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Kerry revealed that she was injecting herself with fertility hormones to have her eggs frozen. Summer returned to town and tried to make Kyle jealous by kissing Fen. Katie went missing at the ranch when Nikki fell asleep, and Victoria and Billy heard Katie singing from inside the walls.
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Summer returned to Genoa City and little Katie went missing
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Abby tells Victor of her engagement and Victor hands Arturo a prenup

Abby tells Victor of her engagement and Victor hands Arturo a prenup

Monday, January 28, 2019

At Nick's house, Phyllis had coffee in the living room after having spent the night in a guest room. After Nick awoke, he and Phyllis discussed what he'd recently learned about J.T.'s death. Phyllis said, "I'm telling you the truth, Nick. Sharon is just as much involved in J.T.'s death as Nikki, Victoria, and me." Phyllis invited everyone over to Nick's to prove that she was telling Nick the truth.

After Sharon, Nikki, and Victoria arrived, Nick demanded to hear the whole truth about the night J.T. had died. Sharon, feigning surprise, replied, "Why are you asking me and Phyllis?" Nick acknowledged that Nikki and Victoria, having already taken responsibility, had mentioned that Phyllis had been present. Phyllis replied, "After saying she wouldn't." Nick added, "Then Phyllis said you were also involved, Sharon." Nick recalled that they'd all denied knowing anything about J.T.'s death Sharon insisted that she'd wanted to tell Nick.

Nikki cried, "You have no idea what we've been through." Nick demanded to hear all the details before deciding what to do next. Victoria spoke first and recalled that she'd left J.T. in Hawaii and returned to Genoa City with her kids. Sharon said that after Reed had mentioned Victoria and J.T.'s split, she'd organized a girls' night in hopes of cheering Victoria. Phyllis admitted that getting together had been awkward until they'd all begun opening up about their personal lives. Victoria said that had been when she'd told everyone about J.T.'s abuse.

Victoria unfolded the rest of story, interspersed with flashbacks. Victoria related the tense encounter when she'd tried keep J.T. outside, insisting she didn't want to hear more of his promises or apologies because she was done with him. Victoria remembered ordering J.T. to get off her property. Nick interjected, "But he didn't." Victoria said she'd been terrified when she'd suddenly seen J.T. standing behind her after she'd gone to her bedroom to collect herself.

Victoria said J.T. had begun begging and pleading for her to take him back. Victoria cried that she'd then learned that J.T. had attacked Victor, leaving him to die on the floor at the ranch house. Victoria said she'd confronted J.T. about attempting to turn off Victor's ventilator so he would die. Victoria recalled that J.T. had said Victor deserved to die for what had happened to Colleen. Victoria told Nick that she and J.T. had struggled when he'd prevented her from leaving the room.

The noise had attracted Nikki, Sharon, and Phyllis' attention. Nikki cried that she hadn't had time to think before acting after she'd witnessed J.T. hurting Victoria. Nikki said, "I did kill J.T. I didn't mean to, but I didn't have a choice. He was hurting your sister." Nick asked why the women hadn't called the police. Sharon replied, "I wanted to." Phyllis explained that they hadn't been able to summon the authorities because Nikki had just killed the man that had attempted to murder Victor.

Phyllis noted that Christine had been trying to pin something on the Newmans for months, so alerting the police would have been like handing over Nikki on a silver platter. Victoria cried that Christine would have viewed Nikki as a vigilante. Sharon tried to make it sound as if she'd had no choice but to keep quiet. Victoria admitted that the hardest part had been carrying J.T.'s body, rolled up in a rug, to the park to bury. Sharon said that Nikki had burned the rug, and Phyllis had disposed of J.T.'s phone and the fireplace poker. The women all spoke about the hardships of keeping their horrible experiences a secret.

Nick asked if anyone else knew what had transpired. Sharon replied, "Mariah and Tessa." Sharon explained that while Tessa had been employed at Dark Horse, she'd happened upon footage belonging to J.T. that had recorded them moving the body. Phyllis said they'd recovered most of the money paid to Tessa after she'd initially blackmailed them, though Tessa had agreed to remain silent. Nick asked if Tessa was framing Victor. Sharon replied, "Trust us, she's not the one who's framing Victor or tormenting Nikki."

Nikki insisted that the person watching them was someone close to them who had access to the evidence. Phyllis admitted that she'd kept the fireplace poker. Sharon and Nikki suggested that Phyllis was trying to set up Victor. Nick replied, "Mom, no. It's not her. I believe her." Addressing Phyllis, Nick said that though she hated Victor, she would never do anything she'd been accused of to hurt him. Nick was interrupted when he received a message from Jack reminding him about Abby's engagement party. Nikki was surprised to learn that Abby was engaged to Arturo.

Nick told Nikki and Victoria not to let Victor know that Sharon and Phyllis had been involved because it would further complicate matters. Phyllis thanked Nick for believing her. After Victoria and Nick left to attend the dinner, Sharon confronted Phyllis and called her a "lying, conniving bitch." Sharon suggested that Phyllis had placed the fireplace poker in Nikki's house. Phyllis admitted that someone had taken the poker out of the storage unit.

Nikki said, "Why should we believe you?" Phyllis reminded Sharon and Nikki that she'd kept Nikki's secret for a year. Nikki assured Phyllis and Sharon that she hadn't told Victor because she didn't want him to be more involved than he already was. Phyllis insisted that no others should know. Sharon said someone knew every step they'd made since the night J.T. had been killed. Nikki agreed that someone had been watching them the whole time.

At the Newman ranch, Victor, anxious to see Abby, couldn't hide his disappointment when he discovered that Arturo had accompanied her. Victor noted that though his ankle monitor prevented him from leaving the ranch, he was relishing his time at home to visit with his family. Abby announced that Victor's family would soon expand because she and Arturo were engaged to be married. Victor said that Abby barely knew Arturo. Victor added that since Arturo had moved to Genoa City, he'd gotten close to Nick to land a job and had used Nikki's charity work to get close to her.

Victor expressed concern that Arturo might end up hurting Abby. Arturo said he loved Abby and hoped that Victor would give him a chance to prove it. Victor opened a briefcase, took out a legal document, and gave it to Arturo to sign. Abby perused the document and said, "A prenup?" Victor explained that he'd anticipated where Abby and Arturo had been headed and had known he should be prepared.

Abby insisted that Arturo wouldn't sign the document, but Arturo freely agreed to sign and did. Arturo said the only reason he was marrying Abby was because he loved her. Victor shook Arturo's hand and said he hoped the couple would have a long engagement. Abby grabbed Arturo's arm and led him toward the door, noting that they had a wedding to plan.

At Rey and Mia's apartment, Mia told Rey that the ceremony to renew their vows had been perfect. Rey, observing that Mia appeared distracted and disconnected, replied, "Then what's bothering you?" Mia claimed she was suffering from a hangover and brushed off Rey's offer to get aspirin for her because he should be getting ready for work. Rey said he'd taken the day off because it was their honeymoon. Rey began kissing Mia's lips and neck and said he wanted to show her what a good husband he could be. Mia winced, pulled away, and explained that she wasn't feeling well. Rey led Mia to the sofa and said he'd take care of her.

In the dining room at the Abbott mansion, Kyle admired the lovely table setting Mrs. Martinez had set out for Jack's special dinner. Kyle said he wasn't certain Lola could make it because she was meeting with a food supplier. Billy walked in and asked Jack if Kerry would be at the dinner. Jack said he wasn't certain, and he admitted that Kerry had lied to him about being in the lab when she hadn't been. Billy and Kyle advised Jack not to judge Kerry based on his own past experiences. Jack phoned Kerry and invited her to the engagement dinner. Kerry accepted.

Jack overheard Arturo and Abby talking in the living room. Abby, still reeling, cried that Victor always ruined her happiness. After Abby and Arturo told Jack about Victor's prenup, Jack assured Arturo that the Abbotts welcomed him with open arms. Abby's mood brightened when Jack announced that a family dinner would be held to celebrate Abby and Arturo's engagement. Billy and Kyle appeared and congratulated Abby and Arturo. Jack told Arturo to invite Rey and Mia, so everyone who loved the newly engaged couple could celebrate together.

After guests began arriving, Kyle told Rey that Lola was working. Rey teased Arturo that the party meant Abby hadn't changed her mind. Mia added, "All I want is for Arturo to be happy." Abby entered, looking gorgeous in a fitted ensemble. Arturo kissed his bride-to-be. Mia took a drink from Billy and said, "Perfect timing." Nick and Victoria arrived and congratulated Abby. Kerry arrived just as everyone headed to the dining room.

Jack thanked his guests and welcomed Arturo to the "complicated" Abbott family. Arturo kissed Abby and said he was seriously in love. Mia raised her glass of wine and said, "Let's hear it for serious love." Jack wished Abby a lifetime of happiness and told Arturo he was a lucky man. Abby said she was just as lucky. Nick told Arturo he was getting an awesome bride. Victoria admitted that she and Abby had had their ups and downs, and she wished Abby and Arturo a lifetime of love. Mia gulped wine after every toast.

Carrying her phone, Kerry briefly excused herself. Jack seemed annoyed. Mia refilled her wine glass and said it was time for the guests to hear from the Rosales family. Rey became apprehensive and tried to reign Mia in. Mia said it was time for someone to talk about what a great guy Arturo was. Jack peered out the open door leading to the living room and noticed that Kerry was exchanging text messages.

Billy offered to top off wine glasses, and Mia held up her glass for another refill. Rey acknowledged that his brother was all grown up, though he sometimes still saw his brother as the kid who did every crazy thing Rey told him not to do. Rey recalled the hardships they'd faced after their father had left and said he was thankful Arturo had found someone to show him what true commitment was. Mia gulped down the last bit of wine in her glass and began her toast. Mia said that though her family wasn't as rich as the Abbotts, they all had their challenges, struggles, and secrets.

Abby smiled guardedly when Mia said she'd witnessed love when Arturo had knelt down to propose to Abby. Mia noted that Abby seemed to have everything except a good makeup artist. Rey tried to keep Mia quiet. Mia said she was teasing and told Arturo he looked amazing because he was moving up in the world. Abby looked horrified. Mia again refilled her wine glass, offered congratulations to everyone, and laughed as she raised her glass to her lips.

Rey leaped from his chair and said it was late, so he and Mia had to leave. As Rey was escorting Mia out, she offered her makeup services to Abby. Jack invited everyone to move to the living room. Jack complained to Billy about Kerry's behavior and said he didn't seem to know her as well as he thought he did. Jack told Abby and Arturo that he'd let Mrs. Martinez know they were finished in the dining room.

Jack returned to the dining room and quickly looked inside Kerry's handbag. Jack saw a syringe inside a plastic bag. Back in the living room, Abby complained about Mia's behavior. Arturo told Abby not to let Mia get to her. Abby said she intended to talk to Mia.

After Rey and Mia returned home, Mia said she didn't know why Rey was so mad. Rey said Mia should have just said something nice. Mia proclaimed that she wasn't a phony. Mia said she'd just stated what everyone saw but was afraid to admit. Mia cried, "This marriage means more to Arturo than it does to Abby." Rey replied, "That's crazy."

Mia cried that she worked with women like Abby all the time. Mia added, "They're spoiled little princesses who use guys like Arturo to piss off daddy." Mia said she'd spoken the truth because she didn't want Arturo to end up brokenhearted. Rey said Arturo could take care of himself.

Victor kept busy at home, reading a book about King Arthur to Johnny. While Victor read, Katie sat on the floor nearby, hosting a pretend tea party with her dolls and stuffed animals. After Victor finished the book, he realized that Katie had left the room. Johnny said he didn't know where his sister had gone. Victor entered the hallway and called out to Katie.

Victor located Katie when he heard her talking to someone about her tea party. Victor said, "Who are you talking to?" Katie claimed she was talking to a friend that grownups couldn't see. Victor noted that it was evidently a special friend. Katie replied, "He is." As Victor led Katie away, the child turned to wave at her unseen friend.

Jack confronts Kerry about the syringe

Jack confronts Kerry about the syringe

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Kerry arrived at the Abbott mansion and amorously wondered if Jack had summoned her there for a booty call in the middle of the workday. He told her that they had to have a serious talk. He recounted that he'd enjoyed the company of many amazing women over the years, but he hadn't always been completely honest, and he'd also been lied to. He stressed that honesty was key, and he still had a nagging feeling that there was something she was keeping from him. Jack confessed that he'd been so concerned about what Kerry had been keeping from him that he'd done something that he wasn't proud of.

Kerry guessed that Jack had had her investigated, but he admitted that he'd looked in her purse. She retrieved a syringe from her handbag and asked if that had been what had worried him. He conceded that it had been an invasion of privacy, but he was concerned that she had serious health issues. She chuckled and confirmed that the syringe's contents had been prescribed by a doctor but that she wasn't sick. She added that she wasn't comfortable saying more because it was personal, and she was taken aback that he'd rummaged around in her purse.

Kerry guessed that Jack's imagination had been running wild, and she observed that he seemed disappointed. She promised that she would tell him the whole story in time, and he wondered why she was holding back. He speculated that it was methadone because she was in recovery, but she insisted that she wasn't an addict. He swore that nothing she could tell him would make him think less of her, and she confided that she had been giving herself hormone injections because she was getting ready to freeze her eggs.

Kerry jokingly pondered what she and Jack would do with all the time he'd blocked out for a serious conversation, since she wasn't deathly ill. He insisted that it was important to talk about the idea of having a child, and she clarified that she was simply allowing herself the possibility of doing so. She explained that she'd started the process before they'd started dating, and she wanted to continue with her life, focus on work, and enjoy her time with him without worrying about what she might want to do years from then.

Jack shared that he'd had to decide whether to freeze his sperm when he'd had a cancer scare, and he had considered the decision very carefully. Kerry thanked him for telling his story, but she didn't feel having a child was even the tiniest blip on the radar yet. Jack warned that he couldn't forget about the fact that having a child one day was important to her, and he had a lot to think about.

Kerry returned to the room after stepping out to give herself an injection, and she apologetically explained that they had to happen on a strict schedule. She sensed that Jack didn't like what she'd had to say, but she swore that it didn't have to be a big deal for them. He noted the effort, expense, and thought that she'd put into the decision, and he assumed it was important for her to be a mother someday. He conceded that it was her life and decision, but they were in a different place because his kids were grown. He suspected that maybe she was with the wrong guy.

At Jabot, Kyle chatted on the phone with Lola. He was dismayed to hear that she had no free time, and he assured her that her hard work would pay off when people were lining up to taste her cooking. He cooed about how much he missed her as Summer walked in, and he quickly hung up. Kyle was surprised that Summer wasn't in Dubai, and she teased that there was a new invention called air travel. He informed her that her mom was working from home. She declared that she was there to see him, since they needed to clear the air.

Kyle thought he and Summer were in a good place, and she figured that it was because she'd been 7,000 miles away. She recalled that he'd strongly encouraged her to accept Victor's job offer, and he countered that it had been a fantastic opportunity. Summer regretted that she'd put a lot of pressure on Kyle to give her a second chance, and she assured him that he didn't have to worry about her doing that anymore. She shared that she had a new outlook, since Dubai had been a chance to prove herself to her grandfather, her parents, and even to Kyle. She proclaimed that kicking butt in business was way better than any party, and he observed that the Newman in her had taken over.

Summer thought she owed Kyle one for nudging her to accept the offer, and he imagined that she would have blamed him if it hadn't worked out. She proposed that she tell him all about her experience over dinner, but he balked because it wouldn't be appropriate. He expected her to goad him into it or make fun of him, but she stated that the new and improved Summer Newman respected his boundaries. She hoped she got to see him before she returned to Dubai, and she requested permission to hug him. They embraced, and she departed.

At the Newman ranch, Victor remarked that it was a nice surprise to have Katie and her mother visit at the same time. Victoria reported that when Katie had heard they were having a business meeting, the girl had insisted on tagging along to play with her new friend. Victor noted that the pal was imaginary, and Victoria suggested that Katie try to find him. Katie ran off, and Victor revealed that he'd found Katie in the corridor, talking as if someone had actually been there. He added that it had reminded him of Victoria when she'd been young. Victoria turned the topic to work, and Victor announced that he had something important to ask her.

Victor and Victoria wrapped up their meeting, and he praised her brilliant performance in his absence. He offered to send her and her kids on a well-deserved vacation, but she protested that it wasn't a good time to get away, since their business partners were anxious. Victor acknowledged that most of the world knew about his arrest, and he wanted her to take over his position. Victoria worried that the role would be time-consuming with a lot of overseas travel, and she didn't want to be away from her kids for long periods of time. He assured her that the trips would be short and that he and Nikki would watch out for the kids. Victoria pledged to figure out a way to make it work until the charges against him were dropped.

Victor was surprised and thrilled when Summer stopped by, and Victoria welcomed her home with a hug. Victoria mentioned that they'd just been discussing how proud they were of what Summer had accomplished in Dubai, and Summer credited Nikki with giving her support and advice before the accident. Summer asked if the police had found the hit-and-run driver, and Victor and Victoria said no. Victor turned the topic to how difficult it had been for Summer to learn what had happened to her grandmother while she'd been away, and he thought Nikki would be happy to know Summer was there. Victor doubted that Nikki would allow him to send Summer away again, and he suggested that Summer stay to assist Victoria.

Victoria praised Summer for doing a fabulous job in Dubai, and she thought it would be a shame to pull Summer off the assignment when she deserved to be in the spotlight. Victor asked whether Summer preferred to continue working overseas or try something new, and Summer stated that she was ready to return home. Victoria tried to disguise her contempt as Victor looked forward to restoring Newman's reputation together.

After Summer left, Victoria called out to Katie, who didn't respond. Victor and Victoria walked around the house to search for her. In the corridor, Katie told someone that she wouldn't tell, and she put a finger to her lips. Victor said they'd been looking all over for Katie, and Victoria helped Katie with her coat. Katie waved goodbye to her friend as they headed out.

At home, Phyllis left a voicemail for Nick, noting that he'd taken off early that morning. She said she appreciated the way he'd stood up for her the day before, and it had meant a lot to hear that he believed she hadn't framed Victor. She recognized that he still had issues with the way she'd handled things, and she informed him that she'd be working from home that day if he wanted to talk.

At the cottage, Nick demanded that Sharon justify what she'd done. She defended that she'd been protecting his mother, and he incredulously asked if it had been from him. Sharon reiterated that she and the other women had agreed that the fewer people who knew, the better, and she questioned why he was focusing on her. She surmised that he hadn't confronted Nikki, Victoria, or Phyllis, and she theorized that he was treating her that way because he had nothing to lose. Sharon dared him to explain how it made sense for him to blame her more than anyone else, and he replied that she was the one he'd thought he could trust more than anyone else.

Sharon swore that she'd desperately wanted to tell Nick everything, and she almost had right before their wedding, but the others had kept telling her that she'd be making a terrible mistake. Sharon griped that Nikki, Victoria, and Phyllis had hammered away at her at her bachelorette party until she'd caved. Nick couldn't believe that he hadn't picked up on the tension, but he recognized that he'd also had a secret eating away at him at the time. He revealed that he'd almost confessed to her about Phyllis that same night.

Sharon pointed out that both she and Nick had been keeping enormous secrets, knowing it had been wrong, but they hadn't been able to trust one another enough to be honest. She thought it proved that they hadn't been ready for that kind of commitment, but Nick argued that he wouldn't have had his secret if she hadn't had hers. Nick recalled that Sharon had taken off her engagement ring and left it for him to find instead of telling him why she'd been upset about him pretending to be J.T. Sharon cautioned him against saying it had been her fault that he'd slept with Phyllis. Nick said it was on him, but he believed things would be very different if Sharon hadn't covered for everyone else. She asked if he thought they'd still be together. "Don't you?" Nick asked.

Sharon chided Nick for implying that they'd still be together if she'd broken her promise to the other women, since it was impossible to say how he would have reacted if he'd found out the truth. Sharon reasoned that all couples had problems, and what mattered was how they handled them -- and Nick had handled them by turning to Phyllis. Sharon figured that Nick would have ended up in Phyllis' bed eventually, since it was apparent that he'd had unresolved feelings for her. Sharon understood that he'd been inundated with a lot of new information that had him rethinking things, but she'd accepted her decisions long before and wasn't interested in wallowing in regret. She added that she couldn't help him if that was the position he was in, and she suggested that he ask what his girlfriend had to say -- unless Phyllis was one of his regrets.

Nick returned home and told Phyllis that there were things that needed to be said, but he'd needed time to think about everything he'd learned in the past few days. He felt like he knew the four women as well as anyone, but he'd made all his decisions in the dark over the past year because of the lies they'd told him. He considered all the ways things might have been different if they'd included him from the beginning, and she referred to the "hell" it had been to keep quiet and deal with the police investigation and threats. Nick contemplated what would have happened if Phyllis had left the girls' night early or hadn't gone at all.

Nick realized that Nikki and Victoria wouldn't have had someone as fierce and tough as Phyllis to lead the charge. He said he couldn't fault Phyllis for what she'd done because he would have done the same thing if he'd been there, and he shuddered at the thought of what might have gone down if Phyllis hadn't done what she had. He thought the others would all be in prison if she hadn't been there, and his overwhelming feeling was of gratitude and love. Phyllis tearfully thanked him, and he professed his love to her. He admitted that he had regrets about the way they'd gotten together, but he didn't regret that they were together. They kissed.

Nick and Phyllis were making out on the couch when Summer walked in. "My virgin eyes!" Summer exclaimed, and her parents were startled by her sudden appearance. Phyllis confirmed that they were excited she was there, but she thought a call or a knock had been in order. Summer thought it would be cumbersome because she was moving in, and she thought Nick and Phyllis could compromise by being more discreet.

Nick wondered why Summer wouldn't just move back into her condo. She explained that she'd sublet it when she'd gone to Dubai, but Victor had decided to transfer her back to Genoa City. Summer recalled how her parents had always been talking about how much they missed her, and she assumed they were thrilled that she'd be staying there with them.

At her apartment, Mia looked at Arturo and Abby's engagement announcement on her phone and sarcastically gushed that they looked amazing together. She started to type a comment about Abby wanting a lapdog instead of a husband, and she speculated that Arturo had to be hard up for cash because a man like him deserved a real woman, not one obsessed with a mirror. A knock at the door interrupted her, and she opened the door and found Abby bearing flowers. "Surprise!" Abby cried.

Abby presented Mia with the flowers as a belated wedding gift and an apology for Arturo stealing Mia's thunder at the vow renewal ceremony. Abby rambled that she and Arturo hadn't even talked about getting engaged, and she imagined that he'd just been swept up in the moment. Abby understood why Mia had been upset, and Mia asked why Abby would think she had been. Abby recounted that Mia had had too much to drink at the party and had insulted her. Abby said her first reaction had been to tell Mia off, but she'd grown up with both sides of her family always feuding, and she didn't want to start their new family that way. Abby announced that she was there to make amends and start fresh.

Mia politely offered Abby some tea, and she thought it sounded like she owed Abby an apology. Mia confided that it had bothered her that Arturo had hijacked the ceremony, but she shouldn't have taken it out on Abby. Mia clucked that Arturo could be reckless and impulsive sometimes, and it was what made her appreciate Rey even more, since her husband considered other people's feelings. Abby covered her reaction by sipping her tea, and she choked out that Rey seemed like a wonderful guy who had to be very patient.

Abby figured that it was forgivable that Arturo had gotten caught up in the moment, since it was the first time he'd ever really been in love. Mia bristled, but she choked out a halfhearted apology for the mean things she'd said at the engagement party. Abby sweetly replied that sitting there had made her realize that she also had a lot to be sorry for, since she'd spent too much time feeling insecure and threatened by Mia's relationship with Arturo when what they'd had was ancient history. Abby added that her fiancé had obviously put it in the past, so she and Mia should, too.

Mia pulled out a stack of bridal magazines and suggested that she and Abby look for ideas for the wedding. Mia offered to do Abby's hair and makeup, but Abby countered that her own stylist would be crushed if she didn't use them. Mia insisted on showing Abby what she could do, and Abby reluctantly took her place in a chair. Abby plastered on a smile as Mia envisioned a side part in Abby's hair with rolling waves over one shoulder and decorative rosebuds. Abby realized that Mia was referring to her Naked Heiress days, and Mia told her to save the Lady Godiva thing for the honeymoon. Mia commented that Abby would be stunning with or without rosebuds, but she decided that Abby needed a trim.

As Abby perused photos of wedding gowns, Mia fantasized about cutting off a huge chunk of Abby's hair. Mia snickered, and Abby asked if everything was okay. Mia apologized for being distracted, and she declared that Abby's trim was all done. Abby prepared to leave, and she remarked that it had been important for them to make peace for their family's sake. After Abby left, Mia gazed at the scissors in her hand with a wicked smile.

Summer resorts to her old tricks

Summer resorts to her old tricks

Wednesday, January 30, 2019

by Nel

Kyle walked into Crimson Lights and saw Lola at a table, working on the inventory required for the new restaurant. Teasing, Kyle took a picture of Lola to prove she still existed. Ignoring the comment, Lola asked Kyle about his preference for certain foods. She apologized for missing Arturo's engagement party, but she'd been busy getting ready for the opening of the restaurant in three weeks. Kyle assured her that she'd get it done.

Kyle suggested that Lola needed to delegate some of the work. Lola said she couldn't rely on anyone, and she was determined to do it herself. Kyle advised her to trust the people who worked for her. Kyle wanted Lola to relax. He invited her for dinner, and he promised to keep her from her work for only ninety minutes. Lola agreed.

Summer arrived. She stopped to say hello to Kyle and Lola and proceeded to Fen's table. Lola asked if Kyle had known that Summer had returned. Kyle said he had, but he assured Lola that Summer would be returning to Dubai soon.

At a nearby table, Ana and Fen had been working on lyrics for a new song when Fen saw Summer enter the coffee shop. Summer and Fen hugged. Fen introduced her to Ana. He told Summer about Ana's role in his success. Summer convinced Fen to go out later that evening to celebrate his success. Annoyed, Ana reminded Fen that they needed to finish writing his song. Fen said he needed a night off because he needed to live his life and find his voice. Summer said she'd see Fen later, and she left.

Before leaving the coffee shop, Summer stopped at Kyle and Lola's table to say goodbye, and she hoped she hadn't crossed any lines. After Summer left, Lola wanted to know what lines Summer had been talking about. Kyle explained that Summer had invited him out for dinner, and he had declined out of respect for Lola. Kyle said that Summer was his ex for many reasons, one of which was her penchant for stirring up trouble. He said that Summer would try to stir up trouble with them, and they couldn't allow Summer to bait them.

Victoria and Katie arrived at the ranch, and Katie asked if she could go and play with her friend. She ran off after permission had been given. Victoria said that what she had to tell Victor wouldn't please him. She told Victor that she'd worked on PR to tell the world that Newman Enterprises was still strong, but she confessed that she'd messed up when she'd spoken to the reporter from the Wall Street Journal. She said the reporter had only wanted to talk about J.T. and the charges that Victor would face. She said she had lost it and done the complete opposite of what she'd intended to do.

Victor told Victoria to always look reporters in the eye and to stand up to them. He said he'd raised her to be a strong woman. Victor asked Victoria why she hadn't gone to him after everything that had happened with J.T. Victor said it had infuriated him when he'd discovered that J.T. had been hurting her. Victoria said that Victor had raised her to be strong, and she'd been ashamed that she'd become someone's victim. She said that she'd been reluctant to admit that she'd been in another failed relationship.

Victoria told Victor that when J.T. had attacked her in her bedroom, she had wondered what Johnny and Katie would do without their mother, but Nikki had rushed in and saved her. Victor asked why she and Nikki hadn't sought him out for help. Victoria reminded him that he'd been in the hospital after what J.T. had done to him. She said that the whole situation had taken a toll on all of them. Victor suggested that if Victoria had any concerns about anything or anyone, she needed to talk to him. Victoria promised she would. She and Victor embraced.

Victor admitted that he hadn't been the most approachable or supportive person, but Victoria was his firstborn and his namesake. He had wanted to make sure that she grew up tough and strong. He said he was very proud of her. Victoria said that she'd drawn from the lessons he'd taught her, and it had gotten her through many situations. She said she'd become the person she was because of him.

Victoria said that Victor would never know how much he'd done for her. They continued to discuss business. Victor assured Victoria that she'd do a great job filling in for him at Newman Enterprises, and he promised that he'd coach her when necessary. Victoria said it was time to leave, and she was going to find Katie.

Katie had been in the hallway, playing hide-and-seek with her friend. As part of the game, a shadow moved quickly as if someone had been looking for a place to hide.

Victoria and Victor searched for Katie. Victoria finally found Katie sitting on the couch. She asked where Katie had been. Victor entered and also questioned Katie about where she'd been.

Someone watched on a video spy cam as Victor and Victoria questioned Katie.

Kerry arrived at the Abbotts'. She informed Jack that she hadn't had much sleep. Jack said he hadn't either. Kerry told him that she wasn't completely ready to walk away from having children, but she definitely wasn't ready to walk away from Jack. Jack admitted that he didn't want to break up, either. Kerry confirmed that they didn't need to.

Kerry assured Jack that she wanted to freeze her eggs to give herself one of many options. Jack said it was a monumental decision, and he might not do it again. Kerry reminded Jack that she'd never said anything about her and Jack having a child together. She clarified that it was in her future, not hers and Jack's.

Jack asked if Kerry didn't see a future for them. Kerry said she didn't want Jack to get ahead of himself. She said that if and when she chose to have a child, it would be up to her, but that wasn't an issue because she and Jack had a good thing going. Jack agreed that he envisioned the same thing, but he wanted to make certain there were no false assumptions. Kerry said she saw their lives going in many different directions, such as heading up an international division at Jabot or owning a B & B in Tuscany, but no matter what they chose, she saw a future for them. Jack added that everything was a possibility -- with a little one in tow.

Jack told Kerry that he'd lived a very full and wonderful life. Parenting had been the best thing he'd ever done, filled with unconditional love and challenges, and it had taught him a lot. It had made him a better person. He didn't want to rob Kerry of that experience. Kerry said she was unsure if that was something she wanted, and it was only an option. She said that life was very unpredictable, and it never had any guarantees. She didn't want to give up happiness with Jack for some unknown future. She said that Jack might change his mind, but Jack said that he couldn't promise her that. Disheartened, Kerry left.

Ana stormed into Devon's penthouse and slammed the door. She slammed her purse and book down onto the table. Devon wanted her to tell him what was bothering her before she wrecked the rest of his furniture. Ana complained that Fen was easily distracted. He had disrespected her, himself, his work, and Devon. She claimed that Fen had had a little taste of success and felt he'd never have to work again. Fen thought he could go to clubs and pop bottles with troublemaker Barbie. Ana said that Fen acted like he was Drake, minus the five platinum albums.

Ana apologized and said she shouldn't have vented to Devon, but Devon said she absolutely should have. He said he trusted her instincts, and if she didn't feel that Fen was one hundred percent committed, Devon didn't want Fen on his label. He said if Ana gave him the word, he'd let Fen go. Ana said that Fen had a great voice, and he had a real presence. She said there was something about him that made people stop and listen. She was confident he would get past the distractions. Devon offered to talk to Fen, but Ana said she would handle Fen herself.

Devon told Ana that she was the real talent. He encouraged her to keep writing. He said he had a plan as a wake-up call for Fen. He suggested that Ana start recording her own music. Devon said that Ana needed to sing again and that she was the whole package. Devon admitted that he had eavesdropped when she'd been sitting at the piano, singing, the previous evening, and he apologized for doing so. He stated that the lyrics had brought out feelings that he hadn't known he had in him anymore. She'd sung with a great deal of soul and feeling. It had been incredible.

Ana was unsure, but Devon said he wanted to record her. Ana said that Devon's confidence in her meant "so much" to her, but she didn't want to be in the spotlight. Devon disagreed and said that was where she belonged. Angry, Ana spat that the song was hers, and no one would ever hear it. She walked away.

Kyle and Lola arrived at the Athletic Club. Kyle said that he'd called ahead, and he had reserved a special table for them. Lola immediately began to talk about what the restaurant would require, but Kyle interrupted and stated that when people who were in love were on a dinner date, they usually wanted to enjoy each other over a long and leisurely meal. Lola agreed while she studied a napkin. Kyle asked her if the glass was okay. Lola said the stem wasn't right and then apologized. She said that any other guy would have left her at that point. Kyle reminded her that he wasn't just any guy. Suddenly, they heard loud laughter. They turned and saw that Fen and Summer had arrived. Kyle offered to take Lola elsewhere, but she declined.

At the bar, Fen stared at Summer. He said he'd never thought that Summer would go on an actual date with him. Summer said that Fen had gone from a morose loner to a hot pop star. Fen agreed that the singing thing had been mind-blowing. Fen recalled his and Summer's first kiss when they'd been in high school. He said that at the time, he'd wanted nothing more than to be with her. Summer asked if he wanted a redo of the kiss. When Fen agreed, Summer and Fen kissed.

Kyle and Lola had been watching Fen and Summer. Lola said that Fen and Summer had skipped dinner and were having each other for dessert. Kyle commented that Summer and Fen looked like two "octopuses" wrestling.

At the bar, Fen and Summer decided to leave the Athletic Club and have some fun elsewhere. Fen suggested a club -- or they could go upstairs and have their own party. Summer chose the club and added that they should say hello to the old couple, Kyle and Lola, before they left. Summer asked Kyle and Lola about their dinner. Kyle replied that he'd noticed that Fen and Summer's dinner had been liquid.

Summer snobbishly claimed that it was what young people did -- they went out and had fun. Kyle asked if it was Summer's last hoorah before returning to Dubai. Sarcastically, he said he'd hate to see her go. Summer advised him there had been a change in her plans. She informed Kyle that she was staying in Genoa City permanently, and she and Fen left.

Lola thanked Kyle for dinner. Kyle wanted her to relax, but Lola said that relaxing wasn't her forte. She said she could envision herself on a balcony, holding a pomegranate mojito and looking down at a dining room packed with people eating and enjoying themselves and pleased that it had been her creation. Kyle asked if she saw herself in that dining room, because if she did nothing but work, she would miss out on a lot. Lola thought about that for a moment. She called the server over and requested a pomegranate mojito. Kyle smiled.

Lola told Kyle that there was one perk she was looking forward to as head chef of the restaurant. She said that if Summer popped into the restaurant to cause trouble, she would have her thrown out. Kyle laughed and said that all of Lola's hard work had been totally worth it.

Kyle told Lola that he'd had a great time. Lola agreed and thanked him for listening to her ramble on about her hopes and dreams. Kyle said that he'd found them inspiring. Lola didn't understand what she had done to deserve him. She and Kyle kissed. Kyle looked at his watch and teasingly pointed out that they'd blown their deadline, but Lola smiled and stated she was off the clock.

Summer and Fen were back at the bar. Summer claimed that she had quite the headache from too many drinks and no dinner. Fen noticed that Summer had looked back at Kyle. With regret, Fen said that some things never changed. Summer asked what he was talking about. Fen stated that Summer wasn't the queen of subtlety.

Summer denied there was anything between her and Kyle and admitted she'd had a good time with Fen. Fen said that Summer was still that girl he'd wanted in high school, but he wasn't the same guy. He turned to leave. Summer asked where he was going. Fen responded that he was going home. He told her to feel free to call him when she had stopped playing games. He left, and Summer stood alone.

In the Jabot reception area, Kerry paced. She was upset about her exchange with Jack. While sitting on the couch, deep in thought, she was surprised to look up and see Jack. Jack said he hadn't liked the way they'd left things, but he was at a loss about where to go from that point. Kerry said she would normally use logic to solve her issues, but that didn't apply to their situation. Jack claimed that the only sensible thing to do would be to walk away, but he couldn't do that.

Jack said that Kerry had been right because the only life they were guaranteed was the one they were living at that moment. He'd had enough loss in his life to know that it was true. He thought Kerry had been correct, and they needed to live in the "now" and see where their relationship would take them. Jack said he wanted to give their relationship the chance it deserved. Kerry said she was on board one hundred percent. Kerry leaned into Jack, and they kissed.

Katie goes missing on Nikki's watch

Katie goes missing on Nikki's watch

Thursday, January 31, 2019

Victoria found Billy in her living room and testily asked how he'd gotten in, since he knew not to randomly use his key. He reported that he'd seen Hannah on her way out, and he'd told her that Victoria wouldn't mind. Victoria snapped that she did, and he pointed out that the kids had the day off from school. She informed him that the children weren't there, and she directed him to the front door. Billy wanted to talk, but Victoria reminded him that he'd already told her that she was incapable of having feelings for anyone, so they didn't have anything else to say.

Billy admitted that he'd been out of line, and Victoria scolded that there was no way to justify the mean and hurtful things he'd said. He swore that it wasn't how he felt, and he thought they'd been getting to a good place before Phyllis had blown things up. Victoria coolly noted that Phyllis had simply told the truth, but Billy insisted that he'd never looked at Victoria as second-best or used her to make Phyllis jealous. Victoria maintained that he thought she was a "cold, heartless bitch." He reiterated that he didn't, but it bothered him that she actually believed what he'd said was true.

Victoria became increasingly irritated when Billy wouldn't leave. She argued that she had to get to work, but he pleaded that they were worth five minutes of her time. He reiterated that what he'd said had been stupid, thoughtless, and untrue, and he wanted her to believe that. Victoria recognized that Billy would always be part of her life as her children's father, but she couldn't pretend that he hadn't tried to get back together with Phyllis. Billy contended that he was there because of Phyllis, since she'd made him realize that it would be a mistake not to be there.

Victoria scowled at the thought of Billy discussing her with Phyllis. He revealed that Phyllis had reminded him of everything Victoria had been through, and he knew that Victoria needed him to take a step back. He continued that Phyllis had made him realize that he could either think about himself or put Victoria first, and he wanted to try to earn Victoria's trust and love because he thought she was worth it. Billy insisted that Victoria just had to tell him what she wanted, and she replied that she wanted to make the right decision about a man for once.

Victoria handed Billy his coat, but he protested that showing him the door wasn't the right decision. She countered that he didn't get to make decisions for her, and she wanted him to go. She requested time to deal with the difficulties she'd been through, but he suspected that she'd just make up another excuse about why they couldn't be together, since J.T. and Phyllis were just excuses she used to keep herself from being happy. Victoria stated that she didn't need Billy in order to be happy, and she declared that they were done.

At home, Nick asked if Phyllis had a busy day ahead, and she anticipated back-to-back meetings and a photo shoot. Nick planned to check on his parents before he headed to Dark Horse, and she reminded him where he'd left his keys. They headed into the living room, and he said that he'd forgotten to tell her how glad he was that they'd gotten past their issues. They kissed, but Summer protested that she was trying to eat. Nick voiced surprise that Summer wasn't at Newman, and she indicated that she had a meeting with Victoria that afternoon. Summer added that she hadn't slept much, since she'd been working through jet lag and whiplash from her parents' relationship status.

Summer assured Nick and Phyllis that she wasn't hoping they'd be a family again; she was just curious about whether it was a casual thing or something more. Phyllis replied that she didn't know what the future held, but it wasn't a casual hookup. Nick added that it felt right for then, and Phyllis said they loved one another. Summer was happy for them, but she couldn't help wondering if they were keeping things casual because they knew they were both rebounding. Nick and Phyllis vehemently denied it, and he stated that they just needed time to chill without putting a label on their relationship. Summer thought it was fine for two single adults to do whatever they wanted, and she was more concerned about her grandfather going to prison.

Nick stressed that it was his number-one priority to find out who was framing Victor, and he vowed to clear his father's name and put an end to the rumors about J.T. Summer inquired whether her parents had any idea who'd killed J.T., and they covered their discomfort. Summer sympathized with what Victoria was going through, and she questioned who wouldn't want to kill a guy like that. Phyllis pushed to talk about something else, and Summer remarked that J.T. was the poster boy for why she was single.

Nick assured his daughter that not every guy out there was a jerk, and Summer figured that it was just the men she chose. Phyllis hoped Summer had learned from her mistakes, and she advised Summer not to hold back out of fear, or she'd have no chance of meeting someone great. Summer promised that she wouldn't let what had happened to Victoria stop her from putting herself out there, and she sauntered off. Phyllis lamented that she had to lie to her daughter about covering up a murder.

Kyle arrived at Jabot as he spoke with someone over the phone about the Cubs' odds of winning the pennant. As he hung up, Lauren reminded him that it was a place of business, so he was there to work, not make personal calls. Kyle explained that his college buddy had landed a gig as a buyer for a chain of beauty stores, and his friend wanted to discuss shelf space with Phyllis. Lauren clucked that she'd thought Kyle's top priority was Fenmore's photo shoot, and Kyle announced that it was good to go. Lauren hoped he'd lined up sizzling hot guys, and Kyle assured her that he had spent weeks finding the right models because he knew how much was riding on it for Fenmore's and Jabot. Lauren reiterated that he had to deliver, and she walked away.

Kyle received a text message and learned that the models were stuck in New York due to the weather. He frantically made calls to try to find new models. Lauren overheard and hoped there wasn't a problem with the photo shoot, and he claimed that he was working on other things. She dryly guessed that he was trying to replace the models who had just canceled, and he realized that it had been a group text message. Kyle admitted that his first thought had been to postpone, but they had too many deadlines in place, so the shoot had to happen that day. He made another call and requested the name and number of every modeling agency within 100 miles.

At Crimson Lights, Ana grappled with thinking of another syllable in her lyrics. She requested Fen's input, but he couldn't take his eyes off his phone. She ordered him to put it down and focus on what they were doing, but he marveled that a buddy from school had just blown up his phone because Fen had gone from constitutional law to pop star in one semester. Ana lectured that one song didn't make Fen a star and that it would take determination and dedication. She reminded him that they were supposed to be working on their next song, and she grabbed his phone away.

At the counter, Kyle desperately made calls to try to find two male models who were right for the job. He spotted Ana and Fen on the patio, and he approached them and asked Ana who was in charge of Lily's modeling agency while Lily was away. Ana informed him that Devon had mothballed the modeling division, and Kyle bemoaned that he was under a lot of pressure to find models for a shoot that day. Fen feigned sympathy that Kyle had it rough, living in the Abbott mansion, driving a sports car, and drawing a huge salary. Fen imagined that Kyle's love life sucked, and Kyle retorted that at least he had one.

Fen bet that Kyle's night couldn't have compared to his and Summer's, since they'd gotten "totally lit." Fen bragged that he was working on his next hit song, but Ana was clearly disgruntled with Fen's lack of effort. Kyle taunted that singing was the only thing Fen had going, but Fen claimed that he had Summer. Kyle warned that Fen was crazy if he thought it would last, since Summer would soon realize what a jerk Fen was. An annoyed Ana asked if they were done, and Kyle wished her luck working with Fen. Kyle walked away, and Fen observed that Kyle was still totally into Summer. Ana only saw how little they were getting done.

Fen presented Ana with a bridge for the song she'd been working on, and she griped that she'd already shown him the bridge she'd finished an hour earlier. He admitted that he'd forgotten about it, and she complained that he wasn't taking it seriously. Fen recognized that Ana was really dedicated, but he figured that there wouldn't be enough real experience to write about if they spent all their time thinking of lyrics. She asserted that she had plenty of experience, and she was offering way more than he was. His phone rang, and she snapped that she might as well do it on her own. Ana stormed off, and Fen answered the call. "You want me to do what?" he incredulously asked.

At Jabot, Phyllis told Kyle that she was heading to the photo shoot, and he said he was working out some last-minute details. Phyllis reminded him that she'd given him an opportunity to prove himself, and she warned him not to mess it up. Lauren joined them and announced that she'd solved the model problem, and Kyle swore that he was working on replacing them. Lauren proclaimed that she'd found a perfect replacement, so Kyle only had to find one more. Phyllis pointed out that Kyle had 30 minutes to do it, and Lauren mentioned that she'd shown the other guy to wardrobe. Kyle remarked that he couldn't wait to meet him. "You say that now," Lauren muttered knowingly.

Kyle's phone pinged, and his face fell when he learned the model he'd wanted was unavailable. Kyle suggested that they go solely with the guy Lauren had found, but she contended that her model was wonderful but inexperienced. Phyllis argued that the concept was for two men, so they couldn't just go with one novice. Fen walked in, and Lauren told Phyllis and Kyle to meet their new model. Fen explained that his mom had asked him to do her a favor and that it was a good way to promote his recording career.

An appalled Kyle asked if they were serious, and Phyllis grumbled that he should be thanking Lauren for doing Kyle's job. Lauren urged Kyle to concentrate on getting another model, and he volunteered to do it himself. Fen skeptically inquired whether Kyle thought he could compete with Fen, and Kyle replied that there would be no contest. Phyllis considered it a great idea, since Kyle had killed it when he'd promoted Birthday Suit. The young men bantered, and Phyllis mused to Lauren that the results should be amazing with both guys determined to prove who was the alpha male.

Kyle and Fen preened for the camera, and the photographer told them to show her some skin. Phyllis marveled that it was totally perfect, and the men traded barbs. The photographer wrapped up the shoot and offered to send proofs in the morning. Fen asked what a gig like that paid, but Kyle recalled that Fen had supposedly done it as a favor. Phyllis agreed to pay Fen what the regular models would have made, and Fen said he could use the money until his royalty payments started rolling in. Lauren imagined that the publicity would drive downloads of his song, and Phyllis expected it to be a win-win for everybody. Phyllis announced her intent to use the shots that featured Fen, and Kyle steamed.

Summer ran into Kyle in the Jabot corridor, and she jokingly suggested that he frisk her to make sure she wasn't stealing anything. He mentioned that Fen had just been there, so perhaps Fen could do it. Kyle wondered how the rest of their date had gone, and Summer asked if there was anything in particular he wanted to know. She teased that he was afraid of what he might hear, but he replied that what she did was her business. Summer speculated that Kyle had settled into a boring relationship and that he was jealous because she was having fun, living the single life.

Kyle relayed that Fen had implied that he and Summer were a couple, and Kyle didn't want to see her get hurt. Summer asserted that she was a big girl who could handle herself, and Kyle recounted that she'd said the same thing about Billy. Phyllis stepped off the elevator, and Summer mentioned that she'd dropped off some papers for her mother. Phyllis divulged that Kyle had just stepped in to model, and Summer bet the shoot had been hot. Phyllis confirmed that it had been smoldering, and Summer purred, "No surprises there."

At the Newman ranch, Katie asked if Nikki wanted to meet her new friend, but Nikki was distracted by an online article about Victor's arrest. Nikki flashed back to whacking J.T. with the fireplace poker and burying his body. "Stop!" Nikki cried out, and Katie worriedly asked if her grandmother was okay. Nikki apologized for scaring Katie, and she claimed that she'd been talking to her tablet. Katie equated it to Johnny yelling at his video games, and Nikki suggested that they get hot chocolate and cookies in the kitchen before going to feed the horses. Someone watched them on the hidden surveillance camera.

Nick arrived at the ranch and offered to give Nikki a breather with watching Katie, but Nikki refused to miss out on spending time with her granddaughter. Nikki gushed that Katie loved "working" in Victor's office, just like Victoria had. Nick hoped the pressure Victor had placed on Victoria skipped a generation, and he pressed to know how Nikki was doing. Nikki rambled about how Katie had been a good distraction, but Nick noted that she was avoiding his question. Nikki confided that she couldn't stop thinking about J.T., and Nick voiced concern that the stress wasn't good for her.

Nikki wailed that whenever she turned on her computer or read a newspaper, she saw an article about how many years Victor would spend in prison for murder, yet he was acting as if nothing had changed. Nikki knew that Victor was worried, too, and Nick assured her that his dad would be okay. Nikki fretted that Christine would hammer away in court until she convicted Victor for a crime Nikki had committed, and she questioned how she could let that happen.

Nick assured Nikki that it was just another chess game for Victor, but Nikki countered that even the best lost occasionally. Nick was opposed to her confessing, but Nikki anticipated that Michael could spin the story of her protecting her daughter from an abuser. Nick contemplated what would happen when Christine wanted to know why they hadn't called the police or why they'd lied for months, and he thought it was best if they just stayed calm. Nikki fretted that Victor could be convicted, and she couldn't bear the thought of him going to prison. Nikki recognized that she could protect Victor with one phone call, but Nick asked her to promise that she wouldn't make it.

Nick argued that all the women would face charges if Nikki stepped forward, since the police would keep digging until they got all the answers. He refused to let the people he loved the most go to prison for killing a dirtbag, and she agreed not to go to the cops. Nick again broached the subject of her stress level, and she swore that she hadn't been drinking. He observed that she seemed tired, but she credited Victor with making sure she followed a proper diet and exercise regimen. Nick commented that they'd gone too far to give up, and he was sure they'd get through it.

Katie entered and greeted her uncle, and she chirped that she'd been playing hide-and-seek with her friend. Nick told Nikki to get some rest, and he headed out. Nikki asked Katie to play for a little while, and they'd go for a walk later. Nikki yawned, covered herself in a blanket, and sprawled out on the couch. Someone hovered close by.

A shadow passed by a sleeping Nikki, who awakened when a teacup shattered on the floor. She looked around and called out for Katie, and she panicked when the girl didn't respond.

Katie's family frantically searches for her

Katie's family frantically searches for her

Friday, February 1, 2019

Mia entered the Crimson Lights patio and spotted Arturo inside the coffeehouse. He wordlessly passed by her, and she clucked that his mother had raised him to have better manners. He coldly said hello, and she voiced surprise that he hadn't turned and run. He snapped that he was still thinking about it. Mia acknowledged that she'd gotten tipsy at his engagement party, but Arturo flatly stated that she'd gotten drunk and insulted his future wife. Mia told him that she'd apologized, but Arturo countered that it had only been because Abby had made an effort.

Arturo barked that everyone knew how Mia felt about his engagement and his fiancée, but he refused to let her ruin things for him. He started to head out, but she pleaded with him not to go because there were things she had to say. They retreated to a booth, and she admitted that she didn't like being jealous that he'd proposed to Abby, but it wasn't because she wanted him for herself. Mia insisted that she and Rey were happy, but she liked to be the center of attention. She confided that it had been difficult to have a front-row seat to watch Arturo tell someone else that they were the love of his life, especially when he'd claimed that he'd never get married. Mia realized that it ultimately meant he'd never believed in them.

Mia promised to behave herself from that moment forward, since they were all going to be family. Arturo wanted to believe her, but he didn't think it would be that simple with their history. Mia was sure that they could figure it out, but she needed to know that she and Arturo were okay. She wanted to believe that when she got close to someone, the connection would last forever, although maybe not in the same way. She hoped he would always be her friend, and he suspected that friends might not be the right word for it, but he was sure they would be friends of some sort. Mia suddenly said she had to go see a client, and Arturo praised her for making things happen for herself. She struggled with her emotions as she walked out.

Later, Arturo was surprised to run into Rey outside the coffeehouse, and Rey revealed that he was there to spend time with Mia. Arturo mentioned that she'd stepped out to meet a client, and Rey invited him to grab a beer to talk about Arturo's engagement. Upstairs in Rey's apartment, Rey observed that Arturo had stopped wearing ripped jeans, and he thanked God that Abby had changed his brother's style sense. Arturo noted that he'd changed a lot being with her, and he guessed that Rey thought Arturo didn't deserve her. Rey pointed out that she was from two brand-name families who led different lives from theirs.

Arturo recalled that he'd been around both sides of Abby's family enough for them to know he was good enough for their girl. Arturo mentioned that Victor had handed him a prenup, and he'd agreed to it because he loved Abby. Rey warned that things could get complicated when Victor's case went to trial, but Arturo countered that the Newmans thought there wouldn't be a trial because Victor was innocent. Rey wondered if Arturo was ready for a lifetime of Abbott-Newman drama, and Arturo confidently stated that he and Abby would handle it together.

Arturo thanked Rey for the beer, and he suggested that they get together with Lola at his place the next time. Arturo marveled that the three of them had careers and relationships, and Rey joked that they were actually adults.

Lola arrived at the Abbott mansion with apologies. She rambled about things being crazy at her popup stand and the exhaust system being busted at the restaurant, and Kyle hoped she had time then. He told her to close her eyes, and he led her across the room. She asked if he was going to run her into a wall, and he joked that slapstick was underrated. Kyle turned on some music and instructed Lola to open her eyes, and she discovered a spread of sushi. She incredulously asked if he'd done all that for lunch, and he replied that he'd done it for them.

Kyle and Lola sipped sake, and she asked if people really drank it for lunch. He reasoned that they qualified as people, but she thought it seemed like a lot. He worried that the lunch was too grand a gesture, like the purse. Lola considered it sweet, and Kyle explained that she'd deserved a break. Lola questioned whether the lunch had anything to do with Summer being back in town for good, since she couldn't tell if Kyle was trying to convince her that they were good or if he was trying to convince himself that Summer couldn't get to him.

Kyle assured Lola that he was just showing her how he felt, and he didn't know how to show her that she was special without doing something special. He recognized that Summer was a wrecking ball, and he'd build a moat around them if he could because he and Lola were in such a good place. Lola pointed out that they weren't having sex, and Summer could give him what Lola couldn't. Kyle maintained that he didn't want Summer -- he wanted Lola. Lola imagined that he had to be asking himself if she'd ever be ready, and she had to wonder if he was much more frustrated than he wanted to admit.

Kyle admitted that he thought about sex a lot, but Lola had already given him more than he'd ever gotten from anyone else, since he'd never been madly in love before. Kyle acknowledged that maybe he'd tried too hard with the sake and sushi, but it was as new for him as it was for her. She worried that he was tired of waiting, but he maintained that he was fine going at her speed because he loved her, and nothing would change that. They embraced.

Kyle and Lola cuddled on the couch, and he offered her more sake. She declined the sake but accepted more tea, and he asked if she was good on time. She thought she could stay a while longer, and he cooed that he would do anything to impress her. She insisted that he had, and they agreed that they were glad they'd talked.

At Jabot, Billy entered Phyllis' office and wondered if Phyllis had time to go over the report he'd sent her. She informed him that she had to prepare for a presentation, but she had a few minutes. She advised him that Summer was back for good, and she warned that she would burn him to the ground if he made trouble for her kid. Billy swore that it wouldn't be a problem, since he wasn't happy with how things had gone down, and he was sure he and Summer could manage to avoid one another.

Phyllis realized that Billy was supposed to be working from home that day to watch the kids, and Billy grumbled that Victoria had made other plans without letting him know. Billy suspected that it had been a statement rather than an oversight, since Victoria was shutting him out, and he didn't know how to stop her. Phyllis suggested that he just leave Victoria alone. Billy complained that Phyllis had changed her advice from telling him to handle Victoria with kid gloves to telling him to give up and walk away. Phyllis figured that he had to decide how hard he was willing to work to get through to Victoria.

Billy groaned that he'd been trying to be honest and accepting by going at Victoria's speed, but things had ground to a halt and been thrown in reverse. Phyllis chided him for thinking that simply trying was the price of entry to get him everything he wanted, but Victoria got her own vote. Billy was miffed by the lack of support. Phyllis pointed out that it was her office, yet he saw her not as the Jabot CEO but as a frenemy who could lend an ear. She figured that would be cool elsewhere, but inside those walls, she wasn't his buddy, ex, or therapist but his boss, and she needed him to remember that.

Billy conceded that Phyllis was right, since the focus should be and was on Jabot. He figured that she wanted to hear about Victoria as much as he wanted to hear about Nick, and Phyllis thought it would be healthier if some topics stayed off the table. He suggested that they stay in their own lanes, and she thought it sounded doable. She requested his help with her upcoming presentation if they could work together without ripping into one another, and he echoed that it sounded doable.

Mia knocked on Phyllis' office door and asked if she was early. Phyllis said she and Billy were just finishing up, and Mia began to set up her makeup supplies to make Phyllis look fabulous for her presentation. Phyllis remarked that she'd heard congratulations were in order, and Mia seemed taken aback. Phyllis referred to Mia and Rey renewing their vows, and Mia thanked her. Phyllis imagined that it had been quite a night with Abby and Arturo also getting engaged, and Mia covered her hurt by stammering that Devon had wanted everything to be perfect for the ceremony. Billy mused that it was rare because not everyone got a second chance, and he warned Mia not to take it for granted, since that was the kiss of death.

After Billy left, Phyllis tended to work on her tablet as Mia fussed over Phyllis' makeup. Mia gushed that she loved when her clients felt pampered, like nothing else mattered when she helped them look their very best. Phyllis sensed that Mia wanted her to put the tablet down, and she asked if Mia always got what she wanted. Mia wistfully replied that she once had, and Phyllis offered to listen. Mia groused that people always made assumptions about strong, independent women, like they didn't need support or friends. Phyllis thought they had a lot in common.

Phyllis stressed that it was a private conversation between them, and she couldn't judge. Mia admitted that it was relationship stuff, and Phyllis pointed out that Mia had just renewed her vows. Mia said it had been wonderful and romantic, but Phyllis understood that the way things looked weren't always how they were. Mia insisted that she and Rey were happy, but Phyllis guessed that they weren't as happy as Mia wished they were. Phyllis recalled the bomb Mia had dropped at the Jaboutique launch about her affair with Arturo, and he had just proposed to Abby. Phyllis wondered if Mia's funk had anything to do with him, and Mia replied, "Only everything."

Mia wiped away tears and apologized because Phyllis had hired her for a job. Phyllis prompted her to keep talking, and Mia praised Rey for being the best thing to ever happen to her. Mia recalled that he'd forgiven her after she'd broken his heart, and he'd taken her back even though she'd been selfish and stupid. Mia never wanted to hurt him again, and Phyllis thought Mia might because she wanted someone else. Mia explained that the way she felt about Arturo was a part of who she was, and she questioned how she could cut someone out of her heart who she'd loved her whole life.

Mia thought she shouldn't care about Arturo's engagement because he was entitled to his own life with whoever he chose, but she wondered how he could love Abby enough to marry her after he'd loved Mia. Mia complained that a woman like that wouldn't make him happy, and she didn't know how to stop thinking about it. Phyllis asked if Mia wanted advice, and Mia pleaded for it. Phyllis implored her not to cause trouble for Abby and Arturo because, despite the spark of satisfaction it would give Mia, he would resent it. Phyllis cautioned that Abby was from two families who were used to getting everything they wanted, so Abby had dual armies behind her.

Mia bemoaned that Abby had everything, including Arturo. Phyllis argued that Mia had a man who loved her and a business she'd created on her own, and Mia had earned everything she had through hard work. Phyllis warned her to be "damn careful" of what she wanted, since Phyllis was sure that Mia could get Arturo back if she wanted him, but it would burn up everything Mia had earned. Phyllis suggested that Mia put her energy into her career and marriage and tell herself every day that she was over Arturo, and one day it would be true. Mia whimpered that she really did love Rey, and Phyllis urged her to take it from there. The women hugged.

At the Newman ranch, Nikki frantically searched for Katie. Victor asked what was wrong, and Nikki recounted that she'd been sleeping on the couch when she'd heard a cup fall off the table, but Katie hadn't been there. Nikki theorized that maybe Katie had done it and had been worried that Nikki would be upset. Victor realized that Nikki didn't really believe that had happened, and Nikki pointed out that someone had been sneaking around in the house before. Victor called security and put the entire premises on lockdown, and he instructed his team to find his granddaughter and "whoever the hell" had been responsible for her going missing.

Victor told his security team to search as many times as it took, and Nikki fretted that she'd been through all the rooms in the house. Victoria rushed in and asked if they'd found Katie yet, since Nikki had sounded worried on the phone. Nikki shared that she thought someone might be in the house, and Victoria freaked out that Katie might have been kidnapped. Victor calmly urged them not to speculate, but Victoria sternly called out to demand that Katie join them. Victor assured her that the entire staff was looking, and he didn't want to call the police unless they found a trespasser. Victoria worried that it wasn't like Katie to wander off like that, and she continued searching.

Later, Nick arrived and inquired whether there was any word on Katie. Nikki informed him that there had been nothing yet and that Victor and Victoria were looking in the house while the guards patrolled every square foot of the grounds. Nikki requested that Nick review the security footage from the property, since she couldn't shake the feeling that someone had gotten past security. Nikki wailed that she'd been sleeping when Katie had been her responsibility. Nick was sure that they'd find Katie in a house full of security and staff, and he sat down to watch the footage.

Victoria reported that she'd checked everywhere, and she was convinced that someone had gotten in again. Nick indicated that there was no sign of anyone entering or leaving the property on the security footage. Victor guessed that it had been the same person who'd planted the evidence, since they might know their way around the surveillance cameras and the guards' schedule. Nikki theorized that the person hadn't been happy only torturing her, so they'd taken Katie. Nick recalled that Faith had liked to hide at that age all the time, and he encouraged them not to assume the worst. Victoria called Billy, who coldly noted that he'd thought she wasn't talking to him. She begged him to get over to the ranch right away because Katie was missing. Billy raced out.

Billy burst into the ranch and griped that the Newmans had had time to search the whole house but not call him. Victoria explained that they'd thought Katie was playing hide-and-seek, and Billy ranted that he was supposed to have spent the day with his daughter, yet she'd gone missing. He demanded to know if someone was on the property or not, and Nick figured that Katie could have just wandered off. Billy recalled that he'd had a daughter wander off, and he'd ended up putting flowers on her grave. "I cannot lose Katie like I lost Delia. Do you understand me?" Billy cried. Victoria threw her arms around him.

Billy asked "why the hell" the Newmans hadn't contacted the police, and Nikki defended that she hadn't actually seen anyone. Billy barked that someone had burned down the stables, so it was possible to get on the property without being noticed. Nikki pointed out that Katie knew the guards, but Billy refused to wait around for the "Newman rent-a-cops" to find his daughter. Billy started to make a call, but Victor ordered him to put the phone down.

Victoria told Billy that she was scared, too. He insisted that they needed a SWAT team, but Victoria argued that it would terrify Katie. She offered to talk to security, but he accused her of being like her father by not allowing outsiders in. Billy contended that if someone had gotten onto the property, they could get off it with Katie. Victoria shushed him when she heard a sound, and they listened carefully. They heard Katie singing from inside the walls.

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