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Fen returned to town. Shauna moved to Colorado. Ana convinced Devon to see a therapist and take antianxiety medication. A fire broke out in the Newman stables. Victor went missing. Someone abducted Tessa outside her apartment. Rebekah attempted to seduce Nick.
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Nikki receives devastating news

Nikki receives devastating news

Monday, December 3, 2018

At the Genoa City Athletic Club, Lauren noticed that Michael was distracted. Michael indicated a man standing near the bar and said, "Doesn't that guy over there look a little like Fenmore?" Fen turned around, noticed his parents, and greeted them. Lauren and Michael were surprised and noted that Fen had arrived before his scheduled winter break. Michael offered assistance and noted that the first year of law school could be overwhelming. Fen told his parents that he'd quit school and was moving back to Genoa City. Lauren and Michael expressed their frustration at Fen for not first discussing his decision with them.

Fen explained that a young woman who'd performed at a place on campus had convinced him to sing on stage, sparking his interest in music. Fen laid out his plan to break into music while living with his parents to save money. Lauren looked at Michael for a reaction. Michael picked up his glass and took a drink of bourbon. Fen explained that he had already made a demo he planned to pitch to Hamilton-Winters and would continue to submit demos until the company offered him a contract.

Lauren recalled her days of performing with Danny Romalotti, so she understood Fen's enthusiasm. Lauren suggested they go home and discuss Fen's plans later. Fen said he knew his parents would try to talk him out of pursing a music career. Fen insisted there was nothing his parents could say to change his mind.

At Devon's penthouse, Shauna packed her bags and set them near the door. Devon walked downstairs and frowned when he saw the packed suitcases. Devon begged Shauna not to leave and asked if Cane had persuaded her. Shauna insisted that it was her decision alone, and she thanked Devon for showing her a kind of life she'd never known had existed. Shauna explained that her visit home at Thanksgiving had gone well. Shauna noted that her brother was sober, and her parents were faring better, too.

Devon reminded Shauna of his promise to Hilary to take care of her and ensure she had every opportunity. Charlie and Cane stopped by. Charlie tightly embraced Shauna and told her he'd miss her terribly. Shauna said she didn't want to break up. Charlie said he'd upgrade his data plan, so they could keep in contact. After overhearing Shauna and Charlie discuss the difficulties of a long-distance relationship, Devon asked Cane why Cane would want to take Shauna out of a good situation and break his son's heart. Cane sighed.

Charlie and Cane briefly stepped out into the hallway. Cane said he was sorry things had worked out the way they had. Charlie asked Cane if Shauna could move in with them if things didn't work out with her parents in Colorado. Cane recalled that Shauna's previous stay hadn't gone well. Charlie seemed to lose hope when Cane explained that it would be inappropriate for Shauna to live with them again. Cane sadly acknowledged that their family had endured difficult times, and he expressed regret that Lily wasn't around to offer advice.

Cane went back inside as Shauna walked upstairs to check her room. Cane told Devon he was doing the best thing for Devon and for Shauna. Devon said he'd been doing his best with Shauna by keeping his promise to Hilary. Cane recalled having found drugs in Devon's couch cushion. Cane asked Devon if he thought Hilary would approve. Devon insisted he didn't know about the drugs and would ensure it never happened again.

Cane acknowledged that Devon had rescued Shauna from a dangerous situation. Cane gently insisted it was time for Devon to let Shauna go. Devon cried that letting Shauna go meant losing another part of Hilary. Cane explained that Devon should stop living his life for Hilary and try to live for himself. Devon replied, "So, Lily took her from me, and you're trying to erase her from my memory."

Devon spoke to Shauna alone and assured her she would always be welcomed back and could call if she needed advice. Shauna said she'd learned from Devon not to hide her true feelings. Devon acknowledged that things hadn't been going well. Shauna tearfully thanked Devon for giving her a loving home and a family when she'd needed one. Shauna advised Devon to lean on his family and not shut them out. Shauna cried that Hilary, looking down, knew Shauna would be okay and wanted Devon to be okay, too. Shauna embraced Devon and sobbed before she walked out the door, leaving Devon alone.

At Rey and Mia's apartment, Rey helped set up the bar for Mia's party. As Rey unpacked a box of wine, he asked Mia how much she'd spent. Mia replied, "You cannot put a price tag on making a good impression. Takes planning and calculation to make an evening look effortless and fun." Mia explained that she was about to entertain the town's most powerful and cutthroat ladies while showing off her mobile beauty business, Mia's Moods. Rey advised Mia not to get her hopes up too high because achieving success might take time. Lola arrived with the food, and Mia nervously instructed her to set out dishes on the table. Rey kissed Lola on the cheek before he left.

At Crimson Lights, Victoria and Phyllis were walking toward the bar when Phyllis tripped, falling to the floor. A lipstick tumbled out of Victoria's purse, and Phyllis picked it up. Phyllis handed the lipstick to Victoria and noted that she should be using Jabot products. Victoria replied, "I prefer Brash & Sassy cosmetics, thank you." Victoria and Phyllis approached Sharon. Victoria asked if anyone had heard from Tessa. Sharon said they were probably in the clear as far as Tessa was concerned. Phyllis snidely said, "We better be, or that singing barista is going to find herself six feet underground with a sculpture of her own."

Sharon stepped away to serve a customer and ran into Rey. Sharon said she'd been invited to Mia's party. Sharon said she wondered if Rey had suggested she be invited, or if perhaps she might be walking into a trap. Rey assured Sharon that he'd had nothing to do with the guest list. Sharon said she might not be able to attend. Rey didn't indicate that the party might make Sharon uncomfortable.

After Rey left, Phyllis and Victoria approached and asked why Rey had appeared tense. Sharon said they'd been discussing Mia's party. Phyllis said she'd been invited because Mia had worked for Jabot and likely wanted to make an impression with the CEO. Victoria asked Phyllis how many times a day she reminded others of her job title. Phyllis replied, "As many times as I want because I'm the CEO." Victoria said Mia had also invited her, likely because she wanted a Newman to also be present.

Phyllis suggested that she, Victoria, Nikki, and Sharon should get acquainted with Rey's wife because Rey was leading the investigation of J.T.'s death. Phyllis scoffed that they could be like Rey and milk people for information. Sharon replied, "The reason why that worked is because Rey is actually charming." Victoria agreed that it was a good plan because they wouldn't be safe until J.T.'s body was found. The others seemed in agreement with Victoria.

As Mia readied food and drinks, she complained that no one had yet shown up. Lola noted that the guests were fashionably late. Mia smoothed her new dress. Modeling for Lola, Mia said, "How's my fashion?" Mia admitted she was wearing a knockoff of a $5,000 designer dress she'd enlisted a student at a fashion institute to sew for her. Lola seemed overwhelmed by Mia's intense need to make her best impression.

Mia rushed to answer a knock at the door. Mia greeted Phyllis, Sharon, and Victoria and said she was ready to tell them all about what she could do for them. Victoria introduced herself, and Mia gushed, explaining that she'd been reading about Victoria for years. Mia didn't greet Sharon as enthusiastically as the others. Esther arrived and immediately requested that Mia give her a makeover. Mia said she would later.

Mia approached Phyllis and Victoria, both of whom were inspecting Mia's collection of beauty products. Victoria noted that Mia had some Brash & Sassy products. Phyllis interrupted and noted that Jabot would offer a fresh line of products in the spring. Mia applauded the two cosmetics titans and said it was incredible that business rivals could also remain good friends. Sharon replied, "Incredible is one word for it." Mia told Sharon she hadn't expected Sharon to show up because hair and makeup didn't appear to be her thing. Sharon shrugged and said she didn't center her life around beauty and fashion. Mia said her aim was to make a woman feel like there was no other in the world like her.

Abby arrived wearing a dress similar to Mia's. Abby said, "Any chance that I'm having a nightmare, and I'm going to wake up any second." Mia laughed nervously and said Abby had great taste. Abby inspected Mia's dress and pointed out the interesting stitching on the collar. Mia said, "Why buy it for a fortune when you can get it for a steal?" Abby, unamused, replied, "Smart, as long as you can live with knowing it's a knockoff."

Victoria privately told Abby that she'd gone too far with her comment to Mia. Abby said that though Mia was Arturo's family, she wouldn't allow Mia to intimidate her. Victoria replied, "Intimidate you with what?" Abby explained that Mia had been playing the Rosales brothers against each other. Abby insisted she didn't intend to join Mia's game.

Mia greeted Nikki. Mia excitedly requested to take a photo of her guests together. Nikki said she'd allow a photo as long as Mia agreed not to publish it. Mia acknowledged that her apartment needing sprucing up and vowed to speak to her landlady. Sharon overheard the snide comment, but she didn't respond.

Nikki told Mia she'd met Rey and noted he was investigating the murder of Victoria's ex-husband. Nikki asked Mia if there had been a break in the case. Mia avoided discussing Rey's investigation and instead gave Esther a makeover. Esther was pleased and admired herself in a mirror. Abby admired Esther and said she looked great. Mia suggested anti-aging products for Abby. Abby told Mia she should try them herself.

In the kitchen area, Nikki, Victoria, Sharon, and Phyllis gathered and quietly noted that Mia didn't know anything about Rey's work. Sharon said, "Except for complaining about it." Victoria said perhaps there was nothing to know. Nikki replied, "Well, let's hope that's the case." Abby tasted Lola's food. After sampling one item, Abby said, "These are better than sex." Mia replied, "Then you're probably doing it wrong. Better have a talk with Arturo."

Mia redirected her attention when Lauren arrived. Mia flattered Phyllis and Lauren and requested they consider hiring her, if the offered position was a good fit. Mia added that Rey supported her career, though he worked long hours and wouldn't notice she was away. Sharon noted that Rey worked long hours because he was devoted to protecting and serving his community. Mia suggested that devotion could lead to an unhealthy obsession. Sharon said it was infuriating to hear Mia complain about her saint of a husband sacrificing to make the world a better place. Mia challenged Sharon to tell her more about her husband. Sharon said that Rey was a good man with a strong moral code who spent his days helping people.

Lola, hoping to defuse the tense situation, said, "Anyone like more croquettas?" Esther took Lola up on her offer, but Sharon continued her conversation with Mia. Sharon said she couldn't understand why Mia was resentful of Rey's job, noting that Mia wasn't a 50s housewife. Mia replied, "Far from it. You don't know anything about my marriage." Sharon said, "I don't understand your marriage at all." Sharon apologized and said she had to leave.

As the guests filed out, Mia told Lola it was too early for everyone to leave. Lola said the party had gone well. Mia's enthusiasm returned when Lola said she anticipated Mia getting more business. Mia rushed toward the door to give everyone a business card before they walked out. Esther noted she might need Mia's services because she had an upcoming bowling tournament. Mia faked a smile and nodded.

After Sharon returned to the coffeehouse, she ran into Rey. Rey said, "I thought the party would be going on for at least a few more hours." Sharon said she was done with the party and hadn't made the best decision to attend in the first place. Rey asked what had happened. Sharon admitted that though she'd tried, she and Mia would never become friends. Rey said it was his fault. Rey added, "I am trying to make my marriage work. I don't know if I can get past what she did, or if I can ever forgive her." Rey said he wasn't certain if one difficult aspect stemmed from him envisioning Mia in bed with his brother, or if he kept picturing himself with someone else.

Rey cried that he'd been fighting with Mia and himself and felt as though he was losing. Rey added, "I am fighting with everyone, except you." Sharon drew closer to Rey. Mia entered and said, "Oh, you're down here." Mia asked Rey if Sharon had proclaimed the party to be a big success. Rey replied, "She did." Mia pulled Rey close and kissed him passionately. Sharon turned and walked away.

Nikki and Victoria entered the coffeehouse. The women lamented that the party had been a colossal waste of their time. Nikki acknowledged that she kind of liked Mia because Mia reminded her of girlfriends she'd known "back in the day." Victoria laughed. Nikki's mood changed after she received a phone call informing her that the stable at the ranch was on fire.

The Newmans worry when Victor disappears

The Newmans worry when Victor disappears

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Nikki and Victoria sat in a car, staring in horror at the fire that raged in the Newman stables. Rey suddenly jumped into the back seat and ordered them to stay where they were. He informed them that the ranch hands had gotten the horses out and taken them to a stable down the road, and the firefighters were doing everything they could. Rey requested that the women leave, since the head of security had reported a trespasser on the property, and it was an ongoing investigation. Nikki prepared to go to the main house, but Rey insisted that they leave the ranch until he found out exactly what had happened there that night.

At Devon's penthouse, Devon descended the stairs, and Ana inquired whether Shauna had made it out okay. Devon grumbled that Cane had made sure of it, and Ana hoped to spend some time alone with Devon. Devon muttered that she made it sound like Shauna being gone was a good thing, and Ana sympathized that it had been hard for him to watch Shauna go. Devon started to head out, and Ana offered to wait up for him. He told her that he wouldn't be home that night, and he exited.

At home, Tessa flipped through the pages of a book and looked over at Mariah next to her in bed, silently reading. Mariah tossed aside her book and turned away, stating that she needed to get some sleep. Tessa wished her goodnight, shut off the light, and faced the other way. Mariah somberly stared into the dark. In the morning, Tessa awakened and found Mariah's side of the bed empty.

Fen stepped off the elevator at Jabot and introduced himself to Ted as Lauren's son. Ted indicated that Lauren would be out of the office at a conference all day, and he offered to give her a message. Lola entered and handed Ted some new menus from her food truck. Ted attempted to make introductions, and he became flustered when he realized that Fen's full name could be Fenmore Fenmore. Fen corrected that his last name was Baldwin.

Fen and Lola shook hands, and he inquired about her owning the truck. She encouraged him to share the menu with his friends, and he amorously asked if the house special was hot. Lola quipped that it was probably too hot for him, but she was sure he could find something on the menu more suitable. Lola sauntered off, and Fen dejectedly muttered, "Strike one." Ted declared that Fen was already out because Lola had a boyfriend. Fen commented that her boyfriend was a lucky guy that day, but "tomorrow" would be a new game.

At Crimson Lights, Mariah begged Kyle to help her with life, feelings, and relationships. Kyle struggled to piece Mariah's predicament together when she wouldn't tell him what Tessa had done. Mariah contended that all that mattered was that trust was the number one thing in a relationship, and people got hurt when trust was broken. Mariah bemoaned that she literally felt like her heart was breaking in her chest. She thought most people would walk away, but she kept going back for more pain and disappointment.

Mariah recounted that Tessa had seemed sorry and upset after the first time she'd been caught in a lie, and Tessa had vowed that it would never happen again. Kyle guessed that Tessa had lied again. Mariah recognized that most people would have walked out the door and never looked back, but something had made her stay. Mariah blamed it on stupidity, but Kyle suspected that the word she was looking for was love.

Mariah conceded that she should have gone cold turkey after the second time Tessa had lied, but she hadn't walked away like a normal person would have. Kyle pointed out that it wasn't too late, and Mariah contemplated why she hadn't done it. Mariah thanked Kyle for being a giant help, but he noted that she'd done all the talking about trust and love. Mariah spotted Fen across the coffeehouse and exclaimed that he looked great. Fen suggested that they get the old gang back together if Summer was still around, but Kyle indicated that she was on the other side of the world, learning to become a shark at Newman.

Fen figured that maybe it was for the best, and Kyle taunted that getting rejected twice would really sting. Fen insisted that he and Summer were just friends, and Mariah snarked that maybe Summer might actually have one friend when she got back. Fen conveyed his plan to check out the Genoa City dating scene, and Mariah offered to let everyone know he was available. Kyle was surprised to hear that Fen had quit law school after the first semester, and Fen explained that he was more into music than becoming a lawyer. Kyle asked what Fen planned to do for a living, and Fen declared his intent to write, sing, and record.

Fen admitted that a girl at school had led him down that path, and Kyle remarked that it was the best inspiration around. Fen asserted that it hadn't just been about the sex, but it had been time to move on personally and professionally when they'd broken up. Mariah questioned why Fen hadn't gone to New York or Los Angeles instead, and Fen pointed out that his family and Devon were in Genoa City. Fen hoped to get a demo in front of Devon, and he boasted that he was good enough to make it.

Fen observed that Mariah looked completely different from the last time he'd seen her in person, although he'd seen her killing it on GC Buzz. Fen mentioned that Devon owned the show, and Kyle chided Fen for making it seem like he'd randomly bumped into them. Fen wondered if Mariah could get his demo to Devon, and Mariah offered to listen to it and pass it along if it was any good. Kyle and Fen exchanged barbs.

Mariah asked if Fen had returned home with anyone. Fen planned to check out the dating scene while focusing on his music, but he wanted no strings attached. Fen referred to a woman he'd met earlier that day, and he spotted Lola across the coffeehouse. Fen approached Lola and gushed that he'd told his friends all about her, and Lola remarked that sometimes words weren't enough to show how one felt. Lola made a show of kissing Kyle.

Kyle complimented Fen's taste in women, and Fen implied that Lola didn't really know Kyle. Mariah told Fen to give it up, and Fen expected to sit back and wait for Kyle to screw things up like he usually did. "Not this time," Kyle vowed. Lola joined Rey at the counter and observed that he looked exhausted. He mentioned the fire, and she wondered when he'd started working for the fire department. He replied that he got involved when a fire was more than just a fire, and he answered a call. Rey revealed that he might have gotten a break, and he headed out.

Tessa entered the coffeehouse and ran into Mariah. Tessa noted that Mariah had been up and out early that morning, and Mariah claimed that she hadn't wanted to wake Tessa. Tessa wished they'd had breakfast or a cup of coffee together, and she asked if Mariah had the time then. Mariah said she was late to work and had to run, and Tessa suggested they do it the next day. Mariah hesitated to commit, and she rushed off.

Meanwhile, Fen swore that he never would have hit on Lola if he'd known that she and Kyle were together, and Kyle groused that it had never stopped Fen before. Fen joked that he was sure Lola's cooking was better than her choice of guys, and he said he'd see her at her food truck. Lola stepped to the counter to get coffee to go, and Fen commented that Lola was out of Kyle's league. Kyle snarled that Fen hadn't changed a bit, since he was still the same jealous jerk. When Lola returned, Kyle told Fen that he'd say it had been nice to see him, but he would be lying. Kyle and Lola headed out.

Wearing sunglasses, Devon stumbled off the elevator outside his penthouse. He fumbled for his keys, and Nate appeared across the hall and assumed that it had been a rough night. Devon claimed that he'd been at a long studio session, and Nate surmised that it had included an open bar. Devon mumbled that he didn't need a lecture, and he dropped his keys. Nate offered a helping hand and opened the door for him. Nate led Devon inside and warned Ana that Devon would have a killer hangover.

Nate insisted on making his world-famous hangover cure. Devon protested that he was fine, and Nate quipped that the only thing worse than a guy with a hangover was a stupid guy with a hangover. Nate and Ana made a point of loudly chopping vegetables in the kitchen, and Devon pleaded with them to keep it down. Nate explained that noise was part of the process, since the worse Devon felt, the better the remedy would be. Nate lectured that the best thing for a hangover was not to get one in the first place, and Ana yelled at Devon to file the advice away for the future. Nate cranked the blender up as high as it would go, and Devon grabbed his head. Nate and Ana smiled and high-fived.

Nate ordered Devon to drink the hangover concoction, but Devon hesitated without knowing what was in it. Nate started listing ingredients, and Devon cut him off and agreed to drink it. Wincing, Devon chugged it down and claimed that it wasn't bad. Nate assured him that the burning sensation would go away in a few minutes, but he cautioned that what Devon was doing to his body every night would have a lasting effect on his life. Nate stepped out, and Devon complained that he'd expected Nate to be a jerk, but not Ana. Ana stressed that all she wanted was for him to get better, and he groused that he couldn't feel worse. She clarified that she wanted to help fix his heart.

Ana fetched an ice pack for Devon's head and proposed that they talk. Devon maintained that he had nothing to say, and Ana suggested that she talk while he listened. She recognized that she could never know what he was going through, but she'd suffered a different kind of loss, so she had some idea of what he was feeling. Ana recounted that she'd fallen in love with singing, and she'd put her heart and soul into it because she'd wanted to share her passion for music with the world. She accepted that the world hadn't been interested in what she'd had to offer, so she'd had to let go of her dream and move on.

Ana understood what it was like to lose the passion that had driven her, and she compared it to Devon's passion for Hilary. Ana saw Devon struggling just like she had been, and she considered that being there to help him was a way to also help herself. Devon appreciated her support, but he felt that she couldn't compare the two things, since she could always go back to music, whereas he'd never get his wife and child back. Ana recognized that he could never replace them, but he could learn how to cope. Ana thought that he owed it to Hilary and himself to try.

Devon explained that when Nate had told him that Hilary wouldn't make it, he'd heard the words, but he hadn't been able to take in what Nate had said. Devon admitted that he still hadn't fully absorbed it or accepted the fact that Hilary was gone, and he felt like he was losing her over and over again every time he realized she wasn't there. Ana thought he needed a professional to help him, but a therapist couldn't help if Devon wouldn't see one. Devon agreed to go, and Ana threw her arms around him.

At Victoria's house, Victoria was surprised to see Nikki up, and Nikki groaned that she hadn't been able to sleep. Victoria empathized because she couldn't stop thinking about the fire and Rey's investigation. Nikki contended that it wasn't all they had to be worried about, since Victor hadn't responded to her calls and text messages. Nikki added that Summer didn't know anything about his whereabouts, and it looked like he'd disappeared.

Victoria called the police station to find out more information about the fire, but all she learned was that Rey was still investigating at the ranch. Nikki suggested that they drop the children off at school and go to the ranch to see what was going on, but Victoria reminded her that they weren't allowed back on the property. Nikki fretted over what Rey was checking out.

Nick arrived and reported that the police had cordoned off the ranch and that the fire chief had confirmed that the blaze was out. Nick regretfully added that the stables were a total loss, but at least there had been no damage to the house. He continued that the authorities were still trying to figure out how the fire had started, and it could take a while. Victoria suspected faulty wiring or a fallen space heater, but Nikki preferred not to consider the alternatives with Victor not being there. Nick asked if there was something going on that he didn't know about. Nikki was desperate to find out what was going on at the ranch and why Victor had gone off the grid.

Nick was adamant that Nikki needed rest, and he promised to get her if he and Victoria heard anything. Nikki headed upstairs, and Nick blasted Victor for not showing more concern about Nikki. Victoria figured that their father was working on a big deal, and his ability to shut out the rest of the world was what had made him so successful. Nick pledged not to give Victor the advantage by taking focus off his work. Victoria argued that their dad could be lost or hurt, but Nick expected Victor to go on the attack against Dark Horse. Victoria swore that their father wasn't trying to wage war against Nick, and Nick asked if she could promise him that. She remained silent, and he said he hadn't thought so.

Nick asked how Victoria and the kids had been doing after Rey had opened the investigation into J.T.'s murder. Victoria replied that her younger children had no idea, but Reed had been having a hard time. She imagined that Nick had had his hands full with Faith and Christian. Nick bragged that Christian and Phyllis had formed a great bond and that Faith was getting there, and Victoria insinuated that things were getting serious. Nick was grateful that there were no complications, and he was having too much fun to consider the future.

Victoria wasn't surprised that Nick had turned to Phyllis, but she'd thought Phyllis would go back to Billy because they had a way of thriving on the drama of blowing up people's lives. Nick was confident that there was no way Phyllis would go back to Billy, and Victoria inquired whether there was any chance for Nick and Sharon. Nick reiterated that Sharon had made it very clear that there was no future for them, but Victoria wondered how Nick felt.

Victoria made some calls to find out more about the fire but had no luck. Nick suggested that she call Rey, but Victoria figured that Rey was busy investigating. Nick sensed that she was avoiding Rey because of J.T., and he assumed that she wanted Rey to drop the whole thing. Nikki reappeared and wailed that things were getting stranger by the minute, since her emails to Victor had bounced back, and his phone number had gone to a recording about his number being out of service. She worried that something terrible had happened to him. Nick tried in vain over the phone to get information about who had closed Victor's cell phone account.

Rey stopped by and announced that he'd spoken with forensics, and there was no question that the fire had been set intentionally. Rey continued that the ranch had officially been declared a crime scene, and he inquired whether any of the Newmans had heard from Victor. Nick replied that they'd had no luck getting in touch with his father, and he wondered why Rey needed to talk to Victor. Rey vaguely explained that Victor owned the ranch, and he had to speak with all interested parties. Rey headed out, and Nick had the feeling that Rey knew more than what he'd been saying. Victoria mused that she had more than a feeling, and she shared a knowing look with Nikki.

Preempted for the funeral of George H.W. Bush

Preempted for the funeral of George H.W. Bush

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Due to CBS News coverage of the funeral for George H.W. Bush, The Young and the Restless did not air. While this was not a planned preemption, there were no "lost" episodes as a result of the preemption.

Regular programming resumed on Thursday, December 6, and picked up where the Tuesday, December 4 episode concluded.

Victor is the prime suspect in J.T.'s murder

Victor is the prime suspect in J.T.'s murder

Thursday, December 6, 2018

At Victoria's, Nikki was upset because she hadn't been able to contact Victor. She told Victoria that Summer hadn't heard from or seen Victor either. Worried, Victoria said it was like Victor had dropped off the face of the earth. Nikki fretted. She was certain something had happened to him. At that moment, Nikki received a call from a blocked number. Thinking it might be Victor, she answered the call. It was Rey. He wanted Nikki and Victoria to meet with him at the police station to answer some questions.

At the police station, Rey ended his call with Nikki, picked up a paper bag, and joined Nick in the conference room. Rey asked Nick what he knew about the stable fire. Rey said he knew that Nick would go to great lengths to hurt Victor. Nick denied that he had started the fire and asked Rey why he'd do that. Rey said they'd discovered some new evidence. Nick asked about the new evidence, but before Rey could answer, Nikki and Victoria arrived.

Nick pushed Rey to show them the new evidence he'd discovered. Rey pulled out a plastic bag containing a gun and asked if anyone recognized it. Nick asked if Rey was accusing them of keeping a gun in the stables where Faith kept her horses and had her riding lessons. Nick said Faith was there all the time, and they wouldn't put her at risk by leaving a gun lying around. Rey asked how the gun had gotten there. Victoria said it was obvious that it had been left there by whoever had started the fire.

Nick asked if Rey knew who had started the fire. He accused Rey of bending the facts and being so sure the Newmans had something to do with J.T. that he would use any excuse to interrogate them. Nick said his family was being treated like suspects when it was their property that had been vandalized. Nick said he was done, and if Rey wasn't arresting him, he was leaving. Nick advised Nikki and Victoria not to say anything further until they had a lawyer present.

After Nick left, Rey pulled out another plastic bag that contained a bloody oxford shirt and showed it to Victoria and Nikki. He asked them if the shirt looked familiar. Victoria and Nikki agreed that they'd never seen it before. Nikki told Rey that Victor's shirts were tailor-made, and the one in the bag was obviously off the rack. Rey said forensic tests had been done on the shirt and gun, and they had produced interesting results. He said that the gun was registered to Victor, and it had only Victor's finger prints on it. Nikki said that Victor kept all his firearms under lock and key.

Victoria told Rey that Victor had been out of the country for some time. Rey told Nikki and Victoria that the blood on the shirt was J.T.'s. Nikki said that made no sense. Victoria accused Rey of twisting the truth to suit his needs and said he'd been playing games with them since they had arrived at the station. She wanted to know why they should believe him. She suggested that Rey might have planted the evidence.

Rey wanted Nikki to speak for herself. Nikki said none of it made any sense because there was always someone at the stables, and there were people on the property around the clock. She stated that their employees were loyal and kept meticulous records. If a gun and bloody shirt had been found, they would have reported it. Victoria pointed out that those items hadn't miraculously shown up in the stable after the fire had done so much damage.

Rey told Nikki and Victoria that he was attempting to put the pieces together, but the fact remained that a bloody shirt had been recovered, and the potential murder weapon belonged to Victor -- and only Victor's fingerprints were on it. The items had been found at the stables on Newman property. Nikki insisted it was ridiculous because they had people at the stables at all times, and they kept track of everyone who arrived and left. Rey announced that Victor was the prime suspect in J.T. Hellstrom's murder.

At Devon's, Ana told Nate that Devon had gone to see a therapist. She explained how she'd talked Devon into seeing one. Ana said that Nate spoke to Devon like a patient or a child. She'd gotten results because she'd spoken to Devon from the heart. Ana told Nate that she was organizing notes for Devon because he had a meeting with Rebekah Barlow later. Nate recalled that Devon had been working on one of Lily's ideas. Nate questioned whether Devon would be able to conduct the meeting because of everything he'd been going through.

At the therapist's office, Devon told the therapist that he shouldn't be there because he needed to prepare for a meeting. He said he was there because the family had insisted that he be there. He told the therapist that he'd had a tough year, but it was nothing he couldn't handle. The therapist asked him about Hilary and what had happened to her. Devon explained that Hilary and their unborn child had died.

The therapist offered his condolences and asked how Devon had been handling Hilary's death. Devon said he barely slept, and at times, he barely had enough energy to shower. He said when he tried to focus on anything, his thoughts would turn to Hilary, and he'd think about the things he'd wanted to do with his wife and child. Devon said he had never imagined his heart could hurt so much. He said not a day went by that he didn't wish Hilary was with him. The therapist asked if Devon had considered taking his life. Devon admitted he'd thought about it, but he wouldn't because there were too many reasons not to.

Devon told the therapist that Hilary wouldn't want him to shut down. He said he went through the motions, but nothing he did felt normal. He said he'd been hanging out with colleagues and that he tried to bury his feelings. He said the family had been attempting to help him. The therapist asked Devon to tell him about Hilary. Devon said Hilary had been special, beautiful, ambitious, the life of the party, and an incredible woman. He said he wasn't used to talking about Hilary in the past tense.

Devon told the therapist that Hilary had died in a car accident. He said his sister Lily had been driving; she and Hilary had been arguing, and they had been T-boned by a truck on Hilary's side of the car. He said that Hilary had survived the accident and that his cousin Nate had tried to save her life. However, later, Hilary had suffered complications, and she and their unborn child had died. Devon explained that Nate was a surgeon, and every time he looked at Nate, Nate was a constant reminder about the accident.

Devon told the therapist that Nate had also lost someone he'd loved. Nate had tried to tell him how he should be handling his situation and how he should feel. Devon admitted that it didn't sit well with him. It made him angry, and then he'd feel guilty for being angry. Devon said that Lily had been sentenced to one year in jail, and Neil had moved upstate to be close to her. The family had tried to strong-arm him into forgiving Lily, but he hadn't been able to. He kept remembering that once Lily was out of jail, she'd have her life and family back, but his dreams had been destroyed. The family couldn't understand why he had refused to go to see Lily on Thanksgiving to make her feel better.

Devon told the therapist that he'd had parties at his condo and that he would consume too much alcohol. He saw no harm in that. When the therapist asked Devon how he slept, Devon said he would have nightmares, or he'd think Hilary was still alive then he'd wake up and realize she was gone, or he felt like he'd run a marathon. He said many times he'd stay up thinking about "what ifs." He felt like the walls were closing in and that he'd let Hilary down.

Devon told the therapist that he'd sworn to Hilary that he'd take care of Shauna, a girl that Hilary had taken under her wing and moved into their condo. Devon said that his brother-in-law had thought it was best if Shauna moved back home. The therapist said that it had to have been very difficult for Devon to lose another child. Devon said that he'd grown up in foster care, and he understood what family meant.

Devon told the therapist that he had always wanted a family, but he'd felt he hadn't deserved one. He said he was lucky and had gotten a great family who'd loved and taken care of him. He'd found a woman who'd loved him, and they had had everything they'd wanted. One reckless decision had ended it all. Devon said he'd lost his wife, his child, and his sister.

The therapist told Devon that alcohol was a temporary fix and that Devon's depression could be managed with medication. He also recommended therapy twice a week. He said that Devon needed to talk to someone from a non-critical and a non-judgmental environment. Devon was opposed to taking medication. He explained that his mother had been addicted to cocaine, and Neil was in A.A. The therapist explained that Devon only needed to take a low dose of antianxiety medication long enough to regain control of his life. Devon thought for a moment and agreed to take the medication.

Devon wanted the therapist's assurance that anything he told the therapist would be kept confidential. The therapist assured Devon that he was ethically and legally bound to keep everything confidential unless Devon planned to cause harm to someone or himself.

At Jabot, Phyllis and Billy argued because Phyllis was concerned that Billy would attempt to undermine her during their meeting with Rebekah Barlow. They agreed to keep it strictly business.

Phyllis and Billy met with Rebekah Barlow at the Athletic Club. They told Rebekah that they were very impressed with her products, and it would be a good partnership with Jabotique. Billy and Phyllis volleyed back and forth, explaining the benefits of their partnership. Their emphasis was on Rebekah's eyelash line and how customers could experience her products. Phyllis said Rebekah would get an exclusive experience that she'd never forget. Rebekah was impressed with their pitch and said they were at the top of her short list.

Rebekah saw a dark-haired man arrive and sit down with another man at a table. Phyllis reminded Billy that he had a phone call to make, and Billy left. Rebekah asked if Phyllis knew the dark-haired gentleman at the next table. Phyllis turned and saw that the man Rebekah had referred to was Nick. Phyllis told Rebekah that the man was the CEO of Dark Horse. Rebekah coyly said she wanted to meet with him to discuss locations, interior designers, and that sort of thing. She said he'd be helpful in her making a final decision.

After Rebekah left, Billy returned and asked Phyllis if they'd gotten the deal. Phyllis said they had the inside track. They congratulated themselves on how well they had played off each other. Phyllis admitted that she couldn't have done it without Billy and admitted that they had always been a good team. Billy agreed.

Devon returned home. When he saw Nate, he asked if Nate was checking up on him. Nate countered that he'd been catching up with Ana. Nate said he'd heard that Devon had been to see a therapist. Nate said he knew how difficult it had been for Devon to ask for help. He assured Devon that it wasn't a sign of weakness. Devon didn't want to talk about it and told Nate he wanted to focus on his work.

Ana gave Devon the information he needed for his meeting with Rebekah Barlow. For a split second, Devon looked a little confused. Nate saw the look and suggested that perhaps Devon should postpone his meeting if he wasn't ready. Irritated, Devon told Nate that if he needed Nate's help, he'd ask for it, but in the meantime, he had things under control. Nate ignored Devon and continued to make suggestions. Devon chastised him. The doorbell rang.

Devon told Nate that Rebekah Barlow had arrived, and he wanted Nate to politely say hello and leave. Devon answered the door, and he introduced Rebekah to Ana, his assistant. Rebekah asked who Nate was. Nate said he was leaving. He said it was nice meeting her, and he walked out.

Devon and Rebekah sat down to talk. Devon told her that Phoenix Truman had asked him to say hello to her. He said that Phoenix had played bass on one of Renee's newest tracks. Devon gave her the thumb drive of Renee's five or six brand-new songs that hadn't been released yet. Rebekah wanted to meet Renee. Confused, Devon said he wasn't aware that Rebekah had wanted to meet with her. Rebekah asked if Devon thought that she would partner her multi-billion-dollar company with him based on his good looks and charm. She said she needed to meet Renee to get to know her. She said she hated people like Devon, who wasted her time. She declared the meeting was over.

Rebekah stood up to leave. Ana stepped in and said that Renee's European tour had been booked months before, and they'd scheduled the meeting because they had expected Renee to be home for the holidays. Unfortunately, her manager had booked a few more dates for her, and he'd failed to notify them. Rebekah said that was unfortunate. Ana said they had known that Rebekah had been ready to move forward with her campaign, and they'd wanted to take advantage of her being in town to see if they could lay the groundwork. Devon agreed, but seconds later, he looked as if he was having breathing issues.

Ana told Rebekah that they'd known how important it was for Rebekah to choose the right woman to represent her brand. Ana was certain Renee was the right woman because she had a diverse audience, she had a wide online presence, and she was in the demographic that Rebekah wanted to target. Ana said that Renee was one of the top five most-streamed singers, and she hadn't reached her full potential yet.

Off to the side, Devon was clearly in distress. He tried to reach for a bottle of water, but his hand shook badly. His heart was pounding, and he kept grabbing his chest. He had trouble breathing. Ana and Rebekah asked if he was okay, but Devon was unable to answer.

At Nick's, Phyllis questioned Nick about the fire at the stables. Nick told her about the gun and that Rey was barking up the wrong tree. Phyllis started to give him a massage, but Nick knew Phyllis was buttering him up for something. He told her to tell him what she wanted because she knew he'd do or give her anything she wanted. Phyllis asked, "Even if it involved going on a date with another woman?"

Rebekah attempts to seduce Nick

Rebekah attempts to seduce Nick

Friday, December 7, 2018

At Devon's penthouse, a woozy Devon struggled to see Ana and Rebekah clearly. Ana called his name as he raised his hand to his chest, and he claimed that he'd been distracted for a second. Ana suggested that Rebekah get to know Renee through her songs, and she handed over a thumb drive with the latest tracks Renee had recorded before she'd gone on tour. Rebekah put on headphones to listen to the songs, and Ana pulled Devon aside. He confided that his heart was racing and that he couldn't breathe well.

Ana retrieved Devon's prescription medication and suggested that he take his pills. Devon explained that the doctor had ordered them, but he'd never agreed to take them. Ana lectured that they were for what he was feeling, and she argued that it would be different than the way their mom had taken drugs because the pills had been prescribed by a doctor. Ana urged him to take the medication for the good of the deal if not for himself, and he reluctantly swallowed the pills.

Ana tried to convince Rebekah that LP was a perfect match for Barlow's customers, but Rebekah insisted on talking to Devon. A much calmer Devon explained that he'd worked out the problem of Renee not being there, since he understood Rebekah not wanting to put her reputation on the line without meeting the person who would be representing her company. Devon revealed that he'd arranged for Renee's manager to set up a videoconference right then, and Renee would be ready right after she finished her show. Rebekah went to grab some water, and Devon assured Ana that he was doing much better.

Later, Devon ended the videoconference and asked what Rebekah had thought of Renee. Rebekah agreed that Renee was the whole package, and she couldn't fathom how the singer had sat down for a meeting right after performing in front of thousands of screaming fans. Rebekah noted that Renee had been wearing Barlow's lipstick and had had Barlow products all over her dressing room table, so there would be no hard sell. Rebekah proclaimed that it was what her brand needed, and she instructed Devon to send her the paperwork to strike a deal.

After Rebekah left for another meeting, Ana enthused that she and Devon had done it, but she thought there were some things they needed to talk about. Devon demanded to know how she'd known about his prescription, since he'd wanted to keep it between him and his doctor. Ana explained that she'd seen the bottle when she'd been getting a document out of his briefcase. She continued that she'd recognized the name of the drug because she'd had a friend at school who had taken it for anxiety attacks. Devon denied having an attack, but Ana assured him that it was okay to ask for help and that she would be there if he did.

Ana wished that Devon had told her that he was struggling, but Devon figured that what he'd been feeling was normal. Devon recounted that from the time of Hilary's accident until her funeral, he'd had people trying to lift him up, but everyone had gone back to their lives, leaving him alone to deal with his grief. He'd thought he could handle it, but the walls had started closing in, and he'd felt like he couldn't breathe. Ana asked if it had been why he'd been drinking and partying, and he conceded that it hadn't helped anything. He admitted that he'd pushed away the people who cared about him, like her. Ana credited him for going to a therapist and taking his meds, but she warned that she wouldn't back off.

At the police station, Nikki asserted that Rey's theory that Victor had killed J.T. was absurd, but Rey countered that he had evidence to back it up. Nikki griped that it had obviously been planted to make Victor look guilty, but Rey questioned why Victor had dropped off the radar and refused his calls. Victoria maintained that her father was working abroad, but Rey remarked that those who hid were guilty. He dared the women to tell him who had killed J.T. if Victor hadn't.

Rey wanted to question Nikki and Victoria separately, and Victoria declared that she had nothing to hide. Nikki stepped out, and Victoria huffed that Rey didn't intimidate her. He swore that he respected her loyalty to her father, and he imagined that it was killing her that Victor had gone AWOL. Rey warned that the longer Victor stayed away, the worse it would get for him, and he encouraged Victoria to tell him where Victor was. Victoria reiterated that she didn't know where Victor was or how he could be contacted, but she was sure he'd had nothing to do with J.T.'s murder. Rey sensed that there was something she wasn't telling him.

Later, Nikki insisted to Rey that she and Victoria had already told him everything they knew, and she chided him for going after an innocent man. Rey found her word choice interesting, since he considered powerful, ruthless, and unscrupulous better words to describe Victor. Rey questioned whether she was unaware that Victor had left his ex-son-in-law to die or that he'd kidnapped Jack and tried to kill him. Nikki turned the topic back to her husband's whereabouts, and she confirmed that Victor had been in Dubai when they'd last spoken. Rey mentioned that he knew Victor's phone had been disconnected, and he pointed out that Nikki might have been the last person who'd talked to Victor. She replied that she hadn't been in contact with Victor since before the fire.

At Crimson Lights, Billy ordered black coffee, and Sharon wondered if Phyllis was still pulling rank. Billy indicated that he and Phyllis had reached an agreement that worked for them as well as the company, and a surprised Sharon asked if he was feeling okay. Billy insisted that he and Phyllis had been totally in sync, firing on all cylinders like old times, and they were about to close a major deal. Sharon inquired whether it was in the boardroom or the bedroom.

Billy conceded that Phyllis taking over had been "hell," but putting their differences aside for the good of the company had felt good. Sharon doubted that all he was interested in was peaceful coexistence. Billy confirmed that he hadn't forgotten what Phyllis had done, but he didn't want to hold onto his anger anymore, and he couldn't hate her for cheating on him. Sharon wondered what had replaced his anger, and Billy admitted that he still cared. Sharon understood because she still cared about Nick, but she stressed that she'd made peace with knowing that she couldn't go back to him.

At Victoria's house, Nikki groaned that every day it was something worse. Victoria insisted that the gun and shirt had been planted to frame her dad, and the person who'd done it clearly hadn't known how J.T. had died. Nikki contemplated who would have moved the body and planted evidence to frame Victor, and Victoria thought Phyllis and Sharon needed to know. Victoria offered to contact them after she checked on the kids, and Nikki requested a moment to catch her breath. After Victoria went upstairs, Nikki stared at the bottles of liquor at the bar.

Nikki approached the bar and poured a glass of vodka. She placed it to her lips, but she stopped when she heard footsteps, and she poured the drink into a flower arrangement. Victoria reported that the kids were asleep, and the doorbell rang. Victoria guessed that it was Sharon because she hadn't been able to reach Phyllis. Nikki covertly returned the glass to the bar as Victoria let Sharon in. Victoria and Nikki informed Sharon about the shirt and gun that Rey had found at the stables.

Sharon asked herself how she'd gotten caught up in the insanity, and Nikki reminded her that the party had been Sharon's idea. Victoria scolded the two for arguing, and Sharon considered that maybe Victor really had murdered J.T. Victoria found the idea of Victor killing J.T. and leaving behind evidence for the police to find even more unbelievable than a corpse digging itself out of a grave. Nikki wondered if Jack might have planted the gun and shirt, but Sharon suddenly realized that it was obvious who had done it -- the person who should also be there, worried as much as they were.

Sharon argued that Phyllis could get no better revenge than to see Victor pay for a crime Phyllis had been involved in, and she envisioned Phyllis moving the body right after they'd buried him and saving some of J.T.'s blood in case she'd needed it. Nikki highly doubted that Phyllis had stashed a body somewhere, ghoulishly removed blood, planted it on a shirt, and lit the stables on fire. Victoria added that it had been difficult for the four of them to move the body, so there was no way Phyllis could have done it by herself. Victoria suspected that Sharon was letting hatred cloud her judgment, and Nikki thought only one person could have done it. Victoria vowed to put a stop to it once and for all.

Things remained tense between Mariah and Tessa at their apartment. Tessa mentioned that she'd applied for ten jobs, but employers were done hiring for the holidays. Tessa groaned that Sharon had fired her at the worst time, and she wished Mariah hadn't spilled about Tessa being the blackmailer. Mariah refused to go over it again, since it wouldn't make things any better. Tessa asked what would, and Mariah abruptly said she had to go.

Kyle met Mariah at the coffeehouse and wondered if she'd reunited with Tessa. Mariah bemoaned that she hadn't been able to go through with it, and Kyle wondered if she'd ever be able to. He suggested that it might be time to call it quits, but Mariah hated the thought of ending it after all she and Tessa had gone through just to be together. Kyle imagined that the unforgivable thing that Mariah couldn't tell him about had been bad, and he urged her to walk away. Mariah whimpered that she couldn't, and Kyle pointed out that he couldn't help her without knowing more. Mariah admitted that she couldn't leave because she was scared to death.

Mariah worried about the possibility that there was no one else out there for her, and Kyle called her crazy for being afraid of that. He questioned why someone wouldn't love someone smart, hilarious, beautiful, and real like Mariah, and he thought tons of people would want to be with her. She deadpanned that she was totally beating them away with a stick, and he advised her not to stay with Tessa if the relationship had zero chance of lasting. Mariah realized that nothing else was left if they had no trust, and she accepted that she had to break up with Tessa. Kyle offered to be there as backup, but Mariah felt she had to do it on her own.

Later, Rey spotted a glum Mariah at the coffeehouse and asked if everything was all right. She commented that it had been a rough day, and he replied that his had been the same. She inquired whether J.T.'s case was still messing with him, and he complained that it had gone sideways every time he'd thought he'd been close to solving it. He hoped her night was better than her day, but she didn't hold out hope. After Rey stepped away, Mariah received a text message from Tessa, saying she was on her way. Tessa exited her apartment and locked the door, but someone grabbed her from behind.

At home, Nick reeled from Phyllis' request that he go on a date with another woman. He guessed that it was a test, and he flatly declined, since she was all the woman he could handle. Phyllis informed him that she was close to signing a deal with Rebekah Barlow, but Rebekah wanted to have dinner with him. Nick assumed that Rebekah wanted to talk about the Jaboutique properties, so it was a business meeting and not a date. Phyllis recalled the way that Rebekah had been eyeing Nick, and she anticipated that Rebekah wouldn't be upset if he was on the menu. Phyllis implored him to flash his killer smile and persuade Rebekah to sign on the dotted line. Nick teased Phyllis for pimping him out.

Phyllis covered Nick in kisses, and she contended that it was an opportunity to meet with a smart businesswoman who could be a useful contact. Phyllis appealed to Nick to make Rebekah laugh at his jokes and tell her how great the Jaboutiques were, but Nick questioned why Rebekah was interested in someone who was obviously with someone else. Phyllis revealed that she hadn't made it clear that she and Nick were a couple. Nick wasn't sure whether to feel insulted or flattered, and Phyllis asked if he would help her. He agreed to go on a date with another woman, but he expected some serious quid pro quo in exchange for using his charms. They kissed passionately.

Over dinner at the Athletic Club, Nick told Rebekah about the research his marketing team had done on the properties that were housing the Jaboutiques. Rebekah purred that he knew a lot about women and what they liked, and he mentioned that he had several female relatives, some of whom were working at Dark Horse. Rebekah was impressed that Dark Horse had become one of the top commercial real estate firms in the nation in less than a year, and Nick praised how she'd made a name for her cosmetics company. She asserted that she believed in her product and herself, and she hoped she wasn't tearing him away from his girlfriend to meet with her. He stated that he was where he wanted to be.

Rebekah cooed that she couldn't think of a better way to end an amazing day. Nick remarked that Genoa City was the place to be, and she pointedly replied that she wanted a piece of it. Billy sat at the bar and spotted Nick and Rebekah. Rebekah expressed doubts about hooking up with Jabot, but she called Nick a hard man to say no to. Nick prompted her to close the deal, and she suggested that they do it upstairs in her suite. Billy glowered as they headed out together.

Billy found Phyllis at Jabot and asked her where Nick was. She mentioned that her beau was at a dinner meeting, and Billy inquired whether she'd heard from Rebekah. Phyllis expected good news soon, but Billy suspected that Rebekah had things other than their proposal on her mind. Billy hesitantly revealed that he'd seen Rebekah getting cozy with Nick at the Athletic Club, and he could hardly believe that Nick was already cheating. Phyllis chortled.

Phyllis said she'd offer Billy a drink. but she thought he'd had enough. Billy swore that he was sober, and Phyllis was sure that he'd only seen Nick having dinner with a business associate. Billy questioned what business Nick had with Rebekah, and Phyllis explained that Nick was doing it as a favor to her, using his business savvy and charm to convince Rebekah that the Jaboutiques were good for her brand. Billy wondered what part of it involved Nick going up to Rebekah's suite.

Phyllis accused Billy of trying to make trouble. Billy said he didn't want to see her get hurt again, and he conceded that while he'd done "crap things" to her, he'd never cheated. He admitted that he'd take back sleeping with Summer if he could, and Phyllis testily asked if it was an apology. Billy inquired whether it would make a difference, and Phyllis wondered if he was asking her for another chance. He asked if that was what she wanted, and she told him that she thought he should go.

In a hotel suite, Rebekah fetched a bottle of wine and prepared to begin the celebration. Nick pressed her to sign the contracts, but she preferred not to rush things. He invited her to take as much time as she needed, and she offered to send the documents directly to Phyllis. Rebekah mentioned that she was flying out that night, and she wanted to "do it" before she left. She added that he was the only one she trusted to take care of it for her, and she proposed that a little celebration was the best way to end the evening. Rebekah spilled some wine on her dress and said she'd be right back.

Nick called out to ask Rebekah how it was going, since he had to get going soon. She appeared in sexy lingerie, and he asked what she was doing. She seductively replied that she was celebrating, and she thought he could help her. She tugged at his tie, but he prompted her to sign the contracts. She said it could wait, huskily adding, "This can't." Phyllis hovered outside Rebekah's suite.

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