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Victor informed Sharon that Adam was alive. Sharon discovered that an amnesiac Adam had kept a photo of Christian. Arturo suggested that he and Mia move back to Miami. Mia doubled over in pain after confessing to Paul. Phyllis called Ashley with a proposition.
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Victor informed Sharon that Adam was alive
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Victor tells Sharon that Adam is alive

Victor tells Sharon that Adam is alive

Monday, May 6, 2019

At Devon's penthouse, Elena mentioned their date and asked Devon if he had anything he wanted to discuss with her. Ana entered before Devon could respond. Ana asked Devon if he had time before Tessa's recording session to discuss a few details. Elena told Devon she'd talk to him later, and she left. Devon seemed uninterested in discussing Tessa's recording session and said he was certain that Ana would produce results that would blow him away. Ana, sounding let down, replied, "But no pressure."

After Ana left, Jett arrived downstairs and talked to Devon about Elena. Devon said he thought Elena was a very sweet person. Devon asked about Elena's loved ones. Jett explained that during the time Elena had been practicing as an intern, her mother had suddenly fallen ill, resulting in her death. Jett added that Elena believed that if she hadn't been working all hours, she might have been home and could have saved her mother. Jett said it made no sense to him that Elena blamed herself for Monica's death. Devon said he understood Elena's desire to spend more time with her mother.

At Crimson Lights, Mariah read a text message she'd received from an anonymous sender. The message stated, "I won't be ignored. Someday soon you'll know my pain." Mariah quickly put her phone out of view when Tessa approached and asked why Mariah seemed a little off. Mariah claimed it was just a work issue and noted that it was Tessa's big day to record her new single. Tessa admitted she felt panicked. Mariah said she was proud of Tessa. Mariah added that she was certain that Tessa would "wow" Ana.

Tessa embraced Mariah, and Mariah gave Tessa a gift to celebrate the special day. Tessa was delighted with her guitar strap embroidered with "Ready for the Fight." Tessa thanked Mariah for believing in her. When Elena walked into the coffeehouse, Tessa noted that she was Jett's niece and had been Devon's date to the opening of Society. Tessa added that it had been nice to see Devon relaxed and happy. Mariah said it was a huge step for Devon to begin dating again. Tessa kissed Mariah before heading to the studio.

Mariah approached Elena and introduced herself. After Elena learned more about Mariah's relationship with Devon, she said she hadn't realized they'd been so closely associated. Mariah said that though their romantic relationship hadn't worked out, she and Devon valued their friendship. Mariah briefly questioned Elena about her motives to be with Devon but seemed relieved that Elena wasn't after Devon's money. Elena seemed charmed when Mariah recalled that Devon had helped her and Tessa repair their relationship by locking them in a room together, forcing them to work out their issues.

At the studio, Ana, in the control booth, instructed Tessa to begin recording. Tessa sang a few notes before choking and coughing. Ana glanced at engineer Tim, signaling to him that the session wasn't going as expected. During a second try, Ana interrupted and told Tessa she sounded like she was scared. Tessa tried a third time, but Ana again interrupted and gently explained that Tessa sounded as if her head wasn't in the song. Ana told Tessa to act like she owned the words because it was her story. After another failed attempted, Ana told Tessa that the session wasn't going well. Tessa removed her headphones, thanked Ana for her time, and quickly left.

Mariah went to Sharon's house and nervously checked behind her as she walked through the door. Mariah called out after she walked inside, but no one answered. Mariah was startled when she heard a knock at the door. When Mariah opened the door, she saw Nick and said, "Oh, hi. It's you." Nick asked what was going on. Mariah, jumpy, claimed she'd had too much caffeine.

Mariah told Nick she'd stopped by to pick up some paperwork because Sharon had flown to Las Vegas with Rey for a last-minute getaway. Mariah explained that Sharon had likely thought that because Nick was caring for Faith, he'd be fine with her going away. Nick said, "I can't believe Rey roped her into this mess." Mariah replied, "This mess? What are you talking about?" Nick didn't elaborate before going upstairs to Faith's room to get something she needed.

After Nick left, Mariah again read the threatening text message on her phone. Mariah heard someone outside the front door. She listened more intently, believing she might be imagining things. Mariah panicked when she heard more noises. When Mariah opened the door, Tessa entered, sobbing. Tessa cried, "I blew it." Tessa said her brain had turned to mush in the studio. Mariah tried her best to calm Tessa and reassure her.

Ana returned to Devon's and reported that Tessa's recording session had been a disaster. Ana explained that she and engineer Tim had been forced to cut short the session. Devon recalled his past experience with Tessa in the studio and said it had taken her awhile to get in the flow, become comfortable, and deliver a fantastic performance. Devon told Ana that the first full day in the studio should be set aside for an artist to get comfortable without being expected to deliver perfect results. Ana said, "You put all this faith in me, and I couldn't even deliver. I wasted all that studio time." Devon explained to Ana that a producer's job was to blend the technical side with the human side and solve problems.

Devon went to the studio with Ana and Tessa and offered insights for a successful session. Devon explained that time shouldn't be a concern because he owned the studio. Devon added that the artist and producer didn't have to agree on every point, though they should listen to each other and communicate in a helpful way. Devon noted that if fans didn't enjoy the final product, they wouldn't buy the music. Ana nodded that she understood.

Devon instructed Tessa, Ana, and engineer Tim to take their places for a run-through. Devon instructed Tessa to proceed at her own pace and get comfortable. Tessa began singing and seemed to shed her anxiety and nervousness. After the song was recorded, Ana replayed it for Tessa to hear. Ana was impressed and told Tessa her performance had been amazing. Ana apologized for having earlier pushed Tessa to perform because every artist created at her own pace.

After Devon returned home, Elena was visibly upset. Elena asked Devon why he'd gone behind her back to discuss her mother's death with Jett. Elena reminded Devon that she'd told him she hadn't wanted to discuss her mother. Devon apologized and said he hadn't intended to hurt her. Elena shut down. Devon went upstairs. Elena seemed frustrated.

After Mariah returned to Crimson Lights, a man she'd briefly encountered earlier entered. The stranger took a seat at a booth. He stared at Mariah as she completed paperwork. Mariah noticed the man. Mariah set down her pen and walked to the booth to confront the stranger. Mariah, sounding angry, said, "I'm sorry. Is there a problem?" The man said nothing as he got up and quickly walked toward the patio exit.

At Chancellor Park, Nikki ran into Nick. Nick asked Nikki if she'd heard from Victor. Nikki expressed frustration with Victor's secrecy and said she'd taken matters into her own hands. Nikki added, "It should all come to light very soon." Nikki told Nick that Victor, as usual, had taken it upon himself to decide that she was better off not knowing what he was doing. Nikki said she'd hired Rey Rosales to investigate and covertly track down Victor. Nick agreed that his mom had done the right thing. Nick vouched support for Rey for having done the right thing to help them.

In a hotel room in Las Vegas, Victor met with Sharon and said he had some news to share with her. Victor noted that Sharon had gone to the trouble of following him, hoping to learn what he'd been doing. Sharon was taken aback when Victor told her that Adam was alive. Sharon asked how it was possible. Victor replied that he'd seen Adam, who'd become a member of an underground gambling ring. Adam, Sharon learned, went by the handle "Spider" and made his living gambling.

Sharon recalled that Adam had been inside the cabin when Chelsea had witnessed the explosion. Victor explained that even though Chelsea had witnessed the explosion, she hadn't been aware that Adam had escaped. Victor said that Adam hadn't recognized him and apparently had no memories of anything before the explosion. Sharon mentioned the psychiatrist she'd learned Victor had consulted. Victor explained that the psychiatrist hadn't been able to assist, so he was reaching out to Sharon for help.

Victor said he believed Adam had experienced some recognition, though he'd reacted as if Victor was a stranger only claiming to be Adam's father. Sharon asked why Victor thought she could rekindle Adam's memories. Victor replied, "He was deeply in love with you." Tears welled in Sharon's eyes, and she noted that a long time had passed since she and Adam had been together. Sharon asked Victor what he wanted her to do. Victor said that if Sharon could spark memories of Adam's love for her, it might help heal him.

Sharon wiped away tears and asked Victor if he'd considered what might happen to her if she reached out to Adam. Sharon expressed misgivings about luring Adam back into his father's life, knowing that Victor might wound his son again, possibly destroying Adam's life and hers. Victor asked Sharon to imagine how she'd feel if she were in his shoes. Sharon began sobbing when Victor said he was aware of how much Sharon still cared for Adam. Victor told Sharon she knew where to reach him when she was ready.

After Victor left, Rey returned. Sharon told Rey that Adam was alive and had settled in Las Vegas. Sharon added that according to Victor, Adam couldn't remember anything about his life that had happened prior to the explosion. Rey expressed doubt that Victor had been honest about Adam's memory loss. Sharon told Rey that Victor had asked her to help Adam unlock his memory. Sharon explained that Victor's attempts to reach Adam had driven him farther away. Sharon said she should break the news to Nick because of Christian, so Nick could be prepared. Rey agreed.

Sharon phoned Nick and told him that the mystery gambler known as Spider that Victor had been pursuing was Adam. Sharon added that Adam had somehow survived, though he'd lost his memory and didn't know Victor or recall any of his past. Nick reminded Sharon what Adam was capable of after she told him she was considering Victor's request to help restore Adam's memories. Sharon said she understood that Nick was concerned about Christian. Nick replied that he was and was also concerned about Sharon because he didn't believe the man was Adam.

Nick asked Sharon how getting involved with Victor's plan could possibly help her. Sharon said she hadn't yet told Victor she would get involved. Nick cut the call short after telling Sharon to let him know what she decided to do. After the call ended, Sharon told Rey that Nick was worried and already imagining the worst. Rey asked Sharon if she was more worried about Nick or herself. Sharon explained that getting involved with Victor was always risky. Sharon added that to do what Victor had asked, she'd have to dredge up the deeply personal relationship she'd had with a man she'd once been in love with.

Sharon told Rey that Victor was hoping Adam could regain memories of his past and decide to return to Genoa City. Rey expressed support for Sharon and said he'd help her track down Adam. Sharon phoned Victor. When Victor answered, he said he hoped Sharon had good news. Sharon told Victor that she and Rey would do what they could to track down Adam and convince him to return home to his family. Victor told Sharon she wouldn't regret it.

Nate asks Abby out on a date

Nate asks Abby out on a date

Tuesday, May 7, 2019

From her Las Vegas hotel room, Sharon made a call and listened to a male voice on an outgoing voicemail greeting. She hung up and reported to Rey that she'd recognized Adam's voice. Rey assured her that she didn't have to do it, but she insisted that she was okay. She called the number again and left a message stating her name and acknowledging that Adam might not remember her, but they'd known one another for a long time, and she wanted to meet with him to talk.

Nikki arrived at the hotel suite, looking for answers to questions that only Victor could answer. She figured that it would be harder for him to dodge them if she looked him in the eye, and she mentioned that Nick had told her about Adam. Sharon indicated that Victor hadn't returned since he'd broken the news, but he'd given her Adam's phone number. Sharon confirmed that she'd heard Adam's voice, so it was true that he was alive.

Nikki wondered where Victor was staying, and Rey cautioned that it was a tough place to find someone who didn't want to be found. Rey pointed out that Victor was having the same problem finding Adam, and Sharon explained that Adam had gone into hiding after Victor had pushed too hard to try to get him to remember. Nikki understood why Victor had turned to Sharon, but she questioned why Sharon wanted to get involved. Sharon recalled that Adam had saved her more than once, and she owed the life she had to him because of the risks he'd taken for her. Sharon felt that she had to try to reach Adam if she could.

Rey found Victor at the door and quipped, "Enter at your own peril." Victor voiced surprise that Nikki had traveled all that way, and she huffed that at least she had his attention. Victor reminded her that he'd told her not to worry, but she demanded to know how long he'd been keeping the secret that Adam was alive. Nikki asked about Victor's plan, but he insisted that he didn't know "where the hell" Adam was. Sharon received a text message from Adam, who wanted to meet with her -- alone.

Rey noted that Adam had requested to meet Sharon in a park a few miles north, and he contemplated where he could watch them without being spotted. Sharon argued that Adam wanted her to go alone, and Victor thought Adam was testing her to see whether he could trust her. Victor recommended that they not do anything to scare Adam off. Rey reasoned that Adam wouldn't recognize him, but Sharon was adamant about going by herself.

Summer appeared in Nick's living room with a travel bag and informed Nick that she was taking a work trip to New York. He figured that she could use a break from Kyle, but he was taken aback when she announced that Kyle was going with her. Phyllis arrived and dropped off Summer's dry cleaning. Phyllis promised Nick that she wouldn't be there for long, and he asked if she knew about Summer's traveling companion. Phyllis reasoned that Summer and Kyle would just be attending a meeting, but Nick doubted that Summer was ready for it.

Summer asserted that she wouldn't give up her job just because Kyle couldn't appreciate what she had to offer, and she kissed her parents goodbye and headed out. Phyllis suggested that Nick have faith in their kid, since Summer was a survivor, like her mama. Nick groused that Summer had been crying in his arms the night before, and he demanded to know why Phyllis was pushing it. Phyllis thought she could relate to Summer's state of mind better than Nick could, since both she and her daughter were trying to make a fresh start by throwing themselves into work after the men they'd loved had crushed their souls.

Nick chided Phyllis for making it about herself, and he was astounded that she thought it was a good idea for Summer to work closely with Kyle. Phyllis recounted that she'd advised Summer to tell Jack to reassign Kyle elsewhere, but Summer wouldn't have it. Phyllis figured that Summer would learn from her decision if it didn't go well, and Nick wondered if Phyllis' mention of work meant that she had a new job. She divulged that she was starting her own business in fashion marketing. Nick compared it to what Summer was doing at Jabot, and he surmised that Phyllis had pushed Summer to keep the job for her own personal advantage.

Phyllis pointed out that she'd pleaded with Summer to get out of the marriage, and she questioned why she'd take advantage of Summer's connection to the Abbotts. Phyllis accused Nick of throwing around judgment as if she needed his approval, and he countered that it was obvious that his opinion counted for nothing. Phyllis had hoped a small part of him would be happy she'd landed on her feet, and she grumbled that it had been too much to ask for the benefit of the doubt. She curtly wished him a good night and stalked out.

Nikki called Nick and informed him that she was in Vegas to get answers from Victor. She confirmed that Adam was alive but that he remembered nothing from before the explosion. Nick asked if she'd actually seen proof, and Nikki replied that she hadn't but that Sharon had just left to meet Adam on her own. Nick protested, and Nikki revealed that Sharon hadn't let anyone go with her, including Rey. Nikki relayed that Victor thought he had everything under control, but Nick thought it sounded like trouble.

Nick played with toy dinosaurs with Christian, and he promised to take the tot to the Field Museum in Chicago one day. Nick envisioned taking a boat ride and making a day out of it, but he looked lost in thought as he hugged and kissed his son.

Rey fretted that letting Sharon go to park alone at night hadn't been the best decision, since Adam could be a threat. Nikki agreed that Adam could be volatile and capable of anything when he was cornered. Rey wanted to check on Sharon, but Victor warned him not to barge in on something he didn't fully understand. Rey thought Victor's judgment was clouded by having his son back in his life. "Lesson number one -- don't you mess with me or my family," Victor ominously stated. Meanwhile, someone watched Sharon as she waited in the park.

At Society, Lola was surprised when Abby led her out of the kitchen to meet with Kyle. Abby warned Kyle not to keep Lola long, since it was a busy night. He informed Lola that he'd wanted to talk to her about a decision he needed to make, and he revealed that he was supposed to fly out that night for a meeting in New York the next day. She realized that he had to cancel their date, but she understood that they both had demanding jobs. Kyle shared that he wouldn't be going alone, and Lola assumed that Summer would be with him. He offered to say no to the trip if Lola wanted him to.

Kyle swore that he was fine with canceling, and he considered joining the meeting via teleconference. Lola thought that he sounded nervous about spending time with Summer, but Kyle maintained that they were just business colleagues. He stressed that Lola was his priority, and he didn't want to do anything to make her feel uncomfortable or risk what they had together. Lola asked him to give her a second, and she crossed the room and scolded Arturo for being there. Arturo assured her that he was just there for a drink and that he would focus on Lola.

Lola apologized to Kyle for making him wait, but he cooed that she was worth it. She declared that she was fine with him taking the trip, since she trusted him completely. Summer entered and looked on as the couple kissed.

Summer complained that Kyle hadn't packed yet, and she lectured that she should have thrown some things in a bag when she'd gone to his place to look for him. Kyle told her to go to the airport and that he'd catch up, but she griped that there was no point in going separately. Lola handed Kyle a bag of takeout to eat on the plane, and they kissed. Summer pushed to leave because the pilot was waiting, and she dismissively told Lola not to work too hard. Lola glowered as Summer pulled Kyle away.

Abby greeted Nate, who worried that he didn't have a reservation. She asked if Devon would be joining him, and Nate replied that he was on his own, but he'd had a craving for Lola's food. Abby told him never to worry about phoning ahead because he was the doctor who'd saved Lola's life, so he'd always get VIP treatment there. She led him to a table.

At the bar, Arturo congratulated Abby on how great the place looked. She politely told him to enjoy his drink and started to walk away, but he pushed her to remember them planning the restaurant together and him urging her to follow her dream. He gushed that she'd made it happen like he'd known she would, but she excused herself to prepare for a big party that was about to arrive. Arturo stressed that he'd truly enjoyed helping her make her dream happen, and he imagined that they would have enjoyed it for the rest of their lives if he hadn't made such a stupid mistake. Abby ordered him to stop thinking about what might have been and get real, since he might be about to become a father.

Abby instructed the bartender not to serve Arturo any more alcohol, and she suggested that Arturo take a hint. Arturo swore that he wouldn't make the same mistake again, and he thought she missed him as much as he missed her. Nate interrupted and observed that things looked tense, and Abby snapped that Arturo was leaving. Arturo insisted that they had to talk. Nate noted that Abby had had enough of the conversation, and he suggested that Arturo give her some space. Arturo professed his love and headed out. Abby said she owed Nate one, and she worriedly wondered if anyone else had noticed the confrontation. Nate assured her that she'd handled it perfectly.

Abby presented Nate with food on the house for convincing Arturo to make a dignified exit. Abby joked that she could hire Nate as a bouncer if he ever got tired of working at the hospital, and he invited her to join him. He tasted the dish and called it amazing, and she admitted that she was also addicted to Lola's cooking. Nate inquired where restaurant owners went on their nights off, and Abby chirped that she went to other restaurants to check out the competition. He implied that he'd love to take her out sometime, but she informed him that she was on a break from men and dating. She promised that he would be the first to know when she was ready.

After Nate ate dinner, Abby invited him to stay to have a drink with her. She looked around the room and mused that it was her favorite part of the night, since the people still there didn't want the night to end. Abby cited the couples on their first date and the husbands and wives who didn't have to rush home because they'd found sitters, and Nate praised her for what she'd created there. Abby countered that he performed miracles in the operating room, but he commended her for building a place around celebrating the best parts of life. His gaze shifted to Neil's photo, and Abby noted that everyone who had known Neil had loved him.

Later, Abby asked Lola what was up with Kyle going on a trip with Summer, and she mentioned that Summer had been posting all about it on social media. Lola admitted that she didn't love it, but Kyle had done everything to prove how much he cared, and she had to trust him. Abby trusted Kyle but not Summer. Lola asserted that Summer had accepted that the marriage was over. Abby displayed an online photo that Summer had posted of her and Kyle, and she asked if it looked like acceptance to Lola.

At Crimson Lights, Mia was thrilled to run into Phyllis. Mia asked if Phyllis had read her emails, since her brain had been on overdrive ever since Phyllis had mentioned her new concept. Mia rambled about another over-the-top idea she had, but Phyllis gently explained that it wasn't the kind of thing she was looking for. Phyllis added that none of Mia's ideas would work, and Mia proposed that she be helpful in other ways, like becoming Phyllis' assistant. Phyllis was sure Mia wouldn't be satisfied with such a role after working for herself.

Mia flatly stated that she needed a job because she was on her own. Phyllis empathized because she'd had to start from nothing many times. Phyllis encouraged Mia to focus on her strengths, like her talent with hair and makeup. Phyllis offered to give Mia a reference, and Mia plastered on a smile and thanked Phyllis for her honesty. Phyllis wished her luck and departed. Mia glumly plopped down at a table.

Arturo joined Mia and asked who'd messed up her night. She confided that she'd stupidly gotten her hopes up about a job at Phyllis' new company, but Phyllis had told her to stick to her strengths. Mia wondered why Arturo was upset, and he shared that he'd tried to reach out to Abby again, but she'd practically kicked him out of Society. Arturo imagined that he'd been apologizing wrong, but Mia contended that he was just doing it with the wrong person. Mia called Abby a woman who was accustomed to having people follow her orders, but no one bossed Arturo around.

Arturo thought things would be different if he hadn't cheated, and Mia questioned why he had. She reiterated that things hadn't been right with him and Abby, since he hadn't been able to be himself around her. Mia suspected that cheating was a symptom of a bigger issue, and while it stung having to walk away, Arturo was better off without Abby. Mia stood up to leave and reached out her hand to Arturo, and he asked where they were going. "Where do you think?" she replied, and they left together.

Arturo and Mia cuddled in bed after having sex. She gushed that she could be who she was with him, and she was tired of feeling bad for keeping secrets. He admitted that he wasn't there yet because he couldn't look Rey in the eye. Mia lamented that she was "yesterday's news," since Rey was infatuated with Sharon. She thought Rey had only been with her out of obligation, and he'd left their marriage when he'd left Miami. Mia thought she'd given it the best she'd had, but it hadn't been enough. She figured that if they'd had to try that hard and still hadn't been able to get it right, it hadn't been meant to be.

Arturo referred to Phyllis' advice for Mia to stick to her own strengths, and he thought it meant not forcing things that didn't happen naturally. He realized that he'd gone wrong when he'd left Florida to get away from Mia and Rey, since it had never felt right to be away from his family, friends, and places he loved. Arturo contemplated going back, but Mia protested that he'd be far away if the baby turned out to be his. He suggested that she consider making a move, too, but she thought it was too soon to think about it.

Arturo reasoned that Mia wasn't trapped there, and she got to decide where to live, no matter whose child it was. He continued that Rey would do anything to get her as far away as possible from the police, and all three of them would be in deep trouble if the authorities looked closer into their alibis. Arturo believed that there was no better time for her and the baby to get out of town, and he swore that she wouldn't be alone because he'd go with her.

Phyllis found Jack at Jabot, and he informed her that Summer and Kyle were on their way to the airport. Phyllis announced that she was there about the Jabot Collective, since she thought it was a fantastic idea. She thought it would align beautifully with her new accessories company, and she proposed that they team up. "There's not a chance in hell that's going to happen," Jack responded.

Phyllis argued that she'd done a terrific job running Jabot, but Jack reminded her that she'd tried to blackmail him. Jack suggested that she take time to think about her behavior and to decide what really mattered in life. She spat that she didn't need a lecture, and he asked if they were done there. She vowed to succeed on her own without his help so that she wouldn't owe him a "damn thing."

Phyllis returned to Crimson Lights and logged onto Jabot's server, using a password Summer hadn't changed in years. "Who needs you, Jack?" Phyllis slyly muttered to herself.

Adam spies on Sharon but avoids meeting her

Adam spies on Sharon but avoids meeting her

Wednesday, May 8, 2019

by Nel

Someone was hiding behind some trees and watched as Sharon arrived at the park and sat down on a bench to wait for Adam. Sharon sent Adam a text message: "I'm here." She heard a phone ping and called out to Adam. No one responded. She sent Adam another text message: "I'm alone." She heard another ping and called out to Adam again, but again, no one responded.

Devon arrived at Crimson Lights and saw Cane. He told Cane he was sorry about the way Lily had left town. Cane thanked Devon and revealed that he was meeting with someone who could help him reinvent himself. When a woman from a nonprofit organization arrived to meet with Cane, Devon stood at the counter and listened.

Cane told the woman about his work at Chancellor Industries, but she advised that she was aware of his qualifications. Cane advised her that he wanted to work with ex-prisoners and to teach vocational workshops. The woman told Cane that they helped people who were starting from nothing. Cane said he really wanted to make a difference and asked the woman to consider him for a position.

After the woman left, Devon told Cane that he had been listening. Devon warned Cane that it would be a big mistake if he intended to reinvent himself for Lily. He reminded Cane that Lily intended to go through with the divorce. Cane spat that it was none of Devon's business. Undaunted, Devon asked if Cane planned to fight the divorce. Cane denied it and claimed that he wanted to rebuild himself, and he wanted to make a difference, the way Lily had.

Cane thought Devon would understand because Devon had lost the love of his life, but Devon countered that his situation had been completely different. Cane realized his mistake and apologized. Devon told Cane that Lily had been struggling with Neil's death and the end of her marriage. Cane claimed he wanted to see Lily and comfort her. Devon reminded Cane that Lily didn't want him there. Cane stated he wanted to do something philanthropic to help others. He also claimed that he wanted to sell his house and move into something smaller. Devon again warned Cane against changing his life for Lily.

At the Abbotts', Traci continued with her novel. Flynn, loosely based on Cane, tried to drown his sorrow in alcohol. Someone knocked. When he reluctantly opened the door, heartbreak had returned. Iris stood there. Iris was loosely based on Lily. Traci described Flynn's pain over his breakup with Iris. Iris told Flynn that her husband had been cheating on her. Flynn said there were plenty of P.I.s in the phone book, but Iris insisted that Flynn investigate. Flynn claimed that Iris wanted him to discover that her husband had been cheating because Iris was still in love with Flynn. Flynn kissed her, she slapped him. At that moment, Cane called Traci and asked to see her.

At the penthouse, Ana and Tessa toasted Tessa's success in the recording studio, and Jett arrived. Ana explained that with Devon's help, Tessa had found her groove, and she'd made a successful recording. Ana teased Jett that he had competition, but Tessa cried that there was no comparison. Jett claimed there was enough room for all of them, and he declared that he wanted to be at the studio for Tessa's next recording. Tessa protested, claiming she wasn't as good as Jett. Jett advised that she should never hide her voice. He sat down at the piano and sang. Ana joined him, and with a little encouragement, Tessa joined them.

When Devon arrived, the singing stopped. Devon assured them that it had been wonderful to walk in and hear singing. He claimed that they had given him a great idea. Devon said that to Neil, music had been his sanctuary and his therapy. Devon confessed that music had done the same for him. Elena confirmed that in medical studies, it had been proven that music was a great form of therapy. Devon said he wanted to do a show at Society as a tribute to Neil and then dedicate the space to Neil. Everyone loved the idea.

Devon told Elena that Neil had owned a nightclub called Indigo. Later, Elena complimented Devon on how well he had faced Neil's death. She said she blamed herself for her mother's death. She explained that her mother had been epileptic, and Elena had been responsible for making certain that her mother had taken her medication. Elena explained that because of her crazy work hours, she hadn't been there when her mother had suffered a seizure in which she'd fallen and died.

Devon told Elena that she couldn't blame herself. He said that everything in life was a choice, and everyone chose what to keep and what to let go. Elena proclaimed that she would live with that guilt for the rest of her life, and she couldn't discuss it any further. She went upstairs.

Later, Elena found Devon asleep on the couch. She tried to wake him. Devon had been dreaming about Hilary. When he opened his eyes, he saw Hilary, and he kissed her, only to discover he had kissed Elena. He apologized and left. Elena was speechless.

Sharon returned to her hotel suite. She told Rey that when she'd sent Adam a text message, within seconds, she'd heard a phone ping. She said she hadn't found Adam, but she'd felt his presence. Rey wondered why Adam hadn't shown up. Sharon suggested that she might have triggered a memory that had frightened him enough to stop him from facing someone from his past. Rey commented that being Victor's son might have messed Adam up.

Sharon informed Rey that Adam's life had revolved around Victor. She said Adam and Victor's relationship had been complicated and intense. Adam had tried to prove himself to Victor and had wanted to gain Victor's love. Sharon suggested that after Adam had seen her, the memory might have overwhelmed him. Rey asked Sharon to tell him about her relationship with Adam.

Sharon told Rey that she and Adam had loved each other and had had an on-and-off relationship for years. There had been an undeniable connection between them that had always drawn them to each other. She said that Adam could be vengeful, and he could be very sweet and kind. She told Rey that Adam had taken a bullet for Victor, and he had thrown himself over Faith to protect her from flying debris during a tornado.

Sharon told Rey that Adam had saved her life when she'd been at her lowest point. She explained that she had suffered from delusions and voices in her head. She'd heard Victor and Nikki tell her that she was worthless. She explained that while she'd been in her altered state, she had set fire to Victor and Nikki's house. Adam had saved her from the fire because she'd been too fragile to recognize the danger she had exposed herself to or the consequences of her actions. Adam had gotten her into therapy, where she'd been diagnosed as bipolar.

Rey commented that it had to have been a struggle for Sharon. Sharon said that the therapy and the medications had helped, but she had never talked to anyone about it. Rey assured her that he would be there for her when she was ready to talk about it. Sharon was relieved and very appreciative of Rey's support. They hugged and laughed when Rey asked if there was anything else she cared to share with him.

Rey told Sharon that he'd been worried about her being with Adam. He addressed Nick's fear that Adam would get into Sharon's head. Sharon assured him that it wouldn't happen, but Rey wanted them to tell Victor they were done and return to Genoa City. Sharon said she couldn't do that because she had to help Adam. She claimed that she wouldn't be the person she was if she hadn't been the person she'd been with Adam. She said that, in a way, she owed Adam her life.

Sharon told Rey that Adam had been there for her when she'd hit rock bottom. She was in a position to help Adam, and if she walked away, then she wasn't the person she thought she had become. Rey said he'd been worried that Adam would take advantage of her compassion and her kindness, but Sharon said that it wouldn't happen because Adam was scared and because he had suffered in so many ways.

Sharon told Rey she was stronger than she had ever been, and she was qualified to handle Adam's situation. She assured Rey that her eyes were wide open. She said that before Adam had been presumed dead, she and Adam had been friends. Sharon said that Adam's situation wouldn't interfere with what she and Rey had. Rey assured Sharon he would support her. When Rey asked if Sharon had heard from Adam, she said she hadn't and probably wouldn't.

Sharon and Rey kissed then they made love. Later, Sharon woke up and thought she'd heard something. She grabbed a cover-up and opened the door to her suite. The hallway was empty. After she closed the door, Rey asked her what was wrong. Sharon claimed there was nothing wrong. She got back into bed, but she was very unsettled.

On the patio at Crimson Lights, Mariah took a selfie and sent it to Tessa with a text message that said she missed her. Almost at the same moment, Mariah received a text message from her stalker: "I'm not going away. I know how to find you." Mariah jumped up immediately and looked for her stalker inside the coffeehouse, but he wasn't there.

Later, Tessa arrived at Crimson Lights and startled Mariah when she touched Mariah's shoulder. Tessa wanted to know what was wrong. Mariah admitted that she had received two text messages from her stalker on the same day. Outraged, Tessa decided to send Mariah's stalker a text message: "Help me understand what I did to upset you and we can talk it out."

Once the text message to the stalker had been sent, Mariah listened to Tessa's recording. At the end of the song, she screamed and claimed the song was unbelievable. Tessa told Mariah that after the recording, it had felt like Ana had become a friend. At that moment Mariah received a text message. With trepidation, she looked to see who it was from. She breathed a sigh of relief when she saw that Faith had sent it. Tessa was afraid her text message might have scared off the stalker, but Mariah hoped she hadn't. She said that Tessa would understand why later.

Cane arrived at the Abbotts'. He told Traci that she'd been the only person who had advised him not to give up on Lily. Traci said she hadn't given him any false hope. Cane told Traci about the interview he'd had with the woman from the nonprofit organization, and after he had spoken to her, he'd realized that downsizing wasn't going to fix what had been broken. Cane said he wanted to sell the house because it was too quiet without the twins. He said he wanted to be a different dad after he'd seen that Neil had been the real deal as a father.

Cane told Traci that she'd been a good friend, and he asked how she was. Traci was taken aback slightly, but she told Cane that she looked after Dina's needs. She said it was a gift, but it was also heartbreaking. They talked about Neil's passing. Traci stated that Neil's passing had subdued Jack and Ashley's feud. She said that sometimes, she resented Jack and Ashley, because at times, they treated the rest of the family like collateral damage.

Traci told Cane that their conversations hadn't been one-sided. She told Cane that he had inspired her to start writing again. She told him about the period piece and mystery that she had begun to write. She explained that the story took place in the 1940s. She said her main characters, Flynn and Iris, had been loosely based on Cane and Lily. Traci described Flynn as a tough guy, rough around the edges, who always did the wrong things for the right reasons. Before Cane left, Traci told him he would be okay, even if things didn't work out the way he wanted them to.

After Cane left, Traci returned to her computer and her story.

Lola learns Mia was her attacker

Lola learns Mia was her attacker

Thursday, May 9, 2019

At Jabot, Jack informed Lauren that Kyle and Summer were visiting an old buddy of Kyle's in New York who was a media influencer. Lauren loved the idea of using social media to market Jabot products, and she asked if Phyllis had approached Jack. He confirmed that Phyllis had tried to pitch tying in her new accessory line with the Jabot Collective, but he didn't see why they should let her capitalize on their success. Lauren argued that it could be good for both parties, but Jack only saw how it could be good for Phyllis, not Jabot.

Lauren asked if Jack had read Phyllis' prospectus. He was sure it was a solid business proposal, but he reasoned that taking on a disgruntled ex-CEO would be too risky. Lauren clucked that it wasn't like him to let his personal feelings interfere in a business decision, and she hoped that he would at least read the prospectus. He refused to make any promises. She inquired about Dina, and he sadly shared that it was painful watching her decline. He mentioned that Dina had managed to slip out again on her own, so she was wearing a GPS bracelet. Lauren sympathized.

In New York, Theo was anxious to hear more about the Jabot Collective. Kyle and Summer explained that Jabot was combining lines to allow customers to purchase a whole package or mix and match products. Kyle bragged that they had a "sick" marketing strategy, and Theo could help as a top social media influencer. Theo thought a few of his clients could be a good fit, and Kyle and Summer were impressed by the names he tossed around. Assuming Kyle and Summer were a couple, Theo wondered how they worked together all day and then went home at night to play.

Kyle insisted that Theo had it all wrong, but Theo mentioned the wedding pictures he'd seen on social media. Theo inquired whether it had been a stunt, and Kyle replied that it was complicated. Theo commented that he'd never seen a relationship that wasn't, but Summer maintained that it was strictly business between her and Kyle. Theo pointed out the duo's "killer chemistry," and Summer chalked it up to working well together.

Theo had a good feeling about the project, and he suggested that they talk about it further at a new club that had just opened. Summer squealed in excitement, but Kyle insisted that they had to get back to Genoa City. Theo had expected Kyle to stay in his former town for at least one night, but Kyle stressed that they'd only flown in for the meeting. After Theo left, Summer confronted Kyle about wanting to leave, but he defended that they weren't there to party. She argued that making connections had been the whole point of the trip, but he snapped that the jet was waiting, and he headed out.

Jack was surprised when Kyle and Summer entered his office, since he'd expected them to still be in New York. Kyle crowed that Theo would help them blow their marketing campaign wide open, since his client list had major power in social media. Jack admitted that he'd had doubts about Kyle and Summer individually, but not as a team. He instructed them to delve into the client list and report the details to him as soon as possible, and he departed for another meeting.

Kyle also started to head out, but Summer protested that they had to get to work right away. Kyle intended to get started first thing the next day, but she complained that she didn't want him to sabotage what she was trying to do. She reiterated that they made a really good team, and their job needed to be their priority, so she had a problem with him rushing off to reassure his insecure girlfriend. Kyle flatly told her to enjoy the rest of the day because he planned on doing just that.

Summer smiled when she answered a video call from Theo. She gushed that she'd just been thinking about him, as she was doing research on his clients, and he indicated that he'd just emailed her and Kyle a list of clients who were interested in the product. He added that she could ask any questions she had in person, since he planned on spending a lot of time in Genoa City. He informed her that he and one of his favorite clients were about to board a plane, and they'd see her that night.

Summer stopped by Jack's office and told Jack that she was compiling the data he wanted, but she wished Kyle felt the same urgency she did. Summer feigned an apology, but Jack recognized that there was a lot at stake. Summer swore that she was doing everything she could to make the collective a success, and she and Kyle really had to meet with Theo and his client. Jack instructed Summer to find Kyle and tell him it was their top priority. Summer vowed to work around the clock if they had to. She exited and smirked as she boarded the elevator.

In Chancellor Park, Tessa pushed Mariah to tell her about the threats Mariah had been receiving. Mariah spotted Ana, and Tessa lectured that their conversation wasn't over. Ana asked if Tessa was ready, but she was clearly displeased to see Mariah. Ana covered by saying she'd been expecting Mariah to be preparing for her show, and Mariah replied that she'd been doing it for a long time. Ana figured that Mariah would be bored with the discussion over Tessa's new look, and Mariah stepped aside and grumbled that she'd try not to fall asleep.

Ana suggested that Tessa cut her hair short, shave the sides, and dye it platinum blonde. Tessa called the idea interesting, and Ana proposed fire-engine red instead. Mariah audibly groaned, and Tessa remarked that she wasn't sure red was her color. Ana contended that she wanted Tessa to stand out, and she turned the topic to Tessa making bold, skin-baring clothing choices to get people talking. Mariah snorted, and Ana asked what her problem was.

Mariah groused that Ana didn't understand Tessa, since Ana was trying to turn Tessa into a pop princess, but it wasn't who Tessa was. Ana haughtily stated that she hadn't realized Mariah was an expert on the music business, and Mariah countered that they all wanted Tessa to connect with her fans. Ana asserted that she was trying to create a brand for people to identify with, and Mariah suggested that Tessa become one of the hot, young stars Jabot was recruiting to promote its new lifestyle brand. Ana passed, and she ordered Mariah to let her do her job. Ana sternly said she'd see Tessa at the studio, and she sauntered off. "What the hell is wrong with you?" Tessa testily asked Mariah.

At Crimson Lights, Mariah wondered why Tessa was acting like Mariah was the one who'd done something wrong, given what Ana had said. Tessa called Mariah a master at provoking people, and Mariah conceded that she'd been snarky, but she thought Ana's attack had been unwarranted. Tessa argued that offering constructive advice could be annoying, and Mariah countered that Ana didn't know Tessa. Mariah muttered that Ana wanted to turn Tessa into something Ana wanted her to be, and Tessa was letting Ana turn her into someone else. Tessa urged Mariah to tell her what was really going on, and Mariah shared that she didn't want the things she loved about Tessa to disappear.

Tessa understood why Mariah had given Ana grief, but Mariah didn't want to see Tessa be changed. Tessa swore that she would always be who she was, but Mariah grappled with the vision in her head of Tessa as a rock star with thousands of followers and groupies who would all want a piece of her. Mariah was afraid there would be nothing left for her, but Tessa took Mariah's hands in hers and insisted that the best part of her would always belong to Mariah, since what they had was forever. Tessa insisted that she loved Mariah and that she wasn't going anywhere, and Mariah happily guessed that she was stuck with Tessa. Tessa told her to get used to it, and they embraced.

At Society, Arturo entered the kitchen and greeted Lola, who warned that he couldn't keep showing up there. He announced that he and Mia were moving back to Miami, and Lola bellowed that he was out of his mind to run off with the "sister-in-law from hell." Arturo contended that Mia could be carrying his child and that Rey wanted nothing to do with her. Lola argued that Rey would never let Mia leave with a baby that might be his, but Arturo huffed that Rey wasn't the saint Lola thought he was.

Lola reminded Arturo that Rey had bailed them out and forgiven them more times than she could count, but Arturo worried that Rey was just waiting to use their mistakes against them. If the baby turned out not to be Rey's, Arturo expected Rey to show what a "vindictive bastard" he could be by sending Mia to jail for something that had been an accident. Lola realized that Mia had been the one who'd attacked her. Arturo insisted that it wasn't true, but Lola saw in his eyes that he was lying.

Arturo swore that Lola was like a sister to Mia, so Mia would never hurt her. Lola was convinced that Mia had pushed her, and she wondered if Mia had done it to get back at her for keeping Mia away from Arturo and Rey. Arturo defended that Mia would never want to see Lola fighting for her life, but Lola pointed out that Mia wouldn't mind if Abby were in that position. Lola demanded that Arturo stop protecting Mia, and she recalled that she'd been wearing Abby's coat on the night in question.

Abby entered in response to the shouting, and she stopped in her tracks when she saw Arturo. Lola vaguely explained that he'd given her some news; she had to go home, but she'd be back before dinner. Abby chided Arturo for upsetting people, and he followed Lola out.

In the dining room, Devon told Abby that he wanted to put a plaque by the stage as a permanent way to honor Neil. Abby assured him that no one could ever forget such an amazing man, and Devon hoped it could help heal the people who missed his father. Abby asked how Devon was doing, and he replied that he'd been taking it one day at a time. She sensed that he'd just been going through the motions, and he confided that opening night had been the first time he'd felt alive since Hilary had died -- but then Neil had also passed away. He was grateful to have Ana, Jett, and Elena, since he wouldn't know how to get through it without them.

Ana slammed the front door when she returned home, and Devon was glad that she was taking it out on the door and not him. She called Mariah the biggest pain, but she acknowledged that Mariah was his friend. Devon conceded that Mariah could be difficult, and he offered to talk to her. Ana objected to her big brother running to the rescue, but Devon noted that there were reasons a person wore armor. Ana mentioned that Michael had called her, trying to reach Devon to discuss scheduling the reading of Neil's will. Devon bristled.

Ana figured it was too soon to deal with the will, and Devon confirmed that it was the last loose end that would make Neil's death real. He recognized that he couldn't put it off forever, and he agreed to call Lily and discuss it with her. Ana hugged him and understood that every step hurt, but she pledged to be there for him. She invited him to sit in on her session at the studio, but he insisted that she was doing fine on her own and that he'd be okay. She headed out, and he picked up a record album and found a loving note from Neil posted on it, encouraging Devon to listen, learn, and enjoy.

Devon zoned out on the couch as he listened to Neil's jazz record. He flashed back to envisioning Hilary and kissing Elena. Elena arrived home, and Devon stirred when she closed the door. He apologized for being out of line when he'd kissed her, and he regretted it if he'd made her feel uncomfortable. She admitted that she'd been surprised, but she assured him that she wasn't mad. She wondered what had made him do it.

Elena guessed that Devon had felt sorry for her after she'd told him about feeling responsible for her mom's death. He insisted that it hadn't been why he'd kissed her, and he explained that he'd been asleep and dreaming when it had happened. Elena recalled that it had looked like he'd been crying when she'd awakened him, and he said the dream had stirred up a lot of emotions. He apologized for acting on impulse, and he wanted to make it up to her by taking her to dinner. She laughed at the idea of making up for kissing her by taking her on a date, and she asked if it would be casual or dressy.

Lola found Mia on the Crimson Lights patio. "It was you," Lola hissed, and she accused Mia of attacking her. Mia swore that she would never hurt Lola. Lola conceded that it wouldn't make any sense unless Mia had thought Lola was someone else, and she'd been wearing Abby's coat at the Abbott house that night. Lola recalled that Abby had humiliated Mia in front of everyone at the Athletic Club, and she imagined that Mia had gone to the mansion to confront Abby and get revenge. Lola speculated that Mia had thought Lola was Abby by the pool. "I don't hear a denial," Abby barked as she appeared in the doorway.

Abby recounted that Lola had been hurt on the same night that Mia had gotten into Abby's face at the Athletic Club. Abby guessed that Mia had mistaken Lola for Abby, and she ranted that Mia had nearly killed Lola because Mia had been embarrassed in public. Mia called Abby a "stupid, entitled bitch," and she chided Abby for not owning her part in what had happened. Mia rambled that she'd had no idea Lola had fallen into the pool, since Mia had run off after she'd pushed Lola, and she hadn't meant to hurt anyone. Abby started to call the police, and Mia begged Lola not to let Abby do it. Mia rushed out.

Lola and Abby returned to Society, where Lola begged Abby to listen to her. Abby wondered why Lola was protecting Mia, and Lola believed that Mia would never hurt her on purpose. Abby scoffed at the thought that it made everything all right, and Lola envisioned that an upset and drunk Mia hadn't planned what had happened at the Abbott mansion. Lola reasoned that she wouldn't have discovered her liver problem in time if she hadn't been hurt, but Abby was appalled that Lola was giving Mia credit for saving her life.

Lola explained that she hadn't wanted Abby to call the police because of the baby, since the child belonged to one of the Rosales brothers, and Lola couldn't allow her niece or nephew to be born behind bars. Abby balked at letting Mia get away with it, but Lola revealed that Arturo and Mia were going back to Miami, so Abby would never have to see them again. Abby reluctantly agreed to keep quiet -- "for now."

Lola left an urgent message for Rey to call her back. She was surprised when Kyle showed up, and he exclaimed that he'd missed her every second he'd been away. He pulled her into a kiss, but he sensed that something was wrong. Lola bemoaned that things with her family were a bigger mess than usual. Kyle figured that it couldn't be any worse than his family, and he didn't care how screwed up things were because they were in it for the long haul. They kissed, and he promised that they'd get through whatever it was together. She hugged him.

Arturo met Mia in the park, and she demanded to know why he'd turned on her by telling Lola that Mia had attacked her. Arturo explained that he'd said something dumb because he'd been angry at Rey, and Lola had jumped on it. Mia revealed that Abby also knew the truth after walking in on Lola confronting Mia. Arturo thought that Rey would lose his mind, but Mia informed him that Abby hadn't called the cops yet. Arturo hoped that maybe Abby wouldn't, but Mia suspected that "Little Miss Scrawny" couldn't wait to pay her back for sleeping with Arturo.

Arturo was adamant that he and Mia go back to Miami right away, but she lamented that her trouble with the law would follow her wherever she went. Arturo argued that only Lola could press charges, not Abby, and Lola wouldn't do it because of the baby. Mia worried that Lola hated her. Arturo offered to talk to his sister to make her see that she couldn't hurt their family that way.

Mia confesses to Paul

Mia confesses to Paul

Friday, May 10, 2019

At Crimson Lights, Summer was irritated when she found Kyle alone, since they'd made the haul back from New York because he hadn't been able to stand being away from Lola. Kyle pointed out that Lola was at the restaurant and that he was also working. Summer was glad he was free, since Theo and a major influencer were about to land and would soon be at Jabot to meet to see if Jabot Collective was a good fit. She pointedly added that Theo and his client had needed to fly out to see them because she and Kyle had left New York.

Kyle complained that it was after hours, but Summer reminded him that Jack had told them to focus on lining up influencers. Summer spotted Phyllis on the patio and suggested that she and Kyle meet at the office. Summer approached Phyllis, who jokingly asked if Summer had seen her not punch Kyle, even though she'd thought about it. Phyllis inquired about the New York trip, and Summer reported that it had been exhausting to be mature and professional, but she believed the collective would be a huge hit. Phyllis declared that it was why she'd needed to see Summer.

Summer confirmed that accessories were one area that Jabot Collective hadn't covered, and she urged Phyllis to talk to Jack. Phyllis revealed that he'd already turned her down without listening to her, and she thought she'd been the wrong messenger. Phyllis remarked that it was time to get creative, and Summer found it funny, since she'd received a notification about her Jabot account accessing files through an unauthorized computer. Phyllis scolded Summer for using "Mr. Ears" as her password for years.

Summer was mortified that her mother had hacked into her account and stolen files. Phyllis explained that she'd been looking for concepts for the clothing line to tailor her selections accordingly, but she hadn't found anything. Phyllis recognized that she was putting Summer in a delicate position, but she'd be ahead of the curve if she knew what Jabot had in the pipeline. Summer objected to Phyllis asking her to break all the rules, and Phyllis proposed that Summer simply leave her tablet open and let Phyllis take care of the rest. Summer was appalled that her mother wanted her to compromise herself.

Summer argued that Jack hadn't needed to welcome her to Jabot or let her stay, but he had. Phyllis swore that she just wanted help, and she just needed the slightest bit of information. Summer suggested that Phyllis hire a consultant, but Phyllis hoped that someone she knew and loved would cut her a break. Phyllis contended that humiliation ate away at a person's soul, and she needed a win. Summer prepared to go to work, and she lectured that Phyllis had plenty of other connections outside of Jabot. Summer implored Phyllis to move on if she wanted to start over.

In her hotel suite, Phyllis scrolled through the contacts on her phone and made a call. She apologized for calling Ashley when it was so early in France, but she had a proposition that hadn't been able to wait.

Summer arrived at Jabot and apologized for being late. Theo commented that she was worth waiting for, and Summer introduced herself to his client, Nazanin. Nazanin wanted to see if Society lived up to the hype, and Summer gushed that she would love it.

Sharon and Rey returned to their Las Vegas hotel room, and he proclaimed to make room for the big winner. She set down a stuffed animal and pointed out that she'd only tossed a ball, but he applauded her for doing it with amazing style. Sharon appreciated his efforts to try to keep her mind off Adam, and Rey asked if it had worked. She replied that it had well enough, and he offered to keep trying. His expression darkened when he listened to a voicemail from Lola, and Sharon wondered what was wrong. Rey reported that his sister hadn't said, but something definitely was wrong.

At Society, Lola was relieved when Rey returned her call. She blurted out Mia's name, and Rey worried that it was about the baby. Lola told him that Mia had been the person who'd attacked her, and Rey said he was sorry. Oblivious that Rey had already known, Lola spat that Arturo had been aware and had covered for Mia. Lola begged Rey to return home, and he swore that he would be on the next flight.

After Rey hung up, Sharon guessed that Lola had found out that Mia had hurt her and that others had known. Rey asked if Sharon would be all right on her own, even though he didn't like leaving. She insisted that she needed to see Adam, and she speculated that he hadn't met her in the park because he'd known she hadn't been alone. Rey didn't think it was a good sign that Adam wanted her isolated, but Sharon contended that she needed Rey to believe in her. He swore that he did, and she offered to help him pack. "First things first," he declared, and he pulled her into a kiss.

Back at Society, Lola dared Arturo to try to weasel his way out, since Rey was booking the next flight out. Lola groused that Arturo had lied to her over and over again, and he defended that he hadn't known from the beginning. He added that their family had already been blowing up before it had happened, and she retorted that it had blown up because he'd slept with Mia. Arturo wondered if Lola intended to go to the cops, and Lola recounted that Abby had threatened to do so, but Lola wasn't going to do it and had asked Abby not to, either. Lola clarified that it was only because of the baby, who didn't deserve to be born in jail. Arturo was sure Mia would be grateful.

Abby blasted Arturo for harassing Lola after everything he and Mia had put Lola through. Arturo mentioned that Lola had said Abby wouldn't call the police, and Abby stressed that she was only doing it for the baby. Rey overheard as he arrived, and Lola hugged him. Lola apologized for dumping the news on him, but she was taken aback when Rey admitted that he'd known about Mia's involvement for a while. Rey recalled that he'd found out a few days after Lola had been taken to the hospital, and Abby growled that his cheating wife had put Lola there. Rey explained that Mia had told him about the baby when he'd confronted her.

Abby admonished Mia for using her child as a human shield, and Lola realized it had been why Rey hadn't turned Mia in. Rey recounted that he'd told Paul that there hadn't been enough evidence, and he'd tried to let the case go cold. Rey added that when Paul had asked him to look into it further, he'd gotten Arturo involved to provide Mia's alibi -- that Arturo had been with Mia that night. Abby protested that Arturo had been with her, but she realized that Paul had bought the story because everyone knew Arturo was a cheating slime. Abby stormed off.

Lola was stunned that everyone had known what Mia had done to her, and Rey said he was sorry. Lola lectured that Rey should have trusted her, but he swore that he hadn't wanted to rope her into the cover-up. She pointed out that she was in it then, and she vowed to stand by her family.

At the bar, Arturo adamantly stated that he'd never meant for any of it to hurt Abby. She compared it to how he also hadn't meant to sleep with Mia, and she declared that they were done because she had a business to run. He hoped that the police didn't check on Mia's alibi, but he wondered what Abby would do if they did. She incredulously asked if he was asking her to lie for him.

Mia responded to urgent rapping at her hotel room door. Paul burst in and placed her under arrest for attempted murder, but Mia protested that she'd never meant to hurt Lola. Mia suddenly awakened with a start from her nightmare. She raced to the closet, got out her suitcase, and frantically began to pack.

There was a knock at Mia's door, and she pulled her suitcase out of sight. She opened the door to Paul and asked what she could do for him. He informed her that he hadn't given up on finding Lola's attacker, and Mia feigned relief. He announced that he was there to follow up on her alibi, and she voiced surprise that he was doing it when Rey was working the case. Paul mentioned that Rey had other priorities, so Paul would take it from there.

Paul mentioned that Mia had engaged in a public fight with Abby on the night Lola had been found in the pool. Mia called it a misunderstanding, and Paul imagined that it had been complicated for her to arrange to leave with Arturo on the night of the altercation. Mia referred to her history with Arturo, and Paul asked what time they'd gotten together. Mia cited how much time had passed since it had happened, and she said the night had been a blur.

Paul pushed for details about where Mia and Arturo had met up and whether anyone could confirm it. Mia claimed that she'd been very careful because of her marriage, but she and Arturo had been together when they'd found out about Lola. Paul continued to press for information, and Mia rambled about how emotional and upsetting the night had been. Paul envisioned how it had been for her to find out that someone had attacked her sister-in-law while she'd been with her ex, and Mia blurted out that she'd never meant to hurt Rey. "Or Abby?" Paul asked, and Mia couldn't hide her panic.

Paul reasoned that Mia hadn't been the only one with a significant other, and Mia insisted that her relationship with Arturo hadn't had anything to do with Lola's attack. Mia wailed that she was paying for what she'd done to Rey because she was pregnant and staying in a hotel alone. Mia pleaded that she needed to rest, but Paul eyed her suitcase and questioned whether she was planning on going somewhere. Mia cried that she wanted a break from the judgment and stress. Paul implied that she might be running away, since her story was full of holes.

Paul urged Mia to tell the truth, since the longer she waited, the worse things would get. Paul pointed out that Mia wasn't a criminal, and he speculated that she'd just been hurt and angry. He questioned whether the fact that Lola could have died meant anything to her, and she insisted that it had been an accident. Mia rambled that she'd gone to the Abbott house to tell Abby that she couldn't play high and mighty with Mia in public, but she'd only wanted to talk. Mia continued that she hadn't known she'd pushed Lola, and she'd only wanted to humiliate Abby by making her stumble. Mia swore that she hadn't known that the person she'd pushed had been Lola or that Lola had gone into the water. Mia suddenly doubled over in pain.

At Society, Abby greeted Kyle and inquired who his guests were. Kyle introduced Theo, and Abby was starstruck when she recognized Nazanin. Abby admitted that she followed Nazanin relentlessly, and Nazanin credited Abby with practically inventing viral videos. Summer asked if Abby had room to fit them in, and Abby led them to a table.

Theo asked when Abby would be expanding to New York, and she joked that she'd do it when she could clone her chef. Nazanin asked to meet Lola, and Kyle proudly shared that Lola was his girlfriend and offered to arrange a meeting. Kyle entered the kitchen and apologized for just showing up unannounced, but Lola was happy that she got to see him before closing time. He asked what would happen then, and she imagined that she'd go straight to sleep. She flirtatiously teased that he had to learn to know when she was joking, since that was not what was going to happen that night.

Kyle requested that Lola stop by his table to make his guests feel important. He observed that her brothers were also there, and she informed him that things were still messy, but she wanted to focus on making the guests feel special. Kyle and Lola approached the table, and Theo and Nazanin insisted on getting a photo with Lola. Nazanin handed her phone to Summer to take the photo, and Kyle raved about Lola being a genius.

Summer mentioned that she had a table waiting at a club, but they couldn't hold it for long. Theo feigned being wounded when Summer had blown him off in New York, and she promised to make it up to him. Nazanin invited Abby and Lola to join them, but they declined because of work. Kyle regretfully told Lola that he didn't know how late he'd be, and she figured that there was always the next day.

Arturo reported that Mia wasn't answering her phone, but he intended to check on her. Rey noted that Lola hadn't told him how she'd found out about Mia, and Arturo confessed that he'd accidentally spilled it. Arturo accepted the blame, but he pointed out that Rey had been the one who'd hidden it and who'd decided to make Arturo be Mia's alibi. Abby was irritated to see that Rey and Arturo were still there, and Arturo pressed to know about where she stood on Mia's alibi. Abby refused to lie to the police if they sought her out.

Lola chided her brothers for not respecting her job, and she requested some breathing room while she closed up. Rey answered a call from Paul and looked alarmed. Rey said he was on his way, and he relayed that all he knew was that they had to get to the emergency room. Rey and Arturo rushed off.

Abby suggested that she and Lola indulge in dessert or carbs, but Lola groaned that she didn't have the strength to get a fork to her mouth. Abby spotted someone who might help out, and Lola turned around and saw Kyle. Lola had expected him to be out clubbing, but he proclaimed that he'd had somewhere else to be. They kissed.

In Vegas, Victor arrived at Sharon's hotel room and asked if she'd heard from Adam. She mentioned that she'd just left Adam another voicemail, and Victor wondered if Adam was avoiding her after researching her on the Internet. Sharon suspected that Victor was more likely the issue. Sharon pointed out that Adam knew Victor was back in town and deeply invested in getting Adam's memory back, which was a heavy weight for Adam to carry when he didn't have control over anything. Victor argued that Adam had willingly gone to the doctor, but Sharon imagined that Adam felt like he had a looming figure stalking him.

Victor asserted that he was Adam's father, but Sharon sympathized that Adam probably felt anxious. Sharon sensed that Adam had been willing to see her, but he'd backed out because she hadn't been alone. She suggested that Victor give him some space, and Victor sighed deeply and brokenly replied, "He's my boy." Victor acknowledged that he and Adam had had a difficult relationship, but he'd looked into his son's eyes and realized that Adam hadn't recognized him at all, and he couldn't leave Adam alone. Sharon understood that Victor loved Adam, but she encouraged him to take a step back and let her try to get through to Adam -- alone.

Victor stared out the window and agreed to let Sharon handle Adam on her own -- for then. He planned to tell Nikki to go home, but he opted to stay there and keep a low profile. Sharon warned that Adam was very clever, and Victor promised that he would back off if anything went wrong. Sharon assured him that she knew what was at stake, and Victor told her to keep in mind that Adam was his son.

Later, Adam sent Sharon a text message with an address to an apartment. He specified that he'd see her alone, and he instructed her not to tell anyone. She replied that he had her word and that she'd see him soon.

Sharon hovered outside the apartment door and nervously knocked. She was shocked when Riza opened the door and invited Sharon in. Sharon tried to make small talk to get information about how Riza knew "Spider," but Riza remained silent. Sharon guessed that Riza and Spider lived there together, but Riza responded that it wasn't really her style. Sharon observed how impersonal the place was, with no photos or books, as if he didn't want to leave a trace.

Riza announced that Spider had been detained, but he'd wanted Sharon to make herself comfortable. Riza headed for the door and wished Sharon luck. Sharon started to ask why she'd need it, but Riza departed without responding. Sharon fished an envelope out of the trash and looked surprised by its contents.

Sharon rifled through photos of Adam's parents and siblings with everyone's names written on the back. She continued to search the apartment and found a photo of Christian in a drawer. She noted that it was the only picture Adam had kept. She heard someone at the door and spun around. "Oh, my God, it is you!" she exclaimed.



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