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Jack and Traci learned that Dina had given up a son for adoption, and he'd been named Eric Vanderway. Kyle was appalled that Theo might be his cousin. Nick decided to run for city council. Simon demanded that Chelsea settle Calvin's debt. Kevin told Chelsea that the government had seized her money.
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Kyle learned Theo might be his cousin, and Kevin told Chelsea the government seized her money
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Jack and Traci make a startling discovery

Jack and Traci make a startling discovery

Monday, October 28, 2019

At the Abbott mansion, Doris, a former friend of Dina's from years back, stopped by. Traci and Jack hoped Doris might recall some details from Dina's past. Jack told Doris that he and Traci were prepared to hear the whole truth, even if some of what they learned might make them uncomfortable. Jack said he and Traci had believed that their father and Dina had dated exclusively all through high school until they'd recently found a letter Dina had written to fellow classmate Stuart Brooks. Jack added that they'd found another letter written by Stuart that referenced an after-prom party that had taken place at the Abbott home. Traci explained that the tone of the note seemed mysterious.

Jack told Doris that he and Traci were curious about a significant event, which Dina had termed "a wonderful and terrible night." Doris took pity on Jack and Traci's experience with their mother. Doris explained that her husband had suffered from memory loss. Noticing Jack and Traci's anxiousness, Doris explained that she'd kept quiet to protect Dina. Doris warned Traci and Jack that they might not like what they were about to learn concerning the night in question. Doris acknowledged that Dina had been dating John at the time and explained that Stuart Brooks had grown fond of Dina.

Jack and Traci learned that Dina and Stuart had been in the same English class. Doris recalled that their teacher, Mr. Landis, had encouraged students to act out scenes from Hamlet. Dina, Doris remembered, had become drawn to Stuart. Jack asked Doris about the night of the party. Doris remembered that Dina and Stuart had exchanged glances before the pair had quietly left together. The following day at school, Doris recalled, Dina had admitted that she and Stuart had made love. Dina had also related how guilty she'd felt and had assured Doris that it would never happen again.

Afterward, Doris recalled, Dina and John had reconnected, and life had gone on as far as she knew. Jack turned to Traci and seemed unwilling to accept that what Doris had told them fully explained the "wonderful and terrible night" Dina had referred to so emotionally. Traci said she assumed there was more to the story. Doris explained that after graduation, Dina had postponed college, spent a year abroad, and then seemed to drop off the map. Jack couldn't understand the significance of Dina's actions. Traci explained that their mother had left town because she'd become pregnant.

Jack asked Doris if she could prove that Dina had left because she'd become pregnant. Doris said she couldn't, though she remembered that Dina had returned alone and resumed her relationship with John. Doris added that Dina's abrupt change of plans regarding college and what could be read between the lines of the letter added up and seemed to fit together to prove the assumption about a pregnancy. Jack suggested that Dina might have been pregnant with John's child. Doris explained that Dina and John had vowed to "save themselves" for each other, so if Dina had borne a child at the time, it couldn't have been John's.

Traci cried that she and Jack had examined a mountain of Dina's papers and hadn't read a word about a baby. Doris suggested that Dina had felt too ashamed to write about it. Doris apologized for not being able to recall more details and said she hoped Dina had been able to find peace. After Doris left, Traci searched in a box of Dina's belongings that had been packed up at Mergeron. Traci found an inventory list and pointed to a copy of Hamlet that had once been a classroom text. Traci found the book and opened it, and an envelope fell to the floor. Jack picked up the envelope and discovered a decree of adoption for a little boy.

Traci noted that Dina was listed as the mother. Traci examined the document closer and saw a blank space where the father's name would have been printed. Jack said, "Which means we have a half-brother out there somewhere." Traci read that the baby's name was Eric Vanderway. Jack added that Eric, raised by Ralph and Margaret, had been raised in Chicago. Jack told Traci that they had to find Eric.

At Society, Theo complained to Summer that he'd been losing several social media influencers he'd trained to other agents. Summer suggested Theo spend more time with the influencers he was managing, including her. Summer hoped to cheer Theo and assured him that his luck would soon change for the better. After exchanging a few jokes to lighten the mood, Summer said she was certain Theo would find a way to change any situation to his benefit. Theo noticed Kyle and Mariah enter together.

Kyle and Mariah were seated in the dining area, near the bar. Mariah mentioned Lola's trip out of town, and Kyle said Lola would return later in the evening. Mariah asked Kyle if he and Lola were enjoying the honeymoon phase of their marriage. Kyle admitted that dating was different than marriage in that couples had to work through their spats to stay together. He added that making love after making up was awesome. Mariah joked that he'd shared too much and asked if there was a reason he'd been so open about his and Lola's relationship issues.

Before Kyle could respond, Summer and Theo approached. Theo said, "Looks like we found a party to crash." Kyle said it was too early for a party and asked for time to catch up with Mariah. Theo asked Kyle to inform Lola that the quality of the finger foods had slipped since she'd left town. Kyle said Lola would return to the kitchen soon. Theo asked if Lola's spells with light-headedness had improved. Kyle rolled his eyes and invited Summer and Theo to join them as he explained that Lola was fine.

Mariah observed that Kyle and Theo seemed be friends again. Theo and Kyle agreed that they were making progress. Summer said she was on her way to Atlanta to oversee filming for a televised program that would incorporate Jabot's wardrobe pieces and accessories. Mariah noted that they all, except Theo, had impressive, grown-up jobs. Theo insisted he was doing well. To prove his point, Theo paid the tab. He signed the receipt with his full name, Eric Vanderway.

At Crimson Lights, Nick told Mariah that he'd convinced Adam to move back to Genoa City to help a distressed Connor. Mariah asked Nick how he felt about Adam being back in town. Nick would only say that he'd urged Adam to move back for Connor's sake. Nick explained that he'd focus his energies on protecting the ones he loved instead of lashing out at Adam. Mariah praised Nick for always helping those he cared about.

Councilwoman Diamond overheard Mariah's comment and said, "Amen to that!" Mariah learned that Tammy Diamond had been urging Nick to serve the citizens of Genoa City. After Tammy left, Nick told Mariah that he'd been encouraged to run for a position on the city council, though he noted he didn't feel qualified to hold the office. Mariah encouraged Nick to run and said she'd try to convince him. Nick replied that he knew Mariah wouldn't let it go.

At the Grand Phoenix, Chelsea was still skeptical about Adam having surprised her with a visit with Connor. Chelsea mentioned the past, when she'd thwarted Adam's efforts to spend time with Connor, explaining that her aim had been to do what she'd felt to be right by her son. Adam replied, "Fair enough." Suspicious of his intentions, Chelsea noted that Adam could have chosen to punish her for her past actions. Chelsea asked Adam why he hadn't. Adam said it was important for Connor to have both of his parents available without him having to decide which one was the better parent.

Chelsea cried that she was having to live apart from her son while Adam was with Connor every day. Chelsea thanked Adam for allowing her time to spend with Connor. Chelsea promised she wouldn't try to persuade their son to move back in with her. Adam encouraged Chelsea to join Connor in the hotel's game room, so mother and son could spend time together. Chelsea seemed touched by Adam's gesture.

After Chelsea walked away, Billy entered and approached Adam. Adam explained that he'd returned to Genoa City to be with Connor. Adam added that Connor had been acting out because he needed his father. Billy chided Adam for acting like a devoted family man after attempting to kill his father. Adam said he was facing his mistakes. Adam asked Billy if he'd entered rehab to deal with his murderous tendencies. Adam confronted Billy about attempting to run him down on the road where Delia had died. Adam said he'd assumed someone else had been involved to protect Billy. Billy refused to discuss the matter and said it was more pressing for them to determine how they should proceed.

Billy suggested Adam focus on life with his son. Billy said he'd build a new life with Victoria and two of his three children. Billy added that he and Adam could move forward without attempting to exact revenge. Adam added that they'd each go their separate ways. As Billy walked away, he turned and glared at Adam.

At Nick's, Chelsea told Nick that being away from Connor was hard. Nick promised Chelsea that Connor's attitude would change. Chelsea cried that she'd have to accept that Connor was with Adam. Chelsea suddenly remembered that Councilwoman Diamond's office had called and said materials had been gathered for Nick to pick up in case he'd made a decision. Nick explained that Tammy and a few others had asked him to run for a seat on the city council. Nick added that he was busy with New Hope and was happy with his work.

Chelsea said she could tell by Nick's reaction that he wanted to serve on the city council. Nick admitted he was interested but feared Chelsea might not want him to do it. Nick recalled one young woman, who lived in New Hope, telling him how grateful she was to have a home for herself, her mother, and her child. Nick thanked Chelsea for her support, and she responded by kissing him.

Chelsea encouraged Nick to phone Tammy with his answer. After Nick warned Chelsea to prepare for his life to be scrutinized. Chelsea expressed concern about her past possibly hurting Nick. Nick said he'd have to explain why he'd worn a "J.T. mask" to threaten Victor. Nick said he intended to be honest and change his ways going forward.

Kyle learns Theo might be his cousin

Kyle learns Theo might be his cousin

Tuesday, October 29, 2019

At Crimson Lights, Billy told Victoria that he'd bumped into Adam the day before and that Adam knew Billy had been the driver who'd tried to run him over. Victoria wondered how Adam planned to use it against them. Billy was grateful that Adam hadn't gone to the cops, and Victoria imagined that Adam was more about revenge than justice. Billy recalled that Adam hadn't seemed concerned about either, and he supposed they'd called a truce. Victoria doubted it was worth much, and she hated that Billy's life was in her brother's hands. Billy hoped they never had to mention the encounter again.

Victoria was glad that Billy had found a way to let go of his grief, but she feared that Adam's return would stir up emotions again. Billy assured her that he hadn't lost himself, thanks to her, and she was determined to focus on their bright future. Billy looked forward to the best holiday of the season, but Victoria understood if he wanted to skip the Halloween festivities. Billy thought Delia wouldn't have wanted him to miss out on the fun. Billy reasoned that if he could face down his real demons, he could handle some fake ones.

During a therapy session, Billy reported that he'd seen both Adam and Victor and controlled himself, and he joked that his therapist might lose him as a patient. She was pleased with his progress, but she reminded him that he'd gone through something very serious. He vowed not to backslide into that dark place ever again. The therapist urged Billy to keep working, but he felt like the worst of it was behind him. She encouraged him to voice his fears and concerns, and she inquired whether he'd had any more episodes of sleeplessness or agitation. Billy cited his only sleep issue as being woken up by his children.

The therapist cautioned that a serious disorder like a dissociative fugue state didn't go away with a few sessions. She recommended that Billy develop healthy coping skills so he could manage the pain if he felt like he was sliding back, since the smallest thing could trigger his grief. She advised that grief wasn't something that could be fixed, but she wanted to try to help make it bearable. He swore that he didn't feel like he was crawling out of his skin anymore, and he finally felt at peace. Billy acknowledged that he still had a lot of work to do, but he felt like he could be the person Victoria and their children needed him to be.

At the Abbott mansion, Traci found Jack staring out the window and guessed that he hadn't slept. He reeled from the thought that he wasn't his mother's first-born son, and he was adamant that they find their half-brother. Traci said she'd been thinking a lot about what they'd discovered, and she thought they should let it go. She reasoned that they'd potentially be turning someone's life upside down, since Eric might not know he'd been adopted, and it wasn't their place to tell him. She suggested that they talk to Dina, but Jack didn't want to risk upsetting their mother. Traci felt like he was trying to force her to agree, and she left abruptly to get some air.

At home, Kyle got dressed as a shivering Lola emerged from the bathroom in a towel. She asked if using all the hot water had been his idea of a welcome home, and he amorously offered to warm her up. She protested that they'd be late to work, and he considered it to be worth it. Lola cried that she was turning blue, and Kyle suggested that it was time to find a house with appliances that actually worked. She countered that he could just take shorter showers, and he kissed her neck and proposed that they shower together.

Lola showed Kyle a cute photo of Mateo on his first visit to the beach, and Kyle remarked that the baby was almost as cute as she was. Kyle answered a call from Jack, who asked him to stop by the house to talk about something. Jack stared at the adoption decree.

Kyle arrived at the mansion and was curious when Jack peppered him with questions about Theo. Kyle wondered if Theo had pulled something, but Jack insisted that it was nothing like that. Traci returned and asked why Kyle was there. Jack claimed that they had business to discuss, but Kyle grumbled that all his father had done was pump him for information about Theo Vanderway. Traci visibly reacted to his friend's last name, and Jack divulged that Kyle and Theo might be related.

Kyle assumed that Theo was trying to pull a scam, but Jack swore that it had nothing do with anything Theo had said or done. Jack explained that while he and Traci had been researching the Abbott history, they'd discovered adoption records among Dina's things. Traci revealed that Dina had given birth to a son, who had been adopted by the Vanderways and named Eric.

Jack asked if Kyle had any idea what Theo's father's name was, but all Kyle could remember was that Theo's dad had been a union representative who'd died when Theo had been in high school. Kyle insisted that there was no way he and Theo were related. Jack inquired about where Theo had grown up, and Kyle replied that Theo was from Chicago. Jack and Traci exchanged a glance, and he stated that the couple who had adopted Dina's son had been from Chicago.

Later, Jack and Traci returned from visiting Dina at the memory care facility, disappointed that they hadn't been able to get any more information from their mother. Traci considered it a sign that they should let it go. Jack reasoned that even if Dina wanted to forget that she'd given up a child for adoption, her son or grandson might want to get to know her while they still had a chance.

At Society, Theo plopped down at Phyllis' table and pressed to find out more about an upcoming event at the Grand Phoenix. He offered to hook her up with one of his clients, but she thought it smelled like desperation. Theo crowed that the only scent was the sweet smell of success, and it was what being on top looked like. Phyllis thought she was looking at the picture of unemployment, but Theo claimed that he'd quit his job at LP because he was much better off on his own. She noted that he seemed confident for a guy who'd lost multiple gigs, and he bragged that he was a pro at keeping a lot of balls in the air. She warned that if he juggled too much, he might just lose his balls. Phyllis headed out, leaving Theo speechless.

At his penthouse, Adam called to inform Connor's school that the boy was living with him, and he requested a copy of his son's class schedule and information about school activities. He added that he should be the parent contact they had on record. The doorbell rang as he hung up, and he found Victor there. Victor declared that they had a conversation to finish, but Adam huffed that they didn't have much more to say after Victor had told him that he'd failed to find his humanity. Victor pointed out that it wasn't too late, and he reiterated that he'd forgiven Adam for his latest revenge plot.

Adam griped that hurting and forgiving one another never worked, and he questioned why he should put himself through more torture. Victor asked why Adam was back, and Adam replied that his son needed him. Victor recounted that he'd told Adam that, and Adam suspected that Victor was there to say, "I told you so." Victor mentioned that he'd heard Connor had moved in with Adam, and he inquired about how things were going. Adam enthused that it was great, and he shared that he was trying to convince Chelsea to make it a permanent arrangement.

Victor wondered if Adam thought that was for the best, and Adam barked that the best thing would be to move his son far away from Genoa City, since Connor hated the place and everything about it as much as Adam did. Victor thought that Chelsea would never let Adam leave Genoa City with her son, but Adam pointed out that Chelsea had let Connor live with him. Victor refused to allow Adam to leave with Connor even if Chelsea agreed to it, and Adam scoffed at the idea that Victor had a vote. Victor asserted that Connor needed the stability of their entire family, and Adam chortled at the Newmans being called stable.

Victor contended that there was a lot of love and loyalty in their family, but Adam spat that it was all conditional. Adam wasn't interested in earning the right to be accepted, nor did he want that for his son. Victor asked about what Chelsea wanted, and Adam figured that he just had to remind her what the Newmans were capable of. Victor maintained that he'd had nothing to do with the car nearly killing Adam, and Adam barked that it was the first honest thing Victor had said since he'd walked in. Adam added that it didn't change anything, and he wouldn't waste another minute trying to repair something that wasn't fixable.

Adam intended to devote all his energy to making his relationship with his son work, and Victor inquired whether Adam had meant what he'd said about there being no more vendettas. Adam proclaimed that he wanted nothing to do with Victor or his family, since they weren't Adam's family and never had been. Adam opened the door for Victor to leave, and Victor silently walked out and stared at Adam for a moment before turning away. Adam closed the door and sighed deeply.

Later, Adam found Phyllis at his door, and they made small talk about him taking Connor to school. Adam pledged to be the father Connor deserved, but Phyllis declared that it was time to get back to business. Adam groaned that he was getting tired of repeating that he was dedicating himself to raising his son, and Phyllis countered that she'd been a working parent for years. He maintained that he wasn't interested in working together, but she knew the only thing that equaled his love for Connor was his hatred for Victor.

Adam announced that he'd sworn off all personal vendettas. Phyllis was confident that Victor prized his company over his family, and it was time to take it over and destroy the man. Phyllis reminded Adam that he'd been planning to do it with her, but he replied, "Not anymore." He told her to find someone else to crush his father or to move on and find a positive way to fix her life. Phyllis warned that Adam's nice-guy act was a waste of time, since he couldn't deny who he was. Adam flatly stated that he was Connor's father, but Phyllis was certain that there was a brilliant rebel underneath.

Adam offered to give Kevin's number to Phyllis if she needed someone to help her walk on the dark side. She bellowed that Kevin was no match for her, but Adam was, and Adam had said he'd do it with her. Adam demanded that she find someone else, but she argued that no one was as diabolical and annoying as he was. She asked if he wanted to be responsible for the frown on her face, and he proposed a way to make her smile. She grinned and declared that the Grand Phoenix was hers.

Adam asked what Phyllis wanted more than anything in the world, and she listed respect, admiration, and the Grand Phoenix. He handed her a check and told her use it to buy it all, and he ordered her to go away. Her jaw dropped when she saw the check was for $10 million. Adam quipped that some people said friendship was priceless, but he disagreed.

Phyllis realized that Adam was buying her off, but he thought that he was giving her the key to her dreams, since she could use the money to buy half the town or hire a wrecking ball to take aim at Newman Tower. He urged her to live the best, most evil life on him -- just without him. She looked him straight in the eye and tore up the check in his face, letting the pieces scatter on the floor. "You're not getting rid of me that easy," she said, and she sauntered out.

At Newman Enterprises, Victor praised what Victoria had done since she'd taken over the company. She sensed that something was bothering him, but he insisted that he was feeling better every day. She thought he didn't seem like himself, and she guessed that it had to do with Adam. She believed that it was only a matter of time before Adam went after someone she cared about, but Victor didn't want to talk about Adam.

Victoria apologized for upsetting Victor, and he wished that she and the rest of the family would give Adam another chance. Victoria asked how they could be sure Adam wouldn't go after Victor or any of them again, and Victor asserted that Adam was focused on raising his son. Victor promised that he would protect his family if Adam went after them. Victoria wondered if it would have been better if Adam and Victor had stayed out of one another's lives.

Victor and Victoria went over some business matters, and he inquired how "Billy Boy" was doing. Victoria noted that it was the first time her father had ever asked about Billy and meant it, and she assumed that the men had had a good talk the other day. She thanked Victor for giving Billy a second chance, and Victor understood that Billy had lost himself in grief after Delia's death. Victor didn't want Billy to waste a second opportunity, since he wouldn't be so forgiving if Billy screwed up again.

Billy entered Victoria's office as Victor thanked her for her good work. Victor wished them a nice evening, and he departed. Billy reported that his session had been intense, since it had been scary to discover how far down the rabbit hole he'd gone. She mentioned that she'd been talking to her dad about how hard Billy had been working to put it behind them, and she imagined only good times and lots of candy ahead. Billy looked uncertain.

Lola found Theo at Society's bar, staring into his drink. She asked if he'd moved from the spot since she'd left town, and he questioned why he would when it had the best view in the joint. Lola lectured that he wouldn't be able to afford the food and drink unless he found a job, and Theo mentioned that he'd made a business pitch from that very spot that morning. She hoped it worked out, and she started to walk away. He protested that she hadn't shown him photos of her nephew yet, and she clucked that it would have to wait, since some of them had real jobs.

Later, Kyle stormed into Society and deliberately avoided Theo, who was on his phone at the bar. Kyle entered the kitchen, and Lola observed that he looked like he'd gotten really bad news. Kyle revealed that he and Theo might be cousins, and he informed a stunned Lola that there was a slight chance that a baby his grandmother had given up for adoption had been Theo's dad. Kyle insisted that it wasn't possible, but Lola wondered what would happen if it was.

Kyle was blown away by the revelation that his grandmother had had a baby with a random guy while she'd been dating his grandfather, but he was adamant that he and Theo didn't share a single drop of blood. Lola pushed him to use a subtle way to find out if Theo's father's name was the same as the one on the adoption certificate. Lola volunteered to get Theo to talk, since she genuinely believed Theo wanted to be her friend. Kyle applauded her for always seeing the good in people, but he was determined to prove that he and Theo shared nothing in common.

Kyle approached Theo and invited him to grab something to eat, claiming that he was willing to give their friendship another shot. Kyle said he'd foot the bill if Theo provided the entertainment, and they headed to a table. Kyle asked Theo how business was going, and he voiced surprise that Theo had stayed in Genoa City instead of heading to New York or Chicago. Theo wondered if the meal was about trying to get rid of him.

Kyle claimed that Lola getting back from visiting family had made him think about Theo being away from home. Theo indicated that everyone in his family was gone, and Kyle recalled that Theo's dad had been a union rep before he'd passed away. Kyle empathized that losing a parent at a young age was difficult, and he shared that he thought about his mom every day. Kyle was grateful that he still had a lot of her things to keep her memory alive, and he inquired whether Theo had kept anything of his dad's.

Theo pulled out a pocket watch that the union had given his father for his 25th anniversary. He gazed at his father's initials and mused that the watch stirred up a lot of good memories. Kyle asked if he could see it, and he discovered "E.V." engraved on the back. Theo mentioned that his dad's name was Eric Vanderway. Kyle struggled to hide his mortified reaction.

Theo agrees to take a DNA test

Theo agrees to take a DNA test

Wednesday, October 30, 2019

by Nel

At Crimson Lights, Nick, Christian, Chelsea, Victoria, Billy, and Johnny gathered to take the kids trick-or-treating. They complimented each other on their Halloween costumes. Chelsea warned everyone that Adam would arrive with Connor. Victoria informed everyone that Katie had chosen to go trick-or-treating with her classmates. While they waited for Adam and Connor to arrive, Chelsea received a call from Adam informing her that Connor had a problem with his costume.

Chelsea told Nick that she had to go to Adam's because of Connor's costume malfunction. Nick offered to go with her, but Chelsea declined and left. Billy took Johnny and Christian trick-or-treating. Nick and Victoria exchanged a look then discussed Chelsea's situation with Adam. Nick said he hoped the situation was temporary because there was an uneasy undercurrent at home because they were waiting for Adam to revert to his vengeful self.

Nick told Victoria that Chelsea had full legal custody of Connor, and he stated that Adam was an unfit parent. Victoria aired her concern that Adam would manipulate Chelsea by using her love for Connor against her. At that moment, Billy returned with the boys. Christian asked Nick why Connor wasn't there. Nick said he would check with Chelsea, but when Nick called Chelsea, she didn't answer.

Chelsea arrived at Adam's after she'd received a call from Adam about a problem with Connor's costume. Adam told her that Connor was in his room and had refused to put on his costume because he believed Adam was trying to get rid of him. Chelsea called to Connor, and when he came down, she asked him why he didn't want to go trick-or-treating with them. Connor said he wanted to hang out with his dad. He said he wanted to watch a scary movie and eat some of Chelsea's special popcorn. Connor convinced Chelsea to stay and watch a movie with them. Chelsea missed a call from Nick because she was preparing her special popcorn for Connor.

Adam, Connor, and Chelsea settled in to watch the scary movie. Halfway through the movie, Connor had fallen asleep curled up against Chelsea. When Adam picked him up, Connor said he liked that the three of them were together. After Adam had put Connor to bed, he found Chelsea asleep on the couch. He checked Chelsea's phone and saw the missed call from Nick. He covered her with a blanket and let her sleep.

At their apartment, Lola tried to cheer Kyle up. Kyle was freaked out because there was the possibility he could be related to Theo. Lola said the situation was bizarre, but Kyle said it was a nightmare. Kyle ranted that they had almost gotten rid of Theo, but if Theo found out about their connection, he would attach himself to the Abbotts like a parasite. Lola attempted to reassure Kyle and reminded him that he'd warned Jack and Traci about Theo. Kyle retorted that Traci believed in redemption.

Kyle told Lola that he had to protect his family. He said Theo had been messing with them for months by attempting to turn Celeste against him and crashing their wedding. Kyle said he had to keep his guard up because he had no idea what Theo would do next. Kyle left abruptly to warn Jack before it was too late.

At the Grand Phoenix, Amanda and Nate bumped into each other. Amanda informed Nate she was going home, but Nate asked her to stay because he needed legal advice. He told her the state medical licensing board had opened an inquiry against him, and if they voted against him, his license to practice medicine in Wisconsin would be revoked. He said he would be able to practice medicine in other states, but he wanted to stay in Wisconsin because his family and friends were there.

Nate told Amanda that he'd been Nikki and Victor's physician for a while and that he had diagnosed Victor with the rare blood disorder. He said that Victor had been doing well on the experimental drug protocol until Victor had taken a sudden turn for the worse. Nate said that after he'd run some tests, he'd known Victor's medication had been tampered with. He had agreed to take part in Victor's plan because Victor's life had been in danger. They had suspected Adam had been behind the tampering, and Nate had feared that if Adam made another attempt on Victor's life, he might succeed.

Nate told Amanda that he'd made the decision to lie in order to save Victor's life. Amanda asked if Nate had been threatened, coerced, or paid to do that. Nate stated he hadn't been. Amanda asked about his motive. Nate said his decision to participate in Victor's plan had been influenced by his relationship with Abby, but he would never do something like that again. He asked Amanda to represent him. Amanda refused because she didn't want to be a constant reminder to Devon about his deceased wife.

Amanda suggested that Nate retain another lawyer, but Nate said he didn't want anyone else because he'd admired how tenacious Amanda had been when she'd dealt with the issues of Katherine's will. Nate said he'd done what Victor had wanted; however, he needed a good lawyer because he wasn't a Newman, and taking his practice to another state wasn't an option. Amanda walked over to the bellhop and asked him to take her luggage back to her room because she would remain in Genoa City.

At the Abbotts', Kyle tried to warn Jack about Theo, but Jack said they didn't even have any proof that Eric was related to them. Jack claimed the fastest way to get the proof they needed was to share the information with Theo and ask him to take a DNA test. He said Traci had left the decision entirely to him because she was in New York. Kyle said that Ashley needed to have a say, but Jack said he'd spoken to Ashley earlier, and she'd agreed that they needed to reach out to Theo.

Kyle told Jack that every time he thought of being related to Theo, his stomach did flips. Jack thought things had been getting better between Kyle and Theo. Kyle said it was only because he'd kept his distance and that Theo wasn't someone Jack would want as a member of the Abbott family. Jack reminded Kyle that Theo might already be related. Jack said he'd had his own history with the Abbott family, and he didn't want to deprive someone else of their family history.

Kyle told Jack not to compare himself with Theo because Theo would only use the Abbotts. When the doorbell rang, Kyle asked if Jack had invited Theo to question him about his father. To Kyle's relief, it had only been kids trick-or-treating. Kyle said that if Dina had wanted them to know, she would have told them.

Jack told Kyle that Dina hadn't wanted to cause anyone any pain and that she'd been protecting John, Stuart, and possibly Eric. They were all gone, and Dina was past the point of caring what anyone thought. They had no reason to feel ashamed of the family connection with Theo. Kyle told Jack to give it time because Theo would give Jack plenty of reasons to be ashamed because that was Theo's specialty. Kyle implored Jack not to go ahead with his plan to talk to Theo.

The doorbell rang again, and this time it was Theo. Jack assured Kyle that everything would work out. When Theo entered, Kyle stormed out.

Jack told Theo how he and Traci had been compiling information about Dina's life. Jack asked Theo if the name Stuart Brooks meant anything to him. Theo said it didn't. Jack told Theo about Dina's background and that they might be related. Jack asked if Theo would be willing to take a DNA test to compare it to Dina's, and Theo said he was willing to do that. Jack said he wished he'd had all that information a long time before.

Theo told Jack that his dad had been a good guy and a very principled man. Jack said he looked forward to hearing more about Theo's dad, and he wondered if Eric had known about the Abbotts. Theo claimed that his dad had never mentioned adoption or if he'd known he'd been adopted. Jack said he was sorry that Theo would never get to know Dina or what had gone through her mind when she'd given up her infant son. Theo said he understood. He said that at that time in Dina's life, she hadn't wanted to be shamed or excluded. Theo said he was aware that Kyle had stormed out because he wasn't happy about the situation. Jack said they needed to be patient with each other because it was a lot to digest.

At Crimson Lights, Lola showed photos of her nephew to Victoria and Billy. Billy asked about Kyle. Lola informed him that Kyle was with Jack and would join her shortly.

Elsewhere, Nick wasn't happy when he received a text message from Chelsea stating that she would be staying with Connor and Adam.

On the patio, Billy and Victoria teased each other about their costumes, and they discussed their children's sugar high. Billy suggested they make arrangements for Hanna to stay with children so they could have some adult time. Victoria thought it was a great idea. As Billy left to make arrangements with Hanna, Nate entered.

Victoria told Nate she was sorry to hear that he and Abby had broken up. Nate said that breaking up with Abby had only been the tip of the iceberg. He said that because of the Newmans, he could lose his medical license for professional misconduct. When Victor had told him about his plan to get Adam, Nate said he'd warned Victor that it could damage his good standing in the medical community. Nate admitted that faking Victor's death to get Adam had seemed like the best solution, so he'd gone along with Victor's plan.

Victoria told Nate that she wanted to help him in any way she could. Nate said he had a tenacious lawyer. Victoria wanted the lawyer's name, and she offered to pay Nate's legal bills. Nate thanked her, but he had to prove to the board that he hadn't been bribed or coerced, or benefited in any way. Victoria said she understood. She offered to testify on his behalf. She wished him luck, and Nate left. Billy returned and asked Victoria about Nate. She said that Adam was the gift that kept on giving.

Kyle had been sitting alone at one of the tables on the patio, deep in thought, when Theo arrived and greeted him with a "Hi cuz." Theo realized that being related had been the reason he and Kyle had hit it off so well when they had first met. He stated that he and Kyle had the same grandmother and some of the same genes. Kyle spat that even if that was true, it didn't change anything between them. Kyle said that he was done putting up with Theo's crap, no matter who their grandmother was.

Theo realized that the friendly dinner he and Kyle had shared had been Kyle's effort to pump him for information about his dad. Kyle admitted that Theo was correct and that he'd been hoping to find out that there was no way that Eric could have been Dina's child. Theo needled Kyle that Uncle Jack would be very disappointed in Kyle's attitude. He said that he and Uncle Jack had had a phenomenal talk and that Jack was quite a guy. Theo claimed he could tell that he and Uncle Jack were going to get along really well. Kyle walked away.

Elsewhere, Billy cautioned Nick not to let Adam inside his head. He had also heard that Nick wanted to run for office. Billy warned Nick not to allow Adam to knock Nick off the path that he intended to take.

At the Grand Phoenix, after Billy and Victoria made a toast, Victoria said she felt bad for Nick because Adam had ruined Nick's night with Chelsea. Billy stated that Nick had known what Adam was capable of, but he'd convinced Adam to return to Genoa City for Connor, which had been the right thing for Nick to do. Billy said that Nick's eyes were wide open and that he believed his relationship with Chelsea was strong enough to withstand whatever Adam threw at them.

At home, Nick paced while he waited for Chelsea to arrive. He called Chelsea, but she didn't answer.

Halloween nightmares plague Genoa City

Halloween nightmares plague Genoa City

Thursday, October 31, 2019

At the Grand Phoenix, Abby ranted that the night had been a nightmare, since the Halloween costumes and cocktails had loosened people's inhibitions too much for her taste. She asked the masked desk clerk if there were any empty rooms she could crash in, and he nodded.

Across the lobby, Rey told Sharon that she looked stunning that night, but something was missing. He pulled out a jewelry box, and she expressed amazement that third post-reconciliation dates involved jewelry. He commented that when he'd seen it, he'd known she'd had to have it. Sharon didn't know what to say, and Rey suggested that she say the night didn't have to end yet. They headed upstairs together.

After Rey and Sharon made love, she murmured that she was happy to be with him like that, since he'd been pretty immune to her for a while. He admitted that he'd never stopped wanting her, and she was glad he trusted her again. He swore that he would do or risk anything for her, and they kissed. Rey drifted off as he held Sharon in his arms.

Rey dreamed about helping Sharon put on an elaborate necklace. He said he'd never seen anything so beautiful -- and he wasn't talking about the necklace. She gushed that she loved it, but she wondered how he'd been able to afford it on his salary. He confided that he couldn't, which was why he'd stolen it. He repeated that he'd risk anything for her, and he thought the necklace was proof. She kissed him passionately.

The scene morphed to the Newman ranch, where Rey and Sharon reveled in robbing the family's jewelry. She indicated that she'd gotten something for him that time, and she held up an expensive watch. He wanted to get out of there, but she seductively questioned why there was a rush when Nikki and Victor had just left. Sharon purred that the Newmans would be gone for hours, and she raved about how sexy Rey's dark side was. They kissed passionately, and she imagined how exciting it would be to make love in Victor's house while stealing from him. Rey worried that it was too risky, but Sharon reminded him that he'd said he'd risk anything for her.

Rey heard a noise, and he promised that he'd meet Sharon at the place they'd talked about. Sharon swore that it would be a night they'd never forget for the rest of their lives, and she scurried away. Later, Lola returned to her apartment and called out for Rey, who asked about Sharon. Lola reported that Sharon hadn't been at the meeting spot, and she sensed that something was off. The door buzzer sounded, and a male voice said he had a message for Rey from Sharon.

Lola allowed the man up, and Adam appeared at the door. Lola threatened to hurt Adam if he hurt her brother, and she stepped into the other room. Adam informed Rey that Sharon had wanted him to know that she was all right, and Rey asked where she was. Adam replied that it didn't matter, and he noted that Sharon had appreciated Rey's work that night. "We both do," Adam added, flashing the watch that Sharon had stolen earlier.

Rey realized that Adam and Sharon were together, and Adam taunted that they always ended up together. Adam conceded that Sharon loved Rey, but not the same way she loved Adam. They heard police sirens outside, and Rey panicked that Adam had tipped off the cops. Adam reasoned that someone had to take the fall, and he called it a tough break. Rey bolted awake, and Sharon asked what was wrong. He insisted that he was good, and he told her to go back to sleep. Later, Rey stared out the window and gazed over at a sleeping Sharon.

In her hotel suite, Phyllis muttered to herself that she didn't need Adam's $10 million, since it wouldn't be long until her name was plastered across every building in town. She imagined that people would look up and see her name, and it would cast a shadow over their small, puny lives.

Phyllis dreamed that Sharon was her frumpy secretary, anxiously making sure there were fresh flowers and sparkling water waiting in the office. Sharon nervously made sure everything was in order in her workspace as Phyllis stepped off the elevator. Phyllis dumped her coat and purse on Sharon's desk on her way in, and Sharon hurried to hang them up. Sharon entered Phyllis' office, and Phyllis sipped her sparkling water and complained that it was too bubbly. She instructed Sharon to take out half the bubbles without making it stale, and Sharon questioned how she could do that. Phyllis brusquely asked if she looked like a scientist.

Phyllis ordered Sharon to book her a wax. "Eyebrow or lip?" Sharon inquired. Phyllis barked that there was only one Moustache in town, and it wasn't her. Phyllis mentioned that it was Summer's birthday the next day, and she told Sharon to make reservations at a certain restaurant in Paris. Sharon pointed out that the establishment was booked for months in advance, but Phyllis demanded that Sharon make it happen or make herself available for job interviews.

Sharon rushed out, and Phyllis stared up at a framed business magazine featuring her photo on the cover. Phyllis flashed back to a press conference, where she'd crowed that it was her first day as CEO of Newman, and it showed that if one worked hard enough, didn't take no for an answer, and adopted a revenge-at-all-costs attitude, dreams could become a reality.

Phyllis told Sharon to show the Abbotts in, and Jack thanked Phyllis for letting him and Kyle see her. She snapped that she had five minutes, and she warned them not to bore her. Jack announced that they wanted to create a line of designer accessories named after her, and Kyle added that they had talented artisans who would be honored to be part of it. Phyllis cut Kyle off and asked what he was doing there, since she couldn't work with the boy who'd broken her daughter's heart.

Jack understood, and he immediately fired Kyle. Phyllis snapped her fingers, and Kyle disappeared. Jack mentioned that the tag line for the Phyllis Summers accessory line was her initials -- "P.S., I love you." Phyllis coldly wished she felt the same way, but it wasn't working for her. She snapped her fingers again, and Jack vanished.

Phyllis opened her office door and instructed Sharon to show the Newmans in for their staff meeting, but Sharon informed her that they were already there. Phyllis turned around and found Victor, Nikki, Victoria, Nick, Adam, and Abby all engrossed by something on their phones. Phyllis recognized that it was difficult for them to have a non-Newman run the company, but it was the dawn of a new era for Newman Enterprises that no other CEO could achieve. Phyllis clarified that she was talking about Victoria, and she expected the Newmans to give 100 percent, with the exception of Abby, who could give 50.

Phyllis noticed that they hadn't looked up from their phones, and she suspected that they were ignoring her. Phyllis addressed Adam and declared her intent to make him second in command, since it was her and him against the world. She demanded that he look at her, and she waved her hand in his face but got no reaction. She realized that she was invisible.

Victor called the meeting to order. Nick declared that in the course of his public service and charity work, an extremely sad case had caught his attention. Victor huffed that they had a business to run, but Nick said it was about Phyllis. Nikki bemoaned that Phyllis' fall from grace had been tragic, and Victor remarked that it couldn't have happened to a nicer gal. They recounted that Phyllis had gone from running Dark Horse to being part of the Grand Phoenix to living destitute on the street. Phyllis was appalled that they were smiling.

Adam groused that he didn't know what he'd seen in Phyllis, since she'd only been "hellbent" on revenge. Nick recalled that she'd been seen panhandling with a hat, and Victoria haughtily stated that it had been an obnoxiously large hat. Nick proposed that they give Phyllis money from the Newman Foundation to help her out, and the family exchanged glances before bursting into laughter. Nikki proclaimed that the Newmans didn't help anybody, and Victor considered it a lesson that any of them could be on top one moment then disappear the next. He snapped his fingers, and Phyllis disappeared. Phyllis woke up with a start.

Phyllis stepped off the hotel elevator in a bathrobe. She approached the front desk and told the masked clerk that she'd never been so happy to see anyone. She asked if he saw her, and he gave her a quizzical look. She claimed that she'd had too many bad oysters, and she breathed deeply and told herself that it was all good.

Kyle and Lola returned home to their apartment, and she thanked him for being a good sport about Mariah's party when she knew the thing with Theo was on his mind. Kyle suspected that Mariah had known something was wrong, but Lola assured him that she hadn't said anything because they didn't know if it was true yet. Kyle groaned that there would be no separating himself from Theo if they were cousins. Lola brightly pointed out that it wasn't hard to be estranged from one's relatives, but Kyle recognized that his dad was passionate about keeping their family together. She suggested that they watch an '80s movie to take his mind off it, and they cuddled on the couch and turned on the television.

Kyle fell asleep during the movie, and Lola covered him with a blanket. Kyle dreamed about heading over to the Abbott mansion with Lola for her first Thanksgiving with his family, dressed in preppy '80s attire. Theo opened the mansion door and observed that the "nerds" looked square for the occasion, and Kyle argued that Theo had never been to an Abbott family Thanksgiving. Theo proclaimed that there would be more tequila and less turkey that year, since it was time to party.

Kyle discovered a bevy of strangers drinking and dancing in the living room, and he asked where his dad was. Theo mentioned that Jack was out of town on business, and Kyle blasted Theo for trashing the house without a second thought. Theo figured that things could be replaced, but Kyle lectured that Theo didn't have respect for anyone or anything. Theo suggested that Kyle have a drink, and he invited Lola to put her pie in the kitchen.

Abby greeted Kyle and called it a "fab party," but Kyle expected his dad to be furious. Abby flippantly stated that it was a good thing Jack wasn't there, and Kyle wondered why she wasn't at Society or the Grand Phoenix. She shared that when she'd been talking to Theo, it had dawned on her that she'd been working night and day for no reason, since they'd inherit the Abbott fortune, and there was no point in busting her butt. Kyle pointed out that she was smart and ambitious, and Abby chuckled and declared her intent to marry a rich putz. She recommended that Kyle find a trophy wife, since she didn't know what he was doing with a food truck girl.

Kyle noticed that Abby was wearing Dina's fur coat, and Abby boasted that she'd tapped into the goodies a little early. Lola returned and griped that she'd had enough for one night, but Theo implored them to wait for the queen bee, since Summer was fashionably late. Kyle and Theo bickered about Summer, and Lola whined that Kyle couldn't get over his ex. Mariah joined them and contended that Kyle didn't deserve Lola. Kyle insisted that he loved Lola and that they were happy together, but Mariah observed that Lola didn't look happy. Lola cried that she couldn't do it, and she ran out. Mariah urged Kyle to let Lola go, since he'd mess things up with his man brain.

Jack returned home and yelled at Kyle for the chaotic scene, and Kyle blamed Theo. Theo swore that he had it under control, but Jack bellowed that Theo was no longer welcome in his house. Theo pulled out a document and revealed that he'd had Jack declared incompetent, and Theo had been appointed Jack's guardian. Theo announced his decision for Jack to go live with Dina.

Theo called to two men to escort Jack out. Jack cried that he never should have left Kyle in charge at Jabot, and Kyle responded that he'd tried to warn Jack about Theo. Theo remarked that family took care of family, and he thought Kyle should move back in. Theo exclaimed that the party would go on for all eternity, and he held Kyle down to give him a noogie. Kyle yelled out in his sleep before waking up.

Kyle told Lola that he'd dreamed that Theo had had Jack committed and that Kyle and Lola had been fighting, but he couldn't remember what it had been about. Lola said it had obviously been a bad dream, and she guessed that the movie had been a terrible idea. She promised to make it up to him in bed, and she took his hand and led him away.

Nick sat on the couch at home and flipped through channels on TV, and he eventually dozed off. He heard whispers and crying, and he followed the sounds down the hallway. He discovered Victoria and Abby consoling Nikki in front of a coffin, and they turned when he walked in. Nikki asked what he was doing there, and Nick wondered what had happened. Nikki stated that Victor was dead, and Nick asked how he'd died. Nikki growled that Nick already knew, and he looked down at a butcher knife in his hand.

Nick insisted that he hadn't killed Victor. He was surprised to see Phyllis there, since she'd hated Victor. Phyllis acknowledged that Victor had done horrible things to her, but she'd forgiven him; she questioned whether Nick had. Nick swore that he'd loved Victor, but Phyllis spat that Nick couldn't even face him. Nick opened the coffin and found Adam inside. Nick protested that Nikki had said it was his dad, but Nikki pointed out that Adam's name was Victor.

Victor entered and declared that Victor Jr. had been the only son worthy of his name. Chelsea appeared and announced that Connor had decided to also start using the name Victor to honor his father's legacy. Victor decided to be Connor's father from then on, and Nick offered to raise Connor as if the boy were his own son. Chelsea testily asked if Nick had lost his mind, since she'd just lost the only man she'd ever loved.

Nick objected, but Abby referred to how kind Adam had been to her mother after Ashley's miscarriage. Victoria credited Adam with saving Billy's life, and she accused Nick of always having been jealous of Adam. Abby chided Nick for not being able to find one nice thing to say, and Nikki clucked that Nick couldn't do it even after he'd killed Adam. Rey entered to take Nick to the station, and Sharon joined them and cried that she'd seen Nick kill his own brother. Nick surmised that Adam had faked his own death again and that someone had helped him. Nick called out for Chelsea, but she was gone.

Chelsea woke Nick up and asked if he was okay, since it had sounded like he'd been having a nightmare. Chelsea fetched Nick a glass of water and warned that late-night horror movies were never a good idea. He was glad she was home, and she apologized for falling asleep at Adam's. Nick noted that she was there then, and she mused that there was no place she'd rather be. He pulled her onto his lap, and they kissed.

As Abby slept, she dreamed that her life was a sitcom. She entered Society and tripped when she attempted to twirl whimsically while throwing her hat in the air. A laugh track played, and she complained that the twirl she'd been asked to do had made her dizzy. Theo clarified that she meant ditzy, and the canned laughter erupted again. Kyle, Theo, Mariah, and Lola took turns cracking jokes about how adorably dumb Abby was.

The laugh track irritated Abby, and she complained that it wasn't nice to make jokes at the boss's expense. The group snickered, and Kyle reminded her that their family owned the place. Theo added that Jack had put the restaurant in Abby's name to make her happy, but Abby argued that she was a successful restauranteur who'd built the place. Lola directed Abby to her post at the hostess stand, and Theo commented that they couldn't all have beauty and brains like him. The group continued to tell jokes, and Abby clapped her hands over her ears and yelled to make it stop. She suddenly woke up.

Abby calmed down when she realized that she was at her hotel, and it was quiet. She picked up a style magazine with her photo on the cover, and she thanked God that it had all been a dream. "Happy Halloween!" she proclaimed.

Kevin tells Chelsea her money is gone

Kevin tells Chelsea her money is gone

Friday, November 1, 2019

At the Newman ranch, Nikki scolded Victor for having candy for breakfast. He reasoned that he was retired, so he could do anything he wanted. He added that he might even surprise her by watching The Price is Right, and he exclaimed, "Come on down!" Nikki thought Drew Carey would be thrilled to know that Victor Newman was one of his viewers. She mentioned that Nick had something to talk to her about, and she expected things to get very busy very fast if it was what she suspected it was. She hurried out.

At home, Nick got dressed in a suit and tie. He asked Chelsea how he looked, and she called him confident, sexy, and debonair. She started to remove his jacket, and he asked what she was doing. "Taking your clothes off, Councilman," she flirtatiously replied. Chelsea undid Nick's tie, and he warned that he couldn't be late to his own press conference. She promised that it wouldn't take long, and she urged him to relax because they weren't going to have sex.

Chelsea explained that she was getting Nick out of his ridiculous outfit. He protested that it was a custom-made suit from Italy, and she invited him to wear it when he took her dancing. She pointed out that he was about to announce his candidacy for city council, and he had to show that he was ready to get into the trenches and fight alongside the people, so showing up in a custom suit would send the wrong message. Nick agreed that the suit made him look too slick.

Nick rolled up his sleeves and asked if the more relaxed look was better, since he didn't want his announcement at the coffeehouse to seem stuffy. Chelsea anticipated that he would be a huge success that day, since he related to people with his huge heart, and the voters would be lucky to have him. Nick worried that people would run for the hills upon seeing the Newman name or finding out about his past, and Chelsea wondered about her own past. He maintained that it was a non-issue for him, and they made plans to meet at Crimson Lights later.

Chelsea asked if people said "break a leg" in politics, and Nikki overheard as she entered. Nikki hoped it was why Nick had invited her over, and he informed her that he was about to announce that he was running for city council. Nick thanked the women for convincing him to do it, and Chelsea kissed him goodbye and left for work. Nick told Nikki that he'd also asked her there to see if she'd help manage his campaign. "Absolutely not," she firmly replied.

Nikki was honored that Nick had asked her, but she questioned whether he was running as Nick Newman or as a member of the Newman family. Nick asserted that he was his own man, and she informed him that she was turning him down because of the baggage that went along with the Newman name. Nick relayed that Chelsea had recommended that he lose his fancy suit to seem like a man of the people. Nikki didn't want to give up her job at Newman only to have the press present the story as the Newmans taking over local government, especially after how hard Nick had worked to distance himself from his family's identity.

Nick understood that the Newman name opened doors, but he balked at it costing him the amazing Nikki Newman working on his campaign. He recalled that she'd run for office before, so her advice would be indispensable. Nikki was flattered, but she wouldn't do more than talk about things unofficially. She refused to let her name be within a mile of his campaign letterhead, but he hoped she'd still attend his press conference as his mother to cheer him on. He thought he could use another friendly face, but he was sure he'd get through it with her and Chelsea by his side.

At the Grand Phoenix, Amanda asked someone over the phone if "he" was still at the same location. She hung up as Nate entered, and she suggested that they get started. He noted that she didn't waste any time, and she responded that they didn't have time to waste where his case with the medical board was concerned. She invited him to sit down and figure out a way to win, since she had a perfect record to protect.

Amanda examined the letter that Nate had received from the medical board. She advised that the letter included their version of events, and she needed to hear Nate's side of the story again. Nate admitted that he'd lied for a patient and helped Victor perpetuate fraud, but he wouldn't do it if he had the choice to do it over again. Amanda warned him never to tell anyone that story ever again except her, and she recalled that he'd said earlier that his personal relationship with Abby had influenced his decision. Amanda questioned whether Nate was really the type of man who would throw everything away for a woman.

Nate testily pointed out that Amanda had only known him for about five minutes, but he wasn't that kind of man. He conceded that Abby had been a factor, along with other considerations, and he offered to lay everything out in detail. Amanda observed that he'd responded the way she'd hoped, since she wanted to know the type of man she was defending if she was going to war for him. He wondered if he'd passed the test, and she saw a man who wasn't afraid to tell the truth or defend himself.

Amanda inquired whether Nate had experienced any other issues with the medical board. Nate swore that he had a clean record, and he snapped that she didn't have to spell out that his career was on the line. He apologized for being on edge, and he asked what was next. Amanda requested that he take her back to the moment that he'd decided to help Victor with his deception and make her understand why he'd done it. Nate explained that he loved being a doctor, and the only thing he'd ever wanted to do was use his God-given skill to help people. He continued that he was far from perfect as a doctor or a man, but he believed that he always had to put his patients' welfare first.

Nate shared that he'd balked at Victor's plan at first, hoping Victor would change his mind, but he'd finally decided to go along with it. Amanda inquired whether Abby had encouraged Nate to do it, but he refused to pin it all on his relationship with Abby. Nate contended that Victor had already been a very sick man, but the real complication had been Victor's war with Adam. Nate shared that Adam's altering of Victor's medication could have been catastrophic if they hadn't caught it, and Victor had decided to send his own message by making Adam think Victor was dead because of what Adam had done.

Nate acknowledged that he should have called the police or tried to talk Victor out of it, but the nagging voice in his head had said his patient's health was his top priority, so he'd agreed to lie and present a false case to the authorities. Amanda thought Nate had believed his patient's life had depended on it, and Nate insisted that it was the truth. Amanda said Nate had knowingly put his entire career on the line for a man's life, and that was the defense they would sell -- hard.

Nate observed that Amanda seemed pretty confident, and she reiterated that she'd never lost a case. She wanted to get to work on building his defense, starting with talking to the one person who was crucial -- the man who'd started the scheme in the first place. Nate wasn't sure he was ready to confront Victor, but Amanda argued that Victor was the one who'd put Nate in that position. Nate groaned that he hadn't slept for three nights, and he was afraid of what he might say. Amanda insisted on doing all the talking. She recognized that Nate had every right to be angry, but she believed Victor was his best chance at winning. Nate followed Amanda out.

At Society, Kevin approached Victor and gave him high marks for faking his own death, but it wasn't a perfect score because Adam hadn't left town permanently. Victor countered that Chloe hadn't, either. Victor remarked that Chloe was lucky she was a lousy shot, and Kevin assured Victor that she'd gotten it out of her system and wouldn't go after Adam again. Victor wondered how people had been treating her since she'd been back, and Kevin guessed that people were upset with Victor. Kevin asked if there was anything he could do because he owed Victor, but Victor replied that he didn't need Kevin's kind of assistance. Kevin defended that he was working at the police station and was one of the good guys. Kevin excused himself to answer a call, and he cursed and rushed out.

Amanda and Nate entered Society, and she shook Victor's hand. Victor commented on her astonishing similarity to Hilary, but she countered that she wasn't the one back from the dead. Victor mentioned that he'd heard about the medical board's decision, and he was deeply sorry. Victor offered to do anything he could to help Nate. Amanda informed him that she was confident she would win Nate's case, but she wouldn't downplay that they needed Victor to get Nate through it unscathed.

Amanda requested that Victor provide a statement for the hearing, and Nate spat that none of it would have happened if Victor hadn't cooked up the crazy scheme. Nate ranted that he'd regret his part in it for the rest of his life, but he figured that Victor considered everyone else to be collateral damage. Victor inquired whether that meant Nate didn't need his help, but Amanda insisted that they did. Nate wanted Victor to understand that there had been consequences when he'd decided to play God.

Nate hissed that people weren't chess pieces but that they had lives and relationships that Victor didn't care about. Nate growled that Adam hadn't paid for trying to kill Victor because Victor had let him walk, but Nate was in danger of losing his license because Victor felt that money and power had made him above the law. Nate added that his relationship with Abby had ended over the scheme, and he stood to lose everything. Victor acknowledged that he'd done a great deal of damage to Nate's career, and he offered to take the blame for everything.

Victor hoped his next conversation with Amanda wouldn't be as contentious, and he promised not to make references to her resemblance to Hilary because Amanda was her own woman. Victor apologized again to Nate and hoped that Nate would understand when he had his own children one day. Victor left, and Amanda scolded Nate for how disastrous the encounter could have been. Nate flatly stated that there had been some things that had needed to be said. Amanda snapped that when she'd told him she'd be doing all the talking, she'd meant it. Outside, Victor made a call and asked someone to find out everything they could about Amanda Sinclair.

Chelsea arrived at the Grand Phoenix and wished a patron at the front desk a good morning. The guest followed her across the lobby and introduced himself as Simon Black. He called her by name and recognized that she didn't know him, but he was very aware of who she was. Chelsea couldn't remember where or when she'd met Simon. He confirmed that they'd never met, but he knew her by reputation.

Simon assumed that Chelsea owned the place, but she clarified that Abby was in charge. Simon declared that Chelsea was the only one he was interested in, and she wondered if he had business to discuss. He preferred to keep it very personal, and she joked that her boyfriend wouldn't like that very much. Simon revealed that he was there because she had something of his that he wanted back, and she became nervous.

Simon thanked Chelsea for taking the time to talk to resolve the issue cleanly and simply. She was distracted when Kevin entered the hotel and signaled that he wanted to speak with her. Simon asked if she'd heard what he'd said, and she claimed to be wracking her brain to think of what she had of his, since she'd never heard of him or seen him until then. He shared that he and Calvin had been very close business associates.

Simon regretted not sending his condolences after Calvin's passing. Simon thought Chelsea had given him reason to make up for that, and she replied that she didn't know what he meant. Simon stated that Calvin had always made sure his obligations were fully satisfied, and he mentioned the storage unit. He ominously stated that his associates had gone there to collect Calvin's final obligation to pay in full, but they'd found the room empty.

Chelsea politely said she was sorry if something of Simon's had gone missing, and she volunteered to look through Calvin's paperwork if Simon pointed her in the right direction. She suggested that Simon reach out to other acquaintances, and she wished she could be of more help. Simon claimed that there was nothing left to discuss, and. he He turned to walk away, but he suddenly snapped his fingers and marveled at what a beautiful place the hotel was.

Simon noted that Chelsea had landed on her feet after Calvin's untimely demise, and he hovered uncomfortably close and reminded her that life could be too short. He asked if they were done pretending, and he fervently hoped they were. He said he'd let his associates know that they'd spoken, and they could get down to the dirty details later. Simon departed, and Kevin startled Chelsea when he approached her from behind. She was adamant that she needed her money back right away.

Chelsea insisted on being liquid, even if the money hadn't been properly washed. Kevin informed her that he couldn't do that, but she argued that she'd always intended to get the money back and that she was just changing the timing. Kevin blurted out that the money was gone, since the Feds had seized all the assets at the bank he'd been working with. Kevin rambled about how sorry he was, but Chelsea barely heard him in her panic.

At Crimson Lights, Nick introduced Nikki to Tammy, who went to prime the press. Nikki asked if Nick was nervous, but he knew exactly what he wanted to say and what his plans would be if he was elected. He noted that he'd done good with New Hope, but running for office was taking it to a higher level, and he felt it was his responsibility not to let anyone down. Nick worried that he'd seem like a job-hopping dilettantedilatant who would lose interest in a couple of months, but Nikki assured him that he had a fire in his eyes that she hadn't seen in a while.

Nick reflected back on the jobs he'd taken to rebel against his father, starting with Crimson Lights and culminating in trying to beat Victor at his own game with Dark Horse. Nick admitted that it had taken forever for him to find out what made him happy, and it was to help people improve their lives. Nikki encouraged him to say that to the doubters to prove that he was up to the task. Tammy said it was time to get started, but Nick requested a couple of minutes to allow Chelsea time to get there.

Nikki voiced surprise that there had been no word from Chelsea, and Nick assumed that Chelsea was stuck at the hotel. Nikki questioned whether Chelsea was truly happy that he was running for public office, but she didn't want to make Nick have doubts before his speech. Nikki cautioned that she'd overheard some reporters saying they had to move on to other commitments if the press conference didn't wrap up soon, and she urged him not to miss out on the publicity. Nick stepped to the patio and thanked everyone for being there. He announced his candidacy for city council amidst applause.

Nick recognized that people equated the name Newman with boardrooms and business dealings. He confirmed that he'd had his share of experience in both, but he wasn't running for office to benefit special interest groups. He swore that he was doing it for families to finally be able to get into their own homes, single mothers who were living paycheck to paycheck, and kids who were smart enough to go to college but couldn't afford it.

Nick declared that he loved those people and that city, and he was proud to be from there. He promised to do everything he could to make it a better place to live for everyone who called it home, and he thanked everyone for listening. After the reporters exited, Nikki gushed that she'd vote for him even if he wasn't her son. He solemnly noted that Chelsea had never shown up, and he had a feeling that something was wrong.

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