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Mia was stunned to find out that she really was pregnant. Kyle and Lola reconnected, but he pulled back from making love with her. Jack rejected Phyllis' attempt to blackmail him with photos of Kyle and Lola. Jack discovered that Ashley had planted a bug at the Abbott mansion.
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Mia was stunned to find out that she really was pregnant
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Mia discovers she is pregnant

Mia discovers she is pregnant

Monday, April 8, 2019

Billy knocked on the door of Victoria's hotel room and was taken aback when Victoria, wearing a revealing teddy, swung open the door and said, "Did you forget something?" Billy asked Victoria if she believed taking care of herself included answering the door to random knocks while scantily clad. Victoria protested Billy's decision to show up unannounced. Billy asked who Victoria had expected to find when she'd opened the door. Victoria deflected and asked about their kids. Billy quipped, "Yes, they're home alone. I left them playing with matches. They're with Hannah, Vick."

Victoria defended herself and explained that she'd needed a break. Billy said he'd been concerned, so he'd traveled to find Victoria and had located her room number after bribing someone at the front desk. Victoria insisted she was fine and asked Billy to order room service while she showered. Before Victoria entered the bathroom, she told Billy to order a car for himself and head back to the airport. When Billy stepped toward the nightstand to pick up the phone, he noticed a note propped up on a pillow. It read, "You should let out your wild side more often, Jeni."

After Victoria emerged from the bathroom, she sighed and said, "And you're still here." Billy showed Victoria the note and said, "What's this?" Victoria replied, "What does it look like?" Victoria didn't disagree when Billy asked if she'd hooked up with a random guy. Victoria explained that she and the man had been attracted to each other and had let things happen.

Billy, sounding judgmental, suggested he could draw a parallel line to Victoria's encounter with Cane. Victoria, noting that she'd almost faced a decade of imprisonment, explained that she'd done what people did after learning they'd been given a second chance at life. Billy insisted it wasn't the usual way Victoria "cut loose." Victoria cried that she'd just needed to forget everything for a while.

Billy admitted that he was the last person who should be judging. Victoria said she shouldn't have to explain, and she again told Billy to leave. Billy asked Victoria why she kept running away from him. Victoria insisted that her troubles didn't always revolve around Billy. Billy encouraged Victoria to confront him about all the things he'd done that annoyed her. Victoria told Billy that he was reckless and irresponsible and seldom considered the consequences of his actions. Victoria added that though Billy claimed to learn from his mistakes, he'd always mess up again and break her heart.

Billy agreed that he'd done exactly what Victoria had said about him, ending up acting like the kid holding a lit firecracker. Billy added that he thought he'd changed after what had happened to Dee Dee, but he'd spun out again after failing to look two steps ahead. Billy acknowledged that he was aware of everything Victoria had endured and pointed out that she'd quietly spun out by hightailing it to Vegas under a fictitious name. Victoria replied, "I didn't want to be me for a while."

Victoria cried that J.T. had been broken when he'd returned to town, and he had almost broken her, too, because she'd failed to trust her own judgment. Billy proclaimed himself to be a buzzkill for crashing her party at the hotel. Billy paused and added, "Hey, maybe I am changing." Victoria joked that perhaps she was the problem child. Billy insisted that he and Victoria made each other better. Victoria disagreed and said they drove each other crazy.

Billy suggested he and Victoria reconcile and drive each other crazy until the end of time. Victoria cried that she couldn't take any additional pain. Billy replied, "I bring pain into your life?" Billy said that though they sometimes became a bit frazzled, they never unraveled. Billy said he wanted to give Victoria a life she wouldn't want to run from.

Billy pulled Victoria close and kissed her. Victoria's phone chimed. Victoria picked up her phone and said it was a message from Brandon about a poker game. Victoria said that Brandon had asked if "Big Vic" might ante up. Billy asked if Brandon was referring to Victor. Victoria replied, "There's something weird going on with my dad."

At Rey's apartment, Sharon showed up unexpectedly and showed Rey the ultrasound image of a fetus that Mia had left at Sharon's front door. Sharon said, "When were you going to tell me about baby Rosales? Is that real, or is that some head game your wife is trying to inflict on me?" Rey said the baby was real. He added that his relationship with Mia was complicated because she acted without thinking things through, always leaving a giant mess behind for him to clean up. Rey said he wasn't sure he was the unborn child's father.

Sharon acknowledged knowing that Mia had had an affair with Arturo. Sharon told Rey that she'd at least deserved to know what she might be getting into. Rey admitted that he'd wanted to share some happiness with Sharon as long as he could. Rey apologized for the way Mia had purposely hurt Sharon. Sharon asked Rey what he planned to do if the baby was his.

Rey said he'd support his baby in every way but added that he had no plans to be with Mia. Rey insisted that he'd do whatever was necessary to keep Mia away from Sharon. Sharon replied, "Well, then, she better know that she cannot show up at my property unannounced or come around my children." Sharon, angry that Mia had made sure Sharon found the note, cried, "So you know what she's gonna get? Me. This ends now." Sharon abruptly left, ignoring Rey's pleas to wait.

In a suite at the Athletic Club, Mia busily applied makeup to a young woman who complained about heartburn and the mental fog she'd been experiencing during pregnancy. The client added, "I even lost the baby's first sonogram printout." Mia replied, "I might have to call you for advice. I'm not showing yet, but I'm pregnant, too. My husband's been after me about kids forever." Mia said she was counting on her husband to spoil her rotten.

Mia stepped aside to answer her phone. When she realized Sharon was calling, Mia said, "I was just telling a client my good news. Did you call to offer congratulations?" Sharon insisted Mia meet with her. Mia agreed to meet with Sharon anywhere she wanted. Sharon insisted on meeting immediately.

Mia met with Sharon on the patio at Crimson Lights. Sharon said she'd received Mia's special delivery. Sharon warned that if Mia entered her property again, she would face arrest. Mia replied, "Meanwhile, you've been on and off my property, haven't you?" Sharon said, "Your property?"

Mia held up her hand and replied, "I have the wedding ring to prove it." Sharon claimed that Mia demanded attention because she was insecure, desperate, and sad. Sharon added that perhaps Mia's growth in emotional maturity had stopped in her teen years, when she'd first been with Arturo. Mia reminded Sharon that she was the one who'd dragged a dead body across town.

Sharon refused to back down and accused Mia of pretending to reconcile with Rey while waiting for Arturo to break down and agree to sleep with her again. Mia reminded Sharon that she'd once been with someone else when she'd become pregnant. Mia added that people loved to gossip while having their makeup done and usually had something to say about Sharon's past. Sharon told Mia that Rey deserved to have someone that loved him. Mia scoffed, "You're the love of his life, and he's yours?" Mia gloated that the minute her baby was born, Rey would forget that Sharon existed.

Sharon admitted that her life wasn't pure or uncomplicated. Sharon said, "And I've dealt with plenty of my partners' bitchy exes. You don't even rank up there." Mia pointed out that Sharon had had many experiences because she'd been with many men. Sharon sarcastically replied, "Coming from a woman who doesn't know who the father of her baby is." Sharon said that Rey could be a wonderful father and love his child without having anything to do with Mia. Sharon continued to berate Mia and said men found her to be tedious and exhausting.

After Sharon suggested that Mia was unfit to be a mother, Mia accused Sharon of planning to steal her baby. Mia became worked up after insisting that Rey needed her. Mia gasped and suddenly doubled over in pain. Mia placed her hand on her lower abdomen and continued to wail in discomfort. Sharon phoned Rey and told him that Mia was having stomach pains. Mia took the phone. Rey insisted that Mia be taken to the hospital.

Sharon was with Mia in the exam room when the doctor arrived and said he'd been told by a nurse that Mia's pains had subsided. The doctor said he would ask Mia a few questions. Mia said that Sharon should leave. After Sharon left, the doctor asked about Mia's obstetrician. Mia said she'd planned to choose one the next week. The doctor insisted on performing an exam.

Rey arrived as the doctor set up the ultrasound machine. Mia cried that undergoing an exam was too stressful, so she'd rather go home and get in bed. The doctor explained that he should perform an ultrasound to check on the baby. Mia replied, "I already had one of those." Mia trembled as Rey hovered over her. Mia stared at the ceiling as the doctor applied transducer gel to her belly.

Mia was shocked when an image of a tiny baby was displayed on the screen, accompanied by the sound of a rapid fetal heartbeat. Rey grinned. The doctor said that the fetal heartrate was steady, indicating that the baby was fine. Mia asked Rey to step out so she could discuss some "woman issues." After Rey left, Mia admitted she hadn't been certain she was pregnant because she'd been on birth control. The doctor said that Mia was twelve weeks pregnant. Mia seemed overjoyed.

Outside the exam room, Rey told Sharon he'd heard the baby's heartbeat. Rey added that he didn't know whether the baby was his or Arturo's. Sharon vowed to stay by Rey's side. Sharon embraced Rey. Through a window, Mia rubbed her belly while she watched Sharon hold Rey in her arms.

On the balcony at Mariah and Tessa's apartment, Tessa strummed her guitar and scatted a tune. Mariah seemed relieved after Tessa excitedly announced that the magic had returned. Mariah used the video camera on her phone and recorded Tessa performing her new song. Tessa was still plagued with doubt even though Mariah said the video would prove that Tessa had regained her magic. Mariah insisted they contact Devon. Tessa recalled that Devon had twice fired her with good reason. Mariah reminded Tessa that Devon was a businessman and would recognize Tessa's special talents.

Tessa panicked when Mariah forged ahead, called Devon, and said, "How would you like to hear something that's gonna rock your world?" After listening, Devon said he liked what he'd heard. Mariah excitedly noted that Tessa had channeled her own heartache and life experiences into her songs, which would draw listeners to connect with her words. Devon recalled that Tessa had lied to him repeatedly in the past. Mariah insisted that Tessa had sorted things out and was ready to be committed. Devon said he'd think it over and get in touch later. After the call ended, Mariah said, "You have a shot." Tessa, overjoyed, embraced Mariah.

After Devon ended his call to Tessa, he asked Ana what she knew about Tessa Porter. Ana said she remembered that Tessa had been one of Devon's artists before she'd plagiarized some lyrics. Devon explained that Tessa was living with the woman from whom she'd stolen the lyrics, so everything had been settled. Ana asked why Devon had renewed his interest. Devon said he'd just heard Tessa's newest song and believed it could be enhanced in the right hands. Ana was eager to take on the project. Devon warned that Tessa could sometimes be a wild card.

At Crimson Lights, Tessa was nervous as she waited to meet with Ana. Ana arrived after the coffee shop was closed. Mariah introduced Tessa. Ana requested that Tessa perform her new song. Tessa sang a song about hurting someone, admitting she didn't know why, and promising to change in order to reconcile and renew the love in her relationship. Ana seemed impressed with Tessa's performance.

Phyllis plots to make Summer face the truth

Phyllis plots to make Summer face the truth

Tuesday, April 9, 2019

At the Athletic Club, Mia pulled a sonogram photo out of her purse. "My baby," she mused.

At Crimson Lights, Phyllis thanked Lola for meeting her. Lola admitted that she'd been surprised to get Phyllis' text message about doing business together, and Phyllis claimed that she was planning a splashy party to show everyone in town that getting fired from Jabot had been the best thing to ever happen to her. Phyllis asked Lola to cater the event, but Lola passed because she had her hands full with preparations for the restaurant. Lola suspected that it hadn't been the reason Phyllis had requested to see her, and she guessed that Phyllis wanted to know if Lola would be a threat to Summer and Kyle's marriage.

Phyllis admired Lola for being an insightful young woman, and Lola felt that being direct saved time and energy. Phyllis mentioned that she hadn't known about Summer's surgery until it had been over, and she'd been concerned when she'd learned why Summer had kept it a secret. Phyllis theorized that Kyle had married Summer because it had been the only way to get her to go through with the transplant, and Lola asserted that Kyle had made his choice. Lola added that she was very grateful that Summer had decided to be her donor; she was just trying to move on with her life, and she wished Summer and Kyle the best of luck in their marriage.

Phyllis lectured that luck wasn't enough, since a marriage built on anything but a solid foundation would crumble. Phyllis continued that the longer the one-sided marriage went on, the worse her daughter's heartbreak would be in the end. Phyllis shared that she was planning on taking Summer away for a few days to get her away from Kyle and allow her to wrap her mind around the truth -- that Kyle wasn't in love with Summer because the only woman he loved was Lola.

Phyllis noted that Lola had become awfully quiet, but she doubted that the fact that Kyle was still in love with Lola was a surprise. Lola argued that regardless of any feelings Kyle had for her, he'd never completely gotten over Summer, and that was why he was with Summer. Lola revealed that Kyle had admitted that his relationship with Summer wasn't platonic, and she believed everything had happened the way it had needed to happen.

Phyllis conceded that Kyle and Summer had a connection, but she'd seen the lovesick way he'd looked at Lola when they'd crossed paths. Phyllis wished that he looked at Summer that way, and Lola defended that none of it had been her doing. Phyllis swore that she wasn't accusing Lola of anything, but she thought it would be best for everyone involved if her daughter got a grip on reality. Phyllis stated that she was glad Lola's recovery was going well, since it was amazing to get another chance at life. Phyllis patted Lola's arm and left.

On the patio, Paul chugged his coffee and stared at Lola. He pulled up pictures of numbered evidence on his tablet computer and zoomed in on something.

Mia approached Lola at the counter and asked how she was feeling. Lola replied that she was fine, but she observed that Mia wasn't looking so hot. Mia confided that she was scared to be pregnant and alone, and a stunned Lola asked when the pregnancy had happened. Mia explained that she and Rey had agreed to keep it a secret for a while, and Lola asked if the baby was Rey's. Mia reasoned that she'd only been with Arturo once, so she knew Rey was the father, yet Rey had told her to pack her things and go.

Mia questioned how Rey could have done that when she was carrying his child. Lola flatly stated that it happened every day, and people survived. Mia whimpered that she couldn't lose him, but Lola huffed that it wasn't up to Mia. Mia begged Lola to help save Rey and Mia's marriage for the sake of an innocent child. Mia imagined that she and Rey could have a happy life together with their child if he gave her one more chance. Lola clucked that Mia had cheated a second time, and Mia conceded that it had been a terrible mistake, but she pointed out that Rey had also hurt her by letting another woman into their marriage.

Mia huffed that Sharon pretended to be demure but was shameless, and she griped that the stress of Sharon telling her to back off had landed her in the hospital. Mia wailed that it was devastating to watch the man she loved be sucked in by someone who was wrong for him. Mia guessed that she didn't have to explain it to Lola, and she couldn't believe that Kyle had married Summer out of the blue after he'd been so devoted to Lola. Lola remarked that there had been a lot of circumstances at work, and Mia agreed not to pry. Mia vowed to do everything she could to win Rey back, and she encouraged Lola to also fight for her happiness.

At his apartment, Rey stared at the sonogram photo and smiled. He left a voicemail message for Arturo, saying he understood why his brother didn't want to talk to him and apologizing for punching him. Rey insisted that they be men about it and talk about what was going on with Mia, and he asked Arturo to call him back. The door buzzer sounded, and Rey asked who it was through the intercom. Paul responded that they had some unfinished business to discuss.

Rey let Paul in. Paul insisted that he hadn't wanted to fire Rey, but he'd had no choice after Rey had betrayed him. Paul pointed out that Rey wasn't even sorry about it, and Rey stood by what he'd done, since his instincts had proven to be correct. Rey swore that he'd had to make things right, even if it had meant losing Paul's trust. Paul cautioned that it would take a lot to earn it back, but he was willing to give Rey the chance. Rey perked up, but Paul stipulated that Rey had to solve one particular case first.

Rey was shocked that Paul wanted him to take over Lola's case, since he'd originally been told he couldn't work on it. Paul figured that no one had better motive to find Lola's attacker than her own brother, and Rey agreed to give it his best shot. Paul shared that, based on the footprint and earring found at the scene, the suspect was a woman, but there had been no DNA matches.

Rey glanced through the evidence photos and spotted one of Lola's phone. Paul explained that it had been smashed intentionally and that Lola had been pushed from behind, but Lola had been unable to think of anyone with motive to harm her. Paul wondered if the fact that Lola had been wearing Abby's coat on the night of the attack meant that the assailant had really been going after Abby, and he suggested that Rey hone in on people who might want to hurt Abby. Rey blurted out that there was something Paul should know.

Rey informed Paul that early on the night of Lola's attack, Mia and Abby had engaged in a loud, ugly argument at the Athletic Club. Rey explained that Mia and Arturo had a complicated past and that Abby had accused Mia of having feelings for Arturo. Rey confirmed that it was the truth, and he'd taken it upon himself to do some digging when he'd heard Lola had been wearing Abby's coat. Rey fibbed that Mia had an alibi, since she'd been with Arturo that night.

Rey claimed that it wasn't something easy to admit, and although he'd been relieved that Mia hadn't had anything to do with the attack, it was part of the reason they weren't together anymore. Paul expressed his sympathy and appreciated Rey's candor. Paul supposed that there was no point in going after a dead end, but they had little else to go on. Rey vowed to do everything he could to solve the case. Paul headed out.

Later, Mia dropped by unannounced to see Rey, since she'd expected him to call to check in with her. Rey recounted that he'd sent text messages the night before and that morning, but she complained that they hadn't had a conversation. She asserted that there were things he was avoiding discussing that they couldn't put off after what had happened the day before. Rey surmised that Mia was there to talk about Sharon, but Mia snapped that she had far more important things to talk about, like the welfare of their child. She pleaded for his support not only emotionally but financially, since being pregnant was expensive.

Mia thought she and Rey needed to figure out what to do with him being unemployed. He mentioned that Paul was considering giving him his job back under one condition -- he had to solve Lola's case. Mia thought that the investigation had gone cold months earlier, and she asked if there were any new leads. Rey informed her that Paul was zeroing in on the fact that Lola had been wearing Abby's coat. Mia inquired whether Paul knew about her fight with Abby, and she freaked out when Rey admitted that he'd told Paul about it.

Rey ordered Mia to calm down, since he'd done it on purpose to cover for her by saying she'd been with Arturo on the night of the attack. Rey asked if she had any idea where Arturo was, since Arturo needed to corroborate the alibi. Mia groaned that they were barely speaking. Rey pledged to do whatever he could to protect her and the baby -- "for now." He handed her some cash and continued to wonder whether the baby was Arturo's. Meanwhile, over the phone, Paul asked someone to track down Arturo.

At the Abbott mansion, Jack thanked Traci, Kyle, and Summer for agreeing to meet. Jack explained that he wanted input about the next phase for Jabot, and he encouraged them to be honest, since they had formidable competition. He presented them with the basket of My Beauty products that Ashley had sent, which included the bulk of what they'd intended to use in Jabot's new product line. Jack pitched that they do business a new way through the Jabot Collective, growing their fashion division alongside their boutiques, cosmetics, and fragrances and campaigning it as a lifestyle.

Summer found the idea interesting, and Jack envisioned leaning heavily on social media influencers. He invited everyone to look at some mockups of the unique Jabot-style experience, and Kyle remarked that the art department had been busy. Jack intended to provide merchandise covering a broad range of prices and styles, with the goal being to make Jabot the first name people thought of when they wanted to look and feel their best. Traci confided that she had serious doubts about all of it.

Traci praised Jack's pitch as fantastic, but she argued that it was a massive shift for Jabot. Jack countered that they'd lost 90 percent of what they'd had to sell, but Traci worried about the company's reliance on the fashion division when Lauren had made it clear that she wanted her independence. Kyle anticipated that Lauren would never get the money to buy them out, but Traci warned to never underestimate Lauren. Jack imagined that they would eventually rebalance the shift to put more weight back on cosmetics if it was what their customers wanted, but Traci was opposed to an entire rebranding based solely on Jack's desire to ward off Ashley.

Traci encouraged Jack to do what was best for the company instead, and Jack insisted that he'd do both, since healthy competition bred innovation. Summer agreed that with so few products to sell, they either had to reinvent themselves or fold. Jack swore that he wouldn't take such a big chance with his dad's company if he wasn't confident that they could pull it off, and Kyle supported it as the way to pull Jabot out of a crisis. Traci remained skeptical, but Jack thought she'd see in time that it was the right move.

Summer opined that the lifestyle approach was amazing, but she also thought Jabot should be societally conscious whenever possible, with clean manufacturing and no animal testing. Kyle enthused that it would appeal to the younger demographic, and Jack commented that they worked really well together. Jack suggested that Summer leave Newman to work with him and Kyle, since Jabot needed young people like them to usher it into a new era. Jack gushed that Summer had proven herself to be a valuable asset, and it was even sweeter to know that she was part of the family.

Kyle thought Summer would do great, but he didn't want her to feel pressured. Summer told Jack that she was flattered, but she couldn't give him an answer that minute, since Victor had given her a lot of responsibility. Jack argued that she'd be working under Victoria at Newman, but Summer hesitated to leave Newman in a lurch after the ordeal Victoria had been through. Traci answered the door, and Phyllis breezed right past her to greet Summer. Phyllis guessed that she'd interrupted a family meeting, and Summer mentioned that she and Phyllis had a breakfast date. Jack implored Summer to think about his offer.

Over breakfast at the Athletic Club, Phyllis pushed Summer to spill about Jack's job offer. Summer admitted that she was interested, but she'd feel guilty jumping into the job after the way Phyllis had been treated. Phyllis swore that she only cared about what was right for Summer, and it was a big decision to leave her grandfather's company to work with Kyle in a high-pressure environment. Summer recalled that she'd done it and loved it, but Phyllis warned that doing it as a married couple would be another animal. Phyllis advised that it was good for couples to have their own interests and lives separate from one another, and she encouraged Summer not to let Jack push her before she thought long and hard before walking away from Newman.

Summer said it was what she'd already told Jack, and Phyllis proclaimed that it was perfect timing, since she'd made a resort reservation for the two of them to get away for a couple of days while Summer recovered from her surgery. Summer was reluctant to go because she and Kyle were newlyweds in their honeymoon phase, and she didn't want to leave him. Phyllis confessed that it was just as much about herself, since she felt beat up after the trial, being fired, and Nick dumping her. Summer declared that she was in, and Phyllis suggested that they leave as soon as Summer packed a bag. Phyllis imagined that they'd return to town with a new perspective on the future.

Kyle was surprised when Summer and Phyllis returned to the mansion so quickly, and Summer informed him about the spa trip her mom had booked. Jack overheard as he returned to the room, and Summer explained that Phyllis had planned a girls' getaway that would give Summer time to think about Jack's offer. Summer promised to have an answer by the time she got back, and Kyle led her upstairs to pack. Phyllis sourly noted that Jack was a man of his word, since he hadn't hesitated to offer her daughter a job. Phyllis barked that while Jack had said it was business, it felt personal because it involved her kid.

Jack contended that he respected Summer's talent, and he wouldn't have made the overture if he couldn't see her and Kyle working happily together for many years. Summer and Kyle returned to the room, and she requested a moment alone to say goodbye to her husband. Phyllis pointedly promised that Kyle wouldn't be alone for long, and she and Jack stepped out. Summer said she would miss Kyle and would be thinking about him the entire time. They kissed, and she told him to be good while she was gone. Outside the door, Phyllis instructed someone over the phone to let her know every move Kyle and Lola made over the next 48 hours.

Once alone, Jack asked if Kyle wanted to talk about what was on his mind, since something was obviously eating at his son. Kyle stated that he had a lot on his mind, and he headed out for a run to clear his head.

At the coffeehouse, Lola gazed down at a photo on her phone of her and Kyle in happier times. She contemplated calling him but stopped herself. Lola headed for the exit, but she turned back just as Kyle appeared at the patio door. Lola's face lit up when she saw him.

Meanwhile, Jack's expression turned dark as he read an online article about Ashley launching an exciting new endeavor called the My Beauty Collective, a lifestyle line which mirrored the strategy Jack had just outlined for Jabot.

Jack finds Ashley's listening device

Jack finds Ashley's listening device

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

by Nel

After they'd had a massage, Billy and Victoria returned to her Las Vegas suite. They joked about the masseuse. Victoria said that Billy was responsible for lightening her mood. She admitted that it had been a long time since she'd laughed, and it felt good.

Billy received a call from Jack, who told Billy that they had a very big problem. He told Billy that Ashley had unveiled her new lifestyle line, identical to theirs, and she'd called it "My Beauty Collection." Jack asked if Billy had mentioned their plans to anyone or if he'd inadvertently left his computer open. Irritated, Billy asked if Jack suspected him of being the leak. Jack wanted to know how Ashley had found out about their plan. Billy asked if Jack had questioned Abby, Kyle, or Summer. Billy was angry that Jack had suspected him, and Billy disconnected the call.

Billy told Victoria that Jack saw him as the family screw-up. Victoria said she understood how Billy felt because Victor thought of her as a screw-up. She added that Victor had constantly kept secrets from her, even after she'd proven that she would always have his back. She said that Victor had disappeared once again, and he hadn't returned any of her calls or text messages. Victor had cut her off, and he would never trust her.

Billy tried to lighten the mood. He offered to take Victoria to see David Copperfield, but when Victoria refused, he wanted to take her to dinner. Before they could solidify their plans, Victoria received a text message from Brandon advising her about the location for the poker game. Victoria told Brandon to change the location to her suite. After she ended her call with Brandon, Billy said that he didn't think it was a good idea for Victoria to participate.

Victoria explained to Billy that Victor had met with someone at the previous poker games, but he hadn't played. She said that everything was ready for the poker game. She suggested that Billy leave to keep his temptation at bay, but he refused to leave. Victoria promised she would leave the game as soon as she discovered what was happening with Victor.

Brandon arrived at Victoria's suite and immediately asked who Billy was. Victoria said Billy was her bodyguard. Brandon said that because of Billy's presence, they needed to have the poker game at the original location. Billy said that was out of the question. Billy pulled out a clip of money and said the game would remain in Victoria's suite because it was the only room where Brandon could gamble with Billy's money. There was a knock at the door, and Brandon ordered Billy to answer it.

Billy opened the door. Sinead was delighted to see him. Victoria asked if Sinead and Billy knew each other. Sinead gloated to Victoria that she and "Bill" went way back. Sinead was looking forward to a rematch, but she was disappointed when Billy told her that he wouldn't be playing. When Sinead was out of earshot, Victoria told Billy that Sinead was going down.

As the game wore on, Victoria grew disappointed that her father's friend hadn't arrived. Sinead said she'd known who Victoria was and that Victor had met with a man who went by the name Spider. Sinead asked if Victoria was willing to lose her trust fund because Sinead was confident that she had a winning hand. Sinead bet her remaining chips on her winning hand. She smiled and showed Victoria that she had a straight flush, but Victoria had a royal flush, which beat Sinead. Victoria asked what Sinead expected from a princess.

Unhappy, Sinead said it was time for her to leave. She offered to let Billy know about the next high stakes game. Billy thanked her and said he wasn't interested.

After the game, Victoria said she was disappointed that Spider hadn't shown up. Brandon invited Victoria to spend the evening with him, but she declined. He asked if she would have breakfast with him. Again, Victoria declined and advised him she would be leaving Las Vegas in the morning. They said their goodbyes. After Brandon left, she and Billy kissed. Billy said she looked very hot and began kissing her a little more aggressively. Victoria reminded him that they needed to take things slowly. They continued to kiss.

At the ranch, Nick and Nikki played cards with Katie and Johnny. Nikki suggested that the kids go to the kitchen for cookies. Once the kids were gone, Nick said he was annoyed that Victor had gone on a business trip so soon after Nikki's release from jail. Nick believed that Victor should have stayed with Nikki after the ordeal she'd been through. Nick asked Nikki what could have been so urgent that Victor had needed to leave her so soon after her release. Nikki admitted that she had no idea.

Nikki asked Nick about Summer. Nick figured out that Nikki really wanted to know if he and Phyllis would reunite. Nick told her that Phyllis and Summer had taken a trip and that he and Phyllis were done. Relieved, Nikki said he deserved better. She suggested that he try a dating app. Nick reminded Nikki that she'd felt the same way about all the women he'd had in his life. Nick confided that he wanted to focus on business because he'd lost three major players from Dark Horse: Abby, Arturo, and Jack, and he'd been left short-handed.

After Nick took a business call, he asked Nikki to head up his PR department. Nikki said she was flattered, but she wanted to spend as much time with Victor as she could. Nick wanted Nikki to admit that Victor hadn't given her any idea when he would return from his business trip.

After Nick left, Nikki called Victor and left him a voicemail message that she missed him, and she asked him to call her.

Kyle entered the Crimson Lights patio and saw Lola. He told Lola that he was happy she'd been up and about. Lola told him she would always be grateful to Summer. Kyle said that Summer had gone on a mother-daughter trip for a few days. Lola stated it was an ideal time for a talk about her and Kyle. Lola asked Kyle to meet her for dinner later at the Athletic Club. Kyle agreed.

Unbeknownst to Kyle and Lola, a mysterious person had been taking photos of them together.

Nate arrived at Rey's to examine Lola. He chastised her for failing to show up for her appointment with him. She said she had forgotten about it and apologized. Nate warned Lola that spending all day on her feet at the new restaurant could set her back. He checked Lola over and commented that she was very strong. Nate told Lola that she could take the job at the restaurant as long as she was careful.

Nate told Lola he'd heard Rey had been fired. Lola admitted that Rey had crossed the line when he'd helped Sharon, Nikki, and Victoria escape. Nate asked if the police had arrested the person who had attacked her. Lola said they hadn't, but she wanted her attacker caught. Nate told Lola that her attacker had done her a favor. He said that because of the attack, her liver problem had been discovered, and her life had been saved. Lola said her attacker needed to go to jail for a long time. Nate gave Lola a clean bill of health. Before Nate left, he suggested that Lola wear the blue dress on her date.

At the Abbotts', Kyle rushed in, intending to run upstairs and change for his date with Lola, but Jack stopped him and showed him the article about Ashley. Kyle was stunned. He realized that Ashley had been spying on them. Kyle wanted to know who would have provided Ashley with any information. Jack said he suspected Summer.

Jack told Kyle that Summer could have told Ashley as payback for Phyllis being fired. Kyle defended Summer and said that she wouldn't do that. He asked Jack not to say anything to Summer about his suspicions. Jack agreed, but he would only hold back for a short time because he had to find who had leaked the information. Kyle said that he had something important to take care of, but after that, he would give Jack his undivided attention.

Alone, Jack pondered how Ashley could have discovered their plans. He suddenly zeroed in on the basket Ashley had sent him. Jack tore it apart and discovered Ashley's listening device that she had hidden inside the basket.

Kyle met with Lola at the Athletic Club and apologized for being late. Lola hoped they could talk honestly and from the heart. Kyle immediately admitted that loving her had never been foolish.

While Kyle and Lola talked, a mysterious person was secretly taking photos.

Lola told Kyle that the night they had fought, she'd gone to the cabin to talk to him. She said she understood that Kyle's marriage to Summer was a sham. Lola said she owed him a great debt. He deserved to know why she had never given in to having sex with him.

Lola told Kyle how it had felt to be abandoned by her father before she'd been born, being brought up by a mother with a broken heart, and dealing with Mia, the human wrecking ball who disrupted her brothers' lives. She said she hadn't grown up believing in fairytale endings, but she had tried to convince herself it would be different for her. She said that when she'd met Kyle, she'd thought the fairytale ending could be possible, but she hadn't been able to stop looking over her shoulder for someone or something to ruin what they'd had.

Lola told Kyle there had always been a voice inside her head, telling her it would never last. That was how she'd felt in the hospital when she'd woken up. She'd realized that the voice in her head had been right and that she and Kyle had never had a chance. Kyle realized it had been the reason she'd sent him away. Lola explained that she'd convinced herself that Kyle had married Summer because he loved her. Lola admitted that life made no sense without Kyle. Kyle said he felt the same way. She said that if Kyle told her he loved her at that moment, she would believe him.

Kyle took Lola's hand, and he told Lola that he had never stopped loving her. He told her that he'd been at the hospital every day, but Arturo and Rey hadn't allowed him to see her because they'd blamed Kyle for Lola being in the hospital. Kyle wanted to know what Lola had wanted to say to him the night she'd been attacked. Lola admitted that she had only wanted to listen to what Kyle had had to say about the situation with Summer at the cabin. Kyle admitted he wouldn't have said anything, either, but he would have taken her into his arms, and there wouldn't have been any doubt in her mind that he loved her.

Lola told Kyle she'd been a walking bundle of commitment issues, and she had reminded herself that she and Kyle were from two different worlds. They discussed everything that had happened between them, and they agreed that things could have been very different if they had made different choices. Lola said she didn't know what lay ahead. She suggested they get a room because she wanted to find out what she and Kyle could have been together.

Nick entered the Athletic Club and sat down at the bar next to a blonde woman who had asked for a specific scotch. Nick said the only place that had carried that particular drink had been the Underground. She said she'd never heard of it. Nick said that was because it had gone up in flames. She introduced herself as Sarah.

Nick took Sarah to his home and poured them a drink. Sarah asked if she should be weirded out that he collected the signs from clubs he had visited. Nick bragged that he'd been the owner of the Underground until it had burned down. Sarah asked if Nick thought about reopening the club. Nick stated that his club days were over.

Sarah told Nick that it was too bad because she had a great idea: topless male waiters. She said they would really draw the ladies in. Nick removed his shirt and asked if that had been her vision. Sarah admitted that it had been, and they kissed.

Kyle pulls back from making love with Lola

Kyle pulls back from making love with Lola

Thursday, April 11, 2019

Victoria and Billy kissed passionately in her Las Vegas hotel room. She breathlessly reminded him that they'd agreed to take things slowly, and he pulled back and apologized. She insisted that it was okay, but she wanted to do things right. Her phone pinged, and she anxiously wondered if it was about her father, since he'd lied about being in New Zealand to close a deal. Billy contended that there could be a million reasons Victor was in Vegas, but Victoria questioned why her father would be floating around poker games with a high roller named Spider.

Victoria wanted to talk to the pit bosses at other hotels, but Billy reminded her that he'd just sat a few feet away from a poker game and hadn't played a hand. Victoria worried that it had been a trigger, and he sensed that chasing her dad around was just another way for her to escape. Billy declared that the adventure had to end, and they needed to go home. Victoria received another message, and she gasped when she saw that Brandon had sent a photo of her dad.

Victoria asked Billy if the guy with Victor in the photo looked familiar, but Billy couldn't make out the man's face. Victoria was determined to find out what was going on. Billy warned that what seemed like a fun distraction would only feel like a rush until the buzz wore off, and she would feel worse afterward. Billy suspected that it was about her avoiding her life at home, and he pushed her to return to the people who loved her. She agreed to go home, but she couldn't stop staring at her phone.

At home, a shirtless Nick burned off restless energy by tidying up the living room, playing darts, and doing pushups to pass the time. He eventually decided to go to Dark Horse, where he made a call to Hong Kong.

Victoria returned home, and Johnny and Katie ran into her arms. Victoria thanked them for staying up past their bedtime to wait for her, and Katie asked if Victoria had had fun on her trip. Victoria referred to it as something she'd needed to do, but she was glad to be home with them. She instructed the kids to give their dad a kiss and get into bed, and they obliged. After Victoria went upstairs to tuck them in, Billy plopped down on the couch and noticed a deck of cards on the table. He started to pick them up but quickly threw them back down. He made a call and asked to see someone.

Victoria returned downstairs and gushed that seeing the smiles on her children's faces had made everything feel right again. She thanked Billy for being the voice of reason by suggesting they go home, and he was glad to be safe and sound at home as a family. He prepared to head out, but he promised that he'd be back in the morning to take the kids to school. Victoria apologized for not giving him the warmest welcome when he'd shown up in Vegas, but she appreciated him caring enough to be there.

Billy realized that he and Victoria hadn't talked like that in a long time, and she confided that she'd felt close to him in a way she'd missed. He considered it to be a new start for them, and they hugged. They agreed to no more high-stakes poker games or looking into her father's shenanigans, and he thought they'd be fine if they focused on themselves. He wondered if the kids were the only ones who got a goodnight kiss, and she kissed him goodbye. After Billy left, Victoria made a call and asked someone for help.

Later, Victoria told Nick that she'd just returned from Vegas, where she'd gone to clear her head. He remarked that it wasn't her scene, and she informed him that she hadn't been the only Newman in Vegas that week, since their father had been seen around town during the same time. They compared notes and realized that Victor hadn't provided many details about his alleged business trip. Victoria mentioned that Victor had supposedly been hitting private poker games with a bigshot player, and she showed Nick the photo.

Nick couldn't identify the man Victor was pictured with, and Victoria contemplated whether they should tell their mom. Nick was concerned that it would just make Nikki worried or mad, since it was how he felt about Victor taking off after everything that had happened with J.T. Victoria revealed that Victor had apparently been going back and forth for weeks during the trial, and Nick expected their father to lie if they confronted him. Victoria vowed to find out what was going on.

A private investigator snapped photos of Kyle and Lola sharing an intimate dinner at the Athletic Club. Kyle was dumbfounded by Lola's suggestion that they get a room, and she confirmed that it meant what he thought it did. He stammered that it would be a huge step that would change everything, but she thought it would do so in a good way. Kyle pointed out that she'd just been listing the reasons they couldn't be together.

Lola countered that despite the obstacles she and Kyle had faced and the horrible timing, they couldn't deny what was happening between them. He marveled that it felt good to tell her how he felt after all the times he hadn't been able to, and she refused to turn her back on them anymore. He wanted to make sure she wasn't just getting caught up in the moment. She assured him that she'd never been more certain of anything, but if the moment had passed, they could just leave and never mention it again.

Outside the Abbott mansion, Phyllis demanded to know why Summer had changed her mind about going to the spa when they'd been halfway there. Summer protested that it wasn't a good time to go away, and she hadn't taken Kyle's feelings into account when she'd selfishly run off. Phyllis insisted that Kyle was fine, but Summer whined that leaving him alone had been a mistake. Phyllis noted that it sounded like Summer was afraid to leave him by himself.

Summer defended that it was an important time in her marriage, and she wanted to be with Kyle. Phyllis huffed that Summer wasn't his babysitter, but Summer refused to take her relationship with her husband for granted. Summer questioned why her mother couldn't just be happy for her, and she headed into the mansion. Phyllis made a call to her investigator and learned that Kyle and Lola were finishing dinner at the club. Phyllis told him that she was on her way.

Inside the mansion, Jack told Traci that Ashley had found out about Jabot's plans by planting a bug in the gift basket she'd sent to them. He added that he'd done away with the bug, so they could talk freely, and Ashley wouldn't know he'd discovered it. Traci objected to hearing one more word, since she wouldn't help him get back at Ashley and drive their family further apart. Jack argued that Ashley had been the one who'd planted a bug in their family home after she'd nearly destroyed their dad's company by walking away with the patents.

Traci lectured that their parents had wanted Ashley to have the patents and that Jack had forced Ashley to walk away because he hadn't been able to stand to see her as CEO. Traci clucked that Jack could either continue to escalate the feud, or he could rise above it and make peace. She hoped he chose to do the right thing, and she walked off. Jack threw out the gift basket.

Jack was surprised to see Summer, who claimed that she and Phyllis had realized they were too busy for a getaway. She asked if Kyle was there, and Jack mentioned that his son had said he'd had something important to do but hadn't said when he'd be back. Summer informed Jack that she'd decided to accept his job offer, and he was thrilled. He was sure Kyle would be, too.

At the Athletic Club, Kyle mused that he'd never thought he and Lola would be like that again. Lola conceded that what she was suggesting might be wrong, but it didn't feel wrong. He swore that he wanted it more than anything, but he recognized that a lot had happened. Lola acknowledged that she was putting him in an impossible position, but Kyle countered that impossible had been watching her in a hospital bed, knowing he could lose her and fearing that he'd never have the chance to make things up to her. He added that it was impossible to have her right in front of him after everything they'd been through and not whisk her upstairs that second. "So, is that a yes?" she asked, and the investigator snapped photos of Kyle and Lola leaving hand in hand.

At Jabot, Ted passed by the elevator, but he abruptly turned away when Summer walked in. She warned him not to run away, or he'd make it harder on himself. Ted babbled that he'd thought her mother had been a great boss, and he felt he should have walked out in solidarity. Summer simply asked where Kyle was, and Ted jokingly recommended that she check the lost and found. Summer clarified that she hadn't lost her husband but that she just didn't know where he was. A short time later, Summer hovered outside Lola's apartment and awkwardly rehearsed how she'd ask Lola if Kyle was there. She rang the buzzer but left when there was no response.

Phyllis arrived at the Athletic Club, and the investigator informed her that Kyle and Lola had gone upstairs. He provided her with a room number, and she couldn't believe how quickly Kyle had betrayed her daughter. The investigator showed her photos as evidence, and Phyllis expected that they'd crush Summer. She growled that Kyle was about to feel a world of hurt.

Upstairs, Kyle opened the door to a hotel room, and he and Lola entered it together. She remarked that it was a nice room, and she asked if it had a view. He gazed adoringly at her and replied that it was the best view in Genoa City, and she admitted that she was a little nervous. He shared that he was, too, but he promised that they'd relax and take things slowly. He told her that she was beautiful, and they tenderly kissed. They both jumped when her phone rang.

Kyle didn't see an upside to answering the call if it was one of Lola's brothers, but she reasoned that it would bother her if she didn't check it. Kyle proposed that they mute their phones, and she stared at his wedding ring as he proceeded to do so. He offered to take the ring off, and she wondered if they were making a mistake. Kyle swore that he wanted to be there, since nothing had been right without her in his life, and the ring didn't represent what it was supposed to mean because he loved Lola. He set the phone and the ring on the nightstand, and he whispered that it was just them. She said she'd missed him, and he reiterated that it had always been her. She professed her love, and they kissed.

Lola helped Kyle take off his sport coat, and she turned her back to him. He gently pulled back her hair and kissed her neck on either side as he unzipped her dress. He gently asked if she was okay, and she replied, "Absolutely." They kissed more passionately and fell back on the bed. Kyle's phone vibrated, and he saw a photo of Summer pop up on it to indicate his wife was calling. Lola looked at the phone, and Kyle admitted that he couldn't do it.

Kyle apologized as he and Lola got dressed. She considered it a sign that it had been right to stop, and he told her not to read more into it than there was. She felt terrible for asking him to cheat on his wife, and he admitted that he not only didn't want to be a cheating husband but that he also didn't want her to do something part of her would regret. Lola bemoaned that it wasn't in her to be the other woman, especially since she was only alive because of Summer.

Kyle stressed that it was a temporary situation, and he owed it to Summer to tell her the truth before he and Lola took the next step. He imagined that once he set things straight, they wouldn't feel conflicted or guilty, and they'd be free to love one another forever. Lola commended him for making turning her down for sex into another reason she loved him. He pledged to figure it out, but it would take a little longer than they'd thought. A livid Phyllis arrived outside the room and prepared to knock on the door, but she told herself to be smart and ducked out of sight.

Kyle checked his phone and learned that Summer hadn't gone out of town and had been looking for him. He figured that the sooner he dealt with it, the sooner he and Lola could be together. He declared that he couldn't keep up the charade anymore because he was desperately in love with Lola, and they kissed. He headed out alone.

Later, Phyllis arrived at Crimson Lights and told Lauren over the phone that their plans for Fenmore's were back on track. Phyllis added that Fenmore's would be free from Jabot in 24 hours, since the Abbott boys were about to get what they deserved. She was puzzled when she spotted Lola sitting alone.

Summer entered the Athletic Club and asked a server if he'd seen her husband, who she described as a tall, handsome guy who tried to do the right thing but sometimes fell short. The server pointed out that a name would help, and Summer named Kyle. The server replied that he hadn't served Kyle that night, but his shift had just started. Summer left another voicemail for Kyle, asking him to call her because she was starting to worry.

Billy returned home, and Jack apologized for accusing him of leaking secrets to Ashley. Billy revealed that it hadn't been why he'd called, and he didn't blame Jack for suspecting him. Billy rambled that he knew he wasn't the one Jack counted on because Billy was the one Jack had to keep from going off the rails. Billy blurted out that he'd just gotten back from Vegas, but he quickly added that he'd gone there to see Victoria because he'd been worried about her. Billy confided that he'd been arrogant to think it wouldn't be a big deal to be there, but the sights and sounds had gotten to him.

Jack offered to get Billy to a meeting, but Billy clarified that he hadn't relapsed because Victoria had needed him, so it had kept him in check. Jack thought Billy should be proud, but Billy worried that the feelings hadn't gone away once he'd gotten out of there. Jack applauded him for showing courage by calling, and Billy vowed to not screw up his opportunity for a fresh start with Victoria. Kyle arrived home and asked if Summer was there, and Jack mentioned that she'd just been looking for him. Billy thanked Jack for the talk and headed out to an addiction meeting.

Jack asked if everything was okay with Kyle, who vaguely replied that he was just juggling a few things. Jack urged him to talk it out. Kyle said he had to go, and he left. Jack retrieved Ashley's bug and set it in a hiding place as Traci reentered. Traci apologized for being hard on him earlier, and Jack recognized that emotions had been running high. He announced that he'd thought about what she'd said, and he'd made a decision about what to do next.

Jack proclaimed that it was time for him to be the bigger man by putting aside his hostilities and getting the Abbotts back together. Jack claimed that he'd take Ashley up on her offer to merge companies, and Traci excitedly asked what had changed his mind. He accepted that Ashley had outmaneuvered him with her latest move, and he intended to call Ashley the next day. Jack's phone rang, and he smirked as he answered a call from Ashley.

Ashley guessed that Jack had found the bug and had no interest in a merger. "No chance in hell," Jack crowed, but he tempted her with a generous offer -- two million dollars of his own money if she gave up the My Beauty Collective idea. She negotiated him to four million, and they hung up. Traci was appalled that Jack had used her as a puppet to put on a show for Ashley's benefit. Traci scolded that Jack and Ashley were middle-aged children. She ordered him to grow up, but he found it more fun to play games. Traci groaned and walked out.

Later, Summer found Kyle at home and exclaimed that she'd been looking all over for him. She threw her arms around him, and he claimed that his phone had been off. She explained that she hadn't been able to go through with the spa trip because she'd wanted to get back to him, and he was glad that they'd have a chance to talk. Summer admitted that she was relieved to see him after not being able to find him all day. She squealed that she had great news, since she'd decided to take the job at Jabot, and they would be working together. Kyle squirmed when Summer asked where he'd been all night.

Jack rejects Phyllis' blackmail attempt

Jack rejects Phyllis' blackmail attempt

Friday, April 12, 2019

At Rey's apartment, Lola daydreamed as the food she was cooking began to burn on the stove. Rey arrived home and jokingly asked if she was trying a new recipe, and he offered to make her some cereal. Lola confided that she'd almost slept with Kyle, but it had been her idea. Rey questioned whether Kyle had put pressure on her, but Lola shared that Kyle had stopped things before they'd gone too far. Lola added that she would have gone through with it, and she wondered what that said about her.

Rey asked "what the hell" Kyle had been doing by getting Lola alone. Lola reiterated that she'd been the one to seek Kyle out, and they'd talked about how much they still loved each other. Rey protested that it would be complicated because Kyle wasn't free, and Lola explained that Kyle had only married Summer to save Lola's life. Rey realized that Lola wanted Kyle back, and he asked if she intended to keep the relationship going. Lola compared it to sleeping around the way Mia and Arturo had, and she refused to ruin people's lives by hiding an ugly secret.

Lola insisted that she and Kyle understood one another, and Rey inquired whether she meant it was over. She responded that it was just the beginning, since Kyle was at home, telling Summer everything. Lola groaned that she was not only a cheater but also a homewrecker. Rey recognized that it had never made sense that Kyle had married Summer out of nowhere, and he guessed that it had been a trade of Summer's liver for a marriage contract. Lola shared that Summer loved Kyle -- or at least Summer thought she did.

Lola continued that Summer thought that if Kyle was with her long enough, he'd see the truth, but it wasn't the truth Summer was expecting. Rey realized that there was no way around Summer getting hurt, but he imagined that she would move on, just like he had after Mia had done serious damage to his heart. Lola pointed out that Rey had loved Mia at some point, but Rey wasn't sure anymore, since he'd been tied up in the jealousy of Arturo having the relationship Rey had wanted. Rey reflected back on getting together with Mia because he'd been able to give her something Arturo hadn't been able to -- marriage.

Rey thought that Mia had been antsy and insecure because she'd still wanted to be with Arturo. Rey had fought to stop things from spinning out of control, but it hadn't worked. Lola applauded him for being a good husband and a decent human being, but Rey regretted that he'd wasted time with Mia that he could have spent with Sharon. Rey marveled that he was finally where he needed to be with the person he was supposed to be with, and he asked if things felt right for Lola with Kyle. Lola firmly replied that it could feel right, and Rey encouraged her to let herself be in love. He cautioned that the next few weeks might not be easy, but they would be worth it.

Lola gushed that everyone should have a big brother, and Rey contemplated renting himself out as his next career move. Lola declared that he was all hers, but he thought she gladly would have given him away when she'd been a kid. She explained that she liked Rey as her brother but not when he acted like he was her father, and he said the instinct to look out for her was primal. He conceded that maybe he'd hovered a little bit, and she assured him that he didn't have to worry about her anymore, since things would get better -- starting that night.

Lola spotted the sonogram photo and remarked that it was her niece or nephew. Rey said she was an aunt, but the question was who would be a dad. Lola pointed out that Rey had always been meant to be a dad, but it wasn't Arturo's thing. Rey recounted racing to the hospital when he'd gotten the call from Sharon about Mia not feeling right, and he'd thought to himself that he'd go crazy if something happened to the baby, but then he'd had to remind himself that he might not be the father.

Lola imagined that Rey would care either way, but he didn't want to think about what it would do to their family if he was the baby's uncle instead of the father. Lola anticipated that Rey would be the best kind of dad, and Rey commented that he'd had enough practice. She remembered thinking things had been crazy in Miami, but it had been insanity since they'd moved to Genoa City. She looked forward to things getting easier for her and Kyle as well as for Rey, Sharon, and the baby, since it was their turn to be happy.

At the Athletic Club, Lauren apologized to Michael for stepping aside to take a call from Phyllis. She looked around at the nearly empty room and observed that they'd closed the place down. Michael surmised that Phyllis had been worried that everyone had turned against her, but Lauren reported that Phyllis was confident Jack would sell back Fenmore's. Michael thought they should be worried about what Phyllis was really up to.

Lauren thought she and Michael should leave before the staff threw them out. Michael admitted that he'd greased a few palms to get some alone time with his wife. He nodded to a server, who turned on some music. Michael asked Lauren to dance, and he pulled her into his arms. They swayed, and he mused that she deserved some attention and a distraction. She wondered if she deserved him, and he replied that she did if she'd been very, very bad. They kissed.

At the Abbott mansion, Summer pointed out that Kyle hadn't told her where he'd been all night. He claimed that he'd been at work for a while, but she mentioned that she'd stopped by Jabot and that Ted hadn't seen him. Kyle said he'd decided to go for a walk to sort some stuff out, but he was home then. Summer suggested that they celebrate her new job working with him at Jabot, and he asked if she had the medical go-ahead for Champagne. She purred that she had clearance for that and what she really wanted to do. She pulled him into a kiss and led him upstairs.

A short time later, Phyllis barged into the mansion and asked Jack if Kyle was there. Jack indicated that Kyle was upstairs with Summer, and he snapped that whatever it was would have to wait until the next day. Phyllis announced that she was there to tell Jack what a sleazy, lowlife cheater his son was, since Kyle had just been with his ex. Jack figured that it had been in a public restaurant, but Phyllis showed him a photo of Kyle and Lola heading up to their reserved room. Jack questioned why she was showing it to him, and she crowed that he'd just asked the million-dollar question.

Phyllis asserted that Summer deserved a husband who gave "a damn" about her, but Jack countered that Summer was an adult in an adult relationship. Phyllis shot back that his son had only married Summer to play hero for his girlfriend, and she questioned whether Jack was really okay with all of it. Jack pointed out that it wasn't his decision, and Phyllis huffed that Kyle was doing the same thing Jack had done at the same age. Jack scoffed at the thought of her getting righteous about marital fidelity, and she reminded him that Summer had been like a daughter to him.

Phyllis doubted that Jabot could face another scandal, since the media would go nuts if pictures of an Abbott husband betraying his Newman bride hit the press. Jack contended that they were just photos, so he wasn't worried. Phyllis taunted that a son repeating the sins of his father would get play in the press, but Jack shot back that her credibility wasn't exactly high. She suspected that he was willing to do anything to keep Jabot from taking another hit, but she implied that life could get easier if he gave her what she wanted. She declared that Fenmore's was the price of her silence.

Phyllis added that she needed seed money because Jack had yanked her severance package, and he blasted her for making things worse at Summer's expense. Phyllis reasoned that she was protecting her daughter, helping him, and saving herself at the same time. Phyllis acknowledged that life was unfair and that she was a "bitch," but she'd been cheated out of her golden parachute and had to sew herself a new one with his help. He spat that she had screwed up and wanted someone to bail her out, and she named the next day as her deadline for a deal for Fenmore's and a wire transfer into her account. She threatened that if it didn't happen, she and Summer would "unleash hell" on what was left of Jabot.

Upstairs, Kyle sat glumly in the bedroom as Summer emerged in a negligee. She complained that he was still dressed, and she seductively proposed that they do something about it. She unbuttoned his shirt and kissed his neck, and they kissed passionately, but he pulled away. Summer asked what was going on, but Kyle received a text message from Jack, who urgently requested that Kyle meet him downstairs alone. Kyle told Summer to stay there and that he wouldn't be long. She requested one last kiss, and he kissed her forehead and headed out.

Kyle met Jack downstairs and was stunned to learn that Phyllis was using blackmail to get Fenmore's from Jabot. Kyle asked what she had on Jack, but Jack revealed that she had photos of Kyle and Lola. Kyle swore that nothing had happened between them, but Lola had told him she still loved him. Jack pointed out that Kyle was committed to Summer, but Kyle defended that he'd thought things with Lola were history. Kyle knew how it looked, and Jack worried that it could cause press that Jabot didn't need.

Jack wondered what Kyle had thought would happen, and Kyle replied that he'd thought Lola would get her transplant and that Summer would see he wasn't worth it. Jack argued that Summer had married the man she'd wanted her entire life, but Kyle had believed Summer would get over him the way he'd gotten over her. Kyle conceded that he hadn't given Summer enough credit, since he'd assumed that she'd just wanted to win and that it hadn't been about him at all. Kyle swore that he hadn't expected Summer to look at him the way she did or for him to feel the way he did around her.

Kyle added that he'd returned home to tell Summer everything, but Jack had called him down there. Jack guessed that Kyle couldn't look her in the eye and tell her he loved someone else, and Kyle lamented that Summer wasn't as tough as she looked. Kyle groaned that Summer looked at him like he was the answer, and he didn't know how to tell her that he couldn't be. Jack urged Kyle to make a decision one way or the other -- but to be sure about it.

Jack offered to buy Kyle some time by giving Phyllis what she wanted, but Kyle objected because Jabot needed Fenmore's to expand into fashion. Jack figured that it would hurt, but it wouldn't destroy them. Kyle steeled himself to tell Summer, and Jack warned him to think about it because he couldn't take back the words once he said them. Kyle resolved to take the ammunition out of Phyllis' hands, but Jack stressed that he cared more about Kyle than about any business deal. Jack muttered that Kyle didn't want to hurt Summer, but her mother was more than happy to do it for him. Kyle asked him to tell Phyllis that she could "go to hell."

Later, Summer stirred in bed and found Kyle staring at her. She asked if everything was on track with the business he'd discussed with Jack. He stammered that he had to tell her something, but he didn't know how to say it. "You slept with Lola, didn't you?" Summer asked. Kyle admitted that he'd been with Lola; they'd booked a hotel room, but things hadn't gone much further than that because it wouldn't have been right.

Kyle swore that he hated hurting Summer. Summer said she wasn't stupid, and she'd never thought it would be rainbows and unicorns for them. She recalled that she'd been married to someone who had cheated, and Kyle insisted that he hadn't. Summer clarified that she'd meant the emotional side, and she thought Kyle had at least had the decency to feel guilty about it. She thought the main point was that he hadn't gone through with it because he wasn't the person he'd once been, and they had something really special together that had made them better people.

Summer figured that maybe that night had needed to happen to prove to Kyle that he respected their vows and already had what he really wanted, and they could push past it. Kyle protested that he wasn't the noble hero she was making him out to be, and she replied that she wouldn't be able to stand him if he was. She recognized that he wasn't over Lola, but she refused to freak out about it. She told him that she forgave him, so he could stop making himself miserable because she loved him, and that was never going to change.

Kyle and Summer sat in bed together, and she said it was how marriage worked. She admitted that she was sad but excited, since they both knew what was at stake and that they had to earn it together. She figured that the next day was a new day, and she opted to get some sleep. Summer told Kyle that he didn't have to go to bed yet, but she asked if he would stay there with her. He turned off the light and put his arm around her.

At the Athletic Club, Phyllis interrupted Michael and Lauren's dance. Over Michael's protests, Lauren pushed Phyllis to tell her more about why Phyllis thought Jack would let go of Fenmore's. Phyllis vaguely replied that it was a work in progress, and she didn't want to say anything until she knew it was a lock. Michael worried that Phyllis' machinations would blow up in her face, and he reminded Phyllis that Lauren was deeply invested. Phyllis insisted that she knew what she was doing.

Later, Phyllis found Jack at her hotel room door, and she assumed that her was there to hammer out a deal. He declared that there would be no deal, and she threatened to go public. Jack asserted that nothing had happened and that the public wouldn't blink an eye at the innocent photos. Phyllis argued that an Abbott newlywed had booked a room with his ex, and Jack informed her that Kyle was breaking things off with Summer as they spoke. Phyllis was stunned that Kyle had the nerve to dump her daughter after everything Summer had been through.

Phyllis envisioned telling everyone that Kyle had convinced a vulnerable young woman to give up part of a vital organ before dumping her. Jack argued that Summer had always known that Kyle was in love with Lola, and Phyllis would only be releasing the pictures at Summer's expense. He cautioned her against losing the one ally she had left, and he proclaimed that she'd gambled and lost. Phyllis doubted that Summer would just roll over and let Kyle play his game, and she ordered Jack to "get the hell out" of her room. After he shut the door behind him, she smashed a mirror in a rage.

Downstairs in the club dining room, Michael stepped aside to take a call from a client. Jack approached Lauren and informed her that her plan with Phyllis had gone down in flames. Lauren denied that it had been her plan, but Jack figured that she'd known Phyllis had been working an angle. He contended that Lauren was his partner, and he thought she'd understood that Jabot needed Fenmore's. Lauren reminded him that she'd never misled him about her father's company being her priority, and he gave her his word that he would take both companies to new heights.

Jack offered to spell it out so that Lauren would realize that they made an unbeatable team that didn't need Phyllis anymore. He told her about his idea for the Jabot Collective and its focus on the whole woman, from fashion to cosmetics. Jack expected it to drive more traffic and sales to Fenmore's, and Lauren wished he'd told her sooner so that she wouldn't have yammered on about walking away. She thought the concept was smart and well-defined, and Jack asked if it meant she was on board. Lauren proclaimed that she was all in, and he hugged her.

Michael returned and wondered what he'd walked in on, and Jack announced that it was the renewal of a beautiful working relationship. Meanwhile, a wild-eyed Phyllis picked up a piece of glass from the broken mirror and stared at herself in it.

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