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Victoria slapped Phyllis during a heated argument. During J.T.'s memorial service, Phyllis stopped Nikki from confessing to his murder by revealing that J.T. had abused Victoria. Nikki told Nick that she'd killed J.T. Sharon and Rey were forced to share a motel room. Kyle and Lola professed their love
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Nikki told Nick that she'd killed J.T.
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Victor tells Nikki to keep quiet about J.T.

Victor tells Nikki to keep quiet about J.T.

Monday, January 7, 2019

At Rey and Mia's apartment, Rey packed his briefcase while Mia, lounging on the sofa in a sexy nighty and high-heeled slippers, read aloud a news article displayed on her tablet. Mia boasted that the news story lauded Rey for having tracked down Victor Newman and solving J.T. Hellstrom's murder case. Rey replied, "Just doing my job." Mia noted that the publication should have printed a better photo to show how handsome Rey was. Rey said he wasn't in it for the fame. As Rey stood near the doorway, Mia joined him, kissing his neck each time she named his attributes, one of which was proclaiming him to be the sexiest man alive. Rey smoothed Mia's hair and passionately kissed her on the mouth.

In the visitation room at the detention facility, a frail Nikki supported herself on the edge of a table while she waited for Victor to be escorted inside. After a guard removed Victor's handcuffs, Nikki rushed toward Victor to tightly embrace him. Victor noted that his plan to whisk Nikki out of the country had failed. Nikki cried that Victor's plan had cost him his freedom. Victor assured Nikki that he'd clear himself of the ridiculous charges.

Nikki, weak and unsteady on her feet, admitted she'd checked herself out of the hospital so she could tell Victor about something terrible she'd done. Victor said, "Well, tell me." Nikki replied, "This whole mess -- it's all my fault." Nikki admitted that no one had intentionally attempted to injure her in the hit-and-run accident. Nikki confessed that she'd begun drinking again and had been drunk when she'd ventured into the road. Nikki said the other party involved had likely been unaware of what had happened. Nikki blamed herself entirely. Victor said he blamed himself for not being by Nikki's side to protect her.

Victor asked Nikki if her drinking was related to J.T. Nikki admitted that she'd begun drinking again because of J.T. Victor asked if the bloody shirt and the gun Nikki had found in the burned-out stables had driven her to drink again. Nikki explained that her trauma had begun much earlier, after witnessing J.T. hurting Victoria and learning that J.T. had twice attempted to murder Victor. Victor comforted Nikki as she recalled how Rey Rosales had relentlessly questioned her about J.T.'s murder and Victor's whereabouts. Victor blamed his absence and Rey's interrogations for causing Nikki to drink.

Tears welled in Victor's eyes when he recalled the first time he'd laid eyes on Nikki. Victor said he'd known immediately that he'd always protect her. Nikki said she felt the same way and would do whatever was necessary to get Victor out of jail. Nikki insisted they had to stop Christine from building a case based on circumstantial evidence. Victor replied, "Why are you so certain that I'm innocent?" Victor answered his own question by stating that no matter what, Nikki was always on his side. Nikki agreed.

Nikki explained that her love for and devotion to Victor wasn't the only reason. Nikki said she knew who killed J.T. Victor shushed Nikki and said, "Don't you ever repeat those words again to no one. Keeping you safe is all that matters to me now. Once I've cleared those charges against me, I will take care of everything else. You trust me." Victor kissed Nikki and embraced her tightly before again warning her to never say another word about J.T.'s murder.

At Victoria's house, Billy pressed Victoria to admit she had cold feet about rekindling their romance. Victoria explained that if they forged ahead, things would have to be different because her relationship with J.T. was still affecting her. Billy agreed to Victoria's terms and promised to proceed slowly. Billy leaned in to kiss Victoria on the lips just as Reed entered the house. Reed frowned and said, "Guess you moved on from Dad." Victoria told her son that she had no intention of getting together with Billy or anyone else. Reed insisted he had nothing against Billy, but he cried that seeing his mom and stepdad together had surprised him.

Victoria suggested that Reed consider returning to school. Reed asked how he was supposed to forget that his grandfather was about to face a trial for murdering J.T. Victoria looked Reed in the eye and said, "Your grandfather did not kill your dad." Reed grabbed his jacket, cried that returning to school wouldn't help him deal with his problems, and rushed out. Billy offered to talk to Reed, but Victoria stopped Billy and told him about Reed and Charlie's involvement in Nikki's accident. Victoria explained that Nikki understood why the boys hadn't immediately stepped forward and blamed herself for the accident. Billy said he hoped Reed appreciated Nikki's desire to keep quiet and warned that lying to the police was risky. Victoria said she and Cane would ensure that their sons faced consequences. Billy embraced Victoria and vowed to help her get through everything.

After Reed returned, Billy explained that he, too, had once tried to run away from his problems and warned that it didn't work. Reed admitted that he'd faced what had happened to Nikki. Victoria told Reed he should believe his grandfather was innocent. Reed cried that even so, it wouldn't bring back his dad. Reed said he needed to tell his dad goodbye by holding a memorial ceremony. Billy suggested holding the memorial at the house. Victoria reluctantly agreed.

At the Genoa City Athletic Club, Sharon had breakfast with Mariah. After Sharon sent a text message to Arturo about a repair issue, she told Mariah that it was shocking to return to town and learn that Victor had been incarcerated. Sharon cried that they both knew Victor hadn't committed the crime for which he'd been arrested. Mariah labeled Victor as a kidnapper, liar, and all-around evil person that she had no sympathy for. Sharon reminded Mariah that Victor wasn't a murderer, so something should be done. Mariah asked Sharon what she planned to do.

After expressing regret that Mariah could be jailed for having kept her mother's secret, Sharon said she had to help Victor. Mariah noted that the authorities couldn't prove that J.T. was dead. Mariah added that Victor could hire the best defense attorneys. Mariah said Rey was smart. She cautioned Sharon to keep quiet around Rey because he'd grow suspicious and eventually figure it all out. Sharon agreed to be even smarter than Rey.

Arturo used a key to enter Rey and Mia's apartment. Mia, clad only in a crimson towel, screamed when she encountered an unexpected visitor. Mia donned one of Rey's shirts and berated Arturo for barging in. Arturo explained that Sharon had provided a key so he could repair the thermostat on the furnace. Mia fumed that Sharon had the Rosales brothers wrapped around her finger. Arturo explained that Rey was aware that he'd be stopping by and should have told Mia. Mia disguised her resentment about being left out of the loop by insisting that Arturo return at a later time. Mia quickly changed her mind about meeting a client, plopped down on the sofa, and said she'd stay as long as Arturo was present.

Mia set out her beauty products and explained that she'd consult with her client at the apartment so she could keep an eye on Arturo. As the reason for keeping an eye on him, Mia cited a time in the past when Arturo had taken her television and failed to return it for two years. Mia bragged that she and Rey had worked out their problems and were happy. Arturo said he had a close relationship with Abby. Arturo suggested he, Abby, Rey, and Mia enjoy a double date some time.

Mia said she was glad she and Arturo were on friendly terms again. Arturo recalled that he'd learned from his mistakes while he'd been with Mia and added, "My skills were badly lacking back then." In a suggestive tone, Mia replied, "Ooh. Strongly disagree." After both recalled having engaged in a number of heated arguments, Mia and Arturo locked eyes when Arturo fondly recalled making up just as passionately as they'd fought. After Arturo repaired the thermostat, Mia thanked him and expressed gratitude for the opportunity to repair their friendship. Mia embraced Arturo, deeply pressing her head against his shoulder. After Arturo left, Mia seemed a bit smitten.

At the police station, Rey instructed Sharon to meet with a woman whose husband had been shot and wounded. Sharon agreed that the man's wife would need counseling to deal with her trauma. Rey asked Sharon if she had anything to say about Victor's arrest, which had taken place while Sharon had been out of town. Sharon, forcing herself to sound nonchalant, replied, "Yeah, I heard about it." Rey proudly noted that he'd stopped Victor's jet on the runway. Rey added, "After months of tracking the guy, I finally nailed him." Sharon said, "Wow, that's great." Noting Sharon's fake enthusiasm, Rey replied, "I got more enthusiasm from my brother when he found out I'd moved into town."

Sharon asked Rey how he was certain he'd arrested the right man. Rey set down a bulging file folder, explaining that the stack of documents represented the months he'd spent investigating Victor to build a solid case. Rey questioned Sharon's unwavering devotion to the Newmans and recalled how she'd defended Victoria, seemingly to prevent him from solving the case. Mariah suddenly entered and said, "That's ridiculous. Sharon was just telling me earlier that she couldn't wait for this J.T. mess to be over with."

Rey was surprised to see Mariah. Mariah asked Rey if everything was status quo regarding Victor's arrest. Rey replied, "Any reason it wouldn't be?" Mariah glanced at Sharon and said there was no reason. Mariah left. Rey gave Sharon the file on Victor and told her to read it then let him know why he might be wrong about Victor. Sharon initially said she was concerned about Nikki, but after Rey noted that Christine had ordered Victor's incarceration without bail, Sharon warned that Victor would never forget or forgive. Rey, sounding confident, said Victor would have to hate him from behind bars because the case would end in a conviction.

Victoria slaps Phyllis during a heated argument

Victoria slaps Phyllis during a heated argument

Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Billy stopped by Victoria's house to help plan J.T.'s memorial, but Victoria insisted that she had the preparations under control. Billy asked why it looked like she had the weight of the world on her shoulders, and she bemoaned that the memorial shouldn't be happening at her house, where the nightmare had ended. Victoria quickly clarified that she was referring to her relationship with J.T. and her illusions about the kind of man he'd become. Billy wished he hadn't jumped on the idea of having a memorial without checking with her first, but Victoria recognized that Reed needed closure.

Billy saw how much hosting the memorial bothered Victoria, and he encouraged her to talk to Reed about canceling it. Victoria understood that her son wanted to have the memorial in the place where he'd had his last good memories of his father. She pledged to be the parent and suck it up so that Reed could start being a normal kid again, and she promised that she could handle it because she had to.

Later, Reed arrived home and asked where his mother was, since they needed to discuss the memorial. Billy informed Reed that the service was good to go and that Victoria had stepped out. Reed wondered if she was putting off talking to him because of everything J.T. had done to Victor, but he swore that there had been good in his father. Reed couldn't help but think that part of his mom would always love his dad, even if part of her still hated J.T., too. Billy stated that the relationship had been complex, and Reed begged to know whether his mom preferred that he call the whole thing off.

Billy assured Reed that Victoria was on board with the memorial because she knew how much it meant to Reed. Reed was surprised when Billy revealed that Victoria was at Nick's, asking him to attend. Billy asserted that whatever conflicting feelings Victoria had about J.T. paled in comparison to how much she loved Reed, but Reed didn't want to force her into anything. Billy reasoned that Reed had to do it for his dad, and Victoria had to do it for Reed. Billy hoped they both found closure.

Billy ordered pizza, and Reed thanked him for always being so cool about everything. Reed specifically mentioned Billy stepping up with Victoria, since she needed someone to count on. Billy mused that they were in it together.

At home, Phyllis had trouble getting Nick's attention, and he admitted that he was distracted because he'd been thinking about his parents. Nick fretted that Nikki was stressed out about the charges against Victor when she should be recuperating, and Phyllis pointed out that Nikki had survived the accident and pulled herself out of a coma. Nick confided that he'd initially thought the cops had had it right by thinking Victor had murdered J.T., but he was no longer sure. Nick contemplated the possibility that his father was telling the truth, but Phyllis warned that Nick would regret it if he kept going down that path.

Phyllis explained that she couldn't help believing Victor was capable of murder after everything he'd done to her. She referred to the evidence against Victor, but Nick argued that it was purely circumstantial, and it looked like someone was trying to set Victor up. Phyllis said she hated seeing what it was doing to Nick after all he'd done to get out from under Victor's shadow, and she reminded Nick that he had broken free and had been thriving ever since. Phyllis imagined that Nick's Newman instinct was kicking in because Victor was in trouble, and the Newmans always looked out for one another at all costs. Phyllis suspected that Victor was counting on using that to his own advantage.

Phyllis urged Nick to look at his track record with Victor. She contemplated how many times Nick had turned his back on his father, only to go running back whenever Victor needed help, hoping it would be a new beginning. Phyllis continued that Nick had ended up feeling used and betrayed every time, and she hated seeing him in that kind of pain. She appealed to him not to get pulled back into Victor's toxic orbit, and she advised him just to walk away. They embraced, but he looked unsure.

Victoria dropped by Nick's house and invited Nick and Phyllis to the memorial. Nick and Phyllis voiced surprise that Victoria would hold a memorial for a guy who'd done such terrible things to her, and Victoria explained that it had been Reed's idea to help give him closure. Nick agreed to be there to support Reed, and Phyllis imagined it was difficult for Reed to know his grandfather had murdered his father. Victoria maintained that Victor hadn't killed J.T., but Phyllis clucked that all the evidence pointed to the contrary. Victoria insisted that she and Nick needed to fight for their father, but Nick shared that he wasn't convinced of Victor's innocence.

Nick promised to be there for Nikki and Victoria, but he wasn't sure whether he could give his dad the benefit of the doubt. Victoria glared at Phyllis. After Nick headed out for a meeting, Victoria demanded to know "what the hell" was wrong with Phyllis for trying to convince Nick that Victor was a killer when they knew he was innocent. Victoria suspected that it had gone past wanting Victor to take the heat for them, and she thought Phyllis' motivation was revenge. "You're damn right it is," Phyllis confirmed.

Victoria thought she should have known that Phyllis would twist their pact for her own agenda, and Phyllis questioned why she shouldn't savor every second after what Victor had done to her and Jack. Victoria argued that her father had served a prison term for it, but Phyllis spat that he had been sentenced to ten years but had gotten off in a matter of months. Phyllis hissed that she'd been waiting for payback for years, so the longer Victor suffered, the better. Victoria reminded Phyllis that Nikki was walking an emotional fine line, struggling with guilt because Victor was taking the fall. Victoria warned that if Nikki learned Phyllis was trying to turn Nick against his father, there was nothing to stop Nikki from confessing.

Phyllis snarled that Nikki would be an idiot if she sacrificed her life and her family's future for a "power-mad creep of a husband." Phyllis continued that Nikki and Victoria had poisoned themselves with their misplaced worship of Victor when he was as vile as J.T. had been. Phyllis bellowed that Victor deserved exactly what he got, and Victoria smacked her across the face and ordered Phyllis not to talk about her father that way. Phyllis retorted that there wasn't a "damn thing" Victoria could do about it, and Victoria dared Phyllis to keep fanning the flames but not to be surprised if she got burned. Phyllis told Victoria not to threaten her. "Pay attention. I just did," Victoria growled, and she walked out.

At Rey and Mia's apartment, Lola assembled Rey, Mia, and Kyle to test her sample menus as a trial run before her meeting with Devon and Abby the next day. Lola considered it her last chance to change things that weren't working, and she insisted that they focus on the food and be honest with their feedback. She worried that Abby and Devon were gambling buckets of money and putting their reputations on the line by hiring a young, unknown chef, and she had to show them whether it had been a smart idea or if she should go back to her food truck seven days a week. Lola added that it wasn't about her ego but her future, and she demanded brutal honesty.

As Lola prepared the food, Mia guessed that Kyle had box seats to hockey games, and she pressed him to invite Rey to a game sometime. Rey objected to her trying to set them up on a hockey date, and Kyle went to the kitchen to refill his wine glass. Kyle offered to pour a drink for Lola, but she declined. He marveled that everything smelled delicious, and she informed him that his support and confidence were adorable, but she needed space. Rey jokingly threatened to call security, and Kyle grabbed the wine bottle and returned to the living room.

Lola served her first course, and she encouraged everyone to be honest. Mia remarked that it had been cooked to perfection, but she hadn't expected it to be so traditional. Rey wondered if Abby and Devon had told Lola to go in a different direction, and Lola explained her decision to play it safe to appeal to a broader demographic. Lola surmised that they hadn't liked the dish. Rey swore that he'd loved every bite, but it had seemed off-brand.

Lola protested that she'd been trying to widen her brand, and she noted that Kyle had been quiet. Kyle offered his unvarnished opinion that a supremely talented chef had made the food, but it could have been made by any talented chef. Kyle continued that the things that made her food special and unique were missing, and Lola grabbed the plates away and fretted that she didn't know what she was doing. She dropped the tray of dishes on her way to the kitchen.

Rey, Mia, and Kyle consoled Lola, who panicked that she was in way over her head. Kyle assured her that feeling overwhelmed was normal, and the point of having a practice meal had been to get feedback in order to know what to correct. Lola figured that she was only a great chef for a food truck or small catering gigs, but Kyle insisted that she was meant for more, and it was her dream to run a restaurant. Lola worried that a dream and reality were different things, and she doubted that she could put together menus for all the meals and lead a kitchen staff. Lola prepared to call Abby to tell her to find a new head chef.

Lola told Kyle that she wanted to be left alone, but he reminded her that he'd heard her out, and he asked her to listen for a few minutes. He pulled her into a private corner and conceded that the restaurant was a massive undertaking, but he was sure she'd figure out how to run the kitchen and staff the same way she'd learned to run a food truck when she'd never had one before. Kyle insisted that the crucial element was her food, and Abby and Devon had hired Lola because it was literally what she "brought to the table." Kyle praised that Lola had a gift for creating unique dishes, and he urged her not to second-guess herself. He continued that she put all her love and passion into her food, and he'd stake his Harvard MBA that success would happen.

Rey insisted that Lola had always had what it took, and he recalled that at five years old, she'd made her family let her safety-test the oven to prove that she wouldn't burn down the house. Mia remembered Lola making crazy concoctions like bacon flan when they'd first met, and Rey asserted that Lola had learned from her kooky experimentation. Mia added that Lola had elevated her cooking to the next level by combining things shouldn't work but did, and she'd always been envious of Lola's talent. Rey proclaimed that Lola had perfected her craft and earned the opportunity. Kyle assured her that she was ready, but she had to be true to herself. Lola enthusiastically ordered everyone to "stay the hell out" of the kitchen because she had some cooking to do.

Lola whipped up another series of dishes and asked for everyone's thoughts. Kyle reported that the meal had been right up there with those he'd had from world-famous chefs. Mia said she was a stranger to fine dining, but she'd found the food to be phenomenal perfection. Rey suggested that Lola make the same menu the next day to prove that Abby and Devon had been right to make Lola their head chef. Lola thanked them for being honest, and Kyle hugged her. Noting the couple's close moment, Mia prompted Rey to take a walk with her, and they headed out. Kyle and Lola kissed, and she thanked him for reminding her of her strengths when she'd needed it most.

At Devon's penthouse, Ana descended the stairs as Devon and Fen grooved to the latest mix of the track they'd recorded. Devon declared it to be the final mix of Ana's star discovery's first single, and Fen exclaimed that Devon had done an awesome job. Ana protested that she wasn't feeling it because the production had been all wrong. They listened to the song again, and Ana stood by her opinion that the track needed work. Devon maintained that it was a hit song, and he asked which specific aspect she thought could be improved. She conceded that it sounded great and that it was as polished as any commercial single out there, but it was missing emotion.

Ana complained that the true meaning of the lyrics was buried under all the polish. Devon countered that it wasn't supposed to be a deep, emotional song but an infectious pop tune that people could sing along with, and that was what would make it successful. Ana wished that Devon would take a different approach, and Devon requested Fen's opinion. Fen replied that he was cool with whatever they decided, and he was just grateful for all the passion and support. Devon pressed Fen to choose a side, and Fen deferred to Devon because Devon was the boss. Devon decided to go with his version, although he appreciated Ana's input. Fen squirmed.

Ana offered Devon and Fen some lemonade. Devon explained that he'd just been trying to teach her about strategy and marketing in their earlier debate, but he didn't want her to think he was dismissing her opinions. Devon went upstairs to take a call, and Ana wondered if Fen had really liked the song Devon's way. Fen stammered that he knew she was disappointed, but Devon knew what he was talking about. Fen thought the mix was fantastic, even if it wasn't what she'd had in mind. Ana dryly congratulated Fen on his diplomatic answer, but she knew how much better the track could be, and she thought Fen believed her.

Fen recognized that Ana had put her heart into it, but he figured that it was already a done deal. Ana anticipated that she could sway Devon if she could get her hands on the latest version, and she imagined that Devon had given Fen a copy. Fen hesitated to go behind Devon's back again after what had happened at the studio, but Ana pointed out that Devon had gotten over it and signed Fen to his label. Ana argued that what mattered to Devon was talent, and she intended to show him hers. She expected that it would be a win for all of them, and she pleaded with Fen to believe in her the way she'd believed in him. He forwarded her the file, and she promised that he wouldn't regret it.

At Crimson Lights, Fen listened to Ana's remix of the song on headphones. He apologized if he'd ever doubted her, and she happily realized that he agreed that her version was better. He called it astounding, and he commended her for radically improving something that had already been great. He implored her to explain to Devon why she was passionate about the song, and he expected Devon to look at her differently if he knew she'd written it. Ana remained committed to staying anonymous as the songwriter, although she wanted to be more involved in the music division. Ana vowed to make it happen, and they departed.

Later, Ana and Fen presented Devon with her revisions to the track. After they listened to it, Ana hoped Devon could see what she'd been trying to tell him, but Devon said just because it was different didn't mean it was better. Ana questioned whether her version didn't make him feel more, and Devon retorted that it made him feel offended by the lack of respect they'd shown by questioning his judgment and going behind his back again. Ana took full responsibility for making the changes, and Devon instructed Fen to leave because his issue was with his sister. Fen headed to the door, but he stopped and suggested that Devon not be too tough on Ana because her heart had been in the right place, and she had plenty of talent.

After Fen exited, Devon blasted Ana for claiming to be back in town to help him when all she'd done had been take advantage. Ana swore that she wanted to support him in his life and business, and she thought it would be a victory for all of them if Fen's song took off. Devon barked that she'd shown that she put her own ambitions first, and he didn't know if he could trust her. He thought that, moving forward, she shouldn't have anything to do with LP.

Ana protested that Devon didn't mean it, but he maintained that she'd proven that she couldn't be trusted, and he prepared to leave. She begged him not to go, but he snapped that he had to run his life and business without interference, and he demanded that she back off. She reeled as he stormed out.

Jack pays Victor a visit to taunt him

Jack pays Victor a visit to taunt him

Wednesday, January 9, 2019

by Nel

At Devon's, Ana descended the stairs with her suitcase. Wistfully, she looked around then placed an envelope addressed to Devon on the bar and left.

At the Abbott house, Abby saw Jack reading an article about Victor's arrest. Jack quickly closed his tablet. Abby commented that the media loved writing about Victor, and they didn't care if Victor was innocent. Jack said that the police had evidence to convict Victor. Abby stated that Christine loved putting Victor on trial, but she never won. She pointed out that J.T.'s body hadn't been found, so they couldn't connect the weapon to the body. She was certain that Victor would be released soon. Accusingly, Abby stated that Jack had already decided that Victor was guilty, but Jack countered that a jury would decide Victor's guilt or innocence, not him.

Jack reminded Abby that Victor had been denied bail, and given Victor's history with J.T., Jack wouldn't be surprised if Victor had exacted his revenge on J.T. Abby admitted that Victor had done horrible things in the past, but it didn't make him a murderer. She was upset that Jack connected Victor's actions from the past to J.T.'s murder. Jack said that he cared about her, Nikki, and Victoria. He didn't want to fight with Abby, and he wanted to make things easier for her because she had a life of her own.

Jack asked Abby about the restaurant. Abby smiled and told him it was great. Jack asked if he could entertain his colleagues and clients, but Abby informed him the restaurant wasn't ready yet. She invited Jack for a food tasting. Jack declined because he had something important to do. Abby left.

At the jail, Victor was advised he had a visitor. When Victor entered the visitor's room, he saw Jack -- they both smiled. Victor took a jab at Jack and asked him if that was how Jack spent his time instead of leading Jabot; he then said he'd forgotten that Jack worked for Nick, and an outsider ran Jabot, the company Jack's father had built. Jack ignored the jab and claimed that he wanted to check on Victor as an act of charity. Victor asked if Jack expected to see him depressed and despondent, but Jack denied it.

Jack told Victor that he wanted to put Victor's mind at ease. He said that as patriarchs of their respective families -- and at times Victor's family had been his family -- he wanted to assure Victor that while Victor was "away," he would look after Victor's family. Victor replied that it was kind of Jack, but the Newmans didn't need anyone's help. He informed Jack that he ran everything from jail, including his business -- so Jack knew what he could do with his generous offer.

Jack reminded Victor that he'd been in the same place as Victor after he'd been accused of trying to kill Victor. Victor recalled that Jack had rummaged through his office and had stolen his belongings. Jack said it had turned out that it had been J.T. all along, and in the end, the long arm of the law had been the guilty party.

Jack told Victor that he didn't have the whole story, but he had no doubt that Victor had killed J.T. He pointed out how J.T. had provoked Victor. Victor denied that he'd killed J.T. Jack said he sympathized that Michael had to try to win Victor's case. Victor advised Jack that he wouldn't have anyone representing him because he refused to play the D.A.'s game. Jack accused Victor of showing off his majestic ego that blotted out the sun, logic, and reason. Jack said "so much for" Victor looking out for his family -- he wouldn't even look out for himself.

Victor told Jack that a lot of people would take great pleasure if he took the fall for J.T.'s murder because it would get him out of the way, and he claimed that Jack might be one of them. Jack scoffed and asked if Victor was alluding to him avenging Victor by killing his would-be murderer, especially after all the wonderful things Victor had done for him. Victor said if that was a confession, he'd call the guards. Jack denied that he'd kill J.T.

Victor admitted to Jack that he had a lot of enemies. Jack said he was aware of Victor's enemies, but the simpler answer was that Victor had killed J.T. Victor admitted that he'd hated J.T. for what J.T. had done to his family and to Victoria, but he explained that he wouldn't kill J.T. in cold blood and wouldn't do that to Reed or Victoria. He asked if Jack thought that Victor was stupid enough to plant a gun and blood-stained shirt in his own stables. Jack asked if that was the only evidence the police had against Victor.

Victor told Jack that whoever the enemy was, whether it was he or she, they weren't very bright. Jack admitted that Victor could have told the truth, but it was time for Victor to go down. Victor said it wouldn't happen. Jack reminded Victor that he wouldn't be able to seduce the prison doctor that time. Victor would have to live out his full sentence. Victor advised Jack to enjoy his fantasies. Jack informed Victor that the D.A. and the police were determined to nail Victor for J.T.'s murder and added that the police didn't have any other suspects.

Victor said that he hated to disappoint Jack, but they had nothing of significance to convict him. Jack smiled, stood up, and said that he wondered how many people in jail with a life sentence had had the same thought, and he left.

At home, Cane went through his mail and saw a letter from Lily. Lily wrote that their calls had been strained, and she'd always had a lot to say; however, she couldn't say anything because others were listening. She was happy that Neil was close by. Phone calls were difficult because they spoke about the past and the future, but never about the present. Life in prison had become easier and normal, and that was scary, because she felt like she was losing herself. She was afraid she'd never return to being her old self. She thanked him for being a good husband and father and for looking after the kids.

When Cane heard Mattie and Charlie arrive, he quickly shoved Lily's letter into his pocket. Mattie told Cane that they had all been invited to J.T.'s memorial. They wanted to attend. Cane stated that it wasn't a good idea. Charlie said that Nikki was okay, so they should go, but Cane said he didn't want to rub it in. Charlie commented that Reed had invited them, and he wouldn't have if there had been a reason not to. Mattie added that Reed's dad was dead, and Reed had been trying to process that. She asked if that wasn't a healthy way to deal with it.

Charlie said that Reed's grandfather was in jail, and Reed needed all the support he could get. Cane understood, but it had been Victoria's idea for the memorial, it had been her husband, and it was at her house. Charlie asked if Victoria didn't want them there. Cane said they were good kids, and Victoria would want them there for Reed, but Cane was a different story. Victoria held him responsible for incidents in the past, and he admitted that Victoria wasn't wrong about how she felt.

Mattie told Cane that Victoria wouldn't turn him away from the memorial service, since he and J.T. had been friends. Mattie said Lily would have gone, and she would have taken the whole family. Mattie told Cane that she and Charlie would go without him, but it was hurtful if Cane stayed away. Mattie didn't want to make Reed or anyone else feel worse. Cane finally agreed to go as a family.

At Crimson Lights, Kyle arrived on the patio, and Lola admitted that she was nervous about her presentation for Abby and Devon. Kyle said she shouldn't have been working, but Lola felt she'd have gone crazy had she stayed at home. Kyle reminded her to be herself. She told Kyle that she wanted the chef position with Abby and Devon more than anything, but she was close enough to lose it. Kyle advised her to approach Abby and Devon with confidence and lock down what she had to offer.

Ana entered Crimson Lights and saw Nate at one of the tables. She tried to exit without Nate seeing her, but she failed. Nate asked if she was going on a trip or if Devon had sent her on an assignment. She said it was time to leave and not return because Devon didn't want her around. She told Nate that Devon had accused her of overstepping, and he couldn't trust her. She said she couldn't stay, knowing what Devon thought of her.

Nate assured Ana that Devon had overreacted. Ana said that Devon had pointed out everything she'd done wrong on a daily basis. Nate offered his suite and his shoulder anytime she needed it, but only if she'd give Devon another chance and tell him in person how she felt. Ana agreed, and they both left.

Devon returned home and called out for Ana, but there was no response. Devon saw Ana's note. Moments later, Ana and Nate walked in. Devon said he'd thought Ana had left. Ana told him that Nate had convinced her to talk to him to sort out their problems. Devon said he needed to say something to Ana.

Devon confessed to Ana that he hadn't known what he'd been doing. He had thought he'd been doing right by his job and his family and thought he had all situations under control, but when the situation with Ana had presented itself, he'd realized he didn't have anything under control. He told Ana that when she'd played Fen's song, he didn't know why he'd flipped out and why he'd said such hurtful things to her. He trusted her, and he conceded that she'd been right -- the song had needed more feeling. He said that most of the time, he tried not to feel anything. He didn't want Ana walking on eggshells around him. He asked Ana to stay and promised to be a better brother. Ana said she'd stay.

Devon gave Ana a gift from Fenmore's and said he'd bought it before he'd known that Ana had wanted to leave. Ana pulled a picture frame from the bag. Devon said they were a family, and he wanted pictures of their family in the frame. Ana smiled and said she loved it.

A short time later, Abby arrived, and Devon expressed his condolences about Victor. Abby said she hated the things that had been said about Victor and J.T. Ana entered the room and told Devon she was going out, but Devon wanted her to stay for Lola's food testing.

When Lola arrived, she said they all needed to sort through the menus and the recipes. They all agreed they needed to be trend-setters. Lola provided them with notes that would allow them to read about each food they tested. She said she'd tried to put together dishes that could be served all day. She also wanted to set the mood so that when patrons saw the dishes leaving the kitchen, they would ask about the dish, and in doing so, people would start conversations with others.

After they'd eaten, Abby and Devon said they loved Lola's passion and her food, but Devon thought her prices were too low. Lola said she didn't want to price people out, but Devon assured her that she wouldn't. Lola asked if they'd disliked any of the dishes, but Abby, Devon, and Ana assured her that they had loved everything. Abby said Lola was amazing and teasingly asked if they deserved her.

Abby said she'd never opened a restaurant, and it was intimidating. However, she was confident their restaurant would work. Devon handed Lola a contract and explained that it was a standard contract and was intended to protect her. Abby suggested that Lola needed to hire a lawyer to look it over. Devon said Lola needed to feel protected, and they wanted to make sure she was comfortable with every part of the deal. Ana advised Lola it was all right to negotiate the contract, and Devon agreed.

Abby handed Lola an envelope. Lola saw it was a check for a huge amount of money and said she couldn't accept it. Abby assured Lola that she'd receive a salary, but in the meantime, she and Devon wanted to give her an advance as a retainer. Devon said the amount wasn't too much because her talent was worth much more. Abby told Lola affectionately, out of friendship and respect, to shut up and enjoy it.

After Lola left, Devon told Abby and Ana that he'd hired an assistant manager who had wanted to broaden her horizons. She was young and hungry. Ana told Abby she would send Abby the contact information for the assistant manager. Abby advised that she would set up a meeting with the two ladies. Abby asked Devon about a bartender. Devon said he'd found a bartender who did private affairs and had his own drink-tasting menus. Abby was impressed.

Abby, Devon, and Ana were pleased their venture was coming together. Abby wondered why it had taken so long for her and Devon to work together. Devon said he had no idea, but it certainly felt good. Ana pointed out that everything was happening because of Abby's vision, but Abby said it was because of them as a group. She said that friends and family were great, but family was special -- something her family forgot on a regular basis. She warned Devon and Ana that they'd better not forget that they were family. Devon assured Abby that she had his and Ana's word on that.

Lola arrived at the Abbotts' house and told Kyle how incredibly well the presentation had gone and that she felt like she'd been part of a team. She said she hadn't known how the collaboration would work, but it had become clear during her presentation and food tasting. She told Kyle she was respected and trusted and that she actually had a friendship with Abby, Devon, and Ana. She told Kyle that Devon and Abby had given her a contract, and Devon had suggested she hire a lawyer to look it over. She told Kyle that she'd been given a very large check -- big enough that she could buy her own ridiculously expensive purse -- not that she would.

Kyle said that Lola had earned the money. Lola advised him that it had been an advance, but technically, she hadn't earned it. Kyle disagreed. He said the money was for all the ingredients she'd bought, the test recipes, and the time she'd spent researching and creating a menu that would put money in Abby and Devon's pockets. He said that Lola had certainly earned it, and none of it would have happened without her. Lola said they could have hired another chef.

Kyle told Lola that they hadn't gotten another chef because they'd seen how Lola had busted her butt for the project -- which would result in more checks. Kyle said Lola had put her heart and soul into it, the same way she'd done with her family and friends. He'd watched how Lola had invested herself in everything wholeheartedly and with honest dedication, and that was what he loved about her. Lola thanked him for always being supportive.

Kyle told Lola that he loved her. Lola smiled and said she loved him, too. They kissed.

J.T.'s memorial service begins

J.T.'s memorial service begins

Thursday, January 10, 2019

At home, Nick observed that Phyllis wasn't dressed for J.T.'s service. She announced that she'd decided not to go because J.T. had been a horrible person, and she had nothing good to say about him. Nick reiterated that he wasn't going there to honor J.T. but to be there for his nephew. Phyllis agreed that Nick should go, but she doubted that Reed would miss her. She added that she was the last person Victoria wanted to see after their argument had ended in assault, and she was likely to slap Victoria right back if they were anywhere near one another that night.

Phyllis poured a glass of wine, and Nick asked if there was anything he could say to convince her to go. She countered by asking if there was anything she could say to convince him to stay, but he recounted his promise to Victoria that he'd make an appearance. Phyllis questioned whether he'd made the commitment before or after Victoria had hit her, and Nick wondered how things had gotten to that point. Phyllis claimed that she'd given her honest opinion that Victor deserved to be behind bars, and Victoria hadn't been able to deal with it. Phyllis groused that Victoria would defend Victor no matter what, and she expected Victoria to do the same thing for J.T. by putting on a false show of grief.

Phyllis doubted that it was in Reed's best interests to have a fictional view of his father. Nick imagined that if everyone felt like her, it would only be him and his mom in attendance. Phyllis protested that going to the service would be too stressful for Nikki, but Nick reported that his mother was determined to go, so he had to be there to look out for her. Phyllis suddenly changed her mind and headed upstairs to change into something appropriate. Phyllis pledged to support Nick during a terrible time, but she told him not to expect any crocodile tears for J.T.

At Dark Horse, Arturo asked if Abby was ready to call it a day. He suggested that they spend the evening at his place, since they'd have the apartment to themselves because Lola had a big date. Abby informed him that she was going to J.T.'s memorial, and Arturo was surprised, given that her dad had been arrested for J.T.'s murder. She clarified that her father had been wrongfully accused, and she contended that none of what had happened had been Reed's fault. Arturo offered to accompany her, but she didn't want to subject him to more of her family's drama, and she kissed him goodbye.

At the Abbott mansion, Kyle asked if Traci was heading to Victoria's, and he found it odd that Reed was hosting a service for his father when his grandfather might have killed J.T. Traci intended to say something about J.T.'s life rather than how he'd died or how troubled he'd become. She inquired about Kyle's plans for the evening, and he mentioned that Lola was planning a surprise. Kyle showed Traci a text message from Lola, telling him to dress to impress and to meet her at the Athletic Club.

Traci noticed that Lola had signed the message "Love, Lola," and Kyle giddily shared that they'd just started saying it to one another. Traci observed that he looked happy, and he admitted that his feelings made him want to dance around the room like a total fool, no matter who was watching. Traci urged him to treasure every single moment, since he was making memories that would last forever.

At Rey and Mia's apartment, Lola complained that Mia's hands were freezing as Mia did her makeup. Rey grumbled that the heat still wasn't working and that whatever work had been done hadn't fixed the problem. Lola looked at herself in a mirror and gushed that it was perfect, and Rey took his sister's hands and mused that he barely saw his little sister in the elegant, classy woman before him. Mia imagined that Lola would prefer to be in pigtails if it wasn't such an important date, and Rey questioned why it was important. Mia recalled that the last time Lola had requested her help with hair and makeup had been for prom. Lola explained that Kyle had shown her how much he cared about and appreciated her, and she thought it was time she showed him how special he was.

After Lola left, Mia squealed that it had been cute seeing Lola excited about the evening. Mia recalled a time when Lola had confided in her about having a crush on a boy, and she was happy that they had become friendly again. Mia hoped that Lola having a steady boyfriend would give them something to talk about, but Rey doubted the relationship would last. Mia lectured that Rey needed to get used to Kyle being around, since Lola was in the kind of love that stuck, and Mia knew the signs.

Mia told Rey that there was an incoming call from the station on his phone, and he answered and said he'd be right there. She whined that he was going out again, and he revealed that there was about to be a major drug bust. He promised to call Sharon to have someone fix the heat, but Mia insisted that she would take care of it. Mia urged him to be careful because the weather was getting worse, and he departed. Mia called Arturo and asked if he would look at the furnace again, since it was so cold that she could see her breath. Arturo dryly welcomed her to Wisconsin, but he agreed to drop by in a bit.

Later, Arturo inspected the heating system and discovered a crack in the heat exchanger, so he turned off the gas to avoid carbon monoxide poisoning. He advised Mia that she needed a new furnace, but Mia wondered what she could do that night. Arturo suggested going to a hotel, but Mia didn't want to spend the money. Arturo offered to let her stay at his place, but she scoffed at the idea of telling her husband that. He figured that she was resourceful, but she questioned whether he intended to leave her there to freeze to death. Arturo stated that he was sure she'd survive, and he exited.

Mia sipped a hot drink and buried herself in a blanket. There was a knock at the door, and she was surprised to find that Arturo had returned. He informed her that he'd arranged for a buddy who worked at a heating supply place to drop off a part that fit the furnace, and he wondered if she'd really intended to stick it out with no heat. Mia figured that Sharon or Rey would have figured something out, and she offered Arturo some hot chocolate. He declined, and she insisted that he sit under her comforter to get warm. She clucked that he wouldn't be able to fix anything if he got frostbite, and he joined her under the covers.

Mia showed Arturo a photo of Lola all dolled up, and Arturo loved seeing his sister happy. He was sure Lola had left feeling like a million bucks, but Mia thought it had had to do more with being in love. Arturo couldn't believe how fast it was happening, but Mia recalled that they'd only been teenagers when they'd fallen in love. After a moment of awkward silence, Mia wished Rey would get home because she was worried about him, but she didn't want to call and bother him at work. She bemoaned that she never knew if he would be back, and she'd always felt like something would take him away from her one day. She confided that it was getting to her that night.

At the Athletic Club, Kyle stopped in his tracks and put his hand over his heart when he saw Lola in a stunning dress. He kissed her cheek and joined her at a dinner table set for two, and he noticed that she'd gone all out by ordering bubbly. She informed him that she intended to live out the teenage fantasy she'd had of the perfect romantic evening. She conceded that she'd had a huge crush on a Marlins pitcher when she'd first thought of it, but she felt lucky to have Kyle there with her. Kyle replied that he was lucky to be the man who got to walk in her fantasy world, and he loved everything he'd seen so far. She guessed that he meant her and the Champagne, and he asked, "What Champagne?" They kissed.

Lola proposed a toast, and she and Kyle clinked their glasses of Champagne together. He remarked that teenage Lola had had surprisingly good taste in bubbly, and he was sure the food would be excellent. Lola divulged that she'd worked with the chef to design the perfect menu, and she promised that he would love every single bite. Kyle invited her to dance unless it wasn't part of the fantasy, but she confirmed it was. They held one another close and swayed.

Later, Kyle proclaimed that dinner had been fabulous, and Lola was glad that he finally trusted her judgment with food. She mocked the special orders he'd placed at her food truck, and she conceded that she'd made incorrect assumptions about him in the beginning. Kyle recalled Lola teasing him about having a track record with prior girlfriends, but he wanted her to know that how he felt right then was new for him. He thought they'd skipped the drama and angst that he'd always assumed were part of relationships, and he believed being with her was "so damn easy" because they fixed their misunderstandings and didn't punish one another. He continued that he'd had no clue it was possible to relate to a woman like that, but he'd realized that it was how people were supposed to feel when they were in love. They kissed.

Kyle wished there were more courses, and Lola incredulously asked if he was still hungry. He said he was stuffed, but he wasn't ready for the evening to end. He recognized that they both had early mornings, but he hoped she had time for one more dance. As they danced, she imagined that he was accustomed to leaving with his date and spending the night together. He swore that he wasn't expecting anything, and he didn't want her to feel pressured. She murmured that she was glad he'd been so great about waiting, since it meant he wanted it to be right, just like she did.

A large photo of J.T. sat on a table in Victoria's living room. Billy helped Reed set up seating for 15, but Victoria pointed out that it might be a smaller group because of the short notice. Billy assured Victoria that he would be there for whatever she needed. Reed let Nikki in and noted how great she seemed to be doing. Nikki requested that Reed get her some herbal tea, and Billy stepped aside to take a call from Hannah, who was watching the kids. Victoria worriedly asked why her mom was putting herself through it by being there.

Nikki asserted that she was the reason Victoria's son didn't have a father anymore, so she couldn't just turn her back on them. Nikki reasoned that she could start making amends by standing by her grieving grandson, and Victoria pressed her mother to tell her that confessing was off the table. Reed returned with Nikki's tea, but he stepped away to answer the door. Victoria demanded an answer from Nikki, but Nikki avoided the question by greeting Mattie and Charlie. Billy announced that he'd found someone lingering outside, and he escorted Cane in as Victoria squirmed.

Mattie provided an update about her mom, and Billy excused himself to thank Sharon for being there. Meanwhile, Victoria sourly asked why Cane had felt he'd had to attend, and he defended that he hadn't been able to say no to his kids, who had wanted him to join them. He joked that at least another kiss wouldn't happen with all the people around, but she abruptly changed the topic when Billy stepped within earshot. Victoria voiced surprise that Sharon was there, and Sharon commended Victoria for doing a wonderful thing for her son. Sharon added that she was there to support Victoria however she could.

Reed made a beeline to welcome Traci, who sympathized that the day had to be difficult for him. He replied that it was better with her there, and she said Reed reminded her of the best parts of J.T. Reed was comforted to hear someone say there had been good parts about his dad, and they hugged.

Reed told Mac that it meant a lot that she was there, and Mac said she'd been touched by Reed's invitation. Mac mused that she needed the night as much as he did, since it had been hard to make peace when there were so many unanswered questions. Meanwhile, Abby asked Nikki if it was possible that Victor was really covering, but Nikki asserted that he had every reason to believe the charges would be dropped. Abby vowed to do everything she could to help, and she hugged Nikki.

Nick observed that it was a full house, and Reed was blown away by how many people were there. Phyllis noticed that Nikki seemed upset and wondered what was up, and Nick went to check. Phyllis pulled Victoria aside and demanded to know what she'd been thinking by letting Reed invite Nikki. Victoria snapped that she hadn't realized she'd needed to clear the guest list with Phyllis, but Phyllis argued that Nikki was visibly upset and had to get out of there. Victoria huffed that the only one she would throw out of house that night would be Phyllis.

Nikki, Victoria, Sharon, and Phyllis conferred privately. Phyllis reported that Victoria was upset because Phyllis wasn't unhappy that Victor was in jail, but she thought it was a good thing because it had taken the heat off of them. Phyllis figured that he would be out soon and hardly needed anyone to rescue him. Nikki lamented that her entire family had suffered because of their secret, but Phyllis countered that it would be nothing compared to the suffering they'd all experience if the truth became known. Nikki refused to make any promises.

Mac praised Mattie and Charlie for becoming such caring young adults. Mac spotted Phyllis hugging Nick and asked Cane if the relationship was new, and Cane explained that things had ended between Billy and Phyllis after Phyllis' fling with Nick. Mac noted that it didn't seem to be bothering Billy, and she wondered whether it meant Billy had moved on. Cane suggested that she ask Billy. Across the room, Billy comforted Victoria, who worried that the head count had gotten out of hand, and he jokingly volunteered to start kicking people out. Both Mac and Phyllis looked dismayed when they witnessed Billy and Victoria's closeness.

Phyllis warned Billy to turn down the PDA unless Reed knew that Billy and Victoria were getting back together. Billy refused to rush things when kids were involved, even though Phyllis had done exactly that. Phyllis testily contemplated how many minutes it had been since he'd asked her to get back together with him, but Reed interrupted by asking everyone to find a seat. Rey called Sharon because a child had been found on the premises during the drug raid, and the kid needed to speak to a social worker. Sharon gave Victoria her apologies before she headed out.

Reed acknowledged that most people were there for him, but he knew his father would have really appreciated it. He invited people to share their good memories of his dad, and there was a moment of silence before Traci stepped forward. She recalled that J.T. had been a little bit older than Reed when he'd started dating Colleen. Traci had been worried that perhaps J.T. had been interested in her daughter for the wrong reasons, but it had become obvious how deeply he'd cared for Colleen. Traci called J.T. a wonderful musician who'd written beautiful songs, and she mentioned one that he'd written for Colleen about how the power of love could lead people out of darkness into the light. Traci wanted to believe that J.T. was with Colleen and that he'd put the darkness behind him forever. Reed hugged her.

Reed proclaimed that no one wanted to be remembered by the worst thing they'd ever done, and he hoped everyone realized that there had been good in J.T. Reed referred to Traci's words about J.T. being a singer and songwriter, and he recounted that he'd had no idea about his father's talent until J.T. had busted out a guitar and blown him away. Reed fondly reflected back on playing music together as one of the best moments in his life, and he credited J.T. with returning to town to help him get his life back on track after he'd gotten a DUI. Reed praised his father for putting in the effort instead of just telling him not to get into trouble the way most dads would have. Nikki struggled to maintain her composure.

Reed broke down as he talked about how much he missed his father. Mac joined him and told him that he'd described the man and father she would remember, and she was glad he knew how much his dad had loved him. She added that it broke her heart that his little brother and sister would hardly remember their father, and Reed vowed to tell them about J.T. They hugged.

Reed asked if Nikki had anything she wanted to share about his dad. "Oh, Reed, I'm so sorry," Nikki wailed. Phyllis interrupted and declared that there was something she needed to say about J.T. that everyone needed to hear.

A fireplace poker sends Nikki into panic mode

A fireplace poker sends Nikki into panic mode

Friday, January 11, 2019

As Rey and Sharon drove home in a snowstorm, she worried that he was going too fast. He noted that they were barely moving, but the snow was falling at 100 miles an hour. He commended her job efforts that day, and she remarked that he hadn't been bad himself. They suddenly skidded, and he slammed on the brakes, but they went off the road. Sharon and Rey confirmed that they were both okay, and he pledged to take the rest of the drive home even slower. He prepared to leave, but the car wouldn't start.

Rey and Sharon found a roadside motel within walking distance and opened the door to their room. She pledged to relax and make it work until they could head home in the morning. She turned on the light, and they stared at the one bed in the room. Sharon called Mariah to explain what had happened and to make arrangements for Mariah to take care of Faith. After she hung up, Sharon suggested that Rey call home, and he agreed that he should make sure Mia wasn't frozen solid. Sharon stepped into the bathroom to give him privacy.

At Mia and Rey's apartment, Mia huddled under a blanket with Arturo. She remarked that Wisconsin in winter was no joke, and she worried that she'd freeze to death if he didn't do something. He offered to get an estimated time for the parts delivery, but she groused that it wouldn't keep them warm. She doubted that anyone would get there that night without a snowplow, and she suggested that they cuddle up to make some heat. Arturo looked uncomfortable.

Mia proposed that she and Arturo focus on warm thoughts by taking a walk down memory lane, but Arturo thought it depended on the memories. She cited the first time she'd given him a haircut, and he griped that he'd requested a fauxhawk, but she'd given him a mohawk. She swore that he'd still looked good, and he took the credit for making anything look good. Mia teased that Arturo was still full of himself, and they laughed about being wild and unstoppable back then. Mia recalled that his brother had always been worried about doing the right thing, and Arturo remarked that Rey had been a cop long before he'd had a badge.

Mia marveled at how two people with the same parents could be so different, but she called both Arturo and Rey great guys who she was lucky to have in her life. She envisioned being able to have two husbands, but Arturo protested that Abby might have something to say about that. He stressed that the past had been fun, but he had something good with his girl. Mia mused that it was nice when one could finally be with the person they were supposed to be with.

Mia urged Arturo to move closer to get warm, but he insisted that he was close enough. He complained that her feet were like blocks of ice, and she threatened to unleash them if he didn't stay close enough. She answered a call from Rey, who bet that she was freezing. She informed him that she was staying warm, and she asked when he'd be home. He told her about spinning out on a patch of ice, and he mentioned that he'd snagged the last room at a little motel in Kenosha. She was relieved that he was all right, and he said he was better knowing she was warm.

Sharon walked in as the couple exchanged words of love before hanging up, and Rey lamented that he'd hated lying to Mia. Sharon clarified that he'd just left out one little fact, but Rey thought Mia had a sixth sense about knowing when he wasn't telling the whole truth. Meanwhile, Mia reasoned that she'd only told a teeny white lie, and it wasn't like she and Arturo had done anything wrong. Arturo questioned why it felt like they had, and Mia speculated that he felt guilty about something he wanted to do. He answered a call and learned that his friend was almost there with the parts.

Arturo declared that he'd have the furnace fixed in no time. Mia exulted when she heard the heat turn on, and she raced into Arturo's arms and gushed that he had magic in his hands. They shared a close moment before he pulled away and suggested that she call Sharon to cancel the emergency repairman.

In Kenosha, Rey prepared to sleep in an armchair, and Sharon groaned that the chair looked like an instrument of torture. He figured that it would only be for a couple of hours before they got back on the road, and he protested when she started taking off her dress. He scolded that she had to warn a guy, and he turned around. She stripped down to her undergarments and a slip and crawled into bed. Rey began unbuttoning his shirt, and she teased that he had to give a girl warning. He pulled a blanket around himself and declared it safe for her to turn around.

Sharon turned off the light and tried to sleep, and Rey asked if she was actually tired. She admitted that she was still wound up, and she compared it to being at a slumber party where there was nothing to do, but it was too early to go to bed. She inquired whether he had any idea how to pass the time, and he stared knowingly at her. Sharon playfully threw a pillow at him, and he told her not to even try to get it back. She complained that it wasn't fair, and he pointedly replied, "Who said life was fair?" She wondered if they'd get any sleep that night, and he anticipated that they wouldn't.

Rey learned that Sharon had been at J.T.'s memorial when Rey had summoned her to work, but he admitted that he wouldn't have told her to stay there because no one else could do what she could do. He added that they made a good team, and he joked that he had the looks and the brains. She figured that they had to agree to disagree, and he compared it to how they had different opinions about Victor. Sharon's phone rang, and she panicked to see an incoming call from Mia. Rey begged her not to answer it.

Sharon and Rey tried to sleep, and she called out to him and asked if he was okay. He said he was trying to find a soft spot, but she expected that the chair would kill him before dawn. She patted the bed and told him to get over there, promising to keep her hands to herself. Moments later, Sharon and Rey lay awake on opposite sides of bed as they wished one another sweet dreams.

Mia reported that Sharon hadn't picked up, and Arturo suggested that she try Sharon's landline. Mia didn't have the number, but Arturo looked it up on his phone and made the call. He asked Mariah where Sharon was, and he advised Mariah to call off the handyman because Arturo had taken care of Rey's furnace. Arturo hung up and mentioned that Sharon had gotten stuck in Kenosha with car trouble, and Mia became incensed that Sharon and Rey were in the same place.

Mia recalled that something in Rey's voice had sounded different, and she surmised that it had been because he was with Sharon. Arturo imagined that they'd been stuck doing police work, since no one ran off to Kenosha just to hook up. Mia bemoaned that Arturo should have seen the way Rey and Sharon had looked at one another when Mia had first arrived in town, and she was sure that Rey wanted Sharon. Arturo swore that Rey would never step out on Mia, but she thought she'd been silly to think she could get Rey to fall in love with her again. She concluded that Rey didn't love her anymore and that he had been just going through the motions because she was his obligation as his wife.

Mia cried that Rey didn't want her anymore because he wanted Sharon, and Arturo pulled Mia to him as she sobbed. Mia fretted that Rey had said nothing about Sharon being with him, and she didn't think it had been a coincidence that Sharon hadn't picked up. Mia blamed herself for pushing Rey into another woman's arms and bed, and she wailed that she deserved to be punished for breaking his heart. Arturo put his arm around her and assured her that everything would be okay, since the Mia he knew always landed on her feet. He called her funny, smart, and beautiful, and they appeared to be about to kiss. Arturo abruptly pulled away and rambled that he was sorry if he'd given her the wrong impression, but he couldn't do it, and neither should she.

At J.T.'s memorial, Traci voiced surprise that Phyllis wanted to eulogize J.T. Reed preferred that Nikki speak first, but Phyllis thought she spoke for all of them. Victoria argued that Phyllis hadn't known J.T. very well, but Phyllis questioned who among them had. Phyllis referred to the fond memories people had shared, but she didn't want to forget the flawed, imperfect person they were saying goodbye to, and she intended to be completely honest.

Billy tried to intervene, but Phyllis contended that they shouldn't sugarcoat bad behavior, and what J.T. had done had been criminal. Billy figured that everyone knew J.T. had tried to kill Victor, and Nikki lectured that it wasn't the place to dredge up old grudges. Phyllis insisted that it wasn't about her but all of them singing J.T.'s praises when they should be speaking from the heart. She proclaimed that it was time to speak the truth, and she demanded to know why everyone was afraid of it. Victoria asked Nick to escort Phyllis out, but Reed wanted to hear the whole truth about his father.

Phyllis asserted that J.T. had been undeniably charming, but underneath the good looks and great smile had been something dark and sinister, and it had been more than just his battles with Victor. Traci wondered what they didn't know, and Phyllis announced that J.T. had physically and emotionally abused Victoria. Reed yelled that Phyllis was lying, and he begged his mom to tell him that J.T. had never hurt her. Victoria gently replied that she'd never wanted Reed to find out about it -- especially not like that. Reed grabbed J.T.'s portrait, threw it on the floor, and stormed out. Victoria glared at Phyllis.

Billy replaced J.T.'s photo on its stand, and Nick thanked everyone for braving the conditions outside to attend. Victoria requested that the guests not leave yet, since there was something she wanted to say. She thought she'd kept quiet long enough, and since her son had learned the truth in the most public and painful way possible, she saw no reason to keep it a secret anymore. Victoria declared that domestic abuse could happen to anyone, and the more people who spoke up about the issue, the less shame there was in it for all of them. "Including me," Mac cried as she stepped forward.

Mac explained that part of her mourned the loss of J.T., but a bigger part of her finally felt safe for the first time in a really long time. She told Victoria that they would get through it, and they hugged. Mac recognized that emotional abuse didn't leave the same tangible scars as physical abuse did, but it was just as insidious to use words to beat someone down and keep them there. Traci said her heart was breaking over the pain Mac and Victoria had endured, and she bemoaned that the sweet man who'd dated Colleen had changed into an entirely different person.

Traci recalled getting a glimpse of how troubled J.T. had been, but she'd had no idea how bad things had become. Mac felt terrible for Reed, but Victoria was glad that he'd never seen his father raise a hand to her. Mac asked Victoria to promise that the night would be a new beginning for them, and they would bury the bad things J.T. had done and move on. Victoria promised, and they hugged again.

Nikki hissed that Phyllis should be ashamed of herself, but Phyllis retorted that she wouldn't have had to do it if it hadn't been for Nikki. Phyllis warned that they'd all end up in a cell if Nikki kept carrying on, but Nikki blasted her for throwing Victoria's family under the bus. Phyllis maintained that she'd saved them from going to prison, and she pointed out that Victoria seemed happy that the truth about the abuse was out. Nikki argued that it hadn't been Phyllis' truth to tell because J.T. hadn't abused her. Phyllis conceded that he hadn't when he'd been alive, but she hadn't had a good night's sleep since he'd died.

Mattie, Cane, and Charlie said their goodbyes to Victoria, and Mattie asked Victoria to let Reed know they were thinking of him. Cane asked the twins to grab his coat, and he referred to the horrible things he'd said to Victoria about J.T. during their argument. Cane pointed out that he hadn't known J.T. had hurt her, and he apologized from the bottom of his heart.

Phyllis asked if Nick would ever talk to her again, and he wondered "what the hell" she'd been trying to accomplish. She claimed that she didn't know, but she'd been tired of everyone talking about J.T. like he'd been a modern-day saint. Nick suspected that it had been payback for Victoria slapping her, and Phyllis denied it, but she couldn't offer any other explanation. He grumbled that she'd caused a big enough scene, and he intended to take his mom home and didn't know when he'd see Phyllis next. Billy condemned Phyllis for pulling another trick from her sleeve just when he'd thought she couldn't get any worse.

A short time later, Reed descended the stairs, and Victoria informed him that everyone but family was gone. Reed implored Nikki to say whatever she'd been about to say during the service, but she insisted that it wasn't important anymore. Victoria confirmed that Phyllis had been telling the truth about J.T. being abusive, but she pointed out that J.T. hadn't been that way with Reed, Johnny, or Katie. Reed whimpered that it didn't make what his father had done okay, and if Victoria got hurt, they all did.

Victoria explained that she hadn't told Reed about it because it had been her job to protect him, but he countered that it had been J.T.'s job, too. Reed asked if J.T. had hit her, and she shook her head, but she recounted that J.T. had grabbed her throat. A horrified Reed said he was sorry, but she swore that there was nothing he could have done. She promised that everything would be okay because J.T. was gone, and she said she loved Reed. Reed sobbed in her arms.

Later, Victoria told Billy that Reed just needed time to process, and Billy remarked that they all did. He wished he hadn't gotten behind the memorial, and Victoria conceded that she should have told him the truth. He wondered why she'd confided in Phyllis, and Victoria vaguely replied that it was a long story. Victoria thought she should have left J.T. sooner, but Billy firmly stated that she couldn't blame herself for anything that had happened. Victoria couldn't believe that she'd given J.T. another chance even after he'd raised his fist to her, and Billy seethed at the thought of J.T. putting his hands around her neck. Billy "wished to hell" J.T. was still alive so he could kill J.T. himself.

Billy handed Victoria a glass of wine and stressed that he was very proud of her for how strong she'd been, and she thought it was what having the right people in her corner did for her. "Person," she clarified, and she murmured that it had been a long time since she'd felt she could count on anyone. Victoria swore that she could have done it all on her own, and Billy joked that having him around had been more fun. She sincerely said she was really glad he was there, and he figured that it was because he was really good at washing dishes. Victoria admitted that it was because she still loved him.

Nick escorted Nikki to the ranch, and she wondered if she should have stayed with Victoria. Nick pointed out that Victoria had Billy, and Nikki intended to curl up in front of the fire and relax. Nick told her to call if she needed anything, and he headed out. Nikki gazed at the fireplace and screamed when she saw the fireplace poker on the hearth.

Nick raced back into the room and found Nikki pointing in horror at the poker. He moved to pick it up, but she instructed him not to touch it because it was a murder weapon. He asked whose murder, and she replied J.T.'s. Nick questioned how she'd know that, and she confessed that she'd killed J.T.

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