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Michael arranged a deal for Chloe to avoid jail time. Adam gave up the custody battle, and Nick took Christian home. Nick and Chelsea made love. Billy tried to run Adam down, but Chloe pushed Adam out of the way. Chelsea confronted Chloe. Adam and Phyllis agreed to join forces.
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Adam gave up the custody battle over Christian, but threatened to destroy the Newmans
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Adam and Phyllis unite in their shared hatred

Adam and Phyllis unite in their shared hatred

Monday, August 26, 2019

At Victoria and Billy's, Nick thanked Billy for allowing him to visit Christian. Billy said he was glad Christian wouldn't have to spend time around Adam. Nick told Billy that Victor had persuaded a judge to issue a restraining order against Adam. Nick added that Adam had forgotten what could happen after pushing Victor too far. Billy was surprised to learn that only a look from Victor had driven Adam away from the park, where Victor and Nick had taken Christian to play.

Billy noted that Adam could still be a threat to Christian and to "every kid out there." Victoria entered and said Victor had summoned her to the office. Nick said he was on his way there, too. Before Nick left, he told Billy not to worry about Adam. Nick's words didn't seem lessen Billy's angst.

At Crimson Lights, Abby told Nikki that Victor had summoned her to his office. Nikki said she'd received the same text message. Abby expressed concern about Victor's health. Nikki explained that Victor's treatments had been going well. Nikki said the only way to know what Victor had to say was to meet with him at his office. Nikki and Abby left together to head to Victor's office. Adam was seated nearby and overheard the conversation between Abby and Nikki.

At Devon's penthouse, Elena was overwhelmed to find a lavish breakfast set out when she arrived downstairs before heading to the hospital. Elena felt spoiled when Devon gave her a certificate for a couple's massage. Devon said he knew how hard Elena would be working on her first day. Nate showed up to carpool with Elena to work. Devon noted that Nate's timing could have been better. After Elena finished breakfast, Devon kissed her goodbye.

At the police station, Kevin, in handcuffs, cursed at Michael for having Chloe arrested and asked how Michael had discovered where Chloe had been hiding. Michael said he'd explain. Kevin added, "What, now that you're the D.A., you don't give a rat's ass about your family?" Kevin agreed to confess to everything if Michael would let Chloe go. Michael told Kevin he'd been arrested for punching a public official in front of a room full of witnesses. Kevin noted that Michael had betrayed him.

Michael told Kevin he understood why Kevin had reacted as he had because he'd been worried about Chloe and Bella. Chloe said that after everyone learned she was alive, she'd soon be imprisoned. Michael explained that Chloe would appear before a judge, who would charge Chloe with arson for having set a fire believed to have killed Adam. An attorney, Michael further explained, would then defend Chloe by stating that she'd believed no one had been in the cabin at the time. Michael added that Chloe wouldn't be held accountable due to mental illness and would be sentenced to probation and mandated outpatient therapy.

Kevin asked about what might happen to Chloe for having shot Adam. Michael noted that Adam had identified the wrong assailant, so no one would believe Adam if he changed his story. Kevin and Chloe were overjoyed. Kevin warned that Michael would be taking on Adam. Michael replied, "I told him what would happen if he messed with my little brother."

After Nick, Abby, Victoria, and Nikki gathered in Victor's office, Victor said he had news about Adam. Nick explained that Victor had obtained a restraining order preventing Adam from approaching Christian. Victor explained that the situation with Adam was likely to worsen. Victoria offered to tighten company security against cyberattacks. Abby said she'd do the same with Society and with her new project. Nick added that personal accounts should be guarded, too.

Adam barged in and advised everyone to keep their voices down unless they didn't mind everyone knowing that a Newman was going after one of his own. Nick replied, "You'll never be one of us." Adam approached Nick and explained that he'd decided to end his fight for Christian. Victor said, "What's the catch?" Adam said he'd decided to do what was best for Christian.

Adam added that he planned to destroy the myth of the Newmans once and for all. Adam warned his family that he'd expose them to the world in a way they'd never see coming. As Adam exited, Victor said, "Hey, Adam. Good luck to you, son." Victor warned Abby, Nick, Victoria, and Nikki to stay on guard because Adam wasn't finished.

After Victoria and Nick returned to Victoria's house, they told Billy about Adam's threat. Nick went upstairs to check on Christian. Victoria said she was surprised that Billy was at home, napping, while he should be working. Billy unwrapped and shoved a stick of gum into his mouth. Victoria said, "Since when do you chew gum?"

Billy, cranky, said he didn't feel like being analyzed, so he'd leave for the office. After Billy hastily left, Victoria appeared concerned. When Nick rejoined Victoria, she told her brother about Billy's chronic distress and insomnia, which, she noted, had begun after Adam had returned. Victoria added that Billy had refused help in dealing with his lingering trauma over Delia's death.

After Elena's first day, Nate and Elena met at Crimson Lights to enjoy coffee. Elena said she realized she was where she was meant to be. Nate said he'd never seen Elena so happy. Nate added that if he wasn't on call, he'd have taken Elena out to dinner to celebrate her first day. Elena reminded Nate that she wouldn't have gotten into the residency program without him. Nate said the hospital was lucky to have her. Elena told Nate she owed him dinner as a thank-you.

After Elena returned home, Devon asked about her day. Elena didn't elaborate except to say it had been a typical residency orientation. Elena put her hand around Devon's neck and said she hadn't had a chance to thank him for breakfast. Elena kissed Devon on the lips. The couple began removing each other's clothes.

Kevin held tight to Chloe's hand as they entered the Chancellor mansion. Chloe cried tears of joy. Michael explained that a judge had issued a gag order that would keep news about Chloe's return out of the press. Michael added that once the news eventually leaked, the public, including Adam, would know. Michael advised Chloe and Kevin to steer clear of Adam.

Esther tearfully greeted Chloe. Kevin fetched Bella from upstairs. The young girl fell into her mother's arms. Chloe cried, "Mommy's home." After planning a special dinner, Esther and Bella left the room. Chloe thanked Kevin for having sacrificed his life for her.

After Kevin and Chloe left the sitting room, Billy appeared outside the window, still chewing his gum. Billy stepped inside the house and called out to Delia. Billy heard Delia beg him to stop Adam. Delia added, "Please, Daddy, or I'll never be free." Billy replied, "I will. I promise, I'll take care of you. Can I see you?" Billy turned, saw Bella, approached her, and called her Delia. Bella cried, "Mommy!" Chloe rushed into the room and asked Billy what was going on. Billy looked stunned. A tear streamed down his cheek.

Kevin entered the room to check on Bella. After Kevin took Bella to the kitchen, Chloe explained the arrangements Michael had made. Billy agreed that if Adam was free, then Chloe should be also. Billy apologized for scaring Bella and claimed he'd stopped by to pick up papers for Jill. After Chloe left the room, Billy stuffed another stick of gum into his mouth and recalled Delia's plea to stop Adam in order to set her free.

When Adam returned home, Phyllis was waiting to complain about Chelsea. Adam said he knew what had happened already because knowing everything was his secret to survival. Phyllis said, "So you know that I lost that deal with Abby because Victor overheard me telling you how I was going to take over the hotel?" Adam mocked Phyllis and laughed. Seething, Phyllis cried that Abby had screwed her over with assistance from Victor.

Phyllis added that she'd helped Victoria impress Victor, had offered to give Dark Horse back to Nick, and had received nothing in return. Adam suggested that he and Phyllis join forces and channel their hatred for the Newman family. Adam added that he planned to bury his family and take away everything they took for granted. Phyllis replied, "I'm very good at burying things." Adam and Phyllis sealed their sinister partnership with a toast.

Nick makes a heartfelt plea to regain custody

Nick makes a heartfelt plea to regain custody

Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Kyle and Lola arrived outside their apartment, clad in matching tropical shirts. She guessed that it meant their honeymoon was officially over, but he announced that there was one more thing left to do. He scooped her up in his arms and noted that ignoring traditions meant seven years of bad luck. They entered their apartment, and she gasped and asked what he'd done. Kyle pointed out that as a mature married couple, it was about time he and Lola had their own furniture instead of Rey's hand-me-downs.

Lola gushed that she loved the new sofa and pillows almost as much as she loved Kyle, and he was glad that he still rated number one. She marveled that he'd thought of everything, but he realized that he should have left a note for the deliverymen to turn on the air conditioning, since he hadn't intended to return to a sauna. He turned on the air and proposed an idea of how to cool off, since less clothes equaled less heat. Lola found the opposite to be true, and she announced that he had to leave.

Kyle wondered if he'd done something wrong. Lola explained that he'd done everything right, but she was tired of him showing her up. She wanted to do something as a surprise, and he flopped down on the couch and told her to surprise him. She requested that he find something to do for a couple of hours to give her time to prepare, and he joked that it better be good. She led him to the door and kissed him goodbye.

At Society, Theo approached Mariah while she was on the phone, setting up a meeting with a potential new client. After she hung up, he remarked that he was impressed, and she dryly replied that she could die happy. He requested a do-over, but she balked at giving him an opening to steal her job. Theo proposed that they find a way to work together, and he envisioned it resulting in obscene paychecks for them both. He appealed to her to at least give him a chance to tell her what he had in mind. Mariah told him to dazzle her.

Theo bragged that he had a list of 50 people who could be the next big social media influencers if they had the right person to build their brands. Mariah questioned why she should do his job for him, and Theo dared her to show Devon that she was the power in Power Communications. Mariah countered that she didn't need to prove anything. Theo imagined that Devon would eventually want something in return for his loyalty, and making bank was one of the qualities of a top manager.

Mariah ordered Theo to cut the bull and name how many people he had with real potential. He replied that he had six, and she agreed to let him show her two. He pulled up his clients' social media accounts on his tablet, and she decided that she wanted to meet them that day. He protested that they were based out of Chicago. "Then what are you still doing here?" she asked.

Theo walked through the park while on the phone with Zoe. He hung up when he spied Kyle lounging on a park bench. Theo asked if wedded bliss wasn't all it was cracked up to be, and Kyle groused that it was too hot to fight. Theo mentioned that he'd just been talking to Zoe, and he crowed that he'd invited both Zoe and Summer to the Grand Phoenix's opening. Theo could think of nothing hotter than pictures of him with the two women, and Kyle threatened that Theo would be sorry if he didn't drop the game he was playing. Theo welcomed Kyle back and stalked off.

At Nick's house, Chelsea wished that Nick would let her accompany him to court, but he was wary of doing anything that might set Adam off. Chelsea thought Nick should have someone there for moral support, and he shared that Brittany had asked Summer to testify about his parenting skills. He expected that it would all be over once the judge signed off on Adam's petition, since there was no reason not to let Christian go home. Summer led Brittany in, and Chelsea voiced her gratitude that Brittany was representing Nick. Brittany anticipated that it would be a simple, straightforward hearing.

Summer enthused that it would be a no-brainer once she told the judge what an amazing dad Nick was. Brittany instructed them to be on their best behavior that day, and Nick requested a moment with Chelsea. Summer and Brittany stepped aside, and Nick thanked Chelsea for everything, noting that it hadn't been easy on her. Chelsea asserted that Adam was Connor's father, but Nick was Christian's. Nick declared his love for Christian, and Chelsea replied that Christian loved him, too. Nick pledged to get Christian home.

In Chancellor Park, Adam sat alone, looking at photos of Christian on his phone. Later, Chelsea ran into Adam at Crimson Lights and asked why he wasn't at the courthouse. He quipped that being in two places at once wasn't his superpower. She insisted that he needed to get over there, but he flatly stated, "No, actually, I don't."

Chelsea questioned whether Adam was trying to screw things up for Nick. Adam grumbled that even when he was doing the right thing, he was still the bad guy. She pointed out that if he was serious about giving up the custody fight, he would be at the courthouse. He argued that it didn't matter if he went to court, since he'd done his part, and it was up to Nick to do the rest. Chelsea countered that Adam could easily help both Nick and Christian, but Adam snapped that it wasn't his problem.

At the courthouse, Nick asked "where the hell" Adam was, and Judge Sanders entered and said it was a good question. Sanders stated that he'd been clear about wanting all parties present, and Nick swore that the last thing they wanted to do was waste the judge's time. Sanders threatened to move on to his next case if Adam wasn't there soon, and they could reschedule with the clerk. The judge was irked when Nick's phone rang, and Nick shoved the phone at Summer and asked her to handle it.

Summer answered a call from Chelsea, who insisted on talking to Nick. Brittany argued that the judge had Adam's petition, which relinquished all claims. Sanders wanted Adam to explain his change of heart after his adamance in the prior hearing, and Nick incredulously inquired whether the judge thought Nick had coerced Adam. Summer revealed that Adam was refusing to go to the courthouse. Sanders declared that there was no sense in being there, and he canceled the hearing.

Brittany referred to Adam's sworn affidavit, as well as statements from the psychologist and social worker with glowing accounts of Nick's ability to parent. Sanders maintained that he had to speak with Adam to ensure that there had been no undue pressure. Summer blurted out that Adam was a selfish jerk who was only doing it to hurt Nick, and she called her dad an honest, decent man and an amazing father. She added that Christian never should have been taken away from Nick, and she accused the judge of being no better than Adam if he wouldn't make it right. Sanders warned that she was one word away from a contempt charge, and he declared that they were done there. Summer departed.

Chelsea refused to let Adam leave unless he was going to the courthouse. He found it funny that she thought she could stop him, and she pleaded with him just to tell the judge he was dropping the case. She suddenly realized that he couldn't do it because it was too hard to see the dream of him raising Christian slipping away. She continued that everyone thought he was using Christian to hurt Nick, but she believed that it was killing Adam to let his son go. Adam called her theory beautiful but false, since the Newmans had been right -- he didn't give "a damn" about Christian, who was a means to an end and nothing more. He walked away.

Meanwhile, Brittany requested that Christian be returned to his home until the matter was resolved, but Sanders had serious concerns about whether Nick was the appropriate person to care for Christian. Nick protested, but the judge warned that he'd charge Nick with contempt if he kept it up. Nick replied that he didn't care, since his son couldn't speak for himself, so Nick had to do it for him. Nick understood that it might mean getting thrown in jail, but he demanded to be heard.

Nick stated that he'd thought the nightmare would finally be over that day and that Christian would be home where he belonged. Nick contended that as much as he wanted it, Christian wanted it 100 times more, since the boy had been shuttled from one home to another enough times to make one's head spin. Nick argued that he'd given Christian the stability he deserved, yet the judge was taking Christian away again because he was convinced the boy was being used as a pawn in a stupid battle between brothers. Nick pointed out that Adam had realized that he'd been wrong and had done the right thing, and the hearing should be a mere formality.

Nick continued that keeping him from his son over a technicality for even one minute longer was wrong and cruel, and he reminded the judge that they were there to do what was best for a little boy. Sanders warned that insulting the judge wasn't the way for Nick to get his son back. Through tears, Nick apologized for getting worked up. He described Christian as being a good boy with a big heart who was quick to share his toys with his buddies and who felt bad when his team beat the other one. Nick wished that he was more like Christian, but despite Nick's flaws, Christian loved him. Nick begged Sanders not to punish a little boy because Nick had lost his cool again, and he asked the judge to let Christian go home.

In the park, Kyle ran into Summer, who was clearly upset. She lamented that she'd tried to help her dad get Christian back at the custody hearing, but she'd only made things worse. Kyle offered to talk about it, but Summer groaned that she'd rather talk about anything else. She inquired about his honeymoon, and he indicated that it had been sweet but was definitely over, since he'd already bumped into Theo. Kyle hesitated to trash Theo because Theo and Summer were close, and he imagined that she'd never understand why he was "pissed" at Theo.

Kyle became incensed when Summer revealed that Theo had told her all about how he and Kyle had dropped off a wasted 17-year-old Zoe at the emergency room and paid her dad to keep it quiet. Summer swore that she would never tell anyone, including Lola, but she couldn't say the same for Theo. Kyle bemoaned that Theo's favorite pastime was taunting him about it, and he worried that Lola would freak out if she knew. Summer suggested that Kyle be the one to tell his wife, but he opted to simply hope that Lola never found out. Summer compared it to waiting for a bomb to go off rather than defusing it, and she cautioned that things could end up a lot worse in the end if he didn't tell Lola the truth.

Kyle returned home, and Lola proclaimed that it was time for baseball. She recalled that he'd bought tickets that he'd needed to sell because the timing had conflicted with their honeymoon, but she'd taped the entire homestand. He noticed that she'd decorated their apartment in a baseball stadium theme, and she presented him with cheese fries, brats, and popcorn. He called it the best surprise ever, and she handed him a cold beer. She mentioned that the air conditioner had been making weird noises, but he refused to let anything else ruin the post-honeymoon vibe. She asked if something had happened while he'd been out, and he divulged that he'd run into Theo. Kyle added that it hadn't been anything worth spoiling their private stadium experience over, and Lola exclaimed, "Let's play ball!"

Later, Kyle reported that the air conditioner was blowing hot air. He and Lola cheered when their team won the game, and they collapsed on the couch. She flipped off the television, and he figured that someone would find them there, happy and dead of heatstroke. He traced a cube of ice down her neck, and she complained that it had to be over 100 degrees. He figured that the shower was still working, and he carried her into the bathroom.

Two female influencers arrived at Society, irked because they had all-access passes to a music festival that were going to waste. Theo promised that they wouldn't regret meeting with him and Mariah, but the young ladies questioned whether they needed a big company to help them when they'd done fine calling the shots for themselves. Mariah claimed that Theo had been playing them, since they were just pawns in a battle between Theo and Mariah. Theo guffawed and said Mariah had almost had them, and Mariah added that the women should have seen the looks on their faces. Theo suggested that they get to work by doing shots, since doing business was about fun. Mariah ordered a bottle of the restaurant's best tequila.

Over tequila shots, Mariah and Theo took turns pitching how they could build the influencers' online presence. Theo imagined that the young ladies would never have to wait in line again because they'd own the red carpet, and Mariah promised that Power Communications would make them shining stars of the influencer world. Theo urged them to sign a contract and watch their careers explode. The influencers admitted that they were excited, but they needed time to take it all in. The young women departed.

Summer ran into Tessa outside the restaurant, and Summer hoped that they'd have no more awkward run-ins once the Grand Phoenix opened. Summer and Tessa entered Society and were shocked to find Mariah and Theo tossing back shots together to celebrate. Mariah noticed that Tessa had arrived, and Theo offered to grab a table for him and Summer. Summer preferred to check out the roof at the Athletic Club. Mariah told Theo to let her know when his clients got back to him.

Theo and Summer headed out, and Tessa voiced surprise that she'd walked in on Mariah and Theo acting like BFFs. Mariah remarked that it meant she had him exactly where she wanted him. Outside the restaurant, Summer asked about what had been going on with Theo and Mariah. Theo replied that he had Mariah exactly where he wanted her.

In the park, Connor insisted on practicing his footwork, and Chelsea groaned that she'd enjoy it more if they weren't in the middle of a heatwave. Connor quoted his dad saying that real soccer players didn't let the weather bother them. Adam approached, and Connor exclaimed that he'd just been working on the moves Adam had taught him. Connor invited Adam to hang out, and Adam left it up to Chelsea, who encouraged Connor to spend time with his dad. Connor suggested that they play video games, and he ran to the car to pick up the console. Adam thanked Chelsea, who mused that he'd given up enough.

Chelsea recognized how much Connor meant to Adam, and she questioned how Christian could mean any less. She referred to a story in the Bible about two women fighting over a child, and when the king had threatened to give each woman half, the real mother had agreed to let the other woman have the kid. Chelsea thought that even though Adam hadn't gone to court, he'd demonstrated that he was an amazing father. Adam countered that some people wouldn't agree, but Chelsea pointed out that Connor did. Chelsea relayed that Connor had called Adam the best card shuffler in the world, and Adam promised that he wouldn't take Connor to Las Vegas anytime soon.

Adam acknowledged that he hadn't led the best life, but he'd never let that part of his life touch Connor. Chelsea thought it was important for father and son to be close, since there was still good in Adam. Adam wondered if she really believed that after everything that had happened, and she confirmed that she did. She added that Connor had good instincts, and he thought Adam was pretty awesome.

Chelsea remembered someone else who'd seen the best in Adam, and she pulled out Hope's handkerchief from her purse. Chelsea explained that she'd been saving it for when Connor found the person he wanted to marry, but she thought Adam could give it to their son instead. A touched Adam thanked her with a hug. Connor returned with the console, and Adam suggested that they get double scoops of ice cream if Connor scored on him. They happily sat down to play the game. A gum-chewing Billy glowered at them from a distance.

Nick entered the Crimson Lights patio and stared at Monique and Christian. Christian ran over and greeted his daddy, and Nick tearfully picked him up and hugged him. Christian asked what was wrong, and Nick claimed that he had something in his eye. Christian worried that Nick seemed sad, but Nick replied that he couldn't be happier -- because Christian was going home with him for good. They tightly embraced.

Chloe encourages Billy to seek therapy

Chloe encourages Billy to seek therapy

Wednesday, August 28, 2019

by Nel

Chelsea arrived at Crimson Lights. She smiled when she saw Adam and Connor discussing their day together. She asked what they had been up to. Adam said that they had played in the park until it had become too hot, at which point they'd gone to Adam's for a snack then played some games. Connor chirped that he'd had an awesome time, and he asked Chelsea if he could have more time with Adam. Adam said they would see each other again soon, but Connor had to go home with his mother because that was what they had agreed to.

Adam told Connor that Chelsea would miss him. Chelsea agreed she would miss him terribly. Adam told Connor that their order was ready, and he asked Connor to go and make sure it was all there. Alone with Chelsea, Adam said he'd wanted to buy Connor a brownie, but he'd realized it was too close to dinner, so he'd bought brownies for everyone for dessert. Chelsea thanked Adam. She acknowledged that he'd made things easy. Adam said he wanted to prove to Chelsea that she could trust him again. Connor hugged Adam before he and Chelsea left. Adam promised they would see each other soon.

After Chelsea and Connor had gone, Nick walked in from the patio. Adam said that if Nick had been looking for Chelsea, she was gone. Nick said he had waited for Chelsea to leave because he hadn't wanted to say anything in front of Connor. He informed Adam that it was official -- he'd been granted full custody of Christian. Adam said he'd done what he felt was best for Christian, and Nick got what he wanted. Adam said they needed to discuss what would happen next. Adam said he'd dropped the custody suit, and he hoped that, in return, Nick would drop the restraining order barring him from seeing Christian.

Nick told Adam that he wasn't willing to do that because Adam had declared war on his family, but Nick agreed to drop the restraining order if Adam stopped his battle with the Newmans. Adam said Christian wasn't part of the Newman war. Nick asked if Adam would honor the restraining order. Adam confirmed he would. After Nick left, Adam received a call from his building security, and he rushed out.

At Society, Abby joined Elena, Devon, and Nate. She announced that Adam had dropped the custody suit, and Nick had taken his son home earlier that day. Everyone was delighted that things had worked out for Nick. Abby wanted to celebrate Dr. Elena Dawson for getting her residency, and she also wanted to toast her newest project, the Lobby Lounge at the Grand Phoenix Hotel, where everyone would go to see and be seen. Devon said that it sounded amazing, and he couldn't wait for it to open. He teased that since nothing exciting had happened in his and Nate's lives, they would have to live their lives vicariously through the ladies.

Abby said she had a surprise and delivered Nate, Devon, and Elena a new drink to try. She wanted their opinion about her new signature cocktail. Everyone loved it. Devon thought it was the perfect drink for a warm night, and Abby agreed. She stated that her bartender was a genius for inventing new drinks. Abby said she would add the drink to her regular menu, and she left to let the bartender know. At that moment, Devon received a phone call and left the table. Nate asked why Elena hadn't told Devon about the child with the broken humerus. Elena felt that Devon wouldn't be interested in hearing about it.

After everyone had finished eating, Abby offered to serve dessert, but Elena said she had an early start the next day. Elena and Devon thanked Abby, and they left. Abby looked at Nate and asked what his plans were. Nate said he had the morning off.

Nate told Abby that he really like her new drink. Abby spoke enthusiastically about her plans for the Grand Phoenix and how she wanted to serve her signature drink at Society and at the Lobby Lounge. Nate said he loved her passion and excitement. Abby and Nate were interrupted when Adam arrived and ruined Abby's elated mood. Abby wanted to know why Adam was there. Adam claimed Abby would be happy he was there. Adam gave Abby the final contracts for the Grand Phoenix.

Adam told Abby that he'd wanted to deliver the contracts in person because he knew how anxious she was to move forward. Adam assured her that the contracts were legitimate, and they were a done deal. Abby confessed that she was concerned about Adam's threat against her family. Adam said she was the exception because she hadn't screwed with him since his return to Genoa City. He said that as long as she stayed out of the fray, he wouldn't bother her. He told her to consider it a truce and a warning, and he left.

At the Chancellor mansion, Kevin used a handheld fan on Chloe to help her cool off. Chloe found it hard to believe that they were back together again at the Chancellor mansion with Esther, living a perfectly normal life. Kevin looked at Catherine's portrait and said that Mrs. C would approve. She would have loved hearing Bella laughing and playing. Chloe said she wasn't sure about Bella laughing so much after Billy had scared the wits out of her. She said that Billy had acted really bizarre.

Kevin told Chloe he'd had a couple of strange run-ins with Billy before he'd left Genoa City to meet up with her and Bella. Kevin said Billy had arrived at the mansion under an obviously bogus pretense, but his primary motivation had been his preoccupation with Delia. Billy had appeared to be possessed. He'd believed that Delia had been trying to contact him from the spirit world. Kevin had told Billy that his mind had been playing tricks on him.

Kevin told Chloe that Billy had admitted he'd been struggling. Kevin had suggested that Billy needed to find a good therapist that could help him. Chloe said she felt sick about what had happened to Billy, and she asked if Kevin thought Billy might be worse. Kevin said his heart broke for Billy, and he hoped that Billy would find a way to pull himself together because Billy couldn't keep showing up at their home and freaking Bella out.

Chloe said she needed to talk to Billy, but Kevin objected. He reminded her that Michael had told her to lay low and that Michael had a gag order in place so no one would know she was alive. Chloe promised that she wouldn't be seen, but she couldn't sit there and do nothing. Billy needed her help immediately. She said Adam had caused too much chaos and had hurt a lot of people. She said Adam didn't get to ruin Billy's life again, not if she could help it.

Wearing a dark trench coat and gloves, Billy broke into Adam's penthouse and began searching for something. Billy opened a drawer of the tall credenza and found a handkerchief with Hope's monogram. Billy put it in his pocket and left.

A short time later, Adam walked into his condo. While on the phone with building security, he said he would run a test on the security system. He informed building security that his system was working fine and ended the call.

At home, Billy appeared puzzled after he pulled out a package of gum and an empty wrapper from his pocket. He threw the empty wrapper into the trash and the gum onto the desk. Chloe arrived. She told Billy she didn't want him walking into the Chancellor mansion again and scaring Bella. Chloe said she hoped that Billy would open up to her about what he'd been going through. Billy was reluctant, but Chloe reminded him that she'd recently been through a similar struggle.

Billy told Chloe that he'd spoken to Sharon, Victoria, and a therapist. He admitted he hadn't been sleeping well and that he'd woken up in places without knowing how he'd gotten there. He said his nightmares were consistent, always about Delia calling him and asking him to make Adam pay. Chloe assured him that their daughter was at peace. She hated that Billy was torturing himself over Adam. She said she didn't want Billy to go down that rabbit hole because he couldn't change anything.

Chloe said that Billy needed some serious help. She encouraged him to continue seeing a therapist, but he also needed to help himself. She told Billy that taking his rage out on Adam would only make matters worse for him. He needed to come to terms with what had happened. Chloe said that she finally had come to terms with it. Billy didn't believe that Chloe had come to terms about Delia's death, but Chloe said she was through allowing Adam to control her life because of her rage against him.

Chloe informed Billy she'd stopped that vicious cycle because of Bella. She refused to disappoint Esther and Kevin again after the way she had hurt them. She wouldn't let Adam take her last chance away from her. Adam had taken too much from her, and she wouldn't allow him to take any more. Chloe said Billy needed to make the decision to do the same. She warned him that it wouldn't be easy, but he needed to get his life back. Chloe said she really hoped she'd been able to get through to him.

Billy told Chloe that she'd given him a lot to think about. As Chloe was about to leave, Billy said that he wished she had aimed higher the day she'd pulled the trigger on Adam.

A short time later, Billy had fallen asleep on the couch. He dreamed of Delia, and he heard her calling to him while she was running away from Adam. Suddenly, Billy woke up and put a piece of gum into his mouth. He walked over to the bookcase, opened a box, and removed Hope's handkerchief. He stared at it.

At home, Nick hugged Christian and said how much he'd missed the boy and that he was overjoyed to have Christian at home again. Christian said he felt the same way. Nick said that Chelsea and Connor lived with him, and he asked if Christian remembered Connor. At that moment, Chelsea and Connor arrived. Nick told the boys to go and get washed because Chelsea had brought pizza. When they were alone, Nick hugged Chelsea and told her how happy he was to have Christian home again. After dinner, the boys played video games, and when they were told it was bedtime, they protested. Nick and Chelsea cajoled them into submission.

After the boys were in bed, Nick and Chelsea sat on the couch. Over glasses of wine, Nick thanked Chelsea for her support. He said he wouldn't have been able to get through his order without his family and Chelsea having his back. Chelsea told Nick about Connor's visit with Adam. She said that Adam couldn't have been nicer. Connor had wanted to extend his visit, but Adam had told Connor he needed to go home with his mother. Chelsea said that Adam wanted to earn her trust, but Nick reminded her that Adam remained a threat. Chelsea said she was aware of the threat Adam posed.

Nick told Chelsea he knew that Chelsea's family had looked very different the previous year, and he hated what she and Connor had gone through. However, Nick called it incredible to have her and Connor back in his life. Chelsea said she felt the same way. She admitted that it had felt strange at first, not knowing what the future held, but she knew what she wanted. Chelsea and Nick kissed, and the passion flared. Nick took Chelsea to the bedroom, and they made love.

Elena and Devon were at the penthouse, relaxing. Elena told Devon she was very tired and was ready for bed. They were interrupted when a courier arrived and delivered an envelope to Devon. Devon read the letter and said, "What the hell is this?" He read the letter to Elena. It stated there were discrepancies concerning Katherine's will, and Devon needed to meet with a lawyer to discuss the situation. He told Elena that he had no idea what it was about because Katherine's will had been read six years earlier.

The gum-chewing Billy arrived at the Chancellor mansion. He told Chloe she didn't need to worry about him anymore because he knew how to handle his issues with Adam. Chloe asked what that meant. Billy simply said goodnight, and he left.

After Adam arrived at home, he received an anonymous text message that read, "I have something that belongs to you. Meet me at the curve in the road on route 7. You know where I mean." Adam responded to the text message by asking, "Who is this?"

Chloe foils Billy's attempt to run Adam down

Chloe foils Billy's attempt to run Adam down

Thursday, August 29, 2019

At Kyle and Lola's apartment, Kyle boasted about how he'd installed a new air conditioner. As he flexed his muscles, Lola admired how far he'd progressed since assembling the bookshelf. He kissed her neck and offered to heat her up, then cool her down. He amorously described the conditioner's features, including never having to get out of bed to turn it on. He pulled a remote control out of his pocket and invited her to press the button. They continued kissing on their way to the bedroom, but the power suddenly fizzled out. Kyle fumbled in the dark to find the fuse box.

The power flickered back on, and Kyle jokingly called himself the all-conquering hero who had given light back. Lola checked the refrigerator, and Kyle reported that he'd called Sharon to let her know what had happened. Lola announced that they needed to have a funeral, since the fridge had died when the circuit had overloaded. Kyle realized that all the food would spoil, and he wondered why she wasn't freaking out. Lola planned to invite Rey and Celeste over for dinner to have a bon voyage party for her mom, and everything in the freezer would be on the menu.

Later, Rey teased Kyle for deciding to fix the air conditioner by himself, and he volunteered to lend a hand the next time. Rey added that Kyle had put a ring on it, so he no longer had to try so hard to impress Lola. Lola swore that Kyle had nothing to prove, and Celeste inquired whether Jack had ever taught Kyle to do household fixes. Kyle figured that he could have asked Sharon to pay a repairperson, but he was trying to become a more well-rounded person. Kyle acknowledged that he had a long way to go before he was as handy as the Rosales brothers, and Lola encouraged Kyle to set his goals higher.

Rey argued that Lola's food truck wouldn't have made it around the block if it hadn't been for him, but she countered that she'd fixed the truck herself. Rey noted that he'd taught her how to do it, and they bantered. Lola noticed that Kyle was smiling, and she wondered what was wrong. Kyle explained that he'd never been part of a family that full of life, excitement, and fun, and he was glad their kids would grow up in a big, happy family like that one. Celeste excitedly inquired whether the couple had good news that they wanted to share.

Lola clarified that there were would be no babies for then, and Kyle added that he'd only been talking about their possible future. Lola pointed out that they were just starting out and enjoying being a couple, and Rey urged them not to rush but to make sure they each knew where the other stood. Celeste was happy that Kyle and Lola loved one another and would start a family one day, and she intended to spoil her other grandbaby in the meantime. She quickly apologized, but Rey assured her that he was happy for Arturo and would welcome his nephew or niece with open arms and all the love in his heart.

Rey marveled that everything finally felt like it was the way it should be. Celeste declared that it was a mother's duty to overstep, and Lola warned Rey to duck and cover. Celeste thought that things were the way they were supposed to be with Arturo and Mia because Rey deserved something better. Celeste figured that Rey just needed time for things to fall into place, and perhaps his future was with Sharon. Lola echoed the sentiment, and she encouraged Rey to give Sharon a second chance, since Sharon had made him happier than Lola had ever seen him.

Rey was relieved when Kyle proposed a toast to Celeste for creating a terrific family. Celeste applauded how their family had always been there to help and support one another in both good times and bad, and she was proud that her children had grown into adults who others looked up to and loved. She wished she didn't have to go, and Lola promised to visit. Celeste was grateful that she'd had the chance to see her kids blossom in their new homes and lives, and it filled her heart to see Rey and Lola still taking care of one another after all those years.

Rey anticipated some Rosales waterworks, and he stepped out to wait for Celeste downstairs. Celeste and Lola both steeled themselves not to cry because it wasn't a goodbye. Lola envisioned visiting her mother in Miami, and Celeste pictured Kyle meeting the rest of the Rosales clan. Celeste gushed that she was proud of Lola for growing into a strong, fearless woman. The women hugged, and Lola insisted that she'd gotten it all from her mother.

Lola vowed not to have any more fights with her mom, since it had killed her not to be able to talk to Celeste. Lola made Celeste promise not to fall for Adrian's empty promises ever again. Celeste hugged Kyle and told him to take care of her girl. Celeste embraced Lola one more time and told the couple to cherish one another, since they had such a blessed life. She blew them a kiss, said she loved them, and headed out. Lola struggled against tears, and Kyle wrapped his arms around her and asked if she was okay. They exchanged declarations of love.

Kevin entered the Chancellor mansion and jumped when Adam suddenly appeared behind him in the doorway. Kevin demanded to know how Adam had known he was there, and Adam ominously stated that nothing happened without him knowing about it. Adam ranted that Kevin had a lot of nerve to return to town after the personal sacrifices Adam had made to allow Kevin to ride off into the sunset with Chloe and Bella. Adam lectured that Kevin should have left well enough alone, but Kevin was trying to get revenge by messing with Adam's head. Kevin swore that he didn't know "what the hell" Adam was talking about.

Kevin claimed that Esther had wanted him there to take care of some things, but Adam questioned why Kevin would fly across the country when there were people in town to do the job. Adam called out for Esther, and Kevin revealed that she wasn't there. Adam showed Kevin the text message on his phone and dared Kevin to deny that he'd sent it. Kevin read the invitation to meet at the bend in the road and adamantly swore that he hadn't sent it. Kevin admitted that he hated what Adam had done to Delia and that Adam had held Chloe's freedom over his head, but he'd never use Delia's memory to screw with Adam.

Kevin added that he had his family back, and he wouldn't jeopardize that to play mind games. Adam suspected Chloe, but Kevin argued that she had almost lost everything and wouldn't have risked it. Kevin asserted that both he and Chloe had done everything Adam had asked, and he ordered Adam to leave them alone. Adam warned that he could still make life very difficult for them, and he snarled, "Don't ever cross me." Adam departed, and Chloe emerged. Kevin pleaded with her to say she hadn't sent the message.

Chloe insisted that she hadn't done it, and she pledged to honor her promise never to hurt him again. Kevin apologized, and Chloe theorized that Billy had sent the message. Kevin recalled that Billy had told him about having nightmares, and Chloe referred to what had happened with Bella. Chloe recounted that when she'd taken the risk to see Billy again, he'd admitted to waking up in strange places but not knowing how he'd gotten there. She added that Billy had been having dreams about Delia being lost and afraid and needing him to protect her.

Chloe had seen and heard how haunted Billy was. She understood what it felt like to fall apart, and she feared that Billy would do something to really hurt Adam. Kevin sarcastically replied that it would be unfortunate, but Chloe was determined to stop Billy before it was too late. Kevin hated what Billy was going through, but he contended that there was nothing they could do because they had too much to lose. Kevin worried that he'd barely dodged a bullet with Adam, and if Adam found out that Chloe was also there, it could blow their plan out of the water before Michael could take care of her legal problems.

Chloe recounted that she'd asked Billy to look out for Kevin before she'd gone back to Portland, and she imagined that her request had made things even harder for Billy. She thought they could help Billy without getting themselves into trouble, and she sympathized with the overwhelming battle to deal with the pain and suffering every day. Chloe continued that she'd found a way through because of Bella and Kevin, but she understood how impossible it was to see the light. She urged Kevin to think about Johnny, Katie, and Victoria, and Kevin inquired whether Billy had said something to make her think he was gunning for Adam.

Chloe recounted that she'd advised Billy that spending any energy on Adam was a waste, and Billy had responded by saying she should have aimed higher when she'd shot Adam. Chloe continued that Billy had later told her that he'd found a way to deal with his issues with Adam, but he'd been calm and detached, like he'd already made a decision. Chloe fretted that if Billy hurt himself or someone else and Adam retaliated, it would ruin more people's lives. She recognized that her being seen could ruin their plans, but they had to help Billy. Chloe asked Kevin to prove her wrong by making sure Billy was safe and wouldn't do anything to hurt Adam. Chloe begged Kevin to do it for Delia, since it was what the girl would have wanted.

Mariah approached Adam at Society's bar. She griped that her mom had been happy before he'd returned to Genoa City and taken a wrecking ball to Sharon's life. Adam snapped that he had a lot on his mind, so it wasn't a good time to get on his case. Mariah wished that he would do everyone a favor by going back to Las Vegas, and Adam realized that she wasn't above using the memory of a dead girl to manipulate people. He demanded to know if she'd sent the text message, but she replied that she didn't have his number and didn't want to. He told her to never mind and headed out.

Later, over dinner, Sharon informed Mariah that Adam had misinterpreted Sharon's innocent hug with Nick after she'd turned down Adam's proposal. Mariah hoped Adam had assumed they were having a torrid affair, but Sharon bemoaned that she'd messed things up. Mariah blamed Adam, who'd had no reason to think Sharon was into him. Sharon confessed that it wasn't entirely true, since she'd had an interlude with Adam a few weeks earlier.

Mariah was appalled, and Sharon called it a moment of weakness that she'd regretted afterward. Sharon stressed that what had happened between her and Adam had been all about their past, but being with him had made her realize that the man she'd once loved was gone, so she'd told him that she didn't want to be with him. Mariah clucked that it was a shame that Sharon hadn't booted Adam out of her life before she'd driven away the one guy who was actually good for her -- Rey. Sharon firmly stated that she and Rey were through, so there was no point dwelling on it.

Mariah reasoned that Sharon and Rey had only broken up because he'd been convinced that Sharon had feelings for Adam, but she thought things could work out if Sharon explained that it wasn't true. Sharon revealed that Rey knew that she'd slept with Adam, and they'd accepted that it was over between them. Mariah wondered if Sharon would take Rey back if he wanted to reconcile. Sharon replied that she would change a lot of things if she could bend the laws of time and space -- and her relationship with Rey would be at the top of the list.

At Crimson Lights, Billy told Victoria that he had to go to California that night to assist with the Jabot merger. Victoria wondered why Kyle couldn't go instead, but Billy pointed out that Kyle had just gotten married. Victoria argued that Billy should just say no because he opposed the merger. Billy reasoned that it would happen, anyway, so he could either support the company or look for another job. Victoria whined about him leaving when Adam was waging war against the Newmans, and she preferred that Billy stay home.

Victoria was pleased that Billy was getting more involved with Jabot and having a more positive attitude about the merger. He insisted that it was just a quick business trip, and if things went as he hoped, it could change everything. Victoria thought it would be good for him to have a change of scenery and to decompress, and she wished she could go with him. She was mortified that she'd sounded like she needed him. He countered that he needed her, too, but he knew how brave she was -- as did Adam. Billy had a feeling that Adam wouldn't be waging war on anyone while Billy was gone.

After Billy left, Kevin arrived at the coffeehouse and hesitated before approaching Victoria. She invited him to join her and inquired about Bella, and Kevin called his daughter too smart and beautiful for words. He figured that Victoria knew how it was with kids, and she called it an adventure every day. Kevin commented that Victoria had Billy to balance things out, and he asked how Billy was doing. Victoria reported that Billy was very busy with work and the kids, and Kevin pushed to know if Billy was happy. Victoria was curious about why Kevin wanted to know.

Kevin mentioned that Billy had seemed a little unhappy when they'd run into one another, and he hoped Billy was okay. Victoria confided that Adam's return had stirred up painful memories, and Kevin agreed that it had been difficult to see Adam get a second chance after everything he'd done. Kevin imagined that Billy wasn't sleeping, and Victoria confirmed that Billy had been having nightmares. Kevin sympathized that it couldn't be easy on her to be worried about Billy, but she indicated that Billy had been doing better. Victoria referred to the Jabot merger, and she thought it was good for Billy to have something meaningful to focus on.

Victoria mentioned that Billy had just left on a business trip, and Kevin abruptly stated that he was glad to hear that Billy had turned a corner. Kevin hurried out, and Victoria looked suspicious. Victoria called Jack with a question about Billy's business trip to California. She became alarmed when Jack knew nothing about it, but she assured him that she and Billy had probably just gotten their wires crossed. Adam confronted her and demanded to know "what the hell" was going on with Billy.

Victoria claimed that she had no idea what Adam meant, since Billy was just fine. Adam revealed that Billy had accused him of planting Delia's old doll in Billy's bedroom, and Victoria questioned who else would do something that twisted. Adam swore that he would never use Delia's memory that way, but Victoria referred to Adam's history of lashing out at innocent people and trying to inflict as much damage as possible. Adam defended that all he'd done had been to try to reunite with his sons, but Victoria barked that she was sick of listening to his explanations of why he'd declared war on the Newmans.

Victoria claimed that Billy was out of town to work on the Jabot merger, and she ordered Adam to leave Billy and the rest of them "the hell alone." Adam stalked off. Victoria left a message for Billy, letting him know that she'd talked to Jack, who hadn't known anything about a trip. She begged Billy to reconsider whatever he was thinking about doing.

A gum-chewing Billy put on gloves and got inside an SUV. Billy stared at Hope's handkerchief on the passenger seat. He snapped a photo of it and sent it to Adam. Meanwhile, Adam returned home as his phone chimed. He saw the photo and an anonymous message that read, "See you soon." Adam raced out.

Adam arrived at the designated meeting spot and stared at the spot on the road where he'd hit Delia. "All right, you wanted me. You got me," Adam called out, daring the person who'd summoned him to show their face. Billy revved up the car engine and hit the gas, heading straight toward Adam. Chloe suddenly appeared on the road and shoved Adam out of the way. A panicked Billy slammed on the brakes and swerved.

Chelsea reels when she sees Chloe is alive

Chelsea reels when she sees Chloe is alive

Friday, August 30, 2019

Kevin and Chloe tended to an unconscious Billy at the Chancellor boat house. Chloe wondered if they should take Billy to a hospital, but Kevin protested that they couldn't, since Billy had tried to kill Adam and crashed someone's car. Kevin inquired whether Adam knew that Chloe had tried to push him out of the way. She noted that she'd pushed Adam from behind, so she didn't think he'd seen her. Billy stirred and tried to get up, but Kevin held him down and injected him with the contents of a syringe.

Chloe admired the splint that she'd put on Billy after watching a how-to video online. Kevin reconsidered taking Billy to the emergency room, but Chloe reminded him that they'd committed a half-dozen crimes by leaving the accident scene and dragging Billy there. Kevin agreed that they had no choice, but he worried that a splint wouldn't help Billy's mental state. Chloe was convinced that she could help Billy, since she'd found a way to get past her anger toward Adam, and they were in the perfect place to do it.

Chloe recalled that when she'd been kidnapped, being held in a remote location had helped by giving her time alone to reflect on how she'd gotten there, both emotionally and physically. She reasoned that it made sense to stay at the boat house because she and Billy both needed to lay low. Kevin's phone chimed with a message from Michael, who informed them that the judge had signed off on Chloe's deal, so the gag order had been lifted. Kevin and Chloe rejoiced that she was free.

Kevin thought Chloe should start to reintegrate back into society. She preferred to be there when Billy woke up, but Kevin expected the drugs to keep Billy knocked out for hours. Chloe was nervous about people seeing her, but Kevin swore that he'd be right by her side. He figured that they also needed to find out what Adam knew, and he anticipated that Chloe would be at the top of Adam's suspect list. Kevin planned to have Esther say that they had been home the night before. Chloe wondered how people would react to seeing her alive, and Kevin pointed out that it couldn't be worse than the way she'd told him. They headed out, leaving a sleeping Billy behind.

Adam opened his penthouse door and asked what had taken Phyllis so long. She retorted that she wasn't at his beck and call, and she observed that he looked horrible. He revealed that someone had tried to run him over the night before, and he pointed out that it was her M.O. She argued that she'd evolved since she'd attempted to mow down Paul and Christine years earlier, but Adam countered that it wasn't a denial.

Adam explained that Chelsea had recently returned his mother's handkerchief, and he'd later received a text message from someone who had it and wanted to meet him at the crash site where Delia had died. He continued that he'd gone there, only to find himself like a deer in the headlights with a car heading toward him at full speed. He confirmed that he hadn't seen who'd been driving. However, someone had pushed him out of the way at the last minute, and he'd been knocked out. When he'd woken up, he'd made his way home to figure out who could have done it.

Phyllis wished she could take credit, but she would never exploit Adam's memories of Delia or Hope over a business conflict. Phyllis named Billy and Kevin, but Adam shared that he'd ruled both men out. Phyllis suspected Chelsea, but Adam cited Chelsea's lack of motive. He mentioned that it was no secret that he'd waged war on the Newmans. Phyllis couldn't see Victor letting Adam take the first shot, but Adam doubted that Victor would use Delia's memory to attack his own flesh and blood. Phyllis reminded him that Victor had haunted Sharon with Cassie's ghost, so she wouldn't put it past him.

At the Newman ranch, Victor played chess by himself. Summer arrived and asked how he was doing, and she admitted that she'd gotten nervous when he'd told her he needed to see her. He assured her that it had nothing to do with his health, since the medication was working. He informed her that he'd called because Adam was playing a very dangerous game, and he worried that she might be the target.

Victor warned that Adam was out to hurt their family, but Summer didn't think Adam would single her out. Victor reasoned that Adam knew how close she was to both Victor and Nick, and he worried that Adam would use her to cause them pain. Victor told her to let him know if she saw anything unusual, but Summer scoffed at the idea of Adam creating a fake profile to befriend or troll her. Victor admitted that it pained him to say that his son was capable of almost anything.

Later, Adam stormed into the ranch and barked that Victor had gone too far that time. Victor huffed that Adam was the one who'd walked in uninvited. Adam taunted that whatever the night before had been about hadn't worked, since he was alive and well. Adam accused Victor of hiring someone to kill him, and Victor asked what he was talking about. Adam chided him for not having the guts to admit it.

Adam added that he'd always made his intentions clear, but Victor plotted and schemed behind the scenes while pretending his hands weren't dirty. Victor surmised that was why Adam had felt justified in telling Christian that Adam was his father, and Adam maintained that the boy had deserved to know. Victor admonished Adam for completely disregarding Christian's well-being for his own selfish reasons, and he cited it as the moment when he'd realized there was no hope for Adam.

Adam assumed that Victor had given up on him once Victor had realized that Adam had a mind of his own. Adam figured that his amnesia had given Victor a golden opportunity to mold him into the son he'd wanted -- a puppet with Victor controlling the strings. Adam recalled that even when he hadn't remembered anything, he hadn't been behind what Victor and the psychiatrist had been selling. He continued that when he'd gotten his memory back, Victor's plan had fallen apart when Adam hadn't fallen in line, and all the work that had gone into grooming the heir he'd always wanted had been for nothing.

Adam snapped that Victor had also failed with Nick and Victoria, and the Newmans were only united because they were all against Adam. Victor pointed out that Adam had had a chance to reunite with his family, but he'd "pissed" everyone off. Adam raged that Victor had used the memory of his mother to lure him out and have someone run him over. Victor wondered what Adam's mother had to do with anything.

Adam ranted that he'd thought Victor would draw the line at using his mother against him, but there was no depth to which Victor wouldn't sink. Victor swore that he would never use Hope's memory against Adam or anyone else, since he'd loved her, and she'd wanted Adam to carry on her legacy with respect and loyalty. Victor questioned "what the hell" had happened to Adam, and he yelled that Hope would be ashamed of the man Adam had turned into. Adam insisted that he loved his mother, but he despised Victor. Adam deliberately knocked the chess set to the floor as he walked out.

Victor made a call and told someone that Adam had just barged in, ranting and raving about Hope and Delia and claiming that he'd been lured out to the roadside, where someone had tried to kill him. Victor instructed the person to find out everything they could about it and get back to him.

Chelsea was in awe as Abby showed her around the lobby of the Grand Phoenix. "Watch out, Genoa City, the Grand Phoenix is here to slay!" Abby proclaimed. Abby enthused that she wanted the lounge to be not only for out-of-town guests but also a hotspot for locals. Abby offered to let Chelsea and Nick try out a suite for business research, and Chelsea squirmed. Chelsea confirmed that she and Nick were together, but it was still very new. Chelsea added that she was trying to reestablish herself there and get up to speed, and she posed some questions about security.

Phyllis sashayed in and condemned Abby and Chelsea for keeping the Grand Phoenix as the hotel's name. Phyllis declared that she was the phoenix, and the hotel was supposed to represent her rise from the ashes. Abby refused to change it just because Phyllis' feathers had been ruffled. Abby argued that the name could just as easily apply to her or Chelsea, since they'd both overcome a lot to get where they were. Phyllis mocked the plight of the naked heiress and the black widow, and she blasted them for ignoring the creative force behind the project. She hissed that she'd never forget that they had broken their word and stabbed her in the back.

Chelsea suggested that Phyllis consider it payback for running her out of Genoa City, but Phyllis called Chelsea a criminal who had fled the scene. Phyllis considered Chelsea to be more of a jailbird than a phoenix, and Chelsea stepped away to talk to security. Phyllis flapped her arms and cawed loudly after her. Abby proposed that they act like adults, and she contended that Chelsea was a safer bet as a business partner. Phyllis argued that Chelsea had left town because she'd been stealing from a colleague, and Abby countered that Chelsea was still preferable to Phyllis.

Phyllis ranted that she'd put her blood, sweat, and tears into the project, and it was pathetic that Abby had broken their deal because of something her daddy had said. Phyllis called her a spoiled little rich girl, but Abby retorted that Phyllis was the one acting entitled when she'd only been Adam's employee when she'd worked on the hotel. Abby reiterated that, as the hotel's owner, she got to choose who she wanted to work with, and it wasn't Phyllis. Theo and Zoe approached, and he instructed her to snap photos and blast them on every platform. Phyllis informed Theo that Abby had dumped them, but Abby clarified that she'd fired Phyllis, not Theo.

Phyllis testily surmised that Theo had accepted an offer from Abby, and she griped that there was no such thing as loyalty anymore. Zoe gushed that she was a huge fan of Abby and Society, and she offered to have a group of young amateur photographers attend the hotel opening. Theo explained that Zoe ran a website that posted candid shots from big events. Phyllis advised Zoe to watch out for Abby and Theo, but Theo defended that he was a freelancer who worked for whoever made him a good offer.

Theo voiced willingness to work with Phyllis anytime. Abby reminded him that he was working for her then, and she assigned him to deal with the guest list. Summer walked in, and Phyllis incredulously asked what she was doing there. Summer indicated that Theo had requested that she meet him there, and Theo invited her to help promote the opening. Phyllis growled that everyone she knew was working on her hotel but her. Abby clarified that it was her hotel, and she firmly told Phyllis goodbye. Phyllis stormed out.

Summer balked at getting involved with the opening at all. Theo assured her that Phyllis wasn't mad at her but was mad at the situation. Zoe noted that Phyllis seemed "really kickass," and she admitted that she was jealous of Summer and Phyllis' relationship. Zoe admired Summer and said she'd love to learn from her. Theo sent Zoe to take selfies around the lounge, and Summer thought that everyone showing up at the same time was interesting. Summer questioned whether Theo had been trying to orchestrate a run-in between her and her mom.

Theo claimed that he'd just wanted to be sure Summer was on board with the opening. Summer asked whether he wanted her there as an influencer or as his date, and he preferred that it be a date -- if she still saw him that way. Summer asked if Zoe was sticking around Genoa City, and Theo felt like he owed Zoe. Summer suspected that Theo intended to use Zoe to make Kyle mad, since they knew Kyle and Lola would be attending the opening. Theo remarked that it should be a night to remember.

On the Crimson Lights patio, Kevin hoped that a friend of a friend would show up and spread the news of Chloe's return, but she preferred to skip the part where everyone found out. She wanted to check on Billy, and Kevin assured her that he'd set the timer on his phone for when the medication should be wearing off. He suggested that they order some cappuccinos, and they headed to the counter. A shocked Chelsea dropped her purse when she saw that Chloe was alive. Kevin claimed that he and Chloe had just been leaving, but Chelsea refused to let Chloe go anywhere.

Chelsea couldn't believe that Chloe was walking, talking, and breathing, and Kevin suggested that they leave Chelsea alone to process Chloe's return. Chelsea started to call the police, but Chloe indicated that she'd already been arrested. Chelsea realized that Michael had let Chloe get away with attempted murder. Chloe acknowledged that what she'd done was unforgivable, and she prepared to walk out of Chelsea's life. Chelsea bellowed that Chloe might have been able to dodge the law, but Chelsea was nowhere near done with her.

Chelsea spat that Chloe had put her through "hell" by trying to kill Chelsea's husband and lying about it. Kevin tried to intervene, but Chloe insisted that it was between her and Chelsea, and he stepped aside. Chelsea recalled that Chloe had avoided a prior confrontation by hitting Chelsea over the head and running. Chelsea cried that Chloe had inflicted pain on everyone who'd cared about her, and she remembered holding Chloe's body in her arms after she'd thought she'd found Chloe dead of a pill overdose.

Chelsea shared that she'd been devastated over losing Chloe, and she'd felt guilt every day because Chloe had let her believe she'd pushed Chloe to commit suicide. Chloe conceded that she'd only been thinking about herself and not how it would impact Chelsea, but she was really glad that Adam had survived the explosion because she didn't want to be a murderer. Chloe contended that she'd finally realized that trying to kill Adam wouldn't give her solace, and she wasn't going to hurt anyone anymore.

Chelsea whimpered that she'd thought she could trust her best friend more than anyone in the world. She remembered Chloe pretending to help her grieve over Adam, knowing she'd been responsible for Chelsea's pain. Chloe hoped the couple could find their happily ever after, but Chelsea snapped that they couldn't wave a magic wand and get everything back. She added that Adam had been broken and lost after the explosion, and he'd reverted to his worst possible self. Chloe wished she could change things, but Chelsea flatly stated that Chloe was responsible for the way things were.

Chelsea pointed out that Chloe hadn't just destroyed Adam's life but Chelsea's, too. Chelsea explained that she hadn't been able to trust anyone after she'd thought Chloe had died, and she'd felt that she hadn't deserved to be with Nick. Chelsea lamented that Connor had grieved for his father. Chloe defended that losing Delia had driven her past the point of sanity, and she hated the damage she'd done to Connor and Chelsea. Chloe pledged to do anything to repair their friendship, but Chelsea said it wasn't possible. Chelsea abruptly left, and Kevin wrapped his arms around a tearful Chloe. He expected that Chelsea just needed time, but Chloe thought she had to accept that she'd caused a lot of damage.

At Society, Adam joined Phyllis at the bar, but she hesitated to toss one back with the double-crosser who'd made her lose her hotel. He reminded her that earlier, she'd said it was just business. She revealed that she'd paid the hotel a visit, and it had become personal when all of her favorite people had been eager to put salt in the wound. Phyllis groused that Chelsea and Abby were using all her ideas, down to the name of the hotel. She added that her daughter was sleeping with the enemy, since Theo was working on the opening without Phyllis.

Phyllis stressed that she wasn't upset with Summer, but she wanted to scream every time she thought about others capitalizing on her hard work. She pledged not to let them get away with it. Adam dryly suggested that she attempt to run them over the way someone had tried to kill him the night before. Adam relayed Victor's words about how his mother would have been ashamed of him. Phyllis advised Adam not to take it to heart, and she asked how he'd retaliate. Adam remained silent, and Phyllis stressed that they were the same. She added that it was payback time, and she'd meant it when she'd told him she'd help him.

Through gritted teeth, Adam vowed that whatever he did would be deep, personal, and long-lasting. Adam contemplated how many times Victor had cheated death, and he mused that his father was doing it again. Adam divulged that Victor was suffering from a life-threatening blood disease, but an experimental treatment seemed to be saving him. Adam was determined to reveal the frail old man behind the curtain and prove that Victor wasn't invincible.

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