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Billy lied to Victoria when she found a bar receipt in his pocket. Victoria walked out on Billy when she learned that he'd been talking to Amanda instead of her. Sharon learned she had stage II breast cancer, and she faced chemotherapy and surgery. Sharon's loved ones rallied around her.
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Sharon's loved ones rallied around her when she learned she had stage II breast cancer
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Sharon faces her health crisis alone

Sharon faces her health crisis alone

Monday, January 13, 2020

At Adam's penthouse, Chelsea and Adam kissed and caressed after a romantic night of lovemaking. Adam suggested snuggling in bed, but Chelsea, noting that she'd taken the morning off, reminded Adam that they should plan a child-friendly activity because Connor would be up soon. As if on cue, Connor entered the living room and asked his parents to dress because he had plans to begin their day. While Adam and Chelsea were upstairs, Connor prepared and set out breakfast, which consisted of milk, juice, cereal, and toaster pastries. Chelsea and Adam sat where Connor directed them.

Adam excitedly announced that the foods his son had chosen had been his dream meal when he'd been a youngster. Connor proudly explained that toaster waffles would be ready soon, as well. Connor reached out his hands and invited his parents to pray before they ate. Connor expressed thanks for his mom and dad and his whole family. Afterward, Connor played cards with his parents. Connor felt he was on a roll and was eager to play another round.

Chelsea dashed Connor's plans and said she had to get to work. Chelsea suggested Adam and Connor drop her off. Connor's mood changed, and he said, "I don't want to go back there. I don't want you to go back there, either. Not after what happened." After Connor went upstairs, Chelsea noted that Oliver the cat could soothe Connor like nothing else. Chelsea lamented Connor having been held hostage at gunpoint and said Connor worried daily about her working at the hotel. Adam suggested Chelsea work elsewhere. Chelsea said they should face the problem and ask the therapist to help them. Chelsea added that with love and support, their family could work through anything.

At Victoria and Billy's, Victoria was surprised to learn that Billy had quickly wrapped up the project he'd been working on as a consultant. Victoria suggested that Billy seek a more challenging position. Billy disagreed, explaining that he enjoyed not being chained to a desk because there was more to life than work. Victoria replied, "Sounds like you had a lot more fun than I did." Victoria's innocent comment prompted Billy to defend himself.

Billy explained to Victoria that he'd had time to himself to reflect on his life and decide which direction to head. Victoria clarified her comment and said she hadn't been concerned about what Billy had been up to while she'd been away on business. Victoria noted that she'd arranged for the kids to stay with Nikki to allow Billy time to sort things out. Billy seemed offended that Victoria thought he had issues to sort out. Victoria attempted to walk back her comment in hopes of calming Billy.

Victoria asked Billy about his sessions with Dr. Clay. Billy confessed that he was no longer seeing his doctor because it was time for him to move on. Victoria wasn't pleased, but Billy insisted that living his life was better than analyzing it. Victoria recalled that Billy had attempted to run down Adam after something inside had snapped. Billy insisted he was no longer a threat to Adam.

Victoria became frustrated and warned that Billy's impulses could manifest in other ways. Victoria cited Billy's admission that he'd experienced wild impulses to prove her point. Billy claimed his impulses were harmless and told Victoria he wished she had more faith in him. Billy said he'd rather not fight and went to check on their kids. After Billy retuned, Victoria was eager to resume their discussion. Billy insisted he wasn't on the verge of crashing and burning. Victoria replied, "But there was something."

Billy admitted that pretending to be the person Victoria wanted him to be was beginning to take a toll on him. Victoria cried that Billy made her sound like she was an overbearing, joyless nag. Billy said it was not his intention, nor was it how he regarded Victoria. Billy clarified his feelings and said he felt freer than he had in a long time and wasn't experiencing intense urges to gamble. He assured Victoria she had nothing to worry about.

Billy's tense facial muscles appeared to betray his efforts to seem calm. Victoria told Billy they should keep their lines of communication open. After Victoria went upstairs to bathe, Billy talked to himself silently and said, "You love someone. I'm not sure it's me. Not sure I even know who the hell I am right now, but I'm starting to feel good. Damn good."

At home Sharon, read the "what to expect" information sheet provided by the imaging center as she prepared to undergo a core needle biopsy. Faith entered the room, and Sharon quickly hid her paperwork under a paperweight on a desk. Faith asked to go shopping for a new comforter for her room at school. Faith admitted she'd put her comforter in the washing machine and had forgotten it overnight. Faith feared her mother might scold her when she described the mildew smell that made the comforter unusable. Sharon barely reacted and agreed to buy a new comforter.

Faith, confused as to why her mom hadn't delivered a lecture, replied, "Mom, are you even listening to me?" Sharon, sounding frustrated, overreacted and said, "What?" Sharon immediately apologized for snapping at Faith and explained that she hadn't slept well because she had a lot on her mind. Faith replied, "So, you're saying my comforter drama isn't your main priority?" Faith told her mom she'd ask Nick to take her shopping. Sharon said it would be great to let Nick take care of it. Faith tightly hugged her mom, and Sharon again apologized for snapping at her. After Faith left to wait for Nick at the ranch house, Sharon headed out alone to have her procedure.

Faith phoned Nick at home and asked him to meet her at the ranch. Nick asked Faith if anything was wrong. Faith replied, "Just a little weirdness at Mom's." After Nick returned home with Faith later, he asked what was going on with Sharon. Faith explained that Sharon seemed moody and had snapped at her, though her mom hadn't said what was bothering her. Nick said he hadn't had time to talk to Sharon about much other than remembering Cassie. While Nick was on the phone, Faith called Sharon and seemed concerned when her mom didn't answer. Faith left a message.

After Nick and Faith later returned from a shopping trip for new room décor, she thanked her dad for taking her and spending time with her. Nick made Faith admit he was a cool dad. Nick asked about school. Faith said she enjoyed her school, though she missed being with her parents every day. Faith assured Nick she'd be glad to talk because she was aware that breakups were tough. Nick teasingly asked Faith if she was talking from experience.

At the hospital, Sharon was apprehensive when a nurse stepped in and assured her that the procedure would be minimally invasive and allowed patients to resume normal activities right away. After the nurse stepped out, Sharon waited nervously and said aloud to herself, "Positive attitude." After the procedure, Sharon dressed. The nurse explained that her doctor would phone later with the test results. After the nurse stepped out, Sharon read a text message from Rey letting her know he hoped she was having a great day. Next, she listened to Faith's upbeat message telling her not to stress out.

After Sharon returned home, she immediately took out a bottle of pain medication. Faith and Nick returned carrying shopping bags. Sharon popped a pill in her mouth before noting that Faith's shopping trip appeared to have been successful. Nick mumbled about his checking account having taken a hit. Sharon apologized to Faith again before heading upstairs to take a nap. Nick seemed to sense that something was off.

At Devon's penthouse, Elena overheard Devon talking on the phone with Chance. Devon inquired about Chance's investigation of Amanda. After Devon hung up, he told Elena that there'd been no updates regarding Chance's hunch that Colin might be connected to Amanda and the fraud. Elena said she was glad Devon was seeking information about Amanda related to the fraud. Devon admitted he'd become fixated on Amanda because she closely resembled Hilary. Devon also confessed that he'd purposely visit places where he thought he might be able to see Amanda.

Elena appeared concerned when Devon cried that his fixation had stirred irrational feelings. Elena told Devon that she thought his feelings were human, not irrational. Elena added she was glad Devon had felt comfortable enough to tell her the truth about an issue that was difficult to discuss. Elena told Devon she loved him and praised his philanthropic endeavors. Devon said he was lucky to have Elena.

Elena assured Devon he'd recover his money and use it to honor Katherine, though they wouldn't make the money the center of their lives. Devon wrapped his pinkie finger around Elena's and said, "It's a plan." Devon said he'd heard that Chance's old team had picked up Colin's trail in South America. Elena was grateful and said chances were good that Colin would have to pay for what he'd done. Devon advised Elena not to be too hopeful because Colin had the means to disappear. Elena added that Colin could still be working with Cane and Amanda. Devon took Elena in his arms and was reminded of his grandmother teaching him to pray and give thanks. Devon held Elena close and said, "So, thank you, honey."

At Society, Devon met with an investor for New Hope. After the businessman left, Amanda ran into Devon. Devon invited her to join him to talk and clear the air. Miffed, Amanda said she wasn't up for another of Devon's lectures. Devon admitted that he'd been on the attack the minute he'd seen Amanda and had sought reasons to confront her. Devon blamed his obsession on Amanda's resemblance to Hilary.

Amanda was taken aback when Devon apologized. Devon assured Amanda that he'd dealt with his feelings and could peacefully coexist if she was up to it, too. Hilary told Devon she appreciated his honesty. Amanda glanced at her phone and said she had to leave. Devon begged Amanda to tell him how to find Colin if she knew, so they could put things in the past and move on. Amanda grew uncomfortable and cried that all she wanted was to move on with her life. After Amanda abruptly left, Devon said aloud to himself, "That wasn't a denial."

Victoria finds a bar receipt in Billy's pocket

Victoria finds a bar receipt in Billy's pocket

Tuesday, January 14, 2020

At home, Billy was on the phone, talking up his availability to consult on future projects. Victoria bustled around while getting ready to leave, and she pecked Billy goodbye on her way out.

At Newman Enterprises, Nikki entered Victoria's office and declared that her latest deal was signed, sealed, and delivered. Victoria wondered if her mother had time for tea, and she asked how everything was going. Nikki assumed that Victoria meant with Victor, and she reported that their lives were running along quite smoothly. Victoria thought Nikki sounded surprised, and Nikki confided that she'd been holding her breath, waiting for Victor to announce that he was flying off on a mysterious trip or starting a new business venture. Victoria wondered if he was starting to get restless, but Nikki found it astonishing that he seemed perfectly content the way things were.

Nikki pondered whether she could finally stop worrying about Victor stirring up trouble. Victoria hoped she and Billy made it to that point someday, since she was always looking for signs that he was falling back into old patterns. Victoria reported that Billy had been experiencing mood shifts and that he tended to romanticize the wild side that had nearly ruined them several times over. She conceded that he hadn't been doing anything reckless and that his change in behavior had been very subtle. Nikki considered that typical of an addict.

Nikki suggested that Victoria join Billy at his counseling sessions. Victoria revealed that Billy had stopped going to therapy without discussing it with her or even telling her until she'd asked. Victoria relayed that Billy thought he was getting better on his own and didn't need therapy, and Nikki compared it to how she would rationalize skipping an A.A. meeting. Victoria lamented that it had given her peace of mind when Billy had been going to counseling because she hadn't been the only one looking out for warning signs, and she hated being paranoid. Nikki clucked that it was only paranoia if Victoria was worrying for no reason, but Billy had a history. Victoria groaned that she wanted to support him and his recovery, but it was exhausting.

Nikki lectured that loving someone in recovery was a constant challenge, and only Victoria could decide if the effort was worth it. Victoria was glad that she'd put her family back together, and she was grateful for the way Billy had always been there for her, so she wanted to be there for him, too. Nikki understood that it was draining, but she could see Billy's perspective, too. Nikki recognized that it took a long time to regain someone's trust after letting them down, and she knew what it was like to impatiently wait for her loved ones to believe in her again.

Victoria noted that Billy had used the same words, and Nikki referred to a concept called "detaching with love." Nikki explained that it didn't mean abandoning the person who had an addiction but instead focused more on putting oneself first without constantly caretaking or hovering. Victoria admitted that it felt like what she'd been doing, but it had become a way of life when she'd been hurt repeatedly before. Nikki encouraged Victoria to attend some meetings on her own to help calm her down while giving Billy the space he needed. Nikki also suggested that Victoria talk about it openly with him. Victoria countered that Billy hadn't been open about everything, and she wondered what else he might be hiding.

Amanda thanked Billy for meeting her at the Grand Phoenix, and she explained that she'd wanted to see a friendly face after she'd finished her meetings with potential clients. He recognized that it was hard to start over, but he imagined that word would get around about the victories under her belt. Amanda worried that Devon was well-connected, and he'd made no secret of how much he resented her. Amanda doubted that people wanted to get on a powerful man's bad side.

Billy recognized that Colin had screwed Amanda over, but she'd done everything she could to get on the right side of it. Billy knowingly stated that it was difficult to start over when everyone was suspicious, and she sensed that he was taking it personally. Billy referred to Victoria and his family judging him based on his past mistakes, so he knew what Amanda was going through. Amanda looked forward to them proving themselves to the doubters, but he didn't know if that was possible.

Billy recounted that he'd been in a great mood when Victoria had returned home from her trip, but it hadn't been long before he'd been put on the defensive. Amanda figured that some people liked to be needed, so they encouraged others to fall apart so they could jump to the rescue. Billy defended that Victoria was a good person who genuinely cared, and she didn't want him to fall apart. He recalled his promise to be Victoria's rock when he'd asked her to take him back, and Amanda asked how it was working out for him. Billy couldn't help but think that he'd overpromised, and Amanda urged him to talk to Victoria about it. He expected Victoria to get a look of terror in her eyes if he did, and he couldn't do that to her.

Billy wasn't sure how Amanda had ended up being his sounding board when he'd been there to be hers. She appreciated the distraction, and he was glad he could be useful to someone. Amanda understood his reluctance to speak to Victoria because he didn't want to hurt her again. Billy was adamant that he needed to handle it on his own or with the help of a good friend, since alarm bells would ring if he talked to Victoria, and she'd spring into action to fix him. Amanda insisted that he wasn't broken and didn't need fixing. He thanked her for saying that, kissed her cheek, and headed out.

Victoria returned home and called out for Billy. She straightened up the living room and picked up his suit jacket. She pulled out some items from the pockets and set them on the table. She paused for a moment before sifting through them, and she found a bar receipt for multiple glasses of whiskey.

Billy returned home and was surprised that Victoria wasn't at work. He suggested going out to dinner, but she responded that she was tired. He prepared to order in food, but she stopped him and presented him with the receipt from the bar. Billy claimed that he'd had a few drinks with a guy who'd been in town from Chicago, and they'd met at a bar by the man's hotel. He insisted that it wasn't a big deal, and he called to place the food order. Victoria looked suspicious.

At Society, Devon greeted Mariah with a hug, and she asked how he'd known she'd needed one. Devon inquired about Tessa's first few days on the road, and Mariah revealed that they hadn't touched base yet. Mariah assumed that Tessa was busy meeting Tanner's band and crew, and it blew her mind to imagine her girlfriend singing to 10,000 people. Mariah mused that she couldn't believe how quickly everything had changed, and Devon asked how she was doing with that. Mariah bemoaned that she'd been trying to be the supportive girlfriend, but she wasn't great at it.

Mariah wished she could take it all in stride and go about her business while Tessa was gone, but she missed her girlfriend. Mariah considered it ironic, given how scared she'd been to move in together, and she confided that she'd been stacking pillows on Tessa's side of the bed to trick herself so she could sleep. Devon questioned whether the issue was that Tessa was hundreds of miles away or that she was with her ex-husband. Mariah insisted that the latter wasn't an issue.

Mariah argued that she worked with someone who she'd previously been in a relationship with, so it would be unreasonable if she had a problem with it. She vowed not to be jealous and insecure for no reason, since missing her girlfriend was enough to deal with. Devon referred to all the great songs that had been written about missing somebody, and Mariah shared that she had the perfect playlist for wallowing. Devon was certain that Tessa missed Mariah as much as Mariah missed her.

Devon informed Mariah that he'd gotten a lead that Colin was allegedly in South America. Devon added that he was doing better thanks to her advice not to shut Elena out, and Mariah joked that it had been a pretty big risk to take relationship advice from her. Devon knew it was Mariah's shtick to make fun of her failed romantic history, but he thought she had to stop looking at herself that way because she was in a committed relationship. Mariah reminded him that he was supposed to be distracting her from thinking about Tessa, and Devon suggested that she focus all her energy on work. Mariah questioned whether he was trying to say she wasn't working hard enough, but Devon swore that he was just trying to help her.

On a private jet, Tanner wanted to discuss Tessa's set list, and he rattled off various recommendations. She enthused that it was exactly the advice she'd needed. He assured her that they could tweak things over the course of the tour, and the important thing was for her to have fun out there. Tessa marveled that his becoming a megastar was crazy beyond anything they'd dreamed of when they'd been starving musicians, and Tanner appreciated having someone around who would kick him in the pants when he got too full of himself. She warned him to watch out, since she wasn't afraid to do it.

Tanner complimented Tessa's necklace, and she mentioned that Mariah had gifted it to her after one of the times they'd gotten back together. Tessa admitted that it had happened a few times, since she'd screwed things up a lot, but they were in a really good place then. Tanner commented that the trick was keeping things that way, since going on tour was tough on relationships, and people slipped up when they got bored and lonely. Tessa swore that it wouldn't happen to her.

Tessa practiced one of her songs, and Tanner advised her to brighten it up a little bit. She thought her interpretation made it more personal and intimate, and he said he'd forgotten how protective she was of her "babies." Tanner requested her opinion of a song he was working on, and he began to play. She recommended a change, and he was amazed by its effect. Tanner resumed singing, and Tessa joined in on her guitar.

Meanwhile, Mariah finished up some work on her tablet. She checked her phone and made a call. Tessa answered and chirped that it was perfect timing, since her plane had just landed. Tessa gushed that it was nice to hear Mariah's voice, and she reported that everything was cool, with Tanner showing her the ropes. Mariah said it had been amazing seeing the tour through Tessa's eyes via the photos Tessa had sent. Tessa admitted that she was trying to be subtle about it, but she was totally freaking out. They said they missed one another.

At Crimson Lights, Sharon dropped off coffee at Jill and Lily's table. They made small talk about the holidays, and Lily reported that the twins had been home and that Devon had joined them. Lily recalled that they'd talked about her dad, which had been emotional but good. Jill sympathized that everyone who'd known Neil missed him very much, and Sharon added that the first year was the hardest. Sharon asked if Charlie and Mattie had gone back to college, and Lily indicated that they were visiting their dad in Europe. Jill grumbled that Cane was tracking down the money his father had stolen. Sharon stepped away.

Lily said she was sorry that Colin had hurt Jill again. Jill felt sorrier for Devon, who'd been swindled out of billions of dollars, largely because she'd pressured him into doing the "right thing." Lily urged Jill not to blame herself, since Colin had fooled all of them. Jill contemplated joining Cane, and she suggested that Lily do the same to spend time with the twins. Lily passed, and she wondered if Jill was still holding out hope that Lily and Cane would get back together. Jill acknowledged that Lily had moved on, and Lily announced that she was dating again. Jill insisted that no matter how it all turned out, she would always consider Lily family.

On the patio, Sharon jumped when Rey wrapped his arms around her from behind. He asked if everything was okay, and she halfheartedly confirmed it was. He noted that she didn't sound very convincing, and she mentioned that Lily had just been talking about her family's first Christmas without Neil. Rey called Sharon a good friend, and they hugged. She forced a smile and asked if she could get him his usual, but he was hoping she'd say yes to a proposition he had.

Rey divulged that he'd tentatively requested time off over Faith's spring break, and he hoped he could spend time with Sharon and Faith in Miami. Rey figured that the ladies could have mother-daughter time while he spent time with his family, and Sharon realized that it would be her opportunity to meet his mother. Rey swore that Celeste already liked her based on what he'd said, and he looked forward to meeting his little nephew for the first time. Sharon offered to be there for moral support, but she wanted to run it by Nick and Faith before they made concrete plans. Rey planned to stop by Sharon's place after work to talk about it more, and he departed. Sharon nervously checked her phone.

Later, Sharon braced herself before answering a call, but it was only a telemarketer. She told the barista that she was going to take the rest of the day off, and she headed out.

Lily stopped by Devon's penthouse and hugged Devon. She noted that it had been a tough quarter for Hamilton-Winters, and he wondered if she was there to let him have it. She understood that he'd been going through a lot, and she stressed that she was there for him. He told her not to worry because things were looking up, and he informed her about Tessa going on tour and the new clinic that Elena and Nate were designing. Devon added that he and Elena couldn't be happier, and Lily pointed out that he hadn't mentioned Colin. Devon reported that a lot of people were working on it, and he asked how things were going with her.

Lily shared her dating horror stories, and Devon said he was proud of her for putting herself out there. He mentioned that he'd hired Chance as a security consultant, and he offered to have Chance screen her dates. Lily imagined that Chance was busy enough with looking for Colin, but Devon revealed that it was only part of the reason he'd hired Chance. Lily guessed that Devon suspected that Cane had been working with Colin to steal the money. Devon pointed out that it was a possibility, but there was no proof.

Lily doubted that Devon would find any evidence unless Colin had manufactured something, and Devon realized that she thought Cane was innocent. Lily didn't want to believe that her ex-husband would do something like that, but she'd gotten burned when she'd given him the benefit of the doubt before. She wondered what Devon intended to do if he found out that Cane had been involved. Lily thought Cane should be held accountable if he'd had something to do with it, but she knew what it was like to be in prison. Devon protested that her situation had been different, since what she'd done had been an accident, but Cane's actions had been planned and vicious if he'd been complicit.

Devon asserted that Cane deserved whatever happened to him. Lily argued that they didn't even know if Cane had done something wrong, and she believed there were better ways of achieving justice than locking someone up and cutting them off from their family. She preferred to give Cane a chance to redeem himself if charges were filed, but Devon huffed that Cane had been given more chances than he could count. Devon contended that if Cane had been involved, he should have stepped forward and told Devon. Devon mentioned that he'd offered to let Amanda off the hook if she helped track down Colin, but she'd declined. Devon hissed that if he found proof that someone was lying, they shouldn't expect mercy from him.

At the cottage, Sharon tended to some laundry, but her expression darkened when the phone rang. She answered a call from her doctor's office and inquired whether her biopsy results were available.

Later, Sharon was startled when Rey entered the cottage. He wondered if she'd forgotten that he was going to stop by, and she fibbed that she'd lost track of time. He suggested that they go for a walk and watch the sunset, but she was clearly distracted. She admitted that there was something she needed to tell him.

Faith discovers Sharon's health crisis

Faith discovers Sharon's health crisis

Wednesday, January 15, 2020

by Nel

At home, Sharon struggled with how to tell Rey about her diagnosis. She had never believed she would utter the words that she had breast cancer. She explained that in spite of regular self-examination, she'd found a lump in her breast on New Year's Day, and she'd called the doctor immediately. She said the mammogram, ultrasound, and needle biopsy confirmed she had a malignant tumor. Sharon told Rey that the doctor had called her with the results of her biopsy just before he'd arrived.

Stunned, Rey asked Sharon what he could do. Sharon assured him he was doing it. Rey realized why Sharon had been so distracted lately, but he said she should have told him. Sharon said she hadn't wanted to worry him, and she also didn't want anyone to know yet. She couldn't believe how her life had changed in a split second. Rey promised to keep her condition between them. He asked Sharon what would happen next.

Sharon said she had an appointment with the doctor. Rey said he wanted to go with her to her doctor's appointment. He assured her that he would help her because he was all in. Sharon said she'd made a list of the questions she needed answered, such as treatments, what stage she was at, and what her chances for survival were. A little distraught, Sharon said she needed to take things one step at a time. Rey said he would be with her every step of the way.

Nick met Chance at Crimson Lights and said he wanted to hire Chance, but first he wanted to know about Chance's relationship with Adam. Nick said he knew that Chance had crossed paths with Adam in Las Vegas and that there might have been some shady dealings between them. He also knew that Chance had been working on a case involving Simon Black. Chance assured Nick that Adam hadn't been involved with him. He said that in Las Vegas, Adam had been known as "Spider" and had gambled. Chance said he'd run into Adam around Genoa City, but they weren't friends.

Placated, Nick said he'd been worried because Chance had been seeing Abby, and he didn't want to see her hurt. Chance assured him that he and Abby were having fun, and he wouldn't hurt Abby. Nick said that he wanted to hire Chance to oversee the high-tech security systems Nick would be installing in his New Hope buildings. Chance jumped on Nick's job offer because he liked what Nick and Devon were doing with New Hope.

At home, Sharon asked Rey to spend the night with her because she didn't want to be alone. At that moment, Faith walked in. After seeing the looks on Rey and Sharon's faces, she asked if she'd arrived at a bad time. Rey covered by saying he and Sharon had been discussing a problematic case he had been working on. Rey told Faith he was going for some takeout food, and he asked if she wanted anything. When Faith said she didn't, Rey told Sharon he would wait for her in the car.

Alone with Sharon, Faith asked if Sharon and Rey had really been talking about Rey's case. Sharon confirmed they had, but Faith said it had felt like more than that. Sharon told Faith not to worry. She wished Faith a fun night and left.

Alone, Faith looked around and spotted Sharon's tablet. When she picked it up, a note fell out with the name "Dr. Cheryl Blakley -- Breast Cancer Center." Faith took a photo of the note and called Nick in a panic. She asked him to meet her at the ranch, and she begged him to get there immediately.

When Sharon and Rey returned home with their takeout order, Rey assured Sharon that he would be there for her the next day and every day after that.

At the Grand Phoenix, Chelsea was aware that Abby was bothered that Chelsea had reunited with Adam. Sarcastically, Abby told Chelsea that she'd picked the wrong brother. Chelsea said she hated that her and Adam's happiness had been at Nick's expense. She informed Abby that Connor would arrive shortly to confront his fears about the hotel. She explained Connor's reaction to Chelsea working at the Grand Phoenix. She said the therapist had suggested that Connor needed to face his demons at the hotel.

At that moment, Adam and Connor arrived. Connor smiled at Chelsea. Chelsea said she wanted Connor to see that there was nothing to be afraid of, and she assured him that the bad man was in jail. She asked if he remembered Chance. He did. Chelsea told Connor that since the incident, Chance had taken over the security in the hotel. Abby suggested that Connor get a special drink from the bar.

As Adam, Chelsea, and Connor left, Phyllis entered. Phyllis asked Abby what was going on. Abby explained about Connor's fears, and she asked Phyllis to hang back and cause as little drama as possible. Phyllis said she hoped Connor was okay. Abby said it was the first time that she and Phyllis agreed.

When Chance arrived at the Grand Phoenix, he told Connor he was really happy to see the boy. He said he'd been super impressed that Connor had handled himself like a pro during the crisis. Connor admitted he'd been scared. Chance assured Connor that he'd been scared, as well, but being a government agent, he'd been taught to hide his fears. It was part of the training, but he admitted that, inside, he had been shaking. He told Connor that he couldn't have caught the bad guy without Connor's help. Connor beamed.

Connor asked Chance if the hotel was safe. Chance said the hotel was so safe that he lived there. He suggested that Connor take a tour of the hotel. After Adam and Connor left, Chelsea thanked Chance for helping Connor face his fears. Chance said he was sorry he hadn't caught Simon Black before Connor had been involved.

At the bar, Phyllis asked Chelsea what had happened to Adam and Connor. Caustically, Chelsea asked if Phyllis should be somewhere, blackmailing someone or breaking up someone's marriage. Phyllis claimed she was happy that Connor was doing so well. She said he seemed like a sweet kid in spite of who his parents were. She'd also heard that Chelsea and Adam had reunited.

Phyllis asked if Chelsea had run to Adam's bed after Nick had broken things off with her. Chelsea stated that Phyllis' life had to be very empty, since Phyllis spent so much of her time obsessing about what Abby had and Phyllis didn't have. She told Phyllis to get a life and that she felt sorry for her, but Phyllis claimed she had a lot going on in her life. She glanced over at Chance, who was sitting in one of the hotel chairs.

Abby joined Chance and thanked him for talking to Connor because it had helped him. Abby said she was certain that Adam truly loved Connor, but she wasn't so sure Adam loved Chelsea. She said she didn't trust Adam, especially after what he'd tried to do to Victor. Abby told Chance he shouldn't trust Adam, either, and the more distance he put between himself and Adam, the better.

When Abby left Chance to take care of some business, Phyllis sashayed over and said it was a good thing she'd arrived just in time. She said she'd heard Abby go on about her unredeemable brother, but she noted that Chance hadn't mentioned to Abby how Adam had helped him out of a jam in Las Vegas. She warned Chance not to start his relationship with a secret. If he cared about Abby, he would tell her about his past.

Chance claimed that Phyllis never stopped and was constantly looking for trouble, but Phyllis countered that she was looking for someone to get into trouble with. She felt that, in a way, so was Chance, because trouble was his business. Phyllis stated she wanted to hire him, but Chance asked what made her think he would take her on as a client. She said if he didn't want to mix business with pleasure, then they would keep it strictly personal. At that moment, Abby returned and told Phyllis she would have to find someone else to cozy up to. Phyllis told Abby not to worry about her because she would be just fine. Abby and Chance left.

Adam and Connor returned. Chelsea asked Connor how he felt about the hotel after his tour. Connor said that as long as she was okay working there, then so was he. Chelsea hugged Connor and told him that she couldn't be happier.

At Jabot, after discussing business, Kyle told Summer he was heading to Society to see Lola. Summer stopped him at the elevators and reminded him that they needed to finalize their plans for their trip to San Francisco the following week. Kyle suggested they discuss it at the restaurant.

At Society, Lola appeared happy to greet Theo when he arrived and asked for a table. Theo quickly excused himself when a brunette arrived. He immediately hugged the brunette and escorted her to the table. Lola didn't look pleased. She kept glancing over at Theo's table and watching him with the brunette. Theo noticed Lola's guarded glances. Summer and Kyle arrived, and the brunette left after Theo gave her a peck on the cheek.

Kyle followed Lola into the kitchen and kissed her. He told Lola that he got the impression that it had bugged her seeing Theo with the brunette. Lola told Kyle to reign it in and not ruin his or her night.

Lola returned to the dining room and told Theo that she'd been about to head over to see if he and his date had needed anything, but she'd been too late. Summer gave Lola a funny look and informed her that Leanne hadn't been Theo's date. She was a social media influencer who had agreed to post Jabot's sponsored content on her social media platforms. Lola looked relieved.

At their table, Theo, Summer, and Kyle discussed business. Kyle informed Theo that he and Summer would be leaving for San Francisco the following week. Theo offered to hold down the fort because he knew how important the acquisition was for Jabot. He mentioned that he'd heard about another boutique brand in Portland and suggested that Kyle check it out. He offered to share his research with Kyle. Angry, Kyle claimed that Theo would love to get him out of the way.

Theo said he didn't understand. He said that if Kyle felt he should stay at Jabot, Theo could go to San Francisco with Summer and mix business with pleasure. Through gritted teeth, Kyle told Theo to shut it. To defuse the situation, Summer asked Kyle to tell Lola not to put peanut oil in her entrée. After Kyle left the table, Summer chastised Theo and accused him of not knowing when to stop.

In the kitchen, Kyle complained to Lola about Theo. She said that Kyle allowed Theo to push his buttons. Kyle suggested that Lola open her eyes where Theo was concerned because Theo was being a bigger ass than usual. Lola stated that Kyle had blown things out of proportion, but Kyle felt he'd had every right to be pissed off. He said that Theo went out of his way to get under his skin, and Lola always gave Theo a pass. Lola claimed she'd been trying to keep the peace between him and Theo, but Kyle retorted that not calling Theo out on his crappy behavior was the same thing as telling him she approved of it. Kyle stated it wasn't the place to discuss the situation, and he left the kitchen.

Lola followed Kyle to the entrance and said they weren't done. She said she wouldn't let Kyle blame her for what Theo said or did. If Kyle wanted to waste his energy being mad at Theo, he could go ahead, but she warned him not to take his anger out on her. Lola returned to the kitchen, and Kyle left.

Back at their table, Summer and Theo had witnessed the exchange between Kyle and Lola. Summer asked if Theo was happy -- he'd gotten what he'd wanted. Theo suggested that Summer not be so judgy because if she'd had it her way, Kyle and Lola would have been fighting over her.

Nick arrived at the ranch, and Faith explained that when she'd arrived at home, Rey and Sharon had abruptly ended their conversation. Nick suggested they might have been talking about something personal, but Faith claimed there was more to it and that something was wrong. Nick asked why she was so shaken. Faith said she thought Sharon was sick and showed Nick a photo of the note she'd found. The note read, "Dr. Cheryl Blakely -- Breast Cancer Center." Nick looked worried.

Sharon tells Nick she has cancer

Sharon tells Nick she has cancer

Thursday, January 16, 2020

From Tanner's private jet, Tessa played a new song while on a call with Mariah. From Society, Mariah noted that the tune seemed edgier than Tessa's usual stuff. Tessa attributed the change to Tanner's influence, since they'd been writing songs together. Mariah tried to disguise her discomfort and marveled that Tessa was writing songs with a superstar, and she expected that one to be a monster hit.

Tessa described how Tanner got treated like royalty, and she mentioned that there was a watch available for sale with his face on it. Mariah preferred to wait for one with Tessa's face, and she wondered why Tessa was on the jet when she didn't have a show until the next day. Tessa revealed that Tanner had been invited to a huge party on a jumbo yacht, and he'd insisted that his entire crew be included. Tessa expected some of her idols to be there, and she hoped that she didn't say anything stupid. Tessa added that the only thing that would make it perfect would be if Mariah could be there, and Mariah wished she could be. Tessa indicated that the plane was about to take off, and they exchanged words of love before hanging up.

Mariah watched Summer wordlessly pass by her, and she quipped that she almost hadn't recognized Summer without Kyle on one side and Theo on the other. Summer opted not to say anything snide, and Mariah argued that she hadn't said anything more hostile than usual. Summer declined to spar, and Mariah asked if they'd cut off the free makeup perks at Jabot. Mariah admitted that she was being childish, and she wondered what was bothering Summer. Summer conceded that Mariah was good friends with Kyle, and she shared that Kyle was letting Theo get to him in a way that could blow Kyle's life up if he wasn't careful.

Mariah thought Summer was just being a drama queen, but Summer argued that she worked with both men and had seen the tension the night before, when Kyle had been obsessing over Theo wanting Lola. Mariah figured that it had been obvious for weeks, and she suggested that they let the big boys handle their own business. Summer worried that they would handle it with their fists, since Theo knew how to push Kyle's buttons, and it had resulted in an argument between Kyle and Lola. Mariah pointed out that the couple was in love, and she guessed that Summer just wished that the men were fighting over her instead of Lola.

Summer huffed that she should have known that Mariah would be of no help. Mariah contemplated the possibility that Summer truly was being selfless, and she wondered what Summer was trying to accomplish. Summer intended to be a good friend to both Kyle and Theo, but she was afraid there would be an explosion if things kept going in the same direction. Summer picked up her takeout and sarcastically told Mariah it had been a pleasure like always. Mariah stopped her from leaving and offered to talk some sense into Kyle. Summer thanked her.

On the Crimson Lights patio, Lily tapped Billy on the shoulder, and they hugged. She explained that the twins were visiting Cane and that she'd had time off work, so she'd decided to make a trip home. Billy voiced surprise that she still thought of Genoa City that way, and Lily pointed out that it was where her family was and that she had lots of memories there -- both happy and sad. Billy assumed that he was part of the sad ones after he'd blown up her marriage, but Lily countered that she and Cane had done a pretty good job of that on their own.

Lily conceded that she could have gone without knowing Cane had kissed Victoria while Lily had been in the middle of a prison sentence, but she'd been angry with Cane, not Billy. Billy thought she had a right to be furious with them both, but she insisted that she wasn't furious with anyone because it was exhausting holding grudges. She added that being in prison had grounded her and given her time to think about doing things differently and about helping other people instead of being the center of the universe. Lily applauded the inmates she'd been working with for being determined to get an education and turn their lives around.

Billy groaned that he couldn't say the same thing about his time in Myanmar, since all he'd thought about had been wanting to "get the hell out." Lily observed that they were both back where it had all started, and he toasted to new beginnings. She sensed that something was wrong, and she promised it would stay between them. He wished she could pass on her hard-earned wisdom to him without him having to go to jail to get it. Billy suggested that Lily write a self-help book, but she swore that the only thing she'd figured out was that she was heading in the right direction, even though she didn't know where she was going yet.

Lily felt that with the twins in college and not needing her as much, she had to find a purpose for herself. Billy thought they were on the same track, and she referred to him leaving Jabot. He shared that he'd been ready to do so, and she responded that she felt ready, too, since she'd gotten her strength and focus back. She felt like she'd finally become the person she was supposed to be. Billy commended her for living her life and not waiting for someone to fix her because she didn't need to be fixed, only accepted. He wished everyone felt that way, and she asked again whether he was okay.

Billy stated that "okay" was a vanilla word, and he thought everyone should strive to be more than that. He wondered where Lily was on the "okay scale," and she noted that he kept turning her questions around on her. She accepted that she had a felony conviction; however, she refused to let it define her, and she resolved to keep living and moving forward. Lily mentioned that she was supposed to meet Jill there, and she invited Billy to join them. Billy joked that his mother liked Lily more than she liked him, and they hugged goodbye. Lily headed inside the coffeehouse, and Billy called someone and made plans to meet.

At the Grand Phoenix, Phyllis called to Chance as he walked through the lobby and wondered what his hurry was. He informed her that he was headed back to his room, and she questioned whether he had time for a neighborly hello. He jokingly asked if the lobby was her new office, but she preferred to think of it as her front porch. He hoped there wasn't much gossip about the neighbors, and she purred that the neighbors knew she wasn't someone to be taken lightly. Phyllis announced that she had another proposition for him. Abby glowered when she spotted them talking.

Phyllis recalled that Chance had turned her down when she'd wanted to hire him, and she considered it a better idea if he hired her. Phyllis cooed that she suddenly had a lot of time on her hands since she'd been relieved of her duties there, and she could be an asset to his new business. She pitched building a website and branding his company to put him first among his equals, and she bragged that there was no limit to what she could do for his fledgling venture. Chance asked if that was her entire pitch. "I am the pitch," she confidently replied.

Chance prepared to leave, and Phyllis spotted Amanda and replied that she was leaving, too. She intentionally brushed up close against him as she passed by him. Abby approached Chance and noted that she didn't see any fang marks. She teased that he hadn't known that he'd been dancing with a cobra. Chance insisted that he could handle Phyllis, but Abby warned that there was an emotional graveyard of men who'd thought that, as well, including Ronan. Chance contended that he knew exactly who Phyllis was.

Abby recognized that Chance was a grown man who was capable of handling his own business, but she was trying to be a good friend. He pointed out that they were more than friends, but she countered that while they were dating and having a good time, they weren't serious or exclusive. She invited him to go for it if he wanted to visit Phyllis' crazy playground. Chance noted that it sounded dangerous, and Abby thought that maybe he saw Phyllis as a challenge. He preferred going on a date -- but not with Phyllis. He asked if Abby was free that night, but she said she had to work and would get back to him.

Meanwhile, Phyllis stared at Abby and Chance. Phyllis claimed that she'd seen Amanda across the room and wanted to say hi, and Amanda chuckled and wondered what Phyllis was up to. Phyllis feigned innocence, but Amanda reminded her that she was Phyllis' friend and not her lawyer. Amanda hoped Phyllis wasn't going to try to change Amanda's mind about representing her in the termination lawsuit. Phyllis admitted that she'd had a plan to take over the hotel that had consumed her for weeks, but it would have involved crushing souls and alienating the only friends and relatives she had left, so she'd given up on it.

Amanda was impressed that Phyllis had decided to walk off the battlefield, but Phyllis clarified that she was just changing her focus. Phyllis became distracted when she heard Abby and Chance laughing. She claimed that she didn't like it when things started to get stale, and she shared that she'd become interested in the security business. Amanda settled her tab and prepared to leave for an appointment. Phyllis protested that she wasn't finished describing how she'd take over the world, and Amanda proposed that they talk about it the next time. Phyllis guessed that Amanda had a date, and she pressed to know if it was someone she knew. Amanda simply grinned and walked out.

Phyllis sauntered over to Chance and asked where his friend was. He indicated that Abby was tending to work, and he suggested that Phyllis try it sometime. Chance questioned whether Phyllis intended to sit on her perch all day, keeping an eye on him and her other neighbors. Phyllis murmured that she'd seen all she'd needed to see, and she again squeezed past him, deliberately giving him a close-up view of her rear end.

At the dive bar, Billy was glad that Amanda had made it. She remarked that her schedule wasn't exactly brimming with clients. He announced that he had a lot to tell her.

At Nick's house, Faith glumly toyed with the food on her plate. Nick prompted her to eat something, but she replied that she wasn't hungry. She pointed out that he also wasn't eating, and she surmised that he was just as worried about Sharon as she was. Nick reasoned that the note Faith had found might be nothing, since Sharon could be counseling one of the patients at the breast cancer center. Faith doubted that he really believed that, but Nick stressed that they shouldn't assume the worst. Faith wailed that it could be the worst, and her mom could be that patient. Faith realized that Nick feared the same thing.

Faith thought it explained why Sharon had been acting so weird, like she'd been thinking about something bad. Nick protested that they didn't know that, and Faith begged him to find out for sure. She expected her mom to get mad at her for snooping, but she just wanted to know what was going on. Nick didn't feel comfortable leaving Faith alone while she was upset, and she suggested that he drop her off at the ranch on his way to talk to Sharon. Nick agreed to find out what was going on, and Faith thanked him with a hug. Faith didn't care if she got in trouble because her only concern was that her mom was okay. Nick hoped he would be able to give her that good news.

At the breast cancer center, Sharon requested that Rey take notes because she wasn't sure she'd hear anything the doctor said. Dr. Blakeley entered and asked if Sharon had any questions before they began. Sharon asserted that she needed Dr. Blakeley to be completely honest with her, no matter what it was. "Can I beat this?" Sharon inquired. Dr. Blakeley appreciated Sharon's candor and pledged to be as honest as she could.

The doctor stated that there were obviously no guarantees, but she thought Sharon had a strong chance of beating the disease. Sharon inquired about what kind of cancer she had, and Dr. Blakeley replied that it was in clinical stage II, which meant it was a growing cancer that was still contained in the breast but might involve the lymph nodes. She continued that they wouldn't know until they had a look during surgery, and Sharon asked about her treatment options. Dr. Blakeley recommended chemotherapy and surgery. Sharon looked stricken.

Sharon questioned whether her surgery would be a lumpectomy or a mastectomy. Dr. Blakeley intended to begin with chemotherapy prior to surgery with the goal of reducing the size of the lesion, which might make Sharon eligible for a less invasive procedure. The doctor added that the response to chemo was a signal of prognosis, since a complete response was excellent, a partial response was troubling, and a progression or no response meant there was a possibility Sharon would need a mastectomy and reconstruction.

Sharon grappled with the idea of undergoing a double mastectomy, but Dr. Blakeley assured her that there was nothing to warrant a single mastectomy at that point, so there would be no advantage to a double mastectomy. The doctor encouraged Sharon to take it one step at a time, and she jotted down the title of a book that might help. She sensed that Sharon was someone who liked having a lot of information, and she urged Sharon to do all the research she could and to get a second opinion. Sharon asked when they could get started.

Sharon and Rey returned to the cottage, and she requested that he run out to buy the book that the doctor had recommended. He hesitated to leave when he could order the book online, but she preferred to start reading it right away. She assured him that she'd be fine, and he reluctantly headed out. After he left, she broke down in tears. A moment later, there was a rap at the door, and Sharon tried to regain her composure before calling out to ask who was there. Nick identified himself, and Sharon claimed that it wasn't a good time because she had a bad cold.

Nick replied that he knew it wasn't a cold, and he told Sharon to open the door. She obliged, and she wiped away tears as she faced him. Nick filled Sharon in about Faith finding the note with the doctor's name. Nick shared that Faith was just worried and that she felt awful about going behind Sharon's back. Sharon promised that she would let Faith know it was okay, and Nick pressed to know if it really was okay. He stressed that if it wasn't and if Sharon was keeping it to herself to fight it on her own, there was no need to do that because a lot of people cared about her and wanted to know what was going on. Sharon choked back a sob and confided that she had cancer.

Sharon reported that the doctor had seemed optimistic, but they wouldn't know more until she started treatment. Nick struggled for words, and Sharon wondered why it had needed to happen just when things had seemed to be working out. He insisted that her health issues would work out, too. She loved him for saying that, but they both knew there were no guarantees. She asked how Faith was doing, and he indicated that their daughter was scared. Sharon dreaded telling her about the diagnosis, but Nick pointed out that Faith already suspected it.

Nick assured Sharon that Faith would handle the news better than Sharon expected because Faith was a strong kid, and her mom was strong, too. Sharon whimpered that she didn't feel strong right then, and she apologized for dumping her problems on him when they hadn't been together for a long time. Nick countered that they still cared about one another, and Sharon confided that she'd considered not telling anyone because she didn't want anyone pitying her or worrying about her. He was glad that she'd changed her mind, and she requested that he not tell anyone else.

Sharon revealed that Rey knew the truth, and she planned to tell Mariah and Faith, but she otherwise asked Nick to keep it to himself. Nick promised to do whatever Sharon wanted, but he didn't think it was a good idea to keep the news to herself. She explained that she just wanted to be able to tell people in her own time and way without wondering if they already knew or were secretly feeling sorry for her.

Nick encouraged Sharon to tell Noah and Mariah sooner rather than later, and Sharon promised she would, especially since Faith would need Mariah's support to deal with it. Nick offered to tell Faith for her, but Sharon thought Faith needed to hear it from her. Nick reiterated that Sharon didn't have to handle everything on her own, and Sharon cried that she just didn't want the people she loved to worry about her. Rey returned, and Sharon informed him that Nick knew. "Good," Rey replied.

Billy admits the truth to Victoria

Billy admits the truth to Victoria

Friday, January 17, 2020

At Society, Mariah stared at a photo of Tessa on her tablet. Mariah received a text message from Sharon, who asked if she had a minute to stop by the house. Mariah wrote back to ask if everything was okay, and Sharon responded that they'd talk when Mariah got there. A concerned Mariah packed up her things and bumped into Nikki on her way out. Mariah apologized for not looking, and Nikki inquired whether everything was all right. Mariah replied that she hoped so.

Nikki joined Victoria and indicated that she didn't have much time because Victor had invited Adam and Chelsea over to the ranch for dinner. Victoria showed Nikki the bar receipt and called it the lie she'd found in Billy's pocket. Victoria conceded that she didn't have proof that Billy had fabricated the story about it, but her instinct was telling her that something was off. Victoria divulged that she'd looked up the bar online, and it wasn't the type of place where one would take clients. Nikki pointed out that the client might have chosen it.

Victoria intended to talk more about it with Billy that night, but she'd wanted to discuss it with Nikki first. Victoria sensed that there was something more that Billy wasn't telling her. Nikki advised her to let him know that he could talk to Victoria and that she would understand, but he couldn't keep shutting her out. Nikki urged Victoria not to seem like she wanted to help him but to just listen and be on his side, since the last thing she should do was make him feel like she was judging him.

At the cottage, Rey instructed Sharon to take a deep breath. "You've got this," he assured her as Faith and Nick arrived. Faith ran over to hug Sharon and apologized for doing something stupid and wrong, but Sharon firmly told her that there was nothing to apologize for. Sharon explained that she hadn't been ready to talk about what Faith had found, but she was ready then if Faith was ready to hear it. "I'm not," Faith whimpered, but Sharon was convinced that Faith was a lot braver than she thought she was. Sharon confirmed that it was scary, but she wanted to tell Faith the whole story, including why they didn't need to worry. They hugged.

Sharon was aware that Faith had been hoping that there had been another reason that Sharon had made an appointment at the breast cancer center, but the truth was that Sharon had cancer. Sharon acknowledged that she'd never thought she'd hear that scary word and her name in the same sentence, but it was true. Sharon revealed that there were a variety of ways to treat her type of cancer because the doctors thought they'd caught it before it had spread. Faith optimistically inquired whether the cancer wouldn't return once it had been treated, and Sharon confirmed that it was the plan.

Sharon shared that she'd had a good meeting with an oncologist who thought they could treat the tumor with a series of drugs. Faith realized that her mother meant chemotherapy, and Sharon expected that the tumor would be removed when it was small enough. Sharon asserted that she would be okay, and she knew how lucky she was to have found it early, so it was treatable. Faith asked if Sharon would die, and she begged her mom not to lie to her. Sharon insisted that she wasn't going anywhere and that she would be there for many years.

Faith wondered if Sharon was scared. Sharon admitted that she was a little afraid, but she had a good team of doctors, people who loved her, and a good prognosis. Faith recalled that she had a friend at school named Trinity, whose mom had lost all her hair when she'd had cancer. Faith recounted that Trinity had shaved her own head in solidarity, and Trinity's mom had eventually gotten better. Sharon suggested that Faith get in touch with Trinity, and Faith planned to track her friend down on social media. Rey commented that it sounded like serious detective work, and Faith offered to give him some pointers.

After Faith and Rey headed upstairs, Nick praised Sharon for how she'd handled the conversation. Mariah entered the cottage. "I can do this -- one kid at a time," Sharon resolved. Mariah stammered that she didn't know what she'd done, but she was sorry and would explain after they told her what it was. Mariah wondered why Sharon and Nick looked upset, and she inquired whether someone had died. Sharon invited her to sit down, but Mariah preferred not to because sitting meant something bad had happened. Sharon swore that she wasn't scared, so Mariah wasn't allowed to be, either.

Mariah was horrified to hear that Sharon had cancer, and she pushed to have another test performed because it couldn't be possible. Sharon accepted that it was real, but she swore that everything would be okay. Sharon encouraged Mariah not to be afraid to feel whatever she was feeling and not to think she had to hide anything. Sharon asserted that she couldn't beat it by hiding in a corner and wishing it would go away on its own, and she intended to fight with all the strength she had.

Mariah expected Sharon to "kick cancer's butt" because she was a gladiator, and she asked if Faith knew. Sharon nodded and reported that Faith was upstairs with Rey, but the girl might need Mariah to lean on. Mariah offered up her two very strong shoulders and pledged to be there all night. Sharon asked to borrow one, and they hugged. "We are going to fight like hell, walk through fire, and come out stronger and tougher than ever before," Mariah vowed.

Faith and Rey returned downstairs, and she joined her parents and Mariah in a group hug. Sharon asked to borrow her girls for a moment, and Nick and Rey stepped aside. Sharon explained to Mariah and Faith that she'd found the tumor because she'd done a self-examination, and she'd told herself it was nothing when she'd first found the lump because she hadn't known what it was. Sharon stressed that it had been the right thing to do to find out the truth, so she'd scheduled a mammogram, followed by an ultrasound and a biopsy.

Faith was stunned that Sharon had kept it a secret the whole time. Sharon stated that she hadn't wanted to frighten her daughters, but they were in charge of their own bodies and their own health, so she wanted them to know what a lump felt like so that they'd know what to do if something like that ever happened to them. Sharon cautioned that she had bruising, and she asked if they were up for it. Faith declared that she was fearless, and Sharon led the young women upstairs. Rey called Sharon a "hell of a woman." Nick agreed.

Later, Nick and Rey announced that they'd put together snacks in the kitchen. Faith considered not going back to boarding school because she felt her place was there with Sharon. Mariah, Nick, and Rey agreed that Faith should stay. Sharon insisted that life go on as normally as possible while they figured out the school situation. Faith promised to stay on top of her classwork, but she was adamant about staying because they were a family.

Sharon recognized that she would sometimes need her family more than usual, and she couldn't imagine a better group of people to get her through it. Nick teased that she'd get tired of them hovering and helping, and Rey requested that Nick help him move the coffee table aside. Rey instructed everyone to join hands and form a circle with Sharon in the middle. Rey proclaimed that they were Team Sharon, and their mission was to be whatever and wherever she needed them to be, anytime and under any circumstances, until they were on the other side of the thing. "Team Sharon!" they cried.

Mariah returned home and left a voicemail for Tessa to say she missed her. Mariah wished Tessa was there or at least on the other end of the call because she really needed to hear Tessa's voice. Mariah told Tessa not to worry because everything was under control. She professed her love and forlornly hung up.

Faith sat despondently on Nick's couch, and she regretted wallowing because she should be strong for her mom. Faith questioned how it could happen, and Nick said he didn't know. Faith wiped away tears and willed herself to snap out of it, but Nick assured her that there was no special way she had to be. Faith prepared to get herself together and go back to Sharon's house, but Nick advised her to give her mom some time. Faith didn't want Sharon to be alone. Nick pointed out that Rey was there, and Sharon knew all she had to do was call. Nick held Faith close.

Meanwhile, Sharon stared into the fireplace, and Rey remarked that things had gone pretty well with Mariah and Faith. Rey implored Sharon to talk to him, and she confided that she'd lied when she'd continued saying she wasn't scared. She admitted that she was terrified, and she begged Rey not to tell her that she was strong. Rey thought she'd be crazy if she wasn't scared, and he promised that it would be their secret and that they'd get through it. He pulled her into his arms.

At the ranch, Victor declared that he was happy Adam and his family had made it. Adam couldn't get over the way Connor's face had lit up when he'd seen the new additions to the game room, and he wondered where Nikki was. Victor reported that she was running an errand and would be there shortly, since they were both happy that Adam had accepted the invitation. Victor reiterated that family meant everything to him, and Adam stressed that he'd meant it when he'd said he wanted Connor to feel connected to the Newmans, but it was a package deal. Adam pulled Chelsea close to him and warned that there was no picking or choosing, so Victor either got all of them or got nothing.

Nikki joined the gathering and apologized for keeping everyone waiting. Victor mentioned that Chelsea had just been talking about taking Connor to the Grand Phoenix for the first time since the hostage crisis, and Chelsea applauded how courageous the boy had been. Victor figured that the winter break had been a good time to do some reflecting and recharging, and Nikki recalled that Adam had been reluctant to reenroll Connor at Walnut Grove. Adam firmly stated that he and Chelsea would make the decisions about what was right for Connor moving forward.

Victor marveled that it hadn't been long since Adam had been adamant that he would never return to Genoa City. Adam put his arm around Chelsea and mused that some things were just meant to be. Victor said he was proud of Adam for putting his son's interests first, and Adam noted that his father almost sounded sincere. Victor anticipated that it would be part of the toast he made at dinner, and he gestured for the group to head to the dining room. Adam and Chelsea stepped out to pull Connor away from his arcade games. Nikki warned Victor not to forget that Adam's happiness with Chelsea had been at Nick's expense. Victor swore that he hadn't forgotten "a damn thing."

Later, Adam privately told Victor that he was glad to be there, but he still hadn't forgotten everything Victor had said about Chelsea. Adam looked forward to proving his father wrong, and Victor asked what was next for Adam. Adam shared that he'd been seeing things differently with Connor back in his life, and he'd decided to focus on creating a legacy for his son by getting back into business. Adam contemplated getting Dark Horse back on its feet, and Victor recalled that Nick had started the company to be competition for Newman. Adam seemed intrigued.

Adam and Chelsea returned to the penthouse. Adam mentioned that he'd shared his future plans with Victor and received less pushback than he'd expected. Chelsea pressed for details, and he asked what she would think if he resurrected Dark Horse. She envisioned him going back to work in an office behind a desk again, wheeling and dealing and devoting his energy to something positive that would make her and their son proud. She sarcastically asked how she could possibly get behind him doing something like that, and he murmured that he didn't think he could love her any more than he did right then. She accepted the challenge, and they kissed.

At the dive bar, Billy told Amanda that he'd run into an old friend who'd been doing some soul-searching to figure out who she was and where she belonged. Billy explained that it had resonated with him, and he'd realized that he needed to be honest with Amanda. Billy admitted that he'd lied about them again by being dishonest with Victoria, since it would have been a whole thing about why he and Amanda kept meeting up. Amanda pointed out that he could have just said they were friends, but Billy worried that it would look like more than a friendship to the outside world. Amanda asserted that the best part of their friendship was that they could be honest with one another, and she urged him to ask himself why he couldn't be honest with Victoria about seeing Amanda. Amanda thought she deserved an answer, too.

Billy reminded Amanda that he'd told her he wasn't looking for anything more than friendship. She felt the need to ask again because they knew one another better then, and she liked having him as a friend. She wondered if he had other friends that he'd lied to Victoria about, and he replied that he didn't. Amanda pointed out that he'd had a breakthrough moment that had made him see that telling the truth was the best thing to do, but he'd called her instead of going home to his partner.

Billy admitted that he wasn't proud of shutting Victoria out, but he'd seen a friend who'd done work on herself and had the chance to become authentic. He didn't feel that he had that opportunity, since the moment he veered off the path people thought he should be on, they called in the hounds. Billy wondered if he seemed broken to Amanda, and she replied that what she thought didn't matter. He insisted that it mattered to him, but she thought it was a question he had to take home. Amanda believed that he deserved to know whether Victoria could accept him at his core.

Billy returned home and told Victoria that they should talk. She agreed, and he requested to go first. He confessed that he hadn't been entirely honest with her about the bar receipt, and she wondered if he'd been seeing someone. Billy pledged his love for Victoria and insisted that he loved their family and their life, but there were things going on in his head. He didn't want to shut her out anymore. She implored him to get everything out in the open so they could fix it. Billy recognized that she was being kind and generous by trying to understand -- and that was why he hadn't wanted to talk to her about it.

Billy knew how much Victoria cared about him, but he thought she didn't need to care "so much." Victoria questioned whether she shouldn't care about him, and she ordered him to make it make sense to her. He protested that she didn't know what it had been like for him to go through life with everyone telling him he was a screwup, and he'd started to believe it was true. She denied that he was a screwup, but she thought he needed help, and he couldn't just ignore it. She clarified that she wasn't talking about his gambling, and she referenced what he'd almost done to Adam and the nightmare at the boathouse.

Billy reasoned that he didn't have a virus with symptoms that showed themselves, and he couldn't live his life in a cocoon to prevent relapsing. He refused to be ashamed because he wasn't the person Victoria wanted him to be, and he'd realized he needed to talk about it because it had been going on for a while. He confessed that he'd had drinks with Amanda, who was a friend of his. Victoria demanded to know what they'd talked about, and Billy replied that they talked about everything. Victoria testily surmised that he'd shared everything with a virtual stranger while telling Victoria everything was fine.

Billy swore that he hadn't meant to hurt Victoria. She guessed that Amanda had listened to him, encouraged him, and told him that she didn't want to change him. Victoria angrily congratulated Billy on finding himself a cheerleader, and she was sorry she'd been foolish enough to think he would want to have those kinds of conversations with her. She snapped that she had to get out of there, but he urged her to let him explain instead of overreacting.

Victoria insisted that Billy had said it loud and clear that she shouldn't be afraid to let him be himself. She believed he got off on having a massive amount of chaos in his life, and he didn't love her enough to be honest with her because he had a new friend who didn't judge him. Victoria spat that at least he didn't love Amanda, and Billy reiterated that Victoria knew he loved her. Victoria ranted that she didn't know what she knew anymore. He reached out to touch her, but she recoiled and stormed out.

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