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Mariah reluctantly made amends with Tessa to protect Sharon. Tessa gave Mariah the incriminating footage and offered to donate the money she'd extorted, but she secretly hid the cash and a thumb drive and lied about giving the money away. Phyllis agreed to move in with Nick.
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Mariah tells Sharon, Nikki, Phyllis, and Victoria that Tessa is their blackmailer

Mariah tells Sharon, Nikki, Phyllis, and Victoria that Tessa is their blackmailer

Monday, November 19, 2018

At Sharon's house, Mariah insisted that Sharon change her plans to rush out the door, so they could talk. Mariah sighed and sat on the sofa. Sharon set down her briefcase and joined Mariah. Sharon assured Mariah that whatever was troubling her would be all right. Mariah cried, "No. It's not. It's not going to be all right. I know what you did that night. You and Nikki and Victoria and Phyllis. I know what happened to J.T." Sharon expressed doubt and recalled that Mariah had passed out from drinking too much. Mariah said she knew that Sharon, Nikki, Victoria, and Phyllis had carried J.T.'s body, rolled up inside a rug, to the garage, driven to Chancellor Park, and then buried the body beneath the sculpture.

Sharon stood with her back to Mariah and tried to compose herself. Mariah said she finally understood why Sharon had spent time claiming to carry out charity work with women she couldn't stand. Mariah sobbed, admitted she'd been freaking out, and demanded Sharon tell her the truth. Sharon recalled that J.T. had climbed into Victoria's bedroom through a second-story window, panicking Victoria. At the time, Sharon explained, she'd been downstairs with the others. Mariah noted that she had indeed heard a man's voice and hadn't imagined it.

Sharon continued, telling Mariah that when she and the others had entered the bedroom, they'd seen an out-of-control J.T. attacking a terrified Victoria, as Victoria had fought to defend herself. Mariah seemed shocked when Sharon revealed that after Nikki had intervened and struck J.T. on the head with a poker, he had fallen to the floor and hadn't moved. Mariah asked Sharon why the women hadn't phoned the police. Sharon cried that they'd wanted to but feared doing so because J.T. had been wanted for attempting to kill Victor. Sharon added that she hadn't wanted Nikki jailed for protecting her daughter. Sharon explained that the district attorney had wanted to pin a crime on a Newman for a long time.

Mariah warned that what Sharon and the others had done had caused a complete and total disaster. Sharon agreed and cried that J.T.'s children and Mac still believed he was alive somewhere. Sharon asked Mariah how she'd learned about what had transpired. Mariah replied that Tessa had told her. Sharon's facial expression markedly changed when Mariah admitted that Tessa was the blackmailer.

At Dark Horse, Abby delivered a pack of photos taken at the Jabot party for Nick to choose which he'd prefer to appear on a press release. Nick recalled the heated exchanged between Mia and Arturo, when she'd admitted having had an affair with him. Nick suggested he could fire Arturo if Abby found it difficult to work with him. Abby insisted she would be fine. Abby recalled the interesting turn of events with Phyllis and Nick's relationship as Genoa City's newest power couple. Nick said he and Phyllis were a good fit and acknowledged that he and Sharon were no longer a couple.

After Abby stepped out, Nick looked through the prints. He found a close-up of himself dancing with Phyllis. As Nick reminisced about dancing with Phyllis, he imagined holding Sharon in his arms and gazing into her eyes. After Nick's daydream about Sharon ended, he remembered having danced with Phyllis. Nick seemed torn as he collected his thoughts.

In Abby's workspace, Arturo arrived for work and attempted to greet Abby with a kiss. Abby leaped out of her chair and announced that she was nearing a deadline. Arturo said, "Would you believe me if I said I wanted you, not Mia?" Arturo added that he'd left Florida so Mia and Rey could mend their marriage. Abby told Arturo that their relationship had been threatened by Mia's presence.

Arturo said he regretted what had happened between him and Mia because they'd hurt others. Having sworn off relationships for a while, Arturo explained that he'd connected with Abby in a way he'd never thought possible. Abby admitted she couldn't trust Arturo to stay away from Mia. Arturo held Abby's hands and swore she was the only one he cared about. Abby looked doubtful. Arturo vowed to prove his love to Abby.

Outside Rey's apartment, Mia, dressed in a nightgown, leaned against the door jamb, drinking coffee. Arturo approached. Mia smiled and said, "Took you long enough." Arturo entered the apartment. Mia followed him in and closed the door. Arturo asked Mia to get dressed, but she insisted she was comfortable in her nightie.

Arturo said he had moved to Genoa City to make a fresh start and had been among friends and colleagues when Mia had publicly aired their dirty laundry. Arturo added, "You managed to embarrass Rey, me, and yourself all in one fell swoop." Mia said she'd told the truth, which was something Arturo and Rey had trouble dealing with. Mia added that Arturo should thank her for forcing the brothers to work out their differences. Arturo berated Mia for embarrassing him and Rey in public. Mia replied, "You only care because your rich girlfriend is ticked you're keeping secrets."

Arturo asked Mia would why she would want to interfere in his relationship with Abby. Arturo said Mia's claims about wanting to reunite with Rey were part of her lousy games. Mia, smiling, walked seductively toward Arturo and said, "They're not all lousy." Arturo warned Mia to stay back because he wasn't attracted to her. After Arturo stormed out, Mia grinned as she thought about his reaction to her flirtations.

In Phyllis' office at Jabot, Phyllis read a text message from Nick asking if she felt "good about things." Jack arrived, and Phyllis set down her phone. Jack congratulated Phyllis on the successful launch of the boutiques. Jack also mentioned a major surprise. Phyllis bristled. Jack explained that he'd been referring to Abby's shock upon hearing about Arturo's past with Mia. Jack noted that Phyllis had seemed to think of something else.

Phyllis recalled how Jack had distracted her so Billy could tell a reporter that the boutiques had been his brainchild. Jack replied, "I was impressed. You could've lost it. You didn't. You stepped up and gave him credit." Phyllis noted that she would be the one handling the tasks of rolling out the stores and ensuring the company made a profit. Jack brought up Kerry's role in developing new products to stock the boutiques.

Phyllis asked Jack if he intended to pursue a personal relationship with Kerry. Jack replied that he hadn't been interested in romance for a long time. Jack added that if he did become involved with Kerry, he didn't want his relationship with Phyllis to become awkward. Phyllis replied, "Well, I think we're past that. I'm glad we are." Phyllis told Jack that Nick had invited her to move in with him.

Jack expressed concern that Nick had moved on from Sharon too quickly. Phyllis explained that Sharon was no longer interested in the man Nick had become. Phyllis described the new Nick as a strong, decisive man who made good choices and had big dreams. Jack observed that Phyllis' description sounded a lot like Billy. Jack reminded Phyllis that Nick's children had already weathered a difficult year. Phyllis insisted that she and Nick intended to live their lives without apologizing to anyone. Jack replied that he wanted Phyllis to be happy, but he expressed doubt that she was over Billy.

Victoria, Nikki, and Phyllis arrived at Sharon's. The women were shocked to learn that Mariah knew everything about J.T. Mariah explained how Tessa, while transferring data as part of her duties at Dark Horse, had inadvertently discovered surveillance footage of what had taken place in Victoria's garage. Victoria, acknowledging J.T.'s habit of monitoring her, cried, "He was spying on me? He was watching my every move? Even though he's dead, he's still controlling my life."

Nikki cried that Tessa's evidence could send them all to prison. Phyllis guessed that Tessa had to be the blackmailer because she hadn't destroyed the footage. Mariah swore she hadn't known anything about the blackmail until she'd moved in with Tessa and found the money Nikki had paid her. Victoria asked if Nick might have seen the footage on one of his company's hard drives. Sharon insisted that Nick would have alerted them if he had. Victoria said, "We have some decisions to make."

Victoria voiced concern about the existence of additional video footage, and she vowed to thoroughly check her house for hidden cameras. Sharon said she regretted that Mariah had become involved. Nikki made it clear that she hadn't intended to kill J.T. but had been forced to act to protect Victoria. Sharon, Phyllis, and Victoria all said they would have done the same as Nikki to protect their own children. Victoria said she couldn't bear the thought of Nikki losing her freedom. Phyllis agreed that it could have been any one of them.

Mariah nodded when Sharon said she, Nikki, Victoria, and Phyllis had made a pact to protect each other. Mariah told Nikki she didn't deserve to be sent to prison for protecting Victoria. Nikki asked about Tessa. Mariah cried that Tessa's role in blackmailing Sharon and the others had severely damaged their relationship. Nikki replied, "Tessa is a serious complication, and we're going to need your help in dealing with it." Mariah was doubtful she could be of help, especially after the police had found J.T.'s body.

Mariah was shocked to learn that the women had attempted to dig up J.T. after the water leak had been discovered. Sharon noted that someone had beaten them to the task because they'd been unable to locate J.T.'s remains. Nikki instructed Mariah to win back Tessa's trust in hopes that she might fill in the blanks. The women expressed concern that Tessa might have hired a third party to exhume J.T. Sharon reminded everyone that the leaking of information should be contained.

Mariah doubted Tessa would call the police because she was also involved. Phyllis replied, "She blackmailed us once. She could do it again." Mariah was instructed to destroy the footage and question Tessa about the whereabouts of J.T.'s body. Mariah agreed to mend her relationship with Tessa so she could carry out her mission to help Sharon, Nikki, Victoria, and Phyllis.

After Mariah left, Phyllis issued a warning. Phyllis said that they, not Mariah, should deal with Tessa. Victoria agreed. Nikki grew concerned when Victoria insisted they shouldn't trust anyone else to end the threat Tessa posed. Victoria added that because she'd pulled J.T. back into her life and had suffered his abuse, she'd be the one to get them out of the mess they were in.

At the Abbott mansion, Jack returned home and found Abby working. Abby said she'd decided to work from home the rest of the day. Abby opened up about how Arturo hadn't trusted her enough to admit why he and Rey had been at each other's throats. Abby cried that even at the party, Arturo had remained silent while Mia had blurted out details about her past with him in front of everyone. Jack said that from what he'd observed, Abby and Arturo had seemed to make things work, though they might have to overcome challenges. Abby insisted she wasn't afraid of a challenge.

Jack said he recalled a time in his past when he'd wished he'd fought harder for someone he'd cared about. Jack added that he didn't wish for Abby to look back in regret as he had. Abby thanked Jack for lending the support she could no longer seek from her mother. Abby tightly embraced Jack. As Abby headed out the door, she told Jack she was ready to fight for what was hers.

After Arturo left Rey's apartment, he returned to Dark Horse. Arturo asked Nick if he'd seen Abby. Nick said Abby had taken her computer home, likely because she needed a change of scenery. Arturo explained that he'd moved away from his regrettable past to start anew. Nick replied, "Well, I guess Mia had other plans."

Arturo expressed gratitude for all he'd gained in his personal and professional life, and he likened Mia's sudden intrusion as a stink bomb. Nick commiserated and recalled his humiliation when his mistake had been revealed in public. Nick added, "Arturo, I'm certainly in no position to judge you, but you did hook up with my mother, and as Abby's brother, it doesn't inspire a lot of confidence." Arturo admitted that at the time, he hadn't considered making permanent connections until he'd met Abby. Arturo said he intended to fix things with Abby. Nick wished Arturo luck. Nick added that he'd failed with Sharon and knew it was time to move forward.

After Nick left, Arturo sent Abby a text message requesting to meet with her. Mia entered and said, "We're not done." Mia recalled her earlier conversation with Arturo. Mia insisted that the look in Arturo's eyes had spoken clearly to her, reminding her of when they'd first met and after she'd married Rey, when Arturo had said he couldn't get her off his mind. Arturo told Mia to stop talking. Mia insisted she and Arturo were profoundly attracted to each other.

Arturo declared that what he and Mia had had in the past was dead. Mia replied, "The Arturo I know wouldn't be content living this drab, ordinary life, working for someone else, tethered to some cookie-cutter blonde." Arturo protested and insisted he was happy and liked his new life. Mia began groping Arturo's chest. Abby entered and said, "I think what Arturo was trying to say was, 'Back the hell off!'" Abby blasted Mia's behavior at the corporate event and warned her to watch out.

Nate blasts Devon for bailing on his family

Nate blasts Devon for bailing on his family

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Mariah arrived at Crimson Lights, and Sharon anxiously asked if she'd found out if Tessa had moved J.T.'s body. Mariah indicated that she hadn't seen Tessa yet, since Mariah had slept in her office at GC Buzz the night before, but she was on her way to see Tessa then. Mariah worried that Tessa would figure out that Mariah would rather be stuck in a room with Summer than get back together with Tessa.

Sharon sympathized that it wouldn't be easy to lie to Tessa, but she urged Mariah to listen to her heart. Mariah swore that she'd never make that mistake again, and she steeled herself to say everything they'd rehearsed. After Mariah left, Victoria called Sharon, who informed her that Mariah hadn't talked to Tessa yet. Victoria planned to handle things, but Sharon explained that Mariah was on her way to see Tessa. Sharon was sure her daughter wouldn't let them down.

Later, Sharon approached Rey and remarked that he'd become her best customer. He insisted that the coffee was great, but he claimed to be in a rush. She guessed that he was heading to the station, but she considered it obvious that he was avoiding talking to her. She surmised that he was worried Mia would see them together, but he mentioned that he hadn't seen his wife before he'd left. Sharon realized that they weren't sleeping in the same bed.

Sharon questioned how much Rey thought Mia hated her, and Rey conceded that Sharon wasn't Mia's favorite person. Sharon joked that she would never be the president of Mia's fan club, either, and Rey pointed out that Sharon had seen Mia at her worst. He recognized that it hadn't been right for Mia to reveal everything about her and Arturo at the party, but he understood that fear and insecurity made her speak before she thought. Sharon acknowledged that she shouldn't judge after the spectacle she'd made on her wedding day. Rey suggested that he keep his distance with Mia living there, and Sharon agreed that she wouldn't want Mia to get the wrong idea. He left for work.

Mariah hovered outside Tessa's apartment door and hesitantly knocked. Tessa opened the door and said she'd been afraid Mariah wouldn't be back. Mariah claimed that she'd needed time to wrap her head around everything Tessa had told her, and Tessa inquired whether she'd talked to Sharon and the others. Mariah confirmed that they'd all been lying to her, but they'd only told her that J.T.'s death had been an accident and that it had happened in self-defense. Mariah fibbed that they hadn't told her how he'd died or who had killed him, and Tessa was surprised that she hadn't heard from the foursome.

Mariah lied that the women didn't know Tessa had been the one who'd blackmailed them, and Tessa was shocked that Mariah hadn't told them. Mariah reasoned that the four women had all protected one another, so she didn't see why she couldn't protect the person she loved, and Tessa hugged her. Mariah spun a story about how she'd told Sharon that she'd received an anonymous email at GC Buzz with the footage of the women moving J.T.'s body. Mariah asserted that it wouldn't be fair for Tessa to go to prison for extortion when the women had killed J.T., buried him like roadkill, and gone back to their normal lives as if nothing had happened.

Mariah clarified that it didn't mean she'd forgiven Tessa for blackmailing Sharon. Tessa wailed that she felt terrible, but she'd been weak and desperate to fix her problems. Tessa recounted that the thugs had been putting pressure on her to pay in full, and she'd been paranoid that they'd hurt Crystal or Mariah. Mariah wished that Tessa had turned to her upon finding the footage, and Tessa defended that she hadn't wanted to be the one to tell Mariah that her mom might be a murderer. Mariah scolded Tessa for making her think everything was fine, and Tessa swore that it would be because they'd keep Sharon's secret. Mariah stated that she needed more than Tessa's word to believe it.

Tessa wished she could undo everything, and she offered to get rid of the money. She figured that she couldn't give it back to Nikki because the transfer might be traced, so she suggested that she give the money to charity. Mariah commented that it would right a lot of wrongs, and Tessa planned to spread the donations around to not look suspicious. Mariah demanded that all the money be gone before she moved back in, and Tessa was stunned that Mariah was still willing to do so.

Mariah claimed to be thinking about it, and Tessa agreed to anything Mariah wanted. Mariah stated that she knew Tessa wasn't a bad person, but Tessa made bad choices when she was tempted. Tessa promised to do better, but Mariah implied that it would be easier if the temptation was removed by destroying the footage. Tessa pressed a thumb drive into Mariah's hand and declared that she never wanted to see it again.

At the police station, Rey told someone over the phone that he'd had a right to interview someone who hadn't given him one straight answer. Sharon walked in as he confirmed that there was nothing directly linking Victoria to J.T.'s murder, and he hung up. Sharon presented him with bagels, and she observed that the call had sounded unpleasant. He explained that Michael had filed a complaint against him for harassing his client, and the D.A.'s office had agreed.

Rey argued that Victoria had somehow known that the police hadn't found J.T.'s body in the park, and Sharon theorized that Victoria had just been hoping for that outcome for the sake of her son. Rey mentioned that J.T.'s body had been buried under the sculpture, and Sharon gasped aloud. Rey continued that the body hadn't been there, but soil samples had contained J.T.'s DNA. He asked her to keep it confidential because it was an open investigation, and she pondered why someone would move a body that had been so well hidden. "You tell me," Rey replied. Sharon claimed that she had to get over to victim services, but Rey told her not to go.

Rey thought he owed Sharon an apology and explanation for the way he'd cut off their conversation at the coffeehouse. He recognized that Mia's snide remarks about her and Arturo had made everyone think she'd been at fault for the problems in her marriage to Rey, but their issues had existed long before Mia had been unfaithful. Sharon huffed that Mia should have found a better way to deal with them than by cheating on Rey with his brother, and Rey divulged that Mia had been Arturo's girlfriend first. Rey recounted that Arturo had bailed when Mia had pushed him to marry her, and Rey and Mia had gotten married a couple of years later after she'd seemed ready to move on.

Rey had known that Mia hadn't been completely over Arturo, but Rey had loved her for a long time and had asked her to marry him when she'd finally told him she loved him. He recalled that things had been good for a while, but he'd started noticing innocent touches and flirting between Mia and Arturo. Rey continued that he'd handled his anger by blowing up, shutting down, and drinking, and he'd spent more time at work rather than trying to make things better.

Rey called himself a good cop but a "crap husband," and that had been why Mia had done what she had. Rey thought he had broken his vows as much as Mia had by turning away from her before she'd turned away from him, and it was why he felt he should try to fix things with her. Sharon realized that he wasn't doing it out of obligation but because he truly loved Mia and didn't want to lose her. Rey admitted it was true, and Sharon told him that it was all he'd needed to say to her.

Later, Rey sorted through photos of Phyllis, Nikki, and Victoria, and he stared at J.T.'s watch in an evidence bag. He asked himself what he was missing. Rey closed the file and gazed at Sharon's contact information on his phone.

At the cottage, Mariah exclaimed that she couldn't believe Tessa had handed over the flash drive, but she'd made it clear that it was the only way Tessa could win her trust back. Mariah added that while she'd convinced Tessa to give her the drive and give the money away, she hadn't wanted to push things by asking if Tessa had moved the body. Mariah suspected that Tessa hadn't had anything to do with it, but she couldn't trust her judgment with Tessa. Sharon recounted that she and Mariah had each seen things in Tessa that the other person hadn't been able to see, and she believed there had to be good in Tessa in order for Mariah to love her.

Mariah protested that she couldn't go back to Tessa after everything that had happened, and she anticipated having to find a new place to live. Sharon stressed that the cottage would always be Mariah's home, and she was confident that Mariah would figure things out. Mariah prompted Sharon to talk to her "posse" to decide what to do with the footage, and Sharon hugged her before heading out.

Tessa pulled the stuffing out of a large teddy bear and stashed wads of bills and another thumb drive inside. She sewed the stuffed bear back together and put it in a box. There was a knock at the door, and she shoved the box into the closet before inviting Mariah in. Tessa assumed that Mariah had destroyed the thumb drive, and Mariah inquired about the money. Tessa replied that she hadn't gotten rid of it yet, but she would by the next day. Tessa regretted that she'd let Mariah down, but she pledged that she would do everything she could to make it up to her.

Tessa promised to never tell anyone about the footage and to give away the money, and Mariah appreciated that Tessa was doing it for her. Tessa asked if it was enough for Mariah to move home, and Mariah indicated that she'd move back in in the morning. Tessa threw her arms around Mariah and proclaimed her love, and Mariah said she should go. Tessa kissed her on the lips, and Mariah headed out, pausing briefly outside the door to take a deep breath before she departed. Tessa retrieved the box with the teddy bear and taped it closed.

At Victoria's house, Sharon plugged the thumb drive into Victoria's laptop, and she and Victoria were horrified to see how clear the video was. Sharon panicked that she could see their faces, and the footage was time-stamped. Victoria cried that she couldn't watch it anymore, and Sharon imagined what would have happened if Tessa had mailed it to Rey. Victoria was sure that they'd be in prison, and Sharon wondered what Rey would think of her if he saw the footage. Victoria questioned why Sharon cared, and she cautioned that Rey could be playing Sharon. Sharon sensed that Rey felt like he'd hit a dead end. She held up the drive and marveled at how close he'd been to cracking the whole thing wide open.

Later, Sharon stared at the drive and called out for Victoria, who said she'd be right there. Sharon received a text message from Rey, thanking her for listening and being a good friend. Victoria returned with a hammer and smashed the drive. She proclaimed that she felt totally empowered, like she was finally in control again. Sharon warned that they still didn't know if Tessa had moved the body and that they had no real assurance it had been the only footage of them from the night of J.T.'s death. Sharon wanted to believe that Tessa had been honest with Mariah, but she couldn't count on it. "Don't worry. I'm not," Victoria confidently declared.

At the Ashby home, Cane and Charlie prepared for a road trip to visit Lily. Charlie couldn't believe that Neil had moved out to Lakewood. Cane figured that it had been perfect timing with Ashley leaving town, and he remarked that it was a weight off his shoulders for Neil to be there when they couldn't be. Mattie entered and lectured Charlie about being sure not to forget anything, since it wasn't like they'd be able to run back to get something after a four-hour drive. Cane noted that Devon should be there by then, and Mattie offered to make sure her uncle was on his way.

Cane stepped out to finish getting ready, and Mattie reminded Charlie that they'd agreed to be cool about spending Thanksgiving at the prison. Charlie dared her to admit that she hated it as much as he did, since he'd heard her crying in her room the night before. Mattie looked stricken, and he softened and assured her that it would be okay.

Cane left a message for Devon to tell him that they were packed and good to go, and he hoped Devon was on his way. Charlie and Mattie finished their tasks, and she mentioned that she hadn't heard back from Devon. Cane imagined that Devon was getting Hamilton-Winters in order before the holidays, and he hoped Devon got there soon.

Cane announced that the car was ready to go, and Charlie figured it was his turn to try to get in touch with Devon. Devon called Cane, who offered to stop by the office to pick him up. Devon said he wouldn't be able to make the trip because he was in the middle of a recording session that was expected to go through the night. Cane wondered if Devon could make it by the next day, but Devon claimed that it could take the whole holiday. Cane didn't like the thought of Devon spending Thanksgiving alone, but Devon pointed out that he could call Nate or other friends. Devon asked Cane to pass along his regrets to Lily that he couldn't make it.

As Devon finished the call, he prepared to enter his penthouse. Nate stopped him and expressed surprise that Devon wasn't on the road trip. Devon claimed that he had a ton of work piled up, so he'd decided to stay back. Nate suggested that Devon simply hire more people, and Devon snapped that when Nate had his own company, he could run it how he liked. Devon quickly added that he was just running on fumes and getting ready for an all-nighter in the studio. Nate proposed that they get together for Thanksgiving, and Devon replied that he'd let Nate know. They parted ways.

Later, Nate heard loud music in Devon's penthouse, and he rang the doorbell. When there was no answer, he knocked loudly, and Devon opened the door. Nate was taken aback that Devon was hosting a party, and Devon replied that he was hanging out after the recording session had wrapped up. Nate mentioned that Neil had asked him to check in on Devon because Devon had supposedly been working late. Devon chalked it up to finishing early, and he invited Nate in. Nate was appalled that Devon was bailing on spending Thanksgiving with his family to party with coworkers, but Devon snapped that it was none of Nate's business.

Nate contended that Devon's actions affected their whole family, and they'd all agreed to do everything in their power to help Lily and her family through the rest of her sentence. Nate admonished Devon for partying in the middle of the afternoon rather than supporting his family, but Devon asserted that he'd paid for the house Neil was staying in and that he'd been there for Cane and the kids. Devon added that Neil and Nate had been the ones telling him that he needed to get out, yet Nate was condemning him for being selfish when he had friends over. Devon slammed the door in Nate's face.

Later, Devon admitted more people to the party. He yelled when there was the sound of breaking glass, but he joked that he could just buy whatever it was again. Nate reappeared at the door, and Devon wondered if he'd changed his mind. Nate complained about the loud music, and Devon dared him to call the building owner. Devon reiterated that he was just living his life, and Nate threatened to call the cops. Devon dismissively said he'd wrap up soon, and he curtly told Nate to have a good night.

Tessa continues to deceive Mariah

Tessa continues to deceive Mariah

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Victoria arrived at Dark Horse to invite Nick, Christian, and Faith for Thanksgiving dinner at her home the following day. Victoria told Nick that she'd be cooking the dinner. Nick was leery about Victoria's cooking, and he offered to pick up takeout as backup. Nick said he had made his own plans for Thanksgiving, but it appeared they wouldn't happen, so he accepted Victoria's invitation. When he asked Victoria who would be attending her dinner, she told him that Nikki and Victor would be there and that Victor would arrive the following day from Singapore in time for dinner. Victoria said that eventually, Nick and Victor would have to patch things up, and she assured him the day would be fun.

In her office at Jabot, Phyllis was lost in thought when Kerry entered. When Kerry asked if Phyllis needed help, Phyllis said she was torn about a personal issue. Kerry offered Phyllis an ear even though Phyllis didn't know her well. Phyllis said that Kerry was the perfect person because Kerry hadn't been skewed, since she was a new arrival in Genoa City. Phyllis explained that she never held back, and she never stopped until she acquired what she wanted. Kerry said that she enjoyed working for people who weren't afraid of a challenge. Phyllis said that worked in business, but not in romance.

Kerry told Phyllis that it was the perfect approach for a guy. Phyllis admitted that it had been her approach, but she wasn't sure it worked anymore. Phyllis said that she'd been part of several complicated relationships. She admitted that she was overwhelmed over the last relationship, how it had started and how it had become screwed up. Kerry said she was aware that Phyllis had had an affair with one brother while she'd been married to the other brother. Kerry admitted that word got around. Phyllis said that after she'd divorced Jack, she and Billy had jumped in to make things real. Phyllis admitted that they'd had their highs and lows, and the lows had won out.

Phyllis told Kerry that she'd moved on, and she was on the verge of something new. She said she was ready to jump into the deep end but admitted that she had a history with him, and it hadn't all been good. She said she always led with her heart. Kerry said that Phyllis already knew what she wanted.

Mariah arrived at Tessa's apartment with her luggage. Tessa welcomed her return. Tessa acknowledged that it would take a lot of work for them to get back on track, but she was ready to start whenever Mariah was. Tessa offered to put Mariah's luggage into the closet, but when she saw Mariah's reluctance, she told Mariah she could do it herself because she had nothing to hide -- the money was gone. Mariah said she wanted to know how Tessa's donating had gone. Tessa lied when she told Mariah that she'd driven around Genoa City to eight different locations to donate the money. She said the people had been overjoyed to receive such a windfall right before the holidays. She said it was a day she'd never forget.

Tessa asked Mariah how things had gone with Sharon and what had happened with the thumb drive. Mariah said the thumb drive had been destroyed. Mariah made a point of telling Tessa that their relationship had been shattered into a million pieces, but she believed they could fix it. Tessa understood. Tessa gave Mariah an album of selfies they'd taken together, and they reminisced over them. Mariah thanked her and said it was an awesome gift.

Tessa suggested that she and Mariah curl up on the couch and stream a few shows they'd wanted to watch, but Mariah said she had to get to the studio to prepare for the next show the following week. Tessa offered to go with Mariah and advised that she'd taken a sick day. Tessa admitted that it was going to be difficult working with and being around Sharon, even though Sharon didn't know what Tessa had done. Mariah admitted that it was difficult being around Tessa, knowing she was an extortionist. Mariah left, and once she was outside the apartment door, she made a call and asked to meet with someone.

At home, Devon looked at the aftermath from the party he'd had the previous night. From the floor, he picked up a framed photo of him and Hilary and saw the glass was broken. He sat on the floor and cried.

A short time later, Devon had finished cleaning up when Nate paid him a visit. Devon told Nate that he was hungover and that he'd sent Shauna to Colorado to see her parents. Devon apologized for his rudeness the previous evening. Nate said that he might have been a little over the top himself. Devon admitted that he'd really been struggling because he missed Hilary.

Nate understood what Devon had been going through. Nate admitted that he still had his moments about Caroline. They both admitted they couldn't remember their ladies' voices. Nate told Devon that Neil, Cane, and the twins were with Lily, and he confirmed that he and Devon would eat turkey sandwiches and watch football later. Devon thanked Nate, and Nate left.

At the Abbotts', Jack had been preparing the house for Thanksgiving. He told Billy there would be seven people at the dinner table. Billy counted and said there would only be six. Jack said he'd extended an invitation to Ashley, and he was waiting to hear back from her. Billy doubted that Ashley would fly across the ocean for a meal, especially that year. Billy reminded Jack that Ashley had wanted to get away from them because they had all betrayed her. Jack said that Thanksgiving was the perfect time to reconcile.

Jack admitted that he felt guilty that he'd pushed Ashley out, but he wasn't giving up on getting her back. Perhaps they might reach an understanding about the patents. Billy asked if Jack's motives were to save the company and speculated that if Jack did that, the board of directors would want an Abbott back at the helm. Billy asked who Jack had in mind for the top position. Jack told Billy to stop being so cynical.

A short time later, Jack and Billy carried a couple of boxes of wine into the house. Jack said he wanted to reinstate John's tradition of giving out bottles of wine to senior executives at Jabot. Jack said that even though he didn't work there, he was still an Abbott and a member of the board of directors. Billy said he was certain that someone would want an Abbott back at the helm.

Billy told Jack that he regretted that he'd given the board of directors an excuse to boot him out. Jack asked Billy about his outpatient rehab. Billy promised that if he ever had the chance to be CEO again, sobriety and gambling wouldn't be issues. Billy told Jack that in his personal business judgment, Phyllis wouldn't remain in the CEO chair for very long.

At Dark Horse, Nick was about to leave when he bumped into Phyllis and told her he'd been on his way to see her. They went to Nick's office, where Nick told Phyllis that he'd given everything a lot of thought and had realized what a dope he'd been. They had been having a great night at the Jaboutique launch party, and it had been a huge success for both of them. He said he'd been swept up in the moment. He said the night had been perfect, and he'd wanted it to be more perfect. He apologized for being presumptuous in asking her to move in with him.

Phyllis told Nick that they had both recently ended their relationships with Billy and Sharon, and they'd been licking their wounds. Both their careers had exploded, and it was a lot to deal with. Phyllis said that the reason she'd gone to see him was because she'd wanted to tell him she wanted to accept his offer to move in with him. Nick was overjoyed and kissed Phyllis. Phyllis said it would take her a day or two to move out of the hotel, but she wanted to have a tour of Nick's house. They kissed again.

Mariah arrived at Victoria's to have a one-on-one talk with her about J.T. Victoria was sorry that Mariah had become involved, and she appreciated that it had to have been difficult for Mariah to move back in with Tessa. Victoria said that they were all grateful for what Mariah had done for them, and it would all be over soon. Victoria maintained that even if Tessa went to the police, she had no proof. The thumb drive had been destroyed, and Tessa had nothing to back up her claims. Victoria asked Mariah to do her part with Tessa, and she promised she'd do her part.

After Mariah left Victoria's, Billy arrived. Billy was disappointed when Victoria told him that Victor would return the following day from Singapore and would be joining the family for Thanksgiving. She wanted Billy to join them, but Billy said that Victor's presence made it impossible. Victoria suggested that Billy return to her home after the family had gone, and then she and Billy could hang out with the kids, watch movies, and binge on popcorn. Billy liked the sound of that and agreed to return later.

Phyllis was leaving Jabot as Jack and Billy arrived carrying boxes of wine. Jack told Phyllis they were there to present "the VPs" with bottles of wine. Phyllis claimed that it was her place to do that, but Billy said that the bottles were a thank you from the Abbotts.

Jack said it was a Thanksgiving tradition that John Abbot had been known for. Jack said that handing out the bottles of wine was about restoring a little cheer to old friends and former colleagues. Jack thought it would be easier for Phyllis to swallow if she focused on the spirit of the season rather than office politics. Phyllis agreed. Jack promised to leave one for Phyllis. As Phyllis entered the elevator, she told Jack that Kerry was working, and perhaps Jack would like to deliver a bottle to her in person.

Jack located Kerry in Phyllis' office and presented her with a bottle of wine, explaining that it had been a tradition. Jack said he was sorry that Kerry had left the launch party early. He confessed that he'd wanted to get to know her better. Jack invited Kerry to join the Abbotts for Thanksgiving, but Kerry said she would work for a little while, go home, get into her pajamas, and curl up with a good book. Jack said no one should spend Thanksgiving alone, but Kerry said she was comfortable with her own company. Jack left slightly deflated.

Nick took Phyllis on a tour of his new home. Phyllis commented that it was gorgeous, and she couldn't understand why Sharon hadn't wanted to move into it with him. At that moment, Christian ran in. They all sat on the sofa while Nick explained to Christian that it might be fun if Phyllis moved in. Phyllis told Christian she would only move in if Christian wanted her to, and she asked him if he'd be okay with that. Christian agreed and went into Phyllis' arms.

Nick told Phyllis that Monique was the best nanny and took terrific care of Christian. Nick commented to Phyllis how very sweet it had been when Christian had gone to her. Phyllis said they needed to talk about Faith. Nick said that Faith was twelve going on forty, and he had no idea how she'd react to Phyllis moving in. He assured Phyllis that Faith lived with Sharon most of the time, and Phyllis still had time to back out, but they agreed that they were both ready to dive in. Phyllis said that Nick hadn't finished his tour of the house, and she indicated that she wanted to see the bedroom in particular. Once they were in the bedroom, they proceeded to make love.

Back at the Abbotts', Billy told Jack that he would join the family for Thanksgiving dinner then go to Victoria's to spend time with the kids. Billy asked if Jack had heard from Ashley. Jack admitted that he hadn't. At that moment, Jack received a call from Kerry. She told Jack that she wanted to accept his invitation to join him and his family for Thanksgiving dinner. Jack was overjoyed that Kerry had changed her mind.

Mariah returned to Tessa's, carrying a large box that the post office had delivered. Mariah said that the parcel was addressed to Tessa. Tessa opened the box, and there was the bear she'd stuffed the money and thumb drive into. Tessa lied to Mariah and said the bear had been sent from Crystal. Mariah noticed that the box was postmarked Genoa City. Tessa explained that the Crystal had sent it from somewhere in Canada to the postmaster in Genoa City. The postmaster in Genoa City had opened the outside box then post stamped the inside box. It had then been sent out for delivery. Mariah said she'd never heard of such a thing. Tessa explained that it had been necessary because Crystal was in hiding.

Mariah asked what the bear symbolized. Lying again, Tessa explained that one Thanksgiving, she and Crystal had obsessed about which teddy bear they'd get for Christmas, and it had become a thing between them. Mariah asked where Tessa wanted to put it. Tessa decided that the kitchen counter was the perfect spot, where it would always remind her of her sister.

PREEMPTION: The Young and the Restless did not air

PREEMPTION: The Young and the Restless did not air

Thursday, November 22, 2018

Due to the Thanksgiving holiday, The Young and the Restless did not air.

This was a planned preemption, and there were no "lost" episodes as a result. Regular programming resumed on November 23, 2018, and picked up where the November 21, 2018, episode concluded.

Thanksgiving doesn't go smoothly for anyone in Genoa City

Thanksgiving doesn't go smoothly for anyone in Genoa City

Friday, November 23, 2018

At Nick's new home, he and Faith discussed their Thanksgiving plans. Nick asked Faith if she wanted to talk about anything, but Faith, who barely looked up from her phone, seemed disinterested. She sighed and said that she'd expected Nick and Sharon to break up -- and that Nick and Phyllis reuniting wasn't really much of a surprise either. "Things are always changing," Nick replied, explaining, "That's how life is."

Mia thanked Lola for doing the shopping, but Mia insisted that she'd be cooking Thanksgiving dinner because it was a special occasion and the first holiday since she and Rey had gotten back together. "Special is great -- it is -- but edible is important, too," Lola quipped. Mia was disappointed that Rey didn't seem interested in having a family Thanksgiving.

Lola blamed Mia for ruining Thanksgiving, noting that Arturo didn't want to eat with them because of the awkward dynamic between Arturo, Mia, and Rey. "Other families at least sit down and pretend to get along," Lola snapped. Mia announced that she and Lola would have to take matters into their own hands. She instructed Lola to call Arturo and say whatever she needed to in order to get him to show up for dinner. Lola said nothing, instead reaching for her phone and calling Arturo.

Arturo was initially opposed to the idea, but he softened as Lola's pleas grew more desperate. He ultimately agreed but said that Abby had to be invited, as well. Lola agreed, hung up the phone, and told Mia that Arturo was on his way. Lola next sent a text message to Kyle to invite him, but Kyle told her that he needed to be with his family instead. He suggested that they meet up later.

Jack set place cards on the dinner table. As he finished, Traci entered the dining room and admired his work. She teased Jack about his having set a place at the table for Kerry. "That's quite a first date," she said with a laugh. Jack insisted that it was not a date but rather a "friendly gesture" because Kerry was "new in town."

Abby sauntered in a short time later, followed by Kyle and Billy. Abby was surprised to see a place at the table for "Ashley." Jack said he was holding out hope that Ashley would show up to be with the family. Billy didn't think it would happen. "If wishes were horses, I'd already have a pony," he retorted. The doorbell rang, and Jack's face lit up.

It wasn't Ashley at the door, but it was Jack's plus one -- Kerry. Kerry thanked Jack for inviting her. As the Abbotts greeted their dinner guest, Dina wandered into the foyer and ordered Kerry to leave immediately. Jack explained to Kerry that Dina had been diagnosed with Alzheimer's. Kerry said she understood and asked Jack to introduce her to Dina again. Kerry introduced herself to Dina, saying that she had admired Dina for quite some time. She recounted a story about how Dina had once gifted a vineyard in Bordeaux to a gentleman who had, a short time later, sold his company to Mergeron.

Jack offered to get his mother some tea and take her to her room, but Dina shushed him and said that she wanted to hear the rest of Kerry's story. Kerry called John and Dina "legends" and said that it was an honor to be working as a chemist at Jabot. The word "chemist" struck a chord with Dina, who said that she'd once known a chemist. Dina struggled with her memory and became rattled. Jack then escorted his mother out of the room. Privately, Kyle told Kerry that he was jealous of the way that Kerry had handled Dina because he and Dina were "kind of" buddies.

Later in the dining room, Kerry asked if all of the Abbotts lived together and took turns caring for Dina. Traci said that she wasn't in Genoa City as often as she'd like -- to which Billy added that it wasn't as often as the rest of the family would like either. When Kerry saw Ashley's place card, she asked if Ashley would really be joining them. The Abbotts all replied at the same time, but each had a different opinion.

Arturo arrived at the Abbott house and apologized for showing up unannounced. He told Abby that he really wanted her to accompanying him to his family's Thanksgiving dinner. Abby smiled softly and told Arturo that she really wanted to be with him, too. She added that seeing the look on Mia's face would be an awesome added bonus.

An annoyed Nikki asked why Rey was bothering her family on a national holiday. Rey said that he'd dropped by to see if Victor was home, making sure that he turned up the volume when he said "Mr. Newman's" name. Victoria told Rey that he'd wasted a trip because Victor was still in Singapore on business. Rey found it odd that Victor would not be with his family on Thanksgiving. Nikki snapped that Victor was not "evading justice" and simply had business to take care of. She again blasted Rey for showing up unannounced on a holiday.

After Rey left, Victoria groused about Rey's unannounced visit. Nikki seemed worried that Victor had gotten roped into J.T.'s murder. She then blasted herself for having invited Tessa into her home. Victoria told Nikki that she was taking steps to make sure that no one would hurt her family. Before Nikki could find out what her daughter meant, Nick and the kids arrived. Surprisingly, Nick admitted that it felt weird to not have Victor at Thanksgiving, even if "turkey without a side of conflict" did sound delicious.

Faith entered the room and revealed that the local media had already started calling Phyllis and Nick "Genoa City's newest power couple." The comment drew sharp stares from both Nikki and Victoria. Nikki felt it was too soon for Nick to have moved into a new relationship. "Mom, you don't check a date on the calendar and say, 'This is the date when I'm going to move on.' It happens when it happens," Nick explained.

Billy arrived and almost immediately got into a spat with Nick. "You've always been a self-righteous tool," Billy snapped. Nick let Billy know that Phyllis had moved in with him. Nikki was stunned and jumped in to question the decision before Billy had a chance to respond. "Unlike you, I'm actually over my ex," Billy stated after Nikki was finished reading her son the riot act.

Back at the Rosales home, Rey returned home from work and seemed annoyed that Mia was questioning why he'd been working on Thanksgiving. His mood improved a bit when he got to taste some of what Lola was cooking. The doorbell buzzed, and Mia immediately pressed the entry button. Rey flipped out, saying that Mia couldn't buzz people into the building without finding out who it was. Arturo and Abby arrived at the door a few seconds later.

Arturo was not happy to see Rey. Rey noted that he had not been told that Arturo would be there. Mia asked if they were all going to bicker or sit down to dinner as a family. Rey and Arturo both announced that they needed a beer. Meanwhile, Abby tried to stick it to Mia by saying how happy she was to have had Arturo invite her to dinner. "I'm sure you were," Mia replied, adding, "But there's no reason to feel insecure!" Mia walked away, leaving Abby alone with a scowl on her face.

After dinner, the Rosaleses reminisced about a few memories from their childhood. Everything was going smoothly until Abby shared that Mia had stopped by to visit Arturo at work. Before the fighting got too heated, Lola shared that she'd made two turkeys for Thanksgiving because there were people in the coffeeshop below that had nothing but were still finding time to give thanks. "Does Saint Sharon of the flatiron let them kiss the hem of her skirt?" Mia sassed as she poured a glass of wine. "Shut up, grab some food, and let's go," Lola snapped.

At Crimson Lights, Mariah and Tessa strolled in to wish Sharon a happy Thanksgiving. Mariah told her mother that she and Tessa had once again settled back in together. Mariah also shared that she had to go out of town for a few days for some GC Buzz business -- but assured Sharon that it would not be until after the Thanksgiving meal. Tessa praised Sharon for serving Thanksgiving meals to the homeless at the coffeeshop. Tessa also noted that it was not that long before that she, too, had been homeless. "You have a different life now, Tessa. And you earned it," Sharon replied.

A bit later, talking to Sharon, Mariah was outraged that Tessa had blackmailed Sharon even after Sharon had helped Tessa's sister, Crystal. They stopped talking when Tessa rejoined them. They each shared things that they were thankful for before turning their attention to setting up the Thanksgiving buffet. Rey, Lola, Arturo, and Abby arrived with food and the offer of a few extra sets of hands. Sharon thanked them and put them to work.

Rey and Sharon shared some small talk, unaware that Mia was watching them from the doorway. By the time Rey noticed, Mia was grabbing her coat and storming off. Tessa thanked Sharon again for all that she'd done and assured her that she would not hurt Mariah. "I know you won't," Sharon replied. After Tessa left, Sharon sent a text message to someone to inform that person that Tessa had just left.

At the Abbott home, Jack, Kerry, Traci, and Kyle talked about the fact that not everyone had been in attendance that year. No matter what, Jack said, the Abbott table would always be set for Thanksgiving. "We will always have a place setting for the people we wish could be here," Jack said. He then recounted how Thanksgiving had been John Abbott's favorite holiday. There were no fireworks, no gifts, no celebration of a certain religion, just "time at a table with family and friends." He and Traci then recited something that John had always said: "I am grateful for what I have; my Thanksgiving is perpetual, for my wealth is not possession, but enjoyment."

Jack's phone chimed, and he was overjoyed to see a message from Ashley. He read the message aloud: "Couldn't make it to the dinner. See attached." Jack sighed as he saw that attachment was a press release announcing the launch of Ashley's new line in the spring. Jack was saddened that his overture to bring the family together had been met by that sort of response. Kerry told Jack to tell Ashley that they'd meet her at the marketplace with "new and infinitely better" Jabot products.

A little later, Jack, Kerry, Dina, and Traci chatted a bit. As Traci helped Dina to her room, Kerry praised Traci's "backbone of steel." Jack concurred, saying that Traci was the "beating heart of the Abbott family."

Kyle and Lola met up later to discuss their holiday experiences. Kyle suggested that they go to the Abbott cabin for the weekend. Lola told him that she couldn't go because she already had plans.

Rey returned home, and Mia blasted him for fighting her "every step of the way." He blasted Mia for inviting Arturo into their home and forcing him to sit across from Arturo. Mia blamed Lola for inviting Arturo. "You're going to find any chance to run to him," Rey snapped. As Rey walked off, Mia told Rey to give her a reason not to.

Tessa returned to her apartment and flipped on the light. As she walked inside and shut the door, she saw Victoria sitting in a chair. "Sit down," Victoria said coldly, explaining, "I'll talk. You listen."

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