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Billy told Lily about Cane and Victoria making out. Cane punched Billy. Phyllis confessed that she'd never thrown the fireplace poker in the lake. Mia seethed when Arturo proposed to Abby at Rey and Mia's vow renewal. Ana admitted to Devon that she'd written Fen's song.
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Mia and Rey renewed their vows and Arturo proposed to Abby
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Billy tells Lily about Cane and Victoria

Billy tells Lily about Cane and Victoria

Monday, January 21, 2019

by Nel

At the Ashby home, Cane asked Mattie to hold down the fort while he went to visit Lily because he missed her, but Mattie didn't believe him. She wanted to know why his visit was so urgent and why he couldn't leave in the morning. Cane replied that he wanted to surprise Lily, but Mattie refused to believe him. She wanted answers and the reason why Cane had to leave that night.

Cane explained to Mattie that something had happened during his last visit with Lily, and he wanted to fix the problem. He wanted to do it face to face because long-distance relationships were very difficult. Mattie decided they should go as a family, but Cane claimed he had to go alone. Mattie asked Cane to fix whatever the problem was and to not return until it was fixed. Cane promised.

Billy arrived at the prison. Lily was surprised to see him and wondered why he was there. She chortled at his awkward demeanor during his first visit. She explained that first-time visitors always wondered whether an inmate looked the same or if they were the same person they'd always known. Billy said she looked great and that his visit was long overdue. Lily wanted to hear about all the scandals and rumors in Genoa City. Billy informed her that Victor had been released from prison and that Fen was becoming a pop star.

Lily asked Billy why he'd suddenly decided it was time for a visit with her. She wanted Billy to be completely honest. She wanted to know what he wasn't telling her. Concerned, she asked if there was something wrong with the kids, Neil, or Devon. Billy assured her that Mattie and Charlie were fine, and so were Neil and Devon. Lily asked about Cane and mentioned that on his last visit with her, things hadn't ended well. She said that Cane loved her, and he'd stepped up as a father and a husband, which got her through every hellish day. Billy said it had been a mistake to visit her, but Lily encouraged him to tell her the truth.

After hesitating, Billy told Lily that he'd walked in on Cane and Victoria on her couch, kissing like a couple of teenagers. Lily was stunned. She said that Cane and Victoria hated each other. Billy assured Lily that things hadn't gone beyond the kissing stage. Lily asked if Cane had been drinking and if it had been a mistake as it had been with Juliet, but Billy said that Cane had been sober and that Cane and Victoria had kissed on one other occasion. Lily felt sick. She wondered how far things would have gone if Billy hadn't walked in on them.

Billy told Lily that he'd been spending a lot of time with Victoria and that she'd told him she loved him. He thought they had been back on track. He asked how Lily had been holding up. Lily said she had a volcano raging inside her, and she couldn't do anything about it. Billy advised her not to let it destroy her. Lily explained that she had to continue being a model prisoner, otherwise her privileges and her teaching job would be taken from her.

Lily thanked Billy for telling her, but Billy regretted his visit. Lily said she would have handled the situation if she'd been at home, but while she was in prison, she had to remain tough as nails. It was about survival, and she promised Billy that she'd survive by any means necessary.

Abby was sitting at a table in Crimson Lights when Arturo arrived with a bouquet of flowers for her. He said he hadn't been able to get her off his mind. Rey arrived and commented that Abby was obviously very special to receive such beautiful flowers. Rey told Arturo that when a man found the right woman, he should never let her go.

Sharon arrived and went behind the counter. While she watched the exchange between Rey, Arturo, and Abby, Sharon received a phone call from Phyllis, who wanted to discuss a lucrative business opportunity. Sharon said she'd pass. Phyllis said that it would be unwise and a huge mistake.

Abby appreciated Rey's compliment, but she didn't appreciate that Rey had arrested Victor for something he hadn't done. Rey said that unless there was new evidence, they would have to agree to disagree, but it shouldn't stop them from being cordial. Abby said she couldn't wait to smile when Rey ate his words. Rey said he hoped Abby was right because no one needed a father with dirty hands. He also mentioned that Victor was out on bail.

Abby was shocked. She was upset that no one had told her about Victor's release. Arturo suggested that perhaps Nikki had wanted to spend some time alone with Victor. Abby said she'd call to make sure Victor was okay.

Arturo was about to leave for work when Rey stopped him and said they needed to clear up a few things. Rey recalled that their father had given flowers to their mother whenever he'd done something wrong. Rey said he was happy for Arturo because Abby was beautiful and smart, and she had a good head on her shoulders.

Rey said that he didn't want his investigation to cause friction between Arturo and Abby. He wanted to make sure everyone was safe and happy, but when it came to family, he wanted to tread carefully, otherwise things would go south very quickly. Rey said he'd understand if Arturo took a step back with him because of his investigation. Arturo assured him that family always came first, and his relationship with Abby was solid. Rey asked if Arturo had been thinking about settling down. Arturo said the thought had crossed his mind.

Rey told Arturo that with a father like they'd had, a man either respected his vows for life, or he couldn't make a commitment. Arturo said he wished he could take back what had happened with Mia the previous year. He apologized and said that he'd been messed up. Rey admitted that Arturo had broken his heart, and he'd believed he'd never speak to Mia or Arturo again, but he'd managed to get past it. He said that he and Mia were stronger than ever. Rey and Arturo were happy to have a united family again.

Arturo acknowledged that Rey had had a lot of courage when he'd taken on caring for him and Lola after their father had walked out. He apologized for not being a better brother. Arturo admitted that Rey had been more of a father and role model than their father had ever been. Rey and Arturo hugged. Mia walked in and saw the brothers hugging, and she asked what was going on. Rey told Mia that Arturo had bought flowers for Abby. Rey left to go to work.

Mia mocked Arturo for buying flowers because he felt guilty about the previous evening. Arturo said he was happy with Abby, but Mia countered that Arturo was only happy because Abby didn't know how bad Arturo had it for Mia. She asked how long Arturo thought things would last with Abby. Arturo told her that he loved Abby. Mia said she loved Rey, but for some reason, whenever she was alone with Arturo, all she wanted was to be with him. Arturo told Mia that she needed to work on her marriage because his future was with Abby; he left.

Mia picked up Abby's flowers and smelled them. Abby returned. Mia said that Abby's flowers were beautiful, and of all the women in Genoa City, Arturo had settled for Abby. Abby said that Arturo had been up to his ears in work, but he still made time to buy her flowers. Mia advised Abby to enjoy it while it lasted because the last thing Arturo wanted was to settle down. Abby informed Mia that Arturo was a different person than he'd been in Miami.

Mia told Abby that Arturo had been in her apartment to fix the furnace, and it had been just the two of them. It had felt like old times. When Mia saw the look of surprise on Abby's face, she said she thought Arturo shared everything with Abby. Mia said it was never a good thing when a boyfriend kept things to himself. Perhaps that was the reason Arturo had bought Abby the flowers.

Abby suggested that Mia needed to spend more time with her man, and she needed to stop concerning herself about Abby's. Mia claimed she wasn't worried, but she warned that Abby should be. Abby asked if Mia didn't have someone's nose hairs to pluck, and she left. Mia smiled like a Cheshire cat, very pleased with herself.

Sharon arrived at Jabot. She had no idea why she and Phyllis were meeting. Sharon asked why Nikki and Victoria hadn't been included. Phyllis said their reality had changed because Victor had been granted bail, and he'd been released from prison. They couldn't trust Nikki and Victoria because trusting them might land her and Sharon in jail. Sharon said that she didn't respond well to threats, especially those from Phyllis. Phyllis claimed it hadn't been a threat.

Phyllis told Sharon that since Victor had been released on bail, the Newmans would present a united front, and that would put her and Sharon at risk. She said Nikki had already confessed to Nick. She asked how long Sharon thought it would take for Nikki to tell Victor everything. She said that Nikki had been ready to spill her guts to anyone who'd listen. The Newmans would do everything they could to keep Nikki out of prison, and that included pinning the murder on her and Sharon. Phyllis pointed out that Victor had been prepared to leave the country with Nikki. Sharon reminded Phyllis that there was no love lost between her and Nikki, but Nikki had only implicated herself and Victoria in J.T.'s death.

Phyllis reminded Sharon that Nikki had recently fallen off the wagon, she lived with MS, she'd almost lost Victoria at the hands of an abusive husband, and her husband had been in jail for something Nikki had done. Phyllis asked if Sharon honestly thought that the Newmans would believe that Nikki and Victoria had moved J.T.'s body on their own. She said that Victor had built a moat around his family, and at the first sign of danger, he'd raise the drawbridge and let her and Sharon flounder in that moat. She asked if Sharon believed that Nick would turn his mother in. Phyllis claimed they needed to protect themselves, and they were their best hope of saving each other.

Sharon wanted to think about their options. She found it ironic that Phyllis had sought her out rather than Nick. Sharon informed Phyllis that if she and Nick had been together, Nick would have immediately talked to her about Nikki's confession, but Nick hadn't spoken to Phyllis about it because the trust wasn't there. Phyllis asked if Sharon intended to put her trust in the Newmans. Sharon said she'd never trust Victor again. She told Phyllis that she'd seen Nick and Victoria's cars at the ranch earlier. Phyllis asked if Nick had been there to welcome home the father he detested. She added that the Newmans were circling their wagons and that she and Sharon needed to act immediately.

Phyllis claimed she was happy Sharon had seen things her way. Sharon said she wasn't certain what Phyllis thought she'd heard. Phyllis asked if she hadn't heard Sharon state emphatically that she'd never trust Victor again. Sharon said that she hadn't included Victoria or Nikki in that statement. Phyllis claimed that she couldn't emphasize strongly enough that they needed to put their personal differences aside, and they needed to form an alliance. It was the only way out of their situation.

Sharon told Phyllis there was no proof that the Newmans had conspired against them. Phyllis said there might not be proof yet, but she asked if Sharon was willing to wait and see. Sharon said she was. Sharon said she might not trust Victor, but there was one person whom she trusted even less than Victor, and that was Phyllis. As Sharon was about to leave, Phyllis said all she'd wanted had been to help Sharon. Sharon argued that Phyllis would double-cross her in a heartbeat if it meant saving her own skin. Sharon said she'd take her chances, and she left.

Abby stormed into Dark Horse and threw the bouquet of flowers on the table. She told Arturo that Mia had told her that he'd been at her apartment to fix the furnace. Mia had made it sound like something salacious had happened. Abby was certain Arturo had been there to perform a good deed. Abby said that Mia would stop at nothing, and she'd implied that Arturo had been keeping a secret from her. Abby acknowledged that Arturo did hundreds of construction-related projects daily, but she didn't need to be included on every detail.

Arturo apologized and advised Abby to ignore Mia. Abby told Arturo that Mia had claimed it had felt like old times. Arturo assured Abby that the past was a dead issue, and his future was with her because Abby was his everything. Abby hugged him.

A short time later, Arturo stormed into Mia's apartment and confronted her about upsetting Abby. Mia shrugged it off. She said she hadn't expected Abby to run to him in a panic. Arturo asked her what he had to do to keep Mia out of his relationship. Mia laughed and said that she'd told Abby that when Arturo had arrived, it had seemed like old times and that they had chit-chatted. Arturo asked why Mia kept doing that to him. Mia claimed she'd been trying to protect him from Lady Fancy Pants.

Mia told Arturo that Abby would cast him aside when she got bored with him. She said that Abby saw him as some kind of novelty item, to be shown off to her snooty friends as the "boyfriend from the wrong side of the tracks." Mia proceeded to taunt and tease Arturo about his connection to her. Arturo denied there was one. Mia warned Arturo that he was making the biggest mistake of his life if he didn't leave Abby. Arturo spat that Mia had been his biggest mistake, not Abby.

Mia walked toward Arturo and pointed out that he could have sent her a text message or email about his issues concerning Abby, but he'd chosen to be face to face with her to see if what he felt for her was real. She reminded him that he'd said there would always be something between them. Arturo said if she kept interfering in his relationship, he'd have a chat with Rey. Mia said if Arturo did that, he'd lose Rey forever.

At that moment, Rey arrived. Arturo said he needed to talk to Rey. Mia interrupted and told Rey that Arturo kept going on and on about the maintenance of the furnace. She led Rey to the couch, and in front of Arturo, Mia gave Rey a long-winded speech about how much she'd always loved him and that she wanted them to renew their vows. Rey said that nothing would make him happier.

Cane arrived at the prison, still agitated. He asked to see Lily, but the guard told him that it was well past visiting hours. Cane claimed it was an emergency, and he really needed to see Lily. The guard advised him that Lily couldn't have any more visitors. Cane said there had to have been a mistake because Lily hadn't had any visitors. Cane was shocked when the guard advised him that Billy Abbott had been in to see Lily earlier.

Jack catches Kerry in a lie

Jack catches Kerry in a lie

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

At the Ashby home, Cane questioned why the twins weren't in school, and Mattie reminded him that it was senior ditch day. She inquired about his visit with Lily, and he halfheartedly replied that everything was fine. Charlie wondered why his dad sounded worried, and Cane blamed it on things on work. Mattie pressed to know if everything was really okay, and Cane told her not to worry about it. The teens headed out, and Cane called Ted to find out if Billy was in the office that day. Cane learned that Billy wasn't there, and he declined to leave a message.

At Jabot, Phyllis was impressed with Kerry's new fragrance. Phyllis expected Jack of Hearts to be a big seller, but Kerry protested that it wasn't for sale because it was a limited edition she'd created for Jack. Phyllis imagined that things were still going well with them, and Kerry shared that it was new for her to have a relationship that was fun and easy. Phyllis was sure Jack appreciated it after the "hell" she'd put him through during their last divorce, but Kerry mentioned that he'd never said anything negative about Phyllis or any of his other ex-wives. Phyllis joked that there were 850 of them.

Phyllis commented that she was very good with her exes once they became exes, but she suddenly took it back when she glanced at her computer screen. Phyllis was livid to find out that Billy had taken the company jet for a joyride, since he refused to accept that she was in charge. Kerry pointed out that the two had worked well on the Barlow account, and Phyllis revealed that they'd just gotten into it over a personal issue. Phyllis assumed that he'd misused company assets to prove a point, but she considered acting out like that unacceptable.

Kerry's phone rang, and Phyllis hoped it was Jack because he might know where Billy was. Kerry answered the call and wished Jack a good morning, and he invited her to lunch. She claimed that she was swamped with work, and she mentioned that Phyllis was looking for Billy. Jack repeated her words as Billy descended the stairs at the Abbott mansion, and Billy gestured for Jack not to divulge his whereabouts.

After they hung up, Billy thanked Jack, who noted that Billy had gotten home late the night before. Jack assumed that Billy had been having a good time with Victoria, but Billy revealed that he'd been with a friend who'd received some bad news. Jack was sure the friend had been happy to have Billy there, and he left for work. Billy contemplated making a call but hesitated.

Billy arrived at work, and Phyllis called him into her office. She confronted him about taking the company jet without authorization, and he unapologetically stated that he'd needed to get somewhere fast. She demanded to know what had been so urgent, and he vaguely referred to a personal matter. Phyllis lectured that the plane wasn't his personal taxi service, and she accused him of flouting her authority to undermine her. Billy retorted that he wouldn't have had to go anywhere if she hadn't shot her mouth off to Victoria, since it had set toxic events into motion. Phyllis reminded him that he was just an employee at Jabot, and if he pulled another stunt, he might not even be that.

Later, Billy sipped a drink at the Abbott mansion. The doorbell rang, and he ignored it until incessant pounding followed. Billy swung the door open, and Cane's fist collided with Billy's face. Billy warned Cane to back off, but Cane blasted him for going to the prison to tell Lily something that would only break her spirit. Billy snapped that he wished someone had done for him what he'd done for Lily. Cane defended that he'd been planning to tell her the truth, but Billy suspected that Cane would have put his own spin on it. Cane refused to defend himself when Billy hadn't had any right to get involved.

Billy hissed that he'd seen Cane all over Victoria, so they couldn't pretend that nothing had happened. Cane imagined that Victoria would hate what Billy had done, and Billy maintained that he didn't blame Victoria because she'd been vulnerable after what Phyllis had said. Cane realized that Billy still thought Cane had taken advantage of Victoria, even though she'd initiated the kiss. Cane guessed that Billy had acted out of jealousy and that he was just "pissed" because Victoria didn't want him back.

Cane spat that Billy had only wanted to hurt Lily because he was hurting, and Billy had been no less spiteful than Phyllis. Billy defended that he'd only warned Lily about the grenade that was headed her way, but Cane countered that Phyllis warning Victoria that Billy was on the rebound had been an act of kindness. Cane barked that Billy and Phyllis were perfect for one another, and he suggested that they stay together to avoid spreading misery around. Billy had no regrets if he'd stopped Cane from cheating on his wife, since Lily deserved better than him. Cane growled that his family could fall apart because of what Billy had done, and he vowed to make Billy live to regret it.

At Crimson Lights, Michael conferred with someone over the phone about his busy schedule that day. Nick entered, and Sharon asked if he was there to see Michael about Victor's case. Michael overheard, and Nick wondered if he had a minute. Michael grinned when he heard Fen's song playing, and he asked what Nick thought of it. Nick noted that the tune was catchy, and Michael bragged that he'd downloaded it to his phone as his new ringtone whenever Fen called.

Sharon explained that Fen had just inked a record deal with Devon's label, and Nick recalled that Michael had been worried about Fen dropping out of law school to become a musician. Michael conceded that it hadn't been such a crazy idea, after all. Nick inquired whether Michael could fit him in to talk strategy about Victor's case, and Michael offered to stop by Nick's place after some appointments. Nick remarked that getting his dad out of the jam was his top priority, but then he intended to focus on who had framed Victor in the first place.

Nick inquired whether Sharon had seen his television interview, and she replied that Mariah had shown her the clip. She imagined that Victor was relieved to have Nick on his side, and Nick asserted that he'd just counteracted the cops' made-up facts. Sharon defended that Rey didn't have a goal to convict an innocent man and that he was just doing his job. Nick asked if Sharon believed Victor had killed J.T., and she carefully worded that she hadn't seen or heard anything that proved Victor guilty. Sharon added that Rey knew how she felt, and they'd agreed to disagree.

Nick was astonished that both Sharon and Mariah were willing to keep open minds, since not many people could remain objective after seeing Victor at his worst. Sharon surmised that he meant Phyllis, who had been openly proclaiming that Victor was guilty. Nick figured that Phyllis had her own reasons for feeling how she did, and Sharon countered that Phyllis had her own reasons for everything. She added that she'd never seen anyone more skilled at justifying their own bad behavior.

At Rey and Mia's apartment, Rey wished he had the vacation time to go to the soccer finals in London. Mia exclaimed that what she was planning for their wedding vow renewal was every bit as exciting as a soccer game. She rambled on about how popular the idea was, and she expected that they wouldn't be able to do anything elaborate on short notice because things would be booked up. Rey wondered if she wanted to push it back to have more time to plan, but she asserted that she couldn't wait to be Mrs. Rey Rosales again. He asked of she'd picked out a date yet, and she kissed him and declared that it would be as soon as she could pull everything together.

Rey agreed that he didn't want to wait, and he volunteered to help however he could. Mia cooed that he'd just earned bonus good husband points, and he figured they would help him when he was stuck in the doghouse. She praised him for being supportive of her, and he wondered what had made her think of renewing their vows. Mia recounted that when she'd left Miami to join Rey, she hadn't known whether he'd be happy, angry, or worse -- indifferent. She lamented that she hadn't been able to be alone anymore, and he said he was sorry. She gushed that they'd weathered the storms, and it felt like they were on solid ground.

Rey wondered if that was why Mia wanted to say "I do" again. "In the worst way," she replied, adding that she wanted the whole world to see that love truly could conquer. Rey balked because he'd assumed that they'd do something small and private, like their first wedding at the courthouse. Mia looked away, and Rey wondered if she'd been unhappy with their first ceremony. Mia insisted that all that had mattered had been becoming his wife back then, but it felt like they should do it right by having a real celebration that time. A hesitant Rey asked how real they were talking.

Mia commended Rey for always being good with their money, and he voiced his reluctance to throw a big, spontaneous wedding right after Christmas. She considered it part of the challenge, and she pointed out that they still had her original wedding dress and their rings. She figured that they didn't need fancy invitations or a band, and she was happy with it just being the family and friends they had in town. Rey thought it sounded manageable, and he envisioned having the ceremony and afterparty in an elegant place. Mia announced that she wanted a wedding party to stand up for them that time.

Rey worried that his best buddy's wife had just had a baby, so he likely wouldn't be able to fly there in time. Mia suggested that Arturo do it, but Rey stammered that he didn't know if it was the best idea. Mia pleaded that it was important for their family to show how far they'd progressed in the healing process. Rey admitted that he and Arturo had had a nice talk about how good it felt to be brothers again, and he agreed to make a point of asking Arturo. Mia proposed that they go out and celebrate, but she needed a few minutes to get ready. Rey affectionately rolled his eyes and decided to get some coffee while he waited for her downstairs. They kissed goodbye, and he headed out.

At Dark Horse, Jack presented Nick with cost projections on a project, but Nick opted to deal with them when he was less immersed in the situation with his dad. Jack imagined that Nikki was relieved to have Victor home, but Nick grumbled that it wasn't over, since the person who had set his father up could find another way to ruin Victor's life. Jack clucked that there was a long list of suspects, and Nick named Kevin, Chelsea, Luca, Ian, and J.T. -- if he wasn't really dead. Jack acknowledged that he also held a lifetime of grudges against Victor, but he swore that he hadn't been behind it. Nick contemplated who he was missing, and Jack warned that Nick wouldn't like his answer, since Nick didn't have to look too far from home.

Later, Nick approached Jack and apologized for cutting their earlier conversation short. Jack was surprised that Nick hadn't thrown him out for suggesting that Phyllis had set Victor up, but Nick recognized that Phyllis resented Victor and always would. Jack suspected that it would never go away because Marco had been the worst thing to ever happen to her, and Victor had only served a fraction of his sentence. Jack didn't think it would be a surprise to anyone if Phyllis delighted in the prospect of Victor being behind bars. Nick relayed that even she had said as much, but he didn't want to believe that she'd had any part of pinning a murder on his dad. Jack pointed out the difference between not believing it and not wanting to believe it.

Jack stopped by the coffeehouse and placed a lunch order with Sharon. He revealed that it was a picnic surprise for Kerry at work, and he planned to spread a tablecloth in the lab and give her flowers. He added that Kyle had been encouraging him to up his game romantically, and Sharon fawned over how cute Kyle and Lola were together. Jack murmured that it was a new year, and it was looking good for the Abbott men. He believed that things were looking up for Billy again, and Sharon noted that Billy had been supportive of Victoria. Sharon hoped they'd be able to put their family back together with Phyllis out of the picture.

Sharon approached Rey on the patio and offered him a refill. She hoped he was enjoying his day off, and she observed that she'd never seen him so relaxed. He chalked it up to cracking the Hellstrom case, since he finally no longer had to worry about the commissioner shutting down the investigation. Sharon sensed that something else was going on to make him feel that good, and he confided that the last time things had been that good at home had been when he and Mia had been on their honeymoon. Sharon reiterated that she was happy if he was happy. Mia jealously watched them from outside the window.

Mia sauntered in and bet that Rey had been wondering if she'd ever make it. Rey admiringly stated that it had been worth the wait, and Sharon remarked that Mia looked lovely. Rey guessed from Mia's choice of outfit that she wanted to go somewhere nicer than what he'd had in mind, and he suggested that they go to Top of the Tower to celebrate having the same day off. Mia purred that she loved it when Rey spoiled her.

Mia sweetly asked if Rey had told Sharon about their plans to renew their wedding vows. Mia gushed that he was a wonderful husband with terrific ideas for the wedding of their dreams, and she hoped Sharon could make it and invite a date. Rey pointed out that they didn't know when it would happen yet, but Mia maintained that they were both really excited, and she led him away. Sharon covered her disappointment.

Jack arrived at Jabot and ran into Frank, a security guard. Jack mentioned that he was there to surprise Kerry in the lab, but he'd found the doors locked. Frank reported that he'd seen Kerry leave the building 20 minutes earlier, and Jack remarked that the surprise was on him. Jack called Kerry and recognized that she was too busy to have lunch out, but he suggested that he take lunch to her. Kerry tersely told him that she was busy in the lab, so she would call him later. She hung up, and Jack's expression darkened. Meanwhile, from her car, Kerry called someone and said she was on her way.

At Nick's house, Michael danced around as he listened to Fen's song on his headphones. Phyllis startled him when she walked in, and Michael informed her that Nick had wanted to meet about Victor's case, so the housekeeper had let him in. Phyllis called it a big bear of a case, but Michael contended that the evidence was flimsy. Phyllis thought the public had been led to believe otherwise, and she wondered if Michael intended to try for a change of venue to get an impartial jury. Michael was optimistic that the case would never go before a jury, and Phyllis assumed that Victor would cut a deal. Michael declared that it was his goal to get the charges dropped, but he realized it didn't make her the least bit happy.

Phyllis and Michael listened to the song again, and she referred to it as "total earworm." As Nick walked in, Phyllis explained that it meant when a song bored its way into one's skull and had no chance of getting out. Nick joked that he'd better pay Michael a retainer or risk him running away to be Fen's agent, but Michael was content to bask in his son's glow of success. Nick thanked Michael for fitting him in, and he requested that Phyllis give them privacy. After she stepped out, Michael shared that he'd been able to tell that Phyllis was less than thrilled that he was planning to get Victor out of the mess.

Later, Nick poured a drink and looked thoughtful as Phyllis reentered. He hoped she understood why he'd asked her to leave the room, but she admitted that he'd been right. She thought it was best to focus on what they had in common, like wanting their relationship to work. They kissed passionately and began to have sex, but he couldn't get Jack, Sharon, and Michael's words about Phyllis out of his head.

Phyllis admits she kept the poker

Phyllis admits she kept the poker

Wednesday, January 23, 2019

by Nel

At Rey's apartment, Rey asked Arturo to be his best man. Arturo was left speechless, but he finally accepted and said he'd be honored. Arturo said it had meant a lot to be asked to be Rey's best man. Rey said he was happy that he and Arturo had turned a corner and had put their differences to rest. Arturo teased Rey about his best man speech because he had tons of stories he could tell about Rey. Arturo turned serious and said that Rey deserved happiness.

Mia arrived at Crimson Lights, carrying a huge box. As she tried to go through to the patio doors, she bumped into Billy. Billy acknowledged that he remembered her from the Jaboutique launch party. Mia told Billy that her wedding dress had arrived and that she and Rey would be renewing her vows later in the day. She told Billy the ceremony wouldn't be for a few hours, but if Billy wanted to sweep her off her feet, there was still time. Billy reminded her that her husband carried a gun. Sharon arrived and listened to the exchange between Billy and Mia.

Annoyed, Sharon commented that they'd been having quite the conversation. Billy said that they had been talking about Mia's wedding. As she looked directly at Sharon, Mia said that when people were unhappy with their own lives, sometimes it was difficult to be happy for others. Mia asked if Sharon had received her invitation. Sharon said she had and commented that the vow renewal appeared to have been a last-minute decision. Mia said that her dress had arrived, and there was no reason to wait. Mia said she'd understand if Sharon preferred not to attend. Sharon claimed she wouldn't miss it for the world.

A short time later, Rey and Arturo arrived, and Rey approached Sharon. He apologized that Mia had blurted out about their vow renewal. He said he had wanted to tell her privately. He said that Mia didn't mean anything by it, but Sharon countered that Mia did. He said that Sharon didn't need to attend, but Sharon stated she wouldn't be intimidated. She'd be at the ceremony to wish the happy couple well because she and Rey had nothing to hide, and Rey agreed.

Ana was startled because she hadn't heard Devon enter the penthouse. Ana had had her back to the door while she'd been making notes in her notebook and listening to music through her earbuds. She quickly closed her notebook and shoved it into her bag. Suspicious, Devon asked to see her notebook to go over his schedule. Ana said she had all the information in her head. Devon asked about the contracts, and he wanted to know if Fen had a stage name. Ana said the contracts were ready, and Fen went by Rezzy. Ana grabbed her coat and left.

Cane arrived at Victoria's and told her that Billy had gone to see Lily. Billy had told Lily about him kissing Victoria. Annoyed, Victoria said that Billy had had no right to do that. Cane didn't understand how he and Victoria, who didn't like each other, had arrived at that juncture. Victoria chalked it up to frustration in their lives. They realized that life had been too fast for Victoria, and Cane had felt like he'd been drowning. Victoria suggested that perhaps Cane had been attempting to sabotage his relationship with Lily, but Cane denied it.

Cane advised Victoria that they both needed to own their issues. He stated that a lot of people had been counting on him, but he'd been afraid that he wouldn't be able to keep his family together without Lily. Victoria said that sometimes copping out was easier than fighting. Cane said it had felt good to talk to someone who understood.

Victoria told Cane that she would either write Lily a letter or go to see her, but Cane said Lily would refuse to see them. He said what he needed to do was to go and see Lily, explain everything, and prove to her that he was the man she deserved. Cane suggested that he and Victoria had to agree to keep their distance from each other. Victoria told Cane to stop showing up at her house. At that moment, the doorbell rang, and Billy walked in. He said he should have known that Cane would run and cry to Victoria.

Cane said that Billy's ex-wife needed to know what Billy was capable of. Billy countered that Cane's current wife needed to know what Cane was capable of. Cane sneered that when Billy was hurt, he wanted others to hurt. Billy shouted that Cane had hurt Lily, not him. Cane claimed that Billy had pressured Victoria to the point where she'd wound up turning to him. Victoria protested. Cane's remark had upset her. Billy said that Cane didn't have a clue. Cane left.

Alone with Victoria, Billy said that Cane had ruined his marriage, and Cane wanted to blow up Billy and Victoria's relationship. Victoria asked how Billy could do that to Lily. Billy was certain that Cane had put a spin on things to make Billy look like the bad guy. Victoria said the only thing Cane had told her was that Billy had raced to see Lily and tell her what had happened between Victoria and Cane. Billy asked if Lily didn't have the right to know about her cheating husband, but Victoria said that it hadn't been Billy's place to tell her. Billy asked if it had been Cane's place to talk about his and Victoria's relationship.

Victoria told Billy that she needed some time alone and to take care of herself. Billy said it meant that he was required to stay away. Victoria said things between them weren't working. She said that Billy had advised Cane to own his mistakes, and Billy needed to do the same. She said it was Billy who'd made things impossible, and she walked away.

Sometime later, Victoria returned to the living room and saw that Billy had stayed. He told Victoria the only reason he'd wanted to get back together with her was because he loved her. He said the reason things hadn't worked between them was because of Cane. Victoria said Billy's ego couldn't handle that she'd been with Cane, and when Phyllis had rejected him, Billy had turned to her. She said that Billy had tried to win Phyllis back, and ultimately, he'd used Victoria as a prop.

Billy told Victoria that she'd never been a prop -- she'd been the answer. He reminded her that he'd done everything Victoria had wanted in order to fit into her life; he'd done things on her terms and at her pace, but that hadn't been enough. Instead, everything he'd given her, she'd thrown back in his face. Billy told Victoria if she really wanted to know the reason why they hadn't worked out, she needed to ask herself if there had been anything else he could have done for her, and then she needed to ask herself if she was capable of caring for anyone. When Victoria didn't answer, Billy said he had his answer, and so did she. He left.

Nick was at the Athletic Club when he received a phone call from Phyllis inviting him to join her in her office. Nick said he couldn't because he had a lot to do. Nikki arrived. Nick told Nikki that they needed to dig deeper to figure out who had been trying to frame Victor. He said that whoever it was had known everything Nikki had known. He said that there weren't many suspects.

Nick told Nikki he hated asking her to relive the night J.T. had died, but he said it had to be someone who'd seen what had happened or who had been with Nikki. He said that someone had to have arranged the evidence perfectly, or everything would have fallen apart. Nick said that based on the evidence the cops had discovered, they were convinced of Victor's guilt.

Nick told Nikki he was worried the cops would go after her, but she said she wasn't concerned. Nick said they couldn't rule anyone out. He theorized that whoever had set Victor up had known about the poker and where J.T. had been buried. Nikki said there was no way that J.T. could have survived. Nick wondered who had a big enough vendetta to have retrieved the poker from the lake. Nikki suddenly realized something and told Nick she had to leave.

As Nikki rushed out, she bumped into Mia. Nikki listened to Mia gush about her and Rey renewing their vows later that day. Nikki said she was in a rush, but she couldn't wait to hear all about it. Nikki left, and Mia looked deflated.

Alone, Nikki called someone and told them not to move and that she was on her way.

Mia spotted Devon and Ana at the bar. She sat down beside them. When the bartender placed a glass of water on the bar, she purposely reached for the glass at the same time as Devon and pretended to be surprised to see him. Mia said that she'd heard that his restaurant would be the hottest place in town. She wished it was already open because she'd been looking for a venue for her and Rey's vow renewal.

Mia looked around the Athletic Club and said that no place in town was as sophisticated as the Athletic Club, and she commented that Devon owned the club. She wondered if it was available later that afternoon. Devon said she had to be a member to reserve the dining room. Mia said she felt like a member because of her friendships with Lauren, Phyllis, and Nikki, and she waved at Nick, who sat at a nearby table. Mia gushed that it would be the perfect backdrop for her and Rey.

Mia said that Devon would be doing a favor for Genoa City's finest and that Lola would appreciate it because she was Mia's maid of honor. Devon asked if Mia would use her sister-in-law to score a venue. Mia vehemently denied it.

Devon laughed. He said Mia reminded him of someone else who wouldn't take "no" for an answer. Mia claimed to be her own woman, but she'd been Hilary's biggest fan. She said that GC Buzz had been her bible when she'd lived in Miami, and she'd streamed every episode of The Hilary Hour. She was sorry for Devon's loss. Devon said that Hilary had loved weddings and the drama that went with them. He was sorry he hadn't been able to give Hilary the wedding she would have planned the second time around.

Devon told Mia that if she kept her guest list to twenty people, he would give her a discount on the space, and he would provide the food and drinks as his wedding gift to her. Mia squealed with delight and hugged Devon. Devon told Mia to find the event manager and advise him that Devon had approved everything and that it was good to go.

After Mia left, Ana told Devon he'd done a good thing, but Mia had worked him. Devon said no one worked him, but sometimes he let them think they had. Ana looked nervous.

At his table, Nick was deep in thought and stared at a picture of him and Phyllis.

Mia returned to her apartment in time to hear Arturo say that Rey deserved happiness. Mia said that she and Rey both did. When Rey asked about the venue, Mia told him it was a surprise and kissed him. Rey told Arturo that it had been Mia's idea to ask Arturo to be his best man, and he had agreed. Arturo looked less than pleased.

At the penthouse, Devon asked Ana for her notebook because he wanted to go through it to confirm his schedule. Ana refused. Devon peppered her with questions. He wanted to know why she wouldn't let him see the notebook. He asked if it had something to do with Fen's song or if the song writer's name was in it. Ana said if Devon saw the song writer's name, he wouldn't forget it. She told Devon that she had agreed to keep the song writer anonymous and to protect him.

Devon told Ana that she wasn't as good a liar as she thought she was. Ana exploded and asked if Devon thought that she was self-serving. She pointed out the massive amounts of work she'd done as his assistant. She asked if Devon believed she'd been disloyal.

Devon told Ana he hadn't said she'd been disloyal; he'd said she'd been dishonest. They were two different things. Devon was certain that Ana had good reasons, and he couldn't wait to hear them; however, withholding things and misleading him were unacceptable. He deserved to know the truth, and because of Ana's refusal to be honest, it had forced him to find out the truth himself. He'd found what he'd needed to know.

Devon asked Ana to explain why her name was on the legal LLC documents. He asked if the song writer had a criminal record, had burned too many bridges in the industry, or had dated Ana and things had become complicated. Devon said that if Ana didn't tell him the truth, he'd pull Fen's song from distribution. Ana finally admitted that she'd written the song.

Arturo was leaving Crimson Lights when he bumped into Mia. He said he'd been on his way to rent a tux. Mia advised him to make sure it was classy because the tuxes had to be perfect because she'd scored the Athletic Club, and Devon had offered to pay for dinner and drinks as a wedding gift. Arturo didn't want to know how she'd pulled that one off. Mia said he'd always known that she was irresistibly charming.

Mia chirped to Arturo about the vow renewal. Arturo said the whole thing seemed desperate to him. He asked if the ceremony had been planned because he'd threatened to tell Rey what had happened between them. Mia said she'd stand next to her husband, and without hesitation, she'd tell him how much she loved him and that she wanted to spend the rest of her life with him. She said that the ceremony would put an end to anything that had been between her and Arturo. No more temptations or mistakes. She was getting on with her life, and she suggested that Arturo do the same. She left.

At Jabot, Phyllis told Nikki she didn't appreciate Nikki demanding that she stay put. Phyllis said she wasn't Nikki's poodle, and she didn't respond well to commands. Phyllis demanded to know why Nikki was there. Nikki said it hadn't dawned on her until that morning that their little group had been wondering who would have fished the poker out of the lake. Nikki asked what if the poker had never been in the lake. Phyllis claimed she'd thrown it into the lake herself. Nikki said that Phyllis had been alone. She asked why they should believe Phyllis.

Phyllis asked Nikki why she'd lie about getting rid of it. Nikki reminded Phyllis that her track record for lying didn't bode well for Phyllis as a line of defense. Phyllis advised Nikki to lie down and give her brain a rest, but Nikki ignored the comment and stated that Phyllis had kept the poker until she'd found a good use for it -- to frame Victor for what he'd done to her. Phyllis claimed she hadn't tried to frame Victor, and she'd been as surprised as everyone else had been when the poker had turned up. Phyllis said she couldn't help it if Nikki didn't believe her.

Phyllis opened her office door, indicating it was time for Nikki to leave, but Nikki marched toward the door and shut it. She said she didn't need Phyllis' help anymore. Nikki admitted she'd been a fool to think that they were together in their situation. She said that since the night J.T. had died, they had been a gang of three, plus one. Nikki said she knew Phyllis too well, and the situation fit Phyllis like a glove.

Nikki accused Phyllis of keeping the poker as an insurance policy to get a leg up over everyone. She asked Phyllis to tell her she was mistaken. Phyllis shouted "no," Nikki wasn't mistaken. Phyllis admitted that she had no intention of going down for J.T.'s death. She admitted she hadn't thrown the poker into the lake.

Arturo surprises Abby with a proposal

Arturo surprises Abby with a proposal

Thursday, January 24, 2019

At Devon's penthouse, Ana admitted to Devon that she'd written the song Fen had recorded. Stunned, Devon marveled that he'd known she could sing, but he'd had no idea that she could write like that. Ana explained that it had been why she'd pushed for the song to be Fen's first release, and Devon recalled her strong feelings about how it should be produced. She called it her baby, and he wondered why she'd hidden her talent. She referred to once having a mentor who she'd trusted, but she vowed to never do that again. Devon inquired whether she trusted him.

Ana pointed out that she and Devon both knew no one could hurt them more than family, although she knew he would never do that. She claimed that she'd been afraid because music was everything to her, and she'd needed to have his unbiased opinion. She hadn't wanted anyone to accuse him of nepotism if he released one of her songs. He was confused about why she'd forfeited future profits by being paid outright, and he asked if she was in trouble.

Ana commented that whoever had brainstormed the idea of giving college students credit cards was an evil genius, and Devon surmised that she'd gotten herself into debt. Ana admitted that she'd been living the life until after graduation, when she'd struggled to keep the lights on while trying to find a job. She didn't know what she would have done if Neil hadn't asked her to return to Genoa City, and Devon offered to help. Ana thought he had done enough, and she pledged to get herself out of debt on her own. Devon sensed that she was leaving something out.

Devon wondered if Ana was ashamed to ask for help, and Ana acknowledged that she should have managed her money better. She stressed that she was there to help him, and he called her support priceless, but he wanted to do something for her. She proposed that he let her keep writing for Fen and the artists in the catalog, but she maintained that she was happier behind the scenes. She mentioned that the only other person who knew she'd written the song was Fen, and she wanted to keep it that way. Devon agreed, and they hugged.

Later, Ana played the piano and passionately sang a moving song about memories. Devon sat down at the top of the stairs and wiped away a tear.

At Jabot, Nikki blasted Phyllis for lying for months about getting rid of the fireplace poker. Phyllis explained that she'd held onto it for insurance in case Nikki and Victoria tried to throw her and Sharon under the bus if the police found J.T.'s body. Phyllis questioned who would have her back when things got rough, and Nikki scolded that no one would if Phyllis kept behaving like that. Phyllis pointed out that it would have made no sense for her to plant evidence after she'd insisted on a cover-up, and she swore that she had no idea how the poker had gotten into Nikki's house. Nikki suspected that Phyllis was lying again, and Phyllis invited Nikki to either walk out with only assumptions or listen to every bit of her story.

Phyllis explained that after Nikki had told her that the poker had shown up, she'd believed that it had been planted as false evidence, but she'd freaked out when she'd found that the original poker was gone from the storage unit where she'd been keeping it. Nikki demanded to know who else knew about the locker, but Phyllis insisted that she'd covered her tracks by paying cash in advance. Phyllis theorized that someone had been watching them since J.T. had died, but Nikki was skeptical that someone had held onto the information for months before planting false evidence to incriminate her and Victor. Phyllis thought they had to figure out who was targeting them, but Nikki barked that the only person she needed to worry about was the traitor sitting in front of her.

Nikki noted that Phyllis was the only one with the means and motive, since Phyllis would be happy if Victor went to prison to save them. Phyllis argued that the poker was covered in Nikki's DNA, not Victor's, and it would have made no sense for her to give up something that proved her own innocence. Nikki reiterated that it was no secret that Phyllis loathed Victor, but Phyllis defended that she'd helped bury a body and kept her mouth shut for months to help Nikki. Phyllis insisted that she was telling the truth. "I don't believe you know how, and I don't believe a word that falls out of that mouth," Nikki snarled, and she walked out.

Sharon stopped by Victoria's house and informed Victoria that Phyllis had wanted to form an alliance with Sharon to protect themselves against Nikki and Victoria. Sharon chalked it up to Phyllis lashing out at anyone in her path when she felt threatened, and Victoria reported that Phyllis already had -- at her. Victoria doubted that Phyllis would be satisfied until she ruined Victoria's life, but she refused to talk about it because it would hurt too much. Sharon urged Victoria to talk to someone about it, but Victoria lamented that Nikki had her hands full already. Sharon suggested Billy, but Victoria adamantly said no. Sharon figured that Victoria was stuck with her.

Sharon noted that Victoria and Billy had been getting close lately, and Victoria huffed that Phyllis had noticed, too. Victoria confided that Phyllis had told her that Billy had attempted to reunite with Phyllis before he and Victoria had started becoming close again, but Phyllis had turned him down. Sharon guessed that Victoria felt like second choice, but she encouraged Victoria not to let someone as spiteful and dangerous as Phyllis shake her confidence in what was true and good. Sharon insisted that Billy's feelings for Victoria were unshakeable, but Victoria worried that she'd just shaken him.

Victoria confessed that she'd kissed Cane a couple of weeks earlier, and she'd kissed him again after Phyllis had spat her poison. Victoria added that Billy had walked in on them, and there was no telling what would have happened if he hadn't. Victoria wailed that she didn't know who she was anymore, but Sharon reasoned that sometimes people had feelings they couldn't control. Sharon stated that she was in no position to judge Victoria, but she wondered why it had happened with Cane when he and Victoria hated one another.

Sharon contemplated why Victoria had acted out like that, and she praised Victoria for doing a remarkable job of holding it together in spite of the secret they'd been keeping. Victoria admitted that she was falling for Billy again, but she couldn't let herself do it because J.T. might be dead -- but he was far from gone. Victoria bemoaned that getting back together with J.T. had been the worst mistake of her life, and Sharon speculated that Victoria was sabotaging her relationship with Billy before they got in too deep. Victoria cried that she wasn't the person he thought she was, since she was an accessory to murder.

Victoria thought everything led back to her decision to reunite with J.T., and the choice had affected everyone she knew. She hesitated to let anyone get close because they'd just end up getting hurt, but Sharon told her to stop punishing herself for being involved with a man who hadn't valued her. Sharon asserted that Victoria hadn't done anything to deserve the pain, and Victoria was a good person who deserved every bit of happiness life wanted to offer. Sharon considered it fine for Victoria to end things with Billy if he wasn't the right man for her, but Victoria shouldn't walk away if she thought she was too flawed or damaged to be with a man who adored her, since it couldn't be further from the truth. Sharon urged Victoria not to cut herself off from good things happening just because she was afraid of the bad, since Victoria had a lot of love to give and was worthy of being loved. Victoria thanked Sharon with a hug.

Later, Nikki arrived at Victoria's and revealed that she'd found out disturbing news about Phyllis. Victoria mentioned that Sharon had told her that their gang of four had turned into a trio. Nikki filled Victoria in about Phyllis hiding the poker by keeping it in storage, although Phyllis had claimed she hadn't planted the poker in the house. Nikki was convinced that Phyllis was the one who'd been trying to frame Victor, but the question was what they should do about it.

Victoria figured that the only person who had sway with Phyllis was Nick, but Nikki worried that he would think they were using Phyllis as a scapegoat. Victoria repeated Nick's words that nothing was more important than protecting them while he tracked down who was framing Victor, and she thought Nick deserved to know he was sleeping with the enemy. Nikki called Nick and informed him that she had information that would throw a wrench into his investigation -- and his relationship.

At Rey and Mia's apartment, Rey expressed excitement over renewing his vows with Mia. Mia exclaimed that it was just what they needed to show everyone that what they had was forever, and the door buzzer sounded. Mia was thankful that her maid of honor was there, since she didn't have much time to get ready, and she fretted that she was a total mess. Rey assured her that she could wear a paper bag and still be most the beautiful girl in the room. Lola entered and protested when she found the couple kissing, and she ordered Rey to head over to her place, where Arturo was waiting with their tuxedos. Lola escorted him out so that he wouldn't see the bride in her gown, and she and Mia started to get ready.

At the Abbott mansion, Kyle remarked that he'd thought Abby liked weddings. Abby groaned that it was just another opportunity for Mia's ego to shift into overdrive, and she was only going to support the best man. They agreed that Mia could be "extra," and Kyle asked Abby to promise to be on her best behavior. Abby became defensive at first, but she plastered on a smile and thought of the million other places she'd rather be. Billy overheard as he entered, and he agreed with the sentiment. Abby asked what was wrong, and he replied, "One word -- Phyllis."

Kyle imagined that Phyllis couldn't stand to see other people happy, and Abby insisted that it didn't mean things had to be over between Billy and Victoria. Billy recounted that everything had been going the way it should have been before Phyllis had walked in, and Kyle called Phyllis an unnatural disaster that left a body count in its wake. Kyle advised Billy to keep his professional and personal lives separate and never mix the two again.

Billy joined Phyllis in her office, prepared to discuss Jabot's new fragrance. They disagreed over the timing of the product launch, and she snapped that she wasn't in the mood for him second-guessing her. She recalled that the last time they'd spoken, he'd accused her of setting off a series of events that had resulted in him borrowing the company jet. He tried to keep the discussion professional, but she demanded to know how her talking to Victoria had led to him taking an unauthorized trip at Jabot's expense. Phyllis insisted that she and Billy clear the air in order to keep working together.

Billy lectured that everything Phyllis said had ramifications, and he hoped she learned from her mistakes and made a different choice the next time. He informed her that Victoria had been so upset by what Phyllis had said that Victoria had kissed another guy, and he'd witnessed it. Billy chided Phyllis for being so blinded by wanting to hurt him and Victoria that she hadn't stopped to think of the ripple effect it would have. He asked if she'd looked at the flight manifest, and she checked it and realized that he'd gone to the women's prison that Lily had just been transferred to. Phyllis recalled seeing Victoria leave with Cane after her blowup with Billy, and she concluded that Victoria had kissed Cane.

Phyllis guessed that Billy had jumped on the jet to tell Lily, and he contended that Lily had had a right to know. Billy asked Phyllis not to say anything because he didn't want Charlie and Mattie to find out, and Phyllis crossed her heart, noting she still had one. Phyllis thought Cane would be the last man on earth Victoria would turn to, and Billy figured that Victoria had been lashing out. He questioned how Phyllis would react if someone said she was Nick's second choice. Billy shared that he'd tried to be patient and understanding, but he didn't understand the way Victoria was acting. Phyllis thought she did.

Phyllis thought Victoria wasn't the same person after everything she'd gone through with J.T. Phyllis factored in that Victoria's mother had almost died and that her father had been arrested for murder, and Billy pointedly added that everyone had found out that J.T. had abused Victoria. Phyllis thought Victoria would need time to get over such deep wounds, and Billy wondered why Phyllis hadn't thought about that before she'd dropped the bomb. Phyllis asked if he thought he could be Victoria's knight in shining armor who could make her problems go away with a kiss, and she warned that it would never be that easy. Phyllis implored him to decide whether he was going to put in the work or cut and run.

At the Athletic Club, Arturo assured a tuxedo-clad Rey that he looked like a million bucks. Arturo added that he couldn't be happier that Rey had a second chance with the woman he loved. Arturo recognized that things hadn't been easy, but Rey and Mia had always found their way back together, and that was real love. Rey said it meant a lot that Arturo was there, and he felt like they had wiped the slate clean and were ready to start a new chapter in life. Arturo wished him the best of luck, and the men shook hands and embraced.

Kyle congratulated Rey, and Abby wished Rey every happiness he deserved. Kyle looked around for Lola, and Arturo reported that she was with the bride. Rey imagined that Kyle expected another grilling about his relationship with Rey and Arturo's little sister. Kyle steeled himself for another interrogation, but the brothers laughed and said they were just joking. Kyle stepped away to check on Lola, and Arturo told Abby that it was bad form to outshine the bride. Abby fawned over how he looked in his tux, and he replied that he'd been following Mia's orders. Abby started to gripe about Mia, but she decided to check her coat and her attitude. Arturo promised that Abby would have a night she'd never forget, and they kissed.

Lola announced that the bride was ready to make her entrance, and Rey said he was as ready as he'd ever be. Arturo turned on the music, and Sharon scurried in with apologies for being late. Mia proceeded toward Rey in a flowing white dress, and she beamed as she passed by Sharon and took Rey's hands.

The priest started the ceremony, noting that Rey and Mia's marriage hadn't been without difficulties, but they were ready to make their promises again to allow the marriage to blossom for many more years. Rey recalled their previous vows to honor and cherish one another for the rest of their lives, and they'd grown and learned from one another. Rey saw Mia for the strong, courageous, ambitious woman she was, and he knew how lucky he was to still have her by his side. He swore that he wouldn't change a thing, and in a world of infinite possibilities, he still chose her and always would for the rest of his life.

Mia gushed that Rey was a miracle to her, and the more she loved him, the more she was loved. She continued that the more she gave him, the more she received, and the more she forgave, the more she was forgiven -- and she had a lot to be forgiven for. She considered the biggest miracle of all to be that he still loved her, and she'd be lost without him because he was the other half of her heart. Mia promised to always take care of that love and to give to him much more than she received for the rest of her life.

Arturo squirmed as the priest wished Mia and Rey a long and happy life together. The priest instructed them to celebrate their renewal with a kiss, and the guests clapped. "Let the celebration begin!" Rey proclaimed, but Arturo announced that he had to say something first. Arturo faced Rey and Mia and declared that his big brother was one of the smartest people he knew. Arturo admitted that they hadn't always seen eye to eye, but there was one thing they both agreed on -- wanting to give the world to the women they were meant for.

Arturo turned to Abby and said she'd made him happier than he'd ever dreamed, and she made him want to be a better man. He dropped to one knee and recognized that, before, he had just lived day by day, but he could see forever with her. Mia looked stricken as Arturo asked Abby to marry him.

Mia seethes as Abby accepts Arturo's proposal

Mia seethes as Abby accepts Arturo's proposal

Friday, January 25, 2019

At the Ashby home, Neil told Mattie and Charlie that they'd hit the road first thing to visit Lily. Cane walked in, and Neil revealed that they were planning a trip to the prison. Cane mentioned that they already had one scheduled, but Mattie was excited that they'd be able to go sooner with Neil. Charlie anticipated that the whole family would go, but Neil stared at Cane and pointedly said Cane couldn't make it that time.

Mattie assumed that Cane had business meetings, and Charlie begged his dad to handle them over the phone because he was sure Lily would love to see them together. Neil reasoned that Cane had just been there, and Lily wanted the kids all to herself. Cane reminded the twins to do their homework, and they stepped out. Cane griped that Neil had suddenly become the gatekeeper of his wife, and Neil coldly informed Cane that Lily had told him about Cane and Victoria. Neil backed Lily's decision not to see Cane. Cane refused to let her think he was giving up, but Neil ordered him to shut up. Neil added that he needed to go before he did something he'd regret.

Neil showed up at Devon's penthouse to vent about Cane, and Devon assumed that Cane had confessed to Neil, hoping for absolution. Neil revealed that he'd heard about Cane's latest cheating ways from Lily, and Devon ranted that he'd told Cane to leave her in peace. Neil divulged that Cane had gone to the prison, but Lily had refused to see him because Billy had already told her everything. Neil lamented that his little girl had not only had her freedom taken away but had also been betrayed by the man she'd thought she could count on.

Neil turned the topic to how things had been going with Devon, who mentioned that Ana had set up a meeting between him and the mystery songwriter. Devon recalled that he'd caught Ana singing at the piano, and the emotions had hit him out of nowhere. Neil encouraged him not to fall for the noise about men being stoic, since the tears didn't just dry up and go away. Devon thought he couldn't keep dumping his issues on his family, and Neil urged him to talk to his therapist and keep listening to Ana's music if it gave him release.

Cane arrived and accused Neil of shutting him out of Lily's life, but Neil countered that it had been Lily's decision. Cane vowed to do anything it took to make things right, but he couldn't do it if she wouldn't see him. Neil argued that she'd forgiven Cane over and over while he and Devon had hoped and prayed that Cane stepped up, but Cane always hurt her again. Neil recognized that Cane had been hurt, too, but Cane had run to another woman when Lily had needed complete support. Neil refused to let Cane get anywhere near Lily until he was convinced the "crap" wouldn't keep happening.

Cane shared that he thought of what Lily would do as his guidepost when she wasn't with him, but he'd made mistakes and proven he didn't deserve her. He wailed that he wasn't the man he wanted to be when she wasn't with him. Cane begged Neil and Devon to help get Lily to talk to him, but Neil shook his head and insisted that Cane deal with his demons first. Cane mentioned that the twins didn't know about Victoria, and Neil thought it was up to Lily to decide whether to tell them.

At the Abbott mansion, Jack started to type a text message to Kerry to ask why she'd lied. He erased it, grabbed his coat, and left.

The guests at Rey and Mia's vow renewal ceremony waited for Abby to respond to Arturo's marriage proposal. Abby laughed nervously and asked if Arturo was serious. Mia frowned upon Arturo's decision to propose at her wedding, and Arturo apologized to the priest. The priest figured that there was no rulebook with matters of the heart, and he saw no problem with spontaneity on an already beautiful occasion.

Arturo noted that he and his siblings had never seen a happy marriage when they'd been young, but Rey was a happy man in love; Arturo wanted that, too. Arturo acknowledged that it wasn't the best timing, but Rey gave his blessing for Arturo to do what he had to do. Arturo presented Abby with a ring and declared that she'd changed him and that he'd love to change his life even more by marrying her. Abby excitedly accepted, and they embraced as the guests clapped.

Arturo slid the ring on Abby's finger, and Mia glowered as Rey commented that he'd never thought he'd see Arturo settle down. Arturo proclaimed that he'd just needed to meet the right woman, and Mia glared at him. Mia turned the attention back to herself by gushing that the proposal was a sign of how powerful the love between her and Rey was, and she hoped all the guests could feel it. Sharon called the ceremony lovely, and she thought it was clear how much thought had gone into it. Mia mused that she'd been planning it in her head for a long time in a lot of ways.

Meanwhile, Lola affectionately scolded Arturo for not telling her, but she was sure Abby was the right one for him. Kyle expected Abby to go "full-scale Bridezilla," and Abby jokingly threatened to make him wear a velvet purple tux to the ceremony. Kyle suggested that they not give Abby time to plan by making it a double wedding right then and there. Arturo wondered if Abby was up for it, since he didn't want to go another day without her as his wife. Abby assured him that she loved him and wanted to spend every day with him, but she couldn't get married without her family present.

Mia watched as Abby and Arturo discussed having the wedding of their dreams. Mia drew attention back to the main event, and she bragged that Devon had wanted them to have the perfect evening. Rey marveled that no one could resist Mia when she turned on the sparkle, and she proclaimed that she was a happy woman who wanted her love to be a happy man. Rey promised that it was just the beginning.

Jack entered the club, and Abby excitedly broke the news of her engagement. Jack congratulated her with a hug, and she headed back to the party. Kyle informed Jack that Rey and Mia had just renewed their vows and that Arturo had proposed afterward. Jack observed that everyone seemed happy, and he glumly reminded himself that sometimes relationships actually worked out. Jack confided that he thought he and Kerry had hit the end of the road, since he was ready for a woman he could trust, and it looked like he hadn't found her that time, either.

Kyle pressed for information about what Kerry had done, and Jack revealed that she'd lied about being stuck in the lab when it had been closed. Jack admitted that he hadn't always been forthright in his past relationships, but he no longer had patience for someone who needed to play games. He added that it hadn't been the first time Kerry had hidden something from him, although he didn't know what it was. Kyle advised Jack to just ask her, since he should at least get answers before he decided they were done.

Rey gathered everyone together to see the special surprise he had for his gorgeous wife. Rey admired that she told it straight and that she was ferocious when defending the people she loved. Arturo chugged his drink as Rey recalled how Mia had turned things upside down when she'd arrived in town, but he was glad she had because it had closed the distance between them. Rey declared that they were exactly where they should be, and he presented her with a necklace. Mia jealously eyed Abby's engagement ring and remarked that she and Rey already had rings, but she could wear a necklace close to her heart. Rey helped Mia put it on as she stared at Arturo.

Later, Abby told Arturo that she'd had no idea he'd propose because she didn't think he believed in marriage. He reasoned that he wasn't his father, and they weren't his parents. He'd never imagined being married before because he hadn't been able to imagine her, but she was there, and he was hers. He claimed that the ring had been in his pocket for days, and he'd just been looking for the right moment. They kissed passionately as Mia watched. Sharon guessed that she knew who Mia would be tossing the bouquet to. "In due time," Mia muttered, and she made a beeline for the waiter and requested that he refill everyone's glasses, since it was time for the best man's toast.

In his best man speech, Arturo recalled a childhood memory of thinking he'd put one over on Rey by sneaking in late, but Rey had put him in a headlock and made him promise to never be late again. Arturo added that Rey and Mia truly had something special, and it had made him want the same kind of forever for himself. Arturo toasted to Rey and Mia. Lola mused that Arturo had been sure that marriage was never going to happen for him. Kyle cooed that love took time, but like anything good, it was worth the wait. Lola pointedly stated that she would let him know when she was done waiting.

Privately, Mia told Arturo that it had been sweet that he hadn't been able to hold back after she and Rey had pledged their eternal love. Mia figured that Abby thought it was all about her, but Mia and Arturo knew better. Arturo refused to get into it with Mia, but she huffed that she'd been gracious for not throwing him out when he'd tried to outshine her on her special day. Arturo asked why she still cared what he did, and she responded that he was a part of her heart and her family. Mia asserted that Abby wasn't the one he wanted, since Mia knew how he could love. He politely told her to enjoy her night, since he planned to enjoy celebrating his engagement to Abby. Arturo walked away as Mia seethed.

Meanwhile, Rey awkwardly thanked Sharon for being there, and she stressed that he was her friend and that his happiness meant everything to her. He referred to the brief period of time when they'd thought there might be more between them, but she firmly stated that it hadn't been an option. She wished him the best of everything, and he watched her leave.

At Jabot, Jack stepped off the elevator and ran into Kerry. She called it a nice surprise, and he inquired about the project that had tied her to the lab the day before. She replied that she was cautiously optimistic. He informed her that he'd stopped by the day before to give her a reprieve, and she'd been nowhere near the lab. Kerry was surprised to see a side of Jack that would set a trap for her to walk into.

Jack questioned why Kerry wasn't giving him a straight answer, and he dared her to be mature enough to tell him if she didn't want to see him. She incredulously asked if he thought she was hiding another man, and she asserted that she was an adult who could see another man if she wanted to without sneaking around. Jack pressed to know where she'd been the day before and why she hadn't wanted him to know. She claimed that she'd been in traffic court, since she'd had a glove compartment full of unpaid tickets.

Jack wondered if Kerry had thought he would think less of her, and Kerry replied that she prided herself on her competence, so she hadn't wanted him to know about her weakness. He expressed relief that she wasn't perfect, and she warned him not to take the missed communication as a sign that she wasn't interested, since she was. He confirmed that he was very interested, too, and she said she had a ton of work to do. He headed out, but they both looked wary.

At home, Phyllis found Nick tossing darts at a dartboard, and she assumed he was taking out his frustrations. She seductively suggested that he tell her about his stressful day in the shower, and he flatly stated that he knew about the body she'd buried. Phyllis asked who had ratted her out, and Nick was appalled by her reaction. She explained that her name shouldn't have been mentioned, but she confirmed that she'd been present at J.T.'s death and involved with his burial. Nick was stunned that she had admitted it like it was nothing, but Phyllis countered that it had never been nothing.

Nick revealed that he'd known Nikki had killed J.T. to defend Victoria, but he couldn't believe Phyllis had been there. Phyllis groused that after all that time, Nikki had been the one who'd caved. Nick wanted to hear the truth from Phyllis, since his mom had changed her story many times, and he'd just learned there had been three people in the mix. "Wow," Phyllis muttered to herself. Phyllis recounted that Nikki had stopped the "bastard" the way any mother would have, but Nikki and Victoria had panicked, so Phyllis had stepped in and was the reason his mother and sister weren't in prison that very second.

Phyllis recalled how Victoria had spilled everything on the night of J.T.'s death before going upstairs to rest. Phyllis recounted that when she'd walked in, J.T. had been dead, and Victoria and Nikki had been falling apart. Phyllis noted that Victoria had never told anyone about the abuse, so Phyllis had protected Nikki by helping to bury the body and cover up the crime. Phyllis added that she hadn't told Nick because she and the other women had promised not to tell a soul, and she'd decided that the best way to stay loyal to him would be to keep protecting his mother and sister. Nick remarked that it would be a lot easier to believe if Phyllis hadn't held onto the murder weapon.

Phyllis wondered why Nick was doubting her when Nikki had been the one who'd changed her story. Nick countered that Phyllis had lied about the poker being at the bottom of the lake, and Phyllis defended that she'd known she might need it one day to protect herself legally, since she'd been the odd man out with no one to swoop in and save her. Phyllis contended that she'd been right, since his mom had confessed to homicide, yet Phyllis was being interrogated. Nick referred to the poker showing up at the ranch, and Phyllis maintained that someone had broken in and taken it. Nick figured that if she could mastermind the cover-up, she "sure as hell" could frame someone for murder.

Phyllis guessed that Nikki had decided that Phyllis had been the one planting evidence around the ranch. Nick confirmed that his mother had shared the theory, but it hadn't been the first time he'd thought about Phyllis being on Victor's list of enemies. Phyllis reminded Nick that she'd been Victor's victim, and she questioned how she'd become the lead suspect on a long list of Victor-haters. Nick figured that she was the only one who knew what had happened with J.T., but Phyllis argued that the wrong murder weapon had been planted at the stables. Phyllis conceded that she wished Victor had served every day of his sentence, but she hadn't framed him.

Phyllis suggested that they let Victor take the heat because he'd never be convicted, and letting everyone think he was guilty was the only way to keep Nikki safe. Nick scoffed at the thought that she was just worried about his mom, and Phyllis insisted that she was worried about their family, since she didn't want Christian, Faith, and Summer to see their grandmother rot in prison. Phyllis realized that Nick didn't trust her, and Nick said she had told too many lies. Phyllis countered that Nikki and Victoria had also lied to him and the cops, yet Phyllis was the villain. She questioned why he cut them slack but refused to cut her any.

Nick hoped he and Phyllis could be honest with one another, and she noted that he hadn't told her when Nikki had confessed to him. Nick swore that he'd hated lying to Phyllis, but Phyllis countered that it had been fine for him to do so, but he'd expected her to spill everything. Nick shot back that his mom had been a wreck, and Victoria had been traumatized, but lying was easy for Phyllis. Phyllis contended that she'd kept the secret that all of them had agreed to keep because she knew how to keep her mouth shut, and she'd been the person who'd stood between his mom and a prison cell because she was such a good liar.

Nick scolded that Phyllis was helping him raise Christian. Phyllis ranted that the rest of them had lied as much as she had, but somehow, she was the evil, heartless woman. Phyllis spat that Nick had almost let another heartless woman raise his son, and she pointed out that he'd never asked what Sharon had been doing when everything had gone down that night. Phyllis revealed that Sharon had been there, and Sharon had lied like the rest of them. Phyllis barked that when Sharon had put on the performance at her wedding to Nick, accusing him of lies and deceit, the "saintly dishrag" had had a secret of her own.

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