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Lola kissed Fen but later made up with Kyle. Rey arrested Victor for J.T.'s murder. Victoria and Cane's argument ended in a passionate kiss. Reed and Charlie confessed the truth about the hit-and-run accident to Nikki. Nikki checked herself out of the hospital.
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Victor was charged with the murder of J.T. Hellstrom
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Reed confesses and Victor was arrested

Reed confesses and Victor was arrested

Monday, December 31, 2018

At Devon's penthouse, Ana planned a New Year's Eve bash for Devon's friends and clients. Ana offered to cancel the celebration if Devon wasn't up to hosting, but Devon said he was ready to bid farewell to what had been a terrible year. Devon added that he didn't intend to get drunk to forget Hilary, and he noted that he was managing his grief and anxiety with the help of a therapist. Abby, Arturo, Fen, Cane, and Lola arrived together. Cane approached the bartender, ordered scotch, and said, "Keep them coming, please." Devon talked briefly with Cane and advised him to drink moderately on an empty stomach. Cane explained that he couldn't get away from Chancellor, so Neil was visiting Lily.

While Abby was talking to Arturo, Ana, Lola, and Fen, Lola announced that she'd broken up with Kyle just before Christmas. Fen quietly said, "Santa came early this year." Fen escorted Lola to the bar to order a chocolate martini. Arturo rhetorically asked Abby and Ana what Kyle had done to screw up his relationship with Lola. Ana said she'd met Kyle and had observed that Lola didn't appear to be over him a hundred percent. Abby and Ana, winking, said that perhaps Kyle and Lola might need a nudge around midnight.

When Kyle arrived, Lola glared at him briefly before scowling and taking a sip of her martini. Lola rebuffed Kyle when he suggested they might be able to talk things over. Devon asked Ana about the songwriter she'd spoken to him about. Ana explained that the man had been unable to rearrange his schedule on short notice. Fen said that the man should've jumped at the chance to work with Devon's company. Ana turned her head toward Fen and gave him a look of dismay. Fen also agreed with Devon that the songwriter should be in the studio, collaborating on Fen's album.

After Devon walked away, Ana playfully slapped Fen in the chest and explained that she needed time to figure out how to tell Devon that she was the mystery songwriter. Cane interrupted and asked Ana if she'd heard from Nate. Ana said she assumed that Nate was out dealing with an emergency. As the party guests counted down the seconds to 2019, couples shared a kiss. Kyle set down his drink and abruptly left when he saw Lola kiss Fen. Cane was passed out drunk on the sofa. Devon looked out a window and watched fireworks light up the night.

Mia was at home alone when Rey returned and announced that he'd be taking the night off. Mia asked about the search for Nikki. Rey explained that almost the entire force was involved in the search. Mia was elated when Rey suggested they get dressed up for a night out. Mia put on a sequined dress and posed for a selfie with Rey, using his cellphone. Rey's phone sounded a tone, indicating receipt of a message, but Rey insisted he wasn't on duty.

After a number of tones sounded, Rey checked his phone. Rey read his messages and told Mia there might be break in solving a case. Rey said he'd learned that Nick had made a phone call from a private airfield, so a team of police officers was headed to the location. Mia insisted that Rey cancel their plans and join his team. Before he rushed out of the door, Rey promised to make it up to Mia.

In an ambulance driven by George, a member of Victor's security team, Nick and Nate flanked a stretcher on which Nikki rested. Nick called out to the driver, insisting that Nikki be returned to the hospital immediately despite Victor's plans. When the ambulance stopped, Nick told Nate that they were at a private airstrip Victor had used in the past. Nick, frustrated by the lack of communication from Victor, attempted to phone Victoria. George, displaying a holstered firearm, wrested away Nick's phone and explained that Victor had given orders not to allow phone calls.

Nate told George that keeping Nikki safe was his and Nick's top priority. George recalled that the person who'd run down Nikki had threatened her security, so he intended to do whatever was necessary to keep Nikki safe. After Nate and Nick wheeled Nikki into the hanger, Nick told Nate that Victor had once used the airstrip to fly someone out of the country. Nate recalled having heard stories about Victor; some he believed were real, and others he thought might be urban legends. Victor quietly entered the room from another entrance and said, "Believe it all."

Nick turned abruptly and looked at Victor as though he were a ghost. Nate told Victor that Nikki needed constant medical care. Angry, Nick asked Victor where he'd been when Nikki had needed him. Victor replied, "I was right here by her side." Victor explained that he'd been with Nikki over Christmas, holding her and talking to her. Nate agreed that Victor's actions had likely prompted Nikki's sudden, dramatic improvement.

Victor explained that due to his impending arrest on false allegations, he would have to take Nikki elsewhere, so he could continue helping with her recovery. Victor added that Nick might not see him or Nikki again for some time. Nick threatened to put a stop to Victor's plans, but Victor told Nick he knew that Nikki felt safer with him than she did with anyone else. Nikki, sounding weak, replied, "Listen to your father." Nikki told Nick that she and Victor needed to be together.

While Nate examined Nikki, Nick asked Victor if he realized that whisking Nikki away made him appear guilty. Nick added, "Did you kill J.T.?" Victor insisted he wasn't guilty and vowed to return with Nikki to Genoa City after he cleared his name. Victor said that Nick had again misjudged him. Nick knelt down to talk to Nikki. Nikki asked Nick to tell everyone she was fine and to wish them a happy New Year from her and Victor.

Nate interrupted Nick and Victor. Nate asked Victor if he'd arranged for a doctor to assume care at the destination. Victor insisted that Nate accompany Nikki. Nate said he couldn't leave his patients. Victor reminded Nate that he'd made a deal to care for Nikki. Victor explained that the man who'd tried to murder Nikki was still a threat, so if he wasn't around, there wouldn't be anyone else to protect her. Nate agreed to travel with Nikki and Victor, for Nikki's sake.

Before he left, Victor offered to shake Nick's hand. Victor said he anticipated a day when they could put everything behind them. Nick shook his father's hand and implored Victor to take care of Nikki. Victor replied, "You know I will." Though Nick had agreed to his father's terms, he still seemed apprehensive about leaving Nikki.

At Victoria's house, Victoria phoned Nick and left a message. As Phyllis stood by, Victoria told Nick in a message that she and Phyllis had been pulling out their hair, wondering what had been going on during the hour since they'd left the hospital. After Victoria ended her call, Phyllis said she would have thought Nick had learned something about Nikki's mysterious disappearance. Victoria suggested that the person who'd taken Nikki could have also taken Nick. Phyllis noted that with Victor, Nikki, and Nick missing, perhaps someone was picking off Newmans one by one.

After Nick's call to Victoria was cut short and return calls went unanswered, Victoria cried that they all might be in danger and should warn Sharon. Phyllis reluctantly sent Sharon a text message. Phyllis suggested she stay at Victoria's, so neither would be alone. Victoria agreed, explaining that Johnny and Katie were asleep, Reed was at a friend's, and Billy was with Traci and Dina. Victoria set out two glasses and a bottle of Champagne.

Phyllis asked Victoria if she'd originally planned to drink bubbly with Billy and share a kiss at the stroke of midnight. Victoria claimed that she and Billy were only friends and co-parents. Victoria noted that Phyllis seemed to be acting territorial, though she purported to be deliriously happy with Nick. Phyllis insisted that Billy was in her rearview mirror. Victoria replied, "Me, too."

Victoria said she'd learned how difficult it could be to fix things that were already broken. Victoria cried that J.T. had ended up being the biggest mistake she'd ever made in her life. Phyllis replied, "Please, don't tell me you're comparing J.T. to Billy." Victoria, sounding repulsed by Phyllis' statement, explained that she strived to move forward to the future and not backwards to the past. Worried that she and Phyllis hadn't heard from Nick, Victoria cried that she might never see Nikki again.

Reed returned and asked his distraught mother what was wrong. Phyllis left after asking Victoria to phone with updates. Victoria told Reed that someone, perhaps the person who'd struck Nikki on the road, had taken his grandmother from the hospital. Victoria promised Reed that the horrible person who'd attempted to kill Nikki would be caught and punished. Reed said, "Whoever kidnapped her was not the person who was driving the car." Victoria replied, "How do you know that?" Reed said, "Because it was me. I was driving."

After George and Nate strapped Nikki's stretcher inside the jet, Nate checked Nikki's vital signs. Victor breathed a sigh of relief and apologized to Nate for the sudden change to his plans. Nikki thanked Nate. Victor added, "Yes. We're all in your debt." Nate and Victor fastened their seatbelts as the jet prepared to taxi down the runway. Victor reached out to hold Nikki's hand.

George opened the cockpit door and said there was a problem. Victor rushed to the cockpit and saw a number of emergency vehicles, their lights flashing and sirens wailing, moving toward the jet. The pilot aborted the takeoff. Nick watched from the hangar. Nikki asked why the jet hadn't taken off earlier. Victor said, "It ain't over yet." With guns drawn, Rey and another officer entered the jet from the cockpit area. Rey pulled out a pair of handcuffs and said, "Victor Newman, you're under arrest."

Victoria and Cane's argument turns passionate

Victoria and Cane's argument turns passionate

Tuesday, January 1, 2019

A hungover Cane woke up on Devon's couch and blearily looked around at the mess from the party the night before. Cane groaned and rubbed his head, and Devon handed him a cup of coffee. Cane asked if he was dead, and Devon observed that Cane looked close to it. Devon recalled that Cane had passed out on the couch before midnight, but Cane downplayed it as simply getting drunk on New Year's Eve with the rest of the world.

Cane explained that he'd missed Lily, and he'd wanted to forget about everything for one night. Devon pointed out that Lily would be back in the fall, but Cane whined that it was only the first of January. Devon noted that Cane and Lily could resume their lives once she got out, but Cane lamented that she didn't seem like the same person anymore. Devon urged him to fall in love with the person she was becoming, and Cane swore that he would always love her. Devon assured Cane that Lily would always be in his life.

At home, Victoria left a voicemail for Reed, wondering where he was and pleading that they needed to talk. The doorbell rang, and she called out that it was open. Billy entered, and Victoria said she needed him on kid duty because she had to stop Reed before he did something stupid. Billy inquired whether there had been news about her mom, and Victoria blurted out that Reed had been driving the car that had hit her mother. She worried that Reed had gone to the police to confess.

At the police station, Nate, Nick, and Victor sat silently in separate holding cells. Elsewhere, Rey told Christine that it was time, but she seemed hesitant. He asked if she was ready to do it, but she wasn't convinced it was their best shot. Rey figured that they wouldn't know until they took it, but she worried about the risks involved. He insisted that it would be worthwhile.

As officers led Victor, Nick, and Nate in, Rey taunted that Santa had made a late delivery -- three world travelers. Nick questioned whether they'd get their phone calls or if they were being held on "trumped-up B.S." Victor growled that Rey would be in trouble if anything happened to Nikki, but Rey countered that Victor had been the one who'd taken her from the hospital, transported her in an ambulance, and put her on a jet. Rey stressed that the men were facing serious charges for abducting a woman who was in fragile condition.

Victor ordered Rey to either book him or release him. Christine contended that the police could hold the men for 72 hours, but Nate protested that he had a job and patients. Rey lectured that Nate shouldn't have done something to get arrested, and he pledged to take the time to meticulously dig into the situation. Victor demanded to know where his wife was, and Rey replied that they didn't lock up victims. Rey added that Nikki was getting the care she needed, and it wasn't on a plane.

Victor scoffed at the thought of being booked for kidnapping his own wife. Rey inquired whether Nikki had signed herself out of the hospital and requested a private jet with a flight plan out of the country. Rey explained that under state law, removing a patient from the hospital without written consent was classified as kidnapping, even if the patient was someone's wife. Christine informed the men that they were looking at kidnapping and conspiracy charges, and Rey crowed that it could mean decades behind bars. Nick demanded a lawyer, but Victor told Nick not to worry about it, since Rey was just playing a game with them.

Rey suspected that while Victor and Nick already had rap sheets, being held by the police was new territory for Nate. Rey led Nate into an interrogation room and offered him food and drink. Nate pushed him to get on with it, and Rey recognized that Nate hadn't been the architect of the drama. Rey sympathized that it had been easy for a rich, powerful man like Victor to suck Nate in by making Nate feel like a noble hero, but he warned that Nate was potentially facing prison time. Nate asserted that he'd taken an oath to look after his patients. Rey countered that he'd taken an oath, too, which was why he'd stopped the plane, taken Nikki back to the hospital, and thrown the trio in jail.

Nate refused to apologize for looking after his patient's health and safety, but Rey pointed out that Nate had acted on the orders of a person of interest in a murder investigation. Nate defended that Victor had been concerned about Nikki's safety, so Victor had moved her to keep her from being a target, and he hadn't wanted her to go without medical supervision. Rey imagined that Nate was smart enough to know that Rey didn't want him to be there. Nate understood that he was just a pawn that Rey was trying to move around the board, but all he knew was that Rey was keeping him from his patient. Nate added that the only one making Nikki a victim was Rey.

Meanwhile, Victor chided Christine for wasting taxpayers' money by interrogating an upstanding physician, and Christine suggested that Victor and Nick be taken back to their cells. Nick complained that they weren't common criminals, and Christine haughtily recognized that getaway jets weren't common. Victoria rushed in as an officer escorted Victor and Nick away, and she asked what was going on. Christine snapped that she didn't have time to answer questions, but Victoria demanded to know where her mother was.

Rey emerged from the interrogation room and informed Victoria that Nikki was safe under a doctor's care. Victoria threatened to go to the press if Rey didn't tell her where Nikki was, and he replied that Nikki was at Memorial Hospital, where she belonged. Rey informed her that Victor, Nick, and Nate had been involved in what appeared to be a kidnapping, but the news hadn't been made public, so he wondered why she was there. Victoria covered by saying she'd thought Reed might be there to get news about his grandmother. Rey stated that Grandma was safe, but Grandpa was another story altogether. Victoria stormed out.

Nate stepped out of the interrogation room, and Christine imagined that he didn't understand the seriousness of the situation. Nate quipped that waking up in a jail cell had made it clear, but he was sure it wasn't about him but was about Victor. Christine anticipated that she could win the kidnapping case, but Nate's only concern was for his patient. He questioned how it would reflect on the police department and the D.A.'s office if something happened to Nikki, and Christine agreed to let him examine Nikki. Christine told Rey that she and Nate were going to check on the victim.

Rey led Nick into the interrogation room and silently began flipping through a file. Nick sarcastically stated that the act was cute and productive, and Rey mentioned that he'd thought they were on the same page. Nick asked where things had gone wrong, and Rey accused Nick of helping his father abduct his mother and watching as the plane had been about to take her out of the country. Rey implored Nick to tell him otherwise.

Rey recalled that he and Nick had discussed their fathers during their prior conversation. Nick called Rey out on feigning empathy for him for having a father like Victor, and Rey clarified that he would rather see Nick as a witness for the prosecution than charge him as an accessory. Nick wondered whether the charge was kidnapping or something more serious, and Rey replied, "You tell me." Nick flatly refused to help Rey.

Nikki awakened in a hospital bed and anxiously searched for something. She pressed her call button and yelled for a nurse, and a female cop entered the room and asked if Nikki needed medical assistance. Nikki firmly stated that she needed her husband and family, and she pointed out that her phone was gone. The officer informed her that it had been taken based on orders from Detective Rosales, and Nikki incredulously asked if she was a prisoner there.

Victoria arrived outside Nikki's hospital room, but the police officer informed her that no visitors were allowed because Nikki was in protective custody. Victoria argued that Nikki was her mother, and she wanted to see that Nikki was safe. Victoria peered into the room and called out to ask if Nikki was okay, and the cop ordered Victoria to leave. Nikki responded that she was fine, but she wanted to know where Victor was. Victoria reported that he was at the police station and needed help, but the officer shut the door. Victoria hissed that Rey wouldn't get away with it.

Later, Christine and the police officer watched as Nate tended to Nikki. Nate confirmed that Nikki's vitals were in the target range, but he urged Nikki not to play hero if she was in pain. Nate hoped to speak with Nikki's doctor, but Nikki was confused because Nate was her doctor. He told her that he was facing attempted kidnapping charges, and Nikki cried that it was ridiculous. Christine instructed the officer to take Nate into the hallway, and Nate was appalled that Christine intended to question Nikki when Nikki needed rest. Nikki insisted that she would be fine, and Nate stepped out.

Nikki inquired who Nate had supposedly kidnapped, and she guessed that Christine thought Nate and Nick had helped Victor with a so-called abduction. Christine clucked that Nate was the kind of guy who always tried to do the right thing, and she felt sorry for him for ending up in police custody when Victor was the one who lived to flout the law. Nikki proclaimed that a kidnapping had never happened, since she'd begged Victor to get her out of there.

Nikki recalled that Victor had visited her on Christmas Eve and willed her back to life. She encouraged Christine to read her chart and speak with the medical staff, since Nikki had been dying, but she was still there because of Victor. Nikki claimed that she'd panicked when she'd regained consciousness, since it was no secret that Christine had made it her life's mission to find something to pin on Victor. Nikki recognized that Christine and the police were desperate to blame Victor for J.T.'s death, and she hadn't wanted her husband to be in danger just because he loved her enough to be with her, so she'd insisted that they leave the country until they could clear his name. Nikki complained that instead, Victor had been arrested, and she was being treated like a prisoner.

Christine was skeptical that Nikki had woken up from a coma and immediately formulated a plan to leave the country. Nikki reiterated that she'd begged Victor to do it for her own peace of mind, and she considered it an act of love that he'd gone along with it. Christine doubted anyone would believe it, and Nikki dared Christine to put her in front of a judge. Nikki envisioned being the lead witness when the Newmans sued for wrongful prosecution, and Christine muttered that it was quite a performance.

Christine said she'd be in touch, and Nikki ordered her to remove the guard from the door unless she wanted people to think Nikki was a prisoner. Christine exited the room and ran into Devon, who questioned why his cousin was with an armed officer. Devon threatened to get a news crew there, but Christine announced her decision to recommend that Nate be released on his own recognizance. Nate asked what had happened in Nikki's room, and Christine replied that he was lucky to have gotten what he'd wanted.

Victoria returned home and informed Billy that Victor, Nick, and Nate were in jail and that a cop had kept her out of Nikki's room. Victoria worried about what Reed was doing, but Billy brightly pointed out that her mom was fine and her dad was back. Victoria grumbled that Rey had wanted Victor in police custody all along, and if Rey couldn't book him for murder, Rey would be happy to lock him up for kidnapping. Billy was sure that Victor and Nick could handle themselves, and he pressed her to help him understand what had happened with Reed.

Victoria explained that Reed had driven the car on a suspended license because Charlie had been drinking, and Reed had panicked when he'd hit something, not knowing that he'd left someone by the side of the road. Victoria shared that she'd considered telling Rey about Reed's involvement in the accident, but it was a felony hit-and-run. Billy was adamant that Reed accept responsibility, but Victoria wailed that it would end Reed's life as he knew it if she told Rey. Billy lectured that telling Reed to lie wasn't the answer, but Victoria argued that it wouldn't be a lie but an inaction.

Billy questioned how Victoria could justify it, knowing what he'd gone through with Delia. Victoria thought it was different because they'd lost Delia, and she worried that Reed was completely spinning out. Billy maintained that Reed had to face the consequences of what he'd done, but Victoria suggested that her son do it from home, not jail. She fretted that Reed would face actual prison time, and she decided to talk to Cane to see how he'd handled things with Charlie. Billy reminded her that Cane's wife was in prison because of a car accident, but Victoria insisted on handling it on her own. Billy said he would always be there for her and would always be on her side. They hugged.

Victoria arrived at the Ashby home, and Cane was surprised when she addressed Charlie's drinking. He snapped that it wasn't her business, but she noted that Cane wasn't denying it, and she argued that whatever involved Reed involved her. Cane surmised that Reed had been the friend who'd driven Charlie home, and Victoria found it hard to believe that Cane hadn't had any idea. Cane revealed that Charlie had consumed some beers after his girlfriend had dumped him, and Reed had driven Charlie home.

Victoria testily asked if Cane paid attention to his children at all, since there had been an accident that night that had nearly cost her mom her life. Victoria accused Cane of pretending that he hadn't known, but Cane shot back that Reed was the one with a DUI on his record, yet Victoria was there to pin the accident on Cane's family. Victoria argued that Reed wouldn't have been driving if Charlie hadn't been drinking, and she admonished Charlie for talking Reed out of stepping forward. Victoria spat that Charlie had wanted to lie and cover things up, exactly like Cane.

Cane blasted Victoria for showing up at his house to trash his son, and she mocked him for acting like a role model after the mess with Juliet that had bankrupted Brash & Sassy. Victoria recalled that Cane had asked Charlie to lie about Lily running the red light, and Cane excoriated her for insinuating he was a bad parent when her son had gotten a DUI. They argued, and she called him weak and cowardly for taking people down with him, including Lily. Victoria considered Lily to be decent and loyal, and she shuddered at the thought of Lily finally getting out of prison only to have to return home to Cane.

Victoria barked that Lily deserved better than Cane, and she imagined that Lily was praying that he wasn't screwing up their family like he had ruined their marriage. Cane countered that Victoria couldn't stand that he had a life and a marriage, and he couldn't count the men she'd gone through in the time he'd known her. Cane bet that J.T. wasn't even dead and that he'd just gone off the grid to get away from Victoria. Victoria hoped that Lily was finally realizing that she could do much better than Cane, and Cane accused Victoria of thinking that everyone was as cold and lonely as she was. They stared at one another for a moment before they kissed passionately.

Christine returned to the police station, where she and Rey compared notes about their interrogations. She suspected that everyone had sensed what they'd really been after, and Rey admitted that squeezing the supporting players had been a waste of time. Rey wanted to move forward with charging Victor with homicide, but Christine thought she needed more evidence, since they didn't have a body. Rey figured that they could cite cases that had resulted in a guilty verdict without one, and he encouraged her to work with what they had, since they'd never see Victor again if they let him walk.

Rey uncuffed Nick and declared that he was free to go. Nick awaited an apology, but Rey simply stated that Nate had already been released. Nick inquired about his dad, and Rey replied that Victor would be processed shortly. Nick opted to wait, but Rey pushed him to go. After Nick sauntered off, Rey asked if Christine was ready to get it over with. They stepped into the interrogation room, where Victor was waiting.

Victor coldly inquired whether they were done there, since he hadn't kidnapped his wife, and he hoped the authorities' outrageous behavior hadn't caused her to relapse. Christine confirmed that Nikki had made it clear there had been no abduction, but a decision had been made on another outstanding case -- Victor was being charged with the murder of J.T. Hellstrom. Rey began to read Victor his rights.

Abby is on the warpath for Victor's arrest

Abby is on the warpath for Victor's arrest

Wednesday, January 2, 2019

by Nel

In Cane's kitchen, Victoria broke away from the kiss with Cane and rushed out while Cane yelled her name.

At Crimson Lights, Fen gloated that he'd forgotten to wish Kyle a happy New Year because he'd been busy kissing Lola. Kyle said Lola had only kissed Fen because she'd wanted to make Kyle jealous. Fen said he knew how Kyle felt because it had been rough when Kyle had stolen Summer away from him. Kyle asked if Fen had rewritten history, but Fen said it had worked out for the best for him. Thanks to Kyle, Fen said he'd had an epic New Year's Eve because he'd been hanging with the head of his record label at the coolest party in town and kissing the hottest girl in Genoa City.

Fen continued to gloat and told Kyle that he and Lola would be seen together everywhere on all social media very soon. Kyle warned Fen to stay away from Lola because he and Lola were on a break. Lola arrived and heard Kyle and Fen arguing about who Lola belonged to. Lola interjected that she didn't belong to anyone. Fen said he'd been defending her, but Lola advised him that she didn't need defending. She said she wasn't interested in either one of them and asked them to leave because she had a business to run. Kyle and Fen went their separate ways.

A short time later, Kyle returned and told Lola that nothing had changed about the way he felt about her, but he wanted to know where he'd gone wrong, so he wouldn't do it again. He asked for another chance, and he wanted to understand the kind of life she'd had because he wanted to get it right. Kyle said he understood that she couldn't afford expensive things, but he could. He asked if she was going to punish him for that. Lola spat that Kyle didn't have a clue where she'd come from. Kyle asked if Fen knew.

At the police station, Rey asked if Victor understood that he had the right to an attorney. Victor advised him that it hadn't been the first time he'd been arrested. Victor said that Rey would regret his actions. Rey asked if that was a threat. Victor said that once he proved his innocence, Rey would have a lot to answer for.

Cane followed Victoria into her house and said they needed to talk. He said they couldn't pretend the kiss had never happened. Victoria explained that she'd been under a lot of stress because of her mother's kidnapping, trying to find her father, and Reed hitting Nikki, and she admitted that she'd kissed him on impulse. She assured him it would never happen again. Cane said he was committed to Lily, and after she was released from prison, they'd resume their lives. Cane and Victoria promised each other that no one would know about the kiss, and it would never happen again.

Billy arrived and asked if he'd interrupted something between Victoria and Cane. Victoria explained that she and Cane had been discussing Reed and Charlie's involvement in Nikki's hit-and-run. Cane was upset that Victoria had said anything to Billy. He'd wanted to keep it private and in the family. Victoria assured Cane that no one would know about their private business. Cane said he would speak to Charlie, and he left.

Victoria explained to Billy that she had been awkward around Cane because of the bad blood between them about Juliet and Brash & Sassy, but she and Cane had to work together to protect their sons. She assured Billy that the tension between her and Cane had nothing to do with him. Billy informed Victoria that Victor had been charged with J.T.'s murder. Victoria was shocked and said Victor was innocent. She asked if Billy had ever felt like the universe was conspiring against him. Billy said it happened every other day.

Victoria told Billy it had been difficult for her to deal with Nikki's accident, Victor being AWOL, Victor being arrested for J.T.'s murder when he finally surfaced, and finding out that Reed had hit Nikki while driving with a suspended license. Billy acknowledged that Victoria had been thrown six curve balls at one time, but he knew she could handle it. He said that she'd carry her family on her back the way she always had, and he assured her that he would help. Victoria gave Billy a quick kiss on the lips.

At the Athletic Club, Kyle sat down at Abby's table and confided that he'd made things worse with Lola by being an idiot. He told Abby about Fen getting in his face. Fen had kissed Lola on New Year's Eve. Abby said that Kyle should have walked away. Kyle complained that he couldn't get over the fact that the breakup had been over a purse. Abby suggested he talk to Lola. Kyle said he'd tried, but Abby advised him to try harder because Kyle had never been one to give up.

At that moment Abby received an alert from GC Buzz: Mariah announced that Victor had been arrested and charged with J.T.'s murder. Mariah asked Rey about the arrest because a body hadn't been found. Rey advised the viewers that they had enough compelling evidence for the arrest. Mariah added that Victor had been denied bail.

Abby was upset. She told Kyle that that side of the family never thought to inform her about anything, and she wound up being the last to know. Kyle asked Abby if Victor had done it. Abby said, "No." Infuriated, she said she was going to the police station. She told Kyle to focus on his own life and not to worry about hers.

Cane arrived at home and yelled for Charlie. When Charlie joined him in the kitchen, Cane confronted Charlie about his involvement in Nikki's hit-and-run. Cane said he knew that Charlie had been in the car because Reed had confessed to Victoria. He asked if Charlie knew how many bad decisions he'd made. Cane said that Charlie had been drinking, he had allowed someone with a suspended license to drive, and he'd left the scene of an accident. Yelling, he asked how Charlie could have done that after Hilary's accident. He wanted to know how Charlie could have left a woman for dead on the side of the road.

Cane said he understood that Charlie didn't realize Reed had hit someone. Charlie admitted he'd been messed up about his breakup with Shauna. He said he'd been drinking, and by the time he'd entered the car, he hadn't been able to think or see clearly. Cane wanted to know why Charlie hadn't spoken to him about it. Charlie said it was because he'd thought the alcohol would make things better, but it had only made them worse.

Charlie told Cane that Reed had tried to keep him out of trouble. Reed had become ill after he'd discovered that he'd been the one who'd hit Nikki. Charlie said that had they known, they would have stopped and called an ambulance. He said Reed had only found out much later that he'd been the one who'd hit Nikki. Cane asked if it was true that Reed had wanted to confess, but Charlie had stopped him. Charlie said he'd panicked because he hadn't wanted the family to go through a "Lily situation" again. Charlie wanted to know how he'd be able to live with himself if Nikki died.

Cane advised Charlie that the hospital wouldn't provide him with any information about Nikki's condition. Whining, Charlie said he couldn't go to jail like his mother. He realized he'd screwed up badly. Cane told him he would talk with Victoria the following day. He said Reed was as involved in the hit-and-run as Charlie was. He said that he and Victoria would figure out a way to keep Charlie and Reed out of jail and assured Charlie he'd protect him.

Abby stormed into the police station and verbally attacked Mariah for reporting garbage. Abby said it had taken Mariah six months to take GC Buzz lower than Hilary ever had. She accused Mariah of making an innocent man look like a murderer. Mariah said she had only reported the arrest and hadn't said Victor was guilty. Abby claimed that Mariah shouldn't have reported anything, especially a lie. She claimed that Mariah had twisted the facts, the same way the cops had, to make Victor look guilty. She adamantly denied that Victor had killed J.T.

Abby told Mariah that a good reporter uncovered the truth, and she accused Mariah of only caring about her ratings. Crucifying Victor was a gold mine for her "pathetic little show." Abby continued and said that thanks to Mariah, Victor had been tried in the court of public opinion while the real killer was getting off scot-free. Mariah said it wasn't her job to solve the murder, but Abby claimed that Mariah knew she was wrong -- and when Victor was cleared of murdering J.T., he'd make Mariah pay.

After Mariah left, Abby insisted that Rey allow her to see Victor. Rey refused, but after Abby said she wanted to make sure Victor was all right, Rey allowed her to visit for a couple of minutes.

In the interrogation room, Abby told Victor that the charges were ridiculous, and she was upset about bail being denied. She asked if the police thought he would try to escape but realized that was what Victor had been doing when Rey had arrested him. Abby knew Victor wouldn't try to escape again. Victor said if he went before a jury made up of twelve people like Abby, he wouldn't have to worry.

Victor was curious how Abby had managed to get past the ambitious detective. Abby said she wouldn't let Rey push her around. Victor smiled. He said he was worried how the bad publicity would affect her new restaurant. Stunned, Abby wanted to know how Victor knew about it. Victor said he kept updated about what his children did because his caring never stopped.

Abby was worried about Victor's health, but Victor assured her that his situation was only temporary and that he was okay. Rey returned and told Abby her time was up. When Abby protested, Rey reminded her that he shouldn't have allowed her to see Victor in the first place. He said he knew what it meant to be a Newman in Genoa City. Indignant, Abby said that Rey had no idea what it meant. Rey saw them as rich, spoiled, trust fund brats, but they were family and stuck together. She told Rey she would do everything in her power to prove Victor's innocence and left in a huff.

At the Athletic Club, Mariah told Tessa she'd had a run-in with Abby and that Abby had given her some constructive criticism. Abby hadn't liked Mariah's report, and she had called it garbage. Mariah said that Abby had ripped her to shreds while defending Victor. Tessa said she'd seen Mariah's report, and there hadn't been anything malicious in it. Mariah said they both knew that Victor hadn't killed J.T. Mariah said Abby had been right in what she'd said about her.

Tessa told Mariah that Abby had been very self-righteous. She asked Mariah to confirm that Abby had sued Victor for a billion dollars. Mariah said it had been for half a billion dollars, but none of that made Mariah a less horrible person. Mariah said she had pretended to be a nice person, but in actual fact, she'd hidden behind her humor. She felt that she'd become a person who didn't care what her words meant, and perhaps that was who she really was.

Mariah told Tessa that her words had hurt Abby. She and Abby weren't friends, but it still felt lousy. Mariah stated that she had to change. She didn't like the fact that her audience and Faith looked up to her -- she had to be better for them. Tessa suggested that Mariah go on air and tell everyone that Victor was innocent. Mariah said that would be a relief. She wished she could tell the truth because the secret was destroying many lives.

Tessa reminded Mariah that if she told the truth, Sharon would be arrested as an accessory. Mariah wished there was a way to prove that J.T.'s death had been self-defense. Tessa said that Rey would arrest Sharon, Victoria, Nikki, and Phyllis; put them into a cell; and throw away the key. She thought that if someone was going to go down for J.T.'s murder, it would be better if it was Victor rather than Sharon.

Mariah and Tessa were about to leave when Tessa spotted Fen at the bar, looking dejected. Tessa suggested that if Mariah wanted to be a better person, she had an opportunity to do so, starting with Fen. Tessa kissed Mariah and said she was off job hunting.

Mariah approached Fen and said he looked like he'd been having a rough day. She asked what he'd been working on. Fen said he'd been working on his music, which was going nowhere, like the rest of his life. Mariah asked what had happened to the cocky guy she'd seen at Crimson Lights awhile before. Fen asked if she'd ever done something stupid and wished she could take it back. Mariah admitted she'd done that one or two million times. Fen said he wished he'd kept his mouth shut. Mariah admitted that she tended to go overboard with her snark and advised Fen to tone it down and ask for a do-over. Fen said Mariah was right. Upbeat, he thanked her and left.

Kyle returned to Crimson Lights and apologized to Lola. Lola said she was frustrated because Kyle didn't understand why the purse had upset her. She thought he'd known her well enough to realize that such an expensive gift would make her extremely uncomfortable. She didn't want to be with someone who used their money to show how much they cared.

Kyle explained to Lola that while growing up, mostly there had only been him and his mother. His mother had felt bad because his father hadn't been around, so she'd tried to make him feel loved by buying him things. That was how he'd grown up. He said that he'd learned to show someone he loved them by buying them an expensive gift. The more expensive the gift was, the greater the love. Kyle said that everyone who had entered his life had done the same thing. He said that no one had ever worried about the cost and that extravagant gifts weren't seen as a bad thing. Kyle understood that it hadn't been like that for Lola. He apologized that he hadn't realized it before.

Kyle told Lola that he didn't want to make her uncomfortable nor did he want to cross any boundaries. That was the reason he'd never tried to push her about sex. He said he had known she wasn't ready, and he respected her for it. He also wanted to respect her boundaries concerning money.

Lola claimed that Kyle had said all the right things, but Kyle assured her he could change because she was the only one he wanted to be with. He'd do whatever it took to make things work, and he asked for a chance to prove it. Lola kissed him. Kyle asked if that meant they were back together. Lola responded that she wouldn't have kissed him if they weren't. They kissed again.

Fen carried a red rose for Lola, and he was about to walk through the patio doors when he saw Kyle and Lola kissing. He was deflated.

At the police station, an officer escorted Victor to a cell and locked him in.

Reed and Charlie confess to Nikki

Reed and Charlie confess to Nikki

Thursday, January 3, 2019

Jill returned to town and surprised Cane with a visit at home after she'd failed to find him at the office. Cane explained that there were fewer interruptions there, and she imagined that the holidays had been a kick in the teeth without Lily. Cane asked where Jill and Colin had spent the season, and she confided that they were taking a break from their marriage. She insisted that it hadn't been anyone's fault, but Colin was the same charming but infuriating guy she'd married. She proclaimed that she was entering the next phase of her life, and she expected her next beau to be someone she could lean on emotionally.

Jill commented that not everyone was as fortunate as Lily had been when picking Mr. Right, and Cane looked away uncomfortably. He muttered that perhaps he was more like his dad than he cared to admit, but Jill scoffed at the idea that Cane was a chip off the old Colin block. Cane admitted that he'd been disappointed in himself lately, since he was nothing without Lily. He lamented that he hadn't appreciated how much Lily had done for their family, and he had been falling short with her gone. He groaned that his kids didn't turn to him with their problems because they saw him stressed out, and he thought Lily deserved a better husband.

Jill sensed that Cane wasn't telling her everything, and she pressed to know what he'd done to let Lily down. Cane recalled that he'd only gone to visit his wife once during the holiday break, and he'd missed some calls and not been very present in the kids' lives. Jill anticipated that Lily only had raves about him because she knew she was fortunate to have him. Jill recognized that everyone made mistakes, but she was sure that Lily and the children would only remember how Cane had always stepped up and done his absolute best. She warned that his kids would make mistakes, too, and she questioned whether he wanted his offspring to handle them by beating themselves up or by learning from them and forgiving themselves. Jill lectured that Cane needed to set a better example, and he announced that he knew exactly what he had to do next.

In Nikki's hospital room, Victoria observed that her mother's color had improved, and Nick mused that Nikki looked better than she should. Nikki asserted that she felt better because she knew that their father was safe and sound, and Victoria remarked that she knew the feeling after what they'd been through with Nikki. Nikki apologized, but she reasoned that Victor had kept his plan a secret so the police couldn't hold Nick and Victoria liable. Nikki hoped that Nate didn't end up being a scapegoat, and Nick informed her that Christine wasn't pressing kidnapping charges against any of them. Nikki wondered where Victor was, and Victoria reluctantly revealed that he'd been arrested for J.T.'s murder.

Nikki wanted to speak with Rey about arresting Victor with no evidence, since the fire had obviously been planted to lead the police to phony clues. She refused to do nothing when Victor was innocent, and Nick offered to visit Victor and do whatever he could. Nikki was skeptical because of how Nick felt about Victor, but Nick stressed that it was important to him that she stayed calm and got well. He kissed her goodbye and headed out, and Victoria assured Nikki that Nick's offer to help was sincere. Nikki hoped it would lead to a new beginning, but she worried that it would turn into a battle of egos and tempers, and she insisted that Victoria go, too.

In the visiting room at the jail, Victoria told Nick that Michael hadn't heard anything from Victor, and she contemplated why their father hadn't contacted a lawyer. Nick figured that refusing to play the game was a stronger position than playing and losing, and Victoria lectured that Nick knew what his suspicions were doing to their dad. Nick reiterated that he was only there for their mom's sake, and Victor entered the room. Victor swore that his stay was nothing but a brief inconvenience, but Nick asked what he could do to get Victor out of there. Victor huffed that it was no concern of Nick's.

Victoria begged Victor to let her call Michael, but Victor maintained that Christine had nothing to convict him with, since the only evidence was circumstantial. Nick argued that Christine had won such cases before by helping the jury connect the dots, but Victor questioned what dots there were to connect. Nick cited Victor threatening J.T. on live television, the shirt and gun found at the ranch, and the fact that Victor had eluded the police for months. Nick was determined to find a way to counter the narrative, and Victor skeptically asked if they were on the same team.

Victoria asserted that they'd been raised to pull their family together during an emergency, but Victor snapped that Nick suspected that Victor had killed J.T. Victor inquired whether Victoria shared Nick's belief that he was a murderer, and she swore that she didn't. Victor thanked her for looking after her mother and Newman while he was away, and he requested a word alone with Nick. Victoria stepped out, and Victor asked Nick for total honesty. Victor asked if Nick had killed J.T.

Victor considered it to be a fair question, since Nick had had just as much motive as anyone to want J.T. dead after he'd learned what J.T. had done to Victoria. Victor theorized that Nick had tried to pin the whole thing on him, and he noted that Nick hadn't been worried about J.T. reappearing and exposing him when he'd impersonated J.T. because he'd already known J.T. was dead. Nick swore that he hadn't known where J.T. was, but Victor speculated that Nick had planted the evidence and burned down the stables because no one would have ever suspected him. Nick defended that he'd never put his mother through that, and Victor believed him.

Victor acknowledged that someone had gone to great lengths to be sure he was locked up, and Nick pondered whether that person was targeting Newman. Victor worried that Nikki was still in jeopardy, and Nick vowed to look out for her. Victor implored Nick to find out who had set the stables ablaze and planted the evidence, and he stressed that he was depending on Nick. A guard escorted Victor out.

Billy stopped by Victoria's house, and Reed informed him that his mom was at the hospital and that the kids were skating with Hannah. Reed prepared to go for a run, but Billy wanted to discuss Victor's arrest. Reed recalled that his mom and grandmother had repeatedly professed Victor's innocence, yet the police had found enough serious dirt to charge "His Highness, Victor Newman." Billy surmised it was why Reed had been avoiding Victoria. Reed understood that his mom was being loyal to her dad, just like Reed wanted to be with his.

Reed refused to simply accept that Victor wasn't guilty, since Victor had been staying out of the country to dodge the police. Billy pointed out that Reed had pulled Victor out of hiding by causing the hit-and-run accident. Reed wailed that he'd never felt so bad about anything in his life as he did about the accident, and Billy understood what it was like to have something eat him up from the inside out. Billy referred to Delia's death and how he had been guilty because he'd left her alone in the car. Billy pointed out that Nikki was still alive, so Reed could learn from it, heal, and move on with his life.

Reed still felt ashamed, and he admitted that it was why he couldn't stand to be around his mom. Billy urged him to talk to Victoria about it, since she had double the loyalty to Reed that she had to Victor. Billy added that there was nothing Reed could do that would make Victoria turn her back on him, and he encouraged Reed to wait for all the facts before he started judging Victor.

Victoria returned home and yelled out for Billy, and he emerged from the kitchen in an apron. He divulged that he'd made dinner for her and the kids, and he mentioned that Reed had gone out for a jog. Billy noted that Reed was handling things better than he'd expected, and Victoria wished her son would talk to her. Billy relayed that he'd told Reed to do so, and she thanked him for that and for everything else he'd done since the accident. He said it had been nice spending time with her and kids, and it was why he'd wanted to wait around to talk to her.

Billy insisted that he had no ulterior motive for being there just because they'd kissed the night before, and he didn't want Victoria to think he was expecting more. She suggested that they forget about the buss, and he asked if he was nuts to feel like there was something happening between them. Victoria replied that he was reading too much into it, since the timing was horrible with her relying on him to get her through massive crises. She recommended that he take a look at what was triggering his own feelings, and she chalked it up to feeling nostalgic around the holidays. Billy adamantly stated that he wasn't on the rebound, since he would never use her like that. She argued that they also had the kids to consider, and he agreed to take some time to think about it. They said their goodbyes, and he departed.

Later, Cane stopped by to see Victoria and conceded that he should have called first. She told him the kids were out, so she had a few minutes -- unless it was about their kiss. He insisted that there hadn't been any kiss, and they nervously laughed. He informed her that he'd talked to Charlie about the accident, and the teen was gutted. Victoria bemoaned that Reed couldn't even look at her, and Cane opined that it would be best if the boys confessed.

A shocked Victoria wondered if Cane had considered the consequences, but he thought the psychological damage would be worse. Cane clarified that he'd meant the teens should confess to Nikki, and Victoria agreed. Cane suggested that they let Nikki impose whatever action she thought was right, and Victoria hoped it would allow Reed and Charlie to start to forgive themselves. Reed arrived home and asked what was going on. Victoria instructed him to shower and change, since they were going to see his grandmother.

Nikki was surprised when Cane entered her room. Victoria soon followed and announced that two other people were anxious to see Nikki, and Reed and Charlie filed in. Reed took Nikki's hand, and Charlie asked how she was feeling. Nikki replied that she was much better, and she loved that they were there to visit, but she wondered what it was all about. Reed said he and Charlie had something to tell her.

Charlie recounted that on the night before Christmas, Reed had wanted to take him to a party to cheer him up because his girlfriend had just broken up with him. Charlie continued that Reed had offered to drive because Charlie been drinking, but it had been snowy, and they'd hit something. Charlie swore that they'd had no idea it had been her, and an astounded Nikki realized that they'd caused the accident. Reed hated himself for not going back to see what he'd done, but he'd known he'd be in trouble for driving on a suspended license and damaging Cane's car. Reed insisted that he would have gone back in a heartbeat if he'd known he'd hit a person, and he would have called for help and stayed with Nikki instead of pretending that nothing had happened.

Reed cried that it would have been all his fault if Nikki had died, and Victoria and Cane explained that they'd just learned what had happened a few days earlier. Cane was sure it had been tearing the teens up inside, and Reed confirmed that he still couldn't stop feeling sick about it. Nikki demanded that Reed look her in the eye and tell her whether he'd been drinking, and he told her he hadn't. Charlie wished they'd called for a car instead, and Reed apologized profusely. Cane declared that the boys were ready to accept any consequences that Nikki deemed appropriate, but Nikki wanted to make her own confession.

Nikki commended the teens for being brave, and she revealed that she'd been drinking heavily at the Jabot holiday party on the night of the accident. Reed protested that she didn't drink, and Nikki explained that she'd tried not to, but she'd given herself permission because she'd been upset about something. She admitted that she'd been out of it when she'd stepped off the curb, and that had been why the boys couldn't have prevented the accident. She ordered them to stop blaming themselves because she'd been out of control, but Reed argued that they still should have gone back. Nikki countered that she should have stayed sober and not put them in that position, and she apologized and hoped they could forgive her.

Charlie thought he and Reed should be the ones asking for Nikki's forgiveness, and Nikki assured them that they already had it. Reed hugged her and tearfully thanked her, and Nikki stated that one of best things about being a grandmother was that she could leave things like issuing punishments to other people. Nikki instructed Victoria and Cane to do whatever they felt was right, provided they didn't involve the police. Cane declared it a deal, and Victoria asked Cane to drop Reed off while she stayed to talk to Nikki. Victoria told Reed she was proud of him, and he confided that he'd thought his family would hate him for the rest of his life. Victoria shook her head and hugged him.

Once alone, Victoria thanked Nikki for being incredible with the boys. Victoria promised that Reed wouldn't be off the hook, since she intended to extend his driving ban once he got his license. Victoria sympathized that the teens had been terrified to confess the truth, even though it had been tearing them up inside, and Nikki said her heart had gone out to them when she'd seen it on their faces. Nikki groaned that she and Victoria knew the toll keeping a horrible secret could take.

Nikki realized that they couldn't seal up something that toxic because it poisoned everything. She regretted that it had reduced her to binge drinking, and Victoria hated that Victor was sitting in a jail cell for something he hadn't done. Nikki refused to let it destroy them or the people they loved any longer, and there was only one way to make it end -- she had to tell the police that she'd killed J.T.

At the Ashby home, Charlie raided the refrigerator and expressed that it was the first time he didn't feel nauseated since the accident. He understood why his mom had confessed if she had felt the same way, and he regretted being mad at her for doing it. Cane recognized that Lily wouldn't have been able to live with herself if she hadn't confessed, and Charlie said he would have gone to the police if Nikki had told them to. Cane was grateful that hadn't happened, but he thought they still had to discuss the consequences. Cane banned Charlie from driving for the rest of the school year and imposed a strict curfew, and Charlie vowed not to break it.

Jill stopped by the Abbott mansion and hugged Billy. He shared his condolences about Colin, but she insisted that she was doing better than ever because she'd needed to take a step back and look to the future. Jill inquired how it was for Billy to work with his ex as his boss, and he reported that he and Phyllis had worked through their personal differences to become a dynamic team. Jill hoped he knew what he was doing, and he swore that his eyes were wide open, since Phyllis had moved on with Nick. Jill prodded to know whether Billy had seen much of Victoria, and he quipped that it hadn't been as much as Jill would like.

Jill fawned over photos of Johnny in his snowman costume, and Billy suggested that the tot give her an encore performance, just like Johnny had for Victoria. Jill gushed that the weather had conspired to have them snowed in together as a family on Christmas, and she imagined the kids had loved it. Billy murmured that he had, too, and Jill observed that she hadn't seen him look that happy in years. He teased that she didn't have to act coy, since he knew she had a "Team Victoria" bumper sticker. Jill crowed that if she had one, it would say "Team Billy and Victoria."

Jill marveled that Billy was John Abbott's son, and it was embedded in his DNA to be a family man. Billy wondered what made her think another attempt at domestic tranquility wouldn't end in profanity and tears yet again, and she figured that he was addressing his gambling, he was done with Phyllis, and Victoria had never stopped loving him. She added that he was too smart to let Victoria get away again.

Cane tells Jill that he kissed a woman who was not his wife

Cane tells Jill that he kissed a woman who was not his wife

Friday, January 4, 2019

At the Ashby home, Cane promised Jill that he'd find a time for the twins to visit with her. She recalled that when she'd last seen him, he'd been energized to step up for the kids, but he looked like he was running on empty. Cane confided that he'd been doing fine as a dad, but he still felt like he was letting Lily down. Jill warned that he'd end up exploding if he kept things bottled up, and she bragged that she had life experience and was known for giving impeccable advice. Cane confessed that he'd kissed another woman.

Cane defended that it had been one kiss that he'd regretted from the moment it had happened. Jill asked if she knew the woman, and Cane insisted that he wasn't even attracted to her. He explained that he'd received upsetting news, and he and the woman had been arguing when the kiss had suddenly happened. Jill recognized that Cane had gone months without any female companionship, and he was adamant that the woman he'd kissed would be the last one he'd want companionship with. Jill clucked that passion was close to anger, and hate was just a thin line from love.

Jill imagined that Cane had just been swept away by his emotions, and he swore that Lily was the one he needed in his life. He hated himself for what had happened, and he hadn't been able to block it out. He recalled how he'd lied about his tryst with Juliet and the car crash and how the lies had made matters worse, and he decided to do the right thing that time by telling Lily the truth. Jill pointed out that even though Cane had told her the kiss had been meaningless, his reaction suggested that it had meant more. Cane maintained that he didn't even like the woman, and Jill advised him to keep his mouth shut and never breathe it to another living soul -- especially Lily.

Jill envisioned what the piece of information would do to Lily, and she imagined that Lily would doubt herself and Cane's love for her. Jill recognized that Cane was struggling without Lily, but it paled in comparison to what Lily was going through. Jill begged Cane to admit that he'd made a stupid mistake and to devote his energy to being the man Lily needed him to be. They hugged, and Jill asked Cane to promise to stay "the hell away from" the woman who'd kissed him, since she sounded like nothing but trouble.

Jack and Kerry entered the Abbott mansion, and she exclaimed that she'd forgotten how cold it got in Genoa City. He offered to warm her up, and she pretended that they were back in their bungalow in Bora Bora. They kissed, and he suggested that they keep the island spirit alive until the next time they went away together. She asked if he approved of her in a bikini, and he amorously replied that he approved of her in or out of it, but he liked her best when she was wearing just a smile. Billy interrupted them kissing, and he guessed that he didn't have to ask how their trip had gone.

Billy was clearly bored by Jack's display of vacation photos. Jack handed Billy a bag with a souvenir that they'd picked up for him, and Billy found a straw hat inside. Kerry kissed Jack before stepping out to make some work calls, and Billy noticed that the two seemed cozier than ever. Billy voiced surprise at how fast the relationship was evolving, and Jack gushed that the more he found out about Kerry, the more he liked her. Billy turned the topic to the "hell" that had broken loose for the Newmans during Jack's getaway, and he remarked that the news had only covered half of it.

Billy assured Jack that Nikki was doing surprisingly well; however, Nikki was stressed out with Victor in jail, and Victoria was having a hard time. Jack imagined that Billy and Victoria had been spending time together and getting closer, and he asked if it had become more than friendly. Billy admitted that they'd kissed and talked about their feelings, and she'd voiced concern about where his heart really was. Billy swore that he was crazy about her and always had been, but Jack warned that Billy had to be absolutely certain about getting involved with her again, since it had to be a complete commitment.

Billy asserted that he was definitely ready to try again with Victoria, but she hadn't said she wanted to get back together. Jack sensed that they were in a holding pattern, each waiting for the other person to make the first move. Billy considered everything he'd put her through in the past, and Jack declared that it was time for Billy to let her know where he stood and that he was standing on both feet. Jack advised Billy not to let Victoria wonder for a minute whether he was ready to move forward, and he suggested that Billy make a gesture to let her know how much she meant to him. Billy headed out to do something that he should have done already.

Jack was surprised when Jill stopped by, and she guessed that Billy hadn't told him that she was back in town. Jill was puzzled by the linen shirt Jack was wearing in winter, and he informed her that he'd just returned from a vacation in Bora Bora. He inquired whether she and Colin were reuniting with family after the holidays, and she revealed that she and her husband were taking a break. She remarked that sometimes love had an expiration date, but she'd gotten up and moved forward, just like Jabot had done without Ashley.

Jill blasted Ashley for lying about Jack's DNA and fudging the results of the tests, but Jack acknowledged that he hadn't been faultless himself. Jill congratulated him on being an official Abbott again, though she wished Ashley had told the truth before Kyle had desecrated Phillip's grave. Jack suggested that they make a deal to never speak of it again, and Jill recognized that Jack had been working hard to reunite his family. Jack commented that it was what his father would have wanted, and Jill was sure that John would have been very proud of him. Jack said it meant a lot to hear that from her, and he put his arm around her as Kerry returned.

Jack introduced Jill to Kerry, and Jill recognized Kerry's name from the press as Jabot's new phenomenon. Jack explained that Jill had been married to John and was Billy's mother, and Jill added that she was also Jabot's former CEO. Jill teased that there were all sorts of things she could tell Kerry about Jack. Jack was afraid Kerry wouldn't approve of his misspent youth, but Kerry was relieved to hear that Jill was family and not yet another of Jack's many exes. Jill and Jack sheepishly exchanged a knowing look, and he confessed that things hadn't always been platonic between them.

Kerry was taken aback to learn that Jill and Jack had had an affair while Jill had been married to John. Jack defended that it had happened decades earlier, and Kerry recalled reading about the playboy he'd been. He reiterated that it had been in another lifetime, and Kerry asked if they'd only been together one time. Jack shared that he and Jill had engaged in another dalliance when they'd both been unattached, and he pleaded for Jill to help him out. Jill confirmed that it was all history, and she and Jack were glad to be friends who were occasionally thorns in one another's sides.

Kerry noted that anything she'd done in her past paled in comparison. She conceded that she was a bit stunned, but she loved that Jack was honest with her, and they all had scars and skeletons in their closets. He thanked her for being gracious and understanding, and they kissed. Kerry prepared to go home to unpack and think about the work waiting for her at Jabot, but she implored Jack to stay with his guest instead of walking her out. Kerry headed to the door, but a wary look crossed her face as she looked back at Jill and Jack cheerfully catching up.

In Nikki's hospital room, Victoria protested that Nikki couldn't confess. Nikki intended to tell the police that she'd acted on her own, since the lies were destroying everyone. Victoria argued that the police didn't have a body, so there was practically no way they could convict Victor. Nikki couldn't stand the thought of him being locked away for a minute, but Victoria assured her that Victor was his strong, resilient self and that he'd fight the charges and survive. Victoria doubted that Nikki could say the same thing about herself if she ended up behind bars.

Victoria recounted that she'd recently thought that she'd lose Nikki forever, and it was a miracle that Nikki was still there. Victoria scolded her mother for potentially throwing away her second chance by going to jail. Victoria didn't see Nikki fully recovering in a prison infirmary, and she wondered what Victor would say about Nikki jeopardizing her health and life after he'd done everything possible to protect her. Nikki insisted that Victor needed to know the truth, but Victoria stressed that he needed to know Nikki was okay. Victoria begged her to wait and see what happened, and Nikki reluctantly agreed to focus on her recovery. Victoria hugged her.

After Victoria left, Nikki stirred restlessly in bed, and Nate entered and asked how his favorite patient was doing. She wanted to know how soon she could get out of there. Nate examined Nikki and wanted to see her vitals stronger before she went home. He suggested that they take it day by day, but she argued that she was feeling much better. Nate conceded that she'd rebounded nicely, but he refused to let anything risk her miraculous recovery -- including her. He promised to grant his seal of approval once she was ready, and he encouraged her to rest and enjoy being waited on in the meantime.

Later, a nurse asked how Nikki was feeling, and Nikki proclaimed that she'd decided to check herself out. Nikki claimed that she'd already spoken to Nate, and she was aware of the risks, but it was her legal right to leave. She ordered the nurse to get the papers. Over the phone, Nikki requested that her name be added to Victor's visitors' list.

Nate joined Cane at the Athletic Club bar and commented that it looked like they both needed a break from the office. Nate mentioned that an anxious patient had been less than happy to hear that they had to stay in the hospital, and Cane guessed that it had been Nikki. Cane mentioned that Devon had told him about Nate's adventure. Nate figured that most people would think he'd been crazy, but he hadn't been able to turn his back on Nikki. Nate sympathized that Victor had just been trying to protect his wife, and Cane understood the impulse to want to drop everything and run away, since he'd almost done that after the car crash by whisking Lily and the kids off to Australia. Nate contemplated what kind of life it would be to go on the run and live like fugitives, and Cane somberly questioned what kind of life he had without Lily.

Victoria met with her therapist and shared that her mother had nearly died and that her father had been arrested for J.T.'s murder. Victoria lamented that she felt totally responsible, since none of it would be happening if she hadn't gotten back together with J.T. Victoria regretted that her family had been affected by her bad choice, and everyone thought her dad was guilty because he'd never made his hatred of J.T. a secret. The therapist noted that it sounded like Victoria didn't think he was guilty, and Victoria insisted that she knew for a fact that he wasn't. The doctor asked how she'd been managing her anxiety, and Victoria revealed that she'd kissed two men in one day.

Victoria felt like she should have caution tape and orange cones around her, since what she'd done had made no sense. The doctor asked who the men had been, and Victoria named Billy and referred to the second man as a lying, manipulative cheater who she'd once worked with. The therapist inquired whether there was an underlying attraction with the second man, and Victoria adamantly stated that there never had been. The doctor pressed to know how Victoria's relationship with Billy had been recently, and Victoria said he'd been a wonderful shoulder to lean on and that he'd made her smile and laugh. She shared that she'd enjoyed kissing Billy again, but she'd never expected them to reunite romantically.

Victoria hesitantly admitted that being with Billy made her happy, but she questioned how she could have feelings for him when she'd kissed a man she loathed. Victoria supposed that she'd kissed Cane to subconsciously try to sabotage her chances of reconciling with Billy. She figured that she knew things were likely to end, so she'd ruined it before he could disappoint her again. She referred to the million reasons why their marriage hadn't worked out, and she noted that he'd just gotten out of a relationship. The therapist asked about who Victoria thought Billy was then, and Victoria replied that he had changed into someone more mature and steady, but she wasn't sure she had.

Victoria regretted that she'd trusted her instincts and heart when she'd reunited with J.T., and she felt ashamed for doing so. The doctor implored Victoria to take her heart out of the equation, and she asked if Billy had ever been abusive or controlling. Victoria firmly stated that Billy was nothing like J.T., and Billy would never try to hurt her. She added that she just didn't know if she was ready to dive into another relationship, and the therapist advised her to ease in a little at a time at her own pace. The doctor recommended that Victoria have an honest conversation with Billy about her hopes and fears about building a new relationship with him before deciding if she was truly ready to move forward.

Victoria found Billy waiting for her at home, and she informed him that her mom was doing much better. She added that she'd been thinking a lot since their last conversation, and she'd realized that she'd put a lot of responsibility on him by asking him to sort out his feelings for her. She explained that she'd done that because she hadn't been ready to be honest with herself, and he asked how she felt about having a romantic relationship with him. Victoria shared that she had strong feelings for him, but she didn't know if she could be vulnerable and trusting enough to be in a committed relationship with anyone again.

Billy surmised that Victoria felt that way because of what had happened with J.T. Victoria also referred to what had happened with her and Billy, since she didn't want history to repeat itself. She reasoned that she wouldn't want to do that to the kids, who would be hurt if she and Billy tried and failed. Victoria confided that she didn't think she could take it if things didn't work out again, and she wanted Billy to think about that before he told her whatever he was there to say.

Billy empathized with what Victoria was going through, and he wanted to be there to help share the burden and be the man she deserved. He contended that the time they'd been spending together with and without the kids had felt right and true, and they'd been through "hell," both together and apart, yet they were there like it was meant to be. Billy told Victoria to close her eyes for a second, and he pulled out the straw hat. He asked her to open her eyes, and he explained that the hat was a regift, but it looked like the one she'd worn in Jamaica when she'd done the limbo. He put it on her head, and she fondly recalled that he'd done most of the dancing that night.

Billy called it the most beautiful, perfect time of his life, and he remembered thinking he and Victoria belonged together, which had been why he'd asked her to be his wife. Billy quickly clarified that he wasn't proposing, but he still felt everything that he'd felt back then. Victoria appreciated the gesture, but she thought she and Billy were a million miles away from that night in Jamaica, and they couldn't go back. Billy suggested that a new beginning would be different for them that time, but she asked how he could be sure.

Billy pledged not to let Victoria down that time, since he was wiser and more mature, and he wanted to give her everything she needed and wanted. He swore that he'd learned from his mistakes, and he vowed to show her every day that he could be good for her and that he was worthy of being part of her life. He leaned in to kiss her, but she pulled away and said they couldn't yet. Victoria worried about how fast everything had been moving, and she insisted that she and Billy needed to go very slowly.

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