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Adam told Christian that he was the boy's father. Sharon witnessed Nick punching Adam. Sharon and Adam had sex. Adam reported Nick's assault on him to the police. Chelsea allowed Connor to see Adam. Fights broke out at Kyle and Lola's bachelor/bachelorette party.
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Fights broke out at Kyle and Lola's bachelor/bachelorette party
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Christian learns Adam is his dad

Christian learns Adam is his dad

Monday, August 5, 2019

At Adam's penthouse, Phyllis showed up and demanded that Adam sell her the Grand Phoenix Hotel for ten million dollars, which was twenty percent more than the best offer. Phyllis added that she would pay in installments until her company was up and running. Adam replied, "Fifteen million -- cash, up-front." Phyllis balked. Adam noted that the extra five million had been tacked on because Phyllis had attempted to steal the property from him. Phyllis continued to bargain with Adam. He refused to waver, and he cut Phyllis off from further negotiations by noting that he had a busy day.

After Phyllis summoned the elevator, the doors opened. Phyllis was surprised to see Michael step out. Phyllis asked Michael if he had a meeting with Devon. Michael said he'd stopped by to see Adam. Phyllis expected more of an explanation, but Michael refused to elaborate due to confidentiality. Phyllis stepped into the elevator and glared at Michael until the doors closed.

After Michael entered the penthouse, Adam thanked him for filing a petition with the court. Adam picked up a soccer ball from a gift bag packed with toys and began tossing and catching it. Adam told Michael that Victoria could no longer prevent him from seeing his son. Michael asked when the visitation would take place. Adam replied, "Well, would you believe today?"

Michael's facial expression communicated his feelings of concern. Sounding frustrated, Michael explained that he'd done his job, which was why he was an asset. Adam informed Michael that in order for Kevin to live in peace with his family, Michael would continue being his lawyer until he stepped in as the new DA. Changing his tone, Adam sincerely thanked Michael for arranging a visit with Christian. Michael dropped a copy of the court order on a table and forced himself to say, "You're welcome."

At Society, Theo told Kyle he was planning to throw Kyle a bachelor party. Kyle replied, "Get real. There's no way you could think I'd want you involved in any part in this wedding, let alone that." Kyle blamed Theo for Celeste leaving town. Theo defended himself for having told Celeste about Lola's transplant. Kyle grew more irate and accused Theo of purposely ruining the relationship with Celeste by dredging up stories of Kyle's past. Theo replied, "I was there, man. Of course, I didn't tell her everything."

Kyle complained that Celeste might not attend her daughter's wedding. Theo blew off the seriousness of his offenses and said that what had happened was in the past. Phyllis interrupted, greeted Kyle, and said he was likely busy making plans for the big day, oblivious of everyone he'd left in his wake. Kyle insisted that he and Summer were on good terms. Phyllis, angry, recalled that she'd been the one who'd comforted her crying daughter after Kyle had broken off their relationship. Phyllis assured Kyle that Summer was resilient and strong in ways he would never be. As Phyllis walked away, she ordered Theo to join her at a table on the opposite side of the dining room.

Theo and Phyllis discussed plans to promote the launch of the new hotel. Theo claimed he'd created such a buzz of excitement that people were clamoring for an invitation. After Theo showed Phyllis a graph of the elevated rise in traffic on social-media platforms, she said, "This is impressive." Theo flattered Phyllis by stating that he'd modeled his skills after hers, citing numerous interviews detailing her well-known success. Theo added that, like Phyllis, he hadn't been handed success at birth and had had to work to earn it, unlike Kyle and the rest of the elite.

Phyllis said she would go along with Theo as long as he successfully promoted the Grand Phoenix. Phyllis added that Theo's relationship with Summer was a different story altogether. Theo said he and Summer were just having fun without expecting a rest-of-their-lives scenario. Theo added that Summer would be fine because she was as feisty and capable as her mother. Phyllis noted that even feisty women could choose bad men.

Phyllis recalled that Summer had fallen hard for Kyle, even agreeing to give up a piece of herself to keep him. Kyle, Theo recalled, had become livid after learning that he'd informed Lola's mother about the transplant. Phyllis said she didn't want to hear anyone claim that Lola had inspired Kyle to become a different person. Theo seemed to connect with Phyllis when she veered off the main subject and said, "It's like that story you tell about yourself when you don't want to deal with the truth of who you really are."

Theo changed the subject away from Kyle entirely. Theo noted that Phyllis would be making a lot of money for Adam and little for herself. Phyllis agreed that Adam would be reaping the rewards of all her hard work. Phyllis leaned in close and added that the next thing on her agenda would be looking out for herself. Phyllis' statement appeared to draw Theo in, leaving him mesmerized.

Kyle met up with Mariah on the patio at Crimson Lights. Mariah picked up on Kyle's moodiness immediately. He told her about what had transpired between Theo and Celeste, which, he explained, had upset Celeste so much that she'd decided not to attend the wedding. Mariah was taken aback by Kyle's report that Theo had even gotten "inside Lola's head with that stuff" he'd brought up from the past. Kyle added that Theo wanted to throw him a bachelor party. Mariah asked Kyle what was going on with Theo. Kyle explained that Theo was mourning the loss of his party buddy. Kyle added that he had zero interest in the type of party Theo would host.

Kyle told Mariah he was ready to elope. Mariah nixed Kyle's suggestion of elopement and advised him not to let a joker like Theo get to him. After Kyle mentioned his encounter with Phyllis, Mariah told him to forget it because he deserved to be happy. Mariah reminded Kyle that Summer, despite knowing he was in love with Lola, had taken advantage of him. Mariah added that Kyle's life had changed for the better after being with Lola. Mariah excitedly announced that she'd throw a huge coed party for Kyle and Lola. Kyle laughed and said, "I love it."

At Nick's house, Chelsea told Nick she was struggling to wrap her head around all the zeroes in the five million dollars she'd received from Calvin's estate. Nick replied that Chelsea should be relieved to have the money. Chelsea expressed concern for how it might appear to others after she married an older man who'd died and left her millions. Nick tried to put Chelsea's concerns to rest by recalling that an autopsy had concluded that Calvin had died from a heart attack. Chelsea admitted she still felt uncomfortable being judged by her checkered past.

Chelsea mentioned how much she'd enjoyed turning her love of fashion into designing, though she felt she'd burned too many bridges and couldn't manage without having Chloe by her side. Nick advised Chelsea to take her time because her sudden windfall could open a number of choice opportunities. Chelsea insisted she'd never return to her old ways of conning people. The conversation was interrupted when Adam phoned Nick.

Adam told Nick that he'd been granted a visit with Christian and would inform the boy that he was Christian's biological father. Nick warned Adam not to say a word, but Adam hung up. Nick left an urgent message for Christian's nanny, Monique, explaining what was about to take place. Nick also told Chelsea what was going on. As Nick walked toward the door, he said he would enlist Monique's assistance to keep Christian away from Adam. Chelsea warned Nick that in addition to defying a judge's order, he'd be playing into Adam's hands.

At the park, Adam clutched a soccer ball as he awaited Christian's arrival. Billy approached, scowling. Billy stopped inches from Adam's face and said, "You better stop what the hell you're doing." Adam said he had no idea what Billy was talking about. Billy accused Adam of breaking into Victoria's house or, like Victor, perhaps hiring someone to do it for him. Adam suggested that Billy should be more concerned about the lack of security at Victoria's.

Billy refused to back down and yelled, "Stay away from me and leave me alone!" Billy cried that someone with a sick mind had left Delia's doll on his pillow. Adam insisted that he'd never, for any reason, do anything like that to Billy. Adam asked Billy to leave before Christian arrived for a visit. Billy told Adam to treasure every moment he had with his son.

Billy was about to drown his sorrows with a drink at the bar at Society when Chelsea happened by. Billy welcomed Chelsea's company and expressed condolences on the loss of her husband. Chelsea explained that due to unknown heart issues, Calvin's death had been quick and painless. Billy replied, "Go to sleep one night and not wake up the next morning. We should all be so lucky." Chelsea raised her brow in response to Billy's worrisome response and said, "That's one way to look at it, I suppose."

Chelsea announced that she'd be staying in Genoa City because she had friends in town. Billy noted that Chelsea was living with Nick. Chelsea corrected Billy and explained that she was staying at Nick's. Billy brazenly asked Chelsea how much money she'd inherited from Calvin. Billy immediately apologized and explained that he'd had a lousy day. Billy said he was grateful Chelsea had chosen to stay with Nick and not allow Adam to draw her back in. Chelsea recalled that Adam had expected her to pick up where they'd left off.

Billy mentioned Nick and Adam's battle over Christian. Chelsea said Adam had attempted to strike a deal to drop his custody battle if she and Connor agreed to move in with him. Chelsea noted that it had taken years for her to help Connor deal with the loss of his father and learn to thrive. Chelsea said she wasn't certain she should even tell Connor that Adam was alive. Billy said they both knew how far Adam could go, even when there was child involved.

Chelsea surmised that Billy was hiding something, and she insisted he tell her what was going on. Billy explained that Adam's return had stirred memories of Delia, causing him to have vivid dreams. Billy told Chelsea about finding Delia's doll on his pillow and asked if she thought Adam had placed it there. Chelsea insisted that Adam couldn't have because it was a line Adam would never cross. Billy replied, "Just because you've changed, Chelsea, it doesn't mean he has."

Exhausted and frustrated, Billy went home. Billy sat on the edge of the bed and seemed apprehensive. Billy stretched out on his bed atop the comforter. After a few minutes, Billy glanced over at the nightstand, where Delia's doll was sitting upright, leaning against a lamp. Billy took a deep breath. Attempting to take control, Billy grabbed the doll and tossed it beneath the nightstand.

Nick rushed in the front door at Crimson Lights and frantically searched for Monique. Nick spotted Michael sitting alone in a booth, rushed toward him, and said, "My son's life may be getting blown apart right now because of you. I hope it was worth it." Michael attempted to defend his actions, but Nick interrupted and cried that Adam was about to tell Christian that he was Christian's father. Michael claimed that the outcome wouldn't have been better had his conflict of interest been revealed in court. Michael mentioned that he'd advised Nick to hire another attorney, but Nick cried that his friend had betrayed him. Nick asked Michael if Adam was holding something serious over him. Michael quickly collected his papers and said he had an appointment. Nick replied, "What he is about to do an innocent child, to my son, is on you."

When Christian arrived with Monique, Adam knelt down and told the boy he was glad to see him. Christian moved closer to Monique, resting his head against her side. When Adam showed Christian the soccer ball, Monique encouraged him to play and assured him she'd stay close by. As Adam and Christian kicked the ball to and fro, Adam explained that his dad had taught him about soccer, though at the time, he hadn't known that his teacher had actually been his dad.

Christian warmed up to Adam as the two practiced soccer kicks and exchanged high-fives. Adam asked Christian if he remembered Connor. Christian nodded that he did. Adam explained that the reason Christian had felt a close bond with Connor was because they were brothers. Nick arrived and overheard Adam add, "Because I'm Conner's dad, and I'm you're real daddy, too." Nick watched as Christian eagerly embraced Adam when he stretched out his arms.

Adam and Sharon have sex

Adam and Sharon have sex

Tuesday, August 6, 2019

At Kyle and Lola's apartment, Kyle told Lola that Mariah was throwing a joint bachelor/bachelorette party for them, and Lola halfheartedly replied that it was great. Kyle sensed that she was upset because her mom wouldn't be there, and he offered to cancel it. Lola insisted that they deserved to celebrate, and she refused to let her mother take any more joy out of the experience.

At Crimson Lights, Kyle and Lola ran into Nate, who inquired about his former patient's health. Lola gushed that she could never thank Nate enough, but he recognized that it had taken more than him for her to get a second chance. Nate chalked it up to love and support from family and friends, and he advised her not to take it for granted.

Later, on the coffeehouse patio, Theo reminded Kyle that he was still waiting for a list of names for the bachelor party, since Phyllis had yanked Kyle away earlier. Theo noted that Phyllis wasn't a fan of Kyle's after what he'd done to Summer, and Kyle replied that Summer had moved on. Theo countered that Phyllis seemed like the type to hold a grudge and double down when it was time for payback. Kyle warned Theo not to put any crazy ideas in her dead. Theo claimed that he was just messing with Kyle, who wasn't amused.

Theo again requested the list, but Kyle reiterated that he didn't want Theo throwing him a party after Theo had driven Celeste away from the wedding. Theo defended that he'd only answered her questions, but Kyle snapped that Theo was "full of crap." Theo questioned whether they'd never be friends again, and Kyle repeated that he'd changed. Theo teased that no one was buying Kyle's squeaky-clean act, including Celeste and Phyllis. Kyle demanded to know what Theo had told Phyllis. Theo swore that he still had Kyle's back, despite Kyle being a total jerk. "Keep your mouth shut about New York," Kyle growled.

At Jabot, Lola stepped off the elevator and ran into Summer, who mentioned that Kyle wasn't in yet. Lola clarified that she was there to see Summer, since Mariah was throwing Lola and Kyle a party. Summer cut her off and promised to make sure she was on the other side of town to avoid a repeat of Lola's bridal shower. Summer was stunned when Lola invited her to the party.

Summer claimed that she was booked solid for weeks, and Lola acknowledged that the invitation sounded weird. Summer admitted that it felt like a setup, and she wondered why Lola wanted her there. Lola revealed that she'd been reminded that day how lucky she was that Summer had agreed to be her donor, and she would be forever grateful to Summer for saving her life. Lola wanted to put the bad blood behind them, starting with Summer attending the party. Summer reasoned that part of her liver would be there, anyway, so she might as well go.

Later, Summer was glad when Theo stopped by Jabot, and she informed him that the latest numbers were through the roof. He asked if she'd seen Kyle, who was a hot mess. Theo insinuated that Kyle was afraid that Lola would find out something that would make her dump him, and he thought Lola had to be pretty judgmental if Kyle felt that way. Summer defended that Lola wasn't that bad, and she mentioned that Lola had just invited her to the couple's bachelor/bachelorette party. Summer thought it would be more fun with a date, and Theo considered it the perfect opportunity for him and Kyle to clear the air.

In Chancellor Park, Nick interrupted Adam and Christian's time together. Christian ran into Nick's arms, and Adam protested that they'd been in the middle of something. Nick sternly stated that he'd heard, and he asked Christian if his uncle had been telling funny jokes. Christian mentioned that Adam had called himself the boy's dad, and Adam confirmed that it hadn't been a joke. Nick instructed Monique to take Christian to get some cookies, but Adam objected because it was his time with Christian. Nick declared that Adam's time was up.

Adam argued that his court-appointed visit was for the whole day, but Nick lectured that Christian needed a break from the heat and sun. Nick suggested that Christian go to the coffeehouse with Monique, and he assured the boy that they would meet there later. Meanwhile, Adam sent a text message. Nick packed up Christian's things, and Monique led the tot away. "Bye, Daddy!" Christian chirped. "Bye, son," Nick and Adam answered simultaneously.

At Crimson Lights, Mariah filled Sharon in about her plans for a Miami-themed party for Lola. Mariah dubbed it the "final fiesta," and she insisted that Sharon attend. Sharon imagined that it would be nice to celebrate two people being in love and a good way to ease back into the social scene. Sharon received a message from Adam, urgently asking for her help with Christian in the park.

Meanwhile, a furious Nick asked "what the hell" Adam had been thinking, and Adam asserted that Christian needed to know his real father. Nick wondered whether Adam was that clueless about the effect the revelation would have on a little kid or if he just didn't "give a damn." Adam stressed that he loved the boy, but Nick accused him of being so eager to get back at Nick that he was willing to hurt Christian in the process. Adam contended that he and Christian had been having a great time until Nick had spoiled the fun, but Nick pointed out that Adam's statement could be seriously traumatizing. Adam countered that he hadn't been the one who'd caused a scene, and he'd restrained himself when Nick had been completely out of line.

Adam intended to keep telling Christian the truth every chance he got. Nick spat that Adam was treating Christian like another possession, but Adam asserted that nothing would change that Christian was his son. Adam appreciated that Nick had stepped up to take care of Christian when Adam hadn't been around, but he maintained that the boy deserved to be raised by his real father. Nick huffed that blood didn't make a real parent, and Adam taunted that Nick was a hapless puppy who'd been easy to outsmart, since everyone had known the truth about Christian before Nick had. Adam added that even Chelsea had lied about it, yet Nick had taken her back because he was everyone's doormat.

Nick figured that relationships were complex, but Adam wouldn't know because not a single person gave "a damn" about him. Adam anticipated celebrating winning custody alone, while Nick would cry on the shoulders of his loved ones when Adam cut Christian out of Nick's life. Nick suddenly punched Adam, who fell to the ground. Sharon stumbled upon them as Nick struck Adam again, and she tried to intervene as Nick yelled for Adam to get up.

Nick was appalled that Sharon was apparently taking Adam's side. Nick snarled that Adam had gotten a taste of how far that puppy dog would go if Adam kept messing with Christian, and he stalked off. Adam thanked Sharon, who insisted on examining his bloodied face. Adam commented that he was glad Christian had left before Nick had lost it, and Sharon acknowledged that neither Adam nor Nick would do anything to hurt the little boy.

Mariah stopped by Devon's penthouse, and Devon assumed that she was there for advice about Power Communications. Mariah wondered if he would let her rent out the Athletic Club rooftop for a party for Kyle and Lola, since she needed the perfect venue for a Miami theme. Devon was sure they could work something out, and he enthused that Lola's cooking video had been great. He implied that Mariah should be working on a follow-up, but she intended to wait until the couple got back from their honeymoon. Mariah intended to focus on making sure nothing went wrong at the party.

Devon commended Mariah for doing an amazing job at work. Just then, Elena arrived home. Devon kissed Elena hello, and Mariah prepared to leave. Elena swore that there was no need to rush off, since she had to shower. Elena headed upstairs, and Mariah observed that it seemed like things were going very well for the couple. Devon informed her that he and Elena were officially living together, and Mariah happily hugged him.

At Society, Tessa jotted down some notes at the bar, and Abby requested that she take some chips and guacamole over to some customers. Tessa squealed in excitement as she contemplated using "Lola Guacamola" in the lyrics of her latest song. Tessa divulged that it was a special number for Kyle and Lola's bachelor/bachelorette party, and Abby haughtily questioned when it had turned into a coed event with goofy songs. Abby scowled when Tessa informed her that Mariah was planning it.

Later, Abby confronted Tessa about whose idea it had been to have Mariah throw Lola's bachelorette party, and she frowned upon the idea of a joint celebration. Tessa reported that the bride and groom were all for it, and Nate approached as Tessa returned to work. Nate mentioned that he was picking up takeout, but he could be persuaded to stay. Abby ranted that she'd been supportive, available, and respectful as a maid of honor, yet she'd gotten relegated to being a guest at a party she should be throwing. She added that she needed a date for the stupid coed party, so she'd let Nate know when the event was. Nate was taken aback.

Mariah dropped by Society to give Tessa a party-planning update, and she asked if Tessa had finished her song. Abby overheard and referred to it as the song for the celebration, and she complained that she should have been consulted. Mariah apologetically explained that Kyle had been freaking out over Theo trying to plan a party, so she'd offered to take over. Abby muttered that Mariah had certainly done that, and Mariah swore that she hadn't meant to step on any toes and that she was open to ideas.

Abby snapped that it sounded like Mariah had it all covered, and she sauntered off. Mariah worried that she'd ticked off the maid of honor, and if Abby didn't blow everything up, someone else might. Mariah told Tessa that she'd invited Sharon, but she'd left out the detail that the party was coed. Tessa realized that Sharon didn't know Rey would be there, and Mariah hoped that a giant party to celebrate love and romance was what they needed to get them back together.

Kyle entered Society's kitchen to see how Lola was doing, and she replied that she was doing surprisingly well. She explained that she was in a good mood because of a conversation she'd had with Summer, who she'd invited to the party. Lola proclaimed that she wanted to put the bad stuff behind them, and she wanted her and Kyle to promise one another that they wouldn't let anything ruin what they had. He promised and held her close, but he looked worried.

At Devon's place, Elena moaned in pleasure as Devon rubbed her feet. He cooed that it was just the pregame, and she inquired when kickoff was. The doorbell interrupted their kiss, and she hoped whoever it was went away. Devon remembered telling Nate it was okay to stop by, and Elena insisted that it was good with her. Devon let Nate in, but Nate stopped short when he saw Elena and asked if it was bad timing. Elena swore that it wasn't when the food Nate had with him smelled that good, and she went to grab some beers.

Devon observed that Nate seemed down, and Nate confided that he was confused, since Abby had been sending mixed signals. Nate shared that she'd asked him to a party one minute and blown him off the next, and Devon theorized that Abby was just being cautious after being burned before. Nate felt like he was wasting his time, but Elena piped up that Abby wouldn't have asked him to be her date if she wasn't interested. Elena advised Nate to be patient, since Abby was bound to realize what a great guy he was.

Nick joined Christian and Monique at Crimson Lights, and he pulled the nanny aside. Monique apologized for what had happened, but Nick recognized that no one had been able to control what Adam had said. Nick added that he was trying to follow the rules, but he had needed to make sure Christian was okay. Nick asked Christian if Adam saying he was Christian's daddy had upset the boy. Christian adamantly replied that Nick was his daddy, and Nick swore that he would always protect Christian. Nick pulled the boy close and professed his love. "l love you, too, Daddy," Christian responded.

Over the phone at Nick's place, Chelsea told Connor that she missed him. She tearfully explained that she wasn't sure when she'd be able to see him, but she promised that they'd be together again once she got some things straightened out.

Nick returned home, and Chelsea iced his hand. Nick lamented that he'd blown it by falling for Adam's setup, and Chelsea urged him to get control of his emotions. Nick groused that Adam already had the ammunition to prove that Nick was violent, since Adam had made sure the one person on his side would show up. Chelsea guessed that Sharon had witnessed the altercation, and Nick bemoaned that Adam couldn't have planned it any better. Nick admitted that part of him didn't regret giving his brother what he'd deserved.

Nick griped that he'd known from the second he'd found out that Adam was alive that Adam would go after Nick's son. Chelsea informed Nick that she'd spoken with Connor, who wanted to be with her, but she'd made excuses because she couldn't fathom the thought of telling him that Adam was alive. Nick pointed out that they had something Adam had never had -- they were a team, and the four of them together were stronger than Adam. Chelsea asked if it was enough to beat Adam, and Nick was confident that it was. Chelsea called Anita and announced that it was time to take Connor home.

Sharon drove Adam home, and she worried that his cut might need stitches. He wrote it off as just a scratch, but she lectured that he didn't have to pretend for her sake, since he had to be in pain. He swore that he would be okay, and he pushed her to go. She was determined to find a first-aid kit, and he directed her to the upstairs bathroom. She led him to the couch and told him not to move.

As Sharon tended to Adam's cuts, she wondered why Nick had gone off on him like that. Adam chalked it up to Nick not being able to stand seeing him with Christian. Adam recounted that Nick had accused him of traumatizing the boy; however, he had never hurt his son, and he invited Sharon to ask Monique about what had happened. Sharon believed Adam, and she cited the blinding rage Nick had experienced since the custody battle had started. Sharon noted that Adam hadn't fought back, and he reasoned that there was too much at stake, since Nick could have used it against him.

Sharon asked if that was what Adam had planned to do to Nick, but Adam claimed that he just wanted to rest and think about the special time he'd shared with his son that day. Adam fondly looked back at teaching Christian soccer moves, and Sharon mused that there was no better feeling than seeing one's child succeed. Adam recalled that one of his few good childhood memories of Victor was playing soccer together, even though he hadn't known Victor was his dad at the time. Sharon surmised that the day had pushed some buttons for Adam, but he swore that it had been in a good way.

Adam envisioned not having to hide who he was once he won custody, and his son wouldn't have to suffer like he had. Sharon again pushed to know how a happy bonding visit had turned into Nick punching Adam, and Adam claimed that Nick had freaked out when he'd seen Adam and Christian having a good time. Adam anticipated that Nick had filled the child's head with lies, and he requested Sharon's help to regain his son's trust. She warned him to carefully consider his next move before he retaliated, but he thought that Nick should be held accountable. Sharon cautioned that hurting Nick might result in Adam hurting himself, and she didn't want to see Adam more hurt than he already had been.

Adam noticed that Sharon had some of his blood on her hand. He said he was sorry that he'd dragged her into it, and he reflected back on all the times she'd rescued him. Adam recognized that it wasn't fair of him to turn to her every time he needed someone, but Sharon assured him that she wouldn't be there if she didn't want to be. She asserted that she didn't need him, Nick, or anyone else telling her what to do. Adam hesitated to put her in the middle again, since she was too important to him, and he needed her. "I know," Sharon replied, and he leaned in close and asked if she really knew how much he needed her. He kissed her, and she responded.

Upstairs, Adam held Sharon up against a wall as they kissed passionately. They pulled back and stared at one another for a moment before he tore off her dress and threw her on the bed. They began to make love.

Nikki plays hardball with Phyllis

Nikki plays hardball with Phyllis

Wednesday, August 7, 2019

by Nel

At his penthouse, Adam called the police to report an assault.

At Crimson Lights, Phyllis was on the phone with Devon. She had been trying to sell the hotel to him, but Devon informed her that he had recently undertaken a new project and had to pass on her offer. Disappointed, Phyllis crossed Devon's name off her list of potential buyers. The only name remaining was Nick's.

At the door at Crimson Lights, Billy told Rey that Rey had given up on Sharon too soon because Billy knew how much Rey loved Sharon. Billy also knew that Sharon hadn't been pining over Adam. After Billy left, Rey received a call from the police department. He needed to investigate an assault on Adam. At the end of the call, Rey muttered that he wanted to shake the assailant's hand.

At Nick's, Chelsea told Nick that Anita and Connor would arrive the next day. Chelsea fretted about telling Connor that his father was alive, but she had to tell Connor about Adam because Connor might overhear something, or Adam might just show up unannounced. Nick asked what would be the worst-case scenario. Chelsea said that Connor would choose to live with Adam. Nick said that Connor was old enough that he would understand, but Christian had been ripped away from his family, and Adam had told Christian that he was Christian's father. Nick wanted to make sure that Connor felt secure and loved.

Nick invited Chelsea to join him and Nikki for lunch, but Chelsea chose to stay home.

After Nick left, Phyllis arrived and asked Chelsea if it wasn't time for Chelsea to head south. Chelsea informed Phyllis that she'd heard that Phyllis had sold all the properties from Dark Horse. Phyllis claimed it had been the best thing she'd ever done. Chelsea wondered why Phyllis was there.

Phyllis claimed that Chelsea had accused her of working for Adam to hurt Nick, but she explained that all the properties that Nick had in his portfolio had been put there by her. Sarcastically, Phyllis added that Nick's portfolio was all Chelsea the gold digger would need. Chelsea informed Phyllis that she didn't want or need Nick's money. Phyllis asked how much Chelsea had raked in after Calvin's death. Chelsea called Phyllis pathetic and told her that Calvin had loved her and that he had accepted her for who she was, scars and all. She asked if anyone could say the same about Phyllis. Chagrinned, Phyllis asked Chelsea to tell Nick that she had stopped by. Phyllis left.

At the Chancellor mansion, Billy received a text message from Victoria about watching Spiderman with the kids. Billy wrote back claiming he was swamped at work and would give anything to be with them. Billy then moved a plant away from a wall and peeled back the paper. He saw the words "Stop Adam." Billy told Delia to start talking. He said he remembered Delia sliding down the bannister, and from time to time, he could still hear her voice. He recalled how she'd played and laughed there, and it still felt as if she was there.

Agitated, Billy told Delia to tell him what she needed. He yelled for Delia to tell him something. He assured her that there was nothing she couldn't tell him. He continued to pace and suddenly shouted, "Delia it's Daddy, just tell me what you need me to do."

Billy dozed off on the couch. He dreamed about frantically searching for Delia. He heard Delia cry "Daddy, I'm so cold!" Billy woke up and mumbled that it had been a dream, and everything would be the same as before. At that moment, Billy received another text from Victoria; "Spiderman's got nothing on you. We miss our favorite superhero. Almost finished?" Billy wrote back; "Finally making progress. Miss you guys too." He looked at the wall and saw the words "Stop Adam Now." Billy told Delia that her message had been received loud and clear.

Nick met Nikki at Society. He told her what had happened with Adam. Nikki claimed that Adam had provoked Nick into hitting him in order to use it against Nick in court. Nick said that Sharon had arrived in time to see him hit Adam. He said that Sharon saw Adam as someone she could save, but she wasn't equipped to deal with someone that manipulative. Nikki was miffed that Adam had used Victoria's money to take Dark Horse from Nick and begin a custody suit. She said that Victor had been caught off guard with all the subterfuge. She added that people like Phyllis were in it for the money.

Nick told Nikki that Phyllis had been trying to make amends by undoing some of the damage she had done. She had agreed to sell the Dark Horse properties to Victoria, who would then give them to him. Nikki was certain there had to be a catch and asked what had been in it for Phyllis. Nick said Phyllis had only asked for a clean slate.

Nick informed Nikki that Anita and Connor would arrive the next day. Nikki asked if Adam was aware. Nick said he wasn't. Nick said that Chelsea missed her son and had chosen to stay with Nick. He would keep them safe. Nikki was concerned about Adam encountering Connor. She told Nick that Victor would be happy that Connor would be so close. Nikki updated Nick on Victor's condition and said he was doing well with the new treatment, but Nick's situation with Adam tortured him. Nick said he would invite Victor to play soccer with the boys. Nikki said Victor would love that.

Nikki was on the phone with Victor when Phyllis arrived and asked to speak to Nick in private. When Nick and Phyllis walked away, Nikki told Victor she would update him later because the floor show was about to begin.

At another table, Phyllis told Nick about an opportunity that would work with his money and her expertise. Incredulous, Nick asked if Phyllis wanted to partner with him. Phyllis claimed they had been a good team, and she tried to secure a loan from Nick. Nick told her that it wasn't in the realm of possibilities. He informed her that he had turned down the portfolio with the exception of a few properties. He was certain that Phyllis would find a backer, and he left.

Phyllis was at the bar when Nikki approached her. Nikki thanked Phyllis for what she'd done for Nick. Phyllis said that Nick had refused the portfolio and commented that she wasn't happy that Victor had been the one to benefit. Nikki said it was good for the soul when one redeemed themselves. Phyllis lamented that she needed capital and asked if Nikki would be interested in a great opportunity. Nikki said she wasn't, but she was certain that Phyllis would think of something -- she always did.

Rey arrived at Adam's penthouse and commented about the cut on Adam's face. Adam wasn't happy to see Rey and asked for someone else to take his statement. He refused Rey entry into the penthouse. Rey asked Adam where the assault had taken place. Adam told him at Chancellor Park, during his visitation with Christian. Adam claimed that Nick had been out of control. Adam wanted Nick behind bars. Rey questioned why it had taken Adam so long to report it. Adam said something had come up.

Rey said he would get Nick's side of the story, since Adam didn't have a witness, but Adam said he had a witness. At that moment, Sharon appeared and said she was starving. Rey and Sharon just gaped at each other. Angry, Rey asked if Sharon had witnessed the assault. Sharon stammered that she had. Rey rushed out.

Adam told Sharon that he had tried to make Rey leave before he had discovered that Sharon was there. Sharon told Adam that he'd set her world on fire, and it had to end immediately. Adam swore he'd had nothing to do with Rey showing up, but Sharon didn't know what to believe. Adam claimed he'd been truthful with Sharon and that she knew him better than anyone. She saw past his walls and defenses. Sharon told him she had no intention of going back to being the person she'd been before. She said she'd always been on shaky ground with him, and she didn't want people looking at her the way Rey had.

Adam told Sharon that Rey had looked at her that way because he loved her, and Rey knew she didn't love him back. Sharon claimed she loved Rey. Adam asked why she'd been in his bed if she loved Rey. She said that people made mistakes, and she claimed she wanted to make a life with Rey. Adam promised that Rey would get over it. Sharon said she had no idea how to fix things with Rey. She reached for her purse, but Adam held it at arm's length because he wanted Sharon to know the truth. He said she was terrified because she knew her life would never be the same again.

Adam told Sharon that he wanted no one else but her, and the sooner she came to terms with that, the sooner he could make her happy. Sharon reminded him that as soon as he had regained his memory, he'd tried to reunite with Chelsea. Adam said that Chelsea had been a means to an end because he wanted Connor. He said that Sharon had always been the one that had mattered to him. He claimed he'd never intended to cause friction between her and Rey, and when his memory had returned, he'd recalled all the horrible things he'd done. He'd felt that a future with Sharon had seemed impossible, but he'd since realized the future seemed inevitable.

Adam said that Sharon was denying the fact that every time she looked at him, any part of her that felt dead inside became alive. He said that no matter how much they stayed apart, something always drew them together. Their time together that evening was how it was supposed to be. It was time Sharon accepted the truth: they belonged together.

Sharon told Adam that she was a different person -- she was healthy, and she'd returned to school and received her degree. Adam said that didn't change the fact that when they had been in Las Vegas and their eyes had locked, they had felt a connection. He said that was the reason Sharon had brought him back to Genoa City. They were part of each other, and no matter what they said or did, nothing would change that. Sharon said that wasn't true. She had only wanted to help him retrieve what he'd lost.

Sharon told Adam that their lovemaking had been a mistake, and she was upset about losing Rey. Adam claimed that Sharon needed him as much as he needed her, and it was only a matter of time. Sharon told him that what had happened that evening had been wrong, and it wouldn't happen again. Adam told her not to deny herself a chance to be truly happy because it was what she had been waiting for. He repeated that he'd wanted her all along. Sharon told him not to contact her in any way and to stay away from her. She left.

At Nick's, Chelsea asked if Phyllis had connected with him. Nick said she had and that she had wanted to pitch him a business deal. He said he hadn't stayed long enough to hear what it was. Chelsea said she was happy that Nick had shut Phyllis down. Nick said he didn't trust Phyllis, and he had too much on his plate with the custody hearing and the affordable housing project. He said that Chelsea should have seen the look on Phyllis' face when he'd told her he wasn't interested in making a killing in real estate.

Nick told Chelsea he'd wasted too much of his life in trying to turn a profit. He wanted to focus on making sure that people had a place to live, raise their kids, and build memories. He asked what could be more important than that.

Foes face off at Kyle and Lola's party

Foes face off at Kyle and Lola's party

Thursday, August 8, 2019

At Nick's house, Connor yelled out for his mom, and he raced into Chelsea's arms. Anita looked on as Chelsea held Connor close and said she'd missed him. Connor complained that Chelsea was squeezing him too tight, and she rambled about how happy she was to see him. Chelsea mentioned that she'd stocked up on all his favorite foods, and she pointed him to the kitchen. After Connor stepped out, Chelsea thanked Anita for getting Connor there, and she asked how he'd seemed. Anita reported that the boy was doing okay so far, but she cautioned that Chelsea was throwing a lot of changes at him.

Later, Chelsea indicated that Connor was in heaven in Nick's sports court, and Anita wondered how much it had cost. Chelsea urged her mother to focus on Connor, and Anita divulged that Connor still missed Calvin. Anita added that it looked like Chelsea was having no trouble rebounding, but Chelsea defended that Nick had simply offered her a place to stay during a difficult time. Anita questioned why Chelsea hadn't considered Adam as an alternative.

Chelsea bemoaned that the Adam she'd known and loved was gone, since his worst traits had resurfaced. Anita pushed to know what was really going on with Nick, and Chelsea maintained that they were good friends who could count on one another. Chelsea assumed that Anita was worried about money, and she promised to make sure Anita was taken care of. Anita insisted that she wasn't asking for cash, but Chelsea disclosed that Calvin had been generous to her in his will, and she planned to pass along that generosity to Anita by giving her a million dollars.

Chelsea was shocked when Anita instructed her to put the money toward Connor's future. Anita claimed to be embarrassed that her own daughter thought she expected to be bought off, but Chelsea dryly thought Anita would get over the humiliation. Anita swore that all she wanted was to be a good mother and grandmother, but Chelsea sensed that something wasn't right. Connor returned, and Anita imagined that mother and son had a lot to talk about. Anita hugged Connor and stepped out, and Chelsea looked suspicious.

Connor asked what Chelsea wanted to talk about. She acknowledged that a lot had happened in a short amount of time, and she wondered if he wanted to talk about Calvin. Connor wished that he could have said goodbye, and Chelsea recognized that it hadn't been fair. Connor asked when they were going home, and Chelsea suggested that it would be nice to live in Genoa City again. Connor protested that all his friends were back in Baton Rouge, and he wondered what was so special about Genoa City.

At Crimson Lights, Rey was on the phone. He declined an invitation to go out for beers after work because he had something to attend for his sister that night. On his way out, he nearly bumped into a distracted Billy. Rey asked if Billy was okay, but Billy didn't answer. Billy set down a stack of books on a table and stared at one about communicating with ghosts. He heard Delia's voice in his head and flashed back to seeing "Stop Adam Now" written on the wall of the Chancellor mansion.

Theo greeted Summer on the coffeehouse patio. She admitted that she'd thought that maybe he'd changed his mind about meeting her, but he scoffed at the idea of missing out on the social event of the week. She reminded him that Lola had gone out of her way to extend an invitation, and she didn't want to cause problems. Theo promised to put his best foot forward, and he hoped Kyle would do the same. Summer warned him against making any trouble that day. Theo agreed but had a mischievous look on his face.

At Kyle and Lola's apartment, Lola emerged from the bedroom in a white pantsuit and admired a shirtless Kyle. She declared her excitement about that evening, and she called Mariah sweet for throwing the party for them. Kyle admitted that he was a little nervous, and Lola guessed that it was because she'd invited Summer. Lola reasoned that Summer would probably always be part of their lives, and she wanted to put the drama behind them.

Kyle wasn't sure that Summer would do the same if the situation were reversed, and he expected that Mariah and Abby wouldn't be thrilled to see her. Lola figured that there would be plenty of people around to defuse the tension, and she intended to focus only on him. They kissed, and he asked how she felt about being fashionably late. She wondered how late, and he unzipped her outfit.

Sharon arrived on the Athletic Club rooftop and smiled at the festive decorations. Across the roof, Tessa assured a worried Mariah that everything looked incredible, and she insisted that it had been a great idea to combine parties. Mariah wasn't so sure that it had been a great idea to let Sharon think the party would be for women only, but she envisioned Rey and Sharon seeing one another across the crowded room, like the last scene of a romantic comedy. Mariah fretted that they would both blame her if it blew up in her face.

Mariah paled when Sharon approached and asked what had made Mariah think she could pull it off. Sharon clarified that Mariah had thrown together a Miami-themed party in two days, and she thought the girls would love it. Mariah mentioned needing to talk to Sharon about something, and Sharon assumed that Mariah needed help getting ready for the party. Over Mariah's protests, Sharon walked away to check on the bartender.

Devon and Elena walked in with Nate and Abby, and they playfully competed over who would be the first couple on the dance floor. Traci and Jack looked around for Billy, who hadn't responded to Jack's invitation to meet there. Mariah greeted Rey, who thanked her for letting him be part of Lola's surprise that night. Mariah had a feeling there would be a few surprises, and he was glad that she'd seen past his breakup with Sharon. Mariah recognized that it was a complicated situation, but she opined that he was very good for her mom. Rey was stunned when Sharon joined them. "What are you doing here?" Rey and Sharon asked in unison.

Sharon remarked that there were a lot of men at a bachelorette party, and Mariah explained that she'd decided to combine it into one big party. Sharon sarcastically thanked Mariah for letting her know, and she requested to talk to Rey alone. Mariah implied that it might not be such a bad thing if the couple got back together, but Sharon and Rey remained silent. Mariah hurried off.

Sharon apologized, and Rey shared that he'd had no idea that Sharon would be there, either. Sharon noted that it seemed like a big enough party, and she promised to keep her distance if Rey didn't mind her staying. He replied that it worked for him, but he wondered if she would have invited Adam if she'd known it was a coed party. Sharon refused to ruin the party by fighting with Rey.

Devon proposed that they do a dance in honor of Nate's new yard, and he inquired whether anyone knew the lawnmower. Abby and Elena followed Devon's lead, and Abby crowed that after they mowed Nate's lawn, they had to turn on his sprinkler. Devon and Abby broke into the sprinkler dance, and Nate teased that they weren't doing it right. Nate demonstrated how it should be done, and they laughed. A slow song began, and Nate suggested that he and Abby sit that one out. Devon and Elena swayed to the music.

Abby and Nate entered the photo booth, but she balked at taking a photo with a "happily ever after" theme. She joked that it was a little soon after seeing his dance moves, and he suggested that they settle for something about being happy for a few weeks. Abby proclaimed that what counted was that they were happy that day. Nate mentioned that he liked to plan ahead, and she responded that she liked to be spontaneous. She found a prop with the theme "agree to disagree" and decided that it was perfect. They posed and snapped a photo.

Tessa observed that things had looked tense with Mariah, Rey, and Sharon. Tessa brightly stated that one thing had been bound to go wrong, so the rest of the night would be smooth sailing. Mariah hoped the bride and groom showed up, and she spotted Summer and Theo. Mariah confronted Summer about crashing all of Kyle and Lola's wedding events. Summer contended that Lola had invited her, and Mariah admonished her for using Lola's olive branch to invite Theo. Mariah warned that it wouldn't go over well with Kyle, but she suspected Summer had already known that. Kyle approached and growled that Theo had just been leaving.

Kyle moved to throw Theo out, but Theo insisted that he was just there to help celebrate. Lola asked what was going on, and Summer apologized. Lola pulled Kyle aside and noted that Summer seemed earnest about wanting to be there. Kyle accused Summer of inviting Theo to get under his skin, but Lola urged him not to make a scene because Mariah had worked hard on the party. Lola implored Kyle not to give Summer and Theo another thought, but Kyle threatened to oust Theo if Theo said one word to him. Abby glared at Summer from across the rooftop.

Mariah lamented to Sharon that she didn't know what she'd been thinking, and Sharon regretted that too much had happened. Mariah asked what she meant, and Sharon offered to tell her about it another time. Sharon spotted Billy and made a beeline toward him.

Traci told Billy that she'd been worried when he hadn't shown up earlier, and Billy chalked it up to it being a busy day. Sharon joined them and imagined that Jack was a proud papa, and Jack praised Mariah for pulling the party off on short notice. Traci steered Jack away to get a drink, and Sharon asked if Billy was okay. Billy griped that he wasn't up for a party that night, and Sharon agreed that she wasn't, either. She suggested that they get out of there.

Lola gushed that everything looked fantastic, and Rey marveled that it felt like home. Lola recognized that they were missing a few people, but she understood that it was hard for Arturo to travel with a baby on the way. Rey took responsibility for their mom's absence, but Lola blamed herself for driving Celeste away. Rey proposed that they distract themselves with dancing, but Lola feigned horror at the thought of dancing with her big brother. Rey led Lola to the dance floor.

Abby asked Kyle if he had pre-wedding jitters. He denied having any, and she mentioned the commotion when Summer had walked in with her "man candy." Kyle groused that Theo hadn't turned out to be such a good friend, since Theo was the reason Celeste wasn't there. Abby suspected that Summer had invited Theo, knowing Kyle was mad at him. Abby watched Theo and Summer doing shots at the bar.

The lights dimmed, and Kyle and Lola wondered what was going on. Mariah greeted everyone and introduced the guests of honor as Genoa City's very own Romeo and Juliet -- except for the part about killing themselves. Mariah cited the obstacles Kyle and Lola had overcome, and she believed the journey had shown the couple's strength. Mariah announced that they had a very special presentation, and Rey took the microphone. Rey joked that Lola thought his dancing was embarrassing, and a montage of childhood photos of Kyle and Lola appeared on a screen. Tessa began to strum a ukulele, and she sang a cute song about how Kyle and Lola had met at Lola's food truck and fallen in love.

Summer grumbled that she was trying to go with the flow and be a big person, but Theo called the song cloying and manipulative. Abby overheard as Summer complained that it was dishonest to try to sell Kyle and Lola's romance as a great love story.

Mariah proclaimed that she hadn't done her job right if Kyle and Lola weren't embarrassed, and the guests applauded as the couple kissed. Rey welcomed Kyle to the family, and he recognized that he hadn't always been Kyle's biggest fan. Rey admitted that he was still skeptical, but Kyle had really pulled through when it had counted, and he could tell Kyle loved Lola with all his heart. Rey recounted that he'd been a surrogate father to Lola, and it had been the great joy of his life to see her grow up into the beautiful, confident woman she was. Rey ordered Kyle to be good to her -- or else.

Abby told Nate that Summer and Theo had been mocking the video. Abby ranted that Lola had invited Summer as a kind gesture, but the fact that Summer was there was cringeworthy. Summer overheard as Abby blasted Summer for thinking she still had a shot with Kyle, and Summer pointed out that Abby was the one who sounded obsessed. Summer dared Abby to say what she had to say to Summer's face.

Jack addressed the crowd and stated that watching Kyle find love and happiness with Lola had filled his heart with pride, and he promised that Lola had a backup father in him. Jack toasted to Kyle and Lola, and Theo grabbed the microphone to make a toast of his own. Theo introduced himself as one of Kyle's old friends from New York, and he referred to the many great times they'd had back in the day. Theo claimed that he was proud of how his buddy had grown up after being transformed by love -- almost as if Kyle's life had begun the day he'd met Lola.

Theo reflected back on the unforgettable days and unspeakable nights in Kyle's past, and he wished everyone had seen the Kyle he'd known in action. Kyle snatched away the microphone and said he remembered that Theo could never finish a toast, so he'd do it for him. Kyle thanked everyone for being there. Kyle roughly pulled Theo aside, and Theo noted that Kyle was acting like there was something he hadn't wanted Theo to say.

Kyle firmly stated that it wasn't happening that night, and Theo remembered Kyle saying exactly the same words on a night a few years earlier. Theo spat that he was tired of Kyle's "sanctimonious crap," and he demanded respect and acknowledgement that they were friends. Kyle reiterated that they weren't anymore. Theo ominously dared Kyle to pretend that Theo and the rest of the past didn't exist, but he wouldn't let Kyle forget the past or treat him like something Kyle had scraped off his shoe.

Kyle vaguely mentioned a 17-year-old girl who could have died, but Theo reasoned that it had turned out fine. Kyle argued that Theo hadn't been the one who'd had to pay off the girl's father, and Theo prepared to send Kyle the money right then. Kyle knocked Theo's phone out of his hand and bellowed that they'd only be good when Theo was out of his life.

Meanwhile, Summer called Abby a control freak with an ego so big that she couldn't help but pick a fight. Abby barked that Kyle didn't want Summer, so Summer had lost. Summer thought Abby was the perpetual loser, since she was a "bitchy princess" who couldn't keep a relationship going. Summer recounted Abby's track record with various men, and Abby ordered her to stop talking. Summer continued that she hadn't counted how Abby had plowed through Arturo because he'd been plowing Mia.

Summer refused to forget Austin. Abby shoved her and demanded that she leave, but Summer declared that she wasn't going anywhere. Abby taunted that Summer had blackmailed a guy into marrying her, but he hadn't loved her and never would. Summer picked up an ice bucket from the bar and dumped cold water on Abby's head. Mariah rushed over to break up the scuffle.

Sharon and Billy retreated to Crimson Lights. She confided that she hadn't expected to run into Rey at the party, and Billy recalled that Rey had seemed open to getting back together with Sharon when the men had spoken the day before. Sharon confessed that it had been before Rey had found her with Adam. Billy huffed that he'd thought she was smart enough not to get tangled up with Adam again, and she threatened to go back to the party if he was going to be judgmental. Billy worried that Adam had cast a spell over Sharon so that she couldn't see Adam's evil.

Sharon refused to talk further about Adam, and she expected Billy to keep what she'd told him to himself, since she considered him a friend. She wondered why he'd been so antsy to leave the party, and he huffed that he hadn't wanted to be surrounded by a bunch of fakers who thought everything was all right. Sharon inquired whether he'd seen a therapist. Billy confirmed that the therapist she'd recommended had been good, but he believed that what was going on with him might be too much for even a professional to handle.

Billy told Sharon about finding the doll in his bed and how he'd been banging his head against the wall, trying to figure out how it had gotten there. He revealed that he'd been hearing Delia's voice and seeing her writing on the wall at the mansion. Sharon didn't see a logical explanation, and Billy speculated that it had to be something supernatural. Sharon was taken aback that he thought it was Delia's ghost.

Chelsea allows Connor to see Adam

Chelsea allows Connor to see Adam

Friday, August 9, 2019

At Society, Nick thanked Victoria for meeting him. She referred to him mentioning that he'd hit Adam, and she hated how the situation had gotten out of control. Nick regretted that he'd let Adam get under his skin, and Victoria wondered how badly Nick had hurt their brother. Victoria spotted Adam walk into the restaurant, and she told Nick to never mind. Nick recognized that he'd made a bad situation worse, and he imagined that it would get a whole lot messier.

Adam chugged a drink at the bar. Victoria asked Nick if Adam knew that Connor was in town, and Nick explained that Chelsea was figuring out how to tell the boy about his father. Nick added that he'd told Chelsea that he'd support her no matter what she decided, since she had a cooler head than he did. Victoria grumbled that Adam had wasted no time staking his claim by telling Christian that he was the tot's father. Victoria wished that she'd been there, but Nick doubted that there was anything anyone could have done to stop Adam.

Victoria inquired whether Christian had been upset, but Nick said the boy had simply asserted that Nick was his daddy. Victoria reported that Christian had found Adam to be silly and nice. Nick worried that Adam would continue to confuse Christian by telling him that Adam was his father, and Victoria suggested that Nick consult with a child psychologist. Victoria figured that Adam wouldn't do the right thing, so Nick had to step up, especially since Adam had more ammunition to use against him. Victoria was determined to convince Adam to keep his mouth shut for the time being.

Victoria approached Adam, and he dryly asked if he should duck before she punched him out, too. Victoria threatened to make sure he never had another visit with Christian if he said one more word to the boy about being his father. Adam argued that the judge had ruled; Victoria couldn't block his access, or the judge would appoint another guardian who wouldn't defy his order. Victoria was sure the judge would see things differently when he learned that Adam hadn't been looking out for Christian's welfare when he'd told Christian about his paternity without any support or preparation.

Victoria intended to tell the judge that Adam had used a little boy with wanton disregard for his well-being, solely to get a rise out of Nick. Adam pointed out that Nick was an adult who should control his own behavior, but Nick had gone the assault-and-battery route. Adam walked over to Nick and announced that he'd told the police that Nick had attacked him, and he assumed that Nick wasn't in a jail cell because Nick's good buddy Rey was dragging his heels. Adam wasn't worried because he had date-stamped pictures of his battered face, and he vowed to do everything in his power to make sure Nick served jail time.

At Kyle and Lola's engagement party on the Athletic Club rooftop, Abby and Summer squabbled. Abby threw a drink in Summer's face, and Summer lunged at her. Mariah attempted to pull the women apart. Meanwhile, Theo picked up his phone from the ground, and Kyle barked that Theo knew where he could shove it. Kyle added that no one wanted Theo there, and the men scuffled. Lola picked up the microphone and yelled for everyone to stop.

Lola lectured that the night wasn't just about her marriage to Kyle, but it was also about the people who were a part of their lives and had shared in their crazy adventures to get to where they were that day. She recognized that certain relationships were complicated, but she believed that everyone could set aside their differences for a while and remember what was important. Lola suggested that they get back to having some fun, and Mariah declared that the night was about romance, love, and hope. Mariah invited everyone to get back to the party, and the crowd cheered. Kyle told Lola she was amazing and that he was sorry. She told him shut up and kiss her, and he obliged.

Summer glowered as the guests danced, and Theo handed her a towel and crowed that they'd made the party memorable. Mariah barked that she had many things to say to Summer, but she couldn't because Lola had asked them to behave. Summer promised that she and Theo would play nice, and Tessa dragged Mariah away. Devon commended Lola for saving things from getting out of hand, and Abby apologized for getting into it with Summer. Abby went to freshen up, and Devon offered to make sure no one posted about the scene on social media. Kyle groaned that the display wasn't how he wanted to remember the night, and Lola suggested that they start making new memories.

Kyle apologized to Rey for causing a scene, and Rey understood because he'd pulled a similar thing or two when he'd learned about Mia and Arturo's affair. Rey mentioned a christening in Miami, but he thought it was a story for another day. Rey noted that Theo seemed like a royal pain, and he warned that the more attention Kyle paid to Theo, the bigger a problem Theo would become. Rey advised that life was too short to spend on losers like Theo, and Kyle pledged to get it together to avoid disappointing his wife. Rey received a text message from Nick, who asked Rey to meet him at Society.

Rey told Lola that he had to go because duty had called, and she assured him that she knew how to keep everyone in line. Rey departed, and Jack indicated how impressed he was with Lola's commanding and level-headed intervention. Traci considered Lola qualified to be at every Abbott family dinner as the official referee, and Lola replied that she would be honored. Jack enthused that he would be proud to call Lola his daughter-in-law, and he believed she and Kyle belonged together. Traci and Jack offered to do anything they could to help with the wedding, and Lola wished her mom felt the same way. Summer jealously looked on as Jack hugged Lola.

Kyle and Lola snapped photos in the photo booth. Tessa heard a song she loved and wanted to dance, and Lola headed with her to the dance floor. Devon received a text message from an artist he'd been trying to sign, and the only time the artist could talk was that night. Elena encouraged him to go handle his business as long as he waited up for her. He guaranteed it, and he stepped out.

Abby admitted that it hadn't been her finest hour, but Summer had been looking for a fight. Traci noted that Abby had seemed happy to oblige, and Abby contended that she'd been defending Kyle and Lola. Abby resolved to enjoy the rest of the party, and she offered to get another round of drinks. Nate said he was good, and Abby headed to the bar. Traci remarked that Abby was really something. "She sure is," Nate muttered.

Jack greeted Summer and Theo, and Summer asked Theo to make her a plate of food. After Theo stepped away, Summer expected a lecture and defended that Abby had started it. Jack refused to let either of them off the hook, but he was glad things had simmered down. Jack voiced concern that Theo was looking for trouble, and Summer recognized that Theo had a history with Kyle. Jack clarified that he was talking about her, since the man couldn't be trusted. Summer insisted that she knew what she was doing, and there was nothing to worry about.

Elena sarcastically asked a sullen Nate if he always had that much fun at parties, and he admitted that Abby mystified him. He pointed out that Abby had shown a side of herself during her fight with Summer that he'd never seen before, and he had no idea what was going on with her or with them. Elena suspected that Abby's feelings were all over the place after being burned badly, and she advised Nate to pull back and not chase Abby. He hesitated to play games, but Elena explained that it was about giving Abby space. Elena suggested that he let Abby chase him for a change, and she led him to the dance floor.

Theo wondered if he could get Summer back out on the dance floor, but she complained that the tropical theme was feeling chilly, since no one was socializing with them. Theo figured that they'd smiled pretty and apologized, so they could leave and think of better ways to entertain themselves. Summer started to head out, but she lingered when she spied Kyle and Lola happily dancing. Theo scooped Summer into his arms and declared that there was no looking back, and he carried her out.

In the elevator, Summer thanked Theo for getting her out of there. She suggested that they go to a new club, but the elevator suddenly stopped. She ranted that she wasn't allowed to have any fun that night, but he thought they could have fun right there. They kissed and began to disrobe.

Meanwhile, Kyle noticed how happy Lola was, and he remarked to Jack that he wanted her to be that carefree on their wedding day. Kyle decided not to wait for Celeste, and he planned to fly to Miami and convince her to return to town. Jack pointed out that Kyle had a wedding around the corner, and he offered to make the trip himself. Jack promised that he wouldn't return without Lola's mother.

Abby rambled about how beautiful it was out, and she suggested that she and Nate squeeze in another dance before he gave her a ride home. Nate claimed that he'd just volunteered to take Elena home, but he'd be in touch with Abby the next day. A puzzled Abby told them to have a good night. As Nate and Elena headed to the exit, she pointed out how Abby had reacted when Nate wasn't in hot pursuit.

Kyle credited Lola for the night's success, but she lauded Mariah and the others who had worked hard to make it special. Lola added that she'd had an incredible time, and Kyle promised that the wedding would be even more special -- the best day of her whole life. Lola cooed that if he was waiting for her at the end of the aisle, there was no way it couldn't be. They kissed.

At Nick's house, Chelsea understood that Connor missed his friends in Louisiana, but she insisted that Genoa City was a wonderful place that had been their home for years. Connor protested that it was fine for a visit, but not to live there. Chelsea reasoned that most of his family was there, and she gushed about how much his grandpa had loved visiting him at camp. She expected that everyone would be excited to see Connor -- especially Nick. Chelsea reminded Connor of how much he'd loved living with Nick and Christian.

Connor stated that he liked Uncle Nick just fine, but it wouldn't be the same as it had been with Calvin, since Nick wasn't his dad. Connor wailed that he didn't have a dad anymore, and Chelsea looked torn. She admitted that there was something else she needed to tell her son. Chelsea sympathized that it had been hard on Connor to lose Calvin, and she compared it to how painful it had been when they'd lost Adam. Connor referred to Adam as his real dad, and Chelsea struggled to find the right words.

Connor assured Chelsea that he was a big kid who could take whatever the news was. Chelsea gently explained that they hadn't really known what had happened to his dad in the explosion, and as it had turned out, Adam had been hurt very badly and hadn't remembered who he was or that he had a family. Chelsea continued that Adam had moved far away, but he'd gotten better. Chelsea confirmed that Connor's father was alive, and the boy gasped. She fought back tears as he excitedly hugged her.

Connor asked if his dad remembered them, and Chelsea informed him that Adam remembered everything. Connor asked where his father was, and Chelsea replied that Adam was there in Genoa City. Connor insisted on seeing him right away, but Chelsea balked because it was late. Connor whimpered that he didn't want to wait, but Chelsea urged him to talk about his feelings and get a good night's sleep. Connor demanded that Chelsea take him to see Adam.

Chelsea tried to call Adam, who ignored her call. Chelsea told Connor that his dad wasn't answering, and she suggested that they try the next day. Connor questioned why his dad had stayed away so long without trying to find him, and Chelsea reiterated that Adam had lost his memory. Connor worried that Adam had let them believe he was dead because he hadn't wanted to be Connor's dad anymore. Chelsea insisted that it wasn't true, and she promised that Adam would be over the moon to see Connor. Connor forlornly walked away.

Rey joined Nick and Victoria at Society and recounted that Adam had told him about the assault. Nick recalled that Adam had provoked him by threatening to tell Christian that Adam was his real father, and Nick had gotten there just in time to hear Adam do it. Nick explained that Christian had left with the nanny, and Adam had taunted that he'd turn Christian against Nick and the rest of his family. Rey pointed out that Nick had crossed a line by going after Adam, and Victoria asked how Rey intended to handle things. Rey revealed that he'd had to beg Paul for his job back, so he had to do everything by the book and couldn't just ignore Adam's report.

Rey implied that there were more pressing cases on his desk, so Nick had time to prepare himself. Nick wondered if Adam had told Rey to talk to Sharon to corroborate his story, and Rey relayed that it had pained Sharon to confirm that she'd seen the fight. Nick groused that Sharon had run to Adam when he'd called, so she'd let herself be part of Adam's plan. Rey departed, and Nick told Victoria that he was prepared to argue his side in court. Nick added that he was willing to do whatever it took to protect and fight for his family, and he wouldn't let Adam win.

Chelsea called Nick and reported that things had been going fine with Connor until the boy had said he didn't have a dad anymore. Nick guessed that she'd told Connor about Adam, and she felt that she hadn't had a choice. Chelsea bemoaned that Connor was desperate to see his dad, and it was breaking her heart to see him hurting, so she wanted it to happen that night, if possible. Nick offered to be there as backup, but Chelsea opted to focus on Connor without worrying about what might happen between Nick and Adam.

Chelsea hoped that Adam acted like the father her son remembered, but Nick cautioned that he wouldn't count on it. Nick wished her luck and told her to do what she had to do. Connor returned and asked if Chelsea was talking to his dad, but she maintained that she hadn't been able to get in touch with Adam. Connor sadly turned to go to bed, but Chelsea recognized how important it was for him to speak to his dad and didn't want him worrying or losing sleep. She promised that they would see his daddy that night, no matter what. He grinned and hugged her.

Meanwhile, Victoria assured Nick that Chelsea could hold her own where Adam was concerned. Nick couldn't stand the thought of another child being under Adam's influence, but Victoria conceded that Adam had been a good father when he'd been with Chelsea. Victoria hoped Adam's reunion with Connor would give Adam less time to obsess about Christian. Nick predicted that whatever warm fuzzies Adam got from hanging out with Connor wouldn't last, and he expected Adam to be more determined than ever to get full custody of both boys.

At home, Adam went to answer his door and peered out the peephole. He opened the door and started to dismiss Chelsea, but he fell silent when he followed her gaze downward. "Dad!" Connor cried, and Adam knelt down and hugged him. Adam marveled that Connor was really there, and he imagined that the boy had many questions. Adam invited them in, and Connor asked what had happened to Adam's face. Adam attributed his injuries to a little accident, and he exclaimed that it was fantastic to be with his son again.

Adam observed that Connor wasn't his little peanut anymore, but Connor chirped, "Sure I am, Dad!" Adam responded that one thing hadn't changed -- he loved Connor very much. Father and son embraced, and Adam mouthed "thank you" to an emotional Chelsea. Adam prompted Connor to tell him everything about school and sports, and Connor shared that he was in the third grade and that he loved to watch and play baseball and soccer. Connor asked about Adam's interests, but Chelsea said there would be plenty of time to talk later.

Connor insisted on doing it then, but Chelsea objected because it was late. Connor begged to spend the night, since they'd just gotten there, and he and his dad hadn't seen one another in forever. Connor whined that it wasn't fair to make him go, and Chelsea hesitantly agreed to let him stay -- but only if she stayed, too.

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