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Adam sued for custody of Christian. Kevin told Michael that Chloe was alive. Sharon ordered Adam out of her life. Victor appointed Victoria CEO. Phyllis returned to Genoa City with leverage against Adam -- his connection to a Chancellor. Devon hosted a dedication ceremony in Neil's memory.
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Adam sued for custody of Christian and ordered Kevin to spy on Nick and Victoria
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Michael vows to help Nick Michael vows to help Nick

Monday, June 17, 2019

After Kevin rushed in and discovered that Phyllis had escaped from the storage room he'd locked her in, Michael entered. Kevin asked Michael why he'd followed him. Michael replied, "You were acting shady as hell, so, yes, of course I followed you." Kevin pushed his brother out and insisted he leave and forget he'd ever been there. After an argument ensued, Kevin admitted that Chloe was still alive. Michael was taken aback and couldn't believe the words coming from his brother's mouth. Kevin explained that he'd found out after Chloe's funeral service that she'd faked her death. Kevin added that the details weren't important.

Michael wiped his face and struggled to follow what Kevin said had transpired during the past couple of years. Kevin explained that after he'd created a fake identity for Chloe, she'd been living in Portland with him and Bella. Michael, frustrated, yelled, "So you guys were there, just living happily ever after?" Kevin nodded and explained that after he'd heard that Adam had been shot, he'd known Chloe had been involved. Kevin said Adam had arranged for someone in Las Vegas to confess to the shooting, so Adam could carry out his own form of justice against Chloe.

Michael asked Kevin if Chloe was okay. Kevin explained that Adam had been holding Chloe captive, and Kevin had been trying to get her back. Michael struggled to piece together the confusing details and asked Kevin if he believed Chloe had escaped from the locked room through the open egress window. After Kevin said no, Michael demanded an explanation. Kevin explained that he'd needed leverage to get Chloe back and had taken Phyllis because he'd seen Adam and Phyllis together and believed they were a couple. After Kevin admitted he'd kidnapped Phyllis to trade for Chloe, Michael gasped, explained that Phyllis hadn't been involved with Adam, and cried, "You couldn't get your facts straight before you committed multiple felonies?"

After Michael realized that Phyllis had been the one who'd escaped, he took out his phone to contact Paul. Kevin slapped Michael's phone away and cried that if the police learned that Chloe was alive, they'd lock her up in a prison psych ward. Michael noted that Chloe had several times attempted to murder Adam, so perhaps she should be locked up. Kevin explained that Adam was a trigger for Chloe. Kevin cried that if Michael contacted the police, Bella might lose both her parents. Michael explained that they should plead their case to Paul before Kevin's crimes were discovered.

Kevin pleaded with Michael to help him get Chloe back to Bella. Kevin added that no one could ever know what had happened. Michael asked Kevin if Phyllis knew he'd been the person who'd kidnapped her. Kevin said Phyllis didn't know he'd been involved. Kevin added that in order to get Chloe back, he'd have to stay in town awhile to help Adam. Kevin insisted that he'd do anything Adam wanted. After Kevin left to meet with Adam, Michael used his handkerchief to wipe down the doorknob.

In Nick's former office at Dark Horse, Victoria entered to have a discussion with Adam. Adam greeted Victoria by stating that he'd turned down Victor's job offer. Victoria said she and Adam should de-escalate things because their family was heading toward an all-out war. Victoria added that Victor's illness was the main reason they should put aside their differences and band together. Victoria asked Adam how much it would take to get him to relinquish Dark Horse and turn it over to Nick. Adam wasn't interested and said that thanks to Victoria, he was flush with cash.

Victoria reminded Adam that she'd given him the money because he'd promised to leave town. Adam explained that his takeover of Dark Horse was only the first step. Adam suggested he might return Dark Horse to Nick and accept Victor's offer to become CEO of Newman Enterprises. Victoria replied, "That's not happening." Nick interrupted when he barged in, marched toward Adam, and yelled, "You're lucky I don't shove those papers right down your throat!" Nick told Victoria that Adam was suing him for full custody of Christian.

Nick told Adam that if he truly cared about Christian, he wouldn't rip the boy away from his home and the people who really loved him. Adam said Christian should be with his real dad. Nick replied, "No, his real dad reads him books every night and takes him to ball games while you've been skulking around in Vegas, doing God knows what." Adam said he wanted his son to know him, so he'd be ordering a new DNA test. Adam added that, thanks to Victoria, he had an infusion of cash to pay lawyers to fight for custody. Nick replied, "No amount of money will ever buy you my son."

After Nick left, Victoria confronted Adam. Adam claimed he'd made Nick a perfectly acceptable offer, which Nick had refused. Adam added, "So, he left me no choice but to take him to court." Victoria warned Adam that his decision would return to haunt him. Adam reminded Victoria that the money she given him had turned everything around.

After Victoria left, Kevin stopped by Adam's office. Adam asked about Phyllis. Kevin replied, "She's back out in the world." Kevin added that he didn't know where Phyllis had gone. After Kevin insisted that Chloe be released, Adam asked Kevin why he was lying about Phyllis. Kevin admitted that Phyllis had escaped on her own, and he demanded to know where Chloe was. Adam said, "Let's talk about what comes next." Kevin sighed and grew increasingly frustrated. Adam advised Kevin to get ready for battle because things might get ugly.

At a bar, Riza approached a woman dressed in black, seen only from behind. Riza said, "Wasn't sure I was going to show, but your invitation was too intriguing to resist. So, do tell. Why the sudden interest in Adam Newman?" Phyllis, the woman dressed in black, contemplated Riza's question and smiled.

After Nick returned home, he summoned Michael. Michael looked over the lawsuit Adam had filed and said he'd help Nick, though he was surprised Nick had consulted him. Nick admitted he'd despised Michael for having helped Victor during his custody battle for Christian. Nick added that he realized Michael was willing to do whatever it took to win, and that was what he needed. Michael replied, "I was on the wrong side of that one."

Nick told Michael he'd be on the right side this time around. Nick added that Adam shouldn't be allowed to change his mind out of the blue and ruin Christian's life. Michael said he could likely prove that Adam hadn't been a saint since he'd returned to town. Nick cried that Adam needed to understand that he couldn't play God with other people's lives. Michael stepped toward Nick and replied, "You're absolutely right, and it would be my pleasure to help you do that."

After Michael left, Victoria stopped by Nick's to apologize. Victoria said she'd believed Adam would leave town because he'd been set to leave when he'd been with Chelsea and Conner. Victoria added that she'd given Chelsea's phone number to Adam because she'd thought Chelsea would be happy to know he was alive. Nick cried that because she and Victor had given Adam too much credit, Christian was paying for it. Victoria offered to help Nick, but he told her to leave and lock the door on her way out.

After Victoria left, Nick phoned Chelsea. Nick warned Chelsea that Adam was back. Nick explained that Adam had been sinking to new lows to get what he wanted. Nick cried that Adam wanted Christian. Nick paused and warned Chelsea that Adam might also attempt to get custody of Connor.

Nate approached Elena at Crimson Lights. Nate asked about the kickoff of Jett's tour. Elena proudly noted that Jett had brushed off the dust and carried on without faltering at all. Nate said he was glad and added that he'd spoken to the manager that had interviewed Elena. Elena was elated to learn that she'd gotten the job.

Elena confided in Nate and told him about Devon having paid off her student loans without telling her. Nate told Elena that Devon was generous with his money because he knew what it was like to be broke. Nate added that Devon had initially struggled after inheriting millions from Katherine Chancellor because he'd done nothing to earn it. Nate said that Devon's attitude about his fortune had changed after he'd realized he could do good for others in need. Elena explained that she was different because she was Devon's romantic partner. Nate encouraged Elena to talk about her feelings and give Devon another chance.

Mariah met with Devon at Society. Mariah said she'd catch Devon up on what was going on at Power Communications and mentioned that Tessa was back on LP's contract. Devon said he was happy that Tessa and Ana had worked everything out. Devon explained that he'd summoned Mariah to talk over a personal matter. Devon told Mariah that his plan to surprise Elena by secretly paying off her student loan hadn't worked out well. Devon explained that even after he'd apologized, Elena had left town to catch up with Jett on his tour.

Mariah told Devon that his wealth would always be a factor in his relationships. Mariah recalled that Hilary had regarded Devon's money as "million-dollar frosting." Mariah mentioned her brief relationship with Devon. Mariah explained that though she'd been aware she could never evenly reciprocate with Devon, it had been okay with her. Devon said he didn't expect Elena to reciprocate anything.

Mariah told Devon that by paying thousands of dollars on Elena's behalf, he'd shown that his decisions had mattered more than Elena's. Devon replied, "The last thing I want to do is make her feel powerless." Devon added that he'd misinterpreted when Elena had tried to make him understand. Devon thanked Mariah for sharing her insight, and he left.

Elena entered Devon's penthouse and called out to him, but he wasn't there. She saw a stack of cards sitting on the counter. Elena picked up the cards and began reading them. The cards, from students at a school, all expressed their appreciation to Devon for donating computers. Elena smiled as she read the messages written in crayon.

When Devon walked in the front door, he paused when he saw Elena. Elena asked about the thank-you cards. Devon explained that he'd donated 50 computers to his old elementary school. Devon told Elena he hoped she didn't think he'd considered himself to be one of her benefactors. Elena explained that she needed someone to stand by her side, not to rescue her. Devon asked for forgiveness. Elena said Nate had helped her put things into perspective. Devon and Elena both promised to talk about issues instead of running away. The couple made up and kissed.

Victor, Nikki, Nick, and Christian spend time together in the park Victor, Nikki, Nick, and Christian spend time together in the park

Tuesday, June 18, 2019

At the Abbott mansion, Kyle dropped by to ask Jack to be his best man. Jack proclaimed that he couldn't be any happier or prouder, and they hugged. Jack wished Kyle a lifetime of happiness, and he prepared to dust off his old tuxedo. Kyle suggested that his father hold off, since he might need a new one. Jack inquired whether Lola was micromanaging the wedding, but Kyle revealed that he was making all the decisions. Kyle promised that he would let Jack know as soon as they'd set a date, and he pressed Jack to invite a plus one. Jack said he would look into it.

At home, Mariah sat bolt upright in bed and exclaimed that she'd just had a "Eureka!" moment. A sleepy Tessa suggested that they talk about it in a couple of hours, but Mariah insisted that they had to get up then. Mariah instructed Tessa to grab her guitar, since they had to get to work.

At Crimson Lights, Mariah contended that fans needed to experience the full Tessa, and Tessa inquired whether it would be anything like the full monty. Mariah explained that they needed to offer more than a bio on a website, since she wanted everyone to connect with Tessa's spirit and authenticity. Tessa thought her music spoke for itself, but Mariah compared what she was envisioning to seeing chocolate cake on a menu and wanting to experience how amazing it was. Mariah expected fans to fall head over heels when they saw Tessa in her natural habitat.

Tessa proposed that they run the idea by Ana. As Ana entered the coffeehouse, Mariah replied that she was one step ahead of Tessa. Mariah announced that it was the day they'd make Tessa a star. Mariah proposed that they shoot video of Tessa in places she loved and felt comfortable to get a natural, relaxed vibe that would let people see and hear the real Tessa. Ana started to respond, but Mariah told her to hold the thought, and she rushed across the coffeehouse and dragged Kyle back to their table.

Mariah pointed out that Kyle had just successfully launched the Jabot Collective, and she asked how he'd done it. Kyle recounted that they'd given power to the people by getting influencers to spread the word through social media, and it had cost a fraction of their usual marketing budget. Mariah enthused that it was what she wanted to do with Tessa, and Tessa supported the idea. Mariah urged Ana to take some time to think about it, but Ana loved the concept and wondered when they could get started.

Ana and Mariah tossed around ideas about what to post online. Tessa protested when Mariah snapped photos of Tessa enjoying her morning coffee. Kyle suggested that they create synergy by having a crossover event with Jabot Collective, featuring Tessa wearing some of Jabot's fashions. Mariah didn't want to turn it into an ad campaign, but Kyle anticipated that it would introduce fresh fans to Tessa's music, while Tessa's fans would get a taste of some hot new fashion. The group excitedly agreed to do it.

Jack strolled through Chancellor Park, and a woman recognized him as "Mr. Abbott." She introduced herself as Mallory Armstrong and mentioned that her dad lived next to Dina at the memory care facility. Mallory asked how Jack's mom was doing, and he reported that Dina was doing better than expected, but he was still adjusting. Mallory sympathized that the change wasn't easy, citing that she sometimes felt like she couldn't do anything right, whereas other times, her father's memory was vivid. Jack understood the feeling, and Mallory bemoaned that they were part of a unique club that no one else wanted to join.

Mallory hoped that she hadn't overstepped, but no one else wanted to hear about her father having Alzheimer's anymore. Jack figured that other people didn't need to hear about the ups and downs of their everyday lives, and she lamented that no one could prepare for it. Mallory mentioned that there was a support group, and although it wasn't her cup of tea, it might help Jack. Jack confided that he wasn't ready for that, but it felt good to talk to someone who knew what he was talking about. She agreed that it made her feel less alone and adrift, and she invited him to join her for a cup of coffee. They left together.

At Society, Summer approached Michael and asked if he'd heard anything about her mom. He claimed that he hadn't, and Summer worried that Phyllis was in trouble. Michael asserted that he knew two things about Phyllis -- that she was indestructible and that she cared about Summer a great deal. Michael voiced confidence that Phyllis would be back, and he promised to let Summer know the minute he heard anything.

Summer walked off, and Michael called Kevin. Michael hoped that Kevin had tracked down his escaped hostage, since Lauren and Summer had been asking questions, and Michael wasn't sure how much longer he could protect Kevin. Michael covered as Lauren joined him, but she demanded to know what the call had been about. Michael claimed that he'd been touching base with a client, but Lauren noted that he usually didn't get that worked up over business. He explained that what he'd thought had been an open-and-shut case had turned into a maze.

Michael changed the topic to Lauren's recent trip to California. She gushed that it had been fantastic, since Fenmore's pop-up store had been the talk of the town. Lauren added that she was glad Jack had gone with her, since they'd had a heart-to-heart about how lonely he was. Michael hoped that she hadn't resumed playing Cupid, and Lauren gave him her word that she'd hung up her arrows. She sensed that Jack really needed his friends, and she wanted them to be there for him. Michael agreed to anything she said.

Lauren suspected that something more than work was bothering Michael, and he teasingly questioned whether she was a mind-reader as well as a matchmaker. Michael spotted Jack enter with Mallory and called them over to join him and Lauren. Lauren insisted on finishing her conversation with Michael later.

Later, Mallory said she'd had a lovely time, but she had to run. Jack walked her out, and he apologized for their coffee chat being waylaid. She insisted that she'd had a great time, and he suggested that they give coffee and conversation another try when they wanted to get away from their respective realities. Mallory told him she'd like that.

Meanwhile, Lauren prompted Michael to tell her why he'd been irritated earlier, and he maintained that it had been job-related stress. He expected to be back to normal once it got smoothed out, but she joked that he could never be normal, and it was what she loved about him. She headed out to go back to work.

Across the restaurant, Summer met Theo, who assured her that Phyllis could handle anything and would be back. Theo thought Summer needed a distraction, and she seductively asked what he thought he was. He answered a call from Kyle, and he said to sign him up. Theo asked Summer if she'd settle for an adventure instead of a distraction.

Summer and Theo arrived at the coffeehouse, and Theo praised that the idea of promoting the fashion line and the singer at the same time was pure gold. Mariah encouraged Tessa to take a deep breath and be herself, and Ana added that there was no rush or pressure. Tessa began playing her guitar as Mariah filmed her. They moved around to different locations, with Tessa changing into different outfits along the way, and the group ended up in the park. Theo put his arm around Summer, but she scowled when Lola showed up with catered food. Summer looked away as Lola and Kyle kissed.

Ana wondered if Lola planned to cater her own wedding. Kyle remarked that they'd never find a caterer better than Lola, but he wanted her all to himself that night. Lola called Kyle the man with the plans, and Ana jokingly asked if they should refer to him as "Groomzilla." He insisted that there was nothing wrong with wanting everything to be perfect, and Lola imagined that even with rain and mud puddles, it would be the wedding of her dreams because she was marrying him.

Meanwhile, Theo asked if Summer was hungry, and she muttered that she'd just lost her appetite. Summer groused that romance was pointless and overrated, and Theo said he was right there with her. Tessa tapped her cup to get everyone's attention and thanked the group for supporting her. She added that music happened like magic when she was surrounded by love, and no one had ever dropped what they'd been doing to help her the way everyone had done that day. She didn't know what she'd done to deserve it, but she swore that she'd never forget it. Theo toasted to Tessa.

Kyle and Lola entered their apartment, and he declared that it was time to plan their wedding. He revealed that Jack had agreed to be his best man, but he'd told his father to hold off on getting a tux because Kyle was considering going old school. He reminded her that she'd agreed to let him go all out for their big day, and she wanted whatever made him happy. "You make me happy," he gushed, and he suggested that they practice their vows. She preferred to practice for the honeymoon, but she complied when he asked her to repeat after him that she'd allow him anything his heart desired. They kissed.

On the fire escape outside their apartment, Mariah and Tessa scrolled through photos, and Tessa called it the best day ever. Tessa wished that she could go back and relive every wonderful moment, since it had gone by fast. Mariah reflected back on what Tessa had said about not deserving all the support, but she was adamant that Tessa deserved every good thing that was happening to her. Tessa proclaimed that she had energy for one more song, and she sang to Mariah.

Nick arrived at the cottage, and Sharon assumed he was there to see Rey. Nick replied that he was there for her, since Adam had filed for official custody of Christian. A stunned Sharon stammered that she hadn't thought Adam would go that far, and Nick ranted that the only thing his brother cared about was himself. Sharon blamed herself for convincing Adam to return home.

Sharon cried that Christian would be safe if she'd left Adam in Las Vegas. She regretted that she and Victor hadn't considered the consequences, and Nick groused that they'd been too busy celebrating Adam's return to think about what it would mean for everyone. Sharon wished there was something she could do or say to get Adam to stop it. "Adam wants a war. He's going to get one," Nick ominously stated, and he advised her to stay out of the crossfire.

On the coffeehouse patio, Nikki greeted Nick and observed that he looked awful. She recognized that it had been devastating to hand Dark Horse over to Adam, but she was certain that Nick would find something else he was passionate about. Nick grumbled that work was the last thing on his mind, and Nikki noted that he looked like he'd lost his best friend. Nick informed her that he'd been served papers because Adam wanted to take Christian, and Victoria was partially to blame.

Nick groused that Victoria had gotten scared that Adam would inherit the throne at Newman, so she'd given Adam everything he'd wanted, allowing him to steal Dark Horse and hire a family lawyer. Nikki doubted that Victoria had realized that Adam would stoop so low, and Nick snarled that making a deal with the devil had unintended consequences. Nick figured that the silver lining was that he'd get to spend a lot more time with his kids without a company to run. Nick mentioned that he was taking Christian to his first tee-ball game later, and Nikki asked if there was room for a cheerleading grandma. She assured Nick that no judge would ever give Adam custody, but Nick worried that Adam always had something up his sleeve.

Nick asked about his dad, and Nikki mentioned that Victor was worried about his children. She understood that things were complicated between Nick and Victor, and she wished that Nick knew how much his father loved him. Nick swore that he did and that it was mutual, and Nikki remarked that the men also had stubbornness in common. Nick complained that Victor was fixated on Newman, and Nikki reasoned that it was the only thing Victor had control of. Nick pointed out that he'd been forced to choose between Dark Horse and his son, and there had been no contest.

At Newman Enterprises, Victor attempted to reach Adam, who ignored the incoming call. Victor left a voicemail, saying that he wanted all of them to find a way forward, and he requested that Adam stop by the office when he had a chance.

At the tack house, Adam responded to urgent knocking at his door, and Sharon stormed in. "How could you?" she spat, and he asked if it was about her boyfriend. Sharon wondered if Adam had heard anything she'd said about putting Christian's needs above his own, and Adam argued that Christian needed a father. Sharon countered that DNA alone didn't make Adam the boy's father, and Nick had been the one protecting and nurturing Christian every day of his life. Adam dryly offered to send a thank-you card, and he commented that kids were resilient.

Sharon protested that children were sometimes just collateral damage, and she lectured that if Adam knew the first thing about parenting, he'd know that what he was doing was wrong. Adam figured that Nick would always be an uncle to Christian, but Sharon snapped that Adam was a stranger to the little boy -- and to her. She called Adam jealous and spiteful for wanting to see his brother pay, and she insisted that Nick and Christian belonged together. Adam asserted that Christian belonged to him, and Sharon begged him to stop playing vindictive games.

Adam scoffed when Sharon warned that he was fighting a losing battle. She argued that even Victor with his power and money hadn't been able to win Christian away from Nick, but Adam countered that Victor wasn't Christian's father. Sharon reiterated that Adam had given up his rights when he'd switched the DNA test, and he swore that he'd become a different man. Sharon agreed because he'd been better than that before, but he'd turned into nothing but a monster. Adam defended that wanting to raise his own child had nothing to do with hurting Nick, and Sharon remarked that everyone was the hero of their own story -- even the villain.

Sharon headed to the door, but Adam implored her to stay and talk it out. She bellowed that she couldn't continue to explain away his destructive streak, and she urged him to use his second chance to do things right that time and be with the people who loved him. She chided him for biting the hand of the person who'd given him his life back, adding that she looked at him and didn't like what he'd become. Adam wondered if she was saying she wanted him out of her life.

Adam swore that the last thing he'd wanted to do was hurt Sharon, and he told her to just tell him to go if she wanted him to go. Sharon insisted that it was what she wanted if he continued to hurt the people she loved and cared about, and she wished he didn't have the need to destroy everyone around her. She bitterly hoped he found what he wanted without leaving a body count, and she walked out.

At Newman Enterprises, Victor's phone rang, and he told someone that he always had time for his son. The door opened, and without looking up, Victor greeted Adam. Nick replied that he was sorry to disappoint Victor. Victor said it was good to see Nick, who pointed out that his father had been expecting Adam. Victor chalked it up to it being a 50-50 shot when his secretary had said his son was there.

Victor hoped Nick wasn't there to make another pitch about saving Dark Horse. Nick announced that he'd made his goodbyes and that it was time to move on, and Victor assumed that Nick wasn't there to claim his rightful place at Newman. Nick wondered if Victor had time to take in a tee-ball game, since Christian's first game was about to happen. Victor was delighted to attend. In the park, Nick, Nikki, and Victor happily played with Christian.

Adam called Michael with a proposition. Adam explained that he'd filed paperwork to get custody of Christian, but his attorney wasn't as hawkish as he'd like. He wanted Michael to take the case, but Michael firmly stated that he was working for Nick. Adam offered to pay double, but Michael replied that he wasn't interested and that he couldn't be bought. Adam figured that everyone had a price, and he was sure Michael would warm up to the idea in time. "Not even if hell did freeze over," Michael retorted.

Victor orders Adam off his property Victor orders Adam off his property

Wednesday, June 19, 2019

by Nel

Nikki arrived at Newman Enterprises, where Nate had been examining Victor. Nate informed Nikki that Victor's blood pressure was solid, but nothing else had changed. He did say that Victor's positive attitude was great. Victor said that the good news about his health would bring the family together.

After Nate left, Victor saw Nikki was troubled. He asked her what was going on. Nikki updated Victor about Adam. Victor said he hadn't believed it would go that far. Nikki stated that Nick was extremely upset, and Nick had hired Michael to represent him. Victor wondered why Nick hadn't said anything to him. Nikki thought Nick probably wondered who Victor would support. Victor said he didn't want Nick to lose custody of Christian.

Nikki reminded Victor about the custody suit he had pursued. Victor claimed he'd done it to stop Nick from leaving Genoa City. Nikki said that Nick hadn't seen it that way. She said that when Adam had returned, Victor had immediately taken Adam to Nick's, and he had insisted that Adam be permitted to see Christian. Victor said he'd hoped it would have jogged Adam's memory after he'd seen Christian. It had never been his intention for Adam to fight for custody. Nick had been the only father Christian had ever known. Nikki said the custody battle had become a reality, and they had to do what was best for Christian.

Nikki told Victor that she hadn't fought him about his custody suit for Christian because she had never believed that Victor would keep Christian away from Nick. Nikki informed Victor that Nick knew he had her support, but Nick needed to know he also had Victor's support.

Michael arrived at Dark Horse. Adam asked if Michael had changed his mind about representing Adam in the custody suit. Michael advised Adam that he was there to stand up for Kevin. Michael said Adam believed he'd been on a winning streak because he'd played all the angles. He'd tracked Chloe down, and he'd used Dark Horse against Nick. Michael informed Adam that any plans he had for Kevin were null and void.

Adam asked if Michael thought he'd been holding Chloe captive because he'd wanted Kevin to do his dirty work. Michael advised him that Chloe was alive, and she had almost sent Adam to his grave again. Adam said that Chloe was dead and that an old poker buddy of his had confessed to shooting him. Michael warned Adam that lies didn't hold up under scrutiny. Adam challenged Michael to tell the world that Adam had kidnapped a dead woman. Adam smiled and said that no one would believe that Michael was fit to practice law.

Michael told Adam he had been trying to offer a peaceful resolution, one that got Chloe back to Kevin and Bella and a guarantee there wouldn't be any further attempts on Adam's life by Chloe. Sensing that he was about to be threatened, Michael told Adam that his mind could go to places every bit as dark and twisted as Adam's. Michael said that Adam wouldn't want to see him when he'd been backed into a corner.

Michael told Adam that he stood by Kevin, and whatever Adam did to Kevin, he did to Michael. Adam scoffed at how noble Michael was, defending his brother. Michael assured Adam that it hadn't been a sign of weakness. Adam said the cards were on the table, and all Michael had were empty threats. Michael advised Adam not to bet on that. Adam said that Kevin had a job to do, and he'd better get it done. Michael told Adam to heed his warning.

At Crimson Lights, Traci asked Cane if there had been any word regarding his relocation. Cane said he hadn't heard anything, but even if he didn't get the job, he needed a blank canvas to start fresh.

Cane asked Traci about her book. Traci said her hero had fallen into a bit of trouble. At that moment, Cane went to the patio to take a call from Lily. Cane said he thought Lily would be in Genoa City for Neil's dedication, but Lily informed him that she wouldn't be there because her first class would be graduating that day, and Devon had promised to tape the dedication for her. Cane was very disappointed when Lily cut their call short.

At Society, Nate asked Abby if she would accompany him to Neil's dedication ceremony. Abby caustically said the dedication would be at Society, and she would be there. She told Nate that a win for her would be for Nate to tell her the truth when she asked about Victor. Nate asked if that had been the reason Abby had shut him out. Abby retorted that the last four guys hadn't been honest with her. Nate reminded Abby that he had to protect patients' privacy.

Abby apologized to Nate, claiming she'd needed someone to dump on. She told Nate that Victor had always been in charge of everything except this disease, and she'd known that Nate would help Victor. She stated that her relationship with Victor had always been complicated. She had never fit into Victor's life, or the Newman family, or their business life, and that had been the reason she'd wanted Society. Abby explained that the man she had called father most of her life had died, her mother lived in Paris, and Victor was the only parent she had in Genoa City.

Abby apologized to Nate for boring him about her relationship with Victor. Nate said he could relate. Abby teasingly asked if Nate had daddy issues, too. Nate smiled and said he didn't, but he could relate to what she had meant and how Abby had always known who she was.

Nate told Abby that he'd become lost after Neil's death. He explained that Neil had stepped up after his biological father had died and his mother and Malcolm had divorced. Neil had gone to the father/son banquets and graduations, and he'd sent text messages to Nate, asking how things were going. Neil had become the father he hadn't had. Neil had given so much to so many, but Nate felt that Neil had saved the best for him. Nate said that was the reason the dedication ceremony was so important to him.

Teasing Nate, Abby said she had believed that Nate had used the dedication to get close to her. Nate said maybe. Abby giggled and said that she would have trust issues to go with her daddy issues. Nate said the dedication would be special, and he wanted to share it with her. Abby agreed to be his date.

At home, Traci continued writing her novel. "Flynn woke up in an alley, and he was approached by the evil Detective Carl Johnson, who pressured him to drop his ex-wife's case. If not, Flynn would end up at the bottom of the river, and Iris would be framed for his murder. Detective Johnson advised Flynn to sleep on it, and then he knocked Flynn out again. Meanwhile, Velma had been thinking about Flynn when Iris arrived. Iris thought Flynn was in trouble and that Derek had been behind it. Iris said that she had an address. When Iris and Velma arrived at their destination, Iris sweet-talked the henchman until Velma knocked him out. They searched for Flynn and found him."

At that moment, Traci was interrupted when Cane arrived. He confessed that the call he'd been waiting for had been from Lily. He admitted he should have told Traci, but he hadn't wanted to look like some pathetic guy waiting to hear from someone he cared about to notice him. Traci said she would never judge him. Cane said he hadn't wanted to burden Traci with his problems, but Traci said she didn't mind.

Cane told Traci he wanted to make it up to her. He invited her to Neil's dedication ceremony. When Traci hesitated, Cane said there would be a lot of people there who missed Neil, and Traci had a way of bringing a lot of joy into any room she walked into. He said many of those people would need that joy, including him. He said he'd been mourning the loss of a friend and his place in his friend's family. Cane said it would mean a lot to him if Traci went as his date. Traci accepted.

On the patio of Crimson Lights, Nikki sat at a table, deep in thought, when Paul arrived. Nikki snapped out of her reverie at Paul's urging. He complained about Victor's lawsuit against the D.A. and the Genoa City Police Department. Paul said that Victor held a grudge to the bitter end, and he said that his life would be easier if Victor went down for the count. Horrified, Nikki spat that it had been a terrible thing to say, and she rushed out.

Paul caught up to Nikki in Chancellor Park and apologized for what he'd said. He admitted he'd been out of line and blamed his attitude on Victor's lawsuit. He said that the lawsuit had affected Christine's reelection campaign. Paul said he would never wish Victor ill. Nikki said she just wanted to forget it, and she tried to walk away. Paul stopped her and asked what was going on. Nikki said there was nothing going on. Paul pointed out that it had been the second time she had reacted when he'd mentioned Victor.

Nikki told Paul she didn't want to talk about Victor and asked Paul to leave her alone, but Paul asked if there was something wrong with Victor. Paul hugged Nikki when she broke down in tears. Nikki asked Paul not to say anything to anyone about Victor. She explained about Victor's condition and that she had forced Victor to tell the kids about his illness. Victor wouldn't admit he was worried. Nate had said one thing, and Victor insisted on putting his own spin on it. Paul assured Nikki that Victor's positive attitude would help him.

Nikki told Paul she'd thought about Katherine, who'd been a force of nature, just like Victor, but eventually, her time ended. Paul assured Nikki it didn't mean it was Victor's time. Nikki said Victor had always been such a big part of her life, and she couldn't recall how life had been before him. Paul advised Nikki to focus on what she had rather that what she stood to lose.

Nikki told Paul that her whole world had revolved around Victor; even when they'd been apart, they had remained connected. Suddenly, it felt like that bond had broken, and she was frightened. Paul told Nikki he was always there for her, day or night. He said that Nikki was a force of nature -- Victor and Katherine combined. She was strong and more than capable of surviving the worst. Nikki said she never wanted to find out if that was true.

When Adam arrived at the tack house, he found Victor inside, waiting for him. Annoyed, Adam said that people usually called ahead before a visit. Adam said he knew Victor was there because big bad Adam had filed a lawsuit to get custody of Christian, and Nick had gone crying to Victor. Victor said he hadn't spoken to Nick, and he told Adam to drop the lawsuit. He said it was wrong to take Christian away from the only father he'd ever known. Adam reminded Victor about Victor's own lawsuit against Nick to gain custody of Christian. Victor said he'd done it to keep the family together, but Adam was trying to tear it apart.

Adam said that Victor was afraid that Adam would succeed where Victor had failed. Adam wanted Victor to admit that it drove him crazy knowing that Adam was about to win. He said Victor measured life by wins, losses, and successes. Adam gloated that Victor had lost to Nick, and it had to have stung to hand Christian over to someone as weak as Nick. Victor said that Nick was a very good father.

Victor told Adam to drop the lawsuit, but Adam refused and claimed it was between him and Nick. Victor said he was head of the family, and the lawsuit would affect everyone. Adam retorted that Victor continued to believe he was the architect of all things Newman and that Victor decided what worked. Adam asked Victor to deny that it had been the reason Victor had tracked him down in Las Vegas. Victor said he wouldn't deny it, and he'd done it because he had wanted to reunite his family.

Adam said that Victor had discovered he was mortal, and he had wanted to hand over his precious company to the right person, but none of his siblings could measure up to Victor's standards. Victor had wanted a blank slate, someone with no memory, whom Victor could mold into the exact child he'd always wanted, a Victor 2.0. Victor said that was nonsense.

Adam claimed that he and Victor were similar. Adam said he didn't take orders. He decided what he wanted, and he went after it. No one got in his way, and that included Victor. He said that Victor wouldn't stop him from being a father to his son, something Victor had never been to him. Victor claimed that Adam had made a mistake. Adam fired back that Victor had made the mistake by bringing him back to Genoa City, and Victor had to live with the consequences.

Victor said that Adam was nothing like him. He said that whenever he had suffered disappointment or failure, he had blamed himself. He hadn't become a hate-filled, destructive human being that had made the lives of those around him miserable. Adam chimed in that it was another example of him not measuring up. Victor said he had expected Adam to be a decent person, but Adam claimed that Victor had wanted him to play by Victor's rules. Adam had always known what happened when people refused to play by Victor's rules.

Victor told Adam he should have left Liam in Las Vegas, where Adam could have made the lives of the suckers he hustled miserable. Victor stated that Adam relished the role of being an outsider. He told Adam to pack his things and get off the property. As Victor was leaving, Adam said it wouldn't be a problem because Victor wouldn't have an excuse for telling him how to live. Victor stated that very few people were given a second chance, and Adam had thrown his chance away. Victor walked out.

Devon hosts a dedication in Neil's memory Devon hosts a dedication in Neil's memory

Thursday, June 20, 2019

At his penthouse, Devon stared at a photo of Neil as Ana descended the stairs. She marveled that Neil would have loved what Devon had planned that night to pay tribute to Neil's love of music. Devon asked how things were going with Tessa, and Ana excitedly rambled about Mariah's idea to film Tessa singing in public places and post a video of it online. Ana added that they were building Tessa's image by putting her in Jabot Collective merchandise as a subtle tie-in to help the video go viral. Devon called it a waste of time.

Devon questioned why they'd make a cheap film when they had a real studio to use. Ana countered that they'd use it to clean up the audio, but Devon expected the result to be weak and unprofessional. Ana anticipated that it would be raw and natural, since they were telling a story about going back to the sheer love of making music. She recalled when Jett had told them about getting discovered while playing in a subway station, and she wanted to make people feel like they were discovering Tessa for the first time. Devon lectured that the music industry had changed a lot since Jett had started, and he thought the video wouldn't make the right impression.

Devon scolded that Ana should have said no to a bad proposition. He thought sneaking in Jabot merchandise would sell Tessa out before she even started her career, and he condemned Ana for letting Mariah talk her into a "half-ass idea" that didn't showcase the music. He recognized that Ana was talented, but he also thought she needed guidance that he didn't have the time to give her. He considered hiring someone more senior above her, and she begged him not to do it. He dismissively stated that they'd talk about it another time, and he headed out.

At Society, Nate met with Adam, who shared that he needed a new place to live, since the ranch was too small for both him and Victor. Nate surmised it was why Adam had offered to pay twice the market value for Neil's penthouse. Nate admitted that his first instinct had been to say no, since Neil had been like a father to him, but then he'd realized all the good he could do with the profits. Nate thought it would mean more to Neil to pay it forward than to keep his place like a shrine. Adam replied that the penthouse meant a lot to him, too, since it had been an anchor during an important time in his life.

Nate bemoaned that it was difficult for him to be in the penthouse because of his memories of Neil, and he agreed to sell the penthouse to Adam. Adam wondered how soon they could make it happen, and Nate figured that he practically lived at work, anyway. Adam offered to wire the money and send over the paperwork right away, and Nate handed over his keys. They shook hands.

Abby set up the dining room as Lola entered the restaurant. Abby insisted that the night be perfect for Devon, and Lola pledged not to let him down. Lola acknowledged that she usually wasn't a "ceremony person," but she'd realized how important it was to mark meaningful days. Abby referred to Lola's wedding, and she volunteered to help in any way she could. Lola asked Abby to be her maid of honor.

Lola commended Abby for being a good friend, and she said she'd been excited when she'd thought they'd be sisters, even if it hadn't worked out. Abby stressed that what had happened between her and Arturo hadn't changed things between her and Lola, and she was touched that Lola wanted Abby to stand up for her. Abby started thinking about ideas for the bridal shower, but Lola spotted Kyle walk in and implored Abby to consult with "Groomzilla" about it. Lola told Kyle that she'd just asked Abby to be her maid of honor, and Abby inquired how she could help. Kyle insisted that he had things under control, and Abby prompted Lola to go handle dinner preparations. After Lola headed to the kitchen, Abby declared that she and Kyle needed to talk.

Kyle explained that he and Lola had a system -- he was in charge of planning and budgets, and she signed off on everything. Abby wanted to be an advocate for Lola, since weddings were supposed to be about what the bride wanted. Kyle insisted that he knew what Lola wanted, and he was going to give her the wedding of her dreams. Abby refused to be shut out, and he asked what she thought should be under her purview. They bantered about bridesmaid dresses and bridal shower details.

Abby excused herself to greet Nate. He asked if he was overdressed for their hangout, but she clarified that it was a date. She planned to catch up with him after the dedication. She hugged Devon when he arrived, and she promised that the night would be special. He thanked her for making it a reality, and she pulled him over to look at a plaque engraved with Neil's favorite quote about music.

Jett and Elena walked in, and he remarked that it had been an easy flight from Chicago. Jett looked forward to the chance to sing with his baby girl, and he stepped aside to loosen up his pipes. Elena asked if Devon was excited about the night, and he confided that it was a little strange to see Neil's whole life stripped down to words on a plaque. Elena pointed out that it wasn't Neil's entire life, but it was a way to honor Neil's love of music and Devon's love for his father. Devon considered it a way to keep Neil close, and he and Elena hugged.

Billy greeted Victoria on the Crimson Lights patio. She informed him that she'd gone to see Nick to make things right, but he'd wanted nothing to do with her. She bemoaned that she'd expected Adam to leave town to start a new life with Chelsea, but instead, he'd taken everything Victoria had given him and was wreaking havoc on Nick and Christian. She contemplated how she could make it end.

Inside the coffeehouse, Kevin slid into Adam's booth and coldly asked what Adam wanted. Adam requested an attitude adjustment, since Chloe only got to stay dead if Kevin followed Adam's instructions. Adam complained that his family hadn't welcomed him back with open arms, and he wasn't feeling the love. Kevin dryly advised Adam not to steal his siblings' children. Adam reiterated that Christian was his, and he'd be making it official soon. Adam expected Nick and Victoria to retaliate, and he ordered Kevin to find out what they were planning -- starting with Victoria.

Kevin protested that he wasn't James Bond and that computers made sense to him, but people didn't. Adam suggested that Kevin think of it as an opportunity to work on his people skills. Kevin snarled that he hated Adam, and Adam lectured that Kevin would drive people away with that kind of language. Kevin demanded to see Chloe, and Adam promised to let Kevin see her if he got results. Adam left.

Meanwhile, Billy contended that no one wanted Adam out of town more than he did, but he encouraged Victoria to slow down and figure out what to do next. She thought her next step had to be methodical and foolproof. Kevin approached, and Billy and Victoria warmly greeted him. Victoria inquired about Bella, and Kevin replied that she was a happy kid, although she missed her mom. Billy reported that he and Victoria were solid and that their kids were happy, and Kevin expressed disbelief that Adam was back.

Billy grumbled that he still wasn't sure what they'd done to deserve it, and Victoria remarked that the one small mercy in Chloe's passing was that Chloe didn't have to deal with Adam's return. Victoria groaned that Adam was worse than ever, and Billy added that they'd been trying to avoid Adam. Kevin guessed that Adam had been worming his way back into Newman, and Victoria muttered that she was prepared for Adam. Kevin wondered how she was planning on fighting back.

Victoria told Kevin that she'd tried paying Adam off to leave town, but he'd used the money to go after custody of Christian. Kevin blasted Adam for taking and taking until there was nothing left, and he cited Adam killing Delia and causing Chloe's breakdown. Kevin told Billy and Victoria to count him in on any ideas they had to get rid of Adam. Victoria expressed concern that pushing Adam would lead to him doing something worse, so she wanted to step back. Kevin scoffed at the thought of doing nothing, but Billy refused to let Adam drag them down to his level again. Kevin said he'd see them around, and he headed back into the coffeehouse.

Victoria recognized that Kevin didn't always put things in a delicate way, and she could see the pain in Billy's eyes. She urged Billy not to hide the feelings that Adam had stirred up, and Billy assured her that the only thing he'd been hiding was that he was late for a meeting. He told her that he'd see her that night, and he headed out.

Meanwhile, Kevin headed for the door, but he stopped short when Esther walked in. He turned around and quickly sat down, but she spotted him. They hugged, and she wondered why she hadn't been his first call when he'd gotten back in town. He claimed that it was just a last-minute trip and that he'd left Bella at home to avoid taking her out of her routine. Kevin showed Esther some recent photos on his phone, and Esther gushed over how much Bella had grown.

Esther stated that she was happy about how well Kevin and Bella were doing, even if it meant they had to be far away. They commiserated about Adam being back, and Esther begged Kevin to stay away from Adam and focus on the good things in his life. Kevin promised that he would, but he had to run. She insisted that he stop by the house that night, and they hugged goodbye. Kevin stepped away and sent a text message to Adam, noting that Victoria wasn't planning anything.

At Society, Lola called out orders to her kitchen staff. She took off her engagement ring and set it on an empty saucer. She rushed over to help make a sauce, and a busser cleared the saucer from the table without noticing the ring. Lola approved of the sauce and crossed things off her to-do list. Kyle entered, and Lola cooed that she had just enough time for him to kiss her. The busboy carried a bin of dirty dishes away.

Kyle returned to the dining room and saw an unfamiliar man get up from Summer's table. Kyle joined Summer and asked what had happened to Theo, and she explained that she was having a working meal with an influencer Theo had wanted her to meet with. She added that she wasn't sitting around, pining for Kyle, and Kyle noted that he'd seen proof of that all over town. He recalled that she had seemed worried during their meeting with Billy, but she asserted that it wasn't his business anymore.

Abby offered to get Nate a drink on the house, and he said he had something he wanted to talk to her about. Devon interrupted and mentioned that he'd seen movers outside of Nate's place, and Nate confirmed that he'd sold the penthouse. A stunned Devon asked why Nate hadn't given him the chance to buy it, and Nate revealed that he'd sold it to Adam, who also had a sentimental attachment to it. Devon became incensed. Nate indicated that he missed Neil, too. However, staying there had just been a sad reminder, and Adam had bought it for more than it was worth.

Devon spat that Nate had done it for money, but Nate explained that he would be donating the funds to the hospital, since Neil had wanted them to help people. Devon calmed down and acknowledged that Neil had given Nate the penthouse, and he realized that they should be celebrating Neil that night and not fighting over his things. Devon approached Ana and addressed what had happened earlier, but she coolly told him not to worry about it and walked away. Abby surmised that Nate had wanted to talk to her about selling the penthouse, and Nate shared that he'd wanted advice about how to tell Devon. Abby thought Nate would understand why Devon was upset if Nate knew Devon better.

Devon began the dedication ceremony by recalling a day when he'd felt the weight of Neil's passing, but he'd walked into his living room and heard his family singing, filling the room with beautiful music and lifting the weight from him. He'd remembered Neil talking about how powerful and transformative music could be, and it had given him the idea to do the dedication. Devon recognized that his dad had known that music had the power to take away pain and sadness and put joy back into life, and it was exactly what Devon wanted to do on that stage in remembrance of Neil. Devon toasted to a great man and his love for music that would live on, and he requested that everyone raise a glass. The crowd applauded.

A server warned the busser that Lola would freak out if she saw the bin of dirty dishes on the dessert table. The busboy grabbed the bin, and Lola's engagement ring fell from the bin onto a slice of cake among the desserts. Moments later, the server spied the ring and remarked that Lola hadn't been kidding when she'd called it a special dessert. An oblivious Lola replied that it was a surprise for table seven, and the server carried the cake plate away. Lola stared in horror at the empty space where she'd left her ring on the saucer.

Lola searched through dirty dishes as Kyle returned to the kitchen. He announced that people were raving about the food, but she pushed him out the door, claiming that she had lots of hungry people to feed. She resumed looking through the stacks of dishes.

Kevin entered Society and ran into Summer at the bar. He claimed that he'd hoped to catch up with her mom during his quick visit, but Phyllis had been hard to get in touch with. Summer reluctantly revealed that she'd been unable to get ahold of her mother and that it wasn't like Phyllis to ghost her, so she couldn't shake the feeling that something bad had happened. Summer spotted Adam at the door and recalled that he and Phyllis had been close before Phyllis had disappeared. Summer made a beeline toward Adam.

The waiter set down the plate with the cake and ring at Nate's table, and Nate blurted out, "What the hell is that?" "Nice ring, dude," the waiter replied, but Nate explained that it was the wrong table, since he was only on a first official date. The waiter took away the ring and bumped into Summer as he turned around. The dish fell to the floor, and the busboy retrieved it.

Devon asked if Ana and Jett were ready to perform, and she testily replied that they were professionals. She warned that it would be a mistake for Devon to hire someone to babysit her, and he suggested that she focus on singing. She snapped that she knew how to multitask, and it was part of what made her a good producer. Meanwhile, Lola anxiously looked around, and Kyle asked if she'd lost something. She confessed that she'd lost her beautiful, expensive engagement ring, and she regretted wearing it to work. He offered to help find it.

Summer confronted Adam about where her mom was. Adam swore that he had no idea, and Summer pointed out that Phyllis had last been seen with him, but no one had seen or heard from her since. Adam conceded that Phyllis had made quite a few enemies, but he wasn't one of them. He figured that if someone had been stupid enough to mess with Phyllis, he'd be more worried about that person. He was sure that Phyllis would pop up soon.

Kevin picked up Summer's phone, which she'd left on the bar. He discovered a text message from "Mom," confirming that Phyllis was okay after being screwed over and that she was "gathering ammo" to screw back. Kevin placed the phone back on the bar before Summer returned.

As Ana and Jett performed a duet, Kyle and Lola sorted through bins of dishes in the kitchen, their shirts stained with discarded food. Lola groaned that she'd picked the wrong night to put fish on the menu, and Kyle commented that the Brussels sprouts had an even more pungent aroma. Kyle dove into the trash can, and Lola steeled herself to accept that the ring was gone. She understood if he wanted to call the wedding off completely, but he clucked that she wasn't getting out of it that easily. He pulled the ring from the trash and slid it back on her finger. He declared that they were in it for better or worse, and they kissed.

In the cemetery, Billy knelt by Delia's grave and gently touched her name on her headstone. He looked up and saw Adam. Billy warned that Adam being there was a bad mistake.

Phyllis reveals her leverage against Adam Phyllis reveals her leverage against Adam

Friday, June 21, 2019

Jack and Mallory arrived at Society as Jett and Ana finished singing their duet. Jack told Devon that Neil would have been blown away, and Devon admitted that he was really missing his father that night. Jack introduced Mallory to Traci and Cane, and Traci noted that Mallory seemed familiar. Mallory explained that her father was a resident at the memory care facility, and she'd noticed Traci there, as well. Jack inquired about Lily, and Cane indicated that she was disappointed that she couldn't be there.

Devon prompted Jack to step to the stage to make a statement on behalf of the Abbott-Winters Foundation. Jack declared that anyone who'd known Neil would say music had been his first love, and the foundation's board had quickly agreed that music should be part of how to use the generous donations that had been made in Neil's honor. Jack recounted that Neil had wanted to pay it forward to the musicians and songwriters who had given him joy and consolation during his lifetime, and alcohol and drugs were deeply embedded in the culture and lifestyle of the performing arts.

Jack sympathized that artists had special challenges when dealing with the disease of addiction, since they feared sobriety would cause their creativity to suffer. Jack regretted that good, talented people were being kept from the help they needed most, and too much talent had been lost far too young. Jack proudly announced that the foundation was developing an intensive treatment program geared toward the needs of music professionals with substance abuse problems, and they were developing a model to be used across the country. Jack repeated Neil's words that it was good to touch a life, but better to save one. Jack and Devon embraced.

Traci praised what Jack was doing as a beautiful living tribute to Neil's legacy, and Jack hoped the program would be up and running by the fall. Traci remarked that it was good to see him socializing, although she conceded that she hardly had room to comment because she'd been spending most of her time working on her book. She shared that it had been Cane's idea for her to be there, since he'd wanted to attend the dedication without making it awkward for Lily's family. Traci clarified that she didn't want to make Cane sound like a pity case, but Jack declared that he pitied Cane for losing Lily. Jack was sure that Cane had bruises from kicking himself.

Later, Cane told Traci about a talented singer-songwriter he'd known in Australia, whose stage fright had led to him chasing beers with whiskey and pills. Cane recalled that at one point, the guy had been so out of it that he hadn't been able to perform, anyway. Cane thought the foundation's program would be a godsend for his old pal, and he wondered if maybe he could pitch in, too. Traci enthused that Cane would be great at talking people through the process of rebuilding their lives, just like he did with his clients at work. Cane suddenly became distracted, and Traci followed his gaze to where Lily had just walked in.

Lily told Devon that she hadn't wanted to miss the dedication, so she'd gotten someone to cover for her at work. She added that it was good to see Elena, and Devon mentioned that Cane was there. Lily reasoned that Cane had loved Neil, too, and she asked to see the plaque. Jack greeted Lily and directed Devon to speak with a potential foundation donor. Cane couldn't take his eyes off Lily, and Traci suggested that he go say hello. Cane insisted that there was no rush.

Devon praised Ana's performance. She coolly told him not to worry if she got in late, since she'd agreed to help with the cleanup. He protested that he had staff to cover it, and she snapped that she needed the extra time to cool off over him wanting to hire someone to babysit her. Devon retorted that he didn't have time to talk about it while he was trying to focus on his dad. He accused her of forgetting what the night was supposed to be about, and he stormed off.

Lily was sure that the twins would love the plaque, and Elena remarked that it had been important to Devon to get the details right. Lily worried that Devon was taking on too much, even though he'd promoted Ana. Elena revealed that Ana hadn't been around after going on tour with Jett, and Lily realized that Devon and Elena had been staying at the penthouse alone. Lily swore that she wasn't trying to pry, but she was happy Devon had found someone special again. Lily inquired about Nate, and Elena explained that there had been tension between Nate and Devon after Nate had sold Neil's penthouse.

Traci greeted Lily with a hug while Cane lingered behind. Lily acknowledged that Cane hadn't been expecting to see her, and he replied that he wasn't complaining. Traci stepped aside, and Cane filled Lily in about Jack's plans for a new treatment program. Lily thanked Cane for giving her space that night, and he recognized that she was there for her dad and Devon. She noted that he seemed less tense than the last time she'd seen him, and he wondered if Traci wanted to get home. Lily assumed that Cane was Traci's ride, and Cane confirmed that they'd driven there together.

Outside the restaurant, Traci envisioned herself as Velma as she told herself to snap out of it, since she was the last person in the world Flynn would ever feel that way about. Cane called Traci's name, interrupting her thoughts. She claimed that she'd just been getting some air, since she'd needed a private moment to think through an idea for her book. She offered to find her own way home because she was sure he was anxious to catch up with Lily, but he replied that he already had. Cane extended his arm to Traci, and they headed out together.

Elena volunteered to take Jett to the airport. Devon said he'd like to go with her, but he had to stay to thank people for their donations. They made plans to see one another at home later and kissed goodbye.

Later, at home, Devon was immersed in something on his tablet, and he didn't look up when the front door opened. When he finally turned around, he saw Hilary and began gasping for breath. Elena realized that he was having a panic attack and retrieved his pills. She put a pill to his lips and coached him to breathe.

At the cottage, Sharon and Rey shared a bottle of wine. She regretted that she'd convinced Adam to return home, and Rey figured that they'd all made mistakes, but it was fine as long as they learned from them. Sharon recalled that she'd told Adam how she felt about the terrible things he'd done and that she was through with him, and he'd agreed stay away from her. Rey was happy to hear it, and he thanked her for taking a strong stance. He hoped it would be a long time before they heard Adam's name again. Sharon answered a knock at the door, and Nick announced that he needed to talk to Rey -- about Adam.

Nick instructed Rey to help him win the custody case by finding out what Adam had been up to while he'd been in Las Vegas. Rey assumed that Nick already had everything he needed, given the list of malicious misdeeds in Adam's past, but Nick worried that he couldn't rely on the distant past to convince a judge of Adam's incompetence as a father. Sharon explained that custody battles didn't always turn out as expected, and Adam could make the case that he'd turned his life around.

Nick spat that Adam was a sociopath who shouldn't be around children, but it would only take one judge who believed in redemption, and he couldn't take that chance. Nick hoped that Rey could find more recent evidence of Adam's shady behavior. Rey suggested that they have a conversation elsewhere, since Sharon was trying to steer clear of everything related to Adam. Sharon told them to stay, since she needed to check in at the coffeehouse, anyway, and she left.

Nick wondered if Rey had run into any of Adam's gambling associates in Vegas, and Rey recalled meeting Riza, who's set up the underground poker games and taken part of the profits. Rey added that she hadn't been very talkative, so he'd had to piece things together. Nick hoped that things had changed after her meal ticket had bailed, and she might be more forthcoming. Rey thought it was worth a try.

In the cemetery, Billy demanded to know "what the hell" Adam was doing at Delia's grave. Adam stammered that he wouldn't have shown up if he'd known Billy would be there. Billy growled that he belonged there, but it was the one place in the world Adam shouldn't be. Adam explained that the visit seemed long overdue to him. Billy guessed that Adam was glad to find him in a moment of weakness, but Adam claimed that Delia had been on his mind because he'd been kept away from his own kids.

Adam conceded that it was different because his kids were thriving, but it killed him not to have them in his life. Adam added that he was there to tell Delia how sorry he was that she wasn't with her family, but Billy pointed out that at least she was with her mother. Adam explained that his memories had started returning when Billy and Victoria had told him what he'd done to Delia, and the guilt had terrified him. Adam suspected that Billy could relate, but Billy ordered him not to pretend that they had anything in common.

Adam recalled a time when he'd thought Billy had forgiven him, and Billy clarified that forgiveness wasn't something that happened once. Billy lamented that he felt fresh pain every time he was reminded that he'd never see his daughter again, and it just compounded the tragedy that Adam wasn't even trying to be a better man. Adam understood that Billy needed to see things that way, and Billy scoffed at Adam allowing him his feelings after what Adam had taken from him. Billy ordered Adam to get out before he lost it.

At Newman Enterprises, Victoria entered Victor's office and wondered why her father wanted to meet so late. He reported that his condition had stabilized, which was positive, but he'd concluded that Nikki had been right about him taking time off to optimize his treatment. Victor announced that he would be stepping away from Newman temporarily, and he wanted Victoria to become CEO while he was gone. Her eyes widened in excitement.

Victoria pointed out that Victor had been resistant to the idea of stepping back, and it made her worry that his illness was worse than he was letting on. Victor insisted that he wasn't hiding anything, but he'd had to acknowledge the reality of the situation. Victoria promised to make him proud, and he recognized that she should have been his choice all along. Victoria believed Adam had done them a favor by walking away, since the team wouldn't have trusted him. They hugged, and Victor stated that he knew the company was in good hands.

Later, Victoria finished up a business call as Billy arrived. He observed that it looked like she had her hands full, and she informed him that it was what happened when one became the CEO of a mega-conglomerate. She wished it had happened under happier circumstances, but her mom had persuaded Victor to put his health first by taking a leave of absence. Billy was thrilled that Victoria had gotten what she'd worked so hard for, and she was committed to working even harder by making some big moves to show the world that she wasn't just a placeholder.

Billy realized that Victoria was concerned that Victor might replace her. Billy revealed that he'd seen Adam at Delia's grave, but he hadn't allowed Adam to stick around. Billy thought that if Adam was willing to use Delia's death to get a reaction out of him, there was no bottom. Billy advised Victoria to make keeping an eye on Adam her priority if she wanted to hold onto the CEO position. Victoria indicated that she thought she had a way to neutralize the threat, and Billy asked what she was waiting for. "Nothing," she replied.

Later, Victor found Billy alone and waiting for him. Billy applauded Victor for giving credit where it was due by promoting Victoria. Victor questioned whether Billy thought he gave "a damn" whether he had Billy's approval or not. Billy noted that Victor had been dealing with disappointments lately, since Victor had been sure Adam would become his heir apparent and that Victoria would kick Billy to the curb, but neither one had happened.

Billy expected Victoria to excel at the helm of the company, and he intended to be part of that success by supporting her because he believed in her. Victor warned that it would only happen if Billy didn't self-destruct the way he had in the past, and Billy countered that he could say the same thing about Victor. Victor told Billy to see himself out.

Victoria stopped by Nick's house, and he grumbled that it was a little late. She implored him to hear her out, since Victor had just promoted her to CEO while he took time out for treatment. Nick dryly commented that her teaming up with Adam had really paid off, since she had everything she wanted. Victoria said she didn't have everything -- she needed a COO, and she thought Nick would be perfect for the job.

Nick barked that Victoria had a lot of nerve to think he'd work with her after what she'd done. She accepted that he wasn't her biggest fan, but she believed he was smart enough to recognize what she was offering. She pointed out that he'd have all of Newman Enterprises' resources behind him, but he muttered that power didn't motivate him like it did her and Victor. She proposed that they use that power against Adam.

Victoria promised that Nick's first assignment as COO would be to take Adam down. She hated that Adam had used her money to buy Dark Horse out from under Nick, and she vowed to help Nick get it back. Nick admitted that it had appeal, but it was his secondary concern. Victoria pledged to make sure a judge wouldn't force Christian to go home with Adam, and she referred to Adam's fatal flaw -- overconfidence. She clucked that Adam always took things a step too far, especially when he was cornered. She proposed that they corner Adam and push him to the brink, and once he crossed the line, they'd document it to prove to the court that he didn't deserve to raise Christian.

At Crimson Lights, Sharon forced a hello when she ran into Adam. She politely asked how his night was going. He replied that it had been terrible, but he thanked her for asking. He apologized for showing up there after she'd told him to stay out of her life, and he offered to find a new place to get coffee. She explained that she hadn't meant to ban him from the coffeehouse, but they had to set some boundaries. Adam assured her that she'd be seeing a lot less of him, since he was moving back into his old penthouse.

Sharon blurted out that she'd never expected Adam to move because of her, but he informed her that his dad had evicted him. She wondered if that was the reason behind his terrible night, and he mentioned that he'd also run into Billy at Delia's grave, where things had gotten ugly. Adam hesitated to say more and promised to keep her out of his drama, but she agreed to talk about it if it would help him. He declined, since it wasn't fair to either of them for him to keep leaning on her indefinitely. He thought a clean break would be the best thing for both of them -- even though he was going to hate it. He departed.

Sharon returned to the cottage and told Rey that she was glad to be home with the man she loved. They kissed.

Adam hovered outside his old penthouse as he flashed back to thoughts of Chelsea and Connor. He opened the door, and Phyllis sauntered down the stairs. Adam asked where Phyllis had been hiding out, since she'd had a lot of folks worried. "Including you?" she asked. He hoped that she'd been at a luxurious location, spending a chunk of the money he'd given her. She replied that she had been -- after she'd escaped from the "hellhole" he'd stashed her in.

Adam pointed out that he and Phyllis had worked well together, and she guessed that she'd known too much. "Guess what? I know more," she taunted. She explained that after she'd left the roach motel, she'd gone to Vegas, and whatever had happened there hadn't stayed there that time. Adam inched toward her, but Phyllis warned him not to step closer, or she'd scream. He swore that he had no intention of hurting her, since she was clearly bluffing. She speculated that she couldn't possibly know about his connections -- especially one to a certain member of the Chancellor family.



Karla Mosley welcomes her second child
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