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Chelsea learned that Anita had swindled her out of half of Calvin's estate. Victor had a restraining order issued against Adam. Theo told Summer about his and Kyle's secret. Celeste returned for Lola's wedding. Adrian covertly watched as Kyle and Lola got married.
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Kyle and Lola were married, unaware that Lola's father was covertly watching
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Victor plots against Adam

Victor plots against Adam

Monday, August 12, 2019

At Society, Abby and Phyllis were discussing plans to promote the lounge at the Grand Phoenix Hotel. Theo joined them and brought up what had happened at Lola and Kyle's party. Abby claimed that Theo was trying to start drama because that was how he made his living. Theo replied, "Don't blame me if an influencer catches your ugly." After Theo mentioned Summer, Phyllis searched her phone, read a vague social-media post from Summer, and questioned Abby. Abby claimed she'd been minding her own business.

After Phyllis heard about the brawl between Summer and Abby, Phyllis said she wasn't certain she should engage in business with someone who acted unprofessionally. Abby argued that Phyllis had caused much more drama by crashing everyone's parties. Theo interrupted and noted that scandals often created the best grand openings. Abby mentioned that Theo had tangled with Kyle at the party. After Phyllis sent Theo to Dark Horse, Abby told Phyllis not to believe a word Theo had said.

Phyllis claimed that Abby was jealous of Summer's social media influence. Abby became irate and bragged that she was building a business empire. After Abby told Phyllis that she'd raised a self-centered, narcissistic brat, Phyllis said she also wasn't certain she wanted to do business with someone that had so little respect for her. Abby reminded Phyllis that almost everyone in town had no respect for her. Abby added that Phyllis should be grateful that Abby had given her a business opportunity.

From Adam's penthouse, Chelsea phoned Nick. Chelsea told Nick she hoped he hadn't stayed up worrying all night after she and Connor had decided to spend the night at Adam's. After Nick asked about Connor, Chelsea replied, "Bringing Connor here was the right thing to do. It's been really good for him and Adam." Chelsea added that she was fine, but she ended the call abruptly when Connor and Adam entered the room.

Connor questioned Adam about his memory loss and was surprised to learn that Adam wasn't even sure how he'd learned to play poker. When Connor asked Adam to teach him how to play poker, Chelsea interrupted and told Connor he should have breakfast first. After Connor left the room, Adam thanked Chelsea for having raised an amazing kid. Chelsea admitted that it was obvious Connor and Adam could be good for each other. Adam promised Chelsea he'd put Connor first because his son was his top priority.

Adam invited Chelsea and Connor to spend the afternoon together, and Chelsea accepted. Adam thanked Chelsea for not petitioning for custody. Chelsea said she wouldn't want their son to endure a custody battle, so she was willing to put aside her differences with Adam for Connor's sake. Chelsea was taken aback when Adam asked her to let Connor live with him. Chelsea explained that her son needed his mother, and she reminded Adam that he was practically a stranger to Connor. Adam was insistent that Connor live with him and not with Nick.

Chelsea expressed concern about Adam's instability, noting that he might cause emotional turmoil for Connor as he had for Christian. Adam insisted he'd never hurt Chelsea or Connor. Chelsea reminded Adam that he'd attempted to implicate her in Calvin's death and had used Christian to hurt Nick. Chelsea swore that she'd never allow Adam to use Connor as a weapon. Adam again demanded that Chelsea let Connor live with him and threatened to sue her for custody. Chelsea laughed and replied, "Bring it. I have the means to fight you, and I'll win. Besides, Calvin adopted Connor. You don't have any legal right to him."

Adam told Chelsea that a judge would never side with a con artist. Chelsea noted that she had no police record. Chelsea begged Adam not fight her. Connor returned, sensing that something was wrong. Conner asked what was going on. Adam claimed he was sad because it was time for Connor to leave. Adam promised Connor he'd see him again soon. Chelsea forced herself to smile.

In Victor's office at Newman Enterprises, Victor struggled to remain standing. He staggered as he held onto his desk and nearly took a spill before regaining his balance and sitting down. Victor appeared weak and breathed heavily. Victor had recovered and seemed fine when Nick stopped by. Nick bragged about Victoria's handling of Newman business during Victor's absence. Victor asked Nick who'd helped Victoria restore Newman's real-estate division by decimating Dark Horse. Nick said he'd been surprised to learn that Phyllis had joined forces with Victoria.

Nick informed Victor that Victoria had carried out the Dark Horse deal on her own, though he'd declined to take ownership of the recovered properties he'd once acquired himself to build his company as an act of revenge. Nick added that anger, hate, and revenge weren't good models for his children. Victor replied, "I guess Noah found that out." Nick explained that Noah understood why he'd turned down Victoria's offer. Nick and Victor made amends, wiping the slate clean.

Nick changed the subject and asked Victor about his treatment. Victor said that Nate had prescribed a new medication, but he didn't elaborate after noticing an injury to Nick's hand. Nick said, "It just happened to run into Adam's face." Nick told Victor about Adam blurting out to Christian that he was the boy's real father. Victor rubbed his face and cried, "What's the matter with that man?" Nick said that Adam was a sociopath who didn't feel anything for anyone.

Victor expressed regret for having brought Adam back from Las Vegas. Nick refused to blame Victor and added that Christian didn't believe Adam, though Nick noted that Adam wouldn't give up. Victor said he planned to take action, though he refused to elaborate, adding that it was best that Nick didn't know. After Nick left, Victor phoned someone and said, "Listen, I don't want to hear excuses. Just make it happen, all right? No, you don't understand. My grandson's future is at stake, you got it?" Victor hung up and sat pensively after glancing at a framed photo of Christian.

Later, Abby stopped by Victor's office and was elated when he announced that tests had shown improvement. Victor credited Nate. Abby said she'd express her gratitude to her friend. Victor said he wasn't surprised that Nate was a fine man because he was Olivia's son and had been positively influenced by Neil. Abby said she understood that Victor was expressing approval of her relationship with Nate. Abby told Victor about her disagreement with Summer, which had complicated her business relationship with Phyllis. Victor warned Abby not to turn her back on Phyllis. Abby asked for advice about working with Adam. Victor admitted that he regretted his decision to lure Adam back to town.

After Chelsea and Connor returned to Nick's, Connor asked why he and his mom couldn't live with Adam. Chelsea tried to explain that Connor needed time to process and would have to trust her. Connor, annoyed, replied, "Why should I?" Chelsea replied that she would never do anything to hurt her son. Connor cried that Chelsea had lied about knowing that Adam wasn't dead. Chelsea explained that the situation was complicated, but Connor accused his mom of trying to keep him away from Adam.

Connor asked Chelsea why she didn't want them to reunite as a family. Chelsea seemed relieved when Nick returned, happily greeted Connor, and asked for a hug. Connor became irate and cried, "I guess I have my answer. I just figured out why my mom doesn't want anything to do with my dad." Chelsea attempted to clarify her relationship with Nick, but Connor yelled that he didn't care.

After Connor left the room, Nick told Chelsea her son needed time to process the loss of Calvin and learning that Adam was alive. Nick added that Adam had had a whole night to get inside Connor's head. Chelsea cried that Connor loved his dad and wanted to spend time with him. Chelsea told Nick that Connor had taken to Adam as if nothing had changed. She added that Adam had even set up a bedroom for Connor.

Nick seemed concerned when Chelsea said she'd seen a glimpse of the Adam she'd remembered from the past. Nick warned Chelsea not to trust Adam because he was incapable of putting his son's needs above his own. Chelsea cried that she couldn't crush Connor by telling him that his father was a dangerous sociopath. Nick wiped away a tear from Chelsea's cheek and asked if she planned to disappear with Connor again. Chelsea promised she wouldn't because Connor would never forgive her for taking him away from Adam. Chelsea said she hoped Adam's love for Connor was stronger than his hate for the world.

As Devon was leaving his penthouse, he ran into Adam in the hallway. After Devon talked briefly about Adam's troubles, Adam said he had a business proposition. Adam invited Devon inside. Devon looked around the room, remembering. Adam said he was sorry about Neil. Devon talked about building his companies with Neil's help, and Adam suggested that Neil would have approved of acquiring a boutique hotel.

Devon asked Adam if he was talking about the Grand Phoenix Hotel. Devon noted that Abby was excited about opening a lounge in the hotel. Devon said he'd heard that Phyllis had been seeking a loan to buy the property. Adam said it was too risky to do business with Phyllis. Adam offered to sell the hotel to Devon.

At Dark Horse, Phyllis told Theo that he should work on his people skills. Phyllis added that she expected everyone she worked with to get along. Phyllis announced that she intended to buy the Grand Phoenix. Theo replied, "How you gonna pull that off?" Adam interrupted and greeted Phyllis. Phyllis noted that Adam seemed to be in a good mood, and she hinted that he'd likely spent the night with a woman.

After Theo left, Adam explained that Connor had put him in a good mood. Phyllis' mood soured in a heartbeat after Adam announced that he'd offered to sell the Grand Phoenix to Devon. Phyllis cried, "You know I wanted to buy that property." Adam told Phyllis she didn't have the money, but Devon did, though he hadn't accepted the offer. Adam added that Phyllis should pack her things because Dark Horse was dead. Phyllis told Adam he was nothing but a guy living in a tower with a pile of money. Adam corrected Phyllis and said he'd soon be living in his tower with his two sons.

Lola receives a letter from Adrian

Lola receives a letter from Adrian

Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Lola kneaded dough in the kitchen of her apartment. Rey noted that she baked when she felt anxious, and he figured that she wouldn't be the first bride who'd gotten cold feet before her wedding day. She claimed that she was baking to calm herself down, since she was so excited that she could barely see straight. Rey asked if there was anything he could do to help with the wedding, and Lola suggested that he ask Kyle, who was in charge of everything except her dress. Rey voiced surprise that his perfectionist kid sister had let someone else plan her wedding day. Lola had complete faith that Kyle was planning something gorgeous and romantic.

Lola worried that she was being insensitive by talking about her wedding so soon after Rey's breakup with Sharon, but Rey swore that seeing Lola happy cheered him up. Rey offered to check in with Kyle to see if he could pitch in, and Lola rambled about the activities she was planning for the honeymoon in Samoa. Rey chuckled at her enthusiasm, and he recalled that when she'd been in the hospital, it had bothered him how little life she'd had a chance to experience. He loved that she would see some of the world in style, and they hugged.

Rey savored Lola's baked goods, and she forlornly mentioned that the cinnamon was their mom's secret ingredient. Lola bemoaned that she hadn't heard from Celeste, and she resolved to make peace with the fact that her mother might not be at her wedding. Rey felt responsible because he hadn't told Celeste about Lola's transplant surgery, but Lola pointed out that she and her mom had many other issues that had nothing to do with Lola's medical situation. Rey implied that there was still time to change Celeste's mind.

Lola mentioned that Jack had gone to Miami to try to get through to Celeste. Lola didn't want to get her hopes up, although she conceded that their mother had a soft spot for smooth talkers -- like their dad. Rey pointed out that the bright side was that if Celeste didn't attend the wedding, Adrian wouldn't be there as her plus-one. Lola sifted through her mail and gasped when she saw their father's return address on one of the envelopes. Rey contemplated why Adrian would be writing to her after all that time.

Lola read Adrian's letter, in which Adrian wished Lola and Kyle the best as they started their new life. Adrian cited her mother's concerns, but he didn't share them because Rey and Arturo were protective of Lola and would never allow her to get close to anyone who didn't deserve her. Adrian had reconciled that some things weren't meant to be, since his relationship with Celeste hadn't worked out. He shared that Celeste had informed him that Lola didn't want him at the wedding, and he understood because he'd never been the father he should have been and hadn't earned the right to walk her down the aisle.

Adrian had written that he'd accepted his own failings with a heavy heart, but he felt no bitterness. He conveyed that he wanted to dance with his daughter at her wedding, but he respected Lola's wishes and would be there in spirit if she couldn't find it in her heart to allow him that. Lola fought back tears. Rey asked if she was okay, and she admitted that she honestly didn't know what to do. After reading the letter, Rey muttered that Adrian had a lot of nerve, since Lola didn't owe their father a "damn thing."

Rey ranted that their father's estrangement was the result of Adrian's own rotten choices, and Adrian should have chosen differently. Lola recalled threatening to call off the wedding if Adrian showed up, and Rey asked if anything had changed. Lola explained that she'd learned how it felt to have someone she loved shut her out completely, and if she ignored the letter, she'd be doing the same thing. Rey argued that there was no comparison, since Adrian had had over 20 years to apologize, but he'd decided not to get in contact until days before the wedding. Lola wondered what Celeste would want her to do, but Rey stressed that the choice was up to Lola.

At Nick's house, Anita reported that she'd just heard Connor stomp up to his room and slam the door. She assumed that he was upset because Chelsea wasn't getting back together with Adam, and Chelsea inquired whether her mother had been eavesdropping again. Anita offered to talk to her grandson, but Chelsea preferred to continue their conversation from the other day. Anita feigned ignorance, and Chelsea called her out on being up to something.

Anita suggested that Chelsea think about everything Anita had done for her before accusing Anita of anything. Chelsea pointed out that she'd shown her appreciation by offering Anita a chunk of her inheritance, but Anita had uncharacteristically turned down the money and had yet to give a believable explanation. Chelsea recounted that Anita had pestered her about Calvin's will ever since he'd taken his last breath, but Anita had shown no interest in the cash once Chelsea had had it in hand. Chelsea realized that Anita hadn't even asked how much the inheritance was, and Anita confessed that Daryl had told her.

Anita contended that she only cared that Calvin had provided for Chelsea. Chelsea thought her mother was full of it, and it made her more determined to find out what Anita's angle was. Anita asserted that her conscience was clear, and Chelsea threatened to keep digging until she got some answers. Anita reluctantly revealed that Calvin had left her a bequest of her own. Chelsea grumbled that it made no sense, since Calvin had had Anita's number. Chelsea couldn't imagine him remembering Anita in his will in any significant way. Anita clarified that he technically hadn't left her anything, but there were certain assets that she'd been safeguarding.

Chelsea was appalled that Anita had stolen from Calvin, but Anita explained that there were certain things Chelsea didn't know about his business dealings. Anita continued that Daryl had felt strongly that they shouldn't burden Chelsea with the details while she was in mourning, and Anita had agreed because she'd been trying to look out for her daughter. Chelsea snapped that she was ready to be burdened, and she ordered Anita to start talking. Anita divulged that some of Calvin's business had been legitimate, but there were other dealings that hadn't been. Calvin had found it prudent to keep those transactions off the books and put the proceeds in a storage unit instead of the bank.

Chelsea realized that Anita and Daryl had confiscated the profits from the questionable dealings and kept the cash for themselves. Anita swore that she'd only been thinking of Chelsea and Connor, since Chelsea hadn't needed questions about her inheritance while Adam had been hinting to the cops that she'd had something to do with Calvin's death. Chelsea surmised that Anita had taken a substantial amount, given that Anita had refused the million dollars Chelsea had offered her. After some prodding, Anita admitted that the deals off the books had amounted to another five million dollars.

Chelsea was aghast that Anita had taken half of Calvin's estate, and Anita defended that it had been the dirty half that could have gotten Chelsea into huge trouble. Anita argued that she'd taken an incredible risk for Chelsea's sake, but Chelsea spat that Anita had cheated her daughter and grandson out of millions. Chelsea demanded that Anita get out of her sight.

Anita fetched her things and prepared to go back to Baton Rouge, but she hoped Chelsea would reconsider. Chelsea lectured that she didn't know how to trust Anita again after Anita had chosen money over family. Chelsea found it ironic that Anita could have had both, since Chelsea had been ready to share the estate. Anita reiterated that she'd been trying to protect Chelsea, but Chelsea told her to go, since they were done. Anita left.

Later, Daryl staggered into the living room with an armful of luggage. He informed Chelsea that the housekeeper had invited him in and that Anita had instructed him to drop off the suitcases. Chelsea opened one of the bags and pulled out wads of cash. Daryl handed Chelsea revised documentation, showing that Chelsea's bequest included the contents of Calvin's storage unit. Daryl added that Chelsea also owned Calvin's townhouse and vehicles, less any expenses incurred if she decided to sell them.

Daryl presented Chelsea with a pen, and she signed the agreement. He suggested that she wash the stacks of cash once or twice to be safe, and she rolled her eyes and stated that it was so like her mother. Chelsea handed Daryl one of the suitcases of cash for him and Anita to share, and he thanked her. She wished him safe travels.

At Devon's penthouse, Phyllis greeted Elena, who headed out for a jog. Devon asked why Phyllis was there, and she mentioned that she'd heard he was in talks to purchase the Grand Phoenix. She didn't understand, since he'd given her a list of reasons why it wouldn't be feasible when she'd requested a loan. She pushed to know if Devon was planning to make a deal with Adam and cut her out of it.

Devon explained that he'd turned Phyllis down because she'd pitched a lousy proposal with an overinflated price on a risky project, and he noted that she had no experience in hospitality. He added that he'd been able to negotiate a price under market value, but he'd decided to pass on the whole thing. Phyllis suggested that he buy the hotel from Adam and sell it to her to make a quick buck, and Devon inquired whether she'd won the lottery. She admitted that she didn't have limitless funds, but she could give him a healthy sum and would need time to pay the rest. Devon flatly replied that he wasn't interested.

Phyllis pleaded that the building was more than just an investment to her. She considered it a way to redeem herself in the eyes of everyone in town, and she knew Devon understood because redemption had been a big part of Neil's life. Devon bristled because it sounded like she was exploiting his late father's memory to make a buck. Phyllis insisted that she hadn't meant to disrespect Neil or manipulate Devon, but she wanted Devon to know how important the project was to her.

Phyllis whimpered that she'd been through a really tough year, but Devon countered that she'd been responsible for much of what had happened. He bluntly explained that he didn't want to work with her, and he cited that she wasn't on good terms with her previous employers. Phyllis argued that she'd been caught up in sibling rivalry at Jabot, and that was why it was important for her to reestablish her reputation and credibility. She pledged to give the project everything she had, but he maintained that his answer was no.

At Society, Phyllis asked if Abby had a minute to chat, but Abby brusquely replied that it was the lunch rush. Phyllis apologized for snapping at Abby that morning, and she didn't want a little friction to create problems going forward. Abby wondered what part of being busy wasn't registering with Phyllis, and she admitted that she was having second thoughts about their partnership, since Phyllis couldn't put aside her resentment toward the Abbotts. Phyllis swore that she had respect for Abby, and she was upset with herself for overreacting earlier. Phyllis added that she wanted to work with Abby, who hadn't gotten the respect she richly deserved.

Abby was suspicious about why Phyllis was being "freakishly nice." Phyllis agreed with Abby's earlier statement that Phyllis was lucky to have the chance to work with Abby, but she also thought Abby was lucky to work with her, since Phyllis had the drive and determination to make the hotel iconic. Phyllis believed that they could accomplish great things together, but Abby still thought there was more to it. Phyllis revealed that Adam was furious with her because she'd done something amazing for Nick, and Abby surmised that Phyllis was sucking up to her because Phyllis needed a job.

Phyllis denied that she'd been fired. She said it was a long story, and she announced that Adam had put the Grand Phoenix up for sale. Phyllis frowned upon the possibility that a big chain would buy it and turn it into a cookie-cutter business hotel, letting all their great ideas go to waste -- unless Abby decided to buy it herself. Phyllis envisioned running the day-to-day while Abby concentrated on the creative vision. Abby conceded that it sounded great, but the problem was that she didn't trust Phyllis. Abby referred to how things had turned out at Jabot with Phyllis as CEO, but Phyllis countered that great things had happened under her tenure, including the Jaboutique launch.

Phyllis intended to put the same energy into the Grand Phoenix, and she was sure Abby would do the same thing. Abby agreed to buy the place from Adam and consider keeping Phyllis on as manager -- under one condition. Abby insisted that Phyllis have skin in the game by putting up a 20 percent ownership stake. Phyllis declared that she was all for it, but she needed time to get the money. Abby gave Phyllis one week, or she'd find someone experienced who she could trust to manage the hotel. Phyllis vowed to find the money.

In Chancellor Park, Adam waited with a soccer ball. He checked his phone and sent a text message. He got a ping back and scowled when he read the response. He grabbed his duffel bag and left. Meanwhile, at Victoria and Billy's house, Victoria suspected that Adam would respond to her text message by showing up in person. Billy promised that they would be ready, and he held her close.

A short time later, Adam dropped by, and Victoria asked if he hadn't received her message about Christian not feeling well. Adam figured that he'd visit the boy there instead of the park, and he envisioned reading stories or watching a video. Victoria claimed that Christian's fever had wiped him out and that he was sleeping. Billy refused to let Christian wake up to Adam's busted-up face, and he suggested that Adam return when he didn't look like something the cat had dragged in.

Adam said he'd be in touch to reschedule, and he headed out. Victoria was surprised that Adam had taken no for an answer, but Billy expected Adam to have Michael run straight to the judge if they continued to keep Adam from Christian. Victoria recognized that it wasn't a permanent solution, but she felt like every day she could keep Adam from confusing her nephew was a victory.

In the park, Billy told Johnny, Katie, and Christian a silly joke, and the kids laughed. Victoria returned with yogurt parfaits, and Billy marveled that everyone was having a good time. Victoria prompted Billy to get to the office, and she expected Nick to arrive any minute. Billy departed, and Victoria asked the kids what they wanted to do after their snack. A livid Adam spied them.

Johnny and Christian began to throw a toy football back and forth. Adam called out to Christian and asked how he was doing, and he inquired whether Christian remembered him. Christian stared at Adam, who explained that the bruise on his face looked scary, but he was okay. Meanwhile, Victoria spotted Adam talking to Christian as Nick joined her.

Adam invited Christian to check out the merry-go-round, but Christian ran away. Nick demanded that Adam leave Christian alone, but Adam growled that Victoria had canceled his scheduled visit. Nick retorted that the judge never would have allowed the visit if he'd known what Adam had been planning to do. Adam stressed that he deserved to know his son. Victoria panicked when she couldn't find Christian.

Nick raced around the park, calling for Christian. Elena jogged by and asked if everything was okay, and Nick informed her that his son had run off. Adam spotted Christian's feet sticking out from behind a bush, and he called to the boy. Christian yelled out to go away. Adam apologized for scaring Christian before, but he'd been happy to see the boy and had gotten too excited. Adam inquired whether Christian had ever gotten so excited that it had taken him a while to calm down, and Christian nodded.

Adam pointed out that he and Christian were alike, and he invited Christian to play soccer. Adam tossed Christian the ball, and they kicked it around. They heard Nick imploring Christian to go where Nick could see him, and Adam called out to disclose Christian's location. Elena found them and mentioned that the boy's father was looking for him. Nick joined them, and Christian cried out, "Daddy!" Nick scooped Christian up, and Christian excitedly showed off his new soccer ball. Nick thanked Elena for her help, and he carried Christian away as Adam looked on.

Adam threatens to leave Victor with nothing

Adam threatens to leave Victor with nothing

Wednesday, August 14, 2019

by Nel

At the Abbott mansion, Abby welcomed Ashley. Ashley said she had returned from Paris because she and Jack had to tie up a few loose ends concerning the merger. Abby informed Ashley that Jack was out running an errand. She told Ashley about buying the Grand Phoenix hotel and that she'd hired Phyllis to manage it. Ashley asked Abby to find someone else to work with. She warned Abby not to turn her back on Phyllis, but Abby assured Ashley that she could handle Phyllis. Talk turned to Nate. Ashley was very pleased that Abby was dating her old friend Olivia's son. Abby said she wasn't certain where things stood between them, but no matter what happened, she would be fine.

Jack arrived at Victor's office and said that he was there to speak with Victoria. Victor saw through Jack and asked why Jack was really there. At that moment, Victor had to answer a call, and when he ended the call, Victor said he knew that Jack was there because he wanted to check on whether the medication Victor had been taking had had any side effects. Jack ignored Victor's remark and said he was thrilled Victor was feeling better. Jack stated that the fight between Adam and Nick over Christian had to be a big disappointment for Victor.

Jack told Victor that it hadn't been that long before that he and Kyle had been at odds. Jack said when Kyle had returned to Genoa City, he'd barely recognized him because everything Kyle had done had appeared to be destructive and hurtful. Victor said the two situations were very different. Jack said that no matter how bad things became with children, there was always room for hope. Jack said that Victor had been at odds with Victoria, Nick, and Abby, but he'd managed to reconcile with them. Victor said that his children had never done the things that Adam had done.

Jack told Victor that Adam was drowning and that he was trying to save his own life. Victor claimed that Adam was going about it the wrong way. Jack suggested that Victor throw Adam a lifeline, but Victor countered that he'd done that on several occasions. Victor said nothing was ever enough for Adam and that Adam wanted him to make a choice between Adam and the family.

Adam answered the door to his penthouse. A man handed him an envelope and said that Adam had been served. Adam opened the envelope. He pulled out a document. It was a court order stating that his visitation with Christian had been terminated and that there was a restraining order in place. Furious, Adam called Michael and told him about the restraining order and termination of visitation with Christian. He demanded that Michael fix it immediately.

After a run, Devon and Elena arrived at Devon's penthouse. Elena told Devon about the incident in the park regarding Christian. She was worried because she didn't want to be dragged into Adam and Nick's custody battle. Devon assured her she wouldn't be involved. Devon and Elena's kiss was interrupted when Elena received a call from Nate. Nate asked her to meet him at Crimson Lights. Devon walked Elena to the elevator.

After the elevator door closed and Devon was about to return to his unit, Adam opened his door and said he'd been on his way to Devon's. He wanted to speak with Elena about her perspective about the incident in the park that had involved Christian. Devon informed him that Elena wasn't at home. Devon said he wanted to talk to Adam. They entered Adam's unit. Devon told Adam that he didn't want Elena dragged into Adam and Nick's custody battle over Christian. He didn't want Adam to talk to or approach Elena in any way. She'd chosen to do the right thing, but she didn't want to be involved.

Adam told Devon that he wasn't a bad guy. He told Devon about the restraining order he'd been served with. Adam said that Victoria had lied to him about Christian so that Nick could spend time with him. Devon asked if Adam had followed Victoria to the park. Adam said that he had every right to see Christian, but Christian saw him as a monster. Adam claimed that Nick had been filling Christian's head with lies about him, and when Christian had gone missing, he'd been worried out of his mind. He said he'd found Christian, and they had kicked a soccer ball around until Nick had swooped in and grabbed Christian. Devon said that Nick had been extremely worried.

Adam told Devon that he had always put Christian's needs first and that he had followed the rules. He wanted Christian to know he was his father. Devon didn't believe Adam's "poor me" act and said the only one affected by the fighting and the custody hearing was Christian. He said they needed to do right by Christian. Devon referred to his own past. He said he hadn't known his father, and he hadn't had a role model until Neil had taken him under his wing. When his biological father had shown up, he'd had room in his life for both Tucker and Neil. Devon said that a child never had enough people in their life who loved them. A child's needs had to come first.

Devon told Adam that someone needed to back down. Devon suggested that Adam needed to be the one because he'd started the custody suit that had ripped Christian from his home. Adam blamed Nick for the restraining order. Adam suddenly realized that Nick didn't have that kind of power, but he knew who did.

At their apartment, Kyle found Lola reading the letter from her dad. Kyle commented that Lola didn't look so great. She told Kyle that her dad was no longer with Celeste, and he wanted to attend their wedding. Lola said she was agonizing over what to do. She didn't want to be pulled back into the past. She said her dad wanted to have his family back, but she felt he wasn't family. Lola made a sudden decision to focus on the future. Kyle assured her that he would support whatever she decided. He also promised never to disappoint her. They kissed.

Elena met with Nate at Crimson Lights. After some small talk about Nate's personal life, Nate told her about an opportunity at Memorial as a resident. He felt that she had a good shot at it. Elena said she had given residency a thought, but she'd pictured that happening in a year or so. She decided to go for it, since it was staring her in the face.

Kyle and Lola arrived at the Abbotts'. Ashley greeted Lola warmly and welcomed her into the family. Jack arrived and informed everyone that he and Ashley had been thinking about a new name for the merged companies to honor John's memory. A few ideas were presented, but Kyle said that John had created the company for his family. He said that Jabot wasn't just a name, it was the Abbotts. Everyone agreed that the name should remain Jabot, and they toasted to the rebirth of the Jabot name. Abby asked if Ashley would move back to Genoa City. Ashely said she would remain in Paris, but Abby would see her more often.

Nate arrived at the Abbotts' and asked to speak privately to Abby. Once they were outside, Nate told Abby he needed to get a few things straight. He knew Abby was miffed because he'd left her at the bachelor party. Abby said that she couldn't go from zero to a serious commitment. She said she needed to focus on her business. Nate said there were a lot of things he didn't know about Abby, why she was so driven and especially what made her afraid to be involved with him. He said Abby was a mystery, but he wanted to get to know her. He said that Abby was spontaneous, and he always had a solid game plan. He wanted them to meet somewhere in the middle. Abby realized Nate wasn't breaking up with her, and she smiled.

Nate and Abby joined the Abbotts for a toast to Lola and Kyle. Kyle thanked Jack for flying to Florida in an attempt to convince Celeste to be at his and Lola's wedding. Lola warned Jack that Celeste could be difficult once she'd made up her mind. Jack said that "difficult" was his specialty. Jack promised Lola that he would not return alone. He bid everyone goodbye, and he left.

After he'd left Adam's, Devon returned to his penthouse and told Elena that he'd met with Adam and that she needn't worry about Adam anymore. Elena told Devon about her meeting with Nate and that she was about to be interviewed for a position at Memorial. Devon was surprised because she'd been so upset when a patient had died while in her care, but he thought she'd make an amazing doctor. Elena said she couldn't pass up the opportunity and asked Devon to wish her luck. Devon said she didn't need it because she would be hired. They kissed, and Elena left.

Later, Elena returned and excitedly told Devon that Memorial had a new resident. Devon wanted to celebrate. He pulled out a white doctor's lab coat from the credenza and presented it to Elena. After Elena had put it on, Devon pretended that he needed a doctor because his heart was beating super fast. Elena said Devon was a lucky man because she was a doctor. They kissed. Elena removed the coat, and they proceeded to make love.

Furious, Adam stormed into Victor's office and informed Victor that he'd been served with a restraining order. He said that at first, he had believed that Nick had done it, but then he'd realized that Nick didn't have the connections to pull that off. Adam accused Victor of siding with Nick. Victor said that Adam had left him with no choice, and he'd done what he should have done a long time before: take Christian's side. Victor said he wouldn't watch Christian suffer because of Adam.

Adam shouted that Victor hated him because he was doing what Victor hadn't done, and he was going after his son. Victor had left him to be raised by another man. Victor explained that it had been Hope's decision to raise Adam in Kansas. Adam shouted that Victor was Victor Newman, and there was nothing on the earth that would have stopped Victor if he'd wanted to raise his son. Victor explained that he hadn't wanted Adam to be in the middle of a long and drawn-out custody battle. Adam stated that he would never do anything to harm Christian. Victor shouted that Adam had already done that. He'd taken Christian away from Nick, and he'd told Christian that he was Christian's father. Adam screamed that he was Christian's father.

Victor said that Adam had scared Christian so much that he'd run away. He said that Christian could have gotten lost or worse, but Adam hadn't given a damn and never had. Adam claimed that Victor had known who Adam was when he'd brought him back to town. Victor said he'd thought Adam had evolved into a human being that he could have been proud of. Adam apologized for being such a disappointment, but if Victor had been there for him, Victor could have changed all that. Victor said there was no chance. Victor said he'd given Adam a second chance. Adam asked if Victor regretted that. Victor said more than he could tell Adam.

Adam asked if Victor thought that withholding his approval would make Adam see the errors of his ways. Victor said that Adam was incapable of remorse. He told Adam to return to his old life because there was nothing in Genoa City for him. Adam strongly disagreed. Victor said he would make sure that Adam left, and he would do whatever it took. Adam said he would remain in Genoa City. Victor said that Adam would live to regret it.

Adam was about to leave, but he stopped at the door. Adam said that the hate in Victor's voice had been inspirational, and he would use it as motivation to get both his sons back. Adam threatened to take everything from Victor and Adam's repulsively entitled siblings. The Newmans would be left with nothing. Adam hoped that Victor was ready for a fight because Victor hadn't seen anything yet. Adam left.

Theo shares his and Kyle's secret with Summer

Theo shares his and Kyle's secret with Summer

Thursday, August 15, 2019

At Kyle and Lola's apartment, Kyle packed a bag, and Lola teased that it was like she didn't even know him anymore. She ribbed him for being superstitious about not wanting to see her before the wedding, and he countered that he was being respectful by honoring tradition. Lola scoffed at the idea of being traditional when the groom had planned the wedding, and Kyle contended that the groom had done it because he loved the bride and wanted to give her the wedding of her dreams. He joked that he could also play the wedding card every time he screwed up for the rest of their lives.

Lola wondered if Kyle was using a cover story when he really intended to bolt, and she asked if he had a fake passport in his bag. He realized that she was serious to some extent, and she admitted that she was nervous. She deadpanned that she liked him a lot and wanted to keep him around, and he thought that was good because she was stuck with him forever. He added that nothing could stop them, and they kissed.

Kyle and Lola made out on the couch, but he pulled away because he had last-minute details to take care of. She offered to run errands with him to get them done more quickly, but he refused because he wanted to avoid giving away any wedding details. She gave him a pleading look and playfully threatened to resort to other methods, but he insisted on leaving. She suggested that he stay, and they could put up a curtain in the middle of the bedroom.

Kyle wondered if Lola's reluctance to let him go had to do with her mother. Lola accepted that Celeste wouldn't be at the wedding, no matter what Jack said. Kyle inquired whether that was the only thing bothering her, and Lola felt like it was enough. He promised to call as soon as he got to the pool house, and she resolved to manage for one night without him. He gushed that the next time he saw her, it would be at the end of an aisle. They proclaimed their love, and he headed out.

Summer joined Theo at the bar at Society. She hoped Abby wasn't waiting to douse her with a pitcher of sangria, and he indicated that Summer was in the clear. Summer was glad that influencers hadn't been at the party, or her squabble with Abby would have ended up all over the Internet. Theo assured her that her followers didn't want her to be perfect, and Summer noted that he sounded like her mother. Theo called Phyllis a smart lady, but Summer figured that he was only saying that because Phyllis had hired him.

Theo questioned whether Summer wanted to talk about work or play, and she mentioned their after-party in the elevator. Summer implied that there might not be more nights like that unless he explained the speech he'd given about his and Kyle's fun times in New York. Theo referred to it as a eulogy to Kyle's single days, but Summer believed Theo had freaked Kyle out on purpose. She threatened to never ride another elevator with Theo again until he told her what his secret was.

Theo approved of Summer's tough act, but she flatly stated that it wasn't foreplay. She demanded to know why he'd made it seem like something awful had happened in New York other than ridiculous bar tabs and an endless string of women. Theo insisted that she didn't want to know, but Summer swore that nothing he said would shock her. She accused him of using the secret as a power trip to jerk her and Kyle around, and she found it annoying. She decided to figure out another way to find out his secret and use it against him, and he realized that she wouldn't let it go.

Theo acknowledged that it was no secret that he and Kyle had had wild times in the city, but they hadn't broken any major laws. Theo recalled that there had been a cute blonde girl named Zoe who had always been around, and she'd gotten so wasted at one of their parties that she'd needed to go to the emergency room. Theo added that Zoe hadn't been able to get there on her own, and Summer asked who'd taken her. Theo flashed back to him and Kyle loading Zoe into a car and trying to wake her up. Kyle had checked Zoe's purse for identification to provide once they got to the hospital, and he'd freaked out when he'd discovered that she was 17.

Theo was adamant that there had been no sexual contact, but Summer lectured that the girl had still blacked out on Kyle and Theo's booze. Theo recounted that Kyle had suspected that Zoe had needed her stomach pumped, and he'd asked how much alcohol she'd consumed. Theo had griped that he'd been there to tend bar and not to ask questions, and Kyle had suggested that they dump her at the emergency room. Summer understood needing to get out of a jam, but she thought the treatment had been cold. Theo indicated that Zoe had ended up being fine, but her father had shown up the next day and threatened to arrest them for endangering a minor. Theo added that Kyle had known just what to do.

Summer assumed that Kyle had talked the father down. Theo shared that Kyle had cracked open his trust fund and handed over $100,000 to make everything go away. Summer was appalled that the dad had taken a payoff after his daughter had almost died. Theo continued that their lives had gone back to normal, although they'd toned it down a little and kept an eye on the guest list. Theo groused that Kyle had eventually left New York to become the golden boy of Genoa City, treating New York like a distant memory.

Summer argued that Kyle had saved Theo's backside, yet Theo was holding a grudge. Theo countered that he was Kyle's only real friend, but Kyle had treated him like garbage. Theo ranted that Kyle walked through life as if the past had never happened, and Theo was the only one keeping him honest. Theo snarled that he and Kyle had made the same choices, but Kyle had decided Theo was dead to him.

Summer thought Kyle had had a right to get protective when Theo had threatened his relationship with Lola, and Theo blasted Summer for making excuses for Kyle after what Kyle had done to her. Summer declared that she'd moved on, and she advised Theo to try it. She said they were done there, and she sauntered off.

At Crimson Lights, Sharon discovered that Mariah and Tessa were watching a video that Mariah had discreetly filmed of Tessa singing at Kyle and Lola's bachelor/bachelorette party. Mariah regretted that she hadn't made clear that the event was coed, but Sharon assured her that she'd recovered from the shock of walking into Rey. Mariah explained that she'd recorded Tessa's performance to give to Kyle and Lola so they could relive the memory whenever they wanted. Mariah hoped that the gift would help make up for her other hosting failures, but Sharon insisted that she'd forgiven Mariah. Sharon headed to the patio to tend to customers, and she ran into Rey.

Rey awkwardly said hi, and he and Sharon both started to talk at once. He requested some coffee, and she poured him a cup. He inquired whether she was going to make him drink alone, and she grabbed a cup of her own. Sharon informed him that Mariah and Tessa had footage from the portion of the party where photos of Kyle and Lola as kids had been displayed, and she imagined that Rey had gathered the photos of Lola. Rey figured that his kid sister had always been a ham, and he wouldn't be surprised if she got her own cooking show.

Rey asked how Faith was doing, and he apologized for not reaching out to her before he'd moved out. Sharon mentioned that she'd explained the situation to Faith in age-appropriate terms, and Rey offered to talk to the girl, as well. Sharon appreciated it, but she accepted that it was all on her, and she regretted that she'd put Faith through similar situations multiple times before. Rey referred to what had gone down between Lola and Celeste, and Sharon thought it would be a shame if Celeste didn't go to the wedding. Sharon was stunned when Rey revealed that Jack had gone to Miami to talk sense into Celeste, but she understood that Jack would do anything for Kyle.

Rey pointed out that Kyle would do anything for Lola, and Sharon remarked that Rey hadn't trusted Kyle in the past. Rey clarified that he'd be worried about the risk Lola was taking in any relationship, and Sharon realized that Rey was afraid his sister might end up with a broken heart. Rey hated the thought of Lola going through something like that, but Sharon optimistically stated that maybe Lola wouldn't. Rey asked how many couples made it even ten years, but Sharon asserted that she believed in forever and in promises kept, since she believed in love.

Rey recognized that his family didn't have the best track record of picking mates, quickly adding that it wasn't meant to be a dig. Sharon expected that Lola would be a beautiful bride and that the wedding would be a day Rey would never forget. Sharon contended that nothing else mattered but love and hope.

Mariah and Tessa were surprised when Lola showed up at the coffeehouse. Lola explained that she was burning off energy, and she confided that she wasn't doing okay. Tessa guessed that pre-wedding jitters were a real thing, and Mariah insisted that it was normal. Tessa pointed out that Lola was the most confident person she knew, and Lola said she had been up until an hour earlier. Mariah encouraged Lola to sit and talk, and Lola raved about the party and Tessa's song. Mariah referred to the fights that had broken out, and Lola asked how it couldn't have been an omen of drama, chaos, and doom.

Mariah chalked it up to Theo and Summer being the king and queen of the "drama prom," but it hadn't had anything to do with Kyle and Lola. Mariah sensed that Lola was using the scuffles as an excuse not to focus on what the next day was all about. Lola realized that she was about to turn from a girlfriend into a wife, and she feared that she was no longer the smart-aleck who had smack-talked Kyle when he'd been an obnoxious customer. Mariah surmised that Lola thought that Kyle wouldn't like the "new" Lola, and Lola panicked that Mariah saw it, too. Mariah sympathized that Lola was going a little crazy.

Mariah firmly stated that Lola would still be herself when she woke up the next morning, but Lola would be slightly different, since they were all changing constantly. Tessa chirped that with change was growth, and she knew that it could be scary and tense not to know what was around the corner, but it was amazing to hold someone's hand and tackle the future head-on. Lola contemplated what would have happened if she hadn't parked her food truck in front of Jabot or met Kyle.

Tessa believed that it had been fate, guiding Kyle and Lola to where they'd wanted to be. Lola told herself that most people worried before their wedding, and Mariah understood what it was like to have a voice inside her head, telling her that something had to be wrong. Mariah pointed out that nothing about Kyle and Lola's courtship had been drama-free, and it might be time to face that some things just happened to be perfect. Lola liked the sound of that.

Mariah was proud that she'd just given her first premarital pep talk, and Lola said she loved Mariah and Tessa. Lola marveled that moving to Genoa City had changed her life, since she'd found Kyle, a new career, and a new family -- including them. Lola admitted that she missed her mom and couldn't even think about her dad, but she knew she'd have people she loved with her the next day, and that was what was important. Tessa teared up, and Mariah protested that she hated to cry. Mariah said they loved Lola, too, and the three women hugged.

Sharon peeked inside the coffeehouse and told Rey that Lola was there. Sharon assumed that Lola was addressing her pre-wedding jitters with her girlfriends, and Rey contemplated whether he should check on her. Sharon advised him not to hover, but she conceded that he knew his sister best. Rey imagined that Lola would dropkick him, and he thanked Sharon for holding him back. Sharon asked if he was ready for the next day, and he admitted that while he had his speech ready and his suit picked out, he had his own pre-wedding nerves about giving his little sister away.

Sharon anticipated that the wedding would be wonderful, and she intended to have Mariah send her pictures and video. Rey murmured that it hadn't been the plan, since Sharon was supposed to be there with him. They agreed that they'd both thought things would be different. Sharon remarked that she was working hard to understand because sometimes she looked at her life and didn't know how she'd gotten there. Rey knew the feeling.

Later, Sharon reported that Lola was gone, so the coast was clear for Rey. He prepared to pay for his coffee and head out, but she told him it was on the house. She laughed when she remembered giving him free coffee in exchange for him doing odd jobs for her when they'd first become friends, but he recognized that a lot had changed. Sharon countered that not everything had, and she insisted on comping him that one time. She wished him luck the next day.

Meanwhile, Mariah and Tessa watched the video again, and Theo peered over their shoulders and asked if he could listen. Mariah snapped that it was a private moment, but Theo suggested that they put the video on LP's site. Mariah huffed that the song wouldn't mean anything to a stranger, and she opined that Theo wasn't as good as he thought he was.

Mariah confronted Theo about the garbage toast he'd made to get a rise out of Kyle, and Theo claimed that he'd tried to make things right because he'd missed his friend. Mariah had a feeling that New York really missed Theo, and she dryly suggested that they reconnect. Theo sat alone at the counter and looked up Zoe Hardisty's social media account on his phone.

Kyle arrived at the wedding venue, where workers were bustling around to set up for the next day. Kyle thanked them and gazed around admiringly. Later, Summer entered the venue as Kyle adjusted some chairs. He swore that he wasn't obsessing over chair placement, and she understood that he wanted it to look perfect for the woman of his dreams. She stressed that she really was happy for them, even if it didn't sound convincing.

Kyle hoped the weirdness didn't make Summer stay away, since both he and Lola wanted Summer at the wedding. Summer referred to herself as the lifesaver, and Kyle called her a lifelong friend. She promised to be there, and he hoped she wouldn't be with Theo. Summer assured him that it wouldn't be an issue and that the venue looked perfect. She warned that Theo might have some anger issues, and she advised Kyle to watch his back, since she didn't trust the guy. Kyle thanked her, and Summer wished him luck the next day, adding that he and Lola really were meant for one another. She headed out.

A short time later, Lola stepped into the venue and looked around in amazement. Kyle protested that she couldn't be there, but she gushed that it was perfect, since it was exactly what she'd had inside her head and heart. She credited him with fulfilling her dreams, and he figured that it was too late to tell her to close her eyes. She apologized, although she wasn't sure that she meant it. She stammered that she should probably go, but he implored her to stay. He flipped on some twinkling lights and played some music, and they held one another close and swayed to the music.

The song finished, and Kyle commented that the next time he danced, it would be with his wife. Lola remembered being a little girl who'd imagined her wedding and pictured her groom, and she praised him for giving her a fairy tale -- except it was better because it was real. Kyle thought it was time for her to run off and leave him with an empty shoe. She agreed to go, but she swore that she would never leave him. They kissed, and he realized that it was their last dance and last kiss. "Before a million firsts," she replied. They clasped hands and slowly let go as she walked away.

Kyle and Lola get married

Kyle and Lola get married

Friday, August 16, 2019

At Crimson Lights, Kyle stirred his coffee and ignored a call from Theo. Moments later, Kyle received a text message from Theo, noting that it was the end of Kyle's life as he knew it and asking if Kyle had any final wishes. Kyle opted not to respond, and he left.

Later, Summer found Phyllis at the coffeehouse, and Phyllis commented that it was her lucky day. Summer clarified that it was Kyle's day, and Phyllis asked what Summer had planned. Summer indicated that she knew what she'd like to do, and Phyllis suggested that they have a superhero movie marathon or indulge in some retail therapy. When Summer didn't react, Phyllis proposed that they go to the spa and then get tattoos. Summer shared that she was thinking of something more radical than that.

After Summer revealed what she wanted, Phyllis pledged to support Summer through anything, but she balked at what Summer had in mind. Summer acknowledged that it sounded crazy, but she thought it was the right thing to do. Summer cited the special connection she and Kyle had, and she liked to think that she'd always want what was best for him -- which was why she was going to the wedding. Phyllis argued that not much time had passed since Summer and Kyle had exchanged their own vows, and she wondered if Summer had forgotten how much he'd hurt her. Summer mentioned that she'd recently found out how much she'd hurt Kyle when she'd broken up with him years earlier, and there had been a constant act of forgiveness between them.

Summer hoped that she and Kyle both found happiness, even if it wasn't together. Phyllis questioned whether Summer was absolutely positive about going to the wedding, and Summer reasoned that she'd feel like she was hiding if she didn't go. Summer anticipated that it would probably hurt, and she might hate every second of it, but she would be there on her best behavior and look "pretty damn good" doing it. Summer added that she could use some moral support, and she requested that Phyllis join her as her plus-one. Phyllis murmured that nothing would make her happier than being by her daughter's side.

At home, Victoria left a message for Nick to let him know that everything was set for his supervised visitation. Billy zoned out as he flashed back to finding Delia's doll in his bed. Victoria asked what Billy had gotten the kids for dinner, but she noticed that he wasn't paying attention. Billy distractedly replied that he'd picked up both pizza and Chinese because he hadn't been able to decide. She wondered if he was okay, and he insisted that he'd never been better.

At the Abbott mansion, Traci couldn't believe that Kyle was getting married, and she enthused that it restored her faith in the universe. She declared that it was time for the Abbotts to celebrate after being through tribulations, and Ashley thought they should also be celebrating Traci's book. Traci also referred to Abby's success and the upcoming merger, and she looked forward to the Abbotts unifying and working together in harmony, including welcoming a new member into their family. A sullen Kyle arrived, and Traci asked what was wrong. Kyle fretted that there was a problem.

Kyle protested that he couldn't do it, but Traci assured him that it was natural to have jitters. He insisted that it was beyond cold feet, but Ashley was sure that Lola would love what he'd planned. Kyle had no issue with the fairy-tale day he'd put together, but the marriage part had him scared to death because divorce was in his DNA. He ranted that the Abbott family tree was full of nuts, broken branches, and doomed marriages, and he pointed out that Lola's family wasn't a shining example, either.

Kyle considered Lola to be different, because she was the best, most loving person he knew, and she deserved real happiness that lasted forever. Kyle added that Lola needed a guy who treated her like she was the most wonderful person to walk the earth, and that man's only goal should be to make an extraordinary woman feel like she had everything her heart desired. Ashley agreed with him unequivocally, and she firmly believed that Kyle was that man.

Ashley conceded that Kyle had a point, since he'd seen a million examples of how a marriage could go wrong. Traci implored Kyle to take everyone else's mistakes and learn from them by doing the opposite. Traci pointed out that he and Lola had already survived events that would destroy most relationships, and Ashley added that Kyle had already loved Lola through sickness and health. Traci referred to Lola's overprotective brothers and Kyle's marriage to someone else, and Ashley mentioned the couple's crazy work hours. Kyle wondered how to make their love last forever, and Traci encouraged him to take it day by day, since marriage wasn't something set in stone.

Traci cautioned that couples couldn't neglect or ignore a marriage by expecting it to work itself out, since marriage was a living thing that needed love to keep it alive. Ashley contended that marriage took commitment and attention, and she advised Kyle to meet the challenges and disagreements head-on. Ashley continued that if he had the choice between being right or happy, he should choose happiness. Traci urged him to always remember that out of all the people who ever were and ever would be, Kyle and Lola had chosen one another, and they should cherish that. Ashley recommended that Kyle talk to Lola about everything, to listen to her, and to be her rock. Traci expected Lola to be his rock, and she anticipated that the young couple would change in ways they couldn't even imagine.

Traci envisioned Kyle and Lola creating memories that would last a lifetime and traditions that they'd pass down to their children. Ashley insisted that there was no rush, since Kyle and Lola both had dreams, and they would help one another reach them. Traci asked if Kyle loved Lola, and he swore that he did more than he'd thought he could love anyone. He declared that she'd been his everything from the day they'd met, and Ashley told him to tell Lola that all the time. Ashley assured Kyle that he'd have the love and support of his very flawed family forever, and he asked what he'd do without them. Traci stated that he'd never have to worry about that, and the women hugged him.

Abby, Mariah, and Tessa helped Lola prepare for her wedding. Lola thanked Abby for sending the "glam squad," and Abby called Lola a knockout. Tessa chirped that Lola could walk down the aisle in her chef uniform, and Kyle would still think she had moonbeams in her eyes. Abby remarked that she'd always thought the love of Kyle's life would be a sports car, and Mariah found it adorable that he was keeping the wedding venue a secret. Lola confessed that she'd seen it the night before, when she'd caught Kyle putting on the finishing touches while she'd been taking a walk. Lola gushed that the setup was perfect, since Kyle had taken every one of her wishes and made them all happen.

Abby proposed a toast, and Mariah raised a glass of Champagne to "love, laughter, and happily ever after." Lola exclaimed that she felt like Cinderella, and it was a dream to have her three best friends there with her. She added that she hadn't felt like part of a friend group since middle school, and Mariah and Tessa felt the same way. Abby suspected that if it hadn't been for the three of them, Lola would have given up on Kyle months earlier.

Lola marveled that it was a friendship she'd never thought she'd have, and she wondered if they would still be there when she and Kyle were a boring old couple. Tessa swore that Lola couldn't get rid of them if she tried, and Mariah promised that they would love Lola forever. Abby announced that there was something important they had to do. Mariah presented Lola with something old, and Lola found an exquisite handbag inside a giftbox. Mariah explained that she'd found it at an antique shop, and it had screamed Lola's wedding.

Abby gave Lola something new -- a brand-new yet-to-be-named fragrance from Ashley's company. The women basked in the scent, and Lola declared it her new favorite thing. Tessa provided Lola with a blue garter, and Abby handed over diamond earrings as something borrowed. Abby suggested that Lola drop hints to her husband when she wanted her own pair, and Abby would make sure he got the purchase right. Lola cried that they'd already made it the most incredible day of her life, and she loved them. Mariah warned Lola not to cry, since they couldn't replicate what the glam squad had done. The women shared a group hug.

The guests began arriving for the wedding. Devon, Elena, and Victoria admired the venue, and Devon wondered whether Kyle had really done all of it himself. Victoria compared it to a dream, and Billy called it the best kind. Victoria imagined that it would be a beautiful ceremony, but Billy asked who needed weddings, anyway. Victoria contemplated being blissfully unmarried for the rest of their lives, and Billy planned to be in the front row to catch the garter and not marry her all over again. They kissed.

Traci, Ashley, and Kyle arrived, and Ashley was stunned that he'd transformed the place. Kyle compared it to what Lola had done to his heart. Kyle greeted Nate, who noted that Kyle had raised the bar. Devon approached and admitted that it was the last thing he'd expected when Abby had told him that Kyle was in charge of the wedding arrangements. Kyle stepped aside to talk to the priest.

Elena wondered if Nate would do everything himself when he got married, since he was a Renaissance man who could cook as well as perform organ transplants. Nate insisted that it would be a long time before he was ready to consider taking that step, and he walked away. Devon wondered what was going on with Nate and Abby, and Elena reported that the couple was on again. Jack asked to borrow the groom, and Kyle worried that something had happened.

Meanwhile, Rey arrived to check on Lola and stopped in his tracks when he saw his sister, but she warned him not to make her cry. He said there were a million things he wanted to tell her, but he didn't know what to say. Rey couldn't believe that "little Lola" was getting married. He felt like she'd just been a six-year-old, stomping around the kitchen and cooking up a storm. Lola recalled a time when Rey had told her that her recipe was better than their mother's, and it had been the day she'd known there was nothing she couldn't do, since she'd had the best role model.

Lola added that Rey had taught her the importance of having a dream, working hard, keeping her word, and never giving up. He called her his best student and a quick learner, and she credited him with giving her the courage and confidence to start her food truck. She realized that without that truck, she wouldn't have met the people who'd changed her life. Rey said he was proud. She remembered wanting to pull her hair out because he'd been so overprotective, but he'd helped to make her who she was that day.

Lola recognized that it hadn't been easy for Rey to step in for their father, since Rey had needed to give many things up. She knew that because of that, she'd never felt alone or less than anyone else, and it was because of him that she had met amazing people and was marrying an incredible man. Lola thought there was no word big enough to say thank you for being the best brother a sister could have, and they tearfully embraced.

Lola praised Rey for being there her entire life, and he replied that there was no place he'd rather be. She reflected back on their father-daughter dances and him teaching her to drive. He remarked that she was taking the step on a huge journey. They heard a familiar voice, and Lola was overjoyed to see that Celeste had made it. Rey smiled as Lola ran into her mother's arms.

Celeste refused to miss her baby's wedding, and she cried that her children had no idea how much she'd missed them. She apologized for the way she'd left, and Lola said she was sorry for making her mom feel like an outsider. Rey wondered if his flowers and emails had changed Celeste's mind, but she shared that a wise man had reminded her how precious those moments were, and she'd realized her place was there with them. Celeste pointed out that Jack understood what it was like to be cursed with beautiful, stubborn children, and he'd shown Celeste that she had to put Lola's happiness first.

Celeste questioned what kind of mother she would have been if she'd stayed away, and she choked back tears. Celeste proclaimed that she was happy that Lola had found someone who didn't just appreciate her but celebrated her independence and strength, and Lola replied that she'd gotten those traits from her incredible mother. Abby interrupted and was thrilled to see Celeste. Abby asked if Lola was ready to get married, and Lola took her mom's hand and asked if Celeste would do her the honor of walking her down the aisle with Rey. Celeste readily agreed, and Lola called them the two people responsible for making her the woman she was that day. Abby prepared to get Lola into her dress.

Kyle and Jack took their places at the end of the aisle. Kyle considered Jack convincing Celeste to be there to be the best gift his father could have given. Jack jokingly planned to take the other one back. Heads turned when Summer and Phyllis walked in, and the women quietly joined hands and took their seats. Abby walked down the aisle, and she and Nate exchanged smiles. Abby's expression darkened when she spied Summer.

The wedding march began, and Lola appeared, flanked by Rey and Celeste. The guests stood up, and Kyle and Lola beamed at one another as she slowly proceeded down the aisle. Someone peered out from behind a gauzy curtain and quickly ducked out of sight. Celeste followed the person and barked that he had a lot of nerve showing his face there. A man turned around and asked if she'd really thought he would miss their daughter's wedding.

The ceremony began. Celeste snapped that Adrian had no business being there after everything he'd done. He admitted that he'd made many regrettable mistakes, but he didn't want to add missing Lola's wedding to the list. He mused that Lola was beautiful and perfect, and Celeste asserted that it was because of her sacrifices and love. Adrian swore that he would forever be grateful, but Celeste spat that he didn't know what the words meant. She demanded that he respect Lola's wishes and have enough decency not to ruin the day for their daughter. Celeste returned to the ceremony, and Adrian continued to covertly watch.

The priest led Kyle and Lola in confirming that they intended to be joined in marriage, and he prompted the couple's family and friends to promise to help them in their marital journey by offering love and support. Kyle wiped away a tear from Lola's face. Summer struggled with emotion, and Phyllis said they were almost there. The priest instructed Kyle and Lola to take one another's hands and repeat after him.

Kyle and Lola exchanged vows, and Jack handed over the rings. The priest called the rings an outward, visible sign of the bond that already united their hearts, and Summer's lower lip quivered as Kyle placed the ring on Lola's finger. Adrian looked on as Lola pledged her love forever, and the priest wished them years filled with moments to celebrate their love. He declared them husband and wife, and Kyle planted a kiss on Lola before the priest could tell him to kiss the bride. The guests leaped to their feet and clapped, and the priest introduced Kyle and Lola Abbott.

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