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Jack was reappointed as Jabot's CEO. Jack and Ashley declared corporate war. Rebekah and Nick slept together. Sharon and Rey made love. Mia left a sonogram photo for Sharon to find. Victoria partied in Vegas and had sex with Brandon. Lily told Cane their marriage was over.
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Sharon and Rey made love; Lily told Cane their marriage was over
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Jack becomes CEO of Jabot

Jack becomes CEO of Jabot

Monday, April 1, 2019

At Jabot, Phyllis, Traci, Billy, Lauren, and Dominique Carroll, the imposter chemist formerly known as Kerry Johnson, gathered after being summoned via a mysteriously sent text message. The assembled group was blindsided when Ashley made an entrance and said, "Shall we get this meeting started?" Jack angrily noted that Ashley had no authority to convene a meeting of the board. Dominique revealed her true identity. Speaking in her natural British accent, Dominique greeted Ashley. Dominique and Ashley embraced before Dominique abruptly left to board a flight to Paris.

After Dominique departed, Jack stepped out to speak with her. Jack asked Dominique if everything they'd shared had been one colossal lie. Jack suggested that Dominique been paid extra to prostitute herself. Dominique insisted that her personal relationship with Jack hadn't involved Ashley. Jack was taken aback when Dominique attempted to persuade him to fly away with her and leave behind a company she believed would soon collapse into dust. Jack replied, "There's no way I'm going anywhere with you."

As Dominque turned to leave, Jack grabbed her arm. Jack insisted he wouldn't allow Dominique to walk away without facing repercussions for what she'd done. Dominque warned Jack that if he attempted to alert the police, she'd ensure that Jabot would receive bad press. Dominique added that Jack had a far bigger battle to wage in Phyllis' office. Jack winced, knowing Dominique was right.

The mood in Phyllis' office intensified when Phyllis warned Ashley that corporate espionage was a federal crime. Traci added, "And helping yourself to those patents certainly qualifies." Lauren asked if Dominique was the only mole Ashley had planted inside the company. Traci cried that Ashley was toying with people's lives. When Jack returned, Ashley asked if he'd sorted things out with Dominique. Jack, more interested in grilling Ashley, replied, "Start talking."

Kyle and Abby arrived. Abby was surprised to see her mother. Ashley, noting that there were two sides to every story, insisted she'd done all she could to help Jabot. Phyllis disputed Ashley's statement and explained that she'd planted a spy named Dominque Carroll, also known as Kerry, who'd inflicted maximum damage. Ashley replied, "I'm not the one who hired her to run the lab. You are." Lauren added, "Because she had a sterling reputation." Ashley explained that the real Kerry Johnson was currently pursuing her career in Paris at Premier Cosmetics. Lauren correctly assumed that Ashley owned Premier Cosmetics. Ashley nodded.

Jack asked Ashley if her aim was to destroy Jabot. Ashley confidently said she intended to save Jabot by taking it over. Kyle, angry, told Ashley that after she and her accomplice had invented the crisis, Ashley couldn't just swoop in and act like a hero. Jack cried that Ashley had stolen every product Jabot had created right out from under their noses. Ashley reminded Jack that the products Kerry had created belonged exclusively to Premier Cosmetics. Traci said, "So, this Dominique was just pretending to create the products for Jabot while diligently registering all the patents for this shadow company of yours." Ashley added that it all worked so well because Phyllis had failed to do her appropriate homework, which had allowed "Kerry" to slide right in.

Billy insisted that he had no interest in hearing Ashley's offer. Lauren said she'd like to hear the proposal before making a determination. Jack angrily insisted that Jabot wasn't for sale at any price to any outside entity. Ashley laughed and said Jack couldn't help but point out that he considered her an outsider. Ashley, pointing to Billy and Kyle, said Dominique had told her how they'd joined forces to oust Phyllis. Ashley noted that Jabot had expended a fortune, promoting products it didn't have a legal right to sell.

Ashley displayed a contract and offered to purchase Jabot Cosmetics as a wholly owned subsidiary. Jack reminded Ashley that the last time he'd spoken to her, he had poured out his heart and offered an abject apology. Jack also recalled having admitted he'd felt insecure, knowing she'd one day outshine him. Jack cried that he wouldn't grovel again. Ashley, holding the contract, extended her arm toward Jack and replied, "Don't take too long. My offer expires tomorrow." Ashley dropped the contract on the floor, picked up her handbag, and walked out.

Jack was fuming after Ashley exited. Phyllis turned her back on everyone in the room and spoke privately with Lauren. Phyllis cried that she hadn't been aware of her enemies and hoped she could count on Lauren. Lauren admitted she was considering Ashley's proposal. Phyllis said she'd never give up without a fight. Lauren glanced across the room at Billy, Kyle, and Jack with their heads together and warned Phyllis that it might not be her call.

Billy told Jack and Kyle that they needed to make a big move quickly. Kyle said, "Like what?" Jack replied, "Follow our lead." Phyllis gathered everyone together and announced that the new developments would affect every vendor, every buyer, every employee, and even the company's satellite offices. Phyllis added that as CEO, she intended to fight for Jabot's rights and continued independence by getting the legal department involved. Phyllis vowed to sue Dominique and Ashley for fraud.

Jack explained that, legally, Ashley had done nothing wrong. Billy added that Ashley, though not a member of the board, had a material stake in Jabot. Both Kyle and Billy added that Ashley could claim that she'd sent Dominique to be a diligent overseer. Phyllis said she'd sue for the patents. Abby noted that a lawsuit would only tie up funds the company didn't have. Lauren said that Dominique's contract should have included a non-compete clause, which Dominique would have broken by working simultaneously for two companies. Phyllis admitted that she'd been so eager to hire "Kerry" that she'd allowed her to write her own contract.

Phyllis sarcastically asked if they all wanted to hear her admit she'd screwed up. Jack replied, "I'm glad you're taking the blame. It makes the rest of this easier." Jack told Phyllis they planned to vote her out as CEO and off the board. Phyllis insisted she'd done an outstanding job at Jabot. Jack announced that the board meeting was back in session, and he asked Abby to record the minutes. Phyllis continued defending herself and reminded the board members that she'd increased sales and had launched the Jaboutiques. Lauren insisted on including all board members. Billy contacted Foster and Morgan via phone.

Only Phyllis and Lauren voted to retain Phyllis in her position. Everyone else on the Jabot board voted against Phyllis. After Phyllis left, Lauren told the others that Ashley's offer might be their only way out of the mess because the Jaboutiques alone weren't enough to keep Jabot afloat. Lauren added that if the company collapsed, it would take Fenmore's down with it. Traci urged everyone not to rush into a major decision. Jack and Kyle noted that the clock was ticking. Abby agreed. Jack acknowledged that it was time to dig in and fight.

Jack offered to lead the charge as CEO. Jack assured everyone that he'd run the company ethically as John had. Billy phoned the absent board members. After consulting both absent members, Billy said, "We have a split decision. Foster's voting for Jack as CEO. Morgan is voting for the merger with Ashley." Jack voted for himself. Lauren voted to accept Ashley's offer. Kyle voted for his father. Traci voted for the merger, stating that it would be the best decision for their family and the company. Abby abstained because she didn't want to choose sides. Billy cast the deciding vote and chose Jack. Abby congratulated Jack for being reinstated as CEO. After everyone left, Jack took his seat in the CEO's chair.

Phyllis ended up at the Athletic Club bar, where Dominique was already seated. Dominique said, "Are we going to throw drinks or pull hair? Let me know before I order." Phyllis told Dominique that hearing her speak with a British accent was very bizarre. Phyllis asked if anything about their friendship had been real. Dominique said it had been. Dominique explained that she'd had a job to do. Phyllis replied, "And you have a job to go back to." Phyllis acknowledged she had been ousted. Dominique assured Phyllis that she'd land on her feet.

Abby caught up with her mother at the Athletic Club. Abby, scowling, banged on the door. Ashley was slow to answer. Ashley eventually opened the door. Abby angrily said, "What the hell have you just done?" Abby entered her mother's room. Ashley closed the door.

Sharon was fastening the ties on her wrap dress just as her doorbell rang. She quickly checked her hair in a mirror before rushing to answer the door. Rey entered Sharon's living room and noticed clothing lying around. Sharon laughed and said she hadn't been able to decide what to wear. Rey said Sharon had chosen the perfect dress and looked amazing.

Rey drove Sharon to the Genoa City Athletic Club, where he'd arranged to have a table set with flowers and Champagne. Sharon read aloud the card attached to the flowers. Rey had written that he hoped their first date would be as special as Sharon was. Sharon mentioned that Rey was still a married man. Rey said he'd considered his marriage to be over the first time Mia had cheated on him. Rey added that Mia's heart hadn't been in saving their marriage any more than his had been.

Sharon, apprehensive, offered to call off her date with Reyaqwww. Rey said it was the beginning of their romantic relationship. Rey told Sharon he could finally let the world know exactly how he felt about her. Rey said he couldn't wait to kiss Sharon. Sharon suggested they be alone. Rey and Sharon retreated to a room. Once inside, the amorous couple wasted no time disrobing and making love.

At the Neman ranch, Paul made a surprise visit to see Nikki. Paul assured Nikki that all charges against her had been dropped. Paul added that J.T. had pleaded guilty and would serve his sentence. Paul embraced a relieved Nikki and urged her to embrace a new beginning with a clean slate. Nikki explained that public perception would be a different situation. Paul recalled that Nikki had tackled bigger problems in her past and had always ended up on top. Paul asked about Victoria. Nikki explained that though they'd been freed, Victoria's nightmare was far from over.

At Victoria's house, Victoria seemed distracted while reading in a tabloid about her encounter with J.T. Johnny and Katie ran into the room. Johnny thought Victoria might scold him for running in the house. Katie asked if she and her brother were in trouble. Victoria sat down with her son and daughter and gently explained that she would be away for a while. Johnny pleaded with his mother not to go. Victoria assured her children that their daddy, Hannah, and even their grandparents would take excellent care of them.

After Victoria mentioned Nikki and Victor, Katie replied, "Did Grandpa find the man in the wall? I wanted to play with him again." Victoria explained that the man had been located, but he wouldn't be around to play anymore. Johnny and Katie had gone to their room to play when Nikki stopped by. Nikki told Victoria she should stay home with her children. Nikki added, "Victoria, you haven't answered any of my phone calls since the police let us come home. You've been avoiding Billy, and now you're going off to God knows where when you should be home with your support system." Victoria kissed her mom, grabbed her bags, and said, "Everything's fine. I'll call you soon, okay?"

When Billy arrived, he was surprised to find that Victoria had left town. Billy told Nikki that Victoria hadn't mentioned anything to him about a business trip. Nikki explained that Victoria had purposely avoided talking to him. Billy became frustrated. Nikki told Billy that Victoria was trying to run away.

Victoria checked into her hotel room alone. She phoned the front desk and identified herself as Jeni Lumberston. Victoria requested complete privacy. After Victoria hung up the phone, she sat on the sofa as if she didn't know what to do with herself.

Jack and Ashley declare battle

Jack and Ashley declare battle

Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Devon and Ana helped Jett and Elena move into Devon's penthouse. Devon welcomed them to their new home, and Jett and Elena looked around admiringly. Devon told them to let him know if they needed anything, but Elena hesitated to take advantage of his generosity. Devon declared that he was glad they'd be living there, since it sometimes got too quiet. Ana and Elena carried some boxes upstairs, and Devon prepared to head out. Jett eyed the piano, and Devon invited him to try it. After Devon departed, Jett started to play, and Ana sat down on the stairs and listened.

Ana clapped when her father finished playing. Ana mentioned that Elena had been gushing about the place, and Jett acknowledged that Devon was doing them a solid. Ana warned that Devon could get intense and moody because he still needed more time to get past everything. Jett understood because of his own recovery, but he was feeling stronger every day and thinking about making a comeback. He resumed playing and started singing as Elena joined them. Jett began to cough, and Elena advised him not to push himself too hard. Ana urged him to play the song again, and she sang along. Elena encouraged Jett to get some rest, and she followed him upstairs.

Devon stopped by Rey's apartment to visit Lola. She assured him that she was starting to feel like herself again, and she offered him a bowl of soup that she'd made. Devon worried that she was pushing herself too hard, and Lola groaned that he sounded like her brothers and everyone else. She complained that she'd rested more in the past couple of weeks than she had in her entire life, and she swore that she'd lose her mind if she didn't have the restaurant to look forward to. Devon expressed his surprise to have heard on GC Buzz that it would be opening soon, since he and Abby had agreed to give Lola time to recover.

Lola reiterated that she was fine, but Devon thought she didn't realize how demanding the job would be. Lola insisted that she'd made a commitment to him and Abby, so she would be ready when they were. He contended that he cared more about her health than his investment, and he didn't want her to end up back in the hospital. She promised that she wouldn't, and he planned to tell Abby that the plans for the opening were on. Lola showed him to the door and clutched her side after he left.

Back at the penthouse, Ana asked if Elena was settling in okay. Elena responded that she was trying not to get too comfortable, since she could never afford to live in a place like that, and she'd be paying off student loans for the rest of her life. Ana imagined that Jett would help out if he made a comeback, but Elena insisted that she wasn't looking for a handout. Ana hoped she and Elena could be friends, and Elena agreed. Ana stepped into the kitchen to get more honey for her tea, and Devon returned home. He stopped short when he saw Elena sipping from Hilary's mug, and Elena asked if he was okay. He stammered that his mind had gone somewhere for a second.

At Jabot, Lauren entered the CEO's office and wished Jack well. He said it meant a lot, considering she hadn't voted for him. She reiterated that she didn't agree with his plans, since she felt he was letting his issues with Ashley get in the way of what was best for the company. Lauren anticipated that he'd wind up laying off employees who relied on Jabot for their livelihood, but Jack assured her that Jabot would thrive. Lauren stated that she didn't have his confidence, and she wanted to buy back Jabot's stake in Fenmore's.

Jack pointed out that he and Lauren had both loved and respected their fathers and the companies their dads had created, and Lauren thought he should understand why she wanted to regain what her father had left to her. Jack protested that divesting made no sense, since Fenmore's was the one arm of the company that was slated to make a profit that quarter. Lauren chastised him for using her profits to finance his scheme. He questioned whether she even had the cash to buy back Jabot's share, and she conceded that it would take time to finance. He announced that the conversation was over, but he was willing to talk if she managed to pull together the funds. She glared at him and walked out.

Lauren ran into Phyllis in the corridor and expressed her condolences about how the board meeting had gone. Phyllis thanked Lauren for having her back, and Lauren grumbled that the last thing the company needed was another round of Jack and Ashley. Lauren mentioned that she'd asked Jack to sell back her shares, and Phyllis guessed that he'd turned her down. Lauren relayed that he'd said he wasn't interested, but then he'd asked if she had the money. Lauren considered getting an investor to put up a minority stake to raise the cash, and Phyllis suggested that she do it and run Fenmore's alongside Lauren. Lauren suggested that they discuss it further in her office.

Over the phone, Jack told Jabot's lawyers to find some way to disallow the registrations of the patents under Ashley's company. Jack blamed Phyllis for not consulting with the attorneys, and he looked up and saw Phyllis in the doorway. After he hung up, Phyllis announced that she was there to discuss her severance package, since her golden parachute agreement included six months of pay and a cash bonus. Jack asserted that it only applied if she'd been fired without cause, but she'd failed to properly oversee an employee she'd hired. He couldn't justify rewarding the person who'd put Jabot on life support, and he was sure she'd land on her feet like she always did. Phyllis retorted that when she did, he had better be looking over his shoulder. She stalked out.

Kyle met Summer at Crimson Lights and apologetically explained that the board meeting had taken longer than expected. She observed that he looked terrible, and he informed her that Kerry's name was really Dominique Carroll and that Dominique had been working for someone else -- Ashley. He added that all the products Dominique had created for Jabot had been registered to Ashley's company, and Ashley had shown up in person to take credit. Summer expected that her mom wouldn't let Ashley get away with it, and Kyle replied that Phyllis wouldn't have much say in the matter, since the board was holding her responsible because she'd been the CEO. Summer inferred that her mother wasn't CEO anymore, and Kyle confirmed that Phyllis had been voted out.

Summer balked at telling her mom that she was Lola's donor, but Kyle cautioned that Phyllis would find out from someone else. Summer pushed him to leave before Phyllis got there, and he recognized that he wasn't Phyllis' favorite person. Kyle thought Phyllis might forgive him for voting to toss her out as CEO, but not for conspiring with Jack and Billy to remove her even before the fiasco with the patents. He swore that it had been strictly business because of the bad publicity from the murder trial.

Phyllis walked in before Kyle could make himself scarce. Summer hugged Phyllis and said she was sorry about what had happened, and Phyllis barked that Kerry hadn't been the only one yielding a knife that day. Summer defended that Phyllis couldn't be mad at Kyle for siding with his dad. Phyllis turned the topic to what Summer wanted to talk to her about. Summer conceded that she should have told Phyllis sooner, but it was complicated. Kyle blurted out that Summer had saved someone's life.

Phyllis was stunned to hear that Summer hadn't told her about having major surgery, and Kyle explained that Summer had wanted to donate her liver anonymously. Phyllis asked who else knew about it, and Summer and Kyle rattled off a list of names. Phyllis griped that everyone had known but her, and she hoped Kyle appreciated what Summer had done. Summer gushed that he'd been the best husband a girl could ask for.

Phyllis was impressed with Summer's selfless and courageous act. Phyllis asked to talk to Summer alone, and Kyle moved out of the room. Phyllis suspected that the surgery had been the reason Summer had been anxious about getting married, and Summer marveled that she'd gotten her wish to have her husband by her side when she'd woken up in the hospital. Phyllis muttered that Kyle had gotten what he'd wanted, too, since Summer had saved the life of the woman he loved.

Lola entered the coffeehouse and locked eyes with Kyle. They made small talk about her recovery, and she mentioned that her doctor had said it was good for her to move around. She mentioned that she was trying to build her strength with the restaurant opening soon. He imagined that she was pumped, but he wished that Abby had given her more time to recuperate. Lola countered that he should be looking after his wife.

Meanwhile, Summer insisted that Phyllis was wrong about Kyle. Phyllis admitted that she didn't trust any of the Abbotts, and she called Kyle the worst of the bunch. Phyllis recalled when he'd grabbed the CEO job away from his own father and teamed up with Ashley to force Billy out. Phyllis added that Kyle had worked with Billy and Jack to oust her, and Summer chalked it up to just being business. Phyllis ordered her to wake up, since loyalty meant nothing to Kyle.

Summer reasoned that Kyle could have left her the minute she'd donated her liver, but he was still by her side. "Is he?" Phyllis questioned, and Summer followed her mother's gaze to Kyle and Lola talking. Summer assumed that Kyle was simply inquiring about how Lola's recovery was going, and she crossed the room to join them. Summer politely said it was good to see Lola out, and Lola replied that she was feeling stronger every day. Summer claimed that she still tired easily, and she requested that Kyle take her home. Kyle and Lola awkwardly exchanged goodbyes.

Over dinner at the Athletic Club, Lauren couldn't imagine what her father would have thought if he knew 49 percent of her profits would be used to try to save another company. Michael thought her father would be proud of the job she was doing at Fenmore's, and Lauren pondered what John would have thought about his children's constant arguing over who got to call the shots. She pointed out that Jabot could have dozens of products ready to go, and profits would go through the roof if Jack and Ashley put their egos aside. Lauren thought there had to be a way to break her contract, but Michael confirmed that it was iron-clad. She begged him to review it again to find a way out, but he advised her not to get her hopes up.

Lauren expressed concern about Fen, who had sounded tired and frustrated when she'd last spoken to him. She asked if Michael had also heard it in their son's voice, but Michael informed her that he hadn't talked to Fen in a while. Lauren recalled that they'd been on the phone all the time when Fen had been at school, and Michael figured that they'd had more to talk about back then. Lauren suspected that Fen thought Michael was disappointed in him for leaving law school to pursue singing.

Lauren noted that Fen was working his tail off on a low-budget tour and making very little, but it was his dream. Michael lectured that dreams didn't pay the bills. Lauren understood that Michael was concerned out of love, but all Fen heard was the lack of support. Michael insisted that he didn't want to hurt Fen, and he resolved to be more like her.

Over the phone, Lauren asked Phyllis how much she could invest, and Phyllis claimed that she needed more time to get an accurate number. Lauren panicked that Phyllis had changed her mind. Phyllis swore that while her assets weren't as accessible as she'd thought, she would get the money.

In Ashley's hotel room, Ashley hugged Abby, who wished her mother was there under different circumstances. Abby revealed that Phyllis had been ousted as CEO and that Jack had been voted in. Abby told Ashley to count her out of whatever plans Ashley had, since Abby didn't want to be in the middle of another family battle. Abby scolded Ashley for blindsiding everyone by trying to take over the company, but Ashley contended that there wouldn't be a company without her. Abby couldn't see Jack answering to his little sister, but Ashley huffed that it was too bad, since she was taking over the family business.

Ashley inquired about Dina, and Abby reported that it was heartbreaking to see her grandmother more confused than ever. Ashley figured that Abby had something wonderful to look forward to, and Abby referred to her restaurant. Ashley clarified that she'd been talking about Abby's wedding, and Abby revealed that she'd broken things off with Arturo. Abby insisted that she was doing just fine by getting rid of everything that didn't give her joy, starting with her ex-fiancé and her job at Dark Horse. Ashley suggested that Abby start over in Paris by becoming Ashley's second in command.

Ashley offered to let Abby name her position and salary. Abby was flattered, but she had to stay in Genoa City with her new restaurant opening, and she couldn't wait to be her own boss. Abby asked if Ashley would be back in town for the opening, and Ashley thought it might time well with the merger. Abby pointed out that Jack might turn down Ashley's offer, since he'd been adamant about rejecting it.

Ashley recognized that Jack didn't like it when she had the upper hand, but he eventually calmed down and thought rationally. Abby warned that he had Billy and Kyle in his ear, but Ashley suspected that there was a voice in Jack's other ear that carried more weight. Abby wondered who that could be, and there was a knock at the door. "Right on time," Ashley chirped, and she opened the door and greeted Jack.

Ashley invited Abby to stay and celebrate, but Abby had restaurant interviews to conduct. Abby hoped Ashley and Jack worked something out because their family needed to heal. Abby departed, and Ashley suggested that she and Jack drink to Abby's wise words. Ashley handed him a glass, but Jack set it down. She figured that he wanted to keep a clear head while negotiating, but he informed her that he was there to thank her for expediting the process of getting Phyllis out.

Ashley agreed that Phyllis never should have been running Jabot, and Jack found it ironic that Ashley had made it possible for him to be back in charge. She proposed that he repay her by letting her buy Jabot. "No way in hell," Jack replied. Ashley warned that Jack would end up destroying what he loved most, and she considered what would happen to the employees. Jack asserted that they were on his side, but Ashley accused him of choosing petty grievances over the company's welfare.

Ashley continued that John wouldn't want them to be at one another's throats, shattering John's hopes and dreams. Jack declared his intent to honor them, and he blasted her for using their dad's memory to guilt him after she'd stolen Jabot's patents. Ashley argued that their parents had signed over the patents to her, but Jack countered that they'd never thought she'd use them against Jabot. Ashley urged him to accept that both of their parents had wanted to give her the credit she deserved, and Jack spat that she'd thanked them by taking her toys and running off to Paris. Ashley suggested that they honor their parents by ending their feud and reuniting the family by working together.

Jack recounted that all he'd ever wanted was to work together, and he envisioned Ashley going back to the lab and allowing Jabot to license the products she owned. He thought they would make a brilliant team, but she objected to him always having to be in control. He proclaimed that he'd been born to run the company, but she argued that Jabot wouldn't exist without her products. He countered that he had more of a head for business, but she contended that science led the industry, and no one knew the science of cosmetics better than she did -- including him.

Jack proposed that he and Ashley run their own companies and see who turned a profit and who went under. He firmly stated that he'd fought too hard to get the company back from Victor, and he would never sell it again to anyone, including her. "What's wrong, sis? Worried you can't beat me?" Jack taunted. Ashley confidently replied that she knew she could, and she accepted his challenge. "Let the battle begin," he declared.

Victoria parties in Las Vegas

Victoria parties in Las Vegas

Wednesday, April 3, 2019

by Nel

In a Las Vegas hotel room, Victoria unpacked her clothes and ignored Billy's text message.

In their bedroom at the Abbotts', Summer told Kyle that the doctor had advised her that she could resume sexual activities. Kyle was hesitant, but he was drawn in when Summer began to kiss him and said she'd missed him. They began to undress then they made love.

After the loving, Kyle picked up his phone and read a text message from Lola, "Hey great seeing you earlier. Genuinely hope you're doing okay." Longingly he looked at the photo of Lola on his phone. Kyle gingerly got out of bed because he didn't want to wake Summer.

When Summer woke up, she became upset when she realized that Kyle wasn't in bed with her. She picked up Kyle's phone. She wasn't pleased when she saw the photo of Lola that was still displayed on his screen.

Downstairs at the Abbotts', Jack told Billy that they had to get ahead of the impending Jabot disaster. Billy acknowledged that he had been distracted. He told Jack that Victoria hadn't responded to his text messages. He said that Nikki had been worried that Victoria had run away. Jack suggested that Billy give Victoria a break because she'd been through a lot. Jack assured Billy that Victoria would reach out to him when she was ready. Jack suggested that Victoria was probably at a spa or a mountain retreat.

Talk between Jack and Billy turned to the business of rebuilding Jabot. Billy asked Jack how they could fix their situation because they didn't have any products or money for marketing. Jack said they needed to formulate a solid plan to restore Jabot. Kyle joined Jack and Billy as Jack stated that they needed a game plan to take Ashley down. Jack said they needed a simple shift in priorities. Billy asked how big a shift.

Jack suggested that their focus should be on fashion. The fashion arm of Jabot had grown since partnering with Fenmore's. He said the perfect answer was to adjust the budget and expand the fashion line. Billy agreed and said they could bring in a new and hot designer. Excited, Kyle said that would take Jabot to a whole new level. He loved the idea. Billy said that the plan would give them time to recruit a new chemist and to create new products.

Jack said they would need to revamp their cosmetics line, but they needed to take their time. He said that when people spoke about Jabot, it would be because of Jabot's total look and lifestyle of clothes, shoes, cosmetics, and fragrances. Kyle said they needed to advertise on social media. Summer arrived and said that they had her attention with fashion and social media.

Billy told Jack and Kyle that he didn't think it was appropriate to discuss Jabot's future in front of Summer, since she was a Newman, she worked at Newman, and her mother had been fired as Jabot's CEO. Summer assured Billy she was an Abbott because she was married to one. She admitted she'd been hurt because her mother had been fired, but she loved Jack and Kyle, and whatever happened to Jabot happened to all of them. She assured them she could put her personal issues aside. Billy reminded Jack and Kyle what had happened the last time they'd trusted a viper who'd pledged their loyalty. Jack said it was Kyle's call.

Kyle told Jack and Billy that he and Summer had made a good team at Jabot and Fenmore's. He said that Summer had worked hard, and some of her wild ideas had turned out to be genius. He said Summer had a lot to contribute, and he wanted her to stay. Billy told Kyle to remember that when things blew up.

Jack asked Kyle and Summer what ideas they had. He mentioned that they didn't have the resources for a major ad campaign. Kyle said they didn't need it. Summer said that they needed to use social media to get people excited and to build a buzz. Styles would push their brand to the top. Kyle mentioned videos. Summer spoke about "unboxing." When she saw Jack's puzzled look, she explained "unboxing" and how it worked. Summer said that the people in receipt of their boxes would use the Jabot products then write reviews about them.

Kyle told Jack and Billy that they would save a ton of money because there wouldn't be a need for glossy print ads in magazines. Summer said their brand would be front and center at movie premieres and on the red carpet. She said that they could have photos of the rich and famous wearing Jabot products. Kyle said it would all be on the Internet, and it was all free advertising. Summer also suggested that they make the consumer part of the process. She felt it would be the only way to proceed.

Summer and Kyle's brainstorming had formed a plan to save Jabot. Jack and Billy were in awe while watching Kyle and Summer in action. They were clearly impressed with the endgame. Jack loved their ideas, but he wanted to incorporate some traditional ideas, as well. Billy congratulated Kyle and Summer for creating a plan to save Jabot. He smiled and added that there would be many sleepless nights.

At the penthouse, Elena found Devon sitting on the couch, listening to demos. She said she didn't want to interrupt him. Devon welcomed the break. Elena said the penthouse was amazing. She spotted a photo of a woman, and Devon explained that it was Hilary, his wife. Elena said she recognized Hilary from GC Buzz. She said it had broken her heart when Hilary had died. Devon said it had broken his heart, as well.

Elena wanted to leave and let Devon get back to his work, but Devon asked her to stay. He asked Elena about her background. Elena told him that she'd grown up in Milwaukee and that she had left the residency program because she hadn't gotten along with the chief resident. She loved taking care of Jett, but there were times when she wanted to see a movie or take a walk in the park. Devon suggested that they do something together, but Elena refused. At that moment Devon received a work-related call and left the room for privacy.

When Devon returned, he apologized to Elena. Elena said she didn't want things to get awkward because she lived in Devon's home. She agreed to have coffee with Devon sometime. Devon and Elena continued to bond over Jett, music, and the lack of their love lives. Elena said it was time to turn in. Devon reminded her about the coffee before he said goodnight. Elena smiled and went upstairs.

In her Las Vegas hotel room, Victoria had been putting away her clothes when someone knocked on her door. Without opening the door, Victoria asked who it was. A slightly inebriated guy said he was looking for Lizzie. Victoria told him that he had the wrong room. He asked her to open the door, but she said that she had no idea who he was. He said he was Brandon Rose. Victoria told him to go away or she'd call security.

Brandon slipped something under Victoria's door. Victoria picked it up and saw it was a poster for his band. Brandon said he'd leave a VIP pass for her at the box office under the name of "505." He said he wanted to see if she was as beautiful as her voice. Victoria crumpled the poster and threw it into the trash.

Later, Victoria had been in bed and on the phone with her kids. After saying goodnight to them, she turned out the lights. She suddenly had a flashback to the night at the Abbott cabin after she, Nikki, and Sharon had escaped from the prison van: after the lights went out in the cabin, she told Nikki and Sharon that she was going to contact Nick. When she reached for the cell phone that had been on the table, it wasn't there.

The memory had upset Victoria, and she couldn't sleep. She got out of bed, pulled out Brandon's poster from the trash, and got dressed.

Sometime later, Victoria, Brandon, and the band members returned to her suite. She posed for a selfie with the band. She told Brandon her name was Jenny and that she'd loved the show. Brandon wanted to know what she did. Victoria said she was an artist and told him that the world was her home. She stated she had studied in Florence and that she'd haunted the art museums during the day and painted in the evenings. Victoria said that she'd been in touch with several galleries, and she hoped to have a show in the near future.

Brandon said he was impressed then addressed her as Victoria. He apologized and said he'd known what it was like to want to be incognito. Victoria said that she'd needed to get away. Brandon offered to take Victoria to a club, but she declined and told him that she had business to attend to the next day. Everyone left. Brandon hesitated at the door. He took Victoria's hand and wrote his phone number on her palm. After he left, Victoria smiled as she tidied up. Happily, she entered his number into her phone.

Mariah joined Tessa at Crimson Lights. Mariah confessed that she'd bought back Tessa's guitar from the pawn shop. Tessa was overjoyed and hugged Mariah. Tessa admitted that she had a lot of music rolling around in her head. Mariah suggested they return to their apartment so Tessa could sing her heart out, but Tessa wanted to be alone to reconnect with the music. Tessa thanked Mariah for believing in her, and Tessa left.

Rey arrived at Sharon's and thanked her for the dinner invitation. Sharon said she couldn't wait for a second date after their first date earlier that day had been such a success. While Rey poured wine, Sharon told him not to look at her the way he was, or they wouldn't make it to dinner. Sharon noticed that he seemed pensive. She assured him that there wasn't anything he couldn't talk about with her. As they were about to kiss, Mariah arrived and asked why Rey was there.

Sharon advised Mariah that she'd invited Rey for dinner. Mariah chirped that she was famished and hoped there was enough food for one more. Once dinner was over, Mariah apologized to Rey for the insults she'd thrown at him after he had arrested Sharon. She acknowledged that in the end, he'd done the right thing. Mariah told Sharon and Rey that all the charges against Tessa had been dropped. Sharon was happy and said they all needed a fresh start.

Mariah saw Sharon and Rey holding hands and asked what was going on. She asked if Sharon and Rey were together. Sharon said yes and asked Mariah to be happy for her. Alone with Sharon, Mariah said she was concerned about Sharon's relationship with Rey. Sharon admitted she'd had feelings for Rey for a long time.

Mariah approached Rey and asked if he was still married to Mia. Rey said on paper only, but not for too much longer. Mariah told Rey that she saw a guy who had broken her mother's heart and destroyed her trust. Rey said that he would prove to Sharon and her children that she was the most important person in the world to him. Sharon gave Mariah a bag of leftovers as an indication it was time for her to leave. Mariah gave Rey a warning look before she walked out the door.

After Mariah left, Sharon offered Rey an apology for Mariah's behavior. Rey said that Mariah cared about Sharon and that she would relax once she saw that Sharon was in good hands. Rey and Sharon gazed at each other, and they began to undress. Rey carried Sharon to bed.

At Mariah and Tessa's apartment, Tessa struggled with her guitar and her singing. Frustrated, she put down the guitar and sat on one of the stairs. Mariah found Tessa on the fire escape. Tessa told Mariah that the universe had advised her to find another profession. Mariah said that the universe wanted Tessa play one of her older songs. Tessa picked up her guitar and sang successfully.

Back at the Abbotts', Summer wanted to check social media to see what the competition was doing, but she was shocked when she found a selfie of Victoria with the band members from the Bloody Thorns on a social media page. Jack and Kyle were shocked. Summer said it didn't look like the Aunt Victoria she knew. Billy was stunned that Victoria was in Las Vegas. Grimly, he stated that the photo appeared to indicate a lot more than decompressing.

Lily tells Cane their marriage is over

Lily tells Cane their marriage is over

Thursday, April 4, 2019

At the cottage, Rey and Sharon kissed on the couch, and she purred that it couldn't be possible that he wanted to have sex again. He nodded, but she suggested that they at least have some food first. He bragged that he made a killer omelet, and she pondered what they should do that day. Rey noted that it was a benefit of losing their jobs, and he opted to just hang out there. Sharon cooed that she was glad he'd stayed the night, and he agreed. She headed upstairs as the doorbell rang, and she yelled for him to answer it. As he put on a shirt, Rey opened the door to Nick.

Sharon returned downstairs and saw Nick, who guessed that he was interrupting. She mentioned that she and Rey had been about to have breakfast, and Nick inquired whether they were a "thing." Sharon confirmed that she and Rey were together, and Nick stammered that he'd been caught off guard. Sharon pointed out that he'd shown up uninvited, and Nick promised to leave after he said what he was there to say. He offered her a job.

Rey prepared to leave to let Nick and Sharon have a private conversation, and he encouraged Sharon to hear Nick out. Sharon and Rey kissed goodbye, and Rey departed. Nick bemoaned that he'd been losing people left and right at Dark Horse, and he mentioned that Jack had been voted in as CEO of Jabot. Sharon assumed that Phyllis had been fired, and she sarcastically suggested that Nick hire Phyllis.

Nick recounted that Abby had fired Arturo and had later quit herself, and he offered Sharon a job as head of public relations. She remarked that it was out of left field, but he reasoned that she had experience as a spokesperson and was great with people. Nick added that they made a great team, and she experienced a moment of déjà vu, since he'd said the same thing right before they'd been about to get married.

Nick joked that he was just offering Sharon a job, not asking her to marry him again. They laughed, but she hesitated to risk the balance they'd found with their friendship and the kids. Nick clarified that he hadn't made the offer because of their personal relationship but because he thought she'd be great at the job, and it could be an exciting new challenge for her. Sharon explained that she'd gone back to school to do something with more of a personal connection and purpose, and Nick suggested that he put her in charge of Dark Horse's charity work as well as handling the PR.

Rey arrived home and rifled through his box of belongings from the police station, including a photo of Mia in her wedding dress. He called Mia's doctor's office to ask some questions about Mia's pregnancy. Rey explained that he was Mia's husband and claimed that their hectic schedules hadn't allowed them to attend appointments together, but he failed to get any information because he wasn't the patient. There was a knock at the door, and Rey said he'd call back.

Rey opened the door and invited Sharon in, and he inquired about the new job. She informed him that she hadn't taken it, although she might help Nick with some charity work on the side. She realized that she was actually enjoying unemployment, and she wanted to take more time off to spend with Rey to get their new relationship off on the right foot. They kissed.

Sharon felt like a jerk for yammering on about a job she'd turned down while Rey was mourning the one he'd lost. She recognized that being a cop was a big part of who he was, and he confided that he'd been wondering who he was without his job. She asserted that he was still a cop, even if he wasn't employed as one. Rey stood by what he'd done, and Sharon called him a hero in her eyes. She recommended that he try talking to Paul again, but Rey considered the chances of changing Paul's mind slim to none.

Sharon brightly pointed out that neighboring towns needed smart, dedicated detectives, but Rey assumed that they'd heard why he'd been fired. Sharon encouraged Rey to explain the extenuating circumstances, and she thought Paul and Christine might still give him a good reference. Rey thanked Sharon for having his back, and she seductively replied that she had every side of him. He jokingly asked if she was using him for sex, and she replied that it was just one of the benefits of being with him. She stressed that she wanted him to be able to talk to her about anything, and they kissed. They embraced, but he stared over Sharon's shoulder at Mia's photo.

Sharon returned home and found an envelope on her front door. She discovered an ultrasound photo inside, along with a note addressed to Rey from Mia, stating that it was Baby Rosales' first picture. Sharon reeled.

At the state penitentiary, Lily entered the visitors' room and faced Cane, who was happy that she'd wanted to see him. Lily explained that she'd wanted Cane to have time with the divorce papers to absorb the news, but she didn't want to raise his expectations. Cane declared that he was there to let her know they could make it work. She asserted that she'd been through every argument in her mind, and they'd all led to the same place -- divorce. Cane blamed her decision on being locked up, but Lily countered that prison had given her the freedom to think on her own. He swore that he didn't want to fight with her, but he wanted her to see that she was making a mistake.

Cane reiterated that what had happened with Victoria had been a moment of weakness, and he regretted that he had hurt Lily. He stressed that it wasn't something to leave their marriage over and that they should try to save it. Lily said she'd heard the speech before; however, she could finally see what was broken between them, and it couldn't be fixed. Cane was convinced that she was only saying it because she was trapped there, and their separation had made her forget how good they were together. Lily contended that they'd had a million chances, but they'd caused one another pain every time they'd made a new start.

Cane grimly noted that it sounded like Lily had made her decision. He wondered what they should do about the kids, and she thought the twins were mature enough to handle it. He inquired about Sam, and she sighed deeply. Lily insisted that she loved the tot like he was her own and that he would always be a part of her life, but she wasn't his biological mother because he was the product of Cane's affair. She added that she wasn't saying it with malice but to make the point that there was more wrong with their marriage than just Victoria. Lily thought she and Cane had to stop running away from their history.

Lily recalled that she and Cane had failed one another more than once, but he protested that they weren't quitters. He contended that all they had to do was put in the work. She countered that it meant exploring why they'd kept hurting one another, but he wasn't willing to do it. Cane figured that Lily had lost control and was desperate to get it back, but Lily insisted that her time in prison had prepared her for the life she wanted once she got out. Cane argued that the life she needed was with him and kids, where she belonged.

Lily announced that she was being released sooner than expected, and that had been why she'd sent the divorce papers. She explained that she'd been granted an early release for the work she'd done with the other prisoners, and Cane exclaimed that she would be free. Lily expected that she wouldn't be if she walked back into the same life she'd had before, so it was time for a fresh start. She was sure that he needed a fresh start, too, but he didn't want to start over without her. He pleaded that it couldn't be how they ended, and she softly replied, "Yet it is."

Cane sadly said he loved Lily, and she returned the sentiment. He asked where she'd go. She didn't know, but she wanted a simpler life. She added that she wanted them both to be happy. Cane couldn't help but think that things would be much different if it hadn't been for the accident, and they'd be happily living their lives. Lily wasn't convinced, since if the accident hadn't happened, something else would have. A guard entered, and Lily took Cane's hands in hers and firmly stated that prison hadn't ended their marriage -- they had. The guard led her out.

At the Abbott mansion, Dina entered the living room and wailed that someone had changed everything, so she didn't know where anything was. Traci encouraged her to sit down, but Dina snapped that she didn't like the couch. Dina greeted Kyle as "Jackie," and he assured her that they would figure out what was going on. Dina groused that someone had bought new furniture without her approval, and she glared at Traci and complained that the maid was of no help. Dina spotted Summer and assumed that she was Ashley, and Summer played along. Dina ordered the "maid" to make tea, and Traci looked devastated.

Traci called Jack and requested that he return home to help with Dina. Meanwhile, Kyle volunteered to change the room back to the way Dina liked it. Summer claimed that Dina had once told her that change could be scary but also good. Dina smiled and asked if she'd really said that. Summer soothingly said that sometimes people wanted things to stay the same because it was comforting, but it could be an exciting ride to embrace change. Dina thought that made a lot of sense, and she told Kyle that his "sister" was very insightful.

Jack arrived at the mansion, and Dina addressed him as John. Dina explained that "Jack" and "Ashley" didn't know who'd been moving things around, and it had made her realize that she hadn't been paying much attention to what had been going on at home. Jack understood that she'd been very busy, but Dina stressed that she hadn't been there enough. She was adamant that her children deserved everything she and John could give them, and Jack agreed. Dina gushed that "Jack" and "Ashley" had a wonderful bond, and she urged them to stick together and know that the sky was the limit for both of them.

Kyle returned after helping Dina to get settled upstairs, and he praised Summer for being great with his grandmother. Summer figured that she'd just followed his lead and that since she was his wife, it made Dina her family, too. Kyle was glad that Dina liked her, but Summer clarified that Dina liked Ashley, not her. Kyle urged Summer to take the compliment, and he also lauded her for helping his family brainstorm ideas for Jabot. Summer gushed that she supported everything he did, and she was pleased that it felt like she was fitting in. She thought she could talk to him about anything, and she pressed to talk about the photo of Lola on his phone.

Kyle downplayed it as just an old picture, but Summer was aware that he stared at it sometimes. Summer swore that she hadn't been snooping, but his phone had been next to the bed, and she'd happened to see it after they'd made love. Kyle apologized, and she admitted that it had hurt her feelings. He insisted that the last thing he wanted to do was hurt her, and he offered to delete everything about Lola on his phone. Summer confirmed that it would mean a lot, and he proceeded to do it. She thanked him with a hug, and he struggled to hide his emotions.

Later, Jack thanked a delivery person and carried in a gift box of new beauty products, including an oversize bottle of Jack of Hearts cologne. He opened the accompanying envelope with a logo for My Beauty. He read a note from Ashley, taunting that it was a fight he couldn't win and that he'd go down as the man who'd buried Jabot.

At the Athletic Club, Billy stared at the online photo of Victoria in Las Vegas. He greeted Rebekah Barlow, who said she'd been intrigued by what he'd said on the phone about Jabot going in a new direction. He stressed that cosmetics would always be the company's bedrock, but they were also about to make a major impact in fashion. He believed she was the perfect person to guide them through an expansion, and she surmised that Phyllis was out as CEO. Billy recognized that Phyllis had had lapses in judgment, and he insisted that no one knew Jabot better than him and his brother. Rebekah stepped in close and implored him to tell her more.

Billy pitched that Jabot was in a unique position to use its name and brand identity while functioning as a startup, scooping up young designers before anyone else did and marketing their designs in a new, smart way through social media. Billy wanted to proceed with Rebekah's guidance, and she proposed a six-month consulting contract. He swore that she wouldn't regret it and that they might even have a bit of fun. She declared that it was the only reason she did anything, and he wished her a safe trip back to Chicago. Rebekah planned to take a few days to explore Genoa City, and Billy advised her not to get into too much trouble. She mischievously wondered where the fun was in that.

Later, Traci met Billy at the club, and he was sorry that he hadn't been there to help with Dina. An inebriated Cane nearly stumbled into them, and Billy remarked that it was a little early in the day. Cane slurred that he wasn't in the mood for Billy's judgment, and he accused Billy of meddling in people's lives when it was none of his business. Cane blurted out that his marriage was over, since Lily wanted a divorce. Billy sincerely said he was sorry to hear it, but Cane excoriated Billy for being the one who'd thrown the grenade to blow the marriage up.

Traci tried to intervene, but Cane pushed Billy and yelled that Billy had ruined his life and destroyed his marriage. Billy asked what Cane wanted from him, and Cane demanded that Billy admit what he'd done. Billy refused to apologize for telling the truth. Traci sympathized that Cane was hurting and that his family was in crisis, but fighting wasn't the answer. Cane whimpered that there were no answers, and Traci insisted on driving him home. Traci steered Cane toward the door.

Billy looked at the photo of Victoria partying and made a call. He asked for Victoria's room and learned that no one had registered under her name.

At the Ashby home, Traci made some coffee to sober Cane up so he could start to deal with the situation. Cane lamented that there was nothing he could do, since his marriage was over. Traci asked if he was sure, and he replied that Lily had made it very clear. Traci told him that she had some time and was a good listener, and she encouraged him to start at the beginning.

At Crimson Lights, Nick awkwardly greeted Rebekah, and she acknowledged that they hadn't seen one another since the humiliating night in her suite. He suggested that they forget it had ever happened, but she thought it would be a shame to forget the harmless moments before Phyllis had shown up. Rebekah inquired about how Phyllis was doing after being ousted as CEO, and Nick replied that they weren't together anymore. Rebekah imagined that there had been some red flags in the relationship, like how Phyllis had pimped him out to score a deal. Nick quipped that it wouldn't even make the top ten list of their problems.

Nick wondered what Rebekah was doing in town, and she explained that she'd been offered a consulting position at Jabot. He asked if she'd be in town more often, and she flirtatiously replied that it depended on whether she found it interesting enough to stick around. Rebekah admitted that she was used to being in control, not being played like she had been in the hotel suite. Rebekah figured that as a boss, she had to be decisive and sometimes merciless, and she questioned whether Nick's leadership style was to be liked or feared.

Nick said his father instilled fear, but he preferred to be "likeable with a hint of scary." Rebekah confirmed that she liked him, and he teased that he was a little scared of her. She implied that it was nothing a few cocktails wouldn't cure. He offered to take her out and convince her to stay longer than she'd planned.

Victoria has sex with Brandon

Victoria has sex with Brandon

Friday, April 5, 2019

At the Ashby home, Cane thanked Traci for taking him home, but he insisted that she didn't have to stay. Traci realized that he didn't know how to explain to his kids why she was hovering, and he figured that it would be hard to lecture his children if they knew he'd been drunk and almost disorderly. Traci pointed out that the twins didn't have to know, but she wanted to find out why he'd almost taken Billy's face off. Cane revealed that Lily was divorcing him after Billy had gone to the prison to tell her things that had made Cane look bad. Traci wondered what Billy could have said that had led to divorce, and Cane hung his head and confided that Billy had told Lily about Cane and Victoria.

A stunned Traci assumed that Cane had had an affair with Victoria, but he clarified that it had just been two kisses on two separate occasions. Traci clucked that he hadn't learned from his first mistake, and Cane divulged that Billy had walked in on one of the incidents. Traci guessed that Billy had expected to reunite with Victoria until he'd seen her with Cane. Cane recalled that he'd gone to the prison to tell Lily the truth, but she had refused to see him because Billy had taken the Jabot jet to get there and tell her before Cane had been able to.

Traci was appalled by Billy's selfish and stupid actions, and she questioned whether Cane had ever pursued anything more with Victoria romantically. Cane insisted that it hadn't been romantic, and Traci was confused about why it had led to Lily filing for divorce when the Ashbys had gotten through much worse. Cane lamented that Lily was throwing away their family over something that didn't even matter. Traci knew that family was important to Lily, and she sensed that there was something more to it.

Cane swore that Victoria had been the one who'd kissed him, but Traci pointed out that it had happened twice, so Cane hadn't made sure that it had never happened again. Traci imagined that he'd set himself on the path, and she theorized that there was something much deeper going on than one mistake. Cane recalled that for months, it had felt like he and Lily had been moving in different directions, and he didn't understand the connection she had with her fellow prisoners. He bemoaned that it was like she thought she and Cane had nothing in common anymore because she was in prison, but they soon wouldn't be on opposite sides of the wall anymore.

Traci cautioned that Lily would never be exactly the same person she had been, but Cane pledged that he would always love Lily, no matter what. Traci believed that there were couples who could work together to overcome almost anything, but she wasn't sure if he and Lily were one of them. He argued that they'd proven it before, and he couldn't see how things had been any different then. Traci wondered if anything had changed for him that he couldn't admit.

Cane contended that things had changed because he was a single dad who was keeping his family together while his wife was away. He added that he'd gone to the prison to let her know they were on the same team and to make their family whole again, but she planned to start over by moving away once she got out. Cane was terrified with the twins going off to college and his wife moving away while he'd remain there with Sam. Cane thought Lily had never considered leaving them before she'd gone to prison, but it was like she couldn't wait to move away. Traci pointed out that Lily wasn't the same young girl he'd married, and Lily knew what she needed.

Cane protested that Lily leaving her family wasn't the answer, since Lily had been happy with them. Traci guessed that the shift in how Lily was feeling had been happening for a while, but Lily hadn't been able to find the words to explain it. Traci questioned why Cane had kissed Victoria twice, and she imagined that something had also been happening inside him that he hadn't been able to explain, so he'd acted instead. Traci urged him to ask himself what he was really fighting for.

Later, the twins returned home, and Mattie wondered why they'd seen Traci leaving. Cane announced that their mom was getting out early. Mattie gushed that it was amazing, but she observed that Cane didn't seem excited. Cane stressed that he and Lily loved them more than anything in the world, and the teens guessed that the divorce was still happening. Cane's voice broke as he explained that Lily needed a fresh start by moving out of town. Charlie and Mattie wrapped their arms around him.

Michael stopped by to drop off an updated copy of the divorce documents. Cane wanted to be sure Lily knew she didn't have to worry about the kids, and Michael commented that she hadn't asked for much. "Except a life away from me," Cane forlornly muttered. Michael remarked that sometimes it was easier to move forward than to look back, but Cane thought it wasn't for everybody. Michael handed him a pen.

Cane's hand hovered over the documents, but he set the pen down and said he couldn't do it. Michael reminded him that Lily had already made her decision, but Cane objected that it was too soon for him. Cane vowed to fight for both of them, win her back, and prove that he could be the man she needed him to be.

In her Las Vegas hotel suite, Victoria answered a call from Billy, who mentioned that he'd left a few messages. He told her that the kids were wondering what their mommy would get them on her work trip, and she promised that she wouldn't return home empty-handed. She thanked him for everything he was doing, since she'd really needed the break. Victoria confessed that while she'd told her mom it was a business trip, the truth was that she needed to spend some time by herself, doing nothing. He barked that it had looked like she'd been doing something, unless it hadn't been her in a photo he'd seen of her partying with a band in a Vegas hotel suite.

Victoria became incensed that Billy had been keeping tabs on her, but he explained that Summer had seen the picture on her social media feed. Victoria recounted that there had been a mix-up with the hotel room, and the lead singer had insisted on buying her a drink. Billy lectured that it hardly sounded like she was having a peaceful getaway, since Vegas was a vortex that sucked out people's souls. She countered that there was a spa and amazing restaurants, and she couldn't believe that she had to defend herself. He swore that she didn't, but he was worried about her.

Victoria huffed that she could look out for herself, and she wasn't sure when she'd be home. Billy asked what he should tell the kids. From outside Victoria's door, Brandon called out that it was room service and started singing. Billy asked who it was. Victoria dismissively told him to give the kids her love, and she hung up.

Phyllis met Michael at the Athletic Club and recognized that she was a pariah for ruining everyone's lives, including his. Michael conceded that she'd made his job difficult, but he'd been able to rise to the challenge. She noted that he was being nice, and she thought it felt like a trick. Michael acknowledged that she'd made uniformly bad choices, but he understood that she didn't trust anyone. He believed she had done what she'd had to do and had tried to help Nikki, and Phyllis grumbled that very few people would say that.

Michael insisted that he was Phyllis' friend, and she said it meant a lot because her circle of support had been rapidly shrinking. Michael mentioned that he'd heard about Kerry really being Dominique, and Phyllis growled that the name made her want to crush things. Phyllis mentioned that Jack had been reinstated with Billy's help, but she hoped to be working closely with Lauren if Jack stopped being resistant to the idea of Lauren buying back Fenmore's. Phyllis recounted that it had been nonstop drama about an outsider running Jabot, yet Jack showed no such concern about Lauren's family company.

Phyllis spotted Nick and Rebekah sit down at the bar. Rebekah offered to go somewhere else, and Nick asked if it was awkward for her. Rebekah stated that she was thinking of Phyllis, and Nick flatly replied, "I'm not." Phyllis glared at Nick and anticipated that he'd sign up for bachelor auctions to show how desirable he was. She ranted that the drink he was having with Rebekah was his way of skywriting that he'd moved on. Michael doubted that Nick had known Phyllis was there, and Phyllis seethed when she heard Nick chuckle loudly.

Phyllis blasted Nick for being smug and wanted to confront him, but Michael threatened to throw himself in her path to stop her. Michael explained that he was being her friend by saving her from herself, and he advised her that impulse control could be her friend, too. She thanked him and declared her intent to take the long way out, but she instead made a beeline for the bar and sweetly complimented Rebekah's outfit before leaving. Rebekah noted that it had been very civilized, but Nick warned that it wasn't a good sign where Phyllis was concerned.

Rebekah admitted that she'd never expected to be enjoying drinks with Nick again, and he inquired whether it was the only thing on the table. She hesitated to assume anything after what had happened the last time, and he wondered about that time. She asked how long they were going to sit there, and he led her out.

Nick whisked Rebekah back to his place, and she admired the design for the home bar. He mentioned that it was the sign from a club he'd once owned, but he'd since transferred his passion to Dark Horse. She seductively questioned whether he only poured drinks for personal reasons those days, and he replied that he did it for the right people. She recounted that they'd had wine the last time they'd been together, and he remembered her wearing some of it. He implied that they couldn't have that, and they kissed passionately. They headed to his bedroom and had sex.

Rebekah got dressed and returned downstairs. A shirtless Nick followed her into the living room and welcomed her to stay with no strings attached. He mentioned that the sunrise there was spectacular, and he envisioned starting the day the way they'd finished it. She declined because she slept better on her own, and she thanked him with a kiss and headed out. Nick flipped on the television and pulled out a beer, but he soon turned it off and threw the remote aside, clearly unhappy.

Phyllis arrived at the Abbott mansion, and Jack firmly stated that they'd already discussed her severance. She mentioned that she was there to see Summer, and she exchanged barbs with Billy. She conceded that they'd won back Jabot, which was once again the "sacred hall of Abbottness." Jack asked if Billy had gotten in touch with Victoria, and Billy relayed that she'd shared that she wasn't on a work trip but taking a breather. Phyllis approved of Victoria taking a break from his charms, but Billy retorted that Victoria should be there with the people who loved her. Phyllis asserted that Victoria was a grownup who'd earned the right to call her own shots, and she suggested that Billy be a grownup and respect it.

After Billy left, Phyllis snapped that Jack's brother needed a blanket and pacifier because he was a tantrum-throwing brat. She asserted that Victoria's self-care didn't involve Billy, who had assumed Victoria would fly into his arms, but she hadn't because Phyllis had told her the truth about how Billy had attempted to get back together with Phyllis first. Jack remarked that the truth was good when it wasn't used as a rocket launcher. Phyllis groused that Nick had been all over Rebekah, and Jack mentioned that Rebekah was Jabot's latest consultant. Phyllis addressed the irony of Rebekah ending up at Jabot and in Nick's lap after Phyllis had been the one to introduce them.

Phyllis spat that her life was sewage, and Jack replied that some would call it karma. Phyllis swore that she hadn't wanted to hurt anyone when she'd testified, but she always got blamed, no matter what she did. Phyllis recognized that she'd been in charge during the patent mess and had been fired, yet Jack had been sleeping with the enemy and had gotten promoted. Phyllis fought back tears as she pondered why she hadn't known when Victor had put an imposter in her life and her bed, since the implication was that it had been her fault.

Jack assured Phyllis that none of it had been her fault, but she pointed out that she hadn't seen Kerry for who she really was. Jack argued that it wasn't the same, but Phyllis thought that no one understood how the betrayal had stayed with her -- no one but Jack. Jack contended that Jabot had lost millions when it had lost the new patents on Phyllis' watch, but she countered that she hadn't been CEO when Jabot had lost their older products because of the blood Abbott clause. Phyllis blasted Jack for trying to blame it on their marriage when he'd just wanted to stick it to his sister.

Jack commended Phyllis' concern for Jabot, and he declared his intent to only hire the best and brightest, like her daughter. Phyllis argued that Summer worked for Newman, but Jack noted that Summer was an Abbott and that she and Kyle made a great team. Phyllis accused him of using her daughter to stick it to her and Victor, but Jack reminded her that Summer had always been close to his heart. Phyllis requested a chance to start over at Fenmore's, and she begged Jack to at least let her have that.

Jack called Phyllis a fighter who had taken hits lately, but he expected her to rally. She surmised that she'd have to do it without his help, and he reasoned that Jabot needed all its resources. He swore it wasn't personal, but she recognized that he and Billy had hated one another because of her, and they'd since become pals because they both blamed her for every bad thing that had happened at Jabot. Jack stated that Ashley had been the one to drive Jabot to its knees, and he couldn't wait to see what Phyllis did next. She promised that he'd be the first to know, and she walked out.

At Crimson Lights, Phyllis flashed back to Jack declaring his intent to offer Summer a job while refusing to help Phyllis start over. Phyllis sent a text message to Summer and asked that they meet for breakfast the next day to discuss an amazing idea.

In Vegas, Victoria opened the door to Brandon, who announced that he had a surprise for her. Brandon said he'd just finished his set, but he didn't know how it had gone because all he'd been able to think about was her. She handed him a drink, and he offered her a VIP ticket to his next gig in Reno. She asked how many of them he gave out every night, and he suspected that he amused her. Victoria was sure that he and his VIP passes did very well, and he assumed that she didn't need any favors because she was Victoria Newman. He inquired whether the trial was the only reason she was using a fake name in Vegas, and she invited him to either accept that she was "Jeni" or leave. They clinked their glasses together.

Brandon commented that going under the radar had worked for Victor, who he'd seen at a private poker game. Victoria doubted that gambling stakes would ever hold her father's interest, and Brandon confirmed that Victor hadn't been playing cards but just talking to another guy. Victoria started to ask more questions, but she suddenly told him to never mind because it wasn't her problem. He agreed to go along with whatever "Jeni" said, and he introduced himself as Thelonious, the head of a tech startup. Victoria implored him to tell her more.

Brandon talked up venture capital, but he assumed that an artist wouldn't get business talk. He insisted that he was big into art, since he bought it to put by the foosball table on his tech campus, where the world was his university. Victoria cooed that she floated wherever the wind took her, and there was no better feeling in the world than experiencing life and embracing the possibilities. He asked what that looked like, and she leaned in close and kissed him. They undressed one another as they made their way to the bed.

Later, Victoria awakened and found herself alone in bed. She found a note from Brandon, saying she should let out her wild side more often. There was a knock at the door, and she scampered across the room in skimpy lingerie to answer it. She started to ask if he'd forgotten something as she opened the door, and she faced Billy.



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