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Adam appointed Phyllis as CEO of Dark Horse. Kevin negotiated Chloe's release in exchange for incriminating evidence against Nick. Chelsea interrupted Nick and Adam's scuffle. Chloe reunited with Kevin, Esther, and Billy. Victor decided to pursue experimental treatment. Traci and Cane kissed.
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Chloe and Chelsea both found their way back to Genoa City
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Adam and Victoria square off

Adam and Victoria square off

Monday, June 24, 2019

At Nick's house, Victoria pleaded with Nick to work alongside her as COO of Newman Enterprises during Victor's absence. Victoria assured Nick that together, they could eventually force Adam to leave town. Victoria apologized for what had happened and assured Nick that she hadn't put her ambitions ahead of their relationship. Victoria cried that when she'd given Adam money, she had never dreamed that he would use it to steal Dark Horse. Nick replied that he didn't buy Victoria's story because she wasn't naïve or stupid where their brother was concerned.

Victoria admitted that she had just wanted Adam to leave town. Victoria cried that she would have never imagined that Adam would have been dumb enough to go after Nick. Victoria reminded Nick that the Newmans drew strength from banding together. Nick nodded in agreement. Victoria praised Nick for being supportive to her and Nikki during their trial. Victoria added that there was no way she'd allow Adam to take Christian.

Nick shared a beer with Victoria. Nick said he'd felt like Victoria had sided with Phyllis and Victor against him. Victoria noted that Phyllis was a lost cause. Victoria added that Victor had actually admitted it had been a mistake to try to install Adam at Newman. Victoria said Victor had likely suffered anguish after he'd realized that Adam was a complete moral failure. Victoria happily noted that Victor would be proud that Nick had agreed to become COO. Nick replied, "I never agreed to that, and I'm not going to." Victoria was taken aback.

Nick told Victoria he was celebrating his reconnection with his sister. Victoria seemed touched by Nick's words. Nick added that he wasn't ready to jump back into the corporate world. Nick cried that his family was under siege, so his plan to battle Adam would have to be his sole focus. Nick assured Victoria that he was only a phone call away, whether he was on the Newman payroll or not.

After Victoria left, Victor stopped by to visit Nick. Nick praised Victor's decision to appoint Victoria as CEO. Victor admitted he should have rewarded Victoria's loyalty earlier. Nick mentioned that Victoria had offered him the COO position. Nick added that he'd declined the offer so he could focus on Christian. Victor said he was aware that Adam was suing for custody of Christian. Victor added that he'd confronted Adam and had asked him to leave the ranch. Nick seemed moved by Victor's gesture and replied, "Wow. Thanks."

Nick fought back tears when Victor admitted that he hadn't always been the best father to Nick. Victor explained that he'd sued Nick for custody of Christian out of fear that Nick might refuse to let him see his grandson. Victor admitted he'd been wrong and told Nick that Nick was Christian's father in every way that counted. Nick wiped his face when Victor praised him for being a great father. Nick said, "I didn't expect to hear this from you tonight."

Victor said he hoped Nick would forgive him for the times he hadn't been a good father. Nick said he'd already forgiven Victor. Nick added that he wanted Christian to learn to love Victor as much as Nick did because Victor had always given everything he had for his family. Tears welled in Victor's eyes as he said, "There's nothing you could have said that would have meant more to me." Nick and Victor vowed to put their hostility behind them. Before Victor left, he spent some time with Christian.

At Adam's penthouse, Phyllis confronted Adam and mentioned that she'd spoken to Riza. Adam laughed nervously and said, "So you got in touch with Riza. She is a trip, isn't she?" Adam added that Riza enjoyed messing with people to see how gullible they could be. Phyllis noted that what she'd learned about Adam was a verified fact. Adam replied, "It was something to do with the Chancellors, you said." Phyllis replied, "It was just so strange to me that the notorious son of a billionaire would be hanging out in Vegas for so long with high rollers, completely unrecognized, for years."

Adam told Phyllis that someone had recognized him because Victor had heard about him through the grapevine. Phyllis replied, "Yet no one made the connection to Genoa City royalty, did they?" Phyllis leaned toward Adam and whispered "Chance Chancellor" into his ear. Phyllis paused and added, "Or does he like to go by Philip IV?" Adam blew off Phyllis' ability to draw truthful information from Riza. Phyllis refused to back down, noting that Adam seemed determined to keep his friendship with Chance a secret.

Phyllis insisted that something shady was going on and wondered aloud about which of Adam's family members would benefit most from the information she planned to share. Adam scoffed that Phyllis had quickly turned a chance encounter in Las Vegas into an opportunity to enrich herself. Phyllis replied, "Well, you're one to talk. You paid me millions of dollars to hack into Dark Horse." Phyllis mentioned being imprisoned in an abandoned cellar and said, "I came here to tell you that when I tell your family about your association with Chance, it won't be about money. It will be about payback."

Adam took charge of the conversation and asked Phyllis if she was aware that Nick had surrendered ownership of Dark Horse. Phyllis said she'd mentioned that Nick would rather surrender his company than give up Christian. Adam handed Phyllis a glass of wine and said he needed someone to run Dark Horse. Phyllis set down the wine and said, "Real estate is not my expertise." Phyllis wasn't at all eager to accept Adam's offer to secure her silence.

Adam sweetened the deal by promising Phyllis an opportunity to rejoin the heavy hitters in the business world. Adam added that Phyllis should consider beholding the look on Nick's face when he learned that she would be running the company he'd created. Phyllis told Adam that he'd made an intriguing offer, but she rebuffed his plan to draw up a contract and said she had an appointment with a Newman. Phyllis told Adam that he'd have to guess which Newman she was about to meet with.

Adam entered Victor's office at Newman Enterprises. Victoria was sitting at the desk, working. Adam said, "Does Dad know that you sneak into his office to sit at his desk when he's not around?" Victoria told Adam that she was the CEO. Adam leaned in close and replied, "In that case, you're welcome." Victoria told Adam he was shameless for taking credit for her promotion. Adam recalled that he'd recommended Victoria for the position and was glad Victor had taken his advice. Adam warned Victoria that she'd only be in control until she made a decision Victor didn't agree with. Victoria asked Adam to leave her office.

At their apartment, Tessa was delighted with the video Mariah had produced and edited. Mariah noted that she'd wanted the debut video to feel spontaneous and improvised. Mariah said she believed the video would go viral and greatly increase Tessa's popularity. Tessa teasingly envisioned legions of adoring fans. Mariah said she counted herself as one, and the couple kissed.

At Devon's penthouse, Elena sat next to Devon and asked if he thought his medication had kicked in. Devon nodded and drew a deep breath before slowly exhaling. Elena asked Devon if his heart was still racing. Devon exhaled again, caught his breath, and replied, "It slowed down a little bit." Devon clutched his chest and cried that Hilary wouldn't let go. After Devon drank some water, Elena begged Devon to talk about what had happened. Devon explained that he still had a strong sense of Hilary's presence. Devon added that he wished Hilary would understand that he wanted to move on. Devon said he needed to go upstairs to rest.

At Society, Tessa and Mariah joined Ana at the bar. Mariah excitedly announced that she'd finished the rough edit on Tessa's new video. Tessa added that Ana would love the phenomenal job Mariah had done. After Mariah offered to send the video to Ana and to Devon, Ana insisted it be sent only to her. Ana admitted that Devon wasn't sold on the video because viewers might think that Tessa had become a sellout by releasing a cheesy infomercial for Jabot. Tessa cried, "But that's not the vibe at all."

Ana explained that Devon had been under too much pressure. Mariah mentioned that the dedication for Neil had just taken place. Ana cried, "Yeah, but I think the problem goes even deeper. Devon just doesn't trust me and doesn't take me seriously as an artist." After Ana noted that Devon was constantly shutting down her ideas, Tessa pointed out that Ana had done the same to her. Ana said she feared Devon couldn't appreciate her role as a professional because he saw her only as his little sister. Tessa asked Ana if she only saw Devon as her overbearing big brother instead of a talented music producer. Ana said Tessa was probably right.

After Ana left, Tessa and Mariah sipped Champagne. Tessa said, "So what are we drinking to now?" Mariah said they were celebrating Tessa's brilliant future. Tessa said she was sorry that her video had created a rift between Ana and Devon. Mariah blamed the shifting professional relationship between Ana and Devon and assured Tessa that they'd work it out. Tessa thanked Mariah for standing up for her because she'd been ready to give up on her dream of a music career.

When Ana returned home, she called out to Devon. Elena greeted Ana and explained that Devon was upstairs sleeping. Elena explained that Devon was wiped out after enduring a tense day. Ana spotted a prescription bottle on the counter and asked Elena if Devon's panic attacks had returned. Elena nodded, indicating that Devon had suffered a panic attack.

Ana berated herself for having argued with Devon. Ana recalled how learning that Nate had sold Neil's penthouse had affected Devon. Elena explained that there was more to what was bothering Devon than either of them could have ever known. Elena noted that she and Devon had grown closer. Ana said she was aware and was proud that Devon had moved on. Elena explained that Devon believed Hilary wouldn't want him to become romantically involved with anyone else.

At Crimson Lights, Summer was overjoyed to see her mother. Summer cried, "Where have you been this entire time?" Phyllis claimed she'd taken a spur-of-the-moment trip and hadn't planned to be away so long. Summer asked her mother why she'd ignored the 50 messages Summer had left. Phyllis claimed she'd sent a message in response. Summer mentioned Phyllis' association with Adam and asked why she'd gotten involved with him. Phyllis insisted she wasn't involved with Adam.

When Phyllis said she'd been in Las Vegas, Summer interrupted and said, "Mom, what the hell?" Phyllis insisted that Summer had the wrong idea about her and Adam. Summer replied, "I am so sick of your promises and your excuses lately. Because, in case you care, I've been going through a lot lately. Between the surgery, the divorce, trying to stay on top of my job, dealing with Kyle being in my face all the time -- and, by the way, he and Lola are engaged." Summer accused her mother of not caring about her, and she angrily walked away.

Phyllis went to Society and sat at the bar. Phyllis swirled an olive in her empty martini glass and seemed lost in thought. She picked up her phone and mulled over sending a text message to Summer. After pausing and wondering what to write, Phyllis set down her phone. As the bartender approached, Phyllis ordered another drink.

Victor decides to have experimental treatment

Victor decides to have experimental treatment

Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Phyllis burst into Nick's house and called out for Nick. "It's you," he coldly stated as he entered the room. She waited for him to welcome her back or ask where she'd been, and he flatly asked what she wanted. She replied that she was there to tell him she was back, since she knew he'd been worried when she'd dropped off the grid. Nick asserted that he hadn't even known she was gone, but Phyllis relayed that Summer had told her he'd been upset.

Nick clarified that he'd been upset for Summer, even if Phyllis clearly hadn't been. Phyllis defended that she'd sent a text message to Summer, and she contended that the only thing she was guilty of was taking time off to clear her head. Nick snapped that Adam had stolen Nick's company away from him while she'd been gone. Nick confronted Phyllis about hacking into Dark Horse's servers for Adam, and she surmised that Nick was upset because Adam was running the company Nick had built.

Nick accused Phyllis of knowing that Adam had wanted Dark Horse to use it to take Christian yet still helping Adam because she didn't "give a damn" about anyone but herself. Phyllis denied it, citing her closeness with Christian when she and Nick had been together. Nick spat that it made what she'd done even more disgusting, but she swore that she would never do anything to hurt Christian. Nick growled that he couldn't believe a word out of her mouth, and he ordered her out of his house.

Kevin showed up at Adam's penthouse and asked who Adam had blackmailed to get his former home back. Kevin speculated that Adam was using the secret passageway to hide Chloe. Adam wondered why Kevin thought Adam would reveal Chloe's whereabouts when Kevin hadn't provided any useful information. Kevin barked that they'd had a deal, and Adam intended to hold up his end if Kevin successfully completed his next task -- to find information that made Nick look like an unfit parent.

Kevin refused to help take Nick's kid away, but Adam taunted that Kevin had to help if he wanted his girlfriend back. Kevin called Adam a "bastard" for destroying Chloe's life and using her to ruin Nick's. Adam reiterated that he was truly sorry about what had happened to Delia, but there were limits to his patience. He questioned whether Kevin really wanted to test them. Kevin halfheartedly offered to see what he could find out, and Adam presented him with a list of passwords to Nick's business accounts. Adam was confident that there was something out there that proved Nick wasn't the perfect father he pretended to be.

Later, Phyllis stopped by to see Adam, who politely offered her coffee. He imagined that she was afraid he'd poison her, and she countered that he'd kidnapped her and kept her locked in a basement, even after she'd given him the information he'd needed to take Dark Horse from Nick. Adam pointed out that he'd had no reason to hold her hostage, and she wondered if he was at all worried about the intel she'd obtained about him and Chance in Las Vegas. Adam declared that it was in the past, and he was looking to the future.

Phyllis sensed that Adam was cool and calm on the outside while a storm was brewing on the inside. He commented that storms could be destructive, but he preferred to have her as his ally, which had been why he'd asked her to run Dark Horse. He advised her not to lose her edge when it could serve her most, and he cautioned that she'd be a fool not to take the job. She announced that she was taking the job, but she warned that that the edge could cut both ways.

At Devon's penthouse, Devon wrapped up a meeting with Ana, but she pushed to discuss what had happened after Neil's dedication. Devon wrote off his panic attack as no big deal, but Ana countered that it hadn't been what Elena had said. Devon bristled, but Ana quickly explained that she'd seen the pills and that Elena had just confirmed what Ana had suspected. Ana inquired whether he'd spoken to his doctor, but Devon insisted that there had been no reason to, since it had been a one-time episode. Ana pushed him to call his doctor, but Devon argued that it wouldn't help because he'd stopped taking the medication.

Devon complained that the medication to help him with his panic attacks was numbing his ability to feel anything, and he needed to feel his pain, not numb it. Ana recalled that Neil had been a big believer in people admitting when they needed help, and she assured Devon that taking his meds wasn't a sign of weakness. Devon asked how he could deal with Neil passing away if he was on drugs to cope with his grief, and he argued that no one was telling the other people who'd lost Neil to medicate. Ana pointed out that Devon had just lost his wife when the panic attacks had started, but Devon was adamant that Hilary hadn't had anything to do with the night before and that he had it under control.

At Newman Enterprises, Nate informed Victor and Nikki that Victor's treatments had reached a plateau, and there had been no improvement for several weeks. Nate doubted anything would change if they continued with that protocol, and Nikki mentioned that she'd looked into other options, like clinical trials. Nate revealed that he'd also been researching alternative treatments, and there was a new protocol in the experimental stage that was very aggressive. Nate confirmed that he thought it was Victor's best hope, and Victor asked what they were waiting for. Nate warned that there could be significant side effects.

At Crimson Lights, Kevin filled Michael in about Adam's demands, and Michael lectured that Kevin had made a deal with the devil. Kevin confided that he'd dug up some dirt that could ruin a lot of lives, and if he didn't give it to Adam, Adam wouldn't give Chloe back. Michael worried that even if Kevin turned the information over, Adam could keep demanding more without releasing Chloe. Michael hissed that he'd warned Adam what would happen if Adam didn't release Chloe and stop forcing Kevin to do his bidding, and he intended to make good on his threat. Michael instructed Kevin to stall as long as he could while Michael devised a plan.

Later, Nate and Adam exchanged pleasantries at the coffeehouse. Adam asked if Nate had found a new place, and Nate said he was taking his time to pick the right spot, since he planned on making Genoa City his home. Adam was sure Victor was happy to hear it, and he pressed to know how his father was doing. Nate refused to reveal any details and excused himself. Nate approached Ana, who thanked him for meeting her. She expressed concern about Devon.

On the patio, Ana wailed that she felt like she was betraying Devon's trust, but she hadn't known what else to do. Nate recalled their family's pledge to stick together after Neil had died. Ana wished Devon had done that, but he'd chosen to go off his meds because he was convinced they were keeping him from feeling anything. Ana divulged that Devon had attributed his latest panic attack to Neil's dedication ceremony, but Elena had been with him and had relayed that he'd said things about Hilary. Ana suspected that Devon wasn't as over Hilary's passing as he'd claimed.

Ana wished Devon would admit what was going on, but he wouldn't talk about his feelings, and he would never be ready to do it while Hilary was still in the penthouse. Ana referred to the pictures of Hilary everywhere and Hilary's perfume still being in the bathroom. Ana considered it wrong, and she felt that what Devon was doing to Elena was even more wrong. Nate had the impression that Devon cared for Elena, but Ana frowned upon Devon letting things get serious when he hadn't moved on yet. Ana protested that Elena was living in a shrine to Hilary.

Elena returned home, dressed in her EMT uniform. Devon greeted her with a kiss and inquired about her new job, and she indicated that it was nice to be able to use her training to help people again. She asked how he was doing, and he reported that he felt great after a good night's sleep. She started to say something, but he cut her off and suggested that they take a vacation to forget about everything that was going on. She insisted on talking about what had happened the night before.

Devon appreciated Elena's concern, but he insisted that he was okay. Elena countered that he hadn't been fine the prior night, and she assured him that it was nothing to be embarrassed about, since he'd lost people he'd cared about deeply. Devon maintained that Neil's dedication had caused the attack, but Elena refused to keep avoiding the truth. Elena contended that Hilary was right there with them, and Devon himself had said Hilary wouldn't let him go. Devon groused that he'd opened up to Elena because he trusted her, and he implored her not to use it against him. She urged him to be honest about his feelings for Hilary, but he stepped aside to take a call.

Later, Devon was surprised when Elena returned the dresses he had given her from Hilary's closet. Elena explained that it was what she was trying to talk to Devon about, but he shut her down whenever she tried to talk about Hilary. Devon maintained that he'd been honest about his feelings, but Elena thought they couldn't keep ignoring the truth. She recognized that there was another person in their relationship. Elena pointed out that there were still pictures of Hilary everywhere, even after Elena and Devon had gotten together.

Elena mentioned Hilary's personal items being in the bathroom and the kitchen, and she admitted that she'd tried to convince herself it was okay because she cared about Devon and wanted it to work between them. He insisted that it was working, and he asked if Elena wanted him to get rid of all his memories. She encouraged him to grieve however he needed for as long as he needed, and she apologized for getting caught up in her own feelings. She thought they'd slept together too soon, since she couldn't compete when he was still grieving for Hilary. Elena recognized that he'd loved Hilary, and she respected that. However, she needed him to respect her feelings, too.

At Dark Horse, Michael stopped in his tracks when he saw Phyllis sitting behind Nick's former desk. She asked if he'd missed her, and he admitted that she was the last person he'd expected to see there. Phyllis announced that Nick no longer owned the company, and Michael shared that he was aware of Adam's dirty dealings. Michael asked how she was, since he and Lauren had been worried. Phyllis claimed that she'd needed a break, but "unfinished business" had inspired her to return home. He hoped it had nothing to do with her sitting in Adam's office, but she declared that it wasn't Adam's office -- Adam had hired her to run the company.

Michael griped that Phyllis had reached a new low. She agreed that she had done so the week before but had bounced back, and he was looking at the new CEO of Dark Horse. Michael thought she was making a mistake, and Phyllis sarcastically thanked him for his support. She conceded that she didn't know a lot about real estate development, and he called her out on what she was doing to Nick. Phyllis barked that Nick had treated her like a piece of garbage ever since she'd testified against Nikki and Victoria.

Phyllis refused to defend herself to Michael or to Nick. She questioned why she should have turned down a great business opportunity, and Michael countered that it would have been the decent thing to do, given that Adam had taken control of the company to steal Christian away from Nick. Phyllis argued that it was between Adam and Nick, but Michael encouraged her to take a good, hard look at things. Phyllis mused that she'd looked very clearly, and she liked the view.

Nick entered Victor's office and asked if something had happened. Victor divulged that his treatment was no longer working, but there was an experimental drug trial that he would qualify for, although there were risks. Nick thought the rest of the family should be there, but Victor preferred to hold off until he'd made his decision about whether to join the trial or not. Victor requested Nick's help to weigh the pros and cons, and Nick pointed out the obvious pro was that it was Victor's best bet to beat the disease. Nick inquired about the risks, and Victor reluctantly shared that one of the side effects was diminished mental capacity.

Victor recounted that the few times in his life when he'd had to rely on others had been difficult periods. Nick remembered how frustrated Victor had been after J.T.'s attack, but Victor had beaten those odds. Nikki expressed confidence that Victor would that time, too, and Nick reasoned that not being in control for a while "sure as hell" beat the alternative. Nikki promised to be by Victor's side every step of the way, and Nick assured Victor that Newman was in good hands. Nick added that Christian needed his grandfather around a lot longer, and he envisioned Victor coaching Christian to play soccer. Victor remarked that he'd accomplished some of his greatest successes by taking enormous risks, and he decided to call the doctor the next day.

As Nikki and Nick walked through Chancellor Park, she remarked that it was beautiful the way he and his father had recaptured their relationship from when Nick had been little. She reflected back on how small Nick had looked in Victor's arms, but Victor was the one leaning on Nick then. Nick thought he'd never seen his father so vulnerable, and the look in Victor's eyes had made it easy to forgive him, but it had also scared Nick. Nick realized that Victor wouldn't be acting that way if he wasn't worried, and he thought his dad might be getting his affairs in order.

Nick thought they had to face reality, but Nikki had faith that the new treatment would cure Victor. Nick suggested that they be prepared for any possibility, but Nikki remained focused on getting Victor well. Nick cautioned that Victor was facing a long road ahead, and Nikki was determined that no one find out about Victor's condition. Nikki firmly stated that Victor had always been her protector, and it was her time to be his.

At the ranch, Victor took out his aggression on a punching bag. Adam walked in, and Victor demanded to know what he wanted, since Victor had told him to get off the ranch. Adam hoped it hadn't meant he couldn't stop by for a visit, and he announced that he was there to see how Victor was doing. As Victor continued his workout, Adam chided Nate for giving him a line about doctor-patient confidentiality, but Victor called Nate a good man. Adam only cared that Nate was taking care of Victor, and Victor vaguely replied that his condition was stable.

Adam inquired whether the treatments were working, and Victor claimed that the protocol took a long time. Adam wanted to keep checking in to make sure there hadn't been any roadblocks, and he mentioned that he'd heard Victor had made Victoria CEO. Adam expected that Victor would keep a close eye on her to make sure she didn't stray from the course set by the captain, since everyone knew how much Victor had to be in control. Adam hoped Victor gave Victoria a chance to prove what she could do.

Victor remarked that if he didn't know better, he'd think Adam's concern for his family was genuine. Adam argued that he was the only one who cared enough to face what was happening, but Victor countered that the rest of his children were supportive of him. Adam admonished the rest of the family for wanting to pretend that Victor was Superman, but he accepted that the disease could kill his father. Adam wondered if Victor had seriously thought about what would happen to the family if he died.

Adam acknowledged that Victor thought he was invincible, but Victor's family wasn't. Adam expected his siblings and Nikki to fall apart if Victor "kicked it," but he'd done just fine without Victor for most of his life. Victor instructed Adam to hold the punching bag. He recognized that Adam thought he could do things on his own, but Adam had always had someone to do the heavy lifting for him. Victor recalled when Adam had conspired with Jack to frame Victor for murder, but Adam asserted that he called the shots then.

Victor taunted that he'd like to see that, and he pointedly asked if Adam remembered Chance Chancellor. Victor added that Adam hadn't thought Victor would find out, but Victor was always on top of things and in control. Adam huffed that it had been a good talk, and he smacked the bag as he headed out. Victor chuckled and resumed hitting the bag, but he soon became weary.

Summer crashes Lola's bridal shower

Summer crashes Lola's bridal shower

Wednesday, June 26, 2019

by Nel

At Lola's apartment, Abby promised to give Lola the best bridal shower ever. Abby advised Lola to wear something easygoing because her shower would be full of surprises.

At Jabot, Summer ended her call with Natalia. She was about to enter Jack's office when she overheard Kyle tell Jack that he was going home to discuss wedding plans with Lola. Kyle admitted he was part loving fiancé and part control freak. Jack said that it would be a day that Kyle and Lola would remember for the rest of their lives. Kyle told Jack that Lola was at home, getting ready for her bridal shower. Hurt, Summer walked away.

A short time later, Phyllis arrived in Jack's office with a gift basket. Jack was surprised to see her. Phyllis said she'd been away for some much-needed rest and relaxation. She claimed she was there to congratulate Jack on the success of the Jabot Collective. She said it had been quite the rollout. Jack thanked her and asked what she wanted. Phyllis said she didn't want anything. Jack claimed he was always cautious when Phyllis arrived bearing gifts.

Phyllis said that Jack had always taken the high road. Jack said not this time, not after Phyllis had tried to knock off the Jabot Collective products and after she'd called him a backstabbing hypocrite. Phyllis claimed it had been a low time for her, and she'd hit rock bottom after she had been forced out of Jabot. Jack suggested that Phyllis show herself out because he had a business to run. Phyllis said that she did, as well, because she was CEO at Dark Horse. Jack was stunned.

Phyllis told Jack that she had accepted Adam's offer. She wanted Jack to congratulate her. Jack said he had many words for her, and congratulations wasn't one of them. Phyllis stated she'd never known Jack to be at a loss for words. She reminded him that Dark Horse wasn't in competition with Jabot. Jack asked about Phyllis' loyalty to Nick, the father of her child. Phyllis claimed that loyalty went both ways, and all she had received from Nick were self-righteous lectures, judgment, and attitude. Jack said that it was a new low, even for Phyllis.

Jack warned Phyllis to be careful involving herself with Adam because he had a dark side, and it appeared that Phyllis had played right into it. Phyllis said that she had taken her rightful place in the business world, and she was at Jabot on a goodwill mission. Jack stated she was there to gloat.

Phyllis told Jack that she had let go of the past. She hoped Jack would do the same. Jack asked if Phyllis wanted to let bygones be bygones. Phyllis said that forgiveness was good for the soul, and she'd forgiven Jack. Lauren was astounded as she entered Jack's office. Lauren asked what Phyllis had forgiven Jack for. Phyllis said she forgave Lauren, as well. Phyllis said they were both welcome, and she left.

Lauren asked Jack about Phyllis' visit. Jack said Phyllis had stopped by to congratulate him on the Jabot Collective, but her real reason had been to gloat that she was CEO at Dark Horse. Jack said that Phyllis was trouble with a capital "T." When she saw him emptying Phyllis' basket, Lauren asked Jack what he was doing. Jack said he was looking for a listening device. He said that Phyllis might have contacted Ashley. Lauren agreed it was better to be safe than sorry. Jack reminded Lauren that not long before, Phyllis had asked Summer to break into the Jabot servers.

Relieved, Jack told Lauren the basket only contained high-end snacks and a very nice bottle of Champagne. He stated that it had been a long day, and he invited Lauren to enjoy some Champagne with him. Lauren happily accepted. Over glasses of Champagne, Jack and Lauren agreed that Jabot and Fenmore's had been a bona fide success across the whole country with the Jabot Collective. Lauren said that Jack should be proud because it had been his vision and his decision on how to successfully save Jabot.

Jack told Lauren it felt good to see that their hard work had paid off. Lauren said she hoped Jack would take the time for himself. It had been really great to see him with Mallory. Jack smiled and asked if that had been Lauren's way of asking whether he had asked Mallory out on another date. Jack admitted that he had. He said Mallory had been a lovely companion, and he had enjoyed talking with her about her father and about Dina.

Lauren asked Jack if he and Mallory could be a thing. Jack said that as soon as he knew, Lauren would know. Lauren said she was happy that Jack had put himself out there and that he'd taken a chance. Jack claimed he was lucky to have Lauren as his friend. Lauren said she felt the same about Jack, and she hoped that it would be a new chapter in his life, one filled with a lot of happiness. Jack said he would drink to that.

At home, Traci continued with her novel. "Flynn told Iris that it was the end of the line for her. He'd realized that Iris wanted her husband to take the fall for his mistress' murder. When Flynn said the cops were on their way, Iris turned away, pulled a gun out of her purse, and shot Flynn in the stomach. Flynn and Iris fought over the gun. Flynn overpowered Iris and grabbed the gun and shot her. Velma rushed in and ordered Flynn not to die. Flynn said there was no chance of that. He asked who she would boss around if he wasn't there. Flynn and Velma kissed." Traci typed "The End" and smiled.

In Kyle and Lola's apartment, Lola walked out of their bedroom, dressed for her bridal shower. Kyle said she looked stunning. Lola claimed that Kyle always knew exactly what to say. Kyle asked for her opinion about flowers and the photographer, but Lola said she trusted him to decide. Lola kissed Kyle and said she was ready to leave, but then she decided that she had a couple of minutes and kissed Kyle again.

After Lola had gone, Theo arrived. Over bottles of beer, Theo said he didn't understand how Kyle could have let Summer go. Kyle said that he loved Lola, but it didn't mean he didn't care about Summer. Theo recalled that Kyle had been a wild guy when he'd lived in New York. Theo recalled that back then, Kyle had had it really bad for Summer. Theo said he was happy for Kyle, but it hadn't been that long before that he'd made vows to Summer. Kyle said the situation had been complicated at the time, and he admitted he could have handled it better.

Theo heard Kyle admit that he'd hurt Summer, but he was grateful that she had worked through it. Theo asked if Kyle believed Summer was really over him. Kyle felt that Summer had turned a corner. Theo admitted that he liked Summer, but he wasn't certain he could have handled things the way Summer had. Kyle stated that Summer deserved a guy who would appreciate her. Theo asked Kyle if he was that guy. Kyle asked if Theo was ready to settle down. Theo stated he had a lot of living to do and that he missed the "old" Kyle.

Theo offered to throw Kyle a bachelor party, and he said he would keep it on the up and up. Kyle agreed and warned Theo he didn't want anything too crazy.

After Theo left, Kyle sent a text message to Lola, "Hope you're having fun with the girls, but can't wait to have you all to myself."

At Crimson Lights, Traci had been thinking about Velma and Flynn's kiss when Cane arrived and said it was a coincidence that he had run into Traci. Traci said she'd begun to believe that there were no such things as coincidences, and it had been downright poetic. Traci told Cane that she had finished her book. Cane wanted to celebrate. He and Traci went to the Abbott residence and toasted the end of her novel with a cocktail.

Traci told Cane that writing a book was always an emotional roller coaster. When the story flowed, it was like riding a bike downhill, but when it didn't, it was like pushing a giant rock up a hill. Traci said that when an author typed "The End," it was unadulterated joy. She asked Cane if he liked audio books. Cane said he loved them. Traci began to read her novel to him. At the end of the story, Cane commented that Velma had saved him. Traci said that they had saved each other. He told Traci he was in awe of her talent, and he was proud that he'd been able to help her find her story. He said the story was incredible, and she was incredible. He leaned in and kissed her.

At Society, Abby, Lola, Elena, Ana, Mariah, and Tessa had gathered for Lola's bridal shower. Abby's first surprise was shirtless waiters who would serve the ladies with drinks and finger foods. Ana became very giddy when she stood next to one of the shirtless servers. Once they all had a drink in hand, the ladies toasted Lola. Everyone froze when Summer arrived and asked if she had bad timing. Abby asked if Summer had missed the "closed" sign. Mariah accused Summer of deliberately crashing the party. Abby didn't understand why Summer had made an appearance when no one wanted her there.

Summer made a move to leave, but Lola asked her to stay. She stated that Summer had saved her life, and the least she could do was to offer Summer canapes and cocktails. Summer said it was very generous of Lola. Abby took Summer aside and said that Lola had chosen to be the bigger person; Abby would follow Lola's lead, but if Summer made one false move, she would have Summer thrown out. Summer assured Abby she wouldn't make any trouble.

Lola saw Summer alone at the bar, and she approached her. Summer commented that she liked the new waiters. Lola asked if Summer had heard from Phyllis. Summer said that Phyllis had returned, but Summer had no idea what had transpired. She thanked Lola for letting her talk about Phyllis earlier.

At that moment, Abby announced it was time for presents. The gifts had a wedding night theme. Summer watched as Lola opened the gifts. After all the gifts had been opened, Summer announced that she wanted to say something.

Summer told Lola that things hadn't been easy between them, and it hadn't been easy for her to move on from what had happened. Summer admitted that she hadn't always handled things gracefully. Summer said she'd always known that she and Lola would never be best friends, but she appreciated that Lola had asked her to stay for the bridal shower. Summer said that the only reason she'd stayed was because she wanted her and Lola to coexist. Summer said she wasn't Lola's enemy, and she didn't want to sabotage Lola and Kyle. She said she'd been living her own life, and it had felt good. She hoped they could put the past behind them and move forward.

Lola told Summer she liked that idea, and it would be a relief. Summer wished Lola and Kyle well. Before she left, she told Lola to enjoy the rest of her shower.

Abby announced that she had another surprise for Lola. Lola became overwhelmed with joy when she saw her mother, Celeste, walk in. Lola hugged her and said it had been the best surprise. Celeste said that Abby had reached out to her. Celeste apologized to Abby because of what had happened with Arturo. Abby assured her that it was in the past, and she had moved on.

Celeste said she was happy that Lola had so many friends, and she commented on the lingerie and shirtless men. Celeste proceeded to insult the gifts. Lola was horrified, but Celeste told her to relax because she'd been joking. Celeste said that if her mother had seen Celeste wearing any of the lingerie, she would have sent Celeste to a convent immediately. Celeste said she was very grateful to be there for her daughter's wedding.

Phyllis was sitting on the patio at Crimson Lights when she saw Summer arrive. She was about to join Summer when Theo walked in and kissed Summer on the cheek. Phyllis watched and listened as Theo told Summer he had spent time with Kyle, but he'd found Kyle very boring. Theo told Summer he would throw Kyle a bachelor party that Kyle would never forget.

Kevin and Chloe are reunited

Kevin and Chloe are reunited

Thursday, June 27, 2019

At Crimson Lights, Mariah and Tessa stared intently at something on a laptop. Mariah proclaimed that the video was vibrant, touching, and finally done. Tessa wanted to review it one more time, but Mariah pointed out that they'd incorporated Ana's notes, and she considered it perfect the way it was. Tessa also loved it, but she wasn't sure that the rest of the world would. Mariah insisted that Tessa needed to trust her, since the video was gold, and the world would soon know how talented Tessa was.

Tessa wondered if they should post the video online, but Mariah wanted Ana to sign off on it first. Tessa inquired about how they'd roll it out, and Mariah confessed that she didn't exactly know, since it was her first project for her new job. Mariah added that she couldn't afford to let anyone know that, and she didn't want Devon to find out that she didn't know what she was doing. Tessa gushed that Mariah was smart and resourceful with amazing instincts, and they both trusted Ana. Tessa imagined that the three of them would be a force to be reckoned with. Mariah agreed, and they headed out.

At Devon's penthouse, Mariah and Tessa showed Ana the video. When it ended, Ana enthused that she loved it, and she thought it was cool enough to go viral and would be the perfect showcase for Tessa. Ana wanted to tweak the audio in the studio, but she assessed that the video was otherwise good to go. Mariah requested help with dropping it to make the most impact, and Ana excitedly agreed, adding that they were a team. Tessa worried that one thing could derail everything, and Ana surmised that she meant Devon. Tessa wondered if Devon would veto all their hard work.

Ana pledged to handle Devon and told the women not to worry about it. Tessa fretted that it was hard not to when Devon had basically said no already, but Ana chalked his initial reaction up to stress. Ana believed he would love it just as much as she did, and she hoped he would greenlight the project and not hire someone to babysit her. Mariah and Tessa offered to tell Devon that Ana didn't need training wheels, and Ana thanked them for boosting her confidence. They vowed to climb to the top of the charts together.

At the Abbott mansion, Traci and Cane awkwardly stepped back from their kiss. She remarked that she was so happy about finishing her book that she was practically giddy, and he replied that it was contagious. She thanked him for listening to her book without falling asleep once. He declared that it was perfect from beginning to end, and he'd loved it. He thanked her for sharing something so special with him.

Cane asked what the next step was, and Traci became flustered. She wondered if they had a next step, and he clarified that he'd meant for the book. She laughed nervously and explained that she would send a rough draft to her editor, and she would revise and rewrite again and again until the book was perfect. Cane stressed that it already was, but Traci said she'd never seen a first draft that was ready for the shelves. Traci continued that once the book was published, they'd pick a release date and send out advance copies to get quotes from critics for the book cover.

Cane marveled that Traci's time, effort, and talent had culminated into a work of art, and Traci responded that it was nice to be appreciated. He suggested that they celebrate by throwing a party, but she thought it would be a bit much. Traci figured that the publisher would eventually throw a book release party, but Cane insisted that they commemorate her finishing her manuscript by throwing a bash for friends and family. He volunteered to do all the work, and he refused to take no for an answer because she deserved it. He headed out.

Over drinks at Society, Jack revealed to Billy that Phyllis was officially running Dark Horse, since Adam had hired her as CEO. Billy worried that it wasn't good, since they knew what she was capable of, and it wouldn't help that she was in deep with a guy like Adam. Jack mentioned that Phyllis had taken great pleasure in delivering the news in person, and he thought they should keep their eyes and ears open. Billy grumbled that Adam had just given Phyllis the arsenal to move in for the kill.

Jack assured Billy that there was no reason to panic, but Billy expressed concern that Dark Horse was the landlord for the Jaboutiques and that Phyllis was itching for payback after being fired without severance pay. Billy reminded Jack about her scheme to knock off Jabot's accessory line, but Jack called Adam a friend who would put an end to any of Phyllis' attempts to sabotage Jabot. Billy muttered that it made his skin crawl to hear Jack refer to Adam as a friend, and he remarked that he'd known they were in trouble when Phyllis and Adam had walked into the commitment ceremony together.

Jack pledged to fend Phyllis off if she went after Jabot, and he changed the topic to how things were going with Billy and Victoria. Billy reported that they were doing great and that Victoria was stepping up at Newman, since Victor had made her CEO. A stunned Jack had expected Victor to hold onto the seat until he keeled over, and he wondered what had caused the seismic shift. Billy figured that Victor's priorities had changed with Adam back in the mix, and Jack imagined that Adam's resurrection would affect everyone in town.

After Jack left, Cane approached the bar and was surprised when Billy offered to buy him a drink. Cane remarked that he'd heard congratulations were in order, even though Billy and Victoria hadn't quite made it down the aisle again. Billy swore that the commitment ceremony had been just as important to him as his and Victoria's other weddings, if not more. Cane acknowledged that Billy and Victoria were made for one another, and he toasted to the couple. Cane commented that it was funny how things changed, since the Abbott family had been on a rough road, but it looked like they were back on track again.

Cane referred to Jack being back in the CEO chair, the Jabot Collective being a hit, and Traci finishing an amazing new novel. Billy wondered how Cane had known that. Cane mentioned that he and Traci were friends and that she'd been working on the book for a while. Billy wondered why she hadn't told her family first, and Cane shared that she'd typed "The End" as he'd walked into the room.

Billy referred to Cane walking away from Chancellor, and he recalled a time when Cane had gone after that job with a vengeance. Cane lamented that watching his family fall apart had made him question his values, and he'd decided to do something more meaningful. Cane informed Billy about his new job, working with former inmates to help get their lives back on track. Cane repeated Traci's words that he couldn't fix anything or anyone until he fixed himself first.

Meanwhile, Traci daydreamed about Cane's kiss. Jack returned home and was surprised to find her still up, though he recognized that she'd become a night owl since she'd started her book. He inquired whether she was any closer to the finish line, but he realized that she'd hadn't heard anything that he'd said. She apologized, and he asked where she'd been and what had put the smile on her face. Jack was surprised to hear that Traci was done with her first draft. He assumed that had been the reason for her smile, and she said she had a lot of things to be happy about.

Jack imagined that another bestseller was on the way, and he wanted to read it. He suggested that they drink to it, but Traci mentioned that she'd had a cocktail with Cane earlier to celebrate and that Cane had proposed having a party. Jack liked the idea of doing something celebrate the joy Traci had given people with her writing. He thought their family hadn't given her the accolades she deserved, since all their focus had been on Jabot. Traci credited them with supporting her all along, adding that Cane had been a great inspiration that time around.

Traci excused herself to take a call, and she asked if Cane's ears had been burning. She was surprised to hear from him so soon after he'd left, and he told her that he couldn't stop thinking about a scene from her book. She correctly guessed which scene it was, and he told her to make sure her editor didn't change one word, since it was perfect the way it was. Jack smiled upon seeing his sister's excitement.

Kevin arrived at Adam's penthouse and groused that he hadn't liked being woken up and told to race over. Adam demanded information on Nick that would get Adam custody of Christian. Kevin claimed that he'd spent all day on Nick's old computer, but it wasn't like Nick had labeled a folder with his top-secret stuff. Adam voiced surprise that Kevin wasn't more motivated, and he observed that Kevin hadn't looked him in the eye once since he'd been there. Adam accused Kevin of lying through his teeth, and he guessed that Kevin had found something but was reluctant to tell because it was big and bad enough to take Nick down.

Kevin argued that the stakes were too high for him to hold out, and Adam questioned how long Kevin was willing to let Chloe suffer in captivity. Kevin admitted that he'd uncovered something incriminating, but it hadn't been easy, since Nick had fried the server on purpose before handing over the keys. Kevin added that he'd had to do a lot of recovery work to get into some files that could cause major damage to Nick's case, but he refused to fill Adam in until Chloe was free. The men bantered over who had more leverage.

Kevin promised that he'd deliver a bombshell that Adam's lawyer could lob at Nick. Kevin agreed to stay in town, but he insisted that Adam let Chloe go that night. Adam asserted that all the attempts Chloe had made on his life had given him the right to a little retribution, but Kevin pointed out that Bella was the one suffering. Kevin contended that Chloe was Bella's whole life, and the girl didn't understand any of it. Kevin lectured that Adam had already taken one child from Chloe, and he questioned whether Adam was going to take Bella from her, too.

Chloe sat in a room in an undisclosed location. She didn't look up when she heard the door open, and she snapped that she wasn't hungry and to leave her alone. Adam entered and thought she might reconsider, since he had a surprise. Kevin walked in, and Chloe rushed into his arms.

Adam stepped out to give the couple privacy. Chloe assured Kevin that she hadn't been hurt, but she was grateful that he'd found her. He told her that Bella missed them but was doing fantastic. Chloe apologized for leaving without telling him that Adam was alive, but it had been too much. Kevin understood but warned that what she'd done was wrong, since she'd end up in prison or the psych ward if she kept going after Adam, and Kevin and Bella couldn't lose her.

Chloe swore that being locked up had given her time to think, and she knew she had to walk away from Adam and banish him from her mind. Chloe begged to go home to their happy life, and Kevin informed her that he'd worked out a deal with Adam where she could leave, but Kevin couldn't. Kevin fibbed that he was helping Michael with a big case, but it was privileged information. He promised that he would get back as soon as he could, but he was adamant that she leave town to make sure no one else saw her.

Kevin knocked on the door, and Adam returned. Adam guessed that it would be goodbye forever that time, since there was a limit to his sense of humor on murder attempts. He mentioned that there was a red-eye leaving at midnight, so Chloe could be home to Bella by the morning. Chloe requested a moment alone with Adam before she left. Kevin protested that it was a bad idea, but Chloe insisted that she wasn't planning an attack.

Adam recognized that he and Chloe had unfinished business that needed to be settled. Kevin pleaded with Chloe to leave while she still could, but she maintained that she just needed one last talk with Adam so that they could move on. Kevin glared at Adam and warned that he'd be right outside the door, and Adam promised to behave himself as long as Chloe did the same. Kevin stepped out and closed the door behind him. Adam said Chloe could stop playing nice, since they both knew she'd kill him if she could.

A seething Chloe admitted that she'd love to see the life ebbing out of Adam's body, hearing him cry and beg for mercy, and seeing him as broken as he'd made her. Adam asked if it meant they were doomed to keep living out the vicious cycle. Chloe hissed that she wanted him to feel the pain she'd been through and continued to go through, since the despair and emptiness hadn't faded. She conceded that Bella was a joy, but the girl only had half a mother, since the other half was consumed with hatred for him. Chloe hated the person she'd become -- someone whose entire life revolved around someone so despicable and evil.

Adam replied that Chloe hadn't sunk to his level and never could, since she was driven by a mother's love, whereas he didn't know what drove him anymore. Adam admitted that he was haunted by that horrible night and that he replayed it constantly inside his head, wishing things had played out differently. He recalled seeing the dog run off and believing it was all it had been, and he envisioned what might have happened if he'd only gotten out of the car and walked all the way around it. He imagined that those few minutes might have made all the difference, but he'd later panicked when he'd found out that a child had died.

Adam considered covering up his role in Delia's death to be the worst choice he'd ever made in a lifetime full of bad decisions, and it had left a stain on his soul that would never go away. Chloe asked if it was supposed to make her feel better. Adam knew it didn't, but he also knew that one of them would end up dead if she kept it up. Adam cautioned that even if he was the one who wound up dead, her life would be over, and he refused to be responsible for her losing another little girl by ending up in prison.

Adam implored Chloe to forget about him and to stay hidden and free, and he swore that he wouldn't tell a soul that she was alive. He thought he owed her that much and more, but it had to be the end. Adam urged Chloe to go home, hug her kid, and live her life for Bella, not for revenge. He exited the room, and Kevin returned. Chloe asked Kevin to do her a huge favor.

Later, Kevin led Esther to Chloe's room. Esther wondered what they were doing there at that hour, and he preferred to let someone else explain. He told Esther to trust that it was a good thing, and he instructed her to brace herself. Esther worried about what he'd gotten her into. "Mom," Chloe called from behind Esther. Chloe swore that it wasn't a hallucination and that she was alive. Esther slowly turned around and stared incredulously for a moment before throwing her arms around Chloe, sobbing uncontrollably.

Chloe explained that she had faked her death and had been in hiding with Bella and Kevin, and Esther invited them home so they could talk. Chloe gently shared that she had to leave, since she'd tried to kill Adam again, and she'd be locked up if she didn't disappear. Chloe added that she hadn't wanted Esther to continue to suffer, but Esther had to promise that she wouldn't tell anyone Chloe was alive. Esther gave her word that she'd do anything for her "Kate," and they hugged and exchanged words of love.

Chloe invited Esther to visit her and Bella in Portland, but Esther refused to let Chloe go when Esther had just gotten her daughter back. Chloe suggested that Esther go with her, but they had to leave right away. Chloe instructed Esther to pack quickly and meet her at the airport to try to get on the same flight, but there was something Chloe had to do first.

Later, at Crimson Lights, Kevin read a text message from Chloe, advising him that she'd gone to say goodbye to Delia before heading to the airport. Adam plopped down at Kevin's table and snarled that it was Kevin's turn to do his part. Adam demanded that Kevin hand over the information Adam needed to bury Nick and get his son back.

As Billy exited Society, he received a text message from an unknown party, asking him to go to Delia's grave. "Once was enough, Adam. No chance in hell," Billy typed back. The other party responded that it wasn't Adam and implored Billy to be there. In the cemetery, Billy stared in disbelief when Chloe appeared.

Chelsea breaks up Nick and Adam's fight

Chelsea breaks up Nick and Adam's fight

Friday, June 28, 2019

Nate met Ana at Devon's penthouse. Nate worried about how Devon would react to him being there, since Devon was still upset that Nate had sold Neil's condo. Ana mentioned that Devon had flipped out on her for making a music video without his approval, and it hadn't been the Devon they knew and loved. Nate thought they should let Devon figure things out on his own, but Ana argued that Devon was in denial. She asserted that the worst thing they could do was nothing at all, but Nate preferred to table the discussion for another day.

Devon returned home, and Ana declared that there was no time like the present. Ana told Devon that they wanted to talk to him, and he assumed that it was about his panic attack. "And Hilary," Nate added. Devon insisted that Hilary didn't have a grip over him, and he defended that he was allowed to miss his wife. Ana referred to his panic attack, and he maintained that it had been a result of Neil's dedication. Nate lectured that there was no shame in seeing a doctor, and the combination of medication and talking things through could help.

Devon figured that he'd make an appointment when he had time, and Ana urged him to make time. Devon dared her to tell him what else he was doing wrong with his life, and she referred to the various photos of Hilary in the penthouse. Devon asked if there was a time limit on grief, and Nate contended that part of grief was moving on and letting go. Devon snapped that it was happening to him, not them, so he got to decide how long he mourned for his wife and kid. Ana pointed out that it was more than just a few pictures, and she cited Hilary's perfume, clothes, and favorite blend of coffee still being in the house, like Devon was waiting for her to get home.

Nate added that Devon had a new woman in his life and that Devon couldn't look back and forward at the same time. Devon insisted that he was more than capable of managing a relationship with Elena and honoring Hilary at the same time. Ana thought he'd see he was in trouble if he stopped being stubborn. She wondered what would happen if he had another attack and no one was around to help because he'd pushed them all away. She muttered to forget it, since she couldn't help someone who didn't want to be helped.

Ana and Nate began to walk away, but Devon stopped them. Devon solemnly pulled a stack of DVDs out of a cabinet and explained that they contained episodes of GC Buzz that he sometimes watched because it made him feel like Hilary was still there. He admitted that watching the episodes had caused him to have panic attacks, but he couldn't help watching them because he wanted to see Hilary. Devon explained that the mementos reminded him of the tangible moments, and he felt like he would lose those moments if he gave up those things. Devon bemoaned that he'd never dance with Hilary or hear his dad laugh again.

Ana gently stated that the memories didn't live in the objects but in Devon's heart. Nate opined that Neil and Hilary would have wanted Devon to get out there and grab life the way they would have done. Nate added that there was a lot to live for right outside the door and inside the house if Devon made some room. Devon accepted that Hilary and Neil wouldn't ever be back, no matter how hard he wished for it. Ana proclaimed that their love had made Devon strong, and she implored him to take the strength they'd given him and clear a path through everything in his way.

Once alone, Devon began boxing up photos of Hilary. He gathered his piles of DVDs and packed them, as well, but he became emotional as he stared at the mementos and abruptly walked out.

At Delia's grave, Billy choked out Chloe's name, and she assured him that it was really her. He asked who had known she was alive, and she replied that a few people had. He begged her to tell him that Adam hadn't been one of them. Chloe remained silent, and Billy realized that she'd been the one who'd shot Adam. Chloe pointed out that Adam was the reason they were at the cemetery, and she requested Billy's help, since he was the only one she could trust.

Chloe begged Billy to help her, since she didn't have a lot of time. He asked what the rush was, and she explained that she needed to catch a flight back to Portland and Bella, but Kevin would be staying in town for a little while. Chloe added that Kevin had been good to her, and the new identity he'd created for her had allowed her to live a really great life -- until she'd learned Adam was alive. She tearfully shared that the life she and Kevin had built was important to her, but she hadn't been able to ignore the fact that Adam had just picked up where he'd left off and was walking around with a future.

Chloe lamented that Delia had deserved the same thing, and life was unfair because Adam had taken Delia away, yet he'd gotten a second chance. Chloe admitted that she'd taken matters into her own hands and shot Adam, but Billy pointed out that an old gambling rival had confessed to the shooting. Chloe revealed that Adam knew that she'd been the shooter, and he'd wanted to punish her himself, so he'd tracked her down and held her prisoner. Billy wondered why Adam had let her go, and Chloe replied that it had been because of Kevin.

Chloe told Billy that Kevin had to stick around because of something to do with Michael, but Billy sensed that she didn't believe it. Chloe suspected that Kevin had traded his freedom for hers and that Adam was using Kevin to do his bidding. Chloe asked Billy to keep an eye out and step in if Adam got Kevin tangled up in something nefarious. Billy growled that he'd take care of Adam right then, but Chloe warned that it would only make things worse.

Billy planned to go to the cops to report that Adam had held Chloe hostage, but Chloe warned that she'd be the one who would pay, since she'd be put away for trying to kill Adam. Billy thought the authorities would understand that she'd been grieving for Delia, but Chloe pleaded that Bella could never know what Chloe had done. Chloe insisted that she had to get far away from the temptation of trying to bury Adam once and for all. Chloe resolved to be the mother to Bella that she couldn't be to Delia. She understood that Billy was angry, but she stressed that she hadn't asked for his help to get revenge but to make sure Kevin got home to her and Bella. Chloe asked if she could count on Billy.

Billy agreed to back off, and Chloe hoped that the scales of justice would eventually balance it all out. Billy questioned where her justice was, and Chloe mentioned that she'd get to spend some time with her mom, who was going with her to Portland. Chloe thought she had it under control if Billy looked out for Kevin and took a hands-off approach with Adam. Billy murmured that she'd been through enough, and she felt the same way about him. They embraced, and he said he didn't want to let her go. They gazed at Delia's grave together for a moment, and he kissed her forehead and told her to take care of herself. He promised that he'd be in touch, and he departed.

At Society, Phyllis provided a shipping address to someone over the phone. Sharon overheard and noted that it was Dark Horse's address, and Phyllis announced that she was the new CEO. Phyllis told Sharon to feel free to congratulate her, and Sharon sourly congratulated Phyllis on planting her ladder to success in someone else's back. Phyllis testily asked what conspiracy theory Sharon's bored little brain was conjuring up. Sharon recalled that Adam hadn't intended to blow things up when he'd returned to town, but it had happened when he'd connected with Phyllis.

Sharon continued that Adam had started to put his life back together and had been rebuilding relationships until Phyllis had gone looking for someone to help her get payback. Phyllis scoffed at the idea that the Newman clan would be sitting around a campfire, singing "Kumbaya" if it hadn't been for her, but Sharon believed that Adam could have had everything he'd wanted in time. Phyllis imagined that Sharon had been right there to lend a helping hand, and Sharon confirmed that she was helping. Phyllis wondered what Rey thought about Sharon's belief that poor Adam could do no wrong.

Sharon insisted that there was nothing going on between her and Adam, and Phyllis said it almost sounded like Sharon believed it. Phyllis encouraged her to keep telling herself that, but Sharon refused to take advice from a woman who couldn't keep a man or a job. Phyllis countered that she was CEO of one of the biggest companies in town, but Sharon expected Phyllis to foul it up, just like Phyllis had with everything else in her life. Phyllis conceded that she wouldn't win any popularity contests, but people hating her meant she had nothing left to lose and all the power she'd ever need.

Phyllis revealed that she'd gotten that mindset from Sharon's secret heartthrob, and she imagined that it was hard for Sharon to love and fear Adam at the same time. Phyllis taunted that it was exciting for Sharon to be in the same room with Adam, only to have to drag herself back to her devoted detective, trying to forget the bad boy who made her feel so alive. Phyllis wished Sharon luck with that, and she sauntered off.

At Crimson Lights, Adam ordered Kevin to divulge his dirt on Nick, and Kevin demanded his freedom in return. Adam argued that he'd already satisfied his end of the deal by releasing Chloe, but Kevin insisted on having all his debts erased, considering what he'd dug up. Adam protested that he hadn't even seen Kevin's discovery yet, and he offered to talk once Kevin showed what he had. Kevin opened his laptop and displayed a video of Nick pulling off the latex mask that had allowed him to masquerade as J.T. Adam marveled that the video was just what he needed to kill the fantasy of Nick being the kinder, gentler Newman.

Adam commended Kevin for doing a "hell of a job," and he figured that if the video didn't work to win custody, Kevin would find something else. Kevin barked that he'd done what Adam had asked, so it was over. Adam taunted that it would never be over, since Kevin was too valuable to let go, and Kevin needed Adam. Adam noted that Phyllis had no idea that Kevin had been the one who'd kidnapped her and held her hostage, and he contemplated what she'd do if she learned the truth. Kevin stormed off.

Sharon entered the coffeehouse and spotted Adam, and she confirmed that it was fine for him to be there. She mentioned that she'd just run into Phyllis, who was elated because Adam had just hired her to be CEO of Nick's old company. Sharon complained about his hiring choice, and he argued that Phyllis had experience. Sharon dryly recognized that Phyllis had experience breaking rules and tanking corporations, and Adam suggested that they add Phyllis to the list of things they didn't talk about. Adam snapped that they should add him, too, since all he did was disappoint Sharon. He thought it was best if they stayed away from one another for a while, and he stalked off.

Later, Kevin jumped when Phyllis enthusiastically greeted him, and he stammered that it was good to see her. She observed that he looked like he'd seen a ghost, and he said he'd just been thinking. She remarked that it seemed like they'd just seen one another, and he feigned surprise that they hadn't run into one another sooner. She vaguely replied that she'd been indisposed, and she noted that he seemed agitated. He claimed that he had a lot on his plate and rushed off.

In the cemetery, Kevin joined Chloe, who cried that it was hard to say goodbye. Kevin urged her not to miss her flight, and he indicated that Esther was in the car and ready to go. Chloe wished that he could go with them, and he swore that all that mattered was that she was free. They exchanged declarations of love, and he promised that everything would work out. They hugged.

Billy entered the Abbott mansion and called out for Jack and Traci but received no response. He opened a drawer and pulled out a locked box. He used a key to open the box and retrieve a gun.

At Nick's house, Nick asked Rey how things had gone in Las Vegas. Rey reported that he'd spoken with Riza on the phone, but she'd been adamant that she was done answering questions. Nick wondered who else was still asking them. Rey speculated that Victor was, but Nick figured that it could be another enemy of Adam's. Rey relayed that Riza had made it perfectly clear that she'd moved on, and she'd suggested that they do the same. Nick grumbled that it was easy for her to say, since Adam wasn't trying to steal her son.

Nick fretted that time was running out, and he needed something to bury Adam. Nick thought Riza was the key, and he instructed Rey to go see her to see if she might be more willing in person to open up about Adam's past. Nick received a text message from Adam, summoning him to talk at Nick's old office.

At the cottage, Rey and Sharon cuddled on the couch with wine. She suggested that the two of them get away for a few days, since Faith was at camp. Rey reluctantly disclosed that Nick wanted him to follow up on some leads in Vegas, and Sharon bristled at the thought of him snooping on Adam. Rey hated that they disagreed every time Adam was mentioned, but he asserted that it was his job. Rey asked why she was so upset, and she claimed that she wanted him all to herself, so they needed to get away. He thought it sounded like she wanted to run away, but she purred that she loved him and wanted them to put them first.

Rey offered to call Nick, but Sharon insisted that Rey keep the trip as scheduled and that she join him. Sharon rubbed Rey's shoulders and cooed that they needed time away, with no distractions, to focus on one another. They kissed passionately, and he agreed that spending all his time working would be a real shame. She amorously suggested that they pack, starting with the clothes he was wearing. They kissed and started to undress.

Nick entered his former office and found it empty, but there was a computer cued up to play the video of him removing his J.T. mask. Adam appeared and crowed what a difference a day made, since it would have been a fair fight in court the day before, but it was game over. Adam ordered Nick to drop off Christian at Adam's place that night. Nick advanced toward Adam and hissed that Christian wasn't going anywhere. Adam retorted that it was too late, and Nick had lost. Adam suggested that they put an end to the ridiculous fight before someone got hurt.

Nick barked that Christian wasn't going anywhere except to sleep in his own bed under Nick's roof. Adam advised Nick against making the video a legal issue, but Nick informed him that the police already knew. Adam threatened to use the court of public opinion to get the word out on social media about a rich guy who'd tried to terrorize his father. Adam envisioned painting Nick as an unfit father with an undiagnosed mental condition. Adam considered it a convincing story, and Nick retorted that he was convinced it was time for Adam to go.

Adam recalled that he'd laid out his terms to get him to leave town, but Nick spat that he didn't negotiate with blackmailers, especially when the demand was to give up his son. Adam again clarified that Christian was Nick's nephew, and he felt it was important that the boy know the truth. Nick asserted that Christian knew who he was, just like Nick knew who Adam was -- a pathetic afterthought who'd never known where he belonged. Adam claimed that he was trying to save his child from the same fate, and he offered to send postcards from wherever he and Christian landed.

Nick recognized that Adam was hurting because Chelsea and Connor had moved on, but he refused to lose Christian. Adam argued that any court would agree that a child belonged with its biological father, but Nick bellowed that Adam didn't deserve custody of a houseplant. Adam was sure that Nick had been dying for a fight since Adam had gotten his memory back, and the men appeared ready to scuffle. "Stop this! Stop now!" Chelsea cried as she burst in.



Ashleigh Brewer Returns to The Bold and the Beautiful as Ivy
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