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Kevin made it appear as if Billy had checked himself into rehab. Adam threatened Michael with a photo of a drug-dealing Fen. Jack left town after appointing Kyle as interim CEO. Billy woke up with no memory of the car accident. Adam swapped out Victor's pills with a double dose.
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Billy woke with no memory of the car accident, and Adam swapped out Victor's pills with a more potent version
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Lauren vows to turn the tables on Adam

Lauren vows to turn the tables on Adam

Monday, September 2, 2019

At Nick's house, Chelsea greeted Nick with a kiss. Nick showed Chelsea a news story about Chloe and said, "It seems Adam is not the only one who's cheated death." Nick was surprised that Chelsea hadn't previously mentioned that she'd bumped into Chloe and Kevin at the coffeehouse. Chelsea explained that she'd lain awake, tossing and turning, remembering the trauma Chloe had put her and Connor through. Chelsea added, "That woman completely derailed our lives." Chelsea cried that Chloe, after believing she'd killed Adam, had pretended to be the best friend of a murdered man's widow.

Nick, attempting to explain Chloe's extreme actions, recalled how distraught he'd become after losing Cassie. Nick added that he understood the overwhelming grief suffered by a parent after losing a child. Chelsea was taken aback by Nick's defense of Chloe, noting that he'd been determined to prove that Chloe had blown up the cabin. Chelsea cried that, if not for Chloe, everything could have been different. Adam, Chelsea added, wouldn't have lost three years of his life, during which time he'd turned into a desperate man determined to claw his way back to reclaim what he'd lost. Nick noted that Adam had been a manipulative jerk long before he'd tangled with Chloe. Nick told Chelsea it might be worth a shot to deal with her resentment, forgive Chloe, and renew their friendship.

At Society, Chloe instructed Kevin to act naturally and not appear freaked out about kidnapping Billy, stashing him in a boathouse, and drugging him into a stupor. Kevin forced himself to nod in agreement and replied, "He's just catching up on his sleep." Chloe remained concerned about the possibility of Billy waking up. Kevin assured Chloe that Billy would sleep long enough for them to figure out what to do next, which was to concoct a cover story to tell the Abbotts. Chloe was doubtful that one text sent from Billy's phone would prevent family members from contacting the police.

Chloe suggested sending a message, pretending to be from Billy, stating that he'd suddenly checked into rehab. Kevin agreed and decided to include Jack, Traci, and Victoria to simplify matters. Victoria entered the restaurant and was surprised to see Chloe in person. Chloe and Kevin explained that they'd been living in Portland. Kevin added that it had become increasingly difficult to keep their secret because Bella had become more vocal, questioning why Chloe always stayed behind during visits with Esther.

Kevin explained to Victoria that Esther had been kept in the dark in case she'd ended up having to raise Bella should Chloe and Kevin end up in prison. Victoria learned that Chloe had briefly visited Genoa City a month before the story of her miraculous return had become public knowledge. Victoria recalled that Kevin had met with Billy around the time he'd begun struggling with insomnia. Chloe acknowledged that she, too, had met with Billy and noted that he'd begged her to keep it a secret. Victoria was miffed about being kept in the dark.

Chloe told Victoria that Adam had been blackmailing her and Kevin, threatening to turn her in if Kevin didn't follow Adam's orders. Victoria replied, "Billy knew about that? Oh, my God. No wonder he was so livid at Adam." Kevin explained that Billy had promised to seek help from a therapist. Victoria said she was worried about Billy and wished Kevin had said something. Kevin insisted that being away on a business trip was the best thing for Billy.

After Victoria left, Kevin slumped back and told Chloe he wished he'd told Victoria about Billy because she might have stopped him from attempting to kill Adam. Kevin expressed concern that Chloe's prolonged involvement in the situation might rekindle her murderous tendencies. Chloe admitted she'd thwarted Billy's plan because she didn't want Connor to grow up without a father. Chloe added that she'd later realized she'd changed because she'd also considered the feelings of others who loved Adam. Kevin agreed to allow Chloe all the time she needed to get through to Billy.

At Adam's penthouse, Michael arrived, feeling triumphant. Adam immediately queried the new district attorney, asking why Chloe had only faced charges of arson and destruction of property. Adam added that Chloe also hadn't been charged for attempting to murder him numerous times. Michael laughed and noted that no jury would believe that Adam, uninjured, had been inside the cabin when it had blown up. Adam recalled that Chloe had also shot him in the stomach. Michael reminded Adam that he'd enlisted someone from Las Vegas to take the fall for that crime.

Michael informed Adam that if he wished to contest the shooting, he'd face serious charges for his part in covering up the truth. Adam admitted that Michael's tactics were clever. Michael replied, "You didn't think it through when you suggested I run for district attorney, but I did." After noting that Kevin and Chloe had nothing more to fear, Michael announced that Adam would no longer have any hold over him, including whatever sleazy tactics he'd used to rig the election.

As Michael was about to walk out, Adam asked about Fen. Michael approached Adam and demanded to know if he was threatening Fen. Adam showed Michael a photo of Fen at a party while on tour. Adam pointed out a specific detail and noted that Fen appeared to be using and selling illegal drugs. Michael studied the photograph for a few moments before suddenly grabbing Adam's collar. Michael yelled, "You bastard!" Adam explained that his sources had confirmed that Fen wasn't yet "in deep."

Michael became stoic, sat down, and listened as Adam threatened to expose Fen. Adam told Michael that Fen could face years in prison for drug trafficking. Michael replied, "What do you want from me?" Adam made no specific requests. Michael bristled when Adam said he'd have to cooperate whenever instructed to do so.

At Crimson Lights, Jack and Lauren discussed addiction-treatment facilities and noted that few were designed to treat performance artists and musicians. Lauren readily agreed to increase her quarterly contribution. After Jack thanked Lauren, she said she was happy to support a cause so close to her heart. Jack acknowledged that Lauren was referring to Fen. Jack read a text message from Billy and told Lauren that Billy had checked himself into rehab again to treat his gambling addiction. Jack said he had to return home to talk to Traci. Michael arrived just before Jack left.

Traci explained to Michael that Jack had just learned that Billy was once again battling a cruel disease. Michael expressed concern about Fen. Michael instructed Lauren to phone LP to get Fen's touring schedule, claiming she wanted to send him a care package. Lauren was stunned after Michael added that she'd have to show up to confront Fen because he'd begun using drugs again. Lauren refused to believe what she claimed were rumors. Michael explained that photos taken by a supposed friend of Fen's had been sent to Adam. Adam, Michael added, had shown the photos to him. Lauren cried, "Adam knows?"

Lauren was overcome with emotion when she realized Adam planned to exploit Fen's addiction in order to blackmail Michael. Michael explained that they'd thwart Adam by locating Fen and getting him into treatment immediately. Lauren replied, "I will go, and I will take care of our son." Michael admitted it had been arrogant of him to think he could outwit Adam. Lauren, seething, replied, "Yes, it was. And when I get back, we are going to take down that son of a bitch together. He is going to be so sorry he messed with the two of us."

Victoria arrived unannounced at Nick's. Victoria told Nick that Billy had sent her, Traci, and Jack a text message stating that he'd checked himself into rehab. Victoria explained that she'd assumed, after learning from Jack that Billy had lied about a business trip to California, that Billy's disappearance had had something to do with Adam. Nick said perhaps it had, recalling that Adam had been a professional gambler. Victoria asked Nick if perhaps Billy could have gotten caught up in underground poker while attempting to dig up dirt on Adam. Nick replied, "Stranger things have happened."

Victoria told Nick she'd grown closer to Billy and had begun to trust him again. Nick comforted his sister when she cried that she couldn't understand what was happening to Billy. Victoria explained that she'd learned from Chloe that Billy had known for weeks that she was still alive. Nick suggested that Billy hadn't wanted to burden Victoria. Victoria cried that she felt disconnected from Billy, especially after learning he'd supposedly gone to rehab without informing her. Nick asked Victoria if she planned to confirm that Billy was in rehab.

Traci was distraught when Jack returned home. Jack berated himself for not dropping everything to search for Billy after learning his brother had lied about going on a business trip. Traci sighed and said there was some comfort in knowing that Billy had recognized he needed help. Traci suggested phoning Victoria, but Jack said they should wait because Billy might return sooner than expected. Traci expressed doubt, noting that Adam's return had dredged up the pain of losing Delia.

Traci told Jack that Billy's emotional state had spiraled out of control, so they should plan on him being in treatment for a while. Jack noted that Billy's absence would be difficult on his kids. Jack recalled his and Traci's experiences with an absent parent, though the circumstances had been different. Traci reminded Jack that Dina, in her own way, had also become desperate after struggling with unhappiness. Jack experienced a flashback of Dina and John arguing just before Dina had broken John's heart and left her family. Jack told Traci their parents hadn't known he'd been hiding and listening. Traci and Jack discussed Dina's desire to break free and find the life she'd been meant to live.

At Chancellor Park, Kevin spread a blanket on the grass, so he, Chloe, Esther, and Bella could enjoy a tea party, complete with lemon tea and iced cookies. Esther said being reunited with Chloe was a dream come true. Chelsea showed up, and Chloe tensed when she saw her. Chloe met with Chelsea privately. After Chloe and Chelsea both said they'd be staying in Genoa City, Chloe promised to keep her distance.

Chelsea admitted that she'd done a number of bad things and couldn't excuse her actions, because she hadn't been grieving the loss of a child. Chloe replied, "Losing Delia doesn't excuse what I did to you." Chelsea said she understood why Chloe had wanted Adam dead. Chloe acknowledged that she didn't deserve Chelsea's forgiveness. Chelsea replied, "No, you don't. But I didn't deserve to lose my friend, either, and I'd like her back." Chloe warmly embraced her friend as Chelsea made Chloe promise not to make her regret her decision. Chloe introduced Bella to Chelsea, and Bella offered a cookie to her new friend.

At the boathouse, Billy awoke. He turned his head to and fro and tried to rouse himself. Billy attempted to sit upright. As Billy's upper body shifted, he winced in pain. Billy threw back the blanket and saw that his right leg had been immobilized in a makeshift splint. Billy reclined on his back and surveyed his surroundings. Looking puzzled, Billy cried, "Where the hell am I?"

Jack appoints Kyle as interim CEO

Jack appoints Kyle as interim CEO

Tuesday, September 3, 2019

At his penthouse, Devon stared at a photo of Katherine. Elena returned home from work and asked if he'd followed up on the letter he'd received. Devon reported that his attorney had reached out, but no one had returned the calls. Devon had no idea what the discrepancy in Katherine's will could be, but the whole thing was dredging up memories that were difficult to think about. Devon recounted that he'd never known anyone like Katherine, who had been sweet and generous but also feisty.

Devon recalled Katherine's motto to live until she died, and she'd done just that by traveling the world to check things off her bucket list. Devon shared that Katherine had spent her last night alive in Hong Kong with his biological dad, Tucker, and Devon had always wished that he'd talked to her one last time. Elena inquired whether he and Katherine had been close. Devon responded that they had been toward the end, but their beginning had been rough. Elena sensed that it still really hurt him, and he regretted how he'd treated Katherine.

Devon confessed that he was ashamed because every time Katherine had reached out to him, he'd shut her down. Elena imagined that it had been difficult to find out he had a whole new family when he'd loved being a Winters. Devon remembered a time when Katherine had offered to help him start his own recording company, and he'd blown her off and accused her of using him to get back at Tucker. Devon added that Katherine had vowed to never stop trying to get him to accept her, and he thanked God that she never had.

Devon didn't know why he'd wasted time instead of enjoying it with Katherine. Elena guessed that Katherine wouldn't have wanted him to live with regrets, and Devon imagined that his grandmother would kick his butt if she was still there. He reflected back on how much he'd had to deal with when she'd left most of her estate to him. He admitted that he'd gone crazy at first by buying everything he'd never had in life, but he'd eventually realized that he had to do right by her legacy to make her proud. Elena guaranteed that Katherine was.

Devon worried about there being potential issues with the will. Elena queried why someone would challenge it, and Devon wondered about the person's intentions. He refused to let anyone take what he and Neil had built, and Elena vowed to get through it together. They kissed.

At Nick's house, Nikki gushed that it had warmed her heart to tuck Christian in. Nick said he'd been trying to make the tot feel safe and that Chelsea and Connor had been a big help. He added that it had felt good to put the past behind them. "Except for one thing," Nikki clucked, and she addressed Chloe's return. Nikki recalled that Nick and Chelsea had been devastated when they'd thought Chloe had committed suicide.

Nikki was sure Nick was relieved that Chloe was alive, but she imagined that he was also angry that Chloe had deceived him. He opted to focus on the relief, and he hoped Chloe built a happy life with Kevin and Bella. Nick expected it to be harder for Chelsea, even though she and Chloe had taken the first step to try to repair their friendship. Nick didn't want to see Chelsea get hurt, and Nikki pointedly asked if it was because they were friends. He revealed that they'd become more than that.

Nick assured Nikki that he and Chelsea weren't rushing into a relationship, but Nikki pointed out that Chelsea had just lost her husband. Nick figured that he'd given Chelsea time to grieve, and she'd given him time to get Christian back. He enthused that it finally felt like a home again, with Chelsea and the kids there, and he was happy. Nikki said she was happy for him, but she warned that Adam wouldn't sit back and watch Nick take another son from him. Nick had no intention of interfering in Adam and Connor's relationship, but he was ready to go to war with Adam over anything else.

Jack entered Society and peered over Victor's shoulder at a news story about Chloe being found alive. Victor questioned whether Jack was stalking him, and Jack offered to buy him a drink. Jack anticipated that Chloe being back in town would stir up painful memories for all of them, since nothing had been the same in either of their families since they'd lost Delia. Jack hoped Chloe made the best of the second chance Michael had given her, but Victor huffed that he wouldn't bet on it.

Phyllis observed the two men having a drink together and wondered if she hadn't gotten the memo about hell freezing over. She added that she'd join them, but she'd rather stick a thousand needles in her eye. She advised Jack to keep the silverware away from Victor, or Jack might end up with a knife in his back. She walked away.

Jack earnestly inquired whether Victor had ever found his personal life lacking something, and Victor replied that he didn't live with regrets or ever look back. Jack noted that Victor had been disappointed in Adam, but he'd expected Victor and Adam to become closer after Adam had dropped the custody suit. Victor flatly confirmed that they hadn't, and Jack pointed out that there was still time. Victor accepted that he'd failed Adam, and that had been why Adam had done unforgivable things. Victor regretted that the damage couldn't be undone.

Victor recognized that he'd had a chance to raise Adam better by not making the same mistakes he'd made with Nick. Jack acknowledged that Victor hadn't had that chance because he'd abided by Hope's wishes, but Victor lamented that Adam had deep scars from feeling like his father had abandoned him. Jack asserted that Victor wasn't the same man Albert Miller had been, and Victor hissed that he would loathe Albert with a passion until the day he died. Victor worried that Adam felt the same way about him, and Jack asked if there was no hope for them. Victor doubted that there was, and his only solace was that he had the support and love of the rest of his family.

Jack understood the value of family after getting his own clan back on track with the merger. Jack mused that on the surface, he had everything a man could want. Victor empathized with the inexplicable void Jack was feeling, and Jack wondered what Victor had done when he'd felt that way. Victor replied that he'd hightailed it out of town, leaving everything behind him until he'd found what he'd wanted. Victor's phone rang, and he remarked, "And there she is."

Nikki worried that Victor wasn't home yet, and he assured her that he would be there soon. Victor told Jack that Nikki had had a lot to do with helping him find the right direction, and it was good to know someone was waiting for him at home. Victor hoped Jack found what he was searching for, and he headed out.

Across the dining room, Zoe greeted Lola and mentioned that she'd attended Kyle and Lola's wedding with Theo. Zoe introduced herself and explained that she'd been about to post a shot of her dinner. Zoe requested that Lola take a selfie with her, and Lola obliged. Zoe promised to tag Lola and Society, and Lola wished her a good night and headed out.

Zoe approached Phyllis and chirped that they'd met the day before at the Grand Phoenix. Zoe remarked that she was glad she'd run into Phyllis, but Phyllis clarified that Zoe had walked over to her deliberately -- and uninvited. Zoe crowed that she went after what she wanted, just like Phyllis did. Phyllis swore they were nothing alike, but Zoe contended that they had the same goal, so they should be working together. Phyllis didn't see what Abby and Chelsea screwing her over had to do with Zoe's blog.

Zoe shared that she'd be covering the hotel's opening, and if something scandalous happened, she could post photos that would destroy the establishment's reputation. Phyllis considered it a long shot, but Zoe implied that Phyllis knew how to sabotage the opening because she'd worked on the project. Phyllis asked what was in it for Zoe, and Zoe envisioned going viral and becoming an influencer with thousands of followers. Phyllis flatly stated that she couldn't see Zoe as an influencer or a co-conspirator.

Phyllis refused to do anything that would ruin Summer's night at the party. Phyllis advised Zoe against doing anything to create a disaster at the party because it would blow up in her face. Phyllis cautioned that Chelsea was a former con artist who would be three steps ahead of Zoe, and Zoe wouldn't want the Newman family as an enemy. Phyllis added that Zoe was out of her league, and Zoe stormed off.

At the Newman ranch, Victor and Nikki cuddled on the couch. Victor revealed that he'd been at Society, where he'd had an interesting conversation with Jack. He kissed her cheek, and she asked what it was for. He mused that he'd realized what a lucky man he was.

Adam ran into Sharon at Crimson Lights, and she mentioned that she'd heard about Chloe. Sharon asked if he was okay, but he spat that she didn't get to use her sweet, caring voice to make him think she was concerned. He started to head out, but she ordered him not to walk away from her. He told her to give him a reason to stick around, and she replied, "Because you need to hear what I have to say."

Sharon demanded that Adam stop acting like she'd wronged him somehow, but he retorted that she'd ripped out his heart and stomped on it. She defended that she'd had a reasonable response to his sudden marriage proposal, especially since they weren't a couple. He insisted that they had a connection, but she countered that it didn't excuse everything he'd done. Adam argued that he'd just tried to get his life back, but Sharon chided him for not caring if he hurt people.

Adam swore that he'd never wanted to hurt Sharon, but she pointed out that he'd taunted her about the darkness inside her to try to bond with her. Adam asserted that he'd tried to bond for life, but he'd been hit with a one-two punch when he'd lost both her and Christian. Sharon considered his giving up custody the one good thing Adam had done since he'd gotten his memory back. He groused that there was still a restraining order against him, and he snarled that Nick had no idea what he'd done.

Sharon admonished Adam for threatening Nick. Adam blasted Nick for making sure that Adam wasn't a part of Christian's life. Adam swore that he just wanted to know Christian, but it would never happen. Sharon pointed out that it was because of what Adam had done, and he had no one to blame but himself. Adam worried that Nick's hatred toward him would seep into Christian, and his worst fear was that his son would hate him just as much as Adam hated Victor.

Sharon believed there was a good man inside Adam if he just let go of his rage. He accused her of saying things to make herself feel better, and he thought she was asking him to give up everything he wanted and become a different person for her to accept him. Sharon acknowledged that he might have to make some adjustments if he wanted people to care about him, and he complained that she was using shrink talk to draw him in, only to shut him down every time they got close. He dared her to admit that she wanted him just as much as he wanted her, and he walked away. Sharon turned around and faced Rey.

Sharon suspected that Rey thought she'd deserved it, but he replied that he'd never want her to be upset. He offered to talk, but she declined, since it wasn't his job to make her feel better -- especially where Adam was concerned. Rey joked that he could always arrest Adam. Sharon thought it was sweet of Rey to want to help, but she thought she should go. She headed to the counter. He started to follow her but stopped himself.

Kyle and Lola kissed at their apartment, and she groaned that work had been a blur. Kyle was confident that everyone had raved about the food, and Lola mentioned that Zoe had. Lola confirmed that Zoe had been there by herself and had requested to take a selfie with Lola. Lola recalled that Abby was always asking people to post on social media, so it couldn't hurt. Kyle looked concerned.

Between kisses, Kyle felt the temperature rising and volunteered to turn up the air conditioning, but Lola suggested that they cool off by showering together again. He headed to the bathroom to start the shower, and she heard him start the water and cry out. A soaked Kyle returned to the room and announced that the shower was no longer an option. Lola laughed as he grabbed her, and she squealed that he was getting her all wet. He said that was the idea, and she helped him take off his shirt.

Rey stopped by to see Lola, but he spotted a shirtless Kyle and realized he was interrupting. Kyle claimed that there was a problem with the shower, and Rey suggested that they call Sharon. Lola admitted that it had been their fault, and Rey figured that it was just as well, since Sharon had appeared to be going through a rough time when he'd seen her earlier. Lola recommended that Rey help Sharon through it, but Rey firmly stated that he wasn't that guy anymore, although he was glad that he wasn't the reason Sharon was hurting. Rey regretted dumping on the newlyweds, and he hurried out to do some paperwork at the station.

Later, Kyle was surprised when Lola asked how he felt about moving. She worried that the apartment was a painful breakup reminder for Rey. Kyle thought a bigger apartment would be nice, but he hadn't mentioned it because he'd thought Lola loved their place. She confirmed that she loved their first home, but maybe it was time they made a new one. "Let's do it!" Kyle cried. His phone pinged, and he found a message from Jack, who wanted to see him right away.

At the Abbott mansion, Kyle was stunned to hear Jack was leaving that night. Jack explained that he had to get out of there to figure out what was missing in his life. Jack requested that Kyle step in as Jabot's interim CEO while he was gone, and Kyle reeled at the prospect of taking over the whole company during a merger. Kyle couldn't believe that Jack trusted him after the last time Kyle had been in charge. Jack noted that not every father and son got a second chance, and he knew Kyle would make him proud. Kyle promised to do his best, and they hugged.

Later, Jack drove in his car. "Where are we headed, Jackie?" a young John Abbott asked from the back seat. Jack replied that he didn't know, but he'd let his dad know when they got there.

Sharon apologized for dropping by late to see Nick. She proclaimed that she was happy Christian was home, and Nick remarked that it was great having a full house. She asked how he felt about it being a little fuller, since she intended to take a trip right after the Grand Phoenix launch party. Nick asked if the trip had something to do with Adam, and Sharon conceded that it was part of the reason she was leaving town.

Sharon expected a lecture about not running away from her problems, but Nick recognized that sometimes getting away was the best thing to do for oneself. He knew that Adam was determined to hurt anyone who wronged him, and the last thing Nick wanted was Sharon to be caught in the crossfire. Nick agreed to let Faith stay with him, and Sharon pledged to return to town with a new purpose that had nothing to do with Adam.

Adam ordered a scotch at Society's bar, and Phyllis joined him and instructed the bartender to put it on her tab. Adam observed that she was in a good mood, and she bragged that she'd just talked someone out of making a big mistake. Phyllis assumed that he was drowning his sorrows because of his issues with his dad, but he ordered her to drop it. She suggested that he clear his head to cook up some sweet payback, but he demanded that she shut up, since she had no idea what he was dealing with. She thought she understood more than anyone else in that town.

Phyllis scoffed at the idea that she'd never experienced anything close to Adam's suffering. She referred to not seeing her son for years after losing him in a custody battle and having her heart shattered into a million pieces when the person she'd loved had moved on with someone else. She ranted that her family had treated her like something stuck to bottom of a shoe, but Adam doubted that she had half the baggage he did.

Phyllis bellowed that she had no idea what it was like for Victor to treat her like "crap" -- unless they counted the horror freak show he'd put her through that she would never, ever get over. She bitterly proclaimed that Adam had won the "poor me" prize, and she congratulated him and told him to enjoy his victory. She stalked off.

Phyllis hacks Victor's medical files for Adam

Phyllis hacks Victor's medical files for Adam

Wednesday, September 4, 2019

by Nel

At the ranch, Victoria told Nikki and Victor that Billy had sent her a text message informing her that he'd checked himself into rehab to get help before he lost control. Victoria knew that Adam was the source of Billy's problems. Nikki couldn't believe Billy hadn't mentioned that he'd known that Chloe was alive. Victoria stated that Adam had also known about Chloe. Chloe had reached out to Billy for help. Apparently, Adam had threatened that if Kevin didn't do his bidding, he would have Chloe arrested for blowing up the cabin.

Victoria said she was galled over Adam's behavior. She was upset that Adam pretended to be devastated for what he'd done to Delia and begged for forgiveness while he was torturing Delia's mother, Chloe. Nikki noted that it had to have enraged Billy. Victoria said that Billy had been having nightmares about Delia in which Delia cried out for help, but Billy couldn't save her.

Victoria told Nikki and Victor that she had called the facility Billy had checked into the previous time, but they wouldn't confirm whether Billy was there. Victor asked if she'd asked the Newman investigators to do some probing. Victoria stated that they hadn't found anything. Victor asked if Victoria had considered that Billy might not be in rehab. Victoria said she'd wondered if Adam had been involved. Victor indicated that Chloe was sly, and she knew more than she'd let on. He was certain Chloe had shot Adam. Victoria said Billy had known that, and he had protected Chloe.

At that moment Abby arrived, and Nick entered seconds behind her. Abby told everyone that she'd had an interesting conversation with Adam when they had been finalizing the transfer of the hotel. Adam had informed her that she wasn't on his hit list. Abby was certain that Adam was plotting something. Nikki said that Adam had stopped by the previous day, and he'd harassed Victor. Victor said Adam had been ranting about some nonsense. Nick felt that Adam was running scared because Chloe had returned. Nikki stated that Adam was most dangerous when he felt threatened. Victor warned everyone to remain vigilant and said that Summer had already been warned.

After Nick and Victoria left to be with Christian, Abby inquired about Victor's well-being. Nikki said Victor had been doing well, and he'd been following doctor's orders. Victor inquired about Jack. Abby said that Jack had left town to find whatever he felt was missing in his life. Abby said she found Jack's timing curious because of the merger.

Victor informed Abby that he'd met with Jack at Society. Jack had asked him what he did when things became too stressful. Victor said he had advised Jack to get a new perspective. When Victor asked who was running Jabot, Abby said that Kyle was the interim CEO. At that moment, Nick returned with Christian. Everyone assured Abby they would be at the grand opening of the hotel. Victor said he was happy that Abby wasn't working with the redheaded hellion. Abby smiled and said she had to get ready for the grand opening, and she left.

Christian sat on the sofa and cuddled with Victor. After Christian had fallen asleep, Victor told Nick that he was very happy that Christian was where he belonged, with Nick. Nick thank Victor for standing by him.

Adam arrived at Society and saw Nate sitting alone at a table. Adam grabbed a newspaper and joined Nate. As he sat down, Adam placed his newspaper on top of Nate's tablet and made some small talk. Adam then asked Nate about Victor's treatments. Nate scoffed and said that was the reason Adam had joined him. Adam claimed that he and Victor were very much alike. They fought and forgave. They understood each other in a way no one else could. Adam claimed he was worried about his father's health.

Nate asked if Adam had been referring to the father Adam had claimed was on his hit list awhile ago. Adam countered that, at times, he could be very passionate about family matters. Nate said he was pleased with Victor's progress, but if Adam wanted further information, he would have to go to the source. Nate turned his back when he received a phone call. Adam took that opportunity to pick up his paper and Nate's tablet, and he left.

At the Abbotts', Kyle and Traci were both preoccupied when they accidentally bumped into each other. Kyle told Traci he had stopped in because Jack had left town, and Kyle needed to pick up a few things to take to the office. Traci said she wasn't surprised, but she hadn't expected him to leave so soon because the merger was on the table. Kyle assured her that Jack had taken care of things before he'd left. Kyle told Traci that Jack had appointed him as interim CEO.

Traci told Kyle she was delighted with the news. She felt Kyle would gain more experience since he'd matured since he'd had his chance as CEO previously. Kyle grimaced. He promised things would be different. Traci reminded him about the long hours. Kyle assured her that Lola understood his situation, and he wanted to make Jack proud.

At Crimson Lights, Phyllis told Summer she was disappointed because Abby and Chelsea had pushed her out of her partnership in the hotel, but Phyllis wanted Summer to go to the opening of the Grand Phoenix because it was important to Jabot. Phyllis was certain it would be a complete flop. Summer asked Phyllis what was really going on because Phyllis never dropped vengeance that easily. Phyllis claimed she didn't need an elaborate plan to take Abby and Chelsea down, because they would screw up the Grand Phoenix on their own.

Summer pointed out that Phyllis had had a lot of confidence in Abby when she'd tried to partner with her. Phyllis admitted she had until Abby had partnered with Chelsea. Phyllis claimed that Abby had stolen all her ideas and thrown her overboard. Phyllis claimed that it had probably been Abby's strategy from the beginning. She told Summer that no one had been running over to Society to rub shoulders with Abby the "has-been Naked Heiress." The only reason Society was successful was because Abby had partnered with a fabulous chef.

Summer asked Phyllis if Chelsea had any experience in hotel management. Phyllis retorted, "yes," sleeping in them on someone else's dime. She said that Chelsea had managed a hotel in a dimension far, far away and that Chelsea had a tenuous relationship with the truth. Summer said that Nick believed Chelsea had really changed. Phyllis claimed that Nick was very na´ve. Summer agreed. Phyllis asked Summer to stay away from Chelsea, but Summer said it was difficult because they lived under the same roof.

Phyllis offered to help Summer move, but Summer said she didn't want to alienate herself from everyone on Phyllis' hit list. Summer received a text message from Kyle asking her to meet him at Jabot. Summer bid Phyllis goodbye, and she left.

At Jabot, Kyle ended his call with Ashley as Summer arrived. Kyle told Summer that Jack had appointed him as CEO because Billy had checked himself into rehab, and Jack had left town to find what was missing in his life. He wanted to know how Summer felt about him being her boss. Summer laughed until she realized Kyle wasn't joking. She said she would be okay with it. Kyle reminded her that she'd had him reassigned to minimize their association. He didn't want Summer to feel uncomfortable at work.

Summer asked Kyle how Lola felt about it. Kyle said that Summer had scored high points with Lola when she'd attended their wedding, calm, cool, and dignified. He hoped Summer was on board because he really needed her help. He reminded her that they'd been a good team. Summer reminded him they had also been married at the time. Kyle assured her that they could be electric again. He said they would set boundaries, follow certain protocols, and accept that their personal lives were off-limits. He said they had a limited amount of time to make their mark, so they needed to work together. He asked Summer if she was on board. Summer agreed.

While Summer and Kyle had been brainstorming about how to show Jabot in a new light at the grand opening of the hotel, Summer received a text message from Theo asking if they would get together at the grand opening. Summer blew Theo off. She told him she was swamped, and they would get together the following day.

Summer told Kyle that the grand opening of the hotel would blow people's minds, and it would put Jabot in the limelight. Kyle wondered if it would steal Abby's thunder, but Summer claimed that Abby and Chelsea would bring their own thunder. Summer asked Kyle how he felt about the influencers taking over the social media feed for Jabot during the event. Kyle said only if there was nothing shady in their past or their online presence. Summer assured him she would check their backgrounds with a fine-toothed comb.

Kyle told Summer that it was going to be a big night for him because it would be his first appearance as Jabot's new CEO, and he didn't want to take any chances. Summer assured him she had his back. Summer received a work-related text message and had to leave, but before she left, Kyle asked if they were good. Summer said they were phenomenal. Alone, Kyle sat in the CEO chair and reflected.

Phyllis arrived at Adam's. She wanted to know if Chloe had shot him. Adam said that Chloe wasn't a threat, but justice had been served. Phyllis wanted to know what dirt Adam had on Michael and Kevin to make them bend to his will so easily. When Adam didn't reply, Phyllis guessed that he'd held Chloe hostage and that Michael had gotten her off on lesser charges. Phyllis felt that Chloe had been the one who had tried to run Adam down, but Adam disagreed. He said Chloe wouldn't want to mess up her second chance after Michael had stuck his neck out for her.

Adam told Phyllis that Victor had been the one who had tried to run him down. He handed Nate's tablet to Phyllis and stated that he had Victor's life in his hands. He wanted Phyllis to hack into Nate's tablet to get Victor's medical records. He wanted all of Victor's medications, the warnings, and the interactions. Phyllis said that she wouldn't do Adam's dirty work because Victor was Summer's grandfather, and she wouldn't help Adam put Victor in the hospital.

Adam assured Phyllis he didn't want to kill Victor; he only wanted to keep Victor off-balance with the side effects of his medications. Phyllis asked why she should participate. Adam said for the fun of it. He said the family would rally around Victor, and that would leave him and Phyllis to do whatever they wanted.

Phyllis asked Adam what her reward was. Adam stated it would be the satisfaction of taking down a giant, and Phyllis would have his never-ending gratitude and friendship. Phyllis agreed to help him, but there would be a huge "quid pro quo" in the end. With Nate's tablet in hand, Phyllis got to work. When she was done, she handed Adam a flash drive and told him it contained all of Victor's information. She said she had erased every footprint from the tablet, so Nate would never know Adam been there. Phyllis left.

Abby arrived at Society and sat down with Nate. She said she'd been with her family for a simple gathering, but it had turned into a war council. The family had discussed how they were going to figure out Adam's next move. She said it was enough to drive a person insane. Nate said he understood. He told Abby about his encounter with Adam.

Abby told Nate that she'd been very busy getting the Grand Phoenix ready for the grand opening and apologized for not spending time with him. Nate said that once the hotel opened, she'd feel better, and they would get together then. Nate apologized and said he had to get to the hospital. As he gathered his things, he noticed his tablet was missing. He asked Abby if Adam would have taken it.

While driving, Jack called Traci and explained that he'd decided to take a last-minute trip. Traci asked where he was going, but Jack simply said "away." He said he needed to get away and recharge. Traci laughed and said she wouldn't pry, and she hoped he found what he was looking for. She wished him a safe trip. After Jack disconnected the call, he looked at a brochure for Pine Forest Inn & Spa.

Adam schemes to double Victor's medication

Adam schemes to double Victor's medication

Thursday, September 5, 2019

At the Chancellor boathouse, Billy jumped when Chloe awakened him. She told him where they were and instructed him not to move. He asked how he'd gotten there, and she explained that she'd hauled him there with Kevin's help because Billy needed a safe, private place to heal. Billy demanded to know what she'd done to him, and Chloe clarified that it was about what he'd tried to do. She referred to the accident, but she realized that he didn't remember it.

Chloe revealed that Billy had been in a car accident, and she asked if he remembered whose car he'd been driving. He assumed that it had been his or Victoria's, but Chloe informed him that she hadn't recognized the car. Chloe mentioned that he'd been driving on Route 7, but he protested that he never took that road anymore. Chloe told him that she and Kevin had seen Billy driving on the road where Delia had been hit. Billy wanted to know why he was there with a makeshift splint on his leg and not in a hospital, and he questioned whether she was holding him hostage. She confirmed that they were in hiding because he'd tried to kill Adam, and she'd stopped him from doing it.

Chloe guessed that Billy had stolen a car and lured Adam to the place where Delia had been hit, intending to do the same thing to Adam. Billy asked why she was messing with his head, since he'd remember that if it was the truth. Chloe inquired whether he remembered her visiting him to see how he felt about Adam being back, and Billy recalled that he'd told her that he wished she'd aimed higher. Chloe questioned whether he remembered seeing her later that day at the Chancellor mansion, but Billy denied going there. She recounted that he'd told her that he'd finally found a way to deal with Adam, but Billy hadn't seemed like himself.

Chloe empathized with what it was like to feel that kind of grief, since her own grief had taken control of her, and she'd risked everything because of it. She insisted that she'd gone to talk to Billy to protect him from himself, and she'd tracked him down in the nick of time. Billy admitted that Adam's return had done a number on him, but he swore that he wouldn't have tried to hurt Adam. Chloe figured that Billy wasn't in a normal state of mind, but she could help him because she'd been there. She thought that she might be the only one who could help, since she'd pulled herself out of that dark place, and she'd "be damned" if she left him there.

On the Crimson Lights patio, Chloe informed Kevin that Billy didn't remember going after Adam, and she compared it to the way Billy hadn't known how he'd gotten to the Chancellor mansion on the night Kevin had found him there. Chloe thought it was like another part of Billy had taken over, and it explained why he'd been calm and detached when he'd talked to her before the accident. Kevin wondered whether Billy was just saying it to have a plausible excuse if he got caught, but there was no doubt in Chloe's mind that Billy was telling the truth. Kevin insisted that Billy needed serious help, and Chloe was adamant that she was the one who should help him.

Kevin hesitated to put himself and Chloe back into Adam's path, but Chloe argued that it was about Billy, not them. Kevin loved her big heart and understood why she wanted to do it, but he refused to put their family at risk. Kevin contended that Billy was having a mental break, so he needed more than they could give him. Chloe recognized that Billy needed therapy; however, he wasn't willing to talk to anyone, and things could get worse if he went back to his life.

Chloe recounted her promise not to leave Billy in the darkness, but Kevin grumbled that Billy probably wouldn't remember it. Chloe recalled Kevin telling her that she wasn't crazy but just grieving, and she understood feeling like the only way to end the grief was with revenge. Kevin realized that she thought she could help Billy in a way Kevin hadn't been able to help her. Chloe explained that she and Billy were both members of an awful club that no one else wanted to join. Kevin saw that there was no way to talk her out of it.

Chloe wanted to help Billy, but she wouldn't do it without Kevin's blessing because they were in it together. She didn't think they had to worry about Adam going after them because they would have heard something if he knew who'd been driving the car. Kevin worried that it was only what Adam wanted them to believe.

At his penthouse, Adam arranged over the phone to meet someone where and when they'd discussed. He remarked that sometimes being out in the open was the best way to be discreet. The doorbell rang, and he found Nate at his door. Nate suspected that Adam had something of his, and he mentioned that his tablet had gone missing right after his conversation with Adam at Society. Adam asked if the device had a tracking feature, and Nate reported that it had been disabled. Adam scoffed at the idea that he'd stolen the tablet.

Nate pointed out that Adam had approached him out of the blue, and he theorized that when Adam hadn't gotten the information he'd wanted about Victor's condition, he'd swiped the tablet to steal the information instead. Nate imagined that Adam was the kind of person who would hire someone to hack in, but Adam argued that Nate had no evidence to back his accusation. Nate recalled that when he'd sold Adam the penthouse, Adam had remarked that money had a way of expediting things. Adam countered that they'd been talking about real restate, and he was sure Nate had just left the tablet somewhere.

Nate pressed to look around the penthouse, and Adam invited him to do so because he had nothing to hide. Nate glanced around the room and noted that the tablet could be anywhere. Nate warned that illegally accessing medical records was more serious than petty theft, and he contemplated calling the police. Adam expected the cops would get right on the "case of the missing tablet" right after they laughed at Nate. Nate ordered Adam to leave him and Abby out of whatever Adam was up to with Victor, and he exited.

At Jabot, Kyle and Summer separately made phone calls to prepare for Jabot Collective's tie-in with the Grand Phoenix's opening. After they hung up, Kyle crowed that he liked the way his first day as CEO was shaping up. Summer teased that he'd better make sure his head could fit through the door, but she recognized how much it meant to him to be interim CEO. He thanked her for stepping up, and she mused that it felt like old times again. He was glad for that, but he wished Theo wasn't part of the opening or her life.

Summer reminded Kyle that mentioning Theo was a violation of their code of conduct, and Kyle pledged to only talk about marketing strategy. He asked who was next on their call list, but she announced that they'd called everyone. They hit a roadblock as they discussed other high-profile names they could add to the guest list. Summer decided that they needed a change of venue after being cooped up in the office all day.

At Society, Abby presented Lola with a drink to keep her hottest chef cool and refreshed. Lola called Abby the best boss ever, including when she'd been her own. Lola expected that she and Kyle would both be working long hours for the foreseeable future, and she thought it meant they had to put off looking for a new place to live. Theo eavesdropped as Abby inquired why Lola wanted to move out of an apartment she loved.

Lola bemoaned that it was weird renting from Sharon when Rey was still reeling from their breakup, and she didn't want things to be harder on him. Abby offered to cheer him up by inviting him to the hotel opening, and Lola thought it might be a chance for him to meet someone new. Abby turned the topic to the kind of apartment Lola was looking for, and Lola described something bigger and more modern. Abby pointed out that Kyle and Lola could stay at the Abbott house, but Lola didn't consider that ideal to keep the honeymoon going. Abby toasted to a lifelong honeymoon.

Kyle and Summer entered the restaurant together. Lola reasoned that if it made her jealous after everything she and Kyle had been through, she'd be the problem, not Summer. Lola asked Kyle about his first day as the big boss, and he credited Summer for making it a slam dunk. Lola inquired whether they were done for the day, but Summer declared that they were just there to refuel with Lola's amazing cooking. Lola stepped away to see what she could whip up. Theo sent a text message to Zoe, asking her to meet him at Society.

Theo approached Kyle and Summer and greeted Summer with a kiss. She reminded Theo that she was swamped with work, and he warned her not to give Kyle all her good ideas, since Kyle might take credit with the boss. Lola dropped off some food and proclaimed that Kyle was the boss, since he'd stepped in as interim CEO. After Lola stepped away, Theo taunted that Kyle's daddy was letting him sit in the big chair, and he voiced surprise that Kyle hadn't posted the news online. Kyle muttered that it was another difference between him and Theo.

Theo was skeptical that Lola was cool with it after they'd just gotten back from their honeymoon. Kyle observed that Theo seemed to be the one bent out of shape over it, and Theo said the old Kyle would know he was playing around. Theo added that the Kyle he'd known never would have thrown Theo out of the wedding reception or even gotten married at all. Kyle snarled that taking Zoe to the wedding had reeked of desperation, and he spotted Zoe walk in. Kyle glared at Theo.

Zoe joined Theo, Kyle, and Summer and asked if they'd been talking about the big opening. Theo suggested that Kyle and Summer run their ideas by Zoe, but Kyle wasn't sure they had time. Summer pulled Theo aside, and Zoe chirped to Kyle that it had been cool of Theo to include her. She hoped that she and Kyle were good, stressing that she wanted to leave that horrible night in the past. Kyle pressed to know whether Zoe knew why Theo had tracked her down to take her to the wedding, and Zoe maintained that Theo had wanted to put Kyle's mind at ease by showing that she was okay.

Kyle warned that Theo was just trying to mess with him, but Zoe figured that it was the men's "thing" to prank one another. Zoe doubted that Theo would do anything to hurt Kyle, and Kyle mumbled that it made one of them. Kyle wondered how long Theo had asked her to stay in town, and she imagined that she'd be there at least through the opening and possibly longer. She intended to launch a career like Summer's -- minus the trust fund -- and she felt it would be dumb to turn down Theo's offer to help. Kyle cautioned that Theo might not be the ideal mentor, and he advised her not to let Theo use her or make her do anything she didn't want to do.

Meanwhile, Summer explained that the CEO thing had happened really fast, and Kyle had asked for her help. Theo claimed that it was fine that she'd blown him off, but he hoped Kyle wasn't playing off Summer's history with him to get her to do extra work. Summer conceded that she had reason to hold a grudge, but she was over it, and she questioned why Theo was working so hard to keep the feud going. Kyle told Summer that he was heading back to the office, but she opted to stay and meet him back there later. Kyle left, and Summer refused to leave until Theo told her why he still had it out for Kyle.

Summer encouraged Theo to accept that his and Kyle's lives had gone in different directions. Theo noticed Zoe watching them and called her over. Theo insisted that he was happy for Kyle, but they were just two guys keeping one another on their toes to avoid losing their edge. Theo dared Summer to admit that Kyle had changed, but she replied that being happy and relaxed wasn't a bad thing. Theo cautioned that it led to complacency and mediocrity, which was the kiss of death in business. Zoe stepped away. Summer accused Theo of putting on a show for Zoe, but Summer didn't buy his bull.

Summer knew that Theo was only keeping Zoe around because she was a threat to Kyle. Theo defended that it wasn't his fault that Kyle wasn't being honest with his wife about New York. Summer wondered if Theo intended to torch Kyle's marriage, and Theo found it sexy that she called him out on his "crap." Theo asserted that the truth was that Kyle stood to blow up his own life by choosing to keep the truth from Lola, and they held that power in their hands. Theo took Summer's hands in his. They ended up having sex in a hotel suite.

Nate met Abby at Society. Nate divulged that after confronting Adam, he was even more sure that Adam had taken the tablet. Nate imagined that Adam had found Victor's diagnosis, lab results, and treatment plans -- everything Nate had refused to tell him. Abby figured that it had been Adam's way of getting answers about their dad's health, and she understood the frustration of not knowing what was going on.

Abby apologized that Nate had been caught in the middle of her family's drama. She explained the complicated relationship between Victor and Adam, and Nate worried that Adam might use the medical information against Victor in some way, like leaking it to the press. Abby wanted to believe that Victor and Adam loved one another in their own way, but she conceded that they always had to be prepared for the worst where Adam was concerned.

At Jabot, Kyle excitedly closed a deal over the phone. Lola arrived to drop off the food that he hadn't finished because he'd left in a hurry. He groaned that he'd had his fill of Theo, and she sympathized that Theo didn't seem to want to let go of his grudge. Kyle thought there was no way to win, since he didn't want to give Theo what he wanted by engaging, but ignoring him wasn't working, either. Lola quipped that Theo sometimes seemed like a jealous ex-girlfriend. She pointed out that Kyle had moved on, and she implored him to let Theo stay stuck in the past.

Lola purred that she didn't want to dwell on Theo while she was with the CEO of Jabot. Kyle clarified that it was temporary, but she sat on his lap and insisted that he was still the CEO. She suggested that they go home to have a proper celebration, and he questioned whether it had to be proper. She cooed that it could be whatever he wanted, since he was the boss.

Connor joined Adam at the penthouse. Adam asked if the boy was ready to have fun, and Connor asked what they were going to do. Adam handed Connor a new baseball glove, and Connor cried that it was awesome and hugged Adam. Adam suggested that they go to the park to break it in. They headed out.

Adam and Connor tossed the baseball around in Chancellor Park. Connor mentioned that he thought his mom had signed him up for a team, and he thought that Adam could be a coach. Adam said he'd love that, noting that he'd been a third baseman in high school. Connor spotted a group of kids and wanted to play with them. Adam made eye contact with a woman nearby, and she nodded. Adam sent Connor to show off his new glove to the other kids, and the boy ran off.

Adam asked the woman if she'd been able to view the medical records, and she informed him that she'd been able to do what he'd requested. She explained that she'd doubled the dosage of the medication Victor's doctor had prescribed in pills that looked the same as the old ones, and she handed over a three-month supply. She stressed that it was a serious experimental drug, so the increase in dosage would increase the side effects greatly. Adam confirmed that he understood, and he handed her a wad of cash and pocketed the pills. Connor returned, and Adam suggested that they get ice cream on the way home.

At home, Adam examined the pill bottle. "You brought this on yourself," he muttered under his breath. Connor whined that he didn't want to go home, and he suggested that they watch a movie. Adam promised that their next visit would be longer, but he was a little tired and had to call it a day. Connor worried that Adam was sick, like Connor's grandpa. Adam asked why Connor thought Victor was sick.

Connor revealed that he'd heard his mom and Nick talking about Victor being sick. Connor asked if his grandpa was going to be okay. Adam hugged him and insisted that Victor would be just fine because he was invincible.

Adam swaps Victor's pills with a double dose

Adam swaps Victor's pills with a double dose

Friday, September 6, 2019

At home, Devon performed an online search for lawyer Amanda Sinclair. He learned that she specialized in trusts and estates and had been named a Rising Star in previous years. He noticed that there was no picture on her profile. "Amanda Sinclair, who the hell are you, and more importantly, who are you working for?" Devon mused to himself.

Nick stopped by Devon's home and apologized for letting things slide with New Hope while he'd been preoccupied with the custody battle. Devon was glad Nick had Christian back, and Nick wanted to keep the positive momentum in his life going. Devon praised the reports Nick had put together, and he declared his interest in expanding the project to add affordable single-family homes. The doorbell rang, and Devon was surprised to see Jill.

Jill and Devon hugged, and she mentioned that she'd received his message about wanting to talk to her about something important, so she'd decided to have the conversation in person. She asked if she was interrupting, but Nick said he was about to take off. Devon requested that Nick stay to provide his opinion, and he shared that someone was challenging Katherine's will. A shocked Jill contemplated who would have issues that many years after Katherine's death. Devon didn't have a clue, but he intended to find out.

Jill and Nick reviewed the documents Devon had received from the attorney. Jill wondered what the discrepancies could be, and she thought a person would be crazy to question Katherine's mental state because the "old lady" had always known exactly what she was doing. Nick contemplated why the problem was surfacing years after the estate had been settled, and Jill griped that some attorneys would do anything for a fee. Devon was more interested in who the client was, since he'd checked everyone off his list. Jill mentioned that she'd spoken to Phillip and Nina, and Nick inquired about Chance. Jill revealed that she'd heard from her grandson.

Jill mentioned that she'd left a message for Chance at Nick's request, and Chance had just responded a few days earlier. Devon realized that it coincided with the timing of when he'd received the letter. Jill relayed that Chance had been traveling and that he'd referred to being involved in something very lucrative. Jill added that she'd written back to ask what he was talking about, but he hadn't replied. She was concerned because it wasn't like Chance to be secretive, and Nick guessed that Adam had been a bad influence. Nick and Devon asked her to let them know if she heard anything back.

After Nick left, Jill hoped Chance hadn't gotten involved in something sleazy. Devon wished he knew what to expect when he met with the attorney, and Jill figured that at least he'd get answers. Devon vowed to fight if someone was trying to take what Katherine had left him.

At a private event at Society, Abby toasted to the party before the party. Chelsea looked forward to celebrating with the people who'd helped make the Grand Phoenix opening possible. Nate told Abby that all her hard work was about to pay off, and he recognized that she'd invested everything in the project. Theo arrived with Summer and proclaimed that they could get the party started. Abby inquired whether everything was set for the opening, and Theo reported that his squad was hyped and ready to go. He bragged about how good he was at his job.

Across the room, Lola encouraged Kyle not to let Theo get to him. Kyle grumbled that Theo's real job was to get on his nerves. Lola urged Kyle to try to have a good time, and he figured that there was no way he wouldn't when he was with her. Summer looked on as they kissed. Summer asked Chelsea where Nick was, and Chelsea indicated that he'd had a meeting but would be there later. Abby presented her guests with the Grand Sangria, a signature cocktail drink. Theo received a text message from Zoe, saying she was on her way.

Mariah arrived and proclaimed that they could get the party started, since she and Tessa were in the house. Summer wondered if Theo and Mariah had rehearsed their entrances. Kyle informed Mariah that Theo had said almost the same thing when he'd arrived, and Mariah figured that it was because they were both in the promotions business. Tessa remarked that it was where the similarities between them ended, and Kyle was thankful for that. Chelsea stopped Zoe from entering the restaurant and pointed out that it was a private party, but Zoe argued that Theo had invited her as part of his influencer team. Chelsea couldn't find Zoe's name on the guest list and went to check with Abby.

Mariah chugged back a drink, and Tessa advised her to pace herself, since Mariah didn't need to match Theo shot for shot. Mariah cooed that she only wanted Tessa to intoxicate her, and they kissed as Zoe looked on. Abby thanked Lola for her help with creating the menu for the opening, and she praised Kyle for killing it with the swag bags and Jabot merchandise. Kyle gave most of the credit to Summer, and he hoped everything went according to plan because it would be a big night for Jabot. Abby considered the partnership between Jabot and the Grand Phoenix to be a guaranteed winner.

Zoe eavesdropped as Summer described her outfit for the following night as professional and sexy at the same time. Summer was nervous about pulling double duty, but Theo assured her that she had it. Zoe plopped down close to Theo and insisted that they take a picture, and she crowed that they'd be the first influencers to post about the opening. Summer pointed out that Zoe wasn't a real influencer, but Theo figured that there was no harm in posing for a couple of selfies. Zoe snapped a photo of the three of them and rattled off all the hashtags she'd use in her post.

Summer advised Zoe to keep it simple, but Zoe protested that simple was boring. Summer muttered that Zoe could aim for honest, and Theo suggested that Zoe keep her focus on the event. Summer told Zoe to go ask the bartender to make a virgin margarita, and Zoe sauntered off. Summer complained that Zoe had been annoying that night, but Theo advised her to cut Zoe some slack, since Zoe just wanted to be like Summer. Summer groused that the last thing she needed was a "wannabe me with a girl crush." Zoe glowered when she overheard.

Zoe joined Kyle and Lola and chirped that it was a fun party. Kyle remarked that he hadn't known she'd be there, and Zoe rambled that Theo had invited her because he was all about building her brand and taking her career to the next level. Lola observed that Zoe seemed to be doing fine on her own, and Zoe boasted about the number of likes on her feed. Kyle claimed that he hadn't had a chance to eat dinner, and he requested that Lola warm him up something in the kitchen. They excused themselves as Zoe pouted.

Theo declared that every A-lister he'd invited would be there, and the rest would be begging to be on the guest list. Theo added that he had plenty of ideas for Power Communications, and Mariah suggested that he give her assistant a call. Mariah complimented the sangrias, and Abby promised that there would be more at the party the next day. Privately, Abby asked when Mariah had started working with Theo. Mariah referred to him as the enemy, and she intended to keep an eye on him.

Chelsea approached Summer to find out if she was okay with Chelsea moving in. Summer asked if it mattered, but Chelsea didn't want Summer to feel uncomfortable. Summer pointed out that her dad seemed happy, and as long as he stayed that way, she'd be fine. Meanwhile, Theo confronted Kyle about trying to avoid him, and Summer ordered the men to play nice. Abby announced a special surprise -- Tessa had volunteered to sing for them. Tessa replied that Abby needed to look up the definition of the word "volunteer," but the crowd cheered at the prospect of Tessa singing.

Tessa refused to do it alone, and she stared at Mariah, who gave a hard pass. Tessa dragged Lola and Chelsea up to the stage with her, and they began to sing. A forlorn Zoe sat alone and filmed the performance. Nick arrived and smiled at Chelsea up on the stage. The song ended amidst applause. Nick hugged and kissed Chelsea hello, and she asked about his meeting, but he preferred to talk about her being a closet rock star.

Kyle twirled Lola around and gushed that she sang as well as she cooked, and she said he'd had too many signature cocktails. Nate called the party a huge hit, and Abby pointed out that she'd had a lot of help. Nate called the Grand Phoenix her baby, so all the credit for its success went to her. She realized that if it failed, it was on her, too. Nate thought if the next night was as good as that one, it would be incredible. They kissed.

Chelsea couldn't remember the last time she'd had that much fun, and Nick said it was great to see her laugh. Mariah suggested that Tessa, Lola, and Chelsea wipe out the competition at every karaoke contest in town, and Theo imagined the publicity. Tessa balked at having a reputation as a karaoke ringer. Summer pulled Theo aside and couldn't wrap her head around him and Mariah being friends. He clarified that they were collaborators, and he envisioned the payoff. Summer asked if their own collaboration had paid off, and they kissed.

Zoe interrupted, and Summer coolly pointed out that they'd been in the middle of something. Zoe said she'd just wanted to tell Summer that she was amazing, and she hoped that one day she was half as good at her job as Summer was. Zoe marveled that she'd learned a lot in a short amount of time, and she'd loved hanging out. Summer clarified that they'd bumped into one another because Theo was letting Zoe be part of the event, but Zoe hoped to spend more time together as girlfriends.

Summer called Zoe a sweet kid, but she insisted that she had plenty of friends. Zoe babbled that it would be fun to get coffee or have a spa day that they could post for their followers. Summer complained that Zoe was being clingy, but Zoe whined that Theo had said they'd get along great. Theo agreed that Zoe was being pushy, and he ordered her to take it down a notch. Zoe stomped off.

Abby addressed the crowd and enthused that she and Chelsea were excited for the opening. Abby wanted to celebrate everyone who had supported them over the past few weeks, since they couldn't have done it without them. Chelsea added that it wasn't just the start of a new job for her but also the beginning of a new phase of her life. Nick beamed at Chelsea as she shared that she'd found her way back home, and she couldn't wait to see what lay ahead. Abby declared that her new venture was about building on the success of Society, and she toasted to the future and limitless possibilities.

At his penthouse, Adam set the pill bottles on a table and stared at them. "Perfect," he mused as he pocketed one of the bottles.

Adam entered the Newman ranch, and Victor glared at him and coldly reminded him that he wasn't welcome there. Adam replied that he'd been pleasantly surprised when the security guard had told him he wasn't barred from the premises, and Victor considered it an oversight. Adam was glad to see that Victor's illness hadn't dampened his spirits, even if it had made him forgetful. Victor asked if Adam was there to insult him, but Adam insisted that he had a good reason for being there. Victor ordered Adam to tell him what it was and then get out.

Adam claimed that he'd been doing a lot of thinking, and he might have gone a little too far with the personal attacks. Victor referred to Adam's declaration of war against all of them, and Adam explained that he'd only been angry at Nick, but he'd lashed out at the rest of them for choosing Nick over him. Victor chided Adam for suing for custody and blurting out that he was Christian's father in front of the boy, but Adam argued that he'd dropped all clams to his son. Adam thought Victor should understand how hard it had been, but Victor contended that it didn't excuse Adam's actions.

Adam defended that he'd given up fighting for his child because he hadn't wanted Christian to get caught in the crossfire. Victor warned that he wasn't about to forgive Adam, and Adam requested a truce, like the one he'd offered to Abby. Victor asked what made him think Victor believed him. Adam recalled that Victor had given Nick a second chance, and he thought he deserved the same treatment. Victor barked that he'd given Adam more chances than he could shake a fist at, and Adam requested one more.

Victor wished that he could trust Adam, but he questioned why he should. Victor had thought he'd been granted a miracle when he'd learned Adam was still alive, since they'd finally have a chance to rebuild a strong father-son relationship, but Adam couldn't have cared less. Victor recounted that Adam had spat on his offer to become CEO, and Adam clarified that he'd turned down a job -- not Victor. Victor snarled that Adam had turned down part of Victor when he'd declined the offer, since Victor was Newman Enterprises.

Victor accused Adam of ripping their family apart by trying to take Christian away from Nick. Adam reiterated that he'd dropped the suit, yet there was still a restraining order against him. Adam asked what it would take to end the war between them, and Victor again wondered why he should trust Adam's sudden change of heart. Victor pointed out that Adam had just accused Victor of trying to kill him the last time they'd spoken, and Adam chalked it up to having a frightening experience. Adam conceded that he should have handled things differently, but he noted that Victor had said far worse things to him.

Adam contended that they were still family, and they cared about one another deep down. He thought life was too short to waste time with grand gestures of forgiveness, and he believed they'd both pay for it if they let things continue the way they had been. Victor maintained that he saw no reason to trust Adam's change in attitude. Adam claimed that he'd finally realized that he'd wasted a lot of time when there were more important things to focus on. He pledged to devote himself to being a good father to Connor instead of fighting with his own family, and he thought things could be better if Victor would just meet him halfway.

Victor referred to the number of times Adam had let him down. Adam couldn't promise that it wouldn't ever happen again, but he'd try to do better if Victor would give it a go. Victor wondered what that would look like, and he advised Adam to have the finer points in place before he tried to negotiate a ceasefire. Adam recognized that he had more to learn from Victor about planning a strategy, and he asked if he could mix himself a drink. Victor stepped out to take a call. Adam spied Victor's jacket near the bar and retrieved a pill bottle from its pocket. Nikki entered and demanded to know what Adam was doing.

Adam hid the pills and explained that he was there to see his dad. Victor returned and announced that Adam was there because he wanted a truce. Adam offered to make Victor a drink, but Nikki huffed that Victor couldn't have alcohol. Adam assumed that it was because of Victor's illness, and Victor shared that he couldn't mix alcohol with his medication. Adam volunteered to fix something else. Nikki barked that she could take care of it, and she insisted that Victor needed rest.

Adam protested that they weren't finished, but Victor insisted on seeing proof that Adam had changed his attitude before he entertained the idea of rebuilding their relationship. The cook entered and reported that next week's menu was in the kitchen. While Victor and Nikki were distracted, Adam replaced Victor's pill bottle with an identical bottle with the stronger dosage. Victor asked the cook to show Adam to the door. "Goodbye, Dad," Adam pointedly said.

Victor remembered visiting the farm when Adam had been a kind and open-hearted little boy. Victor didn't see that boy in Adam anymore, and Nikki asked if he thought there was a chance Adam was being sincere. Victor commented that time would tell, and Nikki thought they had to be on guard in case Adam launched an attack against them. Victor swore that they'd be ready.

Nikki realized that it was time for Victor's medication, and Victor grabbed the pill bottle from his jacket pocket. She urged him to try not to think about Adam, and Victor assured her that his focus was on her because she was helping him overcome the disease more than any medicine could. They kissed, and he swallowed a pill. Meanwhile, Adam looked out his penthouse window, deep in thought as he sipped a drink.



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