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Phyllis sold Dark Horse properties to Newman. Nick decided to revive New Hope. Adam revealed that Phyllis didn't own the Grand Phoenix. Billy found Delia's doll in his bed. Chelsea learned that Calvin had left her a huge inheritance. Victor called Jack for help during a health scare.
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Chelsea learned that Calvin had left her a huge inheritance
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Michael takes the upper hand Michael takes the upper hand

Monday, July 29, 2019

At Adam's penthouse, Adam told someone over the phone that he would need more of the photos the person had taken. Just after the call ended, Michael stopped by. Michael entered and warmly greeted Adam. Adam noted that Michael seem to be in a weirdly good mood for someone who'd been summoned by his blackmailer. Michael said he'd rather consider them to be equally matched adversaries.

Adam gave Michael a name and address and instructed him to pick up a package. Michael glanced at the address and said, "Oh, the P.I. who took the not-so-flattering photos of Judge Sanders." Michael explained that he couldn't carry out the task because the private investigator had left the country indefinitely. Michael added that he was the one who'd told the private investigator to leave because an extended vacation would help all parties. Adam insisted he needed the photos and hoped for Kevin and Chloe's sake that Michael had gotten them. Michael said that he'd gotten the negatives along with the photos and had destroyed them.

Adam became enraged and cried, "Those pictures were going to guarantee me custody of my son!" Michael warned Adam about the high stakes of blackmailing a judge and said he'd done Adam a favor. Michael added that if Adam went down, so would he. Michael noted that he'd be less valuable if his reputation was besmirched. Michael strongly cautioned Adam to refrain from clumsy attempts to blackmail judges.

Michael announced that he planned to take Adam up on his offer, though he wouldn't wait until the regular election. Michael announced that he would run for district attorney via a special election. Michael explained that serving as district attorney would be mutually beneficial. Before Michael stepped into the elevator, Adam warned that screwing with him would be a big mistake. Michael seemed unfazed by Adam's threat.

Chelsea searched for and found Nick at a barn with a stable and horses. Nick recalled that he'd once planned to build them a home there. Chelsea asked Nick if it had helped him to get away from everything. Nick said it had, though it didn't mean he'd given up on getting Christian back. Nick added that he'd needed to put some distance between himself and his brother. Nick said the only thing that had stopped him from attacking Adam was knowing that it could cost him Christian.

Chelsea took a deep breath of the country air and noted that the plot of land was peaceful. Nick explained that he'd offered to build Summer and Kyle a home there before they'd split up. Nick said perhaps it was the land of broken promises. Chelsea replied, "I don't know. I found what I was looking for today. A reminder of what's possible." Nick mentioned that Chelsea had once considered Genoa City home, as had Conner. Nick advised Chelsea not to let Adam dictate her life. Chelsea said she'd think over her options.

At Crimson Lights, Victoria told Billy she wished she could have consulted him before accepting Nick's request to care for Christian. Victoria added that Nick hoped he could convince the judge to reverse the decision. Billy said he was glad Christian had a safe place to stay. Victoria mentioned that Billy would be busy after Jack and Ashley had agreed to merge their two companies. Victoria acknowledged that Billy had been under a lot of stress, and she thanked him for stepping up to help her family.

In her office at Dark Horse, Phyllis told a man named Roger over the phone to "make it happen." Minutes later, Victoria arrived. Phyllis said, "You sure no one knows you're here?" Victoria noted that had the transactions gone through on time, they wouldn't have to meet. Phyllis replied, "Well, you can thank McNally for that." Victoria noted that most of the assets Phyllis had sold off had at one time belonged to Newman, where McNally had served as CFO. Phyllis replied, "Uh, [McNally] said he was afraid that my lack of experience might make someone take advantage of me. That is a typical man."

Victoria said she hoped McNally hadn't raised those concerns with Adam. Phyllis assured Victoria that all was well, especially since Adam was never around, and nobody ever wanted to talk to him. Victoria checked and noted that the sale had been completed. Phyllis said it was Victoria's turn to hold up her side of the agreement. Victoria explained that she was doing it for Nick and hadn't yet contacted him to let him know she'd been transferring ownership of his properties back to him. Phyllis said she'd like to tell Nick herself. Victoria told Phyllis she could, wished her good luck, and advised Phyllis that she shouldn't expect her involvement to win Nick back. Phyllis replied, "Luck is for suckers."

At the Genoa City Athletic Club, Sharon stopped by Rey's suite. Sharon said, "I missed you last night." Rey replied, "I missed you, too." Sharon told Rey he'd been right when he'd told her not to get involved in Christian's case. Sharon added that the judge had placed Christian with Victoria. Sharon reminded Rey that he'd once told her he loved the way she'd offer to help people. Rey noted that Adam wasn't one of those people. Sharon replied, "You expect me to turn my back on a friend?" Rey told Sharon she should be honest and admit that Adam was much more than just a friend to her.

Sharon told Rey they'd have to agree to disagree. Sharon noted that when Rey looked at Adam, all he saw was a man with a rap sheet. Sharon added that when she saw Adam, she viewed him from a different perspective because she was aware of what had shaped him. Sharon noted that Adam's real name was Victor Newman Jr., though Adam had never known, while growing up, who his father was. Sharon explained that after Adam had found out, it had turned his world upside down. Rey replied, "You don't love Adam in spite of how screwed up he is. You love him because of it."

Sharon apologized to Rey for offering to help Adam by taking in Christian. Rey asked Sharon if she'd spent as much time thinking about him as she had thinking about Adam's tragic past. Rey added that most people who grew up without a father didn't become sociopaths. After Rey equated Sharon's relationship to Adam to the relationships Rey had observed between felons and their spellbound wives and lovers, Sharon insisted she felt only pity and not love for Adam. Sharon accused Rey of taking his anger at Mia out on her.

Rey told Sharon that what he felt was frustration and fear because he was scared for Sharon. Rey cried that he was powerless to save Sharon from Adam. Rey warned Sharon that she was defending a man who was dragging her down. Sharon insisted that she loved Rey. Rey said Sharon was using him to hide her feelings for Adam. Ray said he refused to act as Sharon's safety net. Rey cried, "It's over, Sharon. We're done."

At Lola's apartment, Kyle moved back in after Lola's mother had hastily moved out after learning she'd been kept in the dark. Kyle supported Lola's decision not to tell her mother about the accident and the transplant. Lola noted that her mother would never agree that not telling her had been the right thing to do. Lola added that Rey would appreciate knowing that Kyle had his back. Kyle replied, "Got a lot of respect for the guy."

Lola recalled how Rey had tortured Kyle. Kyle said Rey had been looking after his little sister, the same way he'd looked after Sharon. Kyle added that Rey wasn't afraid to stand up for what he believed was right. Lola phoned her mom and left a message. Kyle offered to phone Lola's mom and noted that he was angry at Theo for having told Lola's mom about the past. Kyle noted that he wasn't proud of some of the things he'd done while living in New York.

Lola said she wasn't judging Kyle's lifestyle in New York. Lola added that she couldn't get over how intense his relationship with Summer had once been and how he'd spiraled out of control after Summer had broken up with him. Kyle admitted that he'd acted stupidly. Kyle insisted he'd grown up a lot since that time. Kyle encouraged Lola to make amends with her mother.

Sharon went to the patio at Crimson Lights and ran into Billy. Sharon asked about Christian. Billy said Christian was doing well, though he missed Nick. Sharon said she felt bad for Christian. Billy noted that trashing innocent lives was Adam's specialty. Sharon asked Billy if he was still having dreams about Delia, causing him anxiety and insomnia. Billy said he was. Sharon asked if Billy had considered finding a therapist. Billy said he had, though he'd rather talk to Sharon. Sharon said she had time because she and Rey had broken up.

Billy warned Sharon about Adam being poisonous and said, "The mere presence of him puts everybody on edge, and it just does a number on you." Billy explained that every night, he'd been having nightmares about trying to save Delia from Adam. Billy cried that in every dream, he was always too late to save Delia, just like the night he'd lost her. Billy said he was considering taking sleeping pills. Sharon warned that pills could be addictive. Victoria paused in the doorway when she saw Billy talking to Sharon. Victoria turned and walked away.

Phyllis ran into Michael at Crimson Lights. Phyllis brought up Michael having bailed on Nick just before the custody hearing. Michael claimed he'd had a conflict. Phyllis said that had Michael been present, the outcome would have been very different. Michael noted that Nick had chosen to go it alone, and it had backfired. Michael added that he'd never doubted that Adam wouldn't end up with Christian due to Adam's track record. Whispering, Phyllis said that Adam's arrogance had given her endless opportunities. Michael replied, "I'm absolutely certain that I don't want to know what you're talking about." Michael added that he steered as far away from Adam as humanly possible. Phyllis replied, "So you say."

Rey went to the bar at Society. Adam approached and ordered the same drink as Rey's. Adam said he hoped Rey and Sharon weren't having trouble. Adam added that he'd thanked Sharon for allowing him to submit her name to the judge but had never thanked Rey, though he trusted that Rey would have made Christian feel safe. Rey replied, "We both know that's not why you asked."

Rey accused Adam of using his son to suck Sharon deeper into his sick little world. Adam patted Rey's arm and claimed he was sorry he'd caused trouble between Rey and Sharon. Adam said Sharon had been a much better friend to him than he deserved. Rey agreed. Adam said that eventually, Sharon would be with him. Rey stood up and said, "Maybe sooner than you think."

Back at home, Nick greeted a man named Mr. Tulane. The man asked Nick to call him Daryl. Daryl said he was an attorney and had stopped by to talk to Chelsea Boudreaux. Nick asked what it was about. Daryl said he had good news for Chelsea. Chelsea entered the room and greeted Daryl. Daryl said, "I'm about to make you a very rich woman." Chelsea looked stunned.

Billy spins out after taking Victoria's pills Billy spins out after taking Victoria's pills

Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Billy carried Victoria to their bedroom, where they tumbled onto the bed, kissing. Victoria protested that she had a videoconference, and Billy amorously called her the boss and implored her to talk business to him. She recognized that things had been crazy and that they hadn't had a chance to talk, but she'd noticed that he hadn't been sleeping. He chalked it up to the same craziness she'd been referring to, but he thought things would be normal again if they grabbed moments like that one together. Victoria hoped that Billy would tell her if he wasn't okay.

Christian interrupted and cried that he'd called for his daddy, but no one had shown up. Victoria assured the boy that his daddy loved him and that she and Billy were there. Billy suggested that they call Nick to say goodnight. Victoria received a text message and said she had to go to the office, and Billy insisted that he had things covered there. After Victoria headed out, Billy remarked to Christian that it was just one of those nights where they missed the people they loved so bad that it hurt. Christian nodded in agreement, and Billy grabbed his phone.

At Nick's house, Daryl apologized to Nick and Chelsea for showing up unannounced, but he'd wanted to give Chelsea his condolences in person. Daryl lamented that Calvin had been struck down in his prime in a hotel room, and Chelsea called it a huge loss. Daryl commented that there was a sliver of joy, since Calvin had been a successful businessman, and he'd wanted to share his wealth with the people closest to his heart. Daryl announced that Calvin had left Chelsea a nest egg of five million dollars, and he wished Calvin could see the stunned look on her face. Chelsea sputtered that they'd had a prenup, and Daryl explained that the agreement had been a formality because of her colorful past. He added that Calvin had intended to look after Chelsea, so she was going to be a very rich woman.

Daryl mentioned that Calvin had set up a trust for "Kenny," but Chelsea corrected that her son's name was Connor. Daryl continued that it was for the boy's education, and he observed that she seemed surprised. Chelsea recounted that Calvin had said some things that had made it sound like he hadn't considered Connor to be family anymore. Daryl stated that the bequest said otherwise, since Calvin's love for her and her child would warm them on the cold, lonely days ahead, and all she had to do was sign. Chelsea worried that it felt wrong, and she imagined Calvin had other family somewhere. Daryl stressed that they hadn't made the cut.

In the foyer, Nick told Christian over the phone that he loved him and would see him soon, and he returned to the living room. Daryl explained to Chelsea that he'd been Calvin's oldest, dearest friend. Daryl contended that meeting Chelsea had given Calvin new life, no matter how brief it had lasted, and Calvin had wanted her to have complete independence. Daryl welcomed Chelsea to her new life and shook her hand as Nick looked on suspiciously. Nick asked if Chelsea was okay, and he apologized for needing to step away. She asked if Christian was all right, and Nick replied that the boy had drifted off at the end of their call.

Nick asked if Chelsea and Daryl needed more time, and she remarked that it was all happening very fast. Daryl mentioned that he had a flight to catch, but he could stay the night if needed, although he balked at staying in the same hotel where Calvin had died. Chelsea figured that Calvin had obviously cared about her and Connor if he'd left the trust and much more money than they'd agreed to in the prenup, and Daryl commented that there was no crime in any of it. Chelsea stared at the paperwork for a moment before signing it. Daryl told Chelsea to expect a wire transfer shortly, and she thanked him.

Daryl told Chelsea to look after herself if he didn't see her again, and he offered to show himself out. After Daryl left, Chelsea fretted that it didn't feel right, but she didn't know why, and she sensed that she was missing something. Nick suspected that her fight-or-flight instinct was trying to kick in, but Chelsea questioned who she'd run from, since she felt safe there for the most part. She wondered if she was freaking out at the idea of having five million dollars of her own. Nick noted that the cash windfall meant she could do "whatever the hell" she wanted, and that might seem scary.

Over the phone, Chelsea refused to get into specifics with Anita, but she assured her mother that Connor and Anita would always be taken care of. After Chelsea hung up, Nick guessed that Anita was happy, and Chelsea quipped that money was Anita's favorite family member. Nick noted that Chelsea had more than enough to really disappear if it was what she wanted to do. She swore that she wanted to stay right there, and she hugged him.

At Newman Enterprises, Nate showed Victor and Nikki the plateau Victor had reached a few weeks earlier and where he was then. Nate considered it very good news for that stage of the game, since the numbers indicated that the protocol was working. Nate thought the side effects Victor had experienced had been relatively mild, and he was ready to introduce another element to the treatment. Nikki questioned why they would change it if Victor was doing well. Victor assumed that they only had a brief window of time to beat the disease, and if they didn't take advantage of it, they might lose the chance.

Nikki inquired about what other side effects Victor might expect, and she wondered if it was worth it. Nate pointed out that Victor was clearly stronger than he had been a month earlier and that any medication could have side effects. Nate conceded that the new element could cause a wide range of unintended reactions, which could be more severe. Nikki worried that they didn't know what would happen, but Victor was adamant that he had to pursue the chance to beat the disease and "to hell" with the side effects. Nikki realized that there was nothing she could say to stop him, and Victor swore that they were it together, like they were with everything else. Nikki granted her blessing.

As Victoria arrived at Newman, she spoke on the phone with Billy, who informed her that Christian had fallen asleep after talking to his dad. Billy added that the kids had crashed, and he wanted to try to do the same. She promised to be quiet when she returned home, and they hung up. Victoria entered Victor's office, and Nikki revealed that Victor's numbers had improved. Victor announced that he was moving on with the next stage of treatment. He asked Victoria to keep the news under wraps and to keep doing what she'd been doing to protect the company and her nephew. Victoria replied that she'd just been following Victor's lead.

In private, Victoria surmised that Nikki didn't want Victor to undergo the new treatment. Nikki expressed concerns about the unknowns, but she was confident that Victor could handle anything. Nikki worried about how much Victoria had taken on between the company and Christian. Victoria griped that what Christian was going through because of Adam's ego wasn't right, and she relayed that Billy had just reported that the boy was doing fine. Nikki marveled that Billy had really done right by Victoria and the children, and Victoria gushed that she couldn't do any of it without Billy by her side.

Victoria figured that the situation was only temporary until Nick regained custody. Victoria pledged to be there for her parents, too, and she sympathized that it couldn't be easy for Nikki to always be on alert while looking out for Victor. Victoria admired that her parents were a team, and she hoped that she and Billy would be like that when they became grandparents. Nikki intended to stop by to spoil the kids and give Victoria a break.

Victoria was grateful that the children were young enough to be distracted with toys and games instead of surfing the Internet. Victoria contemplated what would happen if the kids saw the video of Nick posing as J.T. Victoria admitted that Nick had done a terrible thing, but he would always be a better person than Adam could ever dream of being. Nikki swore that Nick wouldn't have to go through anything alone.

Meanwhile, Billy tried to read in bed, but he was clearly agitated. He pulled out a bottle of Victoria's prescription medication from her nightstand drawer, popped a pill, popped another, and turned off the light. Later, Billy freaked out when he awakened in the Chancellor mansion. He raced to the window, and he panicked when he saw his car out front. He examined the wall with the torn wallpaper and saw that the message had been revised to read, "Stop Adam."

A frantic Victoria was making a call when Billy returned home. She thanked God and asked where he'd been, since the kids had been alone. She begged him to tell her what was going on, and he stammered that it was bad. Billy explained that he hadn't wanted her to worry, and he'd thought he could handle it if he got some sleep, but he didn't know what he'd been thinking. He admitted that he'd been talking to Sharon because he hadn't wanted to involve Victoria after the way he'd fallen apart when Delia had died. He confessed that he was scared that he was going to lose it, and he didn't know what to do.

Billy shared that he'd been hearing Delia's voice and laughter even when he was awake, but in his dreams, she needed him. He recalled dreaming about seeing "Daddy" written on a piece of furniture and then finding it at the Chancellor mansion, exactly the way he'd pictured. He mentioned Adam's name being written on the wall behind some wallpaper, and he hadn't been able to help but think that Delia needed him. Billy continued that he just wanted to sleep, but he couldn't because the dreams were messing with his head.

Victoria asked why Billy had needed to leave the house. He revealed that he'd taken one then two of her pills when he hadn't been able to sleep, and he'd woken up on the living room floor of the Chancellor mansion with his car out front. Billy added that he'd again looked at the message on the wall, and the message had been changed to "Stop Adam." Victoria reasoned that it had been dark, and Billy wailed that he didn't know what was happening. Victoria promised that they would get through it, and she comforted him.

At Society, Abby suggested to Lola that the special that night be placed on the menu permanently. Lola forlornly noted that it had been her mom's recipe, and she'd just put a twist on it. Abby inquired whether Lola had talked to her mother since Celeste had gone home to Miami, and Lola mentioned that she'd sent text messages and left voicemails. Lola thought that she only had herself to blame, but Abby argued that Lola had been unconscious and that Lola's brothers had had reasons not to upset their mother.

Abby griped that "psycho Mia" was to blame, but she was sure Mia still hadn't confessed to Celeste. Lola recognized that she hadn't contacted her mother after Lola had woken up and healed, and she reasoned that she'd decided to go through the worst without Celeste, so she had to go through the best times without her mom, too. Abby firmly stated that moms always showed up, but Lola accepted that her mom would be far away on her wedding day.

Later, Nate stopped by Society and informed Abby that Victor's lab results had looked good. He clarified that he'd gotten permission to tell her himself, and she hugged him and enthused that he was really good at what he did. Nate hesitated to brag. Abby teased that it hadn't bothered him before, but she was impressed and grateful. He suggested that they celebrate how amazing he was, and he wanted to plan something for them at his place. She couldn't wait to see what he had in mind.

Nate wanted to cook dinner for Abby, but she reminded him that she had a restaurant with very good takeout. He countered that it wasn't home cooking, and that was what he was offering. She seductively asked if it would get hot and steamy in the kitchen, and he replied that it depended on what was on the menu. They kissed passionately.

At his apartment, Kyle left a message for Celeste, hoping she'd call him back. He reminded her that the wedding was almost there and that Lola missed her. He acknowledged that he might not be the son-in-law Celeste had hoped for, but he begged her not to let Lola get married without her mother there.

Lola returned home and became alarmed by Kyle's sheepish expression. She spotted flowers and candles, but he claimed that elves or romantic ghosts had done it. She protested that he hadn't needed to do it, but he figured that there was still time for her to back out of the wedding, so he had to stay on top of his game. She swore that she wanted him, with or without flowers and candles, but he joked that he looked better in candlelight.

Lola recalled that it had been a big deal for Kyle to tell her everything he'd done, especially since they'd practically been opposites when they'd met. She fondly reflected back on minding her own business on her truck when a guy had ordered a sandwich, and all she asked was that he always be as honest with her as he had been the other night. They embraced, but he looked torn.

Kyle and Lola sipped wine, and she marveled that it was nice to see his stuff back in its place after her mom had sent them into a panic by pretending she hadn't known they'd been living together. Kyle thought Celeste knew what she wanted and how to get it, and he believed Lola had inherited that from her mom. Lola lamented that she couldn't figure out how to get what she wanted then, but she recognized that it wasn't his job to solve her problems. She asserted that the wedding was happening, no matter what, and she imagined the part that would be particularly great. Kyle deadpanned that it would be the llamas, but Lola refused to be upstaged on her wedding day.

Lola acknowledged that she didn't know anything about the wedding, but Kyle didn't know about her dress. He mentioned that she'd also surprise him with the honeymoon, since that was also part of their deal. Mortified, Lola asked if he was joking, and Kyle replied that he hadn't expected her to be so gullible. She wondered if they had a honeymoon or not, and he asked what she'd want to do on their first days and nights as man and wife. She envisioned being on a beach, fishing and cooking for him on the sand, then bundling up in a blanket to watch the waves and stars.

Kyle pulled out his phone and showed Lola some photos, and she called the location gorgeous. He chirped that it was a good thing he'd booked it, and she questioned whether he was teasing her again. He swore it was theirs, and she pushed for details about the wedding. He offered to exchange them for a picture of her wedding dress. They both happily refused to disclose any information, and they kissed.

Lola pressed to know what kind of flowers there would be, but Kyle pointed out that no one had said anything about flowers. She turned the topic to the tablecloths, and he claimed that it would be picnic-table seating with food trucks. Lola exclaimed that she actually loved the idea. Kyle jumped up to make changes to the venue, but she insisted that no one else leave before the wedding. She resolved to stop obsessing over her mother, but she'd never imagined that Celeste wouldn't be at her wedding. Kyle vowed to do whatever it took to give Lola the wedding of her dreams.

Phyllis loses the Grand Phoenix hotel to Adam Phyllis loses the Grand Phoenix hotel to Adam

Wednesday, July 31, 2019

by Nel

At Crimson Lights, Jack told Adam he was angry with Adam over Christian. Jack said that Nick had been the center of Christian's universe, and he belonged with Nick. Adam grumbled that Victoria hadn't rolled out the red carpet for him. Jack said he had a feeling that the judge hoped Adam and Nick would compromise themselves. He told Adam to step up and put Christian's needs first, or Adam had no right calling himself a father.

At home, concerned, Victoria noted that Billy had hardly slept. She wanted to help him and wished he had confided in her from the beginning. Billy said he hadn't wanted to dredge up the old pain. Victoria wanted to know why he'd gone to Sharon for help. Billy said he trusted Sharon, but Victoria's opinion was the only one that mattered. Victoria assured him that she would never think less of him. Billy said he was ashamed it had happened because he'd promised Victoria that he'd always take care of her and the kids, but he had let them down. Victoria felt he needed to see a professional. Billy said he'd given it serious consideration.

At Nick's, Rey and Nick discussed Christian. Nick asked if Rey had been able to find out if Chance had been involved in any criminal activity. Rey said no. He told Nick he wanted to quit his investigation into Adam's past. Rey felt that his life had become toxic. Nick realized the investigation had hit too close to home for Rey. They discussed Sharon. Rey claimed that Sharon, without realizing it, had been setting herself up for a reunion with Adam. Rey said he had pulled the plug on his relationship with Sharon, and he had moved out.

Rey told Nick that he'd had an encounter with Adam at Society. He said he hadn't told Adam that he and Sharon had spilt, yet Adam had sensed it and had taunted him by claiming that Sharon would run to him as soon as he raised his little finger. Rey said he needed a new job because he wouldn't allow himself to be consumed by that situation. Nick said he understood why Rey wanted out. They shook hands, and Rey left.

At Society, Michael and Christine discussed her resignation as D.A. Christine told Michael that she had considered bowing out prior to her news conference because she felt burned out. She had imagined herself sitting by a pool with a mojito in her hand. She claimed she couldn't wait for the elections. Michael asked why she was waiting for the elections. He reminded her that the mayor had tried to soil her reputation and that he would also be a candidate in the fall. Michael suggested that Christine call a special election and pass on the torch.

Christine realized that Michael wanted to be the next D.A. Michael advised her that he had been thinking about his future, and he wanted to give back to the community. He said that if Christine wanted to step down, he would be thrilled to step in. Christine wanted to think about it and said that she would get back to him.

Theo stopped by Dark Horse to talk to Phyllis about the launch party at the Grand Phoenix, but Phyllis was very distracted. She told him that she was on her way out to close a couple of deals that could change her life. Theo was miffed when Phyllis rushed out.

At Jabot, Jack and Kyle discussed the wedding. Kyle told Jack that he was concerned it wouldn't be Lola's dream wedding because Lola had been blaming herself for driving Celeste away and for Celeste saying that she wouldn't be attending their wedding. At that moment, Billy walked in and asked to speak privately with Jack. Kyle left.

Billy had started telling Jack about what had been happening to him when Phyllis barged into Jack's office. Jack and Billy protested and stated it was a private meeting, but Phyllis said she had a proposal that they would appreciate. Phyllis said she wanted to sell them all the Jabotique properties so that Jabot could own them outright. She assured them she was making the offer in good faith. She told Jack it was a boilerplate offer, and the price was a little above market value. Jack and Billy looked over the offer. Billy said it was a good deal, and Jack agreed. Jack and Billy were ecstatic.

After Phyllis left, Jack thanked Billy for his help with Phyllis' offer. He acknowledged that Billy wasn't on board with the merger with Ashley. Billy said there were a lot of problems, but he didn't want to spoil Jack's elation about owning Jabotique properties outright. Jack said it had been proven that forgiveness and reconciliation were possible. Billy said he would never get past his hatred for Adam. Jack asked if Billy and Adam had been locking horns. Billy said no, but losing Delia felt as strong at that moment as it had at the time of the accident, perhaps worse.

Jack claimed that Billy couldn't go on without sleep and with continuing bad dreams. Billy added that he was concerned with his sleep driving and waking up on his mother's living room floor. Jack agreed that it was dangerous. He asked what Billy intended to do about it. Billy informed Jack that Victoria and Sharon had advised him to see a therapist, but he didn't think it would make any difference because no matter what he learned about himself, Adam was alive and still there -- and Delia wasn't.

Jack reminded Billy that he had Victoria, Katie, and Johnny and that Billy had finally earned a place with his family. He said that Delia wouldn't want Billy to risk his family. She would want him to hold onto the happiness he'd found. Jack said he wanted to help, but Billy really needed to talk to a professional, someone trained to understand the despair Billy felt. Jack wanted Billy to make it all about himself and the people he loved, not about Adam.

At Crimson Lights, Rey told Paul he wanted to return to the force. Paul reminded Rey that he had given Rey an opportunity to prove himself, and Rey had failed. Rey claimed that Paul had put him into an impossible situation; he'd been caught between Mia and Paul. Paul said that Rey had chosen to deceive him. Rey asked for another chance. He told Paul that he and Sharon had broken up, and he needed to put some distance between them. He said he'd been through a lot with Sharon as well as his own family, and he needed to get back to being a cop and helping people. Paul agreed, provided Rey wouldn't go rogue and there wouldn't be any infractions. Rey promised not to disappoint.

Phyllis arrived at Nick's and told him that with the exception of the Grand Phoenix, Dark Horse had been divested of its assets to a shell corporation financed by Newman Enterprises. The properties were waiting to be transferred into Nick's hands. She told Nick that she and Victoria had teamed up to make that happen. Phyllis claimed she owed Nick, and she assured him she wanted nothing in return, just a clean slate. Nick was astounded that Phyllis and Victoria had worked together to return Dark Horse to him.

Phyllis told Nick that she loved taking Adam down a notch and making amends to Nick in the process. Nick said that he didn't want any animosity between them, and he agreed to start over. Phyllis was delighted. Nick said he was still badly hurt that Phyllis had betrayed him by exposing his finances to Adam. Phyllis said she had a lot of work to do to make amends, but for the moment, she would take the win.

Adam bumped into Victoria in Chancellor Park, and he accused her of undermining him. He said it had to stop. Adam claimed that she had ignored his calls about the court-ordered visitation. Adam said that Monique could supervise his visit if Victoria was too busy, but Victoria wanted to oversee Adam's visit, claiming that Christian would be more comfortable if she was present. She apologized, but she'd been swamped with work. Adam suggested that she stop playing around and make it happen. Victoria said she would review her calendar, and she left.

Adam received a call from Michael. He told Adam that the chances of replacing Christine as D.A. looked promising. He also added that he was making the best of a bad situation.

Later, Christine and Paul met in the park. She told Paul that she wanted to resign immediately and that Michael had offered to step in. She said that Michael was ready for the change, and she could walk away and live the life she wanted. Christine asked if Paul could work with Michael. Paul assured her that he could handle Michael and would support Christine's decision, but he cautioned her to be absolutely certain. They kissed.

Nick arrived at Newman. He asked Victoria about Christian, and Victoria said Christian was fine. Victoria mentioned that she'd met Adam at the park, and she had advised him that she couldn't commit to a visitation date. Nick stated that he'd had a surprising conversation with Phyllis. He asked Victoria why she hadn't told him about Dark Horse. He couldn't believe that Victoria and Phyllis had worked together. Victoria said that Phyllis had wanted to relay the news to him herself.

Victoria told Nick that she had been furious when Adam had taken the money she'd given him to relocate and had used it to steal Dark Horse from Nick instead -- and then had tried to use the company as leverage in an attempt to take Christian away from Nick. Victoria said she'd found a way to make it up to Nick, and he only needed to change the name of the company.

Nick told Victoria that he was extremely moved by what she and Phyllis had done, and he was beyond grateful; however, he hoped she wouldn't be offended if he only wanted to keep a few select properties from Dark Horse. He wanted Victoria to keep the rest. He said that he had taken some of those properties from Newman. He admitted that he had used some shady tactics that he wasn't proud of. He said those properties were where they belonged -- at Newman. He hoped Victoria and Nikki could use them to restore Newman's real estate division to its former glory. Victoria agreed.

Nick told Victoria he was going back to his quest to find himself before things spun out of control. Victoria said she wasn't sure what that meant. Nick told her she would see.

Kyle was angry when he arrived at Society at Theo's request. He asked Theo what part of "dead to me" Theo hadn't understood. Theo said he wasn't ready to throw their friendship away, and he wanted Kyle to reconsider. Kyle sensed a threat coming. Theo said that Kyle had cleaned up the mess after a certain incident that could have taken them down. Theo would always be grateful for that. They both knew which one it was, and Theo owed him for that. He always would. Kyle warned Theo not to hold it over his head. Theo said that what happened in New York stayed there -- then made sure he was right. Kyle warned Theo that things had better not change, and he left.

Phyllis arrived at Dark Horse and found Adam sitting behind her desk. He asked for an update on business. Phyllis informed him that he had a real estate company with no real estate. Adam said he wasn't an idiot. He said the transactions had been too large to go unnoticed. Phyllis gloated that Adam had no idea how she loved sticking it to him. Adam hoped she enjoyed her exhilaration in believing she had bested him. He told her that the profits still belonged to Dark Horse -- in other words, him.

Phyllis told Adam she hadn't done it to steal from him or fatten her bank account. She said she'd done it to right a wrong, but she didn't want to leave empty-handed. She said the Grand Phoenix on Lakeshore Drive was hers, and it had been acquired by Summertime Inc., which was controlled by her. Adam advised her to read the fine print on the deed. He told her that Summertime Inc. owned the hotel on Lakeshore Drive in Detroit, and it was set for demolition at the end of the month. He said that as soon as Phyllis had brought up that hotel, he'd known that she'd been planning something.

Adam said he loved what Phyllis had done with Grand Phoenix, and he loved the name because it reminded him of himself. To prove he was a good sport, he offered to let Phyllis keep the penthouse she'd designed. He said there were no hard feelings. Phyllis spat that he'd won, but she couldn't wait to wipe that smirk off his face.

Abby cools things off with Nate Abby cools things off with Nate

Thursday, August 1, 2019

Sharon ran into Mariah at Crimson Lights and mentioned that she'd been about to send a text message. Mariah hoped there wasn't an emergency, since she was supposed to meet Tessa. Mariah sensed that something was wrong, and she wondered if her mother had slept the night before. Sharon admitted that her life was a little upside down at that moment. Mariah got them both some coffee and implored Sharon to open up about what had rattled her.

Sharon confided that Rey had moved out the night before, and a shocked Mariah asked what had happened. Sharon cited irreconcilable differences, and Mariah surmised that it had to do with Adam. Mariah recounted that Sharon had vowed not to let Adam get between her and Rey, and Sharon swore that she'd kept her distance until Adam had approached her for help with getting custody of Christian. Mariah demanded to know how Sharon could turn her back on Nick like that.

Sharon asserted that Adam had the right to raise his son, but Mariah lectured that biology didn't make someone a parent. Mariah questioned what in the world Adam had done that made him a better father than Nick, and Sharon groaned that it was pointless because Mariah sounded like everyone else. Mariah advised Sharon to listen if people were telling her that she was doing something wrong. Sharon defended that the judge had ordered Christian to be placed with a third party, and she'd just been helping a friend when Adam had asked her to step in. Mariah wasn't surprised that Rey had walked out, since she would have done the same thing.

Sharon swore that she wasn't putting Adam's needs above Rey's or punishing Nick. Mariah recognized that Sharon just wanted to help. She warned that her mother couldn't save the world, and she thought Sharon had to learn how to say no. Mariah recalled their last mother-daughter confab, when Sharon had confided that she had unwanted feelings for Adam. Mariah inquired whether Sharon and Adam had gotten closer, but Sharon was adamant that she didn't want a relationship with Adam. Mariah observed that it hadn't looked that way when Sharon had gone running to Adam, putting her relationship with a great guy who loved her in jeopardy.

Mariah contended that Adam was capable of taking care of himself, so Sharon had to let him fight his own battles and deal with the consequences of his actions. Mariah hated seeing Sharon under Adam's spell, and she urged Sharon to cut herself loose before he dragged her down with him. Mariah stressed that she loved Sharon unconditionally, but it was getting really hard to stand by and watch Sharon make choices that also impacted Faith, Rey, and Mariah. Mariah asked Sharon to choose better by choosing love, and she thought Sharon just needed to have the courage to do the right thing. Mariah departed, and Sharon wiped away tears.

At Society, Nick met with a designer. She handed him a sketch and inquired whether it was close to what he wanted. He exclaimed that she'd surpassed his expectations, since it was exactly what he was looking for.

Across the dining room, Lola approached Tessa's table and jokingly wondered if Devon had put a clause in Tessa's contract that required her to eat at Society every day. Tessa pointed out that it was the only chance she got to see Lola, and they marveled at how far their careers had progressed since they'd first met. Tessa commented that she hadn't known life could be that good, and Lola asked what Tessa was celebrating, since Mariah had made a request to put Champagne on ice. Tessa hoped she wasn't forgetting an anniversary.

Mariah joined Tessa, who confessed that she'd been wracking her brain to figure out why Mariah had ordered Champagne. Mariah proclaimed that they had reason to celebrate, since Tessa's video had hit the major milestone of receiving one million "likes." Mariah handed a stunned Tessa a glass of Champagne and toasted to doing it, despite everyone telling them they couldn't. Tessa thanked Mariah for believing in her and taking a huge leap of faith by letting her be herself. Lola approached their table, and Mariah told her the good news. Tessa told them not to wake her up if she was dreaming, and Lola suggested that Tessa get used to it.

Mariah asked Lola how Rey was doing. Lola replied that he'd been fine when she'd last checked, but she worried that she'd missed something. Mariah reported that Rey had moved out of Sharon's, but she thought Lola should get the details from Rey. Lola protested that Rey and Sharon had been so happy, and Mariah confirmed that Sharon was very much in love with him. Lola was sure it was just a bump in the road, and the couple would get back on track.

After Lola stepped away, Mariah gushed about Tessa's talent, but Tessa countered that her success never would have happened without Mariah and Ana. Mariah credited Tessa with writing a beautiful song, but Tessa pointed out that she never would have written it if she hadn't been in love. They toasted to what was next, and Tessa had some ideas, but she needed the right inspiration. Mariah revealed that she'd received emails from some stars on the horizon who were interested in collaborating, and Tessa called it unreal. They smiled and sipped Champagne.

At the cottage, Sharon contemplated calling Rey when the doorbell rang. Lola apologized for stopping by without calling, but she'd heard about Rey from Mariah. Lola assumed that her brother had been a Neanderthal, but she was optimistic that Sharon and Rey could fix things. Sharon admitted that she was the one to blame for trying to support someone when she should have left well enough alone.

Lola guessed that the rift was about Adam. She understood if Sharon didn't want to talk to her about it, but she encouraged Sharon to talk to Rey because he loved her. Lola offered to knock some sense into him, but Sharon preferred that Lola focus on enjoying the moments leading up to her wedding. Sharon urged Lola to revel in her happiness and not to let anything spoil the magic.

At Nate's house, Abby gushed that whatever Nate was cooking smelled heavenly, and she peered into the garbage can. He informed her that she wouldn't find any takeout containers, since he'd made the meal on his own. She admitted that she hadn't eaten since breakfast, and he told her to close her eyes. Nate lifted a spoon to her lips, and Abby was impressed that he'd made it. He called himself a man of many talents, and she pointed out that he was a doctor who was easy on eyes, was good with his hands, and could cook. She remarked that he was what people used to call a keeper.

After dinner, Abby provided an enthusiastic foodie review, and she cooed that it had left the diner wanting more. She asked if Nate had gone to culinary school before he'd gotten his medical degree, and he revealed that he'd learned to cook on his own because he liked a challenge. She assumed there was dessert, and they kissed. He inquired whether she'd ever seen a meteor shower, and she replied that she hadn't. He described it as tons of shooting stars, and she imagined all the wishes she could make.

Nate mentioned that he had vacation time, and he wanted to get out of the city and see miles of open sky, perhaps at the Grand Canyon. Abby commented that it sounded nice, and Nate responded that it would be nicer if she went with him. He noted that she had been running Society single-handedly for months, and he thought she deserved a break. She countered that she got one every night when she went home, and she anticipated that going away would only stress her out. Nate joked that a doctor was prescribing it, but Abby flatly said she was sorry.

Nate swore that he didn't want to pressure Abby, but he thought they had something special. Abby reiterated that she wasn't ready for a commitment, but Nate pointed out that she'd invited him to a family dinner. She snapped that he was her father's personal physician, and she hadn't expected Nate to make a big deal out of it. Abby clarified that there would be no romantic trips because they were just getting to know one another, and she didn't want him to make more out of it than it was. She abruptly stated that she had to get back to Society, and she thanked him for dinner, pecked him on the lips, and said she'd see him around. A bewildered Nate watched her leave.

At Society's bar, Lola wondered why Abby wasn't on her dinner date with "Dr. Handsome." Abby griped about people having to slap labels on everything, and she stressed that it had just been a dinner. Lola asked if the two were going to have "dinner" again, but Abby replied that it wasn't meant to be. Abby turned the topic to whether Lola had heard from Celeste, and Lola worried that her mom still hadn't returned her calls or text messages. Abby suspected that Celeste wouldn't stay away when her baby was getting married, and Lola questioned why relationships had to get so complicated. Abby wished she knew the answer.

Elena and Devon arrived home, and she worried about whether Jett would be okay. Devon pointed out that Ana had stayed behind and that she wouldn't leave Jett's side. Elena lamented that she missed them already, but she noticed that Devon was trying to hide something behind a chair. He pulled out a gift bag, and she pleaded with him to show her what it was. Devon playfully refused to reveal the bag's contents, and Elena threatened to give him her sad face. She pouted dramatically, but he didn't buy it.

Elena suggested that she go back outside to give Devon a chance to hide the "beautiful bag of love," and she could show him her excited face. He told her to show it to him then, and she obliged. He figured that she'd earned it, and he explained that he'd found the gift at a boutique and had had it sent over. Elena discovered a book titled The Bluest Eye, and he recalled that she'd told him that Toni Morrison was her favorite author. A stunned Elena recounted that it had only been part of a side story she'd told months earlier.

Devon showed Elena that it was an autographed first edition, and she called it the most thoughtful gift anyone had ever given her. They kissed, and she wondered what she'd done to deserve him. He felt the same way about her, and they kissed again. She pulled away and protested that he couldn't kiss her like that when she had to go to work, but she urged him to wait up for her so she could show him just how grateful she was. She realized that they were empty nesters for the first time, and she imagined that could be fun. Elena headed upstairs to get ready for work, and Devon answered a call from Nick, who wanted to discuss a business proposition. Devon invited him to stop by.

Later, Nick arrived at Devon's penthouse and explained that some of Dark Horse's properties had fallen back into his lap. Devon remarked that sometimes life took something away only to give it back unexpectedly. Nick declared that he wanted to live a life he could be proud of where he could touch people, and Devon replied that Neil had taught him the same lesson. Nick asserted that the most important things to give were love and hope. He pulled out a logo for New Hope.

Devon remembered that New Hope had been an affordable housing complex that had fallen by the wayside when Nick had lost Dark Horse. Nick indicated his desire to regain the project's momentum and provide a place for everyone to call home. Devon asked where he could sign up, since it was exactly what Hamilton-Winters was all about, and he thought Neil would have been very proud to be part of it. Nick suggested that they include Neil's name to memorialize it.

Devon marveled that it had been the last thing he'd expected when Nick had called. Nick was determined to put good back into the universe, since he'd been focused on his own life for too long, and he was sick of being angry. Devon sympathized about the outcome of the custody hearing, and Nick pledged to be a father that Christian could look up to and to give his son the home he deserved. Devon encouraged Nick to keep putting good things into the world, since good stuff would happen to him in return.

Devon walked Nick out, and they ran into Nate in the corridor. Devon invited Nate in, and Nate bemoaned that his date had turned into an unmitigated disaster. Nate shared that everything had started out great, but as soon as he'd tried to get close, Abby had been out the door. Devon theorized that maybe she was dealing with something she wasn't talking about, and he advised Nate to give her time and space. Nate guessed that Devon had become a relationship guru because things were going great with Elena, and Devon shared that he'd never thought he would be that happy again.

Elena returned home, clearly shaken, and Devon asked what was wrong. Nate surmised that something had happened at work, and Devon hugged Elena as she cried. Elena explained that she'd responded to a call about an accident at a construction site, where a welder had fallen four stories. She recounted that he'd been conscious and talking when she'd arrived on the scene, and he'd grabbed her hand and begged her not to let him die because he had a family. She'd promised that they'd do the best they could, but he'd gone into cardiac arres and had been gone by the time they'd arrived at the hospital.

Devon assured Elena that she'd done her best, and Nate regretted that sometimes it didn't matter what they did. Elena remained inconsolable because she'd failed, and the worker was dead. Nate told Elena that she couldn't beat herself up over it. He acknowledged that it was sad and hard, but she had to find the strength within herself to move on. She wished that there had been more she could have done.

Nate warned that if Elena didn't find a way to rise above the sorrow, the darkness would overtake her, and she would be no good to anyone, including herself. Elena asked how he coped, and Nate shared that he cooked, traveled, and listened to music to find a balance. She confided that she sometimes felt that she wasn't cut out for it. He assured her that she was, and the world needed more people like her. She thanked him for saying exactly what she'd needed to hear. Devon looked on as they hugged.

Nate told Elena to contact him if she needed to talk after a rough shift, and he departed. Devon took Elena's hand and asked what he could do for her, and she softly replied that he was already doing it. Meanwhile, Nate received a text message from Abby, saying it had been a great dinner, but she wanted to leave it at that "for now."

At home, Nick called Victoria and asked to speak with Christian. Nick laughed and joked with the boy over the phone, and he said he was proud of his son for being good for his aunt and uncle. Nick couldn't wait to see him the next day, and he swore that he missed Christian every minute. Nick froze when Christian asked when he could go home. Nick admitted that he didn't know, but he hoped it would be soon. Nick struggled to maintain his composure as he said he loved Christian as big as the sky.

Sharon strolled through the park and ran into Nick, who was out for a jog. She imagined that she was the last person he wanted to see, and she apologized for what had happened. He coolly called it a temporary problem, and she recognized that he was angry with her for showing up with Adam. Nick confirmed that he was completely fed up, but she protested that he wasn't looking at it the right way. He flatly stated that she'd supported and coached Adam, and she defended that she'd been worried about Christian and that she'd spent more quality time with the boy than Victoria had.

Nick ordered Sharon to stay out of his way if she was going to take Adam's side, since Nick was forging a positive path in life and wouldn't stoop to Adam's level. Nick added that he'd seen the way Adam manipulated Sharon, and he knew what it was costing her. Nick shared that Rey had been able to tell that Adam was a liability after meeting him once, and all the years Sharon had spent in Adam's orbit should have taught her something -- if she let Adam under her skin, she was the only one who would get hurt.

Sharon insisted that she didn't need protecting, but Nick figured that they all did. She asserted that she would be the first to know if she was in any real danger, but Adam wasn't a monster just because Nick didn't like the choices Adam had made. Nick spat that Sharon's choices had been indefensible, and she'd eventually have to decide whether she was going to be on Adam's side or everyone else's. He jogged off.

Jack helps Victor during a health scare Jack helps Victor during a health scare

Friday, August 2, 2019

At home, Nick hung up from a phone call with Rey as Summer entered the room. Nick had thought she'd already left for work, and she explained that she'd wanted to give him and Chelsea some privacy. Summer wondered if Chelsea was the reason he was in a good mood. He replied that there were a lot of reasons, but the biggest one was that he was on his way to see Christian. Nick also intended to concentrate on the good things in life and be grateful for them. Summer inquired whether those things included reconnecting with Chelsea.

Nick noted that Summer didn't sound like she was on board. Summer explained that she didn't want to see him get hurt again, and she'd made sure Chelsea knew that; however, she was okay with whatever was putting the smile on his face. He cited another reason -- he had teamed up with Devon to revive New Hope. Nick planned to focus his energy on his recently acquired properties, but Summer pointed out that he'd gotten out of real estate. Nick realized that Phyllis hadn't told her daughter that she'd been working quite an interesting agenda. Summer sighed.

At Newman Enterprises, Adam tried to brush past Victor in the corridor, and Victor guessed that Adam was there to see Victoria about Christian. Victor allowed Adam into the CEO's office and recalled the big plans he'd had for Adam. Adam snapped that he wasn't in the mood to hear about all the ways he'd disappointed his father, but Victor reiterated that he'd envisioned Adam behind that desk, running the family business. Adam griped that nothing was free with Victor, and Victor questioned whether Adam was incapable of accepting a simple kindness.

Victor suggested that Adam use the judge's ruling as an opportunity to build a bridge with Nick and to earn his way into Christian's life. Adam huffed that his blood ran through the boy's veins, and he refused to jump through Nick's hoops to win time with his own kid. Adam was uncertain of how sick Victor really was, but he hoped Victor held on to see him win, since it was what he intended to do. Victor wished him luck. "Enjoy the show, Pops," Adam quipped as he sauntered out.

At Crimson Lights, Sharon approached Victoria and asked if she'd gotten Christian's dinosaur book, and Victoria reported that Nick had given it to her. Sharon hesitantly inquired how Christian was doing, and Victoria replied that he was okay but missed Nick. Sharon clarified that she believed the boy belonged with Nick, even though she thought Adam deserved something, too. Victoria changed the topic by thanking Sharon for talking to Billy, and a surprised Sharon replied that she'd been happy to be there for him. Victoria indicated that Billy had taken Sharon's advice and was seeing a therapist to talk through his feelings about Delia.

Victoria mentioned that she'd seen Sharon and Billy talking the other day, and it had seemed intense. Victoria added that Billy had later told her that Sharon had been giving him advice about Delia and Adam, and Sharon reasoned that sometimes it was easier to talk to someone who wasn't intimately involved. Victoria understood that Billy had needed to talk to someone, and she thanked Sharon because it was important that he was getting help. Sharon stepped away.

Adam burst into the coffeehouse and confronted Victoria. She said she had a lot on her plate, and he accused her of ducking him to avoid giving him time with Christian. She defended that it would take time to figure out the logistics, since Christian had to keep to a routine to give him stability. Adam hissed that he would never give up. "We'll see," she replied.

Adam warned that Victoria was disobeying the judge's orders by stonewalling him. He noted that she'd enjoyed playing dirty lately, and he mentioned her hooking up with Phyllis to play games with Dark Horse's assets. He claimed that he'd known the whole time, but he'd let them have fun because the sales had put a lot of cash in his pocket. Adam told Victoria to savor the win but not to get used to it, since she wouldn't win the battle over Christian, and her excuse about having a routine was transparent. Victoria invited him to take his complaint to the judge because it would prove how little he cared about Christian. Adam swore that Victoria couldn't keep Christian away from him.

Victoria left, and Sharon approached Adam about his heated exchange with his sister. He groused that Victoria was creating stories to keep him away from Christian, but Sharon pointed out that kids had busy schedules. He thought it sounded like Sharon had switched sides, but she stated that she was on Christian's side. Adam muttered that following the rules didn't seem to be getting him anywhere, and he contemplated telling Christian that he was the boy's father the next time they saw one another. Sharon vehemently objected.

Sharon didn't think that lying to Christian was viable long-term, but she warned that it would be a huge mistake for Adam to confuse the boy. Sharon anticipated that it would prove to everyone that Adam was only out for himself, and she urged him to let Christian get to know him. Adam admired that Sharon knew how to read him and could always talk him down. She was glad that she'd gotten through his thick skull.

Adam asked how Sharon and Rey were doing, and she claimed that they couldn't be better. Adam divulged that he'd spoken with Rey a couple of days earlier, and it had sounded like things couldn't be worse. Adam had thought he and Sharon trusted one another enough to be honest, and he missed that. He recognized that she wouldn't always be there to talk him down or help him relieve his pent-up frustration, and he guessed that a walk in the park would have to do. He headed out.

In Chancellor Park, Christian jumped into Nick's arms, and Nick swore that he'd been thinking about the boy since they'd gotten off the phone. Christian exclaimed that he'd gotten new toys, and Nick wanted to see them. Nick told Victoria that he'd expected Christian to be angry or sad, but the boy seemed to be doing well, thanks to her. Victoria mentioned that she'd had a run-in with Adam earlier, and she'd told him they had very busy schedules. Nick bet that Adam had seen right through it, and Victoria crowed that she had a long list of excuses lined up. She pledged that Adam would see Christian as little as possible while she was the tot's guardian.

Later, Nick regretted that his time with Christian was up, but Christian insisted that they continue to play. Victoria brightly stated that the boy would have fun with Monique, but Christian wanted to go home. Nick wished that they could go home, too, and he presented Christian with matching tablets so they could have video calls. Adam appeared next to Victoria and hissed, "So much for Christian's busy schedule."

Adam filmed Nick and Christian's interaction on his phone, and Victoria ordered him to stop. Adam insisted on documenting that Victoria was giving Nick preferential treatment. Nick confronted Adam, but Victoria warned them not to cause a scene. She quickly packed up Christian's things and led the boy away. Nick stopped Adam from leaving and snarled that they weren't done yet.

Adam claimed that he didn't want to get into another fight, but he wanted to know if Christian was okay. Nick doubted that Adam cared, but Adam contended that they both wanted what was best for Christian. Nick reported that the boy missed Nick and his home, and Adam spat that it was because Nick wasn't letting Christian get to know his real father. Nick swore that he was trying to stay positive, even though Adam was always in his head. Adam implied that Nick was tormented because he knew that lying to Christian was cruel and selfish.

Nick questioned whether Adam honestly thought Nick would give his son away to a sociopath, and he believed it was just a game to Adam. Adam vowed to never stop fighting for his son, and Nick ominously stated that Adam had left him no choice. Nick promised to make it his mission in life to take Adam down by taking away everything that had ever mattered to him until he had nothing left. Adam grinned and doubted that Nick had it in him. Adam recognized that Nick had intimidated Victor with the J.T. mask, but he considered himself to be a more formidable foe than their dad, and he welcomed Nick to play the game. "At least now it'll be a fair fight," Adam taunted, and he walked away.

Jack warmly greeted Phyllis at Society and thanked her for the real estate deal with the Jaboutiques. He was sure that Adam hadn't been thrilled about it, and Phyllis assured him that she was handling Adam. Jack expected the deal to work out well for Jabot, but she recalled that Billy had been the one who'd initially seen potential with the boutiques. She asked where Billy was.

Later, at Dark Horse, Summer entered Phyllis' office and announced that she knew that Phyllis had sold a bunch of Dark Horse properties to Victoria to make them available to Nick. Phyllis figured that she'd just been making a deal that had benefited Dark Horse, but Summer clucked that false humility wasn't her mom's forte. Summer questioned whether Phyllis expected everything to be forgiven, and Phyllis recognized that it clearly wasn't going to happen. Phyllis conceded that Summer had made her point, since Phyllis was a phony, and she curtly thanked Summer for stopping by. Phyllis was taken aback when Summer abruptly hugged her.

A happily confused Phyllis didn't understand because she'd thought Summer was mad at her. Summer explained that she'd needed her mother to know that she'd seen right through her, and she wondered why Phyllis had needed to manipulate the situation instead of just revealing the good thing she'd done for Nick. Phyllis owned the fact that she was a drama queen, and Summer expressed her appreciation for the lengths Phyllis had gone to impress her. They hugged again.

Jack acted as though his eyes were playing tricks on him when Victor arrived at Jabot. Victor mentioned that he was looking for his granddaughter, and Jack reported that Summer was on her way in. Victor prepared to wait because he had something important to discuss with her, and he mocked how cramped the waiting area looked compared to Newman's. Jack found an odd comfort in knowing that Victor would never change. Victor chuckled and asked, "Why the hell would I?"

Summer arrived at Jabot, and Victor informed her that he had something to discuss with her. Jack invited them to use his office, and Victor remarked that miracles never ceased. Victor and Summer stepped inside, and he said he owed her an apology. He disclosed that he'd been dealing with a rare, aggressive blood disease for a while, and she looked crushed. He asserted that he'd fought for everything in his life, and he would fight "like hell" then.

Summer hugged Victor and professed her love, and she inquired about the disease. He explained that it killed red blood cells and that he'd had several rounds of treatment, but he was still getting adjusted to his new medication. Summer whimpered that she just wanted him to be okay, since he needed to be around for a long time. He promised her that he would be okay, and they hugged again.

Victor walked through the parking garage and reached his car, but he suddenly became woozy and out of breath. Victor called Nate and weakly left a voicemail about having a problem. He leaned against his car door and dialed Jack, who was surprised by the call. Victor begged him to go to the garage, and Jack hurried out.

Jack helped Victor back upstairs to Jabot, where Victor sank into a chair in Jack's office. Victor apologetically explained that he was on new medication, and he wasn't used to the side effects. Jack commented that it happened to the best of them, and he remarked that it was a medical minefield once they got on the other side of 50. Nate arrived, and Jack headed to the door to give them privacy. Victor thanked Jack and shook his hand.

Jack hovered in the corridor, and Summer returned to retrieve her phone. Jack fibbed that the janitor was in his office, and he offered to stop by with her phone later. Meanwhile, Nate reported that Victor's symptoms had caused low blood pressure, and he recommended that Victor monitor his pressure for the next week at home and report back. Nate added that Victor might need to make some lifestyle changes, like using a driver full-time. Victor reiterated that he'd been fighting all his life, and he was going to fight the disease and win.

At a therapist's office, a therapist told Billy to take his time because she was there to listen and help if she could. Billy asked if she could give him back his daughter, since that was the only thing that would help. The therapist encouraged him to elaborate about what had happened with his daughter. Billy agreed to tell her exactly what had happened, but it wouldn't matter because Delia was gone, and the man who'd taken her wasn't going anywhere.

The therapist observed that Billy's grief was evident, and she sympathized that it wasn't easy to open up about something personal, especially when he'd kept it inside for a long time. She prompted him to describe what he was feeling at that moment, and she urged him to summon the strength inside of him to tell her why he was there that day. Billy admitted that he couldn't sleep, but he quickly corrected that he didn't want to sleep because he would dream about his daughter, who'd been killed in a car accident. He recounted exactly how many years, months, and days it had been since Delia had died.

The therapist acknowledged that few things were as painful as losing a child. Billy remembered when he'd once had dreams about Delia laughing and smiling, but his recent dreams had been disturbing and surreal. The therapist asked if he'd gone through any counseling when Delia had first passed away, and Billy explained that he'd dealt with his grief in many ways, but the pain had never disappeared. He added that he'd thought he'd had it under control, but he hadn't expected the man who'd killed Delia to return to town, and he'd experienced a blinding, all-consuming rage ever since.

The therapist urged Billy to talk more about the person he blamed for Delia's death, but Billy flatly stated that Adam had killed his daughter. Billy recounted that everyone had thought Adam had changed when he'd returned to town, but Adam was the same "bastard" that he'd been when he'd run over a little girl. Billy shared that he dreamed as much about Adam as he did about Delia; he felt like she wanted Billy to save her from Adam, but Billy couldn't. The therapist stressed that Delia had been killed in an accident, but Billy snarled that Adam had run her over, driven away, and done everything in his power not to get caught.

Billy admitted that he'd gone over the "what ifs" a million times, but it wouldn't get her back. The therapist pointed out that his hatred for Adam wouldn't do it, either, and she asked if Billy truly believed that he wanted to work through his grief. She suggested that he was holding onto the grief to keep Delia alive in his mind and justify his hate for Adam over what had been a devastating but perhaps blameless accident. The therapist indicated that she asked hard questions in the hope of uncovering hard truths, and the answers could lie in the middle of right and wrong.

Billy growled that he had no mercy for Adam, and the therapist asked how Billy felt about himself. Billy wasn't sure if he was worthy of mercy, either, and he imagined that he and Adam would both bounce around purgatory for the rest of their lives. Billy admitted that he felt like he would be dishonoring Delia and her memory if he let go of the guilt, and the therapist asked if he thought Delia would want him to let hate eat him up inside. He said no, but it wasn't enough.

The therapist announced that their time was up, but she was encouraged by the session. Billy told her not to underestimate how much he didn't want to be there, since it had taken a lot of persuasion from multiple people to make him go. She noted that it sounded like people cared, and one measure of success was for Billy to care about himself as much as his friends and family did. Billy questioned whether she thought he didn't like himself because of what had happened, and she assigned it as homework for the following week. He declared the assignment done, since he liked himself but hated Adam. The therapist suggested that he mull the question over before the next session.

Billy returned home and went to the bedroom. He found Delia's doll underneath his pillow.



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