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Victoria was arrested. Adam was tortured by the thought that he'd killed his own father. Adam ordered Sharon out of his life when she couldn't say she loved him. Adam decided to leave town, devastating Connor with the news. Adam learned that Victor was alive.
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Victoria was arrested for Victor's death -- but Victor was very much alive
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Nikki tells someone that their plan has gone terribly wrong Nikki tells someone that their plan has gone terribly wrong

Monday, September 23, 2019

At the Newman ranch, Victoria told Billy and Nikki about Paul finding Nate's tablet and a bottle of prescription pills in her desk at Newman Enterprises. Billy said Adam had planted the evidence. Victoria agreed and said that by setting her up, Adam knew it would create a scandal at Newman Enterprises. Nikki was shocked, but Victoria noted that Adam would rather sit back and watch his own father die. Jack quietly entered and said he'd stopped by to see how everyone was coping and added, "I have to admit, this is not what I expected."

Jack asked Victoria, Nikki, Nick, and Billy why they believed Adam was responsible for Victor's death, because Victor had been ill and could have died from natural causes. Nikki explained that evidence indicated other factors that the police were investigating. Jack remained convinced that Adam wouldn't kill his own father. Victoria pointed out that Adam had changed since Jack had last been close to him.

Jack approached Billy and applauded him for seeking treatment for his gambling addiction before it had gotten out of hand. Billy explained that talking through his issues had helped him realize what he had to be grateful for. Billy added that he was glad he could support Victoria and Nikki. Jack agreed and said they should all focus on honoring Victor's legacy and let the authorities determine whether someone else was to blame.

At Nick's house, Nick told Chelsea that Paul and Rey hadn't arrested Victoria because they knew she'd been a victim of a set-up. Nick added that Victoria was the last person in the world who'd ever hurt their dad. Chelsea said she didn't want to believe Adam would hurt Victor, either. Nick insisted that Adam was guilty because it was the only explanation that made sense. Chelsea expressed concern about Adam's urgent messages requesting visits with Connor. Chelsea added that, so far, all evidence was based on suspicions, and she wasn't sure how long she could keep Adam away.

Nick and Chelsea discussed telling Connor about Victor before the child heard the news elsewhere. Chelsea cried that if Adam had been involved with Victor's death, it would level her little boy. Nick explained that if Connor knew the truth, it would make it easier for him to understand why he couldn't have a relationship with Adam. Chelsea cried that part of her wanted to grab Connor and run. Nick embraced Chelsea and vowed to be supportive for her and Connor every step of the way.

After Nick left, Adam phoned Chelsea. Adam demanded to know why she hadn't responded to his text messages. Chelsea said Adam knew why she was reluctant to let Connor spend time with him. Adam said Chelsea shouldn't let Nick convince her that he was a danger to Connor. Adam cried that he needed to see his son.

Michael stopped by Adam's penthouse and greeted Adam with, "Even super-villains take the occasional day off." Michael explained that he'd arranged for immunity for a pharmacist who'd tampered with the late Victor Newman's medication. Adam replied that the pharmacist had provided information useful to the police. Michael told Adam that the pharmacist had admitted to providing a phony prescription with Victor's name on it and had then claimed that Victoria Newman had paid her to do it. Michael added that the plan appeared to have worked well for him. Adam, angry, replied that nothing about it had worked well for him because his father was dead from having taken the pills.

Adam demanded to know why Victoria hadn't yet been arrested after police had found Nate's tablet and the pills and had conducted toxicology tests proving the existence of an increased dosage in Victor's bloodstream. Michael said Victoria had no motive to kill her father. Adam began threatening Michael and said, "One phone call, and your son goes to jail, where Victoria should be. You're the D.A. Make it happen!" Michael glared at Adam before walking out without responding.

At Chancellor Park, Chelsea took Connor to visit Adam. While Connor paused to tie his shoe, Chelsea spoke privately with Adam and said she hadn't yet broken the news about Victor to Connor. Adam said it was time to tell Connor, and Adam offered to help Connor get through it if Chelsea would allow him to. Chelsea begged Adam to take one step at a time. Adam said all he wanted was to be with Connor because the boy was the only family he had left. Chelsea told Adam she understood how difficult it was for him to watch the Newmans grieve together while shutting him out. Adam didn't respond and rushed to embrace Connor.

After playing catch, Adam told Connor he'd always be the greatest kid who ever lived. Connor replied, "And you'll always be the greatest dad." After Connor heard the ice cream truck nearby, Adam gave him money to buy three ice creams. After Connor walked away, Adam told Chelsea that being with Connor was all he wanted. Adam insisted on being with Connor when the boy found out about Victor. Chelsea said she wasn't sure that was best.

Adam told Chelsea that Nick was trying to plant a narrative in Chelsea's mind to blame Adam for Victor's death. Chelsea asked Adam if he was saying he wasn't the one who'd tampered with Victor's medication. Adam said all signs pointed to Victoria. Chelsea insisted Victoria would never hurt her father. Adam asked Chelsea if she thought he could. Chelsea reminded Adam that he'd recently told the police that she'd killed her husband. Adam said he'd lied because she'd hurt him. Chelsea glared at Adam until Connor returned with ice cream. Connor told Adam he'd missed his father. Adam became emotional and told Connor that Victor had passed away. Connor embraced Adam in grief.

Michael met with Lauren at Crimson Lights. Lauren informed Michael that Fenmore was settling in at rehab and felt ashamed about screwing up. Lauren said Devon had agreed to allow Fen to rejoin the tour as soon as he recovered. Michael said perhaps he should be glad that Adam had mentioned what Fen had been up to. Lauren, seething, replied, "He wanted to send our son to jail. I'm ready to go after that son of a bitch myself." Michael nixed Lauren's plan and said he didn't want her anywhere near Adam Newman. Lauren cried that Adam was a danger to their family and had used Michael's love for Kevin to get Michael to do his bidding. Michael replied, "I found a way out of that."

Lauren told Michael she'd had enough. Michael assured Lauren he felt the same way because it turned his stomach to think about all he'd done for Adam. Lauren was determined for them to find a way to make Adam pay for what he'd done to them. Michael said it would be tricky because Adam always seemed to be ahead of the game and didn't care who got hurt. Lauren replied, "I'm not afraid of Adam Newman."

Michael warned that there was no line that Adam wouldn't cross. Michael added that Adam wanted him to charge Victoria with Victor's murder. Michael told Lauren that Victor's medication had been altered, and the side effects had killed him. Michael added that it was why Adam had demanded immunity for the pharmacist. Lauren replied, "So she could point the finger at Victoria." Michael said he was certain that Adam had paid the pharmacist to do it.

Lauren cried that Adam had killed his father and was framing Victoria. Michael sadly added, "And I'm helping him." Lauren reminded Michael that Adam had given him no other choice. Michael replied, "I have a choice now, and I know what I'm going to do."

At Devon's penthouse, Elena asked Devon about the meeting concerning Katherine's will. Devon replied that Chance had questioned the will. The lawyer, Devon added, had claimed that the version of the will bequeathing the bulk of the estate to him was fraudulent. Supposedly, Devon said, Katherine's attorney, now deceased, had been bribed by Tucker McCall to alter the will. Elena asked how Chance fit into the story. Devon admitted that he didn't know. Elena insisted it was a ploy to rattle Devon. Devon replied, "I'm not rattled, so good luck with that."

Devon agreed with Elena about the sketchy challenge and noted that the attorney had admitted she'd never even met Chance in person. Devon read aloud portions of Katherine's will and noted that he was certain by the wording that his grandmother had dictated the will. Devon said he'd been shocked when he'd learn that he'd been left $2,475,000,000, and his stomach had dropped. Elena said she was shocked, too, because it was the first time she'd heard how much money Devon had inherited. Devon vowed not to sit back without challenging Chance and his attorney.

After Devon left, Nate stopped by. Nate asked Elena about Devon's meeting with the attorney. Elena said it was weird and that Devon hoped to get it resolved quickly. Elena offered to support Nate in dealing with the loss of Victor. Nate said he was still processing what had happened. Elena assured Nate that he'd been an excellent, caring doctor for Victor.

At Crimson Lights, attorney Amanda Sinclair rushed to the privacy of the patio. Leaving a phone message for someone, Amanda said, "Quit dodging my calls. We need to talk about this dead wife thing. I can't move forward until I hear from you." After Amanda ended the call, she looked behind her to ensure that no one had overheard.

Devon met with Jill at the Grand Phoenix. Devon said that Amanda had claimed that Tucker had arranged for pages in Katherine's will to be switched. Jill asked about Tucker's response. Devon said he couldn't reach Tucker. Jill told Devon that Chance hadn't returned any of her calls. Devon said the whole thing sounded like a shakedown to him. Jill agreed and insisted that Chance would never be involved in such a scheme. Devon suggested that someone could be using Chance's name to pull a scam. Jill suggested that Amanda Sinclair could be behind the whole thing.

Devon told Jill that Amanda Sinclair looked exactly like Hilary. Devon added that whoever had sent Amanda was trying to mess with him. Jill suggested that Amanda had researched Devon's life, concocted a story, and pulled Chance into it. Devon said he would uncover the truth and asked Jill to let him know when she made contact with Chance. Jill added that she would honor Katherine's wishes as expressed in the will.

After Jill left, Devon turned and saw Amanda standing behind him. Amanda asked Devon if he'd checked the veracity of Mr. Chancellor's claim. Devon said he couldn't verify anything because Amanda didn't have proof to back it up. Devon said he'd tried to contact Tucker, but Tucker was unreachable. Devon added that it all seemed too convenient to him. Amanda told Devon he'd see all the proof he'd need soon and advised him to consult an attorney. Devon replied, "Is that a tip, or is that a threat?"

Amanda explained that Chance had no intention to taking legal action, as long as Devon had had no prior knowledge of Tucker's intention to defraud. Devon replied, "You're going to talk to me about fraud with a straight face -- with that face that you have right now? I don't want you to tell me that you don't know you look like my late wife. All right? Just tell me what you're after."

Devon warned Amanda to stay away from him, his family, and everyone he worked with. Devon warned that he had billions of dollars to fight back. Amanda smoothed Devon's collar and replied, "Not for long." After Amanda stepped away, she phoned the person she'd left a message for earlier and demanded he or she call back because the clock was ticking. As Amanda approached the exit, Nate saw her and was taken aback. Nate continued to stare, speechless.

Nick met with Nikki, Victoria, and Billy at Society. Nick said he should have known that Victor's death would be big news. Victoria said she was glad they'd had time to deal with it privately before the onslaught of attention. Nick told them how Chelsea was dreading breaking the news to Connor. Victoria cried that Connor would be heartbroken to learn what Adam had done. Nikki noted that Adam had done a terrible thing to Victor and was using it to try to frame his sister. Billy noted that the police had blamed the right person and would send Adam to jail to get him out of their lives for good.

Nick explained that cutting Adam out wouldn't be as simple for Chelsea because Adam was demanding to see Connor. Nick warned that with Adam, they should be prepared for anything he might do. Rey approached. Nick said, "Please tell me you linked that planted evidence to Adam." Rey replied, "I'm sorry. Victoria Newman, I have a warrant for your arrest." Nikki gasped and threatened to sue the police department. Rey said he had no choice.

Nick defended Victoria and said Rey knew Adam was responsible. Rey explained that all the evidence pointed to Victoria. Rey added that he couldn't ignore a court order. Billy cried, "Oh, and you can't help but make a public spectacle of it instead of honoring her privacy and letting her talk to her children before hauling her down to the station?" Victoria remained calm and said Rey was right about having no choice. Victoria turned so Rey could fasten her in handcuffs and recite the Miranda warning.

Nikki rushed back to the ranch and cried out, "Are you here? Something terrible has happened! It's all gone wrong." Nikki glanced down the hallway in both directions before reentering the living room. Victor stepped into the room and stood face to face with Nikki. Victor looked concerned about Nikki's distressing news.

Jack shares a rare close moment with Dina Jack shares a rare close moment with Dina

Tuesday, September 24, 2019

At the Abbott mansion, Jack read an article about Victoria's arrest aloud, quoting Paul's characterization of the evidence as "damning and compelling." Traci was stunned, and Jack noted that Victoria had always been loyal to a fault, no matter what Victor had done to her. Traci lectured that there was a limit to what even good people could take, and she cited how Ashley had lashed out at Jack after years of feeling second best. Traci didn't want to believe that Victoria was capable of murder, but she figured that the police didn't arrest people for no good reason. Jack suspected that there had to be more to it.

Jack believed that Victor had done the right thing by putting Victoria in charge of Newman, and she'd had everything she'd ever wanted. Traci speculated that something had been going on that no one else but Victor and Victoria had known about. Jack reflected back on his last conversation with Victor at Society, which had been momentous because it had been so civilized. Jack understood that Victor had stepped back because of his illness, and Victor had seemed at peace with the decision.

Jack believed that Victor's ego hadn't allowed him to admit that he hadn't been up to the task, but Victor had played it off like he'd been humoring Nikki by devoting his attention to his recovery. Jack had seen the effect the illness had had on Victor, and he pondered whether it had been a lot worse than Victor had ever let on. Jack considered the suddenness of Victor's passing, and he questioned whether Victor had decided that he hadn't wanted to live if he couldn't have control over his life. Jack thought about Dina and everything she was going through, and he realized that every moment was precious.

In Chancellor Park, Jack helped Dina to a park bench and placed a shawl around her shoulders. He suggested that they stop off to pick up cider and cookies to take back to her room, but she remained silent and distant. Jack mentioned that he'd been talking with Traci about Victor earlier, and he'd always thought Dina and Victor had had a lot in common, being smart, tough, and successful in business, yet having difficult relationships with their families.

Jack remembered a time when he'd thought he'd never be able to forgive what Victor had done to him and his family, but he'd finally realized that he'd been nurturing all that anger and letting it become part of who he was. He declared that he'd never felt more liberated than the day he'd let it all go. Dina stared off into space, and Jack led her away to get some cookies.

Later, Jack and Dina returned to the park, but she remained unresponsive. He told her about his trip to Sedona to take time to reflect and said he'd learned something important about her in the process. She flinched when he moved to kiss her on the head. Jack explained that he'd looked at Dina's life through the lens of a broken kid for a long time, and all he'd been able think of had been how her actions had affected him, his dad, and the girls. He continued that he'd looked at things in a different way while he'd been away, and he'd tried to get a bigger picture of who Dina had been in the context of the times they'd lived in.

Jack said he'd thought about what had been expected of Dina and how few opportunities there had been for a young woman with a bright mind who'd needed more challenges and responsibilities. Jack had realized that she'd gone after things women weren't supposed to go after at the time because she'd wanted a bigger, fuller life. He admitted that he'd looked at it as a flaw for a very long time, but he'd since seen it as an act of true bravery. Jack knew that he'd judged Dina, and he'd told her more than once that he'd never forgive what she'd done.

Jack didn't know if Dina could hear him or even recognize who he was, but he wanted to apologize for never giving her the credit she'd deserved for the amazing life she'd lived. He praised her incredible accomplishments and said he was proud of her and proud to be her son. He added that he loved her, and she gasped. "Jackie?" she called out, smiling as she reached out to touch his face. "I love you, too," she said, and he held her close.

Jack returned home and told Traci that Victor's death had inspired him to really talk to Dina. He relayed that he'd shared his epiphany about how he saw life in a whole new light, and he'd told Dina that he forgave her, admired her, and loved her. He considered it a miracle that Dina had looked him in the eye and told him that she loved him, too, and it had reminded him of what an incredible life she'd actually lived. He recounted that it had hit him that their family had an incredible story, and he'd "be damned" if obituaries were the only record of the Abbott legacy. He decided to write down the story of their family, and he needed Traci's help to do it. Traci thought it was a wonderful idea.

At the Newman ranch, Nikki theorized that Adam had planned from the beginning to kill Victor and plant evidence to frame Victoria. Victor surmised that Adam had thought he'd succeeded in doing both, since Victoria's name was being dragged through the mud, and she'd spent the night in jail. Nikki was aghast that Adam had been willing to go that far to pursue his vendetta. Victor regretted that setting a trap had put his family in jeopardy, and he questioned how he could live with himself.

Nikki pressed Victor to eat something, referring to Nate's specific instructions. Victor recognized that she was trying to look out for him, but he didn't think he could eat a bite. Billy walked in and demanded to know "what the hell" had happened. Billy griped that he'd gone along with the plan because he loved Victoria and had put his faith in Victor, but the mother of his children was in jail. Nikki insisted that they were as shocked as Billy was, and Victor suggested that Billy stop venting and think about what they should do.

Billy thought the point of the charade was to get Adam to slip up and confess. He guessed that Victor was having a hard time accepting that his son had wanted him dead, so Victor was holding onto the illusion that Adam was a decent person. Victor contended that Adam desperately needed help, although he didn't expect Billy to feel any compassion. Nikki swore that they didn't fault Billy for that, and she encouraged Billy to work with them, not against them. Billy warned that the game had changed, and it had become dangerous, with Victoria stuck in the middle. Billy vowed to protect her if the Newmans wouldn't.

Nikki asserted that they were all on the same page where Adam was concerned, and they had to work together to protect Victoria. Billy apologized for going off, and he sympathized that Adam's actions had been a blow to Victor. Nikki recognized that it hadn't been easy for Billy to deal with Adam's resurrection, and Victor added that he'd witnessed Billy "going through hell" lately. Billy answered a call from Victoria, who was waiting to be arraigned, and she wasn't sure why it was taking that long. Billy mentioned that he'd been talking strategy with her parents, and he proposed that they scrap the plan. Victoria ordered them not to do anything until she was out.

Billy waited impatiently for an update, and he worried about what was causing the delay. Billy pointed out that Adam might be making things difficult, and he speculated that Adam had gotten Michael installed as the new D.A. because Adam had leverage over him. Nikki urged Billy to trust Victoria to handle herself. Billy groused that it was Adam he didn't trust.

Victoria arrived at the ranch, and Nikki and Victor embraced her. Billy asked why the arraignment had been delayed, and Victoria reported that her lawyer hadn't wanted to discuss it because other people had been within earshot. Victor revealed that Billy thought Adam had manipulated her case, but Victoria pointed out that she wasn't in legal jeopardy because Victor was alive. Billy argued that Adam didn't know that, and Victor informed Victoria that Billy had been lobbying all morning to end their plan. Victoria opined that there was too much at stake to pull the plug when they had Adam right where they wanted him.

Billy doubted that Adam had any remorse about allegedly murdering Victor, and he anticipated that Adam wouldn't stop going after Victoria if she was acquitted. Victoria had a gut feeling that Adam would botch things, so they had to keep pretending Victor was dead for a little longer. Nikki agreed to keep the masquerade going, but Billy seemed disconcerted. Victor suggested that they watch and see what Adam did with Victoria out on bail.

Later, Billy privately told Victoria that he'd accepted that he'd been outvoted, and he agreed to stay the course and wait for Adam to screw up. Victoria was concerned that it would be too much for Billy to be around Adam, since it might derail Billy's progress. Billy pledged to be the man Victoria needed and the father his children needed, and he refused to let Victoria fight Adam on her own. Billy added that the circumstances had changed when Adam had gone after her, and he considered Adam to be a huge threat. He insisted that he and Victoria were stronger together, and they kissed.

At Crimson Lights, Sharon made a beeline for Rey when he walked in. She rambled about Victoria's arrest and wondered if he seriously believed that Victoria had committed the crime. Rey stated that it was his job to follow the evidence, wherever it led. Sharon begged him to be straight with her, since he'd been accusing Adam when she'd last seen Rey. Rey shared that the police had received a tip about Victoria purchasing altered medication, and they'd subsequently found Victor's pills and Nate's stolen tablet with Victor's medical records in Victoria's desk. Rey remarked that all the evidence was there, and Sharon realized that he thought Victoria had been set up.

Sharon guessed that Rey still thought Adam had taken Victor's life, and she asked if Rey had any proof. Rey replied that he had nothing that would hold up in court, and Sharon argued that Adam hadn't had a motive. Rey countered that Adam had been at odds with his dad for most of his life, but Sharon was sure that Adam wouldn't cross the line without a reason. Rey grumbled that Adam woke up every day, looking to cross the line. Sharon voiced surprise that Rey had been assigned to the case, given his animosity. She worried that he'd be biased, and she wondered if he could keep his personal feelings about Adam out of the case.

Rey swore that he'd accepted what had happened between him and Sharon, and he was committed to separating his personal life from his job. Sharon understood how difficult that could be, but she'd always admired his integrity. Sharon reiterated that Victor and Adam had always had a complicated relationship, but she'd looked into Adam's eyes and believed him when he'd said he hadn't wanted Victor dead. Rey assumed that she wanted to believe that Adam had a conscience and a soul, but Adam had declared war by going after Nick's son and turning on people who hadn't done his bidding, like Chelsea.

Sharon defended that Adam had dropped the custody suit and that he'd been getting along with Chelsea. Sharon conceded that Adam could be emotional and impulsive, but he reined himself back in when he went too far. Rey was worried that Sharon had been drawn into Adam's web and that she'd end up as collateral damage, like Victoria had. Rey murmured that it was what he'd been trying to protect Sharon from all along, since he hadn't wanted her to get hurt, and he still didn't.

Sharon admitted that Rey could be right if Adam had been provoked enough to do something terrible. Rey reminded her that Adam had vowed to take down every Newman in his path, and he asked what more proof she needed. He realized that she still thought she could change Adam. "You can't," Rey flatly stated, and he exited the coffeehouse.

At his penthouse, Adam read an online article about Victoria being arrested for tampering with Victor's medication and the active police investigation into what had been ruled a homicide. Adam muttered that it wasn't supposed to have happened, since Victor wasn't supposed to have died. Adam continued reading about everything Victor had conquered to become a business legend and household name, only to have his life cut short by one of his own children. Adam stared despondently out the window.

Adam disdainfully read about the hundreds of millions of dollars Victor had donated to charitable causes. Adam accused Victor of throwing his money around when in doubt, and he growled that whoever had written the article hadn't known Victor at all. Adam griped that Victor's profile as a visionary builder of empires from humble origins was only half the story, since Victor had been a master manipulator, cold-blooded tyrant, and abusive control freak who'd liked to pit his kids against one another. Adam hissed that the supposedly loving father had turned on his own son by trying to put him down like a rabid dog by running him over in the road. "Why?" Adam bellowed.

Adam complained that the reporter didn't know the meaning of the word research, since they'd just cobbled together puff pieces from business rags. He scoffed at Victor being described as driven and admired, since it sounded like a car and not a person people wanted to know. Adam figured that Victor being labeled ruthless was half-true, since Victor had wanted everyone to think that. Adam snarled that it wasn't even close to the whole story.

Adam flashed back to being a young boy and declaring, "Happy birthday, Mr. Newman!" Adam had innocently inquired how old Victor was, and Victor had offered to explain after Adam opened a gift. Victor had presented Adam with boxing gloves and taught him how to defend himself. Adam's thoughts turned to being slightly older, when he'd seen Victor again and remembered meeting him before. Adam had recalled Victor gifting him with the boxing gloves and finding out that they shared the same first name. "How did it go so wrong?" Adam lamented.

Adam again flashed back to his youth, when he'd bet that Victor couldn't read a book as well as his dad had, and Victor had agreed to try. Later, Victor and Adam had played with a soccer ball, and Adam had chirped that he'd never known anyone with the same name as his. Hope had called it a wonderful, strong name, just like the kind of man Adam would grow up to be one day. "Like Daddy?" Adam had asked, and Hope had knowingly replied, "Yes, just like Daddy."

In the present, Adam wondered what would have happened if his mom had never made Victor swear to keep Adam's paternity a secret, so Adam would have known Victor was his dad while he'd been growing up instead of spending years trying to figure out who he was. Adam tearfully speculated that maybe none of it would have happened.

Adam used his phone to dictate a letter to the media. He admonished them for failing dismally in their feeble attempt to capture the life of Victor Newman, since there had been no mention of how cruel and controlling he could be, viciously turning on the people he'd claimed to love. Adam understood that the story of an impoverished mother having to choose between her sons and deciding to put Victor in an orphanage was clickbait, and perhaps it was why Victor hadn't wanted to choose between his own children, so he'd made them compete for his attention and love. Adam raged that the price of admission had been blind loyalty, and there had been consequences if Victor's children had challenged him.

Adam crowed that he'd always challenged his father, and once, his office had been moved to the men's room so Victor could make a point. Adam conceded that it had been funny, but most of the slights and constant put-downs hadn't been. Adam recalled that sometimes they'd gotten downright mean, but he and Victor had always managed to coexist. "Until..." Adam's voice trailed off, and he stopped recording and threw the phone aside. Adam said there had been just one more move in the game for him. He'd wanted the upper hand, but he hadn't wanted Victor gone. "Or did I?" a tortured Adam asked himself.

Adam stared at himself in the mirror and questioned whether he'd gotten what he'd wanted by becoming a man who'd killed his own father. He wondered how he could look his own kids in the eye again. The doorbell rang, and he found Sharon at the door. He asked why she was there, and she replied, "Because you need me."

Adam dismisses Sharon and says goodbye Adam dismisses Sharon and says goodbye

Wednesday, September 25, 2019

by Nel

Abby greeted Nikki and Victoria when they arrived at the Grand Phoenix. Victoria was worried that she'd start a scandal by being there, but Abby didn't care because she didn't believe that Victoria had tried to kill Victor. Victoria hoped their plan would work. Abby inquired about Victor, and Nikki assured her he was fine. Nikki was sorry that Abby had been dragged into the situation. Abby said she wished that Victor was on the same page regarding Adam as they were.

Nikki told Abby that it was hard for Victor to give up completely on Adam. Abby wondered if Victor still felt the same after Adam had tried to kill him. Nikki said that no matter how angry Victor became, he would never stop loving his children. Victoria said Victor was only setting himself up for another disappointment and that Adam had been lashing out at their family ever since he'd remembered he had a family. There was no reason he would stop.

After Abby left them, Nikki asked Victoria about Billy. Victoria said Billy was much better. She was thankful he'd been there for the kids when she'd been incarcerated. Jill joined them. She hugged Nikki and said how horrible the news was about Victor. She stated that Nikki had to be devastated. Jill said that she'd thought about Nikki's first wedding to Victor. He'd made sure that his bride, a former stripper, would be accepted by Genoa City's elite.

Jill told Nikki and Victoria that she couldn't believe Paul had arrested Victoria. Victoria said that there had been plenty of planted evidence. Nikki claimed that Paul had only been doing his job, and she had faith that everything would work out. Jill stated that Nikki had never counted on faith, but Jill would be raising hell. Nikki demanded that Jill stop because it was all they could do to get by each day. Jill apologized and said the situation had made her angry.

At the penthouse, Devon and Elena discussed her birthday party then talk turned to Amanda, the lawyer who had been to see Devon. He said that Amanda looked exactly like Hilary. She didn't just resemble Hilary; she could be Hilary's twin. Elena wanted to know why Devon hadn't told her sooner. Devon said he hadn't wanted her thinking he was seeing his dead wife again. Elena asked if he was sure they looked identical. Devon assured her that anyone who had known Hilary would agree. He didn't think it was a coincidence.

Elena asked if Chance had known about the resemblance and hired Amanda. Devon felt it was unlikely that Chance and Amanda hadn't met face to face. Whoever had sent Amanda had wanted to rattle him, but he had turned the tables. Devon stated he wouldn't be manipulated. At first, he'd thought his mind had been playing a trick on him, but he'd realized that someone else was. Elena said that if it had been intentional, it was incredibly cruel. Devon said it was someone with and agenda, and he intended to confront the person who was behind it.

At Crimson Lights, Kevin told Chloe that Victoria hadn't killed Victor. They had both seen how devastated she'd been when they had told her Victor had died. Chloe said she would bet her life that Adam had killed Victor. She wished there was some way she could clear Victoria's name. Kevin pointed out that they couldn't because they would have to explain their presence in the boathouse with Billy and Victoria. Chloe said they'd done everything to keep Billy out of trouble. Kevin assured her that eventually, Adam would get his.

Kevin told Chloe that Victoria was out of jail, and it meant that Michael didn't believe the charges would stick, otherwise Michael would have convinced a judge to keep Victoria in jail. He hoped Adam would make a mistake that would bring him down. Kevin and Chloe changed course and looked at photos of Bella. The discussed Jill's return to the mansion and the fact that Jill didn't know that Chloe had saved Billy. Kevin thought Chloe deserved a medal, but Chloe wanted a more personal reward.

Chloe and Kevin checked into a room at the Grand Phoenix under the name of Chloe Mitchell. Chloe and Kevin were delighted that Chloe was finally able to use her own name after she'd lived with so many aliases.

In Kevin and Chloe's suite, Chloe ordered Champagne to celebrate that she was able to use her real name. After Chloe and Kevin had made love, Chloe said she felt relaxed, and she couldn't recall when she'd been so happy. She thought the reason was that she'd found the person who understood her. She said that Kevin had proven that he had her back a thousand times over. Kevin said that the absence of fear and anxiety was the reason she was so relaxed. He was thankful that she hadn't given up on him, and he said he loved her.

At Crimson Lights, Nate and Elena sat at a table and discussed Devon. Elena said she was concerned about the Hilary look-alike. Nate said he'd seen Amanda Sinclair at the Grand Phoenix, and all he'd been able to do had been to stare at her. He said Amanda and Hilary could be twins. He claimed that someone was playing a sick game.

Billy arrived at the therapist's office. He told the therapist that part of him had believed he could handle his problems alone, but another part of him didn't want to get better. He said he wanted to be healthy, and he was ready to do the work. Billy told the therapist that he'd gone to someplace dark, destructive, and confusing. He'd been consumed in anger and grief over Delia's death. He explained that he would fall asleep, and he would wake up in someone else's home with no recollection of how he'd gotten there.

Billy told the therapist that he felt like he'd been two separate people who lived parallel lives -- one who barely functioned while the other was out of control, angry, and dangerous -- the worst part of himself. He said Victoria had helped him face it, and it had "scared the hell out of" him. The therapist asked if Billy believed that his other self was still lurking and ready to take over. Billy said he'd lost himself, and he couldn't let it happen again. He knew there was no easy fix. He admitted he would hate facing the hard truths about himself; however, his life was on the line, and he wanted to save it.

At the hotel, Jill asked Victoria about Billy. At that moment, Billy arrived, and he assured Jill he was fine. Jill took him aside to speak with him privately. She commented that he'd lost weight and that she was concerned about his mental health. Jill asked why he hadn't confided in her, and she asked if Billy didn't trust her. Billy assured her he was getting help. He admitted that Jill had been right; he and Victoria belonged together. He said that with his family together, he would make sure it all worked.

Moments later, Victoria asked Billy how his therapy session had gone. Billy said that a lot could be accomplished when he cooperated with the doctor. Victoria said she was delighted to see him happy and strong again. Billy said Victoria had been his rock, and he wanted to be hers.

Devon arrived at the hotel and offered Abby his condolences. Abby thanked him and claimed it was difficult to talk about. She asked about Elena's party. Devon said that, under the circumstances, they would stay home and celebrate, but Abby insisted that she needed the distraction of planning a party. Devon agreed to have the party.

Later, Jill asked Devon about Amanda. Devon admitted he'd seen her again. He had informed her he wasn't buying into her story about Katherine's will, and if she were smart, she would leave Genoa City. Devon hoped Amanda would leave because he never wanted to see her face again. Devon told Jill he hadn't heard from Tucker. Jill admitted that she hadn't heard from Chance, and she was worried about him. Devon claimed that Chance had something to hide, but Jill was certain that Chance wouldn't send a Hilary look-alike to torment Devon.

Devon told Jill that everyone who had anything to do with Katherine's will had disappeared. Jill maintained that Chance was an honest man, and he wouldn't have involved himself in a con. She was sorry that Devon had to go through that situation on his own, but Devon said he had Elena by his side. Jill said she also had his back because Katherine would have wanted her to look after him. She told Devon to send Amanda her way, and she would make sure Amanda didn't pull another one of her cons.

Alone with Nikki, Jill asked about the date and time of Victor's funeral. Nikki informed her that Nick had been making the arrangements.

Abby was happy to see Nate when he arrived at the hotel. Nate said that Elena kept checking in on him to make sure he was okay. Abby said Devon had been sweet and comforting. She hated lying to everyone. Nate agreed with her. Abby admitted that she'd hated when her family kept secrets from her. This time, she wished they'd kept their secret, but on the other hand, if they had kept the secret, she would be mourning her dad like Summer and everyone else who didn't know Victor was alive. Nate stated that, sooner or later, the truth would come out, and it would have its own set of problems.

Abby told Nate that she hated that Nate had been dragged into the ruse, but Nate assured her that no one had dragged him into anything. He understood what the consequences were. Abby was worried because, as a doctor, he could get into a lot of trouble. Nate said that his priority was to protect his patient, and he'd protected Victor from Adam. Abby said that, in her eyes, Nate was a hero. They kissed.

Sharon arrived at Adam's penthouse. She asked if he was okay. Adam said he wasn't because being alone with his thoughts had taken him to some dark places. Sharon suggested it was time for him to save himself. Adam asked how. She suggested that he make things right and clear Victoria's name. Adam asked if Sharon had joined the crowd of people who had accused him of trying to kill Victor.

Sharon asked Adam not to put words in her mouth. She had only asked him to help his sister. Sharon reminded him that Victoria was also grieving the loss of her father, and she was supporting Nikki and her kids. Victoria didn't need the added stress of trumped-up charges. Adam was the only one who could fix that. Adam claimed that Victoria had led the charge against him. She wouldn't appreciate his efforts. He asked what he'd get out of it. Sharon said he would get her. Adam asked if Sharon would be his grand prize for rescuing Victoria.

Sharon reminded Adam of the numerous times he'd claimed that if she was in his life, he would be a different man and that she could help him find his way back to being the person he was meant to be. He retorted that she'd shot him down and that she didn't want to be responsible for his choices. He asked what had changed. Sharon said that she couldn't stand on the sidelines while he pushed away his family, friends, and anyone else who tried to help him. Adam claimed that family had pushed him out the door. Sharon reminded him that he had threatened them.

Adam reminded Sharon that he had proposed marriage to her, and he wanted to know what she was offering to do for him. Sharon said she wanted to help him return to a normal life because she hated to see him the way he was. Adam asked Sharon if she loved him. When she didn't respond, Adam asked her to leave. He said that when she failed to respond, it told him everything he needed to know. Sharon claimed nothing in their relationship had been simple. She said she'd loved him, resented him, and needed him all in the same minute.

Adam asked Sharon what she felt at that moment. Sharon said she couldn't put it into words, but she wanted to help him as a friend or a coach. Adam said that was not enough because, as low and desperate as he felt, he wouldn't accept cautious rationing only to get a fraction of her. He said he loved her with his heart and soul, and he wouldn't accept anything less. If Sharon couldn't offer him all of herself, then he wanted her to leave and never return.

Adam opened the door for Sharon. In the doorway, Sharon warned Adam that he was making a mistake. Adam said that Sharon hadn't approached him to help him; she was there on Victoria's behalf. When Sharon said she cared about him, Adam said it wasn't enough. She claimed that Adam wouldn't be satisfied to have all of her. He would want her to give up her life, her home, and her family. Adam said they would have each other, and in the past, that had been enough to make her happy. Sharon said that at the time, she had been clinging to him, and he had made it seem okay for her to be at odds with everyone in her life. She couldn't do that again.

Adam told Sharon they were done. He had no intention of making peace with his family because it was too late. Sharon didn't believe that because she knew Adam could be the man he wanted to be. Adam asked Sharon if she would want a life with him if he changed. Rather than responding, Sharon asked him if he was happy with his empty life, or if he wanted something more. Adam said that the question sounded exactly like what she'd asked him in Vegas. She'd been the reason he'd returned to Genoa City. He said there had been a part of him that had trusted and believed her before he'd been able to remember what they had meant to each other -- or what she'd meant to him. It had been one-sided. He said goodbye, and Sharon left.

Mariah reels after running into Amanda Mariah reels after running into Amanda

Thursday, September 26, 2019

At the Grand Phoenix, Devon, Elena, Abby, Nate, Mariah, and Tessa retreated to the lounge after indulging in an amazing dinner to celebrate Elena's birthday. Devon popped open a bottle of Champagne, and he and Elena kissed. Devon declared that when he'd met Elena, he'd had no idea what she would do to his heart because he'd been in a dark place, but she'd saved his life. He added that he was excited to wake up every day because she'd given him something to look forward to, and he wanted to give her the whole world. Devon wished Elena a happy birthday, and the group clinked their glasses together.

Elena cooed that it was the sweetest thing Devon had ever said to her, and Devon replied that he was just getting warmed up. Devon privately told Mariah that he needed to talk to her, but she brushed him off to fetch Elena's gift from the car. Mariah headed to door and gasped when she ran into Amanda. Mariah demanded to know who Amanda was and "how the hell" she had that face. Amanda asserted that the face was 100 percent hers, and Mariah wondered if she was seeing a ghost.

Devon intervened and revealed that it was what he'd been trying to tell Mariah. Mariah begged to know what was going on. Amanda testily suggested that they get everyone who knew "this Hilary person" in the same room to gawk, ask inappropriate questions, and be done with it. Tessa griped that someone should have told Mariah that Hilary's double was walking around town. Amanda recognized Mariah, and she explained that after Devon had accused her of impersonating Hilary, she'd caught clips of Hilary and Mariah's TV show. Amanda conceded that she'd seen a vague resemblance.

Devon refused to believe that it was a coincidence, but Amanda huffed that it wasn't her problem. Mariah bristled at Amanda's lack of compassion, but Amanda scoffed at the idea that she was using her likeness to Hilary as a weapon against Devon. Mariah spat that it was a twisted game to mess with his head, but Amanda defended that she'd worked hard to put herself through law school, and she was only there to represent her client. Elena demanded that Amanda leave and let them enjoy their party. Amanda announced that she knew something Devon would want to hear, and she refused to leave until he listened to every word she had to say.

Amanda revealed that she'd received a text message from Chance, who wouldn't be able to meet them in Genoa City. She clarified that it only meant that he wouldn't be delivering the authentic pages in person, and he'd be sending them overnight instead. Amanda intended to call a meeting with the interested parties so that Katherine's actual wishes could finally be read. Amanda advised Devon to have a lawyer present, and Elena asked if that was a threat. Devon believed it was all a scam, and Amanda brusquely told them to enjoy their party. After Amanda left, Devon apologized to Mariah for not telling her about Amanda sooner, but Mariah was more worried about him. They hugged.

Abby suggested that the birthday party celebrants cut the cake, and she couldn't wait to see Elena's face when she opened Abby's gift. Elena opted to call it a night, since she had an early call at the hospital, and she was sure Abby had to check on her family. Nate thought it would be a shame to end on that note, but Elena encouraged them to go home and be with their loved ones, just like she was about to do. She thanked her friends for a wonderful evening, and the group said their goodbyes.

"Poor Devon," Mariah bemoaned. Tessa argued that Devon had had days to process, but Mariah had just found out that Hilary's look-alike was roaming around, so Mariah could stop pretending that it wasn't "hell" for her, too. Mariah admitted that she'd loved Hilary, and she wanted Amanda gone. Tessa sympathized that Amanda's presence had stirred up feelings, and Mariah fought back tears. Tessa assured her that it would be okay because the bad times never lasted forever, and she anticipated that once Amanda was done with Devon, Genoa City was the last place Amanda would want to be.

Devon and Elena returned home, and he ranted about Amanda telling him to get an attorney. Elena urged him not to let Amanda get to him, but Devon griped that Amanda already had by ruining Elena's birthday. Elena insisted that was impossible, since she had a pile of gifts and had shared an amazing dinner with friends. Devon presented her with a cupcake with a candle that he'd had sent over from Society, and he lit the candle.

Elena waited for Devon to break into song, but he insisted that he only sang backup. She closed her eyes and blew out the candle, and they kissed. She informed him that she'd wished that Katherine's will would be resolved quickly and that a certain someone would go back to wherever she came from. They embraced.

In the kitchen at Society, Lola handed Rey some takeout. She lectured that she had to make sure her big brother was eating, since he'd never solve a big case on fast food and coffee. Rey protested that he should be the one helping her, and Lola intended to seek him out when she needed assistance with getting out of parking tickets. She offered to provide double portions if he planned to follow up with any of the women he'd met at the Grand Phoenix party, but he informed her that he didn't need a matchmaker. He thanked her for dinner and headed out.

In the dining room, Sharon jokingly told Jack that they had to stop running into one another. He observed that she looked relaxed and glowing, like she had in Sedona. Sharon confided that she didn't feel that way, and Jack guessed that it was because of Victor. Sharon felt guilty about being miles away while the Newman family had lost the most important man in their lives. Jack was amazed by her empathy, given that the family hadn't been very kind to her. Sharon and Rey exchanged a glance as he exited the restaurant.

Sharon commented that she couldn't expect to be forgiven if she couldn't forgive, and she inquired whether Jack had talked to Adam about what had happened. Jack shared that he'd only spoken with Nikki, who was in shock. He had trouble believing that Victor's own flesh and blood would turn on him like that. Sharon recognized that Jack probably wouldn't miss Victor, but Jack relayed that he and Victor had managed to bury the hatchet -- and not in one another's backs. Jack imagined that Victor would always be a presence in their lives and that Victor would have gotten a kick out of always being a subject of conversation and rumor.

Jack reported that he'd apologized to Dina for judging her and not accepting her for who she was, and Sharon imagined that it had felt good to let go of the anger. Jack shared that reading Victor's obituary had inspired him to write the history of the Abbott family, and Traci had agreed to help him capture the good, the bad, and everything in between. He hoped to have more clarity about his family and himself by the time he was finished, and Sharon thought it sounded like it would be a wonderful adventure.

Jack wondered if Sharon's visit to Sedona had allowed her to better focus on anything. She thought she'd found answers about men -- or at least about Adam. She acknowledged that all she'd wanted to do was help Adam fix what was broken; however, nothing would ever work between them because they'd never be equal, and she'd given Adam her final answer the day before. Jack recalled that Sharon had also talked a lot about Rey, but Sharon preferred to tackle only one ex at a time.

Meanwhile, Theo entered the kitchen and greeted the chef. Lola snapped that he wasn't welcome there, but he pleaded with her to hear him out. She begrudgingly gave him one minute, and he said it was about Kyle. Lola referred to the Kyle who Theo was constantly trying to undermine, and Theo conceded that he had been a jerk. She ordered him to tell it to Kyle, but Theo wanted help getting his friend back. She warned him that she was holding a knife in her hand.

Theo recognized that Lola didn't like him, but he knew how much she meant to Kyle, so Theo had two people to win over. Lola barked that talk was cheap, and she suggested that Theo simply stop acting like a jerk. Theo claimed that he'd felt like he'd been getting left behind, so he'd wanted to get back at Kyle, and that was why he'd invited Zoe to town. Lola cried out when she cut her finger while chopping vegetables. Theo spotted the blood and promptly passed out.

A short time later, Theo stirred, and Lola handed him some water. Feigning concern, she asked if he might be pregnant, then held up her finger and assumed that he'd fainted because of the blood. She wondered if it had been an act to get on her good side, and he sarcastically replied that he'd looked in his crystal ball and seen that she'd be slicing her finger, so he'd made plans to be there to fall at her feet. Lola teased that she should have known that he was a big marshmallow, and she told him that he had to wait if he wanted to talk, since she had people to feed.

Later, Lola found Theo in the dining area. She gave him brownie points for admitting that he was a big scaredy-cat, and she cautiously gave him the benefit of the doubt about wanting to make up with Kyle. Lola urged Theo to be honest with her, and she noted that the cut had happened when he'd mentioned Zoe. Lola asked if anything had happened between Kyle and Zoe in New York, but Theo maintained that Zoe had simply glommed onto their group and hung out. Lola understood that Kyle had had a life before her, and she wondered who he'd been attracted to. Theo described Kyle's type as smart, beautiful women who were unafraid to speak their minds, like Lola.

Theo recognized that he'd been a total jerk for not believing that Kyle had finally settled down and grown up, and he chalked it up to wanting to hold onto a wingman who'd always had his back. Theo contended that Kyle didn't need to take a step back for them to be buds again; rather, Theo had to be the one to step up. Lola promised that she wouldn't get in the way as long as Theo respected her marriage, but he had to fix the rest by himself. He asked her to keep his secret about blood being his kryptonite. She balked, and he implied that she might need someone to keep something quiet for her one day. She agreed to have one secret, adding, "Scaredy-cat."

Sharon entered Crimson Lights and approached Rey at the counter. She recognized that he'd seen her talking to Jack, and she assured Rey that she hadn't spilled the beans about his theory that Adam had framed Victoria. Rey replied that the thought had never crossed his mind, but it would be a different story if she'd gone to Adam after she and Rey had spoken. Sharon admitted that she had gone to see Adam, but he had started talking about what he wanted from her.

Sharon explained that she'd felt that she'd been the only one who'd understood Adam at his core, and she'd needed to believe that she could restore his soul. Sharon accepted that she couldn't help Adam and that she'd end up being collateral damage, and she wished that she'd listened to Rey sooner. Sharon added that even if her head had believed it, her heart hadn't -- until the day before. Rey sensed that Sharon wanted to talk to him about whatever she was trying to keep from him.

Sharon groaned that she'd failed everyone by thinking that she had a superpower. Rey imagined that she felt compelled to turn the most damaged people around, and she pointed out that it had been why she'd gone back to school. Rey cautioned her against beating herself up for not being able to do the impossible. Sharon confessed that it was hard for her to give up on anyone -- even when she knew it was the right thing to do. Rey implored her to focus on the fact that she hadn't failed -- she'd succeeded because she'd cut herself free and could move on to be the best version of herself.

Sharon presented Rey with his favorite blend as her inadequate way of thanking him for saying things she'd needed to hear. She regretted that she'd ignored the warnings that she should have listened to, and he was glad he'd been able to help. She remarked that not many people said things that got through to her, but not many people knew her like he did. Sharon figured that although Rey wasn't a mind reader, he knew her heart. He wondered what was next for her, and she looked forward to a fresh start.

At Jabot, Kyle was surprised to see that Summer was still there, and she countered that she could say the same thing about him. He thought she should be with her family, but she contended that Jabot was her happy place, and she wondered if she could help with whatever he was working on. Kyle quickly closed his laptop, and Summer teased him for being afraid to let her see. He displayed an article about Victoria's arrest, and Summer figured that she should stop trying to avoid it, since the whole world had already read the story. She added that if she fell apart when she read it, he could help put her back together again.

After Summer read the article, she remarked that the writers had really captured Victor's accomplishments and triumphs. Summer marveled at how her grandfather had been able to walk into any boardroom in the world and leave everyone in total awe. Kyle called Victor a legend, and Summer mentioned the many cards and emails her family had received from people from all over who'd taken the time to say how much Victor had meant to them. She pointed out that Victor had inspired people to do some great things, and she thought he'd changed the world. Kyle suspected that everyone who'd met Victor could write their own version of who he'd been to them, and Summer imagined that each one would be totally different than the next, since Victor had been a million different people.

Kyle thought that was especially so for people who had gotten on Victor's bad side, and he was speaking from personal experience. Summer believed that Kyle had truly cared about Victor, in spite of everything, and Kyle fondly recalled that there had been a time in his childhood where there had been nothing that Victor wouldn't have done for him. Kyle mused that he'd never forget the media room Victor had built for him, and Summer appreciated that Kyle was the only person who really got it. She was happy that Kyle had stuck around that night, and he replied that he was, too.

Summer was grateful for the free samples of Jabot product that covered up red spots after a good cry. Kyle wondered what else she knew about Jabot's skincare line, since he was putting together a presentation about expanding into the Asian markets. She rattled off which products to focus on, and he protested that he could barely keep up. He called her his secret weapon, and he thanked her for her help. Kyle confided that it was usually Billy's arena, and he didn't want his dad or the board to think he didn't know what he was talking about.

Jack walked in and wondered if the duo was cooking up Jabot's next multimillion-dollar idea. Summer deadpanned that they needed to talk about Kyle's health, since he'd been acting a little strange lately by being nice, caring, and even compassionate. She jokingly questioned whether there had been a body-snatching incident. Jack speculated that perhaps it was the real Kyle, and Summer just hadn't noticed it yet. Summer guessed that anything was possible.

Jack commended some changes that Summer had made, and he wondered if he'd promoted the wrong employee. Summer remarked that she'd have to pry the job out of Kyle's cold, dead hands, and Jack requested that Kyle stop by accounting to pick up a file. After Kyle left, Summer noted that Jack could have had someone deliver the papers to him. Jack copped to wanting some one-on-one time with her.

Jack reasoned that Summer couldn't have too many people in her corner when dealing with a loss, and he wanted to add his name to the list. He recognized that there had been a lot of changes in the past year, but his feelings for her were unwavering. She surmised that it was because he'd once thought she was his daughter, and he swore that his affections hadn't changed just because family lines had been drawn. Jack promised that he would move mountains for Summer, and not just when she was grieving. She threw her arms around him.

Adam prepares to leave town, abandoning Connor Adam prepares to leave town, abandoning Connor

Friday, September 27, 2019

Adam descended the stairs of his penthouse and found Nick at his door. Adam sarcastically stated that he'd been wondering when Nick would show up, since it had been about 24 hours since Nick had told him what a "crap human" he was. Nick refused to take the bait, but Adam dryly hoped Nick would be his verbal sparring partner with their dad gone. Nick swore that he didn't want to fight, and he announced that he was there because it was what Victor would have wanted.

Nick informed Adam that a small service had been scheduled for the following week, and he offered to forward the details. Adam was surprised that Nick wanted him to be there, and Nick reiterated that he was honoring their dad's wishes. Nick acknowledged that their father had seen something in Adam that Nick never had, and Adam suggested that Victor had seen his true self. Nick huffed that Adam wasn't half the man their father had been, since Victor had had a heart and soul.

Adam countered that if Victor had possessed them, they would have been as dark as night. Nick lectured that Victor had never given up on Adam, despite all the horrible things Adam had done. Nick thought that Adam owed it to their dad to prove Victor right, and he implored Adam to prove that he had a shred of decency by doing the right thing. Nick stalked out. Adam stumbled over to the bar and prepared to throw a glass against the wall, but he stopped himself. He crumpled to the floor in tears.

At the Newman ranch, Nikki mentioned that Nick had gone to see Adam, and Victoria hoped Nick kept his cool. Victor had faith in Nick and their plan, but Victoria questioned what they'd do if Adam refused to attend the funeral. Victor expected Adam to realize what devastation and grief he'd caused. Victoria grumbled that Adam would have to have a conscience for that to happen. Victor asserted that he knew his son better than any of them, and he was sure that Adam would be riddled with guilt.

The doorbell rang, and Victor quickly stepped out of the room when he heard Summer's voice in the foyer. Summer entered and expressed relief that Victoria was out of jail. Nikki assured Summer that everything would be all right, but Summer lamented that her grandpa was gone, so nothing would ever be okay again. Summer wailed that she was trying to hold it together, but she couldn't imagine her life without her grandpa. Summer whimpered that she'd let him down by leaving Newman, and she wished she'd told him how much he'd meant to her.

Summer cried that Victor had always been the one to hold them up, and she wondered who would be there to do it then. "I am," Nick proclaimed as he appeared in the doorway. He hugged Summer and shared that he'd taken a big step by going to see Adam, so it was up to Adam to make the next move. Summer queried why they'd include Adam after everything he'd done, and Victoria claimed that they were trying to honor Victor's wishes. After Summer departed, Victor reentered the room and apologized for putting all of them through it, but he swore that it wouldn't be much longer.

Nick hated to see Summer in pain, and he was glad that he hadn't lied to Noah. Nikki thought that Summer would understand that they hadn't been able to risk something slipping to Phyllis. Victor worried about Connor losing Adam so soon after getting him back, but Victoria spat that the boy was better off without Adam. Victor inquired about the invitation Nick had extended to the funeral, and Nick reported that Adam hadn't shown whether it had gotten to him.

Victor hoped that Adam cared about him on some level and would show some remorse for what he'd done. Victor and Nikki hugged, and he mused that he couldn't do it without her. She replied that it had never been an option, and they kissed. Nick prepared to take off, and Victor hugged Victoria and shook Nick's hand before heading upstairs. Nick wished that, for just once, his jerk brother would put their father first. Nikki doubted that Adam was capable of providing the ending Victor was hoping for.

In Society's kitchen, Kyle and Lola kissed, and he distractedly thanked her for lunch. He apologized that his mind was somewhere else. He admitted that Victor's death had hit him harder than he'd expected. It had made him think about his own life and what really mattered, but he didn't have to look far. Kyle didn't know if Summer would ever get used to Victor not being there, and he regretted that he hadn't been much help in trying to comfort her.

Lola was sure that Kyle had been the person Summer had needed, and she was glad he and Summer had gotten to a place where they could be friends again. Kyle wished that Summer wasn't dating Theo and that Theo was back in New York, since he considered Theo to be a ticking time bomb. Kyle spotted Lola's injured finger, and she called it a hazard of the job. She assured him that it was no big deal.

At the Grand Phoenix, Phyllis dropped a copy of the hotel's social media policies in Theo's lap and ordered him to memorize them. Theo reminded her that she wasn't his boss, since she'd lost her stake in the place. She bitterly recalled that he'd been a real jerk about it, and he half-heartedly apologized for not being more sensitive. She crowed that it was too bad because she was back, and she walked away.

Mariah entered the hotel, and Theo greeted his favorite PR executive. He mentioned that he'd ordered her a double espresso, and she asked if one of his wannabes had spiked it. He called the incident with Zoe a fluke, and he boasted that he was pretty good at picking winners. Mariah muttered that she'd heard that -- mostly from him. Theo requested her input because he valued her opinion, and she suspected that it was exhausting to work the flattery angle all the time. He figured that it helped get the creative juices flowing, and she asked if they'd been flowing when he'd hit on her girlfriend.

Theo defended that he'd just been being friendly, but it might have seemed like something more because he was a natural flirt. Mariah suggested that he undergo sexual harassment training, and he offered to talk to Tessa. Mariah preferred that he didn't, and she cautioned him against taking even one step out of line. Summer approached, and Mariah expressed her condolences about Victor. Mariah departed, and Theo asked how Summer was doing. She replied that she wasn't great, and he informed her that he had the perfect way to make her feel better.

Theo led Summer to a hotel room, and he imagined that everyone telling her how sorry they were had been enough to make her head explode. Theo thought she'd reached a point where she needed to shut out everything and everyone, and Summer spotted a bottle of Champagne and two glasses. She guessed that he meant shutting out everyone except him, and he reasoned that she needed someone to keep her mind off the bad stuff. Summer was appalled that Theo wanted to deal with her grief by having sex.

Theo insisted that he wasn't trying to pressure Summer, but she thought it felt that way. He reiterated that he was just trying to help her, even if he'd gone about it the wrong way. She commented that there was no right or wrong way to handle grief, but sex definitely wasn't the answer. Theo told her to tell him what was, and he would do it. She recalled that it had helped when Kyle had been understanding and sensitive by just letting her talk.

Theo recounted that he'd opened a vein when he'd told Summer about losing his dad, and she'd responded by bolting when she'd received a text message from Kyle. Summer defended that she and Kyle worked together and that Kyle understood what a huge loss Victor's death was for her. Theo wondered if she thought he didn't, and Summer replied that Kyle hadn't considered getting naked to be a solution. Theo contended that Kyle hadn't gotten naked with her because he had a wife, not because he was "Mr. Sensitive."

Summer recognized that she shouldn't compare what she had with Kyle to what she shared with Theo, and Theo apologized that his attempt at sympathy had been an epic fail. She appreciated him trying, and he swore that he wanted to get it right. She requested that he just hold her, and he nervously sat on the bed. She joined him, and he put his arms around her.

Adam lugged a suitcase down his penthouse stairs. He forlornly picked up a baseball mitt, but he set it down when the doorbell rang. Phyllis sashayed in and declared that she had a time-sensitive matter to discuss. She stopped short when she saw his luggage, and she protested that he couldn't go on a vacation right then, since it was time to take control of the company while the Newmans were distracted. Phyllis recognized that it hadn't been his plan for his father to die; however, Victor was dead, and Adam had things to deal with, like Victor's will.

Adam doubted that Victor had left him anything, but Phyllis warned that Adam had to take control of Newman Enterprises before the probate courts tied Victor's estate up in knots for months. He hesitated to swoop in and steal the company while everyone was grieving. She reminded him that it had been his plan all along, and she wondered what had changed. He referred to his father dying, and she recognized that she was cold and heartless. Adam admired how she always cut through the bull, and he said he would miss it. Phyllis realized that he was leaving for good.

Phyllis taunted that she'd never thought she'd see the day that Adam Newman was running scared. She suspected that guilt was driving him out of town, but Adam countered that it had been a mistake to return to town in the first place. She questioned whether taking over Newman and destroying the company was really off the table, and he explained that crushing his father's legacy didn't have the appeal it had once had. Phyllis couldn't believe he was surrendering, and she quipped that even dead, Victor was still the victor.

Phyllis encouraged Adam to do what he had to do, and she would be there when he realized that life was boring without her. He admitted that he might miss her, since she was one of the few people in Genoa City who'd been able to make him smile. She suggested that he give her his penthouse to stay in while he was gone, and he groaned that she never quit. She shot back that he apparently did, and she inquired about a farewell party. He asked who would attend, and she hesitantly inquired if he wanted a hug. He passed, and she suggested a farewell drink. He tossed her his keys and told her to knock herself out.

In Chancellor Park, Adam thanked Chelsea for meeting him, and he asked how Connor was doing. Chelsea griped about Adam breaking the news that Victor had died when she'd wanted to wait, and Adam regretted that his emotions had taken over. Chelsea pointed out that Connor needed both of them, and she expected Adam to do his part the next time he saw their son. Adam was afraid that wasn't possible, since he was leaving Genoa City for good to get away from everything. Chelsea incredulously asked if that included Connor.

Chelsea worried that Adam expected to take Connor with him. Adam swore that it wasn't his plan, and Chelsea questioned how he planned to stay part of Connor's life. Adam realized that everyone else had been right, and Connor was better off without him, so he was leaving his son behind. Chelsea accused Adam of playing a game to get her to beg him to stay. Adam calmly stated that there was nothing she could say to make him change his mind, since it was what was best for Connor. Chelsea asserted that if Adam "gave a damn" about what was best, he wouldn't be leaving his son.

Adam insisted that he was doing it for Connor, but Chelsea protested that it wasn't how parenting worked. Adam maintained that Connor deserved better, so he was giving Connor the same gift he'd given Christian. Adam anticipated that Chelsea would eventually realize that it was the right thing to do. Chelsea cried that Connor had recently lost Calvin and Victor, and she questioned how she was supposed to explain why Connor was losing Adam, too. Chelsea called Adam a "selfish bastard," and she demanded that Adam tell Connor himself.

Kevin entered Crimson Lights and cheerfully greeted Michael. Kevin observed that Michael was acting like somebody had died, and Michael pointed out that someone had. Michael recalled a time when he'd considered Victor to be a close friend, but Victor's passing was just a big mess he had to clean up. Michael bemoaned that it was impossible to make a move against Adam, even though Michael was certain that Adam had tampered with Victor's medication. Kevin pressed Michael to bust Adam, since Adam no longer had leverage over them. Michael conceded that Kevin and Chloe were free, but Michael wasn't.

Michael shared that Fen had started dealing drugs again and that Adam had found out. Michael confirmed that Adam had phone records, video footage, and witnesses, and Kevin figured that it wouldn't help that Fen had a record. Michael reported that Lauren had convinced Fen to go to rehab. Kevin wondered how Michael had stopped her from going after Adam, and Michael grumbled that it hadn't been easy. Kevin commended Michael for saving Chloe, and he wanted to return the favor by making sure Adam went down.

Michael recounted Kevin's promise to stay out of trouble, and Kevin said he would once they were free of Adam. Kevin recognized that it was practically impossible to kill someone without leaving a digital trail, but he had the skills to do it. Michael preferred to wait until Adam screwed up, but Kevin spotted Paul and insisted on doing things his own way. Kevin approached Paul and wondered if he could get his old job back.

Paul was stunned that Kevin expected to work for the police department after he'd spent the past two years hiding a fugitive. "Allegedly," Kevin stressed, noting that if he had done it, it proved that he knew how to keep two steps ahead of the bad guys. Paul pointed out that Kevin was one of the bad guys, but Kevin argued that Paul had hired him before. Kevin guessed that the tech expert Paul had then was nowhere near as good as Kevin was. Paul agreed to pay Kevin the same salary as before. Kevin offered his thoughts on the Victor Newman case, but Paul remarked that he was way ahead of Kevin.

Later, Paul finished a phone call and informed Michael that he'd had his officers follow the pharmacist to the international terminal at the airport. Michael surmised that she'd been trying to leave the country. Paul revealed that his men had told her that her immunity deal hadn't included perjury, and she'd had a different story to tell.

Phyllis answered a knock at the penthouse door and was surprised to see Michael. "What are you doing here?" they simultaneously asked one another. Phyllis reported that Adam wasn't home, and she inquired whether she could help Michael. Michael hoped not, and she noted that he had a certain look in his eye. He thought he could say the same for her, and he demanded to know what she was hiding.

At Nick's house, Connor was thrilled to see Adam, and he ran over to hug his dad. Adam said they had to talk, and Connor worriedly inquired whether someone else had died. Adam assured him that no one had, but Connor could tell that something was wrong. Chelsea stepped out, and Adam stammered that he had to leave Genoa City and wasn't going to return. "Ever?" a horrified Connor asked, and he repeated Adam's promise to always be there for him.

Connor tearfully begged Adam to take him along, and he swore that he wouldn't be any trouble. Adam replied that it wasn't that simple, since Connor deserved better than him. Connor cried that it wasn't true, but Adam expected that he'd only stop Connor from being the amazing person Adam knew he'd grow up to be. Connor wondered if Adam was mad at him, and Adam wiped away tears and adamantly stated that Connor had done nothing wrong. Adam called Connor an awesome, perfect kid with a messed-up dad who would only drag him down, and Adam couldn't do that.

Connor yelled for Adam to stop saying things like that about himself, since Adam was the best dad. Chelsea hurried in, and Connor pleaded with her to make Adam stay. Adam was sure that Chelsea would take good care of Connor and that Nick would be an incredible father to the boy. Connor bellowed that he didn't want Nick for a father -- he wanted Adam. Connor ran to his room and slammed the door. "I hope you're happy," Chelsea growled. Adam headed for the door but paused to read a text message. He stared at it in disbelief.

Victor sat at his chessboard and looked up as Adam walked in. "Well played, Pops. Well played," Adam said.

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