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Society's successful grand opening was dampened by the news of Neil's death. Kyle told Summer their marriage was over. Jack and Ashley agreed to a truce. Malcolm, Sofia, and Leslie returned to attend Neil's funeral. Family and friends exchanged loving memories of Neil.
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Genoa City mourned the death of Neil Winters
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Rey threatens to put Mia behind bars

Rey threatens to put Mia behind bars

Monday, April 22, 2019

Abby panicked because none of the invited guests were waiting outside her new restaurant, Society. A deliveryman arrived with an impressive floral arrangement. Attached was a note from Victor congratulating Abby for her stunning achievement and apologizing because he couldn't be present. Abby cried that perhaps everyone else might send flowers and regrets, too. Tessa and Arturo assured Abby that patrons would eventually arrive. Abby embraced Devon when he strolled in to check on his new venture. Devon, too, assured Abby that guests would show up.

Near the bar at Society, Lola opened a gift from Summer. Lola lifted the box lid and said, "You gave me a knife as a gift." Summer couldn't take her eyes off a heart-shaped pendant encrusted with diamonds that Kyle had given to Lola earlier. Summer had believed Kyle had intended to give the pendant to her.

Summer told Lola that the knife was one of the best chef's tools. Lola replied, "There's an old superstition that says it's bad luck to give a knife as a gift." Lola added that the blade signified the severing of a relationship. Summer insisted she was unaware of the superstition. Lola explained that if a coin was given along with the knife, she could return the coin to the giver, so the knife wouldn't be considered a gift. Summer gave Lola a coin, which Lola promptly returned. Before Summer and Kyle walked away, Summer complimented Lola's necklace.

Abby returned to the restaurant entrance and was delighted to see that patrons had lined up to celebrate the new eatery. Nick entered the dining room and visited with Summer and Kyle. Nick reminded Summer that she should consult with him on the blueprints for the home Summer and Kyle would soon occupy. Nearby, Rey and Arturo congratulated Lola. Lola requested that her brothers get along during the evening. Arturo and Rey shared wary glances.

At Devon's, Ana told Jett that he should consider performing alone. Ana admitted she was nervous because she hadn't sung before an audience in a long time. Jett praised Ana and told her she was the reason he felt confident to perform again. Jett added that Ana couldn't bail out on him, because she'd been his inspiration. Ana replied, "Okay, let's do it." Devon stopped by and said, "Hey, is this really happening?" Ana replied, "It is." Devon said he'd meet up with them at the restaurant later.

After Jett and Ana left, Devon paused near a photo of Hilary. Devon reflected for a moment before he slipped off his wedding band. Containing his emotions, Devon placed his wedding band into a keepsake box. A moment later, Elena walked down the stairs. Devon smiled, and his eyes lit up. Devon told Elena she looked stunning.

While Jack milled around Society, he noticed his assistant, Ted, distributing coasters printed with ads for Ashley's cosmetics company. Ted sheepishly explained that he couldn't turn down a chance to live in Paris. Ashley approached and said, "Ted works for me now." Jack replied, "You poached my assistant." Jack quickly sent a text message and immediately gloated that he'd already replaced Ted. Jack warned Ted that he'd end up in court if he shared company information with Ashley.

After Ted walked away, Ashley told Jack that she'd shown up to support her daughter. Jack pointed out that Ashley's tacky coasters could be easily neutralized by simply placing a drink atop them. Ashley congratulated Abby on her grand opening. Abby said she hoped Ashley was present to support her and not to promote her own company. Abby held up one of the ad-emblazoned coasters to prove her point. Ashley said she found it kind of fun to compete with Jack on a level playing field. Devon greeted Ashley and, waving a coaster, said he'd prefer if she kept her merchandise at home.

Devon introduced Elena to Nate. Nate told Elena that in addition to being a great businessman, Devon was also a stand-up guy and a good listener. After Elena stepped away, Nate told Devon he was glad to see Devon dating again. Devon suggested Nate date again, too. Devon summoned Abby, so they could formally greet their guests. On the stage, Abby and Devon officially welcomed patrons to Society. Devon announced that Jett Slade would be the featured performer.

Guests applauded as Jett took his place behind the microphone and sang a Rhythm and Blues song. When Jett sang the lyrics, "You can't have my love on the side," Kyle looked longingly at Lola. Summer noticed. Abby and Devon looked disapprovingly toward Jack when a video screen behind the stage suddenly displayed an ad for Jabot Collective. Jack held up Ashley's coaster and looked toward his sister.

Abby and Devon approached Jack and let him know they weren't pleased. Devon added that he was taking Jack's stunt personally because the ad had interrupted Jett's performance. Jack admitted he'd stepped over the line. Devon warned that he'd summon lawyers if Jack pulled another stunt. Jack nodded that he understood.

Jack got a reprieve when Abby and Devon returned to the stage to introduce head chef Lola Rosales. Lola thanked Devon and Abby for believing in her and sticking by her. Lola explained that she'd experienced some medical issues and was grateful that Devon and Abby had not opted to hire another chef. Lola also thanked Summer for giving her a second chance at life and for challenging her to take more risks while embracing precious time with the people she loved.

After Lola retreated to an area beyond the main dining room, Kyle slipped away from Summer briefly so he could congratulate Lola for achieving her dream. Kyle took Lola in his arms and kissed her on the lips. Lola smiled and said, "That will get me through the night." After Lola stepped away, Nick violently grabbed Kyle from behind and said, "You lying punk." Kyle claimed that Nick had misunderstood. Nick reminded Kyle that he'd promised not to hurt Summer. Nick said he'd been all set to build a house for Summer and Kyle because he'd wanted to support the marriage.

Summer rushed in to defend Kyle and thwart a fistfight with Nick. Nick said he was about to "whup" the jerk Summer was married to. Nick insisted that Summer annul her marriage. Summer asked Nick to stay out of her marriage. Nick told Summer she didn't know what had just happened. Summer told Nick she'd known what she'd been getting into when she and Kyle had married.

Nick asked Summer if she was okay with being married to a slimeball. Summer reminded Nick that he'd recently cheated on Sharon with Phyllis. Summer said she loved Kyle more than anything and wanted to be married to him. Summer told Nick that Kyle also loved her, so they would work things out. Summer took Kyle by the hand, and they both walked away.

Kyle thanked Summer. Kyle admitted that he didn't deserve Summer's devotion. Summer said she'd acted on her true feelings, which she didn't intend to hide in order to make others feel comfortable. Summer asked Kyle if they could leave. Kyle nodded, and they walked together toward the exit. Lola, looking forlorn, watched the couple leave.

Though Mia hadn't been invited to the opening celebration, she took advantage of the bouncer's break and slipped in, immediately joining Jack at the bar. Mia wasted no time flirting with Jack and announced that she was about to be single because she and Rey were divorcing. Mia cried that Rey had betrayed her. Jack advised Mia to put on her best face in the worst of times to make things easier. Mia said she couldn't bottle up her feelings, especially knowing that Rey had begun dating Sharon immediately after the breakup of their marriage. Jack suggested that Mia talk to a friend or a therapist.

Mia wasn't the least bit dissuaded and cried to Jack that Rey had never appreciated her. Mia grabbed two glasses of Champagne from a waiter's tray. Mia gave one glass to Jack, clinked her glass against his, and said, "Here's to finding someone who appreciates me the way I am." Rey suddenly appeared, took Mia's glass, and said, "What do you think you're doing?" Jack quickly excused himself and walked away.

Rey told Mia he didn't care about Mia's flirtation with another man. Rey noted that his only concern was for the baby. Mia said she was only in her first trimester. Rey grew angrier when Mia claimed she could drink a glass of Champagne every once in a while without hurting her baby. Rey leaned in close to Mia and replied testily that he wasn't messing around.

Abby gave Arturo a check to cover the last-minute work he'd done to repair issues that could have ruined opening night. Arturo returned the check and explained that he'd helped Abby because he cared about her. Abby replied, "No matter how many kind gestures you make, it doesn't change the fact that you betrayed me in the worst way possible with the worst person."

Mia's argument with Rey drew Abby's attention, and she threatened to throw Mia out. Arturo told Abby that Mia was pregnant. Abby turned to face Arturo and said, "And it could be yours." Abby told Arturo that if Mia didn't leave soon, she'd summon security. Abby added that Arturo should also leave.

Devon praised Jett's performance. Elena agreed with Devon and told Jett that he was brilliant. Ana said Jett had moved her to tears. Jett thanked Devon for convincing him to follow through. Jett added that the evening had been a gift. After Ana and Devon went to get drinks, Jett turned to Elena and said, "Hey, that's a good man right there." Elena, blushing, indicated she knew what Jett was hinting about.

Jack took Ashley a drink as a peace offering. Jack said he'd been thinking about how important a relationship between a brother and sister could be. Ashley agreed. Jack cried that they were squandering their relationship. Jack explained that he couldn't sell Jabot.

Ashley told Jack he couldn't have her patents. Jack cried that there wouldn't likely be a truce. Ashley agreed and said she'd returned the four million dollars Jack had wired to her. Ashley fanned the flames by announcing that she'd stolen Jack's new business model to integrate fashions, naming her company Abbott Exchange in honor of their father.

Rey escorted Mia to her suite at the Genoa City Athletic Club. Rey told Mia that she was a mess, so he might have to babysit her until the child was born. Mia laughed and told Rey it was easy to bait him. Rey said, "What?" Mia stroked Rey's arms and seductively noted that he could get so angry. Mia claimed the baby was the heat between them and added that Rey would never experience the same passion with Sharon. Rey told Mia her behavior was ugly and unhealthy. Rey warned Mia that if she didn't follow his orders to take care of herself, her baby might be born behind bars.

Devon shares some terrible news

Devon shares some terrible news

Tuesday, April 23, 2019

At Victoria's house, Billy called out to prompt Victoria to finish getting ready, adding that her beauty didn't need primping. Victoria emerged and explained that she wanted to look spectacular, since she hadn't been out in forever. She asked what he thought, and he amorously replied that they didn't need to go anywhere but upstairs, since they'd waited long enough. Victoria insisted on being there for Abby, especially with her father away on secret business trips. Billy made it his personal mission to distract her with music and dancing, and he twirled her around.

There was a knock at the door, and Billy implored her not to answer it. Victor walked in, hugged Victoria, and announced that they needed to talk. Victor recounted that he'd run into Victoria's talented musician friend in Las Vegas, and Victoria swore that she barely knew Brandon. Victor suspected that Brandon had invented a cockamamie story about Victor being involved in high stakes-gambling to get to know her better.

Victor scolded that Victoria knew him better than that, but she questioned what he'd been doing in Vegas when he'd told her he was in Turkey and New Zealand. Victor claimed that he'd been trying to land a hotel conglomerate with locations all over the world, but Billy doubted it had just been business. Victoria asked why Victor had been so secretive, and he said he'd realized he had to talk to her when he'd heard about her manhunt. Billy called it some story. "Did you really think I would buy it?" Victoria asked.

Victoria asked how Victor could put her mom through that when Nikki needed him more than ever. Victor firmly stated that Nikki had him, but Victoria blasted him for abandoning her mother, and she wanted to know why he'd done it. Victor maintained that his marriage was fine, but Victoria chided him for keeping her mother at arm's length. Victoria demanded to know if there was another woman or if they should be preparing for war. Billy pointed out that Victoria was clearly upset, and he urged Victor to just tell her the truth.

Victor barked that it was a family matter, so Billy should stay out of it. Victor asserted that he hadn't abandoned Nikki. Victoria retorted that it was how Nikki felt, and Victor would know that if he'd taken the time to talk with his wife. Victor figured that Nikki knew that business sometimes took precedence, but she was in his heart and soul wherever he went. Victoria wanted to believe him, but she knew that she'd be the last person he'd tell if he'd gotten involved in something dangerous. Victor swore that he was in no danger, and he said he loved her. She begged him to be careful, and he hugged her and told her not to worry.

At the Abbott mansion, Summer ranted that all she'd wanted had been a night out at a hot new restaurant, and Kyle suggested that she take a shower and cool off. She huffed that nothing would change her mood, and he offered her a drink. She rambled that he had no idea how lucky he was to have Jack as a dad, since Jack would never start a fight in the middle of a party. Summer questioned what had happened between her father and Kyle that had had Nick frothing at the mouth. Kyle confessed that Nick had seen him kissing Lola.

A stunned Summer blurted out that it made no sense, and she referred to all the promises Kyle had made to her. She demanded to know how he could have done that after he'd told her that they'd build a life together. He conceded that he hadn't been thinking, and she wondered whether he'd been lying all the times he'd told her he loved her. He denied it, and she insisted that they could talk through it and get past it. "I can't do this," Kyle groaned, but Summer argued that he couldn't fake the way he looked at her and held her. She begged him not to hurt her like that.

Kyle fetched Summer some water, and she apologized for freaking out. He thought he should be the one apologizing, and she wondered if she should stop believing in happily ever afters. He remarked that some things weren't meant to be, but she reiterated that she knew he was still working through his feelings for Lola. Summer confessed that she'd seen him looking at a gorgeous necklace right before they'd left, and she'd assumed that it was a sign that he wanted the marriage as much as she did -- until she'd seen Lola wearing it. Summer questioned how he could break her heart when he knew how much she loved him.

Summer cried that people thought she was a selfish brat, but Kyle didn't think that about her, and she didn't feel like that woman anymore because he was hers. Summer insisted that the love they shared was bigger and stronger than any obstacles in front of them, but Kyle thought she didn't understand. He contended that he didn't want to lie to her anymore because she deserved better, and she proposed that from that day on, they only tell one another the truth. She requested that he promise from that night on to be faithful to her. Kyle stammered that he couldn't do that.

Kyle explained that he'd thought he could commit to Summer and make it work. Summer surmised that he'd only done it because she'd been the only one who could have saved Lola. Summer whined that he'd used her, and he'd done anything he'd had to do to seal the deal, including marrying her. Kyle swore that he'd never meant to hurt her, but Summer barked that he'd never given "a damn" about what happened to her. She added that he was no better than Billy, since Kyle had taken advantage of the fact that she'd do anything for him.

Summer regretted that she'd actually believed that Kyle had meant his vows at their wedding, but she suddenly realized that he'd been talking about Lola when he'd gone on about intense love. She dared him to tell her the truth -- that he cared about her but was in love with Lola. Kyle asked what she wanted from him, and she referred to his promise of love and a future. She wailed that she'd wanted so badly for it to work that she'd given him everything, and he'd manipulated her. She recounted that she'd risked her life for his virginal girlfriend and confronted anyone who'd doubted his love and motives, but they had been right.

Kyle acknowledged that he could never repay Summer for what she'd done, and Summer snapped that he couldn't replace what she'd lost. He swore that she'd changed his life, but she spat that he'd ruined hers. He swore that he really cared, but she refused to listen after what he'd done to her. He suggested that they let go to avoid years of misery for them both. Summer raged that it was his pattern to get what he wanted before being done with her, and she imagined the same thing would happen once he took Lola's virginity. Kyle declared that he would always love Lola, and nothing and no one would change it.

Kyle contended that he'd really tried, but he couldn't be the man Summer needed, and he thought it was time they ended it. She was appalled that he wanted to divorce her, and he suggested that they get an annulment like her father had recommended. Summer warned him to think about the consequences, but Kyle confirmed that he had thought about it, and he considered it to be the only option. He headed to the front door but stopped. He recounted that they'd started as friends, and he appealed to her to end it that way. After he left, she threw a vase that shattered against the door.

At Society's grand opening, Abby made the rounds to greet her customers. Devon hugged Traci, who declared that it was a tremendous evening. He called Abby a miracle worker, but Traci thought the real miracle was that Abby hadn't eviscerated Ashley and Jack. Traci admitted that she hadn't been there to see it because she'd had a hot date with her laptop, and Devon was excited to hear about her new writing project. She surveyed the room and observed that Lily looked lovely. Devon welcomed his sister home with a hug.

Devon said he hadn't known that Lily would be there, and she scoffed at the thought that she'd miss the event. He eyed Cane and remarked that he hadn't been expecting her plus-one, and Lily shared that she hadn't been, either. She insisted that nothing had changed, but she and Cane had thought it would be easier to go together so that no one would ask questions or start rumors. She mentioned that Neil and the twins were on the way. Devon wondered where things stood between her and Cane.

Lily told Devon that she'd decided that she and Cane couldn't keep making the same mistakes, but she could tell that Cane was really trying to change. Devon asked if it was enough to change her mind about proceeding with the divorce, and she asserted that it would be best for everyone to move on. Cane joined them and handed Lily a drink, but Devon pulled her aside to see Ana. Ana introduced Lily to Jett, and Lily enthused that she was a big fan of his music. Devon introduced Elena as Jett's niece, and Jett called her his guardian angel. Devon joked that Elena was also a "badass bodyguard" for Jett.

Traci approached Cane and noted that she'd seen him arrive with Lily. He called it a minor miracle, and he commended Traci for making him take a long, hard look at himself. He informed her that he'd told Lily about the changes he wanted to make in his life to make it meaningful, including giving notice at Chancellor, but she'd opted to still go ahead with the divorce. Traci encouraged him never to waver from his goals, since it was a hero's journey. Cane protested that he was no hero, but Traci assured him that his story wasn't over yet.

In the kitchen, Tessa exclaimed that everyone was raving about the food. "Are they?" Lola glumly muttered. Tessa thought Lola should be celebrating, but Lola glowered.

Abby stepped to the microphone and hoped everyone was having an unforgettable night at the debut of Society. She promised that they would get back to the music and dancing, but she had a few important things to say. Abby proclaimed that the night was the culmination of a dream for everyone on her team, and she thanked Devon for saying yes to going on the wild ride. He swore that he couldn't have done it without her.

Abby recognized that many choices had gone into making the night happen, and the best one had been hiring the person who'd created the unique cuisine everyone was raving about. Lola joined Abby, who gushed that she was very proud of everything Lola had accomplished. Lola marveled that she felt like the luckiest person in the world that night, since she got to do what she loved the most while seeing the joy on everyone's faces. Lola thanked everyone for being there, and the crowd applauded. Abby excitedly confirmed that Jett and Ana would be performing that night, and she urged everyone to stick around and be wowed.

Lily voiced surprise that Ana would be singing, and Ana recalled that she'd sworn that she'd never sing in public again. Ana mused that sometimes one had to be open to breaking their own rules, since it could lead to a place one never expected.

Nate called the evening an unqualified success, and he told Abby that the town had needed a nightclub. She conceded that she'd thought it wouldn't get off the ground, and he encouraged her to take time to enjoy the moment. He asked if he could convince her to take a spin on the dance floor, and she replied that she could be easily convinced. He looked forward to it.

Cane asked if he could get Lily anything, but she insisted that she was fine. He offered to leave if it was too overwhelming, but she considered it the perfect place to be.

Jett announced that the next song would be even more special because he had the chance to sing it with his daughter. As Jett and Ana performed, Cane asked Lily to dance, and he led her to the dance floor. The couple swayed as Traci looked on approvingly. Abby and Nate joined them, and Elena asked if Devon had any interest in dancing. He replied that he'd love nothing more than to dance with her.

Cane pulled Lily close and whispered in her ear not to say anything, but he had to get something off his chest, or he'd regret it for the rest of his life. He swore that there was nothing he wouldn't do for her, and if she found it in her heart to believe in him, he would never let her down again. He understood that it wouldn't happen overnight and that it would take a lot of work, but she and their beautiful kids meant more than anything in the world to him. He wished that he could freeze time and stay in that moment forever, since he would be the happiest man on earth.

The song ended, and the crowd clapped. Mattie and Charlie arrived, and Lily asked where their granddad was. The twins reported that Neil was getting ready at Devon's penthouse and was excited to share the night with Lily. Lily murmured that family was all she needed, and Mattie asked if it included her dad. Charlie wondered if everything was okay, and Lily assured them that it couldn't be better.

Devon and Lily stepped to a quiet area, and she anticipated that the place would be Genoa City's hottest new restaurant and club. He marveled that nothing beat having her there to share it, and she pressed for details about Elena. Devon shared that it was their first date, and they were just friends. Lily sensed that Elena made him happy, and Devon mentioned that he'd seen Lily and Cane on the dance floor. Lily confided that she was all over the place emotionally.

Devon thought that Lily was allowed to feel that way after everything she'd been through. Devon insisted that there was no shame in whatever decision she made, and he advised her to take things slowly. They hugged, and she inquired whether he'd heard from their dad. Devon indicated that Neil hadn't responded to his messages, and he tried to call again, but it went straight to voicemail. Devon decided to make a quick run home.

In the kitchen, Tessa asked about Kyle, and Lola showed her the necklace he'd given her. Lola relayed that he'd told her he still loved her and that he couldn't stay married to Summer anymore, but he needed time to end things the right way. Tessa figured that it was all good, but Lola fretted that Summer and Kyle had looked "so married" when they'd left together. Lola wondered if Kyle would actually end things and if she wanted him to, since it would make her a homewrecker. Tessa argued that Kyle hadn't married Summer for love but only to save Lola's life.

Lola recognized that Kyle had loved Summer at one point. Tessa was sure they weren't the same feelings he had for Lola, but Lola worried that the person Kyle was letting down gently was her. Tessa stressed that Kyle loved Lola, but he just wanted to do things the right way. Tessa attributed his handling the situation like an adult to the influence Lola had on him, and Lola figured that she'd been blamed for worse. Tessa toasted to Lola and everything she'd accomplished, and, as she touched her necklace, Lola remarked that she would cherish the night forever.

Devon entered his penthouse and called out for his dad. He noticed a suit inside a garment bag, and he called out that Neil didn't want to miss the rest of the show at Society. Devon proclaimed that it wouldn't be a party until Neil Winters showed up, and he headed upstairs.

Moments later, Devon numbly descended the stairs, clearly distraught. He opened the front door and stood in the doorway. He paused briefly before stepping back inside. He sobbed as he looked down at the suit in the garment bag.

Devon returned to Society, barely noticing the people dancing and having a good time. He led Lily to a private spot, and she looked at him in shock and horror as he delivered some terrible news. He pulled her into his arms to console her, and Cane joined them and comforted Lily. Devon spoke to Charlie and Mattie, and word spread to Traci and Nate. Lily staggered outside and broke down in tears.

Genoa City mourns Neil's death

Genoa City mourns Neil's death

Wednesday, April 24, 2019

by Nel

In the Abbotts' living room, Ashley provided her assistant in Paris with instructions concerning business. She ended her call when Jack entered the room. She and Jack argued about who had shamed the family more. Ashley asked if the name of "Abbott Exchange" annoyed him, but Jack stated that Jabot would always be associated with John Abbott. Ashley stated that she was very proud of her father's accomplishments.

Jack felt that Ashley should be more respectful of John's name. Ashley asked if Jack was afraid that she would bring more notoriety to the family than Jack had. Jack admitted he was and that it wouldn't be the good kind.

Abby arrived, and, holding back the tears, she told Jack and Ashley that Neil had died the previous evening and that Devon had found him. Ashley tried contacting Devon or Lily. She told Jack and Abby that they hadn't answered. Ashley stated she was concerned about Devon because a year hadn't passed since Hilary's death. Abby held Ashley while she cried, and Jack remarked that Genoa City without Neil was wrong.

Awhile later, after Ashley had given Jack a cup of tea, Jack recalled the last time he and Neil had spoken. They'd met at a restaurant, and they had laughed while they'd exchanged the same old stories from their past. Jack said that Neil had planned to meet him at Society the previous evening to celebrate Jack's return as CEO of Jabot.

Jack told Ashley that after he had discovered that he wasn't an Abbott, he'd gone to the cabin to self-destruct, but before he'd made the decision to take the pills, he had called Neil. Neil had arrived in a heartbeat. Neil hadn't discouraged Jack from taking the pills, but he'd told Jack to stop feeling sorry for himself. Neil had reminded Jack that he had a family who loved him. Neil had always been there when Jack had needed him. That had been Neil's way, and Jack said that it would be the way he would remember him.

Later, Jack told Ashley that Dina had fallen asleep. He asked Ashley if she was okay. Sobbing, Ashley confessed that she had been consumed by self-ambition and regretted that she'd lost touch with Neil. She said that she had assumed Neil would always be there because he'd always been there when she had needed him. Ashley admitted that she'd cared deeply for Neil, and they had become very close before she'd gone to Paris. Ashley wished she had picked up the phone and spoken to Neil. She stated that she would never know what might have been between them.

Ashley told Jack that she'd been thinking about Malcolm, and she hoped that he'd known that all the fighting between him and Neil had been unimportant because, even though they were half-siblings, there had been nothing "half" about how they had loved each other. Jack said that if there was any sense to be made of the death, maybe it was a reminder for him and Ashley that no matter what happened, they would always be brother and sister, and everything else was unimportant. Tearfully, Ashley asked if Jack wanted to call a truce. Jack agreed. He and Ashley shook hands, and then they embraced each other as Ashley sobbed on Jack's shoulder.

Nikki was angry when she entered Victor's office. She thanked Victor for putting her third on his list of priorities. She said she knew that after he had arrived in Genoa City, he'd gone from the airport to Victoria's and then to his office. Nikki wanted to know what Victor had done in Las Vegas, and she handed him the psychiatrist's bill. She knew Victor hadn't seen a psychiatrist, but she wanted to know who had and why. Victor said he would tell her, but she had to promise not to tell anyone. Victor was about to explain everything to Nikki when he received a call from Jack.

Jack broke the news of Neil's death to Victor. Shocked, Victor immediately informed Nikki. While on speakerphone, Jack told Nikki and Victor about Neil's passing and that everything else was inconsequential. Jack told them that Devon had found Neil and had called the paramedics, but it had been too late. Victor thanked Jack for calling him and informing him about Neil's death.

Stunned and in tears, Nikki looked at a photo of Neil she had on her phone. She told Victor that Neil had understood her struggles, and if it hadn't been for Neil, she was certain she wouldn't be alive. Victor said he would always be grateful to Neil for helping Nikki. Nikki said she was worried about Neil's children and grandchildren, and she couldn't imagine how they were feeling.

At that moment, Abby arrived and told Victor and Nikki that she couldn't believe that Neil was gone. Nikki remarked that her life would never be the same without Neil. Abby said she couldn't stop thinking about Lily and Devon. Abby turned to Victor and said she was afraid something would happen to him. Victor reassured her that nothing would happen and that, at such times, he realized how much his family meant to him.

After Abby left, Victor recalled the first day Neil had walked into his office, and he'd realized how brilliant Neil was. He'd turned out to be the best executive Victor had ever had. He added that Neil had been a good man, and he'd considered Neil a close friend. Victor couldn't believe that Neil was gone. Nikki asked Victor to promise that when he went on future trips, he wouldn't leave without telling her where he would be. He told Nikki not to worry because he still had a lot of good years left.

Nikki said that before Jack had called, Victor had been about to tell her about his recent trips, but Victor said that in light of the situation, it wasn't the right time. He said they would discuss his trip at a later date. Nikki and Victor professed their love for each other, and Nikki left to tell Victoria and Nick about Neil.

At the penthouse, Devon hugged Lily, who was devastated and said she didn't know how to deal with the situation. Devon assured her that they would figure it out together. Devon hugged the twins, who couldn't believe their grandfather was gone. Devon also embraced Cane. Lily asked Nate if there had been any warning signs to indicate that Neil had a health issue and whether something had been missed. Lily demanded to know why no one had known that Neil had been ill. She didn't understand how Neil could have died without any warning signs.

Devon intervened and explained how he had found Neil. He said that after Neil had stopped responding to his text messages, Devon had returned to the penthouse. He'd gone upstairs, and at first, he'd believed that Neil had been asleep, but he'd realized that Neil was gone when he'd attempted to wake him. Nate said that from what Devon had described and what the paramedics and doctors had said, it appeared that Neil had suffered a massive stroke and that he'd died peacefully in his sleep.

Nate mentioned that people would want to know about Neil's service. Cane offered to make the funeral arrangements after Devon stated that he had no idea how to do it. Devon told them that Neil had given him a packet of things that would need to be done in case something happened to him, and it was in the office. Cane offered to get it and left.

In the meantime, Devon assured Lily that he wouldn't let her fall, and he hugged her. Nate checked on the twins. Mattie was in tears and said that Neil had been fine on their drive back to Genoa City and that he had joked with them. She said she missed her grandfather. Ana entered the room and offered to make coffee, but Devon insisted on doing it himself. He assured Ana he was fine.

Ana was concerned about Devon and pointed out that it had only been months since Hilary's death. Devon told Ana he wasn't the only one suffering, and he needed to be strong for Lily and the twins. Devon said he felt guilty because he'd pushed Neil too far. Neil had raced to Genoa City to be at Devon's opening of Society. Ana assured Devon that Neil had wanted to be there. Devon said that Neil had known how important the opening had been to him, and Neil had pushed himself to be there on time. Devon stated that if Neil hadn't felt that pressure, he would have rested or at least he would have had himself checked out if he hadn't felt well.

Ana told Devon that he couldn't blame himself for what had happened. Nate interrupted and said that he had been in touch with Malcolm, who was on his way. Ana told Nate that Devon had been blaming himself for Neil's death. Nate said that was crazy, but Devon countered that he'd forced too much on Neil. He said Lily wouldn't have gone to prison if he hadn't pushed for her to be prosecuted, and that had caused a lot of stress, which had caused the stroke that had killed Neil.

Lily said that she was the one who had caused Neil the stress. Nate said that Neil had died from natural causes, but Lily claimed there was nothing natural about someone dying at Neil's age. Nate said it was hard to accept, but it happened sometimes. He wished he could tell her why.

Lily told her family that she'd known why because she'd seen Neil more than anyone in the room had over the past few months. Neil had moved to Lakewood to be near her because he'd been constantly worried about her. Neil had thought something bad would happen to her. She said that Neil had had nightmares every day that she'd been in trouble, he hadn't been able to get to her. Lily said Neil was gone because of what she had put him through. Crying hysterically, she said that she had killed Hilary and her dad, and she couldn't stay at Devon's anymore.

Lily ran out of the penthouse, and Cane followed her. The twins suggested they go home in case Lily went there. Devon suggested that Nate and Ana accompany the twins. Devon said he would be fine, and Ana, Nate, and the twins all left.

At Crimson Lights, Mariah and Tessa discussed Neil's death, and Mariah knew that choices needed to be made on how to handle Neil's death. Mariah recalled that Neil had once told her that "Not choosing was the same thing as not living."

Lily was sitting at a table on the patio at Crimson Lights when Cane found her and said he wanted to be with her. Lily said that she shouldn't have said what she had in front of the twins. Cane assured her that Neil hadn't died because of her. He said that Neil had been very excited about Lily returning home. Lily said that Neil had offered to drive the twins home because he'd known that she and Cane needed to talk. Lily said that Neil's last words to her had been "I love you, baby girl." She said she'd been very young when her mother had passed away, yet she'd still had Neil, but he was gone too. Cane cradled her while she sobbed, heartbroken.

Mariah arrived at Devon's and hugged him. Devon commented that they were in that place again. Mariah agreed and said it sucked as much as it had the last time they'd been in that situation. They had been referring to Hilary's death.

Devon told Mariah he wished he'd had a little more time. Mariah stated that there was never enough time. Devon said that it felt like life had been a series of goodbyes -- first Dru, then Katherine, Hilary, his child, and Neil. Mariah asked Devon how he wanted her to handle Neil's death on air, but Devon claimed he couldn't deal with it at that moment. Mariah offered to write something for him to look over, and Devon said it was a good idea. They hugged again. Mariah asked him to take care of himself, and she left.

Devon closed the door and turned. He saw Neil standing at the bar, and he said that he loved and missed Neil. He wanted to know why Neil had to leave them. Devon said he really needed Neil, more than anyone suspected. Neil suddenly disappeared, and only his picture remained on the bar. Devon sat on the stairs and wept.

On the fire escape of Tessa and Mariah's apartment, Tessa sang, and Mariah wept.

Malcolm returns to town for Neil's funeral

Malcolm returns to town for Neil's funeral

Thursday, April 25, 2019

At the Ashby home, Lily stared at the vast array of flower arrangements that had accumulated in her living room. Cane wrapped his arms around her, and Charlie appeared in a suit. Cane helped his son with his tie as Mattie comforted a tearful Lily.

At the Newman ranch, Nikki and Victor, both clad in black, shared an embrace.

The Abbotts prepared to leave their mansion, but Jack lingered behind and gazed at a sobriety chip in his hand.

At the cottage, Sharon opened the door to Nick, and they hugged.

Phyllis stood in the dark in her hotel room, clutching a black dress.

At Victoria's house, Billy hugged Jill and helped Victoria with her coat. He held Victoria close.

At the penthouse, Devon found Malcolm at the door, and they wordlessly embraced as Nate looked on.

As Ana sang "Amazing Grace," Neil's loved ones gathered at the chapel for his funeral service. Lily spotted Malcolm and rushed into his arms. Devon entered as Ana finished singing, and everyone faced a large portrait of Neil next to a casket covered in flowers.

The minister welcomed everyone and declared that they were there that day to honor and celebrate Neil's life. He called Neil a great man, father, and grandfather who had been a community leader and a cherished friend. He acknowledged that it was a hard day for all of them and that loss was always painful, but the shock and speed of a death like that also caused a sense of abandonment and confusion. The minister expected Neil's friends and family to ask why and wait for an answer that they might never find.

The minister declared that Neil had made Genoa City a better place by giving back to those around him on a grand scale and a small one. He cited the Memorial Day barbecue that Neil's company had hosted to benefit the families of foreign soldiers and the one-on-one work Neil had done for his foundation. The minister sympathized that there was a hole in all of their hearts that day, and he imagined that everyone wished they'd been more aware of the gift Neil had been in all of their lives. He stated with certainty that Neil had known that his friends, brother, grandchildren, and children had loved him.

The minister prompted Lily to say a few words about her father. She stepped up next to Neil's portrait, but she choked back a sob and apologized for not being able to do it. Devon and Cane led her back to her seat, and Malcolm got up and lovingly touched Neil's portrait before facing everyone. Malcolm recognized that it was hard to do something that shouldn't have to be done, since they shouldn't be there, and no one should have to feel that pain. He admitted that he'd looked into the pews, expecting to see his brother's face, since Neil had been his best at times like that.

Malcolm remarked that Neil hadn't always known how to fix things, but Neil "damn sure" had known how to survive. Malcolm imagined that if his brother were standing there right then, Neil would give a profound speech, but he'd throw in a "corny-ass" joke. Lily laughed through her tears as Malcolm recalled him and Neil teasing one another about being corny. Malcolm thought Neil would have told jokes because he would have wanted to remind them that it was okay to laugh, and he expected that Neil would have rattled off quotes from Davis and Coltrane because he'd loved his jazz. All Malcolm could think about was that he'd never be Neil because Malcolm didn't have his brother's words, and he was oil to Neil's water.

Malcolm recalled that he hadn't been in the best place in his life when he'd first arrived in town, but Neil hadn't tolerated it and had been determined to set Malcolm straight, whether Malcolm liked it or not. Malcolm confessed that he hadn't liked it at all, but he'd had to admit that Neil had made sense. Malcolm commended Neil for talking sense to people when they'd needed to hear it and kicking them "in the ass" to push them in the right direction. Malcolm added that Neil hadn't carried people but had expected them to step up and do the work.

Malcolm recounted that he'd hated it when Neil had talked like that, and they'd had their problems, but they'd been brothers with a bond that had been hard to break. Malcolm continued that there had been times he'd wanted to forget it and yell that he could do it by his "damn self," but he would have been lying to himself and anyone who would listen. Malcolm placed his hand over Neil's heart on the portrait, and he mused that Neil had been there when Malcolm had needed him the most. Malcolm remarked that everywhere he went, he'd heard Neil's voice in his head, telling him to watch himself and to make the right choice.

Malcolm figured that he probably should have listened to Neil and reached out to him, and he wished he could tell his brother to his face that he loved him and that Neil had helped him become the man he was. Looking at Neil's portrait, Malcolm choked out that he missed Neil, owed him, and loved him. Malcolm hoped the minister was right, and he prayed to God that Neil knew. He kissed his fingertips and lifted them heavenward.

Nate announced that Olivia had wanted him to say her heart was with them all, and she could feel their pain across the world. He recounted Olivia's words that while they'd lost Neil, he'd crossed years and miles to be with Dru again, and their hearts would be united forever. Nate added that just as they felt their loss of Neil, they should also feel their love for him.

Victor recalled when he'd met Neil as a young man, and he paused to compose himself. Victor stated that Neil had graduated from Stanford with honors, and Victor had thought he'd had to take Neil under his wing at Newman Enterprises to teach him tricks of the business, but Neil hadn't needed to learn much. Victor believed that Neil had been guided by a deep sense of honesty, fairness, and integrity, and Neil had eventually become a friend and member of his family.

Victor mused that there had been times when he'd considered Neil to be his son, and he'd watched Neil build his own business with great pride. Victor added that he'd watched Neil raise his family with equal pride, and he knew what it had meant to Neil to see Charlie, Mattie, and Moses grow up. Victor stressed that Neil had been one of the few men he'd trusted, and he thought Neil's family should be proud of their dad and granddad. Victor touched Neil's casket and murmured, "I shall miss you, my friend."

Jack conceded that Victor wasn't an easy act to follow, and he knew it would have meant the world to Neil to hear Victor's words. Jack addressed Neil's generosity, since Neil had always been aware of his good fortune and had looked for ways to pay it forward. Jack recounted that Neil had thought everyone deserved a chance at success and that starting the Abbott-Winters Foundation had been Neil's idea, with a mission to serve the community by helping one patient at a time, one day at a time.

Jack noted that the work had been personal to Neil, who had understood what had been at stake because he'd lived it. Jack declared that no one had been more devoted to the cause than Neil, and he referred to all the emails he'd received since Neil's passing from people whose lives Neil had touched. Jack cited success stories as well as people who'd relapsed but rededicated themselves to sobriety again in Neil's honor to feel worthy of his faith in them. Jack asserted that Neil hadn't just touched lives -- Neil had saved lives, including Jack's.

Devon commented that it was a beautiful day outside, and he imagined that Neil would have suggested that they take a long lunch break to play some one-on-one, just like they'd done when Devon had been a kid. Devon reflected back on Neil making him feel like he'd had a chance, since it was what fathers did. Devon recalled that Neil had also listened and talked to him about what had been going on in Devon's life because they'd been friends, and Neil had been the best friend he'd ever had. Devon conceded that it hadn't started that way, since Neil hadn't liked him at first because Devon had been a kid with a big chip on his shoulder, but Neil had never quit on him. Devon recalled that Neil had made sure that Devon had known he was part of the family, and Devon had had a father for the first time in his life.

Devon remembered a time, growing up, when nothing had mattered, but having someone in his life who'd said he didn't have to do it by himself anymore had meant everything in the world. Devon marveled that Neil had taken in Devon's mom, sister, and aunt by making his home their home, and Neil had never turned anyone away. Devon listed loyalty, respect, righteousness, and love as the principles Neil had lived by. Devon recognized that he didn't carry Neil's DNA, but Neil's voice was in his head right then, saying, "My man." Devon added that Neil's love was in his heart and would always be there.

The minister asked if anyone else cared to say a few words, and Devon looked at Lily. She maintained that she couldn't do it, and Malcolm consoled her and gestured for Cane to say something. Cane protested that Neil wouldn't want that, but Lily insisted that no matter what had happened between Cane and Neil, her dad had loved him. "Please," she pleaded.

Cane recalled that Neil had wanted him gone when they'd first met, and Cane hadn't blamed him because Lily was special. Cane admitted that he'd let Neil and Lily down more than once, but Neil had believed that people could earn second chances. Cane called Neil the first father figure he'd seen in action, and Neil had shown him what a loving, attentive relationship between a father and child should be like. Cane praised Neil for balancing a man's duty to love with ferocity while letting his kids grow on their own, and he'd learned how to parent from Neil. Cane proclaimed that it had been a privilege to be part of Neil's family.

Cane remembered how strong Neil had been after he'd lost Dru, when Neil had set his own loss aside to show up for the ones who loved him. Cane thought Neil had passed that spirit and faith down to Lily, and he reached out his hand to her. Charlie and Mattie assured her it was okay and helped her to her feet. She stepped to the front of the chapel and stared at Neil's portrait for a moment before sobbing that she wasn't ready. She added that she didn't know if she'd ever be ready, since she'd just gotten home. She recounted that her dad had been so excited for the rest of her life to start, but it would have to start without him.

Lily remembered having her dad when she'd lost her mom, but she felt alone after losing her dad. She recognized that it wasn't true because she had her kids and people who loved and supported her. She saw her dad in her little brother's smile, and she saw Neil's soul in her other brother's eyes. Lily acknowledged that she was supposed to be brave and say something profound, but all she kept thinking was that Neil should have had more time on this earth. She wished that he'd had more time to laugh, since he'd been really funny once he'd let people in.

Lily said Neil had also been very strong, especially when someone was falling apart, because he'd known how to pick up the pieces and put them back together. She credited him with putting her back together when she'd gone to prison, and he'd changed his whole life to move to be closer to her so that she wouldn't drown in fear and guilt. Lily realized that the only way to honor Neil was to be there for one another and to hold onto hope. "I love you," she whispered to the casket.

The minister lauded everyone for the love and bravery they'd shown that day to honor Neil and to support each other. He encouraged them to share that moment and not shrink away, since there was not only grief but joy in remembering and cherishing Neil's memories. The minister completed the ceremony with a prayer, and he thanked the Lord for Neil and what he'd meant to each of them. Devon thanked everyone for attending and for loving Neil as much as he and Lily did.

Neil's loved ones began to file out of the chapel. Christine told Devon that his father had been a wonderful man, and she swore that she'd always be there for Devon. They hugged, and she passed along Paul's condolences. Leslie called Neil the best man she'd ever known, and she played over breaking off their engagement in her head, not knowing she'd never have a chance to see him again. She told Lily she was very sorry.

Phyllis approached Malcolm and offered to pay him to move back to town. They embraced, and he said he needed to see her face every few years. She swore that she would always be there for him. Traci anticipated that Lily was going to ache and feel really alone, but Lily had many people who loved her and wanted to help her -- especially Cane. Traci urged her to give herself that gift and lean on him if she needed to. Devon told Sofia not to hesitate to reach out if she and Moses needed anything, and she admired that there was a lot of Neil in him. They hugged, and Malcolm joined them and asked where his hug was. Malcolm and Sofia embraced.

Lily and Devon held hands as they stood in front of their father's portrait.

Neil's loved ones celebrate his life

Neil's loved ones celebrate his life

Friday, April 26, 2019

Neil's friends and family gathered at Devon's penthouse. Malcolm declared that they'd done right by his brother in God's house, but they also had to do right by him there by not only mourning Neil but also celebrating him. Malcolm noted that the piano wouldn't play itself, but Ana didn't know what song to play. Malcolm's only request was that there be no more tears, and he told everyone to get up and have some fun. Ana began to sing a song about loving someone until the world stopped turning, and the guests joined in by clapping and singing along. Lily forced a smile.

Malcolm considered it the tribute his brother would have wanted, and Victor and Jack agreed that Neil would have loved it. Someone put on a jazz record, and Lily mused that it had been her dad's favorite. Malcolm insisted that they keep the music playing, and Ana chirped that Devon had a whole stack of Neil's favorite vinyl sides. The music reminded Nick of Indigo, the jazz club Neil had opened downtown. Victor recalled it being the place to go at the time, and Devon named some major artists who had performed there.

Jill remembered Neil being a gracious host, and Sharon added that he'd always had a smile every time she'd walked in the door. In a flashback, Neil showed Devon the building and mentioned that he was thinking about buying the space to turn it into a jazz club. Devon inquired about Neil's job, and Neil was determined to do both. Devon suggested that he be a DJ between sets, and Neil laughed and said they had plenty of time to work out the details. Neil mused that he hadn't felt that energized about anything in a long time.

Lily remarked that her dad had felt that music united people, and Sofia shared that Neil had made a playlist of jazz lullabies for Moses. Ashley fondly looked back at how Neil's eyes had lit up when he'd talked about music, and Jack commented that Neil's enthusiasm for jazz had only been rivaled by his love for his family. Malcolm asked everyone to join him in raising a glass, and he toasted to the music lover, businessman, philanthropist, humanitarian, and best friend, father, grandfather, and brother anyone could ever ask for. "To Neil," the group proclaimed in unison, and they clinked glasses. Lily struggled with emotion.

Mariah swore to Devon that she'd literally run to him if he needed anything. He appreciated it but insisted that he was okay. She gently pressed to know what he was thinking, and he replied that he was thinking about everything he had in life, since he owed it all to Neil.

Devon flashed back to Neil commending him for graduating and asking what his plans were. Devon announced his intent to pursue music by writing songs and saving up for a studio session, and Neil offered to spring for the session once Devon finished writing the songs. Devon expected his father to want him to get a suit job and keep music on the side, but Neil preferred for Devon to go after his dreams sooner rather than later because Neil believed in him.

Through tears, Mariah called Neil a really great dad, and Devon explained that it was why he wanted to focus on the good times. They hugged.

Traci looked at photos with Mattie and Charlie. Cane approached Jill, who asked how Lily had taken it when he'd told her he was leaving Chancellor to start over with her. Cane argued that it wasn't the time, and Jill understood that nothing was more important than family, but she hoped the gesture had had the effect he'd intended. Cane sadly shook his head, and Jill was dismayed that Lily still wanted a divorce. Cane vowed not to give up and to prove to Lily that he could be the man she needed.

Malcolm praised Lily for overcoming her grief to say a beautiful goodbye to her dad. Lily said she'd owed it to Neil and to herself, and Malcolm thought she'd made Neil proud. Lily reflected back on what an incredible father Neil had been, and she remembered how she'd rebelliously run away with Daniel and gotten arrested. She recalled that Neil had never blown up at her, even when he'd been furious with her. She marveled that he'd always stood by her and made sure she'd known it would be okay.

Lily flashed back to her whimpering that she wanted to go home and sleep in her own bed, and she promised to do whatever the police wanted. Neil took her in his arms and assured her that everything would be okay, but she wailed that she wasn't strong enough for it. Neil stressed that she was tougher than she thought.

Lily realized that Neil had built her up back then just like he had the past year. Malcolm understood that she was struggling, but he was certain she would persevere, just like Neil had told her she would. Malcolm encouraged her to keep working to be the best she could be, the way Neil would have wanted her to. He kissed her hand, and she nodded.

As jazz continued to play, Billy hugged Lily and expressed his condolences. He said he was glad she'd gotten out early and could be there, and he hoped she could put everything she'd been through behind her. Lily was grateful that she'd been able to see Neil one more time outside the prison walls, and he'd given her the best hug when she'd been released. Billy was happy that she and Neil had been in a good place before he'd passed, and he hoped she'd find solace in having no regrets. Lily expected to obsess about the moments they'd been robbed of, but she didn't want to do it that day. She opted to just think about the amazing moments she and her father had shared.

Victor declared that in all the years he'd been in business, Neil had been one of the most honest men he'd ever met, and he'd known he'd discovered a rising star when he'd met Neil. Jack argued that Victor hadn't discovered Neil, who had started as an executive trainee at Jabot. Victor countered that Jabot had been under the Newman umbrella at the time, but Jack asserted that John had hired and mentored Neil. Victor chuckled and figured that both he and John had known talent when they'd seen it.

In a flashback, Victor commended Neil for being on top of things from the beginning. Jack contended that Neil had done great work for both companies, and he was sure Katherine would have agreed. Jack reflected back on convincing Neil to leave Chancellor to become CEO of Jabot. Jack recalled that Neil had relished every challenge put before him, and Devon enthused that creating Hamilton-Winters with his father had been one of the best decisions of his life.

Devon flashed back to him and Neil agreeing to go into business together, since they were family and friends who didn't keep secrets or hold grudges. Devon declared that there was no one he'd rather do it with than Neil, and the men shook hands. Devon felt fortunate to have a successful company with both of their names on the door, and he pledged to carry it on for both of them. Jack couldn't think of a more meaningful legacy, and Victor assured Devon that his dad would have been very proud of him.

Ashley and Sofia hugged, and Sofia wished they were seeing one another under different circumstances. Ashley apologized for crying, but she couldn't process that Neil was gone when she'd been looking forward to seeing him. Sofia mentioned that she'd heard Ashley and Neil had been seeing one another, and she called it history repeating itself. Sofia was glad to hear that Neil had found romance with someone who had understood him and cared about him, since he'd been such a good man.

Sofia glanced at Malcolm and admitted that her past with Neil had been a little complicated, and Ashley questioned whose hadn't been. Sofia called Neil a class act who'd set a stellar example for all his kids, and she flashed back to him giving her a necklace with Moses' birthstone. Sofia murmured that there would never be another man like him, and Ashley agreed.

Jack approached Malcolm and recognized that it wasn't always easy to drop everything and run home. Malcolm figured that he'd only had one brother, and nothing could have kept him away because no job was more important than family. Malcolm greeted Victoria and observed that she was just as gorgeous as ever. She replied that she could say the same thing about him, and Jack stepped away. Malcolm thanked Victoria for being there, and she quietly stated that his brother had been very dear to her and her whole family. She added that Neil would always have a special place in all their hearts.

Billy considered the day to be a reminder not to take anything for granted. Jill admitted that she'd been surprised when he'd asked her to swing by Victoria's so they could all attend the service together, and she couldn't help but notice how attentive Billy had been to his ex. Jill asked if anything had changed or if she was reading too much into it, and Billy informed her that for once, she wasn't. He stressed that they were taking it very slowly, but Jill could barely contain her excitement. Victoria joined them and suggested that they head home to give Neil's family some time together. She also wanted to give her kids an extra hug and kiss.

Sharon pictured Dru, waiting to welcome Neil with open arms. Lily imagined her parents together again, and she thought Sharon deserved to be at peace after what she'd gone through when Dru had died. Nikki noted that Neil had never gotten over Dru's death or stopped missing her, but Sharon commended him for making it through to the other side and making the decision to always lend a hand when someone needed to be lifted up.

Sharon recalled that she'd been working hard to get her life back together when Neil had hired her at Jabot. Nikki credited Neil with pulling her back from the abyss when she'd been on the verge of losing herself in alcohol. In a flashback, Neil regretted spilling Nikki's secrets during an intervention, but he urged her not to downplay her brave decision to go into rehab. Nikki swore that she'd never had a more loyal friend, and Lily insisted that he'd felt the same way about Nikki. Nikki promised that Lily and her family would always have a friend in her, and they hugged.

Sharon realized that Faith was waiting for her, and she asked if Mariah was ready to leave. Mariah was glad that Hilary and Neil had forgiven one another before Hilary had died because they'd both needed closure. Mariah worried about Devon and what he needed, and Sharon felt terrible that he was still grieving Hilary, too. Ana acknowledged that Devon wanted to stay strong for Lily and the kids, but she intended to keep an eye on him.

Nick recalled that Neil had taught him something on the basketball court a few times, since the game had shown Neil's competitive spirit. Nick admired that Neil hadn't let up either on the court or in business. He told Devon and Lily that Neil had been a good man, and he was sorry his friend was gone.

Victor prompted Nikki to leave, since there was something he needed to discuss with her. He led her out.

Malcolm was glad that Nate had gotten to spend some time with Neil, and Nate said it had been way too long since he'd connected with Malcolm. Malcolm kept expecting Neil to walk through the door, and he didn't want to think about a world without Neil in it. Nate encouraged him to focus on how lucky he'd been to have a brother like that and how far the two of them had made it. Malcolm flashed back to clashing with Neil when Malcolm saw him for the first time in five or six years. Malcolm taunted that a man shouldn't be away from his family for that long.

Malcolm recognized that he and Neil had known how to push one another's buttons, and Sofia overheard and imagined that she didn't have to ask who he was talking about. Malcolm noted that he and Neil had approached life very differently, and Nate stepped away. Sofia pointed out that no matter how crazy the brothers had made one another, they'd always reconciled. Malcolm thought back to confronting Neil about what Malcolm had done wrong. Neil conceded that maybe he was the one who was doing something wrong, since he thought it was kind of cool having his little brother around. Sofia remarked that the men had shaped one another's lives in a way no one else could, and Malcolm acknowledged that the man he was wouldn't have existed without Neil. Malcolm cried that he would miss Neil, and Sofia took his hand and said she would, too.

Malcolm and Jack commiserated over both losing their best friend. Jack flashed back to confiding in Neil about his fear that Victor was his father and his relief when he'd realized that it wasn't possible. Neil stressed that the one name Jack dreaded the most was off the list, and he assured Jack that he had the strength and sense of humor to deal with it. Jack added that he also had one good friend backing him up.

Traci assured Malcolm that his family had gotten comfort from him being there that day. Ashley hugged Malcolm and told him not to be such a stranger, and he mentioned that he was in Paris quite often. She told him call her the next time he was in town, so they could have dinner and catch up properly. He called it a date, and she departed with Jack and Traci.

After everyone but family had left, Ana offered to fix Devon a plate of food or get him a drink, and Devon requested some water or juice. Ana stepped away, and he looked at a photo of Hilary. Devon reflected back on telling Neil that Hilary was pregnant. Neil said he felt blessed because of everything he had, including Devon, Lily, Moses, and his grandkids, with another one on the way. Neil swore that he couldn't have asked for a better Father's Day.

Malcolm announced that there was something he wanted to say, since they were a remarkable family that he was proud to be a part of, and looking at them made it feel like his brother was right there with them. Malcolm thought they had to cherish their times together and appreciate the love in the room in order to honor Neil, who had lived and breathed family every waking minute. Malcolm looked upward and told Neil that he had an idea that he thought Neil would like.

Malcolm set up his camera to take a family photo, including Lily clutching a framed picture of Neil. Malcolm counted down the seconds and yelled at everyone to show some teeth. Afterward, Sofia regretted that it was time for her and Moses to head to the airport, and Devon told Malcolm not to go years before they saw one another again. Devon and Malcolm warmly embraced. Lily informed Devon that Cane and the twins were leaving, but she offered to stay. Devon maintained that he was okay, and they hugged and exchanged words of love. Lily hugged Malcolm goodbye, and Sofia pledged to be there for Devon and Lily.

Ana showed everyone out and called it an amazing day. Devon thanked her for all her help, and she volunteered to start cleaning up or sit and talk. He admitted that he really wanted to be by himself, and she headed upstairs.

Later, Devon sat alone as Elena returned home. She asked how the day had gone and how he was doing. He brokenly replied that he was okay, but she knelt down next to him, and he began to cry. She put her arms around him as he sobbed.

Nikki was surprised when Victor took her to Newman Enterprises instead of going home. He said he needed to pick up a few things before his flight, but she objected to him leaving again without giving her answers. He implored her to trust him, but she expected to have a conversation about what he'd been up to. He declared that his plans had changed, and it wouldn't be prudent to give her the information she was looking for because she was better off not knowing. Nikki pleaded for a hint, but he refused to tell her a "damn thing" except that he loved her and that it would all become clear very soon. He walked out.

At the Ashby home, Lily numbly accepted that she'd buried her father that day. Cane invited her to stay in her own home to rest, but she maintained that she'd leave first thing in the morning because she'd never meant to stay. He wished she'd reconsider after everything she'd been through. She thought about how her dad had just wanted her to be happy and fulfilled by leading the life she wanted to live. Cane guessed that she couldn't do that with him. She said she was sorry, and she walked away.



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