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Simon threatened Connor. Chelsea convinced Adam to take Connor out of town. A DNA test proved that Theo was Dina's grandson. Theo struggled with whether to embrace his new family or back off. Victoria worried about Billy's anger toward Cane. Chance returned to town and slugged Cane.
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A DNA test proved Theo was Dina's grandson, and Chance returned to Genoa City
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Dina touchingly connects with Theo

Dina touchingly connects with Theo

Monday, November 4, 2019

At the Grand Phoenix, Chelsea left a message for Nick. She apologized for missing his press conference, explaining that something had come up. Afterward, Chelsea looked uneasy when she spotted Simon at the bar, talking to Abby. After Simon left, Chelsea approached Abby. Chelsea played dumb when Abby said that a very handsome guest had asked to speak to the manager. Chelsea said, "Did he say why?" Abby explained that the guest had wanted to thank her for a pleasant stay and noted that he'd remain in town until his business matter was all wrapped up. Chelsea struggled to hide her anxiousness.

Abby checked her revenue report and boasted that had she not taken on Chelsea and Phyllis as business partners, she could have kept all the profits for herself. Chelsea replied, "What if you bought my share of the hotel?" Abby laughed and said, "You're not serious, right?" Nick approached and asked, "Serious about what?" Abby explained that Chelsea had joked about selling her share of the hotel. Abby added, "You were joking, right?" Nick responded that the Grand Phoenix was Chelsea's best-ever investment.

Abby changed the subject and told Nick that she'd watched online as he'd announced that he was running for City Council. Abby assured Nick that she'd cast her vote for him. After Abby walked away, Nick asked Chelsea why she'd missed the press conference. Chelsea seemed flustered as she recalled handling numerous issues and losing track of time. Chelsea praised Nick's speech and said that without her being there, the audience could remain focused on him and his agenda. Nick insisted that his significant other remain in the forefront to endorse him.

Nick assured Chelsea that his constituents would approve of and love her as much as he did. Chelsea kissed Nick and suggestively promised to make it up to him later. Nick replied, "Actually, you could make it up to me right now." Nick explained that a newspaper reporter named Pat would arrive shortly to interview him and Chelsea. As if on cue, Abby escorted Pat to the lounge and gushed that Nick was certain to win a position on the City Council.

After Abby left, Nick introduced Chelsea as his girlfriend. Pat said, "Nice to meet you. I'm anxious to get to know Nick's partner in crime." Nick began the interview by vowing to be the person Genoa City citizens could count on to be by their side. Nick added that though he'd lived a privileged life, he'd given away most of his trust fund. Chelsea added, "And now he's devoted himself to New Hope." Nick said he'd found joy in running a nonprofit and yearned to do more for his community by running for office.

As Nick continued his interview with Pat, Chelsea noticed Simon Black enter and take a seat at the bar. Simon glanced at Chelsea from the across the room and winked at her. Chelsea refocused her attention, chimed in, and told Pat that Nick would listen because he believed that every voice mattered. After Nick escorted Pat to the exit, Simon approached Chelsea and told her she had 24 hours to deliver the money her dearly departed husband owed him. Chelsea cried that she couldn't gather the funds quickly because it was a "delicate" transaction that would take at least a week or two.

Simon told Chelsea he'd give her 48 hours. Chelsea asked what would happen if she couldn't meet her deadline. Simon, sounding threatening, replied that they wouldn't "go down that road unless we have to." Chelsea walked to an alcove, phoned Kevin, and said, "I need your help."

Abby spotted Rey near the registration desk at the Grand Phoenix and said she assumed Rey and Sharon had had a good time together. Rey agreed that his night with Sharon had been fantastic. Rey added that he was grateful he hadn't run into the one person who could have ruined his evening. Abby explained that Adrian had checked out without paying his $3,000 bill. Abby added that Adrian's credit card had been declined. Rey offered to pay, but Abby refused. Rey said he'd imprison Adrian for theft if he showed up in town again.

At Lola and Kyle's apartment, Jack stopped by and told Kyle that Theo was aware he might be related to Dina. Kyle expressed anger and noted that he couldn't stand Theo. Jack took an envelope from his pocket and explained that he'd received the results of Theo's DNA test, which had proven that Theo was Dina's grandson. Kyle's mood darkened, and he sarcastically suggested that Jack celebrate the good news with Theo. Jack advised Kyle to take time to process the news before they discussed it further. Kyle warned Jack that he'd soon find out why he shouldn't have pursued the matter.

After Jack left, Kyle told Lola he could tell she believed his reaction had been out of line. Lola agreed that Kyle had treated Jack harshly. Lola asked Kyle what he was afraid of. Kyle cried that he feared his family would be turned upside down by a manipulative opportunist. Lola pressed Kyle to give Theo a chance to prove otherwise. Lola reminded Kyle that he and Theo had once been friends and perhaps should be again. Kyle cried that the night Theo had learned he might be related to Dina, he'd boasted about his "Uncle Jack."

Lola advised Kyle to keep an open mind and find common ground with Theo, who she believed was striving to become a better person. Kyle flew off the handle and insinuated that Lola was unable to discern that Kyle's acts of kindness were his way of sucking up. Kyle added, "You're falling for his act." Lola replied, "Okay, then I'm either stupid or naive? You know, I don't care how you feel about Theo. You have no right to treat me like a fool."

Lola retreated alone to the bedroom. Later, she collected her coat to head out the door to work. Kyle apologized to Lola for having taken out his anger on her, explaining that he had never meant to let Theo get between them. Kyle assured Lola that he didn't think she was stupid and had reacted as he had because he'd mistakenly assumed that she'd taken Theo's side over his.

Lola assured Kyle that she was on his side and hoped he and Theo could find a way to work things out. Kyle took Lola's hands and praised her for having a big heart that always looked for happy endings. Lola promised to keep her eyes open where Theo was concerned, accepted Kyle's apology, and told him he also owed someone else an apology.

At Crimson Lights, after spying a bouquet of flowers Sharon had received, Mariah remarked that Sharon and Rey had evidently enjoyed their date. Sharon explained that her date hadn't ended until the next morning. Mariah said she hadn't seen her mother so happy since -- Sharon completed the sentence, adding, "Since the last time I was with Rey?" Sharon said Rey was easy to be with because there were no games or hidden agendas. Sharon acknowledged Mariah's role in pressing for Sharon and Rey to get back together.

Mariah expressed concern to Sharon that Adam might screw things up like he'd done before. Sharon said she'd told Adam she wasn't interested in a relationship with him. Mariah warned that Adam, a master manipulator, had already roped Sharon into helping his son. Sharon explained that Rey had expressed faith in her by encouraging her to help Connor. Sharon insisted that history wouldn't repeat itself as far as she and Adam were concerned.

Mariah told Sharon she was planning a surprise party for Tessa, though she was concerned that Tessa might dislike surprises. Sharon assured Mariah that Tessa would love celebrating their anniversary at a surprise party. Mariah thought over the past year. Mariah recalled that she and Tessa had dealt with Tessa's sister and with J.T. Sharon said she was happy for the couple and praised Mariah for standing by Tessa through everything to celebrate a year of living together.

At the Abbott mansion, Jack showed Theo the DNA results. Theo couldn't believe that out of the millions living in New York City, he and Kyle had become friends. Theo cried, "This is insane." Jack told Theo he was glad the truth had come out, though Kyle should take time to process the news. Jack suggested he, Theo, and Kyle work through things together. Theo requested to meet Dina. Jack cautioned Theo that Dina wouldn't likely be able to answer his questions, especially after he and Traci had been unable to draw out information. Theo said he just wanted to meet Dina and didn't expect her to explain why she'd given up his father for adoption.

While Jack was upstairs preparing Dina to visit Theo, Theo approached the buffet upon which framed photos of the Abbott family were displayed. Theo picked up a photo of Dina and seemed lost in thought. Jack escorted Dina into the room and seated her on the sofa. Jack poured a cup of hibiscus tea, which delighted Dina. Dina told Jack that he had a lovely home. Jack thanked Dina and replied, "It's been in our family for years."

Theo approached as Jack said, "Dina, this is Theo Vanderway." Theo sat next to Dina, extended his hand, and said, "It's nice to meet you. Dina." Dina, stifling tears, replied, "Oh, did you say 'Vanderway'?" Jack asked Dina if the name meant something to her. Dina gazed into Theo's eyes and said, "Eric, is that you?" Jack nodded at Theo, urging him to play along. Theo told Dina he was Eric. Dina, sobbing, asked "Eric" if his parents loved him. Theo assured Dina that his parents were good, kind, and caring people who'd devoted themselves to making him feel safe. Dina replied, "A family should take care of each other. That's what they're supposed to do."

Dina was suddenly overcome with emotion, broke down in tears, and told Jack she was getting very tired. Jack told Dina to stay seated and rest. Jack took Theo aside and explained that they wouldn't be able to pull more information out of Dina. Theo said he'd learned more than he'd expected. Theo stifled tears as he expressed heartfelt thanks to Jack. Before Theo walked out the door, he heard Dina ask Jack if she knew him. Jack replied, "I'm Jack. I'm your son, Mom. I'm family." Theo sobbed softly as he watched Jack lead Dina by the arm.

At Society, Lola prepped vegetables in the kitchen. Rey entered and excitedly announced that Adrian had left town. Lola cried that Adrian would return. Rey said Adrian would land in jail for stiffing the Grand Phoenix for $3,000. Lola cried, "Bailing on his responsibilities is his go-to move." Lola was horrified to realize what Adrian had done to Abby after she'd refused to let Rey pay the bill. Lola cried that she already had enough to deal with. Rey surmised that Lola was hiding something and replied, "What else is going on?"

As Lola pushed Rey out of the kitchen, he asked if she'd been referring to something specific. Lola claimed she was just dealing with life, work, and Kyle's family drama. After Rey left, Lola noticed Theo sitting at the bar. Theo said he was aware that Lola had heard the news and assumed Kyle had had some choice words to say about it. Lola asked Theo how he felt. Theo told Lola that Dina had believed he was his dad, so he'd gone along with it. Theo added that he'd felt an amazing connection to Dina, until the fleeting memory had left her. Theo cried that he felt as though he'd lost something he'd never even had and was no longer sure about who he was.

Jack returned home after taking Dina back to her memory-care facility. Kyle was waiting, and he apologized to Jack. Jack acknowledged that it was a lot to deal with. Kyle sarcastically asked if Theo had staked out a bedroom. Jack explained that Theo's response had been more subdued because everything he'd thought he'd known about his life had changed. Kyle insisted that Theo would turn everything around to his own advantage. Jack told Kyle about Theo's meeting with Dina, which had seemed to touch Dina. Jack told Kyle that, like the rest of the family, he would have to find a way to accept Theo, and he quoted Dina's remark about family looking out for each other.

Rey met up with Sharon at the coffeehouse and asked when they could enjoy their next date. Sharon invited Rey to accompany her to Mariah and Tessa's anniversary party. Sharon remarked that in a year, she and Rey could be celebrating their anniversary. Rey replied, "I'm looking forward to it." On the patio, Mariah invited Kyle, Lola, and Abby to the party via text message.

Mariah surprises Tessa on their anniversary

Mariah surprises Tessa on their anniversary

Tuesday, November 5, 2019

A tuxedo-clad Kyle finished getting dressed as he spoke over the phone with Jack. Kyle recounted that his father hadn't been a fan of Theo's when they'd first met. Kyle encouraged Jack to listen to his instincts, since DNA didn't change who a person was at the core. Kyle implored Jack to dig a little to find out who Theo really was.

Jack insisted that Theo was family, and family had always been sacrosanct for Jack. Kyle feared that Jack was caught up in having a connection to Dina's past and was turning a blind eye to who Theo really was. Jack suspected that Kyle's history with Theo was clouding his judgment, and he thought they'd lose nothing by taking a chance. Kyle hoped he didn't have to say, "I told you so."

At Adam's penthouse, Connor yelled out from his bedroom, and Adam dashed upstairs. Adam sat with Connor on the couch and asked if the boy felt better. Adam suggested a glass of water, but Connor clung to him. Adam promised to stay by his son's side and offered to read to him. Connor looked stricken, and Adam put his arm around Connor and assured him that it would be okay.

At the Grand Phoenix, Chelsea inquired whether Abby had spoken to Simon Black again. Nick overheard and jokingly asked if he should be worried. Chelsea imagined that Simon was a big investor, and she wondered why he was in Genoa City. Abby suggested that Chelsea check his reservation in the computer, and Chelsea reasoned that it was important to know what attracted clientele to the hotel. Chelsea asked if Nick was there to see him, but he informed her that he was meeting Jack to get his take on running for City Council.

Jack joined Nick, Abby, and Chelsea, and Chelsea hurried off to work. Abby questioned whether everything was okay with Chelsea, who had seemed off. Nick figured that Chelsea was just exhausted with work and trying to spend every minute possible with Connor. Abby stepped away, and Jack encouraged Nick to level with him about how Nick really felt about Chelsea's schedule. Nick supported Chelsea investing in her son, but Jack pointed out that Adam was involved. Nick expected Adam to try to use her emotions against her, but he was confident it would fail.

Jack thought Nick was right to be on guard about Adam, but Nick was determined to be the bigger man by doing what was best for Chelsea and their kids. Nick glanced over at Chelsea, who was on the phone at the bar. Adam informed her that Connor wouldn't talk or let him leave the boy's side, and Chelsea instructed him to tell Connor she loved him and that she was on her way. Chelsea told Nick that she had to go see Connor, and she headed out.

Jack wondered how far Nick intended to take his political career, and Nick replied that he hadn't thought that far ahead. Nick pledged to do as much good as possible for Genoa City, and Jack asked where Victor stood. Nick shared that he hadn't talked to his father about it, but Nikki had been the one who'd convinced him to run and to do it on his own. Jack applauded Nick for not using the Newman connections and separating himself from his family's history.

Nick confided that he'd almost been convinced that running for office would be an exercise in futility because of the Newman name, but Jack advised that there was no one in politics without baggage. Nick worried that people would call him a privileged elitist, but Jack thought Nick had proven himself to be his own man by leaving his cushy job to start his own business, giving away his inheritance to charity, and developing affordable housing. Phyllis clapped dramatically.

Jack asked Phyllis to weigh in with her thoughts about Nick announcing his candidacy. Phyllis commented that it was great to see her two favorite ex-husbands making things happen in her hotel, but she had no stomach for politics. Jack wished Nick luck, and he exited. Phyllis made up the slogan "a new man for a new city," and she invited Nick to use it, free of charge. He noted that she didn't seem keen on the idea of him running for office, and he wondered why.

Phyllis clarified that she wasn't saying Nick shouldn't run, but she was afraid politics would change him. He'd expected her to be behind him making a change. She pointed out that he'd supposedly rediscovered himself after he'd walked away from Dark Horse because money didn't make him happy. She believed that he had found happiness, and she questioned why he'd mess that up. Nick asked whether he couldn't be happy in politics.

Phyllis anticipated that Nick would need to become a different man if he got elected, since he'd have to cater to others and their agendas. He maintained that he wanted to help people by being part of the decision-making process from the inside. Phyllis flatly stated that Nick had done a great job of not becoming Victor, but she was afraid that after Nick had spent a lifetime making his own rules, it would finally be politics that turned him into his father. Nick shared that it had been his biggest fear his whole life to turn into his dad. He thought he'd been close a few times, like when he'd tried to impersonate J.T.

Phyllis wondered what had pulled Nick back from the brink, and he responded that he'd hated the way it had made him feel. He swore that he'd never turn into his father. Abby spied them as Phyllis wished Nick luck and declared that he had her vote. He counted on it, and they embraced. After Nick departed, Abby approached Phyllis and hissed, "Don't even think about it." Phyllis taunted that with everyone accusing her of making a play for Nick, she might just have to give in to peer pressure and "hit that -- again." Phyllis sauntered off.

Connor was asleep on the couch when Chelsea arrived at the penthouse. Adam recalled that Connor had woken up screaming, and Chelsea wondered if something had scared their son. Connor awakened and ran into Chelsea's arms, and she inquired about his bad dream. Connor wailed that it had been worse than the one he'd had when they'd first moved in with Calvin, and Chelsea reminded him about what they did when he felt scared or worried. He mentioned magic eyes, and she prompted him to name all the things he loved. He rattled off a list of things, ending with his mom and dad. Chelsea envisioned an empty beach, a flying kite, and wishing on shooting stars. Adam watched them cuddling together.

Later, Adam reported that Connor was sleeping like a baby. Adam wondered how Chelsea had made everything okay, and she chalked it up to being Connor's mom. Adam recounted that Connor had just been yelling about not going back home with her a couple of days before, and Chelsea was confident that her son knew she loved him and that there was nothing he could say or do to push her away. She suspected that Connor had been testing her unconditional love by acting out, but the boy knew things would never change between her and Adam.

Adam recognized that Chelsea hadn't been completely on board with Connor living with him, and he stressed that it hadn't been his intention to hurt her. Adam added that Connor and Chelsea needed one another and made one another more complete. Chelsea called Connor her world, and she inquired whether Adam had any idea what had sparked the nightmare. Adam couldn't think of anything, and she contemplated whether it had been a video game or something that had happened at school. Chelsea's expression darkened at the thought that it had been someone outside of school, and Adam sensed that she was worried about something specific.

Adam pressed Chelsea to tell him what might have caused Connor's nightmare so he could help. Chelsea covered by saying that she tried to monitor Connor's online gaming activity, but there were limits to what she could do. Adam promised to keep an eye out for anything strange, and Chelsea pledged to make sure Connor was safe. Adam asked if she was implying that their son wasn't safe there with him, but Chelsea swore that it hadn't been what she'd meant. She encouraged Adam not to get tripped up if he couldn't console Connor, since she had no doubt Adam would find a solution.

Adam admitted that he was rusty at the fatherhood thing, and Chelsea sympathized that it took a lot of trial and error. She offered to teach him her "magic eyes" trick, and she explained that having Connor list his favorite things helped with his anxiety by distracting him from whatever was bothering him. Adam thanked her and swore that he wanted to work with her and not against her on parenting. She said she believed him, and she told him to let her know if Connor needed anything. Chelsea left.

Chelsea returned home and apologized to Nick for rushing off. She informed him that Connor had had a nightmare, and Nick surmised that Adam hadn't been able to handle it. Nick was glad that Adam had called if Connor had really needed her. She bemoaned that she hated it, but Nick assured her that both he and Connor knew she'd move heaven and earth for her son.

Nick inquired about what had caused the nightmare, and Chelsea pondered whether Connor had been trying to pull a fast one to get her to go over to his dad's house. Chelsea figured that every kid wanted their parents to be together, and she wouldn't be surprised if Connor thought he could make them a happy family again. Nick questioned whether it had been Connor's idea -- or Adam's.

"What do you see with those magic eyes?" Adam muttered to himself. Connor appeared downstairs and called out to him. Connor enthused that he liked it when his mom was there, and Adam replied that he did, too. They hugged.

At Crimson Lights, Mariah asked if Sharon could get someone else to clean up. Sharon wondered if it was Mariah's subtle way of volunteering, but Mariah pointed out that Sharon knew what that night was. Sharon pretended to remember that she had to put in a big order for coffee beans, and Mariah insisted that Sharon keep her jokes to herself that evening. Sharon promised that she'd be there, but Mariah warned her against taking the opportunity to make a speech. Mariah recognized that she and Tessa had gotten off to a rocky start, but she wanted to focus on the good. Sharon assured her that Tessa would love Mariah's surprise.

Later, Mariah and Tessa arrived at Society, and Tessa was stunned to find the restaurant empty. Tessa guessed that Mariah had arranged a special surprise for their anniversary, and Mariah pulled out a blindfold and headphones. Mariah asked Tessa to humor her by putting them on and chilling in Abby's office with the music keyed up then joining Mariah when the music was over. Tessa cooed that she would do anything for Mariah.

Mariah helped Tessa put on the blindfold and headphones, and she made sure that Tessa couldn't hear her. Lola entered, and Mariah declared that Tessa was in for the biggest surprise of her life. Lola confirmed that everything was in order, and Kyle arrived with the decorations. Mariah exclaimed that Tessa was an hour away from having her mind blown, even though she didn't know it yet. Mariah led Tessa out.

Kyle asked if Mariah needed a hand with setting the table, and she expected him to tell her that she was doing everything wrong. She invited him to take over, and she wondered if there was anything he couldn't do. He referred to making a certain family member disappear, but he clammed up because he'd promised he wouldn't talk about it that night. Mariah said she owed him one, and he teased her for not knowing the first thing about decorating.

Sharon and Rey arrived, and he wished Mariah a happy anniversary. Mariah mentioned that Tessa was in Abby's office, and she suggested that the couple get a drink. Abby entered and asked if she was late, and Mariah thanked her for allowing them use of the restaurant. Abby marveled at how Mariah and Tessa had managed to stay together. Mariah realized that it was time, and she told everyone to take their places.

Mariah met Tessa in the corridor and led her to the dining room, where Tessa discovered their friends clustered around an elaborate, candlelit dinner table. The group applauded, and Tessa was flabbergasted because she'd thought she had Mariah all figured out. "The best is yet to come," Mariah murmured, and they kissed.

Kyle poured Champagne and gave himself credit for Mariah and Tessa's successful coupling. He imagined that they never would have fallen in love if it hadn't been for his matchmaking skills, but Mariah protested that she and Tessa had known one another before Kyle had gotten involved. Kyle recalled that the lovebirds hadn't clicked until the magical night on the Athletic Club rooftop, when they'd barely watched the sci-fi film under the stars because they'd realized they only had eyes for one another. Kyle reflected back on the long nights he'd spent as Mariah's relationship therapist, but Mariah countered that there had been a lot of quid pro quo.

Lola called Mariah and Tessa the best friends a girl could have, and she was proud to have them both in her life. Lola congratulated them on finding love and making it last. Sharon expressed that she'd had her doubts in the beginning, but she'd never been happier to be proven wrong. She added that she was impressed and enchanted by Mariah and Tessa's love, since their relationship had changed them both by taking off their rough edges and making them more forgiving, trusting, and mature. Sharon raised her glass to the couple, and Abby commended them for proving that true love did exist.

The group clinked their glasses together, and Tessa thanked all of them for making it an unforgettable night. Mariah proclaimed that it wasn't over yet, since they'd reached the entertainment portion of the night. Tessa wondered if they expected her to sing, and Mariah acknowledged that Tessa was usually the one who sparkled in the spotlight, but Mariah had prepared for a one-night-only engagement. Mariah hoped Tessa was up for one more surprise -- even if it was very cheesy. Mariah read an adorably corny poem she'd written about her love for Tessa. Tessa called the poem the sweetest thing ever, and Abby toasted to many more anniversaries.

After the guests left, Mariah marveled that they'd made it, and Tessa declared that they had 100 anniversaries more to go. Tessa gushed that she'd thought love was something that happened to other people, but no one had ever believed in her and trusted her like Mariah did. Mariah replied that no one had ever looked at her or touched her heart like Tessa did. Tessa felt like the more she loved Mariah, "the more I'm me."

Tessa commended Mariah for standing by her when she'd been far from her best, and Mariah recognized that there was more to Tessa than her mistakes. Tessa said Mariah was easily the best thing that had ever happened to her, and Mariah replied, "I know." They laughed, and Tessa proposed that they continue the celebration at home. Tessa grabbed the poem Mariah had written, and they bantered about whether to keep it or toss it out as they left together.

Sharon and Rey ended up at Crimson Lights, which was closed for the evening. Sharon admitted that she'd had nothing but doubts about Tessa, and Rey asked what had changed her mind. Sharon explained that Mariah's unwavering devotion had made Sharon realize that there was nothing she could say or do to change Mariah's mind, so she'd watched, waited, and worried, but nothing had happened. Sharon tearfully conceded that Mariah and Tessa were really good for one another, and she was happy for them.

Sharon rambled that Mariah was in a committed relationship, Noah was halfway around the world, and Faith was at boarding school. Rey noted that they were all good things. Sharon agreed, but she confided that it felt like her life was getting smaller and bigger at the same time, both personally and professionally. He inquired about her online master's program, and she indicated that she was very close to getting her degree. He recalled the nights she'd stayed up late studying while they'd been living together, and he imagined she was happy to almost be finished.

Sharon vowed to never stop learning, since every time she thought she had things under control and finally understood everything, she had another growth experience. Rey suggested that they work toward better things, and she asked how. He put a coin in the jukebox, played a song, and invited her to dance. As they swayed, he mused that it felt better already.

Simon threatens Chelsea with a photo of Connor

Simon threatens Chelsea with a photo of Connor

Wednesday, November 6, 2019

by Nel

At home, Jack appeared anxious for the family to arrive. Traci suggested that perhaps they needed to slow down on their plans to host a party for Theo, but Jack said they needed to use the party to find out more about their half-brother Eric, and the only way to do that was through Theo. Jack acknowledged that Kyle and Theo had issues. He said that Theo had been great with Dina when he'd brought Dina home. Theo had assured Dina that the people who had adopted him had raised him in a loving home. Jack said that it had had a profound effect on Dina, and it had closed that chapter of her life.

Jack told Traci they needed to give Theo a chance. He felt that beneath that devil-may-care faiade was a better angel. Traci agreed to give Theo the benefit of the doubt, but she wasn't the one that Jack had to persuade. Jack claimed Kyle would have to find a way to accept the situation.

At Society, Lola told Kyle she was ready for Theo's party. She encouraged Kyle to give Theo a chance and reminded him that they all had to do things they didn't want to do. She told Kyle to suck it up.

At Crimson Lights, Theo almost spilled coffee on Mariah. After Mariah finished her tongue-lashing, Theo informed her that he and Kyle were cousins, and he was on his way to a family thing. Mariah realized that was the reason Kyle had been in a weird mood. She suggested that Theo not give Kyle any reason to be dismayed. Mariah walked away, called Kyle, and left him a voicemail message to call her.

Mariah entered the patio and saw Sharon studying for her final exam. Sharon admitted she was overwhelmed. Mariah was surprised because Sharon was so close to finishing her courses. Mariah took over the situation and told Sharon that she was Sharon's study partner.

When Sharon and Mariah decided to take a short break, Sharon commented that Mariah's anniversary party had been lovely. Mariah said she was surprised that her relationship with Tessa had lasted as long as it had. She said they respected each other, and they had a lot of fun together. Sharon was extremely happy that Mariah had found the right partner.

When Sharon left to get coffee, Mariah read the text messages from Tessa: "Come to the GP, Suite 607, have a surprise for you." Mariah wrote back: "Busy with Sharon, can't get away now." Tessa: "Soon??? Been planning this all day. Anniversary celebration part II. Pretty please?" Mariah: "Be there as soon as I can. Could be a while." A short time later, Mariah left to refill her coffee, and another text message arrived from Tessa. Sharon picked up Mariah's phone and read the text exchanges between Mariah and Tessa. The last one from Tessa read: "How's it going?" Mariah: "It's going." Tessa: "Trying to be patient, not my strong suit. Any idea on your ETA?" Mariah: "Still busy, Sorry..." Sharon felt terrible.

When Mariah returned, Sharon told her that they were done, and the exam would only be about the chapters they had covered. Sharon packed up her books and told Mariah she was going home to relax. As soon as Mariah left, Sharon pulled out her books and continued to study.

When Rey arrived, Sharon asked him if he'd mind taking a rain check on their plans because she had to study. Rey sat down and became her study partner. He assured Sharon that she would ace her exam. Sharon said that once the grades were posted and they indicated that she'd passed, she would have her master's degree in psychology. She needed to figure out how to put what she'd learned into practice. She wondered what kind of therapist she would be because it was one thing to be book smart but another thing to be a professional.

Rey understood this was a major step for Sharon, and he assured her that she was a natural. He reminded her that when Chelsea had sought out Sharon's help with Connor, Sharon had helped him. He'd also seen her help victims when she'd worked on the force. He stated that she had good instincts, and that couldn't be learned from any book because it had to come from the inside. He put his hand on his heart and said that it was Sharon's secret weapon.

At the Grand Phoenix, Abby told Chelsea she had to leave early to attend a family function. Abby asked Chelsea to follow up with the plumber, but Chelsea was distracted by the sight of Simon. Abby saw Chelsea looking at Simon, and she asked Chelsea what was going on with him. Chelsea told Abby not to worry because Simon would be checking out later that day. Abby wanted assurance that there wouldn't be any trouble brewing because they couldn't handle any more bad publicity. Chelsea assured Abby she would handle it.

After Abby left, Simon waylaid Chelsea and asked her to give him what he wanted, and he'd be on his way. After he left Chelsea, Kevin and Chloe arrived, dressed as federal agents. They told Chelsea they were federal agents, and they were looking for a man named Simon Black. They believed that Chelsea could help them. Simon was within earshot, and he tried to make himself invisible.

After the Feds provided Chelsea with a description, they told Chelsea that Simon had worked the back channels for Calvin Boudreau. He'd taken money from illicit deals and laundered it. They indicated that Simon might appear charming, but he was no one Chelsea wanted to mess around with, so if Chelsea knew anything, she needed to share that information with them immediately.

Chelsea claimed the federal agents had thrown around a lot of accusations, but Calvin hadn't been a criminal. She assured them that Calvin had never mentioned Simon's name. Kevin handed Chelsea a business card and stated that when her memory improved, she could call him, day or night. Before they left, Chloe said they would be keeping an eye on her.

After Kevin and Chloe left, Simon approached Chelsea. She asked if he'd seen the federal agents that were looking for him. She said he was lucky they hadn't spotted him. She told him that they'd shown her a photo of him, but she'd claimed she didn't know him. Simon smiled and stated that he'd stayed ahead of authorities for years, and this wouldn't be any different. He told Chelsea to pay what she owed him, and he would leave.

Before Simon left, he pulled out his phone and showed Chelsea a picture of Connor. He claimed Calvin had sent it to him, but Chelsea said the photo had been taken that morning. Simon smiled and walked away, leaving Chelsea worried.

After Kevin and Chloe saw Simon leave, they joined Chelsea and asked if their ruse had worked. Chelsea said she didn't care because that creep had made the situation personal. She said that Simon had made a big mistake and that he was messing with the wrong woman.

Chelsea said that Kevin and Chloe had been great, but Simon wouldn't get a dime out of her. She would see his ass in jail first. Kevin asked her what Simon had said. Chelsea said that up until that moment, it had only been between her and Simon, but he'd threatened Connor, so Simon had to burn.

At the Abbotts', Jack told Traci, Abby, and Lola that they all needed to make Theo feel welcome in their home. He pointed out that Theo had arrived in Genoa City as a free agent, and he hadn't known anyone other than Kyle.

Traci asked Lola for her opinion. Lola said there was friction between Kyle and Theo, and they both had some growing up to do. Kyle arrived in time to hear Lola's comments. Abby admitted that she wasn't a Theo fan, and she understood how Kyle felt.

Theo arrived. He was welcomed kindly by everyone. Traci told Theo that they were a close-knit family who loved to get together on special occasions to celebrate. Theo and Kyle shook hands. Theo asked Kyle if he knew him from somewhere. Kyle smiled and said he already knew Theo too well.

After everyone was seated, Theo told them that he'd been a waiter at a restaurant right around the corner from Traci's publishing house. He named the restaurant, and Traci said that she'd eaten there often. Lola shared her story about waiting tables at a restaurant, but the job only lasted about a week. Theo teased that it was probably because she was a better cook than their chef. Lola smiled and admitted he was right. Theo said that he and Lola would have made quite the team had they worked in the same restaurant. Kyle created an awkward moment when he commented that Theo would have loved that. Lola glared at Kyle.

Theo told everyone that the influencer business had been slowing down, but he was ready to work as a waiter. Kyle stepped away from the group, and Lola followed him. She said she was going to make her excuses and leave because what Kyle had said hadn't been funny. She said that Theo had tried to do his best to be humble and charming, but she noted that Kyle was angry. She didn't want to be around him when he bashed Theo. She told Kyle to make an effort and do better. She made her excuses to everyone, told Theo to take care, and left.

When Jack asked Theo how he'd become an influencer, Theo claimed he'd been in the right place at the right time. He said that business had started to slow down because audiences were fickle. They craved new voices and fresh approaches. He said one week, a person was on top, and the next, that person was down. He told Jack that being an influencer might not be his end game, but that was okay. If the business went under, he would land on his feet.

Theo claimed he had to leave because he had a conference call scheduled. Theo assured everyone that he wasn't the miserable adopted orphan who cried himself to sleep. His dad had been the adopted one, and even though his parents were gone, he'd had a fantastic childhood. He said the Abbotts owed him nothing. He suggested that they play things by ear, and Jack agreed. Theo said he had really enjoyed himself, and he thanked everyone for the party.

Jack and Traci showed Theo to the door. Kyle asked Abby to assure him that they hadn't all fallen for everything Theo had said. He asked Abby why they would open the doors to Theo, since he was barely family, and he added that it was an insult to John. He asked if no one cared that the only reason Theo was related to them was because Dina had cheated on John.

Annoyed, Abby told Kyle she wasn't a Theo fan, but the only reason Ashley existed was because Dina had cheated on John. She said that if that was reason Kyle was focusing on, then he needed to find someone else to complain to. She walked away. Kyle called Summer and begged her to return home as soon as possible because she needed to control her boyfriend.

Mariah arrived at the Grand Phoenix and read the note attached to suite 607: "Be prepared and let yourself in." Mariah smiled. When she walked in, she told Tessa that everything was totally decadent, and the place was gorgeous. Tessa said Mariah meant everything to her, and she would never stop being grateful. Tessa and Mariah kissed.

In her office, Phyllis watched a security video of Chelsea with Kevin and Chloe and listened in on their conversation. Phyllis wondered who the guy was that Chelsea had spoken to. While watching the security video, Phyllis heard Simon tell Chelsea that she'd stolen from him, and she had to make him feel whole again. Phyllis was delighted with the information and mumbled that things could get good. She said it was time to find out a little more about the handsome Mr. Black.

Theo arrived at Society and saw Lola sitting at the bar. He commented that she had excused herself from the party over a crisis. Lola assured him the crisis had been handled. She asked if he'd had a good time at Jack's. Theo said she'd missed his speech. He said he had informed the family that they didn't owe him anything and that he was fine. Lola said, "Fine?" She reminded him that the last time they had spoken, he had said he'd felt lost. Theo said he'd had time to absorb it all and stated that he was a distant cousin, at best, so there was nothing to get worked up about. Lola asked if he hadn't done it as an opportunity. Theo said no.

Lola told Theo that the Abbotts were one of the wealthiest families in the state. She asked if he was going to pass up the opportunity to get on the inside of that family. Theo claimed he created his own success, and it had always worked for him. At that moment, Lola received a call and walked away to answer it.

Alone, Theo called Summer and left her a voicemail message saying he hoped things were going okay in Georgia. He said he was dealing with something major, and he needed her back in Genoa City.

Billy's anger toward Cane intensifies

Billy's anger toward Cane intensifies

Thursday, November 7, 2019

Jack arrived at Society, and Nikki asked why he was there at the crack of dawn. He shared that he had a breakfast meeting, and he inquired whether she was working on Nick's campaign. Nikki mentioned that Nick wanted to run for office without family interference, and she was sure that had been why he'd asked Jack to consult. Jack figured that both he and Nikki could offer a wealth of knowledge as the winning and losing candidates in their own races for Senate. Nikki expected that Nick wouldn't run his campaign the way either of them had.

Jack considered it good for Nick to distance himself from his family, given that Victor's rise from the dead was fresh in everyone's minds. He recalled that Nikki had put on quite a performance herself, and she understood if he was angry that she'd deceived him. Jack admitted that he'd been stunned to find out Victor was alive, but it had also given him an odd sense of relief. Nikki bemoaned that she'd hated lying to her family, noting that even Victoria had believed it for a while because she'd just gotten Billy back. Nikki asked how Billy was doing, and Jack reported that the whole family was doing very well.

Nikki revealed that she was aware that Theo was Jack's newly discovered family member, since Victor still had ears and eyes around town. Jack grumbled that Victor had too much time on his hands in his retirement. Nikki understood why Victor had been interested, since Theo was involved with Summer. Jack explained that the Abbotts were trying to keep everything to themselves for then, and Nikki assured him that she would always be there for him if he wanted to talk.

Jack confided that the news had been toughest on Kyle, who had known Theo in New York and wanted to put those dark days behind him, but it had turned out that Theo was family. Jack felt like he was walking a fine line by trying to respect his son's feelings while also honoring Theo's link to their family's past. Nikki recognized that it was important to Jack, but she wondered what Theo wanted. Jack didn't know exactly how Theo felt, but it had been a lot for all of them to process.

Jack recounted that he and Traci had made the discovery while researching for a book they were writing about the Abbotts, and Dina had suddenly blurted out the name Stuart Brooks. Jack continued that their investigation had led to the revelation that Dina had given Stuart's baby up for adoption, and he confirmed that there had been a DNA test. Jack mentioned that the first thing Theo had asked for had been the chance to meet Dina. Jack recounted that a light had gone on for Dina when Theo had mentioned the name Vanderway, although Dina had mistaken Theo for his father, Eric.

Nikki imagined that keeping the secret had been excruciating for Dina. Nikki was sure Dina had wondered if her child had been cared for and loved because it was how Nikki had felt when she'd given up Dylan. Jack murmured that his mother had experienced more pain than he'd ever realized, but the good news was that Theo had been raised by two loving parents, so he didn't feel like he'd missed anything. Nikki suspected that they still had a long journey ahead, and Jack recognized that it might be a bumpier road than he'd thought.

At Crimson Lights, Theo was on the phone, pitching his services to a potential new client. He was disappointed when his prospect opted to go with a bigger firm, and he urged them to circle back with him if the firm didn't give the influencer the attention they deserved. After he hung up, Theo pulled out his pocket watch and muttered to himself, "I know, Dad. Nothing comes easy." Jack called and asked if Theo had a few minutes later that day. Theo claimed that he was booked, and he pretended to check his schedule before agreeing to meet.

At home, Kyle started to carry a breakfast tray into the bedroom, but Lola emerged, fully dressed. He hoped for a few minutes to prove that he wasn't as big of a jerk as he'd been the prior night, and she sympathized that it hadn't been easy for him. She insisted that they were good and said she was sorry for abruptly leaving the party. Kyle suggested that they have breakfast in bed. She declined because she had to get to work, and she recommended that he apologize to Theo.

Kyle called Theo a reminder of a time he wanted to forget, since Kyle hadn't liked who he'd been back then. Lola thought he was being hard on himself, and she recalled that she'd loved him from the moment they'd met, even though she'd acted tough in the beginning. Kyle recalled that he'd felt good about the direction his life had been going before Theo had shown up with an agenda. Lola insisted that Theo didn't have the power to get between them.

Kyle noted that Theo had managed to plant some doubts in Lola's mind. Kyle thought that Theo being part of the family changed everything, but he didn't know if it would change Theo into a better person. Lola hoped that Kyle kept an open mind. Kyle imagined that he would have been excited to have another cousin if it had been anyone else, but Theo had tried to hurt him and them, and he couldn't take it on faith that Theo had turned a corner. Lola understood, and they hugged.

Theo met Jack at Society and claimed that Jack had caught him between meetings. Theo voiced surprise to get Jack's call, given how they'd left things. Jack hoped Theo hadn't felt pressured, but Theo insisted that the prior night's get-together hadn't been that bad, despite the "Kylephant" in the room. Jack acknowledged that their family bickered, but they'd shown up because they were bound in a way that couldn't be broken. He added that they fought with one another but also for one another until the end. Theo surmised that Jack was worried that Theo was a threat to the Abbott family.

Jack said Theo had misunderstood, since he wanted Theo to be as much a part of the family as Theo wanted to be. Theo maintained that he'd already had a family who'd loved and raised him. Jack thought that the Abbott and Brooks families could fill in the blanks, since they'd missed out on knowing Eric, and they didn't want to miss out on knowing Theo. Theo mused that it didn't seem real, and Jack offered to make it feel more real by familiarizing Theo with the family he'd just discovered, starting with telling Theo about his grandfather.

Jack described Stuart as a big man in town who'd been liked and admired as a journalist and a publisher. Jack called Stuart a straight arrow, and Theo quipped that the apple had fallen pretty far from the tree. Theo guessed that he was more like Dina, from the stories he'd heard, and he wanted to know more about her. Jack crowed that he could tell stories about Dina for days if Theo had the time. Theo checked his pocket watch and said he could make the time. Lola looked on with a smile.

Jack called Dina an amazing woman who'd rebelled against what had been expected of a woman at the time. Jack accepted that she'd had a mind that had needed to be challenged and that she'd wanted a bigger, more glamorous life. Jack shared that it had been hard to understand when he'd been younger, since Dina had eventually left them and the country. He remembered that it had been a tough time for all of them, but Dina had accomplished a lot as the head of an international conglomerate in a world where men had ruled everything.

Theo was impressed, and Jack remarked that nothing had been predictable or typical about his mother. Theo hoped he'd inherited some of that, and he envisioned knocking back whiskey and smoking cigars with his grandmother. Jack presented Theo with a file he'd compiled with information about his grandparents, and he imagined that Stuart's daughters would love to hear from Theo and answer any questions. Jack mentioned that the file also included Eric's adoption papers, which Jack wanted Theo to have. A touched Theo thanked him, and Jack insisted that his door was always open. Jack clapped Theo on the back and exited.

Theo flipped through the file, and Lola observed that he looked deep in thought. Theo explained that Jack had provided him with a history of his grandparents, and Lola called Jack a family man through and through. Theo wished that Jack had passed along those warm family feelings to Kyle, who hadn't been making it easy. Lola agreed, and Theo thought Kyle also had a problem with Theo being around Lola. Theo hoped she didn't think that his hanging around was just a way of trying to mess with Kyle. Lola asserted that she was capable of making her own decisions about people.

Lola shared that Kyle wasn't proud of the way he'd behaved the night before. Theo didn't blame him, but he had the feeling that Kyle thought Theo wasn't good enough for him or his family because Theo hadn't been born into money. Lola countered that she hadn't been, either, but Kyle had married her. Theo believed that Kyle had never understood that Theo couldn't fall back on his family financially, so every decision had counted, and he'd had to do things entirely on his own.

Lola remembered how Kyle hadn't been able to comprehend why she'd been obsessed with work while she'd been running her food truck. Theo understood that she'd needed to hustle for everything she had, and he thought she should be proud that she'd built a business and a reputation on her own. Theo added that his father would have been impressed, and he was, too.

Theo commended Lola for holding onto her identity after getting married. Theo felt like an outsider, since the Abbotts saw him either as a guy trying to cash in or a charity case. Lola advised that he couldn't control what other people thought, but he could be himself and show them who he really was. He thanked her, and she stepped away. He opened his tablet and looked up an article about the Jabot merger.

At Newman Enterprises, Billy told Victoria's assistant to hold the boss's calls, since he and Victoria had urgent business to discuss. They scurried into her office and kissed, but she pulled away and protested that she had to work. Billy amorously volunteered to do all the work, but she insisted on setting a good example as the boss, and she worried that someone might walk in. He teased that her attempt to pour cold water on him was having the opposite effect.

Billy asked Victoria to remind him that he had an amazing wife and a wonderful life to help him forget that the world was unjust and unfair. He divulged that Jill had informed him that Katherine's will had been fraudulent, and all Devon's money was actually Cane's. Billy continued that Devon had decided to honor his grandmother's wishes by handing over billions of dollars to Cane, since Devon was a decent guy and Cane wasn't. Victoria thought Billy couldn't fault anyone if Cane was the legitimate heir.

Billy lamented that Devon stood to lose his fortune after having recently lost his wife and his father. Victoria was confused about why Billy was getting worked up, and Billy suspected that Cane was conning Devon somehow. Victoria was sure that Devon had checked everything out before he'd given up his inheritance, but Billy griped that Cane didn't deserve it. Victoria pointed out that it wasn't for Billy to decide, and getting angry about it wouldn't help. She realized that he'd turned to her as a distraction, and he thought his blood pressure dropped when he looked into her beautiful eyes. He suggested that they try to raise it back up again, and she gave in to his kisses.

Victoria groaned that they really had to stop, since she had a meeting to prepare for, followed by a meeting with Nikki. Billy playfully considered the cold water to be thrown, and Victoria promised to make it up to him that night. He prepared to keep thinking about what could have been, and he pointed to Victor's portrait and declared that the "old man" had lucked out that time. Billy headed out.

Later, Nikki updated Victoria about the real estate division, but Victoria was clearly preoccupied. Victoria reported that Billy had been upset about an issue with Katherine's will, since the majority of her estate was supposed to go to Cane, not Devon. Nikki was astounded and thought it made no sense. Victoria indicated that Billy felt the same way, yet he wasn't just confused but also angry. Victoria sensed that the news had triggered some pent-up frustration, but she figured that she had no reason to believe anything was wrong. Nikki wasn't so sure.

Nikki thought it was natural for Victoria to wonder whether Billy had anger issues, given her history with J.T., but Victoria was confident that Billy would never hurt her. Nikki pointed out that Billy had caused Victoria pain over the years, and Victoria felt responsible for solving his problems. Victoria countered that Billy had been a rock during Victor's illness, but Nikki encouraged Victoria not to ignore that her gut was telling her something was wrong.

Victoria confided that it had all started when Adam had returned to town, and it was worse than what most people knew. Nikki revealed that Victor had told her that Billy had been driving the car that had nearly hit Adam, and Victoria referred to it as Billy's lowest moment. Victoria divulged that Billy had been battling bitterness and anger for weeks, culminating in a total break from reality. Victoria described it as Billy being two different people -- the caring man she loved, and a completely unrecognizable person void of emotion. Nikki worried that it wasn't over.

Victoria thought she might be overreacting, since Billy had reclaimed his life. Nikki cautioned that it wouldn't help to be in denial, but Victoria insisted that Billy was working on his issues in therapy and taking steps to make sure he didn't slip up again. Nikki urged Victoria not to shake off her concerns. Victoria maintained that Billy was in a good place, and she told Nikki to forget she'd said anything.

Billy entered his office at Jabot and appreciated that Kyle was there bright and early. Billy expressed sympathy about what Kyle was going through with Theo, and he confirmed that he was just as suspicious as Kyle was. Billy wondered if Theo had targeted Kyle years earlier because Kyle was an Abbott, but Kyle figured that they'd been in the same social circle. Billy found that odd, since Theo had a working-class background, but Kyle acknowledged that Theo had made his own way. Billy was skeptical that Theo had suddenly and coincidentally become part of a very wealthy family, and he thought Kyle was right to keep his guard up.

Kyle noted that Billy and Jack had different perspectives on Theo. Billy thought Jack was sometimes too forgiving, but Billy looked past the rose-colored glasses and saw Theo for what he was. Billy recalled that he'd dealt with something similar years earlier when Cane had lied about being a Chancellor, and the family had welcomed him with open arms. Billy growled that Cane was conning them all over again by screwing Devon out of billions of dollars. Billy turned the topic back to Theo, who actually appeared to be part of the family, but it didn't mean Theo was innocent. Kyle was less worried about Theo because Kyle knew exactly who Theo was.

Kyle admitted that he'd been bowled over when he'd heard that Theo was his cousin, especially since Kyle had been trying to cut ties with him. Kyle groused that he wasn't into partying and "being an ass" anymore, and Billy understood the shame and embarrassment because of his gambling days. Kyle grumbled that unlike gambling, he couldn't quit Theo. Billy advised Kyle to keep his distance and to make his position clear to Jack, since it was easy for someone to take advantage of Jack's big heart and open arms. Billy vowed to make sure Theo didn't get as far as Cane had.

Kyle asked if Billy really thought Cane was bilking Devon. Billy contended that Cane was capable of it, and he didn't trust Cane, just like he didn't trust Theo not to work his way into their family and rob them blind. Billy stated that Kyle couldn't help being related to Theo by blood, but Kyle could control how he reacted. Kyle pledged to stay on top of it, but he saw Theo more as a nuisance than as a danger. "Mark my words -- he's a threat," Billy warned.

Once alone, Billy found a stick of gum in his desk drawer. He threw it in the trash.

Chance returns and punches Cane

Chance returns and punches Cane

Friday, November 8, 2019

Devon wheeled a suitcase into his penthouse and called out to ask if Elena was there. She hurried down the stairs, excited to see him. They kissed and hugged, and she inquired about his trip. He promised to tell her all about Tucker, but he wanted to take a moment to look at her. "Just want to look?" she flirtatiously asked.

Devon and Elena cuddled on the floor after making love. She gushed that he hadn't held her like that in forever, but she didn't blame him because she knew he'd been stressed out. He never wanted her to feel like he took her for granted, and she assured him that all she felt was love. She wished that they could freeze time and stay like that forever, ignoring the outside world. He mused that it sounded great, and they kissed. She asked if he was ready to tell her what had happened, and he replied that he was as ready as he'd ever be.

Elena indicated that Jett's biopsy had been negative, but he still had a long road to recovery. She mentioned that Ana was taking him to Arizona for some fun and relaxation, but she suspected that he might not perform anymore because of his medical issues. Elena worried that Jett would push himself too hard, and Devon assured her that they'd be able to take care of her uncle, no matter what happened. She asked if she'd told him how much she loved him, and he responded that she had a good way of showing it, too. They kissed, and she turned the topic to what had happened with Tucker.

Devon recounted that he'd tracked Tucker down in Thailand to a secluded ashram commune, and his father had been surprised but happy to see him. Devon continued that every time he'd steered the conversation to the will, Tucker had instructed him to take deep breaths and focus on the nature around them. Devon had finally confronted Tucker about the will, and Tucker had denied forging it. Devon had believed him because Tucker had seemed sincere about wanting to find inner peace by divesting himself from the material world. Devon concluded that he'd gone across the world to get answers, but he had nothing to show for it.

Devon thought it simply meant that he had to start from the top. Elena noted that everyone had made Chance sound like a Boy Scout; however, he'd hired a lawyer who looked exactly like Hilary, and it seemed like a personal attack. Devon confirmed that nothing he knew about Chance would suggest he'd pull something that sick. Elena figured that people changed, especially when a lot of money was involved. Devon contemplated whether Chance wasn't the Boy Scout everyone thought he was.

On the Crimson Lights patio, Cane arranged over the phone to invest his huge windfall. Nate overheard and sourly asked, "You're not wasting any time, are you?" Nate griped that Devon had been screwed, and Cane questioned whether Nate thought he'd been part of it. Nate figured that he wouldn't know until the dust settled, but he advised Cane to be more sensitive to Devon's perspective. Nate pointed out that Devon had experienced many losses that they couldn't put a price tag on, yet Cane was openly talking about what to do with his windfall.

Cane defended that the money had been intended for him, so it was up to him how to use it. Nate referred to how proud Devon had been to be given Katherine's legacy. Cane was sorry to see Devon suffer, but he argued that he wasn't the person to be angry with. Nate recognized that Tucker had been the one to mess with Katherine's last wishes. Cane remarked that there were no limits to what people would do to get what they wanted.

Nate couldn't understand why Katherine had left the bulk of her estate to Cane and not a blood relative. Cane confirmed that he and Katherine hadn't been family in the classic sense, but they'd been very close. Cane recounted that he'd been running away from a disaster of a life when he'd first arrived in town, and he'd done a favor for a friend by assuming the friend's identity. Nate guessed that it had been Phillip Chancellor III, and Cane explained that Jill and Katherine had thought Phillip was dead. Phillip had wanted it to stay that way, but he'd felt guilty, so he'd asked Cane to step into his life.

Cane shared that they'd concocted a story about a mix-up when Phillip had been born, and Jill had been thrilled to think Cane was her biological son. Cane recounted that Katherine had loved him and been kind to him, and the power, money, and name had eventually meant nothing. Cane had pledged to be the best Phillip Chancellor he could be -- until everyone had found out the truth. Cane had been overwhelmed when Katherine had forgiven him, and it was the first time in his life that he'd had faith in himself and felt like he had a family. Cane was determined to make Katherine proud by doing good things with the money, and he and Nate shook hands.

Inside the coffeehouse, Theo ordered some coffee, and Adam called him by name. Theo recognized Adam, as well, but he was surprised he was on Adam's radar. The men shook hands, and Adam stated that he made it his business to know about the new players in town, especially if one was Dina Mergeron's grandson. Theo questioned why it mattered to Adam.

Adam offered his unsolicited advice because he'd found out that he was a Newman when he'd been Theo's age, so he knew what it was like to suddenly learn that he was part of a powerful family. Adam added that the Abbotts were Norman Rockwell compared to his own clan; however, they still had issues, and Theo had become one of them. Adam called Jack a good guy who Adam considered a friend, and he advised Theo to tread lightly. Adam suspected that Theo might be inclined to take advantage of certain people or situations, and he sternly recommended that Theo not do it.

Later, on the patio, Theo examined his pocket watch and muttered to himself, "Dad, can you believe this?" A vision of his father appeared before him. Theo said Eric had no idea how badly Theo had wanted to talk to him again, since it had been so long. Eric joked that it had been too long, like Theo's hair. Theo recalled that he'd hated it when his father had said that, but he didn't hate it anymore. Theo added that he'd missed it and missed him, and he asked if Eric knew who he was.

Eric asserted that he was Ralph and Margaret Vanderway's son, since they were the people who'd raised him, loved him, and made him who he was, just like he and Theo's mom were Theo's family. Eric's only regret was not having been around longer for Theo, and Theo admitted that it hadn't been easy to not have them in his life. Theo added that he felt alone a lot of the time, and he could use his dad's advice. Theo recognized that he was suddenly becoming part of a huge family, and some people were telling him to embrace it, while others were saying to back off. Eric stated that everyone had an opinion, but there was only one that mattered -- Theo's.

Eric said he'd tell Theo the same thing he always had, and Theo repeated the advice to go with his gut. Eric hoped the values he and Theo's mom had given Theo would lead him in the right direction. Eric stressed that nothing worth doing was easy, but Theo had a good head and heart. Theo thought a lot of people would disagree, but Eric insisted that they didn't know Theo like he did. Eric urged Theo to give people a chance to see he was a good man. Eric insisted that he'd had a good life, and he wanted Theo to have the same thing. Eric vanished, and Theo clutched the pocket watch in his hand.

Chelsea anxiously surveyed the Grand Phoenix lobby. Simon appeared behind her and asked if she was looking for someone, and she admonished him for sneaking up on her. He commented that the element of surprise was crucial in his line of work, and he asked if she was ready to clear up their financial issue. She curtly thanked him for his stay but suggested that he check out immediately, since the Feds were onto him. Chelsea warned that the clock was ticking, but Simon countered that it was ticking for her, not him.

Simon commended the two people Chelsea had hired for putting on a convincing performance, but he knew they weren't government agents. Simon barked that he'd lost his patience, and he wasn't leaving without his money. He demanded that she give it to him if she wanted him to leave her and her son alone, and he threatened to prove that he was serious. Chelsea spat that he was the one who didn't realize who he was dealing with, and she warned that he'd see what she was capable of if he ever mentioned her son again.

Simon admired Chelsea's grit, and he found her mama bear act to be adorable -- just like her son. He taunted that he'd just mentioned Connor, yet nothing had happened because they both knew who was in control. Chelsea snapped that no one controlled her, but Simon imagined that Connor was walking the halls of Walnut Grove Academy with no idea of what his mother had gotten herself into. Simon snarled that it would give him no pleasure to drag the boy into it, but he would do the unthinkable if he was pushed too far. He issued a final warning, and he questioned whether she really wanted to risk her life and her son's life over some money. He told her to think about it, and he walked away. Chelsea called Adam and asked to meet him.

Chelsea arrived at Adam's penthouse under the guise of touching base about Connor. Adam noted that she'd sounded frantic on the phone, but she claimed that she was just anxious about how Connor was doing. Adam reported that their son had still been having trouble sleeping, but they'd had a great start to the morning. Adam appreciated her generosity with letting him spend time with Connor, and Chelsea said she'd stopped by because she wanted what was best for their son. She pitched the idea of him taking Connor out of town for a few days on a father-son trip. Adam thought it sounded great, but he questioned what was really going on.

Chelsea had expected Adam to be thrilled to take Connor on a trip. Adam replied that he normally would be, but he was baffled by the suddenness as well as her demeanor on the phone. He thought he could read her well, and she scolded him for acting like she had an ulterior motive when she was trying to do a nice thing. He pointed out that she didn't like to be apart from Connor and preferred to check in on her son every day. Chelsea reasoned that she could check in over the phone, and she encouraged Adam to take a road trip to focus on building his relationship with Connor.

Chelsea suggested that Adam take Connor to Hope's farm to show his son where he'd grown up. Adam reminded her that they'd gotten married there, and she murmured that it seemed like a lifetime before. "Not to me," Adam replied. He admitted that she was starting to convince him that it could be a special trip, but there was just one thing missing -- her. Chelsea protested that it wouldn't be a father-son trip with her tagging along, but Adam contended that the farm was a special place to both of them.

Adam anticipated that Connor would want to have Chelsea close, but Chelsea considered it a chance to prove that Adam could be there for Connor just as much as she could. Adam guessed that she was afraid of what Nick would think if she joined them, but she promised that Nick had nothing to do with it. Adam reiterated that he was able to read her, and he worried about what he was reading then. Chelsea feigned ignorance, but Adam thought it made no sense that she didn't want to go when she knew it was the best thing for her and Connor to be together. Adam sensed that there was something she wasn't telling him, and he needed to know what it was.

Chelsea questioned why Adam couldn't take her idea for him to spend quality time with their son at face value. She accused him of not trusting her, and he swore that he was learning to, just like she was learning to trust him again. Adam pressed to know if there was a reason she wanted them both out of town while she stayed behind. Chelsea rambled about how full her plate was between the Grand Phoenix and Nick's campaign. She swore that she was trying to do something nice, yet Adam was interrogating her like a criminal.

Chelsea voiced surprise that Adam hadn't jumped at the opportunity to take a trip with Connor, but she accepted that he just didn't want to do it. Adam insisted that it wasn't what he was saying, and she implored him to go because it would be good for both Adam and Connor. Adam agreed that it would be nice to take a vacation with his son, and he decided to tell Connor about it after school and be on the farm by bedtime. He figured that he'd better start packing, and he thanked her. Chelsea exited and sighed deeply.

In her hotel suite, Amanda watched a GPS tracker on her computer as she spoke on the phone. She reported that the signal on the car was clear and strong, and she instructed the person on the other end to call every day with a location so she'd know exactly where "he" was.

Cane stopped by Amanda's hotel room. She invited him in and felt compelled to ask how his ex-wife was doing. Amanda conceded that it usually irritated her to hear how much she looked like Hilary, but Lily's reaction had made her feel almost guilty. Cane revealed that Lily had been behind the accident that had taken Hilary's life, so seeing Amanda had been a brutal reminder. Cane swore that Lily wasn't angry and that she understood what the inheritance meant. Amanda mentioned that she'd established a trust for Cane's children.

Cane thought it was fitting that Amanda was handling it, considering that she'd been the one to discover the forged documents in the first place. She gave Chance credit for that, and Cane inquired whether she'd seen or heard from Chance. Amanda declared that her work with Chance was complete, and she was glad it was over. She figured that justice had been done, since Katherine's wishes had been realized, and Cane was as rich a man as he would have been six years earlier. Cane stressed that his children's future was his priority, and he assumed the paperwork was done. Amanda announced that she'd encountered a problem.

Cane breathed a huge sigh of relief when Amanda informed him that her tablet had frozen. She assured him that there was nothing wrong with the trust, but she had to run down to the hotel's business center to print it out. Amanda exited, and Cane called Charlie. Cane suggested that his son sit down, since there was something that he wanted Charlie to hear from him personally.

Nate stopped Amanda as she crossed the lobby, and she dismissively told him that she was in the middle of something. She spotted a man across the room and tried to cover her stricken reaction. Nate observed that she looked upset, and Amanda claimed that she'd mistaken the man for someone else. Nate encouraged her to talk to him, especially since he'd opened up to her about everything in his life.

Amanda appreciated the offer, but she insisted that she had nothing to confide. She chalked it up to being distracted by something she'd let slip between the cracks on another case. Nate remarked that it sounded like she was settling in there, but she expected to wrap up both her cases quickly. He informed her that his hearing date with the medical board had been set for the following week. Amanda expected that once Nate told his side of the story and Victor fell on his sword to take complete responsibility, Nate would be exonerated. She apologized for being brusque earlier, but she promised to call Nate once she was free to go over everything.

Meanwhile, Cane swore to Charlie that it had been Devon's decision to hand over the money because Cane hadn't otherwise had any legal right to Katherine's inheritance. Cane pledged to do good things with the funds, like taking care of Sam and the twins. Cane mentioned that he'd spoken to Lily, and she wanted nothing to do with the cash. Cane ended the call, and the hotel room door suddenly burst open. Chance stormed in and slugged Cane.

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