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Phyllis blackmailed Chelsea out of her hotel shares. Victor's friends and family made touching speeches at the Newman anniversary gala. Phyllis kissed Nick. Chelsea accepted Adam's proposal. Ripley stabbed Victoria, mistaking her for Amanda. Victoria was placed in a medically induced coma.
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A gala celebrating Victor Newman turned tragic when Victoria was stabbed
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Phyllis issues threats to Adam and Chance Phyllis issues threats to Adam and Chance

Monday, February 17, 2020

In Chance's suite at the Grand Phoenix, Abby and Chance made love. Chance caught his breath and noted that with such an amazing homecoming, he might leave town more often. Abby asked Chance if his business in Las Vegas had put him in danger. Chance assured Abby he hadn't been forced to drop from an air duct to battle gangsters again. Chance added that he hoped he was finished with Las Vegas.

Abby invited Chance to be her date at Victor's party. Chance agreed to accompany Abby, even after she warned that Newman events could be "combustible." Chance answered his phone. After a brief conversation, Chance hung up. Abby asked, "More loose ends?" Chance said there were, though he offered no details. Abby seemed intrigued, but she agreed not to pry. Chance seemed open to sharing after he learned more information about what he hoped might be a big break.

In the lobby of the Grand Phoenix, Phyllis sat at the bar and listened to the recording she'd made of Adam and Chance talking while they'd been at a bar in Las Vegas. A waitress had covertly placed a listening device under the back of a chair so Phyllis could spy on Adam and Chance. Replaying the recorded audio, Phyllis heard Adam recall that he hadn't expected the guy he'd attempted to scare away to attack Chance. When Adam walked into the lobby, Phyllis removed her earbuds and turned to glare at him. Adam was reluctant to engage with Phyllis, but she leaned in close and said, "You're busted."

Adam inquired about Phyllis' cryptic statement. Phyllis replied, "I could sum it up in one word -- Vegas." Adam insisted that the issues Phyllis might still consider relevant no longer were. Phyllis said, "Whatever happens in Vegas, dies in Vegas." Adam chuckled nervously and replied, "I believe you've got that saying wrong." Phyllis replied, "Do I?"

Phyllis told Adam she had grand plans and credited Adam for pushing her in the right direction. Phyllis added that the new life Adam had created with Chelsea and Connor was downright inspiring. Lowering her voice and speaking deliberately and slowly, Phyllis said, "Chelsea loves you so much. She would do anything for you, and that is a gift. I hope you know how lucky you are." Phyllis picked up her laptop and walked away. Adam seemed uneasy.

At Crimson Lights, a worker set up a sign stating that the coffeehouse would be closing temporarily at the end of the day but would reopen soon. Summer and Kyle drank coffee at a table near the bar as other patrons entered and exited. Summer mentioned Victor's party. Kyle said he and Jack had been invited. Summer gave Kyle the option of arriving separately, so others might not react negatively to their change in relationship status. Kyle nixed the idea and said keeping a low profile wasn't an option.

Lola entered through the patio. Kyle was surprised to see Lola and assured her that he and Summer hadn't meant to rub their relationship in her face. Lola said she'd had long conversations with Celeste about the ending of her marriage to Kyle. Summer, feeling awkward, offered to leave. Lola asked Summer to stay because they had unfinished business. Lola set Kyle and Summer at ease when she said she'd realized that her marriage to Kyle had merely been a brief interlude between his relationships with Summer. Lola added that it was time for them to move forward and leave the past where it belonged. After Lola left, Summer seemed overwhelmed with Lola's graciousness, as did Kyle.

Lola stopped by the Grand Phoenix to see Abby. Lola said she was doing better than expected and had handled herself well when she'd bumped into Kyle and Summer. Abby was taken aback and threatened to have a word with her cousin. Lola explained that Kyle getting back with Summer had been bound to happen sooner or later. Lola added that she was happy she'd found out about it, so she could move on.

Abby expressed concern that Lola might decide to move back to Miami. Lola spoke about her lifelong dream of opening a restaurant and explained that the ending of her marriage had convinced her it was time. Abby advised Lola to let some time pass before taking such a big step. Lola explained that her mom had helped her make the decision. Lola recalled that at one time, she'd thought of her mom's failed marriage and single motherhood as a cautionary tale, though she now realized her mother had successfully made a good life for herself and her children. Abby was relieved when Lola assured her she'd travel between Genoa City and Miami to oversee the kitchens at both restaurants. Abby agreed to support Lola no matter what she decided to do.

At Devon's penthouse, Elena enlisted Devon's help in choosing a dress to wear to Victor's party. Elena explained that she wanted to make a good impression on prospective donors to her clinic. Devon promised to introduce Elena to guests she didn't already know. Devon admitted he'd been feeling down about being forced to dissolve Power Communications, so he welcomed an opportunity to help Elena with the clinic. Devon drew Elena close and told her she'd brought joy back into his life after he'd lost so much.

Chance stopped by and told Devon he had news about Colin. Chance said that federal agents had tracked Colin to Buenos Aires, though Colin had checked out of his hotel before agents had arrived. Chance added that Colin couldn't have gotten far because the agents had missed him by only an hour. Devon was disappointed, but Chance was certain that soon, agents would nail Colin. Elena seemed more confident than Devon did.

After Chance left, Devon and Elena waited for the elevator. When the doors opened, Adam stepped out. Devon asked Adam if he planned to attend Victor's party. Adam said he did and added that more people would be on hand to "kiss Victor's ring and praise the glory that was Victor Newman." Devon paused and cautioned Adam to relish the time he had with his father. Devon explained that no one was perfect, and he berated Adam for speaking harsh words against his father. Devon mentioned Neil and spoke about how deeply he missed him. Devon advised Adam to set things right with Victor while he had the opportunity to do so.

At Society, Chloe was relieved when Chelsea told her she, Adam, and Connor had decided not to move to Paris. After Chelsea mentioned the clothing and accessories she'd picked up during her visit to Paris, she admitted she missed the fashion business. Chloe replied, "Well, being a designer has always been your dream." Chelsea said Connor was her priority, especially while Adam had been out of town. Chloe questioned Chelsea about Adam's whereabouts and said, "Murder? Mayhem? What is Adam up to now?"

Chelsea acknowledged that Chloe had issues with Adam's past and told her friend she couldn't continue to bash him. Chloe agreed, but she warned Chelsea that with Adam out in the wild, it was a recipe for disaster. Chloe promised to keep her opinions about Adam to herself. Chloe noticed Theo sitting at the bar and joked with Chelsea that they had once been attracted to guys like him. Chelsea replied, "Were we really that stupid?" Chloe admitted that the men in their lives didn't exactly play by the rules.

A waiter delivered drinks and explained that the gentleman at the bar had sent them. Chelsea laughed and said, "Is he hitting on us?" Chloe stood up and ran her hand up and down her belly to show Theo she was pregnant. Theo nodded and shrugged sheepishly. Chelsea and Chloe laughed and said, "We still got it." Chelsea expressed relief that they no longer had to bother with the Theos of the world. Chelsea mentioned Victor's party and expressed concern about her past experiences with the Newmans, which she recalled had never been pretty.

Lola entered Society, and Theo welcomed her back. Theo asked Lola how she was. Lola said she was fine. Theo offered to talk. Lola said that what she really wanted to do was cook. Theo replied, "Okay." Lola was somewhat aloof, but she thanked Theo for asking. After Lola entered the kitchen, Theo stood outside the door and peered through the window.

At Jabot, Summer and Kyle were still reeling after their encounter with Lola. Kyle wondered aloud if Lola had put on a brave face for their benefit. Kyle added that Lola was an incredible woman and seemed to mean what she'd said about having moved on. Kyle told Summer that both he and she had come a long way since the old days. Kyle took Summer's hand and said, "No more hiding. No more tiptoeing. This is our time now." Summer shook her head and said she and Kyle could attend the party together without having to pretend they weren't a couple.

After Chance met with Devon, he returned to the Grand Phoenix and greeted Abby with a kiss. Phyllis approached, grinning. Abby whirled around and said, "What do you want, Phyllis?" Phyllis told Abby and Chance that they made an excellent match. Abby accused Phyllis of being up to something. Phyllis assured the couple that she meant no ill will. Chance replied, "Turning over a new leaf. Is that it?" Phyllis explained that she'd said the same thing earlier.

Phyllis told Chance and Abby that they deserved to have an idyllic, satisfying courtship. Phyllis added that after kissing many frogs, Abby had found her Prince Charming in Chance, who'd finally emerged from a life of danger. Chance replied, "I appreciate the goodwill, Phyllis." Phyllis crossed her fingers and said, "I just hope the rumors aren't true." Abby, angry, replied, "What rumors, Phyllis? What are you trying to stir up now?" Phyllis clicked her tongue.

Abby became increasingly frustrated. Phyllis mentioned a potential lawsuit against the Grand Phoenix. Phyllis added that guests had been adversely affected by the hostage situation that had arisen from the Simon Black incident. Chance told Abby not to let Phyllis get to her. Abby seemed ready to pounce because Phyllis appeared to glean pleasure by stringing Abby and Chance along. Chance invited Abby to follow him upstairs. Before Abby left, she said, "Go to hell, Phyllis."

After Abby and Chance walked away, Chloe and Chelsea arrived. Phyllis asked to speak to Chelsea alone. After Chloe walked away, Phyllis said she had a proposition for Chelsea. Chelsea replied, "Not interested." Phyllis said, "Well, you should be interested, unless you want Adam going to prison." Chelsea seemed shaken by Phyllis' threat.

Phyllis blackmails Chelsea for hotel shares Phyllis blackmails Chelsea for hotel shares

Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Chance led Abby into his hotel suite with her eyes closed. When she opened them, she discovered a Grand Phoenix plaque that he'd had made for her. He told her to pick it up, and she found a necklace dangling from it. They kissed.

In the Grand Phoenix lobby, Chelsea warned Phyllis to think twice before threatening her about Adam. Phyllis claimed that she just didn't want Chelsea to be alone after Adam was arrested, since it was doubtful that Nick would take Chelsea back after everything that had gone down. Chelsea snapped that no one was going to jail, but Phyllis haughtily stated to tell it to the woman in Las Vegas whose husband was missing. Chelsea's phone rang, and Adam wondered why she wasn't picking up.

Phyllis told Chelsea that she shouldn't feel bad if she didn't know what Phyllis was talking about, since even the closest of couples had secrets. Chelsea insisted that she and Adam didn't, and Phyllis clucked that Chelsea "used to be a better liar." Phyllis suggested that they call Adam back and put him on speaker so he could fill Chelsea in. Phyllis divulged that she'd been listening when Adam and Chance had been talking about some sensitive things in Vegas. Chelsea spat that at least Phyllis was admitting to hacking and espionage that time around.

Phyllis asserted that Adam would confirm everything she was saying was true, but the condensed version was that a bad man had gone missing in Vegas. Phyllis continued that the guy's wife no longer believed the story about her husband going into Witness Protection, and Adam had paid the woman seven figures to keep her from going to the police. Phyllis pointed out that Adam wasn't the charitable type, but she knew Chelsea understood about money and blackmail. Phyllis explained that Adam had been trying to protect Chance, but it hadn't made it any less of a crime. "What the hell do you want?" Chelsea snapped. Phyllis responded that she wanted Chelsea's 25 percent stake in the Grand Phoenix.

Chelsea barked that Phyllis wasn't getting her shares of anything, and she was tired of Phyllis' smug attitude. Phyllis argued that she was being fair by offering to buy Chelsea's shares at market value, since Phyllis wanted to be on equal footing with Abby. Phyllis cautioned that she had all the power and leverage, but she agreed to give Chelsea time to see that it was the only option. Phyllis encouraged Chelsea to think about the horrible memories Connor had of the hotel after everything that had gone down with Simon Black because of the danger Chelsea had put them in.

Phyllis recommended that Chelsea give up being a hotelier and go back to fashion. Chelsea hissed that she'd learned that she never had only one option, and she warned Phyllis to watch her back. Phyllis cackled and advised that the clock was ticking, and she walked away. Chelsea answered a call from Adam, and she told him that she was on her way home because they had to talk. He informed her that he'd booked a room at the hotel, and he provided her with the room number. She hurried upstairs.

Chelsea burst into Adam's room, and he observed that it looked like she'd had a rough day. He hoped to take her mind off it, and he informed her that he'd rented the room to relax before the gala and retreat there once they'd had their fill. Chelsea reminded Adam that he'd promised to tell her about what had happened in Vegas when it was time for her to know. "Well, that time is now," she added. Adam confirmed that everything Phyllis had said was true.

Adam swore that Phyllis had made it sound more sinister than it really had been, and he hadn't told Chelsea because he'd been trying to protect her. Chelsea understood, but she pointed out that she wouldn't have been blindsided if Adam had told her earlier. She wanted to be angry at him, but she refused to take out her frustration on him because he'd supported her in the situation with Simon. Chelsea recalled that Adam had never lost trust in her, so she wouldn't lose trust in him because it was what love looked like.

Adam contended that it had been an accident that had happened when he'd been playing poker as Spider. He recounted that Chance had been working undercover on a money-laundering case, and they'd become friends as two people living under assumed identities in a strange place. Adam praised Chance for leaping to his rescue more than once, and he'd returned the favor when Chance had gotten himself into a bad spot with a bad guy.

Adam revealed that there had been a fight, and he'd only wanted to scare the guy off, but things had spiraled out of control. Adam believed that the man would have killed both him and Chance, so they'd done what they'd needed to do. He mentioned that he and Chance had been the only ones who'd known about it until Phyllis had found out, but he planned to handle her. Chelsea argued that Phyllis had gone after her, so Chelsea preferred to be the one to deal with her.

Abby and Chance entered the lobby, and he stepped aside to take a call. Phyllis approached Abby and asked if she had a minute. Abby assumed it was about the lawsuit and curtly stated that she would handle it. Phyllis had ideas about sprucing up the place, but Abby retorted that as the hotel's major stakeholder, she liked things the way they were. "You are the boss," Phyllis replied, and Abby looked suspicious. Chance interrupted and suggested he and Abby get going.

Abby pointedly told Phyllis that she and Chance didn't want to be late for the Newman gala, since everyone in town would be there. Phyllis sarcastically imagined what a blast it would be, watching Victor pat himself on the back the entire night. Phyllis asked when she and Abby could talk about her ideas, and Abby testily told Phyllis to write them up so Abby could put them in a special file that was round and metal. Chelsea sent Abby a text message, summoning her to Adam's room. Phyllis offered to keep Chance company, and Abby stepped away. Phyllis invited Chance to join her for one of the best drinks in town, and she remarked that it would be one of the things that wouldn't change around there.

Abby arrived at Adam's room and complained that Phyllis had been extra tiresome that night. Chelsea blurted out that she was selling her shares of the hotel. A stunned Abby swore that she loved being partners, and she offered to float Chelsea a loan if money was the issue. Chelsea clarified that she was selling the shares to Phyllis, and Abby reeled. Chelsea wished she could explain, but she vaguely stated that it was the way things had to be.

Abby realized that Phyllis had blackmailed Chelsea, and she wondered if Adam was involved. Chelsea cried that the last thing she wanted was to give Phyllis a bigger stake, and Abby suggested that they stick together and figure something out. Chelsea declared her intent to step down as manager, and she implored Abby to take Phyllis down if she had the chance. Abby said she had to get ready for that night, and she abruptly left.

Adam held Chelsea as they stared out the window. She mused that she'd enjoyed owning a piece of the hotel, but she could live without it if it was a choice between keeping the hotel or being with him. They hugged, and he told her that they didn't have to go to the party. She proclaimed that she wanted to go because she was proud to be on his arm. They kissed.

Abby joined Phyllis and Chance at the hotel bar. Abby snatched Phyllis' drink away and chugged it down herself. Chance wondered if Abby was upset because of whatever Chelsea had wanted, and Phyllis noted that Abby was having a hard time forming words. Phyllis crowed that she would soon be 50 percent owner of the establishment, and Chance questioned why Chelsea would sell her shares. Abby reported that Chelsea hadn't been able to tell her, but she guessed that Phyllis was blackmailing Chelsea.

Phyllis implored Chance to weigh in. Abby growled that it was between them, and she vowed not to take it lying down. Phyllis lectured that it was a bad way to start their partnership, but Abby barked that it would be the shortest partnership in history once she found a way to undo it. Abby stomped off, and Chance demanded to know what Phyllis had done. Phyllis cited what Spider had done and what Chance had done to cover it up.

Phyllis explained that Chelsea had sold her shares to protect Adam. Chance called Phyllis ruthless, but she questioned whether it had been more ruthless than what he and Adam had done in Vegas. Chance acknowledged that she'd finally gotten what she'd wanted, and he assumed it was over. Phyllis referred to all the leverage weighing her down, and she flatly stated that she didn't want half of anything -- she wanted "the whole damn thing." She sauntered off.

At the Newman ranch, Victor hugged Nick, who assumed his father was excited for the big night. Victor shared that Nikki's plane had just landed and that Victoria was picking her up. Victor declared that he had a question for Nick, and Nick directed him to ask Nikki and Victoria for any details about that night's event. Victor inquired about how Sharon's treatment was progressing. Nick stammered that he wasn't sure what Victor had heard, but he was sure his father had the wrong idea.

Victor revealed that he knew Sharon was undergoing treatment for breast cancer. Nick guessed that he shouldn't be surprised that Victor knew everything going on in town. Nick shared that Sharon didn't want anyone outside a small circle of people to know, and he requested that Victor not tell anyone -- especially Nikki. Victor promised not to talk to anyone, but he voiced concern about Nick and Faith. Nick admitted that it was hard for Faith, who was at a vulnerable age.

Victor stressed that he wanted Nick to turn to him if he needed help with anything. Nikki and Victoria entered, and Nikki asked what they needed help with. Nikki hugged Victor, and he claimed that they'd been discussing preparations for the night's events. Nikki and Victoria assured the men that everything was under control. Victor figured that he could rest easy, and he questioned what could go wrong with the two most capable women he knew in charge.

Nikki shared some details of her trip to London. She admitted that she was running on adrenalin, but she intended for it to be a night to remember. She asked why Victor and Nick were still in their street clothes, and Nick reasoned that "dudes" only took five minutes to get ready. Nikki protested that it was unfair, and she figured that she and Victoria better start to get dressed. Victor begged for a hint about the surprise Nikki had been preparing for days. Victoria insisted that her father had to wait, but she guaranteed that her mom had gone all out, and the night would be an event to end all events.

At the cottage, Sharon packed a bag as Rey arrived. He presented her with Traci's new novel to read at her chemotherapy session, and she thanked him with a kiss. He asked how she was feeling, and she replied that she was trying not to think about it too much. Rey recalled that the first time hadn't resulted in many side effects, and he hoped for the same that time around. Sharon appreciated his optimism, but she knew that each patient and infusion was different, so they had to be ready for anything. He pledged to be by her side, and they headed out.

Later, Sharon and Rey returned to the cottage, and she questioned how boredom could be so exhausting. He assured her that it was okay to be tired, and he prompted her to settle in while he made dinner. She reminded him that the Newman gala was that night, and she wanted to go. Sharon explained that she felt fine that night, but there might be future nights when she didn't feel so great, so she wanted to go out and be with the people she loved while she could. She added that she didn't mind being late if it meant spending a few more moments with him, and they embraced.

Victor arrived at Top of the Tower, which had been elaborately decorated for the anniversary celebration. Nikki greeted him, clad in an exquisite gown. They kissed, and he marveled that the night they'd been waiting for was finally there. He considered her to be a rock in his life, and he didn't think he'd be standing there without her. She pledged her love, and they kissed again.

The guests began to arrive. Adam and Chelsea entered, and he promised they'd get out as soon as they said their hellos. She swore there was no rush because of her, and he spotted Victor and grumbled that he'd better go kiss the ring to get it over with. After Adam stepped away, Nick approached Chelsea, and they awkwardly greeted one another. He inquired about Connor, and she replied that the boy was doing well. Nick begrudgingly asked if Adam had made her regret her choice yet, and Chelsea replied that she hadn't expected things to be perfect. Nick wondered if he'd struck a nerve, and Chelsea was sorry to disappoint. Nick reiterated that all he wanted was for her to be happy.

Rey and Sharon stepped into the restaurant, and he proposed that they have a code word if she wasn't feeling well. She contemplated what word would represent wanting to leave, and she proposed "Phyllis." Rey chuckled, and Sharon stepped away to freshen up. Victoria asked Nikki how long it would be before she revealed the big surprise. Nikki wanted to wait for everyone to get there.

In the ladies' room, Sharon suffered from a wave of nausea. She hunched over the sink for an extended moment and saw Nikki's reflection in the mirror when she looked up. Nikki asked if something was wrong. Sharon said Nikki had startled her, but Nikki sensed it was more than that. Sharon claimed that she'd been caught up in her own thoughts, trying to remember something she needed to tell Nick. Nikki griped that it was the reason Sharon would always be part of their lives, and Sharon pointed out that she and Nick would always share children together.

Nikki called the kids the best thing Sharon had ever done, and Sharon refused to argue. Sharon started to head out, but she became queasy and steadied herself. Nikki asked if Sharon had the flu or was drunk, and a look of horror crossed her face when she realized Sharon might be pregnant. Sharon burst into laughter and thanked Nikki for the ludicrous moment. Nikki demanded to know what was wrong, and Sharon blamed the shrimp appetizers. Nikki huffed that the catering was the finest money could buy, and she couldn't believe Sharon was insulting her after she'd shown concern. Sharon figured that it was what they did, and she headed out.

Chelsea spied Phyllis and told Adam that she might have changed her mind about making a quick exit. Abby spotted Phyllis and asked Chance to hold her drink. Abby stormed over to Phyllis and demanded ten dollars for each of the appetizers Phyllis was scarfing down. Phyllis proposed that they negotiate a flat rate, and Abby admonished her for showing up when she clearly hadn't been invited. Phyllis proclaimed that they were full-fledged partners, which made them family.

Sharon joined Rey and Nick, and Rey worried that she'd been gone a while. Sharon relayed that she'd had a moment with Nikki in the ladies' room while battling nausea. Rey wondered if Nikki had figured it out, and Sharon reported that Nikki had suspected she was pregnant. Rey paled, but Sharon assured him that she wasn't, since it had been one of the tests the doctors had run before she'd started treatment.

Sharon groaned that it wasn't fun pretending everything was okay when it wasn't, and she didn't know how much longer she could do it. Sharon gasped when Noah walked in, and she ran over to hug him. He explained that he was part of Nikki's big surprise, but he was also there for Sharon. Sharon threw her arms around him, and he joked that she hadn't lost her strength.

Nikki started to mention her strange encounter with Sharon to Victor, but Matt and Julia interrupted. Victor warmly greeted them both and asked if they were there together. Julia explained that they'd shared an elevator, and she marveled that Victor had been in a coma the last time she'd seen him. Victor declared that he felt stronger than ever, and he credited Nikki with keeping him young.

Victor stepped to the microphone and thanked the crowd for dressing up so beautifully to celebrate the occasion with him. He noted that a lot of people had asked if Newman Enterprises was his greatest achievement, but he clarified that it was his family -- though Newman was a close second. The guests laughed, and Victor confirmed that he had retired and that Victoria was running the show. He couldn't wait to see what the next generation did with the company, and he welcomed everyone to the celebration of 50 years of Newman Enterprises. "And the man behind it," Nikki added. "Let the festivities begin!" Victor proclaimed to thunderous applause.

Friends and family reminisce at Victor's gala Friends and family reminisce at Victor's gala

Wednesday, February 19, 2020

by Nel

Victor had a flashback of his reunion with his mother, Cora Miller.

Victor entered the room and told Nikki, Katherine, Jill, and Douglas he knew they wanted to visit with his mother, but he wanted to tell them the real reason they were there. He said they had all shared a great deal of his life, the good and the bad. Jill interrupted and said more good than bad, and Katherine said she felt privileged to be there. Victor said that they all knew how he and his mother had been separated for the greater part of their lives. He wished he'd known back then what he had since learned, that he and his mother would be together again. He stated it would have made a lot of things a lot easier. He thanked Nikki for bringing him and his mother together. Katherine said, "All's well that ends well." Victor said it hadn't ended; it had only just begun.

Nick made the opening speech, and he began by welcoming everyone to the celebration of Newman Enterprises and its illustrious founder, Victor Newman.

Victor took the microphone and told everyone that he'd started out by selling soap all across the Midwest from his car. He said he'd helped develop that detergent, and he'd become successful. In spite of his ups and downs, it had eventually become a company and later a corporation. Victor recalled a board meeting with John Abbott, Jill Abbott, Neil Winters, and Brad Carlton.

At the board meeting, John said that the true meaning of the meeting was to honor Victor after 25 years at the helm of Newman Enterprises.

Nikki was next, and she pointed out that she didn't know where her life would have ended up if not for Victor. She stated that it had been a thrilling but sometimes heartbreaking journey. She admitted that she wouldn't have had it any other way. Nikki recalled a moment with Victor.

Alone with Victor, Nikki told him that she wanted to get married at the ranch, and Victor said that nothing would ever keep them apart. She also asked Victor to tell her he loved her. Victor complied, and they kissed.

Nikki had another recollection.

Entering Victor's office, disguised as a cleaning lady, Nikki began dusting. Victor asked what she was doing and also demanded that she turn around when he spoke to her. When she turned, he was surprised to see that it was Nikki. She removed her wig and glasses, and she asked if he liked her disguise. He kissed her.

Victor commented that from time to time, he and Nikki hit rough patches along the way, but he loved her more than ever. Victor kissed Nikki, and everyone applauded. Victor said he couldn't have built the company without Nikki's constant sage advice. He had a memory of a moment alone with Nikki.

Victor told Nikki that she'd shown the town what she was made of. He told her he loved her, and he knew she loved him.

Victoria spoke next. She stated that she and Victor had butted heads more often than not, but she had always seen him as her mentor and the only man she could count on that would catch her when she failed. She recalled a moment with Victor on one of her wedding days.

Victor told Victoria, clad in a wedding gown, that he would always love her, no matter what.

Victoria said she felt safer knowing Victor would always be there for her. Everyone chortled when she said that everyone had probably already guessed that she was the heir apparent.

Nick took the microphone and said that he'd never been a fan of the suit and tie position, but Victor interjected and recalled Nick entering his first office.

Nick and Victor entered Nick's first office. Nick told Victor that it was a dream come true.

Abby took the mic and said she was like Nick; she had never felt that Newman Enterprises was a good fit for her, and like Victoria, she'd always known that she could lean on Victor in times of trouble. She recalled a time when she'd been heartbroken and Victor had comforted her.

Victor told Abby that it was tough to say goodbye. He asked if she knew what it did to a father to see her crying and upset. He said there was very little one could do, but she was strong -- she was a Newman. He said if there was anything in the future that she felt she couldn't solve, she needed to go to him. Abby hugged him. Abby added that she loved Victor with all her heart.

Adam took the mic from Abby and said, "May I?" This brought Victor a memory of the day Adam was born.

Victor held his newborn son. He told Hope that Adam was beautiful, and he placed Adam into Hope's arms.

Adam said that no matter how contentious things had become between him and Victor, they had always found their way back to each other because they had a bond that couldn't be broken. Adam said he hoped they had reached a turning point. He wanted to know and understand Victor better and find out more things about Victor that he could admire. He said he wanted to catch up with his siblings. Victor said, "That would be nice." Victoria, Abby, and Nick exchanged a look between them while Victor and Adam embraced.

Jack spoke about his and Victor's infamous rivalry over the years. He said there had been nothing like two archrivals who had been able to sit down and have a civil conversation. He said it was the power of time that neither one of them could control or slow down. Jack claimed that he'd had more conflicts with the man he'd called "The Black Knight" than the rest of the people in the room combined. Everyone laughed. Jack said their business, personal, and family business matters had been the stuff of legends. He said that in some ways, they had each defined the other. He said there was no one like Victor Newman -- no one on earth -- and there never would be. He ended by saying they could take it anyway they liked. Jack recalled an incident after he and Brad had taken over Newman Enterprises.

In Victor's office, Victor said that Jack didn't understand the power of Victor Newman. Victor walked over to the mantel, picked up the portrait of Jack and Brad, smashed it over a statue, and yelled that he rejected Jack.

Ashley took the mic and asked what she could say about a man she'd known, loved, and wanted to throttle on more than one occasion since she'd been an impressionable young twenty-something. She said that to say their relationship had been complicated would be an understatement. He'd been her lover, husband, mentor, and competitor. He'd also been the dearest and most interesting friend that a woman could ever have. Ashley recalled a private moment with Victor.

Alone with Victor, Ashley proposed a toast to the most incredible and wonderful man she'd ever known. She told Victor it had been a fantasy come true and her dream for as long as she could remember. Victor told her that he wanted to make all her fantasies come true.

Ashley continued that whatever happened to them, they would always have their beautiful daughter, Abby, "now and always."

Paul was next. He started off by saying that he'd bet there wasn't a person in the room who didn't recall where they had been or what they'd been doing when they'd first met Victor Newman. He said that Victor had made an impression on their lives. Paul remembered one of the first times he'd met Victor.

Paul was at Victor's door, and Victor asked if Paul hadn't read the sign -- no soliciting. He asked if Paul knew what that meant. Paul said he wasn't soliciting, and he reminded Victor that Victor had brought his car into the gas station because he hadn't been able to get it to start. Victor apologized for being short and admitted he'd had a bad luck day. Paul said he knew that and handed Victor an envelope containing $5,000 that had dropped out of Victor's pocket at the garage. Victor was impressed with Paul's honesty, knowing that Paul could have used that money more than him. He rewarded Paul with $500.

Paul admitted that he and Victor had had difficult moments, and many times, he hadn't thought they would survive. However, he had always respected Victor's devotion to his family.

Jill was up next, and in a sexy tone, she said, "Hello, old friend." Victor smiled and said, "Hello, Jill." Everyone laughed. Jill recalled acting sexy when Victor had offered her a drink in his home.

Jill told Victor she wanted a martini on the rocks with a lemon twist. Victor suggested that she could take off her shoes if she wanted to make herself comfortable. He brought their drinks over and made a toast to the evening ahead and whatever that might bring. Jill thanked Victor for the wonderful memories -- and some not so wonderful.

Michael popped up and said "Never a dull moment." Everyone raised their glasses as Michael said, "To Victor Newman."

Victor had a memory of the day he'd met his mother after years of separation.

A woman told Victor that his jacket had been too tight in the sleeves, and she recalled that she'd had to say goodbye to her son and hadn't been able to do it. Victor asked if she was his mother. She admitted she was. In tears, Victor yelled at her that he'd been waiting for her for years, and she had never looked back.

Victor's brother, Matt, said that the last time he'd seen Victor as a child had been that terrible night at the orphanage. At that time, he'd known Victor as Christian Miller. Matt said that their father, Albert Miller, had abandoned them and that their mother, Cora Miller, had been left poverty stricken. She'd had to choose which of her boys she would leave at the orphanage. Victor had a memory of visiting his father in a nursing home.

Victor accused his father of knowing he'd forced his dear, gentle mother, Albert's wife, to leave Victor at an orphanage. Victor said that his sleeve had been torn at the elbow because he hadn't wanted to leave his mother. The woman at the orphanage had had to tear him out of his mother's arms. He yelled that he'd been seven years old, left alone with no mother or father. Victor said he'd heard that Albert had returned to visit his family, only to disappear again. Victor said he'd known that Albert had faked his own death because he hadn't wanted his wealth to trickle down to his sons or his wife. Albert had left them behind, destitute.

Albert asked what Victor wanted and asked if he wanted money. He said he was a wealthy man, and he could write Victor a check for any amount Victor stated. Victor replied that he didn't want anything from Albert. He said he was Victor Newman -- the Victor Newman -- and he was wealthy beyond Albert's wildest dreams. He said he was respected and known around the world. He said he should thank Albert for the pain Albert had caused him because without that pain, he wouldn't have become the man he was. Victor said that without the pain he'd carried all his life, he wouldn't have realized that wealth meant nothing without family.

Matt said he didn't blame Victor for being skeptical when Matt had shown up with the hope of reconnecting with his brother. Matt also spoke about their father abandoning his family and Victor being dropped off at the orphanage because their mother hadn't been able to support them. Matt recalled that he'd resented Victor for a long time because Victor had succeeded in business and because their mother had always grieved the loss of her long-lost, favorite son.

Matt looked at Victor and said he was happy they had reconnected as adults. He said he was happy they had healed their past wounds and that they'd found a way to move forward as brothers. Matt and Victor embraced. Victor thanked everyone. He said he felt humbled and honored by their memories and recollections. He received a standing ovation.

Later, Victor shook hands with Devon. He told Devon he really missed Neil and thought about him a lot. Victor recalled a conversation with Neil when Neil had tendered his resignation.

Victor told Neil he didn't want to lose Neil because he valued Neil's contributions as an executive. Neil was his colleague, but most of all, Neil was his friend. He hoped that Neil didn't leave.

Nikki took the mic and announced that she had a very special gift that was light specific to Victor. She asked everyone to follow her. Everyone entered a room that looked like an art gallery and where there were wall-sized photos of Victor. Nikki told everyone that Noah had made quite a name for himself as a photographer in London. She said that when she'd been in London, she'd pitched her idea to Noah, and he'd loved it.

Noah said that they had wanted to do something creative. Suddenly, the lights dimmed, and they were replaced by colored lights and shadows. Noah explained that the lights kept changing, and the moving images they saw were a representation of the vibrant energy that Victor had always brought to Newman Enterprises; the love for his family and friends was visible everywhere they looked. Proud of his son, Nick said, "Let's hear it for my kid!"

Julia, Victor's first wife, approached him and said that it had been a terrific evening. She said she had to leave and wanted to say her goodbyes. As Victor walked her out, he told her how delighted he'd been to see her again and commented that they had come a long way.

Later, Victor and Nikki said their goodbyes to Matt, who had to leave because he had a meeting to attend the next morning.

Alone, Victor watched a slideshow of himself. Nikki joined him, and she asked if the party had been what he'd hoped for. Victor said the gala had been far more than he'd expected. He joked that it had been amazing that anyone had had anything nice to say about him, but he stated that no one was more important to him than she was. They sealed it with a kiss.

A stabbing takes place at the Newman gala A stabbing takes place at the Newman gala

Thursday, February 20, 2020

At the Grand Phoenix bar, Billy stared at his phone, looking at a photo from the Newman anniversary gala of Victoria, clad in a sleek white gown. Amanda approached, wearing an elegant white pantsuit, and remarked that it was quiet in there. He grumbled that half the town was off kissing Victor's ring, and she guessed that their invitations had been lost in the mail. Billy wondered if she would have gone if she'd received one, but Amanda preferred not to be around people who considered her a homewrecker who'd conspired to break Victoria's heart. Billy condemned the hypocrisy of it all, since everyone was celebrating Victor for living his life on his own terms with no compromises or apologies when that was all Billy was trying to do.

Amanda asked how Billy was recovering from the accident, and he insisted that he was fine, just like Nate had said he was. Amanda politely stated that she was glad Billy was okay, and she wished him a good evening. She began to walk away, but he called after her and noted that she seemed a little distant. She claimed that she was just busy, but he sensed that Nate's disapproval had something to do with it. Amanda asserted that she made her own decisions, just like Billy did. Billy figured that she'd better steer clear of him, anyway, since maybe he was a ticking time bomb. He made an exploding noise and headed up to his room.

A short time later, Billy returned to the lobby in a tuxedo. Amanda suspiciously asked where he was going, and he promised that there would be no accidents because he'd arranged for a car. She pointed out that he hadn't answered her question, and he announced that he was going to pay tribute to the man himself. Amanda warned that things wouldn't end well, and Billy joked that he had a great attorney to bail him out. She refused to do it if he went there looking for trouble. The car service notified Billy that his ride was outside, and he promised to behave himself and headed out. Someone watched Amanda as she followed Billy.

In the art gallery at the Newman Enterprises anniversary gala, Chance solemnly told Abby that there was something he needed to tell her that he should have told her earlier. She noted that it sounded serious, and she groaned that she'd had her fill of bad news for one day. Chance mentioned that it involved Adam and Phyllis, and Abby replied that it was never a good combination.

In the dining area, Victoria and Nick presented Victor with a gift. Victor discovered the replica of his former automobile and wondered how they'd known, but Nikki missed the significance. Victor shared that it was just like the old jalopy he'd driven through the Midwest while selling industrial soap out of his trunk. Victor mused that in a way, the car had gotten him to where he was then. Victor fawned over the gift and gushed that he was surrounded by the people he loved and cherished.

Chelsea spotted Adam staring at the close moment Victor was sharing with his family. She suggested that Adam join them, but he opted not to push things after his one successful moment with "Pops." He noted that the whole parade had been about Victor, but he intended to make the rest of the night about her.

Noah surmised that Summer and Kyle were officially back together, and Kyle confirmed they were. Summer indicated that their families thought it was too soon, but she and Kyle were adults, so everyone had to accept it. Noah warned that he'd never think Kyle was good enough for her, but if Kyle made her happy, then Noah was happy for her. The siblings hugged.

Sharon, Rey, Jack, and Phyllis observed Summer and Kyle's closeness from a short distance away. Rey pledged to keep his mouth shut out of respect for Sharon and Jack, and Jack admitted that he wasn't thrilled about Kyle and Summer's reunion, either. Sharon observed how happy Kyle and Summer were, and while she was sorry Lola had been hurt, she understood that the couple was in love with their whole lives to look forward to. Sharon continued that they'd all been where Kyle and Summer were, and she doubted that any of them had behaved differently.

Sharon suggested that everyone let Kyle and Summer be happy because life was too short. Jack wondered about Phyllis' take on it, and he was surprised when Phyllis adamantly agreed with Sharon. Phyllis added that some people never found their one true love, and they needed to hold on tight when they found it because it could be gone in a heartbeat. Phyllis became choked up as she locked eyes with Sharon.

Victor voiced surprise that Noah had returned to photography. Noah called it his first love, though he recognized that Victor had wanted him back at Newman Enterprises. Victor insisted that he wasn't disappointed, since three generations of Newmans had forged their own way. Victor proclaimed that the installation had moved him, and he praised Noah's talent and advised him to use it wisely. Victor acknowledged that Noah had paid homage to his grandfather, and he implied that there was someone else who would like to see Noah. Victor and Noah hugged, and Victor told him to say hello to his mother for him. A grateful Nick shook Victor's hand.

Sharon pulled Nikki aside and revealed that she had Stage 2 breast cancer. Sharon confided that the chemotherapy had been rough, but she was getting through it. Nikki recounted that her sister, Casey, had experienced nausea and fatigue while fighting cancer. Sharon mentioned that Nick had been great, and Nikki realized that it explained why he'd been visiting Sharon a lot. Sharon implored Nikki to be there for Nick, Noah, and Faith, since the treatment was almost as hard on the families as it was on the patients. Nikki agreed to do anything she could to help. She added that if Sharon could get past all their battles over the years, Sharon could beat that, too. A touched Sharon thanked her.

Rey was surprised when Sharon informed him that she'd told Nikki about the cancer. Sharon reasoned that it wasn't just about her anymore, since it was affecting everyone close to her, and she didn't want to saddle her loved ones with the additional burden of keeping a secret. Noah joined them and asked how she was feeling, and she admitted that it had been a long night. She asked Rey to take her home, but Noah volunteered to do it. Rey told them to go ahead.

Jill and Jack shared their mutual disbelief that they were there to honor Victor Newman. She conceded that while she'd hated the "son of a bitch," she had to admire what Victor had built to leave his mark. Jack pointed out that Victor had left some marks on the two of them, and they weren't the only ones. Jill assumed that Jack was worried about Billy, and Jack referred to his brother's series of bad choices. Jill mentioned that Billy hadn't been returning her calls, and she voiced concern about him isolating himself. She questioned whether it was really over between Billy and Victoria, and Jack confirmed that Victoria was done. Jill thought Billy needed a purpose to get off his treadmill of self-destruction.

Abby confronted Phyllis, who urged her to relax because it was a party. Abby demanded that they talk about how Phyllis had blackmailed Chelsea into selling her shares of the hotel. Phyllis preferred to talk about how Chelsea had put everyone in danger because of the hostage crisis, and she suggested that Abby be glad Phyllis had gotten Chelsea out. Abby wanted Phyllis out, but Phyllis stressed that they were 50-50 partners -- unless Abby wanted to sell Phyllis her shares.

Abby relayed that Chance had told her what had happened in Las Vegas. Phyllis guessed that Abby intended to stand by Chance, even though he'd committed a crime with Adam. Abby spat that blackmail was also a crime, and Phyllis should know, since she'd gone to prison for it. Phyllis suggested that Abby put herself out of her misery and sell her shares. "No way in hell," Abby retorted.

Adam spied Phyllis and Abby's heated conversation and guessed that he didn't need to ask what the skirmish was about. Chance regretted being careless enough to allow Phyllis to find out everything, but Adam figured that Chance hadn't been the first person she'd gotten the drop on, himself included. Adam wasn't particularly concerned that Phyllis had them on tape, but Chance warned that she'd use it as a weapon for as long as she wanted -- and she wouldn't stop at the hotel.

Adam credited Phyllis with being tenacious, and he admitted that she'd won the round. He anticipated that they'd be off Phyllis' radar because she was happy with half the hotel, but eventually, she would cross the line and give them enough dirt to turn it around on her. Chance wasn't so sure, but Adam recalled that he'd done the dance with her before, and he was confident about how it would turn out. Chance clucked that things hadn't turned out well for Chelsea. Adam conceded that losing the hotel had been a blow, but Chelsea was free. Chance worried that Abby was still in Phyllis' crosshairs, but Adam countered that it was on Abby if she chose to hang onto the "Grand Albatross."

Meanwhile, Phyllis offered to pay more than the shares were worth, but Abby maintained that her answer was still no. Abby suggested that Phyllis go mingle with her friends -- if she could find any there. Abby stormed off, and Nick approached and remarked that Phyllis had a unique talent for ticking people off. He'd thought Phyllis had gotten past stirring up trouble, but she replied that a girl sometimes had to put on a crown just so people knew what they were dealing with.

Later, Chance asked Abby how things had gone with Phyllis. Abby growled that she wanted to crush Phyllis, and she had to figure out how.

Paul and Christine strolled through the art gallery and admired Noah's talent. Christine marveled that Victor had the gift of a loving family, and Paul remarked that family members were more forgiving than the rest of them. Christine said she'd pretty much forgiven Victor, but Paul reminded her that Victor's lawsuit had led to her stepping down as D.A. She swore that she'd let it go, and she loved her life then because she got to be a private person. She was happy to let Victor have the glory, since it meant more to him than it ever would to her.

Victoria was glad to see both Paul and Christine there, since there had been tension between them and Victor. Paul thought no one could deny Victor's accomplishments, and Christina asked where Billy was hiding. "Billy Abbott will never come near a Newman event again," Victor huffed as he joined them.

Victoria returned to the main room, where Jill cornered her. Victoria preferred not to discuss her breakup with Billy. Jill empathized with how frustrating he could be, but she stressed that he was a good man deep down. Victoria stated that she didn't care anymore, since Billy wanted more out of life than what she had to offer.

Jill approached the coat check, and Jack asked if she was leaving. She groused that she wasn't in a partying mood after a talk with Victoria, since it looked like it really was over for Victoria and Billy. Meanwhile, Billy entered the party and greeted Lauren and Michael. Billy asked where Victoria was, and Lauren directed him toward the art installation. Billy ordered tequila at the bar.

Elena observed how chummy Kyle and Summer were, and she wondered where Lola was. Devon spotted Amanda walk in and thought a better question was what she was doing there. Amanda searched for Billy as someone continued to watch her.

Phyllis found Nick looking at a large image of Victor in the art installation. She noted that Nick had been living in the shadow of a legend, calling the iconic man "Dad." Nick imagined that Victor was more infamous than iconic in her mind and that she wanted to smash the installation into a thousand pieces. Phyllis reflected back on how Victor had groomed Nick to follow in his footsteps; Nick had disappointed and betrayed his father, yet Victor had never stopped loving him and vice versa. Nick was amazed by how Phyllis could drive his little sister crazy one minute and dig deep into his soul the next.

Phyllis called it one of her many talents and gifts, and Nick wondered how she just turned it on and off like that. She suspected that he'd figured her out by then, but he replied that each time he thought he had, she threw him another curveball. Phyllis reasoned that it was why he couldn't cut ties with her, no matter how angry she made him. Nick thought their daughter also had something to do with it. Phyllis thought it drove him crazy to leave things unfinished, and she compared herself to a puzzle piece that he was trying to make fit somewhere.

Nick requested a hint, and Phyllis swore that she was the same woman she'd always been. Phyllis believed Nick saw her and knew who she was -- deeply flawed with quirks and a heart. He called it a huge heart that was sometimes so big it scared her into doing crazy things to try to protect it. She recognized that he was the one person in the world who knew her better than anyone else, and she leaned in and kissed him. She pulled away, smiled, and walked out.

As guests began to clear out of the restaurant, Adam told Chelsea that he was sorry that she'd had to give up her hotel shares, and he hated that she'd had to pay for one of his mistakes. She reminded him that he'd paid for many of hers, and she thought Phyllis had done her a favor, since the hotel hadn't been her passion. Adam encouraged Chelsea to go back to her design business, and she planned to do it when the time was right. She felt that they had lost a lot of time together, and she wanted to do everything she could to make up for it.

Adam regretted every second he'd lost with Chelsea and Connor, and it wasn't enough just to have them both back -- he wanted to make sure he never lost his family again. Chelsea swore that it would never happen, but Adam pledged to make sure of it. He wanted the perfect life and future that they both deserved. She lectured that no one had the perfect life, but everything felt right. Adam promised to make sure it stayed that way, and he declared that he was ready to take the vow to make it official.

Adam dropped to one knee and asked, "Chelsea Lawson, will you marry me?" He understood if she had doubts. She stammered that she wasn't having doubts, but she was just trying to take in the moment when they'd realized they could have it all back again. She cried that in her heart, she'd always felt like his wife, and she happily accepted his proposal. They embraced.

Nikki haughtily hoped Phyllis had enjoyed the party, since it would have been a shame if she hadn't had a good time after she'd crashed the event. Phyllis was sure she was the last person Victor had wanted to see, but Victor replied that not even she could spoil the occasion for him. Phyllis noted that it had been a great evening for them all, and she wished them a great night.

After Phyllis departed, Victor asked if Phyllis had upset Nikki, but Nikki merely referred to her as an annoying mosquito that wouldn't go away. Nikki mentioned that she'd just found out Sharon had cancer, and Victor revealed that he'd known but that Nick had told him not to say anything. Nikki murmured that hearing something like that made her appreciate how lucky they were to still be there together, happy and healthy. Victor held her close and agreed that it meant everything.

Billy entered the art gallery and scoffed at the shrine to the Newman patriarch. Amanda joined him as someone watched. Billy was glad Amanda had decided to join the party, and he suggested that they mock the tribute to Victor's ego together. She insisted that he get out of there, but he protested that he hadn't seen the royal family yet. Amanda pointed out that Billy was drunk, and she appealed to him to leave to save her from running into the Newmans.

Billy ranted that the Newmans had no right to judge Amanda. Amanda cupped Billy's face in her hands as she attempted to reason with him. Ripley glowered at them from the shadows. As Amanda and Billy bickered, a man bumped into Ripley, who became distracted and didn't see Amanda storm off.

Victoria joined Billy and ordered him to leave, but he was determined to stick around. As Billy ranted about how Victor had destroyed people's lives, the lights in the exhibit dimmed. Ripley made a beeline for Victoria and stabbed her in the side. As Ripley slipped away, Victoria staggered over to the wall to brace herself. Billy called to her, and she turned toward him, clutching her side. He saw the blood seeping through her white dress as she collapsed in his arms.

Victoria is put into a medically induced coma Victoria is put into a medically induced coma

Friday, February 21, 2020

At the Newman Enterprises anniversary bash at Top of the Tower, Adam was in awe that Chelsea had said yes to his marriage proposal. She couldn't wait to see the look on Connor's face when they told him they were getting married. Adam regretted that he didn't have a ring, but Chelsea replied that she didn't need one. He marveled that he'd thought they'd celebrate his father and have a drink that night, but one word from her had changed his life. "Our lives," she clarified, and they embraced.

Victor thanked Nate for joining the party, and Nate was sorry that he'd missed the speeches because he'd been held up at work. Victor noted that he might not have been there without Nate's expertise. Elena encouraged Nate to check out the amazing artwork, and Devon called it one of a kind. "Like its inspiration," Nikki lovingly mused.

Amanda waited for the elevator. Ripley stepped out of the stairwell and looked stunned to see Amanda. "What the hell are you doing here?" she asked, but he hurriedly boarded the elevator without saying a word, leaving her behind.

Inside the art gallery, Billy helped Victoria down to the floor after she'd been stabbed. He coached her to stay with him and look at him, and he yelled for someone to call 9-1-1 as Victoria panted for breath. Billy called out for Paul while Christine phoned in a medical emergency. Paul took over tending to Victoria and promised that they'd get her to the hospital right away.

Summer and Kyle raced over, and Christine instructed Kyle to look for a doctor and to fetch napkins and towels. Kyle returned to the dining area and whispered something to Elena, who grabbed Nate. Nate and Elena rushed in to examine Victoria, and he worried that Victoria had a punctured lung that was preventing her heart from pumping the way it should. Paul led Billy away and ordered him to talk, starting with "how the hell" it had happened.

Victoria begged Nate to tell her the truth about her condition, and he counseled her to keep breathing. Paul asked why Billy was there that night, and Billy insisted that he and Victoria had just been talking. Paul speculated that something had gotten out of hand for Victoria to end up with a stab wound, and he suggested that Billy call an attorney. Billy swore that he hadn't done it. Victor entered with Nikki.

Nate mentioned that the paramedics were on the way, and Nikki panicked when she saw a bloody Victoria on the floor. Victor demanded to know who had done it, and Billy relayed that Victoria had said someone had bumped into her. Victor scoffed at the idea that there had been a mysterious intruder, since there was only one person with motive, and he held "Billy Boy" responsible. Amanda confirmed Billy's claim that he hadn't done it.

Amanda contended that Ripley Turner had hurt Victoria, and she reported that she'd seen him leaving. Victor realized that the name sounded familiar, and Amanda explained that Ripley was an ex who she had a restraining order against. Paul wondered why Ripley would hurt Victoria, and a shaken Amanda believed Ripley had mistaken Victoria for her. Paul requested a description of Ripley. The EMTs arrived, and Nate informed them that Victoria was tachy and had lost a lot of blood. The Newman family looked on in horror as Victoria was loaded onto a stretcher.

As the EMTs carried Victoria away, Nate called the hospital to prepare them for the ambulance's arrival. On his way out, Nate instructed Amanda not to be alone that night. Chance asked if Abby was okay, and he wondered what he could do. She understood that he wasn't working for the government anymore, but she requested that he find the "bastard" who'd done it and make him pay. Nick advised Summer not to go to the hospital because there would already be a lot of people there, and he promised to keep her posted. Victor and Nikki helplessly watched as the elevator doors closed behind Victoria.

Phyllis found a distraught Amanda at the bar and asked if she was okay. Amanda stammered that she'd never dreamed Ripley would do that, and Phyllis wondered if Amanda had been dealing with it all that time. Amanda swore that things had never been like that with him.

Billy asked if he was under arrest, since he wanted to get to the hospital. Rey pushed to get information about the incident while it was still fresh in Billy's mind. Billy reiterated that Victoria had said someone had bumped into her, but he hadn't seen the assailant's face because he'd been turned the opposite way. Billy snapped that they knew who the suspect was and the motive, and he rushed out.

Rey crossed over to Amanda, and Phyllis stepped away. Amanda recalled that she'd last seen Ripley at the coffeehouse when she'd warned him to leave town, and he'd promised that he'd go away. Rey understood that sometimes they trusted the wrong people, and it didn't mean Ripley's actions were her fault. Rey wondered if she knew where Ripley might run or who he might turn to for help, but she whimpered that she didn't know who Ripley really was because she hadn't known he was capable of something like that. She shuddered as she thought back to the look in his eyes when he'd run into her and realized that he'd hurt the wrong person.

Rey assured Amanda that there were cops all over the street, trying to find Ripley and make sure he got what he deserved. Rey instructed her to let him know if she remembered even the smallest detail, and he urged her to go home and get some rest. She questioned how she was supposed to do that, and he offered to post a cop outside her door, day and night. Amanda swore that if she had known, she would have made sure Ripley had spent time behind bars. Rey reasoned that there was no way she could have known, and he maintained that she shouldn't blame herself.

At the cottage, Noah made Sharon some tea, and he apologized for staring at her. He asked if there was anything else he could do for her, and she urged him to go back to the party and soak up the spotlight. She gushed about how proud she was of him for creating the art installation, and she was glad he was there. Noah pointed out that he wasn't only there because of his exhibit, though he recognized that she'd told him not to run back because of her chemotherapy. Sharon questioned when her children had ever started listening to her.

Noah wondered what chemo was like, and Sharon admitted that it sucked. She recalled that the anticipation of it had been "hell," but the reality of it wasn't as exciting as watching grass grow. Noah inquired about the side effects, and she shared that they were supposed to get worse over time. She recounted that she'd gotten through her first round of treatment fine, but then she'd been hit with nausea and exhaustion. She'd dealt with it by cocooning. She was still glad she'd gone to the party that night, since it had been a lesson for all of them. She considered it a reminder that whether one was sitting on the prettiest horse on the carousel or just watching the ride, it just kept twirling.

Sharon and Noah looked at old photos. She pressed to know more about his life in London, and he admitted that it had taken awhile for him to figure out what to do with his life. Sharon imagined that Victor pushing him to work at Newman Enterprises since Noah had been a baby hadn't helped. Noah mentioned that he'd done a show at a gallery in London and that someone else had commissioned an installation similar to the one on display at the gala. Sharon jokingly asked if she had any grandkids she didn't know about, and Noah shared that he'd met someone but that they were taking it slowly. She wanted to hear all about it when he was ready to share.

Noah assured Sharon that she was as beautiful as she'd ever been, and she asked who had paid him to say that. He implored her to let him photograph her so she could see herself through his eyes. She encouraged him to go back to London to do the work he wanted to do and make a name for himself, since he might not get back to his plans if he put them on hold. She asserted that it made her happy that he'd found what he loved to do in life, but he insisted on being there. Sharon agreed that Noah could stay until her surgery; however, she wanted him on a flight afterward, and she lectured not to argue with her because she was the mom.

Over the phone, Sharon thanked Rey for some information and told him to be careful. Faith descended the stairs and revealed that she'd read online that something had happened at the party, since an ambulance had rushed someone to the hospital. Sharon mentioned that Rey had just called to let them know that Victoria had been stabbed. She continued that the police were in pursuit of the suspect, and Victoria needed their prayers. She shared that it appeared to be a case of mistaken identity.

Victoria was rushed to the hospital, where Nate directed a team to stand by in the operating room. In the waiting area, Victor, Nikki, Nick, and Abby anxiously anticipated an update. Victor pledged to find out who had been responsible and why. Nick preferred to concentrate on Victoria, and he willed her to make it. Adam and Chelsea arrived, and the minutes of waiting turned into hours. Abby and Nikki worried about how much longer it would be.

Later, Nick called Summer and reported that the doctors were still running tests. Chelsea returned from fetching coffee for everyone, and Adam informed her that there still hadn't been any word. Nate appeared and announced that a CT scan had revealed severe injuries to Victoria's liver and lung, but she'd stabilized, so they were transporting her for surgery. Victor firmly stated that he had confidence Nate would save her, and Nate rushed off. Nikki wished she could see Victoria, and Victor assured her that there would be plenty of chances once Victoria got out of surgery.

Paul walked in, and the Newmans updated him about Victoria's condition. Paul swore that finding the assailant was the police's top priority, and he mentioned that he'd posted an officer outside Victoria's hospital room. Victor refused to thank Paul until the police found the "son of a bitch," and he barked that Billy was just as much to blame as the other fellow. Nick suggested that Victor let Paul and Rey deal with it while their family focused on Victoria. Victor vowed to get "the bastard" just as Billy entered. "Well, now, if it isn't the devil himself," Victor growled.

Victor warned that if Billy hurt any of them, he had to deal with all of them. Billy repeated that he hadn't done anything, and Nick and Adam tried to calm Victor down. Billy agreed to leave after he found out how Victoria was doing, and Victor snarled that she was in critical condition and close to death. Nick advised Billy to leave, and Nikki pleaded with Billy to leave them in peace if he'd ever loved Victoria. Billy asked if it meant anything that she was the mother of his children. Chelsea volunteered to walk Billy out and fill him in on what they knew, and they headed out.

Chelsea escorted Billy back to the Grand Phoenix. He asserted that he had a right to find out how Victoria was, and Chelsea promised to make sure he was kept in the loop. She cautioned him not to add to the Newmans' burden by making demands, since they viewed him as the enemy, and he'd never get what he wanted. Chelsea told him to take step a back and let her do it for him, and he said she could write a book on being a Newman outsider. She recognized that the Newmans were barely at the point of tolerating her, and he wished her luck. She warned him not to do anything crazy, and she departed.

A female officer accompanied Amanda and Phyllis to Amanda's hotel room. Amanda and Phyllis entered the room, and Amanda insisted that she was fine. Phyllis observed that Amanda didn't look fine, and she recommended that Amanda always ensure the door was locked, since Ripley was still out there. Phyllis figured that Amanda was the only friend she had, so she needed Amanda alive. Amanda promised to lock the door and to avoid answering the phone.

Phyllis firmly stated that Amanda was safe, and she headed to the door. Amanda voiced surprise that Phyllis was leaving already. Phyllis explained that she wanted to go to the hospital to check on Victoria and get news on Ripley. Amanda questioned whether Phyllis had to go there rather than making a call, and she realized that Nick would be there. Phyllis offered to stay if Amanda needed her, but Amanda swore she was okay, since she had an officer stationed outside the door and a minibar filled with anything a girl could need in a situation like that. Amanda reeled from the fact that Ripley had tried to kill her, and she thought she was in shock.

Amanda regretted that she'd trusted Ripley to leave town and that she'd thought she'd been doing the right thing by giving him a chance. Phyllis hugged her and asked Amanda to repeat the words that it hadn't been her fault. Amanda couldn't say it yet, but she planned to try again the next day. Amanda sent Phyllis to find Nick, and Phyllis gave strict orders not to open the door or answer the phone if Ripley called. Amanda reiterated that she was fine, and Phyllis departed. From outside the door, Phyllis called out that she hadn't heard Amanda lock up behind her, and Amanda turned the bolt. Once alone, Amanda struggled against tears.

Amanda curled up on the bed and checked her phone. She threw it aside and wiped away tears. She opened the minibar and contemplated pouring a drink but decided against it. There was a knock at the door, and the officer called out that someone was there to see Amanda. Billy identified himself and said he just wanted to make sure Amanda was okay, since he knew it had been a rough night for her, too. He added that he didn't think she should be alone, but he understood if she wanted him to go away. After a moment, Billy began to walk away, but Amanda opened the door and faced him.

Amanda thanked the officer, and Billy stepped inside. Amanda lamented that it had been all her fault for not letting the police take Ripley to prison, where he belonged. Billy blamed himself for going to the party when he shouldn't have. He realized that either of them could have been the victim, but it was unfair to Victoria because she'd had nothing to do with it.

Nikki and Abby glared at Phyllis when she joined the Newmans in the hospital waiting area. Phyllis sat next to Nick, who thanked her for being there. In the corridor, Adam approached Victor and wished he knew what to say. Victor bemoaned that there was nothing to say in times like that, but they were all there, where they belonged. Victor felt it was times like that that made them realize that family was all that mattered -- not the money, the accolades, or the settling of scores. "I know that now," Adam softly replied, admitting that it had taken him some time to finally understand it. Victor put his arm around Adam and said he appreciated it.

Chelsea returned to the hospital. Adam informed her that there had been no word yet, and he thanked her for handling Billy. Nate and Elena returned. Nate shared that Victoria had made it through surgery, but they had to monitor her very carefully. Elena explained that they'd needed to put Victoria in a medically induced coma, and Nate added that it was Victoria's best possible chance for recovery. Elena invited the Newmans to sit and talk to Victoria. Nate stated that all they could do was wait and hope for the best. The Newmans consoled one another.

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Multi-soap vet Michael Tylo dead at 73


Multi-soap vet Michael Tylo dead at 73
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