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Theo and Zoe crashed Kyle and Lola's wedding reception. Michael confided to Lauren that he'd become D.A. to take Adam down. Kevin punched Michael after Michael had Chloe arrested. Sharon turned down Adam's marriage proposal. Abby and Chelsea made a deal to run the Grand Phoenix, cutting Phyllis out.
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Kyle and Lola honeymooned, and Sharon turned down Adam's marriage proposal
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Lola and Kyle face off with wedding crashers

Lola and Kyle face off with wedding crashers

Monday, August 19, 2019

As guests mingled at the wedding reception, Celeste took Rey aside. Rey was shocked to learn that his father, Adrian, had crashed the wedding. Rey blamed Celeste, but she told Rey that Adrian had shown up on his own. Rey approached Adrian and asked him to leave. Adrian dared Rey to arrest him. Rey glared at Adrian after he insisted he wouldn't leave until he saw Lola and wished her well. Arturo joined his brother and father and asked if there was a problem. Rey told Adrian that Lola barely knew him, so he had no right to march in and take credit for his daughter's happiness. Arturo sided with Adrian and said Lola should decide what to do. Rey warned Adrian to stay out of sight until they gave him the nod to make an appearance.

After Kyle and Lola married, they spent a few minutes alone, kissing and talking about how happy they were. Abby, Mariah, and Tessa entered the dressing tent and announced that it was time for the new couple to join their guests. After Abby removed Lola's veil, Celeste arrived and asked to speak to Lola and Kyle. When the others left, Celeste told Kyle that she'd misjudged him and realized that the couple had worked through their problems. Kyle thanked Celeste for giving him and Lola her blessings.

Billy and Victoria congratulated Jack and said the wedding had been lovely. Ashley and Traci flanked Jack and smiled when Jack said he was a proud father. Victoria told Ashley that Lola would become another member of team Abbott. Ashley agreed and said that the Abbott team was stronger and more united than ever. Billy noted that his vote against the merger of Abbott Exchange and Jabot had been ignored. Traci defused the growing tension, explaining that it was a family celebration. Feeling rebuffed, Billy angrily walked away.

Victoria followed Billy and asked him what was wrong. Billy replied, "I think I got to get out of here." Billy cried that though he was happy for Kyle and Jack, he couldn't stop thinking about Delia and felt brokenhearted knowing he'd never get to walk her down the aisle. Billy told Victoria he needed to leave. Victoria made sure Billy would be okay by himself, and he promised he was fine. After Billy left, Traci asked Victoria where he'd gone. Victoria explained that Billy wasn't feeling well, so he'd gone home.

Mariah stepped up on the stage and introduced the new couple before Kyle and Lola made their official appearance. The couple was greeted with hugs and applause. Lola greeted Arturo and told him she was happy he'd been able to attend. Just as Arturo was about to tell Lola about Adrian, Abby announced that it was time for the bride and groom's first official dance. Before the dance, Lola told her guests that Kyle was the man of her dreams. As the music began, Lola was touched to hear that Kyle had chosen her favorite song.

Phyllis checked on a distraught Summer. Phyllis promised Summer that she'd someday have an amazing wedding to a man that deserved her. Summer laughed when Phyllis added that Summer would wear a dress that wasn't off-the-rack. Summer told her mom that she was the best date. After Abby announced that guests were invited to dance, Phyllis took Summer's hand and invited her to dance. Summer smiled.

Summer approached Kyle and told him she was glad to see him happy with Lola. Kyle told Summer that he was glad they could still be friends after all they'd been though. Kyle admitted that Summer had been an important part of his life for a long time. Kyle asked Summer if they could start over with a clean slate. Summer nodded and replied, "Put the past behind us, right?" Summer was suddenly overcome with emotion and walked away.

Kyle was shocked when he saw Theo arrive with Zoe. After Abby and Nate approached, Kyle told Abby he couldn't have pulled off the wedding without Abby's help. Abby replied, "I know." After Abby took Nate's hand and walked away, Jack offered a toast to the new couple. Jack mentioned Dina and said she'd be proud of her grandson. Jack told Lola that she was a blessing to the Abbott family. Guests raised their glasses to Kyle and Lola. Celeste thanked Jack and toasted the joining together of the Abbott and Rosales families. Lola spotted Theo and told Kyle that Theo had crashed their wedding. Kyle replied, "I'm taking care of it right now."

Kyle approached Theo and Zoe and said, "What the hell are you doing here?" Theo replied, "Chill out. I brought you a present. You remember Zoe from New York?" Kyle said he couldn't forget her because she'd almost died. Zoe greeted Kyle. Kyle glared at Theo. Theo said he wanted to make a peace offering.

Zoe told Kyle that she was fine and didn't hold a grudge against him. Kyle apologized for the awful night and told Zoe he was glad she hadn't suffered any long-term consequences. Zoe admitted that her father had only cared about getting money. Kyle told Zoe he was sorry that Theo had used her to try to blow up the wedding. Kyle ordered Theo to leave and said their friendship was over for good.

As Theo and Zoe were leaving, Phyllis intercepted them. Phyllis introduced herself to Zoe, but before Zoe could reply, Theo told her to wait outside for him. Phyllis told Theo she wanted to know what was going on, especially if it affected Summer. Theo promised to tell Phyllis later. Phyllis replied, "I'll hold you to that." Phyllis glared at Theo as he walked away.

While Adrian was in the men's room, Rey asked Arturo about Mia and the baby. Arturo said the baby would be born soon. Rey said he hadn't forgotten being told he was the baby's father. Arturo admitted he didn't have an excuse for what had taken place between him and Mia. Rey said he wanted to ensure that his niece or nephew would have a good life. Arturo said he'd rely on Rey's example as a father figure. Rey and Arturo agreed to set aside their differences to make Lola happy.

Lola noticed her mother and Rey whispering, so she followed her mother and brother to the dressing tent. Lola was shocked to see her dad arguing with Celeste, Arturo, and Rey. Lola took a deep breath before asking her father why he was there. Adrian said he'd wanted to see his little girl because his heart ached for her every time he saw a photo of her. Lola asked to speak to Adrian alone.

After everyone else stepped out, Adrian told Lola that he regretted the past. Adrian cried that he'd never stopped caring about his daughter. Lola told Adrian she wasn't prepared to embrace him. Celeste returned to check on Lola. Lola said Adrian could stay. Adrian seemed relieved. Lola added that she wasn't ready to deal with Adrian, and she left.

Lola rejoined Kyle. Lola asked about Theo. Kyle said only that it was a long story not worth repeating. Kyle asked Lola what was going on between Celeste and the man she'd been talking to. Lola explained that her dad had crashed the wedding. Kyle was shocked and offered to throw Adrian out. Lola said she'd rather focus on Kyle and their beautiful wedding.

Arturo approached Abby, but Nate stepped in. Abby seemed touched by Nate's gesture. Traci and Ashley watched as Jack danced with Celeste. As the guests danced and had a good time, Kyle and Lola stepped up onto the stage. Kyle announced that it was time to throw the bridal bouquet.

The women gathered and waited for the toss. Abby initially caught the bouquet but quickly tossed it like it was a hot potato. Summer caught it and tossed it again. Phyllis caught the bouquet and tossed it away. After Ashley caught the flowers, she tossed them away. Mariah caught the bouquet and kept it. Tessa embraced Mariah, and the couple shared a kiss. Guests applauded and filled the reception space with festive bubbles.

At Crimson Lights, Billy secretly followed Adam. Billy entered through the patio, unnoticed by Adam. Billy covertly watched Adam pass through the interior doorway to the main dining area to join Michael. Billy reached into his pocket, took out a stick of gum, and placed it into his mouth. Billy overheard Adam tell Michael that they'd kick things into high gear after Michael became the district attorney. Michael replied that it wasn't wise.

Billy chewed his gum nervously as he overheard Adam explain to Michael that he didn't have time to play it safe because forces were rallying against him. Michael warned that both he and Adam could end up serving time in prison. Before Adam left, he insisted they would do things his way. After Adam left, Billy approached Michael and demanded to know what was going on between him and Adam.

Billy asked Michael if his sudden bond with Adam had anything to do with Kevin suddenly leaving town. Michael claimed that Kevin had needed to return to his daughter. Billy noted that people had thought it odd that Kevin had hung around Genoa City, keeping company with Adam. Billy added that it appeared that Michael had taken Kevin's place as Adam's associate. Michael seemed uncomfortable.

Billy asked Michael why he'd dropped Nick's custody case and filed a petition for Adam. Michael told Billy to stay out of it. Billy replied, "I smell a rat, Michael. Do you know what a rat king is? It's two rats with their tails intertwined, and they're bound together. Stuck to one another for life." Michael said, "Watch it. You may find yourself the cheese."

Victoria returned home and asked Billy where he'd been. Victoria cried that she'd searched for Billy for two hours. Billy claimed that he'd been out clearing his head. Victoria asked Billy if he'd had another incident. Billy assured Victoria that he was fine. Victoria said it was frightening every time Billy disappeared and couldn't be contacted. Billy said he was sorry he'd turned off his phone. Billy held Victoria's hand and assured her that he was fine. Victoria said she'd heard that Michael was running for district attorney. Billy didn't let on that he already knew about Michael's plans.

Adam surprises Sharon with a proposal

Adam surprises Sharon with a proposal

Tuesday, August 20, 2019

In a beachside bungalow, Kyle snoozed in bed with Lola in his arms. He kissed her forehead and asked if she was awake, and she murmured that she was trying to memorize the moment. She referred to the soft breeze, the sound of the waves, the scent of the flowers outside the window, and the feel of waking up in his arms. Lola imagined that she'd be disappointed if heaven wasn't like that, and Kyle couldn't imagine anything close. "Except maybe this," he added, and they began to make love.

Kyle and Lola cuddled in bed as they looked at wedding photos on her phone. She asked if he'd been able to tell how nervous she'd been, and he swore that he'd been too busy trying not to faint -- until he'd seen her at the end of the aisle, looking amazing in her dress. Lola joked that she was lucky that she'd worn the dress, or he would have bailed. They laughed.

Lola couldn't believe that Jack had been able to get her mom to the wedding. Kyle boasted that his family charm was genetic, and Lola teased him for thinking that he could flash his baby-blue eyes at her and get whatever he wanted. She recognized that her father-in-law was the best, while her dad had shown up uninvited after being gone for her entire life. Kyle hoped that Adrian hadn't ruined the day for her, and she appreciated that her brothers had been overprotective. Kyle was confident that Rey would never let her dad hurt her.

Lola tried to wrap her head around Theo crashing the wedding, and she theorized that he'd invited a date to make Summer jealous. Kyle nervously tried to change the topic, and Lola groaned when she saw a photo of her dad hanging on Ashley like a complete jerk. Lola felt that she needed to apologize on Adrian's behalf, but Kyle insisted that she wasn't responsible for her father's actions. Lola felt bad that Adrian didn't have anyone close to him, but it was the life he'd chosen. Kyle asked if Lola had any idea how glad he was that she was in his life, and she returned the sentiment. They kissed and headed out to get food.

Later, Kyle and Lola returned to their room, and she marveled that she really was in heaven. She asked if he'd known that the place had a four-star restaurant, and he declared that there was to be nothing but the best for his wife. She expected it to take a while for her to get used to being called that, and he pointed out that they had a lot of time. Lola contemplated what to do that day, and she picked up a brochure and suggested hiking to a beautiful waterfall. Kyle started unbuttoning his shirt and kissing her neck, and she proposed going parasailing or taking a helicopter ride around the island. He contended that all that stuff would be there the next day, and they tumbled into bed.

Adrian entered Crimson Lights and leered at Sharon behind the counter. He commented that it was his lucky day, and she asked what she could get him. He preferred something hot, and he flirtatiously stated that what was in front of him looked pretty good. Sharon clarified that she'd meant a drink, and Adrian told her to surprise him. Rey interrupted and demanded to know what Adrian was doing. Sharon was surprised to learn that Adrian was Rey's father. Rey roughly escorted Adrian out.

On the patio, Rey testily wondered if Adrian had a job to get back to. Adrian indicated that he was between gigs, and Rey questioned his father's sudden urge to reconnect with the daughter he'd never known. Adrian claimed that hearing Lola was getting married had stirred up feelings, and Rey sourly imagined that Adrian's heart had been bursting when he'd found out Lola was marrying into a rich family. Rey accused Adrian of being there to cash in, and Adrian asked when Rey had become cynical. Rey retorted that it had happened the day Adrian had bailed.

Adrian conceded that he'd been young and irresponsible, but he'd become a different person. Rey huffed that he could see through his father, and he refused to let Adrian hurt their family again. Adrian argued that he'd never wanted to leave his family, but Celeste had thrown him out. Rey ordered him to shut up, since everyone knew what a "crap father and husband" Adrian was. Adrian asked who Rey was to judge when Rey's wife was having a baby with his brother. Rey warned that he was close to an assault charge, and the men started to scuffle.

Celeste intervened and insisted on taking care of it, and Rey promised that he wouldn't be far. Rey ducked inside the coffeehouse, and Sharon realized that Celeste was his mom. Meanwhile, Adrian suspected that Celeste had turned their children against him, but Celeste asserted that their kids were adults who'd formed their own opinions. Adrian clucked that there had been a lot of years with just her and the kids, and he guessed that she'd said something about him.

Celeste recounted that she'd told her children that they'd inherited Adrian's charm, sense of humor, and big heart -- the things she'd loved about him. He took her hand and cooed that he was still charming and funny, and he appealed to her to give them a chance to put their family back on track by raising their grandkids and growing old together. Celeste accepted that he wasn't a family man, and she felt that it was time he did, too. Rey eavesdropped.

After Adrian left, Rey comforted Celeste. Rey thought it had been for the best, but she felt bad because Adrian was all alone. Rey asserted that Adrian had done it to himself, but Celeste was sad that her ex would never find happiness. She remembered how in love she and Adrian had been when they'd gotten married, and she'd thought things would always be that way, but he'd thrown it away. Celeste recognized that Adrian was flawed, but he wasn't a bad man. Celeste turned the topic to the pretty blonde Rey had been talking to, and she inquired whether it had been Sharon. Rey refused to talk about her, and Celeste assured him that he would be happy one day.

In the park, Adam stared at a photo of Michael in an online article about that day's special election for D.A. "You're welcome," Adam muttered.

On the Athletic Club rooftop, Michael anxiously checked his phone, and Lauren wondered if there had been a last-minute write-in who had made the election close. He acknowledged that the election was just a formality, and she asked why he was nervous. Michael admitted that he hadn't realized how much he wanted the job, but Lauren remembered him telling her that he loved private practice because of the freedom it had given him. She mentioned the ability to take off to visit their son, but he pointed out that Fen had barely had time to meet them for dinner the last time they'd seen him. Lauren groused that they didn't know when they'd be able to see Fen then, but Michael was sure their son understood that duty had called.

Lauren questioned whether Michael's sudden urge to defend justice had anything to do with Adam. Michael reasoned that if he became D.A., he could no longer provide legal services for Adam, and he thought that would make Lauren happy. Lauren pointed out that Adam's whole family didn't want to be involved with Adam, yet Michael had been willing to take him on as a client. Michael figured that he'd be out of work if he only chose likeable clients, but Lauren worried that something felt very off about him and Adam. Michael wished there was something he could say to make her feel better. She did, too.

Summer and Phyllis arrived on the rooftop, and Michael warmly greeted them. Phyllis called him their past and future D.A., and she announced that they'd just voted for him. Phyllis advised him never to diminish the significance of winning, since no one liked a loser. "Just ask Christine," Phyllis cracked. Lauren informed Michael that the mayor was on the phone, and Michael stepped aside to take the call.

Phyllis wanted to celebrate Summer's victory for the way she'd handled herself at Kyle and Lola's wedding. Summer remarked that Phyllis had missed the finish line because Lola had won the race, but she compared the situation to Michael running unopposed. Phyllis applauded Summer for keeping her dignity and self-respect, but Summer questioned what that was worth. Phyllis contended that it was worth everything.

Phyllis inquired whether Summer had spoken to Theo since the wedding, and Summer replied that she hadn't and didn't plan on it. Phyllis considered it crass that Theo had invited a girl who looked like Summer, and she wondered if Lola knew the story behind it. Summer firmly stated that she didn't want to talk about Lola, Kyle, or the wedding.

Over the phone, Michael told the mayor that he was looking forward to working together again. After he hung up, Lauren mused, "And so it begins." He implored her to trust him, but she sensed that he was keeping something from her and had been for a long time. He vaguely replied that there were certain things he couldn't tell her, but she pressed him to explain why he'd taken Adam on as a client and then suddenly decided to run for D.A. She theorized that the events were connected and that it was all tied to Kevin. Lauren pushed to know what Michael wasn't telling her, but he protested that there were too many people around. He headed to the bar to refill her drink.

Adam walked in and smirked when he spotted Michael shaking hands with voters. Adam approached Michael at the bar and congratulated him. Michael snapped that it was premature, but Adam figured that even Michael couldn't screw up Adam's plan to make him the next D.A. Michael grumbled that he needed to get back to his wife, but Adam stopped him and told him not yet. Phyllis eyed them suspiciously.

Adam implied that he'd made sure no one had run against Michael, and Michael hoped Adam hadn't contributed to his campaign. Adam revealed that he hadn't officially done so, but he'd persuaded potential candidates not to enter the race. Michael ordered him not to elaborate, and Adam claimed that he was just another citizen, offering his congratulations. Phyllis interrupted, and Michael excused himself to return to Lauren.

Adam told Phyllis to make it quick, and she mentioned that she'd heard he'd sold the Grand Phoenix to Abby. Adam prepared for Phyllis to ream him out, but she thanked him because Abby had offered to make Phyllis her partner. Phyllis crowed that she'd gotten exactly what she'd wanted at a fraction of the cost she would have paid Adam. Meanwhile, Michael suggested that he and Lauren get out of there.

Adam told the bartender to put Phyllis' drink on his tab, and he sympathized with Abby because Phyllis was about to become her headache. He noted that Phyllis didn't have many friends left in town, and Phyllis declared that her best friend was her daughter. Adam remarked that it was nice having closeness with one's kid, and Phyllis called it better than a million hotels. Adam admitted that it was what he wanted with Christian, but his whole family was fighting to keep the boy away from him. Phyllis assumed that Victor was on Adam's side, but Adam shared that Victor had been leading the charge by getting a restraining order, preventing Adam from seeing his son. "Good for Victor!" Phyllis exclaimed, and Adam seethed.

Adam condemned Phyllis for cheering over him losing his son. Phyllis retorted that Adam's only interest was in hurting Nick, and Nick had a right to keep Christian from Adam. Phyllis compared Christian to Dark Horse in that Adam didn't want them, but he didn't want Nick to have them, either. She imagined that Adam would attempt to win Chelsea back out of his sick desire to best his brother, and Adam spat that it was no wonder Phyllis' daughter was her only friend. Phyllis recognized that she wouldn't win any popularity contests by telling the truth, but she felt compelled to do it.

Phyllis understood what it was like to want to hurt the people who'd wronged her, but revenge hadn't gotten her anywhere. She dared Adam to name one thing he was proud of in his life at that moment, but he remained silent. Phyllis recalled that she'd felt the same way about herself until she'd stopped hurting people and put her energy into the things she loved. Phyllis wondered what had happened to Adam, since all he had in his life was hate, and she considered it sad that all the goodness had been sucked out of him. He told her to buy her own "damn drinks."

Zoe arrived and made a beeline toward Summer. Zoe cheerfully introduced herself, and Summer noted that Zoe had been at the wedding. Zoe indicated that she'd only accepted Theo's invitation because Summer had been at the event, and she explained that she followed Summer on social media. Zoe praised Summer's fashion choices, and she showed off a necklace she'd purchased after Summer had posted about it. Zoe added that she'd hoped to talk the day before, but things had gotten kind of weird.

Zoe recounted that it had been Theo's idea for her to be at the wedding, but she'd been embarrassed when Kyle hadn't been happy to see her. Zoe added that Theo had felt terrible, and it was why he'd gotten her out of there. A skeptical Summer voiced surprise that Theo had invited Zoe, since Kyle had never mentioned Zoe before. Zoe thought that Theo and Kyle had been really worried since the night she'd gotten wasted, but she was grateful that they'd gotten her to the emergency room. Zoe gushed that Theo had been really sweet, but she quickly apologized, noting that Summer and Theo had had a thing. Summer claimed that it hadn't been anything serious. A shirtless Theo spotted them together.

Zoe considered sticking around Genoa City for a few days, and she suggested that she and Summer hang out. Summer claimed that it was her only day off, and she was spending it with her mom. Theo joined them and commented that he'd had a feeling the women would hit it off. He invited them to lunch, but Summer told them to go ahead. Theo offered his arm to Zoe and told Summer to say hi to Phyllis for him.

Phyllis rejoined Summer and enthused about spending time together. Summer received a text message from Jack, who'd called a meeting about the merger. Phyllis begged her not to go, and Summer promised that she'd be back as soon as she could.

On the Crimson Lights patio, Michael told Lauren that no one could know what he was about to tell her. She looked worried, and he shared that he'd been watching Adam since Adam had returned to town. Lauren suspected that Michael had been more than a spectator, and Michael admitted that he'd hoped Adam had given up on hate and revenge. Michael growled that Adam ripped through people's lives, taking what he wanted to try to fill the gaping hole where his soul should be, but it just fueled his destructive behavior. Michael anticipated that winning custody wouldn't be enough, and someone had to stop him.

Lauren realized that Michael had decided to become D.A. to take Adam down. Michael cautioned that he couldn't say that out loud, since seeking public office with the intention of targeting one person was unethical at best. He thought it was better if no one found out his motivation, especially since there was no proof that Adam had committed a crime. Lauren guessed that Michael knew Adam had, but attorney-client privilege applied. Michael refused to cross more lines than he already had.

Lauren asked why Michael had gone to work for Adam in the first place. Michael explained that his first instinct had been to tell Adam to take a flying leap, but then Adam would have become his enemy. Michael expected that Adam would have put his own man in office, allowing Adam to go on hurting people they loved and cared about. Lauren guessed that Michael meant Kevin, and she doubted it was a coincidence that Michael had started working for Adam right after Kevin had disappeared. Michael assured her that things would become clearer within a few days, and he could discuss it further then.

Sharon walked through the park. She hesitated before answering a call from Adam, who said he needed to talk to her. She balked, but he insisted that it was important. He asked where she was and told her to stay there. She warned that she'd only give him five minutes, and he swore that it was all he needed.

Adam met Sharon and thanked her for meeting him. She didn't think it was a good idea, but he was adamant about saying something to her. "Marry me," he blurted out.

Victor warns Abby about Phyllis' takeover plan

Victor warns Abby about Phyllis' takeover plan

Wednesday, August 21, 2019

by Nel

Victoria arrived at home and asked if Billy had forgotten to pick Johnny up. Billy said he'd lost track of time. Victoria commented that she was worried that Billy had been thinking about Delia. She asked if he still had nightmares. Billy admitted he was on edge due to the lack of sleep. Victoria said she'd pick Johnny up. Billy thanked her, and he left for his meeting.

At Chancellor Park, Sharon asked Adam why he had asked her to marry him. She reminded him that she didn't want anything to do with him. Adam said Sharon needed to know who she was and what was in her heart. Sharon asked if Chelsea had turned him down again. Adam said it had been a mistake chasing Chelsea. She'd never known him the way Sharon did. Sharon stated that Adam didn't know her anymore. Adam said their connection had been deep and undeniable, and Sharon hadn't been able to stay away from him.

Sharon told Adam she'd hurt someone she really loved because of Adam. Adam countered that it was because Sharon's heart had been with him, not Rey. Adam said that Sharon and Rey were finished. Adam claimed that he and Sharon belonged together. Sharon said her life had fallen apart after Adam had left, but she'd managed to find a new purpose. However, she'd started backsliding after Adam had returned to town. She had turned things into a positive, and she refused to put her life into chaos again.

Sharon told Adam she'd tried her best for Faith. She admitted it had been too soon to ask Rey to move in with her. She refused to be a mother that Faith would be ashamed of. She wouldn't throw away everything she'd worked for. Adam said Sharon had been a good mother when she'd had Sully/Christian. Sharon admitted that she'd lied after she had discovered she wasn't Sully/Christian's mother. He wished he'd been there to comfort her through that mess. He said he wanted them to build a life together.

Sharon told Adam that things were complicated. Adam reminded her about their night together. Sharon said it had been a mistake. Sharon said she cared about Adam, but he wasn't ready to move forward because he was still fixated on the past and settling old scores. She refused to fall into old patterns. Adam claimed that Sharon refused to recognize that their love was unique. Sharon admitted that what had been between them had been explosive. Adam said that if he could have her back, he would let everything else go.

Sharon accused Adam of manipulating her into giving him the answers he wanted. Adam reminded Sharon that she'd found him, and Victor had known that Sharon had the best chance of getting through to him. Sharon confessed that Adam had loved and protected her during the worst and darkest time of her life, but he had also caused her a lot of pain and had lied to her. Sharon reminded him of the terrible things he'd done and asked if that was a personality quirk that she was supposed to put up with. She asked Adam why she would go back to that.

Adam said he didn't want to pressure Sharon into anything, but he wanted her to be honest with herself. Adam left Sharon to consider his proposal. Alone, Sharon replayed the conversation with Adam in her head then she left.

In the hallway to Devon's penthouse, Theo received a text message from Summer that read "Are you free later? I have questions." Theo responded "Have a lot going on, not sure when I'll be free."

In Devon's penthouse, Devon offered Theo a permanent job with LP. Theo said he loved the music industry, but he saw himself as an image influencer. Theo felt he would be a better fit to run Power Communications, but he knew that Devon had put Mariah in charge. Theo stated that Mariah was smart and enthusiastic, but she was green. She'd been a talk show host, and she was still learning. He said that Mariah had kept her focus on Tessa and had put other things on cruise control. Theo said he could name a dozen ways in which he could have grown Power Communications' power.

Devon appeared irked. Devon knew Theo was hungry. Devon said he always treated people with honesty and respect, and if Theo wanted to work under Mariah, Devon was all for it. However, down-talking Mariah to him wouldn't work. Theo apologized and thanked Devon for the job offer. Theo said he could envision a place where he could integrate all the entities he was involved in and expand. He informed Devon that he would be making Genoa City his base, for personal reasons.

At Society, Jack met with Ashley, Abby, and Summer to discuss the merger. Summer was distracted by a text message from Theo. Jack and Ashley told Summer they were anxious to hear Summer's online ideas. Summer suggested they send influencers to interact with their customers and demonstrate the new product lines. Everyone was impressed with her ideas.

Billy arrived and growled that it was too early to discuss media strategies, since the merger hadn't gone through yet. He stated that they needed to pump the brakes and rethink everything. He said he had his doubts about Ashley. Summer and Abby left. Ashley said that John would have been proud of the two companies merging, but Billy spat that John wouldn't have approved a merger with someone who had betrayed him. He accused Ashley of running Jabot into the ground and said it was only a matter of time before Ashley stabbed them in the back again. He said people didn't change.

Jack asked Billy what was going on with him. Billy claimed he didn't trust Ashley and said that Jack shouldn't, either. Ashley admitted she'd done things she regretted, and she reminded Billy that he'd shredded the patent documents. Jack asked Billy if his attitude had anything to do with what they had discussed the previous day. Billy became very angry that Jack had mentioned it, and he stormed out.

Ashley asked Jack what was going on. Jack said he wouldn't break Billy's confidence. Ashley was concerned, and she told Jack that the merger needed to go through. She said Billy had the power to put the merger in jeopardy. Jack said he would talk to Billy.

At the rooftop Dive Bar, Summer met with Phyllis and reported that the Jabot meeting had fallen apart. Summer showed Phyllis the text message she'd received from Theo. She asked if Phyllis thought Theo was really busy or if his message was not so subtle. Phyllis asked why Summer cared. Summer told Phyllis about Zoe's past with Theo and Kyle. Summer felt Theo should have a chance to explain himself. Phyllis told Summer that if she wanted to continue seeing Theo, it had to be on her terms.

Jack arrived at Victoria's. She was surprised that Billy wasn't with him. Jack informed her that Billy had been at the meeting, but he'd been in attack mode against Ashley, his obsession with Adam, and not being able to sleep. Jack said it was obvious Billy was struggling. Victoria said Billy hated the idea that he wouldn't be able to walk Delia down the aisle. Jack said Billy had arrived at the Chancellor estate without knowing how he'd gotten there, and then he'd found words written on the wall in Delia's handwriting.

Victoria told Jack that she and Sharon had talked Billy into seeing a therapist. Billy had gone to one session, but he'd stopped because he felt he didn't need therapy. She was worried that Billy didn't want to get better because the nightmares allowed him to feel closer to Delia.

At Crimson Lights, Phyllis was surprised that Billy had wanted to meet with her. She asked about the Jabot meeting. Billy said that he didn't trust Ashley. Phyllis agreed that Ashley had a tendency to be cutthroat, but Billy could also be ruthless when it came to revenge. Billy acknowledged that Phyllis couldn't forgive him for what had happened with Summer.

Phyllis asked Billy why he wanted to see her. Billy wanted to know what was going on with Adam. He knew Adam had screwed Phyllis over, and he had humiliated her. Phyllis admitted that she and Adam had had a falling-out. Billy said that Adam destroyed everyone he had contact with. Phyllis said that a lot of people had done horrible things, and she wanted to know why she and Adam were the only ones who had been labeled and judged.

Billy asked if Phyllis was defending Adam. Phyllis denied it and likened it to Kyle screwing Summer over and then sashaying through his wedding -- also, Nick had impersonated J.T. and had terrorized Victor for months, and Chelsea had returned to Genoa City, where everyone knew she had defrauded Fenmore's and put Sharon into the hospital. After Chelsea's husband had died, she'd bunked with Nick even though she had dumped him and left town.

Billy said that Chelsea wouldn't be at Nick's much longer, considering the fortune Calvin had left her. Phyllis was shocked and stated that Chelsea's husband had died under suspicious circumstances and left everything to Chelsea, and there hadn't been an investigation. Billy informed her that Calvin had died of natural causes, and he congratulated Phyllis for holding a grudge.

Phyllis said that Billy had asked her to meet him because of Adam. Billy said that Adam had killed Delia, and he continued to wreak havoc on everyone he came in contact with. He'd never been held accountable for his actions, and that was long overdue. Phyllis asked if that was a threat. Billy said it was a warning, and she needed to get on the right side, or she would wind up as collateral damage. Billy got up and left.

At the rooftop Dive Bar, Jack left Billy a voicemail message stating he'd been out of line, bringing up their private conversation in front of Ashley. He asked Billy to call him back.

Celeste arrived and said she was happy Jack had invited her to join him. She was happy she hadn't missed Lola's wedding. Jack and Celeste were both happy that Adrian had waited until the end of the ceremony before making an appearance. She said that Adrian had wanted them to get back together, but Celeste wanted a man who would treat her as well as Kyle treated Lola.

Jack told Celeste he'd been pulled back into a relationship with Phyllis more than once. He said it had ended when she'd slept with Billy. Celeste was familiar with that situation, and she hoped that Arturo and Rey would get over their issues. Celeste said she would be returning to Miami because there was a new baby to welcome, and Mia would need her help. Jack was sorry to hear that.

Elsewhere at the Dive Bar, Theo found Mariah and informed her that he could have helped Mariah keep a client for Power Communications. Mariah said they weren't a good fit. Theo said Mariah had done great work, and he said he would love to work with her. He wanted them to open a line of communication and see what happened. Mariah agreed and stated she could use some backup. She told Theo her only experience had been hosting a television show.

Theo said that Mariah was great at certain things, but with his expertise, he would fill in the gaps and fortify her weak areas. He would step up when she wasn't up to the task, and he stated he could take the company to new heights. Mariah asked if that was what he'd pitched to Devon.

Mariah said Theo should have been focusing on his little agency. She said it would be a shame if she decided to open up an agency business, as well; steal Theo's clients; and service all their needs under one roof. That would make Theo obsolete. Mariah thanked him for the idea, and as she walked away, she told Summer that Theo was all hers.

Summer approached Theo and commented that he was losing his touch. She chastised him about the stunt he'd pulled at the wedding, but Theo claimed it had been a gift for Kyle. Summer said that Kyle hadn't appreciated Theo bringing Zoe. Theo said Kyle had missed the point. Zoe had been there to tell Kyle that she was doing well and didn't hold grudges, but that hadn't stopped Kyle from beating him up. Summer told Theo that she had warned Kyle that he would pull something. Theo said he'd known she would. He stated that it felt good to blow things up. They kissed.

Elsewhere at the Dive Bar, Phyllis encountered Adam and told him it looked like she would get the money to buy her 20 percent in the Grand Phoenix. Adam said that she had gone to a lot of trouble to get a minority stake in Abby's hotel, but she wouldn't have any power. Victor stood in the doorway and listened to Phyllis tell Adam that Abby was na´ve and inexperienced, and it wouldn't be long before she squeezed Abby out. After Adam departed, Phyllis called Chelsea about a business proposition.

At Society, Victor told Abby that he'd overheard Phyllis tell Adam that once she had a stake in Grand Phoenix, she would boot Abby out and take over the hotel. Abby said it was not unexpected, and she would like to see Phyllis try. Victor warned Abby not to take Phyllis lightly.

Abby told Victor that Phyllis was underestimating her and that she had structured the hotel deals very carefully, making it impossible for Phyllis to get a majority stake. Victor reminded Abby that Phyllis had almost sent Nikki and Victoria to prison to save her own skin. He said that Phyllis was dangerous and toxic. Abby thanked Victor for telling her about Phyllis' plans and said he'd given her a lot to think about.

Sharon appeared anxious as she stood outside Adam's penthouse. She got the courage to ring his bell, and when Adam answered the door, he was all smiles.

Abby and Chelsea cut a deal

Abby and Chelsea cut a deal

Thursday, August 22, 2019

While on their tropical honeymoon, Kyle and Lola raced back to their bungalow after being caught in a sudden rainstorm. As they dried off, she worried about how the storm would affect their plans. Kyle reasoned that they couldn't go snorkeling and that it was too muddy to hike. Lola contemplated what to do all day and night, and she quipped that sometimes no plans were the best plans. Kyle wrapped a towel around her and pulled her toward him, and he was sure they could think of something.

Kyle and Lola cuddled in bed, and she considered it blissful to be curled up with him in the tropics with no phones or screens. He pointed out that they were supposed to go snorkeling, but he figured that if they couldn't do it that trip, they'd do it the next time. He declared that they had all the time in the world for the rest of their lives, and she thought the possibilities were endless. Kyle proclaimed that he could see exactly where they were headed, and he didn't even need a crystal ball to do it.

Kyle envisioned Abby announcing to Society's customers that the restaurant had been awarded a Michelin star because of Lola. The patrons applauded, and Lola shared the honor with Abby, Devon, and, most of all, Kyle for his support and understanding. Lola insisted that they celebrate with food and drinks on the house, and Kyle privately told her that she was terrific. Lola lauded him for how he'd taken charge of Newman Enterprises and merged it with Jabot all by himself, but Kyle thought the day was all about her, since she'd always be first on his list.

Lola pictured the scenario and loved it, but she had a different future in mind for them. She saw herself filming a cooking show in their apartment as Kyle arrived home from work. She stepped away from the counter, revealing her pregnant belly. He inquired about his two favorite video chefs, and she reported that the sous chef was getting restless. Kyle presented Lola with takeout, and he wondered if she missed working at Society.

In Lola's vision of the future, Lola admitted that she actually missed the long hours and being on her feet all day, but being at home with their bundle of joy was the smartest thing to do. She was glad that Kyle had just finished his last day at the office and would be able to work remotely. Kyle anticipated being on call for the baby around the clock, and they felt the baby kick. In the bungalow, Lola cooed that anything was possible, and she and Kyle kissed and held one another close.

As Kyle and Lola lounged around in robes, she wondered if there were parallel universes where they were living out the lives they'd fantasized about. She asked which one he'd choose, and he replied that he'd choose all the ones where he got to spend forever with her. She remarked that it was a pretty long time, and he mused that forever wasn't long enough to be with her. They kissed.

At Crimson Lights, Phyllis anxiously checked her phone and resolved to be sweet and charming. She plastered on a smile and waved to Chelsea, who asked if Phyllis had been waiting long. Phyllis figured that 30 minutes wasn't long when they were building dreams. Chelsea insisted on arming herself with scalding hot coffee, just in case, and Phyllis forced a laugh. Chelsea noted that Phyllis inviting her there as if they were friends reeked of desperation, and she imagined that the meeting would be fun. Chelsea turned toward the counter, and Phyllis' smile faded into a scowl.

Chelsea deliberately took her time choosing condiments for her coffee as Phyllis grew increasingly irritated. Chelsea finally meandered back to the table, and Phyllis griped that she'd never seen anybody take that much time to put sugar in some coffee. Chelsea admitted that she just liked to watch Phyllis squirm, and she wondered why they were there. Phyllis offered Chelsea the perfect investment opportunity for her sizeable inheritance, but Chelsea countered that it was the inheritance Phyllis had accused her of murdering Calvin for. Phyllis implored Chelsea not to let a catty comment stand between her and the chance of a lifetime -- a luxury hotel with top-of-the-line everything.

Phyllis pitched that the Grand Phoenix would be where the weary traveler could rest before rising from her ashes to be born anew. Chelsea asked what her involvement would be, and Phyllis requested the funds needed to buy a stake in the hotel. Phyllis promised to pay Chelsea back with interest, and Chelsea bet that everyone else had already turned Phyllis down. Phyllis brightly stated that the others' loss would be Chelsea's gain, and she mentioned that Abby had controlling interest. Phyllis quickly clarified that the hotel lounge was Abby's baby, but Phyllis would be overseeing everything else.

Chelsea mused that it had potential, and Phyllis appealed to her to do it in honor of her husband's memory and to leave a legacy for Connor. Chelsea needed some time to think about it, and Phyllis clucked that the clock was ticking. Once alone, Chelsea left a voicemail for Nick, asking to pick his brain, since she couldn't decide whether to accept Phyllis' offer or not.

At Newman Enterprises, Nick checked in on Victor and was glad to see the treatment was going well. Nick mentioned that someone had been able to get a restraining order against Adam to keep him from seeing Christian. Nick added that he didn't know who'd done it, but the person had pulled some serious strings. Victor feigned ignorance, but Nick pointedly thanked him.

Nick was grateful for whatever help he could get to keep Adam away from Christian. Victor reminded Nick to safeguard his family, no matter what, and Nick appreciated everything his father had done. Nick revealed that he had a visit scheduled with Christian that day, and he invited Victor to join them. Victor replied that he would love nothing more.

At Society, Chelsea met with Abby about the investment opportunity that Phyllis had just proposed. Abby assumed that Chelsea was considering giving Phyllis the money, but Chelsea announced that she wanted to take Phyllis' place. Abby realized that Chelsea wanted to cut Phyllis out completely, and Chelsea reasoned that there was no need for a middleman when she was the one with the money. Abby explained that she wanted an investor to manage the hotel while she ran the lounge. Chelsea chirped that she'd love to manage the place.

Chelsea shared that she missed working, and she wanted to focus on doing good things by being part of something important and lasting. Abby hesitated to trust her, and Chelsea contended that she was doing it for her son to see the real her -- a woman who didn't give up and who learned from her mistakes. Chelsea thought of it as a fresh start, but she needed someone to give her a chance. Abby warned that it would be bird-hunting season when Phyllis found out, and Chelsea inquired whether they had a deal.

Later, Phyllis arrived at the restaurant and bragged to Abby that she might have landed a lender in Chelsea, who had eaten up Phyllis' ideas for the hotel with a spoon. Phyllis anticipated that Abby would get a wire transfer before the deadline, but Abby huffed that it wouldn't be necessary, since she was rescinding her offer. Phyllis cried that the hotel was theirs, and Abby needed her to be successful. Abby divulged that she'd found someone to fill the management position, and Chelsea joined them. "This bitch?" Phyllis screeched as she glared at Chelsea.

Phyllis argued that the Grand Phoenix was her baby, and she'd given the project everything she had. Abby called Phyllis out on bragging about how she was going to squeeze Abby out of the business. Phyllis denied that she'd said it, and Abby questioned whether Phyllis was calling Victor a liar. Abby barked that their deal was completely dead, and Phyllis only had herself to blame. Phyllis hissed that both Abby and Chelsea would regret it, and she sauntered off. Abby warned Chelsea that her eyes were very wide open, and Chelsea would regret it if she tried to pull anything. Chelsea swore that she wasn't that person anymore, and all she wanted was the project to succeed. They shook hands.

Phyllis stormed into Victor's office and slammed the door shut. She angrily accused Victor of going behind her back to sabotage her life at every turn, and he suggested that she look in the mirror if she wanted to blame someone for the turn her life had taken. Phyllis accused him of twisting her words so that Abby would pull out of their agreement, but Victor recalled that he'd told Abby exactly what Phyllis had said to Adam. Victor added that he would have told a stranger not to do business with a woman like Phyllis, who ranted that everyone in town was trying to take her down for the sport of it.

Victor repeated that Phyllis could only blame herself, since she'd made an enemy of him when she'd decided to save her behind by turning on his wife and daughter. Phyllis defended that she'd kept Nikki's secret for months and had gone to court to help them, but anybody around him who helped themselves became his enemy. Victor warned her never to cross a Newman, but Phyllis scoffed at the thought of him playing by his own rules after he'd betrayed his own son. Victor called Phyllis just as destructive and delusional as Adam was, and he imagined that they would go down together.

Phyllis vowed not to go down because Victor was the one who would fall. Victor haughtily questioned how she'd make that happen when she had nothing, but Phyllis taunted that he would lose everything by the time she was done with him. She cautioned him never to underestimate the power of a woman who had nothing to lose. "You bring it on," Victor dared. They locked eyes for a moment before she headed out.

At Adam's penthouse, Adam crowed that it hadn't taken as long as he'd expected for Sharon to respond to his proposal. She pointed out that he hadn't heard her answer yet, and she informed him that she couldn't marry him. She was surprised when he grinned. He explained that he was smiling because she'd said she couldn't, but she hadn't said no. Adam surmised that Sharon wanted to marry him, but something was preventing her from doing it.

Adam urged Sharon to be honest with him and with herself, since she wanted him. She denied it, but he was confident that she wanted them to be together, and he thought he deserved to know who or what was keeping them apart. Sharon asserted that she was, since there were a million reasons they'd never be together. Sharon pointed out that she didn't condone the way he'd treated his family, and Adam replied that he could live with that. Sharon stressed that she wasn't demented enough to say yes, but if she were, she feared that he'd use it as permission to keep going on the same destructive path.

Adam implied that Sharon could stop him by helping him change his ways, but she chided him for suggesting that she was responsible for his actions. She contended that she couldn't fix him, since he had to want that for himself, and he'd proven that he didn't. She argued that she'd grown up too much and loved her children and herself too much to backslide, but he questioned how much she'd grown if she couldn't even admit how she felt about him. Adam was confident that Sharon loved him, and he suspected that she wanted him to convince her to change her mind.

Adam implored Sharon to tell him who she honestly, truly loved. She replied that she loved her children more than anything, but he pushed to know who else outside of them valued her above all others and loved her deeply, passionately, and unconditionally. Adam questioned who would give her the world and make her feel alive, cherished, and wanted. She silently turned away, and he lectured that she'd spent her life living for other people. He added that she'd devoted all her time and energy to make people's lives whole again without getting anything in return. She refused to apologize for caring about people and helping them live the lives they deserved.

Adam swore that he wasn't insulting Sharon, but he pushed her to consider when she'd get to live the life she deserved and have the love she was entitled to. He pledged to give that to her, and he believed that she wanted him to because she felt it every time they were together. He urged her to listen to what her heart was telling her to do, and he begged her to say yes. Sharon grappled for a moment before saying no. She firmly stated that she was there to make it clear to him that she was happy with her life, and while she might not have everything yet, she knew that she didn't want a life with him. He looked crushed.

Adam doubted that Sharon could deny their connection, and he theorized that she was hung up on the idea that loving him made her corrupt. He argued that just because their relationship was complicated didn't make it wrong, but she countered that it was also destructive, toxic, and chaotic. She protested that she couldn't live her life like that, but he maintained that the truth was that they belonged together because they were exactly alike. Sharon insisted that she was nothing like him, but Adam thought she felt it every time they were together. He was sure she'd felt it in bed, and she reiterated that it had been a mistake. He called it one that she was dying to make again and again.

Adam said they weren't all bad or all good, and he knew there was passion, fire, and darkness in Sharon. Sharon snapped that there was no darkness in her, but Adam asserted that the only difference between them was that she was better at hiding her dark side than he was. He declared that the more she tried to deny it, the more transparent it became, and he accused her of being afraid that the world would judge her if she chose him. She swore that she didn't give "a damn" what the rest of the world thought, and he demanded to know what was stopping her. Adam guessed that she didn't want Nick to know how she felt about Adam.

Adam chided Sharon for throwing away a shot at happiness because she was still running around like a lovesick puppy, panting for Nick's approval. Sharon claimed that her decisions had nothing to do with Nick, and Adam urged her to say she loved him and accept his proposal. He expected people to take her seriously for the first time because she'd finally be thinking for herself, but she thought he had a fantasy of her that had nothing to do with who she really was -- a woman who couldn't be pressured into doing something she didn't want to do. Adam dared her to leave and go back to her safe, dull life. Sharon headed to the door and hesitated for a moment before exiting. Adam angrily threw a glass against the fireplace.

Adam's phone rang, and he answered the call and testily told Chelsea that it better be good. She thought it was time they got something straight once and for all. Adam grumbled that he wasn't in the mood to fight over Connor, and Chelsea confirmed that she didn't want to fight, either. She wanted the best possible world for their son, and she proposed that they meet in neutral territory to figure out a way to move forward and do right by Connor. Adam told her to name the place.

A clearly frazzled Sharon bumped into Nick at the Dive Bar, and he asked what was wrong. He led her to sit down and prompted her to tell him what had her shaking. She balked, and he guessed that Adam had been playing mind games or trying to get her to do his dirty work. Nick was taken aback when Sharon confided that Adam had proposed marriage. She added that she'd said no, but the things Adam had said had made her feel like he knew her deepest secrets.

Nick understood that Adam knew how to push Sharon's buttons, and Sharon looked forward to having wine or a shower and forgetting about the proposal. Nick questioned why the proposal had her on edge, and Sharon recounted that Adam had said they were alike and that any feelings she had for him proved that there was something dark inside of her. Nick vehemently disagreed, and he refused to let Sharon beat herself up when none of it was her fault.

Nick imagined that Sharon had thought she could help or save Adam because it was what she did, and she bemoaned that she'd made a mess of everything. Nick insisted that Adam was wrong about her, since she was a kind, compassionate woman who saw the best in even the worst people. He continued that there was a light around her, and he urged her not to let anyone take it away. Adam and Chelsea arrived on the rooftop and paled when they spotted Nick and Sharon in one another's arms.

Michael orders Rey to make an arrest

Michael orders Rey to make an arrest

Friday, August 23, 2019

At Society, Celeste thanked Rey and Arturo for joining her. She was glad they were able to spend time together before Arturo returned to Miami, and she wondered if he could stay longer. Rey figured that Arturo needed to go home to a pregnant Mia, and he cautioned Celeste against making Arturo feel guilty for doing the right thing for once. Arturo admitted that he felt guilty for many things, and he asked Rey to hear him out. Rey replied that he was listening.

Arturo said he'd been thinking about his part in what had happened with him, Rey, and Mia, and he wanted more than anything to make things right with his brother. Rey replied that he wanted that, too, but it would just take some time. Arturo shared that he'd taken comfort in the fact that Rey had moved on with Sharon, and he was sorry it hadn't worked out. Arturo believed that Rey deserved someone who loved and appreciated him.

Arturo was sure that Rey would find the person to spend the rest of his life with, and Rey hesitantly compared it to what Arturo had found with Mia. Arturo stressed that he really wanted that for Rey, even if he was the last person Rey wanted to hear it from. Rey conceded that losing Sharon had been painful, but he was turning a page and would be fine. Rey told Arturo not to worry about him, since Rey was the big brother, and he was supposed to worry about Arturo.

Celeste gushed that she was happy for all of them, and she thought beautiful things were ahead. She encouraged her sons to remember that they were a family in good times and bad. Arturo realized that he had to get to the airport, and Celeste hugged him and said she would see him soon. Rey expected a picture the second Arturo's kid was born, and Arturo replied, "You got it." The brothers embraced, and Arturo departed.

Mariah and Tessa walked through Chancellor Park, hand in hand. Tessa was glad that Mariah had been able to take a break after working nonstop, and Mariah bemoaned that Theo's comment about her losing a client had irritated her. Mariah was determined to grow the business, but she felt like she'd been spinning her wheels and not getting anywhere. Tessa empathized because she wasn't having the best day, either, since she was nervous about starting over with a new producer. Mariah thought they were both trapped inside their heads, but she had an idea about how to change that.

On the Athletic Club rooftop, Tessa called it the perfect escape. Mariah explained that she'd been inspired by Kyle and Lola's tropical honeymoon, except she and Tessa were in Wisconsin and on top of a building instead of in a bungalow near a beach. Tessa whipped out photos from the reception, and they fawned over how happy Kyle and Lola looked. Tessa showed off her favorite photo of a glowing Mariah. Mariah figured that she'd been happy for the newlyweds, but it hadn't been the only reason she'd been smiling. Mariah and Tessa beamed at one another.

Mariah compared the way she looked in the picture to the way she always felt when she was with Tessa. Mariah guessed that weddings made her sappy, and Tessa jokingly warned her to be careful, or she'd lose her edge. Mariah was fine with domestic bliss making her soft, and Tessa thought they'd had enough drama for a lifetime. They looked forward to fruity drinks, walks in the park, and serenades on the fire escape from then on. They agreed that they weren't perfect, but they were perfect for one another. They kissed.

Across the rooftop, Chelsea and Adam stared in stunned silence at Nick and Sharon with their arms wrapped around one another. Chelsea insisted that they get out of there, and Adam followed her out. Sharon pulled away from Nick and was embarrassed about throwing herself into his arms, but he pointed out that he hadn't stopped her. She swore that she hadn't been making a move, but she'd just been reeling from her encounter with Adam and had been swept up in a moment of comfort. Nick conceded that it had felt like old times, and Sharon noted that he understood her in a way that she missed sometimes.

Sharon promised that she wouldn't chase Nick down every time she was upset about something, since she respected that he was in a relationship with Chelsea. He clarified that he'd let Chelsea and Connor stay with him after her husband had died, but he and Chelsea were more like good friends. Sharon figured that it was none of her business, but she didn't want things to be awkward. She hoped they could forget what had happened and go back to the way things had been, but he didn't want to go back.

Nick regretted that there had been a lot of tension between him and Sharon because of Adam. Nick continued that it had been hard for him to watch Adam suck her back in, knowing what it had been doing to her and her relationship with Rey. Sharon swore that she'd never meant to hurt Rey, but he hadn't understood that she hadn't been able to turn her back on Adam. Nick recognized that she had a connection with Adam and that she wanted to believe that Adam could be a better man, but Adam didn't deserve the faith she'd put in him.

Sharon believed that Adam deserved a chance, but Nick warned that Adam didn't care about anyone but himself. Nick referred to how Adam had made her doubt herself and question what kind of person she was, and he contended that people didn't treat those they loved that way. Nick promised that Sharon would be better off if she just stayed away from Adam, and so would they -- as Faith's parents and as friends. "I miss us -- as friends," she murmured, and Nick replied that after all the years of ups and downs, they'd always had that. She vowed that they always would.

At Crimson Lights, Lauren offered to buy the new D.A. some coffee, but Michael cautioned that he couldn't accept a bribe. She gushed that it had made her proud to watch him take his oath. Victor greeted the newly minted D.A., and Lauren asked if he was there to celebrate Michael's victory. Victor huffed that he didn't think it was an occasion worth celebrating, but Michael assured him that it would be good for all of them. Victor sternly stated that it depended on how Michael intended to use his newly acquired power.

Michael pledged to honor his oath of office by upholding the law and seeking justice for the people of Genoa City, but Victor said to spare him the platitudes. Victor was thrilled that Christine's reign of incompetence had ended, but he questioned whether Michael had been the right person to take her place. Victor wondered why Michael had left a lucrative private practice to take the job, and Michael claimed that he wanted to serve the common good. Victor doubted that it had been a coincidence that Michael had dropped Nick as a private client while taking on Adam as one, and he asked what Adam was holding over Michael's head.

Michael intended to follow the letter of the law. Victor relayed that Adam had vowed to destroy him and his family, so he'd see where Michael's loyalties were. Michael assumed that Victor expected him to enforce the law when Adam broke it and look the other way when Victor did. Victor advised Michael not to be on the wrong side when it all went down, and he offered his congratulations.

After Victor left, Lauren worried that Michael had barely started his job and had already been threatened. She wondered why he hadn't told Victor that he was planning on using his position to keep Adam in check. Michael thought he couldn't risk getting on Adam's hit list if word got around, and he reminded her that she'd said she trusted him. Lauren confirmed that she did, but she still had questions, especially about how Kevin tied into it. She agreed to wait until Michael was ready to talk, and he praised that her patience was just one reason he'd fallen in love with her. He informed her that he had to see a judge about a warrant before the day was over, and he headed out.

Chelsea and Adam retreated to his penthouse, and he asked if she was okay. He understood if she wasn't, since what they'd witnessed was a blow to her whirlwind romance with Nick. Chelsea reasoned that it had only been a hug, adding that she and Nick weren't together. Adam translated that to mean that she and Nick just hadn't had sex, but Chelsea refused to dignify the statement with a response. Adam questioned why she was still living in Nick's mansion if they weren't getting it on, and he hoped it was because she was conning Nick.

Chelsea shared that she and Nick were taking things slowly, and Adam taunted that it sounded boring. Chelsea sensed that Adam was trying to put the focus on her to cover up his own hurt feelings, but he denied that anything was going on with him and Sharon. Adam grumbled that even if there was, Nick couldn't stop it. Chelsea realized that she'd hit a nerve, even if he'd never admit it, since it would show vulnerability. Chelsea pieced together that Nick and Sharon hadn't been tight lately, so something had drawn them together.

Chelsea guessed that it had been Adam, and Adam revealed that he'd tried to have an honest conversation with Sharon about their relationship. Chelsea realized that Sharon and Nick's embrace had been the result, and she thought it was starting to make more sense. Chelsea surmised that Adam had pressed too hard and that he was telling himself that Sharon had run to Nick because she was in denial about her feelings for Adam. Chelsea understood that Adam didn't want to talk to her about Sharon, but she wondered if he was plotting revenge on Nick for the latest transgression. Adam barked that he didn't spend his days focusing on Nick, and Chelsea asked who was really in denial.

Adam teased Chelsea for being the one with Nick on the brain, but she was determined to tell Adam what he needed to hear. Chelsea explained that Sharon hadn't just run away from Adam but toward Nick. Chelsea continued that Adam had rejected Victor's attempts to reach out to him, so Nick was the son Victor was standing by. Chelsea thought it was killing Adam that Nick was still standing stronger than ever, despite Adam's efforts to hurt him. Adam scoffed at the idea of Nick being perfect. Chelsea countered that everyone had flaws, but Nick's family loved him and was willing to support him because he'd tried to be a good father, brother, and son.

Chelsea contended that Nick had earned people's affection rather than demanding it, and he didn't make everything a competition where the winner took all. Adam insisted that life was a competition, but Chelsea argued that it wasn't where their children were involved. She pointed out that Adam could have been a huge part of Christian's life, but he'd chosen to sue for custody without considering how his actions would affect the little boy. Adam asserted that he was a good father, citing how he'd been with Connor. Chelsea supported Adam rebuilding his relationship with Connor, but she condemned Adam for insisting that Connor move in with him, making her look like the bad guy when she'd said no.

Chelsea lectured that Adam doing whatever it took to get what he wanted was counterproductive, since the more he tried to control and manipulate people, the more he pushed them away. She warned that he would never get what he wanted that way, and he asked what that was. "Love," she replied. He looked thoughtful as she headed out.

Chelsea entered the coffeehouse and was surprised to see Sharon there. Sharon pointed out that she owned the place, and Chelsea revealed that she'd just seen Sharon at the club, wrapped around Nick. Sharon defended that she'd been upset, and Nick had been supportive. Sharon wondered when a hug between two friends had become a concern of Chelsea's, and Chelsea noted that Nick was her friend, too. Sharon imagined that Chelsea wanted him to be more than a friend, but Chelsea countered that her husband had just died. Sharon told her that there was no need to pretend she was a grieving widow.

Chelsea swore that she'd cared deeply for Calvin. Sharon recalled seeing Chelsea grieve for a man she'd really loved, but Chelsea's recent behavior had been nothing like that. Chelsea rattled off a list of Sharon's former husbands and wondered why Sharon was fixated on Chelsea's relationship with Nick. Sharon recounted that he'd been devastated when Chelsea had left him and when he'd realized that Chelsea had hidden Christian's paternity from him the entire time. Chelsea swore that she'd never meant to hurt Nick, but Sharon contemplated what Chelsea was hiding that time. Chelsea asserted that if Nick needed protection from anyone, it was from Sharon.

Chelsea pointed out that Sharon had more recent romantic history with Nick than Chelsea did. Sharon said they'd realized they couldn't be together anymore, but Chelsea pointed out that Sharon had still chosen Nick's shoulder to cry on. Sharon explained that she and Adam had fought, and Nick was the only one who understood besides Chelsea. Sharon doubted that she could have turned to Chelsea, but she admitted that they shared a bizarre bond because of their histories with Adam and Nick. Sharon hesitated to drag Chelsea into her issues with Adam, but Chelsea indicated that she was already caught up in it.

Chelsea considered it only fair to give Sharon a heads-up that Adam had also seen her with Nick earlier. Sharon figured that Adam had already pulled out all the stops with Nick, and she didn't see why it would make Adam any angrier. Chelsea divulged that Adam had refused to tell her what was going on between him and Sharon, but he'd seemed hurt. Sharon confided that they'd had an intense conversation that hadn't ended well, and Chelsea mentioned that she'd accused Adam of believing that Sharon was desperately trying to deny her feelings for him. Sharon remained silent, and Chelsea asked if it was true. Sharon insisted that it wasn't, but Chelsea judged by the look on Sharon's face that she had stronger feelings than she was willing to admit.

Monique dropped Christian off with Nick in the park. Nick held the boy close and asked how he was doing, and Christian whimpered that he missed being home with Nick. Nick replied that he missed Christian, too, but he promised that they would have the best time together.

Later, Nick exclaimed that Christian had been going so high on the swings that he'd expected the boy to take off and fly. Nick presented Christian with a surprise -- someone who really wanted to see him. Victor approached and marveled at three generations of Newmans getting together. Victor hugged Christian and invited him to throw the football around.

Victor joked that Christian had eaten his weight in popcorn, and Nick suggested that he take a picture of Christian with his grandpa. Victor told Christian to remember that he loved the boy and cherished each moment they spent together. Nick snapped the photo, and Victor requested some popcorn. Christian playfully dumped a handful of popcorn on Victor's head, and the threesome laughed. An unseen Adam jealously looked on.

Nick admired the photo, and he announced that he had good news. Nick informed Christian that Connor was back in town, and he suggested that they ask Connor to hang out with them the next time. Adam looked pained as Victor invited Christian to the ranch to go horseback riding, followed by a family dinner. Victor named the family members who might attend, and Adam was notably missing from the people mentioned. Victor envisioned playing touch football in the backyard afterward, and a seething Adam slowly approached them. Victor spotted Adam and wagged his finger to gesture not to interrupt. Adam slipped away.

At the police station, Michael pulled Rey into a private room, and Rey understood that congratulations were in order. Michael acknowledged that they'd been on opposite sides the last time they'd dealt with one another, but he hoped being on the same team would allow them to have a long, productive relationship. Rey wanted the same thing, and Michael presented Rey with his first order of business -- an arrest warrant. Rey reviewed it and asked if he was reading it right, and Michael instructed him to keep it under wraps. Michael asked Rey to let him know when the job was done, and they would meet back there. Rey headed out.

Later, Michael asked Rey how things had gone. Rey reported that he'd been met with some resistance, but the suspect was in the interrogation room, ready to be questioned. Kevin burst into the police station and immediately punched Michael in the face. Kevin demanded to know how Michael could betray him and destroy his family. Meanwhile, a handcuffed Chloe waited inside the interrogation room.



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