, and she wanted to know how Summer felt about it. Summer cautioned Phyllis, stating she'd recently ended a major relationship. Phyllis claimed she had a close and deep relationship with Nick. Summer said she wanted Phyllis to move on from Billy and have a life filled with happiness, but she asked if Phyllis was certain that going back to Nick was the way to go.

Rey was at Chancellor Park, and he looked pensive.

Mac arrived at the police station and introduced herself to Rey. She offered to do whatever she could to help with his investigation. Sharon arrived and saw Mac. As they greeted each other, Rey stepped in and took Mac into the conference room.

Sharon called Victoria and told her that Mac was at the police station, and it appeared as though something had happened.

In the conference room, Rey showed Mac the watch. She recognized it as the watch she'd given J.T. on their anniversary. She asked Rey where he'd found it, but Rey wasn't forthcoming with any information.

Later, Victoria and Mac met at the Athletic Club. Victoria thanked Mac for meeting with her. Mac was surprised to see how far Sharon had come and that Sharon had been keeping tabs on the investigation. Victoria said that Sharon hadn't discovered anything because Rey was very tight-lipped. Mac said she'd noticed that and added that Rey asked a lot of questions, but he wouldn't divulge any information. Mac said that Rey had wanted her to identify a watch with "Love Mac" engraved on the back. Mac said it had been an anniversary gift from her to J.T.

Victoria asked Mac where Rey had found the watch. Mac said that Rey wouldn't say, but she guessed that J.T. probably pawned it somewhere and hopefully left a clue that would help the police track him down. Mac said that Rey had indicated the watch was a significant lead. Victoria and Mac promised to keep each other informed and said their goodbyes. As Mac left, Abby arrived.

Abby asked Victoria why Mac was in town. Victoria explained that Mac had been asked to identify a watch the police had found. Mac had identified it as J.T.'s. Abby was shocked that it was J.T.'s watch. She told Victoria that Arturo had found it, but when Rey had seen it, he'd insisted on taking it to the police station himself. Abby told Victoria that Arturo had found it at Chancellor Park in a pile of dirt. Abby said it was bizarre that J.T.'s watch had gotten buried in the park.

Arturo met Rey at Chancellor Park. Rey told Arturo that he was taking over the site, but Arturo said there was a broken waterline, and he was on official city business. Rey said he was, also, and the site had become a crime scene. An officer ran yellow crime scene tape around the site.

J.T.'s case turns into a murder investigation J.T.'s case turns into a murder investigation

Thursday, November 8, 2018

A camera crew filmed Mariah as she reported that law enforcement had cordoned off a small area of Chancellor Park. She divulged that a criminal forensics team was searching the area, but she had no idea what they had found or were looking for. She pledged to pass along details as they became available.

Nikki stared at the space marked as a crime scene. Victoria joined her, and Nikki explained that the police had called to tell her they were digging, but they wouldn't tell her why. Victoria mentioned that she'd been in contact with Phyllis and Sharon, who had an idea of what was going on. Nikki demanded to know what they knew, but Victoria warned her not to lose her cool, since there were cops everywhere. Victoria revealed that the repair crew had found J.T.'s watch -- and who knew what else.

Victoria informed Nikki that the watch had an inscription on the back from Mac and that Rey had tracked down Mac for questioning. Victoria adamantly stated that the only thing they could do was act like it was just another day, and she implored Nikki not to fall apart because there was nothing more they could do there. Nikki asserted that she had a responsibility to the park, so she intended to stay to see what she could find out. Victoria departed, and Mariah raced over to Nikki to get a statement from the park's owner. Nikki calmly insisted that she was as much in the dark as Mariah was.

Mariah chased after Rey to get a statement, but he refused to comment. Mariah pleaded that she was just trying to do her job, and Rey countered that he was, too. He swore that she would know more once he did.

Rey discovered Nikki in her car, about to leave. He rapped on the window of the car door and requested a word with her. Nikki didn't see how she could assist, but Rey figured that she was privy to certain information that would help him put a few of the missing pieces together. He inquired about the landscapers and the creator of the sculpture, but she claimed that she wasn't involved in the park's day-to-day operations. She offered to refer him to someone to speak with if he told her what he was looking for, but he hesitated to say until he had all the facts. Rey requested the name of the landscaping company and the dates of service, and Nikki promised to put her best people on it.

At Jabot, a distracted Phyllis tried to immerse herself in work. She sent a text message to ask Victoria if she'd heard anything new. Phyllis read online that there was no official word about the police presence at a crime scene in Chancellor Park. She received a reply from Victoria, who urged her to stay at work because no news was good news. Phyllis buried her head in her hands.

Lola stepped off the Jabot elevator, and Kyle pointed out that she was early for their date, since they had planned to meet at the coffeehouse later. She announced that she was providing lunch to everyone that day by distributing free samples from her new delivery service. Kyle was impressed by the idea, and he was sure that lunch delivery would be a hit around there. Lola hurried off, hoping to excite some taste buds.

Later, Phyllis was surprised to find Kyle at Ted's desk, and she questioned why Kyle wasn't working on the project she'd given him. He claimed that he was waiting on a call from the West Coast to get numbers for a spreadsheet, but no one was in yet. She testily asked if there was a reason he couldn't get the job done, and he assumed that she'd rather have it done thoroughly than fast. Phyllis imagined that there was a way to accomplish both.

Lola approached and guessed that Kyle was there to tell her how her samples were, but he informed her that he was there for some guidance from his boss. Lola enthusiastically congratulated Phyllis on the good news of her CEO appointment, and she invited Phyllis to try her new delivery service. Lola handed over a food sample and promised that Phyllis would be transported after one bite, and Phyllis trusted that Kyle would get his work done. Lola headed to the elevator, and Kyle sent a text message to thank her for the sandwich and the save. Lola smiled when she read it. Phyllis pushed Kyle to get back to work.

Sharon arrived at the police station and started to return calls, but she stopped short when she spotted a woman who looked like Nikki being booked. Sharon abruptly hung up and approached the woman, but she turned away when she realized it wasn't Nikki.

Nikki called Sharon and relayed that Rey wanted to know everything about who maintained the park. Nikki couldn't believe the park was crawling with police over a watch, and she wondered why they hadn't found the watch when they'd dug up the grave. Sharon insisted that the authorities had no evidence that they'd had anything to do with J.T. going missing, and there was no murder without a body. Sharon contemplated whether J.T. really was alive and planting evidence against them. Nikki thought it was no time to speculate and that Sharon was in the best position to get answers.

Mariah showed up at the station and volunteered to hang out with Faith if Sharon had to work late. Sharon suspected that Mariah was there to get the latest scoop, and Mariah greeted Rey when he walked in. He grumbled that he'd think Mariah was following him if he didn't know better, but she countered that she'd gotten there first. Mariah inquired whether there had been any new developments, and Rey reiterated that she'd be front and center once there was a news conference, but it was too early to make statements.

Sharon followed Rey into an office, and he complained that the media had been pumping him for information all day. Sharon admitted that she was just as intrigued as everyone else, especially after seeing him talking to Mac. Rey shared that he might have found a significant clue about J.T.'s disappearance, and he vowed to find even the slightest piece of evidence if it existed. Sharon covered her panic.

Phyllis ordered coffee at Crimson Lights, and Tessa dryly asked if she wanted it with or without cyanide. Tessa pointed out that there was a huge chance Phyllis would run into Sharon there, and Phyllis curtly asked how much it would be for coffee without attitude. Tessa assumed Phyllis would be taking it to go, but Phyllis made a point of staying to drink it there.

Kyle arrived at the coffeehouse to meet Lola, but Tessa hadn't seen her. Lola entered and mentioned that she had to go home and change, but Tessa prompted Kyle to say Lola looked great. Kyle informed Lola that everyone at work had raved about her samples. Lola exclaimed that she'd gotten a bunch of hits on her website, and it had been the biggest thing she'd done since she'd gotten her truck. She inquired about the rest of Kyle's day, and he indicated that it had been pretty good, thanks to her for stepping in with free food samples to save him from Phyllis.

Lola asked if Phyllis was an okay boss to work for. Kyle preferred to think of it as working together, since he was sure Phyllis would see him as the top COO candidate once he provided guidance in marketing and operations. Lola clucked that Kyle didn't have to try to impress her, since she liked him for who he was and not where he worked. He gushed that he'd never met anyone like her, since he'd spent most of his life with people who judged others by who they knew or how much money they made. Kyle added that those kinds of people patted one another on the back to find out where to stick the knife, and he'd survived by not letting them get close.

Lola groaned that it sounded exhausting, and she pushed to know how the rest of Kyle's day had really gone. He confided that the project he'd been working on was a big deal, but he had only gotten it because Summer had put in a good word for him with the boss. Kyle swore that there was nothing more between him and Summer than that, and Lola asserted that she wasn't the kind of woman who needed constant reassurance. A smitten Kyle asked where she'd been all his life.

Across the coffeehouse, Nick approached Phyllis and asked if she knew anything about the news at Chancellor Park. She surmised that he was making small talk because he was nervous to be seen with her after they'd spent the night together. He invited her to sit down, and he conceded that he wished it had happened elsewhere so that Jack wouldn't have found her identification badge on the couch. Phyllis revealed that Billy and Summer also knew about their night together, but Nick maintained that they were consenting adults who could do whatever they wanted with whomever they wanted.

Nick suggested that if Phyllis ever wanted to grab dinner, they could do something more upscale than cheeseburgers and fries. She wondered if he was asking her out on a date, but he clarified that it could simply be fun to hang out together. He invited her to check out his new digs or go to dinner, and she figured it would give people something to talk about if they were seen together in public. Phyllis wondered if Nick would mind if Sharon saw them, and Nick stressed that Sharon had made it clear that they were done. Phyllis guessed that she was his rebound girl.

Phyllis thought she and Nick should talk about what it was and wasn't between them, and they discussed different types of sex. He swore that it hadn't been revenge sex with her, but she confessed that she'd gotten a kick out of telling Billy that she and Nick had slept together. Phyllis added that she'd always have Nick's back, no matter what, and he cooed that she had a sexy back. "What the hell!" Sharon bellowed when she and Mariah entered and spotted Nick and Phyllis together.

Sharon revealed that Billy had already told her about what had happened the other night, and Phyllis pointedly reminded her that they all had dirt under their fingernails. Nick swore that he hadn't known Phyllis would be there, and Sharon ranted that they'd stuck around to throw it in her face and make her jealous, but it wouldn't work. Sharon hoped that Phyllis fell in love with her entire heart and soul, only to have someone break her heart in a way she'd never imagined. Phyllis advanced toward Sharon, but Rey intervened, and Nick and Phyllis headed out. Rey told Sharon that he'd wanted to step in and help, but she'd been doing a "hell of a job" all by herself. He asked if she was okay, and he led her away.

Tessa told Mariah that she'd been trying to get Phyllis and Nick to leave, but Mariah figured that the confrontation would have happened eventually. Esther entered the coffeehouse and complimented Mariah's GC Buzz report. Tessa went to get Esther's afternoon latte, and Mariah explained to Esther that she was trying to take the show in a new direction. Esther pitched an idea about filming a few segments of interviews with her reminiscing about the life and times of "Mrs. C." Mariah balked, and Tessa interrupted the awkward conversation by presenting Esther with free coffee.

After Esther departed, Kyle and Lola rushed over and asked "what the hell" had happened earlier. Tessa and Mariah recounted how Sharon had gone ballistic when she'd seen Nick and Phyllis together, and Rey had shuffled everyone to their respective corners. Mariah was glad that Rey had been there, since he'd been supportive of Sharon. Kyle gave some of Lola's delivery menus to Tessa to hand out at the coffeehouse, and Lola realized that he'd copied the one she'd given him when she'd distributed samples at his office.

Mariah admired Lola's initiative, and Lola anticipated that it was only the beginning. Lola declared her intent to eventually offer dinner and catering services, and she envisioned having her own restaurant one day. Lola understood that it wouldn't be easy or happen overnight, but she but had plans and strategies to make it happen. Kyle added that she had the talent and dreams, but she just needed financing. Tessa offered to lend an extra hand, but Lola warned that working long hours could be tough on a couple. Mariah invited Lola to "bring it on."

Lola reminded Kyle that he still owed her a movie, and he agreed as long as her brothers weren't chaperoning. She deadpanned that it was a family tradition if she was with a boy in the dark, and she claimed that Arturo had been lurking in the corner all night. Kyle looked around and realized she was kidding, but he thought she could make him believe anything. He thought her plans for her truck could happen, and he offered to organize a group of people to invest in her.

Lola appreciated the generous gesture, but she considered all the things that could go wrong, and she didn't want money to change things between them. Kyle asked what she wanted that he could give her, and she requested that he let her wear his jacket while he walked her home. He placed it around her shoulders, and she gushed that it was just what she needed. They tenderly kissed as Tessa looked on.

Tessa returned to the counter and fawned over what a cute couple Kyle and Lola were. She found it cool when two people she'd never pictured together ended up being the perfect couple, and Mariah thought it sounded like her and Tessa. Mariah admitted that there had been something she'd wanted to say all night, and Tessa stressed that Mariah could talk to her about anything. After some prodding from Tessa, Mariah proposed that they live together.

At Dark Horse, Nick acknowledged that he and Phyllis shouldn't have hung out at Crimson Lights because it was too close to home. Phyllis scoffed at the idea of walking on eggshells because Sharon had ended things, but Nick didn't want his kids seeing him and Sharon at one another's throats. Phyllis reasoned that Sharon had been adamant that she wanted Nick out of her life, so Sharon couldn't tell him who to let into his. He worried that word of his fights with Sharon would get back to Faith and Christian, and Phyllis urged him to protect himself by cutting Sharon loose.

At Rey's apartment, Sharon was embarrassed that Rey had seen her in a weak moment. Rey argued that she hadn't backed down, and facing her problems head-on wasn't weak but honest. He credited her for being passionate and knowing what she wanted, and he thought she should never apologize for that. Sharon regretted that she'd let Nick and Phyllis get under her skin, and Rey grumbled that he'd never understood how people could walk away after promising to love someone forever. Sharon recognized that she needed to walk away, but she didn't know how.

Rey suggested that Sharon start by asking herself what she wanted, and she replied that she wanted to live her own life and be happy. He suspected that she was holding onto old dreams and expectations, but it was time to let go and make room for new things and new people. Rey said people thought relationships were abstract things, but they weren't. He compared relationships to taking care of a houseplant, with both people needing to tend to it, and it wouldn't survive if one person thought they could just stick it in the corner and think it would take care of itself. Rey thought it took work every day, and when it succeeded, it grew and blossomed into something beautiful. Rey recognized that it might change over time, but in a good way.

Sharon agreed that she couldn't be the only one who cared, and Rey asserted that she deserved a partner who gave 100 percent and respected her. She teased him for being a romantic, and he said she had a heart of gold. Sharon mused that she liked talking to him and being there with him. They slowly nudged toward one another and appeared to be about to kiss, but he suddenly backed off and apologized.

Sharon wrote the moment off as not knowing where her head had been, and Rey insisted that they were fine. He answered a call and said he was on his way. He told her that there had been a break in the case, and he asked her to wish him luck. After he headed out, Sharon collapsed on the couch and muttered that she needed that luck for herself.

At home, Sharon watched a weather update, which was interrupted to cut to a news conference at Chancellor Park. Rey announced that he had news in connection with an apparent crime scene they'd established earlier that day, and it involved J.T.'s missing persons case. Rey proclaimed that he was there with a team of detectives and officers to follow up on some newly discovered evidence, and they'd classified the case as a murder investigation. Separately, Sharon, Nikki, Victoria, and Phyllis all stared in horror at their television screens.

Tessa hides a secret stash of cash Tessa hides a secret stash of cash

Friday, November 9, 2018

Nikki arrived at the cottage and asked if Sharon was alone. Sharon mentioned that Mariah was in her room, and Nikki bemoaned that she'd spent all night, trying to figure out what had happened. Nikki asked what Rey had found besides the watch. Mariah overheard and figured that Rey wouldn't be calling it a murder if he hadn't found compelling evidence. Mariah noted that Rey seemed obsessed with the case, so it was only a matter of time before he made an arrest.

Mariah commented that it wasn't surprising that one violent creep had offed another, and she considered it karmic justice. Sharon suggested that Mariah have some pumpkin bread in the kitchen, but Mariah didn't think she could eat anything because she had a few butterflies. Mariah cryptically stated that it was a very big day for her, and Sharon pressed to know if she was hoping to get a scoop on J.T. Mariah replied that she was just going to meet Tessa, and she headed out.

Nikki reasoned that she and Sharon would be in court if the police thought they'd had anything to do with J.T.'s death, but Sharon speculated that the authorities were waiting for them to flesh one another out. Nikki questioned how much the police could know from a watch, and Sharon recalled that Rey had said criminals always left a clue behind. Nikki huffed that a missing watch hardly meant there had been a murder, so the police had to have something else. Nikki insisted that Sharon go back to the police station to do some digging, but Sharon protested that she couldn't do that anymore.

Nikki lectured that one reason Sharon had decided to work at the police station had been to find out more information about the case by getting closer to Rey. Sharon insisted that those days were over, but Nikki snapped that Sharon had been willing to do it the day before. Sharon referred to the shift in the case's status to a murder investigation, and she fretted that Rey would be able to read her, so it was best to put some distance between them. Nikki refused to let Sharon wimp out when their future was at stake, and she ordered Sharon to do what needed to be done by going back to work.

Nate ran into Victoria at the Athletic Club and asked if she was doing okay. She stammered that the news about J.T. had been a shock, and Nate recognized that she'd once had a good relationship with her ex and that they'd had a son together. He expressed his condolences, and she claimed that she hadn't quite figured out how to react. She added that the police hadn't told her anything, so she didn't know if they'd found a body, but she was preparing herself for the worst. Nate told her to say the word if there was anything he could do to help her get through it. Victoria opted to be alone, and she stepped away.

At Newman, Nikki appeared in Victoria's office doorway as Victoria told Reed over the phone that the police hadn't explained anything to her yet. Victoria recognized that her son was in pain, and she assured him that no one would make him do anything he didn't want to do. She promised to call back later when she knew more. Victoria ended the call and informed Nikki that she'd contacted Reed the night before to tell him what was going on, but he couldn't stand the thought of being home while people were gossiping about his dad. Victoria felt guilty and ashamed, since Reed had been holding out hope that he'd see his father again someday.

Victoria dreaded the thought of Reed finding out that his mother and grandmother had been responsible for covering up his dad's death for months, and Nikki consoled her. Victoria was scared that everything was about to fall apart, and she contemplated what would happen to her kids if the truth became known. Nikki stressed that they had to stay calm and not make any assumptions about what the police knew or didn't know. Nikki reiterated that Rey would be making arrests if he'd figured everything out, and she considered it possible that the authorities might never know the truth. Nikki thought they both had to believe that they could get out of it unscathed.

At Jabot, Phyllis read an online news headline about the murder investigation. Kerry knocked on the door and reminded Phyllis that they had a meeting. Phyllis had obviously forgotten, and Kerry spotted the article and assumed it was why Phyllis was preoccupied. Kerry added that it was a terrible story, but from what she'd read, J.T. had been no prince.

Kerry asked if Phyllis had known J.T. well. Phyllis recounted that they'd been close for a time and that she'd considered him a friend, but it had turned out that she hadn't known him or what he had been capable of. Kerry thought it sounded like Phyllis wouldn't be shedding any tears over his death, and Phyllis inquired about how things were going in the lab. Kerry explained that she'd been pulling all-nighters to replace as many products as possible, but some of the lines had major bloat.

Phyllis intended to streamline Jabot's offerings to make sure there were no stragglers, and Kerry indicated that she had some recommendations already. Phyllis appreciated her positive attitude, especially given the impossible task at hand. Kerry proclaimed that she thrived on impossible, and she wanted to get the products into testing as soon as she could. Phyllis remarked that they had 30 stores launching the following week, and everything was riding on it. Kerry confidently stated that she wouldn't be there to play if they couldn't win.

Phyllis and Kerry discussed the few products that Ashley didn't own the patents for, and Kerry complained that many of them were outdated. Kerry suggested revamping the men's line because of recent trends toward ambiguity and the freedom to be oneself. Phyllis opined that a pangender line would be a radical departure from Jabot's image of conservative elegance, but they had to reinvent themselves to survive. Nikki and Victoria entered the office, and Phyllis introduced them to Kerry. Kerry mentioned reading the news about Victoria's former husband, and she hoped Victoria and her family were doing okay. Kerry stepped out, and Phyllis barked that she didn't appreciate the surprise visit. Nikki and Victoria insisted that they needed to talk, but Phyllis snapped that she didn't have time to deal with it, and she stormed out.

Later, Phyllis was irritated when she returned to her office and found Nikki and Victoria still there. Phyllis testily stated that she was trying to save the company from total ruin, and Victoria countered that she and Nikki also had business to conduct, but they had to touch base because of recent events. Nikki divulged that Sharon had threatened to quit her job, but she thought she'd convinced Sharon to stay. Phyllis griped that their weakest link was playing detective with the detective who wanted to crucify them. Victoria was adamant that they had to remain a united front, but Phyllis declared that she was out.

Phyllis recognized that they couldn't break their bond if they wanted to, but she intended to look out for herself, and she thought Nikki and Victoria should, too. Phyllis contended that their alleged charity meetings had to end, since too many people found the cover story strange, including Rey. She didn't think it would be too hard to convince people that they'd gotten fed up with one another, and they could communicate from a distance while they went on with their lives. Phyllis advised against having the cops view them as a group, since they'd be harder to hit as individual targets. Nikki and Victoria couldn't argue.

At the Athletic Club, Jack was happy to have a chance to catch up with Nate. Jack mentioned that he'd talked to Neil, and it sounded like Nate and his family had been going through a tough time after Lily's prison transfer. Nate was proud of how his family had stood together during the crisis, and Jack thought Olivia would be proud of Nate. Nate confirmed that his mother was still with Doctors Without Borders, and Jack told him to send her a warm hello.

Jack remembered a time when Olivia and Ashley had been inseparable, and he guessed that Nate had heard about the latest Abbott family drama. Jack recognized that Ashley's departure had been a loss for Neil, but Nate imagined that Ashley would be back at some point. Jack thought it wouldn't be for a long time, since she'd made it clear that she didn't feel the place was home anymore. Nate inquired how Ashley felt about Jabot's new CEO, and Jack anticipated that she would be mortified when she found out.

Jack shared that he'd gotten a glimpse of the old Dina when they'd been watching the news, and she'd started railing about the economy and changing markets. He marveled that she'd been clear and insightful for a minute or two before she'd asked if he'd seen Piper, her childhood pet dog. Nate lamented that it was a cruel disease, and Jack thought the worst part was accepting that the sharp-tongued businesswoman he'd known was unreachable. Nate encouraged him to hang onto the good memories and take comfort knowing they'd had time together while they'd still been able to connect. Nate urged Jack to be by her side during the toughest part of the journey, since that was what family was all about.

Nate mentioned that he'd been picking up shifts at Memorial, since it had been time to get back to work. Kerry greeted Jack, who introduced her to Nate. Nate departed, and Jack feigned surprise that Kerry wasn't in the lab, because rumor had it she'd practically been living there. She confirmed that she was all about work, but she'd sneaked out to get takeout. Jack felt that he and Kerry had gotten off on the wrong foot, and he suggested that they remedy things by attending the opening of the Jaboutiques together. She agreed to think about it.

Mariah arrived at Crimson Lights and spotted Tessa wiping down a table. Tessa chattered about the weather, and Mariah asked if Tessa was going to torture her before she'd even had her morning coffee. Tessa assumed that Mariah was waiting for an answer about living together, and Mariah understood if Tessa needed more time. Tessa declared that she didn't and that she hadn't the night before, but Mariah had forced her to sleep on it. Mariah pointed out that it was a huge decision, and Tessa exclaimed that of course she wanted to live with Mariah. They kissed and embraced.

Mariah wondered if Tessa was absolutely sure she wanted to live together, since she didn't want Tessa to feel pressured. Tessa suspected that Mariah was making up an excuse to run away because she was scared of being happy. Mariah conceded that it was scary finding "the one" and feeling like it was meant to be, and she worried about how long it would be until she screwed it up. Mariah contemplated how her life had gotten so perfect, and Tessa assured Mariah that it was a big deal for her, too. They agreed to go through with the plan, and Mariah asked where Tessa wanted to live.

Mariah mentioned a new building in an inexpensive neighborhood where she could afford the rent, but Tessa refused to let Mariah support her. Mariah figured that Tessa could foot the expenses once she was a famous rock star, but Tessa insisted on splitting the rent. Tessa reiterated that she was saving every dime to pay off the goons, and she invited Mariah to move into her studio. Mariah accepted, and Tessa asked when Mariah wanted to move in.

At the police station, Sharon overheard Rey on a call, expressing gratitude that the commission had granted him a reprieve. He answered another call and declined to give a comment to the press. Rey apologized for not seeing Sharon there earlier, and she imagined it had been nonstop since the press conference. Rey couldn't complain that the case was finally gaining some momentum. Sharon announced that she was there to tell him in person that she was resigning.

Sharon apologized for the short notice, and she recommended people at the crisis center who could take her place. Rey argued that she loved it there and that they made a great team, and she explained that part of the problem was that they were too good together. Rey objected to her leaving just because they'd almost crossed a line, but Sharon questioned what would have happened if he hadn't gotten a call. Mariah interrupted, and Rey informed her that he had nothing new. Mariah clarified that she was there to talk to her mom, and Rey stepped away.

Mariah announced that she and Tessa had decided to live together, and Sharon surmised that it had been Tessa's idea. Mariah insisted that it had been hers, and she was as ready as she would ever be. She added that she'd be moving in with Tessa that day, but she swore that she'd be back so often that it would be like she'd never left. Sharon worried that it seemed rushed, but Mariah was afraid that she'd talk herself out of it if she didn't jump in, and she didn't want to back away. Mariah gushed that Tessa was one of the greatest things to ever happen to her, and Sharon said she was proud of Mariah for going after what felt right. Sharon wished her all the luck and love in the world, and they hugged.

In a private room, Rey admitted to Sharon that he hadn't been honest before. He apologized for confusing things between them, but the more they'd gotten to know one another, the more he'd had to fight his feelings for her. He recognized that it was wrong because he was married, and even though it hadn't worked in a long time, he couldn't use his unhappiness to start something new -- especially when Sharon was vulnerable after her breakup with Nick.

Rey confided that he would have liked to see what he and Sharon might be to one another in a different universe. Sharon responded that they couldn't always help how they felt, but they could be responsible for their actions. She confessed that she'd also felt whatever it was between them, but he was a complication she couldn't afford to have in her life. She remained willing to quit her job to make sure they did the right thing.

Over the phone, Rey promised to give someone an update when he heard from forensics. Sharon asked if everything was okay, and she sympathized that he'd been getting pressure from all sides because everyone had questions. She asked about what he'd found that had made him turn J.T.'s case into a murder investigation, but he couldn't provide any details yet. Sharon inquired whether she needed to fill out an official form or just write a letter explaining why she was leaving. Rey was called away to meet with the assistant D.A., but he pleaded with Sharon not to do anything about the job yet.

Later, Rey pulled Sharon aside and insisted that it would be wrong for her to leave her job. He thought he should be the one to quit if there hadn't been a development in the case, and she called him a really good man. He refused to accept the compliment because he wasn't leaving, but he believed they'd cleared the air and could move on without any more confusing moments. Rey hated the idea of Sharon sacrificing her job because of him, since too many people needed her skills and compassion. He really hoped she'd stay for their sake and hers, and she said she'd be at her desk if he needed her.

Tessa helped Mariah haul her things out of the cottage, and Tessa teased Mariah for packing an old throw when the apartment would be tight with them and their stuff. Mariah expected it would be cozy, and they kissed. Mariah paused to look around the living room, and she mused that it had been the first real home she'd ever had. Tessa suggested that Mariah spend one more night with Sharon and Faith, but Mariah insisted that she was ready. They headed out, and Mariah nostalgically looked back one more time before closing the door behind her.

At Tessa's studio apartment, Tessa acknowledged that it wasn't a lot compared to Sharon's place, but Mariah assured her that no one was comparing the two. Mariah declared that it was perfect because it was home. As Mariah and Tessa unpacked, Tessa remarked that she didn't have a lot of kitchen stuff if Mariah needed to put her shoes in the cupboard. Mariah chirped that they would figure it out, but she gasped when she opened the packed closet. Tessa thought they just had to get creative to make space, and she rushed over when some travel bags fell off the closet shelf.

Mariah wondered why Tessa had packed bags in the closet, and Tessa chalked it up to old habits after living in her car. Tessa suggested that Mariah retrieve her last bag from the car while Tessa put stuff away, and Mariah exited. Tessa opened one of the bags and stared at bundles of cash inside. She stashed it back in the closet as Mariah returned. Mariah took Tessa's hand and realized that she'd never thanked Tessa for letting her move in and for everything else. They hugged, but Tessa's expression grew dark.

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