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Zoe slipped ''Molly'' into the pitchers of sangria at the Grand Phoenix opening. Phyllis blackmailed Abby and Chelsea into handing over a stake in the hotel in exchange for evidence against Zoe. Devon and Elena pledged their love. Victor collapsed, and Nate was unable to find a pulse.
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Victor collapsed in front of his loved ones, and Nate was unable to find a pulse
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Abby and Chelsea bask in their success Abby and Chelsea bask in their success

Monday, September 9, 2019

At Devon's penthouse, Elena and Nate returned home from their shift at the hospital later than expected. Nate explained that he'd invited Elena to stay and observe an emergency surgery. Devon told Elena he didn't mind. Nate said he should get ready for the gala because Abby wouldn't be pleased if he arrived late. Devon said he should change clothes, too. Elena joked that the guys only had to throw on a suit while she'd have to rush to get even halfway decent. Devon assured Elena that even in scrubs, she'd still be more beautiful than anyone at the party. Elena assured Devon that he'd be pleased with the dress she planned to wear.

In the dining area at the coffeehouse, Phyllis and Adam sat in a corner booth. Adam told Phyllis how he'd covertly switched Victor's medication with pills that were double in strength. Phyllis asked Adam if he felt he might be going overboard with his scheme. Adam replied, "Victor tried to run me over with a car. Is that not enough?" Phyllis changed the subject and mentioned that the Grand Phoenix was hosting its grand opening. Adam asked what Phyllis was cooking up to get even with the new owners. Phyllis said she'd enjoy watching Abby and Chelsea being unnerved by her presence.

On the patio at Crimson Lights, Nikki, concerned about Victor, urged him to take their coffee with them and head home to rest before the festivities at the Grand Phoenix. Victor was enjoying being out and blamed Adam's visit for his fatigue. Nikki asked Victor if he was certain there wasn't some other reason he wasn't feeling well. Victor replied, "What else could it be?" Victor became noticeably weaker, hunching over the table and taking deep breaths. Nikki acknowledged that though frequent run-ins with Adam had taken a toll on Victor's energy level, she insisted on contacting Nate to check things out.

After Victor nearly passed out, Nikki ran into the dining room to fetch a glass of water. Nikki, obviously distressed, approached the counter and requested a glass of water. After Nikki took the glass of water to the patio, Adam followed and asked Nikki what was going on. Nikki placed the glass in Victor's hand and turned to glare at Adam. Victor, struggling to speak, said, "Get out. Just go away." Nikki told Victor that she'd summon their driver and call Nate. Nikki turned and told Adam that it was all his fault. Victor lifted his head and again told Adam to leave. Adam said, "Sorry you're not feeling well."

After Adam rejoined Phyllis in the dining room, she seemed shocked and said, "That was fast." Adam appeared unnerved and said he couldn't be certain that switching Victor's medication could have caused a reaction so quickly. Adam added that Nikki had blamed stress. Phyllis replied, "You sound like you're hoping that's all it is." Adam insisted that regrets were for other people because he was certain he'd made the right decision. Phyllis assured Adam that, as a human, it was natural to have second thoughts after having seen his father in a weak and vulnerable state.

Phyllis continued her conversation with Adam after they arrived at Adam's penthouse. Annoyed, Adam asked Phyllis why she kept bugging him after he'd insisted he was fine with his decision to switch Victor's medication. Phyllis said she didn't believe Adam. Adam reminded Phyllis how she'd ranted about the world having been unjust to her. Adam cried that his own family had treated him like something they'd scraped off the bottom of their shoes. Adam stated various reasons to convince himself that he was entitled to render his father completely incapacitated.

Phyllis, concerned, cried that the reaction she'd witnessed was different than what Adam had described might happen to Victor. Adam wagered a bet that he wouldn't back away from his plan. Phyllis agreed and said that if she won, she wanted Adam to end his vendetta against his family. Adam scoffed and said, "Why would you care?" Phyllis, pleading, told Adam that she didn't want her daughter to be caught in the crossfire of a Newman family feud.

After Phyllis asked for confirmation of her wager, Adam took a sip of whiskey and replied, "Sure. What the hell?" Adam added that he would think carefully about what he'd demand from Phyllis. After Phyllis left, Adam held a photo of Victor. Adam seemed lost in thought. He appeared to admire the image of his father. Adam's mood suddenly shifted, and he crumpled the picture into a ball and tossed it into a wastebasket.

At the ranch, Nate checked Victor's blood pressure and pulse. Nate said Victor's rapid pulse could be related to other issues Victor had described and not tied to the illness. Nate said he'd confirm results of blood tests before offering an opinion. Nikki asked if stress related to family issues might have been a contributing factor. Nate said he couldn't rule it out. Victor asked about attending Abby's opening. Nate gave his blessing, but Nikki insisted that Victor stay home.

After Nate left, Victor thanked Nikki for taking care of him despite his grumbling. Nikki assured Victor that she'd do everything she could to protect him, just as he'd done for her. Nikki surprised Victor and told him she'd requested their favorite meal from the chef. Victor replied, "We haven't had that for a while." Nikki reminded Victor that they'd had the same meal a week prior. Victor became addled when he couldn't remember their favorite entrée. Nikki told Victor it was Cornish game hens. Victor said he wasn't hungry and would rather dance. Nikki indulged Victor's wishes and danced until Victor stumbled and said he should lie down upstairs.

At Lola and Kyle's apartment, Kyle peered under the sofa and behind pillows and couch cushions in search of his favorite tie. Lola, answering from the nearby bedroom, told Kyle that the tie wasn't the issue. Lola added that Kyle was concerned about being with Theo and should ignore him. Kyle modeled a dark-colored tie by holding it under his throat and mumbled, "Easier said than done." Kyle shook his head and seemed apprehensive and tense.

Lola emerged from the bedroom, wearing a red silk robe pulled down below her shoulder. Lola teased Kyle about ignoring her as practice for his encounter with Theo. Kyle rushed toward Lola, loosely looped his tie around her, and pulled her close to kiss her mouth. Rey stopped by unexpectedly. Lola noted Rey's downtrodden mood and offered encouragement by suggesting he might meet someone at the gala. Rey rolled his eyes and replied, "Let's not get carried away."

At Nick's house, Sharon thanked Nick for allowing Faith to stay with him while she was away on a trip. After Sharon mentioned Faith's boarding school, Nick said he couldn't believe their daughter was old enough to attend boarding school. Sharon said she would have left had she not planned to attend Abby's opening gala. Nick reminded Sharon that it was also Chelsea's opening. Nick suggested that Sharon try to be friends with Chelsea because they were all part of a blended family. Sharon expressed doubt that she and Chelsea could be friends, though she was glad that Nick and Chelsea had rekindled their relationship.

At Chancellor Park, Mariah and Tessa ran into Theo and his friends, Tallulah and Indio. Mariah asked the young women if they were ready for the event at the Grand Phoenix. Tallulah and Indio noticed that Mariah and Tessa were wearing dressy cocktail dresses and asked if they'd just attended a show. Mariah explained that they'd had some publicity photos taken. Theo boasted that his experience with publicity could have been helpful had Mariah enlisted his assistance. Mariah assured Theo that she was handling Tessa's publicity, so no outside contributions were necessary.

Theo said he and his friends, who were both dressed in casual garments that appeared to be an eclectic mix of lingerie, were headed to the gala. Mariah instructed the women to stop by Fenmore's to be fitted with cocktail dresses, which would be provided to them by Power Communications. Theo bragged that he could hustle the talent, while Mariah was adept at putting on the finishing touches. Before Theo left, he assured Mariah that he would be properly attired. After Theo walked away, Tessa said, "Still don't trust him?" Mariah replied that she trusted Theo even less.

At the Grand Phoenix, Abby and Chelsea, dressed in eye-catching formal attire, waltzed into the lounge and admired the edgy, modern décor. Chelsea excitedly said, "Tonight is going to be magnificent." Abby said she couldn't wait for Genoa City's movers and shakers to arrive. Chelsea and Abby congratulated each other on their successful joint business venture. Zoe quietly entered the lounge and spotted pitchers of sangria on a serving cart. Abby and Chelsea asked Zoe what she was looking for. Before Zoe could respond, Theo and Summer arrived.

Summer was impressed and complimented Abby on the flower arrangements and décor. Abby gave credit to Chelsea. Theo assured everyone that everything was in place, social media-wise, to make the event unforgettable. Tallulah and Indio arrived dressed in sequined frocks. They posed for a photographer before the photographer turned to snap pictures of Abby and Chelsea flanking Rey. Lola and Kyle arrived and were photographed with the lounge's owners, too.

After Nick arrived, he took Chelsea aside and told her she was amazing. Sharon congratulated Abby. After Sharon turned around, she encountered Rey. Rey told Sharon that Lola was pressuring him to get out and meet people. Sharon said it was good advice for both him and her. Theo approached Kyle and said he hoped the party wasn't too wild for Kyle's wholesome sensibilities. Kyle told Theo he was counting on him to promote the JCV brand. Kyle added, "Hey, Zoe better not be an issue here tonight, if you catch my drift."

After Theo rejoined Summer, she noticed Kyle and Lola dancing. Mariah and Tessa greeted Elena and Devon. Mariah admired Elena's sparkly dress. Devon noted that they all "cleaned up" pretty well. Nick told Abby that she'd done an amazing job with the project he'd begun. Nick added that people had underestimated Abby's abilities. Abby credited Phyllis for tackling some of the tough work early on. Nick assured Abby that she was a true shining star.

Theo tried to distract Summer from focusing her attention on Kyle. When Tallulah and Indio approached, Theo summoned Zoe and instructed her, Tallulah, and Indio to mingle, take photos, and conduct brief interviews. After Tallulah and Indio walked away, Zoe said she'd do her best not to be too clingy. Summer apologized and said she shouldn't have accused Zoe of being clingy. Zoe said she'd leave Summer and Kyle alone and do her own thing. After Zoe walked away, Summer seemed apprehensive, but Kyle said, "She's fine."

Sharon reminded Mariah and Tessa to put work aside and have fun. Mariah noted that Sharon was in vacation mode. Mariah told Tessa that Sharon had no set destination for her trip. Sharon assured Mariah that she wasn't running away from anything and was instead running toward whatever was in store for her next. Mariah seemed happy for her mother.

Nate arrived late and greeted Abby with a kiss. Abby seemed preoccupied with a bouquet of flowers. Abby opened and read the card. Abby told Nate that Victor and Nikki had sent the flowers because they couldn't attend the opening. Nate explained that he was late because Victor had experienced a minor setback. Nate assured Abby that Victor would be fine after a night of rest.

Phyllis arrived and paused in the doorway to be photographed. Chelsea, Abby, and Nick turned and looked at Phyllis like she wasn't welcome. Phyllis told Abby and Chelsea that she'd stopped by to congratulate them on their epic achievement, adding that they'd done everything better than she ever could have. Abby and Chelsea seemed taken aback by Phyllis' compliments. Phyllis, unfazed, flitted around the room, sipping a drink.

Devon told Elena that he'd spoken to Jill about the lawyer who'd contacted him about Katherine's will. Devon said both he and Jill believed her grandson, Chance Chancellor, had contacted the lawyer. Phyllis' ears perked up when she overheard Devon mention Chance's name. Devon told Elena he couldn't imagine why Chance would challenge Katherine's will after so much time had passed.

Across the room, Theo dropped a glass. Guests turned to see what had happened. Theo loudly announced that everything would be fine. No one paid attention as Zoe quickly made her way to the bar. Zoe, with her back turned toward the guests, opened her handbag. Zoe reached into her handbag and took out tiny pouches of a powdery substance and emptied them into the pitchers of sangria. Zoe stirred the powder into each of the pitchers of drinks.

A mass drugging derails the hotel opening A mass drugging derails the hotel opening

Tuesday, September 10, 2019

At the Grand Phoenix opening gala, Zoe smirked as she snapped a photo of some empty sangria pitchers. Theo and Summer reviewed photos that they'd posted and thought they'd effectively generated interest in the event. She remarked that it was too bad that they had to spend the night working, but he declared that there was nothing more fun than seeing his creative ideas pay off. Summer purred that she could think of a few things that were more fun, and she suggested that they get a hotel room there see if it was up to snuff. Theo pointed out that there were still late arrivals who needed his attention, and he headed off to work the room.

Summer spotted Kyle and Lola happily enjoying the party together, and she grabbed another drink as she sat alone. Lola asked Kyle what was happening, since she didn't want Rey to see her looking at him. Kyle reported that a woman had given Rey her phone number, and an excited Lola gushed that she just wanted her brother to be as happy as they were. They kissed.

Sharon chugged her drink when she spotted Rey talking to another woman. Mariah asked if Sharon had seen Theo, but Sharon couldn't take her eyes off Rey. Mariah said she was sorry, but Sharon insisted that Rey had every right to get back out there. Sharon added that he was a catch, and Mariah implied that it was the perfect time for Sharon and Rey to reunite.

Phyllis joined Summer and admitted that she was having a surprisingly good time. Phyllis recognized that Summer had been afraid that she'd cause a scene with Chelsea and Abby, but she'd shocked herself when she hadn't. Phyllis figured that she'd taken the high road by letting the women bask in the glory of their accomplishment. Phyllis added that she was proud of Summer for how hard she'd worked on the promotion, and she swore that she wouldn't do anything to ruin her daughter's evening. Zoe snapped a photo as they hugged.

Devon observed that the sangria looked good, but Elena declined because she had to work early the next day. Nick did likewise because he had to take off soon. Elena offered to be the designated driver and encouraged Devon to imbibe. Devon approached the bar, where Chelsea was filling in for the bartender. He congratulated her on the opening and thought she'd enjoy working with Abby. Chelsea hoped they captured the same magic that Society had. He grabbed a glass of sangria and remarked that she was well on her way.

Abby wrapped up a call with Nikki and reported to Nate that her dad had gone to bed and was resting comfortably. Nate intended to check in on Victor on his way home, and he assured Abby that Victor would want her to stop worrying and enjoy her success. Abby was pleased that things seemed to be going very well, and Nate pointed out that not even Phyllis could deny it. Abby planned to keep an eye on Phyllis -- just in case.

Zoe greeted Phyllis, who trusted that Zoe was behaving herself. Zoe replied that she was at her very best, noting that she wasn't drinking because she was working that night and had to stay sharp. Phyllis added that Zoe was also underage. Zoe pledged to stick to sparkling water, even though she'd heard the Grand Sangria was fantastic. Phyllis started to accept a glass from a server, but she suddenly changed her mind. Phyllis asked if it was how Zoe got celebrities to do embarrassing things for her pictures, and Zoe looked offended and sauntered off.

Mariah was appalled that Rey was dancing with a woman while Sharon was sitting right there. Sharon accepted that Rey was moving on, but she hadn't expected it to happen that quickly. Mariah figured that some time on the open road to reflect and think things through would be a good thing for Sharon, and Sharon agreed that it would be an opportunity to decide what she wanted going forward. Tessa joined them and insisted that they cease all serious conversation, and Sharon committed to having fun at her unofficial sending-off party. They clinked their glasses of sangria together.

Chelsea reported to Abby that the drinks were flowing and that everyone was having a great time. Phyllis warned that the first rule of business was never to settle, and she requested a Shirley Temple. Abby muttered that it was too sweet for her taste. Phyllis reiterated that she wasn't looking for a fight, since she was there to support her daughter. She voiced surprise that Victor wasn't doing the same thing for Abby, who relayed that he was feeling under the weather. Phyllis was sure that he was very proud, and Abby became suspicious of Phyllis' uncharacteristic graciousness.

Devon anticipated that the Grand Phoenix would be a popular place and that Abby's brand would be worth twice the price. Nate hoped he and Abby could be like Devon and Elena, who both had demanding jobs but still found time to be together. Nate grabbed a sangria, mentioning that he'd had a sneak preview of the amazing signature drink the night before.

At the pool table, Kyle and Lola playfully made a bet about what the loser of the game would have to do for the winner. Summer excitedly ran over and informed Kyle that the collective's online sales had spiked, with the jewelry piece she'd flagged for the swag bag being a hit. Theo recommended that Summer renegotiate her contract to get a piece of the sales, but she was happy with the salary she was being paid. Kyle asserted that as the temporary boss, he wanted to arrange a reward, like the use of Jaboat for a few days. Theo proposed that he become Summer's agent from then on to prevent Kyle from taking advantage of her more than he already had. Kyle glowered.

Theo insisted that he was just looking out for Summer, but Kyle barked that Theo was looking out for himself. Lola suggested that they play a game of pool if they were determined to turn everything into a competition. The men began to play, and Theo apologized for giving Kyle a hard time. Theo imagined that it was a lot of pressure to be "baby CEO," but Kyle countered that his stint as interim CEO had been a blast so far. Theo teased Kyle for finally admitting that he enjoyed the power.

Kyle wondered why Theo cared that much about Kyle's job, and Theo maintained that he was tired of seeing Kyle pretend to be something he wasn't. Kyle spat that Theo was jealous of him and always had been. Summer intentionally scattered the balls on the table to disrupt the game, and Lola led Kyle away to dance. Summer chided Theo for being unable to act like an adult, and he retorted that she sucked up to Kyle enough for both of them. Summer huffed that Kyle had had enough of Theo, and so had she.

Sharon fanned herself as Phyllis joined her. Sharon pointedly turned away, and Phyllis informed her that if she was looking for Adam, he wasn't going to be there. Phyllis mentioned that another woman had been all over Rey on the dance floor, and he hadn't seemed to mind. Sharon walked away and ran into Rey, who handed her some sangria. Rey wondered if Phyllis wanted some, and she figured one wouldn't hurt. He pointed her to the bar.

Sharon thanked Rey, and he explained that Lola had made it her mission that night to get him back into the dating pool. Sharon commented that any woman would be lucky to have him, but Rey didn't want her to think that he was trying to hurt her feelings. She recognized that it wasn't his thing, and they toasted and drank their sangria.

Abby suggested that she and Nate check out the dance floor, and Devon and Elena followed them. Zoe watched with interest as the guests clearly became more uninhibited.

Theo plopped down next to Summer and apologized for busting Kyle's chops earlier. She doubted that he meant it, and he admitted that he didn't. She complained that she was sick of their bizarre pattern of fighting over him giving Kyle a hard time, followed by makeup sex. He recognized that they were at the fighting part of the cycle, but she suggested that they skip to the sex part instead. They kissed as Zoe jealously watched.

Lola congratulated Chelsea on the night, and she and Kyle went to find Rey. Nick needed to go home to relieve Monique, and Chelsea asked him to make sure Connor wasn't sneaking in any video games. Chelsea imagined that it would be awhile before the party slowed down, and Nick invited her to wake him up when she got home. They kissed, and he told her how proud he was of her.

A flushed Mariah raced over to Sharon and inquired about her chat with Rey. Mariah babbled about how cute Rey was, but Sharon wasn't sure that was the word she'd use to describe him. Mariah called him ruggedly handsome, and Tessa wondered if Sharon liked to run her fingers through his thick, shiny hair. Mariah pushed Sharon to ask him to dance, but Sharon protested that the dance floor was hot. Mariah and Tessa excitedly left to dance, and Sharon nearly fell over on her way to sit down.

Elena asked if a woozy-looking Devon was okay, and he remarked that it was hot. She led him to sit down and apologized about the shop talk with Nate, but Devon loved hearing her excited about her work. Devon stepped out to get some air on the patio, and he grabbed another sangria on the way. Elena eyed him with concern.

Theo and Summer made out in a corner, and Zoe approached them with more sangria. Zoe claimed that it was a peace offering, and she praised them for the great job they'd done with the party. Theo asked if Zoe was getting some good shots, and Zoe expected them to get better as the night went on. She imagined that the photos would be everywhere by the next day and that they'd all have a ton more followers. "Cheers to that!" Theo cried.

Elena worried that Devon had gotten overheated, and Nate suggested that Abby check the thermostat. Abby thought the temperature was fine, but she realized that others had complained about the heat, too. Nate gazed up at the ceiling and admired the flickering effect of the lights. Abby and Chelsea looked puzzled.

Mariah asked why Tessa had left the dance floor, and Tessa suggested that they dance right there by singing the same song. Tessa caressed Mariah's hair and commented that it was so pretty and shiny -- even better than Rey's. They began kissing passionately. From Theo's lap, Summer noted that Mariah and Tessa were really into one another, and she asked if Theo was into her. Theo suspected that they were high, since the colors were brighter and the music more intense than usual.

Summer wondered if she seemed sexier than usual, and Theo replied that it wasn't possible. Summer realized that they'd taken "Molly," and she asked if he'd spiked her drink. Theo swore that he hadn't, and he observed everyone else's behavior and thought someone had dosed all of them. He recommended that they ride it out alone in the room they'd talked about, and he instructed her to stay there while he checked them in.

Rey played pool alone. As he surveyed the table, he began having double vision. Lola and Kyle joined him, and she hoped she hadn't made Rey feel awkward by sending women his way. Rey stepped away to get water, and Lola sensed that something was off with him. Kyle agreed, and he looked around and spied Summer, Mariah, and Tessa acting spacey. Kyle didn't think Rey was the only one, and he stormed off to find Theo.

Sharon sat with her head in her hands at the bar. Rey asked what was wrong, and she blurted out that she was ashamed about the way she'd hurt him. Rey held her as she begged him to forgive her, and he promised that everything would be fine. She wailed that promises were meaningless.

Phyllis wanted to bend Devon's ear about something, but Elena protested that it wasn't a good time. Phyllis wondered what was going on with everyone. Abby asked if Devon was all right, and Elena requested some water. Abby asked a waiter to find Nate.

Chelsea noticed that something strange was happening, and she suddenly realized that people were tripping. She worried that someone was handing out drugs, but Elena was adamant that Devon would never knowingly take anything. Abby theorized that someone had spiked the drinks. Phyllis overheard and looked over at Zoe, who was gleefully filming the partygoers.

Devon panted for breath, and Elena explained that psychedelic drugs could cause panic attacks. Nate stumbled in and asked what was wrong with Devon. Chelsea realized that Nate had been drugged, too, but Nate insisted that he felt really good. Nate offered to get his medical bag, and Elena wondered what Nate had had to drink. Nate proclaimed that he'd consumed Abby's official drink, the Grand Sangria. Chelsea and Abby reeled.

Kyle pressed Summer about where Theo was. Summer told Kyle not to drink the "Molly sangria," and he asked where her mom was. Summer blathered that she didn't miss Phyllis then, but she had missed Kyle. She planted a kiss on him as Zoe filmed it. Lola stopped in her tracks when she saw Summer all over Kyle, who led Summer over to Phyllis and asked Phyllis to take care of her.

Chelsea began telling guests that they were out of sangria, offering water instead. Abby tried to divert attention by claiming that Indio had taken her top off on the dance floor. Elena coached Devon to breathe with her. Sharon slurred that Rey was such a good man who hadn't deserved it, and he insisted that it hadn't been her fault. Sharon lamented that she couldn't be happy without ruining it, but it had never been Adam for her -- just Rey. Sharon kissed Rey passionately before passing out in his arms. He tried to wake her.

Kyle confronted Theo, who insisted that he hadn't done it. Theo told Rey that someone had spiked the drinks. Rey freaked out because an illegal substance might have reacted with Sharon's medication, and he called the precinct to report a mass drugging. Theo groaned that it would be bad for all of them. Elena announced that she'd called 9-1-1, but she'd take care of Sharon and Devon until the paramedics got there. Phyllis asked Tessa to sit with Summer, who asked Tessa to sing to her.

Chelsea indicated that no one would be getting more sangria. She thought they'd handled the situation as best they could, but Abby recognized that it was a nightmare.

The EMTs arrived, and Rey informed Paul that everyone affected had drunk the sangria, including himself. Rey worried that whoever had spiked the drinks could have killed someone, since Devon or Sharon might have had a more serious reaction with their other medications. Rey mentioned that the pitchers of sangria had been out in the open on the bar. Paul hoped the security cameras had caught the culprit in action.

Kyle addressed what Lola had seen between him and Summer. Lola admitted that it had been a shock, but she knew it had all been on Summer's end and that Summer hadn't been in her right mind. Kyle thought Summer would have kissed anyone, but Lola sensed that Summer wasn't completely over him. Kyle chalked it up to a weird moment that they could pretend had never happened. Lola wanted nothing more, but she thought it seemed unlikely.

Elena informed Paul that the EMTs had said Devon and Sharon should fully recover, but they wouldn't be up to talking that night. Paul instructed everyone who'd been drugged to have blood drawn for a tox screen. Kyle told Paul that Summer had told him about the drugged drinks and that she'd heard it from Theo. Paul insisted on talking to Theo.

Phyllis remarked that it had been "one hell of an evening," and Abby pointed out that the Shirley Temple had turned out to be a good decision. Chelsea called it a curious one, and Phyllis argued that her daughter had consumed the sangria. Phyllis was aghast that they'd imply that she'd put her own child in danger, and Abby asked how Summer was doing. Phyllis huffed that she was taking Summer to the hospital, so they could find another scapegoat.

Paul asked Theo how he'd known the drinks had been laced with MDMA. Theo cited the way Mariah and Tessa had been dancing, and Mariah protested that they'd only had one sangria apiece. Summer couldn't remember how many she'd downed, but Zoe had given her the last one. Theo explained that Zoe was a kid who helped him out at events, but she had been there working, not drinking. Paul inquired whether Zoe was still there, and Tessa displayed the photos on Zoe's blog from when everything had gone down.

Paul guessed that it wasn't the PR Jabot had wanted, and Kyle groaned that he'd have a full-blown crisis on his hands. Paul said he'd be in touch with more questions after everyone sobered up, and he requested the security footage from Chelsea. Abby announced that she had hotel shuttles ready to take people to the hospital, but Paul regretted that he had to shut the place down immediately. Phyllis sent a text message to Zoe, saying they needed to talk.

Phyllis baits Zoe into a confession Phyllis baits Zoe into a confession

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

by Nel

At Nick's, Summer was suffering from the hangover from hell. Chelsea cried that half the town had been dosed with Molly at her hotel, and they were in the middle of a police investigation. Summer announced that she had to get to work, but Nick tried to persuade her to stay home. Summer said the grand opening of the Grand Phoenix should have been a big night for Jabot, but in light of the aftermath, she had to get to Jabot to do damage control.

Nick tried to comfort Chelsea. He reminded Chelsea that she hadn't drugged the drinks. He reassured her the hotel would survive the incident. Chelsea informed Nick that cancellations had been pouring in, one of which was a cancellation for a reception for one hundred people. Chelsea said it was a loss in revenue. Nick reminded her that she had insurance. Chelsea said it covered losses and expenses, but not the loss of clientele. Nick reminded her that the police had cleared her and Abby's names. He suggested she work on figuring out what she had to do to attain the future she wanted. Nick and Chelsea were about to kiss when Phyllis blew in. Nick and Chelsea left.

Alone with Phyllis, Summer said the party should have been an exciting event, but she felt like the inside of a dirty garbage can. She wanted to sit in a dark room and cry. Phyllis wanted Summer to stay at home and rest, but Summer said that Kyle wanted all hands on deck. Summer moaned that everything had been going great then suddenly it hadn't been. She wondered if she still had a job. Phyllis told Summer that she would do whatever was necessary to make things disappear.

Summer asked Phyllis if she should trust her mother. Summer questioned whether it could have been someone not on their radar or a stranger -- or if it had been someone who wanted the owner to fail. Summer asked if Phyllis had been the culprit. Phyllis vehemently denied having been involved in any way. She said she would never plan something so diabolical, especially with Summer there. Summer apologized and said she'd had to ask. She said that since the party, everything had been very confusing.

Phyllis said that Summer had been a mess when Kyle had taken Summer to her. Summer said she was mortified because she'd kissed Theo then she'd kissed Kyle. She stated that the drug had taken away her choices, and it had been embarrassing. When Nick returned, Summer said she had to go to work, and she hoped that everything from the previous evening had disappeared.

After Summer left, Nick told Phyllis that the police needed to step up to find out what had happened because, if they didn't, they would have to deal with him. Phyllis told Nick they would have to deal with her first. Phyllis left.

At Society, Lola attempted to help Rey get over his drug hangover. She suggested that Rey take the day off because she had every confidence that he would eventually capture the culprit. Abby joined them and assured Rey that he had her complete cooperation. She wanted the person responsible for the previous evening's fiasco caught. Rey assured Abby he would get it done as quickly as possible. Abby provided Rey with a list of her staff and the guests who had attended the party. Rey looked at the guest list, and when he saw Sharon's name, he told Abby it was no longer an investigation; it was personal.

Rey called the hospital to check on Sharon, and he was informed that Sharon had been treated and released. Rey was relieved. At that moment, Paul arrived. Paul asked if Rey was okay because he appeared distracted. Rey assured Paul that he was fine and that he would stay with the investigation until it was resolved.

Theo arrived. He asked if Paul or Rey had seen Abby. Paul said they hadn't, but he had a few questions for Theo. Theo claimed he was too busy. Rey put a hand on Theo's shoulder and said it wasn't a request. Rey asked Theo if the previous evening had gone the way he'd planned. Uncomfortable, Theo stated it hadn't. He told Rey and Paul that Zoe Hardisty might have spiked the sangria. He confessed that he and Kyle had a history with her and that Zoe had always tried to make herself the center of attention.

Abby overheard Theo answering Paul and Rey's questions. She recalled Theo telling her that the best scandals made the best parties. She marched up to Theo and demanded to know if he had sabotaged her party. Theo assured her he hadn't because he always acted in the best interest of his client. He stated he wasn't a criminal. When Paul announced that he wanted to run a check on Theo, Theo said there was no need. He said that Zoe had constantly called and text-messaged him, but she had been silent since the previous evening. He suggested that Paul and Rey find and question her. Paul advised Theo not to leave town. He told Abby that the surveillance cameras might provide answers.

At Devon's penthouse, Elena entered the living room and asked why Devon was up. Devon told her his heart was still beating very fast. Elena examined him and gave him a clean bill of health. She explained that the Molly had interfered with his medication, and it had sent his heart rate and blood pressure sky high. Devon admitted that it had been the worst panic attack he'd ever experienced. He'd thought it would never end. He confessed that during the panic attack, he'd felt as if he'd been on the verge of joining Neil and Hilary. Elena reassured Devon that he was fine.

Later, Elena called Nate to check up on him. She told Nate that Devon was asleep and was fine. As she ended her call, Devon woke up. He felt that Elena needed an explanation about his thoughts about Neil and Hilary. He said that as nice as it would have been to see Neil and Hilary, he wasn't ready to leave the life he had with Elena. He said the more he got to know about Elena, the more he saw what a strong, brave, and caring person she was. He said she gave him a lot to hope for. Elena told Devon she loved him. Devon said he loved her, and they kissed.

Phyllis met Zoe in Chancellor Park. Phyllis congratulated Zoe on the hell she had unleashed the previous evening at the party. It had been epic. At first, Zoe denied knowing anything about it. Phyllis said she didn't think Zoe had done it for popularity. Zoe admitted she'd done it for revenge. She said she had tried to let karma do its thing by living well because it was the best revenge, but sometimes, karma required a little jumpstart. Phyllis asked who Zoe had targeted, since she didn't know Abby or Chelsea.

Zoe told Phyllis that Theo and Kyle had done a number on her life. She'd been a kid when Kyle and Theo had fed her drink after drink. They had found it funny, watching her stumble, fall, and lose control. After a while, she'd had no idea where she had been and had passed out. When she had woken up, Theo and Kyle had dumped her at the emergency room like she'd been a piece of trash and a problem they'd needed to be rid of.

Phyllis told Zoe that Kyle had treated Summer like she was disposable. Zoe said that Theo was no better. She said Theo had gotten in touch with her, claiming he'd wanted to make things right, but it had turned out he'd only wanted to use her to get under Kyle's skin. She said that after the party, Kyle and Theo had thought she would leave town, and they would forget about her. She said there was no way she would let them forget about her. She said that for every second the video of the party was online, she received hundreds of new followers. Phyllis pointed out that it sounded more like clout-chasing rather than payback.

Zoe told Phyllis that Theo's big night had been a colossal disaster, and he would be lucky if anyone hired him again. Kyle exchanging spit with his ex, Phyllis' rude daughter, had been icing on the cake. Zoe was certain that Kyle's adorable wife had loved seeing that. Zoe claimed it had been perfection. She said that adding the Molly to the sangria had brought out everyone's naughty thoughts, and they had come out to play. She said everyone had all had the best night of their lives because she'd given them permission to walk on the wild side. Zoe said that everyone should be thanking her.

Phyllis told Zoe she'd been very clever and had really thought it out. Zoe claimed that no one had gotten hurt, and Theo and Kyle had learned that they couldn't get away with messing with people's lives. She said no one could prove she'd done anything and that sometimes, people had to make their own justice. Phyllis said it sounded like Zoe had given it a lot of thought. Zoe admitted that she had thought about it every night for three long years. The plan had changed, but the outcome had remained the same -- to make them pay.

Zoe had a flashbulb moment. She told Phyllis that "Make Them Pay" would be the name of her new company. She told Phyllis to private message her if she wanted to talk business. Zoe claimed she would probably become booked very quickly, but she would try to squeeze Phyllis in. After Zoe left, Phyllis pulled out her phone and played it back to make sure she'd recorded Zoe's confession. She was happy it was all there and said, "Gotcha."

At Jabot, Kyle told Summer that they had never anticipated or planned for an event to go south or for a way to deal with social media in that event. Kyle said he needed to think what Jack would do in their situation. He said it hadn't been their product that had sent some people to hospital. Kyle noticed that Summer appeared out of it, and he told her to go home. Summer wanted to know why he was so perky. Kyle informed her that he and Lola hadn't drunk the sangria. Summer said she was happy the whole town hadn't gotten drugged, and she wondered who had done such a thing.

Kyle told Summer there were two suspects, Phyllis and Zoe. Summer said that Phyllis would never put her in harm's way. Kyle hoped that the Grand Phoenix would survive the incident. Summer offered an apology to Kyle for kissing him. She said it had been the drug talking. Kyle showed Summer his tablet. Summer was horrified that the kiss was on social media for the world to see. She was humiliated and told Kyle that when Jack returned, he would probably send her to work in the mailroom.

Kyle told Summer that Lola had seen the kiss. Summer asked him to apologize to Lola. Kyle assured her that he and Lola were perfect and that Lola understood it had stemmed from the effect of the drug. He hugged Summer to reassure her. Summer told Kyle she wanted to have a nap in her office. Outside Kyle's office, Summer looked longingly at Kyle through the window.

Paul walked into Crimson Lights, and when he saw Rey, Paul asked if Rey had been looking for Sharon. Rey said he'd been looking for witnesses. Paul said he had the surveillance video from the Grand Phoenix. They watched the video, and Paul said he hadn't seen anything suspicious. Rey felt that something was off. Paul claimed it was too clean. Paul said he was going to track Zoe down. Rey said there was a good chance that Zoe had been involved because a number of witnesses had mentioned her. Paul swore he would get to the bottom of the incident, and he left.

At the Grand Phoenix, Abby and Chelsea had been making calls and apologizing to their clientele in an effort to restore people's confidence in the hotel. When Abby and Chelsea compared notes, they were surprised that people had been very forgiving and that some people had said they'd had the time of their lives. When Abby started freaking out over the fact that there should have been a line of people wanting to come in, Chelsea assured her that they would rise from the ashes. Abby's phone rang, and she saw it was an incoming call from Phyllis. She sent it to voicemail and grumbled, "Not today, Phyllis."

Phyllis rolled her eyes when her call was sent to voicemail. Phyllis left Abby a message asking Abby to call back because she, Phyllis, was the answer to all their prayers. After disconnecting the call, Phyllis muttered that she was the answer to all their prayers.

Phyllis trades evidence for a hotel stake Phyllis trades evidence for a hotel stake

Thursday, September 12, 2019

At home, Nick examined an online article about the drugging at the Grand Phoenix's opening. Chelsea entered, and he asked how things had gone with Paul and Rey. Chelsea reported that Zoe was the main suspect and that the police were looking for her, but there was no real evidence. Nick pointed out that the investigation would take time, but Chelsea bemoaned that it would be terrible for business if the case dragged on for months. She refused to waste another moment feeling guilty or having second thoughts about investing in the hotel, and she vowed to not let one crazy night stop her from making it a success.

Nick was sure that Chelsea would turn things around in no time. She had an idea about how to regain people's confidence, and he told her to kick butt and that he would see her back there later. She thanked him for believing in her. "Always," he replied, and he kissed her goodbye before he departed. Chelsea's phone beeped, and she read a message from Phyllis, insisting that she was Abby and Chelsea's way out of trouble. "Yeah, right," Chelsea muttered to herself.

At the Grand Phoenix, Abby ignored an urgent text message from Phyllis. Nate inquired whether it was bad news, and Abby sarcastically replied that she hadn't gotten enough of that lately. He wrapped his arms around her and informed her that everyone who'd been affected by the spiked sangria had been released from the hospital. Abby was relieved, but she still felt terrible that her guests had been drugged without their knowledge, and she worried that no one wanted to get within 100 feet of the hotel.

Paul arrived and shared that the security footage hadn't revealed anything suspicious. He added that they were searching for Zoe, but they didn't have any definitive evidence to point to the suspect. Abby thought that there had to be someone out there who knew what had happened.

Later, Abby fretted that nearly every major event on the hotel's books had been canceled. Nate envisioned that the Grand Phoenix would rise from ashes, and she'd soar with it. They kissed, and he suggested that they go somewhere more private to speed up the healing process. She received a text message from Chelsea about more cancellations, and she lamented that things had just gone from bad to imploding.

At Newman Enterprises, Victoria answered a call and begged someone to tell her that they'd found Billy.

At the Newman ranch, Nikki hovered over Victor, who still wasn't feeling well. He wanted to know "what the hell" was wrong with him, and she hoped Nate could provide answers from the results of Victor's blood tests. Nikki offered to call their kids to cancel their plans, but Victor didn't want his illness to interfere with spending time with family. He assured her that he was up to it, and he requested that she not mention his setback. She argued that their children needed to know, but he didn't want to bother them when they had their own problems to deal with.

Nick arrived and asked how his dad was doing, since Victor hadn't attended the opening the night before. Victor blamed Nikki for insisting on staying home after he'd mentioned he'd been tired, and he inquired about what had happened to Summer. Nick divulged that Summer was a little banged up but that she'd gone to work, over his objections. Victor called her a Newman through and through, like her aunts. Nick reported that Chelsea and Abby were in crisis management mode.

A frazzled Victoria arrived with apologies for being late. She explained that she hadn't heard from Billy since receiving his text message about being in rehab, and her investigators had checked addiction facilities but hadn't been able to find him. Nikki questioned whether Victoria thought Billy's disappearance was tied to Adam, but Victoria didn't know what to believe. Victor wondered why Victoria hadn't turned to him for help, and she reminded him that he'd offered to put his best P.I. on the job. Victor appeared to become disoriented and nearly collapsed on the couch. Nick and Victoria sat on either side of their father and asked if he was okay.

Victor insisted that he was fine, but Victoria protested that he'd almost passed out. Victor chalked it up to the expected side effects from his treatment, but Victoria questioned how long he'd been having dizzy spells. Nikki refused to keep quiet any longer, and she spilled that Victor hadn't been feeling well for several days. Victoria wanted to take him to the emergency room, but Victor objected. Victor made a call to Nate to prove that there was nothing to worry about.

Later, Nikki informed Nate that Victor's dizziness and shortness of breath had returned. Nate indicated that Victor's blood pressure and heart rate were normal, so he had stabilized for the moment. Nate wanted to discuss the results of Victor's blood tests privately, and Victor led Nate into his office.

Phyllis arrived at Adam's penthouse and announced that she had great news. Adam requested the condensed version because he had to pick up Connor. She recalled that everyone had tried to squeeze her out of the Grand Phoenix, and he imagined that she was reveling in the party turning into a drug trip. Adam wondered if she'd done it, and Phyllis firmly replied that she hadn't, but she intended to take full advantage of the situation by getting back what she deserved and serving justice at the same time.

Phyllis complained that Abby and Chelsea weren't returning her messages, and Adam guessed that they were busy dealing with the fiasco. Phyllis crowed that she could solve their problems if they'd get back to her, since she knew who'd spiked the sangria, and she could prove it. Adam surmised that she planned to make a deal with that explosive information, and Phyllis intended to play and win. He guessed the prize was a piece of the Grand Phoenix, and she insisted that she deserved it. He called the move cold and calculating, but she thought Abby and Chelsea would be getting off easy, and the girl who'd drugged everyone would go to jail.

Adam made a crack about losing sleep over VIPs getting high on "Molly," but Phyllis suspected that he wouldn't be so cavalier if he'd seen what had happened to Sharon after the cocktail had mixed with her medication. Phyllis added that it been very scary to see her own daughter completely wigging out, and Adam imagined that it had been terrible to watch her kid go through it. Phyllis replied that it had been worse when Summer had asked if Phyllis had been responsible for the whole thing. Adam empathized with what it was like to be accused of not putting his kid's well-being first, but he considered it even more hurtful that Phyllis' child had thought the worst of her. Phyllis pledged to prove Summer wrong by scoring a win for herself while taking down the girl who'd drugged innocent people.

Sharon arrived at Crimson Lights and stopped short when she saw Rey sitting at a table. He greeted her, and she nervously asked if he'd like some coffee. He informed her that he was there on unofficial business to see her, and he inquired about how she was feeling. Sharon indicated that she, Mariah, and Tessa were all fine, and Rey remarked that things could have turned out a lot worse. He explained that he needed to question all the party guests, but he understood if she wasn't comfortable speaking to him. Sharon declared that there were some things she needed to set straight with him.

Sharon led Rey to speak privately on the patio and admitted that she was embarrassed about kissing him. She hated that she'd put him in an awkward position, but he noted that he hadn't pulled away. Rey recognized that the drugs had stirred up powerful feelings, and the lines had gotten blurred. Sharon swore that the kiss wouldn't have happened if it hadn't been for the drugs. He admitted that it had been weird not to be in control, and he knew the drug had hit her harder because of the interaction with her medication. She remembered that the feelings of shame and regret had been very intense. Rey was glad that it was over, and he promised to let Sharon go once he got her statement.

After Sharon gave her recollection of the evening, Rey invited her to stop by the station if she thought of anything else. She mentioned that she wouldn't be around for a while because she was going on a trip. She explained that she'd planned to leave after the party, but she'd been delayed. He pointedly asked if she was going alone, and she realized that he wanted to know if she was going with Adam. Rey admitted that he couldn't help but worry.

Rey wondered if Sharon had meant what she'd said at the party about Adam being bad news. She confirmed that it hadn't just been the drugs talking, and she addressed the other things she'd said. Rey changed the topic to her trip, and Sharon revealed that she was traveling solo to an unknown destination to get perspective about what was next for her. He hoped she found what she was looking for, since she deserved to be happy. She replied that he did, too. He headed out.

Adam entered Crimson Lights and approached Sharon, who coolly told him that the barista could help him. He informed her that he'd heard about what had happened, and he wanted to make sure she was all right. Adam imagined that it had been terrifying, and Sharon recounted that she hadn't been able to control her emotions. He was sorry that she'd gone through it, and she condemned anyone who interfered with someone else's medical regimen. He observed that she was obviously shaken up, and she figured that she just needed time.

Adam asked if he could do anything do for Sharon, and she recalled him telling her that he didn't want anything to do with her. He regretted that he'd taken his anger and hurt out on her when all she'd ever done had been to try to help him. Adam recounted her saying that there was a good man inside of him, and that good man was trying to help her if she'd let him. Sharon intended to take care of herself by going on a little trip, and Adam pointedly remarked that he wouldn't mind doing that himself. He swore that he wasn't implying that he should go with her, and she asserted that the trip was about her moving forward -- not looking back. She departed.

Later, at his penthouse, Adam taught Connor how to play gin. After Connor won the game, he requested a double scoop of chocolate chip ice cream with sprinkles and fudge. Adam pointed out that the game was supposed to improve the boy's addition skills, not overload him on sugar. Connor exclaimed that Adam made everything more fun, but Adam was sure Connor also had fun with his mom and Nick. Connor wondered if his parents would ever get back together.

Connor figured that he'd see his dad all the time if they all lived in the same house. Adam reflected back on when they'd all lived in the penthouse together, and he remarked that those had been some of the best times of his life. Connor asked why it couldn't be like that again, since families were supposed to love one another. Adam stressed that he and Chelsea would always love Connor, no matter what, and Connor forlornly guessed that he and his mom would be living with Nick for good. Adam swore that he would still be a huge part of Connor's life, since being his dad was the most important thing to Adam, and nothing in the world meant more to him than Connor did. They hugged.

Rey entered the Grand Phoenix as Paul wrapped up a call. Paul reported that IT had figured out that a portion of the video footage had been deleted, and Rey commented that whoever had drugged the guests had worked fast to cover their tracks. Paul was skeptical that Zoe had been able to pull off something like that.

Abby arrived at Nick's house to update Chelsea, who couldn't believe that not one camera had caught the person responsible for the drugging. Abby ignored another call from Phyllis and opted to focus her energy on getting business back to the hotel. Chelsea suggested a "Grand Phoenix grand reopening" with everything comped and double the size of the swag bags. Abby liked the idea, and she planned to have Theo cover all the bases. "Except one," Phyllis quipped as she walked in.

Chelsea recommended that Phyllis take the hint after they'd blown off her calls, and Abby agreed that she wasn't interested in anything Phyllis had to say. Phyllis wondered if they didn't want to know who'd been behind the debacle, and Abby dismissively stated that they'd already gotten a whiff that it had been Zoe. Phyllis bragged that she knew it for a fact, since she had the proof. Abby demanded everything that Phyllis had, but Phyllis balked at handing it over for free. Phyllis proclaimed that she wanted what she rightfully should have had in the first place, and Abby realized that Phyllis meant a stake in the Grand Phoenix. Phyllis proposed that they talk terms, and Abby insisted that Phyllis show what she had.

Phyllis played the recording that she'd made of her conversation with Zoe. Abby and Chelsea listened to Zoe confess to the drugging and her desire to get revenge on Kyle and Theo. Abby and Chelsea were livid, and Phyllis pulled up video footage of Zoe putting capsules of powder in the sangria pitchers. Abby incredulously asked how Phyllis had obtained it, and Phyllis noted that computer hacking was a skill she didn't list on her résumé.

Abby insisted that they go to Paul, but Phyllis taunted that the problem was that they needed proof, and they didn't have it. Abby accused Phyllis of covering up a crime, and Phyllis referred to how the hotel's reputation had been trashed on social media. Phyllis implied that it wasn't too late to accept her offer, which would send Zoe to jail and save their business. Phyllis questioned whether they could make a deal.

Abby and Chelsea conferred, and Phyllis declared that their time was up. Abby asked what kind of stake Phyllis wanted, and Phyllis named 50 percent. Abby cried that Phyllis was out of her mind, but Phyllis reasoned that 100 percent of a hotel with no guests wouldn't make a lot of money. Abby argued that she'd poured millions into the project, but Phyllis countered that Chelsea hadn't. Chelsea proposed that Phyllis have 25 percent, leaving Abby with 50 percent and Chelsea with 25 percent. Phyllis decided that it would do.

Abby assumed that Phyllis wanted to purchase the shares at a reduced rate, but Phyllis expected them for free. Abby threatened to tell Paul about the evidence Phyllis was withholding. Phyllis planned to delete and deny everything, and she wondered how it would play out if Zoe claimed Abby's accusations were false. Abby defeatedly agreed to give Phyllis a 25 percent stake in the hotel for nothing. Chelsea wanted to call Paul, but Phyllis cited how she'd been burned the last time she'd taken them at their word. She pulled out a legally binding agreement and implored Abby to sign it and Chelsea to witness it before putting the next part of her plan into action.

Later, Phyllis summoned Zoe to the Grand Phoenix, and Zoe assumed that it was because Phyllis had been impressed by what Zoe had done. Zoe mentioned that Phyllis had once run a magazine, and she wondered if Phyllis intended to help take her blog to the next level. Phyllis flatly declined, and she announced that Paul had some questions for Zoe. Abby, Chelsea, and a handful of employees and reporters marched in as Paul placed Zoe under arrest for knowingly endangering others. Rey read Zoe her rights, and Zoe spelled her name for the press and squealed about getting more followers. "That is what happens when you cross Phyllis Summers," Phyllis jeered.

Abby was thrilled when the media posted articles about Zoe's arrest, and she reported that the incriminating video was getting views on social media. Phyllis reminded them not to forget who'd gotten the party started, and she wanted to celebrate. As Phyllis pulled out Champagne, Abby questioned whether celebrating was appropriate when people's lives had been in danger and a young woman was in jail.

Phyllis contended that no one had been hurt and that Zoe had gotten what she'd deserved. Phyllis pressed to discuss her title, and she wanted to be a chief executive in charge of security. She proposed a toast to the beginning of a beautiful partnership. Abby and Chelsea reluctantly clinked their glasses against Phyllis' and winced as Phyllis basked in her victory.

Victor collapses in front of his family Victor collapses in front of his family

Friday, September 13, 2019

At the Chancellor boathouse, Chloe watched a sleeping Billy as he dreamed about Delia begging for help. He had flashes of his conversation with Victoria in which he'd admitted he was scared that he was going to lose it. He awakened with a start, and Chloe assured him that it had only been a dream. Billy groused that she'd been holding him prisoner for days, and he needed to get out.

Billy imagined that Victoria was out of her mind with worry. Chloe divulged that Kevin had sent a text message from Billy's phone to make Victoria think that Billy was back in rehab for gambling. Billy freaked out that it would make Victoria think the worst of him, but Chloe reasoned that Victoria would think he was getting help, which was exactly what he was doing. Chloe recapped how Billy had tried to kill Adam, but Billy maintained that he didn't remember any part of her crazy story. She reiterated that it had happened because of his profound grief and pain, and she understood because she'd been there.

Chloe guessed that Billy had blocked it out because he hadn't known how to handle it, and she urged him to think about what he did remember. Chloe wondered if he recalled boosting the car or sending the text message to get Adam to meet him at the bend, but Billy again swore that he'd avoided the site of Delia's accident. Chloe theorized that he'd been sleepwalking, since it wouldn't have been the first time. Billy insisted on seeing Victoria, but Chloe was afraid that he'd try to kill Adam again if she let him go home. Billy requested that Chloe take Victoria to him, since Victoria would help him if anyone could.

Later, Billy woke up from a nap, and Chloe informed him that she'd tried to reach Victoria. He decided that he didn't want Victoria there to avoid putting her in the middle of it. He added that Victoria wouldn't understand the feeling of wanting to rid the world of Adam the way Chloe did. Chloe noted that he'd echoed her words, and she suggested that he get some rest while she went out to get supplies. He replied that he wasn't going anywhere, but she looked wary.

Devon greeted Abby at Society, and she felt terrible about what had happened at the hotel opening. He conceded that it had been rough, but he'd been lucky to have Elena. Abby snarled that she could strangle the "little heifer" who'd spiked the sangria, but Devon figured that there had been no way anyone could have known someone would do something like that. He pointed out that the media had made it clear that the Grand Phoenix hadn't had anything to do with the drugging, and he urged her to be thankful that she'd made it out unscathed. Abby disclosed that averting a PR nightmare had included a big price tag.

Abby filled Devon in about Phyllis' demand for 25 percent of the Grand Phoenix and a cushy title in exchange for proof that Zoe had spiked the drinks. Devon guessed that it was better than having the hotel's reputation irreparably damaged. He pointed out that Phyllis wanted the place to succeed and that Abby still had final say in all the decisions. Abby appreciated him making her feel better about things, and Devon announced that she'd given him an idea, too -- he wanted to throw a birthday party for Elena at the hotel lounge to prove to the world that people didn't have to worry about hanging out there.

Abby thanked Devon and excitedly ran out from behind the bar to hug him. She received a text message, and he guessed from her expression that something was wrong. Abby stared at an urgent request from Nikki to get to the ranch right away. "It's about Victor," Nikki had written. Meanwhile, Nick received the same message, and he wrote back to say he was on his way.

Mariah arrived at Society to meet with Devon. She said they could have rescheduled because of the drugging, but he swore that he'd been fine once the drug had been out of his system. Mariah hoped the police locked Zoe up and threw away the key for putting Devon and Sharon "through hell," and Devon was grateful to have had Elena there. He remarked that it had given him a window into what kind of doctor his girlfriend would be, and the incident had made them closer. Devon pointed out that Zoe had gained access because Theo had invited her, and he questioned whether Mariah thought Theo had had something to do with the incident.

Mariah asserted that she would have gone to Paul and Rey if she'd thought Theo had been part of the drugging, but she believed Theo was too smart and ambitious to get involved. She added that he wasn't as skilled at manipulating people as he thought he was, and she revealed that she'd tricked Theo into admitting that he'd tried to convince Devon to make him head of Power Communications. Mariah shared that she'd given Theo a chance to prove himself, and he'd been a suck-up ever since. However, she didn't trust him one bit. Devon wondered why she was keeping Theo on.

Mariah suspected that Theo had a high opinion of himself but that he was also very insecure. She conceded that he was amazing at what he did, and when he'd feared that his reputation might take a hit because of Zoe's bad behavior, he'd gone into overdrive to do damage control. Devon appreciated the way she was handling working with Theo, but he granted his blessing to let Theo go if he was more trouble than he was worth. Mariah sensed that it was what Theo had expected her to do, but she thought it would have been a sign of weakness. She expected that she'd have to deal with a lot of Theos if she wanted to be successful in the business.

Mariah thought a birthday party at the Grand Phoenix lounge sounded fun, and she imagined it would send the perfect message to the public. Devon wanted to put her in charge of planning the party, and Mariah readily agreed to make room in her schedule. She recommended that they do it the weekend before Elena's actual birthday, and Devon stressed that he didn't want any drama. He suggested that they invite Elena's friends from the hospital, and Mariah offered to talk to Nate. Mariah promised that it would be a night to remember in a good way, and they hugged.

At Crimson Lights, Victoria left another voicemail for Billy as her cell phone battery was about to die. She hoped he was safe and well, and she asked him to call because she was worried about him. She saw that her phone was dead, and she grabbed some coffee and left.

Across the coffeehouse, Tessa greeted Theo and asked where Mariah was. Theo admired the way Tessa was killing her outfit, and Tessa flatly asked if Mariah was meeting them. Theo ignored the question and offered to buy Tessa some coffee, but she declined. She reluctantly sat down with him and mentioned Zoe being in town lockup, but Theo opted to talk about keeping the momentum going with Tessa's career. Tessa argued that he'd made it seem as if Mariah would be part of the discussion, but she wasn't surprised that he'd misrepresented himself.

Tessa reminded Theo that Mariah was personally managing Tessa's career, but Theo contended that Tessa would be doing them both a favor by welcoming other points of view. Tessa informed him that Mariah was aware that he was trying to push her out, and Theo claimed that it was why Mariah was giving him a chance to prove himself. He believed there was no better way to do it than to boost the career of Mariah's star client. Tessa flatly told him that she didn't trust him, and he asked for a chance to earn her trust.

Theo understood that Tessa was skeptical of his motives, and he guessed that she was wondering if he'd collaborated with Zoe to wreck the hotel opening. He pointed out that he would have destroyed his own career and ended up behind bars if he had, and he doubted that Mariah would still be working with him if she'd suspected him for a second. Theo claimed that he was trying to carve out a niche by promoting Tessa's music, and he rattled off ways to best attract new fans based on their listening habits. He was confident that he could do wonders for her career if she was willing to work with him.

Theo envisioned Tessa on tour as the main artist and not just the opening act, and she asked if he thought she was ready. He flirtatiously questioned who wouldn't want to watch someone as beautiful and talented as she was perform, and she reminded him that she was gay. He countered that he didn't believe in labels. Tessa asked if Theo was still high from the party, and she was appalled because hitting on her was unprofessional. He pointed out that he wasn't her boss and that they were equals.

Tessa asserted that she was in a committed relationship with Mariah, and Theo making a play for his boss's girlfriend wasn't a good way to keep his job. Theo commented that it was a big world to explore. He swore that he hadn't meant to make Tessa uncomfortable, but he was being honest about his feelings, and he'd assumed she wanted the truth from him. Tessa refused to do anything without Mariah's blessing, and Theo coyly asked if she was talking about work. Tessa insisted that she was, but he urged her to think about it. He watched her leave.

Tessa tracked down Mariah at Society and recounted her meeting with Theo. Tessa explained that he'd given her the impression that Mariah would be there, and she'd called him out on it when she'd figured out that wasn't happening. Mariah was impressed by the gutsy move. Tessa admitted that he knew his stuff marketing-wise, but he'd also hit on her. Mariah chortled and wished she'd seen his reaction when Tessa had turned him down, but Tessa didn't find it funny.

Tessa complained that Theo had creeped her out because he had no boundaries or respect, and she wondered why Mariah kept putting up with his garbage. Mariah insisted that she knew what she was dealing with, but Tessa worried that Theo wasn't above hurting Mariah. Mariah suspected that Theo was counting on how different he and Mariah were, but she would be ready for whatever he threw at her.

In Chancellor Park, Chloe approached Victoria and said she'd been trying to get in touch with her. Chloe insisted that Victoria go with her, but Victoria protested that she had a busy day. Chloe blurted out that it had to do with Billy. Victoria conceded that Billy had been going through a rough time since Adam had gotten back, and Chloe apologized for dragging Billy into her mess. Victoria indicated that Billy had sent a message to tell her he was in rehab, but Chloe informed her that Kevin had sent the text from Billy's phone.

Chloe divulged that she'd stopped Billy from doing something that would have wrecked people's lives and that she had him stashed away in a boathouse. Chloe explained that she'd thought she could help him get out of a dark place. However, it was much more complicated than that, and he needed Victoria. Victoria cried to take her to him.

Chloe led Victoria to the boathouse and cautioned her to prepare herself for everything that Billy had going on inside. Chloe handed over Billy's car keys and explained that he didn't remember anything about stealing the car or trying to run Adam down, and he had blank sections in his brain from after the accident. Victoria compared it to when he'd woken up at the Chancellor mansion with no idea how he'd gotten there. Chloe said she'd tried to get Billy to open up about everything he was feeling, but it was like he couldn't connect the memory or accept that part of him was doing horrible things.

Chloe recounted how Billy had seemed like a different person from the time he'd fallen asleep to when he'd woken up, cold and detached. Chloe wasn't sure which part of Billy Victoria would face when he woke up, and she warned Victoria to be ready for anything. Chloe stepped out, and Victoria sat down at Billy's bedside. His eyes fluttered open, and Victoria softly assured him that she was there. He stared up at her.

At the Newman ranch, Victor sat on the couch, deep in thought, and Nikki put a comforting hand on his shoulder. He remarked that he'd always tempered his expectations, and she reasoned that there was less chance of disappointment. He recognized that he'd allowed himself to hope that time. "And now it has come to this," he mused. Nikki thought he'd made the right decision, since their family handled things by fighting hard and winning. Victor declared his gratitude to have her by his side, and she replied that she wouldn't be anywhere else.

Nick and Abby arrived, and Nikki confirmed that Victor's side effects from the medication had suddenly gotten worse. Nick mentioned that Victor had sent him and Victoria home the night before without telling them anything. Victor preferred to wait until everyone was there to talk about it, and Nikki stated that she was waiting to hear from Victoria. Victor inquired about how things were going with the Grand Phoenix, but Abby didn't want to discuss it when she was worried about him. Abby tried to reach Victoria, but the call went straight to voicemail.

Nate entered, and Nick and Abby pushed to find out what was going on. Victor asked them to be patient and wait for Victoria, since it was critical that she be there. Nate agreed that it was best for them not to fill Victoria in later, and Nick unsuccessfully tried to reach her. Summer arrived and wondered if Nate was there with Abby or as Victor's doctor. Nick explained that they all had questions, but Victor thought it was best if everyone was there before they learned anything. Abby argued that they'd made a good faith effort to get in touch with Victoria, but Nikki didn't want to do anything until everyone was there. "Do what?" Adam asked as he walked in.

Abby ordered Adam to turn around and leave if he was there to give their dad more grief. Adam swore that he'd been as surprised as all of them to get Nikki's summons, but he imagined that it was a bleak party if Nate was there. Nick demanded that Adam show respect and shut his mouth, and Adam replied that he wasn't there to cause trouble. Nate warned that the heated words weren't helping with anyone's stress level. Adam pushed to know the reason for the gathering, but Nikki insisted on waiting for Victoria so Nate wouldn't have to explain things twice. Victor decided that they couldn't wait any longer, and he wanted to begin.

Victor shared that he'd been in some distress the night before, and Nate had run blood tests that had confirmed that the side effects were getting worse. Nate explained that Victor's numbers had stabilized, but they'd since fallen off to an alarming degree. Victor announced that the treatment was no longer working, and Nate added that he didn't have the data to explain why because the regimen was experimental. Nikki proclaimed that she and Victor weren't giving up, and Victor mentioned a private clinic overseas where he could receive special treatment around the clock.

Nikki revealed that she and Victor were flying out that night, and Nate said he'd taken leave from the hospital to go with them. Adam inquired whether there was anything he could do, and Nick assumed that Adam meant taking over the company. Adam pointed out that he could have had that before if he'd wanted it. Victor reported that Newman was doing fine, thanks to Victoria, but there was something else Adam could do if the offer was sincere.

Victor requested that his family put their differences aside and band together, since it was what Newmans did when they were at their best. He recognized that it wasn't easy for them to get along, but he wanted them to stop their vendettas and act like a family. Nick said Victor could count on him, since uniting was the only thing that mattered. Nick pledged to let go of everything that had happened before that day. Adam declared that it sounded great, but he had no doubt Victor would beat the disease. Nikki, Nick, Abby, and Summer huddled around Victor and vowed to beat it together as Adam looked on.

Nikki agreed that Victor was a fighter who would overcome the disease and go on to live a full life. Summer and Abby pledged their support, but Victor wanted to have confidence that they'd all get along while he was gone. He stood up but faltered mid-sentence and fell back on the couch. Nate instructed Adam to help him move the furniture so they could lie Victor down flat on the floor. Abby called 9-1-1 while Nate struggled to find a pulse. Nikki begged Victor to stay with them.

Multi-soap vet Michael Tylo dead at 73


Multi-soap vet Michael Tylo dead at 73
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