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Kyle and Summer kissed, and Theo overheard them agreeing to forget what had happened. Victoria and Billy broke up. Chance went on a date with Phyllis but decided to be with Abby. Sharon began chemotherapy. Phyllis realized that Sharon was facing a major health crisis.
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Kyle and Summer kissed, and Billy walked out on Victoria and  got into a bar brawl
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In a hotel room, Summer and Kyle kiss In a hotel room, Summer and Kyle kiss

Monday, January 27, 2020

At Society, Lola was reluctant to talk to Theo about the altercation with Kyle during the Jabot party. Theo told Lola he hadn't meant to cause trouble for her because she was the only friend he had. At a table near the bar, Mariah appeared concerned as she watched Theo interacting with Lola at the bar. Abby approached Mariah. After Mariah expressed concern about Theo having become a regular patron, Abby sensed Mariah's desire to intervene and said, "Whatever you're thinking about doing, don't."

At the bar, Theo told Lola he should get a life because he was keeping her from attending to her patrons. Lola replied, "You have a life, Theo, a really good one. You work at Jabot. You just found out that you're part of an incredible family, and you get to spend your free time at the best restaurant in town." After Theo shoveled a big bite of his favorite appetizer into his mouth, Lola proclaimed that he was the customer of the year. Theo, pretending to pity himself, noted he was only regarded as a customer and had overstepped by earlier calling Lola his friend. Lola replied, "All right. I'll say it. You and I are friends."

Back at Mariah's table, Mariah asked Abby what she thought Theo and Lola were talking about. Abby admitted she didn't know, and she again pleaded with Mariah not to make a scene. Mariah backed down about Theo and invited Abby to go out with her to a club after work. Abby was surprised by Mariah's invitation. Mariah said she didn't want to be the sad person who sat home alone while Tessa was off having a blast on the road. Abby agreed to accompany Mariah to a new club she'd mentioned, so she could scout out a place to take Chance. Mariah subtly explained that it was a club frequented by women who preferred women.

As Theo continued to chat with Lola at the bar, he admitted that Lola's friendship meant a lot to him. Theo added that, with her, he felt freer to be himself and was more open to share things he wouldn't say to anyone else. Lola seemed uncomfortable and told Theo she needed to get back to kitchen duty. After Lola walked away, Mariah approached Theo and said, "What the hell do you think you're doing?" Mariah accused Theo of blatantly hitting on Kyle's wife. Theo defended himself and claimed all he'd done was to be friendly to the chef.

Kyle asked Mariah why she was being protective of Lola. Mariah replied, "I'm just letting you know that I have her back and Kyle's." Theo deflected by reminding Mariah that maintaining a relationship with someone who was about to become a star wouldn't be an easy feat. Mariah seemed to become even more annoyed when Theo wished her luck. Mariah warned Theo that if he caused trouble for Lola and Kyle, she would cause trouble for him.

After Mariah returned to her table, Abby asked her if she felt better after confronting Theo. Mariah said she didn't know, but she'd felt the need to get it off her chest. Mariah, sounding deeply concerned, added, "Being part of a couple is difficult enough without someone from the outside interfering." Abby explained that the only way anyone could interfere in a couple's relationship was if one of the two people involved allowed it to happen. Abby added that in her case, she'd decided to "let the chips fall where they may."

Mariah begged Abby to share details about her relationship with Chance. Abby explained that she and Chance had enjoyed an amazing night out, though Phyllis had admitted she was interested in Chance, too. Mariah said that at least Phyllis wasn't scheming behind Abby's back. Abby said she suspected Phyllis had pulled the fire alarm to sabotage her date with Chance. Mariah was surprised when Abby said she'd told Chance to pursue Phyllis after he'd admitted he found her to be intriguing and entertaining. Abby added that Chance could find out for himself who Phyllis was. Mariah said Abby was a genius to let the snake eat itself.

Abby told Mariah she was hesitant to become too attached to Chance. Abby admitted that she envied Tessa and Mariah's close relationship. Mariah noted that Tessa had once briefly been in a relationship with Tanner Watts. Mariah said Tessa had insisted she had no lingering feelings for Tanner. Mariah admitted she felt torn because she both resented Tanner and felt grateful to him for giving Tessa a huge, career-making break.

Lola later returned to the bar and served Theo his favorite dish, claiming that an extra order had been prepared that she didn't want to waste. As Theo cut into his empanada, he said, "I wonder how that meeting went with that boutique cosmetics company?" Lola, noting that Kyle's comment had come from left field, replied, "Huh?" Theo checked his watch and said that Kyle and Summer's meeting in San Francisco should have wrapped up. After Lola acknowledged that she hadn't heard an update, Theo said Summer and Kyle were likely out celebrating their success. Theo told Lola she shouldn't worry because Kyle loved her.

Lola admitted to Theo that she and Kyle had had an argument over Summer before he'd left. Lola added that she wasn't pleased with how they'd left things, though she wasn't concerned because she trusted Kyle. Theo massaged his sore jaw and apologized for causing tension between Lola and Kyle. Lola chuckled and told Theo he wasn't entirely to blame. Theo admitted that part of him had always resented Kyle because of his family connections and access to wealth.

Lola seemed sympathetic when Theo added that he, unlike Kyle, knew how it felt to want something desperately and realize he couldn't have it. Lola defended Kyle, noting that he had a good heart. Theo said even though he was working alongside Kyle, he still struggled, knowing he could never have what Kyle had. Lola assured Theo that they'd all work out their feelings, given time. Lola's resigned response didn't seem to sit well with Theo.

At a hotel suite, Kyle and Summer returned from their meeting and celebrated the acquisition of Bay Street Cosmetics. Summer teased Kyle about acting like a high-school football player after he insisted she give him high-fives to celebrate their victory. After Summer obliged, Kyle noted that Summer was giddy, too, as evidenced by her higher-than-normal voice. Kyle also pointed out that Summer was wearing her lucky necklace. Summer replied that Kyle should thank her because the necklace had worked.

Kyle and Summer kicked off their celebration by putting their heads together to write an email to Jack, promising to provide details upon their return. Afterward, Summer phoned room service to order hamburgers while Kyle popped the tops off a couple of bottles of beer to toast the closing of their big deal. Summer asked Kyle if he'd contacted Lola to share his news. Kyle said Lola was busy with the dinner rush, so he'd contact her later. Summer teased that she and Kyle should celebrate privately because once the press release was published, they'd be inundated with praise.

Noting that Summer hadn't mentioned Theo, Kyle asked if their relationship was truly over. Summer said she and Theo were just friends without benefits because it was easier to maintain a working relationship. Kyle told Summer she deserved to be with someone who was as cool as she was. Summer said she was happy and content with her life. Summer grew serious and asked Kyle if he was happy. Kyle was hesitant to respond, but Summer doggedly persisted, explaining that she knew him better than practically anyone else did. Kyle, growing uncomfortable, said, "Yeah, except my wife."

Kyle told Summer he was happy because he had everything he'd ever wanted. Summer shared her honest assessment of Kyle's relationship, noting that though it seemed like the perfect love story, it had all happened too quickly. Kyle admitted he and Lola had packed in a lot during a short period of time. Summer recalled that after Kyle had become Lola's hero and swept her off her feet with a fairy-tale wedding, he'd had to step back and figure out what he really wanted. Kyle insisted his marriage to Lola was going well despite Theo's intrusion.

Summer reminded Kyle that he had it all, so she didn't understand why he was letting Theo get under his skin by overreacting whenever Theo hung out with Lola. Summer suggested that Theo might be a symptom of a bigger problem between Kyle and Lola. Summer added that the tension Theo created gave Kyle a reason to fight for Lola. Kyle insisted that Summer was off base. Summer became emotional when she expressed her feelings about seeing Kyle change himself to please Lola. Summer recalled the photo she'd given Kyle for his birthday. Summer remembered how Kyle had smiled at her when the photo had been taken because he'd felt truly happy at the time.

Summer's emotions got the better of her, and she kissed Kyle on the lips. He kissed her back. Kyle pulled away from Summer and said they'd fallen back on feelings they'd had in the past. Kyle insisted he and Lola would work through their issues. Summer said she felt stupid and assumed he'd forget what had just happened. Kyle replied, "It's already forgotten." Summer seemed crushed, and she grabbed her coat and purse and rushed out.

At Billy and Amanda's favorite bar, Billy sat looking sullen. Amanda brought Billy a drink and said, "You look like you could use this. Let me guess. You talked to Victoria." Billy said he had and that it hadn't gone well. Billy admitted that when he'd tried to be truthful about everything, he'd become even more frustrated because the woman he was supposed to be comfortable with "couldn't hear me," which had placed them at an impasse.

Billy cried that he was becoming increasingly angry and resentful and, as a result, was resorting to taking out his frustrations on Victoria. Billy cried that he feared putting Victoria through the wringer again. Amanda replied, "What exactly did she say?" Billy said Victoria had suggested her go-to solution, which was to recommend that he seek help, which was why he'd been hesitant to approach her in the first place. Amanda commiserated with Billy. Billy told Amanda he couldn't understand why it was difficult to talk to the woman he loved, yet so easy to talk to her. Billy offered his own take, saying that Victoria either couldn't or wouldn't take his word that he'd changed. Amanda replied, "How much of this is my fault?"

Billy was taken aback and asked Amanda why she thought it was her fault. Billy said he had mentioned to Victoria that he'd found it easier to talk to Amanda because she'd helped him put things into perspective. Amanda explained that if Victoria thought Billy was making up an excuse to talk to another woman, then it was a problem. Billy insisted he wasn't having an affair. Amanda said there were all kinds of infidelities.

Billy told Amanda they were just friends talking to each other in public. Amanda recalled that when Billy had pretended not to know her in front of Sharon, he'd done so because it had been easier than telling the truth. Amanda admitted she felt as if she was crossing the line in someone's marriage and could no longer do it to Billy and Victoria or to herself.

Billy demanded to know why Amanda had suddenly experienced a change of heart. Amanda explained that their friendship wasn't healthy or sustainable because they couldn't just run away from their problems, which they'd have to face sooner or later. Billy thanked Amanda for listening, even when he'd been a rambling mess. Amanda reached for her handbag and wished Billy good luck. Someone in the bar secretly took photos of Amanda and Billy.

At Victoria and Billy's house, Nick stopped by. Nick said, "I thought I might be interrupting a cozy night at home with Billy and the kids." Victoria poured herself a glass of wine and offered one to Nick, but he declined. Victoria explained that Billy was out, and the kids were upstairs. Victoria shuffled paperwork she'd taken home and said she couldn't drop the ball, especially with Newman Enterprises' 50th anniversary coming up. Victoria added that she was focused on getting the next phase of Newman off to a good start.

Nick told his sister that though he was proud of her, he was concerned that, like it had for their father, Newman Enterprises could become an obsession, which would take a toll on her and her family. Victoria assured Nick she wouldn't follow in Victor's footsteps. Nick warned that it was easy to get caught up and forget what was truly important, like the people she loved. Victoria replied, "Are you okay? You talking about Chelsea right now?" Nick sighed, indicating he'd been affected by the loss of his relationship with Chelsea, but he didn't back down about the possibility of Victoria and Billy's relationship issues getting out of hand.

Victoria told Nick that Billy had gone through a rough time when Adam had first returned. Nick admitted that none of them had more of a reason than Billy did to be upset. Nick said he thought Billy was seeing a counselor to help him deal with the troubling feelings stirred up inside him. Victoria said Billy had sought counseling, though there was a part of Billy that would never be content. Victoria added that Billy expected her to accept, like she'd always done for Victor, that there was a part of him that would always be restless and full of contradictions.

Victoria's emotions became difficult to contain, and tears welled in her eyes. Nick put his hand on Victoria's shoulder and said, "Whatever it is, it's going to be all right." Victoria explained that confronting Billy would make things worse, though letting things slide wouldn't help, either. Nick explained that Billy would have to get to the point he wanted help on his own terms. Victoria said she feared she might have to walk away if he refused.

Nick advised Victoria not to allow Billy to drag her down, and he vowed to stand by her as she figured it all out. After Nick left, Victoria found the address of the bar and contemplated approaching Billy, but she changed her mind and threw away the note with the address.

Theo eavesdrops on Kyle and Summer Theo eavesdrops on Kyle and Summer

Tuesday, January 28, 2020

At the ranch, Nikki jokingly introduced herself to Nick and showed him around the living room as if he'd never seen it. She added that her kids called her Mom, and she thought he bore a striking resemblance to her son. Nick defended that he was there all the time. Nikki conceded that she'd frequently seen his car parked outside, but he hadn't been knocking on her door to visit. She assumed that he'd been spending a lot of time at Sharon's, and she quipped that a more inquisitive person would wonder what was going on between the two of them.

Nick asserted that Faith was his reason for visiting Sharon, and he expected to see his daughter a lot because she'd returned home for good. Nikki was skeptical, and Nick changed the topic to what he believed was the real reason his mother had asked him there -- the gala for Newman's anniversary. Nikki shared that most of the arrangements had been made, but she requested that Nick handle some things while she was in London to secure a surprise for the event. She confided that she was going to meet with an artist before flying to Paris to get a new dress for the gala.

Nikki refused to provide any further details, and she stressed that it was imperative that the party make all others pale in comparison to reflect the colossus Victor was. Nick agreed to tend to whatever she needed him to do, and she wondered if he'd have time. He assured her that he had people to help at New Hope and that his children were doing fine. Nikki clucked that he'd have less time to do whatever he'd been doing with Sharon, and he realized that his mother wouldn't let it go.

Nick swore that just because he'd broken up with Chelsea didn't mean he'd set his sights on Sharon again. Nikki worried that he was protesting too much, but he maintained that neither he nor Sharon wanted to rekindle anything and that she was dating someone he liked a lot. Nikki agreed to drop it -- for then. Nick requested that Nikki do him a favor by staying out of Sharon's face with the insinuations. Nikki argued that Sharon could hold her own, but Nick begged her to leave Sharon alone.

At the cottage, Sharon rifled through a binder with her cancer treatment records. She dumped a pile of paperwork on the couch and was sorting through it as Mariah entered. Mariah silently sat down next to Sharon, and they exchanged a knowing look. Sharon handed Mariah a stack of papers, and Mariah couldn't believe how much paperwork Sharon had amassed in such a short time. Sharon mentioned that the book her doctor had recommended had advised her to keep everything in one place.

Sharon lamented that fighting cancer was a full-time job, and Mariah volunteered to take over some responsibilities at Crimson Lights. Sharon objected because she didn't want anyone else's life turned upside down just because a disease had invaded her life. She added that she was calling the shots, and it was her way or the highway. Mariah confirmed that she heard Sharon loud and clear, though she might forget it from time to time.

Sharon apologized for shutting Mariah down, but she wanted to take care of herself as long as she could. Sharon revealed that she planned to shut down the coffeehouse temporarily for a few weeks to give it a facelift, and Mariah was impressed because there would be no need for Sharon to explain her absence. Mariah suggested that Sharon ask Nick to steer her toward contractors, but Sharon indicated that she'd already gotten some names from Arturo. Sharon recognized that there was nothing in the world Nick wouldn't do for any of them, but she'd learned that if she asked him for a sip of water, she'd get a fire hydrant. She insisted that if she wanted help, she would ask for it.

Sharon thanked Mariah for just letting her be herself. Sharon confided that she felt like she was on the world's worst emotional roller coaster, and despite how angry or frustrated she got, she wanted Mariah to know that Sharon loved her no matter what. Mariah returned the sentiment, and they hugged. Nick arrived and explained that he'd been at the main house, so he'd thought he'd swing by. Sharon informed him that she'd been putting together a book of doctor's notes and test results, and Nick presented her with a file of research he'd done on specialists with cutting-edge research.

Sharon appreciated the gesture, but she insisted that she was happy with the doctors she had at Memorial. Nick figured that she'd have options if she ever became dissatisfied. Mariah proposed that Sharon add it to the rest of the paperwork, and Nick departed. Sharon pointed out that Nick's visit supported what she'd said before, and Mariah thought it was an embarrassment of riches for Sharon to have that many people who cared about her. Sharon argued that she wasn't Nick's patient, and she didn't want to be something that people needed to tend to.

Later, Mariah approached Nick at Society's bar, and he jokingly asked if she was following him. He offered to buy her a drink, and he noted that Sharon had seemed to be in good spirits. Mariah mentioned that she'd toyed with the idea of moving back in to help Sharon, but it had been a bad idea because no one needed a helicopter kid. Mariah insisted that Sharon was completely capable of handling the situation and would ask for help if she needed it. Mariah continued that an independent woman like Sharon didn't want to be considered a victim. Mariah resolved to focus on giving her mother space and not trying to solve anything for her, and she considered it freedom for everyone.

Nick assumed that Sharon had said he was going overboard, and he acknowledged that he tended to overcompensate if there was something out of his control. He wished he could make it all go away, and Mariah implored him to trust Sharon to let them know when she needed them. Nick prompted Mariah to finish her drink so he could buy her another one, since she'd stopped him from making a big mistake. He pledged not to add to Sharon's burden when she had enough to worry about. Mariah considered them lucky to have one another, and Nick asked if she'd try to keep him in line. She replied that she'd be honored.

At the Grand Phoenix, Abby inquired about Phyllis' big date, since she knew Phyllis had been loitering in the lobby to rub it in her face. Phyllis observed that Abby had a pretty big smile for someone who was about to have her heart broken. Abby dryly suggested that Phyllis take Chance to a movie or a loud concert, since any deep conversation would be limited once he realized how shallow Phyllis was. Chance watched the exchange as Phyllis anticipated that they'd be doing very little talking on their date. Phyllis prepared to tone down her irresistibility before the fireworks started, and she sauntered off.

Chance approached Abby and noted that the women had seemed to enjoy their jousting session. He contemplated taking himself out of the equation, but Abby was adamant that he go on his date with Phyllis. Chance figured that Abby wanted him to get Phyllis out of his system. Abby asserted that she knew everything there was to know about the woman, and Phyllis would have to be more sophisticated for Abby to feel threatened. Abby encouraged Chance to sit back and enjoy the attention, since he'd realize what the rest of them already knew -- that Phyllis was a mirage with bright lights and shiny promises from a distance, but there was nothing really there.

Phyllis returned to the lobby in a skimpy robe with a towel on her head. Abby offered to get the bellhop to help Phyllis and her emotional baggage back to her suite, but Phyllis complained that she didn't have any water in her room. Abby clearly wasn't surprised, and Phyllis suspected that the problem was exclusive to her room. Abby made a phone call and reported that maintenance was working on a variety of mishaps that day.

Abby offered to send a complimentary bottle of Champagne up to Phyllis' room, but Phyllis preferred to sit there with Abby and Chance. Abby implied that Phyllis would feel more comfortable in the privacy of her own suite, but Phyllis crowed that she'd worn less and rocked it. Phyllis observed that Chance had extraordinary hands, and she bet he was good with a wrench. She invited him to her room to check out her plumbing, but he stammered that he had a phone call to make. Chance hoped they were still on for later, and Phyllis cooed that she wouldn't miss it for the world.

After Chance stepped away, Phyllis questioned why her room was the only one with a water problem. Abby cheerfully indicated that the cold water was fully operational, but Phyllis countered that it wasn't what she needed. Abby spat that Phyllis would need it after Chance realized what a disaster area Phyllis was.

Over the phone, Chance learned that there was still no sign of his target, and he urged someone to keep looking. He saw Phyllis hovering nearby and wondered if there was something that she wanted to ask him. Phyllis claimed that she'd wanted to invite Chance to enjoy some Champagne with her, but she hadn't meant to eavesdrop. She questioned whether the call had been about Devon's inheritance, an international manhunt, or something simple and domestic like Las Vegas. Chance reminded her of what curiosity had done to the cat. "And satisfaction revived her. Satisfy me," Phyllis purred.

Chance questioned whether Phyllis wanted to talk about boring work stuff, but she thought they could think of something more interesting to do. Phyllis implored Chance to join her in polishing off her Champagne, but he preferred to keep his wits about him when hanging out with her. She wondered if the plumbers had her water working, since she didn't want to be late for their date. Chance assured her that she was worth the wait. Phyllis informed him that he was right, and she removed the towel from her head and shook out her hair. He told her to stay out of trouble, but she replied that all bets were off that night. Abby glowered as she watched Phyllis toss Chance her towel and walk away.

At Society, Lola smiled when Kyle walked in, and they hesitantly embraced. Kyle gushed about how Lola would love San Francisco, and she asked what he'd done there. He referred to marathon meetings and claimed that he'd put the fun stuff on the bucket list to do when he took her there one day. He couldn't wait to tell his dad about how he'd slayed it at his meetings, and he hoped the acquisition was enough to prove he was capable of running Jabot without shadowing Jack first. Kyle rambled about how he'd hit it off with the CEO, and Lola wondered why he hadn't mentioned Summer.

Kyle reasoned that he'd wanted to be able to brag about pulling off the deal single-handedly, but he wouldn't have been able to do it without Summer, who had been all business all the time. Kyle asked how things had been around there, and Lola reported that she'd been waiting for him to get back so they could talk. He acknowledged that it had been bad timing to leave when things hadn't been great between them, and she lectured that they couldn't solve anything if they weren't together. She understood that the trip had been important, but the time apart had made their marriage weaker.

Kyle asked how busy the restaurant would be that night, and Lola expected to be swamped. He pushed her to sneak out early to go home because they really needed to talk to work things out, but she groaned that it would be a madhouse that night. She was sure that he had work, too, but he insisted that talking was more important. They agreed to turn off their phones and not leave their apartment until they figured it out. Kyle worried that they'd been going in different directions, but he was confident that if they were totally honest about everything going on in their lives, their problems would be solved.

Lola arranged for her staff to cover dinner service and prepared to head home with Kyle. She received a call from Arturo and learned that Celeste had broken her ankle in a car accident. Lola worried about who would take care of her mother when Arturo and Mia had their hands full with an infant. Lola planned to call her mom later, and she hung up. Kyle noted that Lola was in no condition to talk about what was going on with them, and he proposed that they table it until they knew Celeste was okay. He suggested that she go back to work as a distraction, and she thanked him.

Theo was surprised to see Summer at Jabot, and he welcomed her back to the grind. She pointed out that he'd been copied on the memo with her itinerary, and she dared him to admit that he didn't read office memos. Theo pushed to know the unofficial version of her business trip to San Francisco, since he'd expected her and Kyle to stay a few extra nights. Summer supposed that it was Theo's twisted fantasy that she and Kyle had given in to their feelings and run away together, and Theo called himself a hopeless romantic. Summer cracked that he had the first part right.

Summer rattled off a list of things for Theo to do, and he remarked that he had enough to handle until he retired. He surmised that she thought if she kept him busy, he'd stop digging to see if she'd gotten busy with Kyle on the trip. Summer adamantly stated that what had been between her and Kyle was behind them, and Theo teased that the best way to get over someone was to get under them. Summer insisted that she had no interest in going there with any of her exes.

Theo contended that he knew who Summer was, what she wanted, and what she liked -- and so did Kyle. Theo pressed to know how far down memory lane she'd gone, and Summer demanded to know how he'd spent his time when Kyle had been out of town. She was sure Theo had managed to fill his plate with all kinds of forbidden fruit, and she questioned how often he'd been at Society. Theo contended that he liked the food, but she scoffed at the idea that it had nothing to do with chatting up the chef while putting on his misunderstood bad boy act. Summer mocked the way Theo babbled about how much he and Lola had in common.

Theo admitted that he and Lola had talked about Summer, and he'd told Lola that she shouldn't be upset about Summer having feelings for Kyle. Summer huffed that Theo had once been better at telling lies. Theo groused about having to constantly be on the defensive, and he wondered if Summer had ever thought that maybe he went to Society because Lola was his only friend in town. He pointed out that he and Lola had grown up alike, without silver spoons dangling from their mouths, and he liked talking to someone without worrying about being judged.

Theo called Lola kind and authentic, and Summer figured that at least he was admitting his feelings. She warned that it was the first step toward losing his friends, family, job, and happily ever after. He invited her to ride to the rescue by giving him another shot, and he promised the sex would be phenomenal. "For you," she retorted, and he stalked off.

Later, Summer jumped when she flipped on the lights in Kyle's office and found Kyle sitting there. She asked what he was doing there, and he pointed out that it was his office. She mentioned that she'd been finishing up notes from their trip, and she'd assumed he would be with Lola. Kyle recounted that things had been awkward and tense when he'd seen his wife at Society, and news about her mom had thrown off their plan to talk things through. Summer wondered if he intended to tell Lola that Summer had kissed him.

Kyle confessed that he'd been terrified to see his own wife, since all he'd been able to think about had been how he'd ended up in the hotel room with Summer. He continued that the kiss had been the last thing he'd wanted to mention, so he'd gone on and on about stupid business details. When he'd realized he'd totally left Summer out of the story, he'd done nothing but talk about her, making everything worse. Summer again asked if he intended to be honest, but Kyle thought it would only make Lola hate Summer and never trust him again.

Kyle professed his love for Lola and his intention to get his marriage back on track. Theo stepped off the elevator and lingered outside the office. Kyle proclaimed that Lola meant everything to him, so it was best for all of them to forget about what had happened in San Francisco. Summer apologized for putting Kyle in an awkward position, and she agreed to never think about it again. Theo listened with interest.

Reaching an impasse, Billy leaves Victoria Reaching an impasse, Billy leaves Victoria

Wednesday, January 29, 2020

by Nel

At the penthouse, Chelsea and Adam were delighted that Connor loved his new babysitter. Adam expressed his concern about Chelsea stressing over their first date. Chelsea admitted she was afraid of running into Nick, his friends, or his family. Adam assured her that she had nothing to be ashamed of, and he reminded her that it had been Nick's idea to cut her loose. Chelsea stated she didn't want to appear insensitive.

At home, Sharon had been searching online about breast cancer statistics. She became frustrated, slammed the computer lid down, and sent a text message to Rey "Need a change of scenery. Going out. Text me when you're done with work. We can meet up." She grabbed her coat and left.

At the Grand Phoenix bar, Phyllis indulged in a drink and primped for her date with Chance. Sharon arrived. She sat down in the seat next to Phyllis and ordered a sparkling water.

Phyllis sarcastically commented that it was obvious from Sharon's attire that she wasn't waiting for a date. Sharon, in turn, complimented Phyllis on her knockout dress and said it was obvious that Phyllis was waiting for her date. Phyllis confirmed she had a date with Chance. Sharon told Phyllis that Chance was a lovely guy with nice manners, and he was a good tipper. Sharon hoped Phyllis would have a nice time.

Phyllis gave Sharon a strange look. She asked if Sharon was there to have fun or if she was going home to have fun with Mr. Excitement -- or if they had split up. Sharon asked if Phyllis was all right. Phyllis claimed she was great. Sharon said that Phyllis was trying to pick a fight with her, and often people did that to distract themselves when there was something bothering them. Phyllis said she didn't need any psychoanalyzing and suggested that Sharon talk to someone who cared.

Sharon said that when Phyllis was ready to talk, she was ready to listen. Phyllis sarcastically thanked Sharon for allowing her to unburden herself but claimed she didn't need it. Phyllis was certain it would make Sharon feel great if Phyllis said that her life was a mess, but it wasn't; she was doing great.

Sharon noted that Phyllis seemed very excited about going out on her first date with Chance. She asked Phyllis to tell her more. Floored, Phyllis asked if Sharon wanted to do girl talk. Sharon asked, "Why not?" Phyllis pointed out that they didn't do girl talk; they did grudges that went back years. Sharon said none of that mattered, and she didn't want to waste any time thinking about it. She wanted to focus on the positive. Shocked, Phyllis asked, "Who are you?"

Billy arrived at the Empty Glass Bar, looking for Amanda. He was disappointed that she wasn't there. He ordered a drink and watched as three guys played poker. Agitated, Billy sent Amanda a text message: "Any chance you will be at the Empty Glass later on?" Amanda replied, "Sorry." Billy left the bar.

At the ranch, Victoria told Nikki about the huge fight she and Billy had had. She said it had been the worst one ever. She told Nikki about Billy meeting with and confiding in Amanda Sinclair and that Billy claimed she was only a friend. She said the situation had become a vicious circle and that Billy felt she didn't trust or accept him as the real Billy Abbott. Victoria asked if she was supposed to wait for Billy to blindside her.

Nikki said that Victoria had two choices: either she remained on constant guard, or she needed to find a way to detach herself -- and that wouldn't be easy. Victoria said Billy wanted her to give him the benefit of the doubt the way she always did for Victor, no matter what he'd done. Nikki was annoyed that Billy believed Victoria would ever give Victor a free pass. Victoria said she had explained to Billy that what she expected from her life partner and from her father were two completely separate standards.

Nikki explained to Victoria that she had learned to love and respect Victor, but she challenged him when he was out of line. She said they lifted each other up. Victoria claimed that Billy understood that but had rationalized that talking to another woman was easier than talking to her, and she admitted that it had hurt her deeply. Victoria assured Nikki that Billy wasn't contemplating self-destruction. However, he was cutting himself loose, and she was worried.

Sometime after Victoria had gone, Victor arrived. Nikki was happy to see him, and she told him about Victoria's visit. Nikki refused to share any information about Victoria's situation because Nikki didn't want Victor to interfere. Victor accepted that and said he was happy that Victoria had turned to Nikki for advice. Victor said that Victoria deserved much better than "that juvenile delinquent punk." He said that Billy pissed him off. Nikki warned Victor not to say anything to Victoria because Victoria loved Billy.

Later that same evening, while Victor was alone, an investigator arrived at the ranch with information about Amanda Sinclair. He informed Victor he'd recently gained access to Amanda's text messages, and he ascertained that she was involved with Billy Abbott. The investigator provided Victor with a photo of Billy and Amanda together at the Empty Glass Bar. He told Victor that they had been meeting there since before Christmas. He said he'd also learned something else about Ms. Sinclair.

Over dinner at Society, Adam informed Chelsea that he wanted to take Connor to the farm. Chelsea thought it was a great idea and suggested the perfect time to go would be during spring break. Adam said when school was out for the summer, they should take a real vacation and go to Paris. Excited, Chelsea thought it was a fabulous idea. She said they could enrol Connor into French immersion classes. Adam suggested they find an apartment in Paris and use it as their second home. Chelsea loved the idea. Adam asked Chelsea to check for Connor's last day of school so they could make plans.

While Chelsea was checking the dates, Adam looked up and saw Nick had arrived. He gave Chelsea a heads-up and claimed that Nick appeared to be handling the situation quite well because he continued about his business. He hoped Nick wouldn't ruin their date night. At that moment, Adam received a call and stepped away to take it.

Chelsea took that opportunity to approach Nick, who was sitting at the bar. They exchanged pleasantries and information about Christian and Connor. Nick commented that Connor had to be overjoyed to have his parents back together again. Chelsea said he was, but she wanted to get past the awkwardness between her and Nick. Nick said they were okay, but he warned her about peoples' reactions because she'd returned to the dark side. Chelsea jokingly said if that happened, she, Adam, and Connor would leave the country. Nick said that it wasn't a bad idea for them to leave.

Nick told Chelsea he could handle her being with Adam, but he didn't want Adam to break her heart again. He hoped Adam would live up to her expectations. Adam returned and asked if everything was okay. Nick claimed he had to leave, and Chelsea felt she had to get home because she wanted to check on the new babysitter. She told Adam she'd wait in the car.

Alone with Nick, Adam asked what Nick had said to Chelsea. Nick told Adam he wanted Chelsea to be happy and that the odds of that happening would be much higher if they moved far away. Adam claimed that Nick would love that, but Nick countered that Chelsea had mentioned Adam's suggestion that they move. Adam accused Nick of being self-righteous, but Nick stated that Adam had a hell of a reputation in Genoa City, and Connor shouldn't have to overcome that. He suggested that Adam and Chelsea go somewhere where no one knew who he was and start fresh. Nick left.

At home, Billy appeared restless, and he remained agitated. Victoria entered the room and asked why Billy hadn't let her know he was home. She informed him the kids were out with Hannah. Victoria asked if Billy had been out with Amanda. Billy became defensive. He informed her that he hadn't gambled and hadn't been with Amanda, but he'd had a drink. Victoria asked if Billy had gone to the bar, hoping Amanda would be there. He admitted he had. She claimed it felt like Billy had been sending her a message ever since she'd asked him to go to therapy.

Billy told Victoria that she seemed to be under the impression that therapy was some form of a miracle cure that would magically turn him into the person she wanted him to be. Victoria shouted that he needed to be the person he'd promised he would be. She said she wasn't looking for magic, but she admitted that it would take a lot of hard work. Billy bristled and asked if Victoria saw him as a slacker. Victoria denied it and said she wanted him to do the right thing for their family. Billy shouted that he'd done that when he'd seen Dr. Clay and gone to the deepest, darkest places of his mind. It hadn't been fun. He felt that even if he went to therapy for the rest of his life, it would never be enough for Victoria.

Victoria claimed it wasn't only about what Billy needed. She said she'd loved Billy's playful side and the way they would let loose and relax, but that part of Billy had disappeared. Victoria claimed that Billy had abdicated, and he'd refused to accept any responsibility. Billy shouted that he knew where he stood and what was at stake.

Billy told Victoria he loved everything about their life except her judgment of him and how he wouldn't conform to everyone's expectations. He said that every time Victoria sent him to get help, she became another person who smothered him. He was sick and tired of hearing that he needed to be fixed. He claimed he didn't need fixing because he wasn't broken. He was tired of feeling ashamed and pretending that things were working for him.

Billy told Victoria that they had fallen into a pattern. He admitted he kept secrets whenever she'd reach out to him. It was time to try a different approach. Victoria asked if he expected her to stay quiet when she perceived a problem. Billy said he wanted her to consider that perhaps she was wrong. She asked how many times they'd been in that place and cited his gambling, how he had claimed he'd been in control, and how that had turned out. She said Billy was addicted to risk and taking chances -- he loved to play with fire.

Victoria pointed out that since Billy had quit therapy, he'd become extremely defensive, he'd been sneaking around with Amanda, he hadn't been sleeping, he'd avoided his family, he'd become secretive, and he'd been lying. Billy claimed they had been his choices, and he refused to walk on eggshells. Victoria asked where that left them. She asked him if he'd be there for their children. Billy said it pissed him off because Victoria had implied that he wouldn't be there for them, but he claimed that no matter what happened, he would always be there for his children.

Billy told Victoria they were running out of options because she couldn't accept him for who he was, and he couldn't fit into the mold that she wanted him to fit into. Victoria said she wasn't trying to fix him, but she couldn't bear to watch him go down that rabbit hole again. She wanted to catch him before he fell, but they had to do it together. She wondered if perhaps Billy didn't want her help. Billy claimed he had wanted to make her happy, but he couldn't be something he wasn't. He said they always wound up in the same position -- him wondering if she would believe what he said.

A short time later, Billy returned with a packed suitcase. They embraced, and Billy left.

At the penthouse, Adam asked Chelsea if she'd meant it when she'd told Nick they would be better off if they left town. Chelsea explained that she had joked with Nick that if people didn't treat them right, they would leave town, but she'd given it some thought and felt that it wasn't the worst idea.

Excited, Adam said that if she was on board, they could probably move by Valentine's Day. Chelsea asked about his big plans to start a business. Adam claimed he could start a business anywhere. Chelsea said they couldn't make such a life-changing decision on a whim. She felt Adam was moving too fast. Adam suggested that Chelsea make a list of all the pros and cons about moving while he booked a flight and reserved a hotel in Paris. Adam told Chelsea that she and Connor were his life, and no matter where they lived, they were his home.

When Adam was alone, he called Chance and said he'd heard from his guy who had informed him that "she" had shown up for her check but was asking questions. Chelsea overheard his conversation and appeared concerned.

Nick arrived at the Grand Phoenix. Phyllis told him that if he was looking for Sharon, she was in the ladies' room. Phyllis asked what was going on with Sharon, because she was acting weird -- kind, generous, and sincere. Nick said that Sharon had always been that way. Phyllis stated that Sharon had never been that way with her because they despised each other, but Sharon had acted like they were best friends. At that moment, Sharon returned.

Nick told Sharon he had something in the car for her. Sharon thanked Phyllis for keeping her company and told her to take care. Sharon left. Phyllis was stunned. Nick shrugged, and he followed Sharon.

At home, Sharon explained to Rey that she'd been overwhelmed by some information she'd seen online about various treatments. She said she'd needed to get out and wrap her head around the fact that cancer didn't take a break -- it went everywhere with her. Rey put his arms around her, and they cuddled.

Amanda bails Billy out after a bar brawl Amanda bails Billy out after a bar brawl

Thursday, January 30, 2020

At Jabot, Summer informed Kyle that she'd scheduled drinks with their new acquisition's head of marketing. She invited him to walk out with her, but he checked his phone and learned that Lola had to work later than she'd thought. Kyle told Summer to go ahead, since he wanted to stick around to talk to his dad. He added that Lola was working late, too, and Summer pointed out that the couple kept putting off talking about what was going on between them. Summer advised him to relax and do whatever he had to do to make himself happy, since that was all she really wanted for him. Kyle replied that he wanted the same thing for her, and they wished one another goodnight. Summer exited, but she turned back to gaze at him through the office window.

Later, Jack was surprised to see that Kyle was still at the office, and Kyle explained that he'd had a few details from his trip to tie up. Jack pointed out that they could wait until the next day, and he inquired whether Kyle had been home since he'd gotten back. Kyle reported that he'd seen Lola and that she was also working late. Jack wondered if everything was okay, and Kyle questioned why it wouldn't be. Jack sensed that things weren't all right, and he indicated that he was there to listen if Kyle cared to talk about it. Kyle worried that he was screwing up his marriage.

Jack handed Kyle a drink and prompted him to start from the top. Kyle insisted that he loved Lola very much, but they'd been having issues lately, and they hadn't been connecting the way they once had. Jack advised that it was called marriage, and the roller-coaster ride would continue until death did them part. He added that honeymoons were great, but they didn't last forever; all marriages went through ruts that would pass. Kyle didn't know what he was feeling or thinking half the time, but he'd been walking around with a knot in his stomach that he didn't know how to get rid of.

Jack asked if it was about Theo, but Kyle thought it was more about himself. Kyle shared that he and Lola had tried to patch things up before he'd left for San Francisco, but it had been like there'd been a wall between them, and the promises they'd made had felt empty. Jack queried whether Kyle had talked to Summer about it during their trip, and Kyle recounted that she'd asked whether his marriage was everything he'd wanted it to be. Kyle continued that he'd said yes at first, but the more they'd talked, the more he'd wondered if he'd made a huge mistake.

Jack guessed that Kyle had started having doubts when he'd talked to Summer. Kyle indicated that Summer hadn't said anything he hadn't already been feeling, and when she'd asked if he'd gotten married because he'd been caught up in the romance instead of understanding who Lola was and who they were together, it had made sense to him. Kyle wondered if Lola was feeling the same thing, and Jack implored him to have the conversation with his wife right away -- unless there was another reason Kyle was reluctant to talk to her. Kyle insisted that it had nothing to do with Summer.

Jack pointed out that Kyle and Summer had a lot of history. Jack advised that some old loves lived in their hearts like warm, soft memories, but others stayed with them and could still have a hold on them. He wondered which one Summer was. Kyle swore that his marriage would be fine because Lola was the best thing that had ever happened to him, and he intended to remind her of that when he got home. Jack was skeptical that Kyle's doubts had vanished, but Kyle insisted that Jack had helped him straighten a few things out. Kyle headed out, but Jack looked concerned.

At Crimson Lights, Summer flashed back to the conversation she'd had with Kyle in San Francisco, where he'd demanded that they forget what had happened.

Chance arrived at the Grand Phoenix, and Abby observed that he was spiffed up for his big date. He hoped she wasn't planning on chaperoning, and she replied that she'd rather gargle razorblades. Phyllis approached and apologized for keeping Chance waiting, and she prompted Abby to say goodbye. Abby wished them a wonderful evening, and she clucked not to do anything she wouldn't do. Abby stepped away, and Chance theorized that the women secretly liked one another. Phyllis scoffed at the idea of being friends with "the enemy of fun." She recalled that she'd mentioned dinner, but she had something else in mind.

Phyllis whisked Chance off to Society. She explained that she'd had reservations at a French bistro on the lake, but she'd wanted to keep things simple on a first date. Chance assured her that it worked for him, and she envisioned ordering appetizers and drinks and not investing much time if things didn't go well. Chance referred to the old trick of signaling a friend to call with a sudden emergency, and Phyllis confessed that she'd used the excuse of leaving the water on in the bathtub many times before. She didn't think they'd have to resort to such tactics because she anticipated that they'd go the distance.

Phyllis cooed that she liked having Chance all to herself, with no distractions. He assumed she meant Abby, but Phyllis referred to Adam. Chance preferred not to talk about Adam, and he hated to think Phyllis had only asked him out to go on a fishing expedition. Phyllis admitted that she was a very curious person and wanted to hear Chance's dark secrets, but she swore that she'd only asked him out to get to know him better and have fun along the way. She questioned whether it was so hard to believe that she didn't have an ulterior motive, and he flatly told her it was.

Phyllis guffawed as Chance told a story about making an arrest, and she remarked that he'd lived a colorful life. She imagined that there had been a story in Las Vegas, and he reminded her that they'd agreed not to discuss Adam. She pressed to know about the connection between the men, and he noted that her tenacity was off the charts. Chance recognized that they'd never get anywhere until he told her what had happened, and he spun a tale about how he and Adam had spotted Wayne Newton while searching for a bite to eat. Phyllis realized that Chance would never tell her what had really happened in Vegas, and he replied that she was finally catching on.

Phyllis' phone pinged, and she announced that she had to cut their date short. Chance incredulously asked if she'd given an end-of-date signal, but she revealed that Summer needed to talk to her. Phyllis suspected that she hadn't been much of a date, but Chance insisted that he always enjoyed spending time with her -- unless she was talking about Vegas. She vowed to eventually find out about it, and he wished her luck with that and with her daughter. Phyllis planted a passionate kiss on Chance, shoved him away, and said she'd see him later.

Phyllis joined Summer on the coffeehouse patio and asked what was wrong. Summer observed her mother's fancy dress and assumed she'd interrupted something. Phyllis shared that she'd been having drinks with a guy, but Summer's messages had worked out perfectly because Phyllis had been able to make a dramatic exit and leave him wanting more. Summer groaned that things had worked out for one of them, and Phyllis surmised that something was going on with Kyle.

Summer recounted that she and Kyle had closed a great deal for Jabot and had been celebrating over room service and beers when they'd gotten to talking about whether his marriage was everything he'd thought it would be. Summer recalled that Kyle had seemed confused and conflicted, so she'd kept talking about how important and special he was to her, and she'd eventually kissed him. She quickly added that they hadn't slept together, and Phyllis asked if Kyle had kissed Summer back. Summer confirmed that he had, but he'd pulled away and pledged to work out his problems with Lola. Phyllis repeated her warning to Summer not to be second choice.

Summer protested that she hadn't summoned her mother there to lecture her, but Phyllis refused to sit back and let Summer's heart be collateral damage. Phyllis advised Summer to let the relationship blow up and then see where she stood, but Summer didn't think she could do that anymore because she was still in love with Kyle, and she knew he had feelings for her, too. Summer maintained that she and Kyle shared a connection that had never gone away, and she had to see where it could take them. Phyllis realized that she couldn't talk Summer out of it, and she asked how Summer intended to handle it. Summer didn't know, but she thought she'd know when the time was right. Phyllis supported whatever Summer decided to do.

Chance returned to the Grand Phoenix and told Abby that his evening had taken an unexpected turn. She offered to buy him a nightcap and guessed that Phyllis had said something fabulously awful to end the evening early. Chance revealed that Phyllis' daughter had needed to talk, and he flirtatiously questioned why they were talking about Phyllis.

At the ranch, Nikki gazed at a family photo of Victoria with Johnny and Katie. Victoria entered the room and reported that the kids were tucked in and ready for bed. Nikki inquired how their mother was doing, and Victoria admitted that she was exhausted. Victoria thanked Nikki for letting them stay there that night, and she asked where her dad was. Nikki indicated that Victor was finishing an interview for Newman's 50th anniversary, but she expected him to have the same questions she did.

Victoria hoped to make the kids feel normal a little while longer, but Nikki imagined that they'd sensed something was wrong. Victoria explained that she'd tried to make staying at the ranch sound like an adventure, and she thought they'd bought it. Victoria groaned that she hadn't been able to bear being in the house, knowing Billy had left and would never be back because it was over between them. Nikki recognized that Victoria had done everything she could to try to make things work, but Victoria lamented that none of it had mattered in the end.

Victoria pondered how to once again give the kids a speech about how she and Billy loved one another but had decided that they shouldn't live together anymore. Nikki asked what Billy wanted, and Victoria suggested that Nikki ask him, since he'd give 100 different versions of how he wanted to be free. Nikki was confident that Victoria had made the right decision for herself and her children. Victoria bemoaned that the hard part was that she still cared about Billy, and she sensed that he was headed for trouble.

Victoria whined that when she and Billy had gotten back together, it was supposed to have been forever, but it had turned out to be a joke. Nikki reasoned that Victoria had thought he'd changed, but Victoria accepted that she'd been wearing blinders the whole time. Victoria wondered if any of it had been real, and Nikki insisted that Billy and Victoria had shared a beautiful, wonderful time. "And now it's over," Victoria cried.

Nikki wished she could take Victoria's pain away, but she swore that her daughter would get through it because she had family who loved and supported her. Victor appeared in the doorway as Nikki pledged to do anything to get Victoria's life back without Billy giving her grief. Victor greeted them and surmised that Victoria and Billy had parted ways. He said he was deeply sorry, but he wasn't surprised that Billy had disappointed Victoria and her children again. Nikki warned that it wasn't the time for a speech about Billy's faults, but Victor was glad that Victoria had finally opened her eyes.

Victoria told Victor that there had been no fighting or name-calling, just quiet recognition that her relationship with Billy was over. She waited for her father to say something, but Victor refused to say a "damn thing" except how sorry he was that she was shedding tears over that man. Victor asserted that Billy should have fought for her and cherished her and that she deserved much more than him. Victor said he'd be back shortly, and he stepped into the foyer. Nikki followed him and begged him not to go after Billy. Victor insisted that it wasn't his intention, and he told her not to worry. He kissed her and left.

Victoria protested when Victor returned with boxing equipment. She complained that she was tired and that she felt ridiculous, but he insisted that it would make her feel much better. He wanted her to see how strong she was, and he instructed her how to throw jabs. He praised her efforts as she threw punches until she broke down in tears. He held her close and swore that she was stronger than she realized.

Billy stared at himself in the mirror of a hotel suite. He thought to himself that he wasn't exactly where he wanted to be, but there he was. "So now what?" he contemplated.

At the Empty Glass, Billy plopped down at his usual table. He thought to himself that he was there again, but that time, he had nothing to feel guilty about. He realized that it felt different not to hide or lie to Victoria anymore, and he had nowhere else to be but right there. He looked over at a card game in progress at the next table. Billy chugged his drink and headed over to the men playing poker. He noted that there was an extra spot, and he told them to deal him in.

The dealer refused and kicked the empty chair aside. Billy recalled that the first time he'd played with them, he'd lost and left, and the next time, he'd won big. One of the men complained that Billy had left without giving them the chance to win their money back. Billy offered to give them a chance that night, but he warned that he wouldn't lose then, either. The man barked that there was no spot for Billy, but Billy asserted that he played when and where he wanted. The men squared off.

Later, a bloodied and disheveled Billy thanked Amanda for showing up, and he asked if he was in trouble. She informed him that there would be charges because the men had accused him of starting the altercation, and the bartender had backed them up. Amanda cited the damage to the bar's property, and Billy promised to make sure the establishment got a settlement, but he requested that she make it go away as quickly and quietly as possible. She questioned how he'd ended up in a barroom brawl, and he explained that he'd been testing his boundaries. She offered to follow him to the police station and bail him out, and an officer handcuffed Billy and led him away.

Later, Amanda escorted Billy back to his hotel room, and she inquired whether he and Victoria had gotten into another argument. Amanda assumed that he'd gotten a room until things calmed down, but he informed her that he and Victoria had decided that their lives didn't work together anymore. Amanda surmised that the bar fight had been his way of punishing himself for the guilt and pain he was feeling. Billy didn't know much about his life right then, but he was glad he wasn't in jail and thanked her for that. Amanda figured that she'd just been doing her job.

Billy acknowledged that he and Amanda had agreed to keep their distance, yet he'd dragged her into his messed-up life. She countered that she'd chosen to answer his call. She considered it obvious that he didn't want to talk about him and Victoria; she respected that, but there was something she needed to tell him. Amanda couldn't help feeling responsible for where he was, since she'd gotten overly involved. She apologized for backing off too late, but Billy stated that it had been too late for him and Victoria long before he'd met Amanda.

Amanda worried that she'd made things worse, but Billy swore that she'd opened his eyes to what he'd been missing -- someone to listen and talk with who didn't look at him like a project or a disappointment. Billy was convinced that he and Victoria wouldn't have worked, no matter how hard they tried or how much they loved one another. He imagined that he'd gotten into the bar fight to feel something else besides the pain of leaving his kids, since leaving his family had felt like death, and he couldn't go back. He felt the only thing he could do was to make everything about living.

Billy insisted that Amanda had done nothing wrong. He expressed his gratitude for her being there when he'd needed her, and he contemplated what would have happened if he hadn't had her to talk to. Amanda said she should go, and she told him not to worry about the charges because she'd make sure they went away. Billy started to say something else, but she cut him off, told him to get some sleep, and walked out.

Phyllis realizes Sharon is in a health crisis Phyllis realizes Sharon is in a health crisis

Friday, January 31, 2020

Mariah arrived at the cottage, and Rey helped her carry some shopping bags to the kitchen. Sharon told Faith that it would be the day Sharon had her port installed, and Faith referred to it as the "funnel thingy" with a tube attached. Sharon explained that it would attach to her vein to make it easier to administer medicine. Faith realized that her mother meant chemo, and she asked if it would hurt. Sharon assured her that it wouldn't hurt at all, and she urged Faith to make the process easier for her by having a good day at school. They hugged.

Mariah reported that the pantry was stocked, the fridge was full, and the car was gassed up. She asked if there was anything else Sharon needed her to do, and Sharon encouraged Mariah to focus on her job, take meetings, or have a spa day. Mariah opted to go with Sharon to chemo that day, but Rey asserted that it was his job because he'd taken the morning off. Sharon insisted that it was a simple procedure, and Mariah promised to check in later. Mariah hugged Sharon and departed. Sharon thanked Nick and Rey for letting her handle the situation her own way by not telling people until she was ready for them to know.

Over the phone, Sharon told Noah not to return home because she had a small army of people there to do her bidding. After she hung up, she implored Nick to try to convince Noah that she was okay, since their son had called five times in one week. Nick figured that Noah loved her, and Faith chirped to add her to the list. Sharon considered herself to be the luckiest lady in the world, but she prompted Faith not to be late for her first day back at Walnut Grove. After Nick and Faith left, Sharon worried that Noah had been feeling out of the loop, but Rey insisted that she got to call the shots by letting everyone know what she needed. She wanted to get it over with, and they kissed and headed out.

At Society, Mariah left a voicemail for Tessa, stating that she was about to get a quick bite with the singer she'd told Tessa about. Mariah admitted that it had been hard to get to sleep without Tessa stealing the covers, and there was no one to leave empty food containers in the fridge. Mariah added that she missed Tessa, but she really needed to stop spilling her guts over voicemail. Mariah told Tessa she loved her and would see her soon. Mariah approached the bar and recognized a bartender named Lindsay.

Mariah revealed that her best friend's wife was the chef there, and she wondered if Lindsay had stopped tending bar at the Matchbox. Lindsay indicated that Society paid more, and she hoped the classier clientele resulted in better tips. Lindsay had thought Mariah had moved out of town after not seeing her for a long time, and Mariah divulged that she and Tessa had been spending most of their time at home. Mariah ordered an iced coffee and explained that "daytime Mariah" was better than "hanging-out-at-Matchbox Mariah."

On his private plane, Tanner practiced a song as Tessa snoozed on the couch. She awakened and said it sounded nice. He apologized for waking her up, but she pointed out that she had just had the best night of her life and that she was on a private jet to another gig to open up for one of the hottest singers in the country, so he didn't have to apologize. She marveled that the life she was living was better than any fantasy she'd ever dreamed of. Tanner resumed strumming, and Tessa grabbed her guitar and joined in. They sang a duet as they gazed at one another and smiled.

Later, Tanner found Tessa teaching herself how to crochet a scarf for Mariah. Tessa told him to laugh all he wanted, but she expected him to be amazed once she was finished. Tanner swore that he wasn't laughing, but he'd been thinking about his girlfriend, who was the designer-label type -- nothing like Tessa. Tessa teased that she'd broken his heart in their divorce, so he'd had to find the opposite of her. Tanner replied that his girlfriend was just regular, and Tessa figured that he was probably offbeat enough for both of them. Tanner supposed that they made it work.

Meanwhile, Mariah returned to the bar after a meeting with a singer-songwriter who'd wanted the same backing and exposure that Mariah had given Tessa's career. Mariah told Lindsay that Tessa was one of a kind, and she recalled how her girlfriend had gone from writing songs on the fire escape to playing in small clubs to taking her talents across the country. Lindsay sensed that there was something Mariah was leaving out, since it was all over Mariah's face and in her body language that she was hiding something.

Mariah told Lindsay that she had a "friend" who was intent on keeping a secret from the rest of the world, and the friend hated when anyone helped her. Lindsay contended that bartenders knew the secrets of life, and she advised that people couldn't control who they were or what the narrative would be when they revealed their secrets. Lindsay considered it an easy answer -- Mariah should cover for her friend because the friend would do the same for Mariah. Lindsay thought it sounded like Mariah was being a great friend; it was a tough job, but Mariah was a "badass" who could handle it.

Lindsay asked if Mariah was done with business for the day, and she offered to whip up her latest masterpiece -- a drink she'd labeled "Freedom." Lindsay warned that Mariah would be doing things she'd never imagined after a couple of sips. Mariah begged off, and Lindsay stepped away. Mariah sent a text message to Tessa to say she loved her like crazy and missed her like mad. A moment later, her phone pinged with a response, and Tanner let Mariah know that Tessa was doing a sound check, but he would pass along the message. A stunned Mariah stared at it as Lindsay returned and asked what had happened.

Lindsay surmised that Tessa was being distant. Mariah confirmed that Tessa was in a different time zone. However, their relationship was stronger than ever, and she fully supported Tessa's new journey. Lindsay argued that it didn't explain why Mariah had been looking at her phone like it had been threatening to destroy her life, and Mariah confided that she'd received a text message from Tanner. Lindsay realized that Tessa was on tour with the famous Tanner Watts, and Mariah explained that Tessa had been flying around on his private jet, playing to thousands of people every night as his opening act. Mariah lamented that she and Tessa kept missing one another, and Lindsay recounted how crazy life had been on the road when she'd been a roadie.

Lindsay cited the parties, pranks, and one-night stands that happened when creative people were stuck together all night and day. Lindsay quickly added that it had been years earlier, when music had been a different scene, and they'd all been crammed into tour buses. Lindsay imagined that jetting around on a private plane was much different, and she was sure Mariah had nothing to worry about. Mariah unconvincingly stated that she wasn't worried; she just missed Tessa, and it was hard being apart that long. Lindsay advised her to stop checking her phone every five minutes, since Tessa was out there living her life, and Mariah should live hers.

Chance wrapped up a job interview at the Grand Phoenix, and he told the candidate that he'd be in touch. Abby approached and wondered if Chance was looking for an applicant to fill his glass slipper, and he groaned that it was hard work to put together a surveillance team. She teased that he needed an army of clones, and she admired that he'd gone from being a one-man security consultant to having a squadron of skilled professionals. Phyllis watched them flirting.

Chance shared that Nick had hired him to install security systems for New Hope, and Abby hoped it didn't mean Chance would be too busy for extracurricular activities. "Just the man I was looking for," Phyllis cooed as she joined them. Phyllis added that she'd thought about sending Chance a text message, but some things needed to be said face to face. Phyllis gushed that the night before had been amazing, and she hoped she'd managed to make it worthwhile, despite the interruption. Chance inquired about Summer, and Phyllis replied that Summer would get through it. "We always do," Phyllis pointedly added as she walked away.

Abby wondered what Phyllis had done on her date with Chance to make it worth his while. Chance opined that Phyllis was 90 percent flash and glitter, and the rest was the unexpected. Abby questioned whether that was a good thing or a bad one, and Chance simply replied that Phyllis was complicated. Abby recognized that Phyllis was just trying to be provocative by implying something had happened between her and Chance, and he flatly confirmed that it hadn't. Abby quipped that she liked the view from the high road, and Chance was curious about how far she was willing to take it.

Chance sensed that Abby was interested in him, since there was a certain chemistry between them. She conceded that he wasn't wrong, but he pointed out that she'd encouraged him to go on a date with another woman. She reasoned that some things had to be experienced firsthand, and Phyllis was one of them. Chance admitted that he'd had a surprisingly good time with Phyllis, and he implored Abby to be honest about what she thought of all of it. He suspected that she'd been hurt before and wanted to protect herself.

Abby confessed that she honestly liked Chance, and he was pleased because he liked her, too. He appreciated her willingness to let him get Phyllis out of his system, but he announced that it was already done. He added that there was a lot he wanted to do and see in Genoa City, and he wanted to do it all with Abby. She pulled him into a kiss, but his phone rang. She promised that they would pick up right where they'd left off. He stepped outside to take a call and learned that "she" was asking questions. He instructed someone to keep tailing her and to let him know who she contacted.

Sharon and Rey entered Crimson Lights. He suggested that she let someone else look after the place, but she insisted that she was fine. She added that she had a business to run and bills to pay, and he volunteered to stay and help. Sharon appreciated that Rey loved her enough to want to know she was okay, but she ordered him to go do his job while she stayed there and did hers. He headed to the door, but he hesitated to leave when Phyllis entered on his way out. Sharon waved Rey off, and he stepped to the patio and made a call to ask if someone could meet.

Phyllis was suspicious of the drink Sharon offered her, but Sharon pleasantly stated that it was a new dark roast that she thought Phyllis would love. Sharon inquired about Summer, and Phyllis responded that her daughter was taking life by the horns. Sharon reflected back on how people seemed to build sandcastles one minute and work twelve-hour shifts the next. She leaned over to pour coffee, exposing a bandage on her chest. Sharon became flustered when Phyllis inquired about the bandage, and Phyllis jokingly asked if Sharon had gotten a tattoo. Sharon made up a story about getting a tattoo of Rey's badge number, and she hurriedly walked away. Phyllis looked stricken.

Faith arrived at the coffeehouse and started to ask Sharon how things had gone, but Sharon shushed her when Phyllis sauntered over. Phyllis voiced surprise that Faith wasn't at boarding school, since Nick hadn't said anything about her returning. Faith called it a last-minute thing, and Sharon asked if she could get Phyllis anything. Phyllis requested a refill, and Sharon offered to drop off a whole carafe. Phyllis returned to her table but continued eyeing Sharon. Phyllis sent a text message to Chance, calling the night before a preview and imagining the fun they could have on a second date.

Nick entered, hugged Faith, and kissed Sharon on the cheek as Phyllis watched. Faith stepped to the patio to start her homework, and Nick crossed over to Phyllis, noting he hadn't seen her there. Phyllis observed that he clearly only had eyes for Sharon, and she asked what was going on. He claimed that they were just excited Faith was back, but Phyllis informed him that she knew what was going on with Sharon. Nick feigned ignorance, but Phyllis concluded from the way he'd been hovering all over Sharon that Sharon was going through a major health crisis that she didn't want anyone else to know about. Phyllis realized from Nick's silence that she was right.

Nick barked that Phyllis didn't know anything because Sharon was fine. Phyllis guessed that it was serious, and she ordered him not to lie because he and Faith had been acting like mourners at a funeral. Phyllis wondered who else knew and what she could do, and Nick told her that if she wanted to help, she should keep her mouth shut and get out of there because she didn't know anything. Phyllis wordlessly stumbled to the counter, smiled sympathetically at Sharon, and walked out. "You told her!" Sharon cried.

Nick insisted that he hadn't said a word to Phyllis. He didn't know how she'd found out, but he theorized that she'd seen Sharon's bandage, and Phyllis wasn't an idiot. Sharon panicked that Phyllis would run her mouth, and Faith returned and wondered what was wrong. Sharon claimed that they'd been talking about whether the girl was old enough to babysit, but Faith lectured that the point was that Sharon shouldn't be getting worked up. Faith urged her parents to forgive, forget, and move on, and Sharon and Nick assured her that everything was fine.

After Faith stepped away, Nick reiterated that he would never tell Phyllis what Sharon was up against. Sharon huffed that Phyllis had seemed up to speed after talking to him, and she scoffed at the idea that Phyllis preserved people's privacy or respected her. Nick acknowledged that there was no love lost between the women, but he believed that deep down, Phyllis was a good person who wouldn't say anything. Sharon ordered him to make sure Phyllis didn't.

Rey thanked Paul for meeting him at Society, and Paul wondered if it was a about a case they'd just closed. Paul praised Rey's solid policework, and he believed Rey's good work ethic and principles were rubbing off on everyone. Rey requested that Paul lighten his load by handing off his cases to other detectives. Paul recommended counseling if Rey was feeling burned out, but Rey assured him it wasn't necessary. Paul pushed to know why Rey needed a break.

Paul urged Rey to talk to him, but Rey called it a personal matter. Paul hesitated to pry, but he asked if Rey was okay. Rey insisted he was good, but there was something he had to put all his attention into, and he didn't want to share the details. Paul understood the need to put family first, and he agreed to take care of spreading Rey's workload around. Rey asked that the matter stay between them, and Paul replied that it went without saying.

Phyllis returned to the Grand Phoenix, and Abby crowed that she'd just been thinking about Phyllis. Abby taunted that the more time Chance had spent with Phyllis, the less interested he'd become, just as Abby had predicted. Phyllis distractedly congratulated Abby and excused herself, but Abby stressed that Chance had made his choice. Phyllis hoped they were very happy together, and she started to leave. Abby noted that it wasn't like Phyllis to walk away, and she wondered what kind of tricks Phyllis had up her sleeve.

Phyllis swore that she wasn't planning a sneak attack, but Abby retorted that it was exactly what Phyllis would say to throw her off the scent. Phyllis announced that Abby had won, and the game was over, so Abby could take her toys and go. Abby accused Phyllis of staging the call Chance had left to take, but Phyllis brokenly replied that Chance was the last thing on her mind right then. Abby griped that Phyllis had sent a text message when Abby had been sitting next to Chance earlier, and it wasn't like Phyllis to just give up. "It's over. You won, Abby. Okay?" Phyllis ranted. Choking back tears, Phyllis added that she was taking herself out of the game because there were more important things and people in the world than Abby or Phyllis.

Phyllis begged Abby to let her be, since she didn't want to talk about it. Abby demanded to know what more important things Phyllis was focused on, since Phyllis was genetically incapable of keeping her mouth shut. Phyllis spat that what Abby didn't know about her could fill several books, and she wanted to do the right thing. Abby was certain something was up, and she warned that it would eventually get out because it always did.

Multi-soap vet Michael Tylo dead at 73


Multi-soap vet Michael Tylo dead at 73
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