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Genoa City was rocked by the news of Victor Newman's death. Billy battled his dark side. The pharmacist claimed that Victoria had instructed her to alter Victor's pills. A search turned up more evidence against Victoria. Devon was stunned to see that Amanda Sinclair was Hilary's look-alike.
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Billy battled his dark side, and a Hilary look-alike landed on Devon's doorstep
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Nick blames Adam for Victor's death

Nick blames Adam for Victor's death

Monday, September 16, 2019

After Victor collapsed on the floor in the living room at the ranch, efforts to revive him failed. Abby walked slowly back into the room after Victor's body had been removed. Abby sat down, facing away from the spot where Victor had fallen unconscious. Nikki, Nick, and Summer entered and sat down together on the sofa. Summer rested her head on her father's shoulder. Adam entered and stood in the doorway, his hands in his pockets. Adam broke the somber silence and said, "God. It happened so fast. How is it possible that Dad is actually dead?" Nick glared at Adam. Nikki sobbed quietly and looked away from Adam.

After Adam offered to get Nikki anything she might need, Nick sprang up from the sofa and replied, "If my mother needs anything, I'll take care of it." Nick demanded that Adam quit pretending he hadn't gotten exactly what he'd wanted. Nick blamed Victor's death on Adam's quest for revenge. Summer sobbed softly while watching Nick and Adam quarrel. Adam defended himself and said that conflict with Victor was the bond that had held the family together. Nikki replied, "That's not true. Victor's love is what holds us." Nikki broke down. Abby and Nick rushed to Nikki's side.

Abby and Summer took Nikki upstairs so Nick could talk to Adam. Nick told Adam that Victor had been Adam's only connection to the family. Adam reminded Nick that Victor was his father, too. Nick said his priority was contacting Victoria before she learned of Victor's death from a reporter. Adam offered to help, but Nick told him to leave. Adam defended himself and recalled that minutes before Victor had collapsed, he'd told the family about the issues he'd been experiencing during treatment. Nick replied, "The only issue our father should have been focusing on was himself and getting better, but he couldn't do that because of you."

Nick blasted Adam for having thrust chaos upon Victor and his beloved family. Adam again defended himself and noted that Victor had continuously battled with his family while attempting to control them. Nick replied, "He was a tough man to please, but make no mistake, his biggest disappointment in life was you." Nick blamed Adam's return for Victor's demise. Nick, referring to his brother's constant attempts to best his father, noted that Adam had finally won. Adam insisted that he hadn't wanted to return to Genoa City, but Victor had dragged him back. Nick sarcastically replied, "You're a victim. I mean, Dad wanted to bring you home to reunite you with the family, to hand you Newman Enterprises on a silver platter - must have been so hard for you."

Nick warned that if Victor's autopsy showed signs of foul play, he'd destroy the person responsible. After Adam left, Nick told Summer that he'd phoned Noah and broken the devastating news. Nick expressed concern that word of Victor's death was getting out. Summer worried that Victoria would turn on the news and learn about her father. Nick said they'd handle everything as a family. Nate returned and assured Summer he'd done everything possible to help her grandfather. Nick encouraged everyone to eat to keep up their strength.

Phyllis was waiting for Adam when he returned to his penthouse. Adam told Phyllis that Victor had collapsed and died just after gathering the family together to announce that his treatments had stopped working. Phyllis couldn't believe it. She asked Adam if he was responsible for having gone too far. Adam's jaw tightened as he glared at her. Phyllis admitted that because Victor had been battling a life-threatening disease, it was possible that tampering with his medication hadn't hastened his death. When Phyllis attempted to physically comfort Adam, he turned her away and told her to save her sympathy for someone who needed it. Adam cried, "I didn't want to kill him even though he tried to kill me. I just wanted him weak enough where he couldn't fight back."

Adam admitted to Phyllis that his goal had been to distract Victoria, swoop in, and take control of Newman Enterprises. Phyllis reminded Adam that Victor had repeatedly offered him the company. Adam said he didn't want to take Daddy's gift and become Victor's puppet. Adam added that he'd hoped to dismantle Newman Enterprises while the family was preoccupied with Victor's illness. Adam complained that while the family was gathered together in grief, he'd been turned away and felt like an exile.

Phyllis phoned Summer to check on her. Summer told her mom she'd call her back later. After the call ended, Phyllis told Adam she knew how it felt to be an exile. Adam, realizing he had no one else on his side, thanked Phyllis. Adam cried that it was hard to imagine a world without Victor Newman. Phyllis hoped Adam might elaborate and express regret. Phyllis left after Adam shut down, staring blankly into space.

At the boathouse, Billy awoke sweating. Billy jumped when he saw Victoria hovering over him. After Billy learned that Victoria had been watching him sleep for an hour, Billy said she should have awakened him. Victoria explained that she and Billy had talked briefly before he'd fallen asleep. Victoria added that she wasn't surprised Billy couldn't remember because it seemed to her as if she'd been talking to someone different. Billy cried that he didn't know what was going on.

Victoria assured Billy that he was the most important person in her life, so she wouldn't leave his side until they figured out what was going on. Billy experienced flashbacks of the unexplainable events that had repeatedly set him off. Billy vehemently insisted that Chloe's claim that he'd attempted to kill Adam was wrong. Victoria told Billy that his recollection of the event could be wrong because his anger at Adam had totally consumed him. Billy insisted that he no longer wanted to kill Adam to avenge Delia's death. Billy was suddenly overcome by a startling flashback in which he relived the moment he'd driven a car directly toward Adam.

The more Billy tried to deny his strange behavior, the stronger the flashbacks taunted him. Billy cried out, blamed Chloe, tried to get up off the bed, and fell flat on the floor. Billy writhed on the floor, haunted by more of the flashbacks he'd suppressed. Victoria reminded Billy of happier times in his life, but the flashbacks continued to torture him.

Victoria comforted Billy and begged him to trust her. Victoria explained that Billy had invented a person, another part of himself, to carry out things his conscious mind would never let him do. Billy became combative as the flashes of memories of what he'd done continued. Victoria confronted Billy about attempting to run down Adam with a rented car. Billy experienced a flashback and saw Chloe push Adam out of the way.

At a resort in Sedona, Arizona, Jack had just arranged a horseback ride when he turned and spotted Sharon. Sharon told Jack she was taking a vacation. Jack replied that he was there to rest, reflect, and reset. Sharon noted how odd it was that they'd both ended up at the same spot in Sedona. Jack suggested it might be fate. Jack admitted that he'd gotten away because he didn't feel content, even after all he'd accomplished.

Sharon explained that she'd needed a break from Genoa City and the problems stemming from the men in her life. Sharon and Jack decided to cancel their scheduled activities and just sit and talk. Sharon told Jack about becoming ill after a woman had spiked the sangria at the opening of the Grand Phoenix. Sharon asked about Dina. Jack cried that it was painful to watch a once dynamic, vital woman slip away. Jack added that seeing the past through Dina's eyes had given him a new take on his family's history.

Jack wondered aloud if perhaps John's marriage to Dina wouldn't have failed if John hadn't invested so much time in the company. Jack pondered the notion that his efforts to focus too much on the romantic side of relationships had led to the failure of his marriages. Sharon said she understood because she'd always defined herself by her relationships, beginning with Nick. Sharon admitted that her stable relationship with Rey had faltered after Adam had returned to town. Sharon said she no longer wanted Adam's destructive energy in her life.

Sharon admitted to Jack that when she'd been drugged at the gala, she been strongly drawn to Rey. Sharon added that she'd even kissed Rey. Reflecting on their marriage and divorce, Jack and Sharon acknowledged that they'd enjoyed an easy, uncomplicated friendship. Jack said he'd always relied on Sharon's truthfulness and support. Jack and Sharon shared a toast to fate for having brought them together. Both agreed that they'd arrived alone and would leave alone, but they would enjoy spending time together during their vacation.

Billy battles his dark side

Billy battles his dark side

Tuesday, September 17, 2019

At the Chancellor boathouse, a bedridden Billy admitted to Victoria that he'd seen clearly in his mind that he'd lured Adam to the road and tried to kill him, even though Billy didn't want it to be true. Billy cried that it wasn't who he was or who he wanted to be, but something inside of him had unfinished business with Adam. Billy wondered how he could have done something like that and not known it. Victoria assured him that remembering what had happened was huge, since it meant he could start to heal.

Billy described it as something else inside of him that had taken over, like a whole other person who had his own free will and scores to settle. He was horrified that his alter ego wanted to do bad things that would ruin Billy's life and cost him Victoria and his children. Victoria promised that it wouldn't happen, but Billy questioned what would happen if he couldn't make that person go away. He confided that it scared him, and he thought it ought to scare her, too. She asserted that it didn't frighten her one bit because she knew the real Billy Abbott, who had struggled after Delia's death but had fought his way out of it.

Victoria pointed out that Billy was an addict, and it was in his nature to backslide, but that time was about grief rather than gambling. She advised him to confront the part of himself that hadn't healed, and she pledged to be right there to help him. Billy realized that he hadn't swallowed down his feelings, since he would have killed Adam if Chloe hadn't stopped him, and there was no way of knowing if he'd try it again. Victoria urged him to take it one step at a time, and she knew he had it in him to do it.

Victoria asked when Billy had last eaten, but he didn't know. Victoria noted that he was in a stressful situation, being isolated with an injury, and he needed time to accept what he'd learned. She offered to pick up some food, and she planned to talk more while he ate. She kissed his cheek and recognized that he might be worried that he didn't have the strength to get through it, but she believed in him. After she left, he sank back into bed and closed his eyes. Billy heard the door open, and he asked whether Victoria had forgotten something. He opened his eyes and saw a teenaged Delia.

Billy circled around Delia, staring at her. He reached out to touch her face, but she was suddenly across the room. He mused that he'd dreamed about her many times, and he was amazed that she was a strong, confident young woman. He imagined that they would have had a great life together if it hadn't been for Adam and the accident. Delia considered it understandable when Billy had tried to get back at Adam the first time, and she'd cried when she'd seen how much pain her father had been in. She'd longed to put her arms around him and tell him his grief would fade in time, but she hadn't been able to stop him from doing terrible things or help him find a way through it.

Billy thought he had gotten through it, but Adam's return to town had stirred up the agony again. Billy lamented that Delia hadn't gotten to grow up into the beautiful woman in front of him, and that was all he'd ever wanted for her. Delia accused Billy of backsliding because he was an addict and using it as an excuse to do anything he wanted. Billy argued that he wasn't making excuses, and he wanted to know what was happening inside him and get back to where he'd been. Delia demanded to know who had tried to run Adam over, and Billy replied that he didn't know.

Delia contended that Billy had wanted Adam dead, and Billy had done it for her. She questioned whether she was supposed to be happy that she'd turned her dad into a cold-blooded killer. Delia lectured that grief was a powerful thing. However, time had passed, and Billy was supposed to be well. She scolded that it wasn't an excuse to blame an invisible part of him that he couldn't control, and if he was incapable of controlling that part of himself, it was who he was. Billy insisted that he was trying to push the darkness out of him, but Delia countered that Adam would be dead if her mom hadn't pushed him out of the way.

Delia suspected that it was Billy who wanted to finish the job -- not some alter ego that had taken over his body. Delia prompted Billy to admit that he would have committed murder if Chloe had been there a second later. Billy stammered that he'd been struggling after seeing Delia's writing on the Chancellor wall and hearing her tell him to stop Adam. Delia scoffed at it being her fault, and Billy recognized that the first step in getting better was to admit that he was powerless over his hatred for Adam. Delia pointed out that her mom had dealt with the grief and gotten better in time, but Billy hadn't and never would.

Delia wondered if Billy had figured out why he wasn't able to touch her or give her a hug. Delia informed him that the other side was indescribably beautiful, and she'd dreamed that she'd be reunited with her parents one day. She mentioned being with Katherine, Colleen, and John, and she was devastated that Billy would never be able to join them because his heart and soul were full of malice. Delia bemoaned that they would never be together again because Billy could never change. He begged her not to say that. "Well, look who I found -- the world's leading screw-up in the flesh!" Jack proclaimed from the doorway.

Billy acknowledged that he'd messed up and that he had to try to fix it. Jack recounted that Billy had been saying that since he'd been a teenager, but Billy would never amount to anything because he was the ultimate slacker. Jack sarcastically thanked Billy for proving him right again, since Billy was a grown man who still hadn't learned that actions had consequences. Jack surmised that Billy liked being a walking disaster, since it absolved him from rising to life's challenges that were thrown everyone's way. Billy pleaded that he could use help and compassion, not judgment.

Jack quipped that Billy couldn't climb his way out of an eight-inch hole with the help of a brigade of firemen. Jack recalled that Billy had finally turned everything around, but Billy had set a torch to it by letting his hatred toward Adam run the whole show. Jack theorized that Billy had let his worst demons run amok because he couldn't stand to be happy without blowing the whole thing up and undermining everything he'd worked for. Jack spat that Billy was weak, and he imagined that Billy would get used to only seeing his kids on visitation day once he was in prison for attempted murder, while Victoria moved on with someone worthy of her.

Billy unwrapped a piece of gum and placed it in his mouth, his chest heaving. Billy growled that he wasn't a screw-up like Jack's friend, Adam -- the piece of garbage who had cost a young girl her life. Billy questioned what was weak about wanting to protect someone he loved, and he snarled that Jack was letting his friendship with Adam cloud his focus. Billy insisted that it was about family, but Jack retorted that if Billy "gave a damn," he wouldn't be working so hard to hurt his own. Jack continued that Billy was so obsessed with Adam that he hadn't thought about how his actions affected Victoria and the kids he had left. "Screw you, Jack!" Billy bellowed.

Jack welcomed the real William Foster Abbott, who started swinging when his back was against the wall instead of admitting who he really was. Jack mocked Billy for pretending to be an effective CEO while losing the company yacht in a poker game and having a torrid affair with his brother's wife. Jack wished that he'd exiled Billy to Hong Kong permanently, but Billy accused Jack of exiling him because Jack didn't like having a younger, smarter brother who could steal his wife with a snap of the fingers. Jack implored Billy to ask himself who he was, since he could only be one person -- the good guy he claimed to be, or the slacker who'd proven time and again that he was going nowhere fast. Jack commanded Billy to pick one and be done with it. Billy fumbled for a gum wrapper in his pocket, and he looked around and found no one there.

Later, Jill ordered a sleeping Billy to get up. He asked if it was still a dream or if she was really there. She questioned why he was still there, since Victoria would be back soon. Jill explained that if he left without a trace, no one would know where he'd gone. She expected that Victoria's heart would be broken but would eventually mend, and it would be what was best for her. Billy incredulously asked if Jill was telling him to walk away from the best thing that had ever happened to him.

Jill countered that Billy had been the worst thing to ever happen to Victoria, and she urged him not to hurt Victoria more than he already had. Jill understood that she'd always been the couple's biggest supporter, but she'd realized that it had been a big mistake when she'd seen the real him. Jill sternly stated that he'd been a dismal failure as a partner to a wonderful woman. Billy ran to the door to go search for Victoria, but he discovered that the door was locked. Jill urged him to stay and listen.

Billy insisted that he'd had a breakthrough that day when he'd realized that there was a darkness inside him that was capable of horrendous things. Billy credited Victoria with getting him to admit that he'd tried to kill Adam, and he needed her because she was his rock. Jill swore that she loved Billy and that it wasn't easy to say those things to him, but she questioned how much further he'd go down the endless road of fixing himself when there wasn't even the slightest chance of success. Jill recalled that she'd witnessed every one of his spectacular washouts, followed by him picking himself up and vowing to do better, but he'd ended up back in the gutter with a mountain to climb every time.

Billy was adamant that he didn't want that anymore. Jill replied that talk was cheap, since they both knew he would never reform. She envisioned him spinning his wheels over the next few years, and she wondered if he was selfish enough to drag Victoria down with him. She pleaded with him to do the decent thing by giving Victoria her freedom, since Victoria deserved better than him.

Jill added that if Billy had even the slightest belief that he could erase the darkness inside him, he had to do it alone, since Victoria couldn't do it for him. Billy begged Jill not to make him give up the best thing in his life, since there was no point to getting better if he didn't have Victoria in his life. "So sweet," Phyllis drawled as she appeared in the doorway. She didn't know whether to cry or throw up.

Billy refused to apologize for loving Victoria or his kids, and he pledged to fight to make sure they stayed in his life. Phyllis shuffled a deck of cards in her hands and mocked him for being so dramatic. She wondered why he was so eager to get rid of "edgy Billy" when he was better when he was a teensy bit reckless. Billy thought he and Phyllis had screwed one another up, and he was glad that part of his life was over -- just in case she was getting any ideas. He added that it wasn't about losing his edge but knowing that he wouldn't kill someone.

Phyllis cautioned Billy against trying to snow her, since Victoria couldn't save him. Phyllis had no doubt that he'd never be part of the human race again after he'd slept with Summer to get back at her. Billy asked how many times she wanted him to apologize, but Phyllis wouldn't accept his apologies or promises. She contended that things hadn't worked out with him and Victoria or any other woman in his life because he wasn't capable of love. She leaned in close and reminded him that when they'd burned, they'd burned hot.

Phyllis suggested that Billy give up his crusade to get Victoria back because there was no point. Billy refused to lose his chance to make things right with Victoria, but Phyllis taunted that he didn't have a hand in it. She shuffled the cards and invited him to play, and a gaming table appeared in the room. Billy asserted that it wasn't who he was anymore, but Phyllis reminded him that he was an addict who always went for the big score because he liked the risk, and the stakes were higher than they'd ever been.

Phyllis proposed that they play one game, and if Billy won, he'd get everything he wanted by conquering the pain that had him so paralyzed. She added that if he lost, the war would be over, and he'd have to stop fighting and succumb to everything he knew was true -- that he was a lost cause. Billy realized that if he lost, Delia, Jack, and Jill would all be right about him, and he'd lose Victoria for the rest of his life. Phyllis goaded Billy into taking the chance to redeem himself, and he relented.

Billy didn't trust Phyllis not to cheat, so he simply wanted to cut the deck, with the high card winning. He took his turn and was pleased when he revealed the king of hearts. Phyllis remarked that his card was "not your typical, run-of-the-mill face card" because it was "the suicide king." Phyllis pulled out the ace of spades, which she noted was the "gravedigger in the battlefield." An upset Billy accused her of cheating, Phyllis icily told Billy that she thought the cards might be trying to tell him something. Billy turned over the entire deck of cards and saw that all of them were jokers. She laughed maniacally as she urged him to accept defeat. He clapped his hands over his ears.

Billy awakened with a start when Adam roughly pulled him out of bed, growling that he knew what Billy had done and that Billy would pay for it. Billy asked how Adam had found out, and Adam was irate that all Billy cared about was that his secret had been blown. Adam had thought they'd worked through things years earlier, and he demanded to know "what the hell" was going on with Billy. Adam wondered if the only way for Billy to escape his pain was to inflict some of his own, and he worried that Billy would go after Connor, too. Billy protested that he wasn't a monster, and Adam responded that he wasn't, either, yet Billy had felt justified in trying to kill him.

Billy conceded that what he'd done was wrong, but he didn't want to be that person anymore. Adam barked that whining about it wouldn't get Billy there, and he ordered Billy to stop making excuses. Billy wailed that he couldn't do it anymore because he didn't have the strength, and Adam slammed him down on the bed and ordered him to be a man and put up a fight. Adam refused to live his life looking over his shoulder, waiting for Billy to go after him. Adam ranted that Billy was sinking fast and taking everyone down with him, but it would end that day.

Adam began to strangle Billy and anticipated that it would all be over soon. Billy threw Adam off him, but he suddenly faced a gum-chewing version of himself instead. Billy vowed not to give in to his dark side, but his alter ego taunted that Billy didn't have the strength and never would. Victoria returned to the boathouse and found Billy alone, lashing out in his sleep. Billy was tormented by snippets of his dream conversations with Delia, Jack, Jill, and Adam as Victoria begged him to wake up.

In Billy's mind, his alter ego promised that he'd take care of Victoria, since no one would miss Billy. Billy grunted as he furiously pushed his alter ego aside, and he shouted that he wasn't giving in. Billy punched his gum-chewing counterpart in the face, and the alter ego stumbled back and fell. Billy woke up, trembling, and Victoria asked if he was all right. "I am now," he replied, and she wondered if something had happened while she'd been gone.

Billy explained that Victoria had helped him realize that there was a subconscious part of him that he'd needed to get rid of, and he never wanted that part of him to return. Billy looked forward to having a future with her and the kids, and he finally felt like he could get to the other side. He added that if there was any good left in him, it was because of her. Victoria snuggled up in bed next to him, and they held one another close.

Victoria learns that Victor has died

Victoria learns that Victor has died

Wednesday, September 18, 2019

by Nel

At the ranch Abby, Summer, and Nick were attempting to comfort Nikki, but Nikki informed everyone she was fine. Nick claimed that no one was fine. Nikki suggested that everyone leave because they needed to go about their daily routines. Summer wanted to stay with Nikki and be with the family who loved Victor. Nikki assured her everything would be okay. Nate arrived and informed everyone that the hospital staff had been told not to speak to the press about Victor's death until all the family members had been notified. Talk turned to Victoria's absence. Nikki was worried that Victoria would hear about Victor's passing from the media.

Nick told Nate that Victor had wanted the family to rally around him while he fought his illness, but Adam had made things worse. Abby interjected and said their focus needed to be on finding Victoria. Abby suggested that perhaps Victoria had discovered the facility where Billy was staying and had gone to see him. Nick assured everyone he would find her.

At the penthouse, Chelsea pounded on Adam's door. When Adam opened the door, she accused him of blowing Connor off. Adam asked if Nick hadn't told her about Victor. He said he'd been at the ranch when Victor had collapsed and that Victor had a rare blood disorder. The first course of treatment hadn't worked, and Victor had decided to try an experimental treatment, very aware of the bad side effects. He said Victor had summoned the family to the ranch to inform them that he would be going to a private clinic for the treatment, and that was when he had collapsed.

Adam told Chelsea that he'd been trying to process Victor's death. He said he should have seen it coming. He couldn't believe his father was gone. Chelsea said she didn't want Adam to be alone. Adam informed her that he didn't have any friends, and Nick had thrown him off the ranch. Chelsea reminded Adam that he had turned on his family. She asked if he was going to be okay. Adam stated that he would be as soon as he figured out how to live without Victor. Adam asked Chelsea to tell Connor that he would call him.

After Chelsea left, Adam pulled out his phone and was about to call Sharon, but he changed his mind. Moments later, Phyllis pounded on his door. When Adam opened the door, he told her to go away, but Phyllis walked in, anyway. Adam said he hoped she hadn't made the trip just to comfort him because once had been enough. He said Phyllis knew ten people that she worried about, and nine of them were herself. Phyllis admitted she was worried about Summer because Summer loved Victor. Phyllis was upset because she felt Summer should have turned to her for comfort, but Summer had shut her out.

Phyllis told Adam she knew he was hurting, but Adam asked her to leave because he didn't want her help. Phyllis asked him who else he could share his feelings with and not be judged. Adam told her that Nick had thrown him off the ranch. He said Sharon had been wrong when she'd stated his life wasn't a Greek tragedy. Adam said he had killed Victor, and that was the definition of a tragedy. He admitted that he'd nailed the part about screwing up his own life.

Phyllis told Adam that perhaps tampering with Victor's medication had hastened the inevitable, but regardless, Victor would have died. She said that the couple of doses of the medication Victor had taken wouldn't have killed him. Adam admitted that he had only wanted to knock Victor off his game and to distract him.

Phyllis reminded Adam that he had recently claimed that he wanted to take over Newman Enterprises and wreck it. Adam said he'd wanted Victor to see that he wasn't invincible. Phyllis told him that he was the only one who saw Victor that way. She told him to stop idolizing Victor because Victor had been a cold and heartless son of a bitch who had ruined her and Adam's lives. Phyllis stated that Victor didn't deserve to be honored. She said they should be celebrating and that Adam didn't need to be afraid of daddy anymore.

Adam claimed that Phyllis was worried about Nick. Phyllis vehemently denied it and said she had no interest in Nick. He was with Chelsea. Insulted, Phyllis said she'd made a mistake in trying to help Adam, and she stormed out. At the elevator, Phyllis sent Nick a text message: "Can we talk?"

At the ranch, Nick answered a call from Chelsea. She told Nick that she'd heard about Victor from Adam. She explained that Adam hadn't shown up to spend time with Connor, and when she hadn't been able to reach him, she'd gone to his penthouse. Nick said that under the circumstances, it was best if Adam didn't have contact with Connor because he was afraid that Connor would find out about Victor before he and Chelsea had a chance to tell Christian and Connor what had happened. Chelsea said they had to be careful how they told the boys about Victor. Nick ended the call when Michael arrived.

Michael offered Nikki his condolences. He said he hadn't known Victor had been sick. Nikki said she'd asked Victor to step down at Newman Enterprises so that he could focus on getting well. Nikki told Michael that she was concerned because they hadn't been able to locate Victoria. She knew that Kevin or Chloe had spoken with Victoria and that they might have an idea of her whereabouts. Michael informed Nikki that Kevin and Chloe hadn't seen Victoria in days. He said he hadn't seen Victor for some time. Sarcastically, Nick asked whether it was because Michael had stopped doing his dirty work. Nikki chastised Nick for his comment.

Michael asked if Nate had any idea what had triggered Victor's sudden decline. Nate said he had no idea. Nick suggested that something other than Victor's illness had killed him, and they would be looking into it. Nick received a text message from Phyllis: "Can we talk?"

Summer asked Nikki about the funeral arrangements. Nikki said she hadn't given it any thought, but Victor had wanted something small. She decided on a private funeral with family only. Abby mentioned Adam. Nick said he would handle Adam. Nick said he agreed with Nikki, and they would do things the way Victor had wanted.

Chloe and Kevin sat in a booth at Crimson Lights and said goodnight to Bella by phone. Kevin asked Chloe if she thought that they'd given Victoria enough time with Billy. They wondered if they should head back to the boathouse. Kevin received a call from Michael, who asked if they'd seen Victoria. Kevin lied and said they hadn't seen her in days. Michael said the family was looking for her, and he told Kevin about Victor.

After Kevin ended his call with Michael, he and Chloe debated whether they should tell Victoria or get her to go to the ranch on some pretext. Kevin opted to tell her rather than taking a chance that Victoria might hear it from the media. He felt it would be better if she was with Billy when they told her.

At the boathouse, Billy told Victoria he felt like he'd had the crap beaten out of him. Victoria said that the war with Adam had been very real to Billy, but he'd beaten the demons. Billy explained that in his dream, everyone had been there -- a teenaged Delia, Jack, Jill, Phyllis, Adam, and his alter ego. They had all reminded him what a screw-up he was, and he'd received a lot of tough love. He said they had knocked some sense into him.

Billy told Victoria that he had finally vanquished the guy inside him, and he'd known that she was the only person who could help him. Victoria said that they were stronger than they'd ever been. She said Billy had shown a lot of strength when he'd fought off his demons. Billy was grateful that Chloe and Kevin had arrived when they had, or he would have been in jail. Victoria wanted Billy to see a professional, but Billy balked. He stated that everything about Adam was behind him. Victoria reminded him that people relapsed, and Billy needed someone he could call if and when that happened.

Chloe and Kevin arrived. Billy said he and Victoria had good news. Kevin said they had some news, as well. Billy said he remembered everything, and he couldn't believe he'd tried to kill Adam. He said that regaining that memory had taken a lot out of him. He thanked Kevin and Chloe, because if they hadn't been there, he would have lost everything that mattered to him, including his life. Kevin asked what would stop the bad Billy from coming out. Billy assured Kevin that bad Billy would not reappear.

Uncomfortable, Kevin told Victoria that Victor had died, but Victoria didn't believe him. She accused Chloe and Kevin of lying. She said Victor would have told her if he hadn't been doing well. Chloe said Victor hadn't known that things had gotten worse. Kevin said it had happened suddenly. Chloe added that Victor had collapsed, and even though Nate had been present, there had been nothing he could have done to save Victor.

Kevin told Victoria to take comfort in the fact that Victor hadn't suffered. Victoria cried that she had to get to the ranch. Billy said he would go with her, but Chloe was worried that Adam might see him and figure out that Billy had tried to run him over. Billy said he didn't care and left with Victoria.

Abby, Summer, and Nate arrived at Society. Summer thanked Nate and Abby for letting her stay with them. Summer said it felt like the world had stopped, and it was weird that nobody knew that Victor had died. Abby said she dreaded breaking the news to Ashley. Nate assured Abby he would be there to support her.

At home, Nick and Chelsea embraced. They decided to put off telling Connor and Christian about their grandfather until the following day. Chelsea asked about Nikki. Nick said that Victor would have been proud of the way Nikki was handling everything. Nick informed Chelsea that there would be an investigation because he didn't believe Victor had died of natural causes. Chelsea asked if Nick thought Adam had had something to do with it. Nick said, "Who else?"

Michael arrived at Adam's. He said he'd heard about Victor, and he asked if Adam had had something to do with Victor's death. If he had, he needed to tell Michael immediately. Angry, Adam spat that it had been an ugly accusation. Michael said he wanted the truth, and he wanted to know whether or not Adam would drag him into it. Adam asked if it was so he could screw him over like he'd done with Chloe. Through clenched teeth, Michael said Adam's situation was different. Adam bragged that he was two steps ahead of Michael. Michael told Adam not to count on that, and he left.

Victoria arrived at the ranch after everyone had gone. She ran inside, straight into Nikki's arms.

A familiar face shows up at Devon's door

A familiar face shows up at Devon's door

Thursday, September 19, 2019

At the Abbott mansion, a stricken Jack asked Traci if it was true. She confirmed that Victor had suddenly passed away the night before after collapsing in front of his family. Jack remarked that the world as they'd known it was gone, and he questioned how it had happened. Traci explained that there weren't many details, and she revealed that Abby had been staying at the ranch to spend time with Nikki.

Traci added that she'd called Ashley, who hadn't been able to talk about it because she was likely still in shock. Jack figured that Victor had been one of the most important people in Ashley's life and a big part of who she was that day. Traci thought the same could be said for Jack, who realized that his rivalry with Victor had defined both men. Jack admitted that he already missed Victor. Jack called Victor the greatest adversary he'd ever had, since the competition between them had challenged and motivated him to be a better businessman and a better man in general.

Jack lamented that there was a void in his life with Victor gone, and Traci acknowledged that the Newmans had suffered a tremendous loss. Jack sensed that there was something she wasn't saying. Traci shared that losing Victor also meant she'd lost her last part of Colleen, and Jack realized that Colleen's heart had beaten for the last time. Traci was grateful that Victor had gotten many more years of life because of her daughter, but it was one sad, final chapter. Jack asked what he could do for Traci, and she wanted to hear whether he'd found what he'd been looking for on his trip. Jack shared that he'd had whatever he'd been looking for all along.

At Society, Phyllis left another voicemail for Summer. Phyllis understood that Summer needed time to process what had happened to Victor, but she wanted her daughter to know that she was there for her. Phyllis received a text message from Nick, who informed her that he was free that morning to meet at his place. She wrote back that she would see him soon, adding, "You're better off without him." Phyllis reconsidered and erased the last statement, instead indicating that she was sorry for his loss.

At home, Nick told Chelsea that Phyllis was on the way over, and Chelsea took it as her cue to leave -- unless he didn't want her to. Nick insisted that he was okay, but Chelsea observed that he looked exhausted. He admitted that he was worried about Victoria, and Chelsea urged him to focus on taking care of his family while she took care of him. Her phone rang, and she groaned that she couldn't deal with Adam that day. Adam left Chelsea a message, saying he needed to see Connor that day.

Chelsea recognized that Nick thought Adam had been involved in Victor's death, but she had a hard time believing that Adam would take things that far. Nick reminded her that Adam had tried to have her arrested for her husband's death, but Chelsea doubted that Adam would deprive Connor of his grandfather. Nick cautioned her against letting Connor spend time with Adam until there was proof either way. Chelsea argued that if Adam was innocent, he needed Connor more than ever. She questioned whether there was any proof Adam had done it, and Nick conceded that there wasn't -- yet.

Later, Phyllis arrived at Nick's house. She hugged Nick and said she was sorry, and he thanked her. He mentioned that Summer had just taken off, and Phyllis assumed that Summer had left upon learning Phyllis was on her way. Nick advised Phyllis to give Summer space, since Victor's death had hit her pretty hard. Phyllis asked how Nick was doing, and he replied that he was all right, but he couldn't talk about it with her because she'd hated his dad.

Phyllis confirmed that she wouldn't cry any crocodile tears over Victor being gone, but she was sorry about his passing because people she cared about had loved him. She inquired about Nikki, and Nick voiced concern about the stress on his mother's health. Phyllis assured him that Nikki was tough and would get through it, but Nick thought Nikki was shaken because the death had been so sudden. Phyllis pointed out that Victor had been ill, and Nick testily asked how she'd known that, since only family and a few close friends had been aware of Victor's condition. Phyllis divulged that she'd heard about it from Adam.

Nick demanded to know what else Adam had told Phyllis. She wondered why Nick was getting bent out of shape, and Nick snarled that his father would still be alive if it hadn't been for Adam. Nick accused Adam of killing their dad, and he contended that if Phyllis wanted to do something for his family, she could provide evidence that would prove her buddy was a murderer. Phyllis understood that Nick was looking for someone to blame, since it was hard to accept that a strong, powerful man had succumbed to an illness. Nick spat that she didn't find Victor's death any more tragic than Adam did.

Phyllis insisted that it meant something to her that Victor had been Summer's grandfather. She added that she wasn't there to talk about herself or to debate Adam's character but to tell Nick that he was in her thoughts. Nick appreciated it, but he recognized that she and Adam were close, and he implored her to tell him if she knew anything. Phyllis fibbed that she didn't know a thing, and she told him to reach out to her if he needed anything. Nick growled that the only thing he needed was justice for his father.

At the Newman ranch, Summer and Abby hovered over Nikki, who loved that they were trying to make her feel better when they were grieving, too. Nikki thought they needed to stay strong and focus on what had happened, since Victor wouldn't have wanted any less. Paul arrived after hearing the news, and he embraced Nikki and wondered if there was anything he could do. "You can arrest my husband's killer," Nikki firmly replied.

Paul asked why Nikki thought foul play had been involved, and she asserted that she'd known her husband and his health. She bet everything that Adam and not the disease had killed Victor. Paul inquired whether there was evidence, and Nikki explained that it was what she was counting on Paul for. Summer piped up that her dad felt the same way, and Abby recounted that Adam had threatened to go to war with their family. Paul understood that they wanted to find an explanation for the tragedy, but he didn't see how it made a case for murder. Nikki begged him to conduct a full investigation, adding that it would be a chance to make up for falsely arresting Victor for J.T.'s death.

Later, Nikki flipped through a photo album as the doorbell rang. She called out that she didn't want to be disturbed by any more visitors. "Not even by me?" Jack called out, and Nikki raced into his arms. Jack wondered how Nikki was managing to hold it together, and she explained that Nate had prescribed something non-addictive to keep her on an even keel. Jack encouraged her not to hold back her emotions on his account, and he promised that he wouldn't make any snide comments about Victor. Nikki joked that it would be a first.

Nikki confided that she didn't have the words to describe how she felt, and Jack assured her that what she'd had with Victor was beyond words. Jack recalled that he'd last spoken with Victor at Society, and it had been the most normal, civilized conversation they'd ever had. Nikki remembered that Victor had returned home that night and made a point of letting her know how lucky he was to have her. Jack confessed that he'd felt jealous of Victor that night, since Victor had possessed absolute certainty that his life had been well-lived, and the most important part of it had been his connection to Nikki. Jack marveled at the love that had allowed the couple to overcome seemingly unsurmountable obstacles. He recognized that he'd fought with Victor most of his life, but Victor's final words to him had left him inspired, and he intended to take that final advice to heart.

Later, Jack ordered scotch at Society's bar but quickly changed his drink of choice to tequila. Jack sat in the same spot where he'd last spoken with Victor and raised his glass. "To Victor Newman -- the man, the myth, the legend," Jack toasted, and he swigged his drink.

Nick arrived at the ranch and informed Nikki that it had started. Nick sternly stated that it was time Adam finally learned that his actions had consequences. Nikki didn't "give a damn" what Adam learned, but she wanted him punished, and she vowed to be there when it happened.

Chelsea, Abby, and Summer met at the Grand Phoenix. Phyllis interrupted, expressed her condolences to Abby, and suggested that she and Summer go somewhere to talk. Summer preferred to get work done to keep her mind off her grandpa, and Phyllis bet that Summer was trying to figure out whether to continue with Jabot's collaboration after the hotel's disastrous opening. Summer contended that she could only discuss confidential matters with the owners of the Grand Phoenix. Phyllis crowed that she owned 25 percent of the hotel, and Summer demanded to know what Phyllis had pulled to make it happen.

Phyllis called it a long, boring story, and she reiterated that she was there to talk to her daughter. Summer barked that she didn't feel like talking, since Phyllis didn't listen to anything she said, and she ordered her mother to leave her alone. Phyllis stressed that she wanted to help during a difficult time, but Summer ranted that the last thing she needed was Phyllis' fake sympathy. Summer added that Phyllis was just making her feel worse, and if Phyllis wouldn't leave, Summer would. Summer stormed off.

Phyllis started to chase after Summer, but Chelsea pointed out that Summer had made her feelings clear. Abby commanded Phyllis to respect Summer's wishes and not make it about herself. Phyllis agreed to give Summer space, but she thought Summer needed her mother. Abby huffed that no one needed Phyllis, but Phyllis taunted that they'd been singing a different tune when she'd saved their butts after the opening. Phyllis proclaimed that they were stuck with her, and she proposed that they discuss what was next for their hotel.

Sharon arrived at Crimson Lights, and Mariah rushed over to hug her. Sharon said she still couldn't believe it, and Mariah couldn't imagine Genoa City without Victor. Sharon wished that she'd been there, but Mariah argued that Sharon shouldn't feel guilty for taking her trip. Sharon inquired whether Mariah had talked to the family, and Mariah replied that she'd given Abby her condolences. Sharon pressed to know if Mariah had spoken with anyone else, but she insisted that she wasn't asking about Adam. Mariah questioned why else Sharon would mention him.

Sharon refused to apologize for worrying about a man who'd just lost his father, but she swore that Mariah didn't have to worry about her running to comfort Adam because she'd gotten him out of her system. Mariah surmised that the trip had done the trick, and Sharon asserted that she couldn't fix everyone -- only herself. Sharon relayed her conclusion that she shouldn't define herself by a man anymore. Rey walked in, and Mariah proclaimed that it was time to walk the walk.

At the counter, Sharon and Rey tentatively greeted one another, and he asked about her trip. She guessed that he'd heard about Victor, and Rey cited her history with Victor and expressed his sympathy. Paul approached to talk to Rey about police business, and the men retreated to a table. Paul announced that he was opening an investigation into Victor's death, since both Nikki and Nick believed Adam had had something to do with it. Rey volunteered to be the one to cuff Adam if he had done it. Adam entered the coffeehouse.

Rey approached Adam and offered his condolences, but he noted that it had been odd that Victor's death had happened that suddenly. Adam flatly asked what Rey wanted, and Rey observed that Adam seemed on edge. Adam snapped that his father had just died, so he didn't appreciate a "jealous, two-bit cop" harassing him. Adam added that the previous D.A. had resigned after Victor had sued the police force for falsely persecuting his family, and he warned that Rey's accusations could be just as hazardous to his career. Adam denied that he'd murdered his father, and Rey pointed out that he hadn't said anything about murder. Adam walked out as Sharon worriedly looked on.

Sharon confronted Rey over his suspicions about Adam. Rey said he couldn't discuss police matters, but Sharon questioned whether he really thought Adam had murdered his own father. Rey thought they both knew the answer to that, and he walked off. Mariah asked if Sharon was okay, but Sharon muttered that she had to go and rushed out.

Sharon found Adam at his penthouse and explained that she'd wanted him to know how sorry she was about Victor. Adam noted that she was the first person to say it and mean it, since he knew what everyone thought. Sharon assured him that she didn't believe he'd been responsible for Victor's death. She wondered why Adam was under suspicion, and he figured that "Saint Nick" would do anything to take him down. Adam confided that as much as he'd fought with and resented Victor, he hadn't wanted his father to die. Adam brokenly confessed that he missed Victor, and he honestly didn't know what his life meant without Victor in it.

Paul called Rey with some lab results. Paul confirmed that Nikki's suspicions had been correct, since there had been an elevated amount of the trial medication in Victor's bloodstream. Rey theorized that it had been an accidental overdose, but Paul declared that they were officially investigating Victor's death as a possible homicide.

At Society, Devon reeled from the thought that Victor had been fine one minute and not the next. Nate explained that Victor had been undergoing experimental treatment, and there had been complications. Devon numbly noted that he'd known Victor since Devon had been a teenager, and Nate imagined that it was tough to mourn someone else so soon after losing Neil. Devon swore that he wouldn't fall apart, so Nate didn't have to hide his own feelings.

Nate conceded that losing a patient was always sad, but it was part of the job. Devon offered to take Nate's mind off things by playing some basketball, but Nate knew that Devon had to prepare to meet with the lawyer about Katherine's will. Devon expected that it wouldn't be a big deal. Jill overheard and warned that she wouldn't count on it, since Victor's death had proven that anything was possible.

Jill recalled that Victor could be a "real bastard" sometimes, but she suspected that he would have taken that as a compliment. She fondly remembered being ready to strangle him before he'd make a grand, perfect gesture to make her fall in love with him all over again. Devon referred to when Victor had sold Chancellor Industries back to Jill, and Jill was eternally grateful for that and for Victor. Devon envisioned Neil, Hilary, Dru, Katherine, and Victor looking down on them, and Jill imagined that Katherine was ranting and raving about how they were screwing things up in her absence.

Jill anticipated that Victor's death would change everything by leaving a massive void at the top of Genoa City's food chain, and people would be clamoring to fill the void -- including Devon. Devon confirmed that he wouldn't hesitate to seize business opportunities, but he would never be another Victor Newman. Jill was sure that Victor had taken steps to preserve his legacy and that the struggle over Victor's estate would dwarf whatever was going on with Katherine's will.

After Nate departed, Devon told Jill that Nate was taking Victor's death harder than he was letting on, but Devon was sure that his cousin would be fine. Jill observed that Devon seemed confident about everything that day, and Devon looked forward to finally meeting with the lawyer and refuting whatever the claim was. He referred to the bequests and gifts Katherine had left to the people she'd loved, and he thought anyone who'd known Katherine would agree that the will had been authentic. Devon added that Victor had taught him how to handle his wealth, and the best way to honor Victor's memory would be to put those lessons to good use.

Devon asked if Jill had heard from Chance, but she hadn't. Devon inquired about Tucker, but Jill couldn't fathom that Tucker would hurt Devon by contesting Katherine's will. Devon figured that there was no point in speculating, and Jill turned the topic to how the rest of his life was going. Devon reported that Hamilton-Winters was doing great, he co-owned the hottest restaurant in town, and he had a smart, beautiful woman at his side. Jill was glad to see him happy, and Devon had no reason to think life wouldn't continue to get better.

Later, Devon sat at home, listening to jazz. The doorbell rang, and he opened it to a woman in a business suit. The woman was the spitting image of Hilary.

Adam frames Victoria for Victor's murder

Adam frames Victoria for Victor's murder

Friday, September 20, 2019

Devon stared in disbelief at the Hilary look-alike in his penthouse doorway. "What is this?" he asked, and the woman introduced herself as Amanda Sinclair. She mentioned that her assistant had confirmed that they had a meeting scheduled. Devon regained his composure and invited her in, but he was clearly spooked.

Devon remained speechless as Amanda pulled out some paperwork, and she asked if everything was okay. He stammered that he was very unsettled by all of it, and she promised not to take up too much time. She informed him that she was there on behalf of her client, Philip Chancellor IV, about discrepancies in Katherine's will. She explained that Chance had made her aware of a different draft of Katherine's will and testament that hadn't bequeathed the bulk of her estate to Devon.

Devon asked how Chance had found Amanda, and she seemed puzzled by the question. Amanda contended that Chance had hired her because portions of Katherine's will hadn't reflected her true intentions, according to David Sherman, the attorney who'd handled Katherine's estate. Devon questioned why Sherman wasn't there to tell him that, and Amanda revealed that the lawyer had passed away after making a deathbed confession about changing Katherine's will. Amanda claimed that Tucker had paid Sherman to do it.

Devon requested proof behind Amanda's story, and she claimed that she had pages of Katherine's authentic will that she would forward to him. Devon protested that nothing Amanda was saying was real, since she was making accusations about his father and trashing his grandmother's legacy, and she looked like she looked. Amanda questioned what her appearance had to do with anything, and Devon again demanded to know where Chance had found her. She wondered why Devon kept asking that, and he asked if her name was really Amanda Sinclair. He asked if she was an actor or if she just had the looks to play the part.

Amanda defended that she'd worked hard for her degree and graduated at the top of her class. Devon informed her that she looked exactly like his late wife, and he doubted that it was a coincidence that a dead ringer had shown up on his doorstep. Amanda said she was sorry for his loss, but she'd had no idea that she resembled his late wife, and she was only there to discuss the legitimacy of Katherine's will. Devon testily asked whether she expected him to fall for the story like an idiot.

Amanda surmised that it wasn't a good time, and Devon pressed to know who she really was. She handed him a business card with her contact information, and she invited him to reach out when he'd like to have a calm, rational conversation. She added that she was staying at the Grand Phoenix, and she told him to take care of himself. Amanda departed, and Devon reeled.

At Jabot, Kyle inquired about his father's trip. Jack was glad that he'd taken the time to ponder the meaning of life, but he'd been shocked to return home to the news of Victor's death. Jack called Victor a complicated man who'd made life interesting, and Kyle considered it a reminder to appreciate the people they had in their lives. Kyle acknowledged that he was lucky to work with his family every day, and Jack said it was why they needed to discuss something.

Jack admitted that he'd peeked in on Jabot via the Internet, and he'd been very impressed with the way Kyle had handled the Grand Phoenix situation. Jack commended Kyle for keeping everything else running like clockwork, and he wondered how it had felt to be CEO. Kyle described it as exciting and terrifying, but he'd loved every minute of it. Jack suspected that Billy might be away for a while, and he wanted to keep Kyle on as his right-hand man. Kyle said he'd be honored, and the men embraced.

Jack was pleased that Kyle had kept everything moving forward in his absence, but he warned that just one person with ulterior motives could make the whole thing go up in smoke. Kyle pointed out that they'd survived the Grand Phoenix opening, and he credited Summer for stepping up. Jack inquired how she was handling Victor's death, and Kyle imagined that she was heartbroken. Jack wondered if things had changed to the point where Kyle didn't know how to help a friend when her grandfather had died. Jack was sure that Summer would like to hear from Kyle, and he encouraged Kyle to be the person she needed him to be -- a good friend.

Summer and Theo walked through Chancellor Park, and she considered it sweet that he'd called. Summer recalled that Victor had been the ultimate alpha male -- strong and protective. Theo remarked that Victor sounded like a "hell of a guy," and he assured Summer that he'd be there for whatever she needed. She seemed skeptical, and he questioned whether she thought he had no depth behind his devastatingly handsome fašade. Theo contended that he might not know exactly what she was going through, but he understood how she felt.

Theo recounted that his dad had been a union delegate who had treated everyone with dignity and kindness but had also ruled with an iron fist. Theo shared that his family hadn't had a lot of money, but his dad had been proud of his job and their small house. He remembered his father saying that one could be the richest man in the world and still be poor if he didn't have integrity. Theo reflected back on returning home from school one day and finding the kitchen full of his dad's friends, and he'd known his dad had been gone when no one would look him in the eye.

Theo revealed that he'd been 15 when his father had suffered a heart attack, and they'd spent the years prior arguing over Theo wanting more than to be just like his dad. Theo had wished he could take back the things he'd said, but all he'd been able to think about was whether his father had known how much Theo had loved him. Theo added that he'd still give anything to see his dad's face or hear his voice one more time and tell him how proud Theo had been to be his son.

Theo explained that it was why he made the most of every minute and always had to grab for the brass ring. Summer felt like she was finally getting to know the real Theo, and she saw that he actually had a heart under his hip exterior. Her phone chimed, and she reported that Kyle wanted to talk to her, but she didn't know what it was about. Theo bet that Kyle couldn't get her off his mind, since Kyle had never gotten over her and never would. She maintained that she and Kyle were just friends, and Theo muttered, "Whatever you say."

Summer burst into Jabot and apologized for not calling in. Kyle assured her that the most important thing was that she took care of herself, since he knew how much Victor had meant to her. He said he was sorry, and she tearfully hugged him. Summer wailed that she'd never thought she could miss someone that much, but Victor had been a big presence in her life, always protecting and guiding her. She couldn't stop thinking about Victor's laugh and hugs, and how he'd always made her feel like the only person in the room.

Summer bemoaned that she couldn't talk to her dad about it, and her mom had hated Victor, so her words would fall on deaf ears. Kyle liked to think he was a decent listener, but Summer didn't want to be a burden. He pointed out that he'd cared about Victor, too, so he understood if she wanted to share her memories or scream about how unfair it was. He swore that he would always be there for her, and she thanked him.

At Nick's house, Sharon expressed her condolences to Nick. She relayed that a heartbroken Faith had sent her love, and she mentioned that Faith planned to play chess in her grandfather's honor. Nick reported that Noah had wanted to return home, but Nick had told him to hang tight until they'd planned a formal service. Sharon asked how Nick was doing, and he couldn't believe that Victor had been sitting there and talking one second but had been gone the next. Sharon called Victor's death tragic, and Nick agreed, since it had been Adam's fault.

Sharon understood that Nick wanted to have a scapegoat, but she encouraged him to step back. Nick testily surmised that Adam had gotten to her -- again. Nick recalled that one of the reasons Sharon had left town had been to get away from Adam, but she'd returned and run straight to him. Sharon swore that it wasn't what had happened, but she had witnessed Rey interrogating Adam. Nick was sure Rey had had good reason, but Sharon was appalled that Rey had accused Adam of murder.

Sharon cited how much Adam had been suffering. Nick growled that they were all suffering because of Adam, and he wasn't buying Adam's bereavement after Adam had threatened Victor and their entire family. Sharon swore that Adam hadn't wanted Victor dead. Nick figured that Adam couldn't use Christian anymore, so Adam was using Victor's death to soften her up by claiming that she was the only person he could turn to. Nick suspected that Adam was playing the victim because he knew she'd go to the rescue, not because he was grieving.

Nick imagined that Adam was terrified that the police were closing in and that he would have to pay for what he'd done. Nick didn't want Sharon to get caught in the middle, and he vowed not to let Adam hurt her ever again. She promised that she'd moved on, and Nick advised that the more distance she put between herself and Adam, the better off she'd be.

Chelsea was surprised to see Adam at the Grand Phoenix. He asked whether she hadn't received his messages or if she was attempting to avoid him, and he insisted on seeing Connor that day. She didn't think it was the best idea, and he wondered what had changed since her display of kindness and compassion the day before. Chelsea asserted that Adam deserved time alone to deal with what had happened, but he countered that the best thing for him would be to spend time with his son. He assumed that she'd listened to Nick instead of her heart, and Nick had floated the idea that Adam had been responsible for Victor's death.

Chelsea contended that it was her duty to protect Connor, and she revealed that she hadn't told him about his grandfather's death, since he'd been through enough between Calvin's death and finding out Adam was alive. Adam lectured that they couldn't raise a strong kid by telling lies, and they had to handle it the best way they could. Chelsea doubted Adam was doing that, since he didn't seem like himself. Adam barked that his father had just died, and he begged her not to keep him from the one person he loved more than anyone on earth. Chelsea insisted that it was the way things had to be for then, and she hoped he understood.

Chelsea returned home and discovered that Nick had been working out. He explained that it had kept him from punching a hole in the wall, since he'd seen Sharon, and she couldn't believe that Adam had had anything to do with Victor's death. Chelsea reported that Adam had tracked her down, and she'd stood by her decision not to let him see Connor. Nick hated that she and Connor had been dragged in, and he wondered what he could do to make it up to her. Chelsea proposed that they stop the clocks, block out the rest of world, and just be together in the moment.

Chelsea rubbed Nick's shoulders, and he moaned that she knew exactly what he'd needed. She cooed that it was just the beginning, since she had a lot of surprises up her sleeve. He recognized that she had her hands full with the hotel and Connor, but she informed him that the rules of their interlude included having no meaningful conversation. He insisted on saying one more thing -- he loved her. She replied that she loved him, too, and they kissed.

Phyllis arrived at Adam's penthouse and observed that Adam looked "like hell." She mentioned that she'd left her keys there, and she was either brave or stupid to return after their encounter the night before. She implied that maybe she was desperate for company, and Adam assumed that she'd gotten the cold shoulder from the heir apparent. Phyllis thought that perhaps Adam needed a friend, since she knew what it was like to lose somebody. He offered to let her stay -- but only until he found something better. She griped that he needed to work on his invitation skills.

Adam reflected back on how crazy the chain of events had unfolded in his plan to get revenge. Phyllis hoped he'd kept her name out of it, and he promised that he'd covered all the bases. She wondered how he would have taken over the company if everything had gone according to plan, since she'd been looking forward to the "hell" that would have rained down on the Newmans. Adam simply handed over her keys and noted that she'd gotten what she was there for. She started to leave, but she stopped and asked whether his plan was still in motion or if it had reached a screeching halt.

Later, at the bar at the Grand Phoenix, Jack asked if the seat next to Phyllis was taken, and she replied that it was his if he wanted it. She guessed that he'd heard about the grand opening, and she sourly noted that the Abbotts liked to steal her ideas before hanging her out to dry, but she'd ended up on top that time. He wondered if she was there to drown her sorrows or celebrate Victor's demise. "Both," she replied.

Phyllis hated what Victor's death was doing to Summer, Nick, and other people, but there was "no way in hell" that she was grieving the loss. She confided that she'd cried every time she'd seen Victor's face or heard his name because she'd remembered what he'd done to her and her marriage. Jack shared that he'd let go of the hurt long before, and he'd thought she'd moved on, too. She explained that she'd just had to suppress her rage whenever she'd been around Victor, and Jack pointed out that Victor couldn't hurt anyone ever again. Phyllis worried that a man like Victor was never really gone, since he'd cast a shadow over every life he'd touched for a very long time.

At Crimson Lights, Paul and Rey approached Ms. Fuller, the woman who'd obtained the high-dosage pills for Adam. Paul explained that someone had tampered with Victor's medication, and the lab had determined that the pills had contained a double dose of an experimental drug. Rey added that the medication was only available through the hospital pharmacy, where the woman worked. Ms. Fuller pointed out that she wasn't the only one who worked there, but Paul warned that she was at the top of their list. Rey ominously stated that if she was the person who'd prepared the pills, it was time to tell them who she'd supplied the pills to, since that person had been responsible for Victor's death.

Ms. Fuller contended that there was no proof that she'd done anything wrong, and Rey vowed to find out who had done it, with or without her help. Paul pointed out that they were talking about the Newman family, so the police department would spare no expense getting justice for Victor's murder. Rey suggested that they continue their conversation at the station, and Paul threatened to call Ms. Fuller's coworkers and let them know that she was involved in a police investigation. She offered to give them relevant information in exchange for immunity.

Over the phone, Rey told Michael that the pharmacist wanted full immunity and that it might be the only way to nail the murderer to the wall. Michael promised to make it happen, and Rey had a hunch that they'd be visiting Adam once they were finished. Rey announced that the D.A. had agreed to full immunity for Ms. Fuller's cooperation and testimony. The pharmacist admitted that she'd made the capsules and forged the label on the bottle to be identical to Victor's original prescription. Paul asked her who had told her to do it, and she replied that it had been Victor's kid -- Victoria Newman.

Paul and Rey found Victoria at her home and told her about Ms. Fuller's accusations. Victoria insisted that the pharmacist was lying, and Paul regretted that he needed to follow the lead. He offered to get a warrant, but Victoria said there was no need, since she had nothing to hide. A short time later, Rey declared that Victoria's home was all clear. Paul indicated that they also had a warrant to search Newman's offices, and Victoria preferred to get it over with so that they could focus on arresting the "bastard" who'd killed her father -- Adam.

In the park, Michael called Adam and revealed that Paul had requested immunity as predicted, and he'd granted it. Adam was pleased.

Paul and Rey searched the CEO's office at Newman. Victoria snapped that she had work to do, and Paul expected that it wouldn't take much longer. Paul pulled out a bottle of Victor's prescription medication from a desk drawer. Victoria asked what they'd found, and Paul held up Nate's tablet. Victoria looked stricken.



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