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Kyle found an unconscious Lola in the Abbott pool, but she remained in a coma. Rey and Arturo refused to let Kyle see Lola. Summer professed her love to Kyle. Phyllis negotiated an immunity deal with Christine. Nikki, Victoria, and Sharon were denied bail.
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Phyllis prepared to testify against Nikki, Victoria, and Sharon
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Phyllis is ready to talk, but she has conditions

Phyllis is ready to talk, but she has conditions

Monday, February 18, 2019

At the Abbott mansion, Kyle rescued an unconscious Lola from the pool. Kyle phoned for emergency assistance as he unbuttoned the hooded coat, borrowed from Abby, that Lola had been wearing when she'd been attacked earlier by someone wearing black boots. Kyle covered her with his own coat as he pleaded with Lola to "stay with me." Nearby, an opal earring lay atop the snow-covered pool surround. Kyle felt Lola's neck and detected a faint pulse as he did all he could to save her.

At the hospital, Kyle was waiting for word about Lola's condition when Arturo arrived. Nate stepped out and told Kyle and Arturo that Lola was still unconscious. Nate explained that Lola had hit her head before falling into the pool. Kyle said he didn't know how long Lola had been in the water before he'd discovered her, noting that she'd never regained consciousness. Arturo was still fuming about Kyle's possible involvement.

After Nate walked away, Kyle assured Arturo that Lola would be all right. In a threatening tone, Arturo replied, "Yeah, she'd better be." Abby arrived and learned from Arturo that Rey hadn't yet been notified about Lola. Abby greeted Kyle and told him and Arturo that police were at the house, gathering evidence around the pool. Arturo asked why. Abby explained that the unusual circumstances had triggered an investigation, and she noted that police had discovered Lola's smashed cell phone beside the pool.

Detective North arrived, and Abby introduced him to Arturo and Kyle. Detective North took Kyle aside to answer questions. Arturo became distraught and asked who'd want to target Lola. After Kyle returned, Arturo asked why Lola had stopped by his house, implying that Kyle had been more involved than he was willing to admit. After a tense exchanged, Kyle, nose-to-nose with Arturo, said, "Go to hell."

Kyle explained to Arturo and Abby that police had found three sets of footprints in the snow. Kyle said the other set of prints belonged to someone other than himself and Lola. Arturo calmed down and concluded that Kyle was only guilty of breaking Lola's heart. Abby suggested she and Arturo leave the hospital to search for Rey because he wasn't reachable by phone. After Abby and Arturo left, Mariah phoned Kyle and told him she'd spoken to Lola prior to the incident.

Nate assessed Lola's condition while Kyle watched through a window. Nate stepped out and told Kyle that Lola had sustained a serious blow to her head before she'd fallen into the water. Nate explained that, though Lola's brain was functioning, he remained concerned that she hadn't yet regained consciousness. Kyle asked if he could visit, and Nate said he could. Kyle watched Lola through the window a minute more before composing himself and entering her room.

Kyle sat by Lola's bed and held her hand. Kyle assured Lola that she was in good hands. Kyle told Lola that her brothers were on their way and should arrive at any time. Fighting back tears, Kyle pleaded with Lola to use her strength and energy to get better. Though Lola couldn't respond, Kyle said he'd learned from Mariah that Lola had stopped by the Abbott home to talk to him because she, too, hadn't wanted to end their relationship. Kyle told Lola he loved her and was happy she'd decided to give him another chance.

Mia, appearing distressed, returned home and slammed her door closed. Mia removed her coat, pulled off a pair of black gloves, and took a deep breath. When Mia smoothed back her hair, she discovered that one of her opal earrings was missing. She took off the remaining earring and held it in her quivering hand. Mia tried unsuccessfully to phone Rey and left a message stating that she'd hoped he might have decided to show up for their Valentine's Day date.

At the police station, a staff photographer snapped booking photos of Phyllis, Victoria, and Sharon. Rey watched through a glass partition as the camera flashes illuminated Sharon's face and intensified the appearance of mascara stains under her eyes. Sharon looked stunned and broken. Rey appeared torn as he watched Sharon's reaction. Rey was determined to carry out his mission.

In a visitation room, Michael grimaced as he waited for a guard to escort Nikki inside. Nikki was devastated when Michael told her that police had arrested Victoria in connection with J.T.'s murder. Nikki was further distressed when Michael noted that Victor had threatened to violate the terms of his house arrest by storming into the police station to help Victoria. Frustrated, Michael asked Nikki if there was anything she should tell him before a detective questioned Victoria. Nikki insisted she didn't know why the police had arrested Victoria. Nikki added that she was counting on Michael to ensure that Victoria would not be implicated.

Rey interrogated Sharon and asked her to restate for the record everything she'd told him earlier at her house. Sharon replied, "I confided in you because I believed that I could trust you, that you could protect me and the others, and that we would figure out a way to deal with things before you did anything. Instead, you arrested me." Rey advised Sharon to be honest with him. Sharon cried that she'd said things that she wouldn't have said otherwise because he'd told her he loved her. Rey replied that at the time, he hadn't known what Sharon had done and was sworn to follow proper protocol. Rey added that his feelings for Sharon hadn't changed.

Brittany Hodges interrupted Rey's interrogation of Sharon. Brittany told Rey she needed to confer with her client. Sharon sarcastically noted to Rey that she'd followed proper protocol and had used her one phone call to summon her attorney. After Rey stepped out, Brittany told Sharon she'd read the arrest report, which contained notes about Sharon's conversation with Rey. Brittany asked why Rey had been at Sharon's house. Sharon explained that Rey hadn't been on duty at the time of the visit, when they'd engaged in a personal and very emotional conversation. Sharon added that Rey hadn't begun questioning her until he'd happened upon an old phone bill and noticed an entry for a call she'd made to 9-1-1.

Brittany asked Sharon if she'd given Rey permission to examine her personal papers. Sharon said she hadn't and that she'd had documents lying all over the place because she'd been preparing to fill out her tax return. Brittany asked if Rey had taken advantage of Sharon's emotional state and their personal relationship to extract information. Sharon said he had and that no one else had been present during the conversation. Sharon seemed hurt, angry, and fearful as Brittany planned her next move.

Christine arrived at the police station. Frustrated, Christine doggedly reminded Rey that he'd persuaded her to forge ahead with a case against Victor. Rey nodded affirmatively, though he seemed at a loss to adequately keep up with what had happened since Nikki had spoken up in Victor's defense. Christine asked Rey why he believed Sharon's story about Nikki, Sharon, and Phyllis having moved J.T.'s body after Nikki had killed him. Rey said Sharon's confession had been compelling. Unconvinced, Christine insisted that she would need solid proof.

Rey returned to the interrogation room and told Brittany he would like to question Sharon again. Brittany replied, "That won't be happening. My client is recanting everything she told you earlier." Brittany accused Rey of pressuring and manipulating Sharon. Rey told Sharon he could have spoken to Christine on her behalf if Sharon had cooperated. Sharon told Rey she didn't believe anything he said and would heed the advice of her attorney not to speak to him.

Michael met with Victoria and told her that whatever information the police had gathered to issue her arrest warrant hadn't come from Nikki. When Rey entered, Michael asked what had prompted him to arrest Victoria. Rey replied, "I have every reason to believe that Victoria was there when Nikki killed J.T., that he died in Victoria's house, and that she helped her mother bury the body." Victoria insisted that she and her parents were innocent. Michael added, "I think we're done here."

After Rey left, Michael became increasingly frustrated. Michael recalled the conflicting information previously shared about the case and said he didn't like being kept in the dark. Victoria suggested that the police were grasping at straws. Victoria noted that the prosecutor had evidently failed to build a strong case regarding Nikki's involvement. Michael replied, "I guess we'll just have to hope it stays that way." Victoria said nothing more.

After Michael consulted with Victoria, he met again with Nikki. Nikki was desperate to know what Michael had learned from Victoria. Before Michael could respond, Rey entered the room and said, "Don't mind if I sit in, do you?" Nikki told Rey that he had no business arresting Victoria. Rey said he'd learned everything about J.T.'s murder, including the truth about who had been present and had helped transport the body and dig the grave. Michael asked who all, besides Victoria, Rey had determined had been involved in the alleged conspiracy. Nikki emphatically said, "My daughter did not help me, nor did anyone else. Cling to that."

A tense situation unfolded after Rey had earlier spoken to an officer and arranged for Nikki, Victoria, Sharon, and Phyllis to be escorted into the booking area at the same time. Each of the women emerged from a different entry point, escorted by a uniformed officer. Nikki, Sharon, Victoria, and Phyllis exchanged glances, but no one uttered a word until Rey told Phyllis he'd question her soon. Rey ordered Nikki to be returned to her cell. Rey said the others would remain in holding.

Mia paced and fretted at her apartment before picking up her phone and calling the Genoa City Athletic Club to ask if anyone had found an opal earring. Mia's panic intensified when she learned that her earring hadn't been located in the dining room. Mia stared at the screen of her phone and contemplated phoning Arturo. Instead, Mia opened her tablet and searched online for breaking news by typing in Abby's name accompanied by the word "news" then the word "attacked." The sound from the intercom buzzer caused Mia to nearly jump out of her chair.

Mia was shocked when she heard Abby announce her presence via intercom from the entrance to the apartment building. Mia struggled to compose herself. Abby entered the apartment and asked to speak to Rey. Mia said that Rey wasn't home. Abby told Mia that Lola had been attacked beside the pool at the Abbott house and was in intensive care at the hospital. Mia clasped her hand over her face and cried, "No!"

Rey questioned Phyllis privately. Phyllis said, "That was quite a little show out there with Nikki, Victoria, and Sharon. Was that for my benefit?" Rey asked if Phyllis had chosen to speak to him without a lawyer present. Phyllis said she had and that she'd used her one phone call to contact Nick and let him know that she was fine and for him to stay home because she wasn't allowed visitors.

Rey told Phyllis he'd spoken to the others about what had really happened to J.T. Rey noted that though Nikki was the one who'd killed J.T., they all might go down for destroying evidence and lying to the police. Rey added that a jury might sympathize with Nikki for protecting Victoria, but likely no one would feel sorry for Phyllis. Rey suggested that a judge might be lenient if Phyllis cooperated. Phyllis replied, "I've talked to you plenty of times, and it's getting old." Phyllis said she'd rather talk to Christine.

Christine arrived to question Phyllis. Phyllis said that if Christine had had an airtight case, she wouldn't have shown up. Christine told Phyllis to say what she had to say. Phyllis stoically replied, "I will give you every detail of J.T.'s murder. I will even go to court and testify if it comes to that, but if, and only if, you agree to help me out in return. So, what do you say? What kind of deal are you willing to make me?"

Arturo entered the police station and asked a police officer where Rey was. Rey stepped out of an interrogation room, and Arturo approached. Rey tried to brush off his brother, saying he was busy. Rey bantered on about Mia being unable to control her urges to continually stir the pot. Arturo interrupted and explained that Lola was in the hospital. Arturo added, "It's bad, Rey, real bad. You have to come with me." Rey picked up his jacket and headed out the door.

In a suite at the Genoa City Athletic Club, Jack and Kerry sipped wine in bed. Kerry kissed Jack and said that the room had been a nice Valentine's Day surprise. After laughing about their ice-skating adventure, Jack took Kerry in his arms and kissed her. Kerry got up, donned Jack's shirt, and found a magazine. She flipped through the pages and, after noticing a prominent ad for her new fragrance, happened upon a questionnaire designed to determine the seriousness of a romantic relationship.

Jack and Kerry commenced taking turns, sharing their responses to the questions. After Kerry asked Jack about a recent time he'd cried. Jack recalled that even though his mother had been slipping away for a long time, she would still have moments of clarity. Jack said that one day, his mother had said, "Hold on to the memories, Jackie. All of them." Kerry wiped away tears and told Jack she was sorry. Jack said some tears weren't sad because his mother still had a lot of fight left in her.

Phyllis strikes a deal with Christine

Phyllis strikes a deal with Christine

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Kyle waited anxiously at the hospital. Arturo arrived with Rey, and Kyle reported that the doctors had just taken Lola for more tests. Rey protested that he couldn't just wait, since he had to know his sister was okay. Kyle indicated that Lola was as good as she could be, but she was still unconscious, and there might be a problem with her liver. Kyle bemoaned that all they could do was sit there and hope.

Mia and Abby arrived at the hospital, and Abby pointed out Lola's room. Mia burst in and gasped in horror when she discovered an empty bed, and she panicked about where Lola was. Rey appeared and mentioned that Lola had been taken for tests, and a sobbing Mia threw her arms around him and begged him to tell her that Lola would be okay. Rey recoiled from her embrace and stammered that he'd just found out himself.

Mia recalled that she'd been looking everywhere for Rey, and he explained that he'd been working on a case. Rey revealed that Lola was unconscious after hitting her head and falling into the pool, and they didn't know how long she'd been in the water before Kyle had found her. Rey added that Kyle had spoken to the detective on the case, and Mia became alarmed. Rey informed her that the police didn't think it had been an accident, and Mia stressed that they needed to be together. Rey insisted on tabling their talk until later, since they had to focus on pulling Lola through it.

A distraught Rey considered the possibility that the doctors couldn't help Lola, and Mia started to say he had to listen to her. Arturo interrupted, and Rey prompted Mia to finish what she'd been about to say. She simply pledged to be there for Rey and Lola until Lola opened her eyes. Mia looked at Arturo as she hugged Rey.

Arturo mentioned that he'd asked a nurse to tell the doctor that Rey wanted to talk to him. Rey lamented that he just wanted someone to tell him that Lola would be all right, and Arturo empathized that the waiting was tough. Rey thanked Mia for being there, and she swore that she wouldn't be anywhere else. Arturo moved to leave, but Rey insisted that they unite as a family for Lola, since she was all that mattered.

In the waiting area, Abby assured Kyle that Lola would pull through. Kyle blamed himself, since Lola never would have been hurt if she hadn't gone looking for him. He remembered that Lola had been upset and angry, and he would have felt the same way if he'd witnessed what she had. Summer rushed in and rambled that Mrs. Martinez had filled her in on everything. Kyle testily demanded to know why Summer had thought it had been her place to show up there, and he dragged her aside.

Summer claimed that she'd been worried, but Kyle pointed out that she didn't even like Lola. Kyle barked that he didn't want Summer there because she was nothing but a distraction, but she pleaded that she just wanted to help. He snapped that the only way she could do so was to leave. Summer wondered why Kyle was so mad, and he told her to "cut the crap" because Summer had always gotten between Kyle and Lola at the worst times. Kyle imagined that he and Lola would be celebrating at the cabin if it hadn't been for Summer, but instead, he was in a hospital waiting room while Lola fought for her life.

Summer incredulously asked if Kyle thought it was her fault, and she reiterated that she was there because she cared about him. He spat that she only cared about herself, and he speculated that she'd been the one who'd attacked Lola because Summer couldn't stand to see him happy with someone else. Kyle pictured Summer following Lola back to town to confront her about how Summer and Kyle were meant to be together and how Lola couldn't make him happy, and he envisioned Summer shoving Lola. Summer maintained that she was there out of concern because she was a good person, yet he was accusing her of assaulting his ex. She asserted that the only one acting crazy was him, and she stalked off.

Arturo coolly commended Kyle for doing a good job getting rid of people who didn't belong there, and he growled that Kyle was next. Kyle refused to leave, and Arturo threatened to help Kyle leave if Kyle didn't go of his own volition. Abby intervened before Arturo and Kyle got into a scuffle, and the men argued. Kyle insisted that he loved Lola, but Arturo barked that Kyle had a funny way of showing it, since Lola had walked in when he'd been on the verge of having sex with someone else.

Arturo lectured that people didn't put themselves in that kind of situation when they loved someone, since love meant showing devotion and respect. Kyle ranted that the whole town knew Arturo's backstory, but Rey interrupted and reminded them that the last thing they needed was more chaos. Rey encouraged Kyle to let Lola's family take care of her, and Abby promised to call with any updates. Kyle reluctantly departed.

Mia cried as she stared at Lola's empty bed, and Abby gently asked if she was okay. Mia replied that she was worried sick, and Abby urged her to join everyone else in the waiting area. Mia thought it was best if she stayed away to avoid making things more tense than they already were, but Abby suggested that they put their issues aside and focus on Lola. The women walked away together.

Over the phone, Rey told someone to call him the second they found out anything. Mia asked if it had been one of Lola's doctors, but Rey said the waiting had been driving him crazy, so he'd called the detective on Lola's case. Rey reported that they were still going through everything found at the scene, and he vowed to find out who had attacked Lola. Mia pointed out that Rey hadn't been assigned to the case. Rey explained that he couldn't be because of his personal involvement, but he was determined to make sure that whoever had done it paid.

Kyle entered the Abbott mansion and plopped down despondently in a chair. He gazed at a photo of him and Lola on his phone.

At the police station, Nick barked that he knew Phyllis was there, but an officer informed him that Phyllis wasn't allowed visitors. Nick spotted Michael and asked him what was going on, and Michael revealed that the authorities had interrogated Nikki again and had hauled Victoria and Sharon in for questioning. Nick asked what information they had to justify arresting the women, and Michael explained that the police suspected Victoria had been present when J.T. had been killed. Michael expected them to interrogate the women until they had a winning case.

Michael added that he'd talked to Nikki and Victoria, but he didn't know what Sharon had said because she'd hired Brittany to represent her, and he didn't know if Phyllis had a lawyer yet. Nick proposed that they go back to his place to figure out a way to help them before things spun out of control. The men departed.

In an interrogation room, Christine offered Phyllis a lesson on how deal-making worked. Christine explained that she cut deals with criminals like Phyllis when they had something Christine needed, and she highly doubted Phyllis did. Phyllis taunted that Christine had no idea, and Christine replied that it would have to be pretty spectacular to keep Phyllis out of jail. Phyllis crowed that it was "fireworks on Fourth of July" spectacular and that Christine would want it bad -- which was why it was going to cost the D.A. plenty.

Christine huffed that Phyllis was in no position to bully her, and she was in no mood for games when she had three others she could make deals with. Phyllis called the other women's stories unreliable, and Christine wondered how Phyllis' was different. Phyllis announced that she was prepared to provide evidence that would solve the case for Christine very easily. Phyllis was confident that her evidence would make an otherwise fragile case a slam dunk, and she imagined that Christine would prefer to walk into the courtroom without worrying about being humiliated when her case fell apart.

Christine presented Phyllis with a pad of paper and ordered her to write down her evidence. Phyllis pushed the pad back toward Christine and demanded full immunity before she gave specifics. Phyllis recognized that Christine would love to send her to prison, but it wouldn't happen anytime soon because what Phyllis had to give her was gold. Phyllis was adamant about getting an immunity deal in place first, and Christine reluctantly agreed to draft the paperwork. Christine warned that if Phyllis made even one misrepresentation or if something didn't check out, the deal would go in the shredder, and Phyllis would go straight to jail. Christine walked out.

Later, Phyllis read through the agreement and remarked that it looked like everything was there. Christine handed her a pen and told Phyllis not to make her regret it. Phyllis signed the document, and Christine turned on a voice recorder and instructed her to start at the beginning. Phyllis promised to give an accurate report of what had happened that night, but she wanted to make it clear that J.T. had been dangerous and out of control. Phyllis swore that she, Nikki, Sharon, and Victoria had done what they'd had to do.

Phyllis recalled that the evening had started as a girls' night with margaritas and gossip, and Mariah had consumed one too many and passed out. Phyllis recounted that the night had taken a turn when Victoria had confessed that J.T. had emotionally and physically abused her for months, and afterward, Victoria had gone upstairs to rest. Phyllis continued that J.T. had broken in and had gone after Victoria, and the other women had heard things crashing and Victoria screaming at him to get away from her. She added that they'd found J.T. pinning Victoria against a dresser and shaking her violently, so there had been no doubt Victoria had been in imminent danger.

Phyllis asserted that Nikki had done what any mother would have by grabbing a fireplace poker and swinging it to stop J.T. from attacking her daughter, but Nikki's intent hadn't been to kill him. Phyllis said they'd panicked when they'd discovered he was dead, and they hadn't known if the police would believe them. Phyllis contended that J.T. had been at fault for what had happened to him, since he'd broken in and attacked Victoria, and they'd only reacted. Phyllis declared that she would go to her grave, believing their actions had been justified, but Christine advised her to stick to the facts.

Phyllis described how they'd rolled the body in a rug and buried it in Chancellor Park, and they'd made a pact to stay quiet and protect one another. Phyllis admitted that it had been "nothing but hell" for months, and Christine reminded her that she'd promised to provide evidence. Phyllis divulged that the poker existed, as did the clothes J.T. had worn that night, and there was a videotape of the women dragging J.T.'s body from Victoria's house.

Phyllis explained that she'd been tasked with the job of getting rid of the poker, so she'd tucked it away in a storage locker, but it had been stolen and had ended up at the Newman ranch. Phyllis implied that Christine would find it along with the clothes J.T. had been wearing when he'd died if she conducted a search of the ranch. Phyllis added that J.T. had set up hidden cameras at Victoria's home to spy on his ex, but the footage had ironically captured the women dragging his body to the car. Phyllis divulged that the video had found its way to the Dark Horse server and had been erased, but she was sure forensic experts could find it.

Christine inquired about where J.T.'s body was, and Phyllis replied that none of them knew. Christine worried that the other women wouldn't back up Phyllis' story, and Phyllis suggested that Christine talk to Mariah. Christine intended to verify that Phyllis had told the truth, and she instructed an officer to take Phyllis back to her cell and make sure she didn't talk to the other women. After Phyllis was led away, Christine made a call to request a search warrant.

At Nick's house, Nick told Michael that Phyllis had called to tell him not to worry, but he didn't see how that was possible. Michael complained that he was working with incomplete information, since he didn't think Nikki or Victoria was telling the whole truth. Michael noted that he had no clue what Sharon's testimony was because she'd hired her own lawyer, and Nick had no idea why Phyllis had used her one call to contact him instead of Michael. Nick surmised that Phyllis had a plan.

Summer called out for her dad and walked in on him with Michael. Michael received a notification that his car had arrived, and he told Nick and Summer to hang in there, since it had been an upsetting day for all of them. After Michael left, Summer voiced surprise that Michael had known about her and Kyle. Nick pointed out that he didn't even know himself, and Summer babbled about how she'd tried to be a good friend, but Kyle had blamed her for Lola getting hurt. Summer realized that Michael hadn't been talking about Lola being in the hospital, and Nick informed her that her mom had been arrested.

Summer exclaimed that the police had lost their minds to arrest the four women as if they'd all been in on it together. Summer prepared to go talk to them, but Nick told her he'd already tried, and Phyllis couldn't have any visitors. Summer assumed that Michael was representing Phyllis, but Nick revealed that Phyllis hadn't hired a lawyer -- and he had no idea why. Summer hugged Nick and imagined that her mom's arrest had been a shock for him. He hoped there weren't any more surprises that day.

At Crimson Lights, Mariah told Tessa that she had nothing to report, since the police hadn't let her see her mom. Mariah relayed that Brittany had said no official charges had been filed against Sharon or the others, and Tessa guessed that the police were holding them so someone would crack. Tessa fretted that everything would get out, and she and Mariah were also in jeopardy because they'd been part of the cover-up. Tessa wished that she'd never seen the videotape, and she worried that she and Mariah might be the next ones in handcuffs.

Tessa figured that she and Mariah could do little else but wait, and she suggested that they head to the hospital to see if Kyle had any news about Lola. Mariah's phone rang as they headed out, and Mariah answered a call from Christine, who said she had some questions for Mariah. Mariah agreed to go to the police station and hung up. "Oh, my God, this is it," a stricken Mariah muttered.

Christine thanked Mariah for joining her, and Mariah pointed out that it hadn't sounded like she'd had a choice. Mariah inquired whether she was under arrest, but Christine simply hoped Mariah could corroborate other people's statements. Mariah asked if it included her mom's, but Christine refused to say. Mariah pushed to see Sharon, but Christine prompted her to spill everything she could remember after J.T.'s arrival at Victoria's house on the night of the party. Mariah maintained that she'd passed out, so she didn't remember anything. Christine insinuated that Mariah had learned something after the fact or knew about a recording of some kind -- like a video.

Christine observed Mariah's reaction to the mention of the video, and she warned that Mariah's silence might hurt more than her talking. Mariah stated that she'd heard about a video of the women putting a body into a car, but she didn't know where it was or how to get a copy. Mariah inquired whether it would help her mom, and Christine replied that it might. Mariah insisted that Sharon hadn't been a willing participant but that she'd only gotten caught up in a situation she'd had no control over. Christine referred to Mariah being passed out, but Mariah contended that she knew her mother; she bet that Victoria had pressured Sharon into doing whatever they'd done.

Later, Mariah told Tessa that Christine had already known about the tape and that Mariah had confirmed it existed. Mariah swore that it didn't mean it would affect Tessa, and Tessa wondered if anything Mariah had said would help Sharon. Mariah anticipated that the "terrible, awful thing" would swallow them whole.

Meanwhile, at the police station, Christine confirmed that Phyllis' story had checked out. Christine indicated that a search at the ranch had turned up the clothes and poker and that Mariah had verified Phyllis' claim about the video. Phyllis asked about her deal, and Christine deliberately took her time reviewing the paperwork. Christine admitted that she was enjoying making Phyllis wait, but she ultimately declared that Phyllis was free to go.

Phyllis took the documents and started to leave, but Christine cautioned that not everyone would be as happy about the agreement as Christine was. Phyllis expected people to understand that she'd had no choice, but Christine clucked that Phyllis had made the choice to roll over on her friends to save herself. Christine proclaimed that she would see Phyllis in court as her star witness.

Nikki writes a letter to her grandchildren

Nikki writes a letter to her grandchildren

Wednesday, February 20, 2019

by Nel

The guard brought a box to Nikki's cell. She told Nikki that her lawyer had fought hard for Nikki to have it. The guard asked why she needed it, and Nikki explained that she needed to put her affairs in order, since she had no idea when she'd be going home.

Alone, Nikki pulled out a photo album and looked at pictures of herself as a young girl in pigtails. She sat at a desk and began to write a letter to her grandchildren. She began by explaining that she was in a jail cell, awaiting trial, and she was facing an uncertain future. She noted that some of her grandchildren would read her letter immediately while others would read it later in their lives.

Nikki continued and stated that there would be a lot written about her by people who didn't know her. She wanted to share her life with her grandchildren so they would know who the real Nikki Newman was. She explained that the letter would be something they could hold onto if she was convicted of murder. Nikki continued with: "This is my life story..."

Nikki began by introducing her mother, Barbara Anne Reed. She said that her mother had raised her and her sister Casey after their father had left. She said that her mother had never complained. When Casey grew up, she became a doctor, but their lives were shattered when their mother was killed in a car accident.

After the death of their mother, their father returned. Casey refused any contact with him, but Nikki tried to convince her that their father had changed. Casey told Nikki that it was difficult for a man with his problems to change. Nikki claimed that she'd been with their father countless times, and he hadn't looked at a drink. Casey informed Nikki that the problem wasn't with his drinking, but Nikki insisted that their father would never hurt her, in spite of the fact that he'd been a terrible drunk.

Nikki said she hadn't taken Casey's warning seriously. Casey said that as long as their father lived under the same roof as Nikki, something awful would happen. Nikki wrote that before her father had started drinking, he had sexually assaulted Casey, and it had been the reason their mother had thrown him out. Nikki admitted that when her father had returned after her mother's death, he had tried to sexually assault Nikki, but while she had attempted to stop his assault, she'd killed him in self-defense.

Nikki said that because Casey had worked long hours, Nikki had been left to her own devices. She met Paul Williams while they were in school, and he became one of her best and lifelong friends.

Nikki told Paul that she'd met some really nice people. They had taken her in, and she was living with them. They felt like a real family to her. Paul asked Nikki if she was living in a commune because it sounded weird to him. Nikki told him that all they wanted was a better world.

Nikki stated that one day, she'd found what she'd been looking for -- or so she thought. She met and leapt into marriage with Greg Foster. She admitted sabotaging their relationship because she'd been na´ve, and she'd made one mistake after another. She had craved excitement, so being a good wife wasn't for her. She explained that she had been looking for adventure and a new purpose, but she had never stopped to ask herself what she would be getting into. Admittedly, had she stopped to think about it, she would never have joined a cult called the New World.

Her life in the New World started peacefully, but she soon discovered it was all a lie. She had allowed herself to be manipulated again.

Paul joined Nikki at the New World community. He stayed with her for a short time, but he decided to move on. Nikki realized that she needed to control her own destiny. She came into her own in the most unexpected place when she discovered a club known as the Bayou. She loved every second of being in the spotlight because she felt like people really liked her. She realized that many people disapproved that she stripped for a living, but Nikki wrote that she had no regrets, and she'd been proud of what she'd done.

Nikki explained that the strip club changed the course of her life forever, especially when she met Victor Newman. He turned out to be the love of her life and the man she would always love, but he wasn't the only man she had loved or married. With a smile, she wrote that her full name was "Nikki Reed Foster Bancroft Newman Abbott Flanders Newman Chow Sharpe Abbott Newman." She admitted that some of those vows should never have been exchanged, but for better or worse, she'd had more than her share of better.

Nikki wrote about Jack Abbott. She said it had been safe to say that she and Jack should never have been involved romantically, but she cherished his unwavering friendship and could always count on him. They connected in a way that was rare and special. She said she was lucky to have Jack in her life, but in the end, Victor Newman was the only man for her. He was larger than life and the undisputed master of the grand romantic gesture.

Nikki wrote about the night that Victor had given her a beautiful diamond bracelet. Victor told Nikki that she could have whatever she wanted. Nikki asked Victor to kiss her and explained that the kiss would be better than anything he'd given her. Victor took her into his arms and swept her off her feet.

Nikki recalled her first marriage to Victor. She explained that life hadn't been a fairytale for them. She wrote about their volatile breakups and how she'd needed to walk away at times to save herself, but they always reunited. Their connection was indescribable. She and Victor understood each other in a way no one else ever could. They shared a profound and unbreakable bond. Nikki recalled one of Victor's romantic proposals that had taken place in the stables. Victor told her that he was a very fortunate man because he had everything he ever wanted in Nikki. She said that the life she shared with Victor had given her hope on her darkest days.

Nikki stated that she was grateful she was able to write the letter, even under her current trying circumstances. She was grateful to be alive. Nikki said that she had been sick, gotten well, gone into remission, and relapsed. She explained that she had suffered with a disease as insidious as MS, and she needed to deal with her drinking on a daily basis.

Nikki recalled Katherine Chancellor yelling at her about her drinking, over the phone. Katherine spoke to Nikki about being an alcoholic. Nikki often wondered if she'd inherited the addiction from her father or if it had started with her back injury that had led to painkillers. When the painkillers hadn't been enough, she'd turned to vodka. She realized it didn't matter how she'd gotten there, the fact was, she was an alcoholic. She said that the days she'd drowned herself in a bottle were the days she'd wanted to pretend had never happened.

Nikki wrote that worse than her embarrassing behavior was how close she'd been to dying because she'd chosen to live in denial and lost control. She stated that she'd been lucky to have people around her who had loved her and forced her to open her eyes. They had fought for her when she hadn't been able to fight for herself.

Nikki wrote that over the years, Jack and Victor had both confronted her about her drinking. She wanted her grandchildren to remember that whenever they felt lost, they were never alone. She advised them to accept help when it was offered. There was always someone who would help, a friend, a good Samaritan, or someone they never expected would reach out their hand. All they had to do was to take that extended hand.

Nikki stated that the advice she'd provided in the letter hadn't been just lip service. She believed every word she'd written. If she hadn't had faith or held onto the sense of what each new day brought, she didn't know how she would have dealt with the losses she had endured -- things that had seemed unbearable at the time.

Nikki recalled the day that Jack had informed her he'd met a woman named Susan Cook. Susan had walked into his office and informed him that her baby had been born with a severe heart defect. The doctors had given her baby a month, maybe two, to live unless a donor was found. She told Jack that someone's baby had been born prematurely and hadn't survived. She said the parents had donated their baby's heart to her child. Susan Cook told Jack that her child was alive because of Nikki and Jack's son.

Nikki stated that there was no way to comprehend the death of a child. She recalled Cassie's death, and she had wondered how to cope with that loss. She said everyone found a way to go on because they had to because they had their entire future ahead of them. She said that being a parent involved a lot of work because a parent was under so much pressure to convey the right values and to set a good example. That didn't change when the children became adults or whether they lived nearby or far from home. She recalled that when Victor had objected to Victoria being with Billy Abbott, she had pointed out that Victoria had been the happiest she'd ever been since she'd met Billy.

Nikki was certain that Victoria and Nick hadn't approved of her maternal style, but when she'd disapproved of the choices they'd made, she hadn't hesitated to let them know. She had also opted to support Nick and Victoria in their happiness. Nikki recalled arguing with Nick about Sharon, and she recalled the continuous rivalry over the years between herself and Sharon.

Nikki remembered the feeling when she'd first held Victoria. Nothing could supersede that joy. It was a feeling that never went away, and accompanying that feeling, there was a desire for the children to be happy, healthy, and safe. There was also a deep need to protect them at any cost because their lives were more important than her own.

Nikki remembered the night she'd struck J.T. with the poker when she'd seen him attacking Victoria. Nikki's only thought had been to protect Victoria. She stated that children were a parent's heart and soul, and when their children had their own children, their heart grew larger because they had more love to give, and that was life's greatest gift.

Nikki looked at the album again and recalled her reaction to Katherine's death. Nikki had been devastated because she hadn't had a chance to say goodbye to her best friend. She had felt lost. Katherine had been like a second mother, best friend, mentor, and confidante, all rolled into one. Nikki recalled that Katherine had always said that she'd live until she died.

Nikki recalled how Katherine had given her suggestions on how to seduce Victor. Katherine had also told Nikki that there was a time for crying. Katherine said that Nikki needed to wipe her tears and appreciate what she had and never take the people she cared about for granted.

Nikki recalled the joyous reunion with Victor after she'd thought he had died. She had been kneeling over his grave when Victor had arrived and told her he was alive.

Nikki ended by saying that she hoped her letter had the desired effect, and she hoped her grandchildren understood her a little bit better. She also hoped that they felt closer to her because she felt closer to them after sharing her past with them. She asked her grandchildren never to forget that no matter where she was or what she was doing, they were always in her heart, thoughts, and prayers. She signed the letter, "All my love, Nikki."

Rey suspects that Summer attacked Lola

Rey suspects that Summer attacked Lola

Thursday, February 21, 2019

Rey walked into Lola's hospital room as Nate was reviewing her chart. Rey asked if there had been any change, and Nate was afraid there had been. Kyle appeared in the doorway, but he abruptly ducked out of sight when he saw Rey.

Later, Rey informed Arturo that there was a complication with Lola's liver that wasn't good, and all the doctors could do was keep an eye on her. Rey hated the waiting, but he figured that they had no other choice. Arturo inquired whether the detective on the case had any leads, and Rey grumbled that the police had been keeping him out of the loop because of his personal connection. Rey intended to try to find out something unofficially, and he departed. Arturo entered Lola's room as Kyle lurked nearby.

Arturo told a comatose Lola that he'd be back, and he stepped out. Kyle headed toward Lola's room, but Nate stopped him from going in. Kyle pleaded for five minutes, but Nate cited the Rosales brothers' decision not to allow Kyle in. Kyle insisted that Lola needed to know he was there and that he loved her, and he was sure Nate wanted what was best for his patient. Nate said he'd let Kyle in if he could, and he urged Kyle to persuade Rey and Arturo to give their permission. Nate closed the privacy curtains in Kyle's face.

Over breakfast with Devon at the Athletic Club, Ana listened to some music on headphones. They compared notes and agreed that they hadn't been impressed by the tracks, and Devon complained that the artists were just trying to copy other people. He was determined to find someone brave enough to be themselves, but Ana maintained that she'd retired from singing. He referred to the positive feedback he'd received after she'd performed, but she refused to change her mind.

Ana invited Devon to go with her to the hospital to visit Lola, but he protested that Lola was unconscious. Ana recounted that Nate had said sometimes people in comas could hear those around them, and she thought it could do some good to show the Rosales family some support. Ana imagined that it was horrible for them to feel so helpless. Devon knowingly replied that he was sure it was, but he hesitated to commit to a visit.

Over the phone, Devon told someone that Ana wasn't interested in signing a contract, no matter how generous. After he hung up, he informed Ana that it had been the third agent who had been dying to sign her, and she turned the topic to the other artists she'd found. Devon recalled that there had been a time where she would have done anything to have such an opportunity. Ana reiterated that her dreams had changed, and songwriting had become her passion. Devon wouldn't promise not to try to get her to record in the future, and she called him relentless. He thought it sounded like a song title, and they joked about her writing a song about him.

Devon offered to temporarily table the discussion about Ana performing, but he wanted to talk about it again later. Nate joined them, and Ana revealed that they were trying to find new artists. Nate hoped they weren't letting go of Fen, and Ana mentioned that they'd sent Fen on tour to hone his skills. Devon added that Fen needed to grow up and get life experience, and he pointedly wished he was related to someone who had the maturity and sensitivity to translate that in their music. Ana reiterated that she wasn't interested in performing.

After Nate took off, Ana prompted Devon to get going to see Lola, but he hesitated. He confided that it would be difficult to go to the hospital for the first time since Hilary's death, and Ana felt awful for not considering that. He assured her that it would be okay.

Devon and Ana arrived at the hospital, and she worriedly asked if he was okay. She offered to turn around and leave, and he said he needed to catch his breath. Nate spotted them, and Ana explained that they were there to let Lola know they were pulling for her. Nate directed them to Lola's room, and Devon slowly stepped over to it and peered inside. Devon suddenly turned away and gasped for breath. Nate helped him fetch his pills and encouraged him to breathe.

A short time later, Devon indicated that he was feeling much better, and he still wanted to see Lola because Hilary would have been "pissed off" if he bailed on a friend. He stepped into the hospital room and stared at a motionless Lola. He whispered that he needed her to do him a favor and not leave them.

Rey arrived at the police station and spotted a stack of paperwork on another officer's desk. He glanced covertly around before shuffling through the files. Detective North caught Rey at his desk, and Rey claimed that he'd just been looking for a pen. North skeptically asked if that was the best Rey could do, and Rey begged for a glimpse because he had to know who'd attacked Lola. North stressed that the rules were there for a reason, and Rey swore to leave North's name out of it. North wished he could help, but he stood his ground.

Later, Rey got up to grab some coffee and returned to his desk. He spotted a folder with a note that read, "That file you needed." He saw that it was labeled with Lola's name, and he looked up and locked eyes with North. Rey mouthed "thank you" to his fellow cop and dove into the file.

Summer stopped by the Abbott mansion, looking for Kyle. Abby brusquely informed her that he wasn't there, and Summer wondered if he had left for work or was at the hospital. Abby suggested that Summer stay away from both Kyle and the hospital after what had happened the last time, but Summer asserted that she was just being a good friend. Abby scoffed at the thought that it had been what Summer had been doing at the cabin, considering how things had ended.

Summer incredulously asked if Abby was blaming her for what had happened to Lola, and Abby questioned whether Summer still thought it had been a good idea to go to the cabin. Summer exclaimed that it had been a great idea and that Kyle had thought so, too. Summer gushed about how they'd gone for a sleigh ride and sipped Champagne by the fire, and it had been perfect until Lola had shown up. Abby reminded Summer that Kyle had planned the Valentine's Day getaway for Lola, but Summer contended that neither she nor Kyle had been happy when Lola had interrupted.

Abby argued that any non-narcissistic person would have seen that Kyle had gone to the cabin because he'd been heartbroken. Summer huffed that Abby had almost said that without any irony, and Abby retorted that the difference between them was that Abby regretted what she'd done with Austin. Summer reasoned that Kyle and Lola weren't married, much less a couple, so he was fair game. Abby believed that Summer only wanted him because he was with someone else, and she wondered if Summer would back off once Lola woke up and worked things out with Kyle. "No," Summer firmly replied.

Abby questioned what Summer hoped to gain by throwing herself at Kyle when he was furious enough not to take Summer's calls. Summer figured that Kyle was blaming himself for what had happened, and she respected him for sticking by Lola. Abby rolled her eyes at the thought that he was deeply in love with Summer but just hadn't told Summer that. Summer reasoned that he wouldn't admit his feelings when Lola was fighting for her life, but Summer knew that he loved her. Summer suspected that Abby knew it, too, or Abby wouldn't be trying to keep her away from him.

Rey rang the doorbell, and Summer hurried out through the back door. Abby invited Rey in, and he mentioned that he wanted to ask more questions about the night of Lola's attack. He looked around and asked if someone else had just been there, and Abby disclosed that Summer had just left. Abby groused that Summer had been working overtime to try to get back together with Kyle, but it wasn't happening. Rey imagined that Summer wasn't very happy about that.

Tessa arrived at Crimson Lights and noted that a somber Mariah hadn't been answering her text messages. Mariah groaned that she couldn't handle more bad news, and Tessa reported that she might have some that was good. Tessa revealed that she'd been putting in a job application at Top of the Tower, suspecting that Lola's restaurant opening would be delayed, and she'd seen Phyllis at a breakfast meeting. Tessa pointed out that it could mean that the other women had been released from police custody, too, but Mariah thought she would have heard from Sharon if that had happened.

Kyle arrived at the coffeehouse as Mariah made a call to try to figure out why Phyllis had been released when Sharon hadn't. Mariah hung up and reported that Nick and Phyllis had both claimed that they didn't know why Phyllis was out when the others weren't. Mariah added that the weird thing was that Phyllis hadn't hired an attorney, and Christine would hardly do Phyllis any favors. Tessa thought it didn't make sense, and Kyle bemoaned that it was a theme, since he was still trying to figure out how Lola had ended up in the pool. Mariah voiced surprise that he wasn't at the hospital, and Kyle glumly shared that Lola's brothers wouldn't let him see her. He didn't blame them for wanting to keep him away, since he'd screwed up by letting Summer hang around. Kyle lamented that Lola was paying the price for his stupidity, and he stalked out.

Mariah called the police station and learned that Rey wasn't there, and she couldn't think of anyone else who might know why Sharon was locked up when Phyllis wasn't. Summer walked in, and Tessa remarked that it might be a blessing in disguise. Mariah reluctantly approached Summer and commented that it had to be a big relief that Phyllis was out of jail. Mariah relayed that Nick didn't know why Phyllis was out when the others weren't. Summer confirmed that she didn't know, either, but her mom hadn't had anything to do with J.T.'s death.

Mariah bristled at the insinuation that Sharon had been involved, and Summer noted that Sharon was still locked up. Summer figured that Phyllis was just smarter and more forceful than Sharon, and Mariah theorized that it was because Phyllis was a "backstabbing bitch" who'd sold out the others to save herself. Summer clucked that Mariah had picked up Sharon's habit of blaming Phyllis for everything, and she asked if Mariah and Tessa had seen Kyle. Summer was disappointed that she kept missing him, and Mariah muttered that it was a shame that it hadn't been the case at the cabin.

Summer haughtily stated that she'd had every right to see Kyle to cheer him up after Lola had broken up with him, and she'd only been trying to make him feel better. Mariah snapped that Summer had done a great job, since Kyle's girlfriend was in the hospital, and Lola's family wouldn't let him see her because they thought he'd cheated on Lola with Summer. Abby and Arturo entered the coffeehouse, and Summer demanded to know why Abby hadn't told her that Lola's brothers wouldn't let Kyle see Lola. Arturo warned Summer not to get in his face, but she protested that they had no right to keep Kyle from being with Lola. Arturo angrily asked if Summer was kidding him after all the "crap" she'd put Lola through, and he called Summer the "meanest, most selfish cold bitch" he'd ever known. A hurt Summer ran off.

Abby suggested that she and Arturo head back to the hospital. Arturo admitted that it was hard seeing his sister so fragile, especially when everything she'd worked for had finally been happening. Abby swore that all of Lola's dreams would become a reality, and she urged Arturo to stay strong. Arturo groaned that the waiting was killing him, and Abby remarked that Rey was lucky to be able to channel his energy by working on Lola's case. Arturo expected Rey to find who'd hurt Lola and nail the culprit's rear to the wall.

Mariah and Tessa asked Abby and Arturo to tell Lola that they missed her and to get well soon. Tessa imagined that Abby was holding off on the restaurant opening, and Abby said she was sorry about the job. Mariah insisted that their main concern was Lola, and Abby and Arturo left. Mariah answered a call from Nick and learned something about the next day. Mariah hung up, and Tessa assumed that Sharon and the others were being released the next day. Mariah revealed that they were being arraigned, since the D.A. was charging Nikki, Victoria, and Sharon in connection with J.T.'s death.

Kyle arrived at the Abbott mansion in response to a summons from Abby and found Rey waiting for him. Rey explained that he wanted to talk to Kyle alone about Lola, and Kyle hoped that Rey had changed his mind about Kyle seeing her. Rey left the choice up to Lola when she woke up, and he requested a timeline of events on the night of Lola's attack. Kyle recounted that Lola had left the cabin, angry after finding him with Summer, even though he'd tried to tell Lola that nothing had been going on. Kyle recalled that he'd argued with Summer before going after Lola and catching up with her at the Athletic Club, but she still hadn't been willing to listen to him, so he'd left.

Rey referred to Kyle's previous statement that he'd gone for a drive, and he wondered if Kyle had gone to see Summer. Kyle vehemently denied it, and he insisted that Rey was way off base if he thought Kyle had hooked up with Summer. Rey asked if Kyle had heard anything on his way to the pool house, but Kyle repeated that Lola had already been in the pool, and he hadn't seen anyone else. Kyle contemplated who would have wanted to hurt her, and Rey pointed out that his sister could be a real spitfire. Rey imagined that it had been frustrating when Lola had called Kyle a liar and a cheat, and it was understandable if Kyle had lost it when she'd shown up to give him more of the same.

Kyle was adamant that he'd never lay a hand on a woman and that he loved Lola. Kyle recalled that he'd lit into Summer for fueling Lola's doubts, and he groused that Summer would do whatever it took to get what she wanted. Rey wondered how far Summer would go to get Kyle, and he inquired whether Kyle had seen Summer between the time he'd left the cabin and when she'd shown up at the hospital. Kyle replied that he hadn't, and he realized that Rey thought Summer had attacked Lola.

Rey speculated that Kyle had been angry with Summer at the hospital because he'd known what she'd done, but Kyle explained that he'd said those awful things because he'd been upset. Kyle was sure that Summer would never do something like that. Rey noted that she'd had the motive and opportunity, so there was a good chance that she had done it.

Rey showed up at Nick's house, and Summer assumed he'd heard that she'd blasted Arturo for not letting Kyle see Lola. Rey was surprised that Summer supported the relationship, and Summer admitted that she thought Kyle and Lola were a disaster waiting to happen. "Or one that already has," Rey muttered, but Summer defended that it wouldn't be because of anything Kyle had done. Summer appealed to Rey to let Kyle see Lola, since it wouldn't hurt anything and might help. Rey coolly stated that Kyle wasn't his concern -- but was clearly hers. Summer chalked it up to being friends forever, but Rey referred to how Kyle had torn into her at the hospital.

Summer understood that Kyle had just needed to vent, and Rey asked if the same thing had happened at the cabin. Summer described herself and Kyle as very passionate people who fought, cooled off, and made up. Rey questioned how long it had taken her to cool off after the argument at the cabin, and he wondered if she'd still been fired up when she'd gotten to the Abbott house. Summer said she'd been on her way home when she'd passed by the mansion and seen the police tape, so she'd stopped to see what had happened. Rey inquired whether there was any way to prove that she'd arrived there after the attack.

Rey found it interesting that it had taken Summer a lot longer to get back to town than it had taken Kyle, and Summer explained that she'd left the cabin later because she'd waited to sober up. Summer was stunned to realize that he thought she'd attacked Lola, and he pointed out that it wasn't unreasonable that Summer might have gone to the pool house to hook up with Kyle and run into Lola instead. Summer doubted that Abby had accused her of attacking someone, and she demanded to know who had put the idea in Rey's head. She surmised that it had been Kyle, and she growled to "just wait" until she saw him next. Rey wondered what she'd do then.

Christine names Phyllis as her star witness

Christine names Phyllis as her star witness

Friday, February 22, 2019

At the police station, Rey asked Christine if she had everything she needed, and she replied that her case was solid. She acknowledged that they'd had a few bumps along the away, but she appreciated that he'd kept digging to get to the truth. She imagined that he was worried about his sister, and he reported that Lola's condition hadn't changed. Christine extended her thoughts and prayers to his family.

Detective North set down a box on his desk. Rey quietly asked if the detective needed help, and he wondered what was in the box. North indicated that it was the coat Lola had been wearing when she'd been attacked. Rey peeked at the coat and flashed back to Abby announcing that it was an early Christmas present from Arturo. Rey murmured that it wasn't Lola's coat.

At Jabot, Kyle begged Abby over the phone to try to convince Arturo to let Kyle see Lola. Kyle was confident that if he spent time with Lola, she might know he was there and wake up. Abby was hesitant after what had happened, but Kyle argued that Lola had been on her way to get back together with him. Kyle said he would appreciate anything she could do, and they hung up.

Summer arrived at the office and angrily confronted Kyle about accusing her of trying to ruin his life when he'd been trying to ruin hers. She ranted that whatever he'd said had caused Rey to track her down and question her about Lola's attack like she was a suspect. Summer griped that Kyle had told Rey she was a violent maniac, but Kyle pointed out that Rey had known she'd been at the cabin and that she had been an issue for Kyle and Lola, so Rey had asked about whether Summer was manipulative and deceitful. Kyle recognized that Summer could be those things sometimes, but Summer complained about how he had made her look. Kyle admitted that he hadn't been thinking about her at all.

Kyle recounted that he'd been upset and angry when he'd accused Summer of wanting to confront Lola. He thought it was something Summer would do, but he conceded that he didn't think she was capable of physically attacking someone. Kyle added that when he'd realized what Rey had been getting at, he'd told Rey there was no way Summer would do that. Summer whined that Rey had treated her like a suspect. Kyle countered that he was one, too, but he hadn't been able to muster up the energy to get mad about Rey's questions because he had only been able think about Lola.

Kyle continued that he'd been desperate to get back to Lola's bedside to hold her hand and tell her he loved her, and Summer scoffed. Kyle reminded her that he'd already told her he loved Lola, and he felt scared and lost because Lola wasn't getting better. He groaned that he couldn't lose Lola after all they'd been through. Kyle figured that even if he hadn't talked to Rey, Rey would have wanted to question Summer because it was common knowledge that she didn't like Lola. Summer protested that she simply thought Lola wasn't the right girl for Kyle, but he would rather chase after a girl who kept rejecting him rather than be with someone who accepted him for who he was.

Summer insisted that she didn't want to change Kyle, and she thought he was "kind of perfect." Kyle admitted that he'd made a lot of mistakes with Lola, but he couldn't believe Arturo had banned him from the hospital. Kyle appealed to Summer to try to understand what it was like for him, since it was "hell" to want to be with someone but not be able to. Summer thought she understood more than he thought she did. Kyle swore that he hadn't meant to hurt her feelings, but he couldn't do "that thing" with her anymore, since what he had with Lola was real and serious. Summer blurted out that she loved him.

Kyle stammered that it had been years since he and Summer had used anything close to that word, but Summer argued that they'd once felt that way about one another. Kyle countered that most of their history had been bad, and she'd been obsessed with Billy just recently. Summer conceded that she'd made some bad decisions, but she and Kyle had always had a connection that had never gone away. She implored him to stop denying it, but he firmly stated that attraction wasn't love.

Summer recounted that she'd reevaluated her life when she'd been in Dubai to try to figure out what she really wanted, and she'd kept circling back to Kyle. Summer explained that she would have been willing to accept that she'd missed her chance if Kyle and Lola were happy, but they weren't. Summer insisted that it had felt right between them at the cabin, and he'd kissed her back. He called it a mistake, but she was adamant that Lola was the mistake and that Summer was his future. Summer knew deep in her heart that she really loved him, and she told him that he had to get used to it because she wasn't going anywhere.

At the hospital, Arturo told a comatose Lola that she'd "scared the hell" out of him and Rey, so she could wake up. He insisted that he really needed her back with them because their family wasn't a family without her. Mia appeared in the doorway and watched, unseen, as Arturo recognized that there had been friction for the past few months, but they would try harder and be better. Mia asked how Lola was doing, and Arturo admitted that it was starting to scare him that his sister hadn't regained consciousness. Mia gently touched his shoulder and encouraged him not to think like that, since Lola had to wake up. Mia whimpered that there was nothing she wouldn't do to turn back time and stop it from happening.

Later, in the corridor, Arturo was frustrated that he couldn't do anything to help, and Abby assured him that Lola knew they were there and could feel their love. Arturo reflected back on how he and Rey had taken care of Lola her whole life, and Abby called them great brothers. She added that Lola was very lucky to have a lot of people who cared about her -- including Kyle. Arturo recalled that the couple had broken up because Kyle had cheated and broken Lola's heart, but Abby pleaded that Kyle just wanted to be able to visit Lola.

Arturo refused to let anyone near Lola who might upset her, and Abby wondered about Mia. Arturo thought Lola and Mia were like sisters, in spite of their problems, and he contended that the only way Kyle would see Lola would be if she woke up and asked to see him. Rey arrived, and Arturo informed him that it was still a waiting game. In Lola's room, Mia became alarmed when she overheard Rey report that he might have news about Lola's attacker.

Mia eavesdropped as Rey divulged that the coat Lola had been wearing on the night of the attack hadn't been hers. Abby identified it as her own, and she explained that she'd given it to Lola after Lola had left hers at the cabin. Rey explained that the police would test for DNA to try to identify the attacker, and they were still testing everything that had been found at the scene. Mia joined them and wondered if Rey had left work to be there, and Rey commented that it didn't feel right not to be there unless he was doing something to find the attacker. Abby suggested that she offer a reward for information leading to an arrest, but Rey cautioned that it could result in fake tips that would hinder the investigation.

Mia opined that Rey knew how it worked, and she urged everyone to listen to him. Rey thanked Abby for the suggestion and for being there as part of the family. Mia suggested that they focus on doing whatever they could to help Lola, and Abby agreed that nothing else mattered, which was why she wanted to apologize for her fight with Mia on Valentine's Day. Mia called it water under the bridge, and Abby took full responsibility for starting it. Abby swore that she hadn't meant the ugly things she'd said, and Mia commented that they'd all done things they regretted. Abby wished she could take back the whole night, and Mia pointedly added, "Me, too." Abby asked if Mia could forgive her, and the women hugged.

Rey and Mia returned home, and he referred to her fight with Abby on Valentine's Day. Mia claimed that it had been why she'd left messages for Rey that night, saying she'd been going crazy. Mia appreciated Abby's apology and admission that she'd started it. Rey guessed that Mia had finished it, and Mia reminded him that she never backed down from a fight. She inquired about where things stood with Lola's case, and Rey shared that the police were struggling to find a motive. Mia suggested that Lola had been targeted because he was a cop who'd made enemies.

Rey doubted that someone had attacked Lola to send him a message. Mia noted that he'd taken on a lot of powerful people who weren't pleased with him, like Victor, but Rey thought there was nothing to suggest that the attack had had anything to do with him. Rey added that no one had known the women had been arrested at the time of the attack, but he appreciated the outside-the-box thinking. Rey guaranteed that they would find Lola's attacker and make sure justice was done. Mia struggled to hide her panic.

Officers led Victoria and Nikki separately into the courtroom, and the women hugged. Victoria said she'd been trying to figure out how they'd gotten there, since she hadn't told the police anything new to incriminate them. Victoria wondered if Sharon had said something, but Nikki couldn't imagine Sharon doing that after all they'd been through. A cop escorted Sharon in, and Nikki asked how Sharon had been holding up. Sharon grumbled that she'd been better, and she was nervous about what would happen to them that day. Victoria questioned where Phyllis was.

At home, Nick told Phyllis that he hadn't been able to speak to his mom and Victoria, but Michael thought their chances for bail were good. Phyllis pointed out that Victor had made bail, and the women were facing less severe charges with the truth being out there. Nick noted that the arraignment was about to start, and Phyllis announced that she didn't think it was necessary for her to be there. Nick argued that the four women had stuck together since the night J.T. had died, and he wondered why she wouldn't want to be there after she'd told the police things that would help.

Phyllis reasoned that it would look terrible for Jabot's CEO to be in the front row when no one knew about her arrest. Nick got the corporate angle, but he insisted on being there for his family, and he didn't understand why she wouldn't be there for him. She figured that she'd be there in spirit, but he lectured that they had to present a united front. She eventually agreed to go because she'd always put him first, and he thanked her. Nick left to wait in the car, and Phyllis called Christine to notify her that her star witness would be making an appearance sooner than they'd thought.

Meanwhile, Nikki, Victoria, and Sharon pondered why Phyllis was late. Michael requested a word with Nikki and Victoria, and he expressed concern that the statements they'd given to the police were full of holes and contradictions. Nikki maintained that she alone had been responsible for J.T.'s death, but Michael warned that the story was unsustainable because no one believed it. He urged them to get on the same page before the trial, but his only concern that day was getting them out on bail. He instructed them to plead not guilty.

Brittany told Sharon to plead not guilty and leave the rest up to her. Sharon excused herself when she saw Mariah, and they hugged. Mariah revealed that Christine had called her in for another interview and that the D.A. had seemed to know more about a lot of things. Mariah worried that she might have given Christine more ammunition, and she hoped she hadn't made things worse for Sharon. Mariah cautioned that everything was surfacing, and it might be everyone for themselves. She observed that the Newmans had hired their own attorney, but Sharon didn't see Victoria or Nikki turning on her. Mariah indicated that she was worried about Victor.

Sharon argued that Victor knew she'd been protecting Nikki. Victor greeted Sharon and Mariah and hoped for the best that day, and he crossed the room to Victoria and Nikki. He swore that they'd get through it, since he'd been working night and day to get charges dropped, and he had money for when the judge granted bail. Victoria saw Billy and rushed over to hug him. Nikki bemoaned that she'd thought she'd been keeping her family safe, but Victoria had been charged. Victor remarked that watching them suffer was infinitely worse than being on trial himself, but he promised that it wouldn't stand. He pulled her into his arms.

Billy informed Victoria that he'd told the kids that their mother was at work, and they'd been stoked because it meant pizza for dinner. She asked how long he'd said she'd be away, and he replied that he hadn't because he bet that she'd be home that day. She was sure he had a lot of questions, but he assured her that none of them needed to be explained then. He stressed that he was on her side and always would be.

Michael alerted Victoria that it was time, and she wondered why the hearing hadn't started yet. He observed that they were missing the D.A. Brittany suspected that something was up, and Christine entered as the judge asked if they were ready to begin. Nick and Phyllis took their seats in the back of the courtroom, and everyone stared at Phyllis.

Christine wanted to amend the state's complaint against the three defendants. The judge sourly noted that she wasn't surprised, since Victor had been arrested not long before, only to have the charges dropped. The judge required the prosecution to present probable cause before formally proceeding with additional charges, and Christine announced that she had physical evidence and a witness who was willing to testify that Nikki had killed J.T. and that Victoria and Sharon had conspired with Nikki for months to cover up the crime. Michael demanded to know who the witness was, and Christine named Phyllis.

The judge called a short recess to review the documents. A livid Nick realized that Phyllis had been released because she'd agreed to be a witness, and Phyllis defended that Nikki's confession had made Nikki sound like a cold-blooded killer. Phyllis added that the cops weren't buying the story, so she'd given them what they'd needed to hear -- the truth. Phyllis asserted that her account held weight because she'd been able to provide proof, but Nick snapped that she'd been granted immunity to roll over on everyone. Billy accused Phyllis of betraying her friends to save herself, and a seething Victor warned that Phyllis would have to deal with him if his wife and daughter went down as collateral damage.

Nikki grumbled that Phyllis had been waiting all that time for a reason to flip on them, and Christine had given it to her. Victor stopped Victoria from confronting Phyllis, warning that her actions in the courtroom would have ramifications. Victoria wanted Phyllis to look her in the eye and explain what she'd done, but Michael stressed that it could be held against Victoria at trial. Victoria growled that Phyllis had been equally as involved as any of them. Sharon told Mariah that striking a deal had been "very underhanded and very Phyllis," but the truth would have gotten out one way or another.

Michael pulled Christine into the corridor for a chat. Phyllis observed that it looked like Victoria and Nikki wanted to kill her, and Nick asked if she blamed them. Nick stepped away to check his messages, and as he hovered near the door, he overheard Michael questioning whether Christine considered Phyllis to be a reliable witness. Christine invited Michael to cross-examine Phyllis, and Michael argued that Phyllis had reason to lie because she should have been charged with the same crimes. Christine was confident that Phyllis was telling the truth, and she huffed that it was too bad his clients hadn't done the same thing when they'd had a chance.

The judge reviewed the filing and determined that it met the burden of probable cause. She asked Nikki to rise, and she declared that Nikki had been charged with second-degree intentional homicide and obstruction of justice. Nikki pleaded not guilty. The judge read charges of being a party to second-degree intentional homicide and obstruction against Sharon and Victoria, and they both pleaded not guilty. Christine cited the extreme flight risk due to the Newmans' resources, and she requested that bail be denied. The judge agreed and proclaimed that all three defendants would be remanded into custody until the trial.

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